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Tuesday, June 30, 1998

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“Dis-eases Affecting Gender Organs”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr). Jim has been involved with these sessions since June of ‘95. (1)

Vic’s note: In the process of transcribing these phone sessions, it’s become clear that sometimes there is a “bad connection,” so to speak. This seems to be the case in this session. I would recommend that if you are engaging a phone session and you are having difficulty hearing, indicate this to Elias. It may be helpful to hang up and call back. Also, it may be helpful to allow a pause of perhaps 5 seconds before speaking, as sometimes he pauses briefly in the middle of answering questions.

Elias arrives at 9:40 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning! (Pause) And you have inquiries this morning?

JIM: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) How are you?

ELIAS: As always. (Still chuckling)

JIM: Yes?

ELIAS: We meet again, Yarr!

JIM: Yes, we do! Technology strikes again, huh? (They both laugh) Quite amazing! So how have you been? I’m sure very well!

ELIAS: As always, I continue within my activities and exploration.

JIM: And I as well. I’ve got some inquiries, if we could talk for a little bit. I’m sure you’re aware of a lot of what they are, and so I’ll just kind of get into things. We had spoken a while back about holding an aspect of Seer, an aspect of the Dream Walkers. Could you elaborate on that a little bit, as to more of what that involves?

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you that as I have stated previously, some essences “before the beginning” were choosing to be those of the Dream Walkers, and other essences belonging to these essence families in connection with this dimension were choosing to be entirely physically manifest for that experience. This, I shall express to you, is one aspect of the beginning of the belief systems of “masters” or “guides” which you hold for helpfulness within physical focus, for there has been a distinction made between those essences choosing to be physically manifest and those essences choosing to be not entirely physically manifest.

The Dream Walkers serve the purpose of being helpful to individuals, to essences within focuses, in the remembrance of the connection to essence, in the creation of the veil that those essences which were choosing to be entirely physically manifest had created and as you continue to create within physical focus. In this, certain essences were also choosing to be creating of aspects of the Dream Walkers. The meaning of this is conjunctive to fragmentation.

Essences that are Dream Walkers have fragmented other essences which have been choosing to be physically manifest within this dimension, but those essences fragmented of the Dream Walkers hold the aspect of the Dream Walkers. Just as within fragmentation in any manner, those essences which are the fragmented essences hold all of the qualities and remembrance of the fragmenting essence. Although they may not be choosing to be exhibiting these qualities or these aspects, and these may lie latent within the fragmented essence, they continue to hold the qualities of the fragmenting essence.

In this same manner, the Seers....

JIM: (Sighing) Well, okay. That explains a lot. So if I’m fragmented from Twylah, then that essence holds that aspect as well, the aspect of Seer.

ELIAS: Correct. That essence may not be considered a Dream Walker, for it holds physical focuses, but it is Seer, for it holds the aspect of the Dream Walkers.

JIM: Okay. That explains a lot. Thank you. The feeling that I feel in the palms of my hands when focusing or offering energy, is that energy movement in transmission, so to speak, and the sensation is created by myself for my own recognition?

ELIAS: The sensation is created by yourself. This would be a manipulation of energy that you direct into your physical hands, for this allows you an actual objective physical recognition of energy manipulation placed within a specific location of your physical form that you recognize as an area that you may physically be manipulating efficiently in connection with other individuals or creatures.

If you are projecting your own energy to your solar plexus, you may find difficulty in connecting physically, objectively, with another individual or creature, for within your belief systems you view that you may be physically connecting or manipulating your body parts, so to speak, in connection with these other individuals. You may experience difficulty in certain areas of your body in moving them in conjunction with another individual, may you not? (Chuckling)

JIM: Yes!

ELIAS: Therefore, you choose to be manipulating the energy into the area of your hands, for these are the instruments of your physical body that you manipulate physical objects with, and therefore this creates more of an efficiency for you.

JIM: So within that sensation, energy actually is being projected and moved?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

JIM: But it’s not necessarily just isolated in my hands, I guess, at that point either, is it?

