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Thursday, May 20, 1999

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“Fatigue/Sleeplessness/Lack of Appetite”

“Creating/Uncreating Disease”

“Permission to be Receiving”

“Essences in Waiting”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Katie (Muriel), and two new participants, Geri (Abel) and Hal (Andrew).

Elias arrives at 8:35 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (The group responds, and Elias chuckles) And you have inquiries this evening?

KATIE: Yes, we do!

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

HAL: Would you please give us Geri’s essence name, family and alignment?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Abel; A-B-E-L. (pronounced able) Essence family, Milumet; alignment, Sumafi.

HAL: Okay. My essence name is Andrew, and I’m wondering, how many focuses have I in this dimension and in this time frame?

ELIAS: Within this time framework, you hold six other focuses of essence beside yourself. Within this dimension, you hold 432.

HAL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

HAL: Of these, how many do I share with Geri?

ELIAS: With regard to the tone which resonates to this focus that you hold presently that you may access easily in your investigations, I shall express to you that you share twelve focuses.

HAL: In our language, we have soul mates, and I feel that she and I are soul mates. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Within your interpretation of soul mate in physical terms – in holding many shared focuses which involve certain types of relationships – yes, you would be correct.

HAL: And am I a final focus? I feel I am.


HAL: Am I in transition, and if so, since when?

ELIAS: Yes. You have engaged the action of transition within physical focus, and you have begun this action eleven years prior.

HAL: Okay. Recently, within the last few months, everything has basically changed for me, feeling-wise. So, I’m wondering what’s behind or perhaps reflective of the following: my general tiredness, lack of enthusiasm and well-being, discouragement, minor depression, and my complete lack of appetite for days at a time – it used to be one of my most favorite things! And most importantly, my conscious disinterest in children, grandchildren, and family in general.

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that one element of the affectingness that you are experiencing presently and have been experiencing for a time framework is related to this present wave in consciousness which addresses to the belief system of sexuality.

This particular belief system, as I have stated previously within this forum, is quite strong, and therefore is also very affecting. It is affecting of individuals in many, many different manners. First of all, it is affecting of a great many individuals physically, for this particular aspect of this belief system involving physical elements is also quite strong.

This belief system is very encompassing and addresses to aspects of all areas of your physical expression. It also addresses to many other areas within your focus, for it encompasses all of your perception, but in this, individuals, yourself also, are turning their attention away from outside influences. Although these outside influences may seem temporarily to be increasing in their expression to be gaining attention, there is also felt within the individuals a turning inward and what you may identify within yourselves as a type of isolating effect. In this, individuals are, in their turning of their attention to self, becoming more occupied with viewing self and being with self within your time framework.

What I am expressing to you is that you, as with other individuals, view yourself as turning your attention into a different type of expression than that which has been familiar to you previously. Individuals that have been quite interactive and expressive, in the manner of engaging other individuals quite easily and frequently, may view themselves to be attending to self more and holding less and less desire to be interactive with other individuals, seeking out their own quietness, but this also is an unfamiliar action. Therefore, this triggers other actions and responses within you, for you are addressing to very many aspects all simultaneously.

Therefore, in this turn that you experience in looking more to self and not participating to the extent that you are familiar with, with other individuals, you also experience a type of lack of motivation in viewing and participating in interactions. There also is experienced a lack of enthusiasm, in your terms, as to any engagements that may be occurring that are not directly affecting of you. Those participations that may have been engaged to be creating certain elements of joyfulness are underlyingly being recognized as camouflages and also as aspects of belief systems, and in this, you turn your attention more fully to self.

Now; as to the fatigue which is experienced presently, this also is quite common in relation to this particular wave within consciousness, for within this wave, simultaneous to its action, the action of this shift in consciousness increases and intensifies. This creates more of an intensified emotional response within certain individuals holding the orientation of soft, which is also affecting within consciousness of ALL of you within physical focus.

You are all very affecting of each other. What you are recognizing presently – although not entirely objectively, but moving in that direction of recognition objectively – is that in actuality, there is no separation. I have been expressing this concept from the onset of these sessions, but now it begins to become a reality within your understandings. In this, you are all interconnected. Therefore, you are all very affecting of each other.

