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Sunday, February 23, 1997

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ďUnofficial Information/QuestionsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Jim (Yarr), Drew (Matthew), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), and Bob (Falon).

Vicís note: The initial questioning refers to an event we attended earlier in the day, which was a group observation of and interaction with an individual channeling what is known as the Michael entity.

Elias arrives at 7:31 PM. (Time was thirteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. Shall we, this evening, focus upon your unofficial information that you are noticing? (Pause)

RON: We got some earlier today. (Pause) Oh, you want me to tell you about it! Iím sure youíre aware that we viewed a channeler, and what I thought was interesting was that the energy was just as high in that room as any session that Iíve ever been to with you. My reaction to this particular individual that was doing this channeling was that he was possibly having some sort of an energy exchange, but I really donít think that he was quite even sure himself what kind of an energy exchange it was, thus making it unofficial for me.

ELIAS: An observance of another phenomenon. Addressing to this phenomenon that you were witness to, an actual energy exchange does occur; although for reasons of control issues personally and elements of fear which involve belief systems of protection, the individual chooses to be guarding the information allowed to be flowing though. Therefore, there is an influence of the individual consciousness upon the translation of information delivered.

What you witness is a mixture of energy exchange and information available for delivery filtering through the individual physically focused consciousness. It is not entirely an influence of this individualís belief systems, for the motivation is different. As there is an issue of control, the individual attempts to put aside belief systems but is guarded in the information flow. Therefore, what you witness is partial information, selective information; this being why you also experienced a break in flow of energy; for as the individual chooses to be controlling the situation, which is his choice, he is interrupting the flow of energy, as a faucet on and off. The water is allowed to flow briefly, and then discontinues, and then allowed to flow again, and then discontinues. This assures this individual, within his perception, of his control of the physical situation; and in this, he maintains his belief that he is protected against unsavory entities which might prey upon unsuspecting openness.

This, as we have discussed previously, is a belief system, but this is also a powerful belief system, and you individually may manifest quite creative inventions in line with this belief systems. You shall not be attacked by a demon, but you may manifest your own creation of a demon that you shall attack yourself with! Therefore, in an effort to avoid this situation within this belief system, a control factor is engaged. There remains an element of trust to be allowing the engagement of a partial energy exchange, although the trustfulness of the unknown is limited.

Many individuals within your new religion hold very strong belief systems concerning energy exchanges. Many individuals hold belief systems in what you term to be a negative direction. You yourselves hold some negative belief systems concerning energy exchanges, for you view certain manifestations as positive and certain manifestations as negative. Therefore, you view the side effect of an energy exchange as negative. Individuals within your new religion hold this belief system more intensely. Therefore, they also hold a more intense need for protection.

I shall express that you have offered yourselves a good opportunity though, to be viewing another aspect of energy exchange, in part; this being different from your previous excursion.

NORM: There has to be some sort of a connection between the essence Michael and the individual that was doing the channeling. I heard that this essence has done a lot of channeling with a lot of people. Therefore, he can merge, or whatever you do, to have the ability to speak through a focused individual. He has that capability. Do all essences have a capability of doing what you do with Mary or what Michael does with this individual? Is it a common capability?

ELIAS: Every individual holds the ability to be manifesting an energy exchange, although it is not quite as simplified as you view the phenomenon to be. Within this action occurs a cooperation. Therefore, it is not merely the choice of one individual physically focused. There are many elements that contribute to the actualization of an actual energy exchange. We have begun briefly speaking of your individual and mass value fulfillment. These actions do not occur in actuality without the creation of value fulfillment for all individuals. Therefore, if there is not to be fulfillment within value of the individuals participating and the essences participating and also a benefit within consciousness, the exchange shall not occur. Many individuals express that they engage in the action of an energy exchange, although they term this to be mediumship, or within your new terminology, channeling. Their meaning within these words, in their understanding and definition, is the same as an energy exchange, although the accomplishment of an actual energy exchange is not as common physically as you may suspect.

As I have stated, you all hold the ability to engage an energy exchange. All essences hold the ability for energy exchange. All essences do engage energy exchange. Not all individuals engage this type of phenomenon. Individuals attain information which is beneficial to them in many different areas, this being only one. Many individuals, as has been stated, believe that they are engaging an energy exchange, when in actuality they are engaging their own belief systems. It is quite common for you physically focused to alter your perception in consciousness and not necessarily alter your area of consciousness. You may alter your perception of your waking consciousness and not be engaging another area of consciousness. You may be engaging a quietness of self in which you are allowing your own belief systems to be expressed freely. This is quite common.

There are different types of energy exchanges which occur within physical focuses. One type is what you view within this forum, which is also relatively the same type of phenomenon that you have studied previously of another teacher, that which you call Seth. There are other energy exchanges which are valid and contributing to value fulfillment, which are more aligned with a tapping of a world view. This is a complicated area, for you view the concept of a world view as individual. This is not always the case. Essences may collectively deposit energy information which is available to you. You may tap this information. This may appear to be an exchange similar to this phenomenon that you view within this forum. It is a different type of exchange. A different action occurs. It is no less valid. It is also an energy exchange. It is only not an energy exchange of essence.

