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trusting self; “you shall not betray you”

“There is no use trying,” said Alice; “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ~ Lewis Carroll

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Trust yourself. Listen to your impulses and intuition. You shall not betray yourself! Another may view that you shall betray them, within their perception; but you shall not betray yourself!” [session 101, June 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “You shall not betray you! You know within you which direction you wish to proceed within. You allow yourselves, as you do not trust yourselves, to be swayed by other individuals and circumstances and belief systems. It is quite difficult within physical focus to be trusting of self, and knowing that you shall not betray you. Individuals express, ‘Trust within the universe, and it shall provide for you.’ I shall express to you, this is not quite so far off. Trust self, and you shall provide for you.” [session 165, April 19, 1997]

ELIAS: “Now; your belief systems en masse within your society moves you all into certain directions, expressing to you that it is healthy to be creating your reality – in a manner of speaking – singularly, and is very encouraging of you to be focusing upon self, but not in the manner that I express to be focusing upon self. I express to you to be focusing upon self in a selfish manner, offering you the definition of my terminology of selfish, which is to be looking to self in trust and acceptance of trust.” [session 417, July 01, 1999]

ELIAS: “It is unnecessary to be incorporating guilt or worry within your focus!

You create worry in the discounting of self and your abilities and your lack of trust of self, that you do not hold the ability to be accomplishing in a successful, in your terms, or adequate manner.

You incorporate worry in the expression of what you identify as a lack of control. Control, I shall express to you, is an illusion! This is a manifestation through your perception, which is directly influenced by your beliefs, and is NOT in actuality an actual thing.

There is no control. It is merely an illusion that you provide yourselves, that you may offer to yourselves some element of permission to be manifesting certain directions within your physical focus that you wish to be manifesting ... but it is not entirely successful!

Worry is the perpetuation of a lack of trust of self. Guilt is the perpetuation of a lack of acceptance of self.

I have stated previously and shall do so now, trust and acceptance are not synonymous. They are two different movements. They are two different expressions. You may be trusting of certain elements of yourself and your abilities and your creations, and not be incorporating acceptance of yourself. Therefore, they are not the same in expression.

Worry attaches, in the aspect of duplicity, to trust. Guilt attaches in the manner of a parasite, in YOUR identification of a parasite, to your acceptance of self. Therefore, these are expressions that offer you, in your assessment of negative and positive, no positive payoff.

They are also unnecessary, for there is no need for their generation, for what shall occur within your physical focus that shall be an acceptable expression of guilt, other than your belief systems? What perpetuates this expression of guilt? Not yourself, in actuality, in your natural state, not your natural flow of energy, but your incorporation of belief systems and shoulds and should nots.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

ELIAS: “Disappointment springs in an automatic response from expectations which you do not create objectively, but you do create what you concentrate upon.

Concentration, I shall express once again, is not thought. You may think endlessly, and this is not the expression of concentration. Concentration is what you believe. THIS is the area of your concentration, for this is the area of your attention. Your attention is not focused strongly in the direction of what you view to be your elusive wants. Your concentration is focused in what you believe.

Therefore, you may express to yourself, time and time and time again, ‘I want to be creating this particular direction in my employ. I want to be creating this direction in my expression of my creativity. I want to be creating this expression in the direction of an intimate relationship.’

And simultaneously, you believe you do not hold the ability to be creating any of these elements, and that shall override and that shall be what is created, for this is what you believe and this is the energy that you project outwardly, and the energy that you project outwardly is what magnates energy to you, for you shall draw to yourself that which reinforces what you believe, and other individuals shall draw to you in like manner.” [session 539, January 11, 2000]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “At times, you may experience confusion as you are learning to be listening to this inner voice. I have offered you much information as to the identification of your self; and as you are listening, even the act of recognition that you are confused is an exhibition that you are attempting to be listening to self. I have expressed to you all many times that your self shall not betray you. You, regardless of what you may express to me, do not believe this!

RETA: Do not believe which? That we will not betray ourselves?

ELIAS: Yes. You hold a very strong belief system of the duplicity of self. Therefore, you do not believe, when you are told, that you will not betray self; but I express to you, in complete immaculate sincerity, you shall not betray yourself! You shall move to your own value fulfillment and you shall also, as does all consciousness, add to the value fulfillment of all consciousness simultaneously.

... You are always speaking to you! You are only confused, for you are experiencing yourself to be at your fork in your road, or your path, (grinning) at each given choice, regardless of how mundane it may appear, and your thought is, ‘Which choice is the right choice?’ Therefore, you create your drama around your choosing; and as you have created this physical focus, this manifestation, this experience which incorporates great emotional-focus, you perpetuate your drama for your experience. Eventually, as you continue within this forum, you begin to be realizing that you may be choosing efficiently without your extremeness of your drama, and that your effortlessness appears in this quietness. As you tire of your drama, you shall begin to listen to the quietness and you shall begin to trust. I shall, before breaking, express trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust!” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

RETA: “If I were to follow my inner feelings I would really believe that I know most of my intent, but I would say the conflict comes when I do not allow myself to go that way, or that I allow others around me to discourage me from that.

ELIAS: Quite; for I express to you to look to self. Trust self. This is of utmost importance; not to be following of another or allowing conflicting influence of another, but to be a straight little sapling (1) and to be concerned only with self.

You shall not betray you! You know within you which direction you wish to proceed within. You allow yourselves, as you do not trust yourselves, to be swayed by other individuals and circumstances and belief systems. It is quite difficult within physical focus to be trusting of self, and knowing that you shall not betray you. Individuals express, ‘Trust within the universe, and it shall provide for you.’ I shall express to you, this is not quite so far off. Trust self, and you shall provide for you.

... You, once again, shall not betray you. You are your highest expression, and you shall always look for your highest value fulfillment, and you shall accomplish this. You may express that you experience conflict; for you are striving and striving, and you are not accomplishing what you choose to be accomplishing, and your existence holds much struggling and conflict; and you may even express that you do not understand your purpose or your point. If you are allowing yourself the freedom to accept self, and to know that you have manifest to experience and that no experience is worse or better and that you are perfectly creating within every moment of your focus, you shall eliminate much of your conflict.

I have expressed this many times, although to this present now within your physical focus, you do not understand. You wish to be seeking out individuals that shall map your road for you, that shall express to you, ‘Move this way. Accomplish this. Occupy yourself with this job. Be creative within this area, and you shall be successful.’ You shall be successful when you are believing in you. When you are allowing yourself to loosen your hold upon the duplicity of self, then you shall be accomplishing; but as you continue to view better and worse and you are striving and not addressing to the belief systems that you hold, you shall continue within your conflict. Do you not think that if this were not so, that throughout your ages individuals upon your planet would not have already formulated the method for complete, ultimate successfulness in every area?

You are inventive creatures. You are extremely creative. You may build machinery to explore your physical space, but you may not solve these tiny individual problems of successfulness within individuals; for no prophet or psychic may express to you a method for accomplishment, if you are not trusting of you.” [session 165, April 19, 1997]

ELIAS: “You, as I have said, shall not betray you. You shall bear yourself out. You need only evaluate the belief systems which color your perceptions; and within these belief systems, as I have stated this day, if you are indicating strenuously to yourself within any direction, you may be assured you are dealing with a belief system! The more and the harder that you struggle, the more you are facing yourself with belief systems; for within acceptance of belief systems and self, there is effortlessness. There is an ease of movement. It is unnecessary for such struggling, although it is entertaining as you are creating of your dramas! But as you have come to this time period within your time framework you become weary of this game also, and have chosen to be more creative within consciousness and allow yourself new freedoms without the constraints of your belief systems.

