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mirror action

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “All that is physically manifest is a mirror image of what already exists within consciousness. (Pause) You project outward and create what you already know as reality.” [session 68, January 28, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within non-physical focus, as I have expressed, connections are very great, just as within physical focus you incorporate great connections with other individuals beyond your physical expressions. You are recognizing of connections within consciousness; your ‘soulmates,’ as you term them to be. In this, it is a mirror image, physically, of non-physical connections. All that you manifest within physical focus is a mirroring of what you already know and incorporate within essence. It is merely another expression of experience.” [session 83, April 03, 1996]

ELIAS: “You hold all of the same aspects that you create outwardly in what you view to be larger circumstances. Your communities, your governments, your globe is modeled from the individual. All that you possess, you project into your society. Therefore, the actions that you express within mass events offer you information of yourselves inwardly. They also provide you with very visible evidence of counterpart action. It is quite easy to view mass events, such as this stated, and view the different elements and intents involved with groups of individuals. These also are mirrored from you.

“All things originate within the individual. It does not work in the direction of outside to in; larger to smaller. The order of consciousness works from inside, expanding. As to the expanding and retracting universe, the universe does not retract. It expands continuously, but within the same space; (pause) as you expand continuously, but within the same space.” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “A mirror action may be identified in many cases when another individual is extremely affecting of you, not merely occasionally or unspecifically affecting of you; but when another individual is expressing in certain manners – creating certain objective realities, interacting with you in certain directions – and you continue to be affected extremely and this is creating conflict with you, it is most likely that you are experiencing a mirror action. The individual stands before you and is bothering you, or is bothering you continuously without being before you. It is the same action as looking at yourself within your glass mirror.” [session 219, September 17, 1997]

ELIAS: “Many inventions and new creations were initiated within this century. You have created many more technological advances within this one century than you have throughout your history. These, as I have stated previously, are all mirror images of what you hold in knowledge within; and you mirror outwardly those things known to you within, subjectively and within essence and within the knowledge of consciousness. Therefore, you initiated the onset of your technological revolution, so to speak, mirroring abilities that you hold within you within consciousness and outwardly expressing these objectively, creating new and wondrous inventions. This you may also view as a clue to your dream mission, for you may view how you have objectively expressed and created, en masse and individually, mirror images of subjective activity; those things, those actions that occur within Regional Area 2 that you KNOW, but you do not quite understand HOW you are connecting with this information.” [session 223, September 28, 1997]

JIM: “A question on the Ayurvedic Texts, which are the Indian [Hindu] texts of six thousand years ago. It seems from these texts that those individuals that lived at that time had a greater connection with energy – I guess subjective consciousness or energy – than people in this century. Is this correct?”

ELIAS: “No.”

JIM: “No?”

ELIAS: “It is merely different. It is merely a difference in attention. You view yourselves within this century to be ‘less than’ many other cultures and peoples, for you view yourselves to move into the area of science and technology, and you view this not to be spiritual. It is a tremendous creative endeavor. You have propelled yourselves into the action of this shift in consciousness within your era of technology, actualizing into your physical focus inventive, creative elements that mirror what you know within essence and within consciousness and within your abilities. All that you view about you is a mirror image of what you are. Therefore, how be you less connected, that you do not speak to a tree or a bear or hallucinate and connect within consciousness? You are objectively creating all that you know within consciousness.” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

ELIAS: “You may occupy whatever space arrangement that you choose instantaneously. It is unnecessary for you to be engaging physical travel. You hold the ability to be accomplishing in all of these areas. I have expressed previously, all of these elements that you invent are mirror images of what you already know that you accomplish within consciousness. All of the elements about you are merely mirror images of those abilities that you hold within consciousness yourselves already.” [session 238, November 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “You amaze yourselves with your own abilities. You present to yourselves different moments where you shall physically express to each other simultaneously the same thought. You shall verbally express the same words within your language simultaneously with another individual, and you shall call this accident! This is a very simple example of the interconnectedness of you all and that you all are participating within a mergence of consciousness collectively, continuously. Your telepathic abilities would be astounding to you, were you merely to open yourselves SLIGHTLY to your own abilities.

“Your inner senses are more fine-tuned, so to speak, than your outer senses. You engage your outer senses continuously. You are quite familiar with touch and the sensation of this. You are quite familiar with your sight and the engagement of your sense of hearing. You do not allow yourselves to recognize your inner senses, which move far beyond these outer senses. Your outer senses are outward mirror images of your inner senses, which hold immense power, and you now offer yourselves the opportunity to not only experiment with these inner senses, but in actuality to open to these inner senses and to be moving into the exploration of consciousness within your physical objective awareness, your waking state within this dimension, offering yourselves much more of your own expressions of creativity.” [session 302, July 26, 1998]

ELIAS: “You have created following specifically designated individuals – OR creations of your own projections, your gods – for millenniums, and now you are bored and you are restless and you are awaiting moving into a new exploration of self. All that you have projected previously in all of its glory, of your heavens and of your heavenly beings and of your masters and of your gods, are all the mirror images, the outward projections of your very selves.

“You have concepts that you have created out of what you know of yourselves, for this is what you are, and you project this outwardly to be creating of magnificent beings in concept. In reality, the magnificent beings are yourselves, with all of your creativities! These are merely mirror images.” [session 324, September 23, 1998]

EDWARD: “One of my main duplicitous belief systems, or one of the hardest things I have, is the non-acceptance of God and then this overwhelming feeling towards God, and it becomes very ... I don’t know. It becomes very much like a war inside, almost.”

ELIAS: “This in actuality is an objective outward expression in mirror action to the duplicity that you hold within self, for God is a mirror image of you.

“God is not a cosmic entity, sitting and passing judgment upon you from some distant area of consciousness! God is YOU. Your ideas, your concepts of God are all your own projections, mirror images of what you know yourselves to be, and you project this knowing outwardly in an objective manner and create the perception of an element outside of you which you term to be God, and as you battle with self, you also battle with God, for they are synonymous.” [session 327, October 03, 1998]

ELIAS: “Every individual that you encounter within your focus, in every moment, is a reflection to you.

“You draw to yourself other individuals quite purposefully. There are no accidents, and there are no coincidences. Each individual that enters your sphere of your reality you have drawn to you, to be a reflection of some aspect of yourself.

“Now; this is not to say that you objectively pay attention to all of these reflections, and this is one of the reasons, in a manner of speaking, that you are unfamiliar with yourselves and that you have NOT created a genuine relationship with yourselves, for you are NOT paying attention to all that you offer to yourselves in information through reflection. Not only individuals reflect to you, but your creatures reflect to you, and all of your reality that you perceive reflects aspects of yourself.

“You pay attention more clearly to other individuals than to other aspects of your physical reality, and you pay more attention to individuals that you create intimacy with. They are not reflecting more, but you are paying more attention to what they are expressing and therefore offer yourself the opportunity to view the reflection more clearly.” [session 800, March 18, 2001]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you that you create outwardly what you know inwardly. You reflect outwardly what you are and what is reality inward. This applies to all things within your focus.

Your television incorporates programming of what you term now to be (Pause) Ah! ‘Soap operas!’ I am not quite understanding the reasoning for this terminology, but regardless, you may be viewing these programs, which are seemingly spending much time each week to be expressing of one day’s worth of action; this being a direct reflection of your perception of essence, and how it views physical focus. Look to your inventions. They offer you great insight to yourselves.

Obvious inventions, such as your submarines, which swim through your water, allowing you to commune with elements of your world otherwise untouchable to you, but elements which you have created; your airplanes, which are a focus directly mirroring your knowledge of flying, of out-of-body experiences; your television, which is your ability to be visualizing; your telephone, which you now incorporate several lines, so to speak, that you may ‘click on and off.’ You may engage in communication on one line, and click off to another line, and click back on to the previous line; your microwave ovens, which increase time; your computers, which alter reality and change your perception; what you are expressing to be now, within your advanced time, as virtual reality; which, in actuality, is a child’s game within your physical focus, mirroring your own knowledge of other realities, altered perceptions. (Pause)

These all are mirror images of yourselves. Satellites, that you send out into your atmosphere, which enable mass communication. You already possess the ability for mass communication, within consciousness. All of these instruments are tinker toys! (Grinning) Within consciousness, you possess the ability to be creating of much easier and much greater things, without physical expressions. You will continue to be creating and inventing of bigger and better inventions, for these are your toys and they keep you occupied; but you will also be learning to be projecting, within consciousness, to a greater degree. There are many subjects to which we have barely touched, to this point within our discussions; but you are experiencing many elements now which will be helpful to your understanding within our future present time.” (Grinning) [session 71, February 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “Returning to Source Events: All mass events are manifest expressions, within physical focus, of an interpretation of a Source Event. These Source Events are what you may term to be myths. I will explain that within your intellect and understanding, and what you view to be advancement within knowledge, you disassociate yourselves from viewing myths as reality. You view myths as fantasy and imagination. We have discussed imagination at length previously, as it is reality, but you do not believe this! It is not a reality to you! (Grinning)

I have expressed to you, every manifestation within this Regional Area 1 of consciousness is a mirror image of known realities. In this, within Regional Area 2, you have created myths; ideas; creations; thoughts; emotions; landscapes; sceneries; of events, of objects, of reality. These are what your physical reality stems from. Within your consciousness and your intellect, you do continue, to some extent, to incorporate your original myths, although you distort them; therefore creating a loss of reality with them, and also a lack of power within these myths. I have expressed to you previously that your original, so to speak, ideas of religious elements, that you now view to be mythology, were a creative expression much more closely related as mirroring the reality of essence, being less separated and less singular in focus.

VICKI: ... My own question is: Quite honestly, I really don’t understand what a Source Event is yet.

ELIAS: It is the original, so to speak, event within consciousness that creates an interpretation within physical focus. You may create, within Regional [Area] 2, a myth of a great and powerful civilization. Within Regional [Area] 1, your Greek society springs. Within Regional Area 1, these individuals create their own interpretations of the original Source Event, according to their understanding within consciousness. They create physical myths that mirror back to the original myth.

A myth is not what you view it to be. It is an event; an imaginative creative expression within collective consciousness; all of which is reality. You, within physical focus, express a myth to be fantasy. Without your myths, you would not create what you view before you now. Without your expressions within Regional [Area] 2; your Source Events, your myths, your fantasies, your stories; you would not create your technology for exploration beyond this planet. You would not create your technology to explore beneath your seas. You would not fly. These are the expression and the interpretation of the myth and creativity, which is the source within Regional Area 2.

JENE: ... Clarification on example of Source Event. Would there be a connection with the harmonic conversion in eighty-six, and the one that’s coming up in June of this year [1996]?

ELIAS: Each of these are expressions of a Source Event; correct. I will express that each element of mass events are expressions mirroring a facet of a Source Event. You may not view the entirety of your creation of a Source Event immediately, for many of these events occur over much of your time element.” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

ELIAS: “I will express to you that if you are viewing male and female to be identical, other than your physical-appearing appendages, you are incorrect; for within the psyche of male and female, you incorporate differences. This you have manifest intentionally, for the purity of the experience of different aspects of essence.

If you are viewing small children and allowing these children to be expressing freely within their play, you will view female children, separate from incorporated belief systems, to be exhibiting what you view to be female behavior. You may view male children that have not been inundated with your male belief systems, and they will exhibit what you view to be male behavior.

This, as I state now, is not accidental. It is not environmentally influenced. Although you encourage this action, it would exist regardless; for within your expression into physical focus, you have chosen to be expressing within male and female psyches. In this, you exhibit different behavior, different emotional expressions, different thought processes. You allow yourselves the opportunity to be experiencing a purity of an aspect of essence, within an individual focus.

Just as we have expressed previously, you mirror mass events within your individual expressions. In this, your mass events of your religious period, and now your approaching shift, also is mirrored by your expressions of male and female. In this, you tend to view too small, expressing that you view your world to be moving into a more female-oriented mode. In actuality, your globe is moving into this type of intuitive expression of essence, which you identify as female.

Just as we have expressed previously, if you are a wealthy individual wishing to experience poverty, you shall not experience the purity of this expression by removing yourself from your wealth, for you incorporate the experience of the wealth; therefore the purity of the poverty is tainted. In like manner, you chose a purity of expression in manifesting as male or female, allowing yourselves physical, emotional, mental, and also spiritual differences.” [session 100, June 16, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have stated many times that your dream state is reality. It is another aspect of your individual focus, and it is the expression of your subjective self speaking to you, which engages all of your probable selves and focuses. It also directly connects to information within Regional Area 2. It also holds the ability to connect with other individuals or essences, as you may term this, within transition, or wider awarenesses of yourself. You tap tremendous information within your dream state. You allow yourself the connection of essence within your dream state, this being why I have stressed the importance of not invalidating this state of consciousness and the interaction that you experience within this state.

These individuals within this group are attempting, and partially succeeding, in incorporating a merging of waking and dreaming consciousness; and although Lawrence [Vicki] does not objectively view this action, I shall offer a small example of expression of the acceptance of dream state merging with objective conscious reality; for within your conscious or objective expressions, you express verbally, in certain directions, of your experiences. You offer explanations in great detail of your objective experiences. You also offer, in as great a detail as you may within your allowance of bleed-through, in this same manner, of your dream state. You incorporate great attention to detail. This is a direct mirroring. As I was expressing to you of bouncing from one area of consciousness to another to allow yourself the experience of acceptance, you have chosen to mirror subjectively your objective expressions, as opposed to mirroring outwardly objectively from your subjective awareness; and when you are viewing an unacceptable element still within the subjective, you bounce the ball into another area of consciousness to alter the event slightly, to be allowing more acceptance.

I have stated previously that your dream state incorporates many layers, this being one layer of action that you are expressly incorporating presently which is affecting of your objective expressions presently. You view yourself to be only temporarily ‘giving up’ on subject matter and issues that create conflict, which in actuality you are moving through and incorporating a greater understanding; therefore allowing yourself a letting go of certain belief systems. You only do not allow yourself the acknowledgment of the accomplishment, but your objective expression bears you out. Offer one point!” (Smiling) [session 111, August 11, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. (Smiling, and the group responds) There are many variations of counterparts. Some, as has been stated, are creations of your own essence, and some are creations of other essences. Not all of your counterparts belong to the same family within consciousness as do you. Many counterparts that are created by your own essence are as the little white cloud, which you do not normally view only one within your sky. You normally view many puffy white clouds. These are all similar to each other, although taking various shapes. In this same respect, many of your counterparts that you have created within your own essence are very similar to you.

Each counterpart (pause) moves in such a fashion as to complement your experience, and you complement all of your counterpart’s experiences. Each counterpart may not be focused with the same subject matter in probabilities as you are focused in, but they shall be experiencing certain aspects of their focus which will add to your experience. This is done through consciousness. It is not necessary for you to occupy the same space or the same time element to acquire information or be affected by counterparts.

At our last meeting, a question was posed as to developments in action of two individuals. These individuals do not interact with each other, but are affecting of each other continuously, for they are counterparts of each other. In this, these individuals serve as a good example of the action of counterparts. These individuals are not of the same essence. They are not fragmented of the same essence, but they share a counterpart experience.

Now; in this, each has chosen their own given pool of probabilities. Therefore, they have chosen their own line of subject matter which they shall experience within their own individual focuses. These may seemingly have nothing to do with each other, but their actions shall be mirroring each other.

Not all counterparts mirror each other. Some counterparts are what you would view to be opposite. Some are not quite opposite, but are removed enough from your personal experience that they may invoke a distasteful response from you! (Laughter) Some individuals which are counterparts also may be engaged within this action for partial time. You may be counterpart to another individual for partial time.

The action of counterparts is extremely varied. This, within consciousness, is one of your most creative inventions, for this action serves many purposes. Its base line, though, is to be enhancing and adding to your individual experience.” [session 129, October 27, 1996]

VICKI: “I guess the real question is, how come sometimes the dream imagery seems so clearly related, such as a problem-solving dream or a precognitive dream, and other dream imagery or symbolism is so difficult to interpret?

ELIAS: There are different reasons for this action. Within some individuals, the action of translation is mainly translated into objective awareness. Therefore, their dream imagery shall mirror their waking state. They shall, much of their time, within a remembrance of dream activity, within a remembrance of dream activity, they shall identify quite strongly with objective, waking imagery. Their imagery shall be translated into this type of imagery. This is for the reason that they are more comfortable with identification of objective imagery. These individuals also do not often remember unusual activity. At times, but rarely. They are very objectively focused. This is their desire. They are immersed within objective focus. Therefore, their dream imagery shall mirror this also. Their translation shall automatically be that of objective waking imagery.

Individuals that hold the desire to be seeking within, and allowing for a more objective knowing of subjective activity, shall experience dream imagery that is seeming strange. Your terms are that you experience dreams only symbolically. ‘There are no real images within my dreams!’ This is intentional also, for you differentiate. You are not wishing to be creating imagery that is familiar to you within waking state. You are wishing to be understanding or investigating of subjective information. Therefore, you create different imagery. This is where you twins, and many others also, provide yourselves with much confusion, for you are very creative within your imagery of your dream state. In this, you shall not be repetitive of much of your imagery, and as Michael [Mary] has noted, you may be creating many images for one action. This is a creative endeavor.

Within your waking state, you repeat actions. This is a familiar behavior. Within your waking state, if you are choosing to be walking, you walk upon your feet. You do not walk upon your hands, generally speaking! Therefore, you repeat actions continuously within your waking state. This is a familiar creation. This is how you have created your objective state. Within a wishing to be connecting with subjective information, you choose not to correlate with the action of waking state. You choose not to create the same environment. Therefore, when faced with the same action subjectively, you shall translate into your image differently. This is a recognition to yourself objectively, that you are making a distinction between objective action and subjective action.” [session 139, December 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “… you must be learning to be trusting of self. I have expressed to others previously, if you may not trust in yourself initially, trust in others and learn to trust in yourself. (Long pause)

JENE: Okay ...

ELIAS: These also are difficult tasks!

JENE: Yes, as I don’t often choose to trust! It’s not necessarily an easy task.

ELIAS: Be remembering also that although you may convince yourself that you hold trustfulness of self, you mirror outwardly what you believe inwardly. Therefore, if you are not trusting of other individuals, or you believe that other individuals are not worthy of your trustfulness, you also believe this of self.

JENE: So therefore, then it’s created within a mirroring effect.

ELIAS: Correct, and also perpetuated; for you reinforce yourself by expressing that others are not deserving of your trustfulness and offering yourself reasoning to be supporting of this, but as you perpetuate this action you reinforce your own mirror image within you.” [session 144, January 04, 1997]

VICKI: “So when you have that kind of dream imagery that appears the same as objective focus, are you inserting a perception of time so that you can better view whatever it is that you’re choosing to view?

ELIAS: There are different reasonings for this action. As I have expressed previously, some individuals choose to be quite objectively focused and not to be paying attention to subjective interaction. Therefore, they shall recreate imagery within dream state which is mirroring waking state. This is not always the situation. It is dependent upon your direction within your probabilities. In some situations, as you learn more of your dream state and your creation of your imagery, yes, you may intermingle your imagery of objective waking state and objective dreaming state. This offers you information that you may assimilate.

You may understand more easily if you are creating imagery that is familiar to you. You experiment with this imagery to be finding the most efficient translation of the subjective action which is occurring. Just as Michael [Mary] projected within our session time period and held no objective explanation for the experience which was encountered (1), in this same manner you have no language to adequately translate essence subjective activity into physical focus. Also, in like manner of Source Events, as has been stated previously, they are too big to be manifest within physical focus. Therefore, you create fragments. You create mass events which are representations of elements or portions of Source Events. In like manner, you create dream imagery which is a representation and interpretation of the action which is larger, so to speak, than may be interpreted within physical focus.

You, within physical focus, hold singular attention. You, within subjective activity, are interactive with all of your selves; just as we have spoken of the air particles within a room. They are all the body of the air, but they are all individual particles. So you are also.

(Firmly) You are multidimensional. You are not one singular entity. You are extremely diverse. You are multiple. Therefore, you are larger than may be translated into any singular individual physical focus. This is not to say that your creation of manifestation is not reality, for it is. Each manifestation is reality. The manifestation is not illusion.

I expressed to you earlier that you create illusion within your experience, for you project yourself outside of the now within your perception; but your reality is reality. It is not an illusion. Your dream state also is reality; but they are both symbols and interpretations, expressed realistically through imagery and through physical matter, of essence activity. (Emphatic pause)

BOB#1: Can I ask a question? Is dream activity always symbolic of or a translation of subjective activity, or can it sometimes be a review of objective activity? Is that clear?

ELIAS: Yes. This is what I have expressed earlier. It is dependent upon your motivation. There are individuals that are very objectively focused and will mirror objective reality into dream imagery. This is not to say that they do not engage subjective activity ...

BOB#1: They just don’t create imagery around it.

ELIAS: Correct. They do not translate this back to objective focus.

BOB#1: And you said that the intent of that or the reason for that is because they are particularly objectively focused and somewhat resistant to subjective activity.

ELIAS: It is not a question of resistant to subjective activity, for you all move subjectively. You each choose the experience, within each individual focus, that you wish. You choose a pool of probabilities that you choose to be moving within. Each focus is one focus.

BOB#1: It seems to me, based on my own dream experience, that there are times when my dreams are more a mirror of my objective activities than other times. I guess the point being that sometimes in my dream state I’m more open to subjective activity and the dream takes on a different character than at other times, when maybe I am largely objectively focused and the dream, as you say, mirrors the fact that in my waking hours I am largely objectively focused. So does that mean that if you try to be more subjectively focused in your waking hours, if that’s possible, or more open to hearing unofficial information and whatever, that in your dream state you would then mirror that or be more apt to hear subjective information? Compound question, huh?

ELIAS: I express to you that initially, yes, you shall mirror more awareness of subjective activity in allowing yourself different imagery, but this also is dependent upon your desire and your trustfulness and your amount of fear that you hold within the focus; for you may temporarily experience tremendous dream activity, creation of imagery, that seems to be suggestive of subjective activity, and you may also abruptly stop this action and revert to very objectively focused imagery or you may discontinue memory of dream action altogether, for you shall block your own movement objectively through your belief systems and your fear.

I am understanding of all of your desires for subjective movement, but you are not quite understanding of information which has been offered to you previously. You discount information offered to you that you may not wish to proceed and you may choose to be blocking yourselves, for you view this information as only words. As you experience what I express to you, you may incorporate second thoughts!

This is not to be frightening you, for the adventure that you face is magnificent. You need only conquer your fear of the unknown and allow for your own memory, which serves as great motivation; but with all journeys, as you view within your physical focus, you shall encounter your briar patches, and in these briars you shall become confused and you shall question your physically focused identity. These are temporary situations, but they do occur.

I express this as forewarning, that you shall encounter these actions. You hold belief systems with regard to rational, normal, acceptable thought processes and behavior patterns. As you deviate from these, you question yourselves. You question your own integrity. Be remembering that you are sound. You are moving into wider awarenesses of consciousness; and although you presently may not accept the lunatic, these individuals may be understanding of subjective activity much more clearly than are you.” [session 151, February 02, 1997]

JIM: “I have some questions regarding the physical things that I still seem to be bringing to myself in relation to my foot and my leg, and realizing last week what I would term to be an imbalance in my hip. I have a maladjustment there that I’ve created for myself, and now I’m experiencing a lot of tingling in my hands and my feet. In my efforts to search for my answers, I seem to be drawing blanks or what appear to me to be blanks, and I was wondering if you could help me out here.

ELIAS: I will express it is much easier exploring and feeling energy of another individual and identifying conflict, is it not?

JIM: Yes. I’ve felt conflict and frustration in not being able to what I would term even heal myself, but then I don’t know if that’s really an issue. I know there’s a lot of trust involved in that, but I’m confused and conflicted and convoluted! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah, convoluted! I shall inquire of you Yarr [Jim], what do you notice of continuing probabilities?

