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Wednesday, July 01, 1998

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ďThe Energy Exchange vs. ChannelingĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Sally (Bissell or Bistell). (1)

Elias arrives at 1:26 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling)

SALLY: Hello, Elias! Thank you.

ELIAS: And we meet again!

SALLY: Yes, we do! Bissell here, (Elias chuckles) as you informed me the other night at Aileenís house. Iím very honored and humbled to be in your presence and so happy to have this opportunity to talk with you, because the first time I heard you talk I felt a deep affection and like weíve known each other before.

ELIAS: As I also!

SALLY: Yes? Have we known each other in a previous focus?

ELIAS: Correct, and you may be allowing yourself the opportunity to be investigating of this, and at our next meeting you may be presenting to ME the information of our interaction within another focus! I am quite encouraging of individuals to be investigating of other focuses, for this allows them the opportunity to view more of their self and a greater understanding in the area of recognizing their own essence and the vastness of themselves.

SALLY: Yes. I have been in the belief system, as you call it, of Eckankar for like 16 or 17 years now. I have had at least two past life focuses, as you call it, which have helped me tremendously in this lifetime, and at this point in my life I have been once again blown, so to speak, out of my belief systems. I had a very intense and awesome experience two years ago, 1996, which I will never forget, in which I offered myself as a coworker with the holy spirit in the Eck and had the Tibetan Eck master, who is the torch-bearer of Eckankar, come to me, and I channeled him as I offered myself because he wanted obviously to attend a seminar that was going on in 1996, and for three weeks, he was in me. I donít understand, Elias, exactly all of what Iím saying, so please correct me, but I wish that you could give me some enlightenment, because as this happened it was a very awesome experience for me, and unlike this channel that you are now, I was very much aware of his presence. Every moment was guided, was directed. I was humbled to be able to do whatever he asked of me.

We went to the seminar, and basically he showed me in the belief system of Eckankar that many things that were being taught were not according to the holy spirit, is the best way I can say it, and he showed me that the people in this religious belief system have taken it and turned it into man-made laws, so to speak, and he showed me what was wrong, what was being taught wrong, what was being withheld to the people who are in this belief system. And then, after all of that, he left me. After three weeks he left me, and I have been, since 1996, without direction. I have been unable to soul-travel to reach him again, donít know what direction to go in, have had my feet pulled out from underneath me as far as the belief system in Eckankar is concerned.

I love the teachings. I love the things that Iíve learned. Iíve learned so much! I came from a very strict Catholic background, and I have expanded in my consciousness tremendously being on this path, but now I am bored, I am depressed, and I just donít know where to go. And it seems as though not only am I lacking direction, and of course it all comes from within, but itís like everything in my whole life has come to a head as well! Iím 17 years in my job and itís about to come to an end, my oldest most beloved daughter is about to move next week, move out and leave me, and my mom was diagnosed recently with Alzheimerís. Itís like, ďOkay, maybe I donít want to stay on this planet any more!Ē Thatís where Iím at, (Elias chuckles) and you mentioned that at the very first meeting that we were at. You said there are so many people that are in this boat that I am in right now that need direction, so I come to you and I ask you, can you help me?

ELIAS: Absolutely, and you may help yourself also!

SALLY: Yes, I knew you were going to say that!

ELIAS: Let me address to the situation, and also let me initially offer to you that you may be choosing to be interactive with Michael also in many of these areas, for he holds these experiences also and may be offering helpfulness to you in sharing interaction with you and offering you the validation that other individuals experience these same aspects within physical focus.

As to your situation and your directions, once again we meet with another individual experiencing final focus. You are the designation of the final focus of essence. Therefore, as you choose to disengage this manifestation within this dimension, all other focuses within the manifestation of this dimension shall also disengage or shall choose to be fragmenting and creating of their own essence, but as I have expressed to other individuals, as a final focus there are many different feelings that may be experienced in conjunction with this designation as the final focus.

There are many elements involved in the manifestation of the final focus, for there are actions that you are choosing to incorporate, there are directions that you move into, and there are also quite natural feelings attached.