ELIAS: No, but this would be your focal point and your directed area that you direct the energy through to be manipulating it efficiently in conjunction with other individuals or creatures.

JIM: Okay. Does one need to go into the cell or the energy center to give information about issues of creating the disease, or helping a person or even my own self in identifying the issues, identifying the shrines and the belief systems that are causing the discomfort? Do we actually have to go into the cellular structure, or just the energy center?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the intent and also the directedness of the individual or creature being affected and their agreement or desire for helpfulness, and also it is dependent upon the severity of the affectingness and the efficiency of your interaction with the individual or the creature in manipulating energy. As you become more accomplished in manipulating energy, you also move into the direction of becoming more precise in your identification of the affected areas and the issues which surround these areas; the energy which is held and is creating of the affectingness. Therefore, you may be effectively manipulating energy and allowing the other individual to be receiving this energy and applying the energy to their own affected areas, but many times with individuals, they hold belief systems which are very affecting. In this manner, they hold an expectation in conjunction with their belief systems that suggests to them that YOU shall be directing of energy and YOU shall be controlling the movement of the energy. Therefore, they also hold an expectation of your preciseness in directing the energy to specific areas and allowing instructions in precise directions to be affecting of the energy which is held and is creating of the dis-ease.

Now; let me express to you that this is less of a situation with your creatures, for they do not hold the belief systems and the expectation which is created by the belief systems, although at times it may be efficient and beneficial to be identifying specific areas precisely to be directing energy more efficiently.

Just as within the beginnings of our engagements of sessions, the energy was more scattered and not quite so directed, and in this action it was affecting of individuals in confusing manners, and as it became more directed and precise, it also is creating of a more direct individual interactiveness subjectively, which allows for more efficiency in the exchange. (2)

JIM: Okay. You’re breaking up a little bit! (Bad connection!)

So, in oneself and in one’s own self-healing and the action that one takes in moving energy and so forth, is expectation a good thing? Can one expect to acquire the results that one wants, get the answers that one wants?

ELIAS: This is a tricky area!

JIM: (Laughing) Yes, no doubt!

ELIAS: In one respect, holding the expectation in the direction of KNOWING and not allowing doubtfulness to be entering shall be helpful to you, but in another respect, if you are holding an expectation for an outcome, this may also be less efficient. Therefore, in your terms there is a fine line in this area, for the difference is exhibited in the area of your knowing and your not holding the doubt, which is the expression of duplicity.

JIM: Okay, that makes sense. Let’s see. In recently working with some of my creatures ... like Chloe the mule when she exhibited the colic. We incorporated the vet and I also worked with her energetically, and she decided to feel better. My interaction with that and the frame of mind, the state of consciousness that I had while working with her, is that more in alignment with an exchange, and is that what that kind of offered me?


JIM: Okay. Our dog Gracie that we gave to our in-laws, she has a hindquarter paralysis, and I’m taking her to some energetic healers here this Friday. Is this imagery that I’m bringing to myself to meet these people and to be involved with the disorder of this animal? Can you help me with maybe what issue this particular creature is working with and trying to communicate to us? I’m a little unclear.

ELIAS: There are several situations occurring within this particular exhibition of affectingness within energy. One of the situations is the allowance for yourself to be connecting with other individuals and noticing and viewing their allowance of openness to the creatures and the individuals involved with the creatures.

Your domestic creatures that you allow to be connecting with you, as what you term to be “house pets,” hold much more of an interaction with you as individuals, in agreement to be accepting energy and creating certain situations in conjunction with you and your expressions and your belief systems. Other creatures are creating of some aspects of affectingness that may move you in the direction of noticing or being helpful to you in different movements in your own intents, but they are not so very likely to be entering into personal agreement with you in very affecting areas and assuming certain aspects of dis-ease or dysfunction for your benefit. Therefore, these creatures – your dogs, your cats, and in some aspects flying creatures, birds – that you hold as pets shall be more compliant in the area of allowing themselves to be assuming affectingness in energy than other creatures.