JIM: In relation to the discomfort?

ELIAS: In relation to the issue which creates these manifestations, for you hold energy within your physical manifestation in relation to an issue which is ongoing. You have been observing probabilities for much of our time period together, within the direction of one issue. Therefore, how do you view the movement of these probabilities?

JIM: The issue of self worth, is that the issue that I’m mostly confronting myself with? Of trust?

ELIAS: Partially, and this is manifest in which direction objectively?

JIM: Yes, very much so physically.

ELIAS: Not only within your physical manifestation. You mirror another manifestation within your physical expression. Let us, in your terms, move backwards. We shall enter our time machine and explore these probabilities.

The issue has been in existence for much of your time. You have created a physical manifestation outside of your individual person to be exhibiting elements of yourself, which we have discussed much time ago. You have created a business to mirror you. In this, you have created many choices and many probabilities, and many probabilities have been actualized and involved.

We have been interacting with this issue for much time period. This issue, as you are aware, involves your own issue of worth quite intricately; and as this creation of yours, which you have given life to, moves through probabilities and creates new manifestations, you respond as a father to a child. In this, you have watched objectively many occurrences, but not completely associated the occurrences and the connection of the creation to the mirroring effect of physical creations within your physical body. At times, you are recognizing of this. At other times, you divert your attention and you attribute these manifestations to other situations, for you choose to distract yourself in not wishing to be confronting these belief systems and issues and this very elegant shrine which has been created in relation to the child, which is the business. As you watch this child move from foster parent to foster parent, you do not disassociate; and as you view the treatment of this child, to which you are not in agreement with, you hold upset energy within your physical manifestation. You have allowed at certain time periods, when you are feeling more secure and you are approving of the foster care, a reduction in your physical manifestation. You experience less irritation within foot or shoulder. You experience more generation of energy within your green energy center, do you not?

JIM: Definitely.

ELIAS: But this is temporary. You then reincorporate these nagging manifestations for you are attempting objectively, in your terms, to be letting go and disassociating. Subjectively, and beneath what you tell yourself objectively, you are holding tightly, for this holds an element of identity which is very important. Therefore, what you view as an abuse of this manifestation is an abuse of your identity, which the manifestation was created to be an exhibition of your identity and worth. Therefore, the abuse of this manifestation, or what you view to be an abuse, creates conflict, for this reinforces the issue of worth. This generates anger, for within yourself you express to yourself that you are refusing to be incorporating this element and treatment any longer. You shall acknowledge yourself, regardless of other opinions; but within the reality of the belief systems of duplicity the anger is rearranged within energy, for you also believe that this is wrong, and you place this energy to be held, until such time as you may move through this issue, into your physical manifestation of your body.

JIM: So attempting to exercise or correct anything physically ... won’t work!

ELIAS: Quite! Although you may experience temporary relief, but you shall recreate.

JIM: So the tingling I’ve been feeling in my hands, that’s related to all of this as well, as a further creation of anger or discomfort?

ELIAS: Quite.

JIM: So to begin to resolve this, to sign the adoption papers, so to speak, for my foster child and let this child move on, (laughing) I should not concern myself with what is transpiring? I try to disassociate myself and let those probabilities of those new people taking over occur, but then it’s that want and desire thing going on.

ELIAS: You are focusing outside. You must address yourself. You must realize, underline this word, that your manifestation is a projection. It is not you. Your worth is your worth within you, for your being. It is not dependent upon outside. You must move into an area of acceptance of self and realize what I so often offer to you, that you are a glorious creature within your very existence, and you need nothing more.

JIM: Okay. Thank you very much.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

VICKI: “Good evening. I just have one question. I’ve had this question for a while. It might sound a little presumptuous and stupid, but I don’t care. The question is, why is it that you focus so much on certain individuals? For example, there are a few individuals that you offer a lot of personal information to. Another person could ask the same kind of a question, and you may deliver a one or two sentence answer or you may suggest that the person investigate for themselves. But there are a few individuals that you offer a lot of personal information to, and I’m curious why.

ELIAS: I address to each individual individually. Some individuals request information for they are not willing to exert the energy to be investigating and discovering the answers for themselves, although they hold the ability within objective consciousness to attain their own answers. Within your progression within society, you have become lax in your self-motivation. Therefore, many individuals shall seek information in whatever form they may attach to, in an attempt to not be exerting initiative and energy of their own. This is quite identifiable within consciousness; and within this scenario, upon questioning, I am encouraging for these individuals, which are many, to be investigating of their own answers to their own questions, for it is available to them.

Some individuals do not follow this same direction and are inquiring of information, but are not truly wishing for this questioning to be responded to. Therefore, slight responses are offered. Some individuals hold issues that they are not ready in actuality to be addressing. They may ask for information, but they shall block subjectively their reception. Therefore, they do not wish this information. Therefore, it is not offered. Some individuals, as yourself, request information and are within themselves actively seeking their answers, but are not availing themselves of all of their choices. All of these situations are quite obvious and recognizable within consciousness. Therefore, these individuals may be offered more information. Also, some individuals may be offered more information without inquiry, for they may assimilate this information, but objectively they restrict themselves from inquiry. VICKI: I guess then that I have to assume that my own perception is somewhat clouded, or certainly not as clear as your own.

ELIAS: To this present now, you are correct. You objectively may not clearly assess another individual’s movement within consciousness and their direction and their openness. You base evaluations upon objective imagery and events and responses objectively. These are not always an indication of movement that an individual may be engaging within consciousness, which shall objectively show itself, but not necessarily within your immediate time period.

VICKI: I’ve guess I’ve been assuming that my perception of objective behavior and imagery is a mirror of subjective activity.

ELIAS: This is correct; although as I have been stating to you all recently, which you have not quite understood yet, you are very locked into your time framework. Therefore, you associate your objective imagery with the assumption that it is mirroring subjective movement within the same time element, which is not necessarily the case. You may be displaying objective imagery of future or past subjective movement. You may intersperse this with mirroring action of both present, but it is not constant; just as your dream imagery moves out of sequence within time frameworks.

You are always mirroring back and forth with objective and subjective activity. You are not always reflecting this mirror image within the same time framework continuously. You express enough interspersed objective imagery of the present now, which is mirroring subjective movement within the present now, to create what I may express as an illusion of a continuous flow of one time framework; but in reality, the time framework is not limited to what you objectively view as this present now, for within subjective movement all is this present now. Therefore, it does not distinguish between past and future and your objective present now. It intermingles as the subject matter dictates.” [session 169, April 28, 1997]

HOWARD: “Would we be expecting to see our entertainment industry out in front of the shift perhaps? It’s my feeling that entertainment ... music, art, movies ... will be [important] for us in our near future. Perhaps the movies will get less violent, or that which might make us uncomfortable now but is secretly held within ourselves is going to start to show up in the movies. I don’t know what that would be, but it seems to be one way that consciousness would be moving, and everybody participating in it. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Within your societies, throughout your globe and throughout your history, your arts in all forms mirror the movement and activity which is occurring within consciousness. All of your arts are very connected within consciousness to that which you objectively manifest within political alignments and belief systems. As you move through consciousness and adopt new belief systems or are merely within the throes of established belief systems, you reflect this objectively through your arts. All of these arts in all forms reflect or mirror subjective activity.

Therefore, individuals that are expressive through the objective element of creating within any of your art forms within this particular dimension are expressing not only their own subjective movement, but also in alignment with the masses within consciousness. You may view within any of your time periods all of your different art expressions and you shall view the correlation between all of the forms, for they move in waves. They are quite reflective of the collective within consciousness, and express themselves outwardly as a symbol of the collective consciousness.

Therefore you shall view, and are already viewing within many of your arts, expressions that are indicative of this shift. You shall notice that your stories, your motion pictures, move in the direction of futuristic elements, for this is the area that you concentrate your attention in relation to the shift. You shall also view within your art, your literature, your motion pictures, your dance even, expressiveness alluding to subjective consciousness; inner senses, psychic abilities – unofficial information. These are mirror images expressed objectively as the undercurrent of your societies, expressed through your artists.” [session 178, May 31, 1997]

CHRIS: “So is there then anything to the statement that if someone believes something of you, and then you get your armor up in defense of that, that it’s possible ... the possibility in the belief system then is that it becomes true? Whereas if somebody believes something of you and you don’t defend yourself, you just go ‘Hmm,’ that it actually dissipates and is not true?

ELIAS: Partially. I express to you that you must be realizing of each situation and circumstance and individual that you are dealing with and evaluate each situation, for at times you may be presented with certain issues or circumstances that you may be drawing to yourself as mirror action, that you may be acquiring information for yourself to be addressing to issues that you hold. But within other circumstances you also may not be involved with this activity, and you may be confronted with the belief systems of another individual which are not held by yourself; this being where it is necessary to be accepting and trusting of self, that you may discern which situation you are being faced with. But regardless, within each situation you are not looking to self in chastisement. You are recognizing of your involvement within the situation and you are recognizing of the acceptance of self, and that even within an uncomfortable confrontation of mirror action, this does not pose to you the wrongness of self. It merely offers you an opportunity to view an element of self that you have chosen to be changing.” [session 180, June 03, 1997]

FRANK: “Elias, can you give us a way or a recommendation in getting to better accept our beliefs? Is there a better way to do this, or a more efficient way than the Sumari way, than the way we’ve been introduced to? Or just any way, as long as we realize what our beliefs are.

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are so very fond of ‘methods!’ (Laughter) In this, you may choose whichever method is the most efficient for yourself. The objective is to be accepting. It matters not which direction you choose to be objectifying of this action. As I have stated to you this day, if you are accepting of self first, you also shall incorporate a natural byproduct of acceptance of all others.

Therefore, as you view that stirring within you, as you look to your belief systems and you look to another individual and their belief systems and you recognize the lack of acceptance within yourself of another individuals’ ‘method,’ look to yourself for the mirror action that you hold which creates the belief system, which creates, as its natural byproduct, intolerance. As you question yourselves within interaction of each other, each time another interacts with you and you respond within your belief systems in what you believe to be negative – although there is no negative – this is your indication that you hold a belief system which is not accepted.

As I have expressed to you, to this present now your method has been efficient, for this is the area that you needed to be experiencing initially before you may be understanding of the reality of acceptance of belief systems. Therefore, to this present now, you exchange belief systems. You choose this belief system over this belief system. You exchange and rearrange belief systems. This has been a reinforcement to you of the reality of these belief systems. The reality of the belief systems is established. It is not within question any longer. You recognize the reality. You accept the reality. You do not accept the belief system; only its reality within existence. This has been efficient to you.

You now expand your understanding, and in this expansion of understanding – not in evolution, but within an expanded awareness of self – you now move to the area that you may understand and move on to your next step, in your terms; which is to be altering your reality by accepting the belief systems, therefore also allowing yourself to be opening to the mergence of subjective consciousness to objective awareness, and in this accomplishing your shift.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

MARGOT: “It seems obvious that identical twins would be of the same essence, in some arrangement of fragmenting, etc. But how about fraternal twins? And are triplets, quads, quints, and sextuplets also of the same essence? I was told several years ago that in multiple births there is always one who is the leader, inviting the others to come along. Is there any truth in this?

ELIAS: Once again, this would be the choice of those manifesting.

As to the fragmentation within multiples: Within those choosing to be manifesting identically physically, this is an objective expression in imagery mirroring the action of what you now term to be ‘cosmic twins.’ It is a mirror action into physical focus.

VICKI: So there is a similarity there?

ELIAS: It is not always the case of the manifestations being all, in actuality, fragmented of the same essence. There are different actions here. At times, it may be one essence choosing to be focused in multiples in one focus. In symbolism, it is a mirror image of the action within essence of the cosmic twins. In objective physical reality, it may be chosen as experience for different reasons. At times, it is a direct mirroring of the action of cosmic twins.

VICKI: Well, am I understanding correctly here then, that identical twins are not always of the same essence?

ELIAS: Correct, although they may be. They may be two focuses within the same time period, within the same manifestation, at one time.

VICKI: And so the explanation would apply to both identical and fraternal twins?

ELIAS: Partially; for those which are fraternal twins are not necessarily mirroring the other. They may be in agreement, of two essences choosing to share a common experience.” [session 191a, July 10, 1997]

ELIAS: “Elements of your reality that you create which are basic to this dimension and this reality would be that of duality–not duplicity–and that of change. These are merely two elements, but these elements are extremely strong within the design of your reality. From the onset of creating within this dimension you have chosen, as basic elements of your creating, this of duality and also of change. You have been changing continuously throughout the entirety of your existence within this dimension. It is part of your nature in this reality. Interestingly enough, these two elements of change and duality are those elements which you create the most conflict over. You fight against these natural elements of yourselves.

You have created this existence in what you may term to be doubles. You choose sexes. You choose to create your form and all other forms with the element of duality, projecting to all of your creation the mirror image of yourself.

Within this reality, you have chosen to be creating within a double focus. You have chosen to create your awareness within a double action; a subjective element and an objective element. These move in harmony with each other continuously. All of your other creations, and also your own physical form, mirrors this element of creating within this dimension. You have chosen to be separating your objective awareness and your subjective awareness for the purity of your experience, but you are continuing to recognize the existence of your subjective awareness. You may express to yourselves many words for your subjective awareness and activity, but all of these words that you attach to this all signify the same element that you recognize as part of you; that which you cannot see or touch, but know it is in existence; the you of you; this element of you which is not physical. In this, every thing within your reality mirrors this; this being how you attach to opposites.

You believe that opposites exist. You offer yourselves examples of opposites continuously, throughout everything within your reality. In actuality, they are not opposites. They are different elements of the same things, but in explanation to yourselves of those elements that you do not remember, you create belief systems which suggest to you partial recognition of elements of self and reality, but you distort this through belief systems and express to yourselves that there are opposites. There are elements of cause and effect. There are forces of nature which are oppositely pulling. There are opposite axes in your planetary systems. There are opposites in elements of your own self. There are not opposites! You merely hold to different elements in consciousness within this dimension, for this is your choice of your creativity within this one particular dimension.

VICKI: ... I have a question. You were talking about duality. I didn’t really catch everything you said, but you were talking about duality and how there are no opposites, but then I think you also said something about why we have ... we’re double? If you could just reiterate? I didn’t really ... I missed it.

ELIAS: You hold belief systems of opposites. Therefore presently, they are reality to you. In actuality, this is merely a perception within a lack of understanding. As you move into your shift you shall be widening your awareness, and therefore understand that the idea of opposites is merely a perception which is created within a lack of understanding objectively.

As to the doubles: The entirety of your physical creation within this dimension is based on duality, objective and subjective. Therefore, all of your creation mirrors this. In this particular dimension and this reality, as I have expressed to you many times, you have chosen to create this reality within a sexual orientation–male and female. You have created genders, this also being an element of duality–the doubles. You hold this within your own self. You have created your own form in this manner.” [session 193, July 13, 1997]

DEBI: “Another question I had was about my health, specific in the areas of eyesight and vision, and if that’s based on a physical impairment or if that’s based on a spiritual idea of not seeing something or not wanting to see something.

ELIAS: Both.

DEBI: Both?

ELIAS: The physical manifestation is a mirror action and response within communication of your subjective activity. Your subjective consciousness communicates to your physical body consciousness, therefore instructing action to be taken for many different reasons. In this situation, you have instructed your physical vision to be malfunctioning, in not wishing to be seeing yet. This is an element of resistance to change in areas of your own belief systems. You may be choosing to be altering of this situation. You have physically affected this vision in creating a physical malady. It is not in your terms merely imaginary, or an element that holds no physical attachment. You have created a physical dysfunction.

This is not to say that you may not un-create this function. You may be choosing, as you are moving through belief systems, to be affecting of this situation in your terms positively. This also I shall express is within probabilities, for there are some belief systems that you hold very strongly although you are not quite aware of all of these belief systems, and as you continue to hold these you shall not un-create the physical disorders that you have already created, for you do not believe within your belief systems completely yet that you hold this ability. You believe that you may create a malady. You also believe that you are unsure of un-creating the malady, only within yourself.” [session 194, July 17, 1997]

JAN: “Okay. I am also curious ... in this focus, there are certain people who seem to be dominant in my life, and I am understanding from talking to different people that there are in other focuses a lot of these same essences. I may be interrelating with other specific people in this focus that are particularly important, or there are issues in this focus with these people that I’m dealing with in other focuses?

ELIAS: Each individual manifests with many of the same essences in many focuses, this being for your experience and your choice within exploring different aspects of relationships and offering yourselves different angles of relationships for the experience. In this, essences manifest in groups and shall be experiencing many elements within different capacities.

All focuses are influencing of all other focuses. Therefore, they bleed through to each other in certain areas, areas that you choose to be experiencing and identifying with. Not all of your experiences that you choose may be comfortable, but you have chosen these experiences to be furthering your exploration of the angles of the relationships that you have chosen. Therefore, those individuals that you view to be most affecting within your focus presently have also occupied other focuses with you in similar or opposite capacities, and these bleed through to this focus presently and in some areas create confusion or even distressfulness; but if you are recognizing that these are merely experiences and if you are attempting to be accepting of other individuals’ expressions, this may be helpful to you in not allowing so much affectingness.

JAN: Alright. Good. I will try to do this. Are there specific individuals or essences that I should pay particular attention to, or will I bring them into my world?

ELIAS: Those which are the most affecting of you, pay attention to. Some of these individuals are presenting themselves to you within certain situations as a mirroring action that you may be paying attention to, which shall allow you to identify elements within yourself that you wish to be addressing to.

JAN: Okay. My relationship with my father has been in some form of conflict. Is there anything specific in another focus that’s happening that may be affecting what’s happening in this focus?

ELIAS: You have held counterpart action with this individual previously, and continue presently. This individual offers you the opportunity to be viewing a mirror action. Therefore, within the expressions of this individual, turn your attention to your periphery and view this individual within an alteration of your perception. Look to the expressions of this individual and evaluate where these expressions mirror self.

JAN: Okay. I’ll try to do this.

ELIAS: This being a difficult situation for many physically-focused individuals to be accomplishing, for this requires great trust of self and acceptance of self without a judgment upon self, for you automatically view another individual and are not accepting of their expression, and in viewing a mirror action you automatically chastise yourself and are not accepting of self. Many individuals do not even view the mirror action, for they shall not allow themselves to delve into self to this degree. But recognize that.... (Here, Jan’s tape recorder clicks off) Shall I be waiting?

... To be continuing: In viewing the mirror action and viewing these elements within self that are the same, not different, be acknowledging that this holds no wrong and be accepting of self, and in this you may hold greater understanding of the expressions of other individuals and this may offer you an avenue for acceptance of other individuals’ expressions.

JAN: So this holds true for anyone, especially those closest to me – my husband Jim or my mother or any other close friends that I have right now – this holds true for all of them? Is there anything specific with a particular individual – I guess perhaps I’ve already asked this really – in another focus? Are there ever any essences that there’s an extremely strong connection with in this focus? I’m really not sure how to ask what I’m saying. Sorry, Elias!

ELIAS: Certain individuals do hold very strong connections with each other dependent upon their interaction, and also at times dependent upon their fragmentation or their counterpart action with another individual and the amounts of counterpart actions that they choose to be creating with the same individual.

Therefore, in this you hold very strong connections with both of your parents, but in different capacities; for within the role of the father, you hold the action of counterparts within many focuses. Therefore, this is influencing. Within the relationship of mother, you are fragmented of the same essence as your mother. Therefore, you hold very strong connection with this individual also. Within the direction of your partner, you have experienced several focuses with this individual; one focus presently not within this dimension, although this may be a little difficult for your partner to be accepting of! (Laughter) In this, as I have stated, bleed-throughs of other focuses are occurring, and you are now barely beginning to be allowing of this. As you are widening your awareness and allowing yourself an openness, this shall increase and you shall understand more clearly.

JAN: ... Hi! Nice to have you back! During the break, I experienced a little bit more clarity with exactly some of the ways I’m asking my questions. I’d like to be more specific with you on some of the issues we’ve already discussed in order that I may, if you have the answers or wish to share them, have more specific answers ... say a specific belief system that I feel may be inhibiting me, although I may not know what the specific belief is for a certain thing. I would like to know some of those so that they can be brought into what I would call conscious awareness, so I can look at it and deal with it directly. If I may touch on the relationship with my father again, I am dissatisfied with the way that relationship is right now, and I’ve been frustrated thinking that maybe I’m not approaching this correctly or maybe there’s something else I can do. Is there something else specific that I should be looking at, or is there a belief ... it seems that he can haunt me at certain times. Is there something that I’m not looking at directly that may help me?

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall specifically answer you, (Jan and Vic crack up) in that I have already specifically answered you ...

JAN: Oh, no!

ELIAS: ... in this question, and the answer being that you have created a situation with this particular individual which is a mirror action. The individual expresses in certain manners, and you are not accepting of this. You are not noticing the mirror action, and in this you may be expressing and dealing with this situation more efficiently if you are observing the mirror action which is occurring.

JAN: Okay. Alright. I understand what you’re saying. I think it’s difficult to assimilate some of the things as I hear them directly from you, because as much as I am listening to what you’re saying, I’m also trying to put that together in my head with the situation. So forgive me if I ask something twice!

ELIAS: This is acceptable. You ARE assimilating subjectively, and this shall become clear futurely. You shall be understanding objectively. This is very common within the interaction of this essence. I am connecting with you subjectively and also objectively offering you answers, but you receive subjectively first. Therefore, you do not quite objectively understand and assimilate all of the information presently ... but you will.

JAN: Good! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Have patience!

VICKI: I have something to interject here.

JAN: Yes!

VICKI: It might be helpful to offer a definition of what you mean by mirror action.

ELIAS: Very well. A mirror action may be identified in many cases when another individual is extremely affecting of you, not merely occasionally or unspecifically affecting of you; but when another individual is expressing in certain manners – creating certain objective realities, interacting with you in certain directions – and you continue to be affected extremely and this is creating conflict with you, it is most likely that you are experiencing a mirror action. The individual stands before you and is bothering you, or is bothering you continuously without being before you. It is the same action as looking at yourself within your glass mirror.

JAN: Okay. Yes, I do understand.

ELIAS: In this, if you are evaluating and identifying within yourself what action this individual is mirroring to you that you also do, but perhaps within a different expression – for you shall camouflage your mirror action quite efficiently so that you do not view it – in this, pay attention to the interaction and ELIAS: “All that is physically manifest is a mirror image of what already exists within consciousness. (Pause) You project outward and create what you already know as reality.

JAN: ... Well! Alright, with my relationship with my husband, I’ve been dissatisfied in the way that I’ve been dealing with that, and although I feel that I’m growing through the process, I feel as though it’s the same thing with my father. It may well be that I am mirroring with Jim in some ways, but are there other things that I’m not looking at or other avenues I should be taking with my relationship or in dealing with my relationship?

ELIAS: This too, we have addressed to. I have expressed to you earlier to be accepting and acknowledging of your partner and trusting that the sincerity of the supportiveness is occurring. You are not accepting of self. Therefore, you are not accepting of your partner and you are not trusting the sincerity of your partner, for you are not trusting of yourself; and because you are unhappy with yourself and your battling with your intent, you also create blockings within your relationship to your partner. This also enters the area once again of sexuality, which you are holding issues in and therefore blocking your interaction with your partner.

JAN: Okay, okay. That’s good to know! (Pause) Let me realign my thoughts.

ELIAS: Very well.

JAN: Let’s see. Is it okay ... I said okay! I’ll ask anyway! Is there some area that is.... (Elias chuckles)

You know, my questions ... I can see now where it all comes down basically to self-worth and to the different beliefs that we’ve been talking about, and there are really only a couple of things that it all boils down to. Is there anything else that maybe I’m not even asking you that you could tell me about?