This is quite purposeful within this present time framework, that you are noticing all of these different types of affectingnesses that are occurring that you are responding to within your interconnectedness of each other, for although you may express to yourselves that you are all interconnected and therefore you are all affecting of each other within consciousness, underlyingly you also do not entirely believe this. This be the reason that you may be expressing to yourselves the questioning of how each individual may be affecting of all of consciousness alone, individually, for you view yourselves to be quite separated.

Now you move into a wave in consciousness that encompasses all of your perception, which is the element that creates your reality in its entirety. Therefore, as all of your perception is being affected, you also begin to notice that you may be being affected in manners that are quite unfamiliar to you and do not feel entirely as though they are your own individual expressions. This is the action which occurs in responsiveness to the engagements of actions and responses that other individuals are engaging. Each individual is experiencing heightened elements of their realities. Each of your actions, each of your creations, may seem more extreme than they have previously been created.

Now; this is not merely the effect of this wave which is occurring presently, as I have stated, but also an affectingness which is occurring in response to the acceleration and intensification of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, you may experience within yourself a fatigue in responding to the intensified energy, which you are not accustomed to incorporating within your focus, but you are allowing. You may experience differences within your behaviors and within your habits, so to speak.

As to appetite, you may be experiencing less of an urge or an interest in relation to appetite or even in relation to your appreciation of different types of food substances, for your physical body consciousness is also responding to this shift in its intensification, recognizing that it does not require all that you consume.

Many individuals previously have inquired as to different types of consumptions and what may be more efficient in their consuming of different types of foodstuffs, as you term them to be. I have expressed that your physical body is not requiring of all that you consume, that much of what you consume you intake as influenced by your beliefs. Therefore, in partial recognition and a beginning of noticing that you are not requiring of this type of intake, you are subjectively instructing your physical body consciousness, and it is responsive.

I may also express to you that conversely, some individuals may be not experiencing fatigue, but may be experiencing difficulty in engaging and continuing the engagement of sleep state. Your sleep patterns may be quite interrupted. This also is for very similar reason. You are instructing of your physical body consciousness that it also is not requiring the amount of sleep state that you have offered it previously in response to your belief systems.

Your sleep state may also be interrupted, regardless of the feeling of fatigue OR the feeling of experiencing more energeticness, in the manner that it may be altered in the hours or the time frameworks that you allow yourselves to be engaging this sleep state. You may at times find yourselves holding difficulty in engaging sleep within your night hours, but feeling quite fatigued and wishing to be engaging sleep state within your daylight hours. This is another responsiveness to this shift in consciousness, recognizing that you sleep within your darkness hours in conjunction with your beliefs; not for the reason that this is the most efficient time framework for you to be engaging this action of sleep state, but that you have incorporated very strong beliefs in this area that you must be engaging sleep state within your darkness hours, for you view daylight hours as facilitating your movement and action much more efficiently.

There are many, many aspects being addressed presently, and therefore, there are many effects which are occurring presently.

I may express to you that your physical energy centers are also becoming quite responsive to this particular wave which is occurring presently, for each of them is expressive within your physical form and its functioning, which is also involved within aspects of this particular belief system. Is this helpful?

HAL: Very! Are the energy centers balanced?

ELIAS: Within yourself presently?

HAL: Right. (Pause)

ELIAS: No. You may engage the exercise which has been offered, and if you are so choosing, you may be inquiring of Michael to be offering this information to you as to balancing these energy centers. I express to you, in viewing your energy expression presently, that you may be addressing to and focusing upon your orange energy center, and also blue.

HAL: They’re not functioning too well, huh?

ELIAS: I am not expressing to you that they are not functioning well, but that they are rotating out of alignment. Therefore, you may be exercising your attention in addressing to these two particular energy centers, in pulling them each back into alignment with your other energy centers.

