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Friday, May 30, 1997

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ďTransition/Connections Within EssenceĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Margot (Jessele), and Howard (Bosht).

Vicís note: I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Margot for transcribing this session. Many thanks, Margot! Excellent job!

Elias arrives at 6:33 PM. (Time was thirty-five seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling) Welcome! You are requesting audience this evening? (Pause) And what is your request for inquiry?

MARGOT: Well, I have a lot of thank youís to give for all the help that Iíve had during the last few weeks, and want to report that my energy is very high and everything is fine. But thereís a couple of things I want to ask about having to do with that. I am not the same now as I was before all of this happened in March, and Iíve thought about it a lot and I can see that Iím not the same in a lot of ways. I donít understand why, and Iíd like to know more about it. If you could explain to me why I donít feel like the same person, and yet I am the same person?

ELIAS: This shall be, within your future time period, common to those individuals which are choosing to be engaging the action of transition within physical focus. At times within your individual focuses, you shall notice differences within yourself as you exchange with an alternate self or you engage a probable self; but within the action of transition, you may consider a more drastic change occurring. It seems to be quite noticeable. You are moving out of complete objective awareness. You are incorporating more subjective awareness; and although you engage waking state and objective reality, you incorporate more of your subjective reality simultaneously. This creates a change in your awareness. It is a recognition of a knowing of more of yourself.


ELIAS: As you move through an individual focus, you learn to know yourself fairly well from an objective standpoint; but as I have stated throughout these sessions, there is a great deal more to each individual than what you perceive within your objective knowing. As you move into the action of transition, you allow more of self to be known objectively. Therefore, you recognize more of the fullness of yourself. This seems, in part, unfamiliar; this also being the reason that you may experience, within the beginning throes of this action of transition, what you may term to be a brief grieving process.

You shall feel temporarily, which you have already felt, a loss, and not quite be aware of what you are grieving for; this being the objective awareness or self grieving for itself, in a lack of understanding that it views itself as discontinuing. This is not the case. In actuality, you merge the objective and subjective awarenesses together to form a fuller focus. But initially, the objective consciousness does not hold recognition of this, for it knows only its own identity.

As you move through certain actions of transition, you allow yourself time periods of reprieve. In this, you shall feel quite normal and fit and as your recognizable self, but also not; for you shall recognize an element of self that seems different and new. This is not new! It has always been with you, for it is you. It is the element of your subjective awareness which you now allow to be objectively known; this being why you are comfortable with this newness, although it also simultaneously seems slightly strange.

MARGOT: I seem to have so much more energy than Iíve ever had before. Thereís kind of a new vibration there in my energy that I feel, and itís hard for me to describe. I just feel it. So is that subjective awareness coming in or taking more active part? Thatís obviously energizing to me.

ELIAS: Quite; this also being a by-product of subjective activity. Individuals engaging subjective activity shall physically and mentally feel a time period of being energized, as does Michael also within subsequent time period to our energy exchange; although this is quite different, in actuality. But as you allow more of yourself to be objectively actualized within the confines of this focus and dimension, you also reap what you view to be the benefits of what you may term as your larger self, for your energy in actuality is boundless. As you allow more of your subjective awareness to bleed through and to be actualized objectively, you loosen your belief systems which allows more of your energy flow. You loosen your constrictions upon your focus.

MARGOT: That pretty well describes it. Thank you. In regard to this essence here (indicating Vicki) that Iíve come in contact with and we feel this kind of connection, can you tell me anything or tell us anything more about that connection between us, or why I was so drawn to this just in time of having to have that kind of a connection?

ELIAS: As you are aware already, there are no accidents. Each of you orchestrates your probabilities to be actualizing most efficiently within your own value fulfillment and within the value fulfillment of all consciousness. It is viewed by many individuals that there are tremendous coincidences and accidents that may be occurring, but in actuality it is not so strange that all of these actualizations occur objectively, given the absolute preciseness of probabilities.

This dimension that you have created is exquisitely intricate. You have devised a system of probabilities that is immaculately precise. It allows for not even a hair-width of deviation; this being why we express to you that there are no accidents.