ELIAS: I shall offer to you that in your attempting to be dealing with the one relationship of your father and the imagery that is occurring within this relationship and the mirror action, do not be compiling another belief system atop of the ones you already hold by transferring this to your relationship with your partner, for they are not the same. In this, you hold a tendency to correlate certain actions and feelings and transfer one to the other.

JAN: Ah, do I!

ELIAS: Therefore, recognize that these are individuals and you hold different relationships with each of these individuals.

Another psychological belief system which is widely held en masse is that individuals shall be transferring from father to husband; that they shall be choosing a husband that shall mirror their father. Incorrect. This is a belief system, just as males do not choose a female partner that mirrors their mother. These are psychological belief systems. You are dealing with two different individuals, and their relationship to you is different from each other.” [session 219, September 17, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon! This day, we shall be examining your perception of your reality, and also discussing how you objectively mirror what you know subjectively in difference to individuals physically focused within your history or what you view to be your past; for as you are aware, you presently are in motion within the action of this shift. Therefore, your reality is different from the reality created previously within different centuries. Presently, you concern yourselves with the idea of being conscious creators or co-creators of your reality. I suggest to you that you look at your own fascination with being conscious creators or co-creators, which is suggesting to you presently that your reality is different. You are looking to subjective activity more than individuals have ever allowed their awareness within your past, so to speak.

I have offered previously an exercise in clarity. (2) In this, the exercise was designed initially to offer you a viewing of how you do not view your reality presently very clearly within the engagement of your outer senses. You do not manipulate your outer senses as efficiently as individuals within your past history. As few as one hundred fifty years ago in your terms of time framework, individuals within this dimension were much more focused and clear within their outer senses, for the action of this shift within a time period had not been engaged yet. Therefore, the action of creating their reality fell within a different framework than your reality presently within this present now. You offer yourselves information and clues and evidence of this shift in consciousness by your very existence, and how you are perceiving your reality and how you are creating it.

Within this present now, individuals focus more upon their inner senses and the inner universe, which is reality. This is not to say that your outer universe, your objective awareness, is not reality, but you are moving your attention from the objective to the subjective areas of consciousness and recognizing much more of the activity within subjective consciousness. In this, you offer yourselves much evidence of the movement, for you mirror subjective knowing into your objective awareness and movements. Within this present now, your sciences are mirroring what you know subjectively.

It has been presented to this essence previously, the questioning of life span within the context of this shift. Individuals inquire, ‘Shall we be creating our reality in longer life spans? Shall we be experiencing differences within physical form?’ In one respect, I have answered this questioning; that your physical form shall remain basically the same, and that it is your choosing if you are creating extended life spans upon this planet within this dimension. This is a large focus of many individuals within this dimension, of wishing to be creating of more time framework within this physical focus. Objectively, you in actuality are mirroring the knowing of your ability to be accomplishing this action if you are so choosing.

Within this century, you have already offered yourselves ‘methods’ (grinning) to be creating life spans which are longer, but these have also been offered artificially. Now you look to yourselves and your own abilities to be creating of your reality, and manipulating your reality and your own physical forms efficiently, naturally. In this, you may be investigating within the action of your sciences presently, which move in the direction of investigating the possibility of extending the individual life span, so to speak – the length of the individual focus – and also altering genetic encoding, NOT artificially, but within objective waking conscious choices.

(Vic’s note: At this point, you could literally feel the energy of several folks wanting to ask questions about the subject of extending our present life span, which seems to be of great interest to many.)

LINDA: Can I ask a question? Is this individually we do this, or collectively as a group?

ELIAS: Both. Collectively you hold the knowing of the abilities that you may be accomplishing within, within this physical dimension. Individually you open to this awareness when you are allowing yourself to open to this awareness, and different individuals choose different time frameworks to be opening to this awareness; but you shall be perceiving many many more individuals opening to the awareness of subjective activity and the awareness of the collective affectingness.

This action of this shift is accelerating tremendously. I have expressed to you that within the end throes of your next century, it shall be completely accomplished, but you may be choosing to accelerate this and be accomplishing the entirety of your shift in consciousness before this. In one respect this is occurring, for individuals continue to hold the belief system that their time framework of their focus may not be expanded, and they wish not to be left out of the accomplishment! Within another respect presently, individuals are recognizing that they do create their reality and that they may be manipulating of their own life span, so to speak, within this focus.

I have expressed previously – much time ago within our physically focused time framework, although this was not much time ago – in regard to your dream state and your sleep state, that your physical form is not requiring of the amount of sleep that you believe within your belief systems it is requiring of. I have also expressed to you that your physical form is not requiring of sleep for restfulness. It is unnecessary for your physical body consciousness to be sleeping at all; but it IS necessary, for interaction of subjective and objective consciousness in communication with essence, for you to be entering into this sleep state, that you may offer yourselves communication with essence, for you do not allow this objectively. Therefore, there is a cooperation with objective and subjective activity within an action of sleep.

I shall also express to you that you do not require physically as much consumption of material to be sustaining you physically – that which you look to as your sustenance, your food. It is unnecessary to be consuming as much volumes of any sustenance as you believe you must be consuming, for you hold belief systems about energy and that you are consuming for this is offering you energy, and this is not only sustaining but it is also creating more energy.

(Firmly) You are, within your reality, never at a loss for energy. It is always available to you. It does not come to you in the forms of what you consume. It is. Therefore, there is an endless font of energy available to you, and this also is available to your body consciousness. Your body consciousness is not separate from you.

Within this present time period, as I have suggested, your sciences also mirror this knowing that you hold within you subjectively, that these actions may be more suspect than they have allowed themselves to be connecting with previously; and in investigation they are, within this mirror action, recognizing that in actually what I have expressed to you is correct, that you are not requiring physically of these elements as much as you believe that you are requiring of these elements, and in actuality, because of your belief systems of these elements, you create less of your physical life span. In returning to your natural state and recognizing that your physical form is not requiring of as much maintenance as you believe it is requiring of, you allow a freer flow of expression and you create more effortlessly and you do not create as many obstacles, and in this you allow the flow naturally and you create more efficiently within your belief systems. You also allow yourself a new ability – although it is not new – to be extending your individual focus within a time framework.

You hold many belief systems of how you are creating your reality, but I suggest to you that as you are investigating this idea of being a conscious creator or conscious co-creator of your reality, you are offering yourselves each day information of how you are in actuality creating this reality. It is not as hidden as you believe it to be! It is merely a question of opening yourselves to be accepting and viewing what you ARE creating. This is not to say that you have allowed yourselves the ability as yet of completely understanding objectively HOW you are creating your reality, for you continue to hold questions, for you have not accepted many belief systems which are influencing and blocking of your abilities to view; but you are moving.

Within the time framework that I have expressed previously of merely one hundred fifty years ago in your terms, individuals were much more blinded, in your terms once again, to their reality, and even the concept that they are creating their reality. This was not within the direction of their attention. Therefore, it was not viewed. These individuals, as I have stated, were much more concerned within their attention to outer senses; the exploration and the heightening of the experience of outer senses.

Within your present now, as has been demonstrated with your involvement of your exercise in clarity of your outer senses, you have shown yourselves that you are not as attuned to these outer senses as you believe you are, and you hold little ability to be manipulating of these outer senses consciously; but simultaneously, you are manipulating inner senses much more efficiently, whereas individuals within this other time framework that you may look to were not manipulating inner senses to any degree that you engage them presently.

There are of course exceptions within all time frameworks. There are individuals that do not allow themselves presently to be connecting with inner senses and are very objectively focused and are very manipulating of outer senses, and in like manner within other time frameworks there have been individuals that allowed much more of a tuning to inner senses and not that of the outer senses; but within mass and your mass expressions and your movements within consciousness within different time periods, the mass moved in the direction of connecting with outer senses and looking to other individuals for their reality and not looking to self. Now, within this framework of time, your mass moves in the direction of looking to inner senses and connecting with reality in this manner as opposed to being connecting with outer senses, and also recognizing that you ARE creating of your reality and not looking to other individuals or figures to be creating your reality for you or expressing to you HOW to be creating your reality. You now begin to look to self to instruct you in the area of how to be creating of your reality.” [session 220, September 20, 1997]

STELLA: “Okay, before we go, I had a dream last night, and the thing that caught my attention was that I was in this car and there were a whole lot of people and I saw two of the people that work with me, two ladies. I’m not driving, but I am sort of giving directions, and I’m telling the driver to make a right turn, and we make a right turn, and then we’re going uphill, uphill, uphill, and it’s like really really uphill, and when we get there, there’s a wall you can’t go through. Then he turns around and we’re coming down the hill. It’s a steep, steep, steep hill. As we’re coming down, then he’s like flying! It’s like flying, and now he’s looking to see where he’s going to guide the car together with the traffic. Then we get down, and I tell him another right, and we go uphill – the same story again! And then I end up in some house, and I don’t know, there’s a lot of confusion. The two ladies seem like they’re not too happy. But is was kind of weird going up this hill!

ELIAS: This would be indicative of imagery that you are creating for yourself in mirroring much action that you are engaging presently, and mirroring a desire. In this, the hill is representative of your desire to be moving to areas of consciousness that you view to be inaccessible presently. As you approach the top of your hill you approach this wall, for there are blocks and there is only so far that you perceive that you may be accomplishing within physical focus. In a recognition of this, knowing that there are certain areas of consciousness that you may not be prepared to be accessing yet, you choose to be moving down your hill once again, but not viewing this as a negative action; therefore affirming to yourself that continuing within physical focus may be an exciting and enjoyable experience. Therefore, you offer the imagery of flying. But you continue within your imagery of confusion and other individuals, as imaging to yourself the confusion that you experience within your new experiences and bleed-throughs of consciousness, and recognizing that other individuals experience this also and that you may be connecting with these other individuals in offering information for their confusion. Therefore, you image them to be not very happy.

STELLA: Thank you, Elias!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 222, September 27, 1997]

JO: “‘When I was a child, I had a fever. My hands felt just like two balloons. Now I’ve got that feeling once again. I can’t explain. You would not understand’ ... well, you would, and so that’s why I’m asking! Mary and I talked about it. I sense it has something to do with scale, but I was wondering if you could illuminate those experiences for me.

ELIAS: You are beginning to be opening to the vastness of self and the vastness of essence, which is multidimensional and much more vast than you understand objectively, but you are beginning to allow yourself to open to the greatness of you and the ‘bigness’ of you. Do not discount yourself within this experience, for many individuals temporarily experience a discounting and even loss of individuality and identity within this experience. They begin to open to the vastness of essence and consciousness and begin to automatically move their attention to themselves in holding to identity, and discount self as being merely one grain of sand upon all of your oceans upon your planet. This is incorrect. Within the one grain of sand is also contained all universes, all of consciousness, all of essence. It is within you.

You look automatically to outside of you through your physical eyes and you look to the creation of a physical universe and you view this as much greater than yourself, and you look to yourself as being very small and insignificant. What you do not understand is that this physical universe that you look to as being so very vast is a projection of you within you, and is merely one projection of what you are. It is merely one focus of the lens which is all of you. The vastness within you extends far beyond what you view physically as your universe that you occupy. You yourself are even greater than that. As you open to this awareness little by little, (grinning) you also allow yourselves objective experiences to be partially mirroring what you are opening to. (Pause)

JO: We offer ourselves images that mirror what we are to be opening to?

ELIAS: Correct; what you ARE opening to. This be the action of the harmony of subjective and objective awareness. You allow now less of a singularity of objective attention. Therefore, you begin to allow actual sensation and visualization and experience of what you know subjectively and what you are, but you create this in increments, that you do not overwhelm yourself objectively, for this is unfamiliar to you. You may be frightening yourself if you are offering yourself much information and experience all at once, for you hold belief systems in these areas and you automatically move in the direction that you have lost your control and you have therefore lost – although you may not lose this element – your mind, which is quite amusing! (Humorously) For you may not lose your mind or misplace your mind, but this be your belief systems! And then you are automatically discounting of self and expressing that you are experiencing lunacy and not reality!

JO: So this was an opening, and the reason it was a little bit frightening is because it was kind of a big glimpse all at once?

ELIAS: (Humorously) A very small glimpse (laughter) interpreted as a big glimpse!

JO: It wasn’t on scale! Thank you!” [session 224, October 01, 1997]

DAVID: “I have a question regarding astrology. You’ve said already that it’s been sort of like changed away from its original purpose, but I’d like to know what astrology’s original purpose is, so that I can understand more of what I’m learning in regards to it.

ELIAS: Originally, within the creation of this dimension and this physical focus, you have created harmoniously all of the physical elements involved within this particular universe. Therefore, you also, within your particular solar system, have created a harmony within what you view to be your other orbiting planets. In this, originally you offered yourselves the creativity of less separation, and recognizing that your connection extends far beyond merely your individual forms, and that you are ultimately connected with all that you view to be nature and all that is within your known universe. Therefore, you were recognizing of your affectingness of your other planets and your system, so to speak.

The way this has been distorted is that you have turned the belief system oppositely, to be viewing that your planets and their alignment is affecting of you. In actuality, you are affecting of their movement.

DAVID: So in interpreting a birth chart, and we incorporate all the planets in our solar system, how then do I interpret ... for example, I see a configuration, say Saturn squaring Mary’s natal Mercury, and in an interpretation of that, it seems quite akin to what she’s presently experiencing.

ELIAS: But you view this to be that these planets are affecting of the individual. In actuality, they are mirroring the individuals.

DAVID: Okay. So am I right in assuming that when certain planets that are presently in what we call retrograde motion move forward, which would be at the end of this year, that next year we’ll be seeing more of a movement in our shift, more so than we have?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: Correct. So I can gauge a lot of that by my interpretation and my knowledge of astrology?

ELIAS: But recognizing that also, these actions are mirroring your own movement. This also may provide you with information that you seek so desperately of future events. You offer yourselves these future events. You hold the knowledge of what you are creating. YOU are creating these actions. Your planets are not creating these actions by their movement. You are moving them by your creations.

DAVID: Okay, so they work almost like reading a book, in a way.

ELIAS: They are reflecting you. Therefore, you may look to your outer landscape just as you look to your inner landscape, and view the motion that you yourselves are creating and that your outer landscapes are mirroring and reflecting. This be what I have expressed to you many times, that information abounds all around you. You merely do not notice or understand what you are viewing, but all of these elements are creations of yourselves. You collectively move your planet. You collectively move all of your other planets. You collectively create novas. They do not affect you. You affect them! You offer yourselves information of your creations by reading what you are creating; by looking to your mirror images, your reflections in your universe, and allowing yourself the information of what you are creating.

DAVID: So in what little I know – it’s so complex to understand astrology – when I interpret it for my friends, it seems to be that I’m quite on the mark sometimes. Is it safe to do that?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 228, October 18, 1997]

CATHY: “I have a question. When a person finds themselves having extreme conflict with one individual in a group, would it be helpful for that person to examine that issue because there’s a probable probability that they’re probably mirroring the same thing that they’re finding is irritating them?

ELIAS: We have spoken of mirror action many times, but do not confuse yourselves in your thought processes that each time you hold an extreme response to another individual, that you are holding a mirror action.

CATHY: But it is a probability.

ELIAS: It is a possibility.” [session 229, October 19, 1997]

ELIAS: “This evening we shall be discussing a long-awaited topic, for I am aware that all of you and all of our close friends involved with this forum are quite focused upon events occurring futurely. This shall not be a prediction of future events, but offering you the most probable probabilities within the action of this shift as it so exists within this present now.

Within your present now, you are creating probabilities involved with this shift in consciousness. I have expressed to you that within this shift, it shall be accomplished within the third quarter of your coming century. In this, great accomplishments shall be occurring within this new approaching century, as dictated by your present probabilities. In this, I express to you that ALL of your reality shall be altered. What you view to be your reality presently and what you know to be your officially accepted reality shall be no longer, and you shall move into a new era of consciousness and physical reality. In this, many elements of your physical reality shall be altered.

Let me express to you that your – what you view to be in your terms presently – science fiction, as I have expressed previously, is closer to science fact than you realize. Within your approaching century, your scientists shall move into new areas of wondrous accomplishments. Elements that you investigate presently shall be viewed as child’s play compared to what you shall be accomplishing, as what is dictated within your present probabilities.

Be remembering that your probabilities are probabilities, and that you may alter these at any moment. Therefore, they are not set in stone; but within the most probable probabilities, this shall be what shall be occurring and what you shall be looking forward to within your future elements.

Within the mid-points of your coming century, tremendous new accomplishments shall be endeavored within your sciences. I have expressed to you that within this century, your sciences have mirrored you and essence and consciousness, developing these elements in physical matter of what you know to be within consciousness. You have created many wondrous inventions and have learned many elements within your physical dimension that mirror elements of consciousness and of essence. This offers you much information, and as you move into this new century you shall continue with this endeavor and you shall further your accomplishments and your inventions.

I have expressed to you many times that the most efficient method of travel is through space, not around space. I have expressed to you your abilities to be projecting, but I shall also express to you that within the areas of your sciences, you shall be moving into areas of exploration of your physical atmospheric space within your universe. I have expressed to you that it is futile to be looking to your immediate solar system, for within this dimension no life, as you term it to be, exists within this dimension upon the planets that are within your immediate solar system. But within your galaxy and beyond, within this dimension, there are other forms of beings that are other aspects of yourselves, as you well know, for these are all aspects of the same essences merely focused within different areas and different realities.

Within your coming century you shall be, within your most probable reality and probabilities, developing technology that shall be enabling you to accomplish feats that to this point in your time framework seem impossible. It is possible for you to access technology to mirror what you do within consciousness. Within consciousness, you exceed light speed. Your thought processes, your ability to project yourselves within consciousness, far exceeds light speed. This is child’s play to essence. It is merely the limitations of physical focus.

In this, you may view what I express to you this evening as being your science fiction, but in reality you hold the ability to accomplish these feats and shall be accomplishing these feats by the mid-points of your coming century. Therefore, I express to you: You have little time framework to be looking to before the accomplishment of tremendous elements within altering of your reality.

I have expressed to you that your monetary system shall not exist any longer within what you view as your present time framework. Within the end throes of your coming century, this shall be accomplished. It shall be unnecessary. You already view the devaluation of your monetary system. I expressed to you previously the devaluation of your exchange, and you view recently a tremendous example within mass consciousness of the lack of value of your exchange system.

You hold world markets. You hold exchanges. You view these to be stock exchanges. They mean very little. Individuals trade what you view to be tremendous quantities of what you value as monetary exchange systems. They hold very little value already. Within your coming century, which you may view presently to be much time but is very little time, this shall be eliminated, for it shall hold no value, for what shall hold value is what you are moving into the direction of now; the value of the individual, the value of consciousness, the value of your abilities and your exploration of consciousness and of your universe, of what you view to be your universe and beyond. This shall be more important than personal gain. You have moved in the direction of this area for much time period, and it holds little attraction any longer.

Therefore, developments shall be occurring within your coming century – as I have stated, within your lifetimes, so to speak, within your focuses. If you are so choosing to be extending your focuses to mid-point of your coming century, which is entirely possible and probable, you yourselves may witness these events which shall be occurring.

You have witnessed many amazing events that mirror what you know in consciousness. One hundred of your years ago, individuals would not dream of placing foot upon another element within your solar system; a moon, a planet. To this present now, you accomplish this. Within seventy of your next years, you shall accomplish more. You shall move into areas of viewing not other dimensional elements, but other life forces; not like yourselves, but existing within your galaxy. This may sound quite, as I have stated, like science fiction to you, but so was it science fiction one hundred of your years ago to be walking upon your very close moon, and you have accomplished, and you accomplish probes upon other planets within your solar system. It shall not be requiring much of your time framework before you are expanding and accessing the ability physically to be moving into areas of mirroring what you already accomplish within consciousness, and exceeding your barrier of your light speed.

I have expressed to you that you are most wondrous creatures and you hold abilities far beyond what you view that you are capable of, but you are capable of many more wondrous actions than you believe yourselves to be capable of. Within this action, what shall enable you to be accomplishing is the action of accepting, partially, some of your existing belief systems, and therefore not being bound to the limitations of your belief systems. I will express to you that even within the action of this shift, you shall not be accepting all of your belief systems, for within this physical focus, as I have stated to you, you shall always hold belief systems. It is the core of your reality. But you shall be accepting many of your belief systems, which shall be eliminating many of your barriers.

This is not to say that I am expressing to you that you may not be also creating conflict before you are accomplishing of these feats, for this exists continuously as a very present and real probability. You hold the ability to deflect this probability, but within the energy projected, it is entirely dependent upon you what you choose to be creating and lending energy to. You may be creating of some destruction futurely, or you may be deflecting of this and inserting different probabilities into your reality. Either direction, it matters not. You continue, as you have continued throughout the entirety of this century, to be creating of the probability that within mid-point of your coming century, you shall be mirroring your own knowing of consciousness and projection, and developing of technology to be exceeding what you possibly may be imagining of presently. (Pause)

This shall be one of very few – very few – sessions that I shall move into this direction of expressing to you the most probable probabilities that you hold futurely; but in encouragement of your movement and acknowledgment of your movement, which you presently doubt, I have chosen to be encouraging of you this evening and expressing to you a slight glimpse into what your most probable future probabilities are, as they exist within this present now.

NORM: Will we be able to develop instruments that reflect our consciousness that have, indeed, conscious intent?

ELIAS: You shall continue to create instruments and technology that monitor your physical reality, although you shall also incorporate more information about consciousness and acknowledge this more freely; but within your sciences you shall continue in the direction that you are moving in presently, in monitoring and developing within physical aspects.

NORM: We in this form have a limited awareness of a change, in our view of the world. Will that become quite commonplace by the year 2050?

ELIAS: Yes; much more expanded than you are now.

NORM: Will inner senses be used more commonly than they are now?


NORM: The basic physical needs of entities or focuses here are food and clothing and some shelter. That will be handled by other than monetary means?

ELIAS: Yes. Not necessarily by your specific date of 2050....

NORM: Plus or minus twenty-five years?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Our food intake could be drastically modified by then?

ELIAS: Less.

NORM: Less food required?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And more water!

ELIAS: You shall realize that monetary gain is unnecessary and meaningless. You shall move into a new area of consciousness, this being part of the action of this shift in consciousness. In shifting your consciousness, you shall move into the area of realization that the exploration of your existence within physical focus is more important than your monetary gain, and more satisfying.

NORM: Experiences that we desire to have, we will be tending toward those experiences rather than making sure that we have a house?

ELIAS: You shall be provided for. It shall not be an issue any longer.

NORM: Our creativity will be able to provide that for us?

ELIAS: All individuals shall work together within the area of value fulfillment, and in this you shall be providing for each other in all areas.

NORM: Fantastic!

DAVID: In these change-overs that we’re going to experience, will they be all gradual change-overs that won’t create sudden conflict or panic, or will there be much of that?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This be your choice, and this be the element of probabilities. You may be choosing of great trauma and tremendous elements of destruction for your own attention. This be your choice. It is a probability. You may be deflecting of this choice and not creating of this, which is what you are moving into now by allowing yourself information concerning this shift in consciousness; to be eliminating those probabilities and inserting other probabilities into your reality, but they are a continuing probability.

DAVID: And if this information that you give us is not released ... is this information going to be part of helping to not create this panic or trauma?

ELIAS: It is an element of this.

DAVID: And if the monetary system suddenly collapses overnight like it almost did a few days ago, for example, that would cause panic instantly amongst everybody.

ELIAS: It shall not collapse immediately. This shall be a gradual process, and you shall realize that it is unnecessary. I shall be expressing to you that initially your sciences shall be discovering of new elements of your reality, and in this, this shall bring about your lack of necessity for your present system.

DAVID: It seems like science is going to be in the forefront here. Where is religion going to come into this?