I express to you that the blue energy center rotates slowly and is not radiating quite to the capacity that it may be within its balanced state. The orange energy center radiates slightly extended, more than needs be, and is rotating more rapidly than other energy centers. Therefore, within your physical terms, I may express to you, you may speed up your blue, you may slow down your orange ... you may pull in the orange and push out the blue! This may be quite simple for you! (Chuckling, and the group laughs)

HAL: Thank you! (Here, Hal and Katie encourage Geri to ask her questions)

GERI: Elias, this is Geri.

ELIAS: Good evening!

GERI: Good evening! I would like to ask about my illness. I was diagnosed last summer with a very serious illness, and I’m wondering if it’s true. (Pause) And why have I created this illness? (Pause)

ELIAS: In focusing upon the energy that you project presently, I express to you that you have in actuality engaged this action of dis-ease. I shall also express to you that you have engaged this particular expression within your energy to be offering yourself the opportunity within this time framework to validate to yourself your own abilities and how you may be exercising of them.

In this, you offer to yourself the opportunity to view that you hold the ability to be altering of this creation; that you may create any element within your physical focus that you are choosing. You may create any type of dis-ease, and you may also uncreate this creation as easily as you have created it and with as little thought as you have created it, for you have not concentrated upon creating this expression, but you have created it quite effectively. You may also be uncreating it with just as much of ease and effectiveness as you have created this.

Now; let me express to you that you have also created this situation, that you may be providing yourself with certain expressions that you feel within you that you are lacking. Now; in this, as you have created this particular affectingness, you allow yourself to be receiving, partially, expressions from other individuals that you may not have allowed yourself without this creation. This offers you what you may term to be permission to be receiving. This is a difficult expression for you, for within your focus, you are accustomed to being the individual that is offering and in your terms giving, but not necessarily receiving.

In this, you hold subjectively the recognition that this is not held within balance. There is a balance within physical focus, within your belief systems of offering and receiving, and in this, many individuals create this same type of expression, not allowing themselves the opportunity to be receiving, and denying this reception within themselves from the expressions of other individuals, viewing that this is weakness and is unacceptable and is bad. Therefore, you create a situation within your focus that offers you the opportunity to be expressing permission to yourself to be receiving, and also addressing simultaneously to all of these aspects surrounding the subject matter of receiving.

In illness, you view this expression also as a weakness and as unacceptable. Within your creation presently, you offer yourself the opportunity to experience this type of creation, experience all of the expressions that you may be creating within it, that may be expressed by other individuals in relation to it, and that you may offer yourself a more efficient understanding of these types of creations, that you may futurely be offering helpfulness to other individuals, as they allow themselves to be affected by the belief system of duplicity quite strongly in similar situation.

You yourself are experiencing much duplicity in relation to this particular creation, but within these experiences that you are offering yourself presently, you also offer yourself much information and much understanding, and once you have offered yourself this understanding objectively, you may be moving into the position of uncreating this particular expression, which shall also be helpful, not merely to yourself in offering you the validation as to the strength of your own abilities, but shall offer encouragement and validation to other individuals also, that they also hold the same abilities. Are you understanding?

GERI: Yes. I had a dream a few weeks ago, and I wanted you to help me with this. It was very short. I was a passenger in a car with my husband, and we drove up, and my husband stopped the car. I got out of the car and stopped a young man, a tall young man, from throwing a rock in a beautiful building, a glass building. I don’t know whether it was a church or what kind of a building it was. But the rock that I stopped him from throwing was a white-colored rock with kind of square edges. It wasn’t like a normal rock – it wasn’t round, it was kind of square-ish – and there were a lot of people in the building.

ELIAS: I express to you that you have presented yourself with your own imagery in relation to the very subject matter that we are discussing presently, in relation to your physical creation. In this, you move within your vehicle with your partner. This is your imagery to yourself of the movement that you have created thus far within your focus, moving comfortably within the company of your partner with little eventfulness, so to speak, in the manner of extreme drama. Subsequently, you offer yourself imagery of this young man, so to speak, who engages an action of propelling or projecting an object or an element which is foreign to the building. It does not belong within the building and may be physically damaging to it. In this, you view yourself to be interceding and expressing to the young man discouragement to not be introducing this action.

