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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Your purpose, as we have expressed, is to experience; but you are correct that within each individual focus you also hold individual intents, and as you hold these intents you create desires, and within this you create probabilities to choose from within a pool aligning with your intent.” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

RETA: “Can you give us a few ideas on developing an understanding of our intent, or of ourselves and our belief systems?”

ELIAS: “Look to yourself and examine the entirety of your focus. Look to the commonalties throughout your focus presently. Your intent shall be manifest from the beginning. You shall be following with this throughout the entirety of your focus. Therefore, look and view the events and the desires within you throughout your focus, and you shall arrive at the intent that you hold. Be understanding that regardless of whether you realize objectively what your intent is, you shall manifest in line with this intent. You may experience conflict, for you hold fearfulness and you allow belief systems to block you within your movement; but you shall be manifesting within the designs of your intent.” [session 165, April 19, 1997]

ELIAS: “An intent is the potential that an individual holds to be fulfilling of their individual value fulfillment within their pool of probabilities that they have chosen for the individual focus.” [session 264, February 01, 1998]

ELIAS: “Your intent is a followed desire. You implement action to fulfill your intent, but the intent itself is not necessarily an action. It may be more likened to an ideal, a concept, a direction, but it in itself is not the action. The action is that which is implemented to be accomplishing of the direction of the intent.” [session 289, June 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “I shall also express briefly that your intent – as associated with families and alignment with families – is also not your orientation. Therefore, do not confuse these qualities either, for individuals are already confusing intent and qualities of their essence families and alignments with essence families to the qualities of orientations, and they are not related.” [session 381, April 09, 1999]

ELIAS: “... you may accomplish certain actions within your intent, and they may be very, very similar to actions that may be outside of your intent.

“In this, what I am expressing to you is that you may choose certain actions that I may express to you are not within your intent, and the reason that they are not within your intent is your motivation, which I have expressed to you previously.

“It is not necessarily the action itself or the want itself that is being prevented from being accomplished, but it is the motivation that is underlying within these actions that may not necessarily be in alignment with your intent, and therefore you may not be actualizing your want, for it is not in alignment with your intent within the motivational factor.

Therefore, if the motivation is attended to and is altered, you may be creating a very similar want that may be actualized.” [session 388, April 27, 1999]

FEMALE: “Do we each have a higher purpose than this thing called physical reality? I’ve always had a sense that I do, but I haven’t quite figured out what it is yet. And if we do, can you offer suggestions as to how we can get clear on the contribution we’re supposed to be....”

ELIAS: “Let me express to you, as to your question – do you hold a higher purpose – no, you do not. But I shall express to you, the reason that you feel that you hold a higher purpose is your recognition and your knowing that you DO hold an individual intent.

“Each individual within their manifestation in physical focus holds an intent, and this is the direction that that individual has chosen to be creating its reality in conjunction with. It is the expression of their individual creativity, and this is the motivating and directing force of each individual within physical focus.

“This is translated into an identification of purpose, but I express to you, there is a difference.

“Purpose is what you are accomplishing within every moment in every movement that you create in your exploration. You are purposefully creating your exploration. Your intent is your direction.

“And in this, what may be helpful to you in your identification of your intent is your desire, your creativity, and what you identify physically or define physically as your ‘contribution.’ Your contribution in actuality is merely your expression of yourself in the fullness of your creativity individually, and this is the expression of your value fulfillment.

“Therefore, as you look for your purpose, merely look to your genuine expression of self in what creates joyfulness and fun within you, and this is the direction of your desire. As you move in this direction, you are creating of your purpose.” [session 475, September 22, 1999]

ELIAS: “... you continuously follow your intent throughout your entirety of your focus; in the moments that you choose not to be, you disengage.” [session 983, January 18, 2002]

ELIAS: “... The manner in which you may discover your intent is to be examining all of your experiences throughout your focus from the onset, not merely now but throughout the entirety of your focus. In that, as you examine your directions and your choices and your experiences throughout your focus, you may discover the theme that is expressed.

“The theme is not necessarily a distinct direction, but it is what motivates all of your more specific directions. Therefore, all of the directions that you have incorporated within the entirety of your focus in some manner shall relate to that general theme.

“It is significant that individuals discover their intent themselves, for this is an action that offers you significant information concerning yourself, and it is helpful for you to become more familiar with yourself and your motivations and what your desire is in this particular focus, what your exploration is in this focus, which also explains many of your motivations in different situations and what you draw to yourself and why you draw that to yourself, for it is associated with your intent.” [session 1695, January 15, 2005]

ELIAS: “Intents are general themes of exploration, and within those general themes, there are many, many, many specific avenues that you can incorporate to express that intent. There are countless, in actuality.

“An intent would not be expressed as an individual has the intent of being impoverished within a focus. It may be that the individual chooses the intent to be exploring challenges or challenges with difficulties. The individual may create more specific avenues of that and may create being impoverished, but that is not to say that that cannot change. The choices can change, and the manner in which the exploration is expressed can change.

“There are individuals that do express intents in which their exploration may be difficulty or may be intensity or may be themes that you would assess to be negative. An individual may even incorporate an intent to explore all of the avenues that they can incorporate that are associated with being a victim.

“Now; even with an intent such as that, that is not to say that the individual will create avenues that are only being a victim. Their exploration may incorporate many avenues that would be expressed as being the victim, but some may also be exploring how other individuals express being a victim, or how to explore altering that and not be a victim.

“The subject is broad, the subject is general, and there are many, many, many avenues in which individual can explore the subject. But this also moves in conjunction with what we have been discussing in relation to differences.

“You all incorporate this ideal that, as you expressed, you should be happy, or you should strive to be happy, or this is the wellspring of your existence, to be joyful, to be happy. In actuality, that is merely an ideal. In actuality, what you genuinely all incorporate in common is that you all incorporate a desire to be comfortable, but comfort is expressed in many, many, many different manners. Some individuals are comfortable in what you would view as uncomfortable. Some individuals are comfortable in misery. Therefore, comfort also is a diverse expression.

“In this, any individual would be expressing in conjunction with their intent, regardless of whether they are generating experiences of discomfort, of misery, of distress, of depression, for value is not always expressed in what you view to be positive. Value is not always expressed in comfort.” [session 2482, April 04, 2008]

Elias “gems”

CHRIS: “I have a question along the same lines of the healing. My sister is becoming involved with what they term ‘healing touch,’ and when I was in great pain with my back, she came to my house and did her healing touch on my back, and it was at a time when the pain was excruciating. The next day it got even more excruciating, but after that point, after the next day, the pain subsided incredibly. It’s like it wasn’t anywhere near, and nothing had happened other than my sister doing the healing touch on me, and ... (pause)

What is the question I want to ask? I don’t know! I was thinking myself of getting into the same sort of thing, because when I give someone a massage, it makes me feel so much better, you know. I actually get a physical feeling of healing someone and making them feel a lot better, and ... (pause) I guess I just kind of wanted to get a view from you. What do you think of that and me? Do you think that would be something that would be good for me to get into or I would enjoy, as I’m kind of in a flux right now as to what I’m doing with my life, as you already know.

ELIAS: I will say that you possess the answer already, as to what will bring you enjoyment and fulfillment. This, of which you speak, you are already aware within you that this would be a fulfilling probability for you to pursue, if you are so wishing. You need incorporate only a focus. Your desire is partial. I will offer to you that this direction in probabilities will follow with your personal intent, therefore will cause you no conflict. Beyond this, you may realize that you will also incorporate satisfaction. Your only blockage to this is that your desire is also in flux. Therefore, your motivation is not quite intense. In this state, as many other individuals, you are wishing to be following your intent, but your motivation is not quite all within one direction. If you may motivate yourself and pursue this probability, you may find that you will be quite pleased with yourself, and you may be offering helpfulness to other individuals also, which will be quite fulfilling. You need only focus, and be directing of yourself and your probabilities. Do not allow your ‘state of flux’ to be holding your probabilities static. Allow your probabilities to move, and you will also allow your motivation to grow.

CHRIS: ... It’s hard when you have so much fear, you know, you have one side of you saying ‘Don’t fear, go ahead, you can do this, you can do anything you want,’ and the other side you have, ‘You have to pay the rent, you have to do this.’ You have all of those other belief systems banging and creating conflict, and then you just kind of ...

ELIAS: This is correct, and this is where your conflict lies now; this being what may distract your motivation. If you are allowing your fear to be influencing you, your motivation will diminish, and once again, you will deviate from your intent; and in this, be remembering, you will incorporate conflict; but if you are chancing trusting, you will be moving effortlessly and incorporating no conflict! You are so blinded to your probabilities that you believe that the pay-off that you receive presently is the most pay-off that you may receive! What you do not realize is that as you move effortlessly in trusting of yourself, and listening to yourself, and letting go of fear, your pay-off increases!” [session 66, January 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. I will first address to a concern of another essence which has interacted with Lawrence [Vicki], taking issue with one of my analogies at our last session. (1) This essence of Ruburt [Jane] (2) takes issue with my description of the interaction of Sumari and Sumafi families. Therefore, I will clarify.

Your interpretation of my analogy may be distorted, this being why this concern has been raised. In actuality, this essence is correct. There is no before and after. There is all, simultaneous. I did not mean to be expressing to you that one essence family would be appearing physically within physical manifestation followed by another, and then the original following after the second family; for they exist at the same time.

I am understanding of the concern of this essence, in the element that you may be distorting of this information. Therefore, I clarify to you that within physical terms, the Sumari does not ‘poof,’ appear upon your planet! They are incorporated within all of your civilizations, continuously. They only surface as a group with an intent, of moving and jarring your existing cultures. Therefore, he is correct. There is no before or after.

I apologize for delivering an analogy that may be confusing to you, as this particular subject is a very close subject to this particular essence, and of great concern that it not be distorted. Therefore, my clarification.

... I was assuring that these essences present would be incorporating this information properly, but I am also understanding of concern of other essence, which is very involved with the essence family of Sumari and not wishing this family to be misinterpreted within physical terms. This distortion is quite normal within physical manifestation; therefore the concern was valid.

VICKI: (Picking her jaw up off the floor long enough to ask a question) This Ruburt [Jane] being the same Ruburt [Jane] that I’m reading a book by right now???

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 68, January 28, 1996]

VICKI: “For example, what is an intent of one other group of essences that are similar?

ELIAS: Look to your essence families. Each essence family incorporates an intent, which I have expressed to you previously. Each essence family incorporates also their own group comparable to the Seers, following their individual intent of family.

VICKI: Do essence families incorporate more than one group similar to the Seers?

ELIAS: Within interaction, yes, they do cross over; although if you are speaking of what you term to be origins within your time elements, before your incorporation of time, these essence families were expressing of their intent within connection of essences of these particular essence families, then subsequently intermingling; this forming the basis of your existence within physical manifestation.” [session 73, February 21, 1996]

(Vic’s note: Elias departs at 8:52 PM., and ‘pops back in’ at 9:31 PM. This was initiated by a conversation between Vicki and Jim about healing, during which Vicki obviously was not getting it! Bear in mind that within a pop-in, we always miss the beginning statements.) (3)

ELIAS: ... you align with essence families, which aligns you with individual and collective intent.

VICKI: So then there would really be no difference ...

ELIAS: There is no difference! Lawrence [Vicki] offers helpfulness to other essences, which you may be terming to be healing, within another expression of communication. You may express this to be artistic, if you are wishing. You may express healing intent to be communication or artistic. We have indicated with individual identifying words, as you identify yourselves with names. All is helpful to each other; but within different intents, each alignment with each intent possesses an inner identification with tone and understanding, which is automatically connected with and expressed.

You do not choose consciously, as you view your conscious selves, responses to each given situation in alignment with your intent, for you have already chosen your intent. Therefore, you continuously follow your intent. Your desire manifests within your intent, and is directing of your action effortlessly! No thinking, or analyzing, or rationalizing! Automatically! You respond, just as your body responds automatically to growth and regeneration without your instruction.

VICKI: So this would kind of be where the wider definition of healing comes in? (Elias nods) Because when you respond within your intent and within helpfulness, it makes it a lot bigger, that word.

ELIAS: Absolutely! You may exchange these individual words within all of your essence families, and each word will apply equally to each family. I may incorporate the word spiritualist to each essence family, and it will be correct. I may apply healing or communication, and it will be correct in referring to each essence family. As to an understanding within your accepted definitions and belief systems, I have offered definitions to you, and explanations of your essence families, so that you may connect with and understand more easily why your desires manifest within the direction that they do.” [session 91, May 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “The subject of probabilities deals with experiences within all layers of consciousness. These experiences are parallel experiences. This may be viewed en masse or individually. All action within consciousness engages probabilities. You have been offered information recently invoking confusion, which will also be addressed this evening within our session. We will also attempt to be answering of many of your questions.

Within the subject of probabilities, you engage these choices according to your direction of attention. The probabilities that you choose to actualize are the few that align with your desire and intent within each individual focus.

CELIA: ... Physical focus. Then I would like to ask about the phenomenon that we call déjà vu. When you are in an event and it seems as though you have been in this event before, is it something to do with parallel realities?

ELIAS: Yes. These would also be intersections; for as I have stated this evening, you do intersect with other focuses, and other probable selves within other focuses. This is not the same, within explanation, as what I am expressing to you presently of this particular focus and these parallel selves of this particular focus. There are different actions incorporated within consciousness that all create intersections; but the intent, the desire, the motivation, may be different.

... Each focus holds its own direction of probabilities also, which we will continue in more depth at our next meeting; but I shall begin by expressing to you that each focus that you choose follows a line of probabilities, so to speak. In this, what I am expressing is what you view to be your ‘coincidences’ that seem to align all of your activities leading to certain ends, so to speak, in your terms; for within each focus, you hold desire and intent for accomplishment. In this, you choose a direction of probabilities, narrowing the probabilities that you choose from.” [session 111, August 11, 1996]

JENE: “I have [an] issue with this creature being killed, and questions of his intent and his choice. I understand it was his choice, but I don’t understand his choice in departure and his intent or purpose. I had quite a few symbols come up in a movie, different things to be acknowledging, that perhaps the purpose was simply to be accepting of self, no matter what. All that this particular creature wanted was to be loved and accepted, and I think that is probably what we all are looking for. Is that correct? (Very emotional here)

ELIAS: So you have learned a difficult lesson, in your terms. These are complicated issues. I express to you that although creatures, as all other things within your known universe, are made up of consciousness, they do not possess an intent as you think of it. The intent of consciousness is to be. Within manifestations of creatures and plants, formations upon your planet, your planet itself, your universe, the intent is to be. Within this beingness, there is also held an intent for value fulfillment; for all of consciousness exists with value fulfillment. If their value fulfillment is not materializing or accomplishing, they shall discontinue. Bear with me as I explain to you.