ELIAS: Individuals shall continue to hold their religious belief systems, but this shall also deplete itself as individuals begin to be accepting of belief systems and recognizing that they hold belief systems. Your sciences also hold great belief systems, but they move into, as you express, the forefront now, in mirroring physically what you know to be within essence.

NORM: So the social and political systems are going to be replaced by a great deal of cooperation between all focuses?

ELIAS: But shall also continue to hold political influences; but your political influences shall be more directly involved and compatible with all of your societies.

NORM: You commented earlier that apparently the ballpark or the playpen that we in this dimension ... we’re going to be limited in the next century to the present dimension that we are aware of?

ELIAS: Not so.

NORM: Probable dimensions close by, we will be able to look into?

ELIAS: Correct. You shall hold the ability, as you do now, to step sideways and move into other realities and other dimensions. I am merely speaking of the accomplishments that you may physically view within this dimension, of your physical accomplishments that shall be offering you evidence of your movement.

NORM: We shall know of the openness of our universe.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And the openness of all universes.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: So this change will also change our way of fighting in wars? There will be no necessity for that either?

ELIAS: It will be unnecessary.

DAVID: So that won’t exist either?

ELIAS: Not within YOUR reality. This is not to say, as I have expressed previously, that these elements do not exist within other dimensions or other areas. This shift is limited merely to this dimension and your physical focus. Therefore, the alteration is great within this dimension and your physical focus, but it does not extend beyond this. It is affecting of all other dimensions and focuses, for YOU are affecting of all other dimensions and focuses, but this is not to say that the entirety of their reality shall be altered. They shall continue in the direction that they are creating their realities.

NORM: All probabilities will be expressed as they always have been?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: So there will be probabilities that will have wars?

ELIAS: But not within this dimension.

NORM: Not within this dimension.

VICKI: Don’t a lot of these changes you’re talking about – the changes in our monetary system, all the changes you’ve been talking about – isn’t that pretty intimately tied in with an awareness of how we create our reality?


VICKI: And so would it be safe to say that mid-point next century, give or take a time frame, most individuals will be accomplishing of what we call our dream mission?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: They will be understanding how they create their reality?

ELIAS: Not entirely objectively, but they shall hold a greater understanding of their reality and a truer knowing that they ARE creating their reality. It shall not be a concept any longer. It shall be a reality, and within this they shall also enable themselves to tap into subjective awareness and recreate this intentionally within objective awareness; this enabling the scientific advancements within technology that shall be accomplished.

VICKI: So I imagine science will be conducting experiments that will be indicative of the fact that we do create our reality ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... and that things happen that are outside of the way we believe about them presently, just like the experiment Norm was talking about with the photons? (3)

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Those kinds of things are going to be, you know, leading people into a way different direction of thinking ...

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: ... eventually.

ELIAS: Absolutely. Your greatest discovery, so to speak, will be your space and time travel – objectively, physically – that you shall discover the methods, the means, to exceeding your light speed. You accomplish this every day within your focus, but translating that into physical movement is a new discovery. This be what your age-old quest has been; for time travel and your time machines and your machines for travel through space. These machines that you hold presently, that you fire to your small little moon which orbits your own little planet, shall seem to be child’s toys, for you shall develop technology that may project you around your space within amazing precision. But these also shall be mirrors of what you already know within essence and what you already accomplish within yourselves; just as your telecommunications are mirror images within physical form of how you already communicate within essence and consciousness. Your televisions are mirror images of what you already view within essence, in connecting to other focuses and other dimensions at the flick of a channel!” [session 233, November 02, 1997]

MICHAEL: “For the past nine or so months, I have created intense changes in my life. I got married. I semi-renewed a faith in Judaism, then realized I did not need it. I shifted into a self-employed mode, then back to full-time for someone else, and numerous other things all at the same time. Since close to the time of my wedding in April, I have been experiencing a lot of stress and a resulting distrust in my body. This manifests as pains in my stomach and muscular pains across my chest. Also, an old back injury has flared up again recently. I know these things are not life-threatening, but when my mind grabs hold of them, these small pains become mental heart attacks, gaping holes in my stomach, and fear and panic in general. I have always had a great immune system and a solid trust in my body. Now it seems that this trust is diminished. I have worked for months – almost daily – trying to figure out the beliefs behind this. My question is this: Would you help me locate the source or core beliefs that are causing all this mental anguish so I can change it? I really miss my old, secure self. (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well.

The base belief systems influencing of this situation are belief systems concerning change. You are being presented with many changes within the focus which also are mirroring changes within the action of this shift. Much change is occurring within the action of this shift, and many individuals mirror this within their individual personal focus within their choices of probabilities.

As I have expressed previously, change holds much fearfulness for many individuals, for it is unfamiliar. Within your focus within this dimension, you magnate objectively to a lack of change, viewing this within your belief systems as being stability. Therefore, change represents unstableness. In this, it also holds fearfulness for you. The base belief system is this, but is being challenged by the creation objectively of the mirror image of the shift, creating many changes within a small time framework. This is a preparatory action, that the focus is choosing to be in line with the action of the shift and preparing for greater changes futurely.

These are changes presently that may be rationalized and objectively accepted. Therefore, they are familiar and acceptable, although within a mirror action they are not quite entirely acceptable, and there is a recognition of the fearfulness which causes the body consciousness to be responding to the subjective movement in holding energy within itself that may be effecting discomfort. Therefore, addressing to the belief system of change and its unfamiliarity and its fearfulness may be quite affecting.

Also, you may be addressing to the belief system underlying, of independence versus confinement within a committed relationship. This IS a belief system. There is in actuality no necessity for confinement within a committed relationship objectively, but you hold belief systems that suggest to you that you give up your independent freedom when entering into this type of relationship. This be another core belief system.” [session 243, November 25, 1997]

SUE: “I have a question. I dealt with asthma a few years ago, and one of my two cats has asthma, and I wonder if you could tell me if there’s any connection between her problem and mine?


SUE: Can you tell me anything about what the connection is?

ELIAS: It is a sympathetic expression in connection to your energy. Many times creatures that are connected to you intimately, as what you view to be or express to be pets, mirror elements within yourself. They shall reflect back to you your own creations that you create within your reality. At times, they shall be offering expressions to you for your information and noticing. At times, they may be creating of situations within themselves physically that you project outwardly – not objectively, subjectively – that you wish not to be creating within yourself, and within agreement the creature may be creating for you. They may also mirror many elements of your belief systems, of your emotion, and of your physical creations.

SUE: So I’ve not only created it in myself, but I’ve sort of created it in her as well?

ELIAS: The creature holds the choice to be creating, but you are influencing, yes.

SUE: Okay. Thank you.

CHRIS: Okay, also if she got asthma and gave it to her cat, can she make it go away then, under the same principles?

ELIAS: She did not give this to the cat. The cat chooses to be mirroring an action within the individual.

CHRIS: She’s not really projecting it?

ELIAS: Energy; but the creature holds the choice to be accepting this or not and to be creating this as a mirror action. The creature also holds the choice to continue or to not continue within this action. Therefore, although you are influencing, you are not creating the situation, and if you are influencing of yourself and uncreating or affecting of your own situation, the creature may be choosing to be mirroring this also. Creatures often mirror your own fascinations and your own creations, and as you lend energy to these they continue to be creating of these elements, and as you are not lending energy they also allow the dissipation of the creation ... as you are familiar, Shynla [Cathy]! (Grinning) For you are quite adept at this creating, are you not??

CATHY: Yes, I am. I’m very adept at it. I do it very well, thank you.

ELIAS: Excellently! Perfectly! (Much laughter)

CATHY: You got it. Is there any other way?

ELIAS: Absolutely not!

JIM: So that’s what would follow through with my dog as well, with the lesion that we had discussed a few weeks ago?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: The fact now that I’m paying less attention to it ... he’s still bothering it. It’s still evident. Have I not allowed that to fully let go yet?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Although the dog may choose to have the lesion regardless.

ELIAS: Quite!

JIM: That’s true, no matter what.

ELIAS: Absolutely!

JIM: And my acceptance of that....

ELIAS: Absolutely! Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance! (Jim sighs deeply and we all crack up, as we’ve been observing Jim deal with this issue for quite some time now.)

BOBBI: Why would they choose to do that? Just helpfulness?

ELIAS: Not always. At times, they are merely mirroring you. It is an energy exchange. You are continuously influencing within energy of all things.

BOBBI: So they just pick up on that?

ELIAS: At times they are choosing to be manifesting certain elements for your noticing and in helpfulness within information to you, but at times they are merely accepting of your energy and influence and creating accordingly. I have expressed to you many times, every action that you create is influencing of ALL of consciousness. This presents itself evidently within individuals and creatures objectively close to you, that you may hold evidence of your affectingness.” [session 246, November 30, 1997]

DREW: “After physical death, the personality continues?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: In our terms, forever?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Hmm ... without the belief systems that we’ve attached in physical reality?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: And so then it is free to explore whatever dimensions it chooses to explore for the experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Hmm! So our personality continues and has always been?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

VICKI: You’re stuck with yourself! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning)

DREW: If we wanted to identify with this personality as closely as possible, is that different from trying to get in touch with our essence?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

DREW: There are characteristics unique to the personality.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: And with all of the exercises we’ve been doing and the information we’ve been getting, has that been designed to put us more in touch with essence or our personality?

ELIAS: Both.

DREW: Okay. Is there a way to know when we’re getting in touch with one as opposed to the other? Is there a difference in the quality of the experience or the action?

ELIAS: Objectively, for the most part, you are not remembering of connections or interactions that you explore of essence. At times you may be remembering of this interaction, but it shall be far removed from the familiarity of your physical focus. Interactions as such with the alignment of tone, which was experienced previously within this forum with Michael [Mary] (4), is an experience of interaction with essence, but it holds no familiarity to you within your objective awareness. It holds little meaning within your understanding, for it is so very far removed from your directed attention.

Within this dimension, within any particular focus, your attention is focused very singularly and very directly in the manifestation of the physical focus. Therefore, your energy is directed in this manner. Interacting with the whole of essence is quite unfamiliar to the directed attention of the focus, but it is possible and attainable to be interacting with essence objectively.

DREW: So is it fair to say then that those experiences that we have that we objectively remember are more likely an interaction with our personality than it is with essence?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for you are also involving more aspects of essence than you have previously allowed within your attention. You connect with other focuses of your essence, which are all elements of you as essence....

DREW: But they are all personalities.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So again, those are interactions with personalities as opposed to essence.

ELIAS: Essence is personality also.

DREW: Yeah, I understand, but it’s....

ELIAS: These are all of the aspects of the whole of the personality, just as you hold within one focus many aspects to your personality. You hold humor, you hold sadness, you hold emotion, you hold physical awarenesses, you hold thought processes. You have your spirituality, your psyche. These are all different aspects of your one focus. In this same manner, each focus is a mirror of essence, in a manner of speaking, for essence also holds personality, and all of its focuses are all of the aspects of that personality.” [session 250, December 14, 1997]

ELIAS: “Very well! (To David) You may open our discussion this evening if you are so choosing, as this be YOUR subject matter.

DAVID: Well, I think I opened it last week, so I’ve done it!

ELIAS: And you are wishing to be knowing of the quality of orgasms?

DAVID: Correct.

ELIAS: And their significance to what you view as their non-physical counterpart?

DAVID: Correct.

ELIAS: In significance to non-physical counterpart, there is none!

DAVID: So, it’s just a physical....

ELIAS: All that you present yourself within sexual experience within this dimension is relative to this dimension, although I shall express to you that within physical expressions, you are mirroring elements that are known to you within essence. You are creating imagery that you insert into your physical focus that mirrors elements within non-physical aspects of essence. Therefore, within your creation of sexual intimacy, you are creating imagery physically that mirrors a knowing of the lack of separation within essence and consciousness.

NORM: ... You say that the sexual orientations in this dimension are mirrors of elements in the essence world. Would I be able to extend that to the biological world, where there’s every diversity that you can imagine in regard to sexual orientation? For example, plants can have both male and female parts, and they can be male at one time and change to female at another, and so on and so forth. All of that is elements of ... I mean, that great huge diversity would then be a mirroring of, partially, what essence can experience?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Interesting!

RETA: Have you ever noticed that a lot of people, in their imagery to be attractive to another person, greatly find themselves in that other person? If you sit and watch couples going by, for instance, even their facial expressions can be a lot the same. I think we’re attracted to ourselves in a lot of instances of physical attraction, and it may be the same way in a subjective way.

ELIAS: At times, but this would not be a rule. You build quite elaborations around your sexual movements. You have even created ritual within your creatures for the display of your sexuality.

DAVID: How about women who, especially today, are lining up to get boob jobs? (Laughter) You know, breast implants? For THEIR ears! I know it’s a belief system, but I think they need to hear that!

ELIAS: It IS a belief system that you need to be adorning yourselves to be creating a more attractive ‘package,’ but throughout your history you have indulged yourselves in adorning to be more pleasing to each other visually. This be also part of your rituals, which you also mirror within your creation of your creatures and THEIR rituals to each other and their adornments that they display to each other for the same reason.

DAVID: So why are we attracted more so to beauty than someone who you’d call a ‘plain Jane,’ since the beginning of time?

ELIAS: For you DO attract yourself to beauty. You CREATE beauty, within this dimension, all about you. You are quite enamored with physical creations and their aesthetic value.

DAVID: But we put so much importance on that beauty, compared to someone who isn’t beautiful, so to speak.

ELIAS: Quite! It is part of your creation within this physical dimension. Individuals may choose a particular focus to NOT be creating physical beauty, or what you term to be deformities, for the experience of not aligning with your officially accepted reality.” [session 255, January 04, 1998]

SUE: “One question about my cat having asthma. One thing I realized after we talked about it a few weeks ago was that I tend to give her a lot of attention when she starts coughing, and I realized that I might be reinforcing her doing that. I’m still giving her the medicine that she appears to need, but I’m trying to ignore her when she coughs. Is that likely to make any difference in her having this?

ELIAS: As you reinforce, it shall continue to be created. It is being created in sympathetic action and agreement to yourself. As you do not reinforce your OWN need for attention within this area and you also do not reinforce this action with the creature, you do not concentrate upon this action as much and you do not lend energy to the perpetuation of its creation.

SUE: Okay. I thought it was probably better to not pay attention to her when she did it, but at times I felt like I was being mean to her, so I wasn’t sure whether....

ELIAS: You are also reinforcing your OWN belief systems within a mirror action in continuing this action. In this act, you are offering yourself a viewing of your own expectations and wantings within this focus. You are desiring of nurturing and affection and closeness; attention. Therefore, as the creature mirrors your action to you, you give to the creature what you are seeking yourself, but you are also perpetuating the creation.

SUE: Right. I feel guilty about her because she was always very playful, and the asthma slows her down and makes her quieter. I feel bad, as if I created this in her by wanting her to be less playful. Not that I mind her playing, but it annoyed me that she wanted me to play with her all the time.

ELIAS: This creature has created this action, this ailment, this constriction as an offering to YOU, in agreement and compliance with no expectation. It has offered this action to you, that you may view the very many elements of your own belief systems which cause you conflict. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to engage guilt!

SUE: Thank you. That makes me feel better.” [session 256, January 10, 1998]

LISA: “What do you do after you truly connect with yourself, when you find yourself standing on an amazing threshold? How do we take ourselves further when we have reached a plateau?

ELIAS: (Smiling) Ah, those plateaus! You look to your planks, your bridge extending from your oubliette, and you recognize that there are always more planks before you – there is always more to explore – and you allow yourself to not limit yourself. You allow yourself your own acceptance and trust. You settle into the comfort of your lulling rest period and allow yourself the acceptance of this, and you anticipate your new exploration and adventure knowing that the exploration ALWAYS continues.

Individuals at times also develop belief systems that if they are not continuously objectively in movement, accomplishing within every moment of their cultural time, that they are stagnating or stuck. You move in cycles, just as you move in waves. You allow yourself the rush, and you also allow yourselves the receding. Just as your tides, your waves, crash forward and gently recede, you also within your movements accomplish in this same manner. It is a natural, even flow. It is not to be viewed as a discouragement, or bad, or that you are ‘stuck.’ You are merely flowing within the natural cycle.

You have created your elements within this dimension, such as your tides, to be mirroring yourselves. Look to the elements you have created and their cycles. You have created all of this as a mirror image of yourselves. It offers you much information as to your reality and your existence within this physical dimension. You allow yourselves these times of receding for reflection, for assimilation, and for preparation for movement in what you term to be forward. You all experience this. You all also develop belief systems in this area. You create belief systems upon yourselves and upon each other. You view yourselves to be within this time framework of receding and reflecting and you view yourself to be unproductive or that something is ‘wrong’ with you. You are not accomplishing. You are not moving forward. This be the reason that you are not accepting when I am expressing to you that you ARE accomplishing, and you are viewing yourselves as NOT accomplishing. You are viewing yourselves as being stuck or stagnating or not moving.

In these times, many times I have expressed to many of you that you ARE accomplishing and you ARE moving, and within your little heads – not verbally to me but within your thoughts – you are screaming at me, ‘Oh yes, Elias! I am accomplishing so very well! I think not!’ But you are! This period of receding is no less important, for it is your time for assimilation.” [session 258, January 15, 1998]

FORREST: “This is a person named Daryl. He’s asking about his eye condition. He’s saying, ‘What else can I do to uncreate my eye condition?’ The answer is going back to him. Whatever I’m asking is on their behalf.

ELIAS: I am aware. It is unnecessary to reiterate yourself. (Fifteen-second pause)

This situation holds two-fold. This individual has created two choices in this situation. As to the question of uncreating this function of vision, this may be more complicated than some other individuals with similar situations.

This situation has been created initially as an acceptance, in entering into this particular focus, of certain genetic elements. This is not to say that this may not be altered, for any individual within physical focus may alter their genetic encoding at any given moment. You always hold the choice in this area, although once again, your sciences view this to be fixed and static. It is not. It is a choice, although it is a more difficult element to be affecting of, for you hold very strong belief systems in these areas.

In the area of physical ailments, the mass belief systems are extremely strong and the individual belief systems are equally as strong. They are continuously reinforced, not only by the self, not only by the thought process, but also by your own creations in reinforcement, your experiences, which also is linked to the belief systems of duplicity. But also, these elements are continuously reinforced within your societies in the manner that you have created them. Therefore, these situations are more difficult for your alteration.

The second element which has been created in this particular situation is linked also to belief systems and issues held which have created shrines which have been efficiently placed very neatly into Regional Area 2 for their only partial viewing at the discretion of the individual, and in this manner this is also affecting of objective physical viewing. It is a mirror action. ‘I wish not to be viewing these shrines that I have created. I shall very neatly insert them into Regional Area 2. I may remove them at will and decorate them more and reinsert them into Regional Area 2, where I may not view if I am not choosing. And I shall also create a situation with my physical viewing, my physical sense of sight, that shall be reminding me that I have inserted these shrines into Regional Area 2, lest I forget to be pulling these shrines out once again and continuing my decoration of them.’

Therefore, there is held two very strong situations in this area; one being the viewing and dismantling of these shrines, which are created by very strongly-held issues within the self that are chosen not to be addressed to but continue to be reinforced and built upon – quite ornately, I must add – and also, the element of choosing physical aspects of genetics in entering into this focus, that this may be also reinforcing of the situation of the shrines not viewed.

FORREST: ... Okay! (Laughing) Moving along to the next question, from Carole. She asks, ‘Is human love between man and woman a belief system which we enter into because we choose to?’

ELIAS: Human love. First of all, yes, you enter into this action and experience as a choice. The subject of human love is complicated. It is a mirror action of knowing held within essence and within consciousness, but it is a translation into physical focus ... certain physical focuses. It is influenced by belief systems and it is an expression and action of emotion, which is a basic element of this particular physical dimension.

I have expressed that the two basic elements of this particular physical dimension are sexuality and emotion. You have created this reality for these experiences, for the exploration of these experiences. Therefore, human love relates to both of these basic elements of your reality and is intertwined with the exploration of both of these elements.

As stated, it is a translation. Therefore, in relation to the truth of love – which there are many truths within consciousness, love being another truth – its translation into physical focus is far removed from the reality of this truth in consciousness and within essence, but it is a mirror action, just as your equipment. Your telephone is a mirror action of a known truth or element of consciousness, of communication and interaction. It is a very limited translation, but it is a mirror action. Your flying machines are a mirror action of projection within consciousness. They are very limited mirror actions, but they are reflections of what is known within consciousness and objectively expressed. In this same manner, human love is also a projection and a translation.

Now; this is not to say that within this translation it may not be transcended into a fuller understanding and experience within your physical dimension. It shall not be expressed in the entire fullness of essence or consciousness, but it may be transcended into a much more effective fullness within physical focus. This is requiring of an allowance of mergence in relationship, of the individuals to be opening fully to each other and allowing this mergence and not blocking. In this, the experience may be a hundredfold to the experience that is accepted within your officially accepted reality.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

CAROLE: “I know there’s no beginning and there’s no end and all is the spacious present, but how did that come about, that we became segmented into these nine families of consciousness? I mean, who decided that? This is where I get confused.

ELIAS: Consciousness is endlessly vast. Not all essences within consciousness choose to be creating or participating in the creation of specific physical realities. Therefore, it is the choice of essences, within creating of their chosen experiences, to be grouping together and creating of specific physical realities, of which this is one. In this, just as you mirror within physical focus aspects of non-physical focus, you may look to your physical focus and the interaction of individuals. Some individuals choose to be grouping together to be creating of certain situations. Others may not choose to participate, for their attention is not drawn in that direction. In similar manner, figuratively speaking, some essences choose to be creating of certain physical realities. Other essences do not concern their attention in this area. Therefore, those that are choosing their ‘project’ (grinning) – of which you are one, for you occupy this reality in focuses – they create a cooperative to be creating of the specific physical reality.

CAROLE: So this is information? It’s not truth and it’s not a belief system?

ELIAS: It is experience. It is a choice of experience. It is a choice of created experience.

CAROLE: I’m trying to find out where things get the action or the impetus to make things change. Like if consciousness forms essence, or maybe encompasses essence, maybe that’s a better way to say it, I wonder at which second one thing becomes something else, what the deciding factor is, if it’s a case of action of something else being acted upon or a decision? And since we’re all creators or actors or decision-makers, it’s almost like what difference does it make since no one is affected unless they choose to be, since they are creators? I don’t know if you’re following what I’m trying to say, but then it still comes back to that it’s all me. It still comes back to that.

ELIAS: Correct, for there is no separation.

CAROLE: I have a question. I was watching a turkey out the window the other day, and its behind was becoming red to attract a female turkey. If animals are not essence and so they don’t have belief systems, then when they have those rituals such as attracting to each other, how does the hen know? What is that? That’s not a belief system? Is it something different that makes her know that that’s attractive, the red behind or the blue gaggle on the top of his head, that aphrodisiac effect? If it’s not a belief system, what is it?

ELIAS: No, it is not a belief system. You have created this....

CAROLE: I mean, I’m not attracted to blue gaggles and red behinds!

ELIAS: You have created this reality to be experiencing emotion and sexuality. In this, all that you create reflects these aspects of what you wish to be experiencing in this reality. Therefore, your creatures are not acting or responding from belief systems. They are merely creating actions in the fashion that you have created this reality, to be mirroring all of the aspects of these elements that you have created this reality to be experiencing. Be remembering, you are not separate from all that you have created. Therefore, the experience of All-That-Is within this reality is also yours. They are all aspects of you.

CAROLE: Okay. In love in this reality, from one person to another person, the male/female type thing, is that just belief systems and a choice for experience, or is there like some kind of a separate energy that love really is?

