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counterpart action; individual

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “As we have discussed previously, you would need to incorporate many, many, many, many focuses to experience all of the aspects of all of the subjects or feelings that are possible. Therefore, you choose counterparts and splinters to experience with you simultaneously.” [session 46, October 18, 1995]

ELIAS: “You may understand that within your consciousness, even within your physical focus, you may make agreements, and you may project out elements of your focus that you wish not to be incorporating within your experience. You may do this in the same respect as you do with an alternate self. Counterparts hold great connections, for they experience elements of existence with you.” [session 65, January 07, 1996]

VICKI: “Just for clarification, are counterparts counterparts throughout all physical manifestation?”

ELIAS: “Correct.” [session 89, April 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “These are important concepts for you to contemplate, for the introduction of counterparts will challenge the importance of your individual selves. There are many aspects to this subject of counterparts. They are not limited to your own essence. Counterparts intertwine throughout consciousness. There are no boundaries or barriers within the creation of counterparts. Therefore, there are many aspects and different actions of these elements of consciousness; this being the reason that I choose presently to preface our movement into this subject matter with information of the importance and validity of yourself. I do not express to you lightly that you are the center of the universe, for you are! Therefore, remember this as we move into areas that may create defocusing, within your awareness of you.” [session 126, September 29, 1996]

ELIAS: “These are, as I have expressed to you previously, very difficult areas. I have offered you very simple explanations to this point, of counterparts and probabilities and unofficial information, but I have also expressed to you that these are very difficult areas to be explaining within the confines of your language and your understanding. More information is offered to you continuously within this forum, for you continue to widen and hold the ability to assimilate the information.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

ELIAS: “The action of counterparts is to be offering different experiences without actual manifestation of those experiences within one particular focus.

“This would be quite inefficient, were you to be physically experiencing every aspect of this physical reality within each manifestation of essence. Essence would be manifesting billions and billions and billions of focuses within this dimension in every time framework to be experiencing all of the aspects of the designs of experiences of this physical dimension. This is quite inefficient.

“Therefore, essences focus a limited amount, so to speak, of focuses in different time frameworks in this dimension, and incorporate countless actions of counterparts which offer the benefit of the experience without the actual manifestation physically. (Pause) There are more methods than one to be experiencing within your physical dimension!” (Grinning)

GARY: “So you're saying that people can be counterparts for short periods of time?”

ELIAS: “You may. There are many different designs of counterpart action.

“Some individuals are creating a counterpart action with another individual, and that individual does not incorporate the same counterpart action in reverse, so to speak. Some individuals incorporate counterpart action throughout an entire focus. Some individuals create counterpart action merely temporarily; some intermittently throughout a focus. There are counterpart actions that occur between focuses. You may be incorporating some elements of counterpart action with other focuses of your essence. You incorporate counterpart action with other essences. There are many crossovers, so to speak, in this action.

“Counterparts are not individuals. It is an action that occurs between individuals and essences to be offering the benefit of experiences.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

ELIAS: “I may also offer to you information concerning your subject matter of the themes that are created by essences in relation to your physical dimension. In this, I have spoken previously of the preferences of essences.

“Now; you, within one individual focus of attention, are an expression of essence. Therefore, you incorporate all of the preferences of essence. Therefore, you may choose in one focus to be moving your attention more singularly in the expression of certain preferences, and therefore creating or exploring more avenues of that particular preference, but you also do incorporate all of the preferences of your particular essence.

“In viewing other focuses in which you may allow yourself to identify what you term to be these threads or similarities, you allow yourself to become more familiar with yourself as essence. For in this, you identify that you have manifest in certain focuses of essence that you in this particular focus do not hold what you may term to be an attraction to presently. But what holds significance is that you allow yourself the recognition of the attractions OF those focuses, for they are the same, for they are you.

“In the individual focus, there may be – or there may not be – an appreciation and attraction expressed of self in that particular focus. If that focus expresses an appreciation of self and of their expression in that focus of attention, you, as another focus of attention, shall hold more of an appreciation of that individual, for it is an expression of you.

“If the individual is discounting of themselves in an individual focus of attention, you, as another focus of attention, shall offer little attraction or attention to that focus.

“... The movement of essence is very similarly mirrored in each individual focus of attention. In your individual manifestation, you are in actuality all of essence.

“Therefore, as you view yourself without separation, and you move your attention in a manner in which you may view any of these other manifestations as merely different expressions of you presently, eliminating the factor of time – which also reinforces the perception of separation – you may allow yourself a clearer understanding of the expression of yourself as essence.

“In similar manner to viewing yourself and your many faces within this one focus, you create many different types of expressions in this one focus of attention. Each individual that you allow yourself to be interactive with in this particular focus, you shall be presenting a different face to, in your terms. You project different types of expressions with each interaction that you create with each individual that you choose to be interactive with.

“In similar manner, you may view all of your focuses to be this type of expression. They are all present within you; they ARE all you. They are different faces of you. They are creating different explorations and interactions and experiences with the same theme.

“... This may also offer to you, my friend, a clearer understanding and recognition of the vastness and the diversity of essence, even within one exploration of one particular physical dimension.

“In this, you may offer to yourself a clearer understanding of what I have expressed previously in conversation with individuals, that the explorations that you create in this physical dimension alone are numberless, that the movement that you create in the exploration of one subject is so vast that even in the creation of one essence manifesting thousands of focuses of attentions it shall not incorporate all of the experiences in association with that one subject. Therefore, there is the incorporation of counterpart action. And this may be suggestive to you, my friend, of the wonder of merely this one physical dimension.” [session 823, April 15, 2001]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “We have spoken of your counterparts. We have spoken very, very briefly of your counterparts, and the interaction. We shall be speaking of your counterparts in more detail as you move into an awareness of probabilities and your alternate focuses, for these are directly related.

Your interaction with the individual which occupies the pivotal point of the probabilities that were pulled together, so to speak, within our one session, asks questions of population. You view very physically, very individually, within numbers; each being separate, each being different. In one respect, each individual holds their own personality traits and their own identity, and also their own free will and choices; but simultaneously, many, many, many individuals are counterparts, in the aspect of counterparts to you within your focus. I have spoken briefly of the pools within centuries; the pools of consciousness within certain time elements that we define as centuries. These also are directly related to your counterparts.

There are many different actions of counterparts, as has been expressed to you, although you do not understand this expression. One action of counterparts is what you physically may view as divisions of yourself, aspects of yourself, as in the scenario of Peter. One is indulgent within one focus. Simultaneously, within the same time period, now, exists another, experiencing another aspect, which physically may be translated into starvation. These are both Peter, although they each hold their own identity and choices.

These are difficult concepts to be expressing to you physically, for these individuals are you, but they are not you. They are themselves, but you are them, but you are yourself.

Therefore, within the issue of population, there are not billions and billions of new essences being born onto your planet. You focus more counterparts, for experience; for you, within physical terms, require this extended, expanded experience, physically, as you approach your shift. You are assimilating experience and information physically more quickly, for you approach your shift. Therefore, you manifest more physical counterparts. Your planet shall not explode, for you shall not continue this expansion of counterparts indefinitely.

Every moment, every movement, every choice physically that you incorporate, does hold a reason, (pause) and the reason is not to be annihilating of your species! (Intently) You hold an intrinsic desire to continue. You hold a pure desire for expansion of self. You are not negative beings [session 124, September 27, 1996]

ELIAS: “We were discussing an introduction to counterparts within our subject matter of probabilities, and I expressed to you an analogy of particles. In this, I expressed to you of ghost tracks or traces, which you are also, in a manner of speaking. Now I wish to direct your attention to the action of these particles. Within the traces that you may physically view of particles, your scientists may view an action of what you may term to be splitting. This appears within the traces of the particles as sprays of many particles being produced by one. This may occur within the action of a collision or an intersection, but it is not necessary for a collision or intersection to occur for this action to occur. Many particle traces may be viewed from one, as it enters your field of your dimension within this time element. In like manner, you may also choose this action. As you enter into a focus, you may choose to manifest within more than one physical form.

There are many types of counterparts. Some are creations of your own essence. Some are creations of other essences connected with you, and interacting within agreement with you. Some are created by you within your individual focus. In the same manner that you hold alternate selves within other dimensions, you also hold counterparts within the same dimension and the same time element, if you choose. In this, many essences choose to be entering physical focus non-singularly. Therefore, within the action of creating one focus, your essence may divide the focus into many aspects. Therefore, you may have several other ‘you’s’ occupying the same time/space within the same dimension.

Be realizing that each of these individuals holds their own vitality and individuality. They are you, but they are not you, for they are also themselves; as you are them, but you are not them, for you are yourself; but you are intimately interrelated. The actions that you create within your focus intimately are affecting of those other counterparts which you have chosen to be creating within one focus.

