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Elias “gems”

MARI: “Alright, the next question: What can I do to most spiritually improve myself, or any other way that you see I need to improve myself, while I’m here on Earth?

ELIAS: “First of all, let me express to you that there is no need to be ‘improving’ yourself!

“But as to your question, I shall re-word this question for you and suggest to you that your inquiry may move into the area of, ‘What direction may I move into that shall be more efficient and shall allow me less limitations and more of my own creative expression?’ This is not a ‘bettering’ or improving of yourself, but a widening of your awareness and an expansion of your creativity.

“Now; as I have expressed previously many times, what I shall suggest to you is that you be concentrating upon self and opening to self. I shall suggest that you practice in the direction of listening to your impressions, delving into self and inside, and not concerning yourself so very much with outside of yourself, so to speak ... although there is no outside of yourself!

“In this, draw your attention to your own belief systems, your own behaviors, your own action, and be noticing of yourself, allowing yourself to move into different exercises that shall offer you more clarity of self and more awareness of self, and in this you may be more accepting of self, which shall move you into the area of addressing more efficiently to your own belief systems and therefore allowing you to be accepting of your own belief systems, and this shall move you more efficiently into that area which you term to be your spirituality, which I shall term to be merely the accomplishment of your value fulfillment within your particular focus.” [session 299, July 19, 1998]

TOM: “Well, thanks for the encouragement. It’s been a strong pull, especially this last week or so, to move in those areas of creating and creativity.

ELIAS: “Let me express to you also that I am VERY encouraging of individuals moving into responsiveness of their own pulls, so to speak, within their awareness, in their impressions and impulses. For it matters not which direction you move in within these impressions or what you choose as your expression in these areas, for you are all lending energy to the movement of this shift in consciousness, and all shall be transformed within energy to be facilitating of this shift in consciousness.” [session 311, September 01, 1998]

ELIAS: “An impression is a communication to yourself. It may not necessarily appear initially to be rational or logical, and it may also appear within your rational thought process to be an expression of imagination. But what you do not recognize within your beliefs is that imagination is also a communication and quite real. What you may imagine in some expression of consciousness is.

“Therefore, as you offer yourself information and you generate an impression that may translate into a feeling or an image or a thought, in allowing yourself to become familiar with this inner language and trusting that inner language, as bizarre as it may seem to you objectively, you are offering yourself information.” [session 1056, April 13, 2002]

JOYCE: “... How do I recognize an impulse?”

ELIAS: “Ah! Impulses are expressed differently from impressions. Impressions may be translated by thought. Impulses are generally not translated by thought. They are a type of communication that you offer to yourself which generates an action automatically. You immediately respond to impulses.”

“... Now; impulses do not always divert you from some action that may be uncomfortable. At times you may incorporate the action of responding to an impulse and perhaps present yourself with information or interactions unexpectedly which may be quite valuable – not that the other action is not valuable also, but in what you may recognize within your beliefs to be a positive expression. Impulses are recognized in action, action that is not translated or necessarily questioned by thought.” [session 1300, March 23, 2003]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: (Pause, looking intently at Christie) “These connections, I will also express, are arrived at through allowing yourself to be listening to your impressions. Through this, you will arrive at true connections, as opposed to lucky guesses; (grinning at Ron) which have been incorporated, although there is no luck! Eventually, even within guessing, you will connect; but one of the focuses of this game is to allow you a practicing of connecting with your impressions, therefore allowing yourself to be trusting of these impressions and the information that they offer; listening to oneself and becoming accustomed to that voice. This game should be not quite difficult for Oliver [Christie] to quickly incorporate.

... Your goal, so to speak, is to incorporate no conflict. Therefore, listening to your impulses, to your impressions, to your self, and heeding what your self expresses to you, will allow you no conflict; but as you do not listen, you incorporate much conflict!

CHRIS: It’s hard when you have so much fear, you know, you have one side of you saying ‘Don’t fear, go ahead, you can do this, you can do anything you want,’ and the other side you have, ‘You have to pay the rent, you have to do this.’ You have all of those other belief systems banging and creating conflict, and then you just kind of ...

ELIAS: This is correct, and this is where your conflict lies now; this being what may distract your motivation. If you are allowing your fear to be influencing you, your motivation will diminish, and once again, you will deviate from your intent; and in this, be remembering, you will incorporate conflict; but if you are chancing trusting, you will be moving effortlessly and incorporating no conflict! You are so blinded to your probabilities that you believe that the pay-off that you receive presently is the most pay-off that you may receive! What you do not realize is that as you move effortlessly in trusting of yourself, and listening to yourself, and letting go of fear, your pay-off increases!” [session 66, January 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “You have been striving, within your game, to be connecting. You have connected well. You have received impressions, and you have connected yourselves together, and with essences and elements. In this, you are needing of more information of yourselves and why you align with these essences in this group; why we have this game of these essences and these colors, and what their significance may be. This is helpful to your understanding of your intent of your direction of yourselves; and you may be better understanding of your own vibrational qualities, which align you with other essences and Families. It may also be instructive for those of you choosing to be not remanifesting, but not also to be creating of senility, to be preparing for transition within physical time.” [session 67, January 21, 1996]

VICKI: “One other question that did come up in conversation between him (Paul) and I, and I really couldn’t answer it, was in relation to the game. For example, he attempted to make a game connection with Nostradamus recently. His question is, ‘When you have a impression of an individual like that, are you connecting with the focus or are you connecting with the essence?’

ELIAS: The focus. Express also to this individual that the impression may not necessarily be incorrect. The placement of the impression may be off; this being the balancing of the intellect and the intuition. You receive the impression, and you allow your intellect to place within the category. Therefore, you have now gained another piece of information concerning the action of your game and its importance for your learning.” [session 201, July 29, 1997]

STELLA: “This urgency to do something else is just very strange to me. It’s like, ‘God, will I ever be satisfied?’ Should I just go along with what’s happening?

ELIAS: I express to you that as you are allowing these experiences, you shall also be allowing impressions to be listened to within you, and this, being your language to yourself, shall offer you directions in movement; and as you do not allow for the listening to your impressions, be satisfied with what you are creating. Your impressions shall direct you. You need only listen, and your self shall speak to you of which directions you may be choosing to move within.


ELIAS: Much, much of your history, as I have stated previously, within this dimension has followed the creation of allowing certain individuals to be leading you. Therefore, leading yourselves is unfamiliar, but also very much an action of this shift. And how greatly exciting shall this be, that you shall lead yourselves and allow for much more of an expression of your own creativity!

STELLA: Yes. Okay, another thing that I found out just about two days ago. I was listening to some music, and I was sort of in a meditative state somewhat, and I was listening to some sort of music that is like Middle Eastern type of music, and I realized that I’m very much a person, which I did not know until now, that identifies with tone and sound. I’m not very visual, and I thought that was terrible because I wished that I could close my eyes and see a lot of stuff and I don’t, so it was wonderful to know that I am very ... I mean, the tone or the sound, the music has a lot to do with it. Music does a lot to me, and there’s an identification with this Middle Eastern type of tone or music. Is there a connection with me and that part of the world? I know you told me Turkey via my counterpart, the heavy lady, and you said I would be surprised. I hope she’s not skinny!

ELIAS: Not quite!

STELLA: (Laughing) But anyway, I thought maybe there was a connection there. But there’s like the wailing of whatever sounds they make, and sometimes they make sounds with their tongues, and sometimes I wish I could do that. I love that sound! And at the same time, it makes me cry ... see, any of those sounds would make me cry, would make me sad, would make me happy, would make me yearn for something. It does a lot of this stuff to me, and I was wondering if I have any kind of connection with that part of the world?

ELIAS: This also is a presentment to yourself, in an opportunity to view how you may manipulate your present focus with your outer senses and your inner senses to be connecting with other aspects of your essence. In actuality, you hold a focus with these individuals of Michael [Mary] and [Lawrence] ... as your gypsies! (Grinning)


ELIAS: Therefore, this bleeds through into this focus, offering you information of your connection to these other individuals physically, and also offering you the opportunity to view your abilities in connecting with you. You may practice with this skill in tones, and you may offer yourself much more information if you are so choosing.

STELLA: Okay, and how would I ... just kind of going with it?

ELIAS: Correct. It is unnecessary to be visualizing. Within physical focus, not all individuals choose this direction of attention. You identify with your own inner senses individually, but one is not to be discounted in opposition to another. They are all equally effective in speaking to you. Therefore, I suggest to you that you may allow yourself the experience of tones and allowing yourself to merge into these tones, and in this action, notice the impressions that come to you. You may be allowing thoughts to drift into you, and this may be your direction in how you shall be connecting with the information of another focus. You may also attempt concentrating your attention upon connecting with tones and allowing your empathic sense to be experiencing, and within the incorporation of both of these aspects, you may also experience ‘sensationally’ another focus.

STELLA: Hmm! Will I know that when it’s happening?

ELIAS: You shall recognize the experience, for you shall BE the other focus temporarily.” [session 213, September 03, 1997]

ELIAS: “Attempt to be allowing yourselves to enter into areas of experiencing within this shift, and not holding fearfulness, and continuing to be focusing your attention upon the present now; for no other exists. There is no future; there is no past. There is now – continuously. Therefore, allow yourselves the experience within the now, and be trusting of yourselves. As you allow more of your widening and your experiencing, you also allow yourself more of your language to yourself. Therefore, you also offer yourself more information of self, and of your direction, and of your choices. If you are concerning yourself futurely, you are distracting yourself from listening to yourself. Individuals express to this essence, ‘What shall I do? Which direction shall I move into?’ You may answer these questions for yourselves if you are only listening to yourselves. If you are focusing your attention within the now, you may be surprising yourselves that your self shall speak to you within impressions and impulses and that small, quiet voice within you, which shall offer you your own direction and give you your answers.

You need hold no dependence upon other individuals or this essence for your answers, for you magnificently may offer these answers to yourselves. It is merely a question of remembering and listening to self, and you shall know within you when you are speaking to yourself. You shall hold a recognition of impressions that in your terms shall feel right to you, and you shall know which direction you wish to be choosing within your probabilities. This be the point, and why I express so very often to individuals that they focus upon the now, and self; for in this, you need not be inquiring of this essence! I may be offering you explanations of your reality, and I may be offering you helpfulness within your confusion, but this essence does not choose your probabilities for you. No essence chooses probabilities for you. You choose for yourselves. And as you are listening to other individuals or even listening to what you view to be other essences expressing to you a direction that you must move within, hold this as suspect, for no other individual may offer you your direction. (Pause)

You hold great abilities. I express to you my interaction with you both, always. And do not think that this ‘lurking essence’ is not watching your progress, for it is! (Grinning)

I express to you, you have not reconnected with our game and you have not inquired as to your entries. Therefore, I shall offer what I have expressed previously within our sessions, which you are objectively unaware of, for you have not inquired. I have expressed, in response to your entry of category, to re-evaluate. The category you may be identifying with, which you were, in part, but not entirely, may be that of prehistoric creatures, not merely felines. I may also express to you that in your entry of snow boarding, this has been offered as less probable, but also expressed to you that you are close. Therefore, within your snow sports, you may connect with the correct impression.

Your game offers you the opportunity to be connecting with your impressions, and also affords you the opportunity to be connecting experientially with your new reality within this shift. This is NOT imagination. It is reality! Therefore, as you are allowing yourselves to be connecting within your impressions and you view yourselves to be drifting off and not connecting with this reality and allowing your imaginations to be ‘running amuck,’ (grinning) you are in actuality connecting with the action of this shift. Your imaginations are not ‘running amuck!’ Your imaginations are reality. You are opening doors for yourselves to view other aspects of your reality, allowing you the opportunity to explore more of reality than you merely view within your officially accepted, physically focused reality.