ELIAS: Your EXPRESSION of love within this reality is filtered through your belief systems. Love in itself is a truth, but it is far removed in its aspect as a truth from what you view within physical focus. This is an interpretation that is suited for your experience within this physical focus to be working in conjunction with your created reality in this physical focus, which is emotion and sexuality. Therefore, it is translated into this reality to be functioning in conjunction with these elements of your reality. In this, you create imagery which is expressive of this truth, but it is a translation that may fit in this reality.

CAROLE: I’m really glad to hear that love is a truth! I wondered if it was a belief system, and because we are emotionally experiencing a focus here in this particular reality, whether that was something we had conjured up. I’m really happy to hear that it’s not!

ELIAS: Your TRANSLATION is what you have created. Therefore, the reality of this truth outside of this physical dimension, as I have stated, is far removed and would appear to be entirely unfamiliar to you, for it does not hold emotion or sexuality. Therefore, your experience of this, in its translation in this particular dimension, is filtered through your belief systems and is your creation in conjunction with your purpose of experience in this particular dimension. But it is also what you may view as a truth, for it is relative to ALL areas of consciousness, not merely this particular dimension.

CAROLE: Great! When I was in California the last time, I hurt my elbow leaving in a rush, picking up a suitcase that was too heavy after an interaction between myself and Lawrence [Vicki]. I’m still suffering from the pain in my elbow. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is. I know we had opposing belief systems, either that or we had the same belief system, and I was uncomfortable with my belief system and saw it mirrored in her. I don’t think she saw it that way. I think she thought I had an opposite one, which I really didn't, but it is something that I want to work on. I can’t seem to get rid of the pain in my elbow, so maybe I’m not identifying this correctly. I can’t seem to move it.

ELIAS: You ARE identifying the mirror action, but you also are not allowing yourself to release this energy. You are not letting go of this energy. Therefore, you continue with held energy in physical affectingness.

CAROLE: Well, that’s the hardest thing to do in physical focus, is letting go of that energy. Once you’ve gotten hold of it, it seems to build on itself.

ELIAS: At times, you are correct; but as you continue to hold your attention in concentration in this area, you also continue to hold energy that is directed into your physical body consciousness. It serves as a remembrance, and you choose to not be letting go of this action. This is quite similar, Aileen [Carole], to our dead mouse scenario!” (5) [session 272, April 05, 1998]

DAVID: “Elias, one question from me. I just want to know, what’s the issue between me and my mother? Why do I have this thing with my mother?

CATHY: For the experience! (We all crack up again, and Elias grins)

DAVID: I mean, where is it coming from?

ELIAS: Look to mirror image, Mylo [David]. (Pause, and laughter)

DAVID: Yes.... (Laughter) I don’t understand.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Your parent mirrors many things back to you that you hold within yourself that you do not allow yourself to view. In this, you may offer yourself much information concerning yourself if you are open to be viewing this mirror action. You hold many similarities. You have created many similarities within belief systems and within your personality expressions, and in this, this individual offers you the opportunity to view a mirror action, that you may understand yourself more clearly.

DAVID: I guess I don’t accept that type of action in the mirroring effect of similarities because I believe my mother should be a mother? Is that where it’s stemming from?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is difficult for individuals within physical focus to be facing mirroring action with another individual, for you hold very strong belief systems in the area of NOT looking to yourselves and investigating within yourselves, for you hold much duplicity; and in this, if you are looking to yourselves, you also must be discovering all of those elements about yourself that are bad or distasteful or unacceptable, which they are none of, but this be what your belief systems dictate. In this, you may look to another individual that is offering you a mirror action, and you may express to yourself all of the elements that you are accepting of that individual within, and this may be helpful to your acceptance of yourself in the elements that the individual is mirroring to you.

DAVID: Okay, thanks very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 281, May 17, 1998]

FEMALE: “Can you talk a little bit about the sun? (Inaudible) I’ve wondered about the sun and energies that are no longer manifest in this dimension, that somehow the sun is holding this energy to manifest in our dimension.

ELIAS: This would be a belief system. You have created all of these so-called celestial bodies for your own manipulation.

Let me express to you that your energy individually and en masse is so very unbounded and so great that even one focused manifestation within one dimension physically emanates so very much energy that it is necessary for you to be creating of all that you view in what you view to be your universe, for it is necessary that you express an outlet for all of this energy, which moves and creates all of the action within your known universe. Therefore, not only do you create bodies such as your sun purposefully for its practical function and what it offers to you physically, but you also create these particular bodies that you may be interactive with within energy and allowing the free expression in different forms with your energy.

As I have stated previously, your belief systems in the area of astrology are reverse. You believe that your planets move within certain orbs and that they in themselves, in their course of direction, are affecting of you within your individual focus. In actuality, you within your focuses collectively are moving these planets to be in alignment with what you are creating. They are a mirror image of what you create within this objective reality.

Your sun holds, as all of your stars, much intensity of energy. This energy is projected collectively by all of the essences participating within this particular dimension and reality, and is exchanged. Just as you collectively create what you view within your weather as your storms, you also much more powerfully project collectively your energy, which feeds the action of this star. You are creating of its burning, for you are projecting of your energy to this object and allowing a free flow expression of undirected energy; energy that is not being moved and manipulated in specific creations, but is what you may term – in your terms figuratively – as a surplus of energy that you hold within any physical dimension, for one manifestation physically is too small to be containing of the intensity of energy that you hold within each focus. Therefore, you create many outlets for the expression of this energy.

But as to the object itself and its creating of realities in itself, no. YOU are creating of IT, and of its motion and its movement.

MALE: ... I was wondering if you could address deforestation?

FORREST: Oh no! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Forrest) Shall we be zapping and eliminating of you presently? (Chuckling) I am not accomplishing of parlor tricks!

MALE: Is there some way, some beneficial way ... some insight that you could possibly give us as to how to deal with this problem?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you view many elements upon your planet presently as being a problem, for you are beginning to move into the area of a wider awareness of all that you create and all that is elements of you, recognizing that your planet itself breathes and that it is an extension of you. Therefore, it also is a mirror image of you.

Now; in this, let me also offer to you that it matters not what you have been creating and what you partially continue to be creating presently with regard to what you view to be separate and apart from you, as that which you label of nature, for nature is you. You are not separated from it.

Now; in this, view that all that is created in what you view to be outside of you, which is not outside of you, is an expression of yourselves and your experiences. It is a mirror image outwardly of what you are creating within.

Now; within this shift in consciousness, you are accomplishing what? Addressing to your belief systems, and in this moving into the direction of acceptance of these belief systems, therefore neutralizing their power. In this action of addressing to these belief systems, you are also creating of what? Conflict, confusion, chaos. You move into areas of unfamiliarity. Therefore, there is a temporary movement of discomfort and of conflict and of confusion, and in this, you mirror this outwardly in all that you create. Within your planet, you mirror this in what you view to be the destruction of elements of your planet. These are direct mirror images of what you are addressing to within yourselves subjectively.

What you pollute is your symbol objectively of the elements of your belief systems that are polluting of you. What you destroy within your creatures and your forests and your oceans are those direct mirror images of the turmoil that you experience as you move into unfamiliar territory objectively within this action.

Now; I shall also express to you that within the accomplishment of this action, you shall restore yourselves to the awareness of essence and therefore be creating much more efficiently and creatively, and in this, your planet shall mirror this also.

This is not to say that you may not hold concern for what you are objectively creating, but I express to you that it is much more efficient to be turning your concern to self and to be addressing of these belief systems and your own movement, for you shall automatically project the energy in this to be altering of the creation of destructiveness within your planet, and it shall flourish automatically with your projection of your energy in this direction. But what shall be accomplishing of this is not the replanting of trees, but the addressing to your own energies and your own creations within the hold of your belief systems.” [session 287, June 18, 1998]

SALLY: “I have a very difficult time interacting with my family because they are steeped in Catholicism, and I am like the rebel!

ELIAS: But this offers you the opportunity to move into the direction of acceptance, and in this you present yourself as the straight little sapling (6) merely by being, and by not moving in the direction of judgment but moving in the direction of acceptance.

In this, you may also inquire of Michael [Mary] and express to him that Elias has expressed to be offering to you my little sapling analogy, and he may be offering this to you physically.

You move in the direction of connecting yourself with objective imagery to be mirroring to you your own choices. One individual is creating of senility, which mirrors to you your own action of creating the action of transition without moving in the direction of senility, but you are engaging the same action, merely more slowly. Another family member offers you a moving away; objective imagery offered to you. Although painful, it is also a mirror image of your own creation that you may view objectively. You are moving away from the held belief systems, and therefore separating yourself to an extent from individuals that you view to be close to you.

SALLY: Yes, again and again and again!

ELIAS: And your objective imagery is the participation of your daughter moving away physically. This is a mirror image. You are offering yourself MANY mirror images presently.

SALLY: Oh, interesting!

ELIAS: They are objective, physical actions that other individuals are choosing to be creating that are also mirroring to you your own inner actions.

As to your feelings of anxiety, restlessness, a wishing for disengagement, offer to yourself the wondrousness of the exploration of this focus, and that you are choosing within your own probabilities to be continuing for a time period within this physical focus. You have, in YOUR terms, ‘work to do.’

SALLY: Yes, I feel I DO have work to do, but at this point I’ve had it blown out from under me and from what I THOUGHT I was supposed to be doing!

ELIAS: For you are moving yourself into a new direction, moving yourself into the direction of addressing lovingly and acceptingly to other individuals those aspects of distortion that they incorporate so completely. Therefore, you now move into the direction of accepting self, that you may be accepting of other individuals.

SALLY: I think I need to do that, don’t I?

ELIAS: (Intently) It is of ultimate importance that you are accepting of self in ALL of your expressions, recognizing that they are not good, they are not bad. They merely are your experiences, and ALL of your experiences are purposeful, for they are all your exploration of yourself physically focused.

Once again, I shall repeat: You are NOT used parts, and you are NOT occupying (humorously) a lowly plane, a learning planet, a learning dimension!” [session 294, July 01, 1998]

FEMALE: “I wanted to come out of no longer being silent about unacceptance in myself, and in the last six years I’ve gained eight pounds, and I guess I’m asking, is it something in my belief system that is struggling? Am I blocking something? My energy is very low. It feels like I can’t manifest what I want to manifest in my life, and I’ve just had a slight (inaudible). I’m just wanting to do whatever I need to do, or whatever (inaudible).

ELIAS: This would also be an affectingness of your alignment within this particular focus, which moves in a quite common direction with individuals aligning with this particular family of Milumet in this dimension. Individuals aligning with this particular family within any particular focus hold much of an aspect of their intent which moves in the direction of what you term to be in your belief systems as spirituality. Therefore, there is a creation of much struggle between what they view to be physical aspects, which they also view to be in conflict with that of spiritual; another element of separation within belief systems. ‘If you are truly spiritual, you shall be denying of the flesh!’ Many religions move in this direction. This is not an expression of spirituality! This is an expression of physically-focused held religious belief systems, but these belief systems hold much energy, and although you may not objectively view yourself to align with them, underlyingly there IS an alliance with these belief systems, therefore creating a conflict between the physical form and the expression of the movement into the area of spirituality.

Now; let me express to you that your belief systems of spirituality move in the direction of thought process: how you view your world and how you think in conjunction with it. Spirituality is not your thought processes. It is the recognition and acceptance of no separation of your physical form, your thought process – which you may term to be your mental qualities – your emotional expressions, your creation of sexuality within this particular dimension, and all that is you, from essence. That is the element that you separate most, viewing it as the higher self, which is not you. It is an element outside of you. It is not! It IS you.

Your physical form is not a vessel! Your physical form is a choice of creation, a direct mirror expression of essence. It is not separated as merely a vessel, which is dictated by your religious belief systems; that particular ‘shell’ that is shed at the moment of disengagement. Very, very, VERY incorrect!

THIS IS NOT A VESSEL! (Pounding on the chair with each word) It is an expression of essence within physical form. Your belief systems influence and move you into the direction within your societies that your form and the choice that you have created is unacceptable, and your sciences shall perpetuate this by expressing to you that this shall be affecting of your physical health.

Oh, there are so very many intertwined belief systems within physical focus! And they are so very limiting, and they ALL perpetuate the belief systems of duplicity. ‘I am good, I am bad, I am good, I am bad, I am worthy, I am not.’ You are! And all that you create is a perfect creation, and your form is not inadequate, and your form, in the manner that you choose to express it, is perfectly expressed. It is merely the lack of acceptance of self that dictates to you, in compliance with duplicity, that it is unacceptable, and therefore there is an offering for the rational excuse to be holding energy and to be creating of physical affectingness.

‘My form is unacceptable. Therefore, I shall hold energy and I shall be creating of MORE unacceptableness, and I shall be projecting this to every other individual that I shall encounter in physical focus, that they shall also know and comply with me that this is unacceptable, for I do not accept it, and as I do not accept this form I shall be destructive to it, for I shall be creating of holding energy in different areas of this form that shall be creating of uncomfortableness, that shall be conflicting, that shall be hurtful.’

And the reason that you experience fatigue is that as you hold so very tightly to your energy, this may be creating of much tiredness! It is requiring much energy to be holding energy, but as you are allowing your own energy to be expressive of itself naturally and freely, you also may not fatigue yourself with your very tight grip.

Therefore, my expression to you and my suggestion to you is to be rejoicing in joyfulness of the wondrous creation that you have created, and it matters not that any other little sapling may be very twisted in their expression and allowing themselves to be quite convoluted, for this is not affecting of you, for you have created perfectly in your own expression of essence.

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

MICHAEL: “I have a question regarding computers that I think we have sort of answered mostly, but let me just verify. I have in my notes here, ‘Computers and life probabilities: what am I trying to communicate in the action of computer construction and maintenance?’ I think that in my first question, we answered that. It’s just my expression of stability, and of being able to repair things and to show people that there is a chance for things to be repaired, and that we don’t always have to have the conflict we typically do.

ELIAS: Let me express to you further in this expression, for the situation and involvement with these creations that you have termed ‘computers’ holds its own unique significance. There are several expressions in the creation of these particular manifestations of computers.

They are outward expressions, mirror images of your knowing of interconnectedness, and as you become within your technology more sophisticated in your creations of these particular creations, you also expand the interconnectedness of individuals through the programming of these creations and the functioning of these computers. You become aware more fully of your interconnectedness as you express objectively your mirror image in creating more and more of a web of interaction and accessibility and connectedness with each other, creating less of a separation.

Another aspect or function that these particular creations serve, as an outward expression or mirror image of what is known inwardly within consciousness, is your ability to create in much more diverse manners than you have allowed yourselves previously. Your abilities to create in conjunction with this particular expressed creation of computers moves more and more into the direction of creating more and more outward expressions of your own innate abilities, and individuals that move in the direction of involvement in this particular expression – which in your essence family connections is quite within the parameters of your intent or part of your intent with the Gramada – are initiating the furtherment of the expressions with these creations. (7)

These creations shall be futurely opening many, many doors to many of your expressions within physical focus, of new creations and new areas of creativity and expression within physical focus. Therefore, it is more encompassing than you realize that there is involvement with these particular creations. This is not the up-and-coming fashion! This is a new expression outwardly, a mirror image in imagery of known abilities and expressions and qualities and elements of essence that you are now beginning to express outwardly into physical manifestations within your physical focus, which shall move beyond what you have created through what you view to be your imagination in your science fictions.” [session 305, August 02, 1998]

JEN: “So what’s the likelihood that ANON or myself will be in a place to impart information to others on a similar level as yourself?

ELIAS: This would be your choice.

ANON: When do you make the choice?

ELIAS: Once you have moved through the action of transition, at that point you may choose whatever direction within consciousness that YOU desire to be exploring. You choose what intent you wish to be creating, and you choose a direction within probabilities of alignment to that intent. You create your own intent.

You are continuously within a state of becoming, and this state of becoming is a continuous exploration and adventure in creativity and creation. Therefore, your expressions within physical focus, although limited, are mirror images of the creativity that you may be expressing within essence.

The heights to which you may allow your creativity and what you view to be your imaginations to soar are but a grain of sand to the possibilities of creations of lines of probabilities and intents that you may be creating!

ANON: Wow! The world is my oyster!

ELIAS: Quite!” (Chuckling) [session 316, September 12, 1998]

MARGOT: “This might seem a strange question, but ... and I must say it’s [my husand’s] Howard stuff again. There’s so much talk about the second coming. I wonder, and what I want to know is, is Jehovah going to come back, or is he alive and manifested here on this plane now?

ELIAS: This would be a belief system. As I have expressed previously, there is no ‘second coming’ in the terms that you view this, and I shall also express to you that there is also no Jehovah.

HOWARD: Hmm! Ever?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is a term that you have invented to be describing a concept that you have invented within your belief systems as a mirror image of yourselves.



MARGOT: Well, if it’s a mirror of ourselves and I have hated this guy for so long, I better look at that, huh?

ELIAS: Quite!

MARGOT: Quite!


MARGOT: Thank you for that!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. En masse, you have created this mirror image, and you also create your own personal image in mirroring yourselves.

MARGOT: I see. Hmm!


MARGOT: Thank you very much!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

HOWARD: (Still blown away) Oh boy!” [session 317, September 13, 1998]

LAURA: “Do you know about crystal skulls, or what can you tell me about crystal skulls that are now appearing and being shown around to people?

ELIAS: This element of quartz, of crystals as you term them, has been used as an energy conductor throughout your history. Therefore, they hold significance with respect to the particular individuals and cultures that produce them in certain manners. Throughout your history, you have always moved in the direction of using these particular stones in mystical manners. You attach many mystical significances to them. Therefore, you also attach mystical qualities to these skulls. This is not to say that there is not an energy produced about these particular objects, for much energy has been projected to them and surrounding them, and this particular element or stone is a tremendous conductor of energy.

This particular type of stone may be used quite efficiently and effectively within this dimension as a focal point, to be not only conducting energy but directing energy. It also holds the ability to hold energy. This is not a belief system. These stones, being elements of consciousness, do hold the ability to hold energy, for as you have created these stones within this physical dimension, you have designated this function to these links of consciousness which create the physical matter of these particular stones. Therefore, energy may be projected to these stones and it may be held by these stones, as designated by the individuals projecting the energy.

The stones themselves – do not misunderstand – do not hold the ability to be manipulating energy. They may hold energy as you designate them to, but they do not move energy or manipulate energy. THAT is a belief system, that the stones themselves manipulate energy. They do not. YOU manipulate energy, but they also may be a place-holder, so to speak, for energy, for energy deposits, for specific reasons.

In this, you offer yourselves objective imagery within this present time period of these particular stones ... which have been carved into these shapes, for these stones do not naturally grow in the manner that you have created them to grow into these shapes. But in this, they have been created to be holding certain types of energy that individuals may be accessing, and this shall be mirrored back to them in a manner that shall allow them to be easily connecting to their own energy field.

Let me express an example. This is the action that these stones have been designated for, the energy that has been projected into them for this reason, in like manner to a mirror. If you are standing before a mirror, you view before you a reflection of your physical form. It reflects back to you the image of your physical form.

These skulls, the energy that has been designated to them which they hold within them, its function is to be mirroring to you the mirror image of your energy field ... not within a visual. You do not visualize your energy field before you as you visualize your physical form within a mirror, but the action is to allow you the mirroring of your energy field that you may feel.

Therefore, within their presence, if you are allowing yourself an openness to this energy, you shall feel physical sensations. This is the energy that is mirroring to you your own energy field. Therefore, there is a sensation of penetration, for that energy which is held extends outwardly and penetrates your energy field which surrounds your physical form. Are you understanding?

LAURA: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 320, September 18, 1998]

WAYNE: “I recently bought a personal computer, 266 megahertz, but maybe six months later, I see 450 megahertz. It appears to me that the speed of these external machines ... something is speeding up rapidly, so it must be reflecting something going on with the larger transition. I was wondering, it must be taking us somewhere. The speed is speeding up somewhere. I was wondering if you could enlighten me as to where this might be going.

ELIAS: You are quite correct! Within physical focus you create objective imagery to mirror your own movements, and within the area of your technology you mirror quite efficiently with your inventions, your own abilities, and your own knowings. All of your creations of your inventions that you move into are all expressions of known information that you hold.

Think you not that it is quite interesting within physical focus that within this time period of this particular century, you have created within your technology more inventions within one time period than within all of your history? And within this century is the movement of your shift in consciousness, and as this shift in consciousness accelerates and moves into your next century, you shall be creating of more objective imagery that mirrors what you know within you.

Your technology advances at great speed, for YOU are advancing at great speed within the action of this shift. Consciousness is moving within an intensity and continues to build within this intensity, and in this you shall view more and more evidences of this. I have expressed many times that your science fiction is more true than you think and may be viewed more in the direction of science fact than science fiction, for all that you may imagine, you may also create. You hold the ability! It is merely a question of your own accessing of your own abilities within your own trust of yourselves, and as you move in these directions, you continue to be creating of more and more objective imagery that moves you farther and farther into your science fact.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

DALE: “Recently I read a book by Jeff Stern about Taylor Caldwell, and under hypnosis, she said that during the stoning of Mary Magdalene, Jesus said, ‘Let him who had not lain with this woman throw the first stone.’ If this is true, there was no implication of man as a sinful self. Is that true? I mean, was that a distortion?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah, you incorporate two different subject matters within this questioning! First of all, in the direction of the truth of the statement as an expression of actual occurrence, I shall express to you that this is a story.

DALE: Oh, okay. I get that.

ELIAS: As to the concept in your reference, there is no sinful self. This is a belief. This is a religious belief that stems from the idea of the projection of a mirror image of self, which has created a separate being of God, which resides outside of yourself and holds all of the power that you do not hold, and also holds the judgment that you DO hold. This is a projection concept which mirrors what you know subjectively, but what you do not allow yourself to remember objectively. Therefore, you create this projection.

You project yourself into the image of this god, and you attribute to this god all that you know within your subjective awareness, that this god holds all of these abilities. But you also project what you know objectively, and you attribute your objective qualities to this entity that you have created.

In actuality, this is merely a projection, a concept of yourselves, as you have created this separation of objective and subjective awarenesses. It is, as all other belief systems, another explanation to yourselves of that which you have forgotten.

DALE: So that’s why it seemed so relevant to me? Actually, I want to make sure that I’m getting this correctly. The reason why this seemed so relevant to me is because I was ... not because. I am projecting subjectively what I know, but also objectifying it in my belief systems too?

ELIAS: Correct.

DALE: Okay.

ELIAS: You are correct.

DALE: It was very relevant to me!

ELIAS: These are very strong aspects of belief systems that you hold, in expressing to yourselves this element of duplicity: that you hold this aspect of self that is glorious, but you also hold this very distasteful element of self, this base instinct which is quite lowly and an aspect of self that must be attended to, to be eliminated. This be the sinful self, and this....

DALE: I’d like to get rid of it!


DALE: It’s accepting it instead of....

ELIAS: Your attention in this direction merely is perpetuating! (Pause, staring at Dale)

Each time that you are placing a judgment upon yourself in ANY area, you are perpetuating the belief system of duplicity, and you are reinforcing your own strength in energy in holding to this belief system. You are not accepting of this belief system. (Pause)

DALE: Isn’t even rejecting it giving it power too?

ELIAS: Absolutely, for you are continuing to be creating of a judgment.

DALE: So is it more like acknowledging, and then letting go?

ELIAS: Quite, recognizing that this is a belief system, that you hold choices within this belief system, that you are not eliminating this belief system but that you are placing no judgment upon this belief system or its expressions. You may continue to create within the belief system, and you SHALL continue to create within the belief system, for you create your reality within this dimension with belief systems!

I have expressed over and over again, you shall not be eliminating your belief systems! This dimension that you have created within a physical focus is based in your belief systems. It is an intricate element of your physical manifestation within this particular dimension. It has been created purposefully. If you are eliminating of your belief systems, you are also eliminating of this particular physical dimension expression! Therefore, this is not the point.