Counterparts serve to be experiencing many different aspects of experiences simultaneously, as has been stated previously; this being a much more highly efficient manner of movement through physical focus. You may also, within certain areas of non-physical focus, hold counterparts, although these would be defined differently.

I shall offer you this evening a small story, in like manner to our small sapling story (1). This story this evening shall be an example of the interaction of counterparts.

Think to yourselves of a cloud, a small puffy white cloud, drifting carefree through your sky alone; one single, small, white cloud. As it drifts gently and peacefully through your sky, it feels quite carefree and peaceful. It notices through its gentle movement a small, almost invisible strand, extending from itself outward. It views this strand, and is wondering what the meaning of this may be. Therefore, it chooses to be investigating; and as it strains and views beyond itself, it begins to focus in upon another shape resembling itself. This strand, which is nearly invisible, connects directly to this other second form. This small little white cloud chooses to project its consciousness to be investigating of this new form that it has encountered. As it draws closer, it views a reddish-orange cloud, larger than itself and seeming quite different from itself. It comes into contact with the second cloud and inquires, ‘What are you?’ The second cloud expresses to it, ‘I am also a cloud. I am a smoke cloud.’ The small little white cloud inquires of its existence. The smoke cloud then quite happily explains to the first cloud of its being, the elements that it contains; its form being similar to the small white cloud, but its action being different. Within its form, it holds embers. It holds heat, and bursts of flame. It holds great excitement. The small white cloud is fascinated by this burning smoke cloud, as it billows higher and expands.

Within this action, the smoke cloud looks to its side and views also an almost invisible strand extending from itself. It wonders of this strand. Therefore, it expresses to the small white cloud, ‘Let us together investigate to where this strand leads.’ As they move their consciousness together, they explore and find a small puffy gray cloud, moving quite slowly and quite heavily through the sky, bumbling along, paying no attention to any elements but itself and its action. They inquire of this small cloud, ‘What is your action?’ This small cloud expresses, ‘I am a rain cloud. I gather water to myself. I hold it tightly until I am laden with moisture, and then I gently rain all of my moisture to the Earth, encouraging small things to be growing.’ The smoke cloud is intrigued and expresses to the gray rain cloud, ‘Let us exchange positions. I shall experience your raining, and you shall experience my fire and heat, and come join with us, small little white cloud.’ The rain cloud agrees with the smoke cloud, and thus they exchange temporarily.

The little white cloud expresses no desire to be entering into this exchange, and chooses to return its consciousness to its original state. As it is absorbing itself within its quiet solitude, it views another strand extending from itself. In curiosity, it follows this strand also. As it approaches the manifestation at the end of the strand, it is quite confused and slightly startled. It views two very large, very black storm clouds. These two storm clouds are very gayfully playing, throwing much electricity to each other, bumping into each other, and with thunderous laughter, creating quite a ruckus. Much whirling winds fly around these storm clouds, and all of the visual is black. There appears to be nothing but chaos. The small white cloud views these two storm clouds and expresses to them, ‘I would not be choosing to be a black storm cloud, with all of its chaotic motion. This must be quite irritating, for you experience chaos continuously. I quite prefer my serenity.’ The two black storm clouds thunderously laugh at the small white cloud and express, ‘Let us experiment, and we shall become you and you shall become us, for we are you and you are us, but you choose a different motion.’ The small white cloud agrees. Within its consciousness and its dislike of this chaotic situation, it chooses to be altering the motion of the storm clouds. It is thinking to itself, ‘These storm clouds shall be much happier if I am altering this chaos, and interjecting some organization and calmness to their existence.’ Simultaneously, the storm clouds, interacting within the focus of the little white cloud, are expressing, ‘This is quite boring. This little cloud needs to be shaken up a bit.’

The small white cloud brings to the storm clouds a direction for its wind. It also pulls all of its crackling, sparking electricity into streams, therefore creating lightening which now appears in bolts, as in contrast to wild confusion of uncontained electricity. Within the little white cloud’s focus, the storm clouds create spontaneity. They interject the desire to be free-flowing within form and movement. Simultaneously also, within the action of the small gray rain cloud and the smoke cloud, they also exchange. The little rain cloud adds the knowledge to the smoke cloud’s focus that within his being as a cloud, he also holds moisture, which may be separating of these ember particles, which may rain down upon the surface of the planet as his water rains down from his being. The smoke cloud introduces excitement into the small rain cloud, which has plodded along its existence, gathering and raining, gathering and raining. It now experiences differences, choosing at times to withhold its rain, or choosing to rain heavily at times spontaneously. It incorporates a new unpredictability, which creates an excitement within the small gray rain cloud.

Each interacts and contributes to the other. They are all the same form. They are all composed of the same elements. They are all influencing of each other, yet they all choose individual actions. Their focus is different.

In like manner, you each are counterparts and hold counterparts, to which you interact and contribute to their focus, as they interact and contribute to yours. As I have expressed, there are many types of counterparts. Therefore, you may encounter many counterparts throughout your focus. You may, in actuality at times, encounter more counterparts than not. They are not all the same type of counterpart. Therefore, you shall not experience the same feeling within your engagement of these counterparts. Some you shall feel more strongly, and you shall offer yourselves an identification: ‘This individual must be a counterpart.’ Others may not appear quite so obvious; although most of your interactions, at many times within your focus, are interactions with counterparts.

You hold counterparts in other areas also, but you hold many within your immediate area physically. You do this intentionally, for you are focused with your attention physically. Therefore, this is affecting of you within your attention. All of your counterparts are affecting of you, and you of them, always; but within your directed attention, you may view that those counterparts that you physically interact with are more affecting. In actuality, they are not more affecting within consciousness, but within physical, objective awareness, they are more affecting, for they allow you the opportunity to be viewing elements of yourself that are connected with other individuals expressing elements of you. (Pause, smiling)

There are many areas of consciousness, and there are many areas of designated direction of counterpart elements. You interact with all of these simultaneously. It is not important for you to be engaging all of them objectively, for within your objective consciousness, this would only serve to be confusing to you. It is enough that you realize that you are affecting and affected by all of your counterparts in all dimensions. They are not bound to this one dimension or time element.

As we speak of simultaneous time, there is no time that has gone before. Therefore, the time that you view as your ‘entry’ into physical focus exists also now, and you may choose to manifest counterparts within the same year, so to speak, of your entry or birth into physical focus, within a continuing now. What is meant by this is that you view you may enter into physical focus within a year. Choose a year. (Pause; where was everybody?) I shall choose a year! I shall choose nineteen hundred and fifty. You choose to enter, or be born, in your terms, in this year of nineteen hundred and fifty. You move through your focus, and you view that nineteen hundred and fifty has passed. You view yourself singularly. Within this present now, nineteen hundred and fifty exists within another time dimension, and you may be manifesting another you, a counterpart you, within that nineteen hundred and fifty. This is not quite the same action as an alternate self, for its desire and its direction are different. It is you, although it is itself.

You have experienced your new game (2), and within this new game, you view other focuses that seem to be overlapping within your time element. Some of these, as has been expressed, are alternate selves. Some are you within another dimension, in a counterpart situation. In this, within your new game, you may feel ‘more you’ within certain engagements of certain focuses simultaneous to this focus. These would be your counterparts, those that you feel more yourself; for you shall experience viewing other focuses of alternate selves that may feel ‘less you,’ although you identify these as you. These would be alternate selves. Their direction is different. Within your limited terms, their connections are different. They are the same in intensity, but they are different within their direction.

Counterparts always add to your experience. Counterparts always complement your experience, for this is the direction. Alternate selves add to your experience within intersection. They may be inspiring and quite affecting, but their direction is different. Counterparts are intimately focused with you, although simultaneously being independent, so to speak, of you, for they hold their own individuality. As I have expressed, some may be focuses of your essence. Therefore, in your terms, they may hold your essence name, and they may be another individual that you may meet, that may hold qualities unexpressed within you. They may be aspects of your focus, not created by the entirety of essence as independent focuses, but intimately connected with you as your individual focus creations of yourself.

As I expressed previously, you are not ‘used material.’ You are new. Every focus, every manifestation, is new and becoming. It is not previously used. Therefore, you may hold what you term to be past or future lives, which are also counterparts of you, but you are not them and they are not you, for you have not lived, in your terms, before; for the organization of consciousness that is manifest within you is new and individual only to you, and will never be repeated and has been never repeated, although has existed always.” [session 127, October 06, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. In our discussion of counterparts, I wish to not be misleading you into the thought that all of your counterparts are known to you, or that all of the individuals that you encounter within physical focus are counterparts of you, for they are not. ... For you do not interact with all of your counterparts physically. It may seem, within this small group, that you encounter many counterparts. Therefore, you may view that this is a normal interaction, and that all individuals encounter many counterparts throughout their focus. This is not the case generally. Many individuals within this group are also group counterparts. Therefore, they are counterparts to each other, and encounter their own counterparts, and they are overlapping counterpart with group interaction. This is another function of the counterpart action. Some counterpart action is manifest in groups for a specific intent.

