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Sunday, January 05, 1997

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“You Create Your Reality”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Drew (Matthew).

Vic’s note: Elias offered Drew a private session during our regular group session this evening. This in itself is a first. Drew asked if he could have this session after everyone left, and so we did.

Elias arrives at 10:57 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing again! And you are wishing questions presently?

DREW: Yes. Thank you for this private session. I mentioned before that some of my issues were personal, and so I felt more comfortable talking to you in this environment. I think maybe the best thing for me to do is to give you some brief background and just a feeling for where I’m at, and that may help you understand where I’m having a problem. I feel right now a sense of scarcity and lack in my life, a lack of abundance, and I’m trying to figure out whether my situation is a result of my behavior or my behavior is a result of my situation. Some of the frustration that I feel leads me to feel depressed and stressful and frustrated and confused.

I used the word fear earlier, and I’m wondering if that is what’s leading to what I think is less than healthy behavior for myself, or whether it’s the things I do that cause the lack in my life and the frustration and the depression, and which I should be addressing. And why, with my belief, I mean I really do believe that we create our reality and I do believe that I will be successful. I believe all those things, and yet manifesting it in my life ... Although I feel a sense of being on the verge of turning these things around, I look back and also look presently at what’s manifest in my life, and just feel a sense of frustration and lack. So all of these things are sort of tied together. Let me just put that out before you and see how you respond and what you might have to say.

ELIAS: Many individuals have presented themselves with the concept of “you create your reality.” Many individuals believe that they accept this concept as truth. In theory, you accept this concept. In reality, you accept this concept. In reality, you do not accept this as reality. You accept this as an idea. It is easy and acceptable to accept the idea and the concept as an ideal, something to be striving for, something to be attained, something that you wish to be creating, but in actuality few individuals incorporate this concept as reality completely. You may offer yourself examples all about you, and you may view that although you may think you accept this, in reality you do not. This is the reason that it is expressed over and over to you, that you may eventually, in reality, accept this as a reality.

If you are presented with a scenario of a small one which is being engaged within a situation that you view to be unjust, you shall not consider that this small one is creating its own reality. You place conditions upon the creation of your reality. If you are creating reality that you are satisfied with, then you believe you are creating your own reality. If you are not satisfied, then you do not believe you are creating your own reality, for your belief systems hold to mass belief systems which express that if you view elements of your reality to be negative, you are not responsible for these elements of your reality. In accepting the concept that you create your own reality, you attempt to accept all of your reality but you become confused, for you also hold conflicting belief systems that afford you the idea that some of your reality you do not create.

In actuality, this brings us into complicated areas, for there are elements of reality that you do not create, but you draw yourself to. There are elements of your reality that are influencing of you that you may not individually be actually creating of, but you have chosen to involve yourself with these elements. Other individuals may create certain actions. Other individuals may create certain choices which are affecting of you, but you have chosen to be involved and you have chosen to be affected. Therefore, in one sense you are creating this reality also. You may not be creating the choices, but you have chosen the involvement. Therefore, within agreement you also are creating of the reality.

In behavior, individuals express many different types of behavior. You choose different expressions for your own noticing. Within you, you may choose certain time periods to be noticing of different aspects of self. These may be difficult within your perception, for you do not always understand the reasoning for your manifestations at the time that you are manifesting. This is the reason that you choose to be widening your awareness. This is also the reason that you have all chosen, within the action of your shift, to be creating of your shift, that you will be aware of how you create your reality. You actively objectively seek out this awareness presently, for you hold frustration in knowing that the belief systems that you have held within the past are not instructional to you any longer.

Many individuals within this time period feel themselves floundering. You are within the beginning stages of this shift. Therefore, it is a time of uncertainty. Many belief systems are being challenged and questioned. This creates conflict and confusion. There are many movements within consciousness presently which are creating of distraction within your objective focus. Therefore, many individuals feel unmotivated. They experience many emotional effects that they are unaccustomed to. They exhibit behavior that they are unfamiliar with, or they view themselves to be changing in their behavior. This may be disturbing to you, for you do not understand all of the action that is occurring that is facilitating this behavior.

As to whether you are creating your reality or not, you are. There are many elements that are influencing of this creation. You have drawn yourself to this forum to acquire information of self and of reality, of consciousness and its function within this reality. In this you may better understand how you accomplish creating your reality, as is the case with all of these individuals that choose to draw themselves to this audience.