Your belief systems within themselves are not bad or good. They merely are. They are your own explanations. They are influencing of your perception, and your perception is your tool that you use to be creating of your reality within this dimension.

VICKI: ... My question goes back to this allowance/penetration/buffer thing (8) ... if you could maybe give some information about how to create this buffer a little more efficiently than I seem to be able to create presently.

ELIAS: This is in actuality directly related to your own acceptance of self. I have expressed to you all many times that your initial direction is to be concerning yourself with self, and subsequently you move in the direction of the acceptance of other individuals, for this automatically is a natural byproduct of your own acceptance of self, for in the areas that you are not accepting of self, you also are not accepting of other individuals.

It may take different forms, but your lack of acceptance of self is that which you project outwardly to other individuals in the expression of lack of acceptance of them and their expressions.

You may express to yourselves that you are quite accepting of another individual’s expression, but you are not accepting of your own expression within this same situation. This may hold true – in a manner of speaking, in your terms – but underlyingly, your lack of acceptance of self shall project to another individual in a lack of acceptance of them within a similar area. It merely appears camouflaged, but it is a mirror action.

Therefore, although you are all influencing of each other, you are not creating of each other’s reality, and that influence which is projected may be discriminated upon within your physical focus. You may choose what influences to be accepting and what influences to not be accepting, in the manner of penetration.” [session 331, October 16, 1998]

JEN: “I’m wondering about studying this material that comes in transcripts, and becoming more aware of belief systems and trying to neutralize those. But are there potential dangers, so to speak, of becoming so immersed in the transcripts, and actually using the transcripts as almost like a filter in your day-to-day experiences, that potentially one might one not experience those events fully because of the filter?

ELIAS: Yes, and this be the reason that I have expressed many times to individuals that I am not advocating of any individuals to be aligning so singularly with this information as to be followers of this essence. I do not seek followers or disciples.

You have created yourselves quite efficiently and quite magnificently with very powerful rationale, very powerful intuition, and you hold the capability to be following yourselves. I offer information to you to be sparking your own memory of what you are and who you are, but YOU hold your own choices and need no other individual or essence to be expressing to you of your own direction.

In this, any information which is offered by any individual or any essence may be distorted by individuals within physical focus, and in that action of distortion, individuals may move into the area of fanaticism. This, I express quite clearly, is NOT the point of this information. I am NOT encouraging of this action, and I express that fanatical movements are defeating of your own purposes and lend energy to the very areas that you disdain within physical focus.

Individuals move in the area of fanaticism and are creating of what you define as cults as an expression of their own fears, as an expression of their own lack of acceptance of themselves and their own lack of trust of selves, and as you express this within yourselves, you also project this outwardly to other individuals.

Some individuals move in the direction of accumulating any different type of information, and they may use that information to be creating of the very expression that you are moving out of within the action of this shift. They are creating judgments.

(Intently) The reason individuals create judgments is that they are already creating judgments upon themselves.

This be the reason that I express to you so very many times and so very often to be looking to self first, and all else that you seek shall automatically be expressed. You shall automatically move in the direction of acceptance of other individuals if you are accepting of self, for what you create within you, you also create outwardly, and as you are placing judgments upon yourself, you create this expression outwardly and create judgments upon other individuals.

When you are expressing that you are right, you are also expressing that other individuals are wrong. When you are expressing to other individuals that they do not see, you are expressing a mirror image that YOU do not see. All of your expressions that you project forth to other individuals are direct mirror images of what you are creating within yourselves.

This be the reason that individuals move in the area of fanaticism, is that they are expressing extreme lack of acceptance of themselves, and therefore they express outwardly the lack of acceptance of any other area except the one chosen by themselves in their direction of attention. They are not feeling accepted within themselves, and therefore they do not accept outside of themselves, and narrow their attention farther and farther into a very narrow stream.

This in your terms may be considered the opposite action of your shift in consciousness, and within this present now, as individuals move in that type of direction and expression, they are also creating trauma. They are creating their own trauma within the action of this shift, and I have expressed many times that this is the point of this information, to be eliminating of this trauma within the action of this shift.

JEN: So that you don’t get sucked into it?

ELIAS: There is an element of confusion, distress, and conflict that shall be experienced in engaging this shift in consciousness by all individuals, for you are moving into the unfamiliar and into an entirely new expression, but not all individuals shall experience trauma. This is a very strong word within your language. This is suggestive of a great intensity of the experience, and also does not hold a pleasant connotation.

In this, as individuals are not allowing themselves to be WIDENING their awareness, and if moving in the direction of NARROWING their awareness, they shall be creating trauma, for this shift in consciousness is already accomplished. You merely view that it is not accomplished yet, for your perception resides within a linear time framework. But in actuality, time is simultaneous. Therefore, it is already accomplished.

You have all collectively, upon this planet within this dimension, agreed and chosen for this shift in consciousness to be accomplished. Therefore, it shall be! It is merely a question of whether you are choosing to be incorporating information and widening your awareness to not experience trauma, or to be experiencing trauma. This also is your choice. Moving into the direction of fanaticism and singularly focusing upon ANY area of information presented is narrowing your attention and your awareness, and this will be incorporating trauma.

Therefore, you are correct. There is a danger in individuals looking too singularly within ANY information. And I have expressed many times, I am offering you information, but this is to be incorporated into all of your focus, all of your experiences, not to be denying of any of your experiences.

I am also quite encouraging, as you are aware, of fun and pleasure! Your focus is not so very serious, and as individuals move into their association with this information, they are missing the point if they are incorporating this information so very seriously, for I am not advocating of this! I am expressing to you that pleasure and fun is incorporating less thickness in your focus, within your energy, and lends an easement to your movement through your focus. You merely are not incorporating this, as you are incorporating judgments and creating thickness and conflict within your focus, and this would be the point, to be eliminating of your conflict.” [session 335, October 24, 1998]

SUE: “First of all, I’d like some information about the death of my cat, Gray, who died back in August. I was wondering if you could tell me why he chose to leave when he did. (Pause)

ELIAS: This creature has chosen to be disengaging and reconstructing energy, and also in agreement partially with yourself in opening a new avenue for yourself.

Now; let me explain. Creatures are not responsible, so to speak, or enacting probabilities which may be occurring. You are designing of the probabilities, but within their choices, they may also be lending energy within agreement with you to certain lines of probabilities that you are moving in the direction of. In this disengagement, this serves as what you may term to be symbolic energy and imagery to you that the creature chooses to be moving through consciousness in expression of reconstructing energy, which opens certain directions of energy to be moving into new probabilities.

In this, there has been an awareness held, within that energy and consciousness of that particular creature, that you are choosing to be moving into a new direction, and one of your elements of imagery which is probable is that you may be moving in the direction of acquiring another feline, which shall also be lending energy to you within your new choices and directions.

You have been moving in a certain direction of probability pool for a time period, but within your choices of probabilities and information that you offer to yourself, you approach a time framework of change, that you may be moving into new probabilities. This movement is not merely subjective, but also shall be presenting itself within objective imagery, that you shall mirror elements of your subjective movement by creating actual movements within objective terms, so to speak, altering elements of your present reality that you have placed yourself within for some time framework.

In this, you move in the direction of creating changes within your objective choices and creations to be more beneficial to your own individual value fulfillment. In this, the creature has lent energy to this movement and has mirrored this movement in agreement with you by altering its reality and reconstructing the energy of its reality.

In other terms, it would be as a mirror image, that the creature creates the situation of altering the entirety of its attention within its energy, and in like manner, you are beginning to move in this type of direction also.

... I express to you, as I have expressed previously, all is not hidden from you! These are ideas that are expressions of your belief systems. All is quite available to you, and you may view all of your creations quite easily. They lie before you! Your subjective and objective awarenesses are not in opposition to each other, and one is not creating any element that the other is not aware of and is also expressing in mirror action. Therefore, there is no element of your focus that is hidden from you. You are privy to it all! You merely need be viewing and paying attention and noticing what you are creating yourself.

SUE: I see. I have a question about why my asthma has gotten somewhat worse lately, to the point where I went to see a doctor. Can you tell me anything about that?

ELIAS: This also is directly an expression of the movement that you are choosing to be creating as you choose new lines of probabilities, for this moves you into an area – as we view your window once again – of directly confronting your own fearfulness, and also directly viewing those areas that you have created as restrictions or blockings with yourself previously.

In this, as you begin to move in this direction, you are stirring the sleeping beast of the fearfulness and the constrictions that you have placed upon yourself previously, and as it awakens, the energy moves in the direction of physically expressing in a mirror action. The fearfulness has been pushed into subjective areas, but is beginning to be shared objectively in the same understanding, and as the objective awareness opens and allows itself to begin to view in the same manner as the subjective awareness, its expression is to be creating a movement of energy in this manner.

Let me explain. The subjective awareness expresses areas of fearfulness and constriction. The objective awareness mirrors this in holding energy and physically constricting your physical expression. In this, think to yourself of the expression of fearfulness. How shall you respond if you are engaging the action of being startled? What shall be your action?

SUE: Probably become very tense.

ELIAS: And what else shall be your action?

SUE: Possibly hold your breath.

ELIAS: Correct, and you shall gasp!

SUE: Uh-huh!

ELIAS: And in this, I offer to you a very simple example of how the objective and subjective awarenesses parallel each other and move in harmony to each other. One may express what you may THINK of as a different action, but in actuality they are quite in harmony with each other, and your objective awareness shall express the mirror action of your subjective awareness.

In yourself, you choose to be creating of this type of physical energy movement. Not all individuals may be expressing fearfulness in this type of expression, but this be YOUR choice of imagery to yourself within YOUR physical expression. As you choose to be constricting yourself, you also choose to be expressing this objectively.” [session 338, November 10, 1998]

CAROLE: “What about the fact that if a person is beginning to have self acceptance and trusting themself, other players seem to be angered by that and aim their perceptions with their belief systems directly at the person who appears to be having self acceptance?

ELIAS: Quite, and as I have expressed in the onset of this session, this is quite common. You are not all moving in the direction of acceptance of belief systems at the same rate, so to speak. You are not all directing your attention in the same manner, and you are not all drawing yourselves to the same information. Although you ARE all drawing yourselves more and more into this shift in consciousness, you may offer yourselves information in different manners.

Now; as you offer yourselves information in different manners, you also automatically create new belief systems: that your method is more efficient than another individual’s method, that your path is straighter than another individual’s path, that you are creating of great acceptance and other individuals are not.

Now; why shall you draw yourself to participate within this situation of the lack of acceptance of another individual and the extreme or intensity of opposition of another individual – which you ARE participating within – if you are not offering yourself information of what YOU are creating? YOU ARE VIEWING A MIRROR ACTION.

Therefore, if you are experiencing opposition in intensity, this is your opportunity to view this and to recognize that you are presenting yourself with the opportunity to view yourself and your own lack of acceptance of yourself and your own creations, and therefore your own lack of acceptance of the other individual, for they are not solely participating in this situation.” [session 339, November 13, 1998]

LEELA: “My next question will be about W. and his wife. Can you tell me more about my relationship with him? I’ve been through some conflicts with him, after which I moved away from him (emotionally). I’m not in contact with him right now, because I think I should be more trusting of myself instead of trusting him.

ELIAS: And I am acknowledging of this expression. Let me express to you that within certain choices of certain relationships, you may be offering yourself certain experiences to offer yourself certain information with regard to some relationships. In this, once you have offered yourself that information and those experiences, you may also offer yourself the knowledge within you that it is unnecessary to continue the same expression of that particular relationship.

Now; in this you offer yourself the opportunity to be accepting of this individual’s expression and creation of their reality without judgment, but the opportunity to recognize that although you are accepting of this individual’s expression and choices and creation of their reality, this is not to say that you need be participating in creating your reality in conjunction with that individual, or to be allowing the expression of that particular individual to be penetrating your energy field.

This allows you another opportunity also to be moving into more of an expression of trust and acceptance of self, recognizing that the trusting of self and the acceptance of self is not the rejection of another individual, but does not necessarily denote that you must be allowing the penetration within your energy field, within your physical focus, of another individual. Is this clear?

LEELA: Yes it is. Is it his intention to be penetrating my energy field? Because that is exactly what I feel is happening. I’m not necessarily saying it is his intention to do that, but is it?

ELIAS: At times, yes, but not entirely. Let me clarify for you in this area.

Infrequently, there are time periods that this individual moves in the direction of choosing intentionally to be attempting to penetrate your energy field, and this is a direct expression of his own lack of acceptance of self, and this mirrors outward and is projected as an energy projection to you with the intention of penetration, but this is not a consistent and continuous expression.

Many times the expression is projected for the same reason, but not with the intention – or the AWARENESS of the intention – of the penetration to you.

Be understanding that as individuals project their energy in this manner, as any individual projects energy in this manner, what they are projecting is the mirror expression of their own issues in their own lack of acceptance of self, and as they are not allowing themselves the acceptance of self, they automatically express a mirror action, and this is projected outwardly to other individuals.

At times – many times – this expression may be projected outwardly to individuals that you objectively view to be closer to you, in respect to relationships. This be the reason that you have created your sayings of, ‘You are hurtful to those that you love.’ Many of your metaphors hold much truthfulness. You merely do not understand what you are expressing or what you are saying in these metaphors.

In this, there is an element that you perceive – which is also an aspect of belief systems – of safety in projecting energy to an individual that you view that you hold a closeness to, for they shall likely be allowing the expression, and also allow the penetration.

These are all very intertwined and complicated expressions of aspects of belief systems, which I shall not extensively move into within this present now, but I shall express to you that within these expressions, many times individuals are not intentionally, within their thought process, creating the idea of being hurtful, but this is the expression that they project, for they are not accepting of self, and therefore they are projecting outwardly in that expression.

Now; let us move one step further in this discussion, and let me also express to you that as each individual allows the penetration and experiences the feeling of hurtfulness ... now we have moved from the other individual or the focus being placed upon the other individual to the focus being placed upon self – YOU. And in this, as the individual allows the penetration and subsequently is experiencing the feeling of hurt, this also is an expression of an element of lack of acceptance of self. Therefore, you are both participating in a very similar action.

This offers you, in what you are moving into presently, the opportunity to view this and to be moving more into the acceptance of self, for as you move more into the acceptance of self, initially you offer yourself the awareness that you need not be allowing the penetration.

This would be your first step, so to speak, which reinforces you and your acceptance and trust of self, and as you move more and more into that expression, you also move into your next step of recognizing that each time you are experiencing the feeling of hurt, you may be examining that area within yourself that YOU are discounting YOURSELF in and not accepting of yourself and viewing yourself as being unworthy.

And THIS, in actuality, is what is creating of the expression of hurtfulness; not that another individual is hurting you, but that YOU are creating of the hurtful expression to yourself, for you are allowing yourself the duplicity and the feeling of inadequacy or unworthiness within yourself.

In this, you have created the beginning movement to be moving out of those expressions and recognizing, and this moves quite efficiently and much in alignment with the line of probabilities that you have begun creating in alignment with your essence family intents, for you shall address to you and your expressions and behaviors first, and therefore offer yourself more of an ability to be helpful to other individuals in like manner and in like expression.

As you offer yourself more of an understanding of your own creations and your own acceptance of self, you may be more beneficial and helpful and healing to other individuals in understanding their creation and their acceptance of themselves.” [session 340, November 15, 1998]

DEANE: “Sandy is my wife. Can you provide me information regarding her foot, back, and shoulder problems, and what either of can do to eliminate these problems? (Pause)

ELIAS: I express to you that you may be addressing to held belief systems and fearfulness, which is affecting of movement through certain issues that are held. In this, the objective imagery which is being provided with the foot is the reluctance to be moving, so to speak. This is created in imagery with the foot, as this represents your manner in which you allow yourselves mobility.

DEANE: You say moving. Are you talking about mobility, or are you talking about moving to another job, or are you talking about moving to another home in another place?

ELIAS: No. The objective imagery is physical movement or mobility, which is the mirror expression of the mobility within subjective terms, so to speak, and as there is fearfulness held in certain areas in addressing to certain movements, the individual objectively creates an affectingness within foot, which is the mirror action in imagery of a reluctance to be allowing movement within the addressing to belief systems, and moving forward, so to speak, in your terms, in the area of letting go of certain areas of duplicity within this individual.

Now; this also is reflected in the area of back and shoulder. This is directly related to energy held as an objective creation of imagery, in an underlying element or issue of the feeling of lack of support in certain areas and of holding personal responsibility.

Now; let me express how these three elements move together. The shoulder is the objective expression mirrored outwardly of the underlying feeling that she is supportive of other individuals and holding personal responsibility for other individuals. This is affecting of the back, for the feeling which is outwardly mirrored in the expression of the creation of the back affectingness is that this supportiveness is not necessarily responded to and offered back to her by other individuals. In this, there is an underlying expectation within the belief system held, creating an issue that there should be this supportiveness lent back to her, but....

DEANE: At home or at work?

ELIAS: In both areas. But that this should not be communicated outwardly and requested, but merely should be offered by other individuals. This is a quite common aspect of belief systems, and may be very affecting as it becomes an issue.

In this, there is also an underlying recognition with this individual that these are expressions of her own lack of acceptance of self, and therefore is projecting outwardly, but shall not allow herself to be projecting outwardly to other individuals, for this shall appear arrogant, self-centered, selfish, and demanding, all of which hold negative connotations. Therefore, she turns this energy upon self, and creates the expression of hurtfulness to self instead.

The foot is the expression of a reluctance to be letting go of this particular issue, therefore restricting movement in objective terms, which is the mirror action of the restriction of movement within subjective terms.” [session 342, November 24, 1998]

JAN: “I had a dream not long after about planes that couldn’t take off properly, and they kept landing. It was almost cartoon-like. It didn’t seem necessarily destructive, but they couldn’t stay up in the air, and this was occurring during the holidays or on the New Year. Was this related to this experience that I had?

ELIAS: Yes. This is your imagery in validation, not merely of your own individual experience and your recognition of your experience, but you may also view the mass energy which is mirroring outwardly the confirmation of this action.

You shall notice that within your physical reality presently, you have created en masse much delay and restriction in the area of your flying, have you not? Many individuals are experiencing difficulty in traveling presently, and this is precipitated by what? Your weather. And how is your weather created? By yourselves and your own expression of energy within your emotions.

Therefore, you may view the interconnectedness of all of these probabilities and how you express outwardly, en masse collectively, the connection and the movement of creating and diverting probabilities within your physical reality.

This is another opportunity for you to view massive movements in energy, massive collective waves of creating and diverting probabilities in the insertion of them into your physical reality, and in this, you often mirror physically with certain events within your physical reality. You are creating of this very element within your mirroring of many physical delays with this very mode of transportation, and your dream imagery is your communication to yourself in validation of all of this action.

JIM: Hmm!

JAN: Very interesting! On to something that’s a little bit different. You’ve mentioned to me before that I hold issues in sexuality, and that these issues are blocking in tension with my partner, and I’ve been trying to identify those issues, and I was wondering if ... and I’m having some problems doing that! What are these issues that I’m holding?

ELIAS: This would be an area that you may be engaging a time framework to be dealing with, for these issues are concerning your own view of self and your acceptance of self.

You are moving into areas that you allow yourself more of a trustfulness of yourself, but you equate trustfulness and acceptance as synonymous, and they are not. For there are many times that individuals may trust their abilities in creating and within their movement, but this is not to say that they are not continuing to grapple with their own duplicity and their own acceptance of self.

In this area, you hold issues and difficulties, many of which are what you would term to be underlying deeply in areas that you do not necessarily allow yourself to view. For surfacely, it appears that you may be quite efficient and quite accepting of yourself in the manner that you are pleased with how you have created your reality, for you offer yourself many objective reasons, in physical terms, to be pleased with how you have created your reality. But these are outward expressions and they also are camouflage expressions, for they camouflage a fearfulness that lies underneath, so to speak, in the lack of acceptance of self; that there is not held a genuine worthiness of self, a genuine adequacy of self. This also manifests itself outwardly in a continuous driving force to be creating of perfection.

If you are allowing yourself to view ... if you are allowing yourself to be viewing and nurturing self, recognizing that it is a beneficial expression to be creating what you term to be vulnerability.... Vulnerability is the same as openness, and as you allow yourself this expression of openness, of vulnerability, you may also view the wondrousness – and I may express to you also a wordage that I do not offer often, but I shall offer to you this day – you may view a sweetness within your focus that you may develop an affection for within self, and this shall offer you more of an ease in acceptance of self.

You block as you do not allow yourself to accept the worthiness of yourself and the viewing of yourself that you are equal in your abilities and in your worthiness to all of those individuals that you view to be more than yourself. They are not. They also are not more efficient than are you. You merely view this in your perception, for you are not accepting of the wondrousness of yourself.

In this, let me express to you, allow yourself to view this sweetness, for I do not express this word in the manner of pleasantness that you attach to, but in the sweetness of nectar ... that although it is pleasurable, it also holds its own quality of sensation and sensual affectingness, and you hold these qualities also. You merely need be allowing yourself to view them.” [session 350, January 03, 1999]

JAMES: “I’d like to move on to teeth. Dale and I have both been having teeth problems recently, and I was wondering if you could give us some insight on the beliefs that we’re bringing to our attention in this imagery.

ELIAS: You are creating an expression jointly in this area.

Now; let me express to you that this also is your own imagery to yourselves in the area of trust.

In this, this particular aspect of your physical body holds great importance. Your physical teeth facilitate your consumption of physical matter to be sustaining your physical body, and in this, the importance of this particular aspect of your physical body is believed to be so great that if there is an affectingness of this particular aspect of your body, your teeth, it shall be affecting of all other elements and functions of your physical form.

This is one area, your teeth, that you quite efficiently allow to affect in all other functions of your physical form. You allow this particular element of your body to be affecting of your nervous system, of your circulatory system, of all of your organs, and even of your thought processes. It is quite interesting how within mass, you have chosen one particular aspect of your physical form that you view to be so very conjunct to your very existence!

Now; in this, if you are not attentive to the care of these teeth, they may be very affecting of your reality. If you are not trusting that your body performs and functions in harmony as a whole and is not controlled by one element, you may find yourselves in the situation of being quite negatively affected, in your terms, for in actuality, it is merely a choice of experience.

You are choosing to jointly be creating this type of affectingness, that you may be noticing how you may center your attention into one area, and that this one area shall be all-consuming and affecting of all other areas. This is quite reflective and mirroring of your previous question.

You inquire in the area of your finances, which is affecting of very much of your reality and is quite encompassing in your reality, and you are focusing upon this one area of physical action with respect to finances. In like manner, you are mirroring with yourselves and your body consciousness by focusing your attention and your energy in one area of your physical forms that shall be affecting of all other functionings of your physical body form.

Are you understanding?

JAMES: I think so.

ELIAS: Therefore, this is a mirror action that you are creating to be drawing more attention to what you are creating in singularly holding your attention in one area, and how affecting this may be.” [session 364, February 24, 1999]

DALE: “I have a few questions from Spencer. John, the 10-year-old boy named John that he contacted in Asia, was that the focus that was the bleed-through where he was feeling aloneness?


DALE: And he also would like to know why it seems that people hate him in school. (Elias smiles)

ELIAS: You may express to him ... no. You may allow him to be listening to this response, and I shall address to him myself.

In this, let me express to you that you mirror outwardly what you create inwardly. The meaning in this is, what you are creating within your little self, and how you are viewing yourself and how you are dissatisfied with yourself, and those areas within yourself that you think you may be expressing ‘better,’ those are the areas and the expressions that you mirror outwardly from yourself and are mirrored back to you.

In this, you may think of yourself as an actual mirror, and as you present yourself as a mirror, other individuals shall stand before you, and they shall reflect back. This occurs in both directions.

You, with individuals, are the mirror, and you are reflecting their reflections to them, which they do not always choose to view and may be creating a response of rejection within them. And at times, you are the individual looking into the mirror, that they are reflecting back to you your own image.

On both sides, so to speak, you are reflecting to each other elements that you are dissatisfied with or that you do not like.

In this, as you allow yourself to look into your own self and see that your self is quite acceptable, and that you yourself are a very glorious little creature, and that all of your expressions are quite adequate as they are, not needing to be ‘better,’ as you allow yourself to view THIS picture within your mirror, you shall also begin to radiate that outwardly, and this shall be what other individuals see also. But as you are seeing yourself as not quite good enough, you also expect that other individuals shall see the same picture.

I express to you, this is one aspect – and the most affecting aspect – of what you are experiencing. But you also project a mirror image to other individuals and reflect to them certain qualities that they hold, that they also feel unworthy within. In this, they are not liking of the picture that they view of themselves. Therefore, they are not merely rejecting of the picture, but they are rejecting of you also, for you are mirroring the picture to them.

This is a natural expression that you create within your focus and is an element of your intent, and as you grow within your physical focus and you allow yourself to become more accepting of yourself, this shall be quite beneficial to you.” [session 365, February 25, 1999]

NICKY: “Now, speaking of behavior, when we went over to visit Joanne and Paul, I experienced something a couple of times, and the two times that I’ve talked with her over the phone, there’s been the same experience. We’ve been talking about the movie ‘Courtesans’ and courtesans in general, and how we had to have participated in that avenue, which started me thinking along the lines of how Joanne and I are connected, which Mylo [David] had said a long time ago that he believed we were. So I’m looking towards the arena that we might have partaken in the – what would you call it? – the focus of being courtesans. Was that together, and what is it that I experience with her? There’s a tenderness. I wanted to cry when I walked into their house, and it’s not because the house was familiar. They had just moved there! It was just the general feeling of a connection, and not knowing where the connection was.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you have shared other focuses together. This one that you single out particularly, you have not engaged together. But let me also express to you that many times you shall be experiencing certain affectingnesses emotionally in encounters with other individuals that are not necessarily an indication or a recognition of your participation in other focuses.

Now; this experience that you speak of and address to presently in conjunction with this individual is not a bleed-through of another focus and is not a recognition of connectedness with other focuses which may be shared, but this is a recognition within you, within THIS focus, of an identification of similar issues that you hold within this particular focus, similar energy expressions that you create within this particular focus, and a mirror action that you offer to each other.

Therefore, in viewing and interacting with this other individual, what you experience in feeling is a mirroring to yourself of that which you know of yourself. Underlyingly, [you] recognize how you may be accepting and expressing compassionately to this individual – who holds very similar expressions in energy as do you and holds very similar issues in this focus as do you – but you would not afford yourself the same acceptance.

NICKY: Oh my goodness!

ELIAS: And in this, there is a recognition of compassion, and you experience this feeling of nurturing and of connectedness and of acceptance of this individual, to the point that you shall feel that you would be expressive of the emotions in sobbing, and THIS is the mirror action that you are viewing – not within other focuses, but within THIS focus and THIS now – recognizing that you do not offer this same expression to yourself.

NICKY: Oh my gosh. I know, ’cause it’s a real deep feeling, you know, and that’s why I connected it with the recognition, but what you’re saying now is even more overwhelming. I could cry again!

ELIAS: And look to this experience quite seriously, for I express to you that yourself is in actuality feeling this neglect of self, which is offered so very freely to other individuals, and is weeping within that you may not afford yourself the same gentleness. (Pause)

NICKY: Oh boy. So actually ... oh my goodness. Therefore, I guess that the interaction between the two of us would be beneficial.

ELIAS: Quite, for you offer yourselves each this mirroring of what you hold within yourselves. This is quite efficient many times within physical focus.

You are much more willing to be viewing other individuals and what they are creating. You are much more willing to be examining the actions of other individuals and identifying the issues that other individuals hold and to be offering advice, opinions, helpfulness, energy to other individuals to be addressing to the issues that THEY hold. ALL of you are quite adept at looking to outside and looking to another individual and allowing yourselves to view the issues and the belief systems that THEY hold. You are not quite so willing to look to self and identify the very same issues and the very same belief systems! Therefore, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view these issues and belief systems and conflicts by presenting yourself with interaction of another individual that shall mirror to you what YOU wish to be addressing within yourself.

Therefore, as you view the compassion that you would be extending to another individual – for you may recognize the areas within that individual that are reaching for that expression – you offer yourself the opportunity to view this mirror action and offer this expression to YOURSELF.

NICKY: Boy oh boy. That is just really overwhelming. It’s really actually very touching.

ELIAS: Be remembering, Candace [Nicky], you are a glorious being! You are a wondrous creature, and why shall you not express this to yourself as willingly and as acceptingly as you shall express this to another individual?

NICKY: Oh boy. I guess there’s more to take a look at, huh?

ELIAS: And you may begin by accepting my expression of acceptance of your wondrousness and your gloriousness, and in this, you may offer yourself the same acceptance.

NICKY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. You are not quite the distressed, hideously ugly little creature that you view yourself to be! View yourself to be as beauteous as a wondrous butterfly! You are equally as colorful and equally as aesthetically pleasing, and you offer MUCH to yourself and to other individuals if you merely allow yourself to be accepting of what you may be offering to yourself. (Pause)

NICKY: (Emotionally) Thank you.

ELIAS: (Affectionately) You are welcome.

NICKY: ... Okay, there’s been something that’s caught my attention in another realm, which be the animal realm. I’ve taken note of it, whether it be on the news, or my daughter mentioned it once, or whoever is talking about it, about the animals, even a news program last night with veterinarians talking about giving their animals Prozac (Elias grins) and redoing adult behavior so that dogs and cats and animals respond differently, what animals are attacking children and people, and things like that. I’ve taken note of it. What is going on?

ELIAS: (Smiling) And would this not be a very creative expression within your creatures, in their mirroring of your own creations and your own behaviors?

And as I have expressed previously, your creatures ARE in agreement with you and SHALL BE expressing within their creations and their behaviors mirror actions to yourselves, and they shall be creating very similar situations as YOU create.

They mirror your issues and your belief systems and are quite responsive to your energy, individually and en masse. As YOU move in the direction of focusing your attentions more severely in the areas of your psychology and placing more emphasis of your attention in this direction, you also are creating an affectingness within your creatures, and they shall be creating of behaviors in this direction. As YOU narrow your acceptance en masse of what you term to be ‘normal behavior’ – within the parameters of your psychology and what is acceptable as ‘good’ behavior – you also place this judgment upon your creatures, and they shall mirror back to you the very behaviors, the very issues, the very energy that you project outward with them.

NICKY: Interesting! I got a hint of that when I was watching the program. I was just half-listening to it, and I thought, ‘Oh my God! It’s not the animals at all! They’re interpreting and they’re acting out what we are thinking!’

ELIAS: Quite!

NICKY: Yeah! And I thought, ‘Oh! My, my, my, my, my! I must make note of this!’ It gives you a real bird’s-eye view of how up in arms things could really get, huh?

ELIAS: And be noticing, I have been expressing from the onset of this present year that many elements shall be occurring in this particular year. You have lent much energy to disturbance within this particular time framework. Therefore, you may look to what you are creating en masse in this time framework – less acceptance of deviation from what you identify as the norm, more fearfulness, more of your interaction with other elements of your creations, your creatures, your weather, your atmospheric conditions, your involvement with what you term to be nature ... your very planet responds to the energy that you project and that YOU are creating en masse collectively with each other.

NICKY: Yeah. We touched on that briefly Friday night, about just that idea, that if indeed this is what happens, then we’re viewing everything we put out there go to work!

ELIAS: Look to your weather conditions, and look to the expression of so very many multiple whirlwinds that are occurring presently and have been occurring within this particular year. Already you are creating of many of your whirlwinds that you term to be tornadoes, which are creating of great disturbances.

You are already, within this very small time framework of this particular year, creating quite dramatic affectingnesses! You are quite expressive of fearful elements – panic, distrust, questioning, worry, whirlwinds of emotion and conflict in interaction with each other – which your very weather and atmosphere mirrors.

You express to me in this questioning of creatures that move in the direction of what you term to be attacking of individuals. Look to yourselves! What are you creating within your interaction with each other?

NICKY: Really! Attacking each other! Exactly! Going for the throat! Trying to defend one’s position! I mean, there’s so much! And that’s when it came to me last night, after watching the program. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness gracious me! What a view! What a view of what we’re doing to each other and ourselves!’

ELIAS: You are defensive with yourselves, for you are not trusting of yourselves, and as you are not trusting of yourselves, you are not trusting of each other, and you are creating much conflict, and in this, you continue to be creating of conflict, and your whole of your reality in your world reflects this!

NICKY: Oh my goodness.

ELIAS: I have offered warning of this already, and have expressed to individuals within these sessions that this particular year holds great energy. It is your choice in which direction you choose to be moving with this energy. This is the final year of your century and of your millennium, and much energy for much time framework has been lent to this time framework, and in this, you have much to draw from in energy and much to manipulate.

In these expressions, you may be creating a reality of fear or you may be creating a reality of trust. Either direction that you are choosing, you shall be lent much energy to the accomplishment of it.” [session 372, March 16, 1999]

JO: “… I’ve been trying to get a sense of this [Borledim] alignment of mine also, and my imagery has involved several different things, including all children, all faiths, which I believe I accomplish subjectively, mothering the mothers and birthing men. Is it accurate to say that all three of these actions apply to all of my focuses? And also, I don’t need to have any children to be accomplishing. Is this correct?

ELIAS: You are correct. It is not what you may term to be a requirement to be incorporating children in this alignment.

Let me express to you that you have chosen this family intentionally, and as I have expressed to you previously, an intent reasoning for this choice is that you be turning your attention inward as opposed to outward.

You have expressed many qualities that may be associated with this family within other focuses. You offer yourself the opportunity within THIS focus to be turning your attention inward and offering to self all of the action and all of the qualities that may be expressed in the engagement of child-raising.

You are offering yourself the opportunity to be allowing YOURSELF these expressions, not another individual. This is very much a part of your intent within this particular focus.

You may also find helpfulness and information if you are allowing yourself to be reviewing the interaction that I have offered to Candace [Nicky] recently, for I have offered information in this direction, that you mirror each other and that you are presenting this mirror image that you may allow yourselves to more fully view the action that you are expressing to yourselves subjectively, which is surfacing, so to speak, into objective awareness.

Therefore, you may choose any action outwardly to be expressing within your intent in this focus, but I express to you that you shall benefit self tremendously in turning your attention to self and offering this intent in its expression to YOURSELF.

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I have expressed this previously to you and have acknowledged to you the wondrousness of yourself and the ability that you hold very strongly to be offering helpfulness and nurturing and comfort to other individuals, and have expressed to you what you may term to be a longing that you view this within yourself and that you offer this same expression to yourself, in opposition to the driving that you express to yourself.

You deal with yourself very harshly, and this creates conflict within you. Offer an expression of compassion and nurturing to yourself. Allow yourself relaxation, and you may be viewing what I view, in the wondrousness of yourself!

JO: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are very welcome.

PAUL: ... One other question. Given this magnificent multi-dimensional design of essences and manifestations and focuses in physical time frameworks and all of the subtle relationships between them – counterpart action, fragments, splinters, and so forth ... all this is happening in multiple time frameworks and from other points of view or perception and in simultaneous or no-time.

How is it that each focus wakes up each morning, after perhaps sleep state or an experience of subjective activity ... how does it know where and when? (Elias grins) How does it happen so precisely, in terms of time, that we don’t get lost in all of this? Not identity, but just in terms of where and when, time and place?

ELIAS: Ah! This is the magnificence of essence, for all within essence is immaculate and perfect! In this, as it is focusing its attention within all of these areas, let me express to you that you also mirror this action to an extent within your physical focuses.

How may YOU engage more than one activity within one time framework and not confuse yourself and continue within the identification of each task or event or interaction simultaneously? You may be incorporating several different actions simultaneously and not be confusing yourselves. This is a small mirror action of what essence is creating within consciousness.

Each focus of attention is a precise and immaculate stream of energy which is directed intently and specifically and quite purposefully in a particular area, a particular direction, and within essence it does not confuse itself in its actions and is multi-dimensionally experiencing continuously in its gathering of information and experiences, which is the action of becoming continuously. (9)

Is it not glorious to view the wondrousness and the spectacular movement of what you are?

PAUL: It’s just spectacular, it absolutely is! The precision, as you said ... the immaculate focuses of energy and keeping it all straight ... even from my perspective, it’s just magnificent!

ELIAS: Quite, and this be the reason that I express to you that you are glorious beings! You do not merely focus your attention of essence in all of these directions of the focuses within all of the physical dimensions and all of the areas of consciousness non-physically simultaneously, but you also focus your attention in the creation of all of these dimensions themselves and all that is created within them and all that exists within them!

ALL of this is your creation, and is it not wondrous?

PAUL: Some of us are actually beginning to believe that, Elias!

ELIAS: In this, I express to you all, why shall you be discounting of self if you are such magnificent beings that you may be creating of such gloriousness?

PAUL: I think it’s group-hug time! (Laughter)

ELIAS: HA HA! (Grinning)

PAUL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!” [session 377, March 23, 1999]

TOM: “[Melinda] has one more question: ‘The other day, I met a man who struck me as a mirror image of me, not in looks but in personal desires. He said a lot of things in the very same way that I say them, and that really caught my attention. What was going on here within consciousness? Are we mirror counterparts, or something else that I’m not familiar with?’

ELIAS: This would not be a situation of counterpart action. This is merely an action of mirroring. This may occur with any individual within any given time point. Individuals draw themselves to other individuals to be creating this mirror action, that they may be viewing different qualities within themselves and different expressions within themselves.

Now; in this, as she is also creating much bleed-through from other focuses in like manner – to be expressing a gaining of attention in certain areas, to be viewing and recognizing of her own beliefs and issues and behaviors and how she is responding to these beliefs within her behaviors – she also reinforces this action by drawing to herself interaction of another individual that shall mirror herself, that she may hold the opportunity to view her own expressions and behaviors more clearly.

You may look, physically speaking, to your own physical body, but you shall not with your physical vision view the entirety of your physical body, for there are elements of your physical body that are blocked from your visual. But if you present yourself before a mirror, you may view the entirety of your physical form, for there is no element that shall be blocking your visual. In like manner, there are certain aspects of self or of your behaviors, in conjunction with your beliefs – certain aspects of your expressions – that you block your vision from yourselves.

In this, if you present yourself with the opportunity to view a mirror action with another individual, there is no element to be blocking your vision, and you may view more clearly the expression within another individual and you may identify the same actions and behaviors, responses and expressions within yourself.

TOM: Okay. We do that quite often, I think, all of us.


TOM: ... I would like to also ask you about a dream I had the other night. It involved death, and basically it boiled down to, a person was attempting to murder/kill me, and I wondered ... my impression is, it ties into my duplicity. Is this a correct impression?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. You may view this dream imagery and you may explore with this dream imagery your own identification in your beliefs as to the action that any other individual holds the ability to be hurtful to you or that any other individual may be creating any action within your focus that shall be forcing upon you a hurtful action, for I express to you that within this imagery, you offer yourself the opportunity to view that no other individual may be accomplishing this type of action. If you are experiencing hurtfulness within your focus, you are creating this yourself. No other individual is inflicting that element upon you.

It is your lack of acceptance of self, which turns itself into the expression and manifestation of agreement with another individual and therefore allows you to accept another individual’s expression, and in that acceptance of another individual’s expression, you are reinforcing to yourself your own hurtfulness. Are you understanding?

TOM: Yes, I am. That ties into the mirror action?

ELIAS: Correct, but this does not necessarily always present itself within a mirror action. This presents itself in many different types of actions. For the most part, this may be occurring within interactions that you hold with other individuals, and each time that you move into an expression of feeling that another individual has hurt you, this is your opportunity to be viewing what you are creating within yourself, for this is directly related to your own lack of acceptance of self, therefore providing you with the expression of agreement of another individual.

Let me offer example. Another individual may express to you that they are not approving of you as an individual. In this, you may express to yourself and to that individual that your feelings are hurt by their expression. In actuality, what has occurred in that exchange is that one individual is expressing themselves in their ... within their belief and their perception, and you are accepting their expression and agreeing: ‘You are correct. I am not acceptable.’ And therefore, you are creating of your hurtfulness within yourself, within your own lack of acceptance of self. There is an element of this that IS a mirror action, for the individual is expressing to you in this manner, for you are drawing that expression to yourself, that you may offer yourself the opportunity to view your own lack of acceptance within self. But the familiar expression within your beliefs is to be projecting outwardly and to be expressing the placement of responsibility to the other individual.

This be the area in which you provide yourself the opportunity to alter that perception and to be turning to self and recognizing your own expression within duplicity in the lack of acceptance of self and to be providing yourself with your acceptance of self, and as you continue to be expressing in this manner and creating your own acceptance and trust of self, you shall lessen your drawing to yourself of these types of expressions. This is what your dream imagery is offering to you.

TOM: Okay. That reminds me to remember it matters not.

ELIAS: Quite, and this shall be quite helpful!” [session 379, March 28, 1999]

NICKY: “… when you’re taking notice of the acceptance of the issue that you’re taking notice of, while one is in conversation and/or meditation or whatever, but especially when you’re dealing with another person, and you’re going, ‘Okay, he’s reflecting or she’s reflecting to me this particular nut, and I see where they’re coming from, and okay fine, and I really don’t believe the same way, and that’s okay too.’ But when you’re looking at the issue....

I have no trouble coming to the point of what I’m viewing in this other person or where I’m viewing them to be or whatever. I have a problem picking that same issue and saying, ‘How does it fit me?’ Because my tendency is to look at it with the same attitude that I did with the person, but when I do it towards me, then I feel like I’m so self-condemning. And then I say, ‘Oh my god, look at how much I’ve been condemning the other person, judging the other person,’ but then I still don’t always pick up on the real issue.

ELIAS: Let me express also to you that mirror actions do not always reflect to you the identical expressions. Another individual may be mirroring to you an element within your own reality that you may choose to be addressing to and allowing yourself to move through within certain issues or aspects of beliefs, but be remembering that their expression is their expression and is created through their perception. Therefore, your expression may be different, but the underlying issue or subject matter is the same. You merely choose different avenues to be expressing the same issues.

Therefore, in noticing another individual’s expression as a mirror to yourself, be aware of more of the aspects of yourself than merely a reflective image in absolute terms, for they are mirroring a subject to you, not necessarily the same identical expression that you may be creating within yourself.” [session 392, May 07, 1999]

DONOVAN: “Okay, my final question would be about a dialog I had during a landscape exercise (10), where my landscape ... I started seeing trees and things and nature, and I became very upset and started ripping and tearing at the fabric of that nature, and it became a sound stage for a film set – basically, it was fake scenery – and it was very chaotic and ripped apart and torn apart, and I was set down, and there was a lot of antagonistic imagery coming through. I’ve been having this problem a lot when I have contact with essence.

I mean, I know sometimes you talk about certain tugs and to follow your tugs or instincts, but some of them really feel like they’re more taunting or teasing me, and some of the words ... this particular time, what my essence or whatever was saying to me was sort of malicious and mocking me, and I got really upset and asked it to stop and speak clearly to me.

I guess what was said to me was that my god is the trickster god of life, and that I perceive that basically life fucks with you, and therefore that’s the reality I create, and that this belief system sort of affects and maybe distorts some of the dialogs I have with my essence. Could you comment on that or help me with that, please?

ELIAS: Very good! You have allowed yourself an accurate identification and interpretation of your communication.

What you have offered to yourself in this imagery is the mirror image of what you are experiencing within you.

You are, in a manner of speaking, tormenting yourself in moving from one expression to another expression, creating your reality but doubting the realism of your reality. Therefore, you are quite accurately creating – and literally creating – imagery to mirror what you are experiencing within your physical focus.

You have identified the rationale as being the more trustworthy element of self, the more realistic element of self.

In this, you are correct in your communication with self, that it has become your god as a trickster, for the rationale may be quite tricky and may be quite distorting of your information, and may be also introducing into your experience conflict and confusion, for not all of your reality fits within the rational observations or explanations of reality.

In this, I express to you that you have become quite efficient in accurately expressing to yourself the identification of your own experiences and allowing yourself the identification of those experiences and the noticing of the belief systems that are associated with each of these experiences.

I express to you, view the interaction that you hold in these time frameworks not as threatening, but as offering you merely information that you have requested, and offering the information to you in a manner that shall attain your attention, for were you not presenting yourself this imagery and information within the dramatics that you do present it to yourself, you would not be listening quite so carefully and you would not be attentive to it in the manner that you are presently. Therefore, do not view this as threatening or as hurtful, but as an answer to your own questioning and an opportunity for your movement.

This moves us once again back to the point of self acceptance, and as you begin to allow yourself to be more accepting of self and not quite so very intensely judgmental of self, you may also be lessening the intensity and drama of your own communications, and you shall quite definitely be lessening your own conflict and anxiety, which you also create as an expression to gain your attention in the area of your own acceptance of self and how you are not allowing yourself that acceptance.

I shall be, as I have stated, lending energy to you in encouragement in your movement in this area, and I shall express to you the challenge to be noticing and holding what you would term to be a temporary record, so to speak, of how very often you are creating your own uncomfortable judgments upon self, which is the reinforcement of lack of acceptance of self, and how very often you are accepting of other individuals’ expressions – which you draw to yourself – in their lack of acceptance of any expression that you may be engaging.

In this, as you continue to be engaging this exercise and notic[ing], I shall be offering you energy in encouragement, for each time you are noticing, you may also be expressing to yourself that you are merely aligning with duplicity, and that this is not truth.

I offer to you much lovingness, Winston [Donovan], and much encouragement, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. To you this day, I extend a very affectionate adieu.

DONOVAN: Thank you very much.” [session 401, May 23, 1999]

MICHAEL: “I have a question about my sister, Eliana, who was born with physical and mental disabilities. Sometimes she can be a very large challenge, especially for my family, but other times she reminds us of how much of a gift life is. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about her manifestation in our family, and some other reasons for her being here.

ELIAS: I express to you that this individual creates a choice of focus quite purposefully for her own benefit in her own value fulfillment in experiencing this type of manifestation, but also lends energy quite efficiently in challenging those individuals that she is interactive with.

In this, you each are presented with the challenge of acceptance, and within this time framework, more so. It is in alignment with this shift in consciousness and offers the opportunity for all individuals that are engaged with her to be recognizing their opportunity to be accepting of self AND accepting of other individuals’ expressions.

Now; notice that I am expressing that the expression offered is to be accepting of self, for much of the expression which is projected outwardly by this individual is an opportunity for each of you to view certain aspects of mirror action that you create yourselves in different expressions objectively, but in like manner.

MICHAEL: Hmm. Very interesting.

ELIAS: Therefore, as I have stated, the choice of manifestation of this individual is beneficial to all of you – and within consciousness – in the area of acceptance and allowing mirror images for challenges to be addressed to, and is also simultaneously quite efficient and beneficial in the area of her own value fulfillment, for there is an element of acceptance of other individuals that is presented to her individually as a great challenge, for there is an element of impatience also that is experienced within her as to the expressions of all of you.” [session 402, May 25, 1999]

MICHAEL: “So, in line with all this wonderful knowledge we’re gaining, I have, I think, managed to merge three questions into one. I think they’re all related to change and my interpretation of it or my perception of it. The first part has to do with my fear of ingesting new foods or going to new places, and the second one is about my friend Patricia being uncomfortable in her apartment because it’s not the way that it needs to be, and this relates also back to the question I had yesterday about my job and all the changes and being the center of control and making sure everything runs smoothly. I was wondering if you could comment on some of that.