I may express to you that you have shared relationships within other focuses also, but the immediate now within your attention is here, and this is what is important. You have shared counterpart action with Lawrence within other focuses also, and have shared experiences with this individual several times. Olivia also has shared counterpart action with you, (indicating Howard) which draws you to each other presently within this present now.

You have chosen to be waiting until the probabilities were actualized within these individuals of the pyramid before engaging contact, for within a knowing you have held an understanding for a great time period that information may be helpful in forging the action of transition within physical focus. You have chosen to be initiating with many others this action, as your scientists develop their cure for senility. In this, you shall lend energy to the action of transition futurely, of individuals choosing to be engaging of this action. You have sought out those essences which shall lend energy and information to you, as you continue the cycle and lend energy within consciousness to future action.

MARGOT: The dream that I had of Vicki last night or early this morning, just a little piece of a dream where I saw her so clearly as this entity that I knew so well, is that my interpretation to myself of her essence? It was just remarkable!

ELIAS: This is a memory of a focus that you have shared. Therefore, you offer yourself a picture in remembrance.

MARGOT. I see. Also, in regard to dreaming, the other night I got a couple more of those dreams that I get where I hear three knocks. (Elias smiles) In the first one there were three knocks, the door opened, and somebody came in, somebody that I have never known before, a female dressed in kind of an old-fashioned way, which is probably beside the point to this. I went back to sleep after a while, and there were three more knocks and the door came open and nobody came in. Now, those dreams always wake me instantly. Thereís something about those three knocks. Is there anything that you can tell me about those kinds of dreams that I have?

ELIAS: Yes. As we have stated, no actions are accidental. You have drawn yourself to this company for the lending of energy that they may provide to you, and also for the lending of energy that you may provide. Value fulfillment does not occur in one direction. It occurs in all directions, or it does not occur.

This knocking is significant. Within consciousness and within energy and energy exchange, many new elements are being introduced. Differences are occurring. Within the agenda of this phenomenon, an expansion is taking place; this being quite significant and important within the action of the shift. In this, individuals shall draw themselves within consciousness to be lending energy in helpfulness. Some individuals shall be lending energy to Michael within consciousness. You have chosen, both, (Margot and Howard) to be supportive in this manner. Each individual that is lending energy shall allow themselves some information to be indicating to them that they are engaging presently this action. It is for your benefit and also for the benefit of those other individuals involved that you offer yourself this information, allowing yourself a knowing that you have engaged this action of lending energy.

Three knocks is significant within consciousness to Michael, for this is a holding or a tethering to objective consciousness. As this energy exchange expands, the volume of energy shall increase, which it has already begun to do. Michael is aware of this increase presently, although he is only partially aware of the extent of the increase. In this, it is necessary to engage other essences for helpfulness in supportiveness. The pyramid, although holding great strength in unity, is not strong enough. Therefore, there is a call for other essences to be helpful within supportiveness in energy. This allows what you (Vicki) or Michael may objectively express as an enabling to stand, without which the wave may be too strong.

You have not drawn yourself coincidentally. Although it appears that many individuals come from many areas and are drawn to this forum by coincidence, you have each all orchestrated this action quite precisely, and also within your time framework. You have chosen to be moving within other areas of this focus until this time period. You have accomplished what you have chosen and set to accomplish, to this present now. In this, you now move into a new area within a new endeavor of exploring consciousness, and also objectifying elements of consciousness that most individuals do not believe possible.

MARGOT: Then I believe what youíre saying is that everyone that is drawn into this particular grouping from all over, that we are connected together in this. This has been very difficult for me to understand, that I was a part of this grouping! Itís fine, but when we all seem to have the same types of dreams at the same time as we did two weeks ago approximately, where the nature of the dreams was very frightening and we all seemed to be in quite a terrible kind of a place, was that a group thing or ... It didnít just happen!

ELIAS: It did not just happen! (Grinning) It is a wave within consciousness; a shared experience.

MARGOT: Did it have any special meaning that we havenít understood? Is there something that we could understand about it that would help us a little more?

ELIAS: There are many elements to this objective imagery that you have collectively presented yourselves with. The most important aspects of this imagery you are continuing to be investigating, one element being that of your dream mission, which continues; and this particular imagery, if incorporated and followed, shall prove quite instrumental within your understanding of your dream mission.