There are many individuals that you are connected with, that you interact with, that are not involved within a counterpart action. ... You may interact with other individuals belonging to your individual essence family. You may encounter or be drawn to individuals of your essence family. This will be one connection. They may not be counterparts. You may interact with or be drawn to individuals that are of the family that you align with within one focus, or you may be drawn to and interact with individuals that are also aligned with the same essence family within one focus that you are aligned with within the same focus. These relationships are not necessarily counterpart actions. There are many relationships that you hold within physical focus that are not counterpart action.

Be remembering, the action of counterpart is to be experiencing the same elements as you within a different aspect. Therefore, each individual that you encounter and hold a relationship with may not be following the same road, so to speak, as are you. Their intent may be different. Their desire may be different. This does not mean that you do not hold connections, in your terms, with these individuals. It is only to say that these individuals may not be counterparts.

In our discussion of many different types of counterparts, you may have a tendency to be viewing each individual that you encounter as another counterpart. I wish you not to be viewing all individuals in this manner, for they are not.

I have stated that you hold counterparts within each of the other essence families. These counterparts will very likely also not be known to you. Generally, they shall be scattered throughout your globe, in different cultures, in different locations, experiencing different lifestyles with the same intent as you, and through consciousness, add to your experience, as do you to them.

RETA: You were talking about how we may have counterparts at this time in other places of the globe with the same type of intent. So if I were for instance a sports enthusiast, there might be, across the globe, another person deriving other experiences to make them better in sports at the same time? Is this what you’re saying?

ELIAS: Within a certain type of counterpart, yes. Within one type, as was expressed with our illustration of the clouds, in the little white clouds that resemble each other, yes. You hold counterparts that outwardly manifest similar to yourself. You may also have other counterparts with very different experiences. You may hold a counterpart, being very physically adept, which is physically disabled.

RETA: For the experience?

ELIAS: For the experience, to counterbalance the experience that you choose.

RETA: Now in my dreams, my essence could gather all this experience together, so that the counterparts would bring it all together, so that we could have the experience together?

ELIAS: You may. This would be an action which would require much practice!

RETA: I understand that, but I think it would be interesting to have the experience available.

ELIAS: It is available to you, for all that you may imagine is available to you!

RETA: I have to learn to reach out and get that.

ELIAS: Quite!

RETA: Are you gonna teach me? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall offer to you that I shall be helpful, and you may be attentive to be receptive to my presence.

RETA: I will be, as much as I can!

VICKI: ... I’m a little confused. It seems that within an initial acceptance of the idea of counterparts, it would be easy to say, ‘Well, it really doesn’t matter what I choose to do because I’ll still incorporate the experience within a counterpart action.’ At the same time, within this concept that you’ve been expressing of no reincarnational selves ... I’m missing the point. I’m not getting it.

ELIAS: You may very well express this to yourself, but each action that you choose, you also are affecting of every other counterpart. You are also affecting of all of your alternate selves. You are also affecting of all probabilities within every choice that you engage. Therefore, you may look to your counterparts and express, ‘I may not choose to engage this action for this experience, for within another focus or another dimension or another element of my essence, I shall attain the experience. Therefore, it matters not.’ You may choose to hold this type of attitude, but you may also think to yourself, not only your counterparts experience for you, but you experience for them. Therefore, within your apathy, you are affecting.

Let us express a recall of Peter. Hypothetically, if Peter expresses, ‘It matters not. I shall continue in my usual manner, and I shall not concern myself of these counterparts, and they shall experience for me. What is the matter?’ Within another counterpart, which has been expressed previously, much motivation may be quite affected, for the apathy expressed by one may affect the motivation within another. Unknown to the other, an experience may be affected of depression.

I have expressed to you many times, it is unnecessary for you to incorporate responsibility for all other individuals, for you hold enough responsibility for yourselves and your own action, for you do hold much responsibility within your own choices. This is not to say that you must travel through your focus thinking to yourselves at every moment, ‘Oh my! I shall not choose any direction, for I shall be affecting of all of my counterparts and alternate selves!’ (Laughter) You shall direct yourself through your desire and intent, and you shall not be creating and choosing with the desire or the direction of hurtfulness to your counterparts.

If you are experiencing a time period of apathy, this may be as an influence of another counterpart to you, for within certain actions that they may be engaging, they may be requiring energy assistance. Therefore, you may temporarily experience a time of feeling motionless, or what you may term a lack of caring or a lack of direction, for another may be engaged within a struggle and needing of your energy assistance to be creating of their choices and actualizing of their probabilities. All is interconnected.

As to your reincarnational selves, I express this to you for I wish you not to be viewing yourselves incorrectly, and viewing yourselves through the light of existing belief systems. Existing belief systems will express to you that you live many lives. You are born, you live your life, you die. You are born again, you live, you die. You are born again. Incorrect. Your essence focuses in many, many areas simultaneously. There is no moving; born, live, die, born, live, die. There is no continuation in this respect. Each element of essence is a new expression which continues within itself, and never loses its integrity. Therefore, you are not ‘absorbed into’ something.

When you die, in your terms, you are not absorbed into enlightenment. You do not become part of the whole, losing your identity and individuality. You are a new expression of essence, never to be repeated again. You also are interconnected within consciousness to all elements of essence. Therefore, you may experience what you view to be past lives or future lives and you may identify with these as yourself, although they are not yourself. If you choose, as I have stated previously, you may bring forth another focus and physically view before you a past life within the same time/space. Within your understanding, you may not be this individual and yourself also, for you are not; although you hold the same consciousness.

VICKI: That’s where it gets confusing.

ELIAS: You hold different personality, individuality, and tone, but the difference is very slight; for the consciousness is the same within your essence.

VICKI: So to go back to your example of if you were to have an expression of apathy, there could be one of many, many different actions going on within that single expression, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. This is only one example.

RETA: In the same vein, if you were experiencing that apathy, and you were aware that maybe another counterpart was having a problem, is there a way that you could not go through the ‘I don’t care’ attitude, and give them more energy just by being aware, and not have to go through that apathy yourself? If you knew what was happening, if you could be aware of what was happening, could you give more energy to that experience?

ELIAS: Yes. Follow Michael’s [Mary’s] dream mission, and you shall understand many clues to this type of action. Look to your dream interaction, once again. I have stressed this from the onset of our sessions; this point being exceptionally important. You spend much of your physical time within this state of consciousness interacting and moving, yet you allow yourselves to know very little of your activity.

VICKI: I just have one more question about the apathetic expression. My normal, logical thought process, my first response in having an apathetic response, would have been to assume that a counterpart was having a quite motivated experience, and hence my response. This is also a possibility?

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: But lots of things could be going on.

ELIAS: If the individual is experiencing tremendous conflict, they are quite motivated in this conflict. In this, they may draw energy from you. Now; in another response, you may choose not to feel the feeling of apathy, if you are allowing yourself a wide enough awareness and understanding. In this case, you may choose to be reducing your activity, so to speak. You may choose to be very calm. You may choose action within a few of your days to be reading, and what you term to be resting, and being quiet. You may also be meditating. These would be conscious acts in lending energy to a counterpart action, but this would require your understanding previous that you are lending energy to a counterpart action. This would require an understanding of the counterpart, and a realization of the counterpart and the action that you engage with this counterpart, who may be located somewhere quite removed from you upon your globe. You may hold this counterpart in Africa and have never physically met this individual, but you do hold the ability to know these things. You may, within dream state, interact with your counterparts and hold this information consciously.

VICKI: ... Regarding the counterpart action, would it be an incorrect way to think about it if I were to think ... For example, in knowing that I have counterpart action with Kasha [Bill], would there be an efficient way of thinking if I wanted to incorporate helpfulness within that action, within connecting with Kasha [Bill] subjectively to be helpful in a physically focused situation?

ELIAS: There are always efficient directions to be engaging! (Pause, grinning) Think of the action of counterparts. Identify to yourself the type of counterpart. This shall be an interesting study for you Lawrence [Vicki], for your investigation. Think of your information of counterparts, and isolate what you believe to be the type of counterpart action. In this, you shall allow yourself information as to your choices. Be understanding that each counterpart is creating their own reality but is affecting of your reality, and you simultaneously are affecting of their reality. Therefore, within the situation that you speak of, you are already affecting, and have been. This is not to say that one causes another to create their choices, but within consciousness, you are interrelated and you are affecting. Therefore, all actions that each chooses and creates are also influenced by the counterparts. Be remembering also, you are not the only counterpart to Kasha [Bill]. There are many. Therefore, there are many influences.