This individual of which you witnessed taps this type of energy, which is a collective. It is information available within an energy deposit. Many individuals may allow themselves to be open consciously and receptive to this information. You may allow yourselves an openness within consciousness and you shall be receptive to this information also. This phenomenon of which you witness holds a different quality, for this is a direct energy exchange of essence; a mergence; not of energy deposit.

NORM: I agree. I read The Afterdeath Journal Of William James, which was the world view of William James, and that certainly wasnít the quality that Seth wrote. The quality of that was certainly not the quality that we have here or the quality that Seth has, so I certainly agree with that.

ELIAS: It is different. It holds no less quality. It is different within the context of information for it is influenced by other information, just as you have availed yourself of this information of William James. This energy is connected with the consciousness of a physical focus. Therefore, it is influenced and holds a flavor of physical experience and knowledge ...

RETA: Is it deposited in Region 2? (Meaning Regional Area 2) Is that where this information is deposited that we can access?

ELIAS: No, although you move through Regional Area 2 in your accessing of this type of information.

To continue, collective information deposits may be not originated within this dimension. Therefore, you may receive information that you view to be new or language that you view to be different that you may not entirely hold an understanding of, although if you have tapped these energy deposits you shall know the validity, for it shall, in some fashion, resonate. It may not ring entirely, but as your essence is focused in many other dimensions beside this dimension, you, being essence, shall vibrate within you, within your energy centers, a knowing of the validity of information. You shall also recognize the quality or flavor which is incorporated within the information which is directly connected with physical focus. It may not be your physical focus! Therefore, you may encounter information that you rationally view as slightly off, but you also resonate and feel within you a knowing.

This is why we engage information of unofficial information, for all that is, is not what you physically view within this one focus. You are much more expansive than this one focus. Therefore, we presently focus upon unofficial information which you receive continuously every day of your physical existence and you are beginning to notice, and continue to rationalize and continue to discount and continue to spin yourselves within your circles and express to yourselves, ďI do not understand! I do not understand!Ē (Laughter)

VICKI: I donít ever say that.

ELIAS: Never! (Grinning)

NORM: Your focuses never do that?

ELIAS: I do understand! (Much laughter)

JIM: So today, when I was at the Expo and I felt a strong feeling of complacency and Twylah came into my mind and I felt a very warm sense of well-being and I accepted that this essence was there with me, is that a correct interpretation of what I felt as unofficial information?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And then also Borlohís impression, when she viewed the cat-like creature, that it was me? I know we both contributed to that experience, but she felt very strongly that it was me, in a sense.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking; for this being a projection of certain energy that you hold which you manifest within your room beside your bed, in a projection of hostile energy; this being an aspect, within that present moment, which was projected outward into a physical manifestation or what you viewed as an apparition, holding momentarily the same quality as a physical manifestation; this being parallel to what we have spoken earlier this evening of, in mass belief systems and the need for protection. Another shall not manifest to you threateningly, but you may project your own imagery through your emotion and you may create a manifestation temporarily which not only appears as quite real, but is. Within the moment, as accumulated frustration, and exiting, so to speak, the dream state but holding to a state of consciousness enabling the manifestation of projection, momentarily you allowed yourself to be projecting those frustrations and anxieties which manifest in what you may view as a panther. In this, Borloh was perceiving the manifestation of the emotions which were projected, without allowing affectingness.

NORM: Elias, can I ask you to smile? (Norm takes a picture and Elias starts laughing. Wouldnít it be interesting if it didnít take?) Thank you.

ELIAS: We shall break briefly.

BREAK 8:13 PM.
RESUME 8:37 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: (Long silent pause, and then, whispering) So quiet ... (then, loudly) ... and so noisy! (Referring to break conversation)

GAIL: I have a question, continuing from Yarrís question about creating your own visual experience and reality. Is that the experience that was created in my bedroom two or three years ago? It was a feeling of someone in my room, and then a light sparking and it was gone.

ELIAS: Yes, an oppressive feeling; fearfulness. Although this being a similar situation, it is not the same type of personal projection, for you project different emotions. Yarr was projecting frustration and anxiety, therefore materializing within a belief system of this black cat of great size, allowing another to be viewing of this situation, which is common. Within the intensity of these types of projections, it is quite common that another shall view your projection, as was the case with your situation also. This was a throwing off, so to speak, of a fear element. In this, you manifest this oppressiveness, a shadowy figure, and a flash to spark your attention away from the fear element. The projection is strong enough that the disturbance within energy is felt and recognized and then witnessed by another individual.

GAIL: Bob mentioned that from the spark that I saw, he said he saw a silhouette. Can you explain?

ELIAS: This being the residual image of your projection of the oppressive shadow.