Within our early sessions, questions were posed of the reasoning for individuals engaging within the act of suicide. In this, I have expressed to those inquiring that individuals may engage this act for different reasons, but one of the most common reasons that an individual will engage this action is that they are not accomplishing a value fulfillment within the focus, within the manifestation. Therefore, they view no point in its continuation; for if you are, within consciousness, not fulfilling the highest value of your expression, you shall discontinue the expression, for it is unnecessary. All of consciousness, to the extreme of each atom, each link of consciousness, exists within the intent, so to speak, of individual value fulfillment. This is to be the most fulfilled expression of its being. Therefore, its purpose is in its own beingness.

Now; there are different arrangements of consciousness. There are differentiations within manifestations of consciousness, as we have discussed previously. I have also offered information concerning domestic creatures, which differ within their function in consciousness from what you term to be wild creatures, for they are directly involved with your species; human beings. Therefore, their consciousness is more directly influenced by your consciousness. This may be difficult to be understanding, for you are affecting of all consciousness; but within the creation of these creatures, their function is different.

All of consciousness chooses its individual function. It chooses its direction. Therefore, some elements of consciousness have chosen, within agreement, to be manifesting into these domestic creatures, functioning with you, with your species, in cooperation with you. To your way of thinking, they serve many purposes. Some serve purposes of facilitating your workloads. Some fill what you term to be the role of companionship.” [session 144, January 04, 1997]

DREW: “May I ask about intent? Last night I was creating some quiet time through meditation, and I asked myself what my intent was and the answer came back so strongly that I was actually moved to tears. The answer was simply to be happy. Is that possible as an intent?

ELIAS: I express to you that all individuals within this dimension and this focus hold this desire. Not one individual, ever manifest within this present now, does not hold this desire. This is not necessarily an intent. It is a desire that you express to yourself. Now, continue with your quietness and discover what shall create your happiness. This shall be your intent.

DREW: I’m trying to get a handle on what an intent is, what I would be looking for in terms of that kind of answer. Is it something that I will be manifesting objectively? Is that my intent?

ELIAS: You are manifesting objectively, from the moment of your emergence into physical focus.

DREW: Am I manifesting my intent?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So I’m doing it now.


DREW: I just have to figure out what I’m doing! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very good!

DREW: Oh, that’s good? (Laughing)

RON: That’s why we’re here!

ELIAS: You are moving closer! You continually are manifesting your intent. Your intent is a direction.

DREW: You use the metaphor of the lake and arriving at your intent, but it fact you never really arrive. Is that correct?

ELIAS: For you are within it continuously.

DREW: It’s a state of being.

ELIAS: Yes; a state of becoming.

DREW: A state of becoming, in a particular direction.

ELIAS: Correct, for experience.

DREW: So for example, intent may be just things like the pursuit of knowledge?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Or creative expression through music or the arts? Those are intents?

ELIAS: Correct; for the experience within physical manifestation.

DREW: So it is not probable or even possible that my intent may be different from what I am physically manifesting now?

ELIAS: Your intent is not synonymous with your manifestations, but you do not manifest outside of alignment with your intent. Therefore, you may manifest actions. You may manifest choices within probabilities that may not be expressive in the moment of the exactness of your intent, but within experience they lend to the actualization of your intent.

DREW: That would be the walk around the shore.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So it’s possible to go your entire life, my entire physical manifestation, and never really directly efficiently manifest my intent. I may take a continuous walk around the shore, without ever really physically manifesting directly my intent.

ELIAS: You may, but this also is a choice. Your thinking magnates to an end product. Your thinking magnates to an accomplishment and finality, a destination in goals, an arrival at a point; to which you have then accomplished. Of course, beyond this what you shall do we shall not imagine, (humorously) but this is never a question, for you are continuously striving for your end point. There is no end point!

DREW: I think of it almost as a resonance, where your physical manifestation is in alignment with your intent and there is a certain ... resonance is the best word I can come up with.

ELIAS: It is quite difficult to express to you all the concept that the walk around the shore is not ‘worse,’ that the boat crossing the lake is not ‘better’ or more efficient simply for the reason that it is faster. All of your choices are in alignment with your intent. The reason that you pursue these questions, the reason that your thought processes move within this direction, is that you engage this forum, for this is in alignment with your intent; to be offering yourselves information with regard to the shift and to the action of transition. Therefore, you inquire with these questions, but you limit yourselves within these questions also, for your intent is not singular within this focus; this being the reason why you have asked for this forum and this information.

You look to this focus extremely singularly. You are offering yourselves information through this forum to be understanding of more than a singular attention. This physical existence, universe, manifestation, dimension, focus, is not all of you! All that is within this expressed creation of this universe that you view is one expression, one language; this being why you ask of these types of questions and why you experience confusion, not quite knowing; for you are beginning to offer yourselves information which engages your periphery and allows you to widen your awareness.

You look to absolutes within this focus. You ask, ‘Are there mathematicians within non-physical focus?’ All that you view within this known created universe is of your own language. It is within your perception. It is not All-That-Is! It is one focus, one very creative, elaborate, glorious focus, but one; and you simultaneously experience countless. You may not number your experiences outside of this particular dimension! You are grander than grand!” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

NORM: “I would just like to see how complete this is, the relationship between purpose, intent, attainment, value fulfillment, and belief systems. Is it the case that we decide to manifest and to attain, or we’re attempting to attain, value fulfillment within a certain set of belief systems? Is that a succinct way of stating why we are here, or is it inclusive?

ELIAS: You manifest physically to experience.

NORM: Right. And there’s no preconceived value fulfillments and belief systems?

ELIAS: You shall be accomplishing your value fulfillment, or you shall not be within this manifestation. If you are not accomplishing your value fulfillment, you shall disengage. There is no purpose for continuation without value fulfillment. Therefore, if you are not accomplishing value fulfillment, you shall disengage. You shall not continue. All, underline, all of consciousness exists with value fulfillment. Every link of consciousness exists with value fulfillment.

NORM: Is value fulfillment modified during the manifestation? The set of value fulfillments?

ELIAS: No. You are viewing value fulfillment in the terms of moral values and objectives. Value fulfillment is independent of these. A link of consciousness holds no moral value. It also holds no objective. It accomplishes value fulfillment in being its most excellent expression. Value fulfillment is within the being and creativity. It is not an objective. You do not strive for value fulfillment. You accomplish. You do not move towards value fulfillment. You be.

DREW: Then how could you not fulfill value? (Tape change) If value fulfillment is simply being, how could you not fulfill value?

ELIAS: Being within your highest expression and fulfillment, not only to self but to all consciousness. Innately, you know if this is not being accomplished. Objectively, you may not understand that this is what is occurring, but you shall act upon this innate knowledge. As a member of your species, you shall disengage by means of suicide or you shall create disease or you shall merely not awaken, but you shall not continue within your manifestation. This is common within all manifestation physically. If a flower is not creating and accomplishing its value fulfillment, it shall not be.

DREW: Is value fulfillment different from intent?

ELIAS: It is moving with your intent.

DREW: Is intent an objective?

ELIAS: Partially. To your way of thinking, you may express that intent may be described as an objective, for it engages probabilities that succeed each other. It creates a design; a pattern; a mosaic.

DREW: A pattern by which value may be fulfilled?

ELIAS: Correct; but value fulfillment is not dependent upon intent, for not all consciousness must hold intent.

NORM: But we have a set of belief systems. What is the value of the belief systems in the experience? Is it true that we attain value fulfillment within a set of belief systems, and that is part of the experience?

ELIAS: You achieve value fulfillment within all of consciousness, within every experience and within every area of consciousness, regardless of belief systems.

NORM: Do belief systems add to our attainment of value fulfillment?


NORM: But they are valuable.

ELIAS: They are relevant to physical focus, for they are influencing of your creation of your reality.

NORM: They’re necessary.

ELIAS: Within physical focus.

NORM: And that is the experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: We don’t choose this prior to the manifestation of the focus in any way?

ELIAS: Within your belief systems and your creation of time framework, this question may be answered affirmatively; although in actuality, all events are simultaneous. Therefore, how may you choose before? But within your reality, which is reality, of your time framework, yes; you choose before.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

MARGOT: “I have heard or I have read since I have read the scripts that many times, or sometimes, people in transition in physicality have decided it will be their last manifestation. Is this the case for me?


MARGOT: I rather thought it was. In my intent then for this lifetime ... I also read this in a script someplace, that somebody was confused or that many people are confused about their intent, and that it usually relates to the essence family that they’re from, or a part of, or are. Could you give me any information on what you see as my having accomplished my intent, within the essence of Sumafi aligned with Ilda? I’m a little confused about all of this.

ELIAS: You have been leading to the accomplishment that you now engage.

MARGOT: Transition.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: That was my intent?

ELIAS: To be objectifying this action within physical focus, and to be lending energy in this accomplishment. There are other actions that you have been lending energy to previously within the action of the engagement of your shift, which this being a similar action in some aspects. Therefore, you have been accomplishing within your intent, to be exploring in these areas and lending energy to the progress of both.

MARGOT: So all of my life I have been very positively intrigued with death and have made it a study, I guess, in every regard. So that was my intent showing up all the way through my life?

(Vic’s note: Isn’t this a fascinating example of how we follow our intent throughout our life?)

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: That makes a lot of sense to me. But that doesn’t seem to me to be a part of Sumafi.

ELIAS: Oh, quite!

MARGOT: Oh, it is?

ELIAS: You are demonstrating the action of transition, and the intent of the Sumafi is to offer any information of any element or aspect of consciousness or reality with the least distortion. In this, they also are quite engaged within instruction. Therefore, within consciousness you have chosen a didactic path, so to speak, in projecting information within energy to other essences physically manifest, to be accomplishing within the action of transition and also within the shift.

MARGOT: So that intent is therefore very aligned with the Sumafi.

ELIAS: Quite.” [session 177, May 30, 1997]

CAROLE: “I actually have a question. It’s kind of personal, but I would like to try to make it as general as possible. Some comment from you with trying to understand what my ... or maybe other people have the same question ... what our individual jobs are at this point in time, in assisting ourselves and others through the shift. For me, I perceived my work to be what it apparently is not, because it never works the way I think it’s going to. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: And although you each distort this imagery within your belief systems, expressing that some outside force is thwarting your efforts, you are in actuality correct anyway ... except it is not an outside force thwarting you! It is self, which is aware and knows the direction of your probabilities that are most efficient; and if you are choosing to be deviating, you shall also create conflict for yourself. In this, you shall be recognizing when you are deviating from your intent within any individual focus and when you are moving off of your track, so to speak, for you shall not be running on your rails any longer. You shall be bumping through your fields!

You direct yourselves within essence in the area of your intent, and you draw yourselves to situations and circumstances to be offering you information and direction in your intent. Many times you choose not to be listening! Many times you may be presented with your information of your direction and you do not listen and you turn away, but quite fortunately for all of you, your boat does not dock only once! It returns and returns and returns to your port, until you are ready to climb aboard and heave ho! (Grinning)

Fear is the most powerful element that is blocking of individuals within the following of their intent. In actuality, as I have spoken previously, within any given focus you are always following your intent to an extent, although you may be following your intent in the manner of my analogy of crossing your street directly, or crossing your country and returning to cross your street! You shall cross your street, but within one action you shall exert much energy out of your way to be crossing your street!

This also involves the acceptance and trust of self. This is the most difficult element that you may grapple with. Each of you struggles with this trustfulness of self. Each of you listens to this small little voice within and at times express to yourselves, ‘Which little voice am I listening to? Are you the right voice or the wrong voice? Shall I be listening, or shall I not be listening? I shall be suspicious of these little voices!’ (Laughter) Then you may express to yourself that you are insane anyway! (Humorously)

Therefore, I express to you that you find it difficult to be trusting of self and following what you view to be your intent within an individual focus. In actuality, trusting of self is so much less complicated than not trusting of self! It is so very easy to be accepting of self and your own expression and freely offering this, than to be battling continuously as a knight on a horse in much armor, falling off continuously and climbing clanking back upon your horse! It becomes quite tiresome! (Laughter)

You, as I have said, shall not betray you. You shall bear yourself out. You need only evaluate the belief systems which color your perceptions; and within these belief systems, as I have stated this day, if you are indicating strenuously to yourself within any direction, you may be assured you are dealing with a belief system! The more and the harder that you struggle, the more you are facing yourself with belief systems; for within acceptance of belief systems and self, there is effortlessness. There is an ease of movement. It is unnecessary for such struggling, although it is entertaining as you are creating of your dramas! But as you have come to this time period within your time framework you become weary of this game also, and have chosen to be more creative within consciousness and allow yourself new freedoms without the constraints of your belief systems.

Pay attention to those elements which present themselves within your lifetime. These are elements that you have drawn to yourself for your purposes, and your fulfillment of your intent, and your value fulfillment; this being how you confuse yourselves, that you do not pay attention to what you draw to yourselves. This essence speaks to you not in accident.” [session 178, May 31, 1997]

VICKI: “Are you saying that rather than express that verbalization, you can project the thought within energy and allow it to be re-formed?

ELIAS: Yes. This being, in your widening of awareness and your acceptance, a recognition of your ability to manipulate energy and also express within the direction of essence. It is unnecessary for you to be creating physical chemical reactions in expressing verbally all of your thought processes, and as you are recognizing that it is acceptable for you to be discontented within certain elements – it is acceptable for you to be agitated within certain expressions – you may redirect this energy in accepting your own expression and not necessarily directing this outwardly, in acceptance also of another individual’s expression; but you may also respond, and you may, in thought, project this energy into ghost aspects in probabilities, and it shall re-form.

JIM: Within that terminology, that would be the ghost aspects?

ELIAS: Quite. Example: Yarr [Jim] is approaching of Lawrence [Vicki]. Yarr [Jim] is expressing of an action that he is engaging. Lawrence [Vicki] is thinking, ‘You, Yarr [Jim], are an idiot!’ (To Jim) Lawrence [Vicki] may be accepting of Yarr’s [Jim’s] expression in recognition that this is your reality and this be your perception and your expression, (to Vic) and may also be accepting of your own perception and your own thought process and not express verbally, which knowingly this shall be hurtful. Therefore, within acceptance of the other individual’s perception and creation of reality, and acceptance of self and your own creation in reality, you may redirect the thought process, recognizing that this also is reality and energy and is not wrong, and you may project this energy into ghost aspects of probabilities where it shall then reform within energy. This needs no thought process. You need not be expressing within your thinking, ‘You are an idiot! Now I must think, and send this energy away into a ghost aspect of probabilities, for this is bad!’ Incorrect. You need merely be accepting that your perception is reality and that the other individual’s perception is also reality, and in this acceptance you automatically project the energy of the thought process into these ghost aspects of probabilities.