Pay attention to those elements which present themselves within your lifetime. These are elements that you have drawn to yourself for your purposes, and your fulfillment of your intent, and your value fulfillment; this being how you confuse yourselves, that you do not pay attention to what you draw to yourselves. This essence speaks to you not in accident.” [session 178, May 31, 1997]

DARRICK: “I do have a question. Well actually, I just want something confirmed. I’m pretty sure of it. I feel this pull, like a strong impulse or feeling, to move from Castaic, from this area, and go further north to Mammoth. I also feel a slight pull, not really so much, towards joining the Coast Guard in order to get my affairs in order, but I feel stronger towards this Mammoth deal. It feels more free, and it’s something I want to do more. I just want to know, is that like what I’m telling myself, just to go for it? Just follow my feeling and move to Mammoth?

ELIAS: This offers you a good opportunity to view those small voices within you.

It has been posed previously to this essence: ‘which voice shall I listen to? If I am offering myself two voices and I am holding more than one choice, which choice shall be the correct choice and which voice is the voice of myself and my impressions?’ I express to you, this be a very good example of this situation.

Now view the two small voices. The stronger voice is the voice to be moving your location to your mountain. The smaller voice is that voice which speaks through your belief systems – the belief systems that you should be engaging certain actions, for this shall allow you discipline that you are lacking, in your view, and this shall create a more responsible individual. This is a belief system. Therefore, one voice speaks from the belief system. The other voice speaks from the intuition. When you are viewing two small voices within you, ask yourself very seriously, ‘which voice speaks to me through my belief systems?’ And you shall know to listen to the other voice.

Therefore, I do not offer your choices to you, but I express to you that listening to the intuition voice shall be more probable than listening to the belief system voice. This may offer you hints of which direction you may be choosing.

DARRICK: Yeah. That pretty much answers that. Thanks.

ELIAS: Be trusting of yourselves. Do not be looking to other individuals and their belief systems and their judgments and their evaluations upon your choices. Merely be trusting of yourself, and you shall not betray you. You shall also not be creating conflict within self if you are trusting of self and not directing your attention to other individuals’ belief systems.

You confuse yourselves when you are looking outside of yourselves for your answers, for in looking outside of yourselves, you are looking through the filtration of other individuals’ belief systems, and this causes you confusion and conflict. Therefore, trust your own voice and listen to your own language to yourself. This be what I have expressed to you earlier this day. If you are looking to self, if you are opening to experience and listening to you, you shall offer yourselves impressions in very physically focused manners of which direction that you should be moving into or that you are wishing to be moving into, and you shall confirm this to yourselves merely by listening to yourself. You hold the answers already. The impression was yours, not offered by this essence, but this essence may be helpful in confirming to you your own impressions, for you have learned quite well not to be trusting your own impressions and your own language to yourself! But this also is the action of this shift, in moving more into that trust of self and lack of separation to essence ... and it does speak to you! It is never silent with you.” [session 216, September 13, 1997]

DAVID: “Okay then, what is the definition of essence selfishness?

ELIAS: This being different from your definition of selfishness, for you hold belief systems that you attach to this word of selfishness. You hold religious belief systems in this area and you attach a negative to this word. In relation to essence, this would be the definition of looking to self first before all else.

DAVID: And this would be okay?

ELIAS: Yes. This would be the point! You are so very distracted within your attention by looking continuously outside of yourselves for your answers and for your directions! In this, the selfishness of essence is the point; to be looking to self for your direction and your answers, and not being dependent upon outside information.” [session 221, September 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “You have been taught for very much time framework to be questioning of everything, and this is good. ‘You shall be skeptical. You shall be analyzing. It is good to be expressing this behavior. It is good to be questioning and moving into the direction of rationality. It is good to logical. Intuition is fantasy. Fantasy is delusional. Delusional is bad!’

I express to you that there is a purpose for your rationality, for you have created it purposely. There is also a purpose for your intuition and you have created this purposely, and these two elements of your objective expression have been at odds for much of your time framework, for your belief systems have set them at odds.

And now you move into the direction of bringing into balance these aspects of your reality and accepting both, knowing that your rationality is a creation to serve your understanding and also knowing that your intuition is your language to yourself, and in this, one may not function properly without the other.

There is an imbalance, and this perpetuates also your duplicity and your questioning of yourself, that you move in the direction of your thought process and your rationality and your logic and your questioning and your analyzation. And in all of this thought activity, you are ignoring this small voice which motivates you, and you question that motivation, for you have learned well not to be trusting of self, for yourself shall betray you, for it is untrustworthy. And you may verify this through all of your authorities: your sciences, your physicians, your clergymen, your psychologists. They shall all be expressing to you not to be trusting of self, for in trusting of self, you shall move into the direction of trusting your impressions and your impulses.

(Humorously) Oh, no! We must not be trusting impulses, for these are quite animalistic and very base! And the element of self that you need be discarding and ‘rising above’ ... I am so very fond of this terminology! Rising above! And what shall be above? I shall be wondrous to discover what is above, as I have never experienced above! (Laughter) Sideways, but no above! Beyond, but no above ... and no below! And how shall we have above if we have no below? (Chuckling)

Therefore, let me express to you that each time you are battling with yourself, allow yourself the moment of quietness to focus upon your language to yourself, your inner voice which motivates you, and in this afford yourself the opportunity to question, that in how shall it be harmful to you? For you shall not be harmful to you if you are listening to you. You shall be harmful to yourself if you are moving in the direction of your influences of your belief systems which stem from outside of yourself.

Example: Many, many, many individuals approach us and express inquiry to the situation of physical form. It is posed to this essence: ‘Elias, I am discontented with the physical form that I have created. I am experiencing overweightness.’ This is quite amusing to us! (Laughter) ‘And this is unacceptable, for it is unacceptable to other individuals and it is unacceptable to myself, for it is causing me great conflict and anguish.’ And I shall express, ‘Why are you experiencing great anguish in what you have created within your form? And what is unacceptable in what you have created in your form?’

And I shall express to you, what is unacceptable is outside of you, for within you, you shall create what you choose to create, but you shall also align with other individuals’ judgments and you shall subsequently place judgments upon yourself, in the same manner as the dis-ease – or the belief system of the dis-ease – of senility, which is not a dis-ease. It is a choice, but the individuals creating of this choice also align with the belief system that their behavior is unacceptable, for they look to outside of themselves and they accept the judgment of others. And within this small example of physical form, individuals accept the judgment outside of themselves and are not listening to their own small voice.

This is not to say that many individuals do not create this overweightness ... which is not overweightness at all, but this would be your term for this creation. This is not to say that many individuals experiencing this situation are not creating this situation in alignment with the officially accepted belief systems and their own issues of duplicity and holding energy in this area, for they are not accepting of themselves. Therefore, they are creating an outward image, a camouflage which mirrors their own lack of acceptance of self, that they may project to other individuals and reinforce their own lack of acceptance.

(Intently) They are not accepting themselves and therefore they shall willingly accept the non-acceptance of other individuals also, for they are deserving of this, for they are unworthy of any else, and this is an example of duplicity.

But many individuals merely are creating of this physical display of what you term to be overweightness for they choose to be creating of this, and they are not holding an issue. But they allow themselves to be affected in what you term to be negativity, for they accept the judgment of outside and are not listening to their own little voice, which is expressing, ‘You are choosing to be creating of this form, for you choose to be expressing yourself in this manner, and it is pleasing to you. And you are enjoying of consuming substances and therefore you are experiencing pleasure, moving through your focus with less thickness, and this is acceptable to you.’ (Laughter)

No, YOU shall move in the direction of placing many, many judgments upon yourself and expressing, ‘Some element is quite wrong with myself, for I am not creating in the manner of the officially accepted reality.’ And who is creating of the officially accepted reality? The ‘they.’ And who are the they? The you! YOU are the they! YOU are the ones that are creating of the officially accepted reality! Therefore, you are merely expressing outwardly your own battles with duplicity.