GAIL: Okay. I understand. Two unofficial pieces of information the last couple of weeks have surfaced on a Monday. One of them felt familiar but the other one didnít, and I was wondering what that was.

ELIAS: (Accessing, then grinning at Gail) As for you William, I shall reserve, temporarily, comment; for you are investigating within yourself already.

GAIL: Yes, but I feel like Iíve come to a wall, sort of.

ELIAS: Experiencing frustration! I express to you, recently within your frustration you are too willing to be discontinuing and giving up! You view your own determination as a driving force within yourself, although within recent days it is easy to be allowing less effort for investigation personally. In this, I shall be reserving, temporarily, comment to your inquiry; but I shall address to this situation if you are continuing to be frustrating yourself.

GAIL: Alright, Iíll try again. Or I will! No trying, I will.

ELIAS: Very good!

NORM: I had a dream the other night. In fact, I had the dream two nights in a row. Apparently, it was a rock and in the rock was a face, but the face had a nose that was really distorted as if it had died, but yet I could talk to the rock and the rock would flesh out and then it would go back as a flat rock again and then it would flesh out again. There was another individual in the scene beneath the table, and I was trying to interact with both of them. Iím very curious as to what the rock means and what the face in the rock means. It must mean something in regard to me or my personality or what Iím trying to do.

ELIAS: (Grinning) It is, at times, quite amusing to be viewing your own interpretations of your imagery! Now I shall deliver an interpretation of your first layer of dream imagery. The individual within your dream and the rock to which you engaged interaction were one and the same, offering yourself a communication in different aspects of the same individual. This is an identification and a communication of another reality. In this, you viewed and interacted with a manifestation, within another dimension, of Olivia ...

NORM: Of Olivia? Really!

ELIAS: ... offering yourself information of connections within consciousness and parallel focuses, as you are attempting to offer yourself information of other realities that are not similar to this particular reality. In this, you are attempting to reconcile yourself to the information which has been offered by us to you, which you view to be inconsistent at times or shattering at other times.

NORM: True.

ELIAS: Therefore, you have chosen within your dream state to be connecting with other information. This also would classify as unofficial information. You choose to be viewing another dimensional focus of which you are involved. You, feeling the foreignness of this type of dimensional focus, chose not to be interacting with self but to be offering yourself an example of another that you may interact with that you also interact with in this particular dimension, allowing yourself an element of familiarity

NORM: Fascinating. Iím not bored! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very good!

JIM: The inner sense of vibration that I feel in my energy centers seems more and more pronounced. That would be classified as unofficial information, in recognition of thoughts and gaining clarity in thoughts in issues Iím dealing with? Itís a physical expression of ringing true, something ringing true, so to speak?

ELIAS: Physical expressions are not manifestations of thought. Physical expressions may be experienced within a thought-focused individual, but they are not a manifestation of thought processes. Physical manifestations may be created for many different reasons. One of these reasons is a connection with emotion, not thought process. You may then evaluate, through thought process or through emotional process, the action of the manifestation and the reasoning for its creation. (Pause)

JIM: I guess I still donít quite understand. Is it an inner sense of energy that Iím still connecting with and expressing physically, allowing me to feel it physically?

ELIAS: You are recognizing of energy physically. You are attempting to be rationalizing this energy. You are attempting to be incorporating the knowledge of this energy sensation through the intellect and thought process. You may more efficiently process this information through emotion; feeling.

JIM: Like the exercise we did that day.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Got it. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: Speaking of feeling, Iíd like to ask about some unofficial information. There seems to be stuff coming in that has to do with a contradiction between the feeling and the thought. It seems to be not just me, itís other people that I talk to also, and it seems to come down to a direct contradiction between feeling and thought. I find it very interesting that this seems to be interpreted by quite a few people Iíve spoken to in an erotic or sexual manner. Iíve been wondering about it for a week or two now, and I have a feeling that part of the reason this is being interpreted in this way is that it has something to do with the intensity behind the imagery, but Iím pretty confused too. I donít know quite what to do with it next. It has something to do with the dream mission. It has something to do with the relaying. And why is everybody interpreting it sexually???

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are partially correct in your interpretation of the intensity of the emotion or experience and what you identify, within your experiences and your thought processes and your emotions, with sexual activity. This activity holds a very strong intensity within this dimension of physical focus, not only with your species but with all species within this particular creation of dimensional focus physically. Therefore, this shall be attaining your attention quite effectively, and as you relate en masse of this similar experience, it shall be gaining your attention more; for not only is this action, emotion, and thought process intense physically, it also carries many belief systems. You attach many belief systems to this subject! And as you all view yourselves approaching your new millennium as ďnew age liberatedĒ individuals, you continue to hold religious taboo belief systems concerning this subject of sexuality. Therefore, it holds an additional intensity. In this, you shall attain your attention quite efficiently, within the recognition of unofficial information identifying with this subject.

Also, you approach your new millennium and your shift, which is orchestrated by who?

VICKI: All of us.

