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about children (small ones)

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I have expressed to these individuals previously, one area, one very large area of expression within small ones that you perpetuate is a blocking of impulses, a disallowing of impulses. Through your belief systems, you instruct small ones to be holding certain behavior, which also is blocking of their natural impulses.

“In this, they learn to discount their impulses and they learn to not recognize them, as you have learned to not recognize your impulses. In an effort to be helpful within the motion of the shift, you shall be most accomplishing and most helpful if you are understanding of all of these elements of consciousness and the workings of essence and consciousness, and hold an understanding of belief systems.

“Therefore, you shall be expressing in a helpful manner to all other individuals, which shall include all of these small ones also. These small ones may be initially more receptive to this action for they shall be understanding of this action, but other individuals shall be accepting eventually also.” [session 145, January 05, 1997]

ELIAS: “Now; as you are aware, you choose to be entering into physical manifestation, and within this choice you choose parents. These individuals are already physically focused. You choose where you are wishing to be entering physical focus, at which time period, at which season, with which parents, and with the knowledge of the probabilities of other family members; whether you shall be incorporating yourself into a family of only one child, or twelve. The choices that you choose within non-physical focus before entry into physical manifestation are many. They are quite complex and extensive, for there are many elements that you must incorporate and consider as you are entering into physical focus.

“The agreement on the part of the parents is merely to be incorporating a child. The essence entering physical focus is the one which is choosing of most of the probabilities and alignments. You may have speculated to yourselves previously that this is equal in choice and agreement upon the part of the entering focus and those of the parents. I shall express to you that the only agreement that the parents hold within physical focus is that they agree to be parents and have a child. The focus entering is the one which makes the choices, of which parents to be choosing and which family to be aligning with. I am not speaking of essence families. I am speaking of physically focused families.” [session 173, May 11, 1997]

DEBI: “I’ve been very drawn to projects that would empower children. I feel that in English-speaking countries of the world, there is a coldness within the family structure between parents and children. I feel that there is a lot warmer, more hands-on emotional environment in the Latin countries and some of the European countries. And with these observations, with some of the events that are taking place in the world that are chosen by adults that seem to be visited upon children, I’ve had a real inner drive to create some entertaining and educationally different media formats with the intent of empowering children, so they understand that they have more choices. ...”

ELIAS: “You may focus in whichever direction you are choosing. Understand that small ones may be more efficiently instructed in elements of choice and their action in creating their own reality, more so than empowerment. Each individual holds all empowerment. There is no individual, regardless of how small their physical form may be, that is any less empowered than any other! This shall be one of the most difficult concepts in actuality to be accepted in reality, that you create your reality. This does not mean you create your reality now, but you did not before! You have created your reality always, within every moment, within each focus. You are creating of your reality from the moment of the very first cell which appears. Therefore, small ones are creating their choices and reality also. Individuals are not accepting of this as reality, for you express to yourselves that these small ones are ‘little victims.’ There are no victims!

“This is quite difficult, for you hold very, very strong belief systems in these areas. It is acceptable to believe that you create your reality if you are an adult. It is not acceptable within your belief systems that you are creating of your reality if you are a small one. These are belief systems. You do not create your reality sometimes, or at points. You are, within every moment of your existence physical and non-physical, within this dimension or within all dimensions, in a continuous state of becoming and exploring of self; offering yourself, in physical dimensions, experiences.

“In this, you may be helpful to small ones in acknowledging of their experiences, in acknowledging of their creations, in not discounting of their subjective interaction, but also in not excusing them within your belief systems temporarily from their responsibility within the creation of their reality, for this is what you have perpetuated for centuries. And then you express as you are an adult, ‘Why am I so very turned round?’ (Laughter) And you have experienced the same elements of creating that you perpetuate with your small ones presently!

“You also as a small one are not expected to be responsible for your creation of your reality, for you are a small one and you do not create your reality. Very incorrect! And then it is thrust upon you, as you grow within your years, that NOW you are creating your reality and oh my! Why are you creating this type of reality? And you are not very accomplished at creating your reality, for you have not had much practice! (Laughter) But you have had quite enough practice, and you have not NOT created your reality within any moment and within any aspect of essence!

“Therefore, if you are not wishing for your small ones to be growing and experiencing what you are experiencing, do not be doing this disservice of allowing no responsibility within the creation of their reality. Allow them the trueness of themselves. Responsibility is not a negative!”

DEBI: “That’s true, but they have to be made aware of that choice.”

ELIAS: “You may be helpful, for they shall be forgetful; although very small ones are quite aware that they are creating of their reality! They are continuously experimenting with it.” [session 194, July 17, 1997]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Be remembering of our analogy of birth into physical focus. You, at birth and as a small one, are adjusting within time. You are acclimating to your new environment. Much of the activity that prevails is subjective. Much of your reality is subjective in relation to non-physical, for this is what you remember.

In this same manner, as you move to non-physical in disengagement of physical, you also must acclimate to a different environment. You move into a different area of consciousness that you must blend into. This is what you would term presently as a learned process. In actuality, it is a remembered process. You allow yourselves to remember, but in what you would term to be most cases, this is not an instantaneous occurrence, and is a process, for you choose it to be a process. (Pause)

RETA: ... Can I ask a question on that? I’m thinking of you saying that changing into this physical focus is difficult, or maybe not difficult, is a transition from using the subjectivity. Would that show up in some children who have a difficult time getting into the objective as hyperactivity, or retardation, or anything like that? Would that show itself in a physical way, from not being able to make that adjustment quickly?

ELIAS: To your question, yes; it will show itself. To these specific manners, no. There are different actions within physical focus that you choose to manifest for these different experiences. You may observe the action of which we have been speaking within small children naturally, if you are listening to their games. If you are observing small ones, you will notice that their observation of objective reality is different than yours.

RETA: So their games would be the prime place to pick this up.

ELIAS: Correct; the most obvious. Children play as a reflection of what they know. You may view small ones that play games of (pause) robbers and cops. Each child engaged within the game holds no fear. Each child plays the role and makes no judgment. They may alternate roles. ‘I shall be the robber, and you shall be the cop. Now I shall be the cop, and you shall be the robber.’ They make no distinguishment, for they understand that there are no lines. They experiment within their playfulness objectively, knowing confidently that they hold the abilities to accomplish whatever they choose. Therefore, you may observe many elements of subjective activity within small ones. Within their verbalization, they speak of invisible friends. These are not imaginary, as you perceive them to be. You only do not view what they view; for the imagination is reality.

NORM: In the coming shift, the children will have a different experience in going from the transition of the subjective world to the objective world. It will be different. In the shift, it will be different how young children progress towards the objective world.

ELIAS: They are already beginning. You will view differences within your small ones within your present time period.

NORM: Their childness will continue for a longer age period.

ELIAS: You may view partially in this respect, although it is not necessarily that their childness will continue for a longer time period; but they are allowing the openness of subjective activity, and they are not aligning with as many belief systems as strongly.

NORM: Can we help in that methodology? Can we produce a way of raising children that would be better?

ELIAS: Yes. In being the straight little sapling (1), you shall be producing what you term to be ‘better’ children, although they are not better! (Grinning, and laughter)

RETA: More aware children.

ELIAS: They are naturally more aware, in your terms, subjectively. This would be what you may term as your evolution; not the evolution of the physical form, but the evolution of the movement of consciousness, and the allowance of more creativity. (Pause)

NORM: Are there some schools teaching or recognizing this now, in regard to child psychology? My daughter is involved with this sort of thing, my youngest daughter, and she feels that some of the professors are going the right way.

ELIAS: You may view, throughout your globe presently, the affectingness of the consciousness of the choice of this shift; for it has already been engaged, and you already create within these probabilities. Therefore, all that you view about you shall be reflecting of this shift. It has begun already. There is physical evidence that you may view presently, acknowledging this shift in consciousness. You are creating it, and as you are creating it, you are shifting the consciousness of all elements of your species. Therefore, it reflects in religion, in child-rearing, in sciences, in governments, in communities, in individual lives; and all is affected by the individual.” [session 137, December 01, 1996]

NORM: “Looking back at my childhood and knowing that evidently we have as a focus decided to come here, there must be some agreement between the focus that is arriving and the mother and father. In my case, I’m kind of curious because my childhood was a little bit different than normal, in that I was always totally independent. I guess probably a lot of children are this way today, but I didn’t really relate too much to my parents. I suppose it was part of the situation that I would be totally independent of them. Was that an agreement before I even arrived on the scene?


NORM: It was? Okay. Is there a relationship between my entity and their entity? Is there usually a close relationship between entities? And was there in my case?

ELIAS: Yes. There are belief systems that suggest to you that parents and children must respond to each other within certain guidelines. Parents must be loving and responsible with children. Children must be loving and respectful with parents. There is expected to be a bond, obviously, and a sharing of intimacy within feelings and shared activity within much time element. These are the official accepted belief systems within your societies. Therefore, anything outside of these guidelines is unusual or unacceptable. This also is affecting of individuals to be questioning if there is something wrong with themselves, that they are not experiencing the same aspects of relationship that all others seem to be experiencing.

There are agreements made between essences within the intent of manifesting physically. The manifestation of each essence focus into physical focus requires an understanding of fulfillment of all individuals involved. Objectively, you may not necessarily view the benefit, for you judge within positive and negative terms according to your belief systems and also according to the official guidelines of mass belief systems in regard to family. The value fulfillment may be accomplished outside of the guidelines of officially accepted belief systems of family. Each individual may fulfill their intent without complying with mass belief systems.

Each individual is individual. None is the same as another. Therefore, each manifestation is unique. Within this particular focus, you have chosen not to be aligning with family within the accepted guidelines until you have created your own family.

NORM: Very true.

ELIAS: In this, you have chosen to be experiencing the parent role, and not the role which is officially accepted within your belief systems of the child to the parent. These are simply choices. These are choices for your experience. Within your manifestation within this focus, subjectively you have concentrated upon the accomplishment of the parent role throughout this focus; this being distracting to your interaction as a child. This is responded to within agreement of the individuals serving as your parents. In this, information is offered by these individuals to be accumulated and assessed by you within childhood years, and to be utilized within adult years as a parent. Therefore, the function has been served within all participants.” [session 171, May 04, 1997]

ELIAS: “Now; as you are aware, you choose to be entering into physical manifestation, and within this choice you choose parents. These individuals are already physically focused. You choose where you are wishing to be entering physical focus, at which time period, at which season, with which parents, and with the knowledge of the probabilities of other family members; whether you shall be incorporating yourself into a family of only one child, or twelve. The choices that you choose within non-physical focus before entry into physical manifestation are many. They are quite complex and extensive, for there are many elements that you must incorporate and consider as you are entering into physical focus.

The agreement on the part of the parents is merely to be incorporating a child. The essence entering physical focus is the one which is choosing of most of the probabilities and alignments. You may have speculated to yourselves previously that this is equal in choice and agreement upon the part of the entering focus and those of the parents. I shall express to you that the only agreement that the parents hold within physical focus is that they agree to be parents and have a child. The focus entering is the one which makes the choices, of which parents to be choosing and which family to be aligning with. I am not speaking of essence families. I am speaking of physically focused families.

