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Sunday, September 22, 1996

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“Heart Attack”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Cathy (Shynla).

Vic’s note: This session was held to discuss Mary’s physical symptoms. (1)

Elias arrives at 9:18 PM. (Time was one second.)

ELIAS: (Grinning) So, we continue! (Firmly) The object of your session this evening is clarity.

RON: So, where was it? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Not objectively present! This being the focus of the session. The message has been delivered. (Pause)

CATHY: So, what happened with Mary today?

ELIAS: (With a look of bewilderment) I was incorporating conference. Was there an incident incorporated this day? I was unaware. (Chuckling) This would be also an expression in connection with the energy exchange that you incorporate presently. In a willingness subjectively to be open to the incorporation of energy exchange, Michael also opens consciousness to various areas of connection. This was explained within our last session.

There are many types of energy exchanges that you presently engage within this pyramid focus, all engaging the energy of this particular essence and allowing an openness to the exchange. In this, you also are open to exchange between yourselves. This was also explained within our last session, in that you incorporate sympathetic energy exchanges between you. At different time periods, you each engage elements of energy. In this action, you also each sympathetically connect with each other, and share the subjective experience. You manifest this differently, and you recognize or do not recognize the exchange differently.

Therefore, the exchange occurring within this day is an incorporation of exchange of energy with this essence and Lawrence, which you may term to be a continuation, within a time period, of your yesterday. In this, the choice was incorporated by Lawrence to not be experiencing physical manifestation of energy connection. In this choice of probabilities, the sympathetic action in event occurred within Michael’s manifestation. This is not a creation, in what you think of as your creation. It is an acceptance of empathic action. It is an allowance, within connections, to be experiencing empathically that event which is incorporated within another’s experience.

I shall acknowledge also to Lawrence of your recognition and acknowledgment of helpfulness of energy of these essences, for this also is a correct interpretation; for just as you mirror, within physical focus and your manifestations, those activities that are incorporated subjectively initially, you may view this in the same manner as with my dear companion’s analogy of the ice pond.

Within physical focus, if you are venturing onto a frozen pond, you may, within your weight of your body and your choice of probabilities, break through your ice and slip beneath your surface, to which you incorporate helpfulness from another physically focused individual to be pulling you out of your icy waters. In this same manner, in your terms, you may engage subjective activity within a desire to be moving and connecting, and also not be allowing yourself the clarity of your channels. Therefore, your picture is blurred. You cannot see clearly what you engage. Therefore, you may slip through a crack, to which we are present, within helpfulness, to be pulling you out.

In this, you may not incorporate within yourselves a worry, for no harmfulness shall come to you. You have experienced no harmfulness thus far, and you shall not be experiencing what you view to be harmfulness within what you see as your future; although you may inflict discomfort upon yourselves within your ignorance of what you engage! But just as within your stories of your religious belief systems, you also incorporate your little guardian angels that are buzzing about you continuously to be helpful, although there are no guardian angels; (smiling) but there are many essences, and all consciousness is connected, and within your understanding of your consciousness and within the understanding of consciousness of others, there are still others, in your terms, wide enough to be aware of more actions than only single actions occurring. Like the chameleon, the eyes move in many directions simultaneously, to be viewing many focuses at once.

Within this pyramid, there is great desire for movement and knowledge. Within this desire, you propel yourselves into areas of consciousness that are forgotten. Therefore, within your focus, they are unfamiliar; but as you propel yourself, you also allow yourselves a remembrance of familiarity. This is the action that you incorporate presently. Be not fearful that harm shall come to you, for you shall not allow this yourselves within your chosen probabilities, and you also hold helpfulness within consciousness.

VICKI: I have concern about the extremity of the situation today. I can understand presently and look back and say, alright, there was no harmfulness, but in the moment, it didn’t feel that way, especially for Mary.

ELIAS: Quite right. I shall also explain to you that you choose the probabilities. Therefore, within your choices, unless expressed, other essences will not be intrusive; for these are experiences, and you have chosen them. Within essence, I shall not rescue you from your frozen pond without the request, for it is your choice of your experience. Within the incorporation of the fearfulness, the request was made and answered immediately.

VICKI: I got that.

ELIAS: Michael projects far. He has been cautioned. I have expressed to you all that he moves swiftly, but he also projects beyond his understanding within his desire. Lawrence would tread more carefully within probabilities. This is your element of trustfulness. It is an exhibition of trustfulness on the part, so to speak, of both of the twins.

VICKI: It makes the trustfulness a little more difficult when viewing extreme situations.