Another aspect of this situation is the creature’s responsiveness to the individuals that it presently is residing with, and issues that are held with this individual.

JIM: Hmm. Hello?

ELIAS: Watch carefully as you engage the interaction with these individuals that you shall be connecting with, for they shall be helpful to you in instruction to be offering you information as to movement that you may incorporate within your intent, in your direction of healing movement.

JIM: Oh, okay. Alright. So I can look to that within some of these other animals as well -- Sarah and her eye problem and the people that assist her that have her now – look more to the family?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Look more to the immediate environment.

ELIAS: Correct, and view the interaction ...

JIM: Um....

ELIAS: ... of these individuals and view their personal issues, which may be affecting of the creatures that they reside with.

JIM: Yeah.

ELIAS: Also let me offer to you ...

JIM: Okay....

ELIAS: ... that you be ...

JIM: Cindy and I have noticed lately (Elias chuckles) that we’ve been involved with a lot of autistic children, and in particular the one school that we visited. The little girl that I offered energy to, immediately she turned and her eyes locked on mine and she kind of smiled a little bit, and then went off in her own world again, or dimension. Are these children exhibiting ... are they in and out of dimensions? Can you help me with all of that, and the expression of the little girl, and what autism is for these people?

ELIAS: Yes. First of all, let me offer you a suggestion in this particular session presently. With your new technology, I am quite understanding that you are very pleased with yourselves that you have created this invention! (Jim laughs) But let me offer you the suggestion that you, in engaging this new technology, shall be interruptive of my answering to you if you are speaking and not waiting as I am speaking. In my last response to your questioning, you are not receiving objectively the answer or the continuation of the answer to the question, for as you begin to speak, you also are denying the continuation of the communication in objective manner from this transmission. Therefore, let me continue and be finishing, so to speak ...

JIM: Okay!

ELIAS: ... the response to your last question, and then I shall be responding to this question of these children.

Let me express to you that I am offering to you the suggestion that you offer yourself the opportunity to be inquiring of these individuals in questioning of their process and their interaction with these creatures, for this may offer you the opportunity to be assimilating more information in the direction of exercising your intuitive sense and recognizing your abilities within your empathic sense. Are you understanding?

JIM: Okay.

ELIAS: Now I shall offer response to your questioning of these small ones and their creation of this particular choice of manifestation.

You hold little understanding of this particular choice of manifestation within your physical focus. These individuals are not entirely disconnected, so to speak, with objective physical reality. They merely choose to be interactive within other areas of consciousness simultaneous to being interactive with their objective reality. They ARE interactive with objective reality, but direct their attention specifically to isolated aspects of their particular reality. Therefore, to your viewing it APPEARS that they are oblivious to the officially accepted reality that moves around them.

In actuality, they are choosing quite precisely to be focusing their attention upon specific activities or experiences and repeating these experiences and moving into an entire fullness of the experience in very limited areas, that they may enjoy and experience the purity of very simplistic actions within a particular physical manifestation. This is not to say that they do not hold momentary or even extended time periods that they may be allowing themselves to be connecting with other individuals within an officially accepted expression of objective reality.

You look to yourselves and you acknowledge yourselves in the expression of accomplishment if you are connecting with one of these individuals, expressing to yourselves that you are very pleased with yourselves that you have been affecting. In actuality, you have been offering an expression of energy that these individuals recognize and shall allow themselves to be responding to. This is not to say that you yourself in any manipulation of energy has been affecting in a healing area, but merely have allowed yourself the openness to be connecting with this individual, and they have held a recognition of your openness and therefore are allowing themselves the response to you. This is not to say that they may be choosing to discontinue their own action....

JIM: Yeah, that’s understood, ’cause ... (pausing)

ELIAS: (Also pausing) You may....