You will notice, within your physical focus within families, that some children bear resemblances to one parent and some children bear resemblances to the other parent. Some bear resemblances to both parents. These are choices that the focus aligns with before entering physical focus.

They choose which parent they shall align with within physical manifestation. They choose which parent they shall align with within behavior, within emotional-focuses, within thought-focuses, within manifestations of personality type. They also align with certain family histories. Within the choice to physically manifest, you also choose alignments that are physical elements. You are not randomly born into physical focus and then hold genetic qualities that are, within your physical family tree, alone.

You also carry genetic qualities which are manifest within other of your own focuses. Some individuals have expressed this as reincarnational genetic qualities. We do not express reincarnational genetic qualities, as all of your focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, they are not past and previous to you, that you are carrying forward these genetic qualities; but as you may view already within this tiny amount of information, there is much to be considered by the focus choosing to manifest within physical reality.

Some essences choose to focus into physical manifestation and not be genetically aligning with physical family orientations. Therefore, you may view certain family histories which exhibit certain qualities that one individual may deviate from. Let us express as an example, you may view a family which holds a history of heart disease for many generations. A child born into this family may grow and may not develop and exhibit these qualities throughout the entirety of their focus. In like manner, you may view families with what you consider to be quite excellent health, and one individual within the family deviates and exhibits many dysfunctions within health areas. These are individuals that choose not to be aligning with the genetic codes of their family members.

Genetics is not an absolute, and it is not an inevitable creation. It is a choice. You choose to align with these genetic codes or not. Most of you within physical focus choose to be aligning within the mass creation of genetic codes. Therefore, you also may learn much of yourselves and your lineage within an individual focus based upon your genetic encryption, but you also carry genetic codes of your other focuses. This also is a choice, but this choice moves beyond the mere alignment that you choose within physical focus of your parents and family; for within your creation of physical manifestations of essence, you choose to be creating all of your focuses within each particular dimension with very similar physical elements. Therefore, your genetic pattern is very similar within all of your focuses. This is not to say that you may not manifest different displays within action within an individual focus. You may hold genetic codes of basic health throughout all of your focuses, and you may also within an individual focus choose to be disregarding this and creating of disease which does not manifest in alignment with genetics.

As we have spoken of focuses of essence holding similar tone, they also hold very similar creations physically. Your choice of circumstances may be quite different within each manifestation, but the elements that make up the physical manifestation are generally quite similar. We have spoken of this previously, but very briefly.

As you enter into any physical manifestation, you acquaint yourself with the physical manifestation of your parents. You choose these individuals quite carefully, in alignment with your individual intent and the direction that you are choosing to follow within probabilities within your individual focus; for these individuals that you shall manifest born to shall be quite instrumental with you, and shall be influencing quite heavily within your experience.

Some individuals choose not to be aligning with family at all. Therefore, at very young ages they are disassociated from those individuals that they choose to become physically manifest through. Some choose the experience of physical manifestation through birth through a certain individual for the experience which is gained within that time period and then disassociate, moving into their intent and direction involving other individuals; such as with Rose. (2)

There are many aspects of consideration, as I have stated, within this action of manifestation. We have expressed that although you create this physical form from its inception, from the moment of its first cell, you within essence do not necessarily enter into the body consciousness at that moment. Each essence chooses at which point they are desiring to be entering into their design of their physical manifestation. Some essences may choose to be creating of a physical body consciousness, and not enter into this consciousness at all. In these cases, the physical manifestation does not continue. These may be looked upon within your view as miscarriages within your gestation, and also as aborted forms. This is not to say that these forms are not actual individuals, for they hold individual body consciousness. They only do not incorporate also the entirety of essence, for they have chosen to experience only partially. This, in differentiation to a focus which is born and continues, is an agreement equally between the entering essence and the parent; being obviously for the experience of both individuals, and often for many other individuals also which these experiences are affecting of.

But as we move to individuals choosing to become manifest within what you view as the normal cycle of lifetime, the entering focus shall gather all of the information which constitutes the physical blueprints for manifestation within alignment of the physical individuals which they shall be interacting with within family. These alignments generally are quite strong. As I have expressed, there are individuals which choose not to be aligning with family, but within your accepted norm generally, most individuals choose to be aligning within the designs of family.

Even those individuals choosing to be manifest into families that you within your belief systems view to be negative and dysfunctional or destructive choose these particular parents and families for reasons of their own experience, which is influencing within their physical growth and the intent that they have chosen within an individual focus. As you ask why you choose such parents, they are quite instrumental in motivating within your own intent, to be manifesting in subsequent years what you manifest.

Therefore, there are benefits to all situations, although it may not appear so; for the relationship of the focus manifesting as the child and the focuses which are manifest as the parents is quite intimate and very influencing, even when they are not continuing physically together; for within consciousness they have chosen specifically to be manifesting through certain individuals within certain time periods, which is all very precise.

Many of you have wondered of relationships between family members; children and parents, siblings, and other relationships. These are all, as I have stated, very precise relationships which you have very intentionally specifically chosen within each focus to be manifesting with, to be furthering the accomplishment of your individual intents. Within each focus you hold an intent, and you shall present yourself with influences that shall suggest your intent to you and help to be guiding you into this manifestation. You only hold belief systems of right and wrong and good and bad, and in this you create judgments upon the behavior and activity that is experienced within the relationships; although you have lost sight of the situation that you have created for your own benefit.

Now also, within this choice and manifestation into physical focus, a consideration is also held quite seriously of the influence and benefit which shall be manifest to those individuals that are to be your parents and your siblings. Therefore, they also are contributed to within value fulfillment, within your choice of manifestation. If the individuals that are the parents or the siblings are not benefiting within value fulfillment in your choice to be manifesting in relationship to them, you shall not manifest with these individuals.

Within your physical focus, it does not always physically appear that you are all benefiting. It does not always appear that you are all receiving, but I do not use the word of benefit within a positive connotation. It is an ‘adding to’ experience. You view the word of benefit to be an element that is good. You are benefiting from this relationship. Therefore, you are receiving a good element from this relationship. You are always benefiting. You may not recognize the benefit, but you are always gaining. You gain information from all of your experiences.

You also may choose, within any given focus, to be experiencing what you think of as difficulty. You do not always manifest within physical focus to be carefree and joyous! At times you choose conflict, for this is another physical experience. Therefore, you may also choose individuals that shall perpetuate this experience with you within your physical manifestation. You may choose to engage this action temporarily. You may choose to engage this action throughout the entirety of your focus.

Let us view also those individuals that are choosing, which there are many of, situations within physical focus that to your way of thinking seem negative, or hurtful, or grotesque ... or even evil! You will notice that many individuals choose this type of manifestation to be experienced within young ages. This, to your belief systems, is quite terrible! Within actuality, this is quite efficient; for as you are very young, you have a much greater ability to be focusing subjectively and continuing subjective action and interaction, which as you grow older you define as imagination or withdrawal or whatever; but this provides you the opportunity to experience certain elements within physical focus which mass belief systems consider negative while simultaneously holding the ability to benefit and also be adjusting of self in whichever way you choose, for you hold more subjective leeway within young ages.

We have spoken previously that as you move into physical focus, you incorporate a time period of transition from subjective to objective. You continue to incorporate much of your subjective awareness within young ages, just as you continue within transition to incorporate objective awareness for a time period. As you move into adolescence and adulthood, you also move away from the experiences that you may view within older years as victimization. These are all choices; quite efficient choices, I shall say also! You express to yourselves the resiliency of children. You are quite right, for they hold the ability to drift back and forth between objective and subjective reality. As you move into an acceptance of mainly objective reality, you do not hold the ability to incorporate these actions as well; this being why as adults the same negative occurrences may be involved, and they are much more difficult for the individual to objectively deal with.” [session 173, May 11, 1997]

ELIAS: “As we have discussed the area of transition that you enter as you choose to disengage physical focus, you also engage an action of transition as you choose to enter physical focus; for you enter subjectively, for you are moving from subjective awareness without objective awareness. Therefore, in increments, you allow yourself to become focused within your objective reality. You will notice that your small ones, your infants, spend much of their physical time period within their sleep state, for they do not incorporate objective awareness but in very small increments. They hold subjective awareness. They are a physical example of your Dream Walkers. As they progress within your time period, they also incorporate more and more objective reality, closing out the subjective awareness. This too is a transition, which may be incorporated within a lengthy time period, in your terms, or it may be incorporated within a very small time period.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

MARGOT: “Regarding the fact that the essence of the baby can enter the fetus at any time it wishes before birth, would it also be true that it can wait to enter the baby until the baby is two years old, and that if the essence decides not to come in at all, this is the cause of crib death or Infant Death Syndrome? Or is this merely a belief system?

ELIAS: To the question regarding the essence entering the infant and may this essence enter within the time framework which encompasses the first two years of physical manifestation, yes. I have stated previously that this would be the time framework leeway that an essence may be not entirely incorporated within the physical form, although they are partially incorporated. As I have stated to you also previously, your physical form must be in communication with subjective activity. It shall not function for extended time periods without partial incorporation of essence. Therefore, after what you term to be your physical birth, as the physical body must adapt to environment and to manipulation on its own, so to speak, there must be a partial incorporation of essence within the physical form. There is less need for this incorporation within the time period that the physical body resides within the mother, for the subjective communication may be delivered by the mother to the form. Once they are separated physically, the essence entering the small one must be at least partially incorporated with the body consciousness to allow its continuation and the manipulation of movement and functioning.

As to your situation of infants which disengage for unknown reasons to you presently, there are different reasons for this action. This would not be always the situation of the essence choosing not to be completely manifest within the body framework of the small one. I have expressed to you that you may manifest, within your cycle of choosing manifestations in this dimension, for the purpose of sexual orientation experience, but you may not be choosing to be experiencing the entirety of a focus. You may be choosing the experience temporarily and disengaging quite young, some even to the disengagement at birth, which allows or in your terms ‘counts’ as a manifestation.

There are many reasons that small ones, in your terms, may be disengaging at very young ages within infancy. These may be explaining of two, but it may also be a choice in agreement with the parents. The parents may be choosing the experience of gestation and physical birth, and not choosing in agreement to be a parent. Therefore another essence, in cooperation with this agreement, may be choosing to manifest merely for this experience and not continuing within physical focus. There are situations that may be expressed within this same action for the benefit of many individuals and their experience physically, which allows them the opportunity for physical and emotional experience within this action of the small one disengaging quite young.

Therefore, as to the questioning that this one action of unexplained disengagement of these infants being the only explanation or the ‘real reason’ for this action, this would be incorrect. There are many reasons that essences choose within agreements to manifest in all different actions; this being only one.

MARGOT: Is it true that if the essence is going to withdraw from its physical manifestation during young childhood, it usually does so prior to the child’s eighth birthday, when the age of discernment is reached?