I shall express to you that it is quite common for individuals within a final focus to become discontented with this physical manifestation Ė tired of, anxious, impatient, a longing for a moving into non-physical areas, but also an insatiable thirst for information concerning physical focus and non-physical elements of consciousness.

Many individuals within this present time period, as designated as the final focus of essence, move in the direction of creating the action of transition while they are continuing within physical focus.

Now; let me express to you that it is not necessary to be a final focus to be choosing to be experiencing transition within physical focus, but within this time period and within the action of this shift, many final focuses are choosing to be entering the action of transition objectively and NOT creating of senility.

Now; your family member is creating of senility, which in actuality is the creation of entering into the action of transition while continuing in physical focus, but this individual is not a final focus. Therefore, the choice is to be creating in alignment with the officially accepted reality in this dimension, and that moves into the area of senility. In this, the behavior is accepted. It is excused and accepted. Therefore, the individual may fully move into the action of transition Ė experiencing simultaneous time at different time periods, experiencing much more subjective awareness and activity, and merely popping in and out of objective awareness to be ďchecking in,Ē so to speak, but creating a reality that allows them to move into an intensity of the action of transition that most individuals reserve until after disengagement of the focus.

SALLY: Oh, I see!

ELIAS: Let me express to you that many more individuals within this time period are experiencing the creation of senility, but they are also, in conjunction with the action of this shift, moving into the direction of discontinuing this creation entirely. Your sciences shall be credited with their ďcure.Ē In actuality, it is the choice en masse of the individuals to be discontinuing this action, for it is unnecessary within the action of this shift. In this, there is an allowance that your sciences shall be allowed the belief system that they have created the cure for this dis-ease ... which is not a dis-ease! It is a very purposeful choice.

SALLY: Yes. I think I understand that, yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, you present yourself with many different types of imagery presently and within your recent past. You are quoting of a time period of two years. Within this two years, you have moved yourself into the awareness of belief systems and of the vastness of essence and of consciousness, and you have allowed yourself the awareness of the recognition of the creation of reality in the area that this moves away from merely being a concept, but is becoming a reality with you. In this, you also offer yourself very valuable imagery to yourself.

I shall ďbegin at the beginningĒ of your addressing to me and express to you that your initial interaction with energy exchange WAS an energy exchange. There are many individuals that express that they are experiencing an energy exchange, and they are not. They may express the terminology of ďchanneling,Ē which in actuality they ARE channeling. They are channeling their own essence energy through their physical focus.

But I do not express this phenomenon to be the same as what the popular belief system is within this present now of channeling, for Michael is not channeling anything. Michael is participating in an energy exchange with another essence, myself, and offering an allowance for this essence of Elias to be objectively expressive to individuals within physical focus.

Now; in your experience you also have allowed, in agreement, an energy exchange of another essence to be merging with you and to be expressing objectively through you, so to speak ... although it is not THROUGH you, for it is a mergence WITH you. In this, you may be acknowledging and validating yourself that you have participated in an actual energy exchange.

Also, energy exchanges may not be continuing for what you term to be long-term periods of time. Essences may choose to be interactive in a mergence in creating an energy exchange to be delivering specific information, and once this information has been delivered, they have accomplished their purpose. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be continuing.

The energy exchange that I engage with Michael holds a different intent. The intent of this energy exchange is to be offering information to the most amount of individuals in relation to this shift in consciousness.

SALLY: And thank you so much for that!

ELIAS: I offer much other information also, but all of the information that I am offering to individuals is directly related to this shift in consciousness.

I may go in the direction of expressing to an individual information that is personally involving themselves and their own belief systems and their own issues and situations, but this also is directly related to this shift in consciousness, for the action of this shift in consciousness is to be addressing to belief systems and personal issues and allowing the acceptance of these, and in that moving each individual into the action of this shift.

Therefore, the exchange that I engage with Michael is ongoing and shall continue to be for a time period which you may view as extended, for there are many individuals that shall draw themselves to this information, and the point is to be helpful in avoiding trauma within this shift. This is my intent, and is offered freely to you all.

SALLY: And you are very beautiful at it, very beautiful! Iím sure that you give hope to people who have just about totally had it on this planet.

ELIAS: This has occurred.