And what be so very wrong with what you may term to be plumpness? (Laughter) This may be quite attractive, and may be quite enjoyable to many individuals! It is merely a choice for experience. It is an indulgence of physical senses, and be this not one of your reasons for your creation within physical focus, to be experiencing physically? Why shall you not experience physically if you are physically focused? If you are not choosing to be physically experiencing, you need not enter physical focus. You may be experiencing non-physically.

This offers you a small example of the battles that rage within each of you in the silliest areas (laughter) that you create such trauma in regard to, for you hold such deep influence of these belief systems. THIS be your reason why you choose to be neutralizing – not eliminating but neutralizing – these belief systems, to be quelling these raging inner conflicts and confusions that you create continuously, not only within yourselves, but with each other.

And let me inquire of you, how many of you have moved through – let us focus – this time framework of one month with absolutely no conflicts with any other individual? (Much laughter)

FEMALE: I don’t think so!

ELIAS: And absolutely no conflicts with yourselves? There be your reason. One month – a very small amount of your time framework, and you are not accomplishing one month of no conflict ... but you may!

And beyond this statement, you may also offer yourselves the new freedom of experience, that you may be engaged within a particular conflict and it shall not appear to you within your perception any longer as negative. It shall be within your perception as a purposeful experience that YOU have created and participated within willingly and purposefully, which creates a very large difference. Not that you may eliminate all of your experiences – what be the point in this? – but that your perception of your experiences shall be dramatically altered, that even within a creation of conflict it shall not hold the same meaning to you, for it shall not be conflict within the definition that you assign to it presently. It shall be a purposeful experience for your gaining of information.

And you shall not be responding and reacting to this conflict in automatic manners as you do now, for you shall understand what and how you are creating of it all. And your necessity for creating of your conflicts shall become less and less and less, for you shall offer yourselves the information that it is unnecessary to be creating of conflict.

And this is NOT moving into the area of your psychology, which expresses to you that you shall pound your fists upon your ground or upon a cushion when you are experiencing great anger! I am NOT offering you an alternate route to be ‘channeling your energy into more productive areas!’ This would be quite common of your psychology!

I am expressing to you responses to your own questions, to your own concerns, to your own thoughts that you view to plague your own selves: ‘How do I create my reality? What am I creating? How shall I create my reality more effortlessly, with less thickness and less conflict?’ For this is the direction that you are moving into.

You have created much conflict throughout your history, and you have bored yourselves with it. You have created it and created it and created it, and you have batted this dead mouse (2) enough, and you move into a new direction of chasing a flying bird, which moves much more freely and much more excitedly than the dead mouse! And this be what you offer yourselves now, and I participate in helpfulness for your accomplishment of this choice.

You look to the label of ‘happiness.’ It is merely the elimination of your own inner conflicts, and as you trust yourselves more, you eliminate these inner conflicts.

And I shall be repeating of this ‘trust of self’ ten-thousand-and-one times, until the point that you each are accepting of the reality of the acceptance of self and trust of self and the discontinuation of looking to authorities and outside of self for your truths, for they are within you! And you need no Elias and you need no government and you need no churches and you need no sciences and you need no authorities to offer them to you, for you hold them already within yourselves.

And shall it be that one discarnate essence shall continue to be repeating of this, to the point that you view the gloriousness of yourselves? And I shall offer it willingly to you, for you ARE worthy and you ARE creative. You need merely be listening to your own small voice!” (Chuckling) [session 307, August 14, 1998]

ELIAS: “Within your history, many teachers have moved in the direction of expressing to you all, through many different belief systems and many different manners, that in order to be loving another individual, you must be loving of yourself first.

Now; I may express a similar concept, but not entirely the same concept, for you hold an innate ability to be naturally projecting an acceptance of other individuals in certain areas that you may not afford yourselves, and by the very nature of your beings, there are aspects of you that you shall be nurturing and loving to other individuals where you may not be loving and nurturing of yourselves, for these are all belief systems, and the mass belief systems move in the direction of discounting of self and creating of the martyr.

You are a very good individual if you are selfless. If you are always giving outwardly, you are a very good person. If you are receiving, if you are accepting for yourself, if you are concentrating upon yourself, if you are SELFISH, you are a very bad person. THIS is duplicity, the holding of two perceptions simultaneously, that you are good and you are bad at the same time, and within yourselves, you move in the direction of holding to this belief system very tightly, and you shall move in the direction repeatedly of discounting yourselves.

(Intently) I have expressed previously that you each may be very much more harmful and destructive, so to speak, to yourselves than any other individual within your entire dimension may ever attempt to be to you, for no other individual may be affecting of you without your agreement, but you may not always be within agreement to yourself! You may be within conflict and struggle within yourself, and individuals are QUITE hurtful to themselves.

You are creating of physical ailments, of dis-ease, of holding energy which is painful. You are creating of emotional trauma, dissatisfaction, dysfunctioning, lack of balance, misharmony, and fearfulness and unhappiness. And I express to you, in all sincerity, BE SELFISH. Look to self first, and offer to self all of the elements that you may offer to another individual, for you ARE worthy, and you are a magnificent creature and perfect in all of your expression.

And it matters not that you do not believe me, for I KNOW, for I hold the remembrance and you do not. Therefore, I may express to you with confidence: you ARE perfect, unflawed, and you need merely be acknowledging this of yourself.

For within your expression of acceptance of yourself and trust of yourself, you automatically shall project acceptance of other individuals, and they automatically shall magnate to you, and the natural byproduct of this trust and acceptance is your own joyfulness, which is quite easy! It is merely requiring of your own acceptance.” [session 324, September 23, 1998]

LORRAINE: “I guess the first thing I’d like to talk about is money, manifesting some of that. I’ve been reading some of the transcripts from some other people who have had questions about creating wealth, and it seems that one of the biggest things or problems is trusting and accepting yourself. I’ve been working on this money issue for a while, I guess more or less with my beliefs around money, and I guess I’ve been getting to some degree more money in the way of salary, but I really would like to be a philanthropist and be unemployed and just give money away to animal rights and animal welfare groups. That may sound a little off, but I need to find out what’s sort of the biggest block in my area, if it’s myself or my beliefs around money. Exactly what is my biggest stumbling block there?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express to you in response, this would be both. It would be partially your individual acceptance of self, and also partially your belief systems concerning this element of financial gain.

Now; let me express to you that this particular subject matter is presented within the experiences of many more individuals than may actually inquire within the forum of these sessions. This is a very common situation within your present time framework and within your society, and within several other societies also.

Individuals in this time framework, yourself also, are moving within the movement of this shift in consciousness, are becoming more aware of self and of their reality, and are experiencing this unrest, so to speak. This, let me express to you, is also an element of the movement of this shift in consciousness.

Now; in addressing to your individual situation, I may also be addressing to the mass experiences, for you are aligning with the mass experience and the mass expression and hold the same beliefs in this area and hold the same obstacles that other individuals experience also. One is the unfamiliarity in the trust of your abilities.

Within your thought processes, you concentrate upon trusting in self, and you affirm to yourself over and over that you DO trust your abilities to be manifesting financially, for you believe that if you are engaging an action – and even concentration is an action – that you shall be manifesting what you want. Therefore, you concentrate and you affirm to yourself in a direction of expression of trust in self, holding the thought process that this shall be the element that shall turn your creation and your circumstances and therefore be creating of what you want. But you also simultaneously hold belief systems in the area of financial gain, that you need be incorporating action and productivity – some element of effort that shall be creating or generating this type of expression.