ELIAS: Absolutely, but you do not challenge yourself if you feel no challenge! Therefore, just as Michael engages challenges to be projecting, Lawrence also draws these experiences to himself to engage the challenge of trustfulness. The more that you draw experiences to yourself which pose challenges, the more accepting of trustfulness you will become; therefore in this, your reasoning for your drawing to experiences. One who is unimportant to you personally, within your terms, will not invoke the challenge. The challenges are great, for the issues are great.

View these actions positive. Do not, dear friends, view these actions that you draw to yourselves as negative actions, in your terms; for they are opportunities for your movement, and they are examples to you of your movement. Within your own physical expressions, you offer yourselves the opportunities to be viewing, physically, your movement, which is great; for you shall not engage action which incorporates great challenge if you are not moving in like manner.

VICKI: Somehow, it’s hard to fit great physical pain in there.

ELIAS: Only for the reason that you view this to be negative.

VICKI: Well, it hurts! It’s physical sensation.

ELIAS: Which, you incorporate many physical sensations within physical focus, for these attract your attention; although, as has been stated, this particular situation, as that of your yesterday, are not your own individual creations for your own noticing. Their purposefulness is different, for the movement is different. The direction of energy is different.

They serve this purpose also to you within the multidimensionality of all energy, as it incorporates many layers regardless of the action; but within the simplicity of your individual creations, as you view them, these actions are assumed events. They are empathic actions. This is a translation through one essence, holding a memory sympathetically of another essence. Therefore, the physical incorporation that you experience is a translation, as we have stated, of the one passing through the other to the destination.

VICKI: So, are we gettin’ in over our heads? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall express to you each that you were “over your heads,” in your terms, much time ago! You have chosen the probabilities and the focus to be engaging your shift and transition. These are difficult accomplishments within physical focus. If you are choosing not to be incorporating senility, you are choosing difficult probabilities. They are not impossible, and as has been stated many times, you move quickly, and your subjective activity is open. Your objective awareness is opening, this being also the reason for this evening’s exercise; not only to be delivering a message to some individuals, but also, quite directedly, to be focusing upon these individuals to be practicing; for you presently engage subjective activity which is, is bleeding through into objective recognition. In this, you must learn to manipulate within your focuses and your probabilities. You are not incorporating senility. You are not incorporating the action of de-focusing entirely within your conscious awareness. Therefore, in order to be manipulating and not incorporating great confusion and distress physically and mentally, it is important that you focus clearly.

I shall be incorporating interaction with William, for the awareness was present that William once again misinterprets. These exercises are not, are not to be focusing upon blurring your physical focus to be projecting elsewhere, in your terms. They are specifically designed to be incorporating more clarity within the focus that you hold your attention within now, here; physical aware objective consciousness. Although you view that your awareness is clear, I have given you a small example this evening, that you may view how unclear your awareness is. How may you be manipulating within clouds if you may not manipulate clearly within air? (Pause) Therefore, you practice within what you recognize, and this shall be helpful within your manipulation in that which you do not recognize.

I shall express to you each also that as of this present moment, you may view that the initiation of activity subjectively, and propellant of these actions, is forwarded by Michael presently. This is not to say that you each may not incorporate this action, but each of you presently battles with trustfulness of self within your own expressions.

Olivia, within this race, if you choose to view it this way, moves second, but holds to differentiations of time elements; therefore allows movement within certain time elements and holds back within other time elements, for you view this to be interrupting; this being why it is important that you hold clarity, for you may accomplish without what you view to be interruption.

You may view your television and your small boxes of different pictures or programs simultaneously, and not interrupt each other. One continues upon your main screen; your main focus; this is your main attention; but small boxes appear clearly within your corners or your periphery that may be viewed simultaneously and not be affecting or interrupting the focus of the main picture. If your picture upon your main screen is blurred, your smaller periphery pictures will be more blurred; and in your strain to view these smaller pictures and decipher the action that is occurring within them, you shall interrupt your attention to your main focus, for you shall divert your attention completely to be straining to understand the other pictures. If you are versed within your own abilities and your own awareness and your ability to manipulate within consciousness, you may clearly view more than your main picture, simultaneously, without strain, and with no interruption. You may continue within your normal activities. You may interact in what you view to be your mundane events; your employment, your interaction with other individuals, your activities within your home, and you may also simultaneously allow information and the pictures of subjective activity and alternate focuses, and also manipulate within them. This incorporates practice. You have begun the action. Therefore, we offer exercises to be helpful to you, that you may learn your own abilities, for you do hold these abilities.