There are many complicated issues that you hold. Presently, you allow yourself a time period of confusion. This allows you a time period to not be addressing certain challenges, and also not be confronting certain belief systems. This also you have chosen to be addressing by drawing yourself to a confrontation. You draw yourself here to allow yourself the opportunity to be confronting of self.

There are other elements in motion within this situation, to which you were listening to explanations of this evening with other individuals. You also engage presently a time period of remembrance. This complicates and confuses other situations for it enhances feelings, but you do not understand what to attach these feelings to. Therefore, you express to yourself that you experience depression. This is a workable excuse.

Do not misunderstand. I am not discounting of the emotions experienced, for they are real and they are also quite affecting. They only do not arise from where you believe they arise from. It is, within this time period now, acceptable to be labeling certain actions as depression attributed to stress or lack of self-confidence or actions and experiences within the past, but these are convenient methods of diverting your attention from self. Psychology offers equal truth as science, which is little; but within your present time period, many individuals accept these sciences as truth. You are inundated with information in these areas from a small child. Therefore, they have moved nicely into working belief systems.

You may be altering of thought processes and moods artificially, but this shall not alleviate the issues. Look to yourself within. Examine the lack of motivation. Then also, examine true desire. True desire is not impossible. (Long pause)

DREW: I had never thought of motivation as part of my dilemma. I was never aware that motivation was part of my ...

ELIAS: There are many elements that all of you are not aware of, for you choose not to be aware.

DREW: Motivation in what sense? About looking inward?

ELIAS: No. You hold a fear of recognizing subjective activity, but the motivation or lack of motivation would be an objective expression. This bleeds through into your everyday experience. This is influencing of your feeling, your feelings of lacking or of feeling “blue.”

DREW: I want to understand this. I know you want me to understand this! What’s influencing those feelings is a bleed-through of my ... The word motivation comes up again and I’m confused by that because that’s something that has never been an issue with me, in terms of attaining material things or looking, a spiritual quest. I’ve always thought I was motivated in both of those directions. So now that that word comes up, I’m a little confused by it. It makes me wonder why, if we choose our own reality, why I’ve chosen a reality I’m not happy with.

ELIAS: Many individuals view their reality in this manner. First of all, I express to you that this is directly related to belief systems. You are not happy with your reality for you attach belief systems within negative connotations that suggest to you that you are not happy. You create the reality that you create for the experience that you wish to experience.

Motivation is not only in what you view outwardly. You may be driven to accomplish and to be seeking in accomplishments, and you may not necessarily be motivated. Within belief systems you may convince yourself objectively, as have you all in your convincing of self within many belief systems, that certain actions and certain behaviors are right and good, and you may attach ideas of motivation to these actions. This is not necessarily to say that they are motivated.

I have expressed to all of these individuals that within your core belief systems, you all believe in the duplicity of self. In this, you also hold a basic distrustfulness. This, as has been exhibited recently with these other individuals also, is mirrored also outwardly within your expressions of distrustfulness of other individuals. It holds more profoundly within self, for contrary to what most of you believe, you will be more trustful and kinder to another before you will be trustful and kind to yourself. (Tape change)

Do not misunderstand. I do not approach you and express to you as your psychologists that you have hated yourself for the entirety of your life, and you have hated your parents, and you have created a terrible reality for yourself! I do not express these ideas at all. I do express a basic element that all individuals hold within physical focus, for it is an element of basic belief systems which you all hold, regardless of whether you acknowledge them or not.

In this, you also find yourself at times creating elements within your reality that you are not pleased with and that confuse you, and you do not understand for you think that you do not hold these belief systems, but you do; and as you learn of self, you shall also be accepting of this and therefore move through these elements, allowing yourself the opportunity to change intentionally the reality that you create. This is not to say that you may not change your reality immediately within this present now, for you may; although you may not believe that you may!

DREW: And my confusion has stemmed from my believing I understood, or my believing that I believed that I created my reality, when in fact it was the concept of that belief and not the fundamental core believing of it.

ELIAS: Not the actualization.

DREW: Exactly, and that’s why I’ve been frustrated and confused.