Each of you holds many counterparts, and each counterpart is influencing within consciousness of your reality, and you of them. This is not to say that you do not choose your own choices and create your own reality, for you do; but you draw energy and input from all of your counterparts. (Pause)

JIM: When we view ourselves as doing something that we would consider out of character, like ‘What happened there?’ or ‘Why did I do that?’ that would be an influencing of a counterpart?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This may be a counterpart influence, but this may also be an intersection of an alternate self. This may be an alternate probability intersecting with you. This may be an action that you have chosen within your essence to be engaging in response to another action of another individual or essence which is affecting of you, but not a counterpart. It is not necessarily a counterpart action that is always influencing of your action. There are many aspects of essence, all of which are influencing, and you are influencing of all of them also.” [session 133, November 17, 1996]

ELIAS: “There are many variations of counterparts. Some, as has been stated, are creations of your own essence, and some are creations of other essences. Not all of your counterparts belong to the same family within consciousness as do you. Many counterparts that are created by your own essence are as the little white cloud, which you do not normally view only one within your sky. You normally view many puffy white clouds. These are all similar to each other, although taking various shapes. In this same respect, many of your counterparts that you have created within your own essence are very similar to you.

Each counterpart (pause) moves in such a fashion as to complement your experience, and you complement all of your counterpart’s experiences. Each counterpart may not be focused with the same subject matter in probabilities as you are focused in, but they shall be experiencing certain aspects of their focus which will add to your experience. This is done through consciousness. It is not necessary for you to occupy the same space or the same time element to acquire information or be affected by counterparts.

At our last meeting, a question was posed as to developments in action of two individuals. These individuals do not interact with each other, but are affecting of each other continuously, for they are counterparts of each other. In this, these individuals serve as a good example of the action of counterparts. These individuals are not of the same essence. They are not fragmented of the same essence, but they share a counterpart experience.

Now; in this, each has chosen their own given pool of probabilities. Therefore, they have chosen their own line of subject matter which they shall experience within their own individual focuses. These may seemingly have nothing to do with each other, but their actions shall be mirroring each other.

Not all counterparts mirror each other. Some counterparts are what you would view to be opposite. Some are not quite opposite, but are removed enough from your personal experience that they may invoke a distasteful response from you! (Laughter) Some individuals which are counterparts also may be engaged within this action for partial time. You may be counterpart to another individual for partial time.

The action of counterparts is extremely varied. This, within consciousness, is one of your most creative inventions, for this action serves many purposes. Its base line, though, is to be enhancing and adding to your individual experience. It serves to intensify your individual experiences, as we view with these individuals of Elizabeth [Elizabeth] and Kyari [Aram]. One may experience an intensity of agitation which is seemingly to be provoked by nothing. In reality, through agreement and counterpart action, one shall experience and shall share the experience with the counterpart. This is not to say that these are very singularly focused, for you do not hold only one counterpart. Each individual is counterpart to many, and you hold many counterparts also. (Pause)

Let us look to (pause) the little white cloud (stumbling over white) and the thunder clouds; these seeming to be opposites. Many times, although it is not a rule, opposite counterparts will be of another essence. Now; as I have stated, this is not a rule, for there are times that you may also create opposite counterparts from your own essence for your own experiences. Many times though, the counterpart situation of an opposite shall be from another essence. This, aligned with your essence in agreement, shall engage this action.

You exchange experiences through consciousness. Just as the clouds exchanged, you also exchange. You think to yourselves that you travel through your focus only choosing for your own self. You think very singularly. Your action, within consciousness, extends far beyond this individual focus.

Within your dream state, you are not limited to the action of this one focus. (Pause, smiling) You are not limited to this time period. You are not limited to this dimension. This, as has been stated many times throughout our sessions, is a very important time, in your terms, within your everyday focus. It is part of your reality. You focus objectively for a time, you focus subjectively for a time, each day of your existence physically. Much of your counterpart exchange occurs during your sleep state. Many encounters occur during your sleep state. Many of your counterparts you are familiar with within your sleep state. Within your waking state, you may not recognize these individuals and they may appear to you as strangers, but they are not strangers. They are individuals that you are familiar with, for you share a counterpart action with these individuals. Many more times during your sleep state do you encounter individuals that you are unfamiliar with than you are familiar with.

I have expressed from the onset of our sessions the importance of your dream interaction, and the importance of your recognition that this is not a state of what you view to be imagination. Much action occurs during this state of consciousness which may allow you valuable information during your waking state of consciousness.

As to your counterparts within your waking state, you may encounter individuals that you may feel quite drawn to, that you seem to have no explanation for. In this, you may be identifying a counterpart situation which has been in existence throughout many of your focuses.” [session 129, October 27, 1996]

ELIAS: “Continuing: I shall be reminding you of our counterpart discussion, and our little clouds. (Smiling) As I have stated, there are many variations of counterparts.

Within your pool of consciousness individually, you hold your individual alternates. These are one type of counterparts. You hold what we have termed to be splinters. These may be fragmented of your essence, or they may not be fragmented. These splinters are within your immediate pool of consciousness and are also counterparts to you, and you to they. Generally, splinters will parallel you within your desires and your intent. Your actions may not always parallel each other, but your desire will parallel. In this, these types of counterparts are very similar to you. Therefore, they would be what you would view to be the variations of the puffy white clouds within your sky, all being composed of the same ‘stuff’ (grinning) and resembling each other quite closely, but choosing different forms and different speeds of motion. There are your immediate counterparts.

Now; of these types of counterparts, you individually may not encounter these counterparts within an individual physical focus, although others who are close to you physically manifest, and close to you within consciousness per se, may encounter your splinters and recognize these; this being the case with Uriel [Bruce] and Rameau [Sher], and also with Lawrence [Vicki] and Michael [Mary], and Sena [Melinda] also experiences this action, of recognizing counterparts which are splinters of the individual which is close to them. This may be an action which is connected through what we have termed presently as cosmic twins, or it may be a very closely fragmented relationship.

You individually will recognize other variations of counterparts. You may not identify these as counterparts to yourselves, but you will recognize individuals within yourself. These are different types, so to speak, of counterparts, resembling our other clouds. Generally, within your immediate pool of consciousness, your splinters and your alternates do not necessarily become in contact with you individually, for this is unnecessary. They are paralleling your experiences. You are paralleling their experiences. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to share these experiences physically. You do not require the physical input, as you term this, from these immediate parallels. You are in continuous communication within consciousness to these individuals. You are affected and are affecting of these counterparts within your immediate pool constantly. You intersect continuously with these counterparts, and exchange within energy continuously. Just as we have spoken of blinking in and out of consciousness within this particular physical focus, within your ‘out time,’ so to speak, you are intersecting with these counterparts, among other activities. (Grinning)

Therefore, as I have stated; generally, this type of counterpart you individually will not physically encounter yourselves. You may be directed to an individual of this type, but you shall not seek them out yourself. As has been stated, it is unnecessary. You draw to you other types of counterparts for your input, to be adding to your physical experience.

Within the example of our storm clouds, this would represent your opposites. As has been stated, some of these types of counterparts may be fragmented, or facets of your essence; but also, generally speaking, many of these types of counterparts will be of another essence which is in alignment with you, and holds a similar desire which directs their focus within a different direction, but with what you would term to be the same purpose.

The subject of counterparts is lengthy. It is quite intricate, as there are, as Olivia [Ron] will state, no rules. There is only one rule, that there is no rule! (Laughter)

There are many variations, and also, counterparts may change. You may change your alignment as a counterpart. You may choose, within agreement, to be counterpart for a designated period of your time, and then you may choose to disengage this counterpart action.

As I have stated, counterparts are not ‘things.’ It is an action. This is an action that you choose. Within agreement, some may choose to be counterpart to each other for certain experiences within the role of parent and child. They may continue within this action of counterpart temporarily. They may choose to incorporate the action of counterpart for a number of years, until a certain element of their focus has been fulfilled.

An example to this action: A father has a young son. The father is an outgoing, responsible, care-taking, providing-for parent. He works at his occupation, he provides for his family, he chooses to interact with his son in sports activities; viewing himself to be a good and responsible parent. Within this individual of the parent lies latent, creative, unexpressed qualities; artistic qualities, musical qualities. The son, acting in the role of counterpart to the father, manifests the experience of interest within music and pursues this activity; therefore fulfilling the latent quality within the father, and also expressing within himself. This action is discontinued as the child grows to adulthood, for the action of the counterpart within the manifestation of the father’s abilities has been fulfilled. Therefore, the choice is made to not continue in the counterpart action by the son; this being a small example of the action that you may choose to change, and also, within our story of our little clouds, the exchange of action of each cloud, which adds to each other.

You all possess all qualities. You do not manifest all qualities. You all possess all creativity. You selectively focus upon certain qualities to manifest. In this, you hold counterparts that manifest also those qualities that are latent within you, as also occurs in what you may term to be reverse. Each of your facets, your other focuses, are counterparts to you; this being another type of counterpart action. I have stated previously, all counterparts add to your experience. You experience is always enhanced by counterparts. This is the reason that you have created this action.” [session 131, November 06, 1996]

ELIAS: “These are, as I have expressed to you previously, very difficult areas. I have offered you very simple explanations to this point, of counterparts and probabilities and unofficial information, but I have also expressed to you that these are very difficult areas to be explaining within the confines of your language and your understanding. More information is offered to you continuously within this forum, for you continue to widen and hold the ability to assimilate the information.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

ELIAS: “This evening we shall be discussing counterparts once again, and we shall be integrating time.