VICKI: What if later on I express to Olivia [Ron], ‘Yarr [Jim] is an idiot!’

ELIAS: You may also be inserting this expression into the same area of consciousness, although it is dependent upon your intent within your expression. If your intent is to be hurtful intentionally, you shall be affecting within consciousness, and you shall within some aspect be hurtful to Yarr [Jim]. If you are not expressing within this intent, if your intent is playful, this automatically moves also into the area of ghost aspects of probabilities in energy, and re-forms.

JIM: But if a person is intending to be hurtful, then it’s up to the other person if they are choosing to incorporate that within their reality and believe it in some way or see it in some way?

ELIAS: Within direct contact, yes; but as I have expressed, Lawrence [Vicki] may express this within the intent of being hurtful not within physical contact to Yarr [Jim], and the energy shall move in this direction of intent. You hold the option to block this energy, but you do not always block this energy for you are not always objectively aware that it is approaching you; just as your asteroid approaching your planet, and as you are not aware for you are not paying attention, it may hit you. It may be quite small within action or affectingness, but within your lack of attention you may allow yourself to be accepting of this projection in energy, and then you within physical focus may stub your foot and it may be hurtful and you may become angry, this being the connections within consciousness; but you have accepted the action and the energy which has been projected, for you were not paying attention.

JIM: So the energy at that point has played its role, so to speak.


JIM: Then you may say, ‘God, I’m such an idiot for doing that!’

ELIAS: It is all intertwined within an exceedingly intricate web of consciousness, which is all affecting of all else; this being why I express to you over and over again to be accepting of self, and this shall be widening your awareness and engaging your periphery and allowing you more information and awareness of your reality and of consciousness. And this is the action of your shift.” [session 207, August 15, 1997]

WENDY: Purpose ... [what is] human purpose?

ELIAS: To experience.

WENDY: For what purpose?

ELIAS: To experience.

WENDY: For what purpose? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: (Grinning) We may continue on this hamster wheel for much time framework!

WENDY: Merely to experience? To gain knowledge?


WENDY: We’re here to teach? Am I correct? And to give information?

ELIAS: To offer information.

WENDY: To offer information. Our purpose is not to learn?

ELIAS: No. Your purpose is to be experiencing within all elements of consciousness, physical and non-physical, which allows you the accomplishment of your individual value fulfillment and your continuous exploration within the action of becoming. This is your purpose. Within each focus, you may term your purpose to be the following of your individual intent within that particular focus, and the accomplishment of your value fulfillment within your intent.

Each individual within each physical focus holds an intent – this being that which drives you within your desires of your creations and probabilities throughout the entirety of your focus – and if you are not accomplishing your value fulfillment within your intent, you shall merely disengage and experience elsewhere.” [session 209, August 19, 1997]

JIM: “Jesus said one time, ‘The kingdom of God is within.’ Was the focus of Jesus somehow more connected with essence than we are?


JIM: No?

ELIAS: The focus allowed more of subjective awareness and therefore held more of an objective awareness than many individuals, but no greater of an ability. It was merely a choice within the value fulfillment of that individual and its intent. You hold the same ability.” [session 254, January 02, 1998]

NORM: “Well then, what would be the general categories of intents? Maybe that’s what I would like to pursue.

ELIAS: There are no general categories of intents. Each individual’s intent is individual to them.

NORM: You mean people don’t have an intent to experience a musical career before they focus here, for example?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. These are choices that the individual creates in alignment with their individual intent, but the intent itself may not be to be creating a musical career. This may be an action that they choose to be fulfilling an element of their intent.

NORM: What element of what intent would a musical career be then?

ELIAS: You are seeking labels for intents!

NORM: I’m seeking ideas!

ELIAS: An intent is the potential that an individual holds to be fulfilling of their individual value fulfillment within their pool of probabilities that they have chosen for the individual focus.

NORM: Alright, then I’m looking for the value fulfillments. What are the categories of value fulfillments?

ELIAS: There is no category for value fulfillment either. Value fulfillment is the natural action of your existence. It is the action of becoming.

NORM: Well, then there’s only one value fulfillment: becoming.

ELIAS: But this becoming is influenced by your choice of your individual intent.

NORM: Which satisfies the value fulfillment.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: ... So, when an individual commits suicide because they feel like they haven’t fulfilled their value fulfillment, is that just because they’ve given up or they haven’t given things a chance? What brings them to that point?

ELIAS: Their value fulfillment is NOT being fulfilled. Therefore, they choose to be creating of a different reality.

DAVID: But why wouldn’t it be fulfilled? Because they just haven’t given it a chance?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Many individuals entering into physical focus within this dimension find difficulty at times in reconciling to very conflicting belief systems, or they may be creating of issues throughout their focus which they hold to very strongly, and in this they block their own movement, and in this blocking of their own movement they also are blocking of their own intent which is affecting of their individual value fulfillment, and as they may not allow themselves the ability to reconcile to this, they choose to alter their reality.

PAUL: But it’s not the action of suicide; it’s the intent going into that suicide. David’s example is of someone who is blocking or whatever and is reaching a dead end. I’m thinking of an example of the kamikaze pilots in our World War II. That was tremendous value fulfillment for those warriors, going into battle and making the ultimate sacrifice, in our terms. The action of suicide had great value fulfillment for them and their families. I’m just trying to distinguish between the action of suicide and different people’s choices. (A side note: Kamikaze means ‘divine wind’ in Japanese)

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: Could it also be a response from somebody who’s just getting frustrated with a lot of elements in this physical focus, and then decides that they’ve had enough and then commits suicide? That’s the same kind of action then?

ELIAS: At times.

DAVID: Is this similar to what Helen’s going through right now?

ELIAS: There is a tremendous holding of energy, and blocking.

DAVID: Okay, thanks.

KAAN: Can we actually use intent and tone interchangeably within certain contexts? (Pause)

ELIAS: In a certain manner of speaking, yes.

KAAN: Can we say that some of the non-fulfillment of the individual value fulfillment may be due to tone not resonating well in that particular physical focus? Can we have a case where certain essences chronically may not be fulfilling their intent in physicality?

ELIAS: Not chronically.

KAAN: Something about their tone or something about their intent that does not align too well with the general mass intent of the physicality?

ELIAS: No. Each focus enters physical focus with their own individual intent and desire to be fulfilling of this intent. At times a focus may choose a certain intent, and as they acquire certain belief systems they confuse themselves and conflict with these belief systems. In these situations, this creates a blocking of the intent and an affectingness of the value fulfillment. Each focus is an experimentation within a particular dimension.

NORM: ... Could I ask for one example of an intent other than the general focusing here for the experience of this creating that we’re doing? Could I have just one? It doesn’t have to be for any one of us here, but just one intent. (Pause)

ELIAS: What do you imagine is YOUR intent within this particular focus?

NORM: I’ve thought about it. It may be what you had Vicki give me a poem about; having heart, experiencing love. I’m not sure of that.

(Vic’s note: I must say, I don’t think Elias ‘had me give’ the Christmas candles to ya’ll, or if he did, I wasn’t aware of it.)

ELIAS: Do you view in this present now that you have been following and accomplishing your intent throughout the entirety of your focus?

NORM: I view that within my Gramada alignment, I have been an initiator. So, with a Sumafi essence with a Gramada alignment in this focus, I think I have been doing that and I continue to do that. So I guess my intent was to be an initiator, and I think I feel happy about it. I feel good about it.

ELIAS: Therefore, you view that the intent is not an element that you strive for, but that you ACCOMPLISH.

NORM: Yes.

ELIAS: There you have offered yourself your example!

NORM: Okay. That’s nice. Thank you, BUT.... (Laughter) Are you saying that Reta’s alignment with Borledim and her love of family and the experience that she had with the family and all the grandchildren is accomplishing her value fulfillment and intent as a Borledim focus of a Sumafi essence? And Jim with Tumold, he is....

ELIAS: Be remembering that you are focusing upon family intents. THERE you may categorize. But within each individual focus, these intents of the families are influencing, but it is YOUR choice in each moment to be accomplishing your individual intent within those alignments.

NORM: Right. For example, with my intent as an initiator, it doesn’t make a difference what I’m trying to initiate. It can be on an extremely wide variety of subjects and ideas, and as long as I get new initiation of ideas, I’m perfectly happy.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 264, February 01, 1998]

SARA: “Okay. I wanted to talk about two things, the first being my intent and the second being certain beliefs that I have. I’ve been doing a lot of trying to figure out what my intent is, and I feel like at different times, it’s different things. I would think that beliefs would be getting in the way as far as that’s concerned, and that’s why maybe I have different purposes at different times.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within the lines of probabilities that are created in any particular focus, you shall be following your intent, although the actions that you choose to be creating may not always seem to you to be moving in the same direction. You may choose any number of avenues, so to speak, in different actions that shall all be connected with an individual intent. This is merely differences in the expressions of that particular intent.

Therefore, in this, do not confuse yourself in the area of thinking that you must be proceeding in one particular direction to be accomplishing of your intent. Many individuals move and sway into many different expressions and directions throughout their focus, but they are accomplishing of their intent for the larger picture, or the whole of their intent encompasses many different expressions. It is merely the base line that you are following that shall remain constant.

SARA: So basically, just live in the present.

ELIAS: Absolutely, which I have stated many times to many individuals, and yourself also, that your concern need move in the direction of focusing your attention within the present now and allowing yourself the accomplishment of all of your interactions and expressions within the present now, not looking to future or past events or creations and moving into the direction of projecting yourself outside of what you are creating within this now. For let me express to you that all of your creation for past and future is created within the present now, for no other element exists.

All of your time, so to speak, is simultaneous. Although you look to your time as moving linearly and you look to the line of past and present and future, in actuality all exists presently and is all created presently. Therefore, where shall you be projecting to within your future and past? For it is all existing NOW.

SARA: I’ve been doing more of feeling in the present, especially as far as feeling like I’m surrounded by love and that there are many things out there in the universe that are deeper than ... well, not deeper than me, but that are out there to help and make me feel safe, and I’ve really felt good in those times. Is it correct to say that one of my main goals in this focus is acceptance?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within the action of this shift and within this particular time framework that you participate in within this particular dimension, ALL individuals upon your globe are moving in the direction of an element of each of their intents, which is that of acceptance, as being in conjunction with the action of this shift. This is all individuals’ intent individually, but also globally and collectively.

This is not to say that this is the only aspect of your individual intent. It is an element of your intent in conjunction with this shift, as I have stated, but you also each hold your own individual intents for yourselves that is in keeping with the line of probabilities that you have chosen as your pool of probabilities for this particular focus.

Now; you may be choosing to alter some of those probabilities, and you may also move outside of your chosen pool of probabilities and pull to you new probabilities that are not encompassed within your pool of probabilities, but you shall in doing this stay in keeping with your original intent within a particular focus.

I may also offer to you that there are times that individuals may be choosing to change their intent within a given focus, but this would not be the situation with yourself. You have chosen a particular intent within this focus and you are following within those probabilities and not altering of your intent chosen.

SARA: Can you help me out a little bit with my intent? Because I’ve been having major difficulties in the past couple of months trying to figure out what it is! (Elias chuckles) I thought it was acceptance, but ...

ELIAS: This would be, as I have stated, an action that you are engaging in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. This is an addressing to held belief systems. The action of addressing to these held belief systems is the action of acceptance.

Your intent is a followed desire. You implement action to fulfill your intent, but the intent itself is not necessarily an action. It may be more likened to an ideal, a concept, a direction, but it in itself is not the action. The action is that which is implemented to be accomplishing of the direction of the intent. Acceptance is an action. Acceptance is the action implemented in addressing to and moving through the belief systems that are held by the individual, yourself also.

In this, the chosen intent within your particular focus, in alignment with your family and your family alignment in this focus, would be that of exploration of your individual unexpressed aspects of creativity, and also an exploration of self and the expression of true spirituality objectively expressed and shared, in offering information as to the meaning of true spirituality in opposition to the held mass belief systems of what is thought of as spirituality. This will be offering you a little more clarity within your direction. Now; you shall be endeavoring in this exploration of actual spirituality, and this shall be what YOU may consider your quest within this particular focus. Are you understanding that of which I am offering presently?

SARA: Thank you. When I was twelve years old, I had almost ... I guess you could call it a fantasy world inside of my mind that felt just as alive and real, and I felt happy almost all the time. Was that part of my intent?

ELIAS: Correct. We have spoken of this previously in part, and I shall offer to you once again that this involvement that you experienced was not merely what you consider to be a fantasy, but an offering to yourself of known elements that may be incorporated into physical focus. This has offered you the remembrance that you may incorporate within your discovery and remembrance of the meaning of true spirituality within physical focus and the expression of it, which deviates from the officially accepted belief systems or definitions of spirituality.

SARA: ... I have another belief question. I’ve gathered that my visual problems, my nearsightedness, represents a strongly held issue or strongly held issues that I have chosen not to address, and I was wondering if it’s one main specific belief or if it’s a conglomeration of beliefs.

ELIAS: There are several actions involved with this creation.

Let me express to you that one very strong element of this creation with your vision is not involving what you think of in your thought process as negative. Let me offer to you that one of the reasons, so to speak, that you have created this situation with your vision is to offer yourself objective imagery which is directly connected to your particular intent. Therefore, you may only view your reality within a certain distance.

(Intently) Now, be paying attention to this imagery. Pay attention to the distance that you hold in viewing your world comfortably, for this is significant in conjunction with your intent, as to your turning to self and your exploration of spirituality.

Are you understanding?

SARA: Yes.

ELIAS: Very good, for this imagery offers you the opportunity to view the mirroring outwardly, so to speak, of objective expression as harmonious with subjective movement.

SARA: Sometimes I feel like part of the visual problem would be that I focus on myself and my problems too much.

ELIAS: Once again, we shall move into the area of your intent.

Now; let me express to you that you are confusing yourself in the movement in your intent, for in part you are focusing upon self, which is a tremendous element of your particular intent, but you confuse this by moving into the area of belief systems and the allowance of the influence of mass belief systems, and therefore you focus upon what you term to be problems or negative or inadequacies or aspects of your focus that you are not satisfied with objectively.

These are areas of moving into the belief systems, and allowing the belief systems of duplicity to be clouding your perception and also distracting you from the clarity of your direction within your particular intent. In this, you also concentrate upon self, which IS an aspect of your intent. You are allowing yourself to be turning inward, which is your intent, but you also are turning inward with your belief systems, but not necessarily addressing to those belief systems.