ELIAS: This would be a belief system. Children, in your terms, do not usually disengage by this age. It is merely a choice. There are no more children disengaging before this age than there are children that disengage after this age. There is no age of discernment. As I have stated though, each individual does reach a point of decision, in your terms, in which they are choosing to continue their manifestation, moving into their completed objectivity of focus. Some individuals at this point of choosing may be choosing not to be completely incorporating objective focus and may appear, in your society and your belief systems, to be malfunctioning, for they shall not continue within the official guidelines of your reality. They choose to be incorporating more subjective activity, and allowing this to be bleeding through and coexisting with the objective awareness.

There is no one set time period that this action may occur. It is entirely individual. Some individuals within physical focus may choose to be more subjectively aware for longer time periods within physical manifestation. You, in explanation to yourselves, may view this as a slight retardation of development; a child-like quality that continues within certain individuals, in your terms, longer than the average individual. Some may be choosing to incorporate this objective completion, so to speak, quite young, and at very small ages of four or five years of age may be completing this objectivity of focus and disengaging the interaction objectively with their subjective awareness, appearing to you in your terms to be quite advanced. Interestingly, you attach a positive to these children which incorporate the totality of their objective focus at very small ages, and view this to be a tremendous movement forward within their development. You indeed prize this action! In light of our information that we deliver to you, you may reevaluating this idea; in that other children choosing to be allowing more subjective activity, that you view to be ‘slower’ than the other children, incorporate much more ease moving into your shift and also incorporate much more ease within physical focus.

VICKI: Just to throw one of my own questions in here, would this be the case with somebody like Mozart, who wrote symphonies at age five?


VICKI: Well, what’s happening there?

ELIAS: This would be a choice for a different action. This is a continued allowance of subjective bleed-through. It is allowed to manifest in areas that seem to all to be excelling in one area. This is an allowance of the focus to be bleeding through creativity that they hold an affinity with within other focuses, and choosing to be incorporating those actions quite young; therefore allowing themselves the experience of this creativity throughout the entirety of their focus.

MARGOT: I came into contact once with two individuals who were confined to a mental health facility because in spite of the fact that they were mathematical geniuses, they could not function well in general society. I was later told that they were taking Earth focuses for the first time, and you have spoken to this a little. Now, when such a mergence occurs before birth while the fetus is in utero, would there still be a problem in adjusting to the merge?

ELIAS: This is a misinterpretation. As I have stated, each individual chooses the experience, within each focus within their intent, which shall motivate them into manifesting the actions that they wish to be creating.

In this, each focus holds the choice as to when they shall or shall not incorporate this point of moving into objective awareness totally. Many individuals choose not to be incorporating this action. You view these individuals to be insane. You view these individuals to be malfunctioning, for you do not understand their choice. They are choosing to be experiencing within physical focus, but not within the confines of the officially accepted reality. Each focus is individual and holds their own reasoning for the choice of this experience. I have expressed to you all many times to be attempting to alter your perceptions in viewing these individuals that you identify as insane, for there is no ‘insane.’ They are not malfunctioning. They are experiencing within the choice of their intent within the individual focus, for that experience. They incorporate many times a choice to be moving into the area of recognition of the powers of intellect, but are also choosing to be incorporating the subjective activity along with examining the magnificence of the creation of intellect.

In actuality, once again within your thought processes you have reversed the viewing of these individuals. You view them as incorrect or malfunctioning or ‘less than.’ In reality, they are incorporating more of a balance of subjective and objective activity within awareness, for you shall also view great geniuses which in your terms you believe to also be a little ‘off’ or crazy; this being that incorporating such focus upon the intellect, which holds tremendous power for creativity, is an element that you do not understand, for it is outside of the official reality. It is, in your terms, an extreme. It is viewed that you may be incorporating in your terms too much intellect, which shall make you crazy, or you shall be insane and ‘accidentally’ incorporate elements of great intellect.

It is not necessarily necessary to balance within an individual focus the intellect with the subjective, although to the masses, whether you are balancing or whether you are not, you shall be viewed basically the same; for the intellect experienced solely to extreme shall be viewed as not normal, and incorporate activity and action and behavior within the individual focus which appears to be unnatural and abnormal, for the intellect holds much more ability than you allow it to express. If the individual focus is choosing to be balanced, they shall appear more insane; for they are also allowing the subjective activity for their own understanding of the action, and the greatness of the intellect and its creativity. Either way, you shall not be accepting of these individuals, for they are choosing to be manifesting outside of your official reality.

MARGOT: Among many metaphysical thinkers, it is held that the reason babies are born with Down’s Syndrome is because they are taking their first manifestation on earth, having their other dimensional focuses on other planets in our galaxy. Is there any truth in this, or is this another belief system?

ELIAS: (Laughing) This is a belief system! This implies to you, once again within the framework of your duplicity, that you do not hold the ability to be manifesting within this dimension adequately merely for the reason that you are manifesting newly, which also is a belief system, for all of your focuses are simultaneous. You only identify one as the first and one as the last, for that experience. They all occur at the same time. Therefore, how may you incorporate less ability to manifest efficiently within any dimension within the context of no experience? Therefore, you are unknowing of what you are creating, but within essence you are knowing of all that you create! You merely choose to be forgetting, within each individual focus within every dimension, for the purity of the experience; but as you choose to enter into a physical dimension, you project the focuses of essence simultaneously.

VICKI: Well, it kind of seems like one of the questions here is, what kind of action, or is there an action that we would experience commonly as being indicative of a first focus? We’ve talked a little bit about action that we may experience in a final focus.

ELIAS: Quite. Presently you may view, within the individuals that you draw yourselves to and are also drawn to you, that you may not be encountering many individuals objectively that may identify themselves as a first focus; for you draw individuals to you and are drawn to individuals which are manifesting within the intent of this shift, and also within the intent of transition, and may be choosing other experiences. This is not to say that there are not many individuals upon your planet that hold this experience. They identify equally to you in a knowing of what they term to be ‘new-ness.’ They feel within them that they hold little experience physically. They shall express that they believe they have not experienced your terminology of ‘past lives.’

Within any given time period, you may encounter many of these individuals who have chosen within essence to be manifesting into time periods which you perceive to be future. Therefore, within the acceptance of your creation of time frameworks this may be, in linear time frameworks, their ‘first.’ (Pause) You are understanding. This occurs within every time period. You think in linear terms, in successions of moments. Therefore you shall also, for your own purposes within essence, identify one focus in the framework of linear time as the first. The individual focus shall feel this and hold an inner knowing, the same as individuals that hold an inner knowing of final focus.” [session 191, July 10, 1997]

DENNIS: “… I have two children. Both children have been raised in the Jewish religion. I feel that once they got through the process of learning Hebrew and learning the prayers, that now I don’t see my son falling back on it. I don’t see any more spiritual growth in him from doing that process. The same thing with my daughter. My wife is Jewish. We’re raising the children, I kind of think in honor of her father who passed away, to keep going with this. But I don’t know that my daughter is doing it for the right reasons, as far as learning a spiritual path. She’s twelve years old. I mean, I know some people are quite advanced at twelve, but I don’t know about my daughter.

ELIAS: You shall recognize that small ones within this present now hold a different direction, for they recognize this shift in consciousness already. They have been born into it, so to speak. They have chosen, as you all choose when and how you shall manifest. They have chosen to manifest within this time period knowing that they shall be within the throes of this shift in consciousness, and that it shall be actualized within their focus. Therefore, essences may choose to be manifesting into a focus presently as children of individuals holding strongly to religious belief systems and customs, and this, for their experience and understanding of their parents’ and other individuals’ belief systems, they shall be complying with, but also recognizing that these are belief systems and they are unnecessary. This is not to say that they shall be entirely rebellious, but may seem disinterested or distracted; this being that they are not wishing to be causing conflict within the knowing of other individuals’ belief systems, but also recognizing that these are unnecessary. They are merely belief systems. They hold the ability to be widening in awareness already and they may be accomplishing even more quickly than those individuals which are focused as adults presently, for they enter the focus with the knowing of this shift. Therefore, there is already a partial acceptance of belief systems.

Do not concern yourself with ideas that small ones exhibit no spirituality or interest, for they merely recognize that spirituality in your terms is far more vastly reaching than your belief systems allow for. It is far more multidimensional and magnificent than may be allowed within the confines of your belief systems. Therefore, encourage creativity and be accepting of these small ones, for they are already aware that they create their reality. Individuals which attach to more age, so to speak, have much more difficulty in the acceptance of the concept, not mentioning the reality of, ‘You create your reality within every moment of your existence.’ This is accepted at times, but if you are experiencing uncomfortableness, many times you are also not attributing this to you creating your reality! Small ones are aware already that they are creating of their reality. They shall move with much more ease in this shift in consciousness, and lend energy to the parents in this movement.

(To David) Be listening, Mylo, for you have assessed this situation backwards; that you shall be addressing to small ones, when in actuality the small ones shall be instructing of you within their allowance and acceptance.” [session 199, July 24, 1997]

MARISSA (a 12 year old): “Elias, I bite my nails, and I was just ... just thinking about ... how can I stop?

ELIAS: And why shall you be wishing to be discontinuing this action? For you view this to be unacceptable and not a very good thing, correct?


ELIAS: For other individuals express to you that this is not a very good thing! (Letty and Marcos laugh) Ah! The culprits! (Marissa is cracking up) Influencing of this little one and not accepting ...

LETTY: Oops!

ELIAS: ... of her behavior and choices, and therefore influencing herself to not be accepting of her OWN choices and behavior! Tsk, tsk, tsk! (To Marissa) I may be expressing to you that the adults are less accepting than the small ones, and not paying attention very well to this information, (to Marcos and Letty) are you??

MARCOS: Touché! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I shall be expressing to you that you may be listening to yourself and be accepting of yourself and your own choices, and not concerning yourself with the choices or wishes of other individuals. In this, as you are accepting of yourself, you shall be automatically eliminating certain behaviors that you – YOU – choose not to be continuing within. And you have the permission of the All-Knowing Elias to be expressing to individuals holding greater age factor than yourself that you are listening to yourself and you are expressing of yourself perfectly within every moment, and that other individuals need not incorporate worrying, and you may be reminding these individuals of Acceptance 102!

MARISSA: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Be satisfied with yourself, for you are adequate and perfect within your own expression, regardless of how others view [you].” [session 245, November 29, 1997]

KAAN: “About babies, I’ve heard of an experiment in which children at a young age can understand the language primitively at an early stage. You may ask them to close their eyes and put them into the middle of the room on a chair, where there’s a quite a distance between the wall and the chair, and you ask them to close their eyes and touch the wall, and they could make a sound or knock on the wall. They could make a sound. Now if I repeat this experiment in a similar situation and can’t get this, would that be because my beliefs are affecting the child? Are they like animals? Are they that responsive to our belief systems?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Different individuals choose different rates, so to speak, in which to be interactive objectively. Each individual entering physical focus is entering within an action of transition into physical focus. As they begin the physical focus, they are almost entirely subjectively oriented. As your time frame progresses, they increase their interactiveness objectively, but it is the choice of each focus as to their interaction objectively and how much interaction they choose to be allowing at what time rate.