There are also other probabilities, of which you are teetering on the brink of. You have not chosen as of yet collectively the direction in which you shall move, but this imagery is also indicative of these probabilities and movement. As I have stated, as you actualize these probabilities, I shall be offering information for clarification.

(To Vic) This does correlate with your other dream imagery, and you may begin viewing objectively within your probabilities that you have not in actuality chosen as of yet. The suspicion and the questioning which already arises creates very small but noticeable confusion in alliances. Be remembering within the imagery of the first dream the element of duplicity, the element of deceitfulness, the element of choice, and the element of choosing original essence; the factor of being swayed away from essence. (1)

I shall offer you a clue within your dream mission and your imagery. This swaying may not necessarily be that away from Elias, but what is original essence? You! And what do you battle with presently? Duplicity! And what do I express to you continuously? Trust self! Do not be swayed by others that you trust, and not trust self. You may deliver this message to Michael also.

MARGOT: (To Vic) You can speak right up whenever you want to!

ELIAS: I am understanding that this answer is quite vague, but you also have not actualized these probabilities as of this present now; and as I have stated previously, it does not serve you for my explanation of probabilities before you are actualizing them, as you do not understand and you do not pay attention. You attain your own attention with your own probabilities and then you still do not understand, but you are more receptive to explanation.

VICKI: Okay, I have one question about that. Within the context of the expansion and the pyramid also, it becomes very confusing when each personís ďinner voiceĒ is saying something different to them. So then you may have four different people trusting themselves in four different directions, and not moving!

ELIAS: This offers you the opportunity to use your creativity. Continue your movement creatively. You do not necessarily all initially have to be within agreement, for each of you offers a different element to the whole and to the movement. Each of you, within your singularity, sees only certain aspects; this being why you have your pyramid, that you may view other perceptions that you do not see. In this, all may be incorporated and also used creatively within agreement, and continue to be moving forward, in your terms. As I have stated to you many times, all is not either/or. You hold countless probabilities. Your choices are vast.

VICKI: Itís still confusing when youíre trying to trust yourself, but that causes disagreement and conflict.

ELIAS: Be reinforcing of each other, and trusting of self.

VICKI: Well, I think we do a pretty good job of that for the most part. Itís just that there are quite a few times when each personís specific trust of self is quite different from anotherís.

ELIAS: For your trust of self you call into question, each of you, quite often, and you are more willing to be trusting of each other than of self; but self offers information also. Therefore, all information is to be incorporated and viewed, and not discounted.

(To Margot) Continue.

MARGOT: This situation that Bruce and I have gotten into, I want to address that or Iíd like to ask you about that. I picked up on his essence name, Uriel, which was a name that I had heard a lot about because of the fact that my best friend Carol ... There was some sort of a mergence that she had as a child and grew up with, in my terminology being the earthly anchor for an angel by the name of Uriel. Bruce and I have talked to each other about this, and so Bruce of course wanted me to be sure and mention it. His questions were ... and this is directly from Bruce: ďWhat is it about Bruce that fits him to this name of Uriel?Ē

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Tone! (Laughter)

MARGOT: Iíve heard that answer before, the reason being his next question! Shall I give you that first? His question is, ďCan you help Bruce and I with the connection and names between Archangel Uriel and Bruceís essence name?Ē

ELIAS: This being a different question! Within this dimension, you create many different types of imagery. You attach identifications to these unknowingly. You create belief systems around elements that you know within consciousness, but you have forgotten within an individual focus.

Therefore, if you were to be stepping outside only momentarily from this particular reality and viewing all of consciousness, elements such as these of which you speak would seem not unusual at all, and also quite common. This element that you have recognized and attach the same name or word to is another aspect of this same essence of Uriel. You may attach any identification to this of your choosing. It may be interpreted as an angel, as a fairy, as a guide, as a master. It matters not. What matters is that within consciousness you allow a knowing to objectively materialize to yourself, in recognition within the word. You do this quite often. You do not recognize that you are accomplishing this action quite often. Therefore, as you notice one incident of the same name and a drawing to a familiarity which you feel, you surprise yourself, and you express disbelief that such things may occur.