You express to yourself that money does not fall from the sky. It does not materialize from the air. Therefore, it must be produced through action. In this, you equate that action which shall produce the money with effort, or your term ‘work.’ In this, you create an obstacle, for another aspect of yourself within your movement into widening of awareness is in conflict with that belief. You attempt to be moving into more of an expression of trust of self, although you do not quite understand yet what the definition of trust of self is. Therefore, within your translation, you concentrate upon your worth and the concept – not the reality but the concept – that you hold the ability to be creating any element within your reality.

These two thoughts, these two concepts, these two areas of your reality are within conflict. In one expression, you are all moving within the action of this shift. You are widening your awarenesses. You are turning your attention more and more to self, but there is confusion in that turn of attention to self.

You wish to be experiencing more freedom, but you do not wish to be experiencing more freedom. Ideally and within the action of this shift, you are creating movement in the direction of freedoms and less limitations and trust and acceptance of self, but practically speaking, you look to this ideal and you hold confusion in how you shall move within that freedom, for this is unfamiliar to you.

Freedom is the acknowledgment that you need not hold control, but control is very familiar to you. It is a very large bird within your bird cage. (3) It is well-fed and it also is a cantankerous bird, for this bird snaps!

In this, as you ARE turning your attention to self and widening your awareness, you turn your attention to your beliefs and the examination of all of the aspects of your beliefs. You reach inside of your bird cage and attempt to approach this particular bird of control. You extend your finger, that it may climb upon your finger and you may pull it out of the bird cage, thereby setting it free.

But to your surprise, as you extend your finger to this bird, it snaps at your finger and shall bite you, and you shall withdraw your finger and your hand from this cage quite quickly, and you shall close the door and view this bird and express to yourself, ‘I shall leave this bird alone. This bird snaps, and I shall allow this bird to continue in its expression, and I shall not be interrupting of it. I shall turn my attention to all of the other birds.’ Let me express to you though, this bird of control holds much control, so to speak, of the entire situation of the cage, for without this particular bird, you may reach your hand within the cage among the other birds and they shall not be snapping at you, but this particular bird creates automatic responses within you.

In this, the idea of freedom may be quite uncomfortable, for there is confusion in how you may be creating if you are not controlling.

The expression of trust is an expression of freedom – the allowance of natural flow, the allowance of energy to be moving in a natural manner that has been set forth within the line of probabilities that you have chosen to create, and the realization that you need not exert tremendous energy to actualize these probabilities, for once they have been set into motion, you have already directed the energy and it may be allowed to flow and manifest naturally.

But this is contrary to the familiar, and the familiar is that you must be objectively directing in the manner of control. This enters into the areas of cause and effect also. If you are creating a specific action, you may expect certain returns, in a manner of speaking.

This is a very difficult area for many, many individuals, for the conflict rages in very different expressions – the familiar and the unfamiliar. The familiar is how you have created your reality throughout this dimension and – individually to you – how you have created your reality throughout your focus.

You avail yourselves of information which offers you a different direction into the unfamiliar, the area of trust and freedom, but you are very accustomed to the action of other individuals directing you, and you not directing yourselves. You are also very accustomed to creating all of your reality within the element of control, and it is unnerving to you and suspect to you to be allowing yourselves the lack of control, but this is the area of trust.

You view yourself to be upon the edge of a precipice, and you may choose to climb down and plant yourself upon your solidity of your ground and control all of your actions, for you view that in this, you may anticipate and expect a specific outcome, so to speak, although the outcome may not necessarily move in the direction that you expect objectively, for in your climbing down, you may lose your footing, so to speak, and you may plummet to your ground, and your outcome may not be what you had anticipated. Or, you may allow yourself a free fall, trusting that although you do not hold an expectation of the outcome or how you may land, so to speak, you trust that you hold the ability to be creating your reality unscathed, and it matters not HOW this may be accomplished but that it SHALL be accomplished.

In this, as I have expressed to other individuals, the key is the knowing and the trusting, not in outside elements, not in the area of cause and effect, but within self, trusting that regardless of your objective reasoning, you shall be accomplishing, for you KNOW what your abilities are.

Now; a difficulty in this area is an element of the movement of this shift. You have moved into what may be expressed as beyond your midpoint of the action of this shift in consciousness, and as I have expressed previously, the energy gains momentum. In this, you all begin to lean in the direction of the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness.

I have expressed many times, this shift is not an event. It is not an explosion of consciousness that shall materialize within a moment futurely. It is being actualized in each moment through the widening of awareness and the acceptance and trust of each individual, and as individuals are trusting and accepting of themselves more and more within each moment, the action of the shift gains momentum and therefore becomes more and more of a mass expression, but this begins with the individuals.

In this, as the individuals actualize, they also move together collectively and create a collective reality that actualizes.

In this particular area of finances – of money, currency, and the action of physical exchange in the area of currency within your societies – you all are experiencing a restlessness. There is an underlying knowing within you that the action of this shift progresses; that you are moving into the expression of the mass creation of realization that your participation in this type of exchange is unnecessary.

But individually, in a figurative manner of speaking, you move your objective awareness a little ahead of the mass expression, and you hold the realization and the frustration that this method of exchange that you have created throughout your history is inefficient and it bores you, and you realize the limitations that are expressed within it. Therefore, you become impatient, recognizing that temporarily you need be continuing within the officially accepted reality and what you have created as a manner of exchange, but also holding frustration, recognizing the limitations of this particular creation.

In this, the manner in which it shall be expressed en masse – and this is key – is the individual expressions of the creations of trust in self and the recognition individually that you may be creating of any of these expressions. You may be creating of financial gain, so to speak, quite easily without control, in the expression of your individual trust and acceptance of self and the knowing – not with doubt, but the KNOWING – that you hold this ability, and therefore, the lack of questioning.

I have expressed this previously and I shall repeat this once again: Look to your individual focus. Look to events that you create within your focus effortlessly, with no concentration and with no doubt. Look to any action that is created within your reality quite effortlessly, and you shall recognize that a key element of its creation is you and your lack of questioning as to its creation. This extends in all areas of your reality.

You, without any thought process, place one foot in front of your other foot and you walk, and you accomplish moving from one end of your room to another end of your room with no thought process and within your perception quite effortlessly, and you hold no question within yourself that you may accomplish this.

You may be engaging activity of driving your motor vehicle within your focus, and quite effortlessly you may participate and engage in a creation of colliding with another motor vehicle. This shall be accomplished quite effortlessly, with no thought process and quite quickly.

Now; you hold no doubt within you and no questioning within you that if you are not holding your attention in your driving and your directing of your motor vehicle, that you shall encounter collision with another motor vehicle or an object. It matters not. You do not doubt that you hold the ability quite effortlessly to collide with any other physical structure within your reality in your direction of this motor vehicle. I shall express to you, conversely you hold great doubt that you may be directing of your motor vehicle and that you may be accomplishing movement within it if you are not paying attention and if you are not holding control and if you are not concentrating, and not collide.

But also think of your reality, for you hold this experience and many, many, many other individuals hold this experience also. Look to your physical reality within certain moments. You may be engaging the action of driving your motor vehicle and you may be accomplishing moving from one point to another point, and as you arrive at your destination, you may step from your vehicle and you may express to yourself and to other individuals, ‘I hold no explanation, but I hold no memory of how this vehicle has accomplished arriving at this destination, for I was not paying attention, but I did not engage collision. The vehicle drove itself.’ This is an example, in very physical terms, of you allowing yourself to be creating a movement, accomplishing a direction, and arriving at your set destination effortlessly with no concentration, and trusting that you shall not encounter obstacles. But you do not afford yourself this same type of action intentionally in specific areas, and this one particular area of financial gain is a very large area that you and other individuals engage in the lack of trust of self, the continuation and perpetuation of feeding the bird of control, and the perpetuation of impatience and frustration, which moves you into the direction of a lack of trust, for it creates your movement into the expression of concentration upon the very subject of trust.