SARA: Is that why I feel depressed sometimes?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: ’Cause I’m focusing on negative things?

ELIAS: And also for the reason that you are projecting outwardly, not only within time frameworks – which you do – but also within partially the now, and elements that you view to be outside of yourself that you hold issues in the area of control with. It is unnecessary to be controlling of yourself or any other aspect within your reality, any other individual or situation. This in itself is another perpetuated belief system, that there are any elements in your focus or in your dimension that need be controlled or may be out of control.” [session 289, June 23, 1998]

NORM: “I would like to ask a question then, because of the fact that recently I had read something in regard to an act by a swami or a yogi that had the ability to physically form objects. It appears to me, in your previous discussion here, that the intention that I give to the mental thought and the intention that I give to the spoken thought would make a difference in regard to the links of consciousness following that intention, as well as the form of the thought or the mold of the thought, so to speak.

Previously, maybe about a year ago, I asked you a question in regard to man-made quartz and the ability for it to have certain psychic capabilities. Your answer at that time was that the intention of the production of the man-made quartz was not along those lines, and of course the intention of those man-made quartz crystals was for the element of production of time generation and computers and so on.

So, it appears that the intention of my thought processes will make a difference in regard to the links of consciousness, how they will form, and perhaps they could be so instructed by my intention that they would actually produce a physical object. Am I interpreting the entire set of ideas correctly there?

ELIAS: You are correct in this statement, for your intention and your intent are very affecting of what you are creating within physical mass. It is also very affecting in what you are creating in other expressions, but within the creation of physical matter, this is quite influential. For there are situations that you may be expressing a want to be creating of a certain physical element within matter, and you may hold a thought process in this direction and you may also express verbally in this direction that you are wishing to be creating a certain physical element, but if this element is not in agreement and harmony with your intent within your physical focus, you may not be actualizing into this particular physical area of consciousness the actual materialization of this physical matter. You shall be materializing this element within an alternate or parallel dimension, for you have created the line of probabilities and therefore have actualized the probabilities, and in this you may be creating of actual physical mass within an alternate reality, but this is not to say that you may always be physically creating of every element that you want to be creating within this particular physical focus if it is not in alignment with your intent.

Now; I may also express to you that you may be experimenting with many different creations within physical focus that may not entirely be in alignment with your intent within this physical focus, and you may be successful in creating physical matter, but the quality of that physical object shall be different from the quality of the object that you may WANT to be creating, for it is not following within alignment to your intent.

Therefore, in this, your intent and also your intention – for these are different words expressing different definitions – but in these two words within your language, if your intent and your intention within creating of any physical object is in alignment and harmony, then you shall be creating of your physical desire, which is also different from a want, and this shall be expressed physically within your dimension.

NORM: The key ideas here are the parallelism of the intention and the intent. The intent, to me, is a deep-seated psychological area of my focus, whereas the intention is the current thought processes that I’m going through. Would that be a correct interpretation of your usage of the words intent and intention?

ELIAS: This would be a close interpretation to your manner of thinking, so to speak, for your intent is your overall direction, so to speak, within the lines of probabilities that you create within any given physical focus, or within ANY focus of essence, physical or non-physical. The intent is the direction of probabilities in the potential of its creation. It is the direction of your desire within any particular focus of essence.

Your intention is more immediate. Your intention moves more in the direction of your physically focused wants. Therefore, your intention is the momentary movement in any given situation and your ideas and your feelings in regard to any of these given areas, which are affecting of your creation of your probabilities, but they are different from your intent. Your intent is the overall direction of your desire within a given focus.” [session 321, September 20, 1998]

SUE: “... can you tell me, what is my intent in this life?

ELIAS: Within this particular focus, you hold the intent twofold.

One area of your intent very strongly moves in the direction of lending energy to the expression of this shift in consciousness. This is not necessarily to say that you move in the direction of expressing this particular information to many other individuals and are drawing them to this information, but that within your own addressing to your own expressions and your own noticing and your own movements and allowing yourself to move in the direction of expressing actions of this shift in consciousness to yourself, you are automatically lending energy within consciousness to the action of this shift in its entirety.

Your direction within your particular intent in this focus is to be experiencing elements of this shift, for those elements of consciousness hold a fascination to you, and your fascination moves in the direction of offering yourself an awareness to be recognizing your own abilities and your own movement and your own playfulness within many of the actions of this shift.

Now; let me express to you that I may have chosen very different terminology for you that may have been much easier for your understanding, but I am offering you different terminology intentionally. I am aware that I have expressed that individuals focus within this particular dimension and within all physical dimensions merely for the experience. There is a slight difference in what I am expressing to you.

You have chosen, yes, to be manifesting within this dimension for the experience of this dimension, but within this particular focus, you focus your attention upon the experiences of accomplishing playful actions that are in relation to this shift in consciousness. This would be all of the actions that may be performed with ease within your physical focus that many other individuals seek to be experiencing so very intensely! You hold an ability to move easily in this direction if allowing yourself to open to your own awareness, and in this, how you may be also accomplishing within YOUR individual intent is to be offering the information of the ease of this type of movement.

Individuals inquire continuously of how they may be creating out-of-body experiences, remembering their dream imagery, meditations, visualizations, actions that you view to be or term to be psychic ... all of these mystical qualities and experiences that individuals find so very elusive! In this, you hold the ability within this focus to be accomplishing these types of experiences, and your attention moves in this direction for reasons of playfulness. Not that you within your individual intent view these activities or experiences as so very spiritual, but that they are entertaining and playful, and within your particular intent within THIS focus, you seek to be experiencing the playfulness of these types of creations of events.

Subsequently, you also may offer instruction to other individuals in their request for ‘methods’ to be accomplishing of these same types of experiences, but in your expression that you offer to individuals, you shall not be moving in the direction of seriousness and expressing solemn methods for the furthering of their spirituality, but rather that these are playful aspects and elements of this shift in consciousness that are fun, and this shall be your expression to yourself and to other individuals. This would be the direction of your intent within this focus, and in this you address to elements within yourself of fearfulness and belief systems that have served as constraints upon your movements.

Be remembering, your intent is not expressed merely within this particular now. It is not new. It has been in order, so to speak, from the onset of your manifestation within this focus, and although you may not have moved in the direction of objectively identifying entirely in this direction throughout your focus, within this particular focus you HAVE moved within expressions in yourself of looking to many elements and expressions of other individuals’ creations and other organizations of thoughts that you view to be quite unnecessary and quite silly! (Grinning)

In this, you have been expressing elements of your intent throughout your focus, recognizing that many expressions matter not, and in this, although you may not have expressed these thoughts and feelings to many other individuals, it is regardless, for you have held throughout your focus an opinion, so to speak, that many of the creations of other individuals, within their conflicts and their seriousness, are quite unnecessary. This is the expression of your own playfulness.

SUE: Hmm! I see. That makes a lot of sense in a couple of ways. I have been fascinated, I guess, by things related to this stuff since I was a small child, reading anything I could get my hands on about ghosts and clairvoyance and all kinds of things, and even though at times in my life I tried to turn away from that, it’s always interested me, and yet I don’t feel a great need to make progress in some spiritual sense. I do enjoy sort of flirting around with it, and what you said reminds me of how at times, when I’ve done exercises to try to feel my own feeling tones of myself, my essence or whatever, what I came up with was a desire to laugh, just a lot of humor! Does that fit in with what you’re saying?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Yes, quite, for this is the element of your own playfulness. You hold fascinations in these areas of expressions and abilities, but the fascination moves in the direction of playfulness and experimentation, not seriousness in the direction of the mass belief systems surrounding spirituality. Therefore, you also create these types of expressions.

SUE: I see. Yes, and at times I have felt that I should be more serious about it and I should be studying these things and trying very hard, and it sounds like that’s the wrong way to go about it.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Do not delude yourself by aligning with the mass belief systems of spirituality and what you SHOULD be expressing, for you are expressing quite perfectly within your playfulness!” [session 338, November 10, 1998]

KRISTIN: “Speaking of intents, I’m starting to understand a little bit more about my intent. Can you help me to understand MORE about it? What is my intent here on this earth in this lifetime, and how can I better fulfill my potential?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you ARE fulfilling your intent and your value fulfillment, and you may continue to move in this direction efficiently by addressing to your own individual belief systems and moving yourself into more of an expression of acceptance of self, for as you are accomplishing of this, you are also increasing the energy that you project outwardly to other individuals and you are offering them the example in the manner of the little sapling, which provides them the opportunity to also be looking to self, and this is influencing within consciousness, in lending energy to their acceptance and trust of their own creations.

This would be the element of your intent within this particular focus, quite aligning with this shift in consciousness.

Also within your intent, you offer the example and the information to other individuals – incorporating the Milumet – that the genuine expression of spirituality is NOT an action which is to be attained and outside of yourself, but that the expression of spirituality is to be incorporating ALL of self, physical and non-physical, together in harmony, not discounting any aspect of self as non-spiritual, and allowing one’s self to be moving into the freedom of spontaneity and trusting of each individual’s own creations, not necessarily aligning with the mass belief systems. Are you understanding?

KRISTIN: Yes, I am! So I’m kind of what I feel like I’ve always been. I’m definitely a learner, but I am partly also a teacher.

ELIAS: Quite.

KRISTIN: Okay, but at the same time, I still am aligning with some mass belief systems that have caused me great pain this last year. I’m speaking now of some of my anxiety attacks, feeling like I have to be responsible ... can you go into this area and help me clear that up? I want to work on the areas in which I still have to improve myself.

ELIAS: In this, as I have stated previously within this particular session, as you allow yourself to be more accepting of self and more trusting of your own expressions and your own creativity, you also shall begin to relax your hold upon these issues and these belief systems.

Be remembering that each belief system holds very many aspects. Therefore, as you allow yourself to view all of the different birds within each of these bird cages of belief systems (4), you shall also allow yourself to view how much more efficient it may be to be discontinuing feeding these birds and allowing them to fly free out of these bird cages.

In this, each time you are experiencing conflict and confusion, you may turn your attention to your belief systems and view which bird you are presently giving attention to, and in this, you may refrain from continuing to feed that particular bird, allowing yourself more of your own freedom of expression, and this shall be reinforcing of your own trust of self.

I express to you that each time you are allowing yourself to view the accomplishment of your own trustfulness of self, you shall reinforce your own acceptance, and in this, you shall move more and more efficiently into the effortlessness of your own expressions, which shall be enhancing of the expression of your intent within this particular focus, and it shall be influencing in discontinuing your creation of conflict.

In this, CONFLICT IS UNNECESSARY. It is a manifestation of the limitations that you place upon yourself in alignment with your own belief systems.

Now; be remembering – and also ALLOWING – the influence and expression of your Milumet, in the remembrance that belief systems in themselves, as the cage, are neutral. Therefore, do not be placing judgment upon the belief systems, expressing to yourself that they be bad or good and that certain belief systems need be eliminated.

Merely allow yourself your own spirituality to be expressed in the recognition that the conflicts arise in your expression of the aspects of belief systems, in which you place judgments and in which you reinforce the belief system of duplicity.” [session 352, January 13, 1999]

MIKE: “When I was looking at that one specific avenue before, and you said that it was not in my intent, but yet I offered myself imagery, and you said that I was telling myself that I’m capable of it, and I was wondering, why would I give myself imagery about it if it’s not part of my intent? (5)

ELIAS: Ah! Now; you may accomplish certain actions within your intent, and they may be very, very similar to actions that may be outside of your intent.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that you may choose certain actions that I may express to you are not within your intent, and the reason that they are not within your intent is your motivation, which I have expressed to you previously.

It is not necessarily the action itself or the want itself that is being prevented from being accomplished, but it is the motivation that is underlying within these actions that may not necessarily be in alignment with your intent, and therefore you may not be actualizing your want, for it is not in alignment with your intent within the motivational factor.

Therefore, if the motivation is attended to and is altered, you may be creating a very similar want that may be actualized. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes. Okay, well then for my specific intent, how would I go about incorporating any kind of creation, such as this or anything else that I may be looking to create, into my specific intent?

ELIAS: Look to yourself, and look to what your creations are in the area of efficiency. Look to those creations in comparison, so to speak, with beneficial creations. Let me express to you, there is a vast difference.

Certain directions that you may engage and actions that you may engage within physical focus may be beneficial to you, but they may not necessarily be efficient. Therefore, certain actions that you may engage, certain directions that you may engage within physical focus, in being beneficial to you, may also involve conflict.

Efficiency shall not be involving conflict. Conflict is inefficient, but it is beneficial ... at times.

In this, as you look to the ease in certain creations that you have engaged, it may also offer you information within yourself as to your motivations in certain areas within your creations.

I wish not to express to you a reinforcement of a belief in the area of what you term to be selfishness or self-centeredness, for this is, as you are aware, an aspect of your belief systems, and is coupled with duplicity quite strongly.

But I shall express to you that in a manner of speaking, you create within your reality those materializations of any element that shall be beneficial to you, that shall also benefit within consciousness, and shall be a movement into new discovery.

Now; let me express to you, this last component is quite important, for you may be creating of any type of direction and be materializing of any element within your reality, and it matters not that you label this good or bad. You may be creating of any action, and it matters not that you are labeling it helpful or hurtful, for these are all within your beliefs.

I am quite aware that I am using words within your language many times that are expressive of helpful and hurtful, but I am also offering those words within the confines of your beliefs, for you have not divorced your thought process or your behaviors from your belief systems. Therefore, this is what you understand.

But within this, you each – yourself also – create many different actions within your focus. Some of these actions you label as positive, some you label as negative. It matters not. Either may be beneficial to you. Either may also be beneficial to creations within consciousness and within the considerations of counterpart actions. But at times, certain elements of your creations are not necessarily providing a new element of exploration within your abilities and within consciousness.

Although you may view what appears to be repeated actions within your physical dimension, they are not necessarily in actuality entirely repeated, for elements of the actions differ, and this provides a new element of exploration within consciousness.

I express to you that you – as essence, as consciousness – are within a continual state of becoming, a continual state of exploration.

It is, in a manner of speaking, pointless to be creating repeated explorations, for you have already explored. It is, in a manner of speaking, pointless to be creating the same action or the same element of your reality repeatedly, for it is not necessarily beneficial to you. You have already offered yourself the experience and the information, and it has already been assimilated within essence. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be re-creating the same type of action.