Many of you have become confused with our discussions of alternate selves and probable selves and realities and other focuses, and how they are all affecting of you continuously and how you are affecting of all of them continuously. As I have presented to you previously, I anticipated that you would become confused and that this may lead to a devaluation of self, for you feel you are influenced by so many elements that you may not hold complete control of your focus. This is incorrect, as I have stated to you previously. You do make all of your choices and you do create all of your own individual probabilities. You are also influenced by other aspects within consciousness continuously.

Now; another element which is involved within this situation is your time framework. All physical manifestations hold a time framework. Not all time frameworks are the same, but they all hold a time framework. There are also areas of non-physical focus which incorporate time frameworks which are different from your understanding of time as you recognize it, but they incorporate some sort of time element.

In this, I have spent much time with you leading you away from singular thinking. This is my greatest task with you, for this is an automatic creation of yours. It is part of your physical focus to be thinking singularly. Therefore, each subject which is presented to you, you view within the context of singularity. You are presented with the concept of counterparts, and you automatically think that all of the action of counterparts is occurring as you create for yourself.

You are within a time framework. I express to you that within non-physical focus, within many areas of non-physical consciousness, time is irrelevant, but within physical focus it is reality. I have also expressed to you that time itself is a reality within itself. It is a dimension within itself. Therefore, it is real.

You function within the reality of a specific time framework. In this, your counterpart action does not necessarily always occur within what you view to be your present now. You may be creating, and as I express to you that all probabilities are actualized, they may not be actualized within your present now time framework. You look to actions and hold expectations for results within present now time frameworks. This does not always occur. In like manner, counterparts within other time frameworks are influencing of you. Not all that you experience is a result of present now activity, to your way of thinking. This may occur in actuality, for all time is simultaneous. Therefore, any time framework may bleed through into your time reality. You may experience affectingness of other time frames.

Each choice that you actualize within probabilities does not automatically create all other probabilities, within the confines of what you may singularly imagine. The energy expressed may be directed within counterparts within other time frameworks, and in this you may not objectively hold knowledge of the actualization of all of your probabilities which are actualized beyond what you individually have chosen. Also, be remembering once again as this is review also, your probabilities do not lie before you. They are as you create them. There is no vast universe of probabilities waiting for you to pick from! There are countless, infinite probabilities to be actualized as you create them, and as all of your aspects create them.

Realize also that all of your counterparts, of your essence or of another essence, hold free will equal to yourselves. They hold the ability to create their own reality and to be actualizing their own choices, as do all of your alternate selves. This is not in conflict with you. Alternate selves do not diminish the value of you, for you are they and they are you, for you are not a singular entity. Just as your physical body is not created of one singular cell but contains billions of cells which communicate in harmony and create a collective consciousness appearing to be one, so also is your consciousness, within itself and all of its alternates within each individual focus, which operates as a collective, intersecting and exchanging continuously.

Many of you experience much counterpart action recently. You are exchanging imagery and activity with counterparts and allowing yourselves objective awareness of this action. You may not completely be understanding the action that you engage, but you are aware. Much movement occurs presently, as we have stated previously. This, as you are aware, accelerates, and as this accelerates you notice more activity within yourselves and within the events around you.

... You are very near to embarking upon a new adventure. Within this new adventure that you have chosen, you also prepare yourselves quite objectively with many new examples. Be remembering that you are affecting within consciousness of multitudes. One may affect all, for there is no separation. Therefore, each is the center and each is equally important.

DAMARIS: ... Well, I’ll ask a question, being the newcomer. I believe that there are no accidents, that for some reason I am here to hear about counterparts and the other things that you’re speaking about. I haven’t thought about the influence of counterparts in my life lately, so I am motivated to ask about that. I’m not exactly sure what to ask, but my sense of my life is that I’m in a transition between very clearly who I used to be and who I’m becoming. It’s been a long transition. It feels long. I hadn’t even thought about the influence of counterparts, but it’s been quite a struggle, and my sense of it is that I’m doing work or processing experience and information for possibly more than just myself, and it didn’t occur to me until I’ve been sitting here. I wonder what you might comment on, what you see?

ELIAS: Very good! Quite excellent in your assessment. Another holds counterpart action with you which is indirectly, so to speak, involved with this forum. There is another individual which participates, not physically within this audience, but among new friends participates within consciousness. This individual focuses within an essence family which, in your terms, primarily is identified with healing, this being the Tumold family. (When Elias refers to ‘new friends’ he is referring folks who interact via the computer. Here, he is referring to Melinda/Sena)

You are correct. There are no accidents, and you are not drawn to this forum accidentally. This individual has already established a connection within consciousness to this group of individuals, although has never, in your terms, participated physically here. You hold counterpart action with this individual. In this, you lend energy to this other individual and are affecting of their focus. Likewise, which is not always the case, this individual is also counterpart to you. Counterparts do not necessarily all ‘have to’ mirror counterpart action. You may be a counterpart to one individual, and they may not be a counterpart to you. Within this situation, you are counterparts to each other.

DAMARIS: Are you speaking of Carl?

ELIAS: No. This shall be an individual which has been established as a new friend with Lawrence [Vicki] and Olivia [Ron]. In this, this individual also, not recognizing for much time previous the alignment and connection with essence family, has influenced you as a counterpart.

Let me explain. One individual may not recognize their connection with an essence family. In this, they may be creating their probabilities, which may not be completely in alignment with their intent. Therefore, as they create their probabilities, they also are influencing of other individuals which are counterparts. In this, these individuals may be experiencing conflict or confusion or difficulties. As this individual learns of themself and identifies with their intent, they are also affecting of their counterpart, and therefore the counterpart individual experiences a release. Therefore in this, your probabilities, as you experience them presently, shall be appearing more effortless.

DAMARIS: That would be nice!

ELIAS: All affects all. You are not victims or subject to a counterpart or an aspect, for as you are affected, you also are affecting of other counterparts. Within this, as we return to our little story of our flower and our card and our painting (3), one affects another which may experience conflict, but within this conflict this is affecting of another which shall experience another aspect. All of these work together within consciousness for the fullness of experience. You only look, as I have said, to yourselves singularly, and you view that you are only being affected. I speak to you to allow you the opportunity to realize that the wideness and the vastness of consciousness is all-affecting, and in this you are greater than what you view within this singular manifestation. Even within this singular manifestation, you are more than one.

Therefore, what you experience to this present now is a combination of counterpart action, which you also are influencing within your choices and probabilities of other counterparts, and also intersections of alternate selves which you allow to objectively bleed through. There is a constant exchange and interchange of all of your aspects of self, and as you allow these to be objectively bleeding through you may view, within your belief systems, this to be struggling. In actuality, if you are to be shifting your perception you may view this quite differently, for you have offered yourself the opportunity to know more of the multidimensionality of self.

DAMARIS: I asked for it.

ELIAS: Quite. In this, only your perception tells you this is difficult.

DAMARIS: My physical body is exhausted from it!

ELIAS: This is also objective imagery. You create this intentionally within your objective expression, for you hold belief systems that you may only exert certain amounts of energy. I express to you that your energy is boundless. You hold infinite creativity and energy. Your belief systems dictate to you, and this applies not only singularly to you but to you all, that you may not move within consciousness too much, for you shall exhaust yourself! Your physical ‘vessel,’ (chuckling) which is not a vessel, may not hold up beneath the strain of your movement within consciousness. You have designed a magnificent creation of physical manifestation. In this, it may accommodate much more than you may ever imagine.

DAMARIS: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

CATHY: So is that why I’m manifesting this little hip malfunction?

ELIAS: This is also counterpart action.

CATHY: Really!

ELIAS: Each of you has experienced recently actions of counterparts which you are allowing yourselves objectively to notice. Bear in mind also that you notice counterpart action to be benefiting of you. Therefore, as you choose to be moving through and addressing your own issues, you shall allow yourself the objective noticing of counterpart action to be helpful within information, this being that you are not victims! You are not individuals having experiences thrust upon you unwillingly that you may not benefit from. You choose to be noticing objectively the action of counterparts, to be benefiting you within your own present movement and choices; which I shall also add that all of your choices shall be moving into a beneficial area of your intent, for you shall create all of your probabilities to align with your intent. Even those which do not align with your intent, you shall fit them to your intent eventually. They may not be the most efficient, but you shall pull them all into alignment and benefit yourself.

DREW: If all affects all, and all consciousness is influencing of all other, but counterpart action, if I’m understanding, implies an agreement ... Is that correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

DREW: It’s slightly different than the general influencing that takes place all the time. There is some agreement between counterparts ...