Trust is not accomplished by concentration objectively.” [session 452, August 08, 1999]

RODNEY: “I’ve been listening to your encouragement – at least I take it as encouragement – to be widening my understanding of awareness, to be widening of my awareness, and I’ve just recently begun to lend some time-energy to the act of meditation.

I’ve also accepted the idea that I can use intuitive information to my personal benefit and personal power – I’m talking in a material sense – and over the last four or five months, I have chosen to attempt to make an honest effort to intuitively pick certain stocks on the stock market, and my small retirement fund, and to capitalize and make money on that, and I’ve actually been somewhat successful over the last four or five months, almost doubling my money.

I find that that’s a particular activity where one has to be truly dedicated to what one is up to and not be frivolous. Otherwise, one might burn oneself. But I find that the necessity of being truly dedicated and truly paying attention to what’s happening actually lends energy to my ultimate goal here, which is to develop a greater awareness of what information is available to me.

ELIAS: Quite! You are correct, for this is your objective imagery that you are creating yourself to be offering you a type of exercise, that you may be practicing acceptance and trust of self and of your abilities.

You may experiment with an activity, which you may view objectively in what you consider to be solid terms, that offers you an objective, tangible payoff that you may also translate into other areas of your focus that may not be quite so tangible in physical matter, but are equally affecting of you within your focus.

This offers you, within your experience, the opportunity to be experimenting in the trust of self, allowing you an acknowledgment and a validation that as you are trusting of yourself, you shall be offering yourself your payoff and you shall be allowing yourself to accomplish, regardless of the direction that you are choosing.

This is an important point, for it is the motivation that holds significance in this imagery that you have created with yourself.

For you create, in your individual reality, a choice to be engaging a direction of financial gain. This is a direction that many, many, many individuals wish to be creating, but in their assessment, they are not successfully creating the materialization of that gain, so to speak. I have been expressing to many individuals, within this time framework of this particular year, to be examining their underlying motivation, and that this is quite influencing of how they shall materialize or not materialize their objective want.

The want is very similar with you all, but the motivation underlyingly may be quite different.

The want objectively is to be acquiring financial gain. The underlying motivation is the determining factor.

The underlying motivation in what YOU are creating is the creation of an objective exercise that you may practice with in objective terms that offers you the opportunity to view in solid, tangible, objective creation the validation of your individual abilities.

And this lends energy to your reinforcement of your trust in self, and also lends a reinforcement to yourself that you DO hold the ability to be creating what you CHOOSE to be creating, that you ARE the director of your reality, that you ARE creating your reality IN ACTUALITY, and this moves you in the direction of your objective, so to speak, as you define it, of widening your awareness, allowing you an acceptance and trust of self.

Other individuals objectively want to be creating of the same imagery in financial gain, but their underlying motivation is quite different. Their underlying motivation is to be creating of an ease in their focus, to be attaining or creating an avenue for attaining all of the other physical pleasures and wants that they seek, using the element of financial gain as the pivotal point or the cornerstone, so to speak, upon which they shall build their entire direction of movement; NOT moving their attention in the direction of trust of self, NOT crediting self with these creations, but crediting the financial gain as the facilitating element for the movement within their focus.

Therefore, the motivation and the direction is shifted away from self and the trust of self to the trust in a particular creation.

RODNEY: That what you have just said really rings true for me.

I lived in a really cramped, small apartment for like eight years, and I chose last year to create a new place for myself, and I set some characteristics, like I wanted it to have a lot of light, and I wanted it to be larger and to have a nice kitchen, and I set some parameters that I wanted. And then after I had done that, I found myself mentally going to the place of, ‘Well, I don’t really think I can afford to do that in this area. What would I have to give up?’ et cetera, and I began to see how I was defeating myself by doing that.

So, I basically trusted that I had the ability to create what I wanted, and whenever the thought of this new apartment came into my mind, I required that I hold the desire with a trust that this was going to come to pass. And I was, frankly, totally astonished that the place I’m now living in materialized a quarter of a mile from where I was living, and I had no idea that this place existed when I decided that I wanted a nicer place to live. The apartment has all the parameters that I requested, and it’s affordable, and everything went together, and the money turned out not to be an issue.

And I found that when I was considering using the stock market as an avenue for developing my intuitional abilities, I found that a major issue that came up for me was, ‘Do I really want this additional power? Do I really want this extra money?’ Because much of my life I had been taught that struggle and poverty was noble, in one way or another, and I found that I had to overcome that. I had to overcome my discounting of myself, and just a tremendous amount of duplicity in this area.

ELIAS: Quite!

RODNEY: And I had to face that, and I’ve been facing it, and over the last ... since April, I’ve been just blown away by what I’ve been able to do when I DID allow myself to act in ways that were not duplicitous, that did not buy into all of these belief systems that simply don’t work for people, and don’t work for me!

ELIAS: Quite, and in this, you reinforce your trust of self and trust of your abilities, which creates a type of circle. Although you surprise yourself with each of your accomplishments, you also create a reinforcement that creates more of an ease for each subsequent movement, and in this circle, it becomes easier and easier to be trusting of self and of your abilities.

In this, you also allow yourself to become much more attuned to self and your impressions and your intuitional voice. Therefore, as you offer yourself information in ANY direction, you begin trusting those impressions that you offer to yourself, regardless of how irrational they may appear within the moment.

RODNEY: (Laughing) Thank you! (Elias laughs) Yes, I know exactly what you're talking about! (Elias chuckles)

I have chosen to spend up to thirty minutes, before I retire in the evening and when I first get up in the morning, to spend some time in quiet meditation. Do you have any suggestions for me particularly in pursuing that endeavor?

I’m kind of taking off on a point that Seth made – he called it psy-time – and I’m simply beginning to observe, you know, the images that come to me, quieting my thoughts and allowing those things to happen. That’s where I’m beginning from, and I wondered if you might have any suggestions to add to that.

ELIAS: My offering to you in suggestion is that you allow yourself within this time framework to be accessing or noticing repeated imagery.

RODNEY: Okay....

ELIAS: For in this, as you allow yourself to be noticing of certain elements of imagery that repeat within your meditations or your visualizations, you shall also allow yourself the recognition that these repeated images may be used as your trigger points, and once you are availing yourself of these trigger points, we may move in further discussion of how you may be manipulating your energy in conjunction with those trigger points to be accessing different areas of consciousness in....

RODNEY: Excellent. Thank you! I will pursue that, and I look forward to that discussion.” (Elias chuckles) [session 507, November 26, 1999]

BOBBI: “I’d like to start today with some questions from other people.

ELIAS: Very well.

BOBBI: The first would be a question from Mary [Ennis], and I’m going to read exactly what we went over and start from there.

Her question is, ‘In light of this information and my limited understanding of it, if I think another person did something to me that I perceive was hurtful and I lose trust in that person, how do I regain trust in that person?’ (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. You may offer to Michael [Mary] this explanation. As he is already aware, first of all, the attention is to be directed to self. Therefore, the question is not in actuality how shall he regain trust in another individual, but identifying what is not being trusted within self that creates the situation. The other individual, regardless of their choices, does not create your reality.

Therefore, in relation to this question, I may express to Michael [Mary] the inquiry of what in actuality does he not trust within himself? He may be expressing this question in relation to another individual, for he is not trusting his own ability to be creating what he wants adequately and [is] continuing to view that another individual dictates his choices, which is incorrect. Other individuals do not dictate to you your choices. But many times individuals may allow themselves to be dictated to, as they view that they do not incorporate their own choices.

Now; Michael [Mary] has moved into more of an awareness of self and has been creating a much fuller relationship with self recently, and therefore has also offered himself an objective awareness of what he chooses and what he creates, and has offered himself what we may identify as a glimmer in the identification of his ability to be creating what he wants. Although this be a quite unfamiliar expression, he may also experience moving into the familiar associations in relation to interaction with other individuals.