There is an understanding far beyond what you believe within infants. They may not allow themselves the ability to be communicating objectively with you within language, but they hold an understanding of their environment around them and of you from a much earlier age than you realize. They also hold an understanding of you subjectively from the moment that the essence enters the physical form.

KAAN: Is there any way where we can actually push, intentionally or unintentionally, their progress rate or objectify it more than what they would be interested in objectifying?

ELIAS: No. This is the choice of the individual focus.

KAAN: Is there any flexibility in the parent guiding the child? What is the parents’ facilitating role in the manifestation of how much of objectivity they are going to be engaging or recognizing?

ELIAS: You hold many belief systems in the area of parenting.

... You also hold belief systems in the area of environment.

KAAN: Me individually, or humanity?

ELIAS: En masse. Therefore, you believe that environment and parents are ultimately influencing of the small ones. The small ones acquire this belief system also very, very young. This belief system becomes accepted as the small one is still within its infancy.

KAAN: Would dropping that belief system within the parents’ own effort influence the child then to be not acquiring that belief system? Or was it also in their choosing that this would take place?

ELIAS: It is the choice of the focus. This be the reason that many individuals experience within parenting that they may be choosing their methods quite carefully and to their belief systems quite diligently to be the most helpful to their child, and their child may be completely unresponsive to their efforts. For the most part within your officially accepted reality, the entering focus is in compliance with the family that it has chosen to engage itself with. Therefore, there is an aspect of similarity within the beliefs of the children and the beliefs of the parents.

KAAN: So a parent’s natural recognition of his own self-value, his own self-exploration, is the most natural, so to speak, way to allow the child to be, without taking the child into constriction in some objectified unnatural way? Would that be a correct statement?

ELIAS: An efficient method of parenting children within this time framework, within the action of your shift, would be to allow yourself an acceptance of self and an acceptance of the child, an awareness that you create your reality and that the child also creates its reality from the moment of its birth, and also a recognition of impulses; allowance for the child to be expressing and following its own impulses and not blocking these with the small one in response to your own belief systems of acceptable and unacceptable behavior.” [session 260, January 18, 1998]

NANCY: “I just would like some information as to whether you can tell me, again just simply, is my husband a good fit for me? What significance might he have in my larger life, as well as my two children? Why did I choose them or why did they choose me, that kind of thing.

ELIAS: First of all, there are two different situations in play in this.

With your partner, you have mutually chosen each other to be interactive with each other. This is not to say that this is destiny or that you are locked into continuation with ANY individual in partnership. This is a choice entirely, and your choice continues merely for the time frame that that particular choice is serving you and benefiting you.

Now; be realizing that you may benefit from situations that are not always what you term to be comfortable. Many individuals choose to be creating of very uncomfortable situations but are benefiting from those situations, and this be the reason that they continue in these uncomfortable situations. But at any moment that you choose to be altering of your choice, that is your objective indication to yourself that you are not benefiting from the situation that you have created and that you are offering yourself the opportunity to move on and move into new explorations; that you have experienced this and you have allowed yourself the fullness of the experience, and now you may choose a new experience.

With the situation of children, you do not choose your children. You merely engage in the agreement to be facilitating of their physical entrance into this focus. This is your participation. ALL of the rest of the actions are influenced by your belief systems.

The entering focus, the child, chooses. They are choosing of all: of their lineage, of their heritage, of their physical form, of their alignment with experiences in connection to the parents. They are choosing of all of the aspects that are in conjunction with their entering into physical focus. Your participation is merely to allow them physical birth, but you also move in the direction of belief systems which express to you responsibility and caring physically and emotionally and spiritually and intellectually for these individuals, taking personal responsibility for them, viewing them as ‘less than’ for a time period and not holding the ability to be creating of their own reality, and NOT creating of their own reality! For the belief systems suggest that YOU create, as the parent, their reality for them until such time period that they may be creating of their own reality. Very, very incorrect!

They are creating of their reality from the moment that their essence enters their physical form, and from that moment they are creating every minute of their reality, for no other individual may create your reality except you, in every situation. But you also develop very many belief systems in these areas that YOU must be responsible.

I shall also express to you that as the mother, there are even MORE belief systems that are attached in the direction of these particular relationships of mother and children. Mothers in that role accept more responsibility and create more belief systems – and your societies create more belief systems that are attached to this particular role – than they shall with the designation of the role of father.

Your experience of the emotion of love is perpetuated by the belief systems, but [is] also a purposeful creation. You create the emotion of love with children for that experience, but it also is quite in alignment with the held mass belief systems. It would be quite wrong of you to not be loving of your children, would it not? This would not be acceptable at all, for the mass belief systems suggest, ‘This is our officially accepted reality and these are the rules! You as the parent shall be responsible and you shall also be loving of these children, and we would not be wishing for you to be moving in the area of abnormality and not be experiencing this!’ (Grinning)

I am not discounting of your own expression, for I am recognizing that you are experiencing willingly the alignment with this belief system and that this is not creating of conflict for you. Therefore, it matters not. You are loving to your children and this is acceptable. It also allows you, in ANY area that you are expressing of this emotion of love, the opportunity to be expressing from essence, for this area of the emotion of love within physical focus is the closest interpreted expression that you may create within physical focus to the expression of essence.” [session 293, July 01, 1998]

ELIAS: “Initially, you enter into physical focus as a small one. You have a relationship with other individuals within physical focus that you term to be parents, and you shall be the child. Their relationship with you is very packed with aspects of this belief system.

Mothers view themselves to be ultimately responsible for your growth and nurturing, and therefore they are quite expressive of this belief system and many of the aspects of this belief system.

Fathers are engaging this belief system in the area of holding the responsibility for your guidance and also to be blocking of your impulses, for we are all very aware that your impulses are unnatural and are very bad, (laughter) and therefore we shall be blocking of these animalistic expressions that you as a small one shall be entering into and guiding you in the path ... one of my very favorite terms: path! You have no path! But you shall be guided upon your path, (laughter) that you shall be engaging appropriately and within your officially accepted reality in your established societies, which also hold very many rules and aspects which are all elements of this same belief system of relationship!

You, as the small one, shall also engage in the belief system of relationship, for you shall turn your attention to these individuals that you term to be parents and you shall be looking to them to be creating of your reality for you, for we also are all very aware that you do not create your reality! Another individual shall create it for you! Very, very incorrect! YOU create your reality from the moment that you enter into physical focus and you draw to you ALL of your experiences.

(Intently) Even as an infant, you are drawing to you the experiences that you choose to be engaging within the beginning throes of your physical focus. Your parents are not creating your reality for you!

But within very small ages, you have already adopted this belief system and moved into the direction of expectation; another very powerful term in relation to belief systems, for where you hold belief systems, you not only hold judgment but you hold expectation, and one of your very first expectations is that other individuals shall be responsible for you, shall be caring for you, and shall be directing of your reality. Therefore, you need not be responsible for your reality, for another individual shall be responsible for you! (Grinning)

As you move through your focus you begin to engage other individuals, other small ones, and once again the belief systems are in full play, for now you enter into the aspect of this belief system which deals with behavior. Your behavior must be appropriate! (Laughter) There is appropriate behavior and there is inappropriate behavior! You may not move to your small companion and be stomping upon his foot! He shall be disliking of this action and he may be knocking you within your head, and this shall be creating of physical conflict!

Now; let me express to you that in this action, outside of the belief system and the dictates of the behavior, you may be expressing an impulse and the other small one may be expressing of an impulse also, and once expressed, the emotion shall be set aflight and shall not be held to.

But you have already been taught that these impulses are bad and are not to be trusted, and that this behavior is inappropriate and not acceptable. Therefore, there is a creation of a perpetuation of emotional response, for now you enter into the area of judgment: ‘You have stomped upon my foot! You are bad! I shall slap you in the head! I am good! You are viewing me as bad!’ It matters not. ‘I am angry, for you are not within compliance to myself! You are angry, for I am not in compliance with yourself!’

Now we enter into the area of holding energy and not allowing for the impulse expression to merely be expressed and fly away. Now you are entering into the areas of learning to be holding to your energy, creating judgments, holding expectations, and now creating separations.

Certain individuals shall not be physically assaulting – your parents – unless you are choosing to be engaging in this action. Ideally within your societies, they shall not be striking you, but your playmate is! This offers you information objectively to be creating of a separation. This is the beginnings of your separating of different types of relationships, and what may be acceptable within one type of relationship and what is not acceptable within a different type of relationship.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

CARTER: “Elias, my daughter Sarah is on the phone, and my question is, my daughter Sarah, who is 10-years-old, is creating an interesting drama with her school teachers. Sarah is an honor roll student, so it appears academically she is content. Sarah’s interaction with some of her teachers appears to be strained. She feels that the teachers are, in her words, ‘out to get her.’ She appears unhappy with self.

On the other hand, the teachers feel that Sarah, although a good student, exhibits at times a behavior of inflexibility to outright defiance if Sarah does not agree with them. There have been several emotional outbursts by Sarah at school. She no longer wishes to attend her current school, feeling that everyone dislikes her.

We’d appreciate any observations on your part that would assist us in expanding our awareness with this situation. And then Sarah asked me to ask you a question, which is, ‘How do I relieve emotional stress?’

ELIAS: Very well. We shall begin with this present situation, in addressing to that. Let me express to you that within this present now, there is a conflict which is occurring with this small one and with these other individuals which are viewed as authority figures.

Now; in this, what is being created is an expression of knowing of self in certain aspects with this small one, and a lack of acceptance of this expression by those that you would term to be authorities or the identification of teachers, and also those that you identify as administrative figures.

In this, what is occurring is becoming quite common with many small ones presently, for they hold an inner awareness of self and are allowing themselves to be expressive of self and allowing themselves to be trusting in self also, but this is not fitting into your officially accepted reality within your society.

Let me also express that presently, as I have stated previously, your society moves in a direction of less and less acceptance of the expressions of individuals, increasing their identifications within your science of psychology and narrowing the acceptable enactment of behaviors and expressions. In this, it is becoming less and less acceptable for individual expression within children – and has even extended to your creatures – in the manner that any deviation from what is viewed to be the acceptable norm is labeled and hence addressed to in the manner of modifying certain behaviors that are viewed to be unacceptable.

Now; let me also express that this is an action of an expression – within this shift in consciousness – of fear. Many individuals are experiencing fearfulness in viewing many changes within your reality, and therefore, they are responding and reacting in their expressions that behaviors are unacceptable.

This creates a conflict with many small ones, for these children have manifest within this time framework holding a knowing already of this shift and allowing themselves to be more freely expressive in the acceptance of themselves and within their trust of self, but this does not fit within your officially accepted society and its reality. This is the reason that there is conflict occurring. This also is demonstrated by what YOU view within behavior – that the child complies academically and excels in this area, but once expressing of herself in interaction, this is not acceptable.