ELIZ: This explains a lot!

ELIAS: Therefore, why shall you not hold great excitement at the recognition of the opening to tremendous creativity, which lies right before you, for it is within you. (Pause)

I offer the suggestion to you both to be continuing with your connecting with your game, for this is fun, and fun is good! And you accomplish quite well when allowing yourselves the opportunity. You have offered your entries, and few are not accepted. Therefore, view this as your accomplishment in connecting with your impressions, and reality. (Pause)

ELIZ: (To Darrick) Have anything to say? (Pause)

ELIAS: Another quiet little mouse, never speaking! This essence is not quite so intimidating! (Laughter)

ELIZ: Very true ... very true! (Sighing) I’m speechless.

ELIAS: Be acknowledging of yourselves. Remain within your now, and be trusting and accepting of yourselves. This is the most important information that this essence may ever offer you. And I also offer to you both an extension of communication and affection, and an offering that if you are so choosing to be connecting with this essence within any time framework, I am available to you always.

(Humorously) And you may be looking for me to be appearing within your dream state also! (Chuckling)

ELIZ: Okay. Thank you very, very much. It was very helpful.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I extend much affection to you both, and also much acknowledgment within your accomplishments, for you ARE accomplishing.

DARRICK: I do have a question. Well actually, I just want something confirmed. I’m pretty sure of it. I feel this pull, like a strong impulse or feeling, to move from Castaic, from this area, and go further north to Mammoth. I also feel a slight pull, not really so much, towards joining the Coast Guard in order to get my affairs in order, but I feel stronger towards this Mammoth deal. It feels more free, and it’s something I want to do more. I just want to know, is that like what I’m telling myself, just to go for it? Just follow my feeling and move to Mammoth?

ELIAS: This offers you a good opportunity to view those small voices within you.

It has been posed previously to this essence: ‘Which voice shall I listen to? If I am offering myself two voices and I am holding more than one choice, which choice shall be the correct choice and which voice is the voice of myself and my impressions?’ I express to you, this be a very good example of this situation.

Now view the two small voices. The stronger voice is the voice to be moving your location to your mountain. The smaller voice is that voice which speaks through your belief systems – the belief systems that you should be engaging certain actions, for this shall allow you discipline that you are lacking, in your view, and this shall create a more responsible individual. This is a belief system. Therefore, one voice speaks from the belief system. The other voice speaks from the intuition. When you are viewing two small voices within you, ask yourself very seriously, ‘Which voice speaks to me through my belief systems?’ And you shall know to listen to the other voice.

Therefore, I do not offer your choices to you, but I express to you that listening to the intuition voice shall be more probable than listening to the belief system voice. This may offer you hints of which direction you may be choosing.

DARRICK: Yeah. That pretty much answers that. Thanks.

ELIAS: Be trusting of yourselves. Do not be looking to other individuals and their belief systems and their judgments and their evaluations upon your choices. Merely be trusting of yourself, and you shall not betray you. You shall also not be creating conflict within self if you are trusting of self and not directing your attention to other individuals’ belief systems.

You confuse yourselves when you are looking outside of yourselves for your answers, for in looking outside of yourselves, you are looking through the filtration of other individuals’ belief systems, and this causes you confusion and conflict. Therefore, trust your own voice and listen to your own language to yourself. This be what I have expressed to you earlier this day. If you are looking to self, if you are opening to experience and listening to you, you shall offer yourselves impressions in very physically focused manners of which direction that you should be moving into or that you are wishing to be moving into, and you shall confirm this to yourselves merely by listening to yourself. You hold the answers already. The impression was yours, not offered by this essence, but this essence may be helpful in confirming to you your own impressions, for you have learned quite well not to be trusting your own impressions and your own language to yourself! But this also is the action of this shift, in moving more into that trust of self and lack of separation to essence ... and it does speak to you! It is never silent with you.” [session 216, September 13, 1997]

JAN: “I’ve been working hard in the last year or so, maybe too hard, I think, sometimes! I’m sort of looking at where I’m at and what the reason is, what I’m trying to do in life, and I was wondering if you’d have any thoughts on the roles and the way I’m putting things together, the different techniques I’m using to find some sense of balance to my life. (Pause)

ELIAS: You experience many of the same elements within your searching as other individuals also, and you are questioning your direction and your trustfulness of your own self and your own choices. Let me express to you that within each individual, they create confusion in themselves, for they are attempting to be listening to what you term to be your inner voice, but you become confused when you view more than one inner voice. Therefore, in this you express to yourself not knowing which inner voice to be listening to and which inner voice to be paying attention to, and therefore you battle back and forth, not knowing which is your most efficient direction to be moving within.

In this situation, let me express to you that one inner voice is that which speaks to you from essence – that intuitive voice which is your language to you – and you shall understand its speaking to you. The other inner voice or voices are those which speak to you through your belief systems. Therefore, in evaluating which voice to be listening to and trusting and which direction to be moving in, evaluate these inner voices and examine which ones are stemming from your existing belief systems and which one is not. This requires trust, for individuals wish not to be following impressions, for these are suspect, for they are unfamiliar to you. In actualizing directions that are springing from impressions, individuals also question their validity and therefore question the efficiency of the direction that they are choosing to move into.

In this you may be expressing, as an example, ‘I am choosing a new project. I choose to be moving into areas of actualizing this new project. I feel this is a correct movement for myself, but perhaps this new project shall not work. Perhaps there are hidden elements that I am not observing. Perhaps I am being frivolous and I am not paying attention to all of the aspects.’ These are automatic responses, for you are questioning self. You are not trusting your own abilities and your own directions. Therefore, I express to you that as you are listening to this inner voice, not through your belief systems, that you shall be accomplishing and you shall be moving in your most efficient directions.” [session 219, September 17, 1997]

NICKY: “Alright, I have a question here. Rudy (Jene) and Mikah (Michael) ... is that how I pronounce this essence name? Mikah? (Elias nods) You said before, they had shared a relationship as brothers. Have they shared any other focuses together? (1)

ELIAS: Yes, and you may be expressing to Rudy (Jene) that he holds the ability to be investigating of this! (Grinning)

NICKY: Okay! We kind of knew you’d say that!