JIM: ... that thought was offered. Hmm. Okay. Is that all for that? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this situation is quite changeable, so to speak, with these particular individuals. This be the reason that your sciences hold much confusion with this particular choice of creation, for some individuals choose merely to focus their attention singularly for a time period and then choose to be moving into the officially accepted reality of your societies, but some choose to be continuing this throughout the entirety of their focus. Therefore, it is not “set” in the expression of this that they shall all be exhibiting the same type of behavior throughout their focus.

JIM: Huh! That’s interesting!

Within our energy centers, say with orange ... there’s been a lot of dis-ease and a lot of talk lately with men with prostate cancer and so forth. Do we tend to take certain issues and move them through those energy centers and create the disease? Well, we create the disease anywhere in our body, but if a man has a prostate cancer, would that indicate that the orange energy center is unbalanced?

ELIAS: This is quite an interesting question and subject matter presently, and is quite interesting for your noticing and for the masses to be noticing also, for this also is an action which is in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Look to the expression of dis-ease which is being created more in your societies within your recent past and presently. You shall find an increase in certain creations of certain dis-eases, and some of the dis-eases which have been on the rise, so to speak, and in the movement of increase are those dis-eases which are directly connected with elements of sexuality. They are affecting of gender organs. In this, males are experiencing an increase in dis-ease connected with their particular gender, and females are experiencing more of the dis-ease of cancerous elements within their female gender organs. This works in harmony with the expression of that dis-ease created within your homosexual community, as you so term it to be, in their expression of this epidemic dis-ease that they have created, which extends outward into the mass populace, not merely those that align with the homosexual choice of manifestation.

You are all addressing to issues in this area, for these are very strongly held mass belief systems and you hold very strong judgments in these areas. In conjunction with this shift in consciousness presently, you shall be more and more addressing to mass belief systems that hold tremendous strength, individually and en masse. You move now into the areas of addressing to held belief systems, within your societies and individually, in the areas that are most affecting in the directions of judgments.

This particular belief system of separation of gender, and the judgments that you create in conjunction with them and the lack of acceptance in the area of differences in your expressions of your creations, is a very massly held belief system which holds tremendous strength in energy. Therefore, you continue within your expressions en masse and individually to be addressing to this situation, now not only creating the situation that you may all objectively view in the situation of your epidemic of AIDS, as you term it to be, but also within your genders of male and female. In conjunction and compliance with these belief systems and the expression of defiance of the separation, you also create individual dis-ease in conjunction with gender orientation. (Pause)

JIM: Hmm! Okay. The mantra that I received many years ago from Sri Swami Satchidananda, that’s a communication within consciousness? They’re just words within our language, I understand, but the intent of those is our communication within consciousness? In helping myself to focus, in focusing on those words, is that helpful in bridging consciousness and allowing myself empathically to merge with a creature or human, if allowed?

ELIAS: This would be your choice for a tool that you may be using for a focal point, which is entirely acceptable within physical focus, for many times you may be allowing yourself to focus your energy more directly and efficiently if you are offering yourselves a focal point. This may be a mantra or it may be a mandala or it may be any number of different creations that you may use to facilitate your own actions and your own manipulation of energy, in allowing yourself to be more directly focused with that particular energy.

JIM: Okay. Even focusing on Yarr is the same action?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

JIM: Okay. I seem to feel energy centers more than see them. I would like to see them more, and I just wondered, do I need to loosen up, or am I a feeler? (They both laugh) And that whole expectation of being able to see, actually see energy centers around a person.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that each individual creates a natural ability that they magnate to and that they may be expressing more effortlessly than with other inner senses, but in this you hold the ability to be developing and using ALL of your inner senses equally. You merely notice one more than another, for you allow yourself more of a natural expression within one, as you do with your outer senses, your objective senses.

Individuals magnate to different physical senses in different manners. Some individuals allow themselves more of a connection with their visual sense, some are interactive more efficiently with their sense of hearing, some connect more efficiently with their sense of touch. In these same manners, you automatically allow yourself to be focusing upon one inner sense more efficiently than your other inner senses, but this is not to say that you may not be developing all of your inner senses equally to be efficient and beneficial to you in all areas, just as you may be developing all of your outer senses to be efficient and helpful to you. This be the reason that the exercise in clarity is very helpful in expressing to you your own abilities to be manipulating all of your senses efficiently equally.