Now; the symbolization that you have offered yourself is that the building is representative of the encompassment of forms. You view that there are many individuals within this building. Each of the individuals is recognized as an element to be appreciated. They are all encased within this building. The building is representative of their environment, their focus, their existence, so to speak; not necessarily an object, but their manifestation. The young man attempts to be introducing this foreign element into their manifestation. This is the symbolization of introducing into your natural state the element of disharmony and dis-ease, and in this, you are recognizing that this is unnecessary and may be hurtful and creating of conflict. Therefore, you are interceding in this matter, expressing this discouragement of this young man not to be introducing this element into the manifestation of these individuals.

The young man is the symbolization or the imagery of energy. He is not in actuality an individual or an actual entity, but merely a movement of energy that may be introduced with any individual, but holding the strength of an entity, for energy may be very powerful in different situations that you create within your physical focus, and in this, it may be viewed as an entity within itself. Therefore, this be the reason that you have imaged this movement of energy as an individual. In this, you are communicating to yourself what I have offered to you in explanation of reason as to why you have created the physical affectingness that you have created presently.

HAL: We were on a trip a couple of days later, and Geri was snoozing in the passenger seat, and she just momentarily woke up, looked at the side of the road – we were going about 75 miles an hour – and there was that rock! (Elias chuckles) She was stunned! What was that all about?

ELIAS: This is your objective validation as to the reality of what you are expressing to yourself.

GERI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express to you great encouragement in your endeavor that you engage presently, for if you are engaging probabilities and allowing yourself to be continuing in movement in the direction that you are engaging presently, you shall be quite affecting in interaction with very many individuals objectively. You already are quite affecting subjectively.

GERI: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

HAL: Elias, just for clarification, I have six focuses in this time frame. Is that myself plus six, or does that include myself?

ELIAS: This is six focuses beside yourself.

HAL: Okay, and for Geri, is she a final focus? Is she in transition, and if so, since when? (Pause)

ELIAS: Final focus, yes. Within transition, also yes, engaged four years previous.

HAL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

KATIE: Elias, this is Katie.

ELIAS: Good evening!

KATIE: It’s good to talk to you again so soon! (Elias chuckles) You know, you have never addressed me by my essence name. I wonder if you would, just right now, just so I can hear you say it?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And why shall we engage this type of action?

KATIE: I just like the sound of your voice!

ELIAS: (Laughing) And I shall offer this to you within individual engagement at our next meeting, as I shall offer what you term to be a personal expression.

KATIE: Well, thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

KATIE: I sent Michael a list of the participants for tonight, and she could have sworn she saw a fourth name on the list. She and her friend distinctly read “Ted” on there. I’m kind of wondering about this myself.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I express to you that much energy is being engaged presently and is being incorporated in interconnectedness. What has occurred within this particular situation is what you within physical focus would be expressing as “crossing wires in energy.” (Chuckling) Another individual within your physical focus, which has engaged recently objective interaction within this forum with myself, has projected energy in the direction of Michael, and in this, Michael has received the energy and has interpreted it into physical terms, so to speak, and has viewed this individual’s physically focused objective name before him.

KATIE: Okay. That’s interesting, ’cause she was also mentioning today that they had sat down to a table of three when there was only two of them, and the waitress couldn’t understand why there wasn’t three of them.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And this is a different expression of energy, for this has been my presence, which has been recognized by that individual and has been expressed in actual viewing momentarily.

KATIE: Okay. I have an entry for the game.

ELIAS: Ah, our game! You may proceed!

KATIE: In the category of ... well, I’m not sure whether it would be animals or dogs, but I’d like to connect Labrador with Sumafi.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

KATIE: Cool!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And shall we express to be noticing the playfulness of this particular creature?

KATIE: Yes, that was a good one! Yeah, they definitely are!

I have a question about some of my interactions in the city. I keep running into all these celebrities, like Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby and Matthew Broderick, Elton John, Madonna ... what’s up with this?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) What you are presenting yourself with in this imagery is the recognition that in actuality, you hold no difference in your focuses in essence and in the expression of manifestation within physical focus. There are merely differences in your choices of expression within physical focus.