ELIAS: Your Borledim family!

VICKI: Oh, that!

ELIAS: Which shall concentrate within this area. Therefore, within an identification of the movement within consciousness of the beginnings of this shift, as you move into more intensity of the motion you also identify the wave, in vibration of connectedness in movement.

Therefore, within your imagery, as we have discussed previously, within waking consciousness, you interpret within sexuality; for your waking consciousness is waking imagery. Therefore, you are correct that it mirrors your dream mission; for your dream mission is your identification of your sleep imagery, which also is a translation; an interpretation. Waking consciousness is an interpretation, an imagery; and you have chosen en masse to be collectively identifying within one subject within one time period for your attention, in the intensity of the movement within consciousness of the shift, which occurs now. You may view what you think of as many signs and signposts, which are indications in reinforcement to you of the movement within consciousness of this shift.

VICKI: What about this seeming contradiction? Iím still a little unclear on that.

ELIAS: Contradiction in which direction?

VICKI: The apparent contradiction between feeling and rational thought processes. Does this have to do with some of these religious belief systems?

ELIAS: No. This is not inconsistent with this explanation just offered. As you move into the action of this shift, you are ... what have we spoken of previously? ... balancing on your little orange feet! (Grinning at Ron) Therefore, those manifest as thought-focused shall be experiencing more of an incorporation of these types of examples.

This is to offer you information in recognition of emotionally focused individuals for your understanding, for emotionally focused individuals process information initially through emotion. In this, they may view themselves to be thinking continuously, although the information is assimilated emotionally. Therefore, the thought process and the emotional process are what you may express as equally separated, as is viewed within the thought focused individual. It is only to your viewing more obvious within a thought focused individual. The separation of these elements is equal within both types of focus.

In this maneuver, you offer yourself information as to the processing of emotionally focused individualís information, which is not connected with thought process. Individuals that are emotionally focused shall process what you view to be deep information, and to a large extent surface information, in your terms, emotionally disconnected from thought. You may think you are processing through thought, but you are not. You are thinking in one direction, and you are processing and assimilating within another direction. Thought focused individuals accomplish this same action, but with a slightly different method.

Therefore, in experiencing your normal, in your terms, thinking process but noticing a runaway train of emotion and action, you view the process of emotionally focused individuals; to which you have asked for this experience much time ago! You now offer yourself the opportunity to experience.

VICKI: So when does the balance part start? (And we all crack up)

ELIAS: When you choose! You may choose to be experiencing for a time period longer, (humorously) to be quite savoring of this experience and creating a vivid memory within your thought process for your understanding! You have asked to be more understanding of the process of assimilating information from the perception of an emotionally focused individual. You now offer yourself this situation, for you now view yourself ready to be accepting of this information effectively. (Great!)

I shall break once more, and we shall continue ... not lengthily!

BREAK 9:14 PM.

ELIAS: Continuing.

CATHY: Okay, I have a question. I would like to know if my puppy is manifesting a hematoma for me so I can view my issues of personal responsibility and my belief system in modern western veterinary medicine. (Quite sarcastically, as per the norm!)

ELIAS: Which you answer for yourself already!

CATHY: Itís a little tough to widen those belief systems, obviously!

ELIAS: You draw to you those issues which you choose to be addressing.

DREW: How do you help a puppy understand it can heal itself?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary! (Somebody says ďItís his creationĒ)

DREW: His creation for her understanding?

ELIAS: In part.

DREW: Could a puppy have its own issues for which it would manifest disease?

ELIAS: If choosing, yes.

CATHY: But this is in alignment with me.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Isnít that nice? Thatís swell!

ELIAS: This is not always the case. There are times when you shall view creatures manifesting certain developments, in cooperation in consciousness, for the benefit of individuals. This is not always the situation though, for there are also times that creatures manifest for their own reasoning. You attach negative and positive to these manifestations. The creature does not.

VICKI: Do animals manifest physically as a result of holding energy in similar manner to people?

ELIAS: At times.

VICKI: Oh. They have belief systems and they hold energy because of their belief systems???

ELIAS: I did not express that they hold belief systems! It is not necessary to hold belief systems to hold energy.

GAIL: But we as humans do that. Animals donít.

ELIAS: Correct. Creatures manifest for many different reasons. You, within your singularity of perception, view that creatures do not manifest unless they are within alignment to human individuals and creating in conjunction with your consciousness. Creatures are consciousness. Therefore, they also manifest their own value fulfillment. They also manifest their own experience physically. They do not hold the same thought process as do you, although they do hold thought processes. They do not hold the same emotional process as do you, although they do manifest emotional processes. They also dream, as do plants, as do rocks, as does all of consciousness; cells, molecules, atoms. All consciousness manifests certain behavior.

VICKI: Why is it that so many domestic animals sleep so much?