You are connected within consciousness always. Within an individual focus, you may not objectively meet or recognize a connection with another individual who also is physically focused within the same time framework for quite some time period within your focus; but as I have expressed, all of your probabilities are quite precise, and you draw to yourself those probabilities to be actualized within the time framework which is most efficient for you. Therefore, within this time period you begin to recognize connections with other individuals in many areas, and you offer yourself objective information to be confirming of your connections. You offer yourselves tidbits of information here and there to be lending validity to your pull and your draw to other individuals that you may not otherwise explain.

MARGOT: So could I then draw from that that Carol and Bruce are of the same essence? Connected in essence?

ELIAS: No, but I am aware of how you may acquire this confusion. This is an aspect of the essence of Uriel which has merged with another essence, which shows itself within a particular physical focus.

MARGOT: Is that what we would call a ďsoul braid?Ē (Pause)

ELIAS: I am understanding of your terminology and I express to you that this is a simplified explanation, but you may correlate in this manner.

MARGOT: Okay. All right. I have heard or I have read since I have read the scripts that many times, or sometimes, people in transition in physicality have decided it will be their last manifestation. Is this the case for me?


MARGOT: I rather thought it was. In my intent then for this lifetime ... I also read this in a script someplace, that somebody was confused or that many people are confused about their intent, and that it usually relates to the essence family that theyíre from, or a part of, or are. Could you give me any information on what you see as my having accomplished my intent, within the essence of Sumafi aligned with Ilda? Iím a little confused about all of this.

ELIAS: You have been leading to the accomplishment that you now engage.

MARGOT: Transition.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: That was my intent?

ELIAS: To be objectifying this action within physical focus, and to be lending energy in this accomplishment. There are other actions that you have been lending energy to previously within the action of the engagement of your shift, which this being a similar action in some aspects. Therefore, you have been accomplishing within your intent, to be exploring in these areas and lending energy to the progress of both.

MARGOT: So all of my life I have been very positively intrigued with death and have made it a study, I guess, in every regard. So that was my intent showing up all the way through my life? (Isnít this a fascinating example of how we follow our intent throughout our life?)

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: That makes a lot of sense to me. But that doesnít seem to me to be a part of Sumafi.

ELIAS: Oh, quite!

MARGOT: Oh, it is?

ELIAS: You are demonstrating the action of transition, and the intent of the Sumafi is to offer any information of any element or aspect of consciousness or reality with the least distortion. In this, they also are quite engaged within instruction. Therefore, within consciousness you have chosen a didactic path, so to speak, in projecting information within energy to other essences physically manifest, to be accomplishing within the action of transition and also within the shift.

MARGOT: So that intent is therefore very aligned with the Sumafi.

ELIAS: Quite.

MARGOT: I see.

ELIAS: I shall offer a break. You may continue with your questioning as we return.

MARGOT: Thank you.

BREAK: 7:33 PM.
RESUME: 8:00 PM. (Time was twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

MARGOT: Iíd like to know why I chose the essence name of Jessele. Iíd like to know about his name too. (Indicating Howard) Bosht? I guess thatís the way itís said.

ELIAS: Bosht. I have explained previously that these are tones ...

MARGOT: Right. I understand that.

ELIAS: ... that you identify with. Generally speaking, not always but generally, as an essence fragments it may align with an aspect of tone held by the fragmenting essence. In this, they shall manifest their own tone which is the most pleasing to themselves. At times an essence may fragment, and within the new fragmentation it may choose an entirely different tone.

Tone is not the same as sound, although we may use sound as a comparison within your focus, as you understand this. Within your physical dimension, you may strike a note which holds a clear sound. Within this sound, there are many different sounds. Within this one note or tone, there are many different tones. In like manner, essence holds a tone which it has chosen for itself, and as it fragments, the fragmenting essence may choose an element of the tone that it identifies with the most within different aspects of the fragmenting essence, and it may choose to be creating of its own tone from this. Essentially, this is what you have created also.

You may also view this in your physical aspects of color, which also hold tone; this being why I distinguish to you that tone is not the same as sound. It is also not the same as color, but you may use these as examples to yourselves that you may identify with. You may choose the color of green, and there are numberless tones within this one color. If you are viewing one essence as the color green, it may fragment countless other essences. Each essence, as it is fragmented, may choose a different tone of this same green. It shall be slightly different from the fragmenting essence, but it shall also be similar.

