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Friday, August 21, 1998

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“Individual vs. Mass Expressions”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jen (Margarite). (This was scheduled as a group session, but Jen is the only person who attended)

Elias arrives at 6:42 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening, Margarite!

JEN: Good evening, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you may present your inquiries, and we shall continue discussing the aspects of the belief system in regard to relationships this evening.

JEN: Okay. I don’t know if my inquiries all have to do with relationships, but.... I listened to the tape from my sister and I, and we talked a little bit about fragments being energy fragments. Am I saying that right? If Merrie and I are fragments of the same essence, is there a “master essence” from which we are fragmented?

ELIAS: This would not be termed to be what you are expressing as a “master essence,” so to speak. Let me express that this is a natural action that all essences engage within, this action of fragmentation. All essences are fragmenting of other essences continually. It is a natural cycle that essences engage. It is also what you may term to be an agreement, for there are aspects of the essence that choose to be fragmented, and within agreement the essence is “fragmenting away,” so to speak, these aspects.

If you allow yourself the thought process within physical focus, you may image to yourself your form and all of the aspects of you that make up you as you know yourself, all of your consciousness. And in this, imaging yourself as the essence, the whole of essence, figuratively speaking, were you to move into the direction of recognizing and knowing all of the aspects of yourself that are the makeup of yourself, one aspect of you may be expressing to you a desire to become another form independent of its own.

Let us use emotions for an example. Let us express that you, knowing all of your emotions well as aspects of yourself, recognize one emotion, (pause, struggling for words) one emotion of expression. (I think this is supposed to be “one expression of emotion.”) Let us designate the expression of laughter, which is attached to an emotion of happiness.

Within this one expression of laughter, let us designate this as an aspect of yourself. In this aspect, you as the whole of essence recognize that this is an aspect of yourself, not merely an expression. In this, this aspect expresses a desire to be its own full expression of self. Therefore, within agreement, you fragment this aspect of yourself. This is not to say that you may not be creating of the expression of this aspect in a continued expression within yourself, but that you allow this aspect of laughter to become its own essence. Therefore, it shall move from you, in physical terms, and be creating of another individual that may physically stand before you.

In figurative terms, this would be an action of yourself standing, expressing agreement that this aspect of laughter become its own individual, and this aspect moving out from your physical form and creating another physical form before you visually, as solid as yourself and holding the ability now, independent of you, to be creating of its own choices and directions, but continuing to hold all of the elements of you, for it is projected from you. In this, it holds all of the same qualities that you hold, but now it is creating of its own directions and its own choices, therefore creating an independent difference from yourself.

This would be a visualization that may be likened to the action of fragmentation, and within essence, essences are creating of this action continuously, fragmenting elements of themselves into new essences which continue within their own individuality and tone.

Therefore, as this is a continual process, so to speak, or action that is created, there is no one “master essence” that is fragmenting of other essences. It is merely an action that all essences participate in.

You and Miora merely have been fragmented aspects from the same essence. In this, you hold very many similarities in tone, for you both hold all of the qualities and all of the aspects of the fragmenting essence. You now move in the direction of creating your own choices and your own directions, but within remembrances of essence you hold the same qualities, for you also hold the same tone of the fragmenting essence, in difference to another essence which may be fragmented from a different essence.

JEN: But not the same family?

ELIAS: This is your choice. Each essence, once fragmented and created anew into its own essence, holds its own independent choice to be belonging to and aligning with any given family of consciousness. Be remembering also that within each focus, you are aligning with different families. You do not align with the same family within each focus that you physically manifest.

JEN: Hmm. You have talked about the nine children. They’re all young, all small right now. I’m wondering if I know any of them.

ELIAS: Objectively, no, although there are subjective knowings of some of these small ones that you hold within you. There are many individuals that hold subjective knowings of these small ones; there are many individuals that hold objective knowings of these small ones. Those individuals that allow themselves more of a subjective knowing of these small ones shall be more recognizing of their influence than those individuals that hold more of an objective knowing of these small ones, for although individuals that hold the objective knowing may view these small ones as holding unusual qualities, they also continue to move in the direction of their established belief systems, which they attach to these small ones.

It is quite interesting within physical focus that little ones objectively are not always recognized as holding the qualities of energy that they hold by individuals that tend to them, so to speak. There have been infrequent situations throughout your history in which individuals have recognized the qualities expressed by some small ones, but this is not a common occurrence within your physical focus, for there are many belief systems attached to small individuals. Even those individuals that are recognized within physical focus while they are little ones are not entirely accepted as holding the knowings that they in actuality hold, for the belief systems move in the direction that the older adults hold more knowledge than these small ones.

Within the action of this shift, you shall be witnessing more and more expressions of little ones that shall be amazing to you, in their knowing of movements within consciousness and their knowing of more of their own remembrances automatically, for they have manifest within this time period with the knowing that they ARE moving in the action of this shift and shall be within physical focus within the time framework of its accomplishment. Therefore, they enter into this physical focus with the allowance of the remembrance partially already. (Pause)

JEN: So, relationships. We’ve been talking about relationships.

ELIAS: There is great movement presently and has been within this time framework action of a wave in consciousness which moves quite strongly presently and addresses to the belief system and all of its aspects concerning relationships in all of its different forms, and as this wave gains momentum, it becomes more and more affecting and therefore has become noteworthy for addressing attention to its movement and offering explanations to individuals within physical focus, that they may more efficiently be addressing to the aspects of this particular belief system as they begin to surface more and more.

Individuals that are privy to this information that I offer may be holding slightly more of an awareness objectively as to the action which is occurring and shall lend themselves to addressing to this belief system, and this lends energy to more of an easement for other individuals to be moving through this wave in consciousness also.

All aspects of relationships are surfacing, so to speak, within consciousness and being addressed to. This is causing much confusion for many individuals and also much conflict in many different areas. The conflict arises with individuals in the direction of relationship that they focus their attention the most within objectively. Therefore, whichever type of relationship occupies more of their attention is the area that they shall be addressing to, and in this there shall be brought forth from themselves aspects of the belief system that are creating of conflict and confusion, that they may be addressing to these and lending energy to the acceptance of this particular belief system.

This belief system shall be being addressed to for a time framework within your physical focus, for as I have stated previously within this subject matter, this particular belief system is one of your strongest belief systems, holding the most energy individually and en masse. Therefore, it shall be moving within this wave for a time framework!

JEN: Hmm!

ELIAS: You have already been addressing to this particular belief system within this wave for many of your months, in your terms, and as it moves closer to its cresting, the intensity of this wave increases. This also creates confusion for many individuals, for they inquire, “Why now shall these aspects be appearing from nowhere?” But they are not from nowhere, for the action of this shift is to be addressing to belief systems, and in this you address to very strongly held, very large belief systems presently.

This particular belief system holds very many aspects. Therefore, it is quite involved and therefore requiring of much attention also. There are very many questions individuals hold with regard to this particular belief system and all of the aspects that are contained within it.

JEN: And what would be this belief system?

ELIAS: This is the belief system attached to the action of relationships.

JEN: Relationships: monogamy, marriage – those are intimate relationships – communication, giving of one’s energy....

ELIAS: All of these that you express are all the aspects of the one belief system. I have offered this analogy several times within this discussion of relationships and I shall continue to be referring to this particular analogy, for it serves well in helpfulness to individuals to be understanding the concept of the belief system and all of the aspects that the belief system contains.

I have expressed that the belief system is the bird cage. The cage itself is the belief system of relationship in any of its forms. All of the birds contained within this cage, of which there are hundreds within this particular cage, are the aspects of the belief system. You may express those elements such as you have – monogamy, expectations, integrity, ethics, justification, hurtfulness, joyfulness, death, birth, behaviors, sexuality, love, emotion – any of these are all aspects of the belief system itself.

(Intently) The aspects are what influence you to be moving in any given direction. The aspects of the belief system are those elements which are to be addressed to, that you may be accepting of the belief system. And as you address to each aspect and you accept each aspect of the belief system, you allow that little bird to fly away, and you continue to accept the aspects of the belief system until all of the birds have flown from the cage and the cage remains empty, and this would be the action of accepting a belief system.

But as you may allow yourself the information, you may also view that there are very many aspects of each belief system, this belief system holding many more aspects than some of your other belief systems, and as you delve into this belief system and allow yourself to view the aspects, you find more aspects hiding behind other aspects, more birds within this cage that you were unaware objectively of their existence within this cage. These are all elements of the belief system.

It is quite interesting, the web that has been woven with this particular belief system and how very tightly you all hold to these aspects of this belief system, and in your holding to these aspects, you also quite efficiently compare your bird cage to another individuals’ bird cage and you express to yourselves, “Ah! This individual holds more colorful birds within their cage than do I! Therefore, I need not be addressing to my own birds, for I shall be waiting for their addressing to their birds!”

JEN: You still learn by viewing their birds and their scenarios ...

ELIAS: Quite!

JEN: ... about the beliefs and letting them go, ACCEPTING them, understanding that that’s what they are.

ELIAS: Indeed you do, for you offer yourself information and you offer yourself the opportunity to be addressing to your own aspects in viewing other individuals and their actions and their addressing to or not addressing to the aspects that they hold.

JEN: And without assuming that there’s a right or wrong, or placing those kinds of beliefs.

ELIAS: Correct. In this, you inquire as to the aspect within romantic relationships of singularity, that which you term to be monogamy; the singularity of individuals, within your language and your terms, creating commitments to each other in singular fashion. Quite interesting! The very language itself lends to aspects of the belief system!

JEN: Oh, quite!

ELIAS: For what shall be the terminology of commitment but another aspect, another bird within the cage? Within your society it is accepted en masse and created in accepted behavior that individuals shall pair. Within your religious belief systems, this is reinforced for the purpose of procreation.

JEN: Yep!

ELIAS: Underlying, this aspect holds great strength, for it has been accepted for much of a time framework. Therefore, it has accumulated much energy.

JEN: It’s a hard thing to break away from!

ELIAS: Quite!

JEN: It’s a nuisance.

ELIAS: Recognize that each aspect of the belief system is a choice. It is not an obligation; it is not an absolute. It is a choice which is influenced. You have created all of these aspects of the belief system for different reasons. This is not to say that any of these aspects are efficient or non-efficient. They are choices that you have chosen to be aligning with and accepting as you create en masse an officially accepted reality. This be one of the reasons that there is much difficulty and trauma in moving into the area of accepting belief systems, for you have set forth a design of officially accepted realities that you create en masse, and the individuals within each given society agree to be following in the direction of the officially established reality.

JEN: This is to strengthen it.

ELIAS: It has created much strength within your societies, but you now move into the direction of self within the action of this shift. You move into the direction of the individual, which is influencing of the mass but not dependent upon the mass.

JEN: Because the mass doesn’t accept self-exploration as very positive. That’s deemed to be selfish.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the mass expression of duplicity.

JEN: Yeah, resulting in depression!

ELIAS: At times, you are correct.

Let me express to you that within this action, you may also be noticing the pull which occurs now, which is also creating of the movement into the area of trauma which is related to this shift in consciousness, for two actions occur. The individual moves in the direction of self-remembrance and lessening their hold upon their individual issues in duplicity and acknowledging more and accepting more of self, widening their own individual awareness and therefore also creating of more of the focus of self and abilities of self and not moving so readily into the area of the officially accepted rules ... but the mass is comprised of the individuals!

Therefore, you look to self and you view objectively, surfacely that there is a separation of two actions occurring separate and independent of each other. There is a mass expression of societies which moves in the direction of specific, accepted behaviors which have been created in agreement en masse as the whole of societies. You also view the individual expressions which move away from the mass expressions, but the mass does not exist without the individual! Therefore, they are not separate, and in actuality what is occurring is the struggle of two elements occurring within the individuals which is also reflected within the societies.

You notice that your societies move in the direction of narrowing more and more their officially acceptable behavior. It becomes more and more narrowed, what shall be unlabeled within acceptable behavior. Your psychologies grow stronger and stronger in their strength, for you look now more to your sciences for your validations than to your religions, and in this your psychologies move in the direction of more and more labelings of behaviors that need be modified, for the window of acceptable behavior becomes smaller and smaller. But the individual expresses greater and greater awareness and therefore allows more and more expression of their individuality and creativity and their own remembrance, which reinforces your sciences in narrowing and narrowing the acceptable behavior, for they view more and more behaviors....

JEN: Oh, so it’s fear. It’s a reaction, but what causes narrowness is fear of what they see as so expansive?

ELIAS: It is a lack of understanding, but it is also a mirror action of the individual expressions, for societies are comprised of individuals, and therefore the movements of societies are a mirror reflection of what is occurring within the individuals. And within the individuals, as they widen their awareness they also confuse themselves and frighten themselves, for they do not hold the understanding of what they are creating within their reality, and they question themselves.

JEN: Why wouldn’t the individuals’ expansiveness result in ... okay, I understand.

ELIAS: It shall.

JEN: Eventually.

ELIAS: Correct, but within this time period you are beginning to move more swiftly and therefore much more of your awareness floods to you, and in this it becomes confusing and you question your own behavior. You view physical movement. You have viewed energy yourself! Other individuals view this same energy passing and become quite frightened. (Not sure of the word “passing”)

JEN: Well, how come I don’t become frightened? It seems to make perfect sense.

ELIAS: For you are allowing yourself the openness and the awareness and you draw yourself to information that may be helpful to you for your own understanding. Many individuals do not open themselves [to] objective information that shall be helpful, and therefore they move themselves into familiar areas of superstition and fearfulness and this is creating of trauma, for they do not offer themselves the information. Therefore, they do not acquire the knowledge, and in this they do not hold the (inaudible) objectively.

JEN: Well, that makes sense, where I would want to move into the more.... (I cannot decipher the rest of this)

ELIAS: This is trusting yourself and not allowing yourself to succumb to what you view to be pressures or influences of other individuals that continue to align with officially accepted aspects of the belief systems, and in this you address to aspects of your own belief systems of relationship within the area of trusting self and not allowing yourself to be influenced in the direction of accepting other individuals’ directions which may not be in alignment with your own influence.

JEN: So probably being drawn to someone like Tim, whose essence name I can’t remember, seems to be helping open this awareness at this time. Hmm. It’s interesting.

ELIAS: And offers you the opportunity to view more aspects of the belief system of relationship also.

JEN: Quite so! I don’t know if you can answer this, but do you have a sense ... like I have a sense of myself, of this being my last focus. Is this true for him as well? (Pause)

ELIAS: Within essence, this choice has not been entirely created within this present now. It fluctuates between this particular focus and one other focus. Therefore, within probabilities there continues to lie what you may express as an opening for the choice of remanifestation, in your terms, or the acceptance of the designation of final focus.

JEN: Hmm. I thought we decided that very early on.

ELIAS: At times, but not necessarily. And as I have expressed previously many times, no choice, no probability is set in stone. They are ALWAYS changeable. There are no absolutes within choices within physical focuses. You may ALWAYS be altering of your choices within physical dimensions.

JEN: How come you choose to come back into this dimension now?

ELIAS: I have chosen to be interactive objectively with individuals to be offering information with regard to this shift in consciousness, offering individuals information of their reality, of belief systems, and of self to be helpful in the area of encouraging their own remembrances, which shall be helpful in their own addressing to the action of this shift in consciousness, which shall be lessening of the trauma which is associated with this shift in consciousness. I have expressed many times, there is much trauma which is expressed in accordance with this shift in consciousness, and myself and many other essences offer energy in helpfulness, lending in the directions of the particular intents of each essence to be helpful in the area of objectively lessening the trauma associated with this shift in consciousness.

As you move more into your own widening of awareness and addressing to your own belief systems, you shall view small expressions of your own trauma and confusion in addressing to your own belief systems. In this, you may also offer yourself information of the vastness and the intensity of trauma that other individuals may be experiencing if they are not offering themselves information with regard to this shift in consciousness.

There ARE individuals that offer themselves information and draw themselves to this information and like information concerning this shift in consciousness and choose to be holding very strongly to their belief systems and NOT moving in the direction of acceptance of these belief systems, and shall be creating of tremendous trauma!