ELIAS: It is different within the respect that it is directed.

DREW: Am I correct that there is agreement between counterparts? (Elias nods) So, you may have explained this, but why would a counterpart who is experiencing confusion as a result of not aligning with intent or whatever reason, by agreement create confusion in Damaris’ life, and conflict? Why would there be an agreement to create confusion and conflict?

ELIAS: Ah! The counterpart, the other individual as counterpart, does not create confusion or conflict for this individual. You create your own reality. Another does not create for you and thrust this upon you. You choose to accept the energy of the counterpart, and you manifest this energy for your own benefit. In this, as I have stated many times to you, you gain your attention more quickly, more efficiently, through conflict. You listen to yourself more if you are confused or experiencing conflict.

DREW: So this awareness that may be heightened for Damaris as a result of the energy which she is agreeing to accept would be an effort to broaden her subjective awareness? Because there would be no objective benefit to her accepting energy which would confuse her from a counterpart objectively. The only benefit would be a subjective awareness of the influencing of a counterpart.

ELIAS: To your present belief systems! (Grinning)

DREW: Well, there’s a question mark at the end of that! There may be objective benefit to her by accepting the energy which may confuse her?

ELIAS: Your objective and subjective movement move in harmony. One is not conflicting with the other. It may appear that one is conflicting with the other, as they create imagery differently, but they work in harmony to each other. Therefore, the objective expression is beneficial also.

VICKI: I do have one question for Sena [Melinda], who is the individual that is your counterpart that was being discussed earlier. The question is, why am I holding energy that manifests in circulatory problems?

ELIAS: This also being a counterpart action, but not with this individual; with another individual, of which we have discussed much, within transition. This is an offering of lending of energy and holding of some energy to be helpful, to be distracting within the action of transition and to be allowing the other individual to not be experiencing an overwhelmingness within physical expression.” [session 163, April 13, 1997]

ELIAS: “This is a counterpart action. This would be in the element of a parallel counterpart action. In this, parallel counterparts often share similar experiences, and also divert their own experiences to each other many times. Therefore, when one is choosing to be deflecting off some experience, the other pulls to themselves, and vice versa. They exchange experiences often. This may also be helpful to you in understanding actions that may occur or events that may occur within your focus that do not seem consistent with you ... and you may be experiencing certain activities or events which you do not understand and you do not know why you are experiencing these occurrences.

Michael [Mary] also experiences different events at different time periods that he is unaware of, in his terms, where they are coming from. This would be the same as shared parallel counterpart action. You each hold many counterparts in different capacities. To this present now, individuals within this forum have not availed themselves of viewing this type of parallel counterpart action. Therefore, this shall be new information to them also.” [session 181, June 05, 1997]

MJ: “A couple of days ago, I had contact with an individual named Rae. This is someone I’ve had no contact with for several months, but there was a point where we met over the computer and where it was clear that there are an extraordinary number of connections between us, or reflections in objective stuff. This isn’t very well thought out, obviously! But I have a great curiosity to know more about that connection and that relationship because it’s really quite extraordinary. Can you tell me something about that?

ELIAS: You may be exploring this further and offering yourself more information within the area of counterpart action.

MJ: That’s what I thought.

ELIAS: Within this shift, you all shall be providing yourselves with a recognition now of counterpart action. You shall be presenting yourselves within this time framework with the objective recognition and connection with counterparts to yourselves, this also being a bleed-through action of this shift in consciousness. Previous to this century, your creation of your reality was not designed to be objectively encountering other counterparts to yourselves. Therefore, individuals previously within other centuries may have momentarily within their focuses objectively ‘bumped into,’ so to speak, a counterpart singularly, but would hold no recognition of this and also would not be pursuing of this. Now, within the action of this shift, individuals within the entirety of your planet shall be presenting themselves with counterparts and also investigating the connections and recognizing the responses. This is not to say that individuals not offering themselves this information shall be expressing, upon meeting a counterpart, ‘Oh! I am recognizing that you are counterpart to myself!’ They shall not, but they shall be recognizing of connections and allowing themselves to be exploring those connections, or exploring the reasoning for the repelling action of certain counterparts.

MJ: In this particular case, we had extremely heavy communication for a period, and then suddenly it just dissipated. And I sort of imagined in my mind that there was like a grid, almost like we were on two paths that had crossed at a particular junction and then we both just kept on going, but I don’t know if that grid idea has any validity to it. But that’s what keeps coming to my mind, because at the time that we crossed paths, we were both ... and I think it’s a very shift-related phenomenon that we were both dealing with, which was a sense of a void or the sense of being ready to die, but not in a suicidal sense, just in a sense of being finished, which is how I discovered her on the computer, because she was expressing the same thing that I had been feeling. So my sense was that we were helpful to each other at a point, and then that was no longer necessary. So now that we meet again, I’m not sure what that means, but I guess I’ll find out!

ELIAS: Your imagery is quite creative in your explanation to yourself of the movement of energy. I may express to you that you are correct in your assessment, although the movement of energy is more extensive than you are offering yourself in explanation, but you are correct in your thought process of the action of energy. Within the action of the counterparts, you do not necessarily move in passing. You move in rotation. Therefore, you intersect at certain time frameworks, and then move rotationally and may intersect again for added information. You move into another intersection to offer yourselves the opportunity to view more extensively counterpart action.” [session 214, September 06, 1997]

NICKY: Rudy gave me some information, and I’m not sure if I was blocking that also, referring to movement within my parallel action with Mary and with Ann, my two parallel counterparts.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Mary moved across the country. Ann moved across town. Where did I move to?? I’m still here! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: There is imagery occurring within physical movement, but although you hold parallel counterpart action, this is not to say that the actions that you create physically shall all be identical. You choose within your counterpart action to be expressing certain elements in slightly different manners. Michael [Mary] chooses within his movement to be objectively expressing of different types of movement in conjunction with the subjective movement that he is creating, therefore offering what you might view as an example or an objective situation that other individuals may view more easily and more clearly. In objective expression, other individuals may view the movements more easily, for they view these situations symbolically. This is not to say that within the parallel counterpart action that you also are not influenced and creating your own movement within that parallel action. You merely choose to be expressive of this movement subjectively as opposed to also expressing objectively. It is unnecessary for you to be expressing objectively, for the other individuals have created this objective expression for you.

NICKY: Oh my! Okay, go on.

ELIAS: This also lends energy to the subjective movement that you all are accomplishing within this present now. Just as I have expressed previously to you that within your verbalization of communication or thought, you create an objective response which holds more energy in the creation of certain actions. Although thought is reality and is energy, when audibly expressed, as I have stated to you, you create an actual chemical reaction within your space arrangement which lends more energy to the actualization of the thought. In like manner, when you choose to be objectively expressing in imagery certain types of movements in what you view to be symbology, you also lend more energy to the actualization of the action that you are engaging, and you lend energy to other individuals who are choosing to be engaging similar movement within a wave of consciousness. Is this clear?

... Let me express to you also that within these parallel counterpart actions, you also lend energy to each other in similar movements. Be remembering of this. Therefore, as you choose to be creating of certain movements in addressing to belief systems and issues, and you draw yourselves to situations to BE addressing to these belief systems and issues, you also choose different manners of moving energy. In this, each objective expression is influencing and lending energy to the other parallels. As one restricts, the others also experience difficulty in movement. As one allows movement, the others also experience an allowance or more of an ease within their own expression of movement.” [session 271, April 02, 1998]

DIANE: “Can I ask you about a particular individual? Her name is Kim. I don’t know what the draw is for me exactly, but I really like her. I just really like who I see her to be, but I think she’s in a very different place than I am, and I don’t know if it will go anywhere besides a friendship.

ELIAS: Hmm. You draw to this individual in recognition of a counterpart action.

DIANE: That she reflects me? I don’t know what you mean.

ELIAS: You hold many counterparts within physical focus, which as you allow yourself the opportunity to objectively engage any given counterpart, there is a recognition either of a draw or a repelling. Opposite counterparts shall repel as two magnets, but other types of counterparts draw to each other.

This is not to say that a counterpart shall necessarily be another aspect of your essence. It may not, but you engage an action which is termed to be counterpart action. This, briefly stated, is an action of shared similar intents that individual focuses manifest with, and within the action of counterpart, they share experiences to be offering unchosen experiences.

I have offered much information in this area of counterparts which you may be accessing if you so choose, but I shall briefly express to you that if you are choosing of a certain intent, a direction within any particular focus – this particular focus – you hold countless counterparts which also experience other aspects of similar intent which you do not experience, and those experiences add to the fullness of your own experience.

Just as you may be choosing within one focus to be what you are in this focus. You may go in the direction of manifesting a career in psychological areas. You may hold a counterpart that chooses to be manifesting another aspect of that by displaying what you term to be mental illness. They are all aspects of one subject, but they are vastly different experiences, different elements of the same subject.