In this, when physically manifest and also within consciousness, (although within consciousness it is not necessary ... you may place this in parentheses) you may hold a better ability to identify others physically manifest which may be fragmented of the same essence, for you hold similar tones. This is not to say that you may always be in appreciation of other individuals manifest with the same or similar tone and fragmented of the same essence, for you may in your view be manifest oppositely. Therefore, you may repel each other; but you shall also hold an identification, for you recognize the tone.

Within the translation into language words, the tone bears little resemblance. It is offered to each of you, for it is a fascination. Therefore, it is offered as a gift, as you appreciate this symbol of self. Within the physical word, it is not possible to offer you a true explanation and identification of this tone. I may express to you that you have chosen to align with the fragmenting essence and create a tone similar to that of the fragmenting essence, as many have fragmented of your essence and hold a similar tone to your essence. It is not often that a fragment may choose to be manifesting a tone which is far removed from the fragmenting essence.

MARGOT: Now, does the same hold true then for this name that he has, of Bosht?


MARGOT: In terminology that I have, I am acquainted with the term ďtwin soulĒ or ďsoul flame,Ē which speaks to a physical splitting that happened, from my understanding, so that the original essence could experience more. It has been my understanding in the past that I have this twin soul by the name of Lowell Thomas, who evidently, from what you said when I had Vic ask about this before, was very closely connected, not only to me but to Paul, who has occupied a lot of my thoughts since March. Can you give me not only an explanation of what I call ďtwin soulĒ or ďtwin flame,Ē but also clarify me a little on my connection to Paul, as I sensed it in March?

ELIAS: Of this other individual (Lowell) and yourself, you hold connection. (Pause) This shall be quite complicated and difficult to explain within your language and your understanding. (Pause)

First of all, this is a belief system, of this ďtwin soul,Ē in the context that you are identifying with. There is in actuality what you may term as ďtwin soulsĒ or essence, but the identification is different. As to the connection of these three, (Margot, Lowell and Paul) one is fragmented of Paul. Now we enter into the complicated area! (Grinning) You are not fragmented of Paul, but you are intertwined within essence, within non-physical aspects, (pause) in such a manner that the essences may be almost indistinguishable.

This language poses great difficulty for explanation, for I mean not to mislead you in that you hold your own essence, your own identity, and your own tone; but there is an intertwining of these two essences, yourself and that of Patel (Paul). This occurs within layers of consciousness that are non-physically focused.

There are aspects of all essences, including those essences which choose to be entering into physical focuses, that are also simultaneously non-physically focused. Within these areas, you may term these aspects of essences to be wider awarenesses. In these areas of consciousness, the definitions or distinctions between essences ... not between identities, but between essences ... become less clear.

In this, many essences holding similar intent and tone intermingle in like manner to vapors. If you are visualizing essence as a gaseous cloud, you may also visualize another essence as a different gaseous cloud which merges with the other. In this, you may still within chemical elements distinguish one cloud from the other in identification, although to your visual view they may become so intertwined as to lose definition, and you may not view any longer the boundaries of one to another. In like manner, these essences, within other areas of consciousness, are so intertwined. Therefore, there is also a close identification of those fragments which have been fragmented of this essence of Patel, which also offers you explanation further for your draw and your identification in familiarity with Olivia and Lawrence and Michael. (2)

MARGOT: Thank you. I appreciate that. What is the definition of ďSeer?Ē I understand that not all Sumafi are Seer?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: And so what would the definition be of Seer? I have been told several times in the past that I am a Seer, and I do not understand it.

ELIAS: Let us once again journey to ďbefore the beginning,Ē within your terms. As you have created this dimension and this physical manifestation of the entirety of this physical universe, certain essences collectively chose different intents as to the creation of this physical manifestation, and in this chose groupings of essence families to be associated with this particular dimension and physical creation. In this, each family has certain essences which were creating of this dimension and all of its physical aspects. As they chose to be creating of this planet and your species, some essences chose to not be entirely objectively physically focusing. These essences were part, in your terminology, of the Dream Walkers. These are those Dream Walkers that chose not to move into the area of complete physical manifestation and objective awareness.