ELIAS: Their function, within the reality that you have created cooperatively, is different from the function of creatures independent of your human species, so to speak. Therefore, it is unnecessary for waking consciousness to be focused and alert within their own creating of their environment and their situations, for you create this much for them within this cooperation. Therefore, they incorporate more subjective activity. In this manner also, they are more influenced by your consciousness objectively within manifestation, for they are engaged in subjective activity more of your time element; allowing intersection with other consciousness, you, for more of your time period.

Creatures that you view to be wild, in your terminology, occupy more of their time element, which is perceived differently than you perceive the same time element, with the creation of their environment and their circumstances and their situations. You view this to be survival. It is far beyond survival, for they actively participate in the creation of their environment, to which they innately know they are connected with and a part of. They view no separation. Therefore, they also are aware that their attention must be directed in the area of creating their reality, which is the grasses, the plains, the oceans, the land, the trees, and also the cooperation and intermingling in creation of each other. In this, they also hold the innate understanding that there is no separation of consciousness. Therefore, what you view to be the cycle of life or your food chain is merely a reconstruction of energy in exchange by consumption, incorporating the experience of one consciousness into another; which these creatures hold the awareness of, for this is their focus. This is not your focus. This is not to say that these creatureís existences are more valuable or more enlightened than yours. It is different in its direction. Your creations focus within another angle for different experiences.

CATHY: Is Sueís puppy manifesting his problem for the same reason that mine is?


CATHY: The value fulfillment thing?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Oh. Okay.

ELIAS: Oh, disconnected one! I express to Shynla, I wish not to be observing ďI do not know,Ē for you do!

VICKI: Well, we tortured her today!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) With my ultimate sanctioning! (We all crack up)

DREW: I have a few questions, if I may, on various subjects. Does visualizing and focusing on a probable future increase the likelihood of experiencing that probable future objectively?

ELIAS: It may.

CATHY: Donít you love those answers? (Laughing)

DREW: Is there anything we can do objectively to help increase the odds of experiencing a probable future reality, a specific probable future reality, more so than just focusing and visualizing it?

ELIAS: I may offer you what you shall term to be methods, which shall appear quite simple and also quite impossible ...

DREW: I would expect no less!

ELIAS: ... to your way of thinking. In actuality, they are quite simple and effective. I express to you that in your quest to be viewing future probabilities and knowing of these, your investigation of the dream mission is one method to offering yourself information. Also, I shall offer you that if you incorporate no doubt in belief, you shall manifest; this being the simplest of answers, and what you shall view to be the most difficult to accomplish; but in actuality, it is quite as simple as this.

DREW: When you said that visualizing and focusing on that probable reality may help, can you elaborate?

ELIAS: If you are visualizing and concentrating within a specific direction, you are reinforcing yourself in your belief of manifestation. Therefore, this may be helpful; for as you reinforce yourself in your trustfulness of self that you may accomplish, you shall accomplish. Within your belief systems presently, you do not automatically jump over five shells. You view that you must incorporate a process. Therefore, you must be stepping upon each shell consecutively. In this, as you reinforce yourself, you also allow yourself to be trusting in self more. This is helpful in your manifestation.

Now; this may not be helpful if you are concentrating and reinforcing this belief, and also simultaneously thwarting your effort by insisting that you do not believe what you are expressing. You may be expressing to yourself, ďI shall become a great writer. I believe I hold the ability to be a great writer.Ē You may actualize reinforcingly to yourself, writing two sentences each day, actualizing material-wise your vision. You may also, within your same day, walk away from your paper and script and express within your thoughts, ďI am not a writer. I shall never produce excellent prose.Ē Therefore, you contradict your beliefs. You hold to contradicting belief systems. This is not beneficial and may not be helpful in actualizing, although initially most individuals shall begin doubting; but as you are reinforcing of yourself, you shall also loosen the doubts. Actualization in small efforts also is reinforcing of your belief in self. As I expressed to Michael, do not think of painting. Paint!

DREW: Okay, thank you for that. I have additional questions, if I may.

ELIAS: You may.

DREW: We talked last week after our session a lot about meaning and importance, and these two questions sort of dovetail each other in that regard. The first one is that you said ... correct me if Iím wrong ...

ELIAS: I shall!

DREW: There I have no doubt! (Laughter) You have said there is joyfulness in all acts of manifesting and becoming. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay. Both objectively and subjectively?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

DREW: Let me finish the question, and then if that assumption is the reason for the question, maybe you can clarify that for me. Doesnít joyfulness imply a sense of positiveness or good? For if there is no good or bad and all of reality is essentially neutral, couldnít you just as easily have said, there is sorrow in all acts of becoming?