ELIAS: Absolutely!

NICKY: And what has been discovered between the two of them talking is that they did share a relationship – whether it be as brothers, they weren’t sure, but it looks like that might be the case – in an abusive....

ELIAS: Conflicting; not necessarily what you may term presently as abusive, but holding much conflict.

NICKY: Between the two of them?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Really! How is that being misinterpreted then? They both have a sense of abuse in their life. One in the present focus, she was being abused, physically abused; and my son, not the physical abuse, but being mentally aware of physical abuse.

ELIAS: This would be a translation in the allowance for a bleed-through of information. This is quite common. Many individuals connect initially with another focus, but they are misinterpreting some of the impressions that they are receiving, for it is translated within energy from one focus to another focus. Therefore, it is quite common initially to be misinterpreting the energy which is being received from the other focus, for you translate into thoughts and impressions that you recognize now within your present focus. Therefore, there is an element of slight distortion at times, but as you continue to investigate another focus, you also become clearer. You tune your picture more clearly, and in this you may view in actuality the reality of the other focus.

These individuals are not experiencing physical abuse by another individual. They experience conflict between the two, but also much closeness. Therefore, it may be misinterpreted, for recognition of the closeness seems contradictory to the conflict, and in this it is interpreted that the conflict or abusiveness must be stemming from another individual or outside of the relationship. But within interpretation as to the closeness, it interprets into this focus as abusiveness, physically or mentally, for in regard to their relationship and the conflict that is experienced, each individual interprets this in their manner; one interpreting this conflict to be physically hurtful. Although there is no physical abusiveness, the emotion is hurtful in a manner that feels physical. The other interprets mental, for there is an experience of great confusion.

NICKY: Oh. Could they have experienced this at the same time when they shared the focus as brothers, and this is the bleed-through?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay, because their relationship ... they’re like two peas in a pod! They should be sister and brother, how they interact with each other! They’re realizing it must be from the relationship before, but that was conflicting because of the abuse thing in it.

ELIAS: This be the interpretation. Each individual allows the bleed-through, and then interprets. Because of the contradiction, supposedly, it is interpreted into physical terms. Let me offer an example: Two brothers, very closely aligned. In this, they also experience time frameworks of great conflict with each other. During these time frameworks of great conflict, one interprets that the other is being quite hateful. Therefore, the one feels emotionally much distress, which he feels physically within his body.

The other, viewing the same conflict but from another perspective, feels very confused and upset, and takes in mentally. In this, the energy being projected into this focus becomes confused or misinterpreted, for the one that is feeling physically in the other focus interprets now the same closeness, and does not understand this feeling physical. Therefore, an interpretation is arrived at that there is physical abuse occurring. The other interprets the same knowing of the relationship, but interprets an emotional or mental abusiveness occurring, for this be the action that they are experiencing in slightly different terms in the other focus. This may be examined, for in the recognition of acceptance within this focus, energy is projected to the other focus to be helpful in altering the affectingness of each other in the other focus.

NICKY: So they’re helping each other?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: ... Okay. I’m going to go back to Rico again. He has symbols on his arms. They’re not tattoos, but they’re of the tattoo-sort. (2) When I first saw them, I was really attracted to them. It was like, ‘Oh my goodness! What do these mean?’ Well, he told me what they meant. It’s a family heritage type thing or something like that. Is there anything beyond that, that they might be meaning?

ELIAS: Look to one.

NICKY: Look to what?

ELIAS: Look to one of these symbols, and connect this to the city. (3)

NICKY: To the city? I’m not doing real good on the city concept. I’m really trying, I really am! I know the idea about it, but I have a hard time connecting what I see. Like yesterday, I was out and I saw rugs that had symbols on them – dots, slashes, lines – and it was like, ‘I know what this is.’ I know, but I don’t know!

ELIAS: Think of the tiles.

NICKY: Specific ones or the tiles in general?

ELIAS: The tiles within the city.

NICKY: They would each be pieces to something, wouldn’t they?

ELIAS: The tiles within the city are holders of information.

NICKY: Okay. Like parts to a puzzle type of thing?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. They are each placed within the construction of the library and museum, and they are instruments to access information. Each tile is connected with an essence family and may be accessed differently.

NICKY: My goodness. That’s wide open territory for me. It’s like, where do I start? How do I incorporate this?

ELIAS: Allow yourself the connection with your impressions, and as you view these symbols that you hold a knowing of within you, you may be allowing your impression of what this symbol may be connected to as a tile, with which family, and what its meaning may be.

NICKY: Okay, alright. That could be fun, huh?

ELIAS: It is a part of the game! (4) (Grinning)

NICKY: Well, that’s what I was experiencing yesterday when I saw all of these. There were maybe four or five different patterns. I thought to myself, ‘I don’t have any pen and paper on me so I can copy these.’ Then I thought, ‘Okay, I can look at them and study them, but what am I going to get out of studying them?’ Would first impressions be the thing to go with, not just studying them?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay, that makes sense to me. That’s interesting. They’re really dramatic, the symbols on his arm, so I guess those are the ones I should start with. Okay, Mike (5) has three sets of numbers that he’s working with, and he wanted me to ask you for the present now probabilities. What set of numbers, one, two or three, should he be concentrating on more?


NICKY: Number two? Okay. You touched on it a little bit before, when you said something about the knowing part. That was one of my questions. When I am experiencing knowing something, what it is that I’m knowing? (Sighing) It goes back to that thing again, that I know something, but I don’t know what it is that I’m knowing.

ELIAS: You are experiencing a remembrance.

NICKY: Okay. What would be a good way to go about it? I’m having a real hard time saying to myself, ‘I know the impression will be there eventually.’ It’s like I stop the flow of things sometimes, although with the awareness of you being so consistent in my person here, this essence of mine, it’s been so much more revealing to me. But I have found that I am blocking something when I come to this thing of knowing, and it’s like, what is it I know? What do I know? So then my head starts doing this, and then I remember what you told me. ‘Stop. Don’t go this way. Don’t go that way. Stay right here.’

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay, so what is it? Is that my blocking? Am I still blocking in that area?

ELIAS: Focus upon the knowing and challenge yourself in investigation of this. Isolate it.

NICKY: Isolate it. Isolate the incident, so to speak? The idea, the impression, right at the time?

ELIAS: Correct. In this also, you may be engaging our new exercise of creating an inner landscape that shall offer you information. (6) You may be creating this inner landscape with an impression, with a thought, with an emotion, with a feeling. Isolate the individual knowing, thought, impression, emotion, feeling, and then create an inner landscape solely of this thought, feeling, emotion, impression, and you shall offer yourself clearer information within this activity. You may be creating this inner landscape fully awake.

NICKY: Is that what I’ve been experiencing? I was just telling Mary before we started the session. She was telling me about the inner landscape, impressions, and I said, ‘You know what? For the past week or so, that’s what’s been happening.’ I can really get some pictures! I can really get carried away! I can tell you what’s in every nook and cranny sometimes, like colors and so forth and so on.

ELIAS: Quite. These inner landscapes are very detailed.

NICKY: Okay, and then....

ELIAS: You shall hold an awareness of all the aspects of them, and it shall be quite clear.

NICKY: Speaking of that, now that just brings up another question. These pictures that I’ve been viewing, they’re sporadic sometimes. Sometimes it’s an actual intention to go into it, with seeing what’s there. I feel them to be very real. I feel them to be so predominant that I can just about touch it in the physical. That’s how close it is. That’s how real it is.

ELIAS: This being the explanation that I have offered within a previous session. This IS reality. You are stepping slightly sideways within consciousness and viewing another aspect of reality. You are beginning to allow yourself the ability to step slightly sideways within your objective waking state and viewing another aspect of reality within consciousness, which is equally as real as what you recognize as your waking state in consciousness.

NICKY: Okay. What we’re seeing, is that what will transpire here in this physical focus?

ELIAS: It is another aspect of imagery within this reality. What you view in your physical waking objective reality is one aspect of this dimensional reality. It is one focus of attention objectively, but side-by-side with this one area of attention that you focus upon are many other areas of your reality that you do not allow yourselves to view at all, but they exist. These other areas of consciousness, that are only very slightly removed from your objective attention and are also objective, may offer you more information of the area of consciousness that you focus your attention within, for this is an action of engaging your periphery.

(Vic’s note: The following explanation was delivered intently and accentuated with hand gestures.)

It is no different than looking to your physical area before you and not engaging your visualization of your periphery, but merely looking straight ahead and seeing nothing within your periphery, only looking forward. As you step sideways within these areas of consciousness that you may access objectively, you open your periphery. What is before you within your waking state may be a chair. Within your periphery may be a table. It is not the chair, but it is also an element of the area, the physical location that you occupy; but in not engaging your periphery, you do not view the table. You merely view the chair. In engaging your periphery, you also view the table.

This is a very simplified explanation, but within your sense perception of your outer senses, viewing the table also adds to your experience; offers you more information of your physical location. If you are within a room and you are viewing nothing but one chair which sits directly before you, you offer yourself no information other than this chair of your physical location. You are unaware of all of the other elements within your room that also occupy the space arrangement; but if you are engaging your periphery, you also offer yourself more information of the location that you occupy. In a similar manner, if you are opening your periphery within consciousness, you offer yourself more information of your reality. Therefore, the table does not appear to be a chair, for it is not. It is another element within the room, but it IS within the room and within your reality.

The inner landscape may not appear to be the same as your normal waking awareness of objects and actions around you, but it is another aspect of your reality. In viewing only the chair and not the table within your periphery, you may also not be viewing an object upon the table; a clock. In viewing only the chair, you offer yourself no information of your time frame, for the clock rests upon the table. In engaging your periphery, you may view the table and you may also view the clock, offering yourself a time framework; which is not related to the chair, but it is another element of your reality and offers you more information of your reality.

NICKY: Okay. Now if I just keep in mind how you explained that! Knowing this information, coming upon this information of the total reality, what is that telling you?

ELIAS: It is expanding your awareness and allowing you a greater ability within your objective waking state to be manipulating of your reality more efficiently ...

NICKY: Here?

ELIAS: Correct. ... and affecting your reality more efficiently and more creatively and more expansively, which also is part of the action of this shift.

NICKY: Okay, that’s what I thought. You just put it into words for me, which I could not explain it to myself. I love this. I love it! I’ve got one more connection question. Memo (7); I think you told me that my son and myself have shared non-physical and physical focuses?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay. Non-physical meaning in another dimension, or in this dimension non-physically?

ELIAS: Not within another physical dimension; within another area of consciousness which is non-physical.

NICKY: Okay. In the physical, what was my relationship with him (Memo) and my son’s relationship? What was the action going on?

ELIAS: (Accessing) You have shared more than one focus.

NICKY: Oh, really? And the relationship? I have the sense of maybe brothers?

ELIAS: In one.

NICKY: In one. Really? And with Michael, brothers, too?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Brother and sister.

NICKY: Interesting! Okay, that’s only one focus. Is that where I pick up the sense of comradeship, what I’m receiving in his presence?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay, it’s that brother-type, companionship-type thing.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Have most of the relationships been in that arena?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Several.

NICKY: Several. That’s why that’s so familiar then. Is that a way of receiving your impressions, the sense of relationship that you have with someone? If I feel someone has been just like a brother to me, then more than likely a shared thing was brothers?

ELIAS: Correct. This would be a recognition of impressions.