ELIAS: In relation to the discussion that we are engaging presently, let me also offer you more information as to these orientations, for view within physical focus a very COMMON (grinning) expression, that being the issue which is viewed as control.

Now; individuals holding the orientation of common very commonly are exhibiting this issue of control, for they are wishing to be manipulating of all of their reality, and as I have stated, all of everyone else’s reality. In this, it is intermingled with the issue of personal responsibility, which enhances the issue of control.

Another aspect of this issue of control is that as you are creating outwardly, there is a perception that you need be holding control of all that you are creating, and although subjectively you hold the knowing that it is unnecessary for control and that all you need be controlling of – in a very figurative manner of speaking – is self, you are not creating merely inwardly. You are creating in outward expression. Therefore, as you are sending energy outwardly, you wish to be controlling of that, for you are confusing direction with control.

Control is a holding to. Directing is merely directing, allowing a free flow with a direction. In this, you confuse these different expressions.

You are of the thought process that directing is controlling and holding to the energy, being objectively quite sure that the energy is moving in precisely the manner that you wish it to be! (Grinning, and laughter) I express to you that this enters into much of your expressions in relation to your interaction with other individuals and your interaction within your environment of your employment.

Now; as to the situation with this other individual, what is being presented to you presently is a mirror action, for this also is very commonly an expression of orientation of common – a dislike and disdain for objective change.

Now; this is not to say that individuals within the orientations of soft and intermediate may not also be expressive in the direction of disdain in the area of change at times also, but for very different reasons.

As to the orientation of common, there is a disdain for objective change, for this is threatening in the area of control. As elements of your reality change – even as you choose the change; it matters not; it is continuing to be an expression of change or alternation within your focus – this is unsettling to you.

This individual of which you speak also becomes unsettled in change and mirrors that to you, and you draw upon this expression and this energy in recognition of the familiarity of it. Therefore, you magnate to the sharing of these types of expressions.

It is not necessarily that things, so to speak, are out of place, but that there is movement in the area of change and this creates a feeling of out of place, and in this, it is unsettling, and there is an opinion held of dislike for this type of situation and expression.

Therefore, what you are engaging is a mirror action to each other, that you may be noticing of your own individual behaviors, which is what I have offered to you yesterday in directing your attention to your own behavior in noticing how you are participating in certain situations and how you are moving into automatic actions and responses within your individual behaviors in certain expressions.

There is an automatic questioning of self in certain situations. There is an automatic justification of self in other situations, and THIS is the area that I am directing your attention to presently, for within this time framework, you may express to yourself that you are ready to be addressing to deeper areas of your awareness.

MICHAEL: Thank you. I’m noticing a ‘common’ theme! (Elias chuckles) I guess it’s no mistake that the person we’re talking about has the same orientation.” (Elias chuckles) [session 404, May 26, 1999]

DEANE: “If I remember correctly, you have also said that a wave that is presently manifesting itself within this present shift in consciousness is creating blood pressure problems like mine for many people. You told me I should not be concerned about this. Is this ‘pressure manifestation’ associated with the opening up of new areas in the brain as you have mentioned before, and would the taking of blood pressure medicine hinder that?

ELIAS: This is not the same type of expression as the opening of neurological pathways within your physical brain, but this IS associated with this present wave in consciousness and is what you may express to be an objective, physical, outward expression in mirroring inward attention.

As your attention moves subjectively to the addressment of this belief system within this wave in consciousness, you manifest outwardly many paralleling expressions. One of these expressions is the identification, in objective terms, of what you view as your life force. This would be involving your physical organ of your heart, and it would also be involving your circulatory system and all that is related to that system of functioning within your physical body.

The reason that you direct attention in conjunction with this particular system physically is that you DO identify this as your life force, and this mirrors the movement subjectively – and also partially objectively – which is being created in conjunction with this wave in consciousness, for it addresses to a base element of your reality which you have created a belief system around, in a manner of speaking.

But the element of sexuality, as in like manner to the element of emotion within this physical dimension ... [these] are the base elements of your reality. They are the ingredients that form your reality, and in this, they may also be considered – in figurative terms – your life force, for all of your reality within this dimension is created in conjunction with these two base elements. Therefore, you mirror outwardly in these types of physical expressions.

Now; I express to you that there are also many other physical expressions that are being created within individuals presently in conjunction with this wave in consciousness. This is merely one type of expression which is being engaged, but individuals that engage this action engage it quite easily in their creation, for much energy is being lent to the accomplishment of these types of expressions.” [session 410, June 04, 1999]

ELIAS: “You each, within this room presently this day, do not draw yourselves to the experience of massive guns pointed to your chests by strangers. This is not within your experience. You do not draw this experience to you, for this is not the direction of your attention in which you are offering yourself information of yourself. Other individuals do draw this experience to themselves, for this attains their attention and offers them information in mirror action. You do not draw to yourselves tremendous prejudice, in your words, for you do not express this outwardly. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to mirror this to yourselves.

You DO draw to yourselves conflicts and frustrations with other individuals. You DO draw to yourselves difficulties in acquiring certain aspects of employ, of currency – financial abilities and stabilities, in your terms – for these are areas that attain your attention and mirror to you your own fears and your own beliefs, those areas that YOU attach to and place great importance within. Therefore, you present yourselves outwardly, objectively with these types of situations that shall face you in mirror action to what YOU address to inwardly. Individuals that address to great lack of acceptance of other individuals’ choices within their focus shall mirror to themselves and present to themselves much lack of acceptance, that they may view within their own creations that element of themselves.

VIKKI: Is this at all times, with parents, children, friends? It’s always a mirror of ourselves?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, but not entirely. In one manner of speaking, I may express to you, yes, you are continuously presenting yourselves with mirror actions. In another, I may express to you, no, there are certain experiences that you draw to yourself to provide yourself with information, that you may be moving into more of an expression of effortlessness within your focus and not necessarily moving yourself into addressing to the same issue. But as I have stated, in an abstract, so to speak, manner of speaking, you may express that all of your actions mirror in some manner elements that you hold within.

There are time frameworks in which you are mirroring to other individuals what they draw to themselves ... not that you are not continuously engaged in this action also. But what I am expressing to you is that there ARE times in which you are creating the reverse, so to speak, action, in which you offer yourself as a mirror to other individuals. You may not be experiencing conflict within that time period, or confusion. You may merely be presenting yourself, and the other individual may be experiencing confusion and conflict in interaction with you, for they are presenting themselves drawing themselves to you and your expression, that they may view elements within themselves that they choose to be addressing to. In these types of interactions, you shall view that you may be expressing to yourselves ‘it matters not’ and you shall not be caught in responsiveness, so to speak. You shall merely present yourself and hold no conflict within this; an ease in your expression.

But as I have expressed many times previously, generally speaking, if you are engaged in conflict with another individual, you may express to yourself that you are drawing this experience to yourself that you may view elements of yourself that are the same. You may express them differently, but the issue is the same.

VIKKI: So the mirror is generally a reflection of conflict. If two people are just comfortable, interact, and walk away, they’re simply expressing, but if there’s conflict involved, the mirror is generally there.

ELIAS: You may be mirroring to each other in no conflict, in sharing, but this is not necessarily to be offering you the opportunity within your attention to be addressing to your individual issues, for within this reality, you are much more fascinated with your dead mouse than you are with your butterflies!” (Grinning) [session 411, June 07, 1999]

SUE: “I got an idea a couple of months ago. I decided that I wanted to go back to school – quit my job and go back to school and get a degree and become a librarian – and I’m curious about why I suddenly started making these plans and started making these big changes at this point, and wondered if you could comment on it a little bit.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that in actuality, within this time framework, many, many, many individuals are experiencing similar draws to be creating tremendous alterations within their focus. This in itself is directly related to this time framework and the energy which has been lent to this time framework, and also in relation to this shift in consciousness.

Much energy has been lent to this particular time framework, as I have stated previously, and in this, individuals are tapping into this tremendous movement of energy presently, and are allowing themselves to be incorporating this movement of energy to be creating objective imagery in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Now; as the shift in consciousness accelerates and the implications of this shift become more accentuated – in that it is and shall be altering dramatically of your reality in this dimension – many, many individuals also mirror this action within themselves and their individual imagery that is with concern to themselves.

In this, they are outwardly expressing, in objective imagery, their own individual widening of their awareness, and as a byproduct of this movement within themselves – yourself also – you are creating the type of imagery that turns your direction of attention. This is the outward expression of what you are creating subjectively and inwardly, so to speak.

You are turning your attention. You are allowing yourself the accessing of and the assimilation of more and more information. You are beginning to move in the direction of individually implementing this information into your reality upon what you may term to be a daily basis, therefore incorporating it not merely conceptually, but in actual terms of reality.

In this, you are in actuality creating a turn in your attention, and this becomes mirrored in your objective actions and creations also.

Therefore, you turn your attention not merely inwardly, but now you mirror this outwardly and begin creating objective expressions within your focus that appear to you to be dramatically different from the direction that you have moved in for much of your focus to this time framework.

Now; let me explain further, in offering an example that may present a validation to you in this drastic, so to speak, turn that you are presently creating, and offer you more of an understanding in the connection to this shift in consciousness, and that this is a natural element that is exhibiting itself within this shift in consciousness as objective imagery.

I have expressed many times previously that within this forum and in conjunction to this information, Michael [Mary] moves in directions of initiating certain movements in certain areas, to which lends an energy to many other individuals in conjunction with this information and in paralleling the action of this shift in consciousness.

In this, within your time framework in linear time of little more than one year previous, he has created objective imagery and choices within his focus to be altering of his focus in its direction of probabilities and its direction of choices in what you would term to be dramatically, affecting very much all of his focus.

In this, this has presented itself as an objective example that other individuals may look to as a validation to themselves, as they begin now to enter into the same types of creations – not necessarily in the same type of imagery or the same choices that Michael [Mary] has created, for they may not involve the same types of subject matter objectively, but you now present yourself with the same movement in different objective choices.

You choose now to be altering your direction in your focus; not concerning relationships and your interaction with other individuals in intimate manner, but in the direction of what you term to be, in physical focus, career.

This also is, in very physical terminology, a life-altering choice. It is a choice that moves you into a different line of probabilities and turns your attention from one angle of your focus into a different angle of your focus, which points you into a new direction.

This is the objective expression of imagery that you project in mirroring the subjective movement that you ARE assimilating this information. You ARE moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and as this shift in consciousness shall produce dramatic alterations in your reality en masse and individually, you individually shall be also producing your imagery in conjunction with this shift that expresses objectively, outwardly your own individual turns and alterations in dramatic manners of YOUR focuses. (11)

This shift is accomplished in the action of each individual accomplishing it. Therefore, you each lend to the energy of the shift actualizing itself in this dimension by your actualization individually, which becomes the expression en masse of your individual alteration of your reality in dramatic manners.

SUE: So the shift is not just a matter of things happening to us. It’s a matter of us making our own changes.

ELIAS: Absolutely!” [session 422, July 11, 1999]

LESLIE: “... by the way, thank you so much for the information you gave to Margot. (12) It helped a great deal! The dizzy spells that I have now come and go rather quickly, rather than stay all day, ’cause when they come, I just accept them and then they’re gone, so that works. But are all of my physical symptoms related to the energy surges?


LESLIE: Oh, they aren’t?


LESLIE: Oh lord! That would have been so much easier! (They both laugh, and Leslie sighs) What are they related to?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you manifest physical symptoms, so to speak, in conjunction with different elements that you are creating within your reality.

In this, you mirror outwardly, in physical expressions many times, turmoil or conflict that you are experiencing inwardly.

In this, as you continue to be manifesting physical expressions, you also draw your attention to what you are creating.

Now; let me also explain to you ... for I hold the awareness that many, many times, you may be creating physical symptoms or physical manifestations, and although I express to you that you are creating this to be noticing and to be offering yourself an awareness of other elements that you are creating, you, within your objective awareness, do not necessarily equate these two actions. Therefore, as I express to you an explanation, many times this may appear to you to be inconsistent.

But this is also quite common within physical focus, for individuals DO create physical manifestations to be gaining their attention, and as they ARE creating these physical manifestations as a mirror action and an outward expression of what they are creating inwardly, they also do not pay attention to the correlation between the two actions, and in this, they are not noticing what is being created, and why.

You create this type of action also, and as you are creating this, you are continuously attempting to gain your attention to be addressing to certain beliefs and certain automatic responses that you create, but you have not entirely gained your attention yet.

Therefore, you continue to create the same type of action and you continue to create physical manifestations, recognizing subjectively that eventually you shall offer yourself enough information, to the point in which you SHALL begin noticing the other actions that you are creating and mirroring into physical manifestations.

You also move in the direction, in like manner to many other individuals, of expressing to yourself, and to myself also, questions in the direction of how you may be discontinuing creating these types of physical manifestations.

Now; as I have stated, there are some physical manifestations that you experience that do not move in entirely this manner, for they may be energy surges or other types of actions in conjunction with transition which may be affecting in physical creations.

But there are other physical manifestations that you create, in like manner to Giselle [Margot], which are not necessarily created directly in conjunction with actions such as transition.

Giselle [Margot] creates a shortness of breath, which is a trigger. Castille [Letty] creates a very similar type of action for a very similar reason.

In this, both individuals may inquire, ‘How may I be discontinuing this action and not manifesting this constriction of breathing?’

And in this, my expression to these individuals is the same as my expression to you in the different types of physical manifestations that you create, which do not necessarily move in the direction of breathing, but you do create severity in other physical manifestations.

(Intently) In addressing to this, if you are turning your attention to self and recognizing that YOU are creating it, this shall be the most affecting of the actual physical manifestation.

But in all three of these situations, you have each held for much time framework within your focuses the belief underlyingly that you yourselves are not creating these physical manifestations. These physical manifestations are being created – within your beliefs – by some other element outside of you, and this is being inflicted upon you without your permission, and you are the victim of manipulations of energy that attack you, that you yourselves are not necessarily creating.

What I am expressing to you is that no other outside element – no energy, no aspect of consciousness, no outside element – is creating any of these physical manifestations. You yourselves are creating these manifestations.

I am also quite understanding that within your thought process, you may be acknowledging of this statement and you may be in agreement with this statement, in thought.

But in actuality, as you create a physical manifestation, the immediate belief which is engaged is that some other element has created this manifestation of physical affectingness and is affecting you, and that you yourself have not created this.

This is the separation – in your beliefs – of the objective and the subjective awarenesses.

Within your beliefs, you align with the idea that your objective awareness is one element of you, and your subjective awareness is a different element of you, and that they move independent of each other and that they do not communicate to each other.

You may term this to be conscious and subconscious, objective and subjective – it matters not. The terms are not as important as the idea itself and the belief itself – that there is some element within your reality that creates your reality for you without your knowledge and without your permission.

This is NOT what is occurring, but this is what you believe.

This is a very difficult aspect of belief systems to be addressing to, for you have held this belief through your history. This is a mass belief system, and I express to you that ALL individuals, in some manner, hold to an element of this aspect of beliefs.” [session 494, October 27, 1999]

Exercises: find out more about the viewing aspects; mirror exercise.

Exercises: find out more about the noticing duplicity; mirror exercise.

Exercises: find out more about the noticing mirror action exercise.

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to an experience Mary had early on in which she projected during a session, while engaging the energy exchange with Elias, to an area of consciousness far removed from our physical one. Mary described it as containing various colors, shapes, and sounds that she found difficult, if not impossible, to describe in words.

(2) Paul’s note: the clarity exercise is a tool that sharpens the physical senses by enhancing our ability to concentrate, observe, and focus in the present moment. While fine-tuning the five physical senses, its purpose is also to maintain the clarity of focus in altered states and projections of consciousness.

ELIAS: “The point of the exercise in clarity is to be allowing you the opportunity to be manipulating outer senses, which may also offer you more of an understanding of how to be manipulating inner senses more efficiently and to be using your inner senses in conjunction with each other as you use your outer senses in conjunction with each other, but you do not allow yourselves to be efficiently manipulating your OUTER senses, which you are quite familiar with!

Therefore, I have offered that particular exercise that you may become more familiar with manipulating these senses that you hold familiarity with, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to more efficiently manipulate your inner senses, which shall be offering you more information within consciousness, and also, it shall be helpful to you in manipulating energy within the action of this shift.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

(3) Paul’s note: Norm is a retired physicist who has designed a series of experiments to explore the wave/particle nature of light, which is made of photons. His experiments are unique in that they will prove, in scientific terms, the existence of alternate Norm’s influencing the behavior of alternate photons in alternate universes, just sideways from our own, that intersect with our own Norm and “his” universe.

(4) Paul’s note: Elias refers to the alignment of tone within his energy exchange with Mary in which he instructed Ron to use of three knocks on the table top to help Mary refocus objectively after the alignment. This shows that Elias occasionally needs to adjust the manner in which his focus intersects with Mary’s. This episode reflects just how dynamic engaging an energy exchange of this type is.

ELIAS: “I will begin this evening by expressing one brief instruction: Incorporate your table this evening. Also, I will express, Michael [Mary] is not quite ready for this expression; therefore the completion of this may not be occurring this evening, but you may be needing of your knocking. Now, we will proceed.

... (Vic’s note: here, Elias closes his eyes, still swaying in his usual manner. He then stops moving, head lowered, eyes still closed, silent. About thirty very long seconds go by, and Ron finally knocks three times. At this point, you can almost visibly see Mary ‘re-enter’ her body, but she doesn’t seems to be ‘all the way back’ until about thirty seconds later. She immediately takes a drink, and rubs her face.)

RON: Are you okay?

MARY: (Very softly) Yeah. Can we like, take a break for a minute?

(Vic’s note: Mary jumps up and quickly walks outside. She was very upset by this experience, and had a very strong emotional reaction; a very rare occurrence for her, especially in a group of people. This emotional reaction upset her even more, causing her to feel embarrassed along with all of the other emotions; the strongest one being fear. After about ten or fifteen minutes, she insisted on engaging Elias again.)

ELIAS: And, we continue. Michael [Mary] will be fine. I was expressing to you, when we began this evening, that he is not quite ready for this interaction, although his desire is quite intense. You may each, if you are choosing, incorporate our book [The Education of Oversoul Seven by Jane Roberts], which you all are familiar with, and you may allow yourselves an explanation of the experience that Michael [Mary] has just encountered. If you are reading of Seven’s experience in falling, (smiling at Guin) this would be the same; and as Michael [Mary] did not heed your advice and read this passage, he was not anticipating the experience; therefore also not allowing himself the information that Seven did recover and find himself. (Smiling)

I have expressed to you that this experience would be removed from the consciousness of these individuals present, therefore his feeling of ‘aloneness’; but that it would be an interaction with essences non-physical. We have been speaking this evening of your Seers. These are what interact, within essence, in this situation. There is nothing threatening. It is only an overwhelmingness of energy. He is quite fine now.” [session 72, February 18, 1996]

Mary described the sensation to me as similar to actress Jody Foster’s trip through the “time warp” in the movie Contact. In fact, when Mary saw Contact with her friend David Tate during the summer of 1997, she was blown away at how closely the special effects designers had simulated her own experience in the movie – the feeling of her consciousness being “squeezed,” “pushed,” and accelerated at a tremendous, dizzying pace. Then being quite disoriented afterward when she refocused in her body.

Also notice that this “adjustment” occurred three months after Elias first discussed it in mid-November of 1995, some seventeen sessions later. So it was an ongoing process that culminated in this session with this particular experience.

These adjustments to the energy exchange appear to be ongoing.

Digests: find out more about energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel).

(5) Paul’s note: Elias uses the metaphor of a cat playing with a dead mouse to represent our endless fascination with creating and experiencing conflict, fear, and trauma.

ELIAS: “Within our early sessions, I expressed examples of individuals and experiences. If you are experiencing joyfulness, happiness, a gift, you are receiving of this, you are experiencing this, and you allow this to fly away. You do not hold to it. Therefore, you view happiness or joyfulness as fleeting, for you merely view it for what it is – an experience – and you allow this experience to fly away. You do not hold to this experience. But if you are creating of what you believe to be a negative experience – a painful, a fearful, a hurtful experience – you hold to this. You play your game of your cat and mouse; and even as the mouse is dead, you continue to bat with the mouse and play and examine and toss about this dead mouse, for it fascinates you!

Within essence non-physically, you do not hold negative. There is no positive/negative, right/wrong, good/evil. You merely are. You merely experience these elements for you hold belief systems that suggest these elements to you and influence your emotional state FOR the experience. Within your logic, express to me: Is it not logical that you would CHOOSE to be exploring elements that ARE unfamiliar to you, that you would choose to bat the dead mouse for it is unfamiliar? This be why you hold a fascination with these elements, and they attain your attention, and you pay much more attention to them than you do to joyfulness. Although joyfulness is not an element of non-physical focus either, within your belief systems it is closer to familiarity than fearfulness.” [session 253, December 28, 1997]

(6) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(7) Vic’s note: I have changed one word in the following sentence: “... and individuals that move in the direction of involvement in this particular expression – which in your essence family connections is quite within the parameters of your intent or part of your intent with the Gramada – are initiating the furtherment of the expressions with these creations.” Elias said “in,” not “are.” I rarely change Elias’ words, but when I do, it is always noted. The one exception to this is the infrequent removal of the word “and.”

(8) Paul’s note: Elias has offered an exercise in which to explore the way we interact with our own and other peoples’ energy.

Exercises: find out more about the energy fields; allowance, penetration, buffer exercise.

(9) Vic’s note: I have changed “that.” to “which” in the following phrase: “... which is the action of becoming continuously.”

(10) Paul’s note: a reference to the inner landscape exercise, whose goal is to create a visualization that presents imagery related to whatever challenge, problem, or illness you wish to explore.

Exercises: find out more about the create an inner landscape exercise.

(11) Vic’s note: I noticed here that Elias used the word “focuses” rather than “focus,” which initially didn’t make sense to me, but then I began to think about how we often have more than one focus in any particular time frame. And then I remembered that Sue is the one person I know that has another focus of essence that I’ve met. Both live in this area and both have attended group sessions here at my house, although they have never met each other. I guess we just don’t usually create it that way, eh?

(12) Paul’s note: referring to information Elias gave to Margot (Giselle) about her asthma. Margot Reed is a wonderful woman who helps Vicki Pendley to transcribe these sessions.

Exercises: for more information on asthma, find out more about the relaxation; holding attention within the now (accepting self) exercise.

Digests: find out more about asthma, dis-ease, and healing.

Digests – see also: | accepting self | aspects of essence | “astrology” | becoming | being in the now | belief systems; an overview | bleed-though | camouflage | children | choices/agreements | counterpart action; individual | creature consciousness | cultural/natural time | desires/wants | dimension | dis-ease and healing | disengage (“death”) | distortion | dream mission | duality and change | duplicity | effortlessness | energy centers (body) | energy fields | essence; an overview | essence families; an overview (Milumet, Sumari, Gramada, Borledim) | essence families; intents | twin focuses | expression of essence | extraterrestrials | fanaticism | fear | focal points | focus of essence; an overview | forum | fragmentation | fun & pleasure! | imagery | imagination | impressions | information | inner senses; an overview | intents | links of consciousness | love | manifestation | mass events | mergence | noticing self | objective/subjective awareness | officially accepted reality | oubliette | perception | engaging periphery | probabilities | probable selves | prophecy | Regional Area 1 | Regional Area 2 | relationships | religion (spirituality) | science | separation | sexuality and emotion | sexuality; gender, orientation, and preference | shift in consciousness | shrines | simultaneous time | soul mates | Source Events | splinters | time frameworks | transition | trauma of the shift in consciousness | triggers | trusting self | truth | unofficial information | used parts | value fulfillment | vessel | waking state/dreaming state | waves in consciousness | widening awareness | you create your reality |

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