Many essences within each family were choosing to be entering into the cycle of physical manifestation, therefore choosing to become completely objectively physically focused; this being what you view presently in the solidity of yourself. You may view your body and your manifestation as solid within matter and completely physically manifest. The Dream Walkers chose not to actualize this manifestation. Therefore, within their physical presence upon your planet, they may be viewed as translucent; holding no solidity; not manifest within physical matter, although physically perceivable. These within the Sumafi were entitled the Seers; those essences choosing not to be manifesting within the cycle of physical manifestation.

In this, the Seers, through fragmentation and many other actions, have incorporated aspects of essence in other essences within Sumafi. The Seers, until your present now, have not chosen to be objectively physically focused. Therefore, aspects are incorporated into some essences which hold the information of the Seer intent without distortion. If you are engaging playing a game, you may look to these present Seers, such as yourselves, as your gatekeepers; your memory-holders. Objectively you do not remember all that is encoded within you, although you are beginning as you are allowing subjective bleed-through and remembrances. This is part of the influence of the aspect of Seer.

As I have stated, each family holds essences within the same capacity, so to speak. Therefore, within each essence family there are aspects of those essences, which were not entirely physically focused ďbefore the beginning,Ē incorporated in those now presently physically focused also. Therefore, you may view individuals holding the same subjective bleed-through action within all families. This is also instrumental for the action of the shift, in directing the shift in consciousness into an undistorted area of awareness and realization of connection with essence, as opposed to merely developing new belief systems.

MARGOT: Thank you.

ELIAS: I commend you upon your questioning this evening, for you have inquired of difficult areas to be offering explanation of within the confines of these understandings.

MARGOT: I just have one more quick one, and that would be only because I have heard Vic say that sheís a young soul. I feel like Iím a very old one! Is that so, or do I just feel tired?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express to you that I may be joking with you, expressing that you are only feeling that you are an old soul for you are objectively feeling to be aged! (Grinning) Although, in actually, you are correct.

Individuals, not surprisingly, within their objective knowing recognize their position, so to speak, within essence. Individuals objectively within physical focus recognize a knowing of what you term to be old soul or new soul, and also new focus or final focus.

MARGOT: That means though, doesnít it, that the fragmenting, the fragmentation was earlier than some? Isnít that what old and young defines?

ELIAS: All time is simultaneous! (Grinning)

MARGOT: Oh, I know that! Iím speaking of ... what am I talking about here? (Laughter)

ELIAS: In the definition of an old soul or a new soul, this would be a designation or identification within your physical awareness that you have held, or hold presently, many or few focuses within this dimension.

MARGOT: All right.

ELIAS: Therefore, if you are holding few focuses within this dimension, you shall identify yourself as a new soul. If you are holding very many, you shall identify yourself as an old soul.

MARGOT: I understand. Thank you. Am I married to an old soul?

ELIAS: Quite!

MARGOT: Quite! Heís not from around here!

ELIAS: (Laughing) You know not of what you speak! You are quite correct! (To Howard, still laughing) You may be intersecting with Dimin within another dimensional focus! (Weíre all cracking up)

HOWARD: I have a question regarding my poem. Vicki asked me about it and I tried to explain what I was doing to it at this moment. Itís getting harder and harder to change the words. Itís becoming more and more a wonderment to me. So I guess itís just about ready. I feel itís about ready to put out. So, thatís my question. This is a final edit for this thing?

ELIAS: This once again is an example to you, and also to others, of trusting that which is self; and within this, self will be instructing you as it is preventing you from over-manipulation. You hold knowing within, and in trusting this you shall allow your most creative expression.

VICKI: May I ask a question? Why has this entire interaction made me smile all the way through? (Here, Elias starts laughing again)

MARGOT: That laugh!

ELIAS: And you are not choosing to be coiling within your corner and disengaging from the interaction? (Laughing)


ELIAS: For you hold affinity for one reason with these individuals; but I express to you that the interaction also has been quite informative and stimulating, for the questioning is directed into areas of which you deem to be important! I am quite understanding of your viewpoints! (Much laughter) Although within fairness, I must express that all questioning is important to the individual inquiring. Some is quite more stimulating, though!

VICKI: Iíll say!