ELIAS: The term that I express to you of joyfulness is not your interpretation of joyfulness. Therefore, I express to you that you are partially correct in your expression. You create language, words, to interpret emotions, which are interpretations of recognized actions subjectively. Physically, objectively, the translation is removed from the action subjectively. This is not to say that the objective creation is not reality. It is. It is also not to say that your definition within these words is incorrect. They are correct in relation to objective physical reality. I express words to you at times ... time! ... that you recognize so that you may partially identify, for you do not hold language that may express adequately to you certain elements of consciousness and essence; for consciousness, in differentiation to your thinking and your viewing, is not a ďthing.Ē It is an action. Therefore, you view in terms of what you think of as tangibles, as we have spoken previously. Joyfulness you attach a belief system to, in positive. I have expressed to you that in actuality, there is no negative. This is a belief system; an interpretation within physical focus. Within an interpretation to you, consciousness more leans to your definition of positive, although it is not positive or negative; but within your thought processes, as neutral or what you view to be pleasant, consciousness leans more to this direction of action.

DREW: The direction of pleasantness?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: As opposed to neutral?

ELIAS: In your thinking.

DREW: I understand.

ELIAS: Or neutral, for you do not view neutral as negative.

DREW: And so it would be correct to say that all acts of becoming are neutral, in terms of emotional content.

ELIAS: This is ... more correct.

DREW: And yet you chose the word joyful; and I find it significant that the word that you chose that was closest to our understanding of the concept in our language was not neutral, but one that to us we interpret as pleasant.

ELIAS: For joyful encompasses fulfillment, (pause) and you, as all consciousness, exists within fulfillment continuously. In this, every act is joyful within its mere existence, in your terms, for there is no ďmere existence.Ē All existence of consciousness is miraculous, and to your way of thinking within your belief systems, divine; not in conjunction with supremacy.

DREW: This sort of leads to my last question, and actually I have a question for Michael after that. (Here, we pause for a tape change)

ELIAS: In addition, allow me to express to you; all links of consciousness experience fulfillment. All manifestations, within every area of consciousness, within every dimension, within every physical manifestation, experience joyfulness of self; appreciation and joyfulness of being. In this, within your belief systems you have covered objectively your knowing of your joyfulness. You have not lost your joyfulness, for within your being subjectively you experience continued; but objectively, with your covering of belief systems and your desire for diverse experiences, you have temporarily forgotten. You do hold memory. You choose temporarily to be forgetful. You choose temporarily, within each physical dimensional focus, to be creating of your oubliette.

DREW: The word appreciation is one that is more understandable for me, an appreciation of our becoming and being, because I can understand that without an association of good or bad. Joyfulness is one that I have some belief systems attached to that imply for me a value as opposed to a neutrality, and so for now Iíll work with appreciation.

ELIAS: But this is as intended! You associate joyfulness with value. Therefore, a strategically placed word.

DREW: I know you choose your words carefully! Along the same lines, we had a discussion last week after session about the importance of it all. In fact, during session we talked about this a little bit, about whether anything we do really has any meaning or importance. I asked whatís the point of it all, to which you responded that everything has meaning because each choice and action is affecting of every other, and while I understand that everything is affecting of everything else, I still donít understand why it matters, why itís important, because if itís all just experience anyway, why does it matter how my experience affects any other, since one experience is just as valid as any other? So, whereís the meaning? And as happens as I mull these questions, sometimes answers come to me. So let me offer two answers that have occurred to me over the past week, and you can give me some direction as to whether or not thereís validity in either one of them. The first is that meaning and importance are only belief systems in the first place, which is an answer Iím not really comfortable with because again, it implies that in the big picture there is no meaning or importance. The second answer that came to me is that the experience is important in the same way that learning is important, which I have a strong sense that learning is important although I canít really say why, except for growth.

ELIAS: It is an innate knowing; and you may express growth as synonymous with learning, and knowledge, and knowing, and becoming. And as another teacher of yours has illustrated previously an explanation of consciousness and its desire to be knowing of all aspects of self, so in this same manner are you; for you are consciousness, and the nature of consciousness is to be knowing of self, which is a continuous journey with no end.

DREW: Is the concept of meaning and importance a belief system that we hold, or a concept that is real in subjective reality?

ELIAS: It is relative within your thought processes to this reality, for within other realities your explanation of meaning means nothing! Value fulfillment is a truth. This is common to all areas of consciousness in all focuses. This may not adequately be expressed within your individual focus and language, for it expands beyond this reality. It is a reality within all realities. As you have created and as should be within your intent of creation within this dimensional physical focus, you view your creations and your belief systems and thought processes as all of reality. It is beyond your thinking to view that your reality is not valid throughout all of consciousness. It is valid in that it is beneficial within experience, and adding to value fulfillment within the whole. It is lacking in meaning within other dimensional focuses for they have been created quite differently; as their meaning is meaningless to you; as my reality, in truths, holds little meaning to you; for they are all different areas of consciousness for different experiences which you incorporate to yourself, all; for you are multidimensional.

You may express that it matters not and that your experiences hold no meaning if you are thinking in the direction of progression, to which, within this dimension, you do. You create this reality on the basis of progression. You progress. You move forward. You attain. In these terms, you are correct. It matters not. It holds no meaning. In terms beyond this individual focus, of which you have asked to be informed, it holds to your way of thinking great meaning, for all of meaning is in becoming. Therefore, all of experience is important.