For you to be creating of every experience of every aspect of each subject that you choose to engage within a focus, you would need be creating millions and millions of focuses within one particular dimension! Therefore, it is inefficient. It is much more efficient that you all add to each other in experience subjectively by choosing to be experiencing different aspects of the same subject.” [session 274, April 18, 1998]

LYNDA: “While we are discussing Cynthia [Carter], Cynthia [Carter] and I have a free flow and a connection. What is our connection? Are we counterpart? (Pause)

ELIAS: No. You are merely offering yourselves the opportunity to be objectively connecting with each other in what you may term to be ‘like spirit,’ holding similar interest in the action of this shift in consciousness, and also offering yourselves information in similar manner. Many times you shall be objectively connecting with and interacting with other individuals that you may feel an attraction to and an ease within your interaction with the individual, and this is not necessarily to suggest to you that you hold counterpart action with this individual.

For the most part, you may be connecting with many individuals and interacting with many individuals, and you do not necessarily hold an interconnectedness in the manner of a classification, so to speak. But you ARE interconnected through essence and consciousness, and this offers you the opportunity to view the lack of separation within consciousness and that you are all interconnected and not separated.

Let me express to you that as I offer these words to you each, you receive this information and you view yourselves to be interconnected in a very abstract manner.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that you view yourselves in a cosmic, abstract manner to be interconnected with all individuals and with all elements of your reality within your universe, but this is not necessarily an actual reality to you. It is merely a concept in abstraction that you believe you accept and you believe you understand.

But as you experience this interconnectedness and lack of separation that I speak of with you, you automatically magnate to classifications of shared focuses or counterpart action with another individual or interconnectedness through fragmentation or mergences of essences. This is not necessarily the action which occurs between all individuals upon your planet that you objectively interact with, but this is not to say that you shall not experience what you term to be the closeness, the understanding, the acceptance, and the interconnectedness merely by interacting with another individual and allowing yourself to be open to the knowing of your interconnectedness.

In this, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view more of the intimacy that is involved in all of your interactions and all of your relationships, regardless of how you are labeling any of your relationships. This also provides you with an avenue to be extending this concept and pulling to yourself more of the reality that every other individual upon your planet which is physically focused is of essence and is interconnected with you personally, in a manner of speaking, and intimately.

This be the reason that I have expressed previously to many individuals, each action that you engage is affecting of all of consciousness. Each probability that you create, each choice that you engage, is affecting of every individual upon your planet.

This is not to be reinforcing beliefs in the area of karma, but merely to be expressing to you each the depth of responsibility that you hold individually – not that you hold responsibility for other individuals, but for yourselves individually – and why very great importance is placed upon focusing upon self and the acceptance and trust of self, for as you are creating of these within yourself, you are also affecting of all of your reality and every other individual which manifests upon your planet.

Therefore, I express to you, in viewing relationships and interactions that you hold with other individuals, you may be recognizing of counterpart action as you identify very strong responsiveness to a particular individual. The sense that you identify in these types of relationships shall appear different to you, regardless if you are paralleling or if you are opposing and repelling or if you are merely lending energy to each other within differences and similarities. You shall recognize a different quality in the interaction and relationship that you may hold in objectively meeting and interacting with an individual who holds counterpart action with you.

In this, as you interact with all other individuals that may not be engaging a counterpart action with you, as you widen your awareness you also become more objectively aware of the interconnectedness that you share with all of these individuals, and you begin to recognize that you hold much less separation than you initially viewed.

LYNDA: Gosh, Elias, that was just awesome. That really is great. Thank you for that explanation. I have a tendency – and this really confirms what you’re saying – to label, that word ‘label’ that you used. Somebody is always a counterpart, or somebody is a focus even, or a soul mate. It attaches a more narrow interpretation, although I am quite aware in my own counterpart action how beneficial it is for me – in the sense of repelling counterparts and paralleling – with this information, which leads me into my next subject of shrines. But first, I want to say that this is how I’ve interpreted what you said from just that labeling aspect. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Quite. In this, let me express to you that as you allow yourselves to be moving in this direction, you also perpetuate this issue of separation, for you separate certain individuals and you view them to be more affecting than other individuals or you view them to be more beneficial than other individuals. You also afford certain individuals more of your attention than other individuals.

I express to you that their affectingness is no more than any other individual’s. It is merely different. They exhibit in counterpart action a different direction, but its affectingness in this direction is no greater or lesser than any other individual within consciousness. It merely is directed in a specific manner.

LYNDA: Right. Oh goody! That would be along the lines of even essence family intent and alignment intent, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 399, May 19, 1999]

JOE: “Elias, I have one thing. How many focuses in this room are involved with each other in other focuses or in some sort of counterpart action?

ELIAS: All of you hold involvement within other focuses. You all engage in counterpart action, but not necessarily with each other.

In this particular room, there is a counterpart action which is incorporated with these two individuals, of your partner and your relation. (Indicating Naomi and Brad, and there is a pause)

JOE: Could you explain that a little further? (Laughter)

ELIAS: ... Very well. I shall clarify. (Laughter) Your partner ...

JOE: Naomi.

ELIAS: Correct. ... holds counterpart action with familial relation – yourself. (Indicating Brad) You hold counterpart action with each other in this focus.

NAOMI: Us three? (Indicating herself, Brad, and Justin)

ELIAS: No. These two individuals.

NAOMI: Us two? (Indicating herself and Brad)

ELIAS: Correct. In this, you offer each other different elements of experience, through assimilation within consciousness subjectively, as you each choose different types of experiences, and as each of you do NOT choose different experiences.

Therefore, what I am expressing is, qualities that each of you hold latently are expressed through the other, and this offers you both the benefit, so to speak, of the experience of these qualities in essence.

There are certain qualities that you (indicating Naomi) manifest within this particular focus that your counterpart action with you (indicating Brad) do not actualize physically.

You (indicating Naomi) express certain physical qualities that are latent or not chosen with your (indicating Brad) focus, but you offer yourself the benefit of the experiences through the counterpart action, and this counterpart action moves between both of you.

There are certain expressions physically that are expressed by you (indicating Naomi) that offer a difference in your (indicating Brad) understanding of certain manifestations, and offer you more of an ease in movement into acceptance in some areas in conjunction with the qualities that are expressed with you (indicating Naomi). (4)

The action of counterparts is to be offering different experiences without actual manifestation of those experiences within one particular focus.

This would be quite inefficient, were you to be physically experiencing every aspect of this physical reality within each manifestation of essence. Essence would be manifesting billions and billions and billions of focuses within this dimension in every time framework to be experiencing all of the aspects of the designs of experiences of this physical dimension. This is quite inefficient.

Therefore, essences focus a limited amount, so to speak, of focuses in different time frameworks in this dimension, and incorporate countless actions of counterparts which offer the benefit of the experience without the actual manifestation physically. (Pause) There are more methods than one to be experiencing within your physical dimension! (Grinning)

GARY: So you're saying that people can be counterparts for short periods of time?

ELIAS: You may. There are many different designs of counterpart action.

Some individuals are creating a counterpart action with another individual, and that individual does not incorporate the same counterpart action in reverse, so to speak. Some individuals incorporate counterpart action throughout an entire focus. Some individuals create counterpart action merely temporarily; some intermittently throughout a focus. There are counterpart actions that occur between focuses. You may be incorporating some elements of counterpart action with other focuses of your essence. You incorporate counterpart action with other essences. There are many crossovers, so to speak, in this action.

Counterparts are not individuals. It is an action that occurs between individuals and essences to be offering the benefit of experiences.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

RODNEY: “Elias, on the subject of counterpart action, most of our counterpart actions, as I understand it, are on a subjective level. We’re not objectively aware that they’re going on, but if we have a situation where it moves into a relationship where both people know that they’re engaged in a counterpart action, it seems to me that if they’re drawn to each other, the development of dialogue around this counterpart action could actually enrich it, make the experience more fruitful, and I was wondering if you would comment on that.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for in the situation that both individuals hold an awareness of their counterpart action, they may allow themselves more of an objective understanding of their own experiences and their lack of separation.

They may allow themselves more noticing of their interactions – or the lack of physical interaction and the affectingness that may be occurring without physical interaction – which offers you information concerning self and an understanding of your interaction with other individuals, [and] acknowledges your ability to be understanding and creating experiences without physical engagement of participation or physical manifestations.

Individuals that hold an objective knowing of counterpart action with each other allow themselves, in a manner of speaking, an objective sharing of experiences that they engage singularly and together. They offer themselves an objective awareness of the other individual within certain time frameworks, which allows for less of a separation in your association AS individuals.

RODNEY: As you were saying that, what came up for me was, if two or three or four people wanted to engage in, say, the dream experiment, where they were lending energy to, let’s say, an exploration of lucid dreaming, if they were running a counterpart action, it seems to me that that implies a lack of separation, and selecting that kind of an individual to do that kind of exploration with would even heighten the exploration.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.