Now; in questioning what he is creating within himself and allowing himself to examine inwardly what the expression of the lack of trust genuinely is and what aspect of himself that is being projected from, he may also allow himself movement within his own abilities to turn his perception, recognizing that he creates what he projects to his perception through his own associations and beliefs.

I may express once again, it matters not what other individuals choose. What holds importance is your perception and what you choose, and whether you allow yourself choice or whether you create the expression of being a victim of yourself. For being a victim of another individual is, in actuality, being a victim of yourself, for another individual may not victimize you.

Therefore, if he is experiencing what he identifies as a lack of trust in another individual, in actuality what is being created is an expression of a lack of trust of his own ability to be creating what he wants to be creating efficiently or, in his terms, completely.

I may express to you, Jale [Bobbi], which you may offer to Michael [Mary], he is moving in this direction, but he continues to associate that he may create what he wants in his reality and in his choices to a point; he may create his reality in relation to another individual partially. But there is a point in that creation which he also creates a stop, for he continues to view that the other individual creates part of the scenario or the interaction, and therefore aspects of his reality continue to be dependent upon the choices of other individuals. In actuality they are not, and I may also express, he may be reminding himself in his experiences what he has offered to himself in information concerning his ability.

For you create what you concentrate upon, and what you project outward in relation to your beliefs and associations within self – which are directly influenced by your trust and acceptance of self – is what you shall filter through your perception, and you shall create a precise translation of all of those expressions that you hold inwardly.

For example, if you are expressing a lack of trust concerning another individual, you project an energy to your perception which creates an actual physical manifestation of that lack of trust. The lack of trust is expressed in relation to a fear. Protection accompanies fear, for in any expression that any of you create in association with fear, you automatically also couple that fear with defense.

As you create this movement of energy, you project specific messages to your perception, and your perception creates an actual physical reality that reflects those associations, that fear and defense. And what are you defending, and what are you defending against? The other individual does not create hurtfulness to you. You create that within self. Therefore, what is the identification of what is being defended, and what is it being defended from? (Pause)

BOBBI: I understand what you’re saying. I also understand what Michael [Mary] was relating to me this morning, having gone through a similar situation. What we both don’t care to experience again is that depth of hurt and sadness and everything else that went along with that in our conflict and our situations with another individual.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the importance of turning your attention to self and not projecting your attention outward in relation to the other individual, for all that is created is within you.

Therefore, if you are holding your attention upon the other individual and you are creating expectation in relation to the other individual and their choices and their expressions, their experiences, their behaviors, you are not paying attention to what YOU are creating. Therefore, you are also not listening to your communications and your signals as they occur for your attention is held upon the other individual, and you create further blocking of your own communications and not paying attention to those communications as you create the defense, for the defense creates a type of shield within your energy that further removes your attention from your own communications. You create less attention listening to your own communications, your impressions, your emotional communications. You do not hear them.

BOBBI: Right – putting all the energy into defense, into the shield.

ELIAS: Correct, and in paying attention to the other individual.

Now; as you allow yourself to turn your attention once again to self, and you explore within yourself this identification of trust or a lack of trust and what YOU are creating, this allows your energy to flow without the block, and you allow yourself much more of a freedom of your own movement and your own creations.

One of the strongest influences in these types of situations is the lack of recognition of your genuine ability to be creating what you want FULLY. You recognize merely a partial exercising of your ability. This quality that you hold, this expression of yourselves in ability holds tremendous significance, for this one expression is very affecting in what you shall or shall not allow yourselves to create.

If you are expressing a lack of trust concerning the other individual, this is what you shall create quite precisely, and you shall reinforce your inability to be trusting of the other individual for you shall create them in the mold of your lack of trust. Therefore, you shall view the behaviors in your projection of the other individual that move in harmony with your belief, with your expression.

Now; as to his question, how may he regain a trust which he views himself to have lost, so to speak, in relation to the other individual, this may be accomplished quite genuinely as he recognizes that each moment that he is expressing this lack of trust, this is precisely what he shall create.

BOBBI: So, theoretically you could trust anybody in the whole world. Would that be correct?


BOBBI: That would be a big step for me! (Laughs)

ELIAS: This is not to say that you may create a preference of interaction with other individuals or that you may not be creating a preference. This is not to say that you shall choose to be interactive with every other individual within your physical dimension, objectively. You choose individuals that you prefer to be interactive with, and you choose not to be interactive with some other individuals for it is not in alignment with your preference, but this does not involve the expression of trust.

You may be choosing not to be interactive with certain individuals for many reasons, in your terms. You may not be expressing a similar tone. You may be engaging a particular type of counterpart action with another individual that may be influencing of your lack of a desire to be interactive with them. You may be encountering another individual that holds a very different personality type from yourself, and you may choose not to be interactive with that individual. You may hold associations and beliefs concerning morality or value within your belief systems that may prevent you, so to speak, or you shall prevent yourself from interacting with certain individuals. But none of these identifications are associated with trust. You may trust any other individual, for it is not concerning the other individual, regardless. The trust is expressed within yourself.

BOBBI: So the idea of trusting someone else is not really accurate.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: It’s a matter of trusting yourself in any interaction.

ELIAS: Correct, for this is not the situation. It matters not. It is irrelevant to be expressing trust in relation to another individual.

BOBBI: In so far as re-establishing or regaining trust in someone else, that’s not even what you would be doing. You would be changing your perception within yourself.

ELIAS: Correct, and recognizing that the issue of trust, the identification of the issue of trust, is expressed within self [and] not in relation to the other individual, for you shall create precisely what you express through your beliefs and associations. If you are creating trust within yourself, I may express to you quite definitely, you shall create experiences and scenarios within your focus which reflect that expression of trust. If you are expressing a lack of trust, you shall also create that type of experience. You shall draw to yourself that type of energy.

Let me express to you, you may be interactive with another individual that objectively is known to be many different identifications of expressions that you view as unacceptable, hurtful, and untrustworthy, so to speak, in your terms. You may be interactive with an individual that in your assessment is untruthful or that may steal or that may be violent or that has been known to be murderous or torturous, all of the identifications of actions that you view as immoral and unacceptable and negative, and in your expression of trust within self, you may also experience the calm and the knowing that no harm shall befall you, for you are creating it.

BOBBI: Okay. (Laughs, and a pause) I don’t know what to add to that. I think that that’s a lot to assimilate.

ELIAS: (Chuckle) You may also offer to Michael [Mary], as I am aware of his energy, his expression of retreat, so to speak, as he is already aware, is directly associated with this issue of trust; and in this, although he holds an awareness of his automatic response, he continues to be creating this expression which is what may be identified as a defense, and as he continues to create the defense, he also continues to not create what he wants and to reinforce the skepticism, so to speak, and that is expressed within the other individual, as it is received by him. (Slight pause)

Do not delude yourselves in the expression that another individual is not aware of what you project, for they are.” [session 838, May 15, 2002]

KATHLEEN: “Elias, in duplicity is there a remedy in forgiveness, or what is the role of forgiveness, both of self or of others or of others for us?

ELIAS: I may express to you, forgiveness is yet again an expression that is not what it appears to be. There are many aspects of your reality that are not what they appear to be.

Forgiveness, in your definition, is an action that you view to be positive and reinforcing and necessary to be moving into acceptance. I may express to you, this is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, for forgiveness, in actuality, is the discounting of another individual, expressing within yourself that another individual has wronged or hurt or been injurious to you. No other individual may be those expressions to you, for essences are not intrusive, and you create all of your reality. Therefore if you are experiencing injury, you have created that within yourself. Another individual does not create that against you. This is a facet of your perception and the power of your perception.