ELIAS: All hope is not lost, Lawrence!

VICKI: Hooray!

ELIAS: You may be encountering individuals that may be sparking your philosophy once again!

VICKI: This would be great!

ELIAS: Ah, do you not trust that there shall be drawn to this forum those which shall be fulfilling?

VICKI: I think I kind of started to wonder, here and there.

ELIAS: Quite understandable. (Laughing) Patience!

VICKI: Yeah ...

HOWARD: Am I understanding that this name that you know me by was changed just recently? From Betelgeuse? Is that right? The Red Star? (Elias begins laughing) I mean, that was right away the image that I got, the angry red star, the one in the Orion epic poem. Or is the Arabic Bat-al-juza?

ELIAS: (Laughing) This is an interpretation of a focus tone which simultaneously exists within another dimension. That which has been offered to you by Elias is an essence tone.

HOWARD: Okay. All right.

ELIAS: It is quite difficult keeping all of your focuses straight, is it not? (We all crack up).

HOWARD: Oh, yes. Oh, yes! Thatís the nice part about metaphysics, is that youíre able to be lucid while youíre lost in your dreams!

ELIAS: Especially as you are gallivanting about the cosmos within different dimensions! You may confuse yourself quite easily ... may you not, Lawrence? (Humorously)

VICKI: Yes, you may! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions?

HOWARD: Well, last night was a very traumatic night for me, and I got lost in a space I was in last year at this time. I left my store in charge of a young lady. I donít know, this isnít a question. I guess itís a statement. We are trying to prove to ourselves that we can trust that things will be standing when we get home, but this young lady has tested my trust. Iím not even sure any of the machines are going to be working when I get back! Thereís no question here. Itís a rambling, but last night, what was it I said? I just finally broke down and said, ďI donít know what to do.Ē It was very traumatic.

MARGOT: Iíve never seen him in as much pain as he was in last night over making this trip, which heís done out of love for me because I really wanted to come ...

HOWARD: And I knew the way ...

MARGOT: Yeah, and I get confused a bit. But it was really difficult last night. Heís never owned a business before, and heís never had to walk away and leave it in the care of somebody else ...

HOWARD: Well, I have owned a business before, but not one that is actually thriving and building, and I really love. Itís a lovely store. Itís a community that Iím involved with.

ELIAS: And it shall not be devastated upon your return. This is an objective lesson, so to speak, in the All-Knowing Eliasí terms (laughter) of ďit matters not.Ē (Pause)

Most of you lean in the direction of placing too much emphasis and value upon those elements which are outside of you. This is not to say that your creations are not important, for they are. This is also not to say that your objective creativity is not valuable, for it is; for all that you create within this dimension is wondrous. Therefore, do not misunderstand. I do not devalue your creation of your physical expression within your business, but be remembering that it is a creative expression within the now. Beyond this, it matters not.

Also be remembering what you have already offered to yourself, in information of trustfulness; for as you do not trust, you project this energy and you create what you do not trust! You create your reality. It is not thrust upon you. Therefore, if you are trusting of self, you shall be creating what you are pleased with. If you are not trusting, you shall be projecting this energy and you shall be creating what you are displeased with. You shall receive what you hold in expectation, for this is where you project your energy and this is how you create your reality.

HOWARD: Well, Iím thinking about my attitudes. Okay. It was a terrible time last night.

MARGOT: But we got through it.

HOWARD: Well, we trusted, I guess.

RON: Can I interrupt to change tapes?

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions?

HOWARD: Gee, I donít know. There are too many! I donít have any more.

ELIAS: We shall discontinue for this evening, and if you are wishing of more questions, you may call upon me again.

HOWARD: Thank you.

MARGOT: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. For this evening, affectionately, au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:58 PM.


(1) This is in reference to Vickiís dream of August, 1995. Elias offered an extensive interpretation of this dream, which didnít make much sense at the time. He also termed it a precognitive dream. Iíd like to offer more of an explanation here, but I donít have it figured out yet!

(2) Mary and Vicki are fragmented of both Elias and Paul within some sort of action of mergence, and Ron is fragmented of Paul. This would be the identification within tone and fragmentation that Margot recognizes. (Or something like that!)

Digests: find out more about fragmentation.

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