JEN: A very inefficient use of energy then, huh?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, quite! And this be the reason that I and other essences continue to be offering information, for within physical focus you ALL exhibit an element of stubbornness in holding to your creations and your belief systems, and in this our patience is rewarded eventually as you move into your own awarenesses and your own remembrances and offer yourselves your own opportunities to be eliminating of your own traumas. In a manner of speaking in physical terms, it is creating of great sadness to be witness to individuals that hold an awareness or that offer themselves information and choose to be creating of individual trauma in movement into the action of this shift, for it is greatly unnecessary.

JEN: I wonder if having some awareness myself, if I might be helpful in helping others?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You have already lent much energy in this area and continue to move in this direction of offering information and lending energy to other individuals objectively and subjectively, in lessening the trauma that they shall be creating.

JEN: How can I help? How can I be more focused on doing that?

ELIAS: As I have expressed to other individuals, you shall draw yourself to this information with an understanding that you shall also in like manner share this information with other individuals that shall be helpful to them in like kind that it has been helpful to yourself, and continues to be. And this shall be the point: that I shall be offering information to individuals and those individuals shall be offering information to other individuals, and this shall be the action of affectingness that shall be creating of much helpfulness in lending energy to the elimination of this trauma and lessening of the conflict and confusion that is expressed with many individuals, and you already move in this direction.

JEN: That’s nice to hear. Okay, so I want to ask a question about the exchange of energy that comes through sex as we know it. It’s my inquiry into what we term as monogamy and why it’s necessary. I’m curious about the energy that ... how can I say it? ... the way energy comes together in this act. It’s not so much the significance of it ... well, maybe it is. But what’s that all about in connection with essences, the connection of different energies?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your expression.

JEN: Is it a way for energies to get to know one another at a level much greater than the communication that we know?

ELIAS: There are many areas that may be explored in the aspect of sexuality with respect to relationships. In physical terms, you may place this action as a physical experience that you create to be facilitating of new focuses to be physically entering into this physical dimension.

Now; you also attach significances to this physical action, and within the belief system of relationship you attach certain aspects of the belief system to this physical act, for within this physical act you are physically merging two physical forms, and in this action you may be creating of another physical form. Therefore, you attach great significance to this action. This is not to say that your attachment of significance is right or wrong. It merely is.

In this, you also allow yourselves certain openings. Let me explain.

Just as within certain actions you create focal points to allow yourselves more of an opening to self and to your own awarenesses and to energies, within your objective expressions such as your cards, your crystals, your astrology, your numerology, your rituals, you use these as focal points, as actions that you allow through your belief systems an opening to consciousness and to energy. In like manner, you create a focal point of an action of physical mergence in the area of the action of sexual intercourse.

In this, at times individuals allow themselves to move into an area of opening to their own awarenesses, and in this action of opening to their own awarenesses they may also within agreement allow themselves to open to each other. In this, they allow themselves to experience an exchange of energy and at times a mergence of energy which exceeds physical action.

Within the attachment of your symbolism, which is an aspect of the belief system, you also allow yourselves the ability to be accessing other areas of consciousness, other aspects of self, other aspects of other individuals. In this, if you are choosing and if you are allowing your own openness, you may access other areas of consciousness together that may be quite enlightening to you, so to speak, and may offer you an opening to a remembrance of self and of essence and of the energy of essence, and you may also allow yourself the excitement and exhilaration of not only a physical experience of energy, but also the knowing of the powerfulness of your OWN energy of essence which may be expressed THROUGH you.

You may experience this also individually, but belief systems lend themselves, in the accumulation of energy en masse, to an easement of accomplishment in certain areas. This be the reason that I express to you that belief systems are not bad. They may be limiting, but they are not bad, for in many aspects they lend themselves to your own accomplishments.

In this particular area, the aspect of sexuality may be quite lending of itself in areas of widening your own awareness and your own experiences. You may allow yourself the experience of mergence of essence and not only feel this within energy, but also physically, within your physical senses and within your nervous system of your physical form, if you are opening yourself to this awareness within this sexual activity. For you have created the aspect of the belief system to lend itself in this direction as facilitating to you as a focal point, in like manner to any of your props that you use within physical focus for your attention. They hold symbology, and where you attach symbology you also allow yourselves openness, and you allow yourselves more of your own widening in awareness.