In this, forgiveness discounts another individual and expresses that there is some element concerning the other individual that needs be fixed, or that they are inadequate in their expression, or that they are wrong – and there is no wrong. It also discounts you, for as you move into an expression of forgiveness with another individual, you are discounting your own choices and your ability to adequately create your reality without incorporating the role as a victim.

KATHLEEN: What is the role of forgiveness of self, then?

ELIAS: It is also another expression of reinforcing ‘victim.’ For if you are a victim, you have created an inability for choice, and your perception of this is inadequate or wrong or bad.

KATHLEEN: Well then, what is the response to duplicity that becomes a healing of it?

ELIAS: Acceptance and trust. These two movements shall be ultimately affecting in allowing you to move beyond these judgments that you place upon yourself or upon other individuals, genuinely expressing trust within yourself and your abilities, and movement within your own individual process into acceptance.

I may express to you also, my friend, that you may hold with yourself. As you create the expression of your focus and the tapestry of your experiences that comprise the exploration of your focus, the shadows are equally as important as the light, for they offer the depth.” [session 848, June 09, 2001]

ERIN: “... Another thing that I’m thinking about recently, I’m not sure how to formulate into a question but I’m going to try. I feel like with my own movement right now I’m confused about the difference between consciously directing myself versus just trusting and allowing myself. It doesn’t seem like there actually is a conflict between those things, but it seems to me right now like there is.

ELIAS: You are correct. In actuality, there is no conflict. But the reason that you are experiencing confusion and some expression of conflict is that you are complicating.

In this, you are attempting to separate what you think of as different actions, and in actuality they are not necessarily different actions. For in paying attention to yourself and trusting yourself and allowing yourself the freedom of your expressions, you are directing of yourself intentionally. What may appear to be confusing to you is the action of intentionally choosing specific directions and knowing what you want to be accomplishing in those directions and intentionally creating that.

Now; as I have stated, in actuality there is no conflict between allowing and directing. It appears to you as being conflicting or confusing, for the action of intentionally directing of yourself requires an intimacy of familiarity with yourself. In this, you generate that intimacy and knowing of yourself in the action of paying attention to all that you are communicating to yourself continuously, paying attention to what you are doing, and also paying attention to your thought translations. All three actions are important and move together harmoniously if you are moving your attention to be incorporating all three actions.

Now; in this, it is also necessary to be holding your attention in the now and [to be] aware of all of these actions as they are occurring in the now in each moment. Once you are allowing yourself that flexibility of your attention, you are aware of the influences of your beliefs and you are also aware of your choices. Therefore, it IS an expression of trusting yourself and allowing your energy to move in your directions that you want naturally and freely, and it does not require tremendous thought processes in analyzation of what you are doing or what you want. You merely allow yourself to express freely, and this is expressed through your trust of yourself.

Now; in this, as you continue to practice holding your attention in the now and paying attention to these three aspects of yourself, these three functions of yourself, it shall become easier and more familiar and you shall experience less confusion and conflict. It is merely a matter of not complicating the process, in a manner of speaking. (20-second pause)

ERIN: It seems like now that I’m finishing with school, I’m going to be able to engage with all of this information, and understanding and practicing with my attention. I’m just very excited about becoming involved with all of this. (Elias laughs)” [session 1220, December 20, 2002]

STEVE: “You’ve expressed the importance of trust several times. You brought it up this morning. Paul’s trust digest in the website points out that we can create anything we want just by trusting we can do it. (4) Have I got that right?

If so, let’s say I have a sprained ankle and I want to conjure up some trust in the now and make that thing vanish. Because you don’t want me to say I’m gonna get in done in a week – that’s not good. Also, you don’t want me to conjure up this trust with thought, so you don’t want me to say to myself, ‘I’m really going to trust myself and get this done.’ You don’t want that. So would you give us a formula? Because right now I don’t have the trust that I can make that thing vanish in one second, and that’s what you’re saying you want us to do, trust that we can.

ELIAS: No, that is not what I have expressed. I am not expressing that it is impossible for you to generate that type of action; it is not impossible and you can. Is it likely that you will? No, it is not. For you generate processes, which I expressed previously. This is a natural action that you engage, for it offers you information in each step. Therefore, in engaging processes it is important to trust – yes, to trust. What the elements, the components of trust are is paying attention to what you are doing, paying attention to your associations and your feelings, and paying attention to what you are thinking. These three actions are the components that allow you – or do not allow you – to express trust.

Trust is the lack of doubt and the knowing that you can and that you already have. That is what trust is.

STEVE: That I’ve already cured it?

ELIAS: The KNOWING that you already have.

STEVE: But I thought that you said that was a long shot.

ELIAS: No. In that expression, you generate the allowance for your process to create healing that manifestation. It may or it may not immediately appear or manifest. But as I have expressed, as you do naturally incorporate processes, the likelihood that you will instantaneously alter a manifestation of a broken bone is quite slim. It is not, once again, impossible, but it is improbable.

STEVE: Take us through it a step at a time. I’m sitting there in a chair saying, ‘Man, I’ve got this sprained ankle.’ My thoughts are I want to get rid of this sprained ankle. That’s step one. Step two is I’m going to think about what I’m doing. I’m sitting here trying to get rid of this sprained ankle, that’s what I’m doing. Number three is the feeling – the feeling is I’m suffering and I don’t like this. What then? My sprained ankle goes away because I went through that process?

ELIAS: No. You are not identifying what I have expressed. What you are identifying is the physical action. You are identifying what you are feeling and what your association is, that you do not like it, but you are not identifying the energy that you are expressing. You are not ALTERING the energy. What you are doing is merely identifying, and in that identification, you continue the concentration upon it. Therefore, you continue to manifest it.

Whereas, if you are recognizing, ‘I have sprained my ankle; I do not like this manifestation; it is painful,’ rather than expressing, ‘I do not want this manifestation,’ this is another shockwave acknowledging the importance of what you do not like. Therefore, that is what you will pay attention to and continue create.

But in this, as you view your ankle being sprained, you express to yourself the acknowledgment of that: ‘Yes, it is sprained; yes, it is uncomfortable. What am I expressing to myself in this moment? What am I doing in this moment?’ Are you concentrating on the pain? Are you generating importance in what you do not like? Or can you view this manifestation and express to yourself, ‘I AM healing this’? Not ‘I will heal this,’ but ‘I am ALREADY actively engaging this action of healing this manifestation.’

STEVE: Without using thoughts though, without saying the words, right?

ELIAS: You can incorporate that, as I have expressed. It is a cooperation of these three elements: thinking, feeling, doing.

STEVE: So it’s okay to say the mantra ‘I am healing my ankle in this moment’?

ELIAS: You can, but if the other elements are not involved, that is not enough. Thinking alone is not enough, for it does not create. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate the other two elements of the association: the feeling and the doing. For the association very strongly influences perception, and perception actually creates the physical reality that you engage. Every element in your physical reality is created by your perception.

STEVE: So under ideal circumstances, what is it we’re supposed to focus on that we’re doing?

ELIAS: The doing is inward and outward. Are you incorporating actions that perpetuate the manifestation, or are you doing physical actions that allow for the healing? Inwardly, are you not questioning yourself and generating a calm knowing, or are you questioning yourself: can I do this, will I do this, is it possible to do this? Are you worrying, or are you expressing confidence that yes, I AM creating this healing now.

STEVE: And this is enough? You don’t have to figure whether I gave myself a sprained ankle as a communication about some inner psychic problem I have? You can just will these things out of existence with these methods you’re describing alone?