DREW: Let me finally ask a question for Michael, if I may. Michael has begun reading Seth, not just the notes of the life of Jane and Rob, but the Seth material ...

ELIAS: We are aware.

DREW: ... and is finding contradictions with the material that you have been offering and is confused and frustrated by that, and asked if you could give some explanation as to how there could be contradictions or help Michael to understand the contradictions, and all of us to understand the contradictions.

ELIAS: And how appropriate that you may ask this question in following your questioning, for it is the same, for you hold interpretations and you focus upon words; and as you inquire to me of the word of joyfulness, which is offered for the express purpose that it symbolizes a certain meaning within you although it does not represent your definition, in this same manner information has been offered throughout your ages by many, in different terminology.

Information has been offered to be accommodating and influencing of individuals in strategic manners; for essences of Dream Walkers, who have not physically manifest throughout your history but continue with you in cooperation of your creation of this reality, communicate throughout your history information to you all to be helpful in your remembrance, that you may not drift so very far within your separation, in your desire for the purity of your experience. Therefore, they serve as reminders to you, but these reminders are also offered in conjunction with the individuals that seek the information. The response is influencing of the information. What you may assimilate shall be offered. It is known, within essence, what you shall assimilate.

You have been offered information in line with your creation of progression, for this is how you have created your reality; progressively; and within what you view to be your future time period shall be experienced another which shall seemingly be contradictory to Elias, but shall not be contradicting. It shall be additional; to your way of thinking, a furthering; a continuation of information; as was the one before, and as was the one before.

You may assure Michael that although he experiences confusion and conflict within information, there is no conflict. There is a very slight, underline, very slight bleed-through allowance of belief systems within previous information, but this is not exceedingly influencing of contradictory information. For the most part, information was offered intentionally within the manner that it was delivered, as this was the most efficient incorporation of information within consciousness to be assimilated, in opposition to belief systems within that present now. To your way of thinking, within this present now you have gained information in preparation. Therefore, you continue with what you may view to be a greater capacity objectively for assimilating information further.

Also, you incorporate a different intent, which is also quite influencing. Information shall be delivered within the context of the intent. The Sumari holds different intent from Sumafi. The Vold, of which you witnessed a collective of this day, holds a different intent than Sumafi. Therefore, the information shall be angled differently. It is no less valid. It is leaning within consciousness differently, but all leanings intermingle. Therefore, they are all connected.

Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

NORM: I have one last one, and this may be for the amusement of dream interpretation. Maybe I can interpret it. My wife and I have a large family portrait that was taken twenty-five years ago of our children and ourselves and weíre looking at that from different viewpoints, one of which is our youth as adults. I was quite surprised to have a couple of dreams for the next couple of nights in regard to a room that had an individual in the front of the room that was dressed in a coat that was probably at least a nineteenth-century coat, but the man that was wearing the coat looked just like the man in the picture, meaning me, and so IĎm interpreting this to be that that was an alternate me as a teacher. Would that be true?

ELIAS: This would not be a case of an alternate. I shall explain the difference between an alternate and another focus or facet. This would be a viewing of a facet. A facet is what we designate for your understanding as another focus; what you commonly view as a past or future lifetime, although they are not past and future.

NORM: I didnít use reincarnated!

ELIAS: (Smiling) I am understanding of this. An alternate is directly related, so to speak, to this focus. Alternate selves are related to the individual focuses. Therefore, an alternate self would be all of the aspects of you that are actualized within this focus. Each focus holds endless alternates.

This viewing was a recognition in an allowance of viewing another focus of your essence, this being also in conjunction with your movement presently; offering yourself unofficial information within dream state, and also partially within waking state, to be connecting with aspects of self which you view to be removed from this particular focus in reality. This is helpful to you, and creative in reinforcing yourself in the knowledge that you are multidimensional. You are illustrating these concepts to yourself that you may process this information more efficiently.

DREW: Is an alternate self the same as a probable self?

ELIAS: No. An alternate self is. A probable self is and is not.

GAIL: Thereís a riddle for ya!

DREW: All probabilities are ... Is the difference between whether something is or is not, whether itís actualized or not?

ELIAS: As they are all actualized, although they are not in front of you. Humorously, you view the notion of probabilities as you are here. Your probabilities are here. (Indicating a space in front of himself) Choose one. No! Your probabilities are not here. They are here as you create them to be here. They do not exist ahead of you.

DREW: How are they different from alternate selves?

ELIAS: Alternate selves are, just as you are; for you are an alternate self. You are all exchanging and intersecting continuously. You view yourself to be one entity. You view yourself to be one singular individual person, for your creation within physical focus is so immaculately efficient and so perfectly flowing that your perception flows as one continuous action; one you. You are countless youís.

DREW: Does each alternate self have probable selves?


DREW: So thatís the difference. Alternate selves have probable selves, and therefore probable selves are not the same as alternate selves.

ELIAS: They are not the same.