ELIAS: This is dependent upon the choice of the individual, and their allowance in an openness of their own awareness and their engagement of their individual periphery.

You may be engaged in a counterpart action with another individual, and you may create an objective agreement to engage in this type of activity, and you may not necessarily engage it easily or that it shall be facilitated more efficiently with that counterpart merely for the reason that you are engaging a counterpart action. This is the choice of each individual and their allowance of their openness.

You may be NOT creating a counterpart action with another individual, but allowing yourself more of an openness to the energy of that individual, and therefore you may engage that type of experience more easily with that individual.

RODNEY: Okay. Thank you.

BOB: Would that be because our counterpart actions are not necessarily some sort of objective cooperation, but maybe subjective agreements that create objective interactions, but those interactions don’t necessarily appear to be cooperative on an objective level?

ELIAS: Many times, yes. You are correct. There is in some situations objective awareness and cooperation, but the action of counterparts is not dependent on that awareness.

BOB: But sometimes they’re almost traumatic, in objective reality.

ELIAS: At times, yes.” [session 762, January 20, 2001]

BOBBI: “I have a few questions today about my experiences in the last month – well, several months actually – mostly regarding my friend and parallel counterpart who’s going through a very difficult time, which is quite the opposite of the experiences that I’ve been having in the last few months, where everything has been going really very well. So my question, I guess generally, is about the parallel counterpart action – if we are still parallel counterparts – and I guess I’ll just sort of start in with my more specific questions.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, and it has just gotten worse and worse, her experiences. She had three surgeries in two months. All of the procedures they attempt just go as difficult as they possibly can, amazingly difficult to even the doctors. I’ve been very drawn ... I mean, she’s my best friend anyway. But I’ve been very drawn to her in this situation, and have found myself going with her to doctor’s visits, and wanting to lend as much helpfulness and support as I’m able to, and part of that desire ... I thought it would be helpful for me to engage more of an empathic action.

I have been noticing different experiences, where I’ll have quite similar physical experiences that she’s having, unbeknownst to the two of us – some of them to the extreme, some of them more minor – and for a while I was interpreting those as being maybe a result of that empathic thing. I was thinking empathic more on an emotional level, to see where she’s at in her experience. Then in thinking about it more, I wondered if maybe those experiences, those physical symptoms that I was having that were quite similar to what she was going through, was simply similar creations in parallel counterparts.

ELIAS: And you are wishing for an identification of what your action has been?


ELIAS: I may express to you that it is not an empathic action. You are not creating the same physical expression of dis-ease, but you are creating similar symptoms. This is a counterpart action.

Let me also express to you, in parallel counterpart action, the individuals that participate in that action do not necessarily create the same expressions in the same time frameworks at all times. You may be continuing in a parallel counterpart action and be creating different imagery and presenting to yourselves very similar subjects.

BOBBI: Okay, so we are still parallel counterparts.


BOBBI: Yeah, when she was first diagnosed, I thought, ‘Uh-oh. I hope it’s not my turn!’ (They both laugh) I don’t think it works like that, though, any longer.

ELIAS: No. (Laughing) You offer yourselves, in a manner of speaking, enough objective imagery that is presented in very similar manners that you may recognize that you are parallel counterparts, but this is not the rule. This is not to say that in all of your imagery and all of your interactions or all of your counterpart action, you shall be creating the same imagery in every situation. You may create many situations in which you each engage different types of imagery, but underlyingly, for the most part, you shall be viewing or noticing or addressing to the same actions.

BOBBI: And that’s about what it seemed like. It’s just that our objective experiences have been so opposite. I’d say things have been going exceptionally smoothly for me, while in her experiences, it has been exceptionally difficult during that time.

VIC: Could I interject a question here?

BOBBI: Sure.

VIC: So with what Bobbi just said about the exceptional difficulty versus non, is that also a parallel counterpart action, but just in extremes?


VIC: Different extremes of the same thing?

ELIAS: Yes. This is what I am expressing to you. You are creating a very similar direction. You are choosing different imagery.

BOBBI: That’s what it seemed like, sort of the same basic scenario. She was experiencing this side and I was experiencing the other side of it, which we’ve done in the past.

ELIAS: You are essentially creating extremes. This is the parallel.” [session 764, January 24, 2001]

FRAN: “Overlapping? What’s the difference between an overlapping and a current one?

ELIAS: An overlapping focus is one that may share a partial time framework of concurrency but is not within the general same age, so to speak.

FRAN: Like for example, an overlapping one for me would be Jule Styne?


FRAN: He disengaged during the 80s or something like that, and was born way before me.


FRAN: The concurrent ones, are they usually generally about the same age?

ELIAS: Generally speaking, they are approximately similar age, although at times you may incorporate one that may be significantly younger.

FRAN: For example, [my son's girlfriend's two and half year old daughter] Maiah that is the other focus of [my friend who is closer to my age] Dawn. Is she a concurrent focus or an overlapping focus?

ELIAS: Concurrent. What generates the distinction is that an essence may incorporate several focuses in the same time framework, most of which shall be approximately within an age span of ten to twenty years; but generally speaking, they do not generate one that is of significant older age.

FRAN: Wait a minute, I don’t think I got that one. Could you repeat that?

ELIAS: As an example, an essence may be generating five concurrent focuses. Most of those five may be we shall say between the physical ages of twenty and forty; one may be quite young. One may be four. But generally speaking – remember this is not a rule – but generally speaking, essences do not generate ONE focus that is eighty and the other focuses incorporating the ages of twenty to forty, for the disengagement of the one that is older is not considered, so to speak. That is not considered to be concurrent with the bulk, so to speak, of the years that are incorporated by all of the focuses in a particular time framework and the experiences are associated more with a different time period. Are you understanding?

FRAN: Actually, yes, I am understanding. I do understand that. Some of us were speculating on our impression that perhaps in the recent disengagement of Johnny Cash and John Ritter that they may be of the same essence.


FRAN: There were a lot of disengagements around the same time.

ELIAS: There have been many in this time framework, from the onset of your new millennium.

FRAN: Right, I notice. I see it come kind of in waves when I look at the obituaries in the local newspaper.

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 764, January 24, 2001]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(2) Vic’s note: the new game is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

Digests: find out more about the new game (TFEs).

(3) Vic’s note: following is the example of the card, the flower, and the painting, taken from session 11 dated May 31, 1995:

ELIAS: “You, Oliver [Christie], may go tomorrow to look at a card. In doing so, someone else at another place may be affected by what you see on a card. Let us say you see a picture of a flower. Someone far away from you at the same moment may enter another shop, wishing to purchase a gift. The thought will come to them of a flower. They will, in turn, purchase the flower. They will choose a color. Someone in another location may be painting, and the color of the flower will impress them. They will have no knowledge of your card or the other person’s flower. They will only have an impression of a color, but it is all connected.

You believe that the only way that you affect another individual essence is if you are directly involved with them. This is not correct. You affect other essences continually and do not even know. Elizabeth [Elizabeth] may go to school. She may appreciate a color of a desk for an instant. Another person in another part of your world may be struck by the thought of the same type of wood to make a desk. You do not think these things have any connection. You are very incorrect. You may not choose to interact with another single person during your day. You are nonetheless affecting, with your very being and thoughts, all other essences in existence. This is why it is important for you to understand that you are not separate or disconnected. This is why I choose to speak with you in a group. You will be experiencing more connections continually. You will be aware of your greater connection with other essences. You must begin here.

This is why it is important for you to understand that you are not separate or disconnected. This is why I choose to speak with you in a group. You will be experiencing more connection continually. You will be aware of your greater connection with other essences. You must begin here.”

Elias also refers to this example in later sessions. Someone may be:

“viewing a flower, and another individual across your continent viewing a greeting card with a flower upon its face; this being a direct connection within consciousness of an action which is affecting of both individuals.” [session 131, November 06, 1996]

(4) Vic’s note: I have done the best I can to indicate which person Elias is indicating at which time in this explanation, but it’s been difficult because they were sitting right next to each other. I will also take this opportunity to say that I guessed at who was speaking at times throughout this transcript. So, there may be errors in this area.

Digests – see also: | accepting self | alternate selves | aspects of essence; an overview | belief systems; an overview | blinking in and out | choices/agreements | counterpart action; group | dimension | essence; an overview | essence families; an overview | essence families; counterparts | facets of essence | focus of essence; an overview | essence families; intents | esence families; belonging to/aligning with | forum | fragmentation | imagery | information | intents | “karma” | mergence | objective/subjective awareness | pools of consciousness | probabilities | probable selves | relationships | sapling | separation | Seth, Jane Roberts | shift in consciousness | splinters | time frameworks | trusting self | twin focuses | unofficial information | value fulfillment | vicitms/perpetrators | widening awareness |

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