I express to you that many, many small ones within this present time framework are experiencing much opposition and difficulty in their interaction with adults, for you are continuing to be holding to your belief systems that you are more informed as adults and more aware as adults than these children. Therefore, in your discounting of these children, you are also non-accepting of their expressions and their behavior. This is creating a situation of great frustration within these small ones.

In this, I express to you that my suggestion in this situation is not to be necessarily entirely within compliance of the expression of those authority figures, for in this, another action shall be created in repressing or squelching the natural expression of the small one, and in this, it is creating a blocking of impulses and impressions and natural flow of expression and energy, and this shall be creating of geysers.

I am encouraging of these small ones, these children, within this time framework presently, knowing the difficulties that they are experiencing in their interaction with individuals holding greater age, and the discounting and invalidation that they are receiving from these individuals.

As I have expressed, this is becoming quite common within this present now, and has been building for what you may term to be years to this point. As you are not allowing yourself to be lending energy to the perpetuation of these belief systems held en masse by these individuals that you view to be authorities, you shall also be lending energy to the movement of knowing within this shift, which shall be creating of a new acceptance with regard to these children. Are you understanding thus far?


(Vic’s note: Here, Elias starts talking directly to Sarah.)

ELIAS: As to the situation of emotional expression: in this, I hold an awareness of the confusion and the difficulty in addressing to this situation and the frustration that is felt in this area. I express to you that your most efficient manner of addressing to this frustration is to be allowing self, within the moment of frustration and emotional affectingness, to be remembering the knowing within.

What I am expressing is, as you are experiencing frustration and emotional upset, stop momentarily, and think within yourself what you know. You know that you are acceptable. You know that your expression is not wrong. You know that you are worthy and that you are merely expressing yourself.

You also know that another individual – be they of your same age category or be they an adult of many more years than yourself – they are expressing themselves in their behavior within their own lack of understanding and their own frustrations and their own fear. This is not your responsibility. It is also not an action that you may fix. You may merely attend to yourself. Therefore, allow yourself in the moment to be remembering who you are and what you are, and that you are not wrong in your expression, in your emotions, in your feelings.

In that, as you are accepting of yourself and knowing that the expression created by the other individual is merely an expression of their own fear and their own lack of understanding and frustration, you need not allow this to penetrating and affecting of you.

Let me also express to you that when you are reacting, what you are creating is the acceptance of another individual’s behavior and ideas or expressions. When you are reacting in emotional upset to the expression of another individual, you are agreeing with their expression.

Example: An authority may approach you and may express to you, ‘Your emotional outburst, your behavior, is unacceptable, and I am angry with you, for this behavior is not acceptable!’

Now; if you are responding within yourself in the direction of an emotional response, being affected emotionally within upset to this expression, what you are creating is your own expression of accepting, agreeing [with], and believing the expression of the other individual. At any moment that any individual expresses to you that your behavior is unacceptable, they are not accepting you. And in this, if you are responding within emotional upset, you are agreeing with their expression and you are expressing to yourself, ‘You are correct. I am unacceptable. My behavior is unacceptable. My expression is unacceptable.’ And in this expression, what you are expressing to yourself is, ‘I am wrong. I am bad.’

I am expressing to you, you are not wrong and you are not bad. You are merely expressing yourself in the manner that you are expressing yourself, and it is not right or wrong. It merely is.

Now; this is not to say that it is entirely efficient within certain situations, for as I have stated, if you are creating of your own emotional upset and expressing yourself within reaction to another individual, you are expressing your agreement that you are not acceptable. Therefore, if you are looking to self and stopping within the moment, recognizing that you are reacting to another individual and remembering within yourself that you are not wrong and that you are not bad and that this other individual is merely expressing from their own fear and frustration, this shall allow you a new choice in allowing you the opportunity to NOT respond, for it is unnecessary.

Another individual’s expression does not diminish you and does not devalue you. It may only devalue you if you are in agreement with their statement or their expression. But if you are not within agreement ... if another individual is expressing to you that your behavior or your expression is unacceptable and you are not within agreement, and you are knowing that you are not right or wrong, you are merely expressing yourself and not blocking your own impulses, then you may allow yourself to not react to this other individual’s behavior. For in actuality, what they are expressing is their own duplicity, and their statement is incorrect. You ARE acceptable, and your expression is your expression, regardless of what it is. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, express to me: If another individual, regardless of who this individual is – it may be an authority of your father, of your teacher, of your administrators, regardless of who this authority is – if that individual approaches you and is expressing to you that you are bad and that your expression or your behavior is unacceptable, how shall you approach that situation?

SARAH: I will not react emotionally?

ELIAS: You may be experiencing emotion. Let me express to you, do not attempt to be squelching or pushing down your own emotion, for this is a natural expression that you hold. You may be feeling your emotion. But how shall you express to the other individual within your interaction, within your words?

SARAH: I will tell them what I did and what I did not do ... I think that’s right. I will react emotionally, but I will react emotionally in private?

ELIAS: Let me offer you a little clarity, for I am aware that you have been taught certain expressions, and you are struggling with how to be expressing yourself efficiently and also not to be creating conflict.

Now; your expression to me is that you shall be acknowledging another individual, expressing to them the outward situation – what you have done or what you have not done – and that you shall be experiencing your emotion privately. No; for this is merely another type of expression in which you shall push away your own emotional expression, and this is merely another expression to yourself that your emotional qualities are not acceptable or that they are bad, and therefore they must be hidden.

I am not expressing this to you, for there is no element of you that is bad and there is no expression within you that is wrong or bad or unacceptable.

Therefore, let me present to you the same scenario: The authority or the adult individual approaches you and expresses that your behavior is unacceptable and is bad. You may express to them that you are experiencing emotion in response to their expression and that you are not agreeing with their expression, and in this, you may choose not to participate.

You may be expressive of your emotion, but remembering that there is no blame. Do you understand? (No pause)

Therefore, in this, as another individual expresses these types of statements to you, your response shall not be to express to them, ‘No, you are wrong! No, you are creating of this situation! You are not kind to me!’ These are blameful statements, and these are expressions of judgment. I am aware that the expression that you are receiving is an expression of judgment, but you within yourself may realize that these individuals are responding within their own belief systems, and this is not an accurate assessment of you. It is not meaning that you in actuality are bad or wrong or unacceptable.

Therefore, you may express to the individual that you ARE acceptable [and] that you are also experiencing emotional response within that moment, and acknowledge to yourself and to this individual that you are experiencing emotional upset. And you may also express that you are not in agreement with that individual, and then you may not participate with the individual in their expression, not offering the responsiveness that they seek.

Be remembering this: that individuals shall not continue in their own expression in interaction with you if they are not receiving their payoff. If you are not offering them what they expect and the payoff that they are seeking, they shall discontinue.

Think to yourself: if another small one of your same age approaches you, and you attempt to be creating a conflict with that small one and they are not participating, shall you continue? No, for they shall not participate. If you are playing a game with another child with a ball, if they are not participating and if they are not playing, shall you continue to play with them?


ELIAS: No, for you are not receiving your payoff. In this, in very like manner, look to these individuals that are adults and are classified as authorities ... for they are not authorities to you! They are no different from yourself. They merely hold a difference in age, but they do not necessarily hold a difference in awareness.

In this, if you are not participating with them in their game of expressing their discontent with you, they shall not continue, for if you are not playing the game with them, they are not receiving their payoff and they shall discontinue. Do you understand?


ELIAS: Is this helpful to you?


ELIAS: Experiment with this, and in your experimentation, you may continue to be reinforcing yourself and reminding yourself that you are not bad and you are not wrong. You are merely expressing yourself and this is acceptable, and remind yourself to not be playing the belief game with these other individuals.

I shall be inquiring of you again. We shall speak again, and we shall discuss this situation once again after you have practiced in this expression, and we shall examine how efficient it may become. Is this agreeable to you?


ELIAS: Very well.

CARTER: We appreciate this, Elias.

ELIAS: I express to YOU that your most efficient direction presently is to be supportive of this small one, and encouraging in the area of acceptance of herself as worthy and not bad, for this is easily transmitted in communication with individuals within your physical focus presently. Therefore, be mindful of your expression, that you are not reinforcing the energy of duplicity and [not] reinforcing the creation of this belief system being held stronger than it already is within this small one.

This is the agreement that you have created within your physical focus as assuming the role as the parent, to be helpful; not to be assuming personal responsibility for your children, so to speak, and not to be attempting to be creating their reality for them – for they are quite efficient at creating their reality themselves – but to be helpful to them in supportiveness and in lending energy in not reinforcing those belief systems which have already been established.” [session 373, March 19, 1999]

LETTY: “There’s something that I’ve wanted to ask and I’ve always forgotten, and finally I’m remembering. When I was about five or six years old, I experienced a couple of nights where I know I was awake, and I saw these little people that looked like ghosts, but adult-size. They seemed to be unaware of me, but I could put my hands through them. They were carrying on their business, and they were dressed like seventeenth, eighteenth century, from what I remember at that time.

ELIAS: This experience – or this type of experience – is quite common within the experiences of small ones, for they allow themselves less singularity in their focus than you acquire as you move further through your focus in years and are more aligning with the belief systems of that particular time framework.

In this, what you have allowed yourself to be viewing was in actuality another focus of your essence that you hold in this dimension. You have allowed yourself to be viewing this physically and recognizing that they are not necessarily participating in interaction with you, seeming to be unaware of you, for they are not within the participation of this particular focus.

In this, you have allowed yourself what you may term to be the equivalent of a holographic projection into your reality, that you may view temporarily the movement of another focus that you hold.

LETTY: Oh, and that’s why I was not afraid!

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: Oh wow!

ELIAS: You shall notice that small ones do not hold fearfulness in these types of interactions, for they are quite accepting that this is familiar to them, and they continue for a time framework to be holding an element of their remembrance. Therefore, they are not experiencing discomfort or fearfulness or disorientation in the viewing of these types of experiences.

LETTY: Which makes a lot of sense! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 386, April 19, 1999]

MARISA: “I want to get in some questions about my son. First of all, I guess it was about maybe a year or two ago, he was laying in my bed about to go to sleep, and he said a man talked to him. He told me, ‘Mommy, a man talked to me in the bedroom and said to me, ‘Remember who you are.” So who was talking to Natty at that point?

ELIAS: This is a translation. What is occurring – and I may express to you that this also occurs quite frequently within the focus of small ones – what is occurring is a communication of another essence which holds what you would term to be closeness to the essence in which he focuses.

In this, view the time framework. This is a small one, and has manifest within this time framework ... which there is great movement within this time framework, and one of the objectives, in your terms, of this movement of this shift in consciousness is to be engaging the remembrance.

Holding the remembrance and acceptance of belief systems are two of the base elements of this shift in consciousness, which allows you to open and widen your awareness, which subsequently allows you to be accomplishing your creativity more fully and realizing your abilities more fully.