Now; as to your creation in your endeavors of which you are inquiring, this is not necessarily the situation. But I shall express to you that in this, as you move in like motivation for certain creations, THIS would be the element of repeated action, which is not necessarily beneficial, for you are not allowing yourself new exploration.

In this, within consciousness, just as you are becoming bored objectively presently with this subject matter, you become bored quickly within consciousness in directions of attempting repeated actions or repeated motivations, for this is not stimulating to you within consciousness. It is not accomplishing ‘becoming’ in continual exploration. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes. Okay, well, I got kind of a handle on what my motivation is. I’m still kind of questioning it with this specific creation, but ... I don’t mean to use the word ‘should,’ but because of the limited vernacular, what should my motivation be in situations similar to this?

ELIAS: Define to me what you assess as your motivation presently.

MIKE: Well, to be ... well, I guess to be secure, I guess to hold great financial stability so I can go off and do whatever I want. See, I have a shaky feeling on what my motivation is. I don’t even really have a sure feel on what it is.

ELIAS: Now; hear what you have expressed! You are correct that an element of your motivation involves your identification of security that shall be provided to you if you are accomplishing this action.

This be the reason that I repeatedly express to you to be examining your motivation, for within this, this is a very large aspect of beliefs, this expression of security. Security is your safety net, of which you do not need. Therefore....

MIKE: So is this the underlying belief that I’ve been looking for?

ELIAS: Yes, for what you are expressing in this motivation and in this thought process and in this alignment with this belief is that you need a type of expression of protection, which also expresses that you are not safe, you are not adequately provided for, and also extends beyond this to, your universe is not safe unless you are exhibiting a controlling factor.

Security is an expression of the desire to be controlling of your situations and your environment and all of your expression within your focus, which is unnecessary. Now; if you are trusting of your ability to be creating objectively, physically within your focus, it is unnecessary for this element of security, for what shall you lack, for what may you not provide yourself?

For you hold the ability to creating any element that you choose and that you wish, but if you are motivating this within the direction of control, you are moving contrary to your natural flow, contrary to your acceptance and trust of self, and also contrary to your intent within your focus, in offering an example to other individuals in the vein, so to speak, of offering teaching, in a manner of speaking, in how other individuals may be efficiently moving within their focus and addressing to areas that may be inefficient – although beneficial – within THEIR creations. NOW are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes, very, now that it’s put into more clarity. Okay, so that whole belief right there that you just mentioned was the big, thick thing that was underlying that was preventing.

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Okay ... okay. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Let us view your situation that you yourself have expressed, in your action that you are ‘testing your waters.’

You are not sure. You are attempting, and you are moving forward and moving back in this uncertainty, needing this protection and this security, but these in themselves are an expression of a lack of acceptance and trust of self.

There is in this expressed the difference of the individual that shall lean over their cliff and view the depths below, expressing to themselves the wondering as to whether they shall attempt to be moving off of this cliff and not be crushed at the depths, and the expression of another individual that merely trusts that they need be fearful of no element and that no choice of safety needs be engaged, for no harmfulness shall befall them if they are trusting themselves and accepting of themselves, and knowing that they may be creating of any element they choose as they leap from the cliff.

MIKE: Okay. That makes a lot of sense. Okay, kind of along the same lines of this thing with my intent, two questions here: One, does it include creating my reality unconventionally also, in like manner to Candace [Nicky]? And the information part, of myself being informative about the shift, is it to be telling people about the information, like directing them to this information? Or is it just in general, just telling them about the shift from my perception?

ELIAS: This is your choice, Mikah [Michael]. You may be engaging whatever method you choose. I have expressed to you that within your intent, you may be offering teaching elements to other individuals. You may choose your method of how you shall be accomplishing of this action. It may be within example, it may be within verbal communication, it may be directing individuals to information. This is your choice.

You shall incorporate always an element of example, and THIS is the element that is blocking in some of your expressions presently, for this directly is an involvement of your intent, and how may you be offering an example to other individuals if you are not accomplishing within them yourself?

In this, as to the conventionality or non-conventional element of how you may be expressing your creations, this is also your choice. I express to you that within your choice of probabilities presently and throughout your focus, you do not move in the direction quite as intensely as Candace [Nicky] in expressing in this unconventional manner, in your terms. You hold more of an alignment with officially accepted reality, and do not move in the direction of opposing that officially accepted reality as strongly as does Candace [Nicky].

Neither of these expressions is wrong. They are merely different. You have chosen different personalities. You have chosen different methods, different probabilities, and therefore your expressions in your accomplishments shall also be exhibited differently.

In this, you have provided yourself the opportunity to be engaged with another individual, Candace [Nicky], who DOES engage what you term to be unconventional creations, and this allows you, without creating this action yourself, to be holding an understanding and an acceptance of that type of action.” [session 388, April 27, 1999]

JEN: “I seem to be offering myself an expansive array of freedom at this time! (Elias laughs) I went from restrictive/no freedom to lots of freedom, and it’s very wonderful, but sometimes a little scary, because I’m searching around for what I perceive to be an intent for myself in this lifetime, and not really knowing what that intent is, is unsettling.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Margarite [Jen], many individuals express questioning to myself in very similar manner to yourself presently concerning their intent, and express that they are searching for the identification of their intent, in very like manner to yourself.

Let me offer to you, your intent is not a thing to be sought. It already IS. The identification of your intent is recognized by allowing yourself to view yourself throughout the entirety of your focus.

Understand that you create an intent within an individual focus as a direction of exploring your experiences. Therefore, you initialize and actualize your intent from the moment of your entry in manifestation. You are already expressing that intent. Therefore, it is expressed throughout the entirety of your focus, for were it not be that you were expressing your intent, you would not be creating your value fulfillment, and if you are not creating your value fulfillment, you disengage, for there is no point of continuing if you do not continue to express and create your value fulfillment, and this is accomplished through your intent.

Therefore, in allowing yourself to view what is your intent within a particular focus, the direction is not to be turning your attention in seeking what you should be doing or accomplishing or what you should be creating or what you wish to be creating, but rather what you have been creating and what you are already creating and continue to be creating, and many of your experiences shall bear that out. They are evidences of your intent.

Each individual may view their focus, from the remembering of their experiences and their directions, their drives, their movements, as an infant, as a child, through their development, so to speak, within their focus, and into what you term to be your adulthood. It is an underlying theme that continues throughout the entirety of your focus. It is not a purpose. It is a direction of energy.

Many individuals create a misinterpretation of their intent, and identify or define this movement to themselves as a purpose and as that element of themselves that is their reason for being.

JEN: Raison d’etre. Hmm.

ELIAS: In actuality, your reason for being is that you ARE.

JEN: Very unromantic!

ELIAS: Ah! But in what you are, you do create directions, and you do create a movement in specifics in direction. This is another exercise in familiarizing yourself with yourself.

Now; I am aware that many times I am merely offering an explanation of an individual’s intent to them objectively, and in such situations, I offer that to the individual recognizing that their attention does not move in the expression of their own exploration, that they shall not direct their attention in allowing themselves to view the identification of their intent, for the personality that they have chosen and the expressions that they have chosen in their individual focus lends to more of a frustration in the exploration than a motivation in the exploration.

JEN: Sure.

ELIAS: Other individuals, with respect to their personalities and also at times the influence of their family expressions, may move more easily in these types of explorations, in which situations I address to the individual and offer that they may be challenging themselves to discover their intent.

In this, you are already creating much exploration within yourself.

JEN: Well, yes. I’ve taken an entire year off and made a radical change in my life.

ELIAS: I am aware, and in this, you are quite disposed to this type of action, and have concentrated your energy quite intensely upon the familiarization of yourself with yourself and your energy and your direction.

Let me offer to you, you are merely turning your attention in directions concerning your intent that shall not necessarily be answering your question, for you are looking not necessarily for a direction which is an underlying theme which has already been expressed throughout your focus, but for the identification of a direction, a NEW direction. (Chuckling)

JEN: Okay, I think I’m with you so far.

ELIAS: And if you are offering yourself the identification of the NEW direction ...

JEN: Right....

ELIAS: (Chuckling) ... you shall define that this is your intent, for you have discovered which direction you wish to be choosing for your movement.

In a manner of speaking, they are one and the same, for you wish to be discovering the direction to discover the intent, or you wish to be discovering the intent to offer you the direction!

JEN: Well, I think I’ll go with the latter, actually.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Therefore, the question is, ‘Express to me, Elias, what is my intent? Therefore, I may choose a direction (laughing) in which to proceed!’

JEN: Well, no. I know we’re not going down the crystal ball road!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JEN: It’s just a bizarre place to be in, to have such an expansiveness before me of choices of which way to proceed. The choice of getting another nine-to-five job approaches or whatever, and I might act on that and see where that goes, but I know in my heart that that’s not really the way I want to go. So I feel that there’s some sort of ... I keep coming back to a spiritual path or component or something that I want to follow, but I can’t see it yet. It’s just not clear to me, and it becomes frustrating at times.

ELIAS: Let us continue in the discussion of your intent. Remove the identification of spiritual. Allow yourself to view the underlying theme within your focus.

In this, throughout your focus you have chosen several directions objectively to pursue. You have created experiences in which you create a perception that you shall design within yourself a direction of pursuit. As you create that, you begin a movement, and you focus your attention specifically and intensely in that direction, setting before yourself, so to speak, in your terms, a goal. This has motivated you throughout your focus. Regardless of the measure of the goal, that you identify it to be small or large, it is some direction that you view and perceive as an action to be accomplished, and in each of those movements, you accomplish what you set before you, in a manner of speaking, and once accomplished, you turn your attention to a new conquest.

The spirituality is the new conquest. It is not the intent. The intent is the direction. The intent is the movement that you create and what you offer to yourself, and also what you offer in the expression of consciousness in the movement of that intent.

Therefore, within this time frame, you have presented yourself with what you perceive to be an immense challenge. You have once again graduated from your previous challenge, of which you accomplished your goal, and now you present yourself with a new challenge, a new direction, a new goal. But THIS goal, within your perception, is much larger than all of the other goals, and this also involves more of an awareness of your expression in alignment with family, your expression in your belonging to of family, your expression in the vastness of this direction of exploration.

In this, you ARE allowing yourself much more of an awareness of you, but you are also moving in the identification of the familiar. In each of your conquests previously, you have identified a singularity of direction. In a manner of speaking, you have streamlined your attention. In this choice of the new direction, you are allowing yourself to view a tremendous expanse, and this creates the confusion, for you are expressing the recognition to yourself of all of the choices that you hold.

The familiar is expressing to you, ‘Choose a specific avenue. Streamline your attention into one area.’ But the awareness that you are offering to yourself now in becoming more familiar with you is expressing friction, in a manner of speaking, with that familiarity, for you are also in awe of the expansiveness of what you may be exploring, and that one avenue appears now to you to be limiting.

JEN: It is!

ELIAS: Therefore, why shall you not engage more than one avenue?

JEN: It’s a possibility. Mary and I were talking about societal beliefs and what-not, and I’ve been so aware of how they ... how I allow myself to let them weigh on me, and I think a lot of energy, like the energy that we incorporate in our engagement right now and the energy that’s out there of mass beliefs, whether it’s family or work, whatever ... it seems to me that of course I have a choice as to whether I kinda reach out and allow my hand to kinda engage with that energy, because that energy ... I mean, is that energy always bombarding us? Or is it sort of out there doing its own thing, and then we reach out to grab it, so to speak? Because I really....

ELIAS: I am understanding the symbolism of what you are expressing. Let me express to you, energy is not bombarding you, and in actuality, your beliefs are not bombarding you either.

JEN: Right. We’re reaching out for them, almost.

ELIAS: You draw to yourself, yes.

In this, you express – in certain situations – more obviously some beliefs than other beliefs.

I shall express to you, your beliefs are continuously present within you, but they are not all being expressed continuously. You draw to yourself creations – be they situations, circumstances, interactions with other individuals, or engagements merely with yourself – that shall engage certain expressions of beliefs, and you choose each of those actions. You choose, each moment, which shall be expressed.

I speak quite literally as I say to you that you are manifest in this physical dimension to explore the experience that is engaged in physical manifestation, of consciousness and that energy, and in this, your beliefs are an avenue to be exploring what you may be manipulating in physical manifestation.

As I speak to you of family, I am speaking to you of your belonging to and alignment with of your [essence] families, not in the physical expression of ...

JEN: Thanks for clarifying that.

ELIAS: ... your family members or unit or the beliefs concerning family, for I hold an awareness that you also are bouncing beliefs concerning family units and their creation. (Grinning)

JEN: Oh yeah, and the mass belief system around that too.

ELIAS: Quite.

JEN: Yeah. It’s strong. Huge, actually.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes, you are correct. This is an expression which is offered throughout your globe.

JEN: It sure is. It’s a tough one. It’s definitely one that I’ve felt has been challenging, but then I realize, well, I’m choosing to make it challenging because I’m accepting it ... or not accepting it. I’m fighting it, really, and in fighting it, I question why....

ELIAS: Attempting to be addressing to.

JEN: Yeah. Because if I make a choice that runs contrary to the mass belief, sometimes I feel that I have to exert more energy in my path, my chosen path, because it is contrary.

ELIAS: And this is an expression of a belief that many, many, many individuals hold – that if you are moving outside of the mass beliefs, or choosing to be manifesting within your individual focus differences from the officially accepted reality within your society, that you shall require more energy in expression to be battling....

JEN: But that’s not true, is it, really?


JEN: Because isn’t that what you’re doing – actually creating more difficulty for yourself by exerting more energy ...


JEN: ... to fuel this difference?

ELIAS: Yes, and this once again is another example of what we have discussed previously, in the expression of trust and acceptance of self. For as you become familiar with self and allow yourself more of an expression of acceptance of you, you create less comparison.

JEN: Right. That’s key. That comparison is huge.

ELIAS: And this is an automatic action, for this is an avenue of evaluation of yourself, and one in which you assess your worth and measure your position.

JEN: Yes, in society. I previously was in an employment – for the listening audience out there – and had a position, a higher standing, a position in society. So that’s why sometimes the angst, I think, comes about, in terms of, ‘Oh, I don’t have that position anymore, and therefore, I am not as useful an individual in this society.’ But I know what you’re gonna say! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah, do you? (Grinning)

Now; let us view that very expression and apply that to the other area of addressing to – in the direction of family and the creation of that unit within your physical expression.

You have moved outside of your previous conquest. You have accomplished. You have created your goal and your direction in relation to what you term as business, and you move in a new direction. And in this action presently, in which you view yourself to be partially floundering – not quite moving in the familiar expression of choosing a streamlined avenue in which to proceed, but also allowing yourself that freedom of not choosing one individual direction – you have opened the door in questioning of yourself, which is the struggle with this familiar expression and aspect of yourself, to be choosing a specific direction.