NICKY: ... I have one question that Rudy (Jene) is not necessarily asking herself, but in our conversations ... I would like to know. She remembers being told by you about her stubbornness. I am perceiving, I am getting the impression that however and whatever, and I have no idea to what degree, but I have the impression that she’s working through it. Is this a correct impression?

ELIAS: Correct ... ALTHOUGH (Nicky cracks up) within his tremendous focus upon ‘process,’ he is creating a process to be working through this! (Grinning)

NICKY: Oh, okay. Bringing up processes and methods and so forth and so on, we all fall into it. I know that desires must be as strong as mine not to go to that arena. That first step that we take off on to go into a method, to go into a process, how can we bring ourselves to the point to not go there? What could we be made aware of?

ELIAS: What you may offer yourselves is that there is no thing wrong with your processes or your methods, but in your thought process of methods and processes, you prolong your movement, for you believe that you must be moving within steps. In this, you may hasten your movement by acknowledging to yourselves that your methods or your processes need not be so very long!

NICKY: Okay! That’s what I think, too! I’m very agreeable to this!

ELIAS: Attempt to be creating smaller methods, and this shall move you into the area, eventually, of not requiring methods.

NICKY: Okay, so would that be like intentionally deciding? Well, for us it would be a time slot. ‘I’m not going to let it go any further than this. I’m going to be done with this by this time,’ so to speak? What would the intention be?

ELIAS: This would not entirely be efficient for you, for within physical focus, this would be a quite efficient ‘method’ of discouraging yourselves and distressing yourselves, for if you are not accomplishing within this time framework, you shall disappoint yourselves and not be acknowledging of your own movement. Choose less involved methods, as the inner landscape. An inner landscape may be accomplished within a few of your minutes, not within weeks or months or years!

NICKY: Sheer agony! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And you may be accomplishing quite efficiently with this ‘method,’ so to speak, quite quickly, and also offer yourself immediate acknowledgment.

NICKY: Oh yeah! I really like that!

ELIAS: Within these smaller methods, in practicing, you eventually learn to be acknowledging and trusting of yourself and your abilities, and in this, you need no method any longer. Just as within practicing recognition of your impressions, as you continue this action it becomes automatic, and you trust your impressions and you do not question any longer when you are receiving impressions. This is quite acknowledging of self and allows you a greater ability for acceptance of self, and an ease in movement and an effortlessness in movement.

... It is quite refreshing to be exchanging with individuals recently that are opening to impressions and allowing themselves to be trusting and receiving information within this area, for this is the workings of this shift.

NICKY: Oh, that’s beautiful! It’s really a beautiful thing that’s happening then, is it not?

ELIAS: Quite! Quite exciting! Moving into new, wondrous areas of creativity!

NICKY: Oh, my gosh. That’s gotta be massive, huh? Overwhelming!

ELIAS: It is.

NICKY: Whew! I’d like to poof out with you right now! Is that the same kind of thing I’m experiencing when I feel....


NICKY: Because I really do. I really do! I look to a release, and sometimes I don’t know how to release it, because it’s like I swell up! I want to explode! I want to go poof!

ELIAS: And so you shall, as you are opening within your awareness and opening to this shift in consciousness. The possibilities within your creativity and your abilities are limitless!” [session 231, October 23, 1997]

PAUL: “I have a question about the game, Elias, before I make my submission. Back in July [of 1997], Vicki submitted a question for me via computer. I was wondering about when we make connections with individuals, are we connecting with the focus or with the essence, and in your answer you talked about the nature of impressions that you are apparently judging in the game. My question is about the nature of these impressions and your judging, perception, and interpretation of them. You said in that answer that ‘the placement of the impression may be off, this being the balancing of the intellect and the intuition. You receive the impression and you allow your intellect to place it within a category. Therefore, you now have another piece of information,’ and I’m paraphrasing here, ‘concerning the action of your game.’

Back in the fall, Vic submitted some questions about the muses in the game for me, and Mary and I engaged in a little friendly joust, as it were, with the nine muses in submitting them. In session 252, 12/21/97, Vic submitted for me Terpsichore with Zuli and received a less probable, and then in session 257, 1/11/98, Mary submitted under muses Terpsichore with Zuli and received one point. (Elias smiles and nods) I feel like a lawyer here! (Laughter) It must be a bleed-through! Also, then in session 260, 1/18/98, Vic submitted for me under muses Urania as Gramada, and I received a less probable. And then in session 264, 2/1/98, Mary submitted Urania/Gramada and received one point. By inference, there’s only one muse left. At that point, we’d received acceptable or one point for eight of the nine muses. The only one remaining would be Polyhymnia with Borledim, which I submitted via Vicki in session 260 and received a less probable. So, I am confused, old friend! If you could explain the seeming contradiction and your perception of judging these impressions, I’d really appreciate it! (Elias is grinning)

ELIAS: Absolutely! The reason that you have received the ‘less probable’ is that I have stated also that although a specific entry may be made in connection with our game, if you are not entering an entry from an impression, it shall not be accepted. This has been stated many times, and has been offered many examples with this.

Now; in this I express to you that if you are examining your action with this particular line of entries, not necessarily with other entries but with this particular line of entries, you shall notice that you have entered the category and the entries, of which you did connect with some of the entries as impressions, but with most of the entries you were allowing your knowledge of these particular muses and their supposed function – your interpretation of their function – to dictate to you a logical placement. In this, you were not allowing for your own impressions to be made clear.

Now; in actuality, you would have been acquiring the same conclusion, but you also do not offer yourself the opportunity to view the difference between allowing yourself the connection of the impression and trusting that, which would hold slightly different reasoning than your intellectual reasoning.

It is correct that you are balancing the intellect and the intuition in the action of this game, and that you are using those elements within your objective awareness which you may term to be your intellect in conjunction with the impressions that you receive intuitionally, but there is a difference in connecting elements into the game before you are allowing the input of the intuition, and in this you are acting merely upon the intellect and not incorporating a balance. This has occurred many times previously with other individuals.

I express this to you for I also, in participation with you in this game, do you no service in accepting what may be a correct answer but has not been arrived at in the manner that the game itself is providing avenues for, in being helpful to all of you in distinguishing and understanding and identifying impressions. Although you may arrive at the same answer, you may arrive at the answer differently by allowing yourself to be listening to your impressions through your intuition. This is an important aspect for you all to be viewing.

I have also expressed previously that I would not be at every instance offering explanation to a less probable answer, for this prompts you as individuals to question and to investigate. If I am automatically offering you reasoning each time that you are not entirely paying attention within this game, you lean in the direction of not paying attention to my answers either. Therefore, I await your questioning, as in this situation, and in this you will allow yourself to be listening to the reasoning, and also offer yourself the understanding that there is no judgment in this situation.

The point is not to be judging, but to be offering yourselves practice in what you may term to be a vital area of your own communication to yourselves. This shall prove to be one of your most valuable tools that you allow yourselves, to be recognizing and listening to your intuition through your impressions; for as I have stated, although you may arrive at the same conclusions, the manner in which you arrive at those same conclusions may be different and in that it shall offer you more information, for there are elements within the intuition that offer you clearer avenues for your choices. That be the reason that this game holds importance and that we continue within its action. Are you understanding?

PAUL: Yes. A follow-up question. I understand trying to sort through the impression and sort through the thought process that leads to identifying a true impression. My question is, is an impression the same thing as an impulse?

ELIAS: Not entirely, for an impression shall always spark a thought and/or a feeling, but an impulse may not necessarily.

PAUL: Okay, that’s clear. So, I’d like to submit my game entry. In the category of muses, Polyhymnia with Borledim. (Elias and Paul both start laughing)

JO: Does the process of elimination count as an impression?

ELIAS: And I shall offer you an acceptable! (Still laughing) And I find this to be quite amusing!

PAUL: Me too!” [session 281, May 17, 1998]

GAIL: “I have one more question. Tom and I would meditate together, and he set up a situation where I would view a cube, and he asked me to tell him what I saw, and I expressed some imagery. Can you tell me about that?

ELIAS: And express your imagery.

GAIL: It was a cube and it was rotating, and I viewed that it was rotating in the direction of a memory tile, and what was coming into it was tones on one side and color reflecting out from another side.

ELIAS: And what is your interpretation of this action?

GAIL: I really don’t know! That’s kind of why I’m asking you! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well. Let me express to you that the reason I move in the direction of inquiring of you what your interpretation is, is to be encouraging you to be acknowledging of yourself and to be noticing of your impressions and of more of the actions that you engage while you are engaging these visualizations.

Many actions or impressions that you may be holding within these visualizations hold very subtle qualities, therefore are not so obviously viewed by you and may be overlooked. But in this fascination that you hold with creating visual imagery, you may be offering yourself more information and more validation of yourself, and also more acceptance of yourself, if you are allowing yourself to quiet yourself and be noticing those subtleties that are presenting themselves to you; not merely only the physical imagery or visualization itself, but the feelings and the movement that surround the imagery of the visualization.

Now; in this let me express to you that this once again serves as a focal point. You, as other individuals also, hold an ability in the area of visualization. Some individuals are connecting with information within different manners: some within feelings, some within thoughts, some within different engagements of physical senses, and some within visualizations. You move in the direction of visualizations, but regardless of what manner any individual is choosing to be connecting with information and offering themselves focal points in these areas, the subtleties are present in different manners, attaching themselves to these focal points that each of you may be connecting with and offering yourselves information.

Therefore, the cube, the visualization, the imagery is the focal point for your attention. This is a visual, a picture that offers you the directedness of your attention in one area. It allows you to focus your vision to not be distracting you in other areas.

In this, once your visual is directed and your attention has been placed upon the visual, you may move away from the attention upon the visual and direct your attention into the surrounding areas of the subtleties that you are offering to yourself for your own information. This, once again, is closely related to the exercise in clarity which has been offered. (8)

Now; be remembering also that you and I have engaged conversation, so to speak, in the area of this exercise in clarity several times. Within probabilities, the reason that there has been a focus with yourself, and also with my engagement with you, in the area of this exercise in clarity is that it may be very helpful to you in the directions that you now move. For if you have offered yourself the opportunity to be engaging your ability to manipulate your outer senses and move in the direction of focusing upon one outer sense and disengaging all others, or conversely, disengaging one and engaging all others, this allows you practice to be engaging this very action of which we speak this day – in your viewing a focal point and disengaging your attention, which is visual, upon that particular focal point and allowing yourself to clearly hone in, so to speak, upon the surrounding subtleties, which are the offerings of information within impressions and information of other areas of consciousness that you may be accessing.

You ask yourselves many times how you may be creating of a method to be engaging other areas of consciousness and other experiences than merely your singular, objective attention within your officially accepted reality. These may be classified as your methods ... although they are not methods! But in this you offer yourself the opportunity to create your own method, so to speak, of engaging information which shall provide you with your road maps for your movement into areas of experiences that your desire directs you into. It offers you the information for the blueprints of accessing other areas of consciousness and other information.

In this you may continue to be practicing with this particular cube, but do not be focused so attentively upon the visual and its movement, and allow yourself to be accessing the information which surrounds the visual.” [session 296, July 13, 1998]

ALMA: “Also I wanted to talk to you about an accident that I had about a month and a half ago. Prior to this accident, whenever I would be driving in my vehicle I would just somehow have it in my mind that I was going to be in a head-on collision in my vehicle. I remember having an impression that I would be in an accident a few days prior to the accident that I had.

One morning I was driving and I remember stopping at a red light. When I had the right of way I remember pulling forward, and I had a head-on collision with a trailer, actually. My reaction was that as soon as I had the impact I recalled the image that I would have an accident like that. I was just wondering, what was that and for some reason was I really looking for that?

ELIAS: I may express to you, several actions were occurring in this scenario. One was your allowance of yourself to be recognizing certain probabilities that you incorporated in potential, allowing yourself to objectively recognize that you were generating a potential to be creating a specific outcome.