In this, what he has connected to is a reminder, so to speak, to continue to be open to his own remembrance within a very young age, so to speak, for I shall express to you that your mass beliefs are very strong and they are assumed by these small ones quite quickly.

MARISA: When he was younger and we lived in Seattle, it was very weird ’cause he was very attached to me. I mean, Mom could tell you! He always wants to be in the same room with me, and we didn’t have Lillian then, and it was just weird. But when I would take a shower, he’d be downstairs playing or whatever, and one time he came into the bedroom and he goes, ‘You see that man over there?’ And I was like, ‘What man?’ I didn’t want to say no, ’cause my aunt had told me not to do that, just to be listening and receptive of him. And he goes, ‘Yeah, he plays with me all the time.’

And then it was weird, ’cause when we moved here – this is a couple of years past – I showed him a picture of what I remember as my physical grandfather, and I said, ‘What’s his name?’ And Nathaniel started to say John, which is my grandfather’s name. And my aunt, who’s a psychic, she had told me that she thought that whatever the essence is that’s my grandfather was playing with Nathaniel and was down there occupying him, ’cause to me that’s very unlike Nathaniel, to be occupied down there for any significant amount of time and be relaxed doing it, you know? He would always want to be right by my side. So I’m very careful not to poo-poo anything he says.

ELIAS: Quite, for this is reality! I express to you that many, many small ones allow themselves to view much more of your reality than you allow yourselves to view. Individuals discount their expressions and discount their experiences, expressing to them that this is merely their imagination. I express to you, imagination is reality, and that these experiences that small ones engage are quite real!

MARISA: Well then, I don’t know how to cope with Nathaniel, and of course, that’s passed on to Lillian. He’s become very frightened at night, which is common in little children, and he had termed it as monsters at some point, and we had actually installed a bolt lock on his closet door, and I’m like, ‘Whatever it takes. If you think they’re in there, we’ll lock them in or whatever.’

When I told him I was coming to see you, and I actually thought you were coming to my house at that point, they wanted to sit in and ask you some questions, and he wanted to ask you about what was going on at night, because his fears are real, and now I really don’t believe it’s monsters at all. It’s something else. He said, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ A friend of mine has even done imagery with him about ‘the darkness’ – that’s what he keeps on saying – and imagining a bright light instead, and that didn’t work. And then just last week or earlier this week he said, ‘I don’t know what to do, Mommy. The darkness comes into my room and my brain goes blank.’ How many times did he say that? ‘My brain goes blank, and I don’t know what to do.’

So I don’t know how to help him through this at this point. I don’t know what to do, ’cause my daughter is starting to get afraid too. What is he seeing now that’s making him so afraid?

ELIAS: We shall engage together within your physical time framework at some point, I express to you, but I shall offer information to you within what you term to be the interim. There are several actions that are occurring in this situation.

I express to you that it is quite pointless to be offering imagery to this small one and expressing that he be turning his attention in a different area, for what you are essentially expressing to him is an invalidation of his experience, and this merely reinforces the experience. He is wishing for validation, not to be discounted.

This small one holds an openness that many small ones hold presently, although they are manifest into families and societies that are not quite understanding their openness. In this, it creates a lack of understanding within themselves, for they are viewing that other individuals discount their experience, and therefore they in turn – in a manner of speaking – are discounting of their own experience. But they may not necessarily entirely be discounting of their experience, for they hold a knowing that it is real.

Therefore, they battle and express to other individuals that they are experiencing fearfulness in terms that YOU shall accept. If he is viewing monsters, within your thought process this is quite normal, and you shall battle the monsters. But they are not monsters. They are elements of his own remembrances and aspects of himself that he is not entirely remembering. Therefore, it creates confusion.

Confusion also lends to fearfulness, for this is how you translate within your thought processes. All of you engage this same action. If you are not understanding of some element of your reality, you become confused, and confusion lends to fearfulness. Therefore, you view that you must be understanding. I express to you that it is unnecessary that you hold an understanding of all elements of your reality objectively, for you DO hold an understanding subjectively.

As to your interaction with this small one, I express to you the suggestion that you may be validating of this small one.

MARISA: So when he talks about....

ELIAS: Express to him YOUR understanding, for he is lacking his own. Express to him your understanding of this darkness. It creates difficulty in viewing. It creates a cloudedness, and that which he wishes to view becomes unclear, and this creates confusion and subsequently creates fearfulness.

Express a sharing with this small one in your own experiences, in your knowing that initially as you experience certain elements of your reality that you do not understand objectively, it may appear fearful to you, but as you allow yourself to be welcoming of this, you may also discover that you hold no necessity for fear.

What I am expressing to you is that you both hold the opportunity to be helpful to each other, and this be the reason that this particular behavior, so to speak, is being created. There is an expression manifest of a desire within this small one to be objectively connecting with you and receiving an objective validation that what he is experiencing is reality.

Do not express to this small one, ‘You see, you need not be fearful.’ This is another invalidation! Walk through the experience together.

You are allowing yourself to be connecting merely within your thought process, and in this, you are evaluating and attempting to be seeking a method to be altering of his behavior.

I am expressing to you, be accepting of his behavior and walk with him in his experience, and in this, you validate the experience, and together you view that there is no necessity for fearfulness.

Presently, the darkness appears foreboding. It creates a thickness for viewing. Within your physical senses, you experience more difficulty viewing or seeing within darkness.

MARISA: Should I encourage him to almost like look through the darkness, and then there is something to look at, you know, past it?

ELIAS: You may. Initially, I express to you that this is unnecessary. You may chose to be incorporating this action subsequently, but initially, merely engage the darkness.

Touch the darkness. Feel the darkness. Allow physical senses to process information which is held by the darkness – your skin, your eyes, your smell. What do you hear?

In this also, feel emotion with this small one. Allow yourself to be empathically connecting with this small one. This shall offer an assurance within him that you are not discounting his reality and you are not attempting to ‘fix’ it. It is not broken! It needs not be fixed. It merely needs to be attended to within your attention.

To this point, you have been attempting to fix the situation, and this be the reason that you are not accomplishing, for there is no ‘thing’ to be fixed. Is your son broken? No!

He is merely requesting your validation of his experience within his reality, and he is attaching identifications to this experience, that it shall gain your attention, for if he is experiencing conflict, you shall pay attention!” [session 390, May 01, 1999]

GEORGE: “I’ve been involved with something called the Indigo Youth phenomenon – I’m sure you know what that is – and I’ve written a manuscript to deal with transforming education. I’m simply going to ask you, is the Indigo Youth Education project blessed by you and others in your focus? Do you have any comments or advice for forwarding this work? I think it’s necessary, but I welcome your comments.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, my friend, an encouragement in your involvement in this type of expression, for what you are expressing is a recognition of the awareness of small ones that are choosing to be manifesting in this time framework.

I shall express to you that essences focusing attentions in manifestations that you view to be young or small ones in this time framework are intentionally focusing these attentions in alignment with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, they already incorporate much of the manifestations of this shift in consciousness. They are allowing themselves an openness to the remembrance of essence, and not incorporating as much of the expression of separation that many of you incorporate within this physical dimension. They are already incorporating in their few years within your physical dimension the manifestation of this shift in consciousness, which is becoming more and more evident objectively throughout your globe.

GEORGE: And that’s why they need to have access to the kinds of things that you are representing and doing.

ELIAS: I may express to you, these small ones also, in a manner of speaking, provide a type of movement in expressing a motivation for individuals that incorporate the years of adulthood to be altering your physical reality and the movement of it, in accommodation to them.

Now; this also is significant in relation to this shift in consciousness, for as I have stated many times, you are not eliminating or changing beliefs. You are moving into the expression of continuing to incorporate beliefs but accepting beliefs, and therefore allowing yourself the openness to greater exploration and choice.

Now; in this particular subject matter, you offer yourself an example objectively of how you may be moving in relation to your beliefs and simultaneously greatly altering your objective reality, for the motivation is expressed directly in conjunction with your beliefs which are held en masse concerning your responsibility to the care of small ones, and in this, you move easily within the design of your beliefs, but you also create a movement in beginning to alter the structure of what is expressed in your belief concerning the responsibility to be caring for and providing for these small ones, in their instruction and growth, so to speak.” [session 821, April 12, 2001]

GEORGE: “In talking with a woman who has done an enormous amount of work in the realm of hypno-analysis, hypno-regression and so on – she did experiments back in the ‘80s, I believe, with electroencephalograms, computerized bio-feedback, being able to view one’s brainwaves on a computer monitor – and what they discovered was, which some people have known intuitively, was healing and (unintelligible) occurs when someone is maximizing what is called the delta band of brainwave frequencies. This technology is now available, and my feeling is that if one can access it, get to use it, that that would be possibly a very powerful way to break through some of this blocking that we’ve been discussing, and that this would also be a way for these Indigo Children to make advances in balancing their own thinking and spiritual processes.

ELIAS: But you DO hold the ability to be expressing this action, my friend. You ALL incorporate that ability, and you do create that action in the moments that you choose to be expressing that type of movement. This is an innate ability that you incorporate within your physical expression; it is unnecessary to learn. It is merely a question of allowing yourself to become more familiar with your abilities.

GEORGE: So in other words, what I wrote here, it is a case of we don’t know how to use our equipment because we forgot how to use it.

ELIAS: And this is the point of turning your attention to self and creating an intimate relationship with self and becoming familiar with what your abilities are.

GEORGE: Well, I’ll go on to the subject of Indigos, what you call “small ones.” I’m continuing to interact with them, and this is an extraordinarily rewarding experience. Because of the interruptions in my life in the last two weeks, I haven’t made much progress with pursuing that idea for the bookstore/cafes. When I talk to the Indigo kids and tell them about it, they all say it’s a cool idea. Can you make any comments on how you see that that might be going, and whether we can educate the Indigos in time to make some impact on the events that have happened and so forth?

ELIAS: Express to myself, what do you identify as your intention in relation to these small ones, and what [do] you wish to accomplish in relation to these small ones?

GEORGE: Well, to make it explicit, it appears based on the reading and study that I’ve done and talking with the small ones ... most of the small ones I talk to are in the age range from say 16 to the mid-20s. When you talk to them directly they confirm the fact that from their point of view the present compulsory education system simply has failed; it doesn’t work. On the other side, there are professionals who have been studying this for a long time, and the consensus of the people who have taken a look at it is that the present compulsory education system is an absolute failure and that no one is going to fix it. So the question arises, what alternatives can be provided?

The concept that I’m coming up with is a network of small bookstore/cafes that would contain all of the books, selected books and maybe other materials, that someone would really need to get educated and then provide a venue where these kids and other people who are interested could come together and have access to this material, as opposed to large bookstores now with hundreds of thousands of books in them that serve these young people, and other people as well, being unable to find what they need. Of course, this is now premised on the observation that they’re not learning anything in their public schools and their churches and so on. The things that they need to know are not being given to them.

ELIAS: And what do you perceive it is that they need to know?

GEORGE: Well, what I perceive is their level of consciousness is at the same level, you might say, as some of the people who are accessing you, some of the middle-aged and older people that are accessing you. They have this openness in consciousness now, but they have no – how shall I say it? – no knowledge of how to pursue it. They have no access to any metaphysical teachings. They certainly have no access to you...

ELIAS: Ah, but they do! This is the choice of the individuals. I may express to you, my friend, that these individuals incorporate access to all information in like manner to yourself or any other individual. They are not deprived, and they are not being denied any information.

I may express to you that you may incorporate interaction with these individuals, if you are choosing, in relation to your own incorporation of pleasure in the interaction with these individuals, and also perhaps to offer yourself information concerning YOU; and if you are so choosing, you may be incorporating action to be establishing such types of areas in which you may interact with these individuals and they may interact with you or with each other. But examine your motivation, my friend, for there is no expressed need.

You are correct that in your terms these individuals incorporating young ages are manifest with quite open awareness in relation to this shift in consciousness. They do allow themselves an exploration of concepts which you access information concerning, through myself or through what you may term to be other resources. These individuals, for the most part, incorporate an understanding of these concepts already, for they have manifest in this time framework in association with the movement of this shift in consciousness, and therefore they incorporate a recognition of their ability to access information without books.

This is not to say that you may not choose to be incorporating interaction with these individuals and encouraging interaction with each other if they are so choosing, but what you may be allowing yourself to examine presently is your motivation in this direction. Examine the beliefs that are expressing influence in relation to what you express as a direction of movement of yourself, for you are being influenced by beliefs that create an automatic response that you need be helping these individuals and teaching these individuals that they may continue, and therefore they shall change your reality.

GEORGE: In other words, it gets back to the fact of duplicity. As a matter of fact, as you spoke I realized that I have had flashes on the idea that maybe they don’t need books after all – very dim flashes.” [session 914, October 01, 2001]

NEAL: “Let’s start with my daughter, my daughter Amber. Our relationship is challenging, to say the least. I know she’s reflecting back to me my beliefs, but I’d like some help in that I can move forward in our relationship together.

ELIAS: Very well, and first of all, express to myself the nature of your concern in what you generate.

NEAL: I feel that I have a closer connection with my sons than I do with my daughter, and I want to nurture my daughter as best I can. It seems to be that we’re always at loggerheads with each other. There are no small upsets; everything is a big upset.

ELIAS: Very well. Express to myself in any particular moment that you generate these conflicts, what are you noticing concerning YOUR expression?

NEAL: I find that in those situations I’m almost immediately to anger, and while I understand that she is expressing to me, mirroring my own beliefs, they’re of a nature that I just can’t seem to move into trust in the value of myself in those situations.

ELIAS: Very well. Therefore you identify that one expression that you view clearly is that you create an automatic response of anger.

Let me express to you first of all, interacting with another individual and viewing that interaction as a reflection of yourself is in itself a quite unfamiliar action; therefore it may be quite challenging. In situations in which you view conflict to be being expressed, it is more challenging. For the automatic response is to be viewing the other individual in a familiar manner, that you are interacting with another individual entirely and that what the other individual is expressing is being generated by them: you are not creating their choices, you are not creating their reality, therefore what is being expressed is separate and apart from yourself.

Even in attempting to view the other individual’s expression as a reflection of yourself somehow, the association remains that this is an expression outside of yourself, and beliefs concerning what you express in controlling what you may not control are quite strongly associated with. For in addition to recognizing that you do not create other individuals’ choices, you also underlyingly – and at times not so underlyingly – express within yourself that you do not control another individual or their expressions or behaviors, and therefore you attempt to force your energy and your perception into an expression of acceptance, which is in actuality futile for you are attempting to be accepting of some expression that is perceived to be generated outside of yourself that you incorporate no control over.

Now; remember control also is an aspect of beliefs, and in actuality there is no expression of control or, in actuality, the lack of control. This is an illusion in itself. But in relation to interaction with another individual, as I have expressed previously, what is actually occurring is that you ARE interacting with the other individual’s ENERGY expression. Therefore there IS an exchange that is occurring.

But what is being created in relation to the actual projection of the other individual in a physical expression is created through your perception, and this is a key point. For the other individual is not merely reflecting to you; you are creating the reflection, for you are creating the interaction which is occurring between yourself and the other individual. I am recognizing that this, in this time framework, is a difficult concept to be inserting into actual objective reality. But nonetheless, this is the manner in which you create objective interaction and imagery.

Now; in this, as you recognize that you are interacting in conflict and you allow yourself to recognize an emotional signal of anger, you are offering yourself information. In the moment that you are experiencing this signal, this feeling of anger, what you are expressing to yourself is [that] in that moment you are offering yourself no choices. This is the extreme of frustration. You are expressing a blocking of your view of yourself, and therefore you are blocking your opportunity to view any of your choices.

Now; the significant information to pay attention to is what YOU generate within yourself, to allow yourself to examine your automatic associations with certain expressions. What are you generating within self which creates a threat? What are you perceiving in difference which creates the threat? Allowing yourself to identify what is actually being generated within self is the manner in which you shall offer yourself choice and therefore not continue to express automatic responses which, as I have stated previously, are precisely that, they are automatic. They require no thought process and they are immediate, but they also create a movement in which you lock yourself into an expression of only one choice, the automatic expression. And although this is a choice, it is merely one choice. Therefore you are not allowing yourself the freedom to view what other choices you incorporate.

Now; allowing yourself to evaluate your own expressions and allowing yourself in that evaluation to discover the nature of the threat shall allow you to become more familiar with what you are denying within self, and in that discovery, what the other individual chooses matters not, for in this you allow yourself the opportunity to turn your attention to you.

Now; in this you are expressing a want. You express to myself that you WANT to be creating an interaction with this individual in less conflict and more of an ease. First of all, recognize what you expressed to myself as a motivation. You expressed you want to be creating a relationship with this individual that shall be more nurturing and understanding with this individual. Now hear what you have expressed.

You are projecting your attention even in your expression of your want to the other individual and holding your attention upon the other individual. What you may question within yourself is what do YOU want to be generating in relation to yourself? Do you want to be more nurturing and understanding within self and therefore as a natural by-product express this outwardly to other individuals also?

NEAL: Yes.

ELIAS: But in actuality, although it may be an element of what you are expressing, there are many more expressions and associations with beliefs that are occurring in this situation that you are generating. One is an underlying association with gender as being almost two different species which speak different languages. (Neal chuckles) This is an association with mass beliefs that you align with. Another is your association in beliefs concerning the roles of parents and children. Another is an association with beliefs concerning behaviors associated with certain ages of children.

You also deny yourself the opportunity to create a relationship in the manner in which you want for you incorporate associations with beliefs and rules concerning intimate relationships and compartmentalizing them, creating separations. You may be creating an intimate relationship with certain individuals and not necessarily with others, for it is unacceptable. This also is in association with the roles of parent and child and in association with gender.

Therefore, my friend, I may express to you, in this one subject matter you have generated quite a glistening web of beliefs that are affecting in how you interact with this individual – not merely one. (Chuckles)

Now; although you have created this wondrous web – ha ha ha! – fear not, for all hope is not lost! (Laughs) The untangling of the web may begin in paying attention to you and in recognizing in the first step, so to speak, that what you want is to be creating an intimate relationship with this individual. In identifying that as a want, you may offer yourself permission to begin creating that, and the manner in which you begin creating that is to genuinely turn your attention to self and HOLD your attention within self in the time frameworks in which you are actually interacting with this individual.

Pay attention to what YOU are generating; it matters not what the other individual is expressing. What holds significance is your translation of that projection and your interaction with it and what you choose in relation to it. For how YOU interact with the energy expression determines what shall be physically created in actual manifestation.

Therefore, even within a situation in which you may be perceiving that you approach this individual in what you term to be a lighthearted manner and friendly, so to speak, and you perceive the other individual to be flinging energy towards you in what you assess as a quite negative expression, as the energy is expressed to you it is your choice how you interact with that and what you create in relation to your perception.

One manner of examination of what you are generating and where your perception is moving is to be allowing yourself in any particular moment to notice and examine what you are experiencing and expressing to yourself as threatening in that moment. Shall you attempt to offer one example and attempt to identify your association with threat? (Pause)

NEAL: It would be that I’m not enough as a single parent, but a lot of it has to do with also what you mentioned about being unable to communicate with my daughter. But I would say that what I would feel as the core at this moment would be that I’m not enough.

ELIAS: Let us examine more specifically. This that you have expressed is quite general.

Now; in examination of this interaction, offer to myself one example of an actual interaction of conflict, and we shall examine it together.

NEAL: All right. She came home late one night. She’d been with a friend of hers and she was with her brother as well. They were out late. They usually call if something happens, if they’re with a friend. It turns out that her friend had run away and they had to track her down; she didn’t want to go home. And when I asked them where they were, the energy was like everything was hurt and as if I didn’t feel ... they didn’t feel I deserved an explanation.

So when I just tried to question them on where they were and what they’d been doing, who they’d been with, and just reminding them that they need to call just to let me know where they are, she immediately ran from that to how much she dislikes living with me and how she just wants to move out, and why can’t I let her move out now, go to a friend’s house. At that point I tried to walk away. I walked away upstairs, and she followed me and just screamed louder, just the same things over and over again, moving into how much she hates me and how she can’t wait to get out.

ELIAS: Very well. In this example, let us examine what is occurring. You have incorporated rules and you also incorporate an expectation concerning the behavior of these children that they shall or should comply with these rules. (3) I am not expressing to you a judgment of good or bad, I am merely expressing to you an identification of what is being expressed. Are you understanding? (Pause) In this, as you perceive that the expectation has not been met and the individuals return and interact with you, your initial expression is to be questioning with the expectation of an explanation.

Now; in this, your thought process and your perception of what you are generating in that moment is reasonable and acceptable and quite within the guidelines of the role of the parent. Therefore, in your assessment, there should be an acceptance of this [by] the other individual and there should be a compliance by the other individual without conflict. It should be merely an exchange of information. BUT there is an energy expressed.

Now; let me express to you, regardless of what any individual may be expressing in language and verbal communication within a particular moment, what is recognized immediately by the other individual is the energy which is being expressed.

Energy is real. Energy is expressed and energy is received in communication immediately between individuals, and it is translated more accurately and precisely than language. Therefore, once again there is great significance in paying attention to self and what you are actually generating. For in this, you may perceive yourself to be incorporating words and a tone that may be neutral, but your energy may be expressing quite differently, and this IS recognized.

Now; what is occurring in this situation is a strong expression of expectations which is being projected to the other individual.

Now; let us turn this situation and view it in a different angle. Let us view you. What is your response in a moment in which you recognize the energy of another individual and you recognize that the other individual is expressing an expectation of you? What is your response?

NEAL: Off the top of my head it would probably still be anger.

ELIAS: Quite, for you are recognizing this expression of energy. Regardless of what is being verbally communicated, within the expression of energy you recognize the expectation, which creates immediate limitation. It creates an immediate association of a lack of trust. It creates an immediate response of resistance, for the immediate association is that you are not being offered – or are not allowing, in actuality – but in your association you are not being offered choice.