ELIAS: This is common to many individuals. You have been presented with this concept. It rings true for you know that this is a truth, but you have forgotten how to actualize. Therefore, you accept the concept, but you do not actualize. You thwart your own efforts, for you continue within existing belief systems.

DREW: And so other than the effort to growth I’ve made to date, the reading and meditating and coming here tonight, looking to dreams, everything that I’ve done, what else can one do to change their core belief systems and learn more about themselves and trust themselves? It seems like I’ve been trying for so long to do what you’re talking about doing. If I’m not doing it right yet, what should I be doing that I’m not?

ELIAS: Ah! First of all, you are not “not doing it right” for you are not doing it wrong! But I shall say to you, many individuals endeavor to be exploring many areas of consciousness and never engage their own core belief systems. Many individuals that you may physically view and call “master” engage many activities within many areas of consciousness and do not widen belief systems, and do not acknowledge belief systems, and continue within their belief systems.

You may explore many areas and experience these areas. If you are holding a desire to be moving within consciousness to widen your awareness, then you must be looking to self and examining these belief systems, and understanding, recognizing, and accepting of belief systems. In this, you also shall be influencing of how you are creating your reality. Individuals presently, within this time period, have incorporated, as you express this, your “new age” type of thinking. They have created their new religion of “metaphysics” and continue only with new terms, but continue belief systems that have been in existence throughout your history.

The point of this interaction is to be allowing you to recognize the belief systems that you hold within physical focus, and in recognition of these belief systems you may also be accepting of these and therefore diffusing them.

DREW: And I’ll recognize these through my actions, through what I manifest? If I’m not currently aware of them, what’s the best way to become aware of my core belief systems?

ELIAS: You shall, as you ask, present yourself with examples frequently. As has been said in ancient times, “Be watchful of what you request, for you shall have it!” (That’s an understatement!)

As you ask to be widening your awareness, you shall. You shall draw to yourself information to be challenging of yourself. You shall notice your own actions. You shall notice within individuals around you. You shall notice in everyday life, all about you. Those belief systems that need be recognized and accepted shall be presenting themselves to you, for you shall present them to yourself.

You may not initially recognize automatically and identify the belief system. You may view similar actions occurring repeatedly before you, and you may view these actions for a time period before you recognize what you are presenting yourself with. You may engage individuals within this forum and exchange also with them, for they experience this also and may offer helpfulness and instruction, as they have experienced this phenomenon of identifying belief systems. This is not as simple as it sounds!

DREW: It doesn’t sound simple!

ELIAS: As I have stated, you have carried belief systems for centuries and have worked with them. You are not so willing to be accepting of these belief systems and disallowing their power. Many are very, very strong. You do not even recognize that all that you do within physical focus is related to a belief system. Every action that you take within physical focus is related to a belief system. This is not “bad.” It is what you have created. It is now only inefficient. As I have stated this evening, you shall continue with your belief systems even within your shift, but you shall understand and accept these. Therefore, you shall not be influenced or blinded by them as you may be presently.

Within this action of movement of consciousness, moving into the beginnings of this shift, as I have stated, there is also a remembrance occurring. In this, you think of the word remembrance and you imagine that you shall hold a clear memory. Initially, you shall not. You shall experience feelings. This is an element of your experience presently. Within the beginnings of a remembrance, initially you shall be feeling.

Look to your dream activity, for you shall hold clues to the remembrance within this action of your imagery also. Pay attention to the movement of the dream mission, for as it continues it shall be instructional also.

This is a temporary situation. It shall be moved through, as you allow. The length of your time period that it continues is your choice, as you do not allow your own movement and expression. Acceptance of your own self, your own expression, your own feelings, regardless of your understanding, will be helpful. (Long pause)

DREW: Okay.

ELIAS: Do you wish more information?

DREW: I think for tonight, that will probably be it. Vicki, was there anything you wanted to ... Are you sleeping? I’m sorry.

VICKI: No, I’m not sleeping. (Elias starts chuckling)

DREW: Thank you very much for your personal attention.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. You may ponder this for a time. I am understanding that initially, certain elements may seem confusing, but you may also realize your light bulb flashing on within your near future! I shall anticipate our meeting again.

DREW: We will. Thank you.

ELIAS: And for this evening, affectionately, au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:52 PM.

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