SALLY: Yes, to me! You are the first light that I have found since this experience.

ELIAS: Now, let me express to you: this experience has been offered to you that you may individually, personally experience a widening of awareness, and the extreme of the experience in creating the energy exchange with that essence was purposefully created to be attaining your attention. Individuals that are holding very strongly to belief systems many times are requiring of very strong imagery and interaction to be gaining their attention. This has gained your attention!

SALLY: When I do things, I do them!

ELIAS: You, and Michael also! Another plunger into the pond!

SALLY: Yes, I had a feeling we had a lot in common.

ELIAS: You may find this beneficial to be interactive with Michael.


ELIAS: You may be offering each other much information.

SALLY: Yes, Iíve had that feeling too.

ELIAS: I am quite encouraging of interaction with individuals within physical focus.

Let me also express to you that that experience has been your initiation, allowing you the opportunity to plunge yourself into the action of this shift, the recognition of creation of transition within this continued physical focus, and to be moving you into the direction of the awareness of addressing to belief systems, most especially those very strongly held belief systems and the issues that are surrounding of these belief systems.

Therefore, you have been offered this initiating action, but the misinterpretation comes in the area that the fullness of the communication was not understood. The communication was offered with your objective awareness, that you may allow yourself the opportunity to move into more expansive areas and engage your periphery. In this....

SALLY: That sounds wonderful! Iíll have to do that!

ELIAS: You have already begun!

In this, the area that you have moved off of your track, so to speak, is to be concerning yourself with the recapturing or the regaining of the experience that was offered. Therefore, you are distracting yourself. You are moving your attention into past. You are focusing your attention into the area of the recapture or regain of one experience, and in this you are distracting yourself from NOW.

SALLY: Yes, but I felt so vital doing that! That was the most awesome, humbling, vital thing! I want to serve. I want to serve!

ELIAS: But you are!

SALLY: I am?

ELIAS: You are!

SALLY: How? What am I doing now?

ELIAS: You are by your interaction, and now you have drawn yourself to this forum and you may continue in your direction by offering helpfulness and information to other individuals. But you, within your creation of your probabilities, have chosen to be allowing yourself a time framework to be assimilating information, to be moving in the direction of recognizing your intent, your direction. This is the reason that you have created this time period of these two years, to allow yourself the opportunity to move into the direction more fully of your intent, that you may gain for yourself objectively the confidence and the acceptance of self that shall allow you to propel yourself into a more full expression of your own intent.

Therefore, now you draw yourself to this forum and offer yourself this experience in exchange with myself that shall be helpful in offering more clarity to your direction, which within your intent you shall be moving into the creation of your probabilities, which you have already begun, to be offering helpfulness and information to other individuals in drawing them to this information, and in this you are actively participating in the lessening of trauma within the action of this shift, which is QUITE purposeful, for many individuals shall be and are already experiencing much trauma in connection with this shift, and as they begin to address to their belief systems, they shall be experiencing more trauma. This is not an easy task!

SALLY: Thatís for sure.

ELIAS: You have created very, very strong belief systems within this physical focus. Therefore, they are not so easily banished. Many individuals experience much trauma in the addressing to these. You yourself may be relating to individuals, for you have experienced your own elements of trauma in addressing to belief systems, and shared experiences offer validation. You may not objectively fully understand anotherís trauma if you have not offered yourself the experience. Therefore, you HAVE offered yourself the experience, that you may more efficiently be addressing to other individuals and offer helpfulness. You also draw to yourself presently more information in imagery. You offer yourself the participation with your family.

SALLY: I have a very difficult time interacting with my family because they are steeped in Catholicism, and I am like the rebel!

ELIAS: But this offers you the opportunity to move into the direction of acceptance, and in this you present yourself as the straight little sapling merely by being, and by not moving in the direction of judgment but moving in the direction of acceptance.

In this, you may also inquire of Michael and express to him that Elias has expressed to be offering to you my little sapling analogy, and he may be offering this to you physically.