DREW: Probable selves represent the directions in which alternate selves could go?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: I understand. Thank you.

GAIL: I have a question. This past week, the one I said I wasnít really familiar with, was that an alternate self I was connecting feelings with, that was mine but in an alternate self?

ELIAS: Intersection.

GAIL: Intersection with an alternate self?


GAIL: Ah! Chicken! Okay.

DREW: Which happens continuously.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: But this was an awareness.

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: It felt familiar, but it didnít feel familiar.

ELIAS: You are not always aware of your interaction/ intersection/ exchanges, for you create your reality to flow smoothly. You objectively are not aware of blinking, but you do. You objectively are unaware of your planet blinking, but it does. Objectively, you are unaware of your intersections with alternate selves, but as you allow yourselves to be noticing unofficial information and viewing this action, you shall become more aware of these intersections, for they are part of your reality. You are opening yourselves to the vastness of the reality that you do not see, that you take for granted, for it is so very efficient for you. Do not express to us that you are not perfectly creating beings, for you are ultimately efficient within your creation of physical focus and its motion without a hint of interruption and much unofficial information occurring continuously. It is quite magnificent to behold!

We shall discontinue this evening, and I shall affectionately bid you all adieu.

Elias departs at 10:51 PM., and pops back in at 11:02 PM.

Vicís note: For the benefit of new readers, a pop-in is a spontaneous appearance by Elias, and is usually instigated by misinterpretations being expressed during conversation. Usually, we miss the beginning of a pop-in because somebody has to turn on the tape. However, this evening, nobody turned the tape off after the session. So, when Ron turned the tape on for the pop-in, he actually turned the tape off!

ELIAS: Now we offer one more point, and I shall leave once again. Your meaning ... (And here, Ron turns the tape off. He turned it back on within a minute, and so we start again mid-sentence)

ELIAS: ... for they are not already.

DREW: Could you repeat that?

GAIL: Yeah! Ditto. (Laughter)

ELIAS: Your probabilities are not before you! They are not in front of you. They are created as you create one. As you create each, all of its variations are created, but they are not created ahead of you, that you choose from in behind. They are created as you create them.

DREW: And this relates to our discussion of meaning and importance ... how???

ELIAS: For you view that your choices are meaningless, for all probabilities are actualized. Therefore, what meaning do your choices hold? But your probabilities have not been created and then chosen from.

DREW: The process of choosing creates the probabilities.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Which still brings us back to the question of what difference do our choices make if there is no meaning anyway?

ELIAS: For you create what you choose.

VICKI: So what difference does it make?

DREW: Thank you, Vicki! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) As I have stated, within your thought process of this physical focus, it matters not.

DREW: Itís hard to find joyfulness in that!

ELIAS: For you attach a sensation, a belief system, to joyfulness. This is an interpretation.

VICKI: Well, if it matters not, how can everything be affecting of everything then? How can it matter and not matter at the same time?

ELIAS: In your thought process within your physical focus you may express it matters not, for you do not look to your own value fulfillment. You do not remember. Therefore, you do not understand.

VICKI: But it doesnít even really matter if you fulfill your value fulfillment. Youíll just disengage and fulfill it somewhere else, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, within your physical focus it matters not; which we have stated from the onset, have we not?

VICKI: Yes, but other statements contradict that in my thinking.

ELIAS: Within your belief systems!

DREW: So are we correct when we say that meaning is a belief system that we hold? But to truly appreciate the value of becoming, it is the collective experience of essence as it is manifest in all dimensions? That is really where the appreciation of being lies? If this objective reality really has no meaning, then is it only on the level of essence that the collective experience of all manifestations can be appreciated, and therefore thatís where the meaning lies?

ELIAS: (Intently) Each cell within your physical manifestation appreciates its existence and incorporates value fulfillment and is not dependent upon each other cell for its existence, although within cooperation is part of the whole, but individual, and continues to be individual. One cell may be instructed, within your physical expression, one cell, to alter its behavior, and it may alter its behavior and it may induce a cancerous situation within the entirety of your physical expression, created by one cell altering its probabilities.

DREW: And if a single cell in my body can appreciate its value fulfillment and its own becoming, and yet Iím sitting here as an entirety not appreciated it, is that simply a reflection of the camouflage that Iím struggling to get through to understand what my tiniest cell understands?

ELIAS: First of all, you are not not appreciating your becoming and your existence. You are discounting of self within the focus, but simultaneously you are not not appreciating of your own value fulfillment. You are moving your attention into the direction of knowing objectively what this tiny cells knows. You know this subjectively already, which is what creates your motivation and drive, which continues your questioning, which moves you within your accomplishing; for you do know innately, subjectively, your value and your worth and your affectingness. Objectively, you forget. Therefore, you have chosen. You have asked for information to be helpful in remembering, and in knowing what this tiny cell knows. (To Vic) Be remembering, your probabilities are not created before you! Chew, chew, chew! Au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:14 PM.

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