In this, the expression of creating a family unit, [of] becoming a mother, becomes another directed avenue. It is the presentment of another streamline of direction, and you also have [followed] a direction throughout your focus of actions that follow each other, accomplishments that succeed each other, in alignment with mass belief systems. (6)

JEN: Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, you have followed a succession of actions within your focus, accomplished each goal, and now the logical direction is to be creating the next stage, and creating the expression of parenting and family. Not necessarily!

JEN: Right. I think I’m pretty clear about that. Somewhere inside me, I’m clear about that, but I am recognizing the bombardment – that I allow myself to succumb to – of the mass beliefs.

ELIAS: It is not a bombardment that you are succumbing to.

JEN: Right, right. I am drawing myself.

ELIAS: You are presenting yourself with information. These experiences are purposeful. You are choosing these experience[s] to draw to your attention underlying alignments that you hold with those beliefs.

JEN: And the choices that I also hold.

ELIAS: And the expectations that you place upon yourself as you assume expectations of other individuals – family members.

JEN: Oh yes. He’s coming up tonight. I know!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JEN: But if I have that clarity within me now, then it seems to me that I need to move to a place where I let go of it, where I let go of the conflict of the mass beliefs and the fact that I might not be aligned with them, to be able to move away from it. Because what purpose does it serve to....

ELIAS: And you offer yourself this by offering yourself permission to create your own choices, and not to move in the expression of allowing the expectations and the beliefs and the wants of other individuals to dictate to you what you choose. This is the hurdle to be leaping now, in expressing that permission to yourself.

But you are greatly challenging yourself, are you not? For you present to yourself your own bombardment of your associations that this is selfish, that this is arrogant, that it is inconsiderate of other individuals, that it may be disappointing to other individuals, that you hold an obligation to be compliant with the expectations of other individuals – your partner, your parents ...

JEN: Oh, the partner part is pretty easy! (Laughing) For now, anyway, that part is pretty easy.

ELIAS: ... and yourself, in questioning within yourself, ‘Ah, but I am a female. This is my role. This is what we are designed to be creating and producing. Shall I be regretful of this type of choice? Shall I be regretful of engaging this choice or not engaging this choice? Shall I be expressing all of my potential if I am not engaging this choice?’ And look to yourself of how many expressions you are presenting to yourself in what you have identified as defines you – not merely your business, but what defines you as you, in your perception, through roles – your role as a partner, your role as a daughter, your role as a friend, your potential role as a mother. These are expectations that you are addressing to, those which you place upon yourself.

For let me express to you quite definitely, these other individuals – that individual which you are meeting this evening – they do not place these expectations upon you. You assume them for yourself.

JEN: Well, I don’t know. Sometimes they put them on me.

ELIAS: And it is your choice to assume them.

JEN: Yep.

ELIAS: It matters not what the other individual is expressing.

JEN: I know it intellectually, and more and more I’m feeling it in being able to adjust slightly, so it doesn’t cause me so much angst, because I don’t want to live my life that way.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this is the challenge that you are presenting with yourself – the allowance for yourself to offer you permission to be enacting your desires and your choices, not to be dictated to by assuming the expectations or the choices of other individuals.

JEN: That gets me back to that very expansive place of having so many choices before me, and feeling the desire of wanting to create, and trying to be conscious of how much of that desire is feeling like I need to be useful in society and all that kind of stuff, versus the true intent and direction of myself. Does that make sense?


JEN: Well, what is it? There are so many choices out there, and that’s when I was feeling like this spiritual path of some nature was drawing me, and I guess what I’m hearing you say is that these are not ... it does not need to be one path. It could very well be a combination of many of these paths, and your life doesn’t necessarily need to look like the life of your neighbor and your neighbor’s neighbor and so forth.

ELIAS: You are correct, and within the subject or the expansive direction of what you are expressing as a spiritual direction, this is a choice of another direction, once again, which you have already defined. You have already chosen. You become confused, for that particular direction is quite expansive.

What I am expressing to you is that you have already chosen a particular theme. You have chosen what you identify as spirituality and the exploration of it. Your confusion is which direction to streamline that expression of spirituality, and in this, there are many, many, many avenues.

You are correct – I am expressing to you that you may be engaging more than one avenue of this exploration of spirituality. Think of your alignment.

JEN: Right. You were starting to talk about that earlier, the Milumet alignment.

ELIAS: This weighs heavy ...

JEN: Oh yes, I believe that.

ELIAS: ... in your movement in this area. The expression of this family is becoming more of an objective awareness within you. The conflict or the confusion arises within you, for you hold a definition of spirituality, and that definition holds specifics.

JEN: My definition of spirituality holds specifics?

ELIAS: Yes. The expression of spirituality in genuineness is all-encompassing. There are no boundaries. There is no division. There is no expression that is NOT spiritual.

JEN: So that explains why most of my conversations more or less segue into some sort of metaphysical component?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Be noticing of this!

JEN: I am noticing of it! I don’t know what to do with what I’m noticing, but I am noticing it.

ELIAS: You are already doing.

JEN: Well, there is the issue of probably needing to make some money at some point down the road.


JEN: Unfortunately, our society, as you are probably well aware, hasn’t quite gotten to that point yet. I know it will, but I won’t be here, of course, to experience it, but that’s another subject!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And this is tremendously concerning of you presently! (Tongue in cheek)

JEN: Tremendously?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JEN: No.


JEN: It could be.

ELIAS: The IDEA of it is more concerning to you than the actual action.

JEN: Correct. (Elias chuckles) Another societal belief, yes.

ELIAS: Quite, and in this, why shall you distract yourself more in introducing another aspect of concern to yourself, as this is not genuinely affecting of you presently? Hold your attention within the now. Continue to allow yourself to express YOU.

You, now, are presenting yourself with many different avenues in addressing to quite real beliefs within yourself, beliefs that are strongly expressed, and therefore, as they ARE strongly expressed, you also present the reflection of that to yourself through the expressions of other individuals. (Pause)

JEN: You mean accepting what other people are saying? Is that how you mean through other individuals? Through their beliefs?

ELIAS: Other individuals present to you the reflection of you. Therefore, allow yourself to view what concerns you, what irritates you, what bothers you in the expressions of other individuals – why? For all of these expressions are reflections of aspects of you.

JEN: Aren’t the things that you like also expressions?

ELIAS: Yes, but we are not discussing those elements, are we? We are discussing those expressions that you are experiencing difficulty with and are confused as to how to be creating different choices, that you shall not be experiencing this confusion. This is another expression of your exploration of you.

JEN: So tell me a little bit more about the Milumet family. It seems that it’s ... I’m recognizing of its influence on me, and I recognize that it’s always been there, but it’s becoming stronger, mostly because I’ve removed the barriers of work.

ELIAS: It is becoming more objectively recognized.

JEN: Exactly.

ELIAS: [It is] not necessarily more expressed, but you are paying attention more.

JEN: I’m wondering if it’s going to be more objectively expressed.

ELIAS: This is your choice.

JEN: Right.

ELIAS: Which I may express to you, you may be more fully expressing in the direction of the intent of this family, and in that expression, you may also allow yourself much more of an ease.

In a manner of speaking, it is likened to a flow of a stream. You may incorporate no dams within the stream, and the water shall rush fully and freely. You may express a flow of the water, but also incorporate some dams.

In this, if you are choosing to be removing some of the dams ...

JEN: Right. That’s where I’m headed.

ELIAS: Quite. ... the flow shall move in less obstruction.

In this, the expression of this particular family is a recognition of less separation in the knowing of the interconnectedness of all of your reality.

But beyond that statement, it is the actual recognition that ALL that is expressed IS the expression of spirituality, for spirituality may be synonymous with consciousness.

It is not a thing to be attained or a movement to be seeking out. It is a recognition of what already is, and that all that is, is you. Every aspect of your reality – every object, every movement, every other individual – is an expression of you. There is no element that is in actuality outside of you, for you are all.

This is the direction that you are allowing yourself movement in – an exploration of the vastness of you, as essence, as consciousness, and that all of your reality, every minute detail, is an expression of you. This is the definition of spirituality.

JEN: So were Sri Aurobindo and The Mother Milumet as well? (Pause)

ELIAS: The one, the female.

JEN: Well, their literature has been somewhat helpful, although I haven’t been so focused on it of late, but there’s a strictness that she imposed in her beliefs that I don’t agree with; not to say that it’s right or wrong, but just in terms of my....

ELIAS: But you are allowing yourself much more of an expansiveness, for you are opening to your periphery.

JEN: Right.

ELIAS: You are allowing yourself to be removing the constrictions of the awareness of spirituality, allowing yourself to be viewing and encompassing all of the philosophies and beliefs, recognizing that they all interplay.

JEN: Right, totally.

ELIAS: It is not singular.

JEN: Yep. Sometimes I don’t really know what to do with that knowingness, Elias. (Elias laughs) But that’s great, it’s okay.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are creating your process, and in your process, this is your exploration. Allow yourself the recognition that you are not attaining to your finish line.

JEN: I know. It’s so ... I know. It’s an intense belief that there should be....

ELIAS: This particular movement that you have chosen creates an obviousness within you that there is no finish line, and this is an aspect of the unfamiliarity to you.

JEN: And that’s a big part of the Milumet being or intent or whatever.


JEN: How important is it to be investigating of other focuses in this exploration?

ELIAS: This is your choice. I am encouraging of individuals to be offering themselves some exploration of other focuses, merely to offer yourself information in experience of the expansiveness of yourselves. For I shall express to you, you have created a design of perception in singularity that holds you quite tightly to an identification of yourself in compactness.

JEN: For the purpose of the experience of being here.

ELIAS: Correct. But you also now engage this shift in consciousness through choice, and in this movement, in this present now, you are inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality.

That singularity of attention, that separation, moves contrary to the action of this shift in consciousness, and you have chosen the action of this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, in allowing yourself to physically, objectively experience more of the expansiveness of yourself – not merely in theory, not merely in concept, but in experience and knowing in objective terms – it may be helpful to individuals to be exploring some other focuses.

Now; I may express to you, it is not necessary. It is not a prerequisite to widening your awareness, and it is entirely a choice.

For you may be allowing yourself an awareness of self and your expansiveness – and experiencing that objectively within your physical focus – without investigating or viewing other focuses of yourself. Although I shall express to you that at some point, you shall offer yourself an awareness of them, for they are you!” [session 733 November 30, 2000]

JEN: “Can you pretty much boil down your intent to one sentence? Can each person identify their intent fairly succinctly?


MICKEY: By intent, do you mean your purpose here? What is intent?

ELIAS: Your purpose is merely to experience and explore this physical dimension and the design of it. But each of you within your individual focuses incorporates a specific direction.

MICKEY: Based on what?

ELIAS: Your choice of how you shall explore.

MICKEY: Did we decide that before we came here?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. As you choose to manifest, each individual focus incorporates the choice of how they shall explore this experience and what direction they shall incorporate, and each of you incorporates a specific direction and that is the identification of your intent. This may be discovered by allowing yourself to view the entirety of your focus – from the time you have manifest to the now – and discover the theme, the theme of all of your experiences.

You direct your experiences to be exploring different avenues of your direction, some quite specifically. But the theme remains throughout the entirety of your individual focus. The direction of it moves the same.

MICKEY: Can you change that?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. I may express to you, generally speaking you do not, for you incorporate very many focuses within this physical dimension and they are all experiencing a theme or a direction; therefore, it is unnecessary. Also you incorporate THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of counterpart actions with other individuals, which also offer you other manners in which to incorporate experiences. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be altering your direction or your intent in one particular focus; but once again this is not an absolute, for there are no absolutes. Therefore, if you are so choosing, you may. You merely generally do not.

JEN: Isn’t one aspect of the intent that we all share here a desire to learn more about self and maybe a slightly heightened sense of consciousness?

ELIAS: Not necessarily ‘heightened sense of consciousness.’

JEN: I mean like more awareness.

ELIAS: To be incorporating a wider awareness and more of an openness in your objective awareness to consciousness itself and yourselves.

MICKEY: That’s like the collective consciousness, is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS: Which you are of.

JEN: I mean noticing self, too, noticing a little more when you’re creating stuff, at least for me, noticing when I flow in a particular way and when I don’t.

MICKEY: But you’re saying everyone is doing that exact same thing...

ELIAS: Yes, and you are not incorporating a race, and you are not attempting to be elevating to higher levels! Ha ha!” [session 917, October 06, 2001]

SHAHMA: “... I was wondering, the other day – I think it was Monday morning – before I woke up, I was having this dream. I had been asking about my intent as Sumari/Vold and how to be lending energy to the shift, which I think I am doing anyway, but I guess I wanted to be a little more clear about that.

I was having this dream and it was so direct. It’s like I saw this website with all the transcripts, where I go and do a search on something, on a subject, and I kept seeing a list of these transcript numbers scrolling by on the web page. They were in the 600s. I knew that they were in the 600s, and I thought they were like in the 670s or 690s, something like that but I wasn’t sure, but I remembered that they were definitely in the 600s. And this dream seemed to be repeating itself over and over and over! Until as soon as I woke up I’m saying, ‘All right, all right, all right! I’ll look it up!’

So I typed in ‘Vold,’ and I was looking only in the 600s because that’s what the dream showed me. And there it was, #671, ‘Belonging to the Family of Vold,’ and this was an individual who is belonging to Vold and aligned with Sumari. I’m the opposite, Sumari/Vold. But the parallel was amazing! I mean parallels with her, the lack of motivation, the periodic depression, the black and white thinking and on and on and on, and she was asking about her intent also. I was wondering if that was you who was directing me in this dream or was that myself offering it to myself or...?

ELIAS: Both – a prompting from myself, but a responsiveness within yourself and an allowance within yourself to be generating the imagery to direct yourself. But I may express to you, I have offered an expression of energy to be prompting of you to allow yourself to interact with this information as an offering of helpfulness.

SHAHMA: Well, I sure appreciate it! (Elias laughs) And interesting! I thought that it was so great that the dream was so direct rather than this translation into symbolic things. It wasn’t symbolic at all. It was very direct.

Oh, that was great! But there are some differences. I was reading and it was really interesting, this person. I was thinking, ‘Gosh! Are we the same person or what?!’ (Laughs) There were some differences. I think that I have a tendency to feel more of this kind of revolutionary thing going on with me. That may be because I’m aligned to Vold rather than belonging to Vold.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

SHAHMA: I have this kind of, it’s almost like there’s this kind of double-whammy effect with the status-quo disrupter thing with me, because I... Well, I had a partner, my previous partner, and a lot of times when we were with friends he would shush me all the time because I would come out with these things, not meaning to necessarily be agitating, but I would have a different idea of something. I would just blurt these things out and he was always like, ‘Shhhhhh!’ (Laughs with Elias) I think that that’s what I... (Big sigh) It’s sometimes challenging, this status-quo disrupter thing.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

SHAHMA: But then on the other hand what I’m really interested in is how I could be helpful to other people in this shift, and I don’t see... Let’s see, I’m not sure how to say this. I think the revolutionary aspect is really important, but I don’t want to put myself in opposition to people and their beliefs and I don’t want to be judgmental; but I do think that I can be helpful sometimes when I’m talking to people, sharing with them the idea of looking at things from a different angle or in a wider perspective. I’m interested in hearing what you have to say specifically about my intent. (7)

ELIAS: Offer your impression of identification of your intent.

SHAHMA: My impression is that I can be helpful with people in the area of acceptance of self, which I’m constantly dealing with myself. But even though I struggle with that idea myself, I really do feel that that’s one area where I can be helpful, I guess because I’ve got a lot of experience in the area of discounting myself.

Also for long periods of time I would be like studying different religions and certain belief systems, Zen and Hindu and all these different Eastern religions and others, and the various metaphysical slants on things these days, and kind of finding the core truths in them and seeing the value and the truth in each of those. I’m not sure what I do with it, what my intent is in that, except perhaps just to be accepting and seeing the core truths in all of them and expressing that to other individuals – or just being accepting. I’m not quite sure where to go with it from there but...

ELIAS: Be remembering that your intent in any individual focus is a theme, so to speak, that continues throughout the entirety of the focus, from the onset of your manifestation to the moment that you choose to disengage, and is a general direction that you choose to be exploring within one focus. You choose many, many different more specific directions of experiences within that general expression or direction of your movement, and this direction or theme is an expression of intention of exploration. This is the reason that it is identified by this term of ‘intent,’ for it is your intent within one focus of a particular direction of exploration of self in that particular manifestation.

Now; in association with your family and alignment, which do interplay with your individual intent, I may express to you that if you are allowing yourself to view and assess the entirety of your focus in this manifestation, you may discover that your intent, in a manner of speaking, is to be exploring through the whirlwinds to reach the eye.

In this, you also present yourself with a metaphor, which is also quite accurate in association with your individual intent in this focus. You choose many different types of experiences that follow this general direction. You have throughout your focus generated a type of movement and energy which may be likened to moving yourself through many hurricanes and tornados to reach the eye of each of them, which also moves you in an expression of exploring through all of the outside expressions to reach the calm within yourself. THIS is an identification of your intent in this focus.

Now; as to how you shall move in an expression of offering energy to the movement of this shift in consciousness, you are correct, you are already expressing that. But I shall also direct to your expression of wanting to be offering helpfulness to other individuals and how you may be expressing that outwardly. In that, you have expressed to myself in this discussion that your motivation is to be helpful in interaction with other individuals in widening their awareness.

Now; are you listening to what you have expressed? (Shahma laughs) It is not your responsibility to widen other individual’s awarenesses.

SHAHMA: Right.

ELIAS: It IS your responsibility to turn your attention to yourself and to generate an expression of essence. This is the action of the straight little sapling, and that is the most helpful expression of energy that you may offer to any individual within your world. For in paying attention to yourself and in generating an acceptance of self, you automatically generate a natural by-product of expressing that acceptance outwardly in relation to every other expression of consciousness within your dimension.

If your motivation is to be expressing helpfulness to other individuals and not paying attention to you, what you are actually expressing, my friend, is a discounting of them and a discounting of yourself, for you are expressing that other individuals are not creating their reality well enough, which reflects back to you; for individuals generate expressions outwardly as a reflection of what they are generating inwardly.

If you are expressing to yourself a need, so to speak, or a push to be expressing helpfulness to other individuals rather than paying attention to yourself, this is significant to move your attention to. For, what you are generating inwardly is a communication to yourself that this is what you want within your expression.

Now; examining your intent, you are correct: in turning your attention to yourself, you express a tremendous potential to be offering energy to other individuals as an example. For in your movement throughout your focus – you are correct – you have generated many expressions of the torrents in exploring through different movements to reach that eye. Therefore, you have expressed many experiences in which you have become quite familiar with the action of discounting yourself.

This becomes a tremendous benefit. For contrary to automatic associations that individuals generate in relation to discounting one’s self and expressing that that is a negative action, in actuality some individuals incorporate those experiences as a tremendous opportunity and benefit within themselves, as do you.

For in allowing yourself to pay attention to these expressions of discounting yourself, you also offer yourself an objective understanding of movement around that expression, and offer yourself an objective recognition of choices that some other individuals may not objectively view for they are not paying attention to this action of discounting themselves. In your familiarity with these torrents, you have also offered yourself considerable information in how to maneuver and manipulate your energy through them. Are you understanding?

SHAHMA: Yeah, that’s what has occurred to me. Many times the experiences that I’ve created for myself are beneficial just in that way, in having had that experience of discounting myself in many different areas. You said it better than I did, so I’m not gonna try and... (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha! And discounting of self number 9012!

SHAHMA: Right, yeah! You did it better than I did – no, okay! (Laughs with Elias) Yesterday I was going to do one of those days where I’m just counting up all the times that I’m discounting of myself, and I ended up being extremely busy doing this completely different thing.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, at times this may be quite genuinely a very informative exercise and actually may allow not merely an awareness of the often-ness of the expression of discounting of yourself, but in paying attention to that expression in an exercise such as allowing yourself to note each time that you generate that type of expression, you also create an automatic expression of energy that actually generates a different expression, in which you divert energy to not generate some expressions of conflict.

SHAHMA: Okay, I’m not...

ELIAS: For you are concentrating your attention upon you, and therefore although you may be expressing to yourself that discounting of yourself is negative and you are attempting to not be expressing this discounting of self, your attention is focused upon you.

Therefore, in that action you automatically are diverting your energy expressions and shall allow yourself to avoid many different OUTWARD expressions of conflict in relation to other individuals, for your attention is not being projected to the other individual and you are not concerning yourself with the expressions or choices or behaviors of other individuals. You are concerning yourself in paying attention to YOU, and therefore that which you view as a negative expression within you actually creates what you assess to be a positive expression outwardly.

SHAHMA: By allowing myself to divert the energy of, and avoid the expression of conflict?

ELIAS: Correct.

SHAHMA: That makes sense.

ELIAS: Which actually generates a turning of your perception, and therefore you create a very different expression in relation to other individuals and you do not generate conflict.

In this, as you allow yourself to examine this action, you may also be altering your perception in how you define this expression of discounting of yourself, for you may begin to perceive this action as not negative and as a beneficial action. Ha ha! Quite a twist!

SHAHMA: Interesting! Actually, the word that comes to mind is that’s quite revolutionary! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Quite! Ha ha ha!

SHAHMA: Oh, thank you!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You are quite welcome, my friend.

SHAHMA: Wow. Well, the other thing that occurred to me was, thinking about this revolutionary energy, there is a politician, a congressman, Dennis Kucinich I believe his name is, and he has been expressing nuclear disarmament stuff and ... let’s see, what else has he been talking about? Well, anyway, he uses phrases like how we are all choosing this thing, and the fact that we’re evolving and that we don’t need to keep this nuclear arms thing going. Anyway, there are lots of people who are getting together and wanting him to be running for president.

First off, I think he’s Vold! That would be my thought because he does seem quite revolutionary, and he reminds me a lot of things that were going on back in the 60s and 70s, back when I was a flower-child. And I’m not a political activist. I don’t go out and talk about it much and I don’t join groups that are being active, but I get very excited when I read this stuff because it’s in the area that I guess I am wanting things to be shifting toward, and I get excited. I almost feel like a cheerleader inside! (Laughs)

ELIAS: I am understanding.

SHAHMA: I guess I’m wondering how to view what’s going on with me when that happens. Like I said, I don’t want to put myself in opposition to anyone, but on the other hand I get very excited when I hear these things about people moving towards less violence.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; I shall express to you, as you are aware, in recent time framework there has been a tremendous expression of energy surges throughout your physical dimension, and these energy surges are being expressed by you all collectively quite purposefully, to be moving your expressions and your attention to the action of allowance of yourselves in a FREE expression. This is significant, for throughout your world individuals generate rules and conditions in which they shall allow themselves the freedom to be expressing themselves in preference.

Now; the purpose, so to speak, of these energy surges in this time framework is to be drawing this subject matter to your objective awarenesses: the allowance of free expression of self in preference without the restriction of rules and conditions, without the association of appropriate or not appropriate, and without the expression of approval or disapproval.

Now; in this, each individual presents this expression to themselves in their own unique manner. The manner in which you are presenting this opportunity to yourself is to be generating this excitement in relation to another individual and their presentment of their philosophy, of which you are in agreement with.

In this, quite simply what you are challenging yourself with is offering yourself the opportunity to freely express yourself in your preferences and not concerning yourself with the preferences of other individuals, trusting your expression, and that regardless of what you generate within your choices, you shall not be in opposition to this shift in consciousness.

Do not concern yourself with other individuals, but move your attention to you and offer yourself permission to express your preferences freely – which is quite a challenge, in actuality. There are very strongly expressed mass beliefs concerning appropriate and non-appropriate...

SHAHMA: Definitely.

ELIAS: ...approval and non-approval.

SHAHMA: Yeah. (Big sigh)

ELIAS: Which, once again, in your exploration of your intent, you have offered yourself tremendous familiarity with these mass expressions and beliefs of appropriate and inappropriate, and approval and non-approval. For as you have expressed to myself this morning, in offering your expression outwardly your partner shushes you. Ha ha ha! Therefore, although once again you offer yourself the opportunity to view a discounting of yourself, you also generate what you assess to be a positive expression outwardly, for you do offer yourself the freedom of your expression.” [session 1053, April 08, 2002]

DANIIL: “... This may sound as a dumb question. I guess I want to know, as an essence, who am I and what is my purpose in this life as an essence and as this particular focus?

ELIAS: I may express to you that this is not an insignificant question, but I may also say to you that you may attempt to offer yourself this information first. The manner in which you may discover what you term to be your purpose, which is your intent in this focus, is to examine the entirety of your focus and allow yourself to view the theme that is expressed throughout the entirety of your focus. Your experiences throughout your focus shall follow a general theme.

Now; within that theme, you choose many different specific directions in association with the general theme or the general direction of your focus. In this, all of your experiences are connected, in a manner of speaking, to this one general theme.

I encourage individuals strongly to be attempting to view and evaluate and discover this theme themselves, for this significantly offers you intimate information concerning yourselves, and also it serves as an exercise in paying attention to yourself. For individuals within your physical dimension are unfamiliar with the action of genuinely intimately knowing themselves, and in this all opportunities to practice this action of familiarizing yourself with you and offering yourself information concerning yourself are valuable and also offer you a tremendous validation in recognizing your actual individual ability to be engaging this action. For, there are many aspects of yourselves that you view to be hidden from you and in actuality they are not. It is merely a situation in which you are unfamiliar with paying attention to yourself. It is quite familiar to pay attention to other individuals, but it is not quite familiar to pay attention to yourself.

Therefore, my initial encouragement is that you allow yourself to incorporate a time framework in which you allow your viewing of the entirety of your focus and an evaluation of that to discover this theme.

DANIIL: Why do I fear so much remembering my life and the events in my life, and why is my memory so fragmented? I sense that fear whenever I try to go through my life and revisit it. Also, it almost seems like every time something changes in my life, I change inner-self life, and I have difficulty even remembering how I felt and who I was.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you, in response to this question, there are two factors. One involves a movement that you have engaged in this focus in relation to different aspects of yourself.

Now; this factor I shall offer to you as an element of the theme of your focus. Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that I am offering you clues and some information which also is associated with your first question, in identifying the theme of your focus or the intent of this particular focus.

Now; what I am expressing to you is that the reason that you experience this fragmented objective memory is that within your focus you have generated a consistent action of altering the primary aspect of you. This is a challenging concept for objective understanding, and also is somewhat of an unusual choice of intent in this physical dimension. For the most part, individuals choose one primary aspect of themselves to be expressed throughout most of their focus.

In explanation of this concept of primary aspect, the primary aspect is an aspect of you that you associate as being you, that elusive expression of you that you recognize as yourself, not necessarily your physical expression but the inward expression of you, which also associates with your personality.

Now; there are countless aspects of each individual. I have expressed this previously in terms of the many yous of you. You are not merely one expression. There are many, many, many yous in one focus of attention, and many of them remain latent or underlying the primary aspect.

Now; at times individuals briefly exchange positions of different aspects of themselves and may notice certain different qualities being expressed within different time frameworks, different qualities that perhaps they have previously not expressed, but realize in a time framework that they are expressing new qualities that objectively were unknown to them.

In this, the exchange of position of the primary aspect is generally expressed with another aspect that is what you would term to be closely associated with the recognized primary aspect. Therefore, there is no interruption of objective memory, or in your terms, there is no feeling of difference in personality. The individual continues to recognize themselves as themself. But the individual shall recognize that they are expressing new talents or new interests, new inspirations, and this shall appear to the individual as being different qualities that are now being expressed.

Now; in association with you, you have generated a different type of exchange of primary aspects, which does occur with individuals at times but generally not as consistently as you have generated within your focus. In exchanging positions of primary aspects that are not as closely associated with each other, the individual may experience interruption of objective memory. For if the aspect that moves into the primary position expresses significant alterations of qualities of expressions, this may also generate enough of an alteration of the objective expression that it generates an interruption of the objective memory.

Now; this is not to say that the objective memory may not be regained, so to speak, if that is the choice of the individual, but generally speaking the individual experiences what you term to be memory loss. In actuality, as I have stated, the memory is not lost. It may be regained, so to speak, objectively, but you may incorporate different methods to be allowing yourself that re-establishment of the objective memories, and this is dependent upon the choice of the individual and whether you want to be incorporating the objective memory or not and whether that incorporates importance to you or not.

Now; I may also express to you, I am understanding of your fear associated with memory, for as I have stated, this is somewhat of an unusual action, to be incorporating this type of exchanging of primary aspects of yourself in such degree and in such volume within one focus. But this also is purposeful, for this has allowed you to explore many different expressions of yourself. In this, I may be encouraging of you, my friend, for the reason that you incorporate this fear is that the expression of investigating memory is unfamiliar to you.

DANIIL: Would that be a useful exercise to me?

ELIAS: Yes, for this shall offer you a clearer understanding of your intent in this focus in exploring different aspects of yourself, in exploring the diversity of expressions that are generated in exchanging primary aspects of oneself, and in allowing yourself to accomplish the integration of objective memory in association with this process.

DANIIL: ... In terms of my occupation, I am a programmer and there is some creativity in this work that I do enjoy. But should I be thinking or should I make it my goal to find what occupation suits me best and achieve that? Or do you have a suggestion what type of occupation would be suitable?

ELIAS: First of all I may express to you, there are no shoulds. I shall also suggest to you, in association with our discussion this morning, once again to allow yourself flexibility and freedom in your natural expression of energy, and in this not to attempt to express the rigidness of locking yourself into one expression.

Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy and express your creativity now in what you choose as your career, so to speak, in this now. But also allow yourself the freedom of your natural expression, my friend, in that flexibility, knowing that within another time framework you may choose to be altering your direction of career, so to speak, and engaging a different action, and this is acceptable, for this is a natural movement of you.

Therefore, my suggestion to you is that you relax, allow yourself to appreciate the creativity that you are expressing in the now, not to generate worry or concern of the future, and merely allow yourself to move naturally. If you present yourself with a different expression of creativity that you wish to move into, allow yourself permission to express that.” [session 1130, July 12, 2002]

PATRICIA: “Can I ask you ... if we’re here for a reason, if we each have something to follow? I feel like I have something to do in life – but I’m not quite sure what it is – in helping people.

ELIAS: ... As to your ... question, ‘what is your purpose or do you incorporate a purpose,’ yes, you incorporate a purpose but it is not a mission. You incorporate a purpose as a choice to be manifest in this physical dimension, and the purpose in that choice is to experience, to explore this physical dimension. But I may also express to you that each individual that manifests in this physical dimension incorporates an intent that is a general theme that is expressed throughout the entirety of their focus, and all of your experiences are generated in some association with that theme.

Now; in relation to that theme you choose many different more specific directions to be incorporating as explorations, but they are all associated with that general theme. Although at times it may objectively appear to you that there are some experiences or directions that deviate from your theme, they do not. And all of these experiences and explorations in relation to your intent generate your value fulfillment, and as you continue to generate your value fulfillment within this physical dimension, you continue to explore. Once you have accomplished your value fulfillment or once you choose that you are not expressing value fulfillment any longer within this physical dimension, you choose to disengage.

In this, as I have expressed to many, many other individuals, you may discover the theme or your intent for yourself individually in this manifestation in evaluating the entirety of your focus and examining all of your experiences from the onset of your focus, not merely now but through out the entirety of your focus.

I am quite encouraging of individuals to be investigating and evaluating and offering themselves the identification of their individual intent, for it is, in your terms, much more meaningful and impactful if you are discovering what your intent is rather than merely accepting my identification of your intent. For this is an exercise in becoming more familiar intimately with yourself, which is extremely important in association with this shift in consciousness and your movement with it. Being familiar and aware of yourself is quite helpful in allowing yourself to generate much more of an ease in your movement and less trauma in association with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, I am continuously encouraging individuals to be generating this action of genuinely being familiar and intimate with themselves. You easily express that with other individuals, but it is much more challenging to be expressing that with yourself.

Therefore, this is your challenge, to discover your intent, knowing that it is not a mission and that you naturally express that, and that shall offer you more information concerning your direction in this focus.

DANIIL: ... I’ve got a question, going back to finding out a general theme or direction or intent. Once you find it, so to speak, it may be a process, but once you find something and when you try to put it in words, is it like one image, one symbol, or is it a set of combinations or a set of qualities? Because every time I think I get an impression of what connects periods of my life, later I may read about that being a property of the Sumafi family or a property of something else. So is the final result a unique image or how does that work?

ELIAS: It is a generality, and remember that your families are not accidental in any particular focus. They do incorporate a factor in your intent, for they influence the manner in which you generate your exploration. Therefore, you may be offering yourself an impression of your intent in your examination of your focus and you may subsequently read that this may be a quality of the family that you are belonging to or the family that you are aligning with; but you may have chosen that particular quality to be exploring in many different manners throughout your focus and that quality of the family merely enhances your exploration of that subject matter.

I encourage you to trust your impressions. Ha ha ha ha!” [session 1468, November 08, 2003]

ELIAS: “Yes?

DREW: I’ve got another question. It’s a little change-up; is that okay?

ELIAS: very well.

DREW: If it’s true that our desires are in alignment with our intent, and if it’s true that we can tell what we desire by what we manifest, if we are manifesting a lifetime of difficulty and struggle and hardship and discomfort, does that mean that difficulty and hardship and struggle and discomfort are most in alignment with our intent?

ELIAS: Yes, but that may not be what the intent is.

DREW: And those who would say you’re having difficulty and struggle and hardship because you have beliefs that are blocking what your natural intent is, that would actually be an incorrect suggestion to give to someone.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DREW: There are those who manifest for the purpose of an experience that’s difficult and...

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. As I expressed previously, it is a matter of energy, and energy does not distinguish between comfortable or uncomfortable. It will move in the direction of your intent, of your desire, but it will not distinguish between comfortable or uncomfortable. It will match the energy that you project.

DREW: If the purpose of a particular focus is to have the experience of an impoverished life, let’s say... The intent doesn’t change over a focus, does it?

ELIAS: Generally speaking, no.

DREW: So in that case, it’s not a matter of trying to change your experience, it’s a matter of accepting your experience. Would that be a more efficient approach to...?

ELIAS: Intents are general themes of exploration, and within those general themes, there are many, many, many specific avenues that you can incorporate to express that intent. There are countless, in actuality.

An intent would not be expressed as an individual has the intent of being impoverished within a focus. It may be that the individual chooses the intent to be exploring challenges or challenges with difficulties. The individual may create more specific avenues of that and may create being impoverished, but that is not to say that that cannot change. The choices can change, and the manner in which the exploration is expressed can change.

There are individuals that do express intents in which their exploration may be difficulty or may be intensity or may be themes that you would assess to be negative. An individual may even incorporate an intent to explore all of the avenues that they can incorporate that are associated with being a victim.

Now; even with an intent such as that, that is not to say that the individual will create avenues that are only being a victim. Their exploration may incorporate many avenues that would be expressed as being the victim, but some may also be exploring how other individuals express being a victim, or how to explore altering that and not be a victim.

The subject is broad, the subject is general, and there are many, many, many avenues in which individual can explore the subject. But this also moves in conjunction with what we have been discussing in relation to differences.

You all incorporate this ideal that, as you expressed, you should be happy, or you should strive to be happy, or this is the wellspring of your existence, to be joyful, to be happy. In actuality, that is merely an ideal. In actuality, what you genuinely all incorporate in common is that you all incorporate a desire to be comfortable, but comfort is expressed in many, many, many different manners. Some individuals are comfortable in what you would view as uncomfortable. Some individuals are comfortable in misery. Therefore, comfort also is a diverse expression.

In this, any individual would be expressing in conjunction with their intent, regardless of whether they are generating experiences of discomfort, of misery, of distress, of depression, for value is not always expressed in what you view to be positive. Value is not always expressed in comfort.

DREW: So here’s the dilemma: if I look at what I’m creating or have created all my life – and it could be anything, disease, poverty; I say poverty, because that’s where I am most of my life – the dilemma is do I accept that in the belief that if that’s what I’m manifesting, that’s what I desire, and therefore is most in alignment with what I chose to experience while I’m here? Or do I look for ways to address belief systems or change my perception or to alter that? Don’t you run the risk, if you do that, of actually being duplicitous about why you’re here in the first place?


DREW: Isn’t there the possibility of creating conflict with what’s most in alignment with your intent by doing that?

ELIAS: You will know when you are moving contrary to your intent. For if you are moving contrary to your intent, you will also not be generating your value fulfillment. In not generating your value fulfillment, you will incorporate no interest in this reality, and you will disengage. For when you are not generating your value fulfillment, there is no motivation to continue in that particular reality, and you will simply disengage in some manner. You will not generate lengthy time frameworks in which you are not generating your value fulfillment. When you stop generating value fulfillment, you will also stop participating in what you are doing. You will remove yourself.

Therefore, in relation to your desire and your intent, as I have expressed, this also is associated with energy, and no, it is not always necessary to evaluate your beliefs and your associations, although associations can be very telling and can be very helpful in aiding you to evaluating how you can change your energy. But it is not necessary to complicate. What is somewhat required is to pay attention to what you are doing.

Paying attention to what you are doing allows you to be clearer in relation to what type of energy you are projecting – not merely what you are physically doing, although that is a factor, but also what you are doing inwardly, what associations are you generating, what are you DOING to yourself that continuously creates this manifestation of poverty, and remembering that all that you do is interconnected. It is not merely one avenue.

Therefore, when you speak of being impoverished, it is not merely a matter of money. It is how you perceive you are impoverished in ANY manner, in all of the small, so to speak, expressions within your mundane daily actions. Which I have expressed previously, you can be impoverished with time, you can be impoverished with friendship, you can be impoverished with relationships, you can be impoverished with your home, you can view your manifestations within your home as being impoverished, as not enough. All of the associations that you generate as not enough contribute to that expression of energy, that projection of energy of being impoverished, and that is what you will attract to you.

DREW: My confusion comes with this idea of wanting more is saying that the lack you have is wrong.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It may be a preference.

DREW: At what point do you recognize that I’ve chosen this for the experience of this focus?

ELIAS: Yes, precisely. It is not a matter of expressing to yourself that you want more and therefore what you have been creating is wrong. It is a matter of acknowledging yes, I have created this, and it is not necessarily wrong. I have created that for the experience, and it has been beneficial. It has offered me experiences, it has offered me information, and perhaps now I choose to explore a different avenue.

It is a matter of what you place importance on. When you place importance upon what you do not like and what you do not want, you reinforce it and you continue to create it, for you pay attention to what is important. When you shift what is important, that does not invalidate your desire.

Your desire is not necessarily to be impoverished; your desire is to be exploring certain experiences. That may be one expression of that desire. There are countless expressions and experiences of any desire. Therefore, it is a matter of evaluating, acknowledging this is what I have created and perhaps this is no longer my preference, or I do not like this experience and I want to change this experience, acknowledging that what you have experienced was not wrong, was not bad in itself and it did have benefit, and also acknowledging that you choose to be engaging a different avenue of exploration, and that is acceptable also.

DREW: Identifying the desire and then finding other ways to express it...


DREW: ...instead of being locked into one particular expression of that desire.

ELIAS: Yes. For there are countless avenues of expression with any desire.

DREW: And there is no possibility of conflict...? I have this perception, and I’ll be quick about this, but I have this perception that when we choose to manifest, we choose with a particular life experience that we want to have. This where I’m confused. If we make that choice before manifesting that we want to experience a lifetime of poverty, then would this go against that? This is where I’m confused. At what point...

ELIAS: What you are expressing is an association with destiny. There is no destiny; there is no fate; there is no preset direction. You do incorporate a pool of probabilities when you choose to enter into this physical focus, but those are very general also, and they are not absolute. They are potentials, and in that, you may or may not express those potentials.

In this, as I have expressed, an intent is very general. It is very simple and very general, which allows you an incredible berth for exploration. You have a very wide berth for exploration in any intent, and moving in one direction and entirely changing that direction to which you would associate as an opposite is not necessarily in opposition to the intent. It is not preordained. Your path, so to speak, is not set. It is what you create it to be in the moment.

That pool of probabilities is merely a pool of potentials. Probabilities do not lie before you; they are created in each moment. There is not an enormous pond of probabilities that lies before you, and you gaze into the pond and choose one. They do not exist until you create them. They are created in every breath, in every moment that you exist, for every moment incorporates a choice, even when you are not aware that you are generating a choice. Every moment you move a foot, it is a choice. You bend a finger; it is a choice. You blink your eyes; it is a choice. You are generating choices in every moment. Every breath is a choice. In that, none are predestined. Every one is created in the moment. In this moment, you could create the probability to stop the breath and not exist in this reality. That is a choice. But you choose to draw another breath. In this, there is no destiny. There IS choice.” [session 2482, April 04, 2008]

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End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: rather than try and explain Elias’ analogies, just follow the link to read Elias’ description of the Sumari family and make your own determination.

Transcripts: find out more about Elias’ analogies from session 67, January 21, 1996.

(2) Paul’s note: Elias refers here to the essence of Ruburt, which author and psychic, Jane Roberts, is a focus of. Jane also engaged an energy exchange with an “energy personality essence” named Seth from December 1963 until her passing in September 1984. Seth/Jane produced over 40 books of material during that time that now forms a body of the perennial philosophy called the Seth Material. (The Early Sessions, Books 1-9 are now available, [sessions 1-510].)

Digests: follow these links for more information on:
Seth, Jane Roberts | essence names.

(3) Vic’s note: pop-ins, as we term them, used to be quite frequent occurrences, although their frequency has diminished. They are an interesting element of this phenomenon, an element that seems to be related to several different actions; misinterpretations expressed during conversation, fear or lack of fear within those present, an offering up of information for clarification, a response to connecting within consciousness. The most important element, though, seems to be Mary’s willingness to incorporate them. Bear in mind that we don’t really understand what initiates a pop-in. We just suddenly find ourselves talking to Elias instead of to Mary, which can be a little unnerving at times! As a result, the transcribed part of the pop-in begins whenever somebody remembers to turn on the tape recorder! Many pop-ins are never transcribed, as quite often they occur in places where there is no tape recorder.

(4) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of birds in a cage to represent the relationship between individual beliefs and belief systems.

ELIAS: “... I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELIAS: “The bird cage is neutral. It is merely a cage. It CONTAINS something; it contains the birds. The birds are that which flutter and fly and peck at each other and at you, and hold much energy and are very affecting and are at times quite fascinating also, and quite colorful! But once the cage is empty, the cage remains; but it holds no affectingness, for it is empty. It then becomes ornamental. You may place the cage wherever you choose. You may look within your home and you may express, ‘I am pleased with this cage upon my mantel. I view that I shall move the cage to a table.’ It matters not. The cage remains the same. It is merely a cage. The birds may be quite messy, and you may be quite careful where you shall place the cage with all the birds contained inside!” [session 307, August 14, 1998]

Digests: find out more about belief systems; an overview.

(5) Paul’s note: Michael refers to a previous session in which he asked about the probabilities of his winning the lottery.

(6) Vic’s note: Elias said “fallen” where I have inserted [followed]. In my perception, he seems to be having more difficulty speaking recently, which I suppose is indicative of another stage in the phenomenon.

(7) Shahma’s note: As soon as I launched into this I just knew I’d stuck my foot in it ‘so to speak’ because of my phrasing.

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