ELIAS: Yes. It is not necessary to generate lengthy evaluations and analyzations. You may actually offer yourself information in conjunction with some manifestation that you create, but it is not necessary to generate an analyzation. Many individuals do create physical manifestations as a method to offer themselves information. Many individuals generate this type of method in which they create some type of physical manifestation to gain their attention to offer themselves a new experience or new information. But if you are not looking to that type of information and you are merely focusing upon the manifestation itself and wanting to alter it, yes, this is enough.

STEVE: We’ve got the doing and the thinking down; what should I be feeling while I’m doing and thinking?

ELIAS: Feeling the KNOWING – not the worrying, not the doubting.

STEVE: Why does trust work? Why is it so magical? Why does everything collapse once I distrust?

ELIAS: For when you trust, you do not question. Therefore, you are directly directing your shockwave in the direction that you want. You are expressing without doubt what you want, and your leprechaun is responding and expressing, ‘Very well, you have it, what you want.’ That is the magic of intentionally creating what you want.

GEORGE: ... Elias, actually I have a question for the gentleman with the sprained ankle. Let me ask you a question. You wake up in the morning, your bladder’s full and you go to the bathroom, right? Do you think about it?

STEVE: No, not at all.

GEORGE: You just trust you’re going to make it. That’s exactly it with the trust. It’s the same process.

ELIAS: Precisely.” [session 2227, March 17, 2007]

BILL: “Elias, recently we’ve been discussing at BlueFlash the concept of knowing and trust in terms of creating what it is you want to create. As an example, I pick up this box and I don’t think about it, I just know. What I’ve been talking about there is if knowing exists, I don’t really need to think about doing. I just do it. Trust is almost like a path developed to the knowing. Like if I hit my hand with a hammer, I only have a two percent trust that it ain’t gonna hurt, and it hurts. I was suggesting at BlueFlash that we practice the trust thing with little things first, to build it. Then eventually you don’t have to (inaudible) to do it.

ELIAS: Correct.

BILL: Is that the relationship between trust and knowing? Knowing isn’t like you know you can do it; you just do it without thought.

ELIAS: There is no doubt.

BILL: You get to that point by building, in a process, trust?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes?

AMY: So building up trust to change my beliefs will change my outer world...

ELIAS: No. You are not changing beliefs. You are not eliminating beliefs; you are not changing beliefs. But you are becoming more aware of them. Your beliefs are not your enemy!

AMY: For example, I had a belief that eating chocolate cake it will make me fat. If I can change that belief that no matter what I eat (inaudible).

ELIAS: No, you are not changing the belief. You are changing which influence you choose to express. You may continue to hold that belief that chocolate cake incorporates the potential to generate fat, but you are choosing a different influence, not of a belief of chocolate cake but of what you consume. That is the belief, that what you consume affects your weight or your appearance. You are choosing to change which influence of that belief that you want to express, and that offers you more freedom to engage.

This is what I am expressing when I say to you your beliefs are not your enemy. Yes, you incorporate a belief that what you consume affects your weight or your appearance. But within that belief, you can choose a myriad of consumable items that will be compatible with you. You can choose what you consume and how it is affecting of you.

AMY: So I guess not change, but if I keep repeating... I want to make this change in my life so I can be more creative in my work, in my daily activities, with more of who I am, and yet I feel I keep creating everyday the same situation. I get closer to what I want, and then I feel like I go back again. I don’t quite get there. So if it’s not changing a belief about myself, then what is it I need to do to get past it?

ELIAS: This is not unusual. What you are doing is you are losing sight of the process. You are focusing upon the outcome. When you are focused upon the outcome, you are not paying attention to the process, and you are not allowing the process to unfold. In that, you generate some movement, but you do not allow yourself to accomplish what you want, for you are not paying attention to what you are doing. You are focusing upon the outcome.

The outcome is an intention. Once you have set the intention, it is not necessary to dwell upon that outcome, for the more you do, the more you do not pay attention to what you are actually doing in your process, and the more you are not paying attention to how it can naturally unfold in surprising manners.

I have incorporated an analogy recently, which I will offer to you also. Were you to hold a beautiful flower bud in your hand and you want to see it bloom, you would not pull its petals and force it to open. You would engage patience, which is allowance, and you would allow it to unfold itself and bring with it the surprise of what the bloom offers. What appears on the outside as a bud may appear very differently once it unfolds. It may surprise you. It may be pink outwardly, and it may be orange and yellow inwardly, which you may not have expected.

It is the same in your experiences. You set an intention and do not concern yourself with that any longer. Pay attention to the unfolding of your process and generate an openness for unexpected surprises. This is the point of paying attention to what type of energy you are projecting. Just as you expressed, if you are trusting yourself, it is not as much a matter of the outcome. It is the allowance of yourself to move to the outcome through that building of trust and practicing that knowing, practicing that not doubting.

You will notice, any of you, when you accomplish the most successfully is when you are determined, and the common factor in determination is that you do not doubt. You KNOW you will accomplish. You are determined to do so. In that, you are unstoppable. And you all have engaged these experiences.

Remember your determination. Allow yourselves to remind yourselves what that feels [like], when you are determined. You allow no expression to interrupt you. You are not dissuaded; you are not distracted. You are focused, and you accomplish, and you accomplish easily and in astonishment and surprise. For you generally will express once you have accomplished, ‘I cannot believe that was so very easy. Factors fell into place and unexpected elements occurred, but fit.’ Of course they fit, for you did not doubt, and you incorporated that determination. When you are feeling frustrated, remember your determination and what it feels like.

BILL: Would you say that trust is more, in general, involved with the process?


BILL: So trust is process.

ELIAS: Yes, quite so. And trust is the lack of doubt.” [session 2377, October 20, 2007]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(2) Paul’s note: Elias uses the metaphor of a cat playing with a dead mouse to represent our endless fascination with creating and experiencing conflict, fear, and trauma.

ELIAS: “Within our early sessions, I expressed examples of individuals and experiences. If you are experiencing joyfulness, happiness, a gift, you are receiving of this, you are experiencing this, and you allow this to fly away. You do not hold to it. Therefore, you view happiness or joyfulness as fleeting, for you merely view it for what it is – an experience – and you allow this experience to fly away. You do not hold to this experience. But if you are creating of what you believe to be a negative experience – a painful, a fearful, a hurtful experience – you hold to this. You play your game of your cat and mouse; and even as the mouse is dead, you continue to bat with the mouse and play and examine and toss about this dead mouse, for it fascinates you!

Within essence non-physically, you do not hold negative. There is no positive/negative, right/wrong, good/evil. You merely are. You merely experience these elements for you hold belief systems that suggest these elements to you and influence your emotional state FOR the experience. Within your logic, express to me: Is it not logical that you would CHOOSE to be exploring elements that ARE unfamiliar to you, that you would choose to bat the dead mouse for it is unfamiliar? This be why you hold a fascination with these elements, and they attain your attention, and you pay much more attention to them than you do to joyfulness. Although joyfulness is not an element of non-physical focus either, within your belief systems it is closer to familiarity than fearfulness.” [session 253, December 28, 1997]

(3) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of birds in a cage to represent the relationship between individual beliefs and belief systems.

ELIAS: “... I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELIAS: “The bird cage is neutral. It is merely a cage. It CONTAINS something; it contains the birds. The birds are that which flutter and fly and peck at each other and at you, and hold much energy and are very affecting and are at times quite fascinating also, and quite colorful! But once the cage is empty, the cage remains; but it holds no affectingness, for it is empty. It then becomes ornamental. You may place the cage wherever you choose. You may look within your home and you may express, ‘I am pleased with this cage upon my mantel. I view that I shall move the cage to a table.’ It matters not. The cage remains the same. It is merely a cage. The birds may be quite messy, and you may be quite careful where you shall place the cage with all the birds contained inside!” [session 307, August 14, 1998]

Digests: find out more about belief systems; an overview.

(4) Bobbi’s note: Steve is referring to Paul Helfrich’s Elias website at

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