I have stated that presently, Michael initiates the movement within this pyramid. This you may view obviously, within objective expressions. Michael incorporates much focus in which area? To be manipulating within dream state more efficiently; this being the initiating action propelling the pyramid into the action of desire, of wishing to be manipulating within subjective activity more clearly and more intentionally. You each hold the same desire, for you are each elements of one desire. Within your individual expressions, one steps the foot into the water first, to which you all then dive. You may motivate each other and yourselves, to incorporate the initiating movement yourselves. (Long pause)

(To Ron) Energy exchange identification is not that of Otha. This is what you already identify. Acknowledge yourself within your knowing. The energy exchange of Elias merged with Paul may seem more predominant at times, so to speak. It may feel slightly different, for you recognize it individually within, as opposed to your recognition at other time periods that you view to be without. Therefore, your feeling identification may seem different.

This shall serve to be instructional to you also in allowing you the opportunity to be identifying more efficiently, and recognizing of more than only singularly. In this, you move parallel to Michael, for he presently also does not identify, conversely, Paul’s energy as completely, and identifies this energy differently at different moments, for it feels different; although he may objectively identify this within the same manner for what you view to be most of your time, as does Olivia identify, most of your time, Elias’ energy within one identification; but when incorporating this energy subjectively, it feels different, but you allow the recognition, which widens your awareness of energy exchange.

You will be aware if you are incorporating what you would term to be different energy. In your terms, it will feel very different. You may even express extreme differences. Be remembering also that although you acclimate yourselves physically to energy exchange within one tone, you are not physically acclimated to other tones. Therefore, if you are choosing probabilities of energy exchange of other essences, you shall remanifest physical responses, for your physical expression is not recognizing of these tones. It is not a “one shot deal!” (Grinning)

RON: Speaking of tones, what was the essence name of the guy that was sitting over here on the wet side of the couch? (2)

ELIAS: Lucas.

RON: It wasn’t Peewee, huh? (We all crack up, including Elias)

VICKI: Would it have been appropriate to ask them to leave? Would that be an expression of essence within this forum?

ELIAS: I will express to you that this would be your choice, but this would not be hurtful, intrusive, or what you view to be wrong. These incidents are your choice to engage. It matters not to Elias. I have expressed to you that within essence, I may communicate. Therefore, it matters not; but within physical focus, you incorporate discomfort, which you may choose to not be engaging. Essence expression is not an expression to be allowing of what you view to be “everything.” If you choose for your own experience, as you wish an engagement of agreement with another, to allow hurtfulness to yourself, this is your choice, but it is not necessary.

Think to yourselves, of yourselves, the same as you think to your mass belief systems. Hurtfulness is not acceptable. If you are not expressing of a belief system in what you view to be opposition, you are lending your energy to the belief system. You may afford yourselves the same consideration, for you are the mass belief systems, for the mass belief systems are you. You are the “they!”

VICKI: Oh, it gets so confusing.

CATHY: Well, I still don’t get why he did that! (Laughter)

ELIAS: It is unimportant that you understand completely each individual’s manifestations within their actions and events, for they each, you each choose your own probabilities and manifestations for your own noticings and purposes. We have spoken previously of individuals who believe, within their belief systems, that they must travel to your “depths” before they incorporate the ladder to their “window of opportunity.” This, in actuality, is unnecessary, but within the belief systems of the given individual, it is also an expression of their reality; therefore, real.

VICKI: So, this experience tonight within our session, will this be helpful to Michael in his dealings with Kasha? (Pause)

ELIAS: Michael has, in what you term to be recent time period, moved into an awareness objectively of subjective information, which has altered interaction. This also, objectively viewing, you may not understand, but you may allow yourselves to understand, for this also is a movement to which you will follow, in an expression of understanding of individuals creating their own reality, and an acceptance of this. You may, just as we have spoken previously, express in what you view to be an essence expression within situations that you normally view within right/wrong terms; just as the example has been given to you of your individual within your store exhibiting violence to a child, and which expression may be incorporated as an expression of essence, but also not lending your energy to the belief system.

VICKI: Well, that’s the question!

ELIAS: Within the desire to be expressing of essence, you draw to you experiences that you may practice.

VICKI: Neither Mary or I did a very good job of practicing tonight, I don’t think! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I shall beg to disagree! For you may have responded within old belief systems, as you view these to be, to which you did not. Therefore, although you may be discounting of your own selves and allowing expressions unnecessarily, you also allow yourselves the opportunity to view a difference within expression than what you have held within your belief systems previously. Therefore, once again I say to you, each of these examples you may view positively. Do not automatically move to the area of failure, or “not good enough”; for within the moment, you are expressing perfectly, within the awareness that you incorporate within that moment.

CATHY: Excuse me. I’m gonna go use the bathroom, not the couch!