But in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to be viewing many individuals that you identify as holding fame, for within belief systems, individuals separate those individuals and express that those particular individuals are different. In this, you look to fame as being an expression of “better.” This also moves in conjunction with this wave and within the acceleration of this shift.

Many individuals look to themselves and are seeking information of other focuses of their essence that hold this quality, this choice of fame, for this is appealing and is viewed as more important. What you offer yourself presently is the recognition that no focus is more important or better or worse than any other focus. They are all equal in your terms, and they are all affecting within their own individual expression. Therefore, within your expression presently, you hold no less affectingness than any of these individuals. This be the reason that you place yourself amongst them.

KATIE: Yeah, that’s pretty much what Madonna told me! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) It was kind of surprising coming from her, but okay!

Elias, I understand that in a session that hasn’t quite yet been put on the website yet, you gave some definitions for three different sexual orientations. They were common, intermediate and soft. Without asking you to explain these, ’cause I can read them in the session as soon as they’re transcribed, which of these am I?

ELIAS: You hold the orientation of common. Andrew also holds the orientation of common. Abel holds the orientation of soft.

KATIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

KATIE: Another question about dreams. Sometimes I see a little old man in dreams. Is this you?

ELIAS: No. This is an expression of another focus of your essence, which may be offering a lending of energy to you in encouragement and validation within certain time frameworks.

In this, this type of expression of viewing within dream state – of this particular type of expression of another focus – many times by individuals within physical focus is interpreted as their guide, or within religious belief systems, as their guardian angel. This is an encouraging aspect of essence which appears, so to speak, within time frameworks to you to be encouraging and validating and offering energy that may be helpful in directedness with you. Therefore, I express to you that within this dream engagement of this particular individual, you may be accessing much energy, and you may also be allowing yourself an ease in moving into more of an awareness of self within those time frameworks.

KATIE: What time period is this focus from?

ELIAS: This would be what you term to be past focus, in that time framework that you designate within your history as being medieval time.

KATIE: Okay. What is his name?

ELIAS: Jasper.

KATIE: Okay. I have another question about my coworker Jeff. I’m wondering if there’s a counterpart between he and I, and what the nature of that might be. I connected with him in dreams a couple of times before he came to work there, and I was, within the dreams, encouraging him to come to work there.

ELIAS: No, you do not hold counterpart action with this individual, but are merely recognizing that you may be interactive and you may be affecting in helpfulness with this individual, and that this individual also may draw themself to you in recognition of that also.

KATIE: Is Jeff Sumafi?


KATIE: I thought so. What is his essence name?

ELIAS: Kelm, K-E-L-M.

KATIE: Okay, cool! I’ll tell him at work tomorrow. (Elias chuckles) I think Hal had another question for you, Elias.

HAL: Elias, Geri wanted me to ask this for her. This dis-ease that she has seemingly created results in severe leg pain; in particular, bone pain. She’s been receiving weekly acupuncture and accupressure, and she feels it’s quite effective. I feel it is not necessary, and that there are alternatives that would be even more effective in relieving of the pain. We feel that in conjunction with this, she would like to know about her energy centers. Is she aligned, and if not, what does she need to work on?

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you to be noticing of your expressions, recognizing that it is not necessarily helpful to be discounting of the individual’s expression and their trust in certain expressions of types of medical helpfulness. The point within this shift is to be accepting of beliefs, not to be eliminating of them. Therefore, in placing judgment upon your own choices or upon other individuals’ choices, you are merely lending energy to the perpetuation of these beliefs in a lack of acceptance.

Beyond this, I express to you that you may be focusing upon your red energy center, and this may be also – in conjunction with what you are engaging already – helpful to you also.

HAL: Speed it up?

ELIAS: This energy center you may be radiating more fully and allowing more of a free flow.

GERI: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

HAL: I have noticed, Elias, that at night, when I look at a bright light on a car or a street light, it’s got like angel-hair light projecting out from it, and other people see this also. Can you clarify or explain to me what I’m seeing?

