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Sunday, February 21, 1999

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“Nonphysical Actions of Essence”

“Discipline in Attention”

“An Easter Egg Hunt!”

“Is Black a Color?”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Mike (Mikah).

Elias arrives at 1:22 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Greetings!

MIKE: Greetings! (Elias chuckles) Okay, the first thing I would like to hear from you is your explanation of nonphysical focus of myself, yourself, and Patel. (Pause)

ELIAS: Nonphysical focus of myself?

MIKE: With me, with yourself and Patel.

ELIAS: This is difficult to be explaining to you within physical language and terminology. Therefore, I wish that you be understanding of this aspect of communication, for I am translating into your language concepts that do not translate well within the confines of your understanding.

You may look to experiences in physical focuses and understand the relationships between individuals. In this, I may express to you hypothetically that yourself and myself and Patel have engaged within a physical focus and have held a relationship of friendship, and you shall understand what I am conveying to you.

In terms of nonphysical relationships, it is more difficult for you to understand the interaction which occurs, for it is not the same as physical relationships.

In this, there are relationships, in a manner of speaking, with essences that are occurring simultaneous to any other direction that they choose individually, in focusing their attention of essence into other areas of consciousness. In this, your essence presently focuses certain elements of its attention into physical dimensions.

You are a physical focus of your essence, a specific directedness of attention. Myself and Patel are not focusing attention within physical dimensions. But your essence does not focus all of its attention within physical dimensions. Elements of its attention are directed in nonphysical areas of consciousness. In these areas, there is interaction between these three essences.

Now; the type of interaction which occurs is an element of mergence. It is an action of mergence which occurs between these three essences and directs certain elements of attention to certain qualities, or that which may be translated as certain aspects of tones of essence.

In a manner of speaking, I may figuratively offer you a type of example translated into physical manifestations in relation to emotion. In this, you may direct your attention to a specific emotion.

Now; this one particular emotion is not the entirety of yourself, but it is an aspect of the qualities of yourself. It is an expression of yourself. In this expression of a particular emotion that you may choose to focus upon, were you to engage a mingling of your consciousness with another individual, directing your attention, both, to this same emotion, this same quality of self, you would then share an experience together of exploring that particular quality of yourselves and exchanging experiences in relation to this particular emotion. Are you understanding thus far?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. In this, as essences merge, they are exchanging experiences of qualities of themselves, but the difference is the element of perception.

Within physical dimensions, there is a creation of perception. This is your understanding and your identification with your reality. Perception almost holds a type of solidity to it. It is a created element of your reality. Within essence, there is no creation of perception, for perception is a translation, and within essence, this translation is unnecessary.

Therefore, within the experience of mergence, figuratively in your physical terminology, there is a completeness of this mergence, and there is a sharing and an investigation and exploration of qualities that are held within essence, but they are not filtered through perception.

Now; within physical focus and within your belief systems of spirituality, you magnate within your thought process to these types of ideas of actions that you wish to be understanding of, for you view that if you are understanding these types of actions, you shall hold more of an understanding of your connections with other essences, and you also translate that you shall offer yourself a more efficient method to be accessing the energy of another essence that you hold connections with, in your terms. For in actuality, you are interconnected with all essences and all consciousness, as you are aware.

I express to you that your movement in the direction of curiosity of the interaction that occurs nonphysically between essences is not necessarily helpful to you within your physical focus, for it does not translate into clarity within the action of translation of perception. Therefore, there is an element of distortion in this type of translation, for you are grasping at known elements of your physical reality that you attempt to be translating nonphysical aspects into.

Now; let me also express to you that you may be quite interactive with other essences nonphysically, and you may be engaged in the action of mergence with other essences, and this holds a different type of action and translation with respect to an individual focus of essence. Now; let me further offer explanation in this area.

You may be allowing yourself an awareness of actions occurring within other focuses of your essence, and this may offer you objective helpfulness in your understanding of your experiences within your focus, and as I have stated to you, all of your focuses are affecting of all of your focuses, for there is a continual exchange of energy.