You move in the direction of connecting yourself with objective imagery to be mirroring to you your own choices. One individual is creating of senility, which mirrors to you your own action of creating the action of transition without moving in the direction of senility, but you are engaging the same action, merely more slowly. Another family member offers you a moving away; objective imagery offered to you. Although painful, it is also a mirror image of your own creation that you may view objectively. You are moving away from the held belief systems, and therefore separating yourself to an extent from individuals that you view to be close to you.

SALLY: Yes, again and again and again!

ELIAS: And your objective imagery is the participation of your daughter moving away physically. This is a mirror image. You are offering yourself MANY mirror images presently.

SALLY: Oh, interesting!

ELIAS: They are objective, physical actions that other individuals are choosing to be creating that are also mirroring to you your own inner actions.

As to your feelings of anxiety, restlessness, a wishing for disengagement, offer to yourself the wondrousness of the exploration of this focus, and that you are choosing within your own probabilities to be continuing for a time period within this physical focus. You have, in YOUR terms, ďwork to do.Ē

SALLY: Yes, I feel I DO have work to do, but at this point Iíve had it blown out from under me and from what I THOUGHT I was supposed to be doing!

ELIAS: For you are moving yourself into a new direction, moving yourself into the direction of addressing lovingly and acceptingly to other individuals those aspects of distortion that they incorporate so completely. Therefore, you now move into the direction of accepting self, that you may be accepting of other individuals.

SALLY: I think I need to do that, donít I?

ELIAS: (Intently) It is of ultimate importance that you are accepting of self in ALL of your expressions, recognizing that they are not good, they are not bad. They merely are your experiences, and ALL of your experiences are purposeful, for they are all your exploration of yourself physically focused.

Once again, I shall repeat: You are NOT used parts, and you are NOT occupying (humorously) a lowly plane, a learning planet, a learning dimension!

SALLY: One of the facets of Eckankar, as taught.

ELIAS: You are a magnificent creation, unique to yourself, that has always been and shall always be. Your attention is merely focused in one singular direction, creating the perception of separation in one physical form, but there is no separation. It is merely a perception, a camouflage.

SALLY: Iíd like to get rid of that camouflage!

ELIAS: Ah! But here you move into the direction of the duplicity of not accepting! The camouflage is wondrous! How amazing that you have created this form, this physical body, this expression of essence that may be physically projected and viewed by all! And how wondrous that you hold the opportunity to experience the fullness of sexuality and emotion in this particular dimension! Other dimensions do not move in this direction. How diverse, that you choose to focus your attention in the area of exploration of emotion, none of which is bad. It merely is. It is an experience.

SALLY: I read or heard you say something in that regard that has helped me a lot in that area of sexuality.

ELIAS: Absolutely! What a wondrous dimension you have created in this, an exploration of separating into genders and into differences of sexual orientation! How amazing!

SALLY: I think itís been to me, if you were to ask me on a very personal basis, a wonderful experience, and I got out of it what I needed in this life.

ELIAS: Absolutely, and so you shall continue in different areas.

SALLY: Yes. I donít need that anymore. I feel as though Iíve gotten everything that I need in a male essence, in a female essence, and in the middle. I feel complete, and I donít know if that sounds crazy, but thatís how I feel!

ELIAS: You are not sounding crazy! You are not experiencing lunacy! Do not be discounting of yourself. You are experiencing reality, and this is wondrous!

SALLY: And for you to have said it has been a wonderful freedom for me, and I thank you for that. Thatís helped a lot.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Let me express to you that the reason also that you experience the emotion of loss or sadness with your child, as your child moves into the fullness of their expression, is that you hold very strong belief systems in the area of parenting. Let me offer to you, these are ALL belief systems.

SALLY: Oh boy.

ELIAS: Let me express also to you, that may be mildly helpful to you: you as the parent enter into agreement merely to be offering the manner for the accomplishment of physical manifestation to another essence. This is the extent of your agreement; none else.

SALLY: Really?

ELIAS: The entering focus, the child, is choosing of all else. They are choosing of you specifically. They are choosing of their interaction. They are choosing of their heritage. They are choosing of their lineage. They are choosing of their DNA. They are choosing of what they shall create within interaction with you, what they shall draw from you, what they shall offer to you. You are merely offering a window for them to enter into physical manifestation.

SALLY: And how long does that window last? Does it last to age 21?