ELIAS: This is a recognition in objective imagery, objective terms, of the radiating of energy, which mirrors, in what you term to be visual terms, that energy which each of you radiates. You are merely offering yourself what you term to be an example, in visual objective terms, of yourselves and how you radiate energy in like fashion.

HAL: This is just a curiosity question, but I was born in West Virginia, very cold country, and I had double pneumonia and double bronchitis with everything – measles, etc. – and my parents moved west to save my life.

Fifty-five years later, Geri and I visited that home that I spent the first six years in, and we entered my crib room, and then we went to a restaurant. Within two hours, I had bronchitis and I was sick. I was sicker than I’ve ever been for the next two or three days. Was this an energy deposit of some kind that sat there and waited for me to return fifty-five years later?

ELIAS: No. I express to you that you were creating of this expression as a small one in not choosing to be occupying that physical location and in exercising your influence within that time framework with your family, so to speak, to be complying with your choice of not wishing to be occupying that physical location.

In returning to that physical location, which you are repelled by naturally within your manifestation, you have created a mirror response once again to the physical location itself. This is merely your own expression of repelling within yourself in not choosing to be in alignment with that particular physical location.

This is, in actuality, although not quite as dramatically, quite common with individuals within physical focus. They magnate to certain physical locations that they resonate with within energy, and if they are not resonating with the energy within a particular physical location, they shall also create uncomfortableness. You have merely created an extreme expression in creating drama within your focus to be exerting your point! (Chuckling)

HAL: I hadn’t thought of it that way! It’s sort of the same thing, possibly ... what’s with the ringing in my ears? It’s in the center of my head. Does this have anything to do with the uncomfortableness on the right side of my back when I lay in bed longer than usual?

ELIAS: They are not related expressions.

I express to you that this ringing within your ears that you are experiencing is bleed-through action and interaction of other-dimensional focuses that you hold, and as you are opening and widening your awareness, you are also allowing energy to be incorporated into your objective awareness with respect to other-dimensional focuses that you hold within essence.

As to the affectingness within your back, so to speak, this is your creation within energy as you express to yourself your own noticing of unbalanced.

HAL: Oh boy. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall be accepting of one more question, and we shall be disengaging this evening.

KATIE: Okay, I have one last question. I had a conversation with Tiamo some time back, and he told me of an essence that wanted to channel through me; not quite in the same way that you do with Michael, in that the information wouldn’t be for the general masses, but primarily just for myself. Is this so, and if so, what is the name of this essence?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within energy exchanges, as to essences that in a manner of speaking channel energy in conjunction and mergence with an individual within physical focus, this is not an expression of an “essence in waiting.” It is also not an expression of an essence which is “wanting.” What I am expressing to you is, essences are responsive to individuals within physical focus.

(Humorously) I express to you that essences within nonphysical focus are not lying in wait within the cosmos, seeking out physical forms to be entering and engaging with to be offering unsolicited information! This is a construct of your belief systems, and in this, we shall be expressing that this may be much more in the direction of your science fiction than your science fiction! Ha ha ha ha! I express to you that essences are responsive to you within physical focus. Therefore, as you seek information and as you request information and helpfulness, essences within nonphysical focus are responsive to that.

Now; as to the situation of energy channeling with you engaging energy exchange, I express to you presently that this is less probable within your probabilities that you are choosing and creating. There are essences that are responsive to you as you project energy in requesting helpfulness and in seeking information, and this may be offered to you in conjunction with these essences, but this is not to say that they are seeking the engagement of energy exchange in the manner of what you term to be channeling. It is merely their presentment of themselves in availability to you to be lending energy to you, that you may be accessing the information that you seek. Are you understanding?

KATIE: Yes, I am. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express to you each this evening much lovingness, great affection, and encouragement, and I am also expressing to you that I shall be offering you each energy to be continuing within your individual adventures and your engagement of your challenges, for they are all beneficial. To you this evening, in anticipation of our next meeting, I express to you fondly, adieu.

Elias departs at 9:58 PM.

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