Now; there is also a continual exchange of energy within essence, in all of the aspects or areas of attention of essence. Therefore, all of essence is continuously interactive with you, and in certain manners is also continuously affecting with you.

Therefore, in the interaction nonphysically of mergence of essences and the relationship that they may hold with each other, in a manner of speaking, this is affecting of you also, but it does not translate into your physical focus in the same manner that other physical focuses translate, for your attention is focused to be processing, experiencing, and exploring physical experiences. Therefore, there is a separation created which does not interpret objectively many elements of nonphysical action and the energy which is exchanged and affecting of you. The affectingness of these types of experiences within nonphysical areas of consciousness are offered subjectively and move without thickness into your focus to be offering energy in your own creation of you as a focus. Now; let me clarify.

The energy which is offered to you by another focus is the energy of that focus within its experiences. You are receiving of that energy, and you are either allowing yourself to be experiencing it in the manner that it is being experienced in the other focus or you are reconfiguring the energy and applying it to your focus in the most beneficial manner, but there is an element of perception that is involved in this action. Therefore, there is an element of thickness within the exchange of energy between focuses, for there is a translation into objective perception.

You view this as an action or a thing which occurs – and subsequently is accepted – outside of yourself, in the same manner that you shall be viewing another individual in any action that they choose, and you view this to be outside of yourself. It is their action. You may be drawing yourself to this action, but they are creating of the action. This is your translation. It is an objective translation and perception.

Now; within the action of essence, the mergence of different essences may be occurring, and the energy is offered to the focus, but it shall not be perceived as being created outside of the individual. It shall be accepted without the thickness, and therefore shall automatically be translated into your reality as an element of yourself. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: In this, you may encounter another individual or another focus, and within the encounter they may offer a concept to you, and you may be listening to this and express to yourself, “Ah, the individual has offered or given to me a new concept.” You shall perceive this as something created outside of yourself and subsequently offered to you.

Whereas within the action of communication of essences merged and the energy offered to you through this action, you shall perceive the energy as being that which is created by yourself. The idea shall spring from your own thoughts. It shall not appear to be being created outside of yourself. It shall naturally emerge as an element of yourself.

This be the type of action which occurs within the interaction of these three essences, and the benefit to yourself, as the physical focus in this type of action, is that you shall be lent energy by the experiences that occur nonphysically.

Therefore, it matters not that you hold an objectively translated understanding of the relationship which is held within the mergence and interaction of these essences, but that you allow yourself the openness of acceptance of energy and the knowing – which stems from within your own acceptance of self – that the interaction that is occurring within essence, of these three essences, is lending energy to your movement within your physical focus.

Now; let me also express to you that at times, you within a physical focus may be blocking of the receiving of this type of energy, and may be deflecting that particular energy to another area of essence if you are not accepting of the expression of the energy which is automatically offered.

I am not expressing to you that this is the action that you are engaging. I am merely offering you an example, that within physical focus you do hold the ability to be rejecting, so to speak, that energy which may be offered to you through essence in conjunction with its mergence with other essences.

As to the actual interaction and event of these types of movements within essence, there is no actual terminology or words, so to speak, that shall offer you an understanding adequately of the actual occurrence which is taking place within these energy exchanges of essence. I may offer to you the most efficient words within your language, and those would be the expression of mergence and exploration of tone and quality, which are shared in similarity within these essences.

This is an action that occurs within essence continuously. It is unlimited and occurring within many, many, many essences continuously within consciousness. This also is occurring within your physical focuses with certain aspects of your consciousness, but you do not hold an objective awareness of this action, for you have created a separation of your awarenesses.

This is not to say that you are not continuing to be creating all of the elements of movement of consciousness. You merely do not hold an objective awareness of what you are creating. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. In this, as you allow yourself more movement in the area of your inner sense of conceptualization, you shall hold a greater understanding of these types of actions within consciousness.