NEAL: Got it.

ELIAS: In paying attention to you and not projecting your attention outwardly and holding it upon the other individual, you genuinely do alter your expressions and you genuinely do create a different reality, for you turn your perception.

In expressing that you want to be creating an intimate relationship with another individual, regardless of who the other individual is, what are you ACTUALLY expressing? Not that you want the other individual to express themselves in a particular manner, not that you want to be receiving specific expressions and behaviors from the other individual – these are expectations.

In genuinely wanting to create an intimate relationship with another individual, what you are in actuality expressing to yourself is the desire to be expressing yourself, generating expressions of appreciation and affection in freedom, without limitations and without expectation. You are expressing that YOU want to be expressing this energy outwardly, not that you want the other individual to express this. For in allowing yourself to express this, you shall automatically generate that outwardly and therefore it shall be responded to. This is an automatic by-product of your expression.

Therefore, this is a movement of turning your attention and recognizing that it is not a question of what you want FROM another individual, but what you want to express yourself in freedom, recognizing that you do NOT want to block your expression, you do not want to restrict your expression, you do not want to deny your expression. You do not want to express to yourself, ‘No, stop.’ What you want is to express to yourself, ‘Yes, allow.’

Now; in this, in your example – continuing – you also express that as you recognize this resistance in the other individual’s energy, your choice was to be moving away.

NEAL: Yes, got it.

ELIAS: Now; you express to myself your want to be creating intimacy in relationship with this individual, and what do you choose? You choose to move away; you remove yourself. And what is the expression of the other individual? To follow, to continue interaction with you; be it what you perceive to be negative or not, the individual continues the interaction. And what is the individual expressing? This is the reflection my friend; pay attention. The other individual is expressing, ‘I want to move away. I want not to be interacting with you.’ And what are you doing? What are you choosing? To be moving away, to not be interacting. This is your reflection.

This is the significance of paying attention to you and what you are generating, and examining what you want. I am not discounting your recognition of influences of beliefs and associations that you generate with regard to yourself in the role of a parent and your ability to be creating that effectively. I am recognizing of your discounting of yourself and the expectations that you express of yourself.

I am also recognizing how you restrict yourself in relation to this one individual, and as I have expressed to you this day, one very strong influencing belief concerns gender. In not incorporating a family unit with another parent, a female parent, you create strong limitations in association with yourself in expressions of a lack of understanding: this individual incorporates a different gender, and you do not incorporate an understanding of this gender and the functioning of it or the associations of it; as I have stated, almost in association with another species, and you are not. Let me express to you quite definitely and quite simply my friend, gender is merely a physical manifestation incorporating a function. It is NOT an association with perception. You do not speak different languages. You both incorporate beliefs, quite similar beliefs. You both associate with energy expressions. You both pay attention to energy expressions – of each other, but not of self. Merely that you incorporate different genders matters not.

There are many beliefs associated with gender within your physical dimension which create many expressions of separation. They also create expressions of separation in relation to roles. In allowing yourself to move outside of the association of roles, my friend, you may offer yourself much more freedom in interaction with this individual. For other than expectations that you place upon yourself in relation to roles, you also incorporate many judgments upon self in relation to your role, and you allow for an expression of fear of what other individuals’ perceptions may be concerning your role and your expression of it, and that creating an intimate relationship in these roles of father and daughter may be suspect.

In allowing yourself permission to move outside of the automatic association of the roles, you may begin allowing yourself to interact as individuals. You are not in competition, my friend. You also are not shaping this individual. You are not guiding, you are not shaping, you are not molding. You are presenting an example, and what example are you presenting? You are not presenting an example as to what the other individual should be. You are presenting an example of self as a fellow individual, and what example do you want to present? An example of an individual that incorporates trust and acceptance, one that incorporates an attention upon self and generates an appreciation for all that you create? Or shall you present an example of restriction, expectations, judgment and fear? It is your choice.

The other individual is creating their reality. In terms of shaping or guiding, they provide themselves with these actions. You are fellow travelers. You are generating the same movement in your own unique individual expressions, and the movement is exploring. And what are you exploring? You are exploring your reality. You are exploring self. She is exploring the very same as you. (Pause)

What I may express to you also, in a recognition of difference between energy expressed and verbal communication, in this one example I may express to you that although the verbal communication of this individual to you is ‘I do not want interaction with you. I want to move away,’ the choice of what is actually created and what is actually being generated in action and in energy expression is the reverse: ‘I want to be in interaction with you and I am following.’ This is the action that is incorporated, which is the actual choice.

Let me express to you, my friend, it matters not how many times the individual may express to you, ‘I wish not to be in interaction with you. I wish to move away.’ This is not what is being chosen. This is not the action that is being incorporated.

If this was the genuine choice, it would occur. Regardless of your actions, regardless of your choices, if she is choosing to not be incorporating interaction with you, to not be occupying the same dwelling as yourself, she shall not be, for this is HER choice. But this is not what is being generated.

And I may also express to you, my friend, there is a payoff in this situation. The payoff, although uncomfortable for you both, is attention. Now in recognizing choice in paying attention to self, you may allow yourself to choose to offer yourself permission to incorporate that attention without the conflict, for this is not the only manner in which you may express attention to each other. But we are speaking of you; therefore, remember in this to pay attention to YOU and to what YOU are expressing.

NEAL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.” [session 965, November 20, 2001]

KEVIN: “I want to get this one question now, I think. One impression I had about a year ago is that there was a probability at that time of a third child, which I know my wife wants, and a further impression that that third child would only be coming if certain things happened in our lives, certain growth, I guess, for want of a better word, was accomplished. I guess the question is, is that a probability that still exists, or has that probability passed? (Pause)

ELIAS: It is a probability. I may express to you there is a willingness in association with an entering focus, but this also is dependent upon your agreements. The availability of the entering focus is expressed. Your choice is to be generating the agreement in allowance in facilitation of that action – not you singularly, you and your partner in the allowance of that expression to be facilitated.

Now; what you are generating is an expression of condition, not concerning the entering focus but concerning yourselves, and the reason that you are generating these conditions is in association with your movement in this shift in consciousness, which in recognition of your energy I am quite understanding, for you have already presented yourself with challenge concerning two focuses that you have facilitated in entrance into manifestation.

As this shift progresses and increases in its insertion and in its intensity, this generates more challenge. For, each new manifestation that is entering into your physical reality enters into the manifestation with a wider awareness, for they are entering into the physical manifestation in association with the movement of the shift. Therefore in your quite physical terms, each year that is incorporated moves the awareness of entering focuses in a wider expression and in this the objective is to be directing of self, which creates quite a challenge in association with beliefs concerning the roles of family and parents and children. For the children are being manifest knowing that they are directing of themselves, which appears to the parents within the beliefs as being rebellious or uncooperative and in this presents tremendous challenge, for these beliefs are quite strongly expressed in association with family roles and that the parents should be directing of the children, molding and leading and directing, and in this the children are recognizing that this is unnecessary. They KNOW they are creating their reality.

KEVIN: So as parents, we don’t need to worry too much about teaching them that?

ELIAS: Quite! They already incorporate an awareness and are offering themselves validation in information objectively to define this within themselves. They are recognizing of beliefs but in a different manner than yourselves, for they are more easily allowing themselves movement into acceptance of beliefs, knowing that they are an element of the design of this physical dimension and that they shall not be eliminated, but knowing that they incorporate choice, which is the point and which is what you are moving into.

Within any moment, my friend, as you look to yourself and you recognize the movement that you have incorporated and your assessment of your position in your awareness and what you have assimilated and what you recognize in information, you may assure yourself that the small ones already parallel you without books and without the physical incorporation of information that you offer to yourself. Any entering focus enters in the same movement as is being expressed en masse, and what you individually are expressing in your awareness in this moment is already being incorporated in parallel with entering focuses that incorporate no more than two weeks of age.” [session 996, January 26, 2002]

VERONICA: “This past week I spent some very loving time with my granddaughter, and I was so surprised at the love and the fulfillment that I feel in being with her. I always said I’m never going to be one of those doting grandmothers, those gibberish-speaking kind of grandmothers, the baby talk and all that, and I find I’m just the opposite. When I go to sleep at night, her face fills all my images. I just feel like I’m so much a part of her, or she’s so much a part of me. My mother passed almost three years ago, and I was very close with my mother. I’m wondering, is she a probability or a fragment of either her personality or her essence, or of mine? There’s such a beautiful, loving feeling.


VERONICA: Oh! I’m disappointed.

ELIAS: But I may express to you that this is a shift small one. There are many, many, many shifty small ones. What you are recognizing is an expression of energy that these small ones project now, which is quite obvious. In response to that natural allowance of energy, what you are experiencing is your offering to yourself [of] a new expression of openness and allowance of yourself to be freely outwardly expressing you.

Let me express to you, my friend, THAT expression is the point, and that is an evidence of your shifting. For this is the point, to be offering yourselves the freedom to express yourselves and what you want in each moment without restriction, and this is what you are offering to yourself. Now translate that into all of your other movements.” [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

CAT: “Does the Tumold family have anything to do with the Indigo Children that people are talking about or experiencing right now?


CAT: Is that a different phenomenon, or is that just us explaining something?

ELIAS: That is more accurate. It is you offering yourselves an explanation. In actuality, I have addressed to this subject matter previously and have explained to individuals [that] they are categorizing children. They are noticing the expressions of small ones, and even individuals that you identify as adolescents and that which you recognize as young adults, in their allowance of themselves to be directing themselves and expressing themselves more freely. In actuality, this is associated with this shift in consciousness. It is not one group of small ones; it is all small ones.

In this time framework, those small ones that have chosen to be manifest in this century as it continues express more and more and more directedness of themselves and display more of their natural abilities and allow for the expression of their abilities, for they are being manifest in the objective movement of this shift in consciousness. But even those individuals that chose to be manifest within the latter time framework of your previous century have allowed more of their own expression in conjunction with the bulk of their manifestation, their focus, being expressed within the objective movement of this shift in consciousness, contrary to many other individuals that have incorporated more time framework within your previous century, which participated, for the most part, in the subjective movement of this shift in consciousness.

This is the reason that I am engaging conversation with many of you, for many individuals that have incorporated most of their focus within the subjective movement of this shift are incorporating somewhat more challenge in the objective understanding and application and allowance of themselves in relation to the movement of this shift. These small ones, it is unnecessary for them to be engaging conversation with myself for they are aware, although at times they do incorporate conversation with myself merely in playfulness and in friendship, but not necessarily to be receiving information, for they are already aware.

MIKE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 1499, January 19, 2004]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the essence of Rose who, according to Elias, plays a significant role in the shift in consciousness.

Digests: find out more about the essence of Rose.

(3) Bobbi’s note: This originally was stated: “You have incorporated roles which you also incorporate an expectation concerning the behavior of these children that they shall or should comply with these roles.”

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