Now; let me express to you that another aspect of this particular area of this belief system is that you attach to this that you need be singularly focused with one other individual. This may lend itself to the actualization of your widening of awareness, for you may allow yourself more of an ability if your attention is singularly focused, but this is not to say that this is the actuality of the situation. It is merely an aspect of the belief system. It matters not. You may be accomplishing of this same action with ANY individual.

Now; let me also offer you another aspect of information in this. You also in physical focus move into the direction of identifications of soul mates. Now, this is a different action. This is not to be promoting of monogamy or singularity in attention with one particular individual, but essences do create similar tones, and in this creation of similar tones they may choose to enter into physical focuses in conjunction with each other, and in this action they may also choose to be creating of many focuses shared between them for many shared experiences.

In this, this creates a situation that you within physical focus identify as soul mates. It is a knowing, a familiarity, and in this familiarity there also is created an easement in energy, and within this easement of energy at times, as you DO hold the familiarity of another individual that you may term to be a soul mate, this lends itself in each individual allowing themselves to move more easily into a trust and acceptance of self and of the other individual, which also lends itself to more of an easement of their joint creations.

Therefore, if you are expressing the inquiry of expanded awareness in areas of sexuality and what you may be accomplishing within energy in your remembrance within experiences of sexual activities, you may allow yourself more of an ability to experience within physical focus with an individual that you view to be a soul mate, for you move more easily into areas of trustfulness. This is not to say that you may not be accomplishing this same action with other individuals or that you need be singular within your attention. It is merely expressing that you generally shall be allowing yourself more effortlessness in the direction of the individual that you identify as soul mate.

JEN: Seems like there’s a lot of it out there.

ELIAS: Quite, and I may express to you that even within one given focus, you hold more than one soul mate.

JEN: And that that’s not necessarily a male.

ELIAS: Quite. It matters not. Gender is merely a choice of the individual focus for the purpose of experience.

JEN: I feel lucky to have been attracted to so many soul mates, or so many people that I seem to have such a high comfort level with.

ELIAS: And this be not luck, but the accomplishment of your creation!

JEN: I’m pleased with this creation!

ELIAS: Very good! I am acknowledging of you in this! (Chuckling)

JEN: Well, this is a treat, Elias, to be in the schoolhouse with the instructor! Thank you!

ELIAS: And I shall be thanking of you also.

JEN: Hmm. You know, you have been present a couple of times as I drift off into sleep, and I see not you per se, but I see ... the other night I was in New York and I saw lots of blue, lots of blue pieces.

ELIAS: And this is my offering to you, to be acknowledging of you as you continue within your sojourn and your accomplishments.

JEN: Acknowledging of me?


JEN: Okay. I’m getting better at it!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are already quite accomplished and perfect within each moment! Therefore, how shall you become better?

JEN: Hmm ... true! I think it’s nice to be able to offer a lessening of trauma to other people. That’s nice.

ELIAS: It shall be quite helpful and quite accomplishing, and I am quite acknowledging of you in this area.

JEN: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. And you may be offering my acknowledgment and my greetings to Miora, for I am aware of this giddy energy that is expressed within her in the direction of myself. Therefore, you may offer to her an expression of my energy, and I shall be anticipating our meeting with you both.

JEN: Soon!

ELIAS: I shall be disengaging this evening and expressing to you to be mindful of the experiences that you present yourself with presently and within your near future, for the probabilities that you are setting into motion shall offer you much information of self and of other situations, and you in listening to self shall allow yourself much more pleasure and delightfulness in your own choices, and this shall be quite helpful to you in offering you much more energy in the direction of your own acceptance of self, and in this acceptance of self you shall be accomplishing much more efficiently radiating this energy to other individuals.

JEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express to you this evening that you may be watching for me, for I am quite aware of your energy and have this day offered my presence as an invitation to this evening, as you are aware already.

JEN: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall be expressing much affection to you this night.

JEN: As I to you.

ELIAS: To you then, au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:07 PM.

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