RON: Why not? Everybody else does! (We all crack up)

VICKI: I thought maybe you scared the piss out of him!

ELIAS: I have not incorporated this effect to this moment, although it is within the realm of probabilities! (Laughing) I may become much larger to be affecting of this action! (Still laughing)

VICKI: Oh, I have a question, on a completely different subject, if that’s appropriate, from one of our new friends, Melinda. She’s curious about her connections with Sandi and Randy ...

ELIAS: And Andy! (Grinning at Ron)

VICKI: ... and did make some of her own connections with Mary and I and the twin thing, and so she’s wondering about her own impressions with these other individuals, if there’s a similar scenario going on.

ELIAS: You now incorporate an identification of another individual that holds this action of essence. Within your awareness, when it was asked previously, you were not objectively aware, within that moment, of other individuals incorporated as twins. Now, you view another. This is not an action that extends to the third, although there is great connection within consciousness; these being connections within focuses shared, and what Michael terms “intermission times,” incorporating great interaction and mergences within consciousness of the second individual. The first individual ...

VICKI: Are you speaking of the one she’s known for a long time?

ELIAS: ... which is viewed as female, would be this same type of scenario of twins, although effected within an action of fragmentation differently; but creating physically, and also within consciousness, a very similar situation, in your terms.

VICKI: Interesting.

ELIAS: This is not unusual that this individual recognizes the connection; and within the information available to this {informa, information, and to this} individual, you and Michael would have, in your terms, arrived at the same recognition within a time period, eventually. Interference, once again! (Indicated within brackets)

Vic’s note: In my memory, I have never viewed “interference” that affects the actual wording of a sentence. There have been situations in which Elias pauses in the middle of a sentence and then acknowledges other energy, but this was unusual. (3)

ELIAS: Be understanding of this interfering {or as we term this interfering} energy exchange. This you may view to be quite understandable. If you are upon a boat and you are wishing to be swimming within your ocean, and your access to this ocean is one portal, you shall be attempting to move through the portal. Each time, as you view it, that we engage this energy exchange, the portal appears. Therefore, there is a movement in this direction. It is not an element visually seen. It is an attraction within energy; a knowing of an opening. Therefore, it attracts this energy, which creates interference.

VICKI: And would it be correct to say that Melinda also engages subjective interaction with this same essence?

ELIAS: This essence engages activity with many individuals; many individuals. (Pause) As do you all! (Smiling)

We shall discontinue for this evening, and I shall encourage your interaction, and I shall once again “become the oversoul!” (Grinning) For this is an identification which is understood. I bid you a very fond au revoir this evening.

Elias departs at 10:30 PM.


(1) Earlier that day, Mary experienced extreme physical symptoms resembling those of a heart attack. This event lasted less than an hour, but was very painful. Scared the you know what out of her!

(2) Okay, this is going to be difficult to explain delicately, but here goes! Two individuals arrived at our meeting tonight inebriated. This has never happened before. Nobody really knew what to do. For myself, within a continuing attempt to be accepting of each individual’s creation of their own reality, and of drawing myself to that reality, I said and did nothing. I realize now that within that action, I was lending energy and support to their action. During the session , one of these individuals urinated on the couch. There, I said it! I still can’t believe it happened at all, let alone in the forum of a session, but it did. And that’s all, folks!

(3) Session 121, which was held on September 19, also incorporated an element of interference. Because this was a private session, we will not be sharing it, but there was an interesting explanation of this interference, which I shall include here.

“We shall continue. I shall offer a brief explanation of interaction. Within interaction of energy, there may be what you may term a blocking of energy. This is not to say that one essence is communicating and ‘drowning out’ another individual’s verbalization. When you speak to me verbally, the communication is made non-verbally within energy. When the individual in question projects thought patterns, it does not scream over your words as you would view within physical focus, of one individual drowning out another individual. My awareness allows for the interaction and reception of many areas of communication simultaneously, but another essence may project a concentration of energy, which acts as repelling magnets, which is pushing another energy away, so to speak. Therefore, the reception becomes distorted.

This would be close in analogy if you were to be viewing water. If you are directing a stream of water, it may be projecting in one direction and may be falling into a bucket, let us say. If another stream of water is directed with a higher intensity of projection and intersecting the first water stream directly, it shall create the effect of the first water stream to be spray. The second water stream shall continue within its stream. The first shall be interrupted and spraying outward, not continuing in a stream and falling into the bucket. Therefore, you may view Lawrence’s communication as the first stream, the bucket as Elias, and the individual in question as the second stream, with more intensity of direction; therefore creating the spray of energy which is distorting, therefore causing interruption.”

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