ELIAS: It is created only momentarily.

SALLY: Really?

ELIAS: You offer an environment to harbor physically within your physical form a gestation period and the portal for physical entrance into this reality. This is the extent of your responsibility. All else stems from your belief systems.

SALLY: Thatís amazing! Iíll have to think about that for a while!

ELIAS: These are very strongly held mass belief systems and are quite affecting, but in the recognition of this you may also allow yourself the detachment, to an extent, in recognition that this individual is merely continuing in their exploration. And their interaction of what you term to be dependency, within that belief system, is no longer necessary, and they may move into the fullness of creating their reality and accepting their responsibility in their creation of their reality, for this is how you have created your officially accepted reality within this particular society, but it is HEAVILY laden with belief systems.

Now; I shall also express to you that your feelings of distress and sadness are to be acknowledged, for these are your validations to yourself that you have accomplished well in the area of allowing yourself to be experiencing affection and love. Therefore, in difference to expressing to yourself the pushing away of these feelings and the wishing that they shall discontinue and the non-acceptance of these feelings, embrace these feelings and acknowledge yourself that you are validating yourself, that you have created very well in the area of allowing yourself to be experiencing the intensity of the emotions.

It is very interesting and amusing to myself that so very, very, very many individuals within physical focus automatically move themselves in the direction of what you term to be negative, and there is so very much to be experienced otherwise within excitement and wondrousness, which allows you joyfulness and fun! I am QUITE advocating of fun!

SALLY: I need some of that in my life! I work too hard and forgot about that part a lot.

ELIAS: Ah! Moving into the area of much too much expression within cultural time and not enough allowance in the area of natural time!


ELIAS: Be listening to your impressions and be recognizing of your impulses, and DO NOT be denying of your impulses! This is your language to yourself from essence, and it is not harmful to you. It naturally moves you into the most efficient directions, but you are taught within your belief systems to be discounting of your impulses and to be suspect of your impulses, for they are bad. They are not! They are your natural language to yourself. Therefore, be listening to this language.

SALLY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Are you wishing of more inquiry?

SALLY: I think you have given me a great deal to think about, and I would like to take much time to study all the sessions that you have in print and to learn as much as I can in my new direction.

ELIAS: And you may be listening to the suggestion that you be connecting with Michael.

SALLY: I had the feeling all along that we should talk!

ELIAS: He moves very swiftly within consciousness, and although he leans in the direction of discounting himself also, he has much to offer.

SALLY: Yes, Iíll say! Iím very grateful for Michael!

ELIAS: And be grateful for yourself also, for you also are wondrous!

SALLY: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: And you may be calling upon me at any time.

SALLY: Within?

ELIAS: Within yourself.

SALLY: Are you there? Are you here?

ELIAS: Absolutely!

SALLY: How can I contact you?

ELIAS: You may be accessing my energy. You need merely call, and I shall be with you, and I shall offer you at times validation of this. You shall view me within your dream state. (Humorously) I am the handsome lad with the very blue eyes! You shall hold no doubt in recognition of myself!

SALLY: I would be honored!

ELIAS: You may also be recognizing of my energy at different time periods, for I may be choosing to be quite playful electrically!

SALLY: Okay! That sounds wonderful! (Elias chuckles) I need that very, very much after my experience with Rebazar. Iím hungry!

ELIAS: And you shall be filled, for you shall fill yourself.

SALLY: Thank you.

ELIAS: Now receive from myself presently this blanket of energy and feel its wrapping around you, for it is offered to you lovingly.

SALLY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I offer to you great affection.

SALLY: Ditto!

ELIAS: And if you are so choosing, you may be engaging me also objectively, whenever you are choosing. I shall be available to you.

SALLY: Thank you so much!

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I offer to you this day much fondness, and express to you a very loving au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:18 PM.


(1) Presently, there is some interesting imagery regarding Sallyís essence name. I clearly heard Bistell in session 291, June 26, 1998, both in pronunciation and in spelling, but Sally clearly heard Bissell. Sally re-addressed this in session 313, September 11, 1998, at which time Elias clearly says Bissell. However, no explanation has been offered to date.

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