JIM: Okay. I’ve never gone in this area before, but you and I have shared physically in past focuses, right?

ELIAS: Correct. Most of the individuals that shall draw themselves to this forum and hold an objective interaction with myself have engaged this essence within different physical focuses.

JIM: Okay. Yours and mine most recent was your last, Oscar Wilde?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay, alright. That says a lot! (Pause) Let’s see. My father has had a lot of dreams of flying, and we’ve been discussing a lot of things lately. Can you give me a brief interpretation of his flying in his dreams? He’s quite curious about it.

ELIAS: With this individual, and also with many other individuals but in particular to this individual within this present time period, this imagery is an offering to himself in the direction of the expression of allowing more freedom within the focus; allowing more of an openness and a beginning to be open to a wider awareness, or to the leaning toward a new wider awareness, in an allowance of an opening to his periphery. Therefore, flying is the symbol which is imaged within dream state to be suggestive of a new freedom, a loosening of constraints within the focus and a new desire to be opening to the objective viewing of his own belief systems, which if being addressed to may be allowing a new-found freedom and liberty within his focus.

JIM: Hmm. That makes a lot of sense. A couple of issues: Borloh’s respiratory problem that she’s had for quite some time and that seems to come and go and move around, can you help me with some insight on that? Is it the same issue as it has been in the past, or is there something different, or what?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Yarr, that I have offered you this expression previously to an extent, and let me also express to you that I have expressed that you are both within cooperation with each other in this situation, as you have been previously for a time period. You both are creating of this situation together in compliance with each other, which serves you both in offering you what you seek in certain areas of desire. For yourself, it offers you the opportunity to be practicing within your intent, and for Borloh, within the alignment that she holds and within her particular focus, it offers her the connection to you subjectively, which offers her information, and it also offers her the opportunity to be accepting nurturing and affectionate energy in areas that may not be so readily objectively accepted if not creating an excuse to be accepting this type of expression and energy.

Let me express also that she moves in the direction of the belief system of creating her own reality in the expression of independence. (Firmly) This is a belief system!

But you may also view that within this belief system, she blocks her own capacity for accepting expressions of nurturing and helpfulness, and therefore allows herself as compensation to be moving into the direction of creating physical ailments in which she SHALL allow herself the opportunity for accepting your expressions in the area of helpfulness and nurturing. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes I am, very much. Thank you. I see a lot there. That was wonderful! I’ve attracted medicine wheels a lot here lately. Is that a connection with Twylah and the symbol that the medicine wheel represents, that all things are connected, as symbolism for myself?

ELIAS: Correct, and this....

JIM: Okay, that’s what I thought.

ELIAS: And this shall also be the expression of the connection with the physically-focused focus that has been shared, and in an allowance of a bleed-through, this offers you the opportunity to manipulate energy being received by this other focus.

JIM: Okay. I kind of blinked out there for a minute, but I’ll check it on the tape. (Pause) When offering energy, in offering helpfulness or in reminding it to return, are you just offering energy with an intent of a remembrance of returning to its natural state if so choosing, and moving that energy along with that frame of mind within consciousness? Or should one not have really a frame of mind or a purpose, an intent with that energy that they create in transference?

ELIAS: Your intent is to be directing energy in the direction of the remembrance of its original state, but be remembering (reminding) yourself also that many times there are issues connected to the dysfunction or the dis-ease, as the energy is held within certain areas of the physical form or the emotional state. Therefore, you may be addressing to this also, remembering that directing the energy merely to be returning to its original state does not offer an inclusiveness of efficiency, for you are neglecting to be addressing to the issue that is creating of this situation.