Now; in this, you also were allowing yourself to notice how clearly you may offer yourself information through impressions, and therefore allow yourself choices if you are paying attention to the information that you are offering to yourself.

Now; you chose to create the actual collision. In this, you offer to yourself different examples. You offer to yourself the example quite clearly that you do incorporate the ability to view through your impressions potential choices. You also allow yourself to view that these types of actions are not accidents and are choices, but you also, in actually creating the collision, allow yourself to view the strength of your associations in relation to your beliefs. For although you offered yourself information through impressions concerning what you were choosing, you did not objectively offer yourself different choices. Your association with the absoluteness of what you presented to yourself is so strong that you chose to be creating the collision rather than generating a different choice and a different outcome.

For, your association is that if you have offered yourself this type of impression you are thusly locked into the manifestation of it. The association is that these types of impressions are precognitive or destined to occur and may not be abated, which in actuality is quite incorrect. But this does offer you the opportunity to recognize that you do in actuality incorporate choice, and if you are allowing yourself to clearly view probabilities and the potential of certain choices, you may also evaluate whether you prefer to be engaging those choices or not and thusly offer yourself permission to generate different choices and therefore generate a different outcome.

But this experience provided you with clear evidence concerning your communication to yourself and the clarity of it, and your ability to notice your communication to yourself. Now that you have created the outcome that you have, you may also allow yourself a recognition that you very well may have chosen a different outcome if you are allowing yourself to realize that you are not locked to certain choices merely for the reason that you have offered yourself a clear communication prior to the event concerning what may occur. Are you understanding?

ALMA: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: Therefore, now as you present impressions to yourself, you may be noticing and recognizing these communications that you offer to yourself and acknowledge them. But also remember that you incorporate choice and that you may choose the outcome that YOU want, rather than creating an outcome in which you are subject to your belief, that influences your perception, and expresses to you that if you have generated an impression in a certain manner you MUST create that outcome. This is not necessarily correct.

You do not necessarily incorporate a compulsion to generate that specific outcome. You may choose another outcome if you are recognizing your ability and recognizing that these are choices. You are not subject to the expression itself; you are choosing the action.

I may express to you, my friend, this is a difficult concept to express in reality. It is quite unfamiliar. You may be continuing to express to yourself that you create all of your reality, that you have created this ‘accident,’ so to speak, in your terms, but it is difficult to objectively recognize that you also have chosen that action.

You easily express to yourself that you create outcomes, but you also easily associate that you do not always choose the outcomes that you are creating. Which, in actuality, if you allow yourself to examine these two aspects of this concept, it is inconsistent that you shall create any expression within your reality without choosing it, for there is no other expression of consciousness that chooses for you.

In actuality, I may express to you that you have presented to yourself a scenario in which you may quite efficiently clearly view all of the components that have been in place, so to speak, to create a particular outcome. In this example you may apply what you have recognized in ANY scenario to allow yourself the freedom to choose what you prefer and what you want in your outcomes.

ALMA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 1023, March 04, 2002]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: referring to the fact that, according to Elias, Jene and Nicky’s son, Michael, share a past lifetime as brothers in which there was a great deal of emotional conflict.

(2) Paul’s note: Rico is a close friend of Nicky and her son, Michael. Michael provided this sketch of the “symbols” on Rico’s left and right arms. Rico’s tatoos

(3) Paul’s note: Elias plays a game with forum participants, in which they try and connect their impressions of various categories of objects, people, even concepts to the nine essence families. The goal is to learn how to recognize the working together of our intuitions and our intellect through our impressions.

In each public session, participants can offer their impressions and Elias usually responds with an answer of one point, acceptable, or less probable. Included in the game is a category of tiles that Elias says are to be found in the city that we are presently beginning to build.

Digests: follow these links for more information on:
the game | the tiles | the city.

(4) Paul’s note: see footnote #3.

(5) Paul’s note: referring to Nicky’s son, Michael, and a mental game he played with three sets of numbers. Each set had its own sequence of numbers with no repeats. Michael wanted to know which sequence “applied” more to him for his own personal reasons.

(6) Paul’s note: a reference to the inner landscape exercise, whose goal is to create a visualization that presents imagery related to whatever challenge, problem, or illness you wish to explore.

Exercises: find out more about the create an inner landscape exercise.

(7) Paul’s note: Memo is the nickname of another friend of Nicky and Michael. His given name is Guillermo, and he likes Memo for short.

(8) Paul’s note: the clarity exercise is a tool that sharpens the physical senses by enhancing our ability to concentrate, observe, and focus in the present moment. While fine-tuning the five physical senses, its purpose is also to maintain the clarity of focus in altered states and projections of consciousness.

ELIAS: “The point of the exercise in clarity is to be allowing you the opportunity to be manipulating outer senses, which may also offer you more of an understanding of how to be manipulating inner senses more efficiently and to be using your inner senses in conjunction with each other as you use your outer senses in conjunction with each other, but you do not allow yourselves to be efficiently manipulating your OUTER senses, which you are quite familiar with!

Therefore, I have offered that particular exercise that you may become more familiar with manipulating these senses that you hold familiarity with, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to more efficiently manipulate your inner senses, which shall be offering you more information within consciousness, and also, it shall be helpful to you in manipulating energy within the action of this shift.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

Digests – see also: | accepting self | aspects of essence; an overview | attention (doing and choosing) | avenues of communication | being in the now | belief systems; an overview | bleed-through | blueprints | choices/agreements | dimension | distortion | effortlessness | essence; an overview | essence families; an overview | essence families; intents | fear | focal points | focus of essence; an overview | fun & pleasure! | imagery | imagination | impulses | information | inner senses; an overview | inner senses; empathic | noticing self | objective/subjective awareness | officially accepted reality | engaging periphery | probabilities | religion (spirituality) | remembrance of essence | separation | shift in consciousness | tiles | time frameworks | trusting self | transition | value fulfillment | waking state/dream state | widening awareness |

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