I have offered much encouragement to individuals within physical focus to be practicing in this area of conceptualization, for although you may not create language for your understanding of many of these types of actions, you shall hold the understanding and you shall hold the knowing if you are allowing yourself to be more fully exercising your inner sense of conceptualization. (Pause)

MIKE: Okay. Last session, you gave me ... wait. It was the session before that. Well, in one of the last sessions, you gave me a way of detecting, I guess, so to speak, expectations and beliefs through looking at the disappointments and certain reactions in situations, and I was curious as to a method of sorts, of uncovering underlying expectations. (Pause)

ELIAS: You may be identifying your expectations by recognizing your own responses to different events within your reality in conjunction with your belief systems.

Now: I have offered the previous method, so to speak, that you may be practicing with, for this offers you the opportunity to view more of your responses within interactions more clearly, and as you become more familiar with your own responses, this lends an ease to identifying your own expectations more clearly in less obvious manners, in objective terms.

In this, it is important that you are familiarizing yourself with all of the aspects of your own belief systems, and also familiarizing yourself with your own responses to each given situation, for within every situation or event, you shall hold a response. If you are paying attention within the now, you may be allowing yourself to notice your own responses.

Now; I am quite aware that this may be expressed quite easily, and I may be expressing to you that you may be noticing automatic responses that you hold, but the actualization of noticing these automatic responses may not be quite as easy, for in this, you have created certain expressions within your reality that have become, in a manner of speaking, natural to you.

Therefore, they are accepted within your focus and you do NOT pay attention, for you do not even recognize that you ARE creating an automatic response.

In this, as you move more fully into your exploration of your own responses, behavior, and belief systems, and all of the aspects of your belief systems, you shall also begin to notice that you shall require of yourself more and more discipline within your attention, noticing more and more of your own behaviors and creations. This action moves you more and more fully into the now.

I have been expressing for much time framework that this is your most efficient direction, is to be noticing and interactive with yourself and with all of your reality within the now, within every moment.

This is quite difficult for individuals within physical focus, for it is unfamiliar, but this action of noticing your own behaviors and your own aspects of belief systems automatically moves you more and more in the direction and into the action of allowing yourself presence within the now.

In this, as you are attentive to each moment within the now, you also offer yourself the opportunity and ability to be altering your own responses, recognizing that you hold choices within the now.

Many difficulties arise with individuals, for they do not recognize that they hold choices, for they are NOT present within the now. Their attention is not focused within the now.

But as you continue in this action, I shall express to you that you may anticipate your own movement into [the] realization that you require of yourself much more discipline within your attention than you automatically allow yourself presently. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: These concepts, although in one respect are quite simple, in their actualization within physical focus in relation to all of your belief systems are quite difficult to be enacting. I am quite understanding of this element of your reality.

It may seem at times that these concepts may be quite simplistic and that they may be holding simplicity in their enactment, but in actuality, with the consideration of the strength of energy of all of your belief systems and all of the aspects of your belief systems, there becomes much difficulty in your movement into these areas, for you are quite undisciplined in your physical focuses.

Look to the exercise in clarity, in focusing your attention merely upon your outer senses and the manipulation of these outer senses, and how very difficult you experience the attempts in manipulating these outer senses, for you allow them automatic expression.

I express to you that you also allow yourself, within your thought process and your emotional expressions, much automatic responsiveness, and in this, it is requiring of a great deal of discipline to be noticing and to not be moving into the area of automatic responses. (Pause)

MIKE: Is that it?


MIKE: Okay. I’ve kind of taken your – well, it’s a new transcript or a newer transcript – your concept with the stick and the ball analogy, I’ve kind of taken the ball and ran with it, (Elias grins) and I’ve kind of tried to incorporate a new approach to dealing with belief systems, and I was curious if it’s working. (Pause)

ELIAS: This is an interesting type of movement that you are creating in your own exploration.

Presently, within this now, this may be an enactment of an efficient experiment that you may engage that shall offer you a little more clarity in your understanding and your noticing of how you are creating your perception, how you are moving your perception, and how you are affecting with your ball in relation to other individuals and their ball.

Therefore, I express to you that temporarily within this now, and for a time period, you may be encouraged in this new experiment, for you are offering yourself new information in your own understanding, which may be helpful in the area of noticing the aspects of your own belief systems and in noticing your own automatic responses, of which we have just spoken.

MIKE: Okay, so for a time period, it’s gonna be working then?

ELIAS: Correct, and you shall hold an awareness as to the efficiency of this experiment, and once you have offered yourself enough information and experience in this experiment, you shall also hold an awareness of that, and you shall offer yourself a new movement.

MIKE: Okay. Also, recently, like in the past week or so, I’ve had thoughts or understandings, I think, about impulses and impressions and living in the moment, and I was wondering if I am correct in my understanding of impulses in the moment. (Pause)

ELIAS: In that they are a movement or almost what you would consider to be – in your terminology – an unconscious push, yes.

MIKE: Okay, and I was curious as to how some people say, you know, before the moment actually occurs, ‘cause I was having a hard time understanding, because when I got my understanding of the impulses, which you’ve been saying but it didn’t register, about how they come in the moment because you create in the moment, but when people are talking about before the moment even occurs, would those types of thoughts or whatsuch be impressions and not necessarily impulses?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Okay. Here’s another one. Candace and I were going back and forth on this one. We ask each other our preference for something, such as food, what we want to eat, and I’ll say it doesn’t matter or I don’t care. I have no preference at the time. Am I invalidating myself in that area? I mean, when I’m thinking of it, I really don’t have a preference at the time, and I was curious about the thing of holding no preference.

ELIAS: This is an interesting question!

You have developed, within physical focus and within the belief systems of your psychology, very strong aspects of belief systems that suggest to you that if you are not holding a preference in any given area, that you are blocking some element of energy or you are denying some aspect of yourself, and not expressing yourself efficiently. I express to you that this is not necessarily the situation.

In certain situations and moments, you may hold a preference – you may hold an opinion or an idea – and in certain other moments, you may not necessarily hold an idea, opinion, or preference. This is not necessarily reflective of any type of blocking of energy or discounting of yourself.

Now; you may be quite aware when you are discounting of self. You may be offering this type of response to another individual, that it matters not to you, when in actuality you may be discounting of self, for you may be expressing this in responsiveness to what you perceive to be an expectation of another individual. You shall offer to the other individual what you perceive they wish to be hearing.

But you may also genuinely not hold a preference within a particular moment, and this is a very different expression. This is not a discounting of self. It is merely an expression within the moment, and this may be accurately expressed within any situation and any concept, that you within a particular moment may not necessarily hold an opinion or a thought process or a preference to any particular direction within that particular moment.

This is not to say that you may not be presented with the same type of situation subsequently, and that within that moment, you MAY hold a preference. It is merely dependent upon the direction of your attention within that particular moment and now.

Therefore, if you are expressing that you do not hold a preference for a particular type of sandwich within a moment, and you are not offering this expression in response to the expectation of another individual, you are expressing accurately and you are not blocking any expression of energy within the moment and you are not discounting of self.

This is an automatic belief system presently within many individuals, that if you are not expressing within a particular direction, regardless of what it may be, that you are discounting of self. This is not necessarily the case.

Therefore, I acknowledge to you that you may be expressing with Candace that you do not hold an expectation or a preference in a particular moment, and you are not discounting of yourself. Therefore, I am validating to you that your expression is genuine.

MIKE: Okay. Again, I’m gonna return to my German writer. (Elias grins) First of all, I want to ask you, why am I creating so much conflict with finding this individual if he is so famous?

ELIAS: You have moved yourself into an area, that you may offer yourself the opportunity of noticing.

NOW; this is precisely the type of action that I have been expressing to you. Look to what you are creating. You move more and more into a narrowing of your attention. The more you move in this direction, the more you narrow your perception, the more rigid you become, and the more you block your own efforts.

As you create more and more of a singularity of thought and more concentration in this area, you create a larger expression of blocking your own efforts, which we have discussed previously.

But once again, you offer yourself your own imagery to be presenting this type of action to yourself, for this is an automatic area that you move in. You automatically focus your attention in an area, and you do not notice how you allow yourself to be consumed with the singularity of your own movement.

Therefore, you continue to present yourself with examples in imagery of this type of action, that you may be noticing what you are creating and allow yourself the relaxation of your focus, and in that relaxation, you shall be finding that which you seek.

MIKE: Is this person ... because I know Nietzsche is referred to as a writer, but if you go to a bookstore, he’s under philosophers. Is my focus ... what would he be considered? A writer/philosopher or a writer/writer?

ELIAS: A writer/philosopher.

MIKE: Okay, I’ve put down three more names, but they’re not him, are they?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, before you are even engaging in this action, that you may continue your search! (Grinning)

MIKE: (Laughing) Continue my search! So I haven’t uncovered him, right?

ELIAS: And you continue to KNOW that you have not offered the connection with the identification of this focus.

NOW; I shall express to you that you have, in your terminology, exposed yourself to the naming of this individual, but you have also passed over this identification, for you are narrowing your focus and your energy, and in that action, you are blinding yourself to the information and connection that may otherwise present itself to you.

MIKE: It’s not Marx, is it?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, no.

But I shall express to you, in quite colorful terms, you have engaged upon your Easter egg hunt, and you have passed the egg several times, not even noticing that it lies before your foot, looking beyond to the hidden eggs, for they are more intriguing and offer you the hunt! Whereas the egg that you seek is brightly colored before you, and you are merely not noticing. (1)

MIKE: Okay. Are you still gonna withhold your answer as to whether or not he’s in that book or not?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I am challenging you! This is an excellent exercise for you, and this be the reason that I continue to play the game with you, for you offer yourself many areas in this challenge, that you may be noticing of many different elements with yourself.

Therefore, in this, I continue to play the game, but as your teacher. As the student, I am continuing to encourage you to be challenging yourself to be acquiring your answer, for as I continue to step back, figuratively speaking, this allows you to challenge yourself and to be accomplishing within yourself, and this shall be much more affecting than for me to be offering you your answer. You shall gain much information, in this particular investigation, of yourself.

MIKE: Okay. Is this individual, in the terminology you used last session, of similar tone to myself?

ELIAS: In certain areas, yes.

MIKE: Okay. So he would be included in the 53?


MIKE: Okay. Are the two focuses – the cardinal and this writer – that you gave me, are they the only two focuses out of the 731 that would be considered to be famous? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, although you do hold focuses that in objective terms hold relative recognition, but that relative recognition is limited to their immediate surroundings.

MIKE: Anyone that I would know of from history?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This be my meaning in this, that they are well-known within their immediate communities, but not necessarily holding what you term to be fame.

MIKE: Okay. I would like to ask, has that other focus that was designated as the final focus made the agreement yet with myself? (Pause)

ELIAS: This moves quite close. It is not fully accomplished, but it is closely accomplished.

MIKE: Okay. Can you tell me what year this person is in? (Pause)

ELIAS: This individual designated as the final focus focuses its attention within your linear time framework of 1627 presently.

MIKE: 1627?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: So it’s a past type person then.

ELIAS: In your terminology, for they are all occurring simultaneously. They are merely within different locations of your physical time framework.

MIKE: Can you tell me his ethnicity, or what region he or she is in?

ELIAS: This would also be of male gender, and would be occupying the physical location of what you term to be Prussia.

MIKE: Prussia?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: That’s interesting. Okay, you’ve told me on several occasions that I have future focuses, and I was curious as to whether or not you can give me a number, linearly speaking, of future focuses. (Pause)

ELIAS: You hold 16 future focuses.

MIKE: Okay, and also, on the number 53 that you gave me, was that including me or was that others besides me?

ELIAS: That would be including yourself.

MIKE: Okay. So the 16 is out of the 53 then?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Okay. Linearly speaking, when is the last future focus? What time period, like the farthest linearly ahead?

ELIAS: This would be within the time framework of 4083 presently.

MIKE: So, forty eighty-three?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Other focuses of myself ... do I have any focuses as a psychologist? (Pause)


MIKE: Okay. Do I have any focuses as an opal miner? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. Now; let me express the difference. The miner would be within those 53 focuses. The psychologist would not.

MIKE: Okay. Do I have any counterparts, or actually a focus, as like a fighter pilot? (Pause)

ELIAS: You do hold counterpart action with an individual that holds that experience. You have not created your own focus for this particular experience, but you have created a counterpart action with another individual for this experience.

MIKE: Okay. As to the 4 focuses, out of the 53, that are soldiers, I know one is in Alexander’s army. Would another one of them be in Caesar or Marc Anthony or Octavius’ army? (Pause)

ELIAS: Anthony; correct.

MIKE: Okay. Would I also have another one in Napoleon’s army?

ELIAS: Napoleon the third, yes.

MIKE: Well, I’ll have to think about the other one. Okay, again with the other focuses, and I don’t mean to use it as a crystal ball question, (Elias grins) but it’s just a matter of curiosity. Are any of my future focuses, I guess ... because of what you said last time, they’re not gonna manifest until I disengage because of the similar tone, right?

ELIAS: They ARE manifest presently.

MIKE: Well, I mean in linear time.

ELIAS: Within linear time framework, you consider these to be future. Therefore, within your linear time framework, they are not manifest, you are correct.

MIKE: Okay. As to the most probable probability of me getting the designation of final focus, would I be correct in saying that there aren’t going to be any more manifestations of my essence in a linear time frame until after I disengage? Do you know what I’m saying?

ELIAS: In objective terms, within your linear time framework, you are correct that the probability is less probable, although it is not impossible. But it is less probable that you shall be creating any other focuses within your linear time framework, and the reason for this statement is that all of your focuses ARE manifest already presently. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes. I was just thinking because of the thing about final focus. You say that all others that are simultaneously manifest disengage or fragment. So I was just curious as to whether or not I would be manifesting again, and then disengaging, and then that other one would have to disengage too, which I know would be their choice, but I was just curious.

ELIAS: Correct, and I am understanding your curiosity, although as I have stated, this may be altered. It is less probable, but this is not to say that it is not possible, for you do hold the ability to be creating in this manner, and as I have stated many times, there are no rules. Therefore, you may choose to be creating another linear manifestation. It is merely less probable, but the reasoning would not move in the direction of your logical thought process.

Your logical thought process suggests to you that this shall be unnecessary, or in your vernacular a “waste of time,” so to speak, to be creating another focus if you shall be designated as the final focus. But within essence, the creation of manifestations is for the purpose of experience. Therefore, it matters not the duration of the experience, and in this, it would merely be a choice.

MIKE: Okay. I’m going back to the military focuses. Would the fourth military focus be in like a Japanese samurai-type army?


MIKE: Okay.

ELIAS: I shall offer to you that you may be engaging one more question, and I shall be disengaging, for I wish not to be taxing with Michael.

MIKE: Okay. Well, can I get two more questions out?


MIKE: Okay. The tone of G that you gave me last time, the second octave G, was that for this focus of mine or was that for my essence?

ELIAS: This would be essence.

MIKE: Okay. I’ve been pondering this one, and there’s a lot of belief systems going for it and against it, but the belief of black being a color. A lot of people say black is not a color because it’s nothing; it’s the absence of color. And I was curious as to, how can it be classified as a color? I mean, are these beliefs, or is it a truth that black isn’t a color?

ELIAS: Black is the incorporation of all colors and holds its own vibrational quality as such, for it incorporates all of these colors. Your translation in physical terms of this color is not in actuality what its actual quality is. It is a translation into physical terms, but in actuality, this is a color unique to itself and holding its own vibrational quality, and is a truth.

MIKE: Okay. As to the beliefs surrounding why it’s not, scientists believe that when you look at something like a pair of blue jeans, what you’re seeing is a light vibrational quality of blue reflecting back. But they say when you look at black, it’s absorbing all the colors, so you’re not seeing any color reflecting. So their argument is, if something is blue, then that means it’s every other color but blue. Do you know what I’m saying?

ELIAS: I am quite aware of what you are expressing and of the beliefs of your sciences, and I am expressing to you that these are their interpretations and their belief in this area.

I am also expressing to you that color is truth, and that it holds a vibrational quality of which your sciences do not understand. They are interpreting within their beliefs the identification of the vibrational qualities of color and its relation to what they identify as light, but their identification of light is quite limited also, and they do not understand the vibrational quality of this element any more than they understand the vibrational quality of color.

As to their interpretation of the absence of color within the expression of black, and that this is creating what you may term to be a vacuum as to the vibrational quality of color, I am expressing to you that this is incorrect.

Black is an expressed, unique quality in itself and holds its own vibrational quality, and is a truth and is a color, in like manner to all other colors.

MIKE: Okay.

ELIAS: And I express to you the questioning of, what shall you designate as light?

MIKE: As light or white?

ELIAS: Light.

MIKE: Oh gosh, I don’t know! (Laughing) I don’t even think they know!

ELIAS: QUITE! They do not understand the quality of light or its designation. They view this to be merely an illumination of some sort, but they are not quite understanding what its quality is, in actuality.

Although your physicists believe and your mathematicians believe that they hold the answer to these questionings, I express to you that they merely hold a translation in part to these questions, and that beyond their partial explanations, they do not understand the qualities of consciousness that they are investigating or expressing knowledge of. These are elements of consciousness, and they are truths.

MIKE: Okay. Well, I’ll let you go, and I’ll be hoping that you’ll be hanging around!

ELIAS: And so I shall be! And so I shall also be playful with you, that you shall be noticing! (Chuckling)

I express to you great affection. I also encourage you in your continuation of your investigations, and be not forgetful that your investigations are not merely limited to the identification of certain singular elements, but you have presented these to yourself also, that you may be noticing much more within your process, so to speak. I am offering much energy to you as the student, and continue in my encouragement with you.

I express to you this day, Mikah, much lovingness, and anticipate our next meeting. To you, I extend a fond au revoir.

MIKE: Thank you.

Elias departs at 2:53 PM.


(1) Vic’s note: following are Mike’s notes regarding his efforts to identify his focus as a German writer – his Easter egg hunt!

“I know that I ask about my German writer in my next session briefly, but I never get a validated answer from Elias until my mother, Nicky, asked in a session later in the year. In any case, I am writing this as an example to others of how an individual may be creating imagery to offer a sought out answer to their question(s).

“The “book” I kept asking Elias about was a book from Barnes and Noble called “The Most influential Writers in History.” In it was some 300+ writers, with a picture and description of the writers. Upon my searching through this book, I only looked for keywords, such as “German,” and for an individual who looked like me. This was the basis of my search, as I objectively recognized no other info to search with. However, the information was in my face from the first time I flipped through the book. I had indeed run across the entry for my focus in the book on my first search through it; I passed him up (as Elias stated) for the mere reason that I thought he had a funny name. I stopped on the entry, looked at myself on the page, and dismissed it (me) with the mere fact that his name was “funny” to me. His name is Stefan George. Upon other searches, I stopped on Stefan with curiosity of his name, because “George” I found to be a weird last name. However, I still dismissed him.

“Before this session, I had also began an intriguement to a certain comic series (I’m not a comic reader, so this was significant, although I didn’t connect it until AFTER I found out the identity of my focus) titled “Kingdom Come.” I had to find a T-shirt with the emblem of the main character (Superman) ... I was determined. This is why I find it funny, Elias’s usage of “colorful Easter egg,” as that’s exactly what it was, because I have a 5’ standup of Superman in my room right in front of where I hold my sessions. In any case, after I finally had a dream about the “picture” I had seen, I had my mom validate the identity in her session.

“NOW, in retrospect, Stefan George’s last “story/book” was titled “Kingdom Come.” Within that time framework, Nietzsche (a philosopher friend) had begun a philosophy based upon the rise of a “Superman,” which Stefan had written supplemented information about. To top it all off, my middle name is George, and I share the same nationality (a quarter of it anyways) as Stefan – Prussian. Needless to say, I had surrounded myself with imagery ... but continuously dismissed it as accidental, or not relating to, or not even noticing at all!

“I hope that this gives some insight to people, as the investigation was very frustrating for the mere reason that I was too busy focusing on a small portion of information I had availed myself of.”

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