In certain situations, there may be creations as an offering to another individual that there is no issue attached to, and in these situations, which are rare, you may be simply directing energy to be moving in the direction of its original state, but it shall be quite rare that you shall encounter within your culture any individual that shall be expressing an affectingness within physical form in this manner.

JIM: Okay, understood. Back to one issue: Caroline Myss, an author, has described certain emotional issues, as we suggested with sexual, with the orange energy center. Will we specifically put issues within certain energy centers just as we put body parts and organs, and are these answers in our game? Do those relate, those emotional states within those energy centers, to the answers in our game?

ELIAS: Ah, very good, Yarr! Yes, you may be entering this into your game, and you may be connecting with this!

JIM: So, those correspond to emotional issues with people belonging to or aligning to within those families, or within a disease situation that they’re creating objectively?

ELIAS: It may not be the expression of the particular family. Do not confuse yourself or delude yourself into creating a connection that may be holding distortion! Just as the family of Gramada is not necessarily initiating the action of creating dis-ease that may be in conjunction with this orange energy center and its affectingness within the area of sexuality. Although they participate in this expression, they are not the family which is directing of this particular expression. In actuality, the Zuli family, in conjunction with the Borledim family, are more those that are initiating of these expressions of physical affectingness, in creating a mass statement upon your planet for the attention of the masses to be directed to issues concerning the creation of separation in belief systems and judgments concerning sexual orientation within this dimension.

JIM: Huh! Interesting. Okay. Well, I’ll look to the game board and see what I come up with. I’ll do some investigating! (Elias chuckles) One last question: Borloh woke up the other morning with a profound knowing of Malta, and we’ve been searching for some sort of connection. Could you give me a brief explanation as to maybe what that was about? Is that a name, or does it have to do with the islands of Malta?

ELIAS: It is a name of another focus which is bleeding through in an offering of connection to other focuses.

As I have stated to you, it matters not that individuals move into the objective direction of incorporating this information or connecting themselves in interaction with myself, for they SHALL be receiving this information and the action of the shift SHALL move forward regardless, and all individuals shall be experiencing within their own time element all of these aspects of connecting with other focuses and widening their awareness regardless of the information that they draw themselves to.

JIM: That’s what I felt. I felt that it was the name of a person, another aspect of Borloh, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay. Well, gee, Elias, it’s been wonderful. I appreciate your patience and your candor, and it was nice listening to you objectively, and I look forward to doing this again. It’s been interesting talking to a dead guy on the phone! (Elias chuckles) So, thank you very much, and I look forward to continued interaction with you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, Yarr, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and you may be incorporating this information this day, for this may be quite helpful to you. And be remembering to be noticing within your interaction of these other individuals, for they may be offering you information that shall be helpful to you in your endeavor in connection with your own intent.

I offer to you great affection this day and acknowledgment in your movement, and I anticipate our continued interaction. In this, I extend to you my affection and my continued subjective and partial objective interaction with you, within and without our meetings in the forum of these sessions, offering energy to you in your accomplishments.

JIM: It’s been noted, and thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JIM: Good day.

ELIAS: And for you this day, I bid you a very fond au revoir!

JIM: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:41 AM.


(1) These sessions began in April of ‘95 in Castaic, Ca., and continued in that location until Mary moved to Vermont in February of ‘98. During that time, many people came and went. Jim attended his first session on June 4, 1995, and is one of three people who continued to attend regularly for those three years. I find it fascinating that very few people continued an objective interaction with Elias during that time. They are myself, Ron, and Jim ... and of course, Mary! Let’s not forget Mary, although Mary’s interaction is initially subjective rather than objective. One could speculate that Cathy would have continued had she not spent six months working in Vienna during that time, but the fact remains that she did remove herself objectively, regardless of the reasons.

(2) People did respond in interesting ways to this “scatteredness of energy,” both physically and emotionally, especially during the first few weeks of sessions. Also, this affected our ability to tape Elias’ voice. Initially, there was only static on the tapes whenever Elias would speak. This changed after about a month of sessions.

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