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accepting self (belief systems), pt.1

Note: this is the first of two parts on accepting self. Go to accepting self (belief systems), pt. 2.

“The concept of equanimity [i.e., acceptance] is often confused with withdrawal, indifference, or hesitation, but this is a misunderstanding. Such states of disconnection are actually very subtle forms of aversion or hostility toward our experience. By contrast, equanimity is a state of complete openness. We’re fully connected to what’s going on, yet free of the exhausting, ceaseless grasping on to pleasure and pushing away of pain.”

“Equanimity born of wise attention dawns when we recognize the naturalness of change. We recognize that there will inevitably be pleasure and pain, gain and loss, praise and blame, fame and disrepute. If we resist this fact of life or take it personally, we react in the same old ways – with grasping, hatred, fear and delusion [i.e., automatic responses]. When we understand that the vicissitudes of existence are natural, simply the way things are, we can open the mind, relax, and be balanced.” ~ Sharon Salzberg

Paul’s note: Early in the 1995 sessions Elias introduced an underlying concept that informs every one of his exercises: “noticing self.” If the perennial concept of “yoga” means union of inner Self and outer self, then “noticing self” is just another method in which to remember who and what we really are: essence/consciousness.

“... I have been expressing to individuals from the onset of this forum, the greatest term in your language may be viewed as ‘noticing.’ This is actually your greatest tool, and you are incorporating this tool to be offering yourself more information and opportunities to practice. How shall you practice if you are not noticing? And you ARE noticing, my friend.” [session 947, November 01, 2001]

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In 1999, Elias introduced a method that I call NIRAA (Noticing, Identifying, Recognizing, Addressing to, Accepting beliefs/self), pronounced “nigh-rah.” There are four basic steps, and you guessed it, the first one is:

  • Noticing beliefs (easy, if you believe in the concept of “Know Thyself.”)
  • Identifying and Recognizing specific beliefs (a process of making the subconscious conscious, in other words, making invisible beliefs visible. This action is marked by varying degrees of conflict and anxiety or joy and happiness.
  • Addressing to the beliefs (lessening conflict, anxiety, depression; increasing happiness, joy, relaxation, allowing more for diverse perceptions, and moving closer to accepting self. Can occur with or without a thought process.)
  • Acceptance, neutrality, complete lack of judgment of any kind; there is no absolute good, bad, right, or wrong = “it matters not!”

The process of accepting self is not strictly linear. Since we each hold many hundreds, even thousands of related beliefs, we actually engage all four actions simultaneously in varying degrees. So the process is more like a four-way, multidimensional (holonic) feedback loop:

Noticing beliefs <==> Identifying, Recognizing, examining beliefs <==> Addressing to beliefs <==> Acceptance, neutral state

Elias has stated that no one to date has accepted a belief system, though we all have learned to accept individual beliefs. Even people we consider saints, sages, and religious leaders have not accepted a belief system, according to Elias. So we’re all in very good company!

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Finally, Elias acknowledges here that he uses complementary strategies to work with belief systems. So the concepts of noticing self, NIRAA, and accepting self all work together. He introduced another complementary idea – attention (doing and choosing) – that provides yet another angle in which to explore belief systems.

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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Acceptance, within your language, should be the largest word that you possess, encompassing more letters than any other word within your language, for it is the largest and most difficult concept for you each to be accomplishing. You are taught to not be accepting. Therefore, you automatically are not. You also hold the duplicity of self, which reinforces non-acceptance of self. Therefore, how may you be accepting of another?” [session 164, April 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “Initially, as I have stated previously, you may be choosing to engage this type of action [changing beliefs] to be reinforcing of yourself, although you are not in actuality changing the belief system, though this is what you are attempting to be doing; but within your attempt to be changing the belief system, you also offer energy to accomplishing the acceptance. The objective is not to be changing. You may change your belief systems at any moment. You accomplish only exchanging one belief system for another belief system, which continues to hold much energy and power. In accepting these belief systems, you neutralize this power and you offer yourself the opportunity to be expressing more creatively. In this, you may be actualizing what you want and it shall matter not, for you may not be so focused within the want any longer.” [session 188, June 29, 1997]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you that you are most wondrous creatures and you hold abilities far beyond what you view that you are capable of, but you are capable of many more wondrous actions than you believe yourselves to be capable of. Within this action, what shall enable you to be accomplishing is the action of accepting, partially, some of your existing belief systems, and therefore not being bound to the limitations of your belief systems. I will express to you that even within the action of this shift, you shall not be accepting all of your belief systems, for within this physical focus, as I have stated to you, you shall always hold belief systems. It is the core of your reality. But you shall be accepting many of your belief systems, which shall be eliminating many of your barriers.” [session 233, November 02, 1997]

ELIAS: “This also leads us back once again to our classes upon acceptance – Acceptance 101 and Acceptance 102 – of yourselves and of each other. If you are ACCEPTING of your belief systems, they are neutralized. Therefore, they shall not BE intrusive to another individual, for you shall not be placing judgment. (Pause) It is a matter of choice, and there is no judgment. Acceptance is the lack of judgment.” [session 257, January 11, 1998]

ELIAS: “The acceptance of a belief system is NOT the CHANGING of a belief system and is NOT the ELIMINATION of a belief system. It is the acknowledgment of the belief system, the acceptance with the lack of judgment within yourself and within others, therefore rendering the belief system neutralized within its power and allowing you a new freedom within your expression of creativity and an allowance within yourself to be widening your awareness, which allows you the free flow within your creative expression. It allows you a liberation.” [session 271, April 02, 1998]

MICHAEL: “Okay. See, this is tough because personally I’ve tried dealing with the belief systems pertaining to this, and it’s hard. I don’t know if I’m touching on the right belief systems. I don’t know. Is this where the question is coming in, if I’m neutralizing of the right belief systems or ... see, I’m so confused!”

ELIAS: (Chuckling) “Let me express to you that it is not a question of performing an action of neutralizing the belief system. If you are approaching the situation from the angle of neutralizing the belief system, you are attempting to engage an action in like manner to [the] attack of a belief system. This shall not accomplish what you wish to be accomplishing!

“Acceptance of the belief system shall automatically produce as a byproduct the neutralization of the belief system. Therefore, the attention is to be directed in the area of accepting the belief system, recognizing that it holds no good or bad, no right, no wrong. It merely is a belief system, and that all that is attached to it are aspects of that belief system. They hold no power unless you are lending energy into the belief system itself. When you may attain a point of complete lack of judgment upon any area of a belief system, then you shall have accepted the belief system.

“Now; let me express to you that as I say to you the lack of judgment, this is not to express only negative judgment, for in your idea of positive or rightness, you also are creating a judgment. (Pause) Therefore, in accepting a belief system, you no longer hold the judgment of rightness or wrongness within it, and this shall render the belief system neutralized.” [session 279, May 12, 1998]

PAUL (PATEL): (1) “Greetings! Allow me to add a brief comment into this very thoughtful discussion [on acceptance of belief systems]. This idea of accepting beliefs shall not be so difficult, as it has been stated previously. However, this action shall not be so apparent to you that you shall say, ‘There! I have finally accepted this belief!’ For as this action has been actualized, there shall be little or no objective knowing of this action being realized, for if you are truly accepting this belief, you shall be accepting with no judgment. To be aware of this acceptance is to also be placing a judgment upon it. In this, it shall be as if this belief never existed, so to speak, for it shall not be accomplished. It shall just be.

“This concept is not easily put to words, for the action of acceptance is quite subjective in nature; this being why it has been stated that no individual has succeeded, so to speak, in acceptance of a belief. It is not to say that no belief has been accepted. It is only to say that none have been accepted with objective awareness. As these actions occur, there is a subjective understanding that this has taken place. Objectively, however, it is as if this belief never existed, for if you have knowledge of this action taking place, you only replace this belief with another. ‘I have always believed that hunting is bad.’ Now I have accepted hunting and no longer hold the opinion that it is bad. In this, you have still placed an objective influence upon this action, for you still believe that acceptance is good. Acceptance IS.

“Within your daily explorations of reality, may I suggest that each time you identify a belief that you have been previously unaware of, that you merely acknowledge the fact that this belief exists and not be spending much of your time diagnosing and examining and performing autopsy upon these beliefs, for they shall remain as beliefs, accepted or not. They shall be affecting of you as long as you are objectively aware, and as they are accepted they shall simply vanish, so to speak, from your objective reality. To you all I bid good day, and until we next speak, ta!” [Paul (Patel) session 47b, August 13, 1998]

ELIAS: “All that I have expressed to you, within all of the sessions that I have offered to you all, move[s] in this one direction [of accepting self]. I offer many different analogies, many different stories, many different angles to approach this one subject of acceptance of self and the selfishness of self in the terminology of essence, which is to be viewing self first, for in this you automatically begin to be accepting of other individuals, and you shall find also that within your own acceptance of self, the expression of other individuals matters not, for you begin to offer yourself the understanding of other individuals and their belief systems and their motivation in their behaviors.

“This is not to say that I express to you to be uncaring, to hold no compassion, to hold no sensitivity, for these are elements that you have created within your emotions within this physical dimension, but you may be quite expressive of these emotions and these creations, and you may also be offering all of these to yourself.” [session 339, November 13, 1998]

ELIAS: “[The] most difficult task, so to speak, is to be accepting of self. Individuals are inquiring and questioning of me continuously to be offering them a method of what you term to be easy routes, so to speak, in accepting belief systems, but the key is to be accepting of self FIRST, and subsequently you shall allow yourself to also be accepting of belief systems. But this is the area of the most conflict and the most difficulty, for this is quite unfamiliar to you all in acceptance of self. Although you objectively offer yourselves information and express to yourselves and to each other that you are quite accepting of yourselves, in actuality, you are not!” [session 358, February 01, 1999]

ELIAS: “Holding the remembrance and acceptance of belief systems are two of the base elements of this shift in consciousness, which allows you to open and widen your awareness, which subsequently allows you to be accomplishing your creativity more fully and realizing your abilities more fully.” [session 390, May 01, 1999]

ELIAS: “First you are noticing. ‘There is a belief that exists. This is not an absolute. It is not some element of my reality which is unchanging or unchangeable. It is an aspect of a belief.’

“The next step is the recognition in situations; the presentment of the aspect. In this, each time you are presenting yourself with the particular aspect of the belief, you shall notice and you shall recognize. You shall not merely notice a belief system is in place, but you shall move a little further and you shall allow yourself the ability to recognize, ‘This is a specific aspect of a belief, and this is the identification of this aspect.’

“Once you have identified the aspect of the belief system, you begin to present yourself with many different situations and circumstances that shall be offering you reoccurrences of the presentment of that same aspect, that you may view it over and over, for this is your choice of method.

“As you are viewing, as you are identifying the aspect, as you are recognizing the aspect and you are presenting it to yourself over and over in many different situations and behaviors, you are experiencing responses in conjunction with it.

“Now; in your idea of addressing to the aspect, you think to yourself that you ARE addressing to the aspect of the belief, for you are responding to it. You have already noticed, you have already identified, and now you are responding. This is your logic and your rational thought process in your identification of your method.

“Now; I express to you that you are not yet addressing to the aspect in this stage of your method. You are continuing in the recognition stage, for you are continuing to be responding. You are continuing to allow the affectingness of the aspect.

“As you move subsequently into the next step of addressing to the aspect of the belief, you begin to notice that you are not responding and reacting to the aspect within each of the situations that it is presented to you. It becomes less and less affecting of you. NOW you are beginning to be addressing to the aspect of the belief.

“Addressing to it is the action, the implementation of letting go of your hold upon its energy.” [session 415, June 15, 1999]

ELIAS: “... I have expressed previously that within acceptance in your movement within physical focus, the process that you have chosen to be incorporating – not merely you, but ALL of you as individuals within this physical dimension – is to be initially noticing – these are your steps that you engage – and once you are noticing, then you allow yourself to move into the step of recognizing and identifying, and once you have allowed yourself to be recognizing and identifying, then you move into your next step of addressing to, and subsequent to your addressing to, you begin acceptance.” [session 455, August 25, 1999]

ELIAS: “I express to you quite bluntly, it matters not what any other individual is creating within your physical focus. What shall matter is how you receive it. Any other individual may be creating of any expression within your physical dimension, and you may be engaged with them and you may be interactive with them, and they may be projecting energy in any manner that they are so choosing within your physical focus, and it matters not. What shall be the determining factor is how YOU choose to be receiving and how YOU incorporate that energy, and recognizing – key words! recognizing, identifying – recognizing that you hold choices, that you are not victim, that you are not dictated to, that other individuals do not choose for you; that YOU create your choices, that YOU create your responses, YOU create your reactions, YOU create your thought process, YOU create your emotional expressions. ALL of your physical reality is created by you and no other individual.

“Other individuals may be expressing to you and may be projecting energy to you, but you ALWAYS hold the choice of how you shall be receiving that energy and what you shall be incorporating with that energy, for you hold choices in every situation, in every encounter, in every action, in every event, in every interaction. You choose how you shall be responding, or if you shall be responding, or when you shall be responding, and why you shall be responding.” [session 455, August 25, 1999]

ELIAS: “Previously I have offered the identification of the method that you all collectively create in your movement into acceptance of belief systems, and in this, I have offered the identification of the steps which you move into and through in this process that you have established within yourselves.

“In this, I have expressed that initially, within your step one, you allow yourselves to notice. You notice behaviors, you notice creations, you notice coincidences, you notice many different types of imagery and expressions. This is your step one.

“Your step two is the identification and recognition of what you have been noticing. This is the step in which you identify the imagery, the creations, the expressions, and you recognize the aspect of the belief system that the imagery correlates to. This is your most extensive step, and the one step that occupies the most time framework in your process.

“Your step three is the movement into addressing to the aspect of the belief system. This is the movement into letting go of the energy that you concentrate in the perpetuation or feeding of the particular aspect of the belief system.

“Step four is your movement into ‘it matters not’ genuinely, and this is the acceptance of the aspect or of the belief system.

“Now; within step two, you create great confusion and conflict, and as the conflict continues, this is your indication objectively to yourselves that you continue within step two. You are continuing to be identifying and recognizing.

“As you move into step three of addressing to and moving through, letting go of the energy, your conflict begins to lessen and your confusion clears. This is your objective indication to yourselves that you have moved into your step three of your process, for the conflict that you experience becomes less and less, and you move closer and closer to the genuine expression of ‘it matters not.’” [session 469, September 16, 1999]

ELIAS: “I shall continue to be, as I have expressed many times previously, expressing to you each and to you all repeatedly that your KEY is acceptance, and as I have stated recently, you may view – although there are no absolutes – that within your physical dimension, the acceptance of self may almost be considered a prerequisite to the acceptance of belief systems.” [session 472, September 19, 1999]

ELIAS: “... you express continuously the thought process and the idea of eliminating your belief systems, and this is your identification and definition of acceptance of belief systems.

“I express to you that the movement into acceptance of your belief systems follows quite similarly to that movement of acceptance of self, and you shall not eliminate self to be accepting of self!

“You shall continue to create your reality. You shall continue within physical focus. You shall continue to identify yourselves as yourselves, but you shall move into an acceptance of yourselves without judgment, without justification, and within trust.

“And as you move into the expression of acceptance of self, as it is almost a prerequisite for the movement into acceptance of belief systems, you shall find that your movement into acceptance of belief systems proceeds much easier if you hold the acceptance of self, for MUCH of your expressions of your belief systems are very influenced in how you view yourselves, your perception of yourselves.

“It is not merely a one-way avenue – that you create belief systems and your belief systems influence your perception and your perception creates your reality. This is in actuality what you create, but the other element in this process is your acceptance or your lack of acceptance of self, which is also QUITE influencing of your perception and moves your energy in your attention in the reverse – to be influencing of your beliefs and reinforcing your beliefs and creating NEW beliefs!” [session 472, September 19, 1999]

ELIAS: (Intently) “Not holding personal responsibility for another individual is not synonymous with not caring.

“You may be quite interactive with other individuals. You may be expressing the fullness of emotion in conjunction with other individuals, that which you identify in physical focus as caring and loving and compassion. You may be expressing and experiencing all of these elements and NOT be expressing personal responsibility. (Pause)

“Let me also express to you, Mikah [Michael], a statement that I suggest that you allow yourself to ponder quite seriously: There is absolutely no element within your reality that is broken – not yourself, not other individuals, not situations, not circumstances, not actions, not feelings, not emotions, not thoughts. No thing within your reality is broken. No thing within any other individual’s reality is broken. Therefore, there is no element within your reality which needs be fixed, and there are no mistakes.

“Therefore, each action that is created by yourself, by other individuals, each action is quite purposeful. You may not hold an objective understanding of all of the actions that are created within your objective reality in conjunction with other individuals, but they are all purposeful and they are not mistakes and they are not broken.” [session 495, October 28, 1999]

ELIAS: “Patience is an allowance. Patience is an objective incorporation of movement; an intentional, objective action of allowance for the natural flow of energy. Patience is a direct implementation of action in conjunction with the selection of probabilities.

“You are continuously choosing and creating probabilities, and in this, each probability that you choose within every moment may not necessarily be immediately or spontaneously inserted into this physical reality, for you have created this physical reality with a linear time framework.

“All probabilities are actualized, but all probabilities are not necessarily actualized within this officially accepted objective reality within this physical dimension. You choose one probability to be actualized into this physical reality in conjunction with each direction of movement that you incorporate and in conjunction with your experiences.

“You may set probabilities into motion, and in that choice you may be creating the movement for the actualization of a probability, but it has not entirely been inserted into your actual physical reality within the linear time framework yet.

“The action of patience is an active participation with the probabilities that you have set into motion in your physical dimension in an allowance of what you have already chosen in conjunction with your acceptance – for acceptance is a different action – and this allowance creates a free flow of energy.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

ELIAS: “You view tolerance to be a noble expression. You strive to be expressing tolerance in conjunction with other individuals, and also at times with yourself, and as I have stated, you equate tolerance with acceptance. If you are being tolerant, you are also being accepting, and I shall express to you, these are very different expressions.

“You may be tolerating of behaviors or actions or situations, but tolerance is an expression of temporary. Acceptance is enduring.

“Tolerance is an area of expression that you may allow yourself to move into temporarily with yourself or with other individuals, and even with situations and circumstances.

“You allow yourselves to move in conjunction with certain aspects of your reality and not be struggling against them temporarily with an anticipation or an expectation of an alteration, a change.

“You may be tolerating of another individual or hold tolerance in conjunction with another individual temporarily, and also be holding an underlying expectation and anticipation that there shall be incorporated a change of some element that shall allow you to be accepting. Tolerance incorporates expectations and anticipations. Therefore, it is not synonymous with acceptance.

“Acceptance is the lack of judgment, and also incorporates a lack of expectation, for acceptance is a genuine expression of ‘it matters not.’ ‘It matters not’ is not incorporated into tolerance, for there IS a mattering in your expressions in the area of tolerance.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

ELIAS: “There is no other individual that is the same as each of you. You are as unique as your design of your physical body, which displays unique, individual fingerprints. No other individual throughout your history – past, future, or present – shall ever display the physical quality and identification of fingerprint that you display. It is a highly unique, individual, physical expression in identification of you.

“In like manner, each of you chooses a unique expression of energy. You may incorporate a personality type, but within that type of personality, you display your own unique qualities. Each of you expresses a unique exhibition of energy which is unlike any other expression of energy, in any other form, in any other area of consciousness, throughout any dimension or any time framework.

“You are ultimately unique. Therefore, how shall you compare to any other individual?

“In this, the action of comparison automatically discounts you, even in comparisons that you view to be good, for there is an automatic action of discounting of your own expression of acceptance.

“In the acceptance of self, you need not be creating this action of comparison. I shall express to you, many of the conflicts that you engage in relation to other individuals are expressed in holding your attention outside of self.” [session 683, August 20, 2000]

ELIAS: “The manner in which you accept a belief is to be recognizing that you incorporate it, discontinuing judgment of it, discontinuing the attempt to eliminate it, and merely allowing yourself to express choice regardless of the influence of the belief.” [session 1028, March 08, 2002]

LUANA: “Well, I also came to the conclusion that accepting sometimes that I’m judgmental is just... That’s just the way it is sometimes about myself. There must be also an acceptance of nonacceptance sometimes.”

ELIAS: “Yes. You are not eliminating any of these belief systems, and duplicity is a belief system also. You are not eliminating it. You are moving into acceptance of it, and therefore it continues to exist but you allow yourself the recognition and acknowledgment of it, and therefore allow yourself choice and are not locked to merely one expression.

“Let me also say to you, my friend, acceptance is an action that is generated in the moment. You do not create the action of acceptance that is expressed ever after. For were you to be generating of any aspect of your reality or your beliefs in any one moment and generate that as an absolute ever after, you deny yourself choice ever after. Therefore, the action of acceptance is generated in each moment, for your reality and your perception is continuously changing.” [session 1101, June 04, 2002]

ELIAS: “The expression of acceptance is the recognition that there are no absolutes, that you incorporate beliefs, they exist, and you recognize and allow yourself the choice of your preference in the moment, knowing that your preference is not absolute, is not truth. It is your preference in association with your beliefs in acknowledgment of them in the moment.

“This is what is meant, as I have expressed to you all previously, that you may be accepting of beliefs and also continue to express your individual opinions and preferences, which I am aware that as I have offered that information for the most part individuals either do not incorporate an understanding of that concept or do not hear it, period. For your automatic association is that you shall eliminate the one belief system of duplicity and therefore you shall allow yourselves the ability to accept all of the other belief systems.

“No, you shall accept the belief system of duplicity, recognizing that you shall continue to express a good or bad in association with your reality, but knowing that that is your individual preference and opinion and that it is not truth and that it is not absolute, and therefore generate the acceptance of difference, recognizing that you choose your expressions and what you want and how you shall explore your reality in the manner in which you prefer, and that other individuals also generate the same. And in that expression, you each create differently.” [session 1124, July 05, 2002]

ELIAS: “Individuals have incorporated confusion from the onset of this forum in association with this one belief system of duplicity, and my expression to you all that you may generate acceptance and continue to incorporate your individual preferences and opinions, you view to be inconsistent. How may you continue to incorporate opinions and not generate judgment with acceptance?

“The manner in which you accomplish this is recognizing that your opinion is not right or wrong or good or bad. It is your opinion; it is your preference. It is an expression of your choices, and another individual may express quite differently. But your choices are not absolute and neither are another individual’s, and as you accept that there are no absolutes, it matters not and you express acceptance. You acknowledge the belief, you recognize its existence, you allow yourself choice and know that there are no absolutes.

“Acceptance is generated in the moment. This is significant, for what you are expressing in your question is quite similar to the directions of every other individual within this room. There is a thought process that is generated that once you move your awareness into acceptance, you shall be DONE! (Group laughter) And you shall never need the expression of attempting acceptance ever after, for you have accomplished acceptance of each belief.” [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

ELIAS: “The paradox, in your terms, which is not in actuality a paradox, is that you express the neutrality but you also express the preferences, which are not necessarily neutral. It is the allowance of yourself to express your freedom of your preferences and your opinions but also simultaneously not express judgment in relation to yourself or other individuals.

“I am not expressing this term of ‘judgment’ to be a negative; judgment is also what you term to be a positive, therefore not expressing the judgment in association with yourself in recognizing your preferences, that they are good or that they are better or even at times that they are worse, for you are comparing with other individuals, but rather to recognize your preferences and be accepting of them, knowing objectively that they are your preferences and they are acceptable, and that the differences expressed with other individuals are acceptable also.

“Another example: an individual may be expressing within their focus their preference associated with their beliefs that it is healthy and good to not be incorporating certain substances within your physical body, perhaps one that is commonly expressed within your society of your cannabis, your marijuana. Some individuals incorporate very strong beliefs that this is bad and that you should not be incorporating this substance. Other individuals may be incorporating this substance continuously and functioning quite well. The individuals that may be incorporating the belief that it is not good to be incorporating this substance perhaps shall interact with that substance and generate a very strong response and create unusual experiences. The individual that does not align with that same belief may be incorporating this action of this particular substance and function quite normally and not experience what the other individual shall experience. But both individuals may be generating judgments of each other, or one individual may incorporate judgment and one may not.

“The point is to be recognizing where the judgments are expressed and what influences them, as generally speaking, for the most part you generate judgment in association with beliefs, lack of acceptance and difference of choice.

“This is merely what is occurring: individuals are engaging in choices. One choice is not good and one choice is not bad, even to the extent of murdering each other. They are merely choices. They are experiences. It is your association with your beliefs that generate judgments.

“You may continue to incorporate the beliefs that you are expressing and recognize that they are your preferences, for the beliefs within themselves are neutral. But the point is to be aware of what your beliefs are, what their influences are.” [session 1252, January 18, 2003]

CURTIS: “I’ve been incorporating the ‘it matters not’ energy and trying to see things from a larger perspective, and it’s made me kind of wishy-washy and ambiguous about things, and not really...”

ELIAS: (Strongly) “I am understanding, and let me clarify. This is a misunderstanding and a distortion of what I have expressed throughout the entire time framework of this forum. I express to you, in the acceptance of a belief your expression shall be that it matters not, for you have removed the judgment. I have NOT expressed to you that nothing matters, which is quite different. There is purpose. There is experience. There is exploration. There is interaction and cooperation. The expression that it matters not is merely the identification of the removal of judgment, not that there is no matter.” [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

ELIAS: “You already have generated associations in conjunction with this information of what is right and wrong for you to be expressing yourselves. You already express within yourselves your own guidelines that set a tone for what you define as accepting or not accepting. I may express to you that many of you have not quite understood fully what acceptance is; but you generate a concept of acceptance, and you express that within yourself you must be responding in a certain manner or you are not being accepting.

“Therefore, you may not necessarily be accepting and you may not necessarily be comfortable with a particular situation or behavior, and in conjunction with how you are interpreting and how you are perceiving this concept of acceptance, you may turn your response automatically from an uncomfortable twinge to a humorous twinge or an amusing twinge, for that is more acceptable. But the reaction occurred.

“If the behavior was actually accepted, even incorporating your own opinion and your own preference, if your own truths were addressed to genuinely, the twinge would not occur. It would matter not, for you would understand that your truths are yours and they are applicable to you, and that it matters not that they may not be expressed in others, regardless of what the others are.” (Chuckles) [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

ELIAS: “Now; the belief, as I have stated, remains. It is not eliminated. It continues to be expressed but it is NEUTRALIZED, for the judgment concerning differences no longer remains.

“Now; this is generated in the moment. You may return to your home another day and you may express that same twinge, for acceptance is not an action that is generated once and forever; for that negates choice and it also negates change. Therefore as choice and change are innate qualities of consciousness, which is what you are, that is your free will, and in that you present yourself with the opportunity to be accepting of any belief in any moment.

“At times you may be accepting of a belief and the experience within your perception may be powerful enough that you easily generate that acceptance repeatedly, and it does not become a challenge any longer. It becomes familiar to repeatedly be generating that acceptance.

“At times it may be more challenging. You may be accepting of a belief in some scenarios, and in other scenarios that same belief may be expressed and you may experience more challenge in generating that acceptance. That also is a matter of energy and whether the energy that you are expressing is familiar with energy that other individuals are expressing, and whether you are genuinely allowing yourselves the ease in the acceptance of differences, which is a tremendous challenge in this wave, for you are presenting yourselves with many examples of differences and this is what generates absolutes. You recognize or you notice YOUR preferences, and this is what you expect in the expressions and behaviors of other individuals.

“Now; in this also, a recognition of your own energy expression is quite significant. For if you are not recognizing that you are generating these expressions, that you are generating the twinge, that it is your truth that is creating this scenario, that it is your perception that is generating these feelings, these communications, these responses, you do not allow yourself choice and you express a type of energy that does not incorporate responsibility for your own choices.

“Responsibility is not a bad term. It is a very liberating action. For if you are responsible, you are directing and you cannot be a victim.” [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

ELIAS: “The type of intrusiveness that I am speaking to you of is the type of intrusiveness that devalues, the type that attempts to block choice, the type of irresponsibility that perpetuates trauma, that devalues the expressions regardless of whether you agree. I have expressed many times, you may be accepting and not be in agreement; you may be accepting and cooperating with each other and not agree with each other and not LIKE expressions of each other. But to intentionally express an energy to any other individual of devaluation of their self, to intentionally disregard the value of another individual is intrusive. And you do not necessarily devalue each other in violence, contrary to how it appears.

“You devalue in expressing ‘it matters not,’ in a distorted context. I have been expressing this term of ‘it matters not’ from the onset of my interactions with all of you, but I also have expressed the definition that I am not expressing that nothing matters. But in the expression of ‘it matters not,’ it is the lack of a judgment, the recognition that there is no judgment in association with certain choices or any choices, but not that choices do not matter, merely that they are not judged. But obviously they do matter, for the choices that you engage set your directions, and if you are incorporating certain choices in certain directions you may be expressing intrusiveness.” [session 1532, March 20, 2004]

ELIAS: “Now; let me express to you, I have expressed many times previously that in shifting you shall not be expressing the judgments in the manner in which you have previously. But as I have also expressed many times, you are not eliminating ANY beliefs or any belief systems. Duplicity is a belief system also. Therefore, you are not eliminating duplicity; therefore, you are not eliminating judgment. You are changing it.

“Now; this is not changing a belief, and it is not changing the belief system. It is changing your perception through widening your awareness. As I have expressed from the onset of these sessions, even in being entirely shifted, so to speak, you shall continue to incorporate your preferences and your opinions.

“Now; previously many individuals viewed that statement to be a contradiction in association with judgment, for opinions express judgments, and preferences also express judgments, good or bad. But what you are doing in widening your awareness and in becoming intimately familiar with yourself and generating an acceptance of self and of your beliefs, recognizing your truths and the influences of them, is that you are moving into an understanding of your own individual guidelines, which are your opinions and your preferences. These are the guidelines that you incorporate in association with your choices, with your individual behavior, what you choose to engage and what you choose not to engage.

“But in the acceptance, there is a recognition that whatever your truths are, whatever your preferences are, whatever your opinions are, they are relative to you. They are not absolutes, they are not necessarily true, and therefore, they are not necessarily applicable to other individuals.

“In this, as you begin to generate a genuine understanding and awareness of this within yourself, you begin to express an acceptance of difference – which is not an expression of ignoring difference or being indifferent to difference, but genuinely being accepting of difference in genuinely knowing that another individual may choose differently, may incorporate different preferences, may move in different directions and display different behaviors from yourself, and they may be of a type that you do not prefer and therefore you dislike, but you accept them. It is not necessary to be expressing agreement to express acceptance.

“... Therefore, what you shall notice in what is changing is not that you shall not incorporate any judgment of any expression at all, is not that you shall be entirely neutral, but that in association with difference you shall express some neutrality while continuing to incorporate your own preferences and your own guidelines.

“The neutrality is merely expressed in the knowing that no expression, no choice, no behavior is actually right or wrong – it may be right or wrong to you, but in itself is not actually right or wrong; your assessment of right and wrong is your guideline for yourself, guiding your own behaviors and your own choices in a manner that you more prefer – and recognizing that although you would not prefer some experiences, some choices, that is not to say that they may not be beneficial to another individual, regardless of how bad you may view the choice or the experience to be.” [session 1586, July 03, 2004]

ELIAS: “... Remember, your preferences are merely preferred beliefs. Therefore, they are your beliefs that you prefer, and that constitutes your guidelines in association with your truths. Within your truths, there is some element of preference also. They are what is right for you, for this is the manner in which you set your guidelines of how you shall behave and what you shall express. Preferences change, which is also your indicator that they are not absolute and that your truths are not absolute, either.

“What is significant in this type of situation is to recognize what YOUR truth is, your guideline for you, and not to discount that, to recognize what your preference is and not to discount that either, and not to prevent yourself from expressing your preference but not to match energy in opposition with other individuals that you express their unfairness – which generates an energy of matching energy with the other individuals, which is another form of opposition.

“That is the point. It is unnecessary to be opposing. It is unnecessary to compete. In generating that action, you generate an irritation within yourself for you are holding absolutely to your preference and your opinion.

“Your opinion and your preference are not wrong. As I have stated, they are your guidelines. I have expressed from the onset of this forum that although you are shifting and although you are accepting your beliefs, you are not eliminating them, and in not eliminating them, you shall continue to incorporate your own preferences and your own opinions. They are not wrong, for they are YOUR guidelines, but that they do not necessarily apply to other individuals.” [session 1742, April 02, 2005]

ELIAS: “Expressing you and your preferences, being present with yourself, recognizing your motivation in each situation – that is significantly important. It is not a matter of offering yourself permission in the guise of freedom to express in any manner, for that generates allowing yourself to also be intrusive, which is not acceptable. It is a matter of being responsible to yourself. That is your greatest responsibility.

“The challenge is that you are familiar with assuming personal responsibility for every other individual within your environment and not yourself. You concentrate your attention upon other individuals and what they should or should not do, or how they should or should not behave, or how you want them to behave or how you do not want them to behave, and generate expectations of other individuals, which is a reflection of the expectations you place upon yourself. Being aware of your own motivations is significant.” [session 1799, July 16, 2005]

DANIEL: “Let’s say I find myself in the situation that something’s happening. Let’s say, for example, that somebody’s drowning. Three people are there – one is Hindu, one is Buddhist, and one is an Elias person. So the Hindu says it is karma, the Buddhist says it is an illusion, and meanwhile someone is drowning. So the Elias person, like myself, says it’s his choice to be drowning right now, so I accept it as his choice. All three come to the conclusion that we might as well let him drown. But isn’t there an aspect of it that I was there for a reason? I created that situation for a reason. It may be my preference to try to help, and it may be foolish of me not to. If I decide not to help because of some theoretical concept, I may regret it for the rest of my life.”

ELIAS: “Quite so, and I would agree. But you are correct, you have placed yourself in that situation. Therefore, you have created that in your reality. Therefore, you would most likely automatically respond and attempt to help. This is not what I am expressing. This is not the point, for you ARE in that situation, in that scenario in that example. In the example that I have offered, none of you are in that situation, and you have not created that type of scenario in your experience.”

DANIEL: “So it is not black and white; it is gradual, right? For example, I wasn’t in the World Trade Center when it happened. I wasn’t right in that situation, but I was very much involved in it. Many times we are in smaller situations where it may be very close to us, and it may be our preference to do something about it.”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

DANIEL: “I realize it is better to do something in the spirit of acceptance as opposed to opposition. But some people go so strongly in the direction of artificially accepting that they don’t do anything, regardless.”

ELIAS: “And that is precisely correct: ARTIFICIALLY accepting. Genuinely accepting is recognizing what you are actually creating, what you are actually drawing to yourself, what you are doing.

“You are correct, in these types of scenarios you have placed yourself in that position; therefore, you will respond. Expressing other individuals create their reality and therefore I need not concern myself with whatever they are doing, this is a false acceptance. This is an excuse. This is not genuine acceptance. If another individual presents themself to you and requests help, will you express to them no, I will not help you for you create all of your reality and therefore it is not necessary for myself to help you? You have drawn that individual to yourself. I am not expressing that if you drew a scenario to yourself in which you placed yourself in a situation in which a child is being assaulted and you are present – or perhaps not even a child, another individual and you are present – you have placed yourself in that position, you are correct, for a reason.

“But this is not the point of what I am expressing this day. What I am presenting to you this day are associations and how your own guidelines influence you in events that are not occurring. Regardless of whether you are actually presenting yourself with a situation or not, many associations interrupt you and your comfort, and they are not occurring. They are assumed.” [session 2377, October 20, 2007]

ELIAS: “...Yes, you do draw to yourselves other individuals to emphasize differences and to emphasize your own guidelines. But remember, you each do incorporate your own guidelines, and that is not wrong and it is not bad. You are not eliminating beliefs. Therefore, you are also not eliminating duplicity, the capacity to evaluate right or wrong or good or bad. You are relaxing your associations with the right and wrong and good and bad in relation to other individuals, but it is also important to not discount your own guidelines in that process, to not discount yourselves and the validity of what you perceive to be right or wrong or good or bad for you, and that it is acceptable to disagree and to dislike expressions or behaviors or choices that other individuals generate. But you can also be accepting.

“You can accept that their choices, their behaviors, their expressions are valid and that you disagree, and you can acknowledge yourselves also in your disagreement, which acknowledges you and acknowledges the other individual, and that allows you to be accepting of you and accepting of the other individual also.

“When you are accepting of you, it is a natural by-product to be accepting of other individuals. It is not an action you must work at. In this, a difficulty that many individuals express is they generate the association that if they are accepting, they must like and agree with every other expression in their world. No. In that, it creates difficulties, for then the individual begins to discount themself: I should not be angry, I should not be disliking, I should not be disagreeing, I should attempt to discover an avenue in which I can change myself and be in agreement and be liking this expression. That sets you in a direction of considerable discounting of yourself and difficulty and struggle, and creates significant opposing energy within yourself, which can create significantly uncomfortable cycles or circles. For then you begin to project that opposing energy, and what will you draw, what will you attract? Opposing energy in some form, and that can become a circle which is quite destructive.

“Therefore, I am greatly acknowledging of your discovery and accomplishment in relation to perception, and merely reminding all of you that it is important also to acknowledge your own opinions, your own preferences, your own likes and dislikes, your own associations with what is right and wrong, for that is not disappearing.” (Chuckles) [session 2482, April 04, 2008]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Acceptance of belief systems is not recognizing a belief system. It is not expressing to one’s self, ‘I see this belief system. I am expressing I acknowledge this belief system. Therefore, I accept that I hold this belief system.’ This is not acceptance of a belief system! Acceptance of a belief system is the understanding that it is no more than a belief system that facilitates some action within accepted guidelines within physical focus, and that it holds no right or wrong. It is only a physical expression. In essence, underline, it is a symbol.

VICKI: ... Well then, what’s the difference between acceptable and unacceptable, right and wrong, good and bad, correct and incorrect?

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughter) I use these terms for your benefit, for these are terms and words that you understand and connect with. There are no terms to be expressing of some elements within consciousness. You do not understand, as this stands presently, there is no right and wrong. Therefore, you relate to correct, incorrect, right, wrong; expressions within this language. It is not possible for me to express to you essence expressions out of time, out of space, and out of your belief systems. Therefore, I do express to you within your belief systems. I use terms, such as correct or incorrect, to emphasize less of a strength within your own belief systems, and less of an identification of certain elements. Within your understanding of terms, if I express to you incorrect, you may be accepting that you may not necessarily be wrong, that you may have connected ‘less probable.’ If I express to you wrong, you think in absolutes. I attempt to speak to you not in absolutes. I do not express the term incorrect to be expressing to you that you are wrong. The reality incorporates many more probabilities than you may comprehend. Therefore, there cannot be a wrong. There are more probable actions, for you choose more probable actions, or answers.

VICKI: So cause and effect is a belief system. Is this correct?

ELIAS: To your way of thinking, yes.

VICKI: But this other statement is not, that it is unacceptable to be hurtful to another essence?

ELIAS: I express this to you, for it is more easily understood than to express to you that there is no issue. If I express to you that it is acceptable to be hurtful to another essence, to another individual within physical focus, you will incorporate these words literally. Therefore, I do not express these words to you. I also express contradictions, or seeming contradictions, to you continuously for this same reason; for you do incorporate what I express to you, and you assimilate this literally. Within literal terms, to you, Lawrence [Vicki], there is no issue. But then you may say to us, ‘Well, then I may murder my neighbor, and this is acceptable.’ In truth, within essence, yes. In truth, I may express this to some individuals, and their awareness may incorporate an understanding of truth; but within your belief systems, and your ‘locked’ of right and wrong, although you may view yourselves to be letting go of these concepts and understanding, you will assimilate these words literally. You will fall back upon them. Therefore I express, no, it is never acceptable to be hurtful to another essence; but it is acceptable to be hurtful to another essence, for it is beneficial; for there is a difference between physical focus and experiences physically, and essence; for you have chosen this.” [session 99, June 09, 1996]

CATHY: “I have a question about what you just talked to Jim about. Where does acceptance of someone else’s creation fit into his whole scenario, or does it? His acceptance of someone else’s creation.

ELIAS: If you are accepting of self and concerning yourself with self, you may be accepting of another individual’s creation of reality. Each individual creates their own reality for their own reasons. Just as with our little sapling (2), it should be of no concern to you. I am quite understanding that these are difficult, extremely difficult, underline, areas to actualize, for you hold very strong belief systems. This also is an element of your shift; that you are learning, as you are widening, acceptance.

I have expressed to you that tolerance is a natural byproduct of essence expression. It holds no effort. It is an automatic expression. Lack of judgment is a natural byproduct of essence. You incorporate these actions of intolerance or judgment, as you are influenced by your belief systems. As you begin to examine these belief systems and accept these, you also realize they hold no power. They hold no importance.

I do not express that you eliminate belief systems. I express that you accept belief systems as belief systems, and in this you shall understand and hold the ability to express naturally of essence. Therefore, the creation of another matters not, for you hold no judgment. The reason another individual is affecting of you is that you hold belief systems in relation to their creations, and as you hold belief systems you hold judgments as to another’s creation. Therefore, you are affected. Therefore, you experience conflict.

You hold these belief systems and their natural byproducts of intolerance and judgment for you do not accept and trust yourselves; for if you are trusting and accepting of self and eliminating the duplicity, you shall not hold a reason to be expressing through these belief systems, whose natural byproducts are intolerance and judgment.

This is extremely difficult for you. I acknowledge this, for within your creation you align with belief systems very strongly. They are automatic. You hold very deep issues that you have created throughout your focus.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

JULIE: ” ... I don’t know if I have a question to phrase or if I’m just looking for some feedback on how I can be happier with myself by myself, because I can’t seem to have the relationships with other people that I’m looking for. (Pause)

ELIAS: We have been dealing with this subject matter with other individuals also; not directly always paralleling but quite similarly, for they all stem from the same issues.

It has been stated many times by many individuals in many different circumstances, throughout your entire history and also within this present now, that you must be accepting of self before you may be accepting of another. This becomes in words so very overstated that individuals become insensitive to the meaning of this, and to not apply this as reality within their own life. It seems then also, when one is confronted with this same statement once again, that this is an inadequate answer; but there are so very many elements of each individual, as yourself.

You are a very complex creature. You may be accepting of a few elements of self, but you also allow yourself to be gripped with the belief system of duplicity, which is quite affecting of all of your reality within all of its aspects. It is affecting within creativity. It is affecting within interaction with other individuals. It is mostly affecting within self, privately. These are very difficult areas for very, very many individuals.

I shall suggest also that some individuals choose, within certain manifestations, extreme sensitivities within their experiences. You, as Michael [Mary] also, may express this to be an ‘artistic spirit.’ This is not so very inaccurate. It is a term that you may use to identify a difference within elements known to self that appear off from the norm. These in actuality are unique qualities that may be viewed as quite creative, and if you are using your terms, you may express ‘special.’ You do not believe this, but be bearing me out first.

Individuals choosing to manifest within an individual physical focus, concentrating upon these qualities within their experience, outwardly hold an ability to be quite expressive. They also are expressive inwardly, but tend to be internalizing many belief systems that they may outwardly fight against. Outwardly, these individuals, yourself included, shall be crusaders and cause-oriented; very sensitive to what they view to be injustices and rights and wrongs. Inwardly, they focus these belief systems underlying to themselves.

You may look through your history of your species. Let us focus upon individuals such as yourself, within the type of manifestation that you have chosen within this focus. Let us view artistic personalities throughout your history. They are, most generally speaking, quite politically and socially and emotionally-focused upon the actions and ills of society within each time period that they are choosing to be manifest. They move outwardly against many of the established, official belief systems, but at the same time they inwardly hold many of these same belief systems underneath. Therefore, they turn these belief systems upon themselves, not understanding that they may move into an acceptance and reconciliation within this contradiction of self. This contradiction within self manifests itself within every aspect of the individual’s focus. This shall begin to be manifest at very small ages and shall continue quite consistently, until and unless the individual chooses to allow themselves to reconcile to themselves.

You find yourself (hitting clenched fists together) continuously. Within one aspect of self, you hold these belief systems (gestures to the left) and move in this direction objectively. Within private areas of self, alone within your own private area, you hold these belief systems (gestures to the right.) Both sets of belief systems are real. Both hold equal strength. Therefore, (hits clenched fists together again), for they cannot coexist. Within one set of belief systems, (gesturing left) you hold the crusader; the idealist; that which you view to be the humanitarian. You hold very strong belief systems of independence and self-assertion. Within the private you, (gesturing right) there are other belief systems held which suggest, ‘No one individual may create a difference. This is ludicrous, to be expressing that you are special and may be moving any element that you are dissatisfied with outwardly, for you are only one individual and this holds very small worth.’

You also hold the belief system privately, that although it is positive and looked upon within your perception as good to be independent and strong and assertive, the little child is wishing for caring. (Here, forty seconds pass during which the only thing you can hear is the sound of Julie crying)

Shall I discontinue?


ELIAS: Very well. There is no thing wrong with either of these belief systems. What is creating of conflict is that you cannot seem to find the method to be reconciling the two. This brings us once again to my initial expression to you, of acceptance.

Many individuals may express to you that you must love yourself before you may love another. You must be accepting of self before you may be accepting of another. But they do not express to you where you are not accepting ... and you do not always know ... and they do not express to you what you should be accepting of.

I express to you Lanyah [Julie], that all of these aspects of self are self. They are all acceptable, and in your terms positive. One needs not be shoved aside to be covered by another. You may be expressive of the entirety of self and accept all of these aspects of yourself, and this does not create the appearance of deficiency. You may be an assertive young woman when you are wishing to be and you are genuinely feeling this expression. You may also be quite acceptably vulnerable and non-assertive; but as you believe that you must be projecting a specific camouflage, this is affecting of all of your expressions. It is affecting and blocking of relationships, for it is either non-accepting of another’s expression, or it is defensive of another’s expression, or it is intolerant of another’s expression; for as you project this camouflage, other individuals must be playing their role to your expectation.

Your expectation is held to camouflage those elements of self that you believe will not be accepted; those elements that suggest to you, ‘You are not a small one any longer. You may not continue behavior in this manner.’ This is incorrect!

All of your expressions are aspects of you; and as you deny some of these aspects of you, you become as a wheel which is flat. It shall turn. It shall move. And it shall also flop, flop, flop, flop, for it is no longer round! Therefore, it may not move easily in the manner that it was designed to move. You are not allowing yourself to move in the manner that you have designed yourself to move. How you begin to allow yourself to move within the creation that you have created is to be acknowledging of all of these aspects of self, and understanding that they are all acceptable and they are all elements of your own expression ... and that which makes you uniquely you!

As you learn each day to be accepting more of self, you automatically shall be accepting of other individuals’ expressions, and much of your conflict shall drop away with no effort. You shall witness your own artistic creativity blossom. You shall witness your own creativity within relationships of other individuals bloom, for you are not judging self. Therefore, you automatically shall not be judging others and holding expectations.” [session 172, May 06, 1997]

DENNIS: “My first question is of a spiritual nature. When I started out in life ... my father is a minister in a Protestant religion and he started me on a spiritual path, but sometimes I feel as if I’ve gone off the path and that I’ve got a wall, or a fog has gone around my head and it’s hard to break free from it. And I want to know if right now I’m on the right path, and how to bring back that spiritual nature that was in my life earlier. (Pause)

ELIAS: In many situations, this may be a common experience with individuals. Presently, within the beginning throes of your shift in consciousness, more and more individuals shall be moving into this type of area of experience. This is a moving away from the established religious belief systems and a recognition that these are belief systems. In this, many different experiences may occur, one being a temporary feeling of a veil covering you.


ELIAS: This is an action that many individuals within their consciousness objectively and subjectively choose, to be allowing information subjectively to be assimilating in alignment with this shift. As the alignment continues and the incorporation of information is allowed, there is a beginning in a feeling of this veil being lifted. Therefore, you may anticipate that this be coming in your next step within your movement, so to speak. In this, this is a common choice for the beginning movements into this new awareness, eliminating stressful conflict and confusion and trauma initially. It is unnecessary to be experiencing much rebellion, in a recognition that religious belief systems are not wrong or incorrect. They need only be recognized as belief systems and accepted. Therefore, individuals holding religious belief systems and what you term to be backgrounds may be easing into this shift in many cases with slightly less conflict than other individuals holding different belief systems, and not acknowledging that they also hold religious belief systems.

As you recognize that you do hold religious belief systems and do not buck against this and do not cause friction within yourself, you allow yourself more of an ease in moving into an acceptance of these, recognizing that these be belief systems and that none are right or wrong. They merely are. They are how you have created your existence and your reality for centuries; and as you are moving into a new season of consciousness within this shift, you do not eliminate the belief systems that have been held. You merely accept and acknowledge these belief systems, in a knowing that they hold no power over you and that you are much more than merely these belief systems. Therefore, this method, so to speak, of disengagement temporarily from your religious element offers you the opportunity to gather information, and to open to the realization of this shift in consciousness and what you are becoming, and allows you the opportunity to widen your awareness without conflict.

Many individuals appear within this forum and express to this essence, ‘I hold no belief systems within religious elements.’ Quite incorrect! (Laughter) No individual who has presented themselves to this essence presently holds no belief systems within religious elements! You all hold religious belief systems. This is how you have created your reality! This is quite acceptable. It has been created purposefully and quite efficiently. Therefore, those individuals that resist an acknowledgment of religious elements within their consciousness and their belief systems struggle and create much more conflict in attempting to widen their awareness, for their acceptance holds great resistance.

In this, you may present a fine example to individuals within this forum, of opposition to their belief systems; that you shall be creating much conflict with those individuals that hold religious belief systems, for this is not the issue that you think it is. There is a recognition of spirituality. There is a recognition of elements beyond your physical focus. There is a recognition of greaterness than what you see. In this, it may be easier for many individuals such as yourself to be accepting slightly altered perceptions of what you already believe; these being merely alterations in identification of words and ideas, such as identifications that you hold within religious belief systems of God as greater than yourself or separate from yourself, this being translated newly into God as yourself and no thing being greater than consciousness, which is all of you.

These time periods that you feel this veil, if you are so choosing, which in part you are or you would not be within audience of this essence presently, shall be short-lived, so to speak; for you already incorporate the desire and the recognition for movement, and are allowing the information to now be incorporated objectively and not merely subjectively.

DENNIS: Okay. On the same line of questioning, I have two children. Both children have been raised in the Jewish religion. I feel that once they got through the process of learning Hebrew and learning the prayers, that now I don’t see my son falling back on it. I don’t see any more spiritual growth in him from doing that process. The same thing with my daughter. My wife is Jewish. We’re raising the children, I kind of think in honor of her father who passed away, to keep going with this. But I don’t know that my daughter is doing it for the right reasons, as far as learning a spiritual path. She’s twelve years old. I mean, I know some people are quite advanced at twelve, but I don’t know about my daughter.

ELIAS: You shall recognize that small ones within this present now hold a different direction, for they recognize this shift in consciousness already. They have been born into it, so to speak. They have chosen, as you all choose when and how you shall manifest. They have chosen to manifest within this time period knowing that they shall be within the throes of this shift in consciousness, and that it shall be actualized within their focus. Therefore, essences may choose to be manifesting into a focus presently as children of individuals holding strongly to religious belief systems and customs, and this, for their experience and understanding of their parents’ and other individuals’ belief systems, they shall be complying with, but also recognizing that these are belief systems and they are unnecessary. This is not to say that they shall be entirely rebellious, but may seem disinterested or distracted; this being that they are not wishing to be causing conflict within the knowing of other individuals’ belief systems, but also recognizing that these are unnecessary. They are merely belief systems. They hold the ability to be widening in awareness already and they may be accomplishing even more quickly than those individuals which are focused as adults presently, for they enter the focus with the knowing of this shift. Therefore, there is already a partial acceptance of belief systems.

Do not concern yourself with ideas that small ones exhibit no spirituality or interest, for they merely recognize that spirituality in your terms is far more vastly reaching than your belief systems allow for. It is far more multidimensional and magnificent than may be allowed within the confines of your belief systems. Therefore, encourage creativity and be accepting of these small ones, for they are already aware that they create their reality. Individuals which attach to more age, so to speak, have much more difficulty in the acceptance of the concept, not mentioning the reality of, ‘You create your reality within every moment of your existence.’ This is accepted at times, but if you are experiencing uncomfortableness, many times you are also not attributing this to you creating your reality! Small ones are aware already that they are creating of their reality. They shall move with much more ease in this shift in consciousness, and lend energy to the parents in this movement.

(To David) Be listening, Mylo, for you have assessed this situation backwards; that you shall be addressing to small ones, when in actuality the small ones shall be instructing of you within their allowance and acceptance.

DENNIS: Recently, my wife lost her father. He passed away. I don’t think that she’s dealt with it completely. David, Mylo, has known my wife as long as he’s known me and he knows she’s a very spiritual person, but for some reason this loss of her father ... I think now she’s more skeptical of things. She wants to see, she has to see it in front of her before she will believe it’s actually in front of her. Is there something I can do that can help her through this period? Which again, I don’t think she’s fully accepted the fact that her father has passed on.

ELIAS: The individual expresses lack of acceptance, in resistance within an angriness. This is not a lack of recognition that as an individual chooses to be disengaging from physical focus that they are not merely moving into another area of consciousness, which they are, which is accepted. But within an angriness of not accepting of the choice, the individual expresses no wishing for involvement with concepts; for each individual chooses the moment and the method of their disengagement from physical focus. Many individuals are not accepting of this choice. Therefore, this is creating angriness. This not only occurs within choices of disengagement from physical focus. It is merely another example. This is objective imagery.

Presently within this shift, a massive wave en masse of consciousness is occurring, the theme of which, within issue-addressment, is acceptance of other individuals and how they are creating of their reality and the choices that they are engaging. Therefore, this also is affecting; for all of you, in what you term to be subconscious – although there is no subconscious – experience affectingness in connection with mass consciousness, and as you create mass movements in consciousness to be accepting, individuals interpret this within their own individual manners that shall speak to them, that shall attain their own attention to be addressing to this issue. Therefore, many ... most individuals choose actions that appear extreme. They create physical maladies in extreme. They create conflict in extreme. They create confusion in extreme, or they offer themselves situations that shall invoke an extreme emotion. This, if recognized, may be quite helpful if there is a recognition that this is merely an action being offered to allow the opportunity to view the non-acceptance of another individual’s choice. This may be helpful in a recognition that each individual holds choice within every moment and creates their own choices within probabilities, and that you may be influencing, but you do not create their choices.

DENNIS: Okay, I understand that.

ELIAS: This also shall be helpful, if accepting the element of other individuals’ creations and choices, with small ones and their future choices, in not creating conflict as resulting from lack of acceptance of other choices. You may offer this information, if you are so choosing, to be helpful; and also within this, be remembering: The issue is acceptance. Therefore, be you also accepting of another individual’s choice for attaining their own attention. This speaks to this individual. Therefore, accept that choice. In being the little sapling, you are most affecting.

DENNIS: ... A question regarding, again, the passing of my wife’s father. When he passed away he left his financial matters, which affect his wife, my wife. It affects the family to an extent financially, and other problems. What is there to be learned from this experience? This was a man who theoretically was to take care of his family. He was a wealthy man, but....

ELIAS: Within belief systems.

DENNIS: Well, I ... repeat, please?

ELIAS: Within your belief systems, he was to be taking care of his family. This may not be within his choice. This also is another example of acceptance of other individuals’ choices within their creating. You hold strongly and create conflict only within your belief systems, and the placement of right and wrong and good and bad within these belief systems and what you ‘should’ and ‘must’ do, which limits your freedom tremendously. (Pause)

I express to you, the keyword within this session is acceptance. This shall be the most helpful element to you, if you are allowing yourself to be accomplishing this.

DENNIS: Okay. This is just a general question regarding the shift. How is this shift affecting or how will it be affected by the billions of people that live in China? And the people that live in the Arab countries, the Muslims, which have such a strong belief system in what they believe in or what they don’t believe in, how are these people going to be caught up in the shift? Right now, they’re both very warring societies. Well, so are we to an extent, but how is this shift ... how will it work its way through those people?

ELIAS: This is a global shift in consciousness. Therefore, no individual is exempt. As I have stated to you within this session, you may be surprising yourselves that individuals holding religious belief systems may move with more ease in some situations than individuals that deny their alignment with religious belief systems and express that they hold none, for individuals holding religious belief systems anticipate a great change. It shall not appear in the manner of their belief systems, but it shall occur. They believe a global, immense change shall be occurring upon your planet and affecting of the entirety of your globe, not only their one religious-focus. Therefore, they are anticipating ‘something.’ It shall merely materialize differently.

Although I express to you also, this being the reasoning that information of this shift is offered; for within consciousness and probabilities and energy, although the probabilities lean to the creation of the shift without destruction and devastation, within the belief systems of many individuals upon your planet within many different religious belief systems, energy continues to be lent to creations of unnecessary destruction and devastation upon your planet to be giving birth to this shift. The ideas of the outcome, so to speak, of this movement matters not. The interpretation presently matters not.

The information to be offered that the devastation in movement need not occur holds importance, for within consciousness en masse upon your planet, you are still vying within probabilities. Therefore, if you are offering yourselves information, which you are increasingly, you shall be influencing of probabilities and lending to the energy of moving into your shift with the least amount of trauma. Individuals shall be experiencing trauma within their own focus enough. It is unnecessary for you to also be creating of famines and wars and destruction and dis-ease and earthquakes and tidal waves! (Laughter) This all shall be occurring within you! It need not be occurring within your planet! (Groans from the audience)

Therefore, it matters not the ideas within the change or the belief systems or the concepts. The point is to be accepting of belief systems, of all belief systems; those that you hold individually, and those that others hold within mass. Within this acceptance, you lessen the trauma. You increase your understanding and your ability to hold within your focus as this enormous tsunami occurs within consciousness upon your planet. It shall be accomplished, but it is your choice how you choose to be accomplishing this, and if you are choosing to be accomplishing with conflict or devastation.” [session 199, July 24, 1997]

ELIAS: “Presently, you all are experiencing affectingness of a massive wave in consciousness, which theme connected to this wave is that of acceptance. I have spoken recently often of this wave in consciousness that is occurring, although I am understanding that many of you are not quite understanding the scope of this wave occurring presently and its affectingness within each of you, and also en masse. This wave of acceptance you are each responding to within your own individual manners, but this wave of acceptance is directly a recognition of the movement and the action of your shift, and the acceptance and the lack of acceptance of this shift. I have been expressing to you for much of your time period that you shall be noticing more and more of the affects of the shift before you, this being another one of these affects.

I have expressed to you recently, seriously, of this wave of acceptance, for the reason that serious action is occurring within this wave. Some individuals respond more strongly than other individuals. Those individuals which are connected to essence families within the capacity of Seers – and the like within other essence families – shall be experiencing affects of this wave more strongly than other individuals, and shall be experiencing more difficulty within the acceptance of the movement. This movement, as I have expressed to you many times, is not within your own small locations, but within the entirety of your globe; this being what you are feeling presently and responding to, although you do not objectively attach to the reasoning. Bleedthroughs are beginning, and you are beginning to attach more objective awareness to the actions that you encounter and the feelings that you experience. Also, your experiences increase. You may be, as I have stated, feeling within you agitated or frustrated or confused or impatient with yourselves or with other individuals, and you may feel confused within your behavior. This you be may expecting.

This wave is beginning within your continents and moving outward. I have expressed to you many times that you do not create accidents and that all time is simultaneous. Therefore, within probabilities and within actions that you choose and elements of your existence that you create, you create everything purposefully, even to the point of the placement of the continents upon your planet. Look to your globe and view that the continents of what you term as your Americas are removed from all the other continents upon your planet. This has been purposefully arranged within the knowingness of your Dream Walkers; for in recognition of the shift and the movement in consciousness, this movement begins within your physical land locations of these continents. Other mass and Source Events have originated in other areas of your planet, other continents which have been purposefully placed in creation within close proximity to each other. One only other continent is removed, which shall be the next continent that carries the movement of this shift in early recognition.

Therefore, here within your location of your countries upon these continents, you begin experiencing and feeling the initial movement of this shift. You look to yourselves and you look to this essence and you express wonderings of what you shall do, of how you shall proceed. I have expressed to you that you shall be engaging your own creativity in these endeavors, but I shall also express to you, as I have previously, you are the forerunners. (Pause) You move presently within consciousness and add to the movement that others shall be engaging subsequently.

You have created this reality within physical linear time. Therefore, within this dimension, time is a reality to you. All things do not move at once within your consciousness, which is registered within Regional Area 1 and 2 within this dimension. Movement occurs in sequences. Therefore, within the action of this shift, your movement also occurs within sequences. If this be not what you were creating, your shift would be accomplished presently within your objective reality. I have expressed to you that within the probabilities, your shift shall be accomplished within your next century – within your lifetimes, so to speak, your focuses, if you are choosing to be creating of what you term to be long focuses; but most probably, it shall be completed within the focuses of your children.

Much of the action of the shift shall be accomplished within your focus, and as you are beginning movement into this shift, it is important that you are aware; for although I express to you that you hold great ability within consciousness to be actualizing probabilities and [to be] helpful within this shift, many other individuals upon your planet are not lending energy yet to the action of this shift. Therefore, I express to you of probabilities which have been accepted within consciousness and within energy, those which have been prophesied, that you need be lending energy to in uncreating. You may not be lending energy to uncreating of probabilities if you hold no awareness, for your subjective and your objective awarenesses work within harmony. Therefore, you need not only be subjectively aware to be affecting, but you need be also objectively aware.

You hold tremendous ability, but you also restrict yourselves and limit yourselves tremendously. You focus very singularly and very small within the actions of your individual selves, and within the interaction of immediate personages surrounding you. You do not recognize that you hold great ability within consciousness and are affecting of more than that which is immediately surrounding you. Therefore, as you continue in your focusing upon your individual conflicts and your holding to your individual issues, you also are affecting of other individuals, other counterparts, and affecting their ability to be accepting also. As you are not accepting, they are not accepting.

I offer this to you, for you have been engaged within these small traumas for what I may term to be enough time! (Confused laughter) You may now realistically look to the action of the shift and the action of acceptance of self and of all others, and you may disengage your fighting and your tantrums within yourselves and be allowing for your own acceptance. This IS important!

CATHY: I have a question. Obviously, this includes acceptance of other people’s non-acceptance.

ELIAS: Quite! I have expressed to you, the point is not to be holding judgment of other individuals’ creation of their reality. The point is to be focusing upon self and accepting of self, and do not concern yourselves with other individuals and their creation of their reality. Be accepting.

CATHY: Within that, if you find yourself concentrating and not being able to accept someone else’s non-acceptance, then would distraction be a good thing to do?

ELIAS: Yes, Shynla [Cathy].

CATHY: Okay! That’s where I’m headed! (Laughing)

ELIAS: As you concentrate upon these elements, you perpetuate them. As you concentrate upon your own conflict continuously, you perpetuate this. As you concentrate upon your non-acceptance of other individuals’ reality, you perpetuate this! Therefore, if you are not allowing yourself to approach a point of acceptance, you may be distracting yourself for a time period and allowing yourself to disengage from the conflict and the confusion, and then you may re-address to the issue and you may have offered yourself more information and a clearer understanding of the issues that you are dealing with.” [session 203, August 03, 1997]

ELIAS: “In accepting a belief system, you must first identify the belief system. In identifying the belief system, then you enter into ... (pause, grinning) the fun element, (laughter) which is identifying all of the other belief systems which are attached to the initial belief system and all of the affectingness of each of these elements. As you identify to yourself the affectingness of all of the elements and aspects of each belief system, and as you are accepting of yourself, which is key to this process, and trusting of yourself and moving outside of duplicity, you may begin to be accepting of the belief system.

I have offered an example of the acceptance of a belief system in a very elementary form. You all hold a belief system that you must be adorning yourselves with apparel. You do not move throughout your physical focus merely within your encasement of your skin. This is a belief system. In accepting a belief system, you continue to hold an opinion, a choice, of whether you choose to be complying with the belief system or not, but the belief system is not affecting you.

(Firmly) The acceptance of a belief system is the entire lack of judgment connected with the particular belief system in any area.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “Now; look to your interaction with other individuals, and although you may quite quickly readjust your expression and your thought process in recognizing an initial lack of acceptance, although it may be subtle, the initial expression is not being allowed to be addressed to.

Example: You may be engaging conversation with another individual. The other individual is expressive to you within the confines of their individual belief systems. You hold an immediate recognition of the belief systems that are being expressed. The immediate, automatic, initial momentary response within your thought process and within your FEELING is non-acceptance. This is immediately identified. Therefore, you also immediately readjust, for you hold the thought process of, ‘Hold! I shall readjust this thought process to be accommodating of the acceptance of another individual’s expression, for this be the accomplishment that I seek.’ In this action, what you are accomplishing is blocking and restricting, for you are not quite understanding of the actual action of acceptance. You are not addressing to the issues that create the initial response. You are overriding the initial response with your rational thought process. This essentially is a blanket effect. You cover your automatic response with this ‘thought blanket.’

... As you engage another individual, you have allowed yourselves to be connecting with this information. You have been attempting to move in the direction of application of this information into your reality, but your element of distortion in this action, in your interpretation of the information, creates elements of conflict and restriction.

Be understanding that although you hold the ability to be accepting immediately, you also have created a reality within this dimension that is reinforced by all of your focuses which occupy this dimension, and is also reinforced by all of your counterpart actions within this reality. That action is the separation and the lack of remembrance of essence, which has created the reality of blocking certain information and the perpetuation of many belief systems. In this, you do not automatically move into acceptance, for you automatically move in the direction of familiarity and block acceptance.

This concept of acceptance, although seemingly to be established and what you may view to be old, in reality is unfamiliar and new. This concept of acceptance, in all of its facets, is the base line, so to speak, of the action of this shift in consciousness, which I have expressed to you shall be altering of your entire reality. Therefore, it is unfamiliar to you, and in this you hold a new belief system that you are moving into the area of accepting, when in actuality you are merely blanketing what you are not accepting.

You all are accomplishing well within your movement to be addressing to your issues and belief systems of duplicity and allowing yourselves more of an acceptance of self than you have held previously, but you also move into areas of deluding yourselves in the thought process that you are accepting of other individuals and belief systems, when in actuality, underlying, you are not accepting of the expressions or of the belief systems. You merely delude yourself into the thought process that you are accepting.

This also is another element of the belief systems of duplicity. You wish to view yourselves as good. Therefore, you attempt to be accepting, for this is good!

NICKY: Hmm. There’s the delusion, right?

ELIAS: Correct. It is neither good or bad. This is a perpetuation of the duplicity. Acceptance merely IS. Therefore, you may view the action that you create within adherence to the thought process that acceptance is good.

You create a situation of interaction with another individual. Another individual offers to you an expression within communication that you are not within agreement of. Your initial response is the lack of acceptance. This lack of acceptance is objectively quite momentarily expressed within your thought or your feeling. It may not be objectively expressed, but within your thought and your feeling, it is expressed. It is also immediately recognized. ‘This action is bad! I am not accepting!’ Therefore, you have created a judgment. Subsequent to this, you immediately readjust your thought process and attempt to be adjusting your feeling, for you wish to be moving into the ‘good,’ which is accepting, but you have not addressed to the initial response. You have not identified the belief systems and the initial response. You have merely recognized that the immediate response is not acceptable to yourself, for it is not accepting within your thought process. Therefore, you immediately blanket this expression and express to yourself that you ARE accepting. You readjust your behavior and your objective response to the other individual to be accommodating of what you believe to BE accepting.

NICKY: Yeah! Oh my gosh!

ELIAS: Now may you view how you create the action of restriction, and within this action, as you perpetuate this action, you also perpetuate your own expression of your restriction of breath.

NICKY: Okay. This is something that’s real and I need a little guidance. I’m in a situation. I’m hearing something. Now, instead of accepting it because I think it’s good to be accepting, and I am not in agreement, do I express this to myself first?

ELIAS: Correct. Recognize that it is unnecessary for you to be continually in AGREEMENT objectively with another individual. Be remembering of our examples of acceptance. Within the acceptance of a belief system, you may continue to hold your own OPINION and choice of expression of the belief system. Remember, you are not eliminating the belief system.

NICKY: Just recognizing it.

ELIAS: And ACCEPTING. This be the area which holds the most confusion for you all, for you automatically associate the acceptance of a belief system as the elimination of a belief system, which is the reason why I continually express to you that you are not – underline ‘not’ – eliminating the belief systems. You are accepting the belief systems. You are not changing the belief systems, although you may note that I have expressed that altering or changing a belief system may be helpful in movement into accepting a belief system.

The acceptance of a belief system is NOT the CHANGING of a belief system and is NOT the ELIMINATION of a belief system. It is the acknowledgment of the belief system, the acceptance with the lack of judgment within yourself and within others, therefore rendering the belief system neutralized within its power and allowing you a new freedom within your expression of creativity and an allowance within yourself to be widening your awareness, which allows you the free flow within your creative expression. It allows you a liberation.

NICKY: Whew! Oh my gosh!

ELIAS: I am quite aware that the acceptance of belief systems is a difficult process, within your terms.

NICKY: Hmm! Just when you think you have a handle on it, you come to find out you’re not even close!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This be the reason that you have created the situation of allowing yourselves one-and-three-quarters centuries to be accomplishing this shift in consciousness!” (3) [session 271, April 02, 1998]

ELIAS: “Acceptance is the lack of judgment in any area, which may be sounding quite simplistic to you all, but I shall be wagering to express to you that your accomplishment objectively of this action shall not be quite so easy, (laughter) for you shall find yourselves within situations every of your days expressing a lack of acceptance, either to yourselves or to another individual. But be assured, this also is not negative! This is your OPPORTUNITY to engage this action. This is your opportunity to express to yourself, ‘This be not bad; this be not good. This be my opportunity to create my choice.’ For as you allow yourselves the hold of your belief systems, you also limit your choices and you express that you do not hold choices. You are bound; you MUST be. You must not be! I express to you, extremely not! You merely believe that you are locked, but you are not, and each opportunity that you present yourself within, within each wave, offers you the viewing of new choices.

You need only relax momentarily and stop momentarily and view your own action; NOT view another individual’s action, but view YOUR action and view YOUR belief systems, for it matters not the expression of another individual. This be not your responsibility. You hold enough responsibility for self, which is tremendous! Therefore, why shall you assume false responsibility for another individual? This shall be overwhelming! In your terms physically, you do not possess enough time to be assuming responsibility for any other individual upon your planet, for your time framework is consumed merely with your own responsibility. But you assume responsibility for other individuals, for this distracts you from the responsibility of self and allows you to not address to self, and also allows you to continue in your familiarity of your belief systems of duplicity and your belief systems in acceptance and the lack of that therein.

Acceptance is the word; acceptance of self in recognition that you are not bad, that you are not good, that your expressions are not bad, they are not good. They merely are.

If you are choosing presently within this moment – (chuckling deviously) shall we be shocking? (laughter) – to be engaging contrary to the belief systems that you all hold in areas lurid, shall this be bad? If you rise and move to this individual across and physically engage contact, shall we all be aghast? Of course, for these are your belief systems, but they are belief systems!

If you all shall be engaging unacceptable behavior within this presence, oh my! We shall all be wondering if we have engaged lunacy, shall we not? No. You are merely creating choices for experiences, which are influenced by your belief systems and are judged by your belief systems.

You adorn yourselves with apparel, for you hold a belief system that this is necessary and acceptable within your society. It is a belief system. It matters not whether you choose to be adorning yourself with apparel or not, but you hold belief systems that it matters greatly! (Laughter) Therefore, it is quite affecting. You carry this belief system farther by expressing that it also matters what type of apparel you shall be adorning yourselves with. My, we shall be very conscious of this aspect!” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

SARA: “But acceptance doesn’t necessarily mean a wishy-washy ‘whatever comes my way I’ll take’ type of thing, does it?

ELIAS: Acceptance is the lack of judgment, to yourself and to situations and to other individuals. Each time you move into the direction of a judgment, good OR bad, right OR wrong, you are not exhibiting acceptance. Each time you move into the direction of expressing your own rightness or another individual’s rightness or deservingness, you are moving into the area of non-acceptance, for you are creating a judgment. You look to judgment as holding negativity, but ALL expressions of right or wrong are expressions of judgment and not of acceptance. Experiences merely ARE. They are not right; they are not wrong. They are not good or bad or better or worse. They merely are experiences, and THIS is acceptance.

SARA: ... So when I feel like I really want to get out and explore the world, but I feel like I’m stuck in my situation, it’s because I’m not accepting my belief systems?

ELIAS: Correct, and you are not accepting of self and the situations that you create. Let me express to you that this is a very large, encompassing situation that very many individuals align with, move into, and are creating within themselves, for they allow themselves to be stuck, so to speak, within their belief systems, for they move into the area of NOT accepting that they create all of their reality – that other individuals create aspects of their reality – or that they do not draw all of the aspects in their reality to themselves.

In not holding this concept and in not moving into the reality of this concept and not holding the responsibility individually and focusing upon self in this, this also allows individuals, and yourself, to move into the area of comfortableness in the familiarity of the belief systems and allows you the excuse to not move into the area of acceptance, for this is unfamiliar. It is more comfortable to you to be within your uncomfortableness in the familiarity of the belief system than it is to move into the unfamiliar area of acceptance and freedom.” [session 289, June 23, 1998]

TOM: “I think you answered another question I had about altering versus acceptance on that same line; the effectiveness of.

ELIAS: You may be altering your belief systems in certain areas to be lending energy to the acceptance of other belief systems temporarily, and this may facilitate some of your action in your acceptance of belief systems. Be remembering that you are not eliminating belief systems but accepting them, and in this action your key concept that shall be most helpful and the least distorting for you is that the action of acceptance is the lack of judgment – the entire lack of judgment – within any aspect of the belief system. There is no good judgment upon any aspect and there is no bad, and as you move into the direction of placing the idea or the thought of right or good to any aspect of a belief system, you are also creating of a judgment, which is NOT acceptance. Any type of judgment in regard to belief systems is not moving into the area of acceptance, for within acceptance there is no judgment.

TOM: But altering can assist in moving into acceptance in a manner?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You may be allowing yourselves to be altering of your perception, and this shall also alter your alliance with any given belief system, and this shall be affecting and may be facilitating of your movement into acceptance. You may also be manipulating within certain belief systems that are outside of the one that you are addressing to, lending energy to the perpetuation of one belief system – as has been expressed in this session of the belief system of understanding – and in this you may be offering helpfulness to yourselves in moving more fully into the area of acceptance of another belief system, and this action automatically is affecting of other belief systems in facilitating the acceptance of all of them more efficiently eventually also.

TOM: So if we move into acceptance of all of our belief systems, desire which moves into creativity is still there, I guess, is what I am viewing.

ELIAS: Absolutely. Your desire is unaffected in its intensity in the action of accepting belief systems. Your desires are affected in that they shall be altered slightly, for there shall not remain [a] motivation to be responding automatically to held belief systems, and therefore in this, your movement into your desires shall be more efficient and shall allow you more of a purity and freedom in your expression of your desires and your creativity.

But this is a concept that is misunderstood or at times not grasped by many individuals within physical focus. They automatically assume, in relation to their presently held belief systems, that if they are moving into the area of acceptance of belief systems that they shall become complacent and shall hold no more desire to be engaging movement into new areas of creativity. This is incorrect!

You merely open the way, so to speak, to be moving more fully and less encumbered into your creativity and the expressions of your desires, which allows you more of a fullness and liberty in your expression within physical focus. In this, you shall offer to yourselves the validation of this very action as you allow yourselves to move into the area of acceptance of belief systems.

The more you move closer to acceptance of any given belief system, the more obvious it shall become to you – and it shall become more of an actual reality to you – that you also automatically as a natural byproduct of this action move into a fuller expression of desire, a more of a motivation in the area of creativity and expression, a liberation within your emotions, and a true experiencing of joyfulness within your focus.

Automatically also is the elimination of many aspects of conflict and that which you view to be negativity, elements of binding you within energy, and your emotional expressions of anxiety or depression or that which you label as unhappiness.” [session 297, July 14, 1998]

MALE: “I’m kind of a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist is the same thing as being judgmental!

ELIAS: What shall you be a perfectionist in, as you are already perfect? (Laughter)

MALE: Well, I’m a very detail-oriented person, and little things that are not said or done the way they should be done bother me.


MALE: Like, you know, a picture on the wall that’s not straight enough, or parking the car between the lines exactly parallel to the lines ... this kind of a person! (More laughter)

ELIAS: I shall be suggesting to you to be examining of these very strong belief systems, not of perfection, but of the lack of acceptance of free expression!

MALE: Yeah, I thought about that! (Everybody cracks up)

ELIAS: And that all expressions – crooked pictures, lines not aligning – or any different expression – untied shoes – are all examples of perfect enactments of each individual expression, and that it is merely your own belief systems that places judgments upon this and expresses that they are unacceptable or SHOULD be different.

We shall strike this word ‘should’ from your very language, for it in itself is quite judgmental and not accepting! (Chuckling)

FEMALE: May I just ask a brief question?

ELIAS: You may.

FEMALE: What happens when there is, for want of a better word, and I know this is not going to be the right one, a real....

ELIAS: Ah, ah, ah! Personal invalidation! (Laughter)

FEMALE: Okay, I’ll just say it! We just had an incident where two officers were shot, and we have to look at that incident, and it’s very hard to look at something like that non-judgmentally and to say, ‘Well, he was expressing himself.’ How do you deal with looking at somebody blowing up a building and killing a whole slew of people and know that that person was entitled to his expression? How do you deal with that on an individual basis in a non-judgmental way?

ELIAS: Within the direction of individuality, this be the point of accepting belief systems, for these belief systems also perpetuate actions that you are not accepting of. As you continue to create judgments, you perpetuate the actions that you judge. You create by lending energy to the very actions that you disdain.

FEMALE: In the mass consciousness?

ELIAS: Correct, but the mass is affected by each individual, for there is no mass without individuals! And in this, the very elements that you disdain within physical focus, that you deem to be negative, you lend energy to each time you move into the direction of judgment. Therefore, the point is to be accepting, and in this you may offer yourself more of an ability to move into this direction by recognizing that no action occurs between individuals within physical focus that is not agreed upon. You may not be affecting in any manner – underline entire sentence! – without being in agreement with another individual, for if another individual is not in agreement with your expression, it shall not be accomplished.

Essences are NOT intrusive. Therefore, it is required, so to speak, that there be agreement for ANY action to be accomplished, and in this, even that which you deem to be the most violent or distasteful, they are all beneficial in some manner, for you draw yourselves to the experience to be offering yourselves information in some manner, and they engage the action to be fulfilling their value fulfillment in some manner, and at times also to be lending energy to you for the accomplishment of your value fulfillment in areas that you have drawn information to yourselves. It may not always be very objectively clear to you why you are drawing yourselves to certain situations, but as you allow yourselves to be more aware of self and listening to your own language – your own impulses, your own impressions, your language of essence to self – and as you are moving in the direction of acceptance of self and addressing to your own belief systems, you also offer yourself more of an understanding of these aspects of which I speak.” [session 302, July 26, 1998]

ELLEN: “Another issue I have is judging people. How can I overcome that?

ELIAS: Judgment in any area is the lack of acceptance, and this is a very major movement of this shift in consciousness. ALL individuals upon your planet are and shall be addressing to these issues of acceptance, not only of belief systems but of themselves and of each other, and this is why this shift in consciousness is expressed in such a long period of your physical time framework, for it moves slowly in the direction of acceptance. In another respect it is moving quite rapidly, for within the presentment of nearly two hundred years – less than two hundred years – the accomplishment of this shift shall be realized, but within that time framework of less than two hundred of your years, there is great struggle for all individuals in the area of acceptance.

(Intently) I stress very strongly that individuals concern themselves with the acceptance of self first and the recognition of their own held belief systems, for in this shall be their movement into the acceptance of other individuals, for a natural byproduct of recognition of self is to be non-judgmental of other individuals, for as you are judging of other individuals, you are judging of yourself, for if you are not judging of yourself, you also do not place judgment upon other individuals. If you hold the recognition and acceptance of self, it is unnecessary to be placing judgment upon other individuals, for there is an automatic recognition that you shall be judging self in judging others. Each time you move into the area of placing a judgment upon any other individual, you also are placing judgment upon yourself. You are mirroring outwardly your expression to self. What is unacceptable in another individual is unacceptable in yourself, and if it is unacceptable within yourself, of course it shall be unacceptable for another individual to be expressing in this action.

Therefore, I present this to you, that you and all other individuals may attend their attention to themselves and to their own issues of duplicity and their own belief systems, and afford themselves the acceptance of themselves and the trust of themselves, for all other expressions shall naturally follow, so to speak, as natural byproducts of this action of acceptance of self.” [session 304, August 01, 1998]

GERHARD: “Do I have shrines, things that I do not know or want to know about myself that I should know?

ELIAS: Shrines are not elements that individuals are unaware of. They are elements that you have created within your focus based upon patterns of experience, so to speak, that you hold within your focus, and you do not allow a free expression of energy in these areas.

Many, many individuals within physical focus hold shrines. In actuality, there are few individuals within physical focus that do not create shrines, for they hold experiences that they view to be negative or disturbing to them, and within their experiences they create patterns of repeated experiences in some areas, and in this they are creating of what I term to be shrines, adding to these experiences and holding to the energy of these experiences, not allowing the energy to flow freely.

Presently, as you are aware, we are addressing to the belief system of relationships, which is influencing in intensity with very many individuals. Within this present now and for a time period previously, there has been a wave in consciousness which has been occurring, and this wave addresses to the belief system of relationship. But as we address to the belief system of relationship and all of the aspects of this particular belief system, it serves as a very good example of any of your belief systems and the aspects that are held within each of the belief systems.

This analogy that I have offered of the bird cage and all of the birds (4) is serving well to be instructive to individuals, and to yourselves also, in identifying many of the aspects of belief systems and recognizing that there are more elements to a belief system than merely one. In this, you offer yourselves the opportunity not only to view a belief system but to address to all of the aspects, and in this action you offer yourselves a more efficient process, so to speak, of accepting belief systems.

The acceptance of belief systems is a very difficult concept for individuals within physical focus, for you do hold thought processes that are very singularly oriented. Therefore, you think in terms of either/or – either you hold a belief system or you do not hold a belief system – but this is not the point of this shift in consciousness. This shift in consciousness is to identify that you hold belief systems, address to these belief systems, and be accepting of these belief systems, not eliminating of them.

This, I am understanding, is quite difficult for individuals within physical focus to be understanding and assimilating, although you are all moving closer in the direction of your understanding in this area.

As to your question of the affectingness of belief systems with yourself individually and how you may move more efficiently within your focus, let me express to you that I shall be suggesting to you that you be addressing to the belief system of duplicity and recognizing the bouncing back and forth within this particular belief system in relation to all other belief systems, for this particular belief system is ultimately the most affecting belief system within physical focus, and is quite affecting of you also. For although you move in the direction of acknowledging self in certain areas, you also struggle with the acceptance of self and trust in self, as it is blocked through the influence of the belief system in duplicity.

In this, I express to you that this particular belief system shall be your MOST affecting as you are investigating of it, and allowing yourselves to be addressing to its aspects and how it is influencing of all of your other belief systems, and how very influencing this particular belief system is in affecting your own acceptance of self and your acceptance of other individuals.” (Smiling) [session 319, September 17, 1998]

LESLIE: “… at times, it’s extremely frustrating how slowly we move through this material. I mean, for me it is, in any case. I mean, I guess I just want to get all this through osmosis. I just want it to become ... and all this trial and error stuff ... it’s frustrating, that’s all I can say! I’m sure others probably feel the same way.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You shall recognize that as you move within your focus and you offer yourself more information and you begin to move in the direction of allowing yourself the trust and acceptance of self to move into unfamiliar areas, once you are creating of this action, it shall become in many respects as a ball rolling down a hill. It shall become more and more effortless, and you shall move in this direction with more and more ease.

But the first pushes of the ball over the edge of the hill to create its downhill motion may be quite difficult, for you struggle with yourselves in the area of your own acceptance and trust. This is your most difficult area to be addressing to. Even in the time frameworks that you think to yourselves that you ARE accepting and trusting of self, there are many elements that you are not trusting yourself within or accepting yourself within. Therefore, this is one of your greatest limitations and hindrances within this movement.

This also be the reason that I address to this particular concept so very often and may not be stressing enough in this direction, for it shall be the most affecting of your movement.

LESLIE: Well, you know, I read one of the transcripts where you said acceptance, non-judgmental, nothing’s right, nothing’s wrong, nothing’s good, nothing’s bad. So after I read it, it seemed so very simple, even though when you said this in the script, you said, ‘This is very difficult.’ So I read it and I go, ‘Cool! I can do this!’ And I was at work, and the first customer that came in said something, and my reaction was, ‘Oh, you’re so bad!’ And I went, ‘Oh, God! Right out of the box, I blew it!’ (Elias chuckles) And it’s very, very frustrating that something seems like it’s the way to do it. I mean, total acceptance, no good, no bad, no judgment, no anything is the way to go to free us from all of this garbage! Well, I guess it’s not garbage. I guess it’s what we’ve created. But nonetheless, we want to move on, and yet it’s so difficult to do!

ELIAS: I am expressing an acknowledgment of the difficulty in this area! I hold an awareness of how very how difficult these concepts are for you to be actualizing within your reality.

View your own statements in your own expression to me within this present now: that you have moved in the direction of expressing the judgment of another individual, that they are so bad, and in response to your judgment of another individual, you have placed a judgment upon yourself in expressing that you have ‘blew it’ and are discounting of yourself, and you are also placing a judgment upon the situation! Therefore, you have entered into the automatic cycle, which I have expressed, [it] IS very difficult to be moving outside of this cycle, for these are automatic responses that you have created now.

And in your responses, where are you moving? You shall be moving in the direction of attempting to be incorporating this information, and you shall express to yourself within given situations that either you are not accomplishing and you have failed, or you have accomplished and therefore you are good!

LESLIE: Oh boy! (Elias chuckles) It’s a catch-22 kind of, isn’t it?

ELIAS: Temporarily, for the purpose of helpfulness to be moving you out of the direction of continuation of playing with your dead mouse, (5) I express acknowledgments to you and express encouragements to you, and express that you may be encouraging to yourselves also and be offering yourselves your pats upon your backs, so to speak, for you are much less likely to be moving in this direction than you are to be moving in the direction of discounting yourselves and chastising yourselves and expressing your failures to yourselves, for you are much more fascinated with your dead mouse than you are with your playfulness!

In this, it is helpful to you that you are acknowledging of yourselves and that I offer acknowledgment to you also, but be aware that this is a temporary situation within itself, for as you learn to be accepting of yourself, it shall be unnecessary for me to be acknowledging of you any longer.” [session 323, September 23, 1998]

JIM: “… which brings me to my next age-old issue of my shoulder! Lately, it’s become much more intense. Am I correct in interpreting that along with my job at Craft Service, I am still not fulfilling my desire or self-worth? Would that be held in my blue energy center?

ELIAS: This is affecting, and I shall return to the issue of self acceptance and of the belief system of duplicity and its affectingness, for as you move yourselves in the direction of acceptance of self, how you present yourself within your activities matters less and less. The belief systems or the aspects of the belief systems that are so very affecting of you in these areas become less and less affecting of you.

I am expressing to you quite often to be addressing to belief systems, but I have consistently expressed to you all that the first action that shall be addressed with you all is to be looking in the direction of self and acceptance and trust of self FIRST, for in this action there are many automatic byproducts that lend themselves to the easement of all of the other directions that you may choose to be moving into, and this shall also lend much to the easement of your movement within the action of this shift, in acceptance of belief systems and the acceptance of other individuals and of all of your situations.

The acceptance of many, many, many aspects of your reality hinges upon your acceptance of self, but you automatically move in the reverse direction, for this is the type of creating that you are accustomed to. You are familiar with creating in relation to all aspects that you view to be outside of yourself first, and looking to self last, so to speak.

This be the reason that these concepts are so very difficult for you within physical focus, for I have presented them in reverse, and although they seem to be within your language quite simplified, they hold extreme difficulty, for you automatically move in the reverse direction: in looking outside of yourselves or looking to other aspects of your reality first, before looking to self.

Within the very context of this information, you automatically focus your attention upon your belief systems and all of the aspects of the belief systems first, and attempt to be altering of your belief systems or manipulating them in EVERY direction that you may think of and NOT addressing to your own issues in duplicity and addressing to self and your self-acceptance and your self-trust, which in looking to THIS element FIRST, you automatically create byproducts of accepting many aspects of the belief systems that you hold, and you automatically move in the direction of elements of acceptance of other individuals.

But you are QUITE insistent upon the continuation of playing with this dead mouse and moving in the direction of the reversal of my information to you! (Jim cracks up)

Therefore, I move in the direction of becoming quite redundant, expressing to you over and over and over again: look to self and the acceptance and trust of self, and this shall automatically lend itself to your other accomplishments, and in this repeated statement I hold great hopefulness that eventually, within your linear time framework, you shall HEAR these words and you shall heed them also and offer yourself a slight turn in your perception within your focus, and in this slight turn you shall allow yourself the ability to view the ease in which you may be accomplishing, as in difference to the difficulty that you create that is unnecessary! (Chuckling)

JIM: Um-hmm! I heard something different that time too! Thank you for your patience. So, a lot of this is accepting every spot or every action that you move into, that you bring before you – in this case, what I was referring to with my job – accepting that as an action of self.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And then always in alignment with the action of self.

ELIAS: Correct, and not to be moving into the expression of discounting of self, which you ARE creating that expression of discounting of self! Were you not moving into the expression of discounting self, it would matter not what you choose to be accomplishing within the area of your employment, for you shall place no judgment upon the action that you have chosen. One form of employment or action is no greater or better than another. They all serve a function, and it matters not which direction you choose to be moving in. It is merely an expression of aspects of your belief system in the area of duplicity, of what is good and what is bad and what is better!

JIM: Yes, indeed. Understood. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 325, September 27, 1998]

ELIAS: (Humorously) “Justification is quite a friendly bird to duplicity! They have established quite a relationship, and may be seen with each other quite often! Therefore, be aware, where one lurks, the other is not far behind! (Laughter)

Defensiveness is another aspect of justification. You have created so very many birds in this area that you may look to other individuals and their interactions, and you may express to yourselves YOUR worthiness, YOUR goodness, YOUR great acceptance of all other elements and other individuals, and you may be acknowledging greatly of yourselves in your justifications, but these stem from the lack of acceptance of self. (Here, somebody opens the door) You may enter!

As you hold a lack of acceptance of self, you automatically project this outwardly to other individuals. It is, as I have stated previously, as a ball rolling down a hill, continuing to roll and roll and gain momentum, for all you need be accomplishing is offering this ball one little push, and it shall create its own speed and its own energy and its own momentum, carrying you along with it, but this is not an element outside of yourselves. This is an aspect of you, for it is your belief systems, and your belief systems create your perception, and your perception creates your reality.

Your perception is, there is a cup upon your table. You each view this cup differently. It may be very slight differences within your visuals, but each of you shall perceive the cup slightly different, and in this, the cup is, in reality, how you perceive it. It is not independent of you. It is an element that you have created. Therefore, how you perceive it IS its reality.

Now; in this, each of you holds different perceptions within your reality. They are no less real than any other perception of reality. They are different, but within your belief systems – and the bird of duplicity creeping around the corner once again! – you automatically move in the direction of your own perception, that this is absolute and truth, and all other individuals shall perceive the same as you perceive, for you perceive reality, and if they not perceiving what you are perceiving, they are not perceiving reality! Absolutely! (Somebody must have been nodding here, as Elias was grinning and nodding at somebody when he said, ‘Absolutely!’)

Very incorrect, for their perception is reality also! And in this, your duplicity enters once again and offers you an explanation and expresses to you, ‘Very well. I may be accepting of this concept. Their reality is their reality for themselves, but it is not reality! It is merely their reality for themselves. It is their perception, and therefore it is their reality. It is not my reality and is not THE reality, but it is their reality.’

(Humorously) For you all are very aware that there is a ‘THE reality’ which is independent of your reality or your reality or your reality (looking at different people), for all of your realities are merely your realities, and there is an independent reality which is THE official reality. Of course, none of you perceive the official reality, for it escapes you all, for you are very busy perceiving your own reality (laughter) and holding your attention in this area!

But you have quite efficiently moved into the direction of offering yourselves this explanation, which then moves you into the comfortability of expressing to yourselves, ‘It matters not that another individual perceives differently, for their reality is their reality.’ No. There is no official ‘THE reality.’

There is a combined collective of a created concept of reality which you all participate within, and therefore you each view an object that you term to be a cup, although each cup is different. There is not one cup set upon your table. There are many cups set upon your table which occupy the same space arrangement, all of which are equally reality, and each of you creates each cup. I have expressed this example previously, but in conjunction with this subject of duplicity, it serves to be reiterating of this particular example with the cup, for this you may view clearly within your own thought process, how you camouflage your own duplicities.

You place judgments upon other individuals’ perceptions, for they are not the same as yours. You may offer an excuse for other individuals which you term to be an ‘allowance for their perception,’ but in actuality, what you are creating is a judgment, and the judgment is not acceptance, and acceptance is the point.

Each of you within this forum encounters other individuals that you may be experiencing conflict with, within one degree or another. Even within the degrees of conflict, you enter your duplicity by expressing that certain conflicts are more important or bigger or stronger or worse than other conflicts. They are all conflicts. It matters not. You merely choose within responsiveness to your duplicity to be creating of degrees of drama attached to your conflicts. If they are very, very bad conflicts, you shall be creating very strong drama! If they are mild conflicts, you may be creating of mild expressions with regard to them. At certain time periods, you may be engaging intense drama with your conflicts and creating what you term to be your temper tantrums! (Laughter) For this is quite expressive and creative and also quite affecting of the situation, as we are all aware! If you are creating a temper tantrum, it shall immediately alter the reality of the conflict. I think not! (Chuckling, followed by silence)

This has been quite interesting! I truly DO think not! (Laughing) For I hold no thought process! (Laughing harder – Elias is cracking himself up!)

This belief system of duplicity holds great importance within the action of this shift, that you be addressing to this particular belief system and recognizing its affectingness in every aspect of your focus and within all of your actions. Many individuals inquire, ‘How may we move in the direction of peacefulness, of lovingness, of altering our reality?’ Acceptance of self and the acceptance of the belief system of duplicity and rendering this particular belief system neutral shall be affecting of ALL of your other belief systems, and shall be automatically creating of the byproduct of allowing you to more easily move into the area of acceptance of all of your other belief systems.

Each time you are creating of any type of judgment, you are engaging duplicity. I challenge you each to hold an awareness, within merely one day within your focus, of how many times you engage duplicity, and you may be surprising yourselves, for you engage this belief system continuously!

We shall break, and you may inquire with your questioning if you are so choosing ... and if I am so choosing, I may be responding to your inquiries! (Grinning, and laughter) And I shall be returning to your fond company shortly.

BREAK 7:37 PM.
RESUME 8:12 PM. (Arrival time is 9 seconds)

(Vic’s note: again, I’ll be doing some guessing as to who is asking questions, mostly based on trying to recognize voices I’ve heard before. It really would be helpful if ya’ll would state your names!)

ELIAS: Continuing, and you may engage your questioning if you are so choosing.

ANON: Elias, how are you?

ELIAS: As always! (Grinning, and laughter)

ANON: I know that you were discussing a lot about our belief systems, and that it is really important for us to look at the belief systems, and I know that we created these belief systems to begin with, and I’m wondering why it’s necessary for us to change them. I guess they’re not really serving us any more, but how is this going to help us, to change them?

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you that you are not changing the belief systems. You are merely moving in the direction of accepting the belief systems. There IS a difference.

In your thought processes, you think to yourselves that if you are changing your belief systems, this shall be affecting of your reality and be creating of more efficiency within your reality.

In actuality, what you are accomplishing in the action of changing a belief system is not changing a belief system! The belief system remains. What you ARE moving into is changing your perception or your viewpoint, so to speak. You have moved your viewing from one aspect of the belief system to a different aspect of the belief system, but the first aspect that you have been viewing continues to remain within the cage. You merely are not focusing your attention upon that particular bird any longer. You are focusing your attention upon a different bird.

At times, you may even move in the direction of viewing the same bird, but viewing different angles of the same bird. Initially you view the head of the bird, and then, in attempting to ‘change your belief system,’ you move your attention to the tail of the bird, or you occupy your attention with the colors of the bird or the size of the bird.

The bird continues to remain within the cage. The belief system remains the same. You are merely moving your attention in different directions. This is altering of your perception, but it is not accepting a belief system.

The point of accepting a belief system is to be not eliminating the belief system, but to be eliminating the judgment, and if you are eliminating the judgment, you are also greatly affecting of your conflict that you create within yourselves and within each other. And this would be the point, for within this shift in consciousness, you move in the direction of creating a new type of reality.

In this, I am not expressing that within the accomplishment of this shift you shall be altering your physical form, and you shall be moving about your planet as strange, unusual-looking little creatures and that you shall be consuming of strange vegetation, and that the entirety of your planet and your existence within this physical focus shall be altered radically within these types of manners, but the entirety of your reality SHALL be altered in different respects, and these alterations ARE quite radical, in a manner of speaking.

How you perceive your reality as it is established presently shall be altered. Your structure of your reality shall be different. I have offered information in this once, and I have expressed to individuals that I shall not move in the direction of often repeating that information, for that moves in the direction of what you perceive to be predictions, and I choose not to be lending energy in this direction, for this is another belief system.

I have offered information previously as to the action of this shift and how it shall be definitively altering of your reality in very radical manners, but I also am not moving in the direction of perpetuating your own belief systems in the areas of prophecies and crystal balls and predictions, for all actions are, as you are aware, probabilities, and therefore they are not concrete. They are very changeable within every moment, and although some probabilities are more probable than other probabilities in their actualization into this particular physical dimension, they are probabilities. Therefore, they are not absolutes.

There are no absolutes! You WANT absolutes, but there are no absolutes!

In this, your acceptance of your belief systems allows you to hold an opinion concerning your belief systems, that you may choose to move within them or you may choose not to move within them, but you create no judgment that you attach to them. There is no right or wrong or good or bad that concerns your choices. They are recognized as merely choices, and in this you offer yourselves tremendous freedom, and this be the point.

For within the alignment of these belief systems and the movement of all of the aspects of these belief systems and all of your judgments which are attached to these aspects of belief systems, you limit your own expressions, your own acceptance, and your own creativity. You create limits upon yourselves, and in this, as you allow yourselves to be accepting of belief systems, you not only open the door for the birds to fly free, but you also open the door for the freedom of your own creativity and your own expressions.

You guard yourselves. You do not allow the freedom of your expression, for you fear how this shall be perceived by another individual. You shall guard how you speak, what energy you project, how you think, for you hold an awareness that thought is energy, and although other individuals do not engage their inner sense of telepathy and actively engage in mind-reading with you, you DO hold an awareness that in some subjective manner THEY hold an awareness of your energy, which you project through your thought processes, which is translated as energy projected outward from your physical form in the direction of other individuals.

And do not delude yourselves into the thought process that other individuals are unaware of your projections of energy! It is unnecessary to physically view, to see or hear or touch energy, to KNOW that it is present and to KNOW that it is being manipulated.

You all have encountered experiences with other individuals in which you KNOW what another individual is thinking, and they may say nothing. You may not allow yourselves to engage this continuously, but you ALL have created this experience within your focus. Not one individual has not experienced this particular action! It is natural to you. It is a movement of your inner senses, which ARE natural to you. You merely do not open yourselves to actively engaging these inner senses continuously, but regardless that you notice the workings of these inner senses, they ARE working and you DO allow yourselves to be connecting to their workings occasionally.

Therefore, you hold an awareness that it matters not that another individually, physically, audibly expresses to you. You hold an awareness of their energy and of their thought processes.

(Firmly) There are no secrets within essence!

You may move in the direction within physical focus of fooling yourselves and deceiving yourselves that you hold the ability to be creating secrets from other individuals, but within essence there are no secrets, for there are no judgments. And in this, it matters not what you choose to be creating! You create your secrets, for you hold duplicity and you engage this belief system. You do not move in the direction of secretiveness if you are not creating a judgment that you have engaged something bad or unacceptable or that you fear other individuals shall place a judgment upon, but you have already placed a judgment upon your very creation! This be the reason that you are creating of this shift and that you are addressing to these belief systems, for your own freedoms.

How very often do you each engage the thought of how very liberating it may be that you may express yourselves without limitation? And if you are accepting belief systems you discontinue judgment, and therefore you MAY express yourselves in all of your creations, in all of your thought process, in all of your emotions, in all of your directions of all of your expressions, for it shall matter not. It shall not be hurtful to other individuals, for they shall not be engaging judgment, and it shall not be hurtful to yourself, for YOU shall not be engaging judgment, and THIS is the point.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

DALE: “Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of being spiritual, and it’s become apparent to me that we cannot NOT be what we term spiritual, that everything we do is spiritual, and that perhaps our craving for these spiritual experiences is linked to our beliefs in separation and duality, that something outside ourselves must cause it, something beyond our lowly humanness ... and there’s a giggle in there! This has led me to play with the idea of how it feels to know this, that we always are spiritual, and how it would feel to live our physical lives like this. It seems to me that we can think about these types of things, acknowledge our beliefs about them, and affirm our accomplishing, but then something else seems to happen when we really GET IT. Will you explain this to me? I get the feeling that it’s a key on how I might more easily bridge the idea of a concept and the conceptualization of it.

ELIAS: Recently, I have offered information in this direction of this very subject matter, of your concept and idea and belief of spirituality and how this differs from the actual action of spirituality, in a manner of speaking; for in actuality, there is no spirituality. You have developed this word and this concept as an explanation to yourselves of the very statement that you have presented. In your separation and your forgetting of essence within your physical experience within this dimension, you have created an idea, a concept of spirituality, which you believe lies outside of yourself and is a THING that you must be pursuing and moving in the direction of grasping and holding. In actuality, there is no element that is outside of you, and if you are translating into your language the concept of spirituality, it would be the wholeness of you, the acceptance of all of the elements of you within your experiences and your being. In this, you would be incorporating the acceptance of all of your expressions.

Therefore, the experience of spirituality, in your terms, is the acceptance of self, for within the acceptance of self, you hold to all of the aspects, all of the elements of yourself within acceptance, and there is no area within yourself that you are not accepting of or that you are placing judgment upon, and in this you are unifying all of the aspects of yourself and allowing yourself to be experiencing the wholeness of your being within physical focus. This would be incorporating your knowing of essence, the entire acceptance of your physical experience in every aspect, and incorporating the acceptance of your remembrance, and also of your separation in the intentional lack of remembrance. Incorporating these elements together is the makeup of what you may term to be spirituality, which is incorporating ALL of your physical species’ qualities within this dimension.

You do not move in the direction so very often of denying yourselves the acceptance of other focuses, within this dimension or other dimensions. You do not deny yourselves the acceptance of essence, although you may term this to be different words – your higher self, god – but you DO deny yourself the acceptance of your physical existence within your manifestation, for you place judgments upon your experiences, you place judgments upon your choices, and you are not accepting of your physical manifestation.

You have chosen this manifestation purposefully for the opportunity of its unique experiences. Therefore, it is an aspect of your very being. It may not be separated from you, or you from all that you have created within it, for there is no separation. But within your belief systems you DO create a separation, and in this you also have developed these judgments upon yourselves and your experiences within physical focus, within this particular dimension, as an aspect of the belief system of duplicity.

I have expressed previously that you have created these belief systems as explanations to yourselves of elements that you have forgotten, and these belief systems are an intricate part of your reality within this particular dimension and may not be eliminated. But they may be accepted, and in this acceptance you also shall be accepting of self, and in this acceptance of self you merge all of the elements of self within an objective manner to be creating of the perception of wholeness objectively, for your perception also is creating of your reality. It is influenced by your belief systems, and your perception is the aspect of yourself that is creating of your individual reality and your reality en masse, but your perception is altered within your acceptance of self. Therefore, your experience is also altered.

Many individuals move in the area of expression and inquiry of how to be experiencing spirituality. You are already experiencing spirituality, for you ARE. Therefore, if you be, you are spiritual, and you are experiencing your spirituality! But within your belief systems, you view this to be an action that you need be incorporating into your reality. It is an attainable action. It is not who and what you are, it is what you do. Incorrect! It IS who and what you are, it is not what you do.

Your belief systems dictate to you that your spirituality hinges upon what you do, and you may attain more and more of your spirituality as you move more and more into spiritual expressions. As you deny yourself more and more, you shall move into higher and higher planes, and I have expressed to you that there are no planes. There are no levels. Therefore, where shall you move within your planes and levels if there are no planes and levels?

You express certain language within your beliefs of spirituality, that you shall move into other dimensions within these planes of higher and higher spirituality. You ALREADY exist within other dimensions. You ARE. You BE. Therefore, this is quite inconsistent, that you shall attain to some area that you already occupy! There are no areas that you do not already occupy.

In this, in your terms, true spirituality is merely the acceptance of self, incorporating all of yourself without judgment and recognizing that all of your choices and all of your experiences, regardless of how you are creating them, are purposefully executed, for you have chosen each experience purposefully and you have chosen each line of probabilities to be experiencing what you are creating. You are not creating mistakes. You do not create accidents. Therefore, each experience has been purposefully executed, and all of these experiences are elements of your spirituality, and all of your manifestations are elements of your spirituality. Therefore, it is not an action. It is YOU. Is this helpful?

DALE: Quite! (Pause) Well, I’ll just jump right in then! It’s kind of a follow-up to that. It seems to me that we have these amazing beliefs in modesty and humility, and so every time we try – I shouldn’t say we, I should say me – accepting ourselves ... it seems like I’m not sure where the line is drawn between feeling good about yourself, and then these beliefs about arrogance or original sin or the sinful self or whatever. It seems like as soon as I start feeling good, a part of me is always saying, ‘Don’t feel TOO good!’

ELIAS: Ah, and now we return to our belief system of duplicity!

DALE: Yes!

ELIAS: Which, as I have stated previously, couples itself with ALL of your other belief systems. This one belief system of duplicity is quite changeable, and it attaches itself to ALL – underline – of your other belief systems. It moves quite harmoniously with all of your belief systems. It also is very affecting, for you have lent very much energy en masse to this particular belief system.

I express to you, in actual terms, there is no experience that is right; there is no experience that is wrong. There are merely experiences. There is no choice that is right or wrong. There are merely choices.

Therefore, within this statement, it matters not what you choose as your expression. It matters merely as influenced by the belief systems that you hold, and the coupling of those belief systems with the one belief system of duplicity: of right and wrong, good and bad.

Therefore, arrogance, we may be expressing, may be viewed within your belief systems as the exaggeration of the acceptance of self. Arrogance in actuality IS the acceptance of self, but you also incorporate your duplicity, which expresses to you a false modesty, a false humility.

I express this purposefully, for you may be expressing humility in its true form as a natural byproduct of your own acceptance of self and expression of essence, but this would not be the same expression as YOUR ideas of humility or modesty, for these terms are the terms that you have created – with the definitions that you attach to them – in denying your own expressions, and thusly denying self.

I have offered to individuals previously expressions that your natural inclination within physical focus, as an expression of essence, is to move in the direction of less thickness and [more] pleasure, but within your belief systems, you are QUITE influenced by duplicity. You may be accepting of few pleasures, but not very many! And within these few pleasures, do not be indulging excessively ...

DALE: Don’t like it TOO much! (Laughing)

ELIAS: ... for this also shall be viewed as bad and wrong, and you are quite creating of much conflict in these areas, for you battle your own natural inclination. You create many different expressions of pleasure within your physical focus, and you move in the direction of expressing to yourselves, once you have created these expressions, that you may not participate within your creations! And you express rationally and logically to yourselves that this is an acceptable expression, for this is quite logical that you shall create these expressions of pleasure, for they are rising from your base elements, those elements of yourselves that are quite undesirable and very, very bad! Therefore, you are not responsible for these irrational creations of pleasure, but you ARE responsible for not indulging in these pleasures, for you shall know better!” [session 331, October 16, 1998]

DALE: “…realizing that we are all our own channels feels very important to me. Will you give me some insight on Wider Dale, my choice of that name, and how I may allow a clearer connection? (6)

ELIAS: As we have spoken in our last meeting of yesterday, your attention within the action of this shift moves in the direction of focusing upon self, and in this focusing upon self, you are offering yourselves – and yourself – the opportunity to be trusting and accepting of self. In this action, you are creating many actions.

You are automatically lending yourself in the direction of acceptance of belief systems of other individuals and opening your periphery and widening your awareness, and as we spoke of spirituality, this is the point, to be offering yourself the wholeness of self.

This is what is becoming your new expression of spirituality, to be accepting of all of the aspects of you, and in this action, you are also widening your awareness.

Your expression is Wider Dale, which is your imagery that you present to yourself of your movement into this area of engaging this action – widening your awareness and opening to your periphery, allowing yourself objectively to be open to all of the imagery that you present yourself with, and to be noticing – and in this you also offer yourself the opportunity to access your natural abilities, to interpret what you are noticing and what you are creating. The key in all of this action is to be accepting and trusting of self.

I am quite aware that individuals grow weary of my continuous expression in this area, over and over, in this acceptance of self! And I shall continue to be repeating of this concept until the point that each of you converts this concept into an actual reality, that you recognize that you are not creating this acceptance of self, and that within the actual action of widening your awareness and accepting and trusting of yourself, you are automatically creating of new, amazing liberation, that you shall actually experience in what you attain to experience now! But you SHALL experience and amaze yourselves in each movement that you allow yourselves in the area of the acceptance and trust of self.

All that you may imagine within your physical focus, of your spirituality or of your playful creations, may be actualized in reality within your physical dimension, merely in the action of trusting and accepting self. But this continues to be merely a concept within you that you attain to, and you have not realized that there is no attaining to this. You already hold it. You need merely discover what you hold! But you have blanketed this with your different aspects and expressions of your belief systems. Therefore, you are covering your own awareness and your own periphery, but as you peel away all of these blankets, you allow this shining ability, and you amaze yourself with your own creativity.

The word ‘creativity’ means little to you each, for you do not understand the implication of what you may create in allowing your creativity. You do not understand the ability that you hold within your expressions. You fascinate yourselves with the miraculous expressions of certain individuals throughout your history, within this dimension, that possess strange and wondrous abilities to alter physical reality in amazing manners, but you ALL hold this ability.

You ARE your own channel, so to speak, for you may channel your energy in any direction that you are so choosing, and your physical focus is not so very limited as you view it to be!

(Humorously) You BELIEVE that your physical manifestation is quite limited, for you of course are within a working, learning dimension upon a working, learning planet upon a working, learning plane, which shall we not forget is a very lowly plane, that you need be learning your lessons quite well, that you may attain to your higher planes and move into your greater abilities with your ‘higher self.’

You do not hold a higher self! You ARE your higher self! You are your highest expression! You are all that you may be, and your physical dimension holds the ability to accommodate much more of your expressions and your creativity than you allow yourselves to view. You may channel energy through your physical self, through your physical expression, in countless different directions that you do not even allow yourselves to imagine.

DALE: So for me personally, what is this huge blanket I hold up to myself, that I will not allow myself to know this already?

ELIAS: Your expression is quite similar to many, many, many other individuals within physical focus. For yourself individually, I shall be repeating to be focusing your attention upon the acceptance of self, WITHIN REALITY. You may move throughout your focus continuously, and you may express to every other individual that you physically encounter upon your planet that you are a wondrous, glorious being: ‘Look to me! I shine like a star! I am a glorious being, and I adore myself!’ (Laughter) And you may project this false personification, but in actuality, as you quietly, individually turn your attention inwardly, the star becomes quite dim.

DALE: We have an amazing belief in practice makes perfect!

ELIAS: Ah, for you are not perfect! You are flawed! And you have created mistake after mistake after mistake within your physical focus, and you also are the victim of your very self and your mistaken creations! (Grinning)

DALE: I’m my own worst enemy!

ELIAS: Quite! And suddenly, this bright, shining, glorious star becomes this black hole of inverted energy that you are lost within, screaming to yourself that you may not find the light! (Grinning)

DALE: (Laughing) Yep!

ELIAS: And THIS is the blanket that you cover yourself with!

I am not expressing to you that your practicing within your outward expression may not be influencing, for within your physical expressions and creations within physical manifestations, you DO allow yourself to assimilate information that you repeat to yourself, regardless of your belief within it. Therefore, this be the reason that many essences and many individuals shall express to you that you affirm to yourself some element that you do not believe over and over again, and you shall believe this.

In part, there is validity to this action, and I myself have offered this suggestion to certain individuals in certain situations, knowing those particular individuals, and in this, knowing their acclimation to this type of action. (7) This is not an action that all individuals within physical focus shall allow themselves an acclimation to, but there are some individuals that respond to this particular type of action quite efficiently.

With yourself, this may not be an efficient expression, for you may move about your day and you may express to yourself ten thousand repetitions that you are a glorious being, and you shall merely be expressing physical words and you shall continue within this expression of the words, but the belief does not accept the words. ‘I am a glorious being.’ ‘No!’ ‘I am a glorious being.’ ‘No!’ ‘I am a glorious being.’ ‘No!’

DALE: Yes, but I can use that to make it so that I don’t spend time actually going inside and thinking about it!


DALE: Ah! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Therefore, you may distract yourself!

DALE: It’s a wonderful tool! Yes!

ELIAS: And you may offer yourself a different direction within your distraction, which is quite efficient in NOT occupying your attention with self and the acceptance of self, but distracting yourself in another area, that you may not occupy your attention with those elements that you look to as unpleasant or distasteful.

What is so very awful of yourself?

DALE: God knows! (Everybody cracks up)

ELIAS: This be YOU! Therefore, answer MY question! (Grinning) I express to you, God, how are you such a terrible little devil? For obviously, God is creating of the devil also!

DALE: Hmm!

ELIAS: And as you are God, where be your devil that you are so displeased with? And what may you possibly create that is so very black – I am quite fond of black! – that may not be viewed?

Be remembering, there are no secrets within essence. There is no element of you that is unknown within consciousness. Therefore, you delude yourself within your thought process that you may be hiding so efficiently behind your camouflage. You are accepted within all of consciousness, so why may you not accept yourself?

DALE: This is my fascination with this whole original sin concept in the Christianity era.

ELIAS: Quite! But you may also be noticing your own imagery within your dream state, and how you present your imagery quite in alignment with your Christian religious belief systems. (Pause) You offer yourself this type of information over and over, that you may allow yourself at one opportunity to stop and to view this imagery, and to accept what you are presenting yourself.

And I may express to you also, as I have expressed to other individuals previously, this may be your most difficult word within your objective language, of acceptance, that this be the reason that I express this concept over and over, that you may each understand the grave importance of this one action.

And within the action of this shift in consciousness, you ALL within this dimension ... every individual physically focused upon your planet is within agreement to actualize this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, this action SHALL move, and you SHALL be accepting of belief systems! It is merely a question of how. Shall you be accepting them within trauma, or shall you be accepting them without trauma, within ease? And this be the reason that I speak to you, to be helpful in lessening the trauma associated with this acceptance. And I say to you, there is grave trauma that may be associated with this action. It is unfamiliar to you within physical focus.

You have created your physical focus within this dimension from the onset in the direction of moving through, holding to, manipulating around, and changing belief systems, not accepting belief systems. This is an unfamiliar action; a chosen action, but an unfamiliar action within your objective creating within this particular dimension. You move into an entirely new expression of this physical dimension, and in this, you are altering your reality. You may physically appear visually the same, but all your reality shall be different.

You may engage your imagination, which is also reality, and you may imagine to yourself of the trauma associated with this type of action. Think to yourself of your own experiences. This is quite similar to a physical birth, as I have expressed previously. You are within your labor within the action of this shift, and you are pushing to be giving birth to a new expression.

DALE: Breathe!

ELIAS: And relax! And as you tense, you create painfulness. As you hold to energy, you create conflict and trauma. As you relax, you also ease your painfulness. As you let go of your energy, you create easement and no conflict. (Pause) And you shall be accomplishing!

DALE: (Laughing) Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 332, October 17, 1998]

RETA: “… last weekend, my daughter-in-law and my two-year-old grandson were in a major accident, and their lives were very, very close to being snuffed out. They chose not to, and they were spared, and they are doing fine, but in this we were thinking about why this happened and how it happened, and of course my part in this is that I always feel that I am not taking the time with my grandchildren and my children to be involved in their lives enough, to be aware of their situations so that I can maybe concentrate on more positive changes in probabilities, and I guess that’s one of the questions I have for you. I go back through this and think about it, and think if I knew, if I were closer to them and I were able to get myself into Framework 2 (8) and think more positively because I know the situation, perhaps I could help change it. I’m talking about every individual grandchild. I want to be aware of their individual situations and help concentrate on being more positive, so that they don’t have to go through accidents such as this to get attention.

I’ve had other situations with other grandchildren who have gotten into situations that were really bad, and I really believe it’s all because attention has not been paid to their needs, and again, the mass belief system is different than we have, and I believe that me and my partner could influence their positive change in their lives. Some of the steps that I’ve been reading about in helping with this are very good, but I would like to be more on the right track with involvement, and to make sure that this kind of accident doesn’t happen just because they need more personal attention.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Dehl [Reta], that this is the reason that I have chosen to be moving in this direction and addressing to this subject matter and this situation initially in this particular session, for this shall be an example to yourself – and to other individuals also – in the area of personal responsibility. I have addressed to you previously in this area, and I address to you once again in this area.

Now; you are presenting to us that your concern is your own affectingness, and your interpretation of the events which have occurred is that these individuals are seeking attention of yourself and your partner Stephen [Norm], which you perceive to have been lacking. Therefore, your perception moves in the direction, within your belief system, that if you had been more attentive or if you had been addressing to situations with these other individuals more efficiently, you would have held the ability to alter their reality and be influencing in such a manner that this particular choice of event would not occur. This is what I choose to address to you in, for I offer to you the opportunity to be hearing and listening to the expression that I offer now.

There is no influence that you may have expressed within any type of projected energy – and this entire statement may be underlined for emphasis – that would have been altering of the choice of these individuals to be engaging this event, period.

You may have chosen any number of probabilities or projections of energy within your own individual expressions, and NONE of these expressions would have been altering of the choice of probabilities in events that these individuals engaged.

They did not engage this situation singularly. They engaged this situation with the involvement and agreement with another individual. Within these three individuals that have been directly involved and affected, they have chosen to enter into an agreement to be altering of each of their individual probabilities in their own creations within their own focuses. The affectingness that they hold in this area which concerns other individuals moves in different directions for each of the individuals involved.

(Firmly) The addressment to certain situations in altering these probabilities in the area of influencing attention to relationship moves in the direction of the involvement of the mother and her partner, not you and not Stephen [Norm].

Now; you have drawn yourselves also to this experience, but for very different reasons. The direction that you are expressing is the very reason that you have allowed yourself to be presented with this situation and have involved yourself with this event, that you may present yourself the opportunity to view the strength of your individual issues with personal responsibility, and how very reinforcing of your own alignment with the belief system of duplicity this is!

This particular issue of personal responsibility, with YOU individually, holds a tremendous affectingness in holding you within the belief system of duplicity, and in this it is EXTREMELY affecting of you individually in a blocking of your own movement into the acceptance of self, and therefore subsequently in the acceptance of other individuals; but firstly, in the area of acceptance of self. This has been the most powerfully influencing area within your individual focus. You do not allow yourself to move in the direction of acceptance of self, and you continue to reinforce, again and again, this belief system of duplicity, which grows in its blocking effect of your own acceptance of self.

I am recognizing of the tremendous desire that you hold to be moving through these issues, and your interpretation of this within your objective awareness is that you are desiring to be moving forward and to be accomplishing more efficiently and to be more effective. I express to you, I hold great understanding of your desire, and this desire is being projected quite strongly within energy. This be the reason that I am addressing to this, this day.

But I am also expressing to you that within your continued feeding and reinforcing of this belief system of duplicity, you also have engaged myself for much time period now, and each time that we engage I express an addressing to this issue of your own acceptance of self, and this is not assimilated within you, for you continue to reinforce the duplicity, which blocks out other information and also blocks out the information that I offer to you, and your assimilation and understanding of it.

I hold tremendous affection for you, which I have expressed many times previously. I also am quite directing of my energy in the area of helpfulness to you, but within this present now, you have presented yourself the opportunity to address to this situation and to consider your own opportunity to open to that which I offer you. Be realizing that my energy has been continuously with you.

RETA: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: In this, also be realizing that I shall be continuing to be offering information to you in helpfulness, that you may be opening to this information – that you may be opening to YOU – and realizing that your greatest affectingness and your greatest movement in helpfulness to other individuals, to those individuals that you hold great affection for, is to be addressing to self, to be concerning yourself with your own acceptance of self, and recognizing that it is not the situation of moving energy in the direction of creating probabilities for other individuals. You do not hold this ability!

Each individual creates their reality themselves, and you do not hold the ability to be creating the reality for any other individual.

You may be influencing and affecting, but your most efficient affectingness, or what you would term to be in your belief systems the most positive affectingness, is subsequent to your own acceptance of self, for as you begin to move into the area of accepting self, you also begin to realize that it is unnecessary for you to be pushing your energy in other individuals’ direction[s] to be so very affecting of their reality, for they hold the choice to be accepting or rejecting of that expression, and in certain situations they ARE rejecting of that energy, for it is projected without the acceptance of self, and subjectively, other individuals hold this awareness.

Be remembering of our analogy of giving, and that in your objective expression of giving to another individual, there are no secrets within consciousness, and other individuals hold an awareness of energy. They may not objectively define this to themselves, but they do hold an awareness of energy which is projected.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you are projecting energy with reservation or that you are projecting energy with an expectation of gain for yourself, although indirectly, you are. This is what is recognized subjectively by other individuals and this is the reason that the energy is not accepted, for within consciousness there is a recognition that as you are not accepting of self, you are projecting energy that may surfacely appear that there is no expectation or payoff, but underlyingly, the projection of energy is expressed, that you may receive the validation of acceptance of yourself through other individuals, and this is not the point.

The point would be to be offering this acceptance of self TO YOURSELF, not to be looking for this acceptance with other individuals, for there shall automatically be the acceptance of other individuals as you begin to be accepting of yourself. But as you are not accepting of yourself, you also receive that mirror action with other individuals, that they shall not be accepting either.

Are you understanding?

RETA: Oh, I think it’s been very enlightening. I appreciate that. I’d like to work on changing my probabilities then, and try to make sure that I work on that more than I work on considering others’ intentions. It’s always been a belief system I had, that grandparents and parents were more influencing. But I guess, like you said, after they’re born, they create their own reality.

ELIAS: You are correct.

RETA: And it IS part of my reality. Part of my reality is to have a precious bond between them and myself, and then we have the issue of my partner and the things that I desire for him, and he creates his own reality, I know that, but I live with him, and so it becomes part of my reality. I just have to work on that more, and find a more positive way to change.

ELIAS: As you allow yourself to be focusing upon yourself and allow yourself the movement into your own acceptance of self – acceptance, acceptance, ACCEPTANCE OF SELF – you shall also automatically begin to move into the acceptance of other individuals’ creations, and you shall also find that they shall be more accepting of your expressions, and there shall be created much more freedom within yourself and your relationships.

This issue that is held between yourself and Stephen [Norm] is the same as the issue which we have been discussing, and I am quite understanding of how very powerful these mass belief systems are and that you individually have aligned with these mass belief systems for much of your focus. Therefore, they are very powerful, and in this you offer yourself very powerful examples and imagery to be addressing to these very powerful issues and alignment with mass belief systems.

In this, if you are choosing to be moving in the direction of not drawing yourself to these extreme expressions in imagery, I express to you to be addressing to your own acceptance of self, and in that be affecting of your own belief systems of duplicity, and as you allow those birds within that bird cage to fly free, you shall also not be drawing yourself to such extreme creations within experiences and such drama within your experience, and you shall achieve much more of a balance within your focus, which shall be creating of much more ease and much less trauma and conflict within this focus.

RETA: Well, thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

RETA: I think that I’ll have to focus a little bit differently.

ELIAS: I am quite encouraging of you.

RETA: Maybe you want to talk to Stephen [Norm] now about some of his....

NORM: Well, I think this is very, very good and I really appreciate it, because it’s affecting our relationship and our future also. So, I’m really appreciative of the comments that you have made, and I appreciate the clarity with which you did that, and I’m going to try to be helpful with Dehl [Reta] from now on too, in this.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Stephen [Norm], as you already hold an awareness in this area, you also are quite involved in this situation, for you directly involve yourself in choices jointly with Dehl [Reta]. In this, I express to you, this day we shall divert attention from your questioning of magnetic fields and other subject matter temporarily, and we shall continue to address to this subject matter for this day, and we may be continuing in other subject matter within a different session time framework, for I hold the awareness that within this particular now, this issue and this subject matter holds more immediacy, and there is an importance for addressing to it with you both.

In this, I also shall express to you, Stephen [Norm], that you each together, yourself and Dehl [Reta], have chosen a line of probabilities to be playing your ‘game of life,’ so to speak, with your stick and your ball jointly. (9) I offered recently information as to this analogy, which you may be inquiring of Michael [Mary] subsequent to this session and he shall be offering you information as to clarification of what I am expressing. But you have chosen, both of you, to be pushing your balls in a game together.

In this, I am reminding you that although individuals may choose to engage singular relationships with other individuals, this is not to say that they discontinue their action of their own individual intent. They choose to be involving themselves jointly with creations in some areas with their partner, but not all areas of your experiences are created jointly. For the most part, your experiences are created individually.

(Intently) You create your own lines of probabilities. You do not hold responsibility for another individual. Therefore, it is not your responsibility to be altering your expression or your direction or your choices to be accommodating of another individual. These are actions which are dictated by your belief systems.

But let me also express to you that as you engage a relationship of this type of partnership with another individual, as you address to yourself more and more, you are in effect creating of what you may perceive as the very opposite of what you believe.

Your belief systems have been quite efficiently and strongly placed in very working order to be expressing to you that if you are focusing upon yourself, you are engaging in selfishness and you are also negatively affecting of other individuals, and within a partnership relationship you shall be destructively, negatively affecting of your relationship, for you SHOULD be moving in the direction of selflessness and always looking to the expression of the other individual first. Very, very, very incorrect!

This belief system reinforces duplicity within each individual themselves and also reinforces the belief system and power of duplicity within the other individual, and you are essentially creating of the very action and expression that you do not wish to be creating, and in this action you continue round and round in circles, expressing to yourselves and to each other, ‘How may I be more positively affecting? What I am not accomplishing? What am I not doing? How may I be accomplishing in this relationship more efficiently? WHAT MAY I DO FOR YOU?’ not ‘What may I do for myself?’ knowing that in doing for yourself, you shall be automatically affecting in the direction that you desire to be affecting with your partner.

(Vic’s note: Elias was very intent in his delivery of the next eight paragraphs. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him quite this physically animated in a phone session. He is often verbally expressive on the phone, but he doesn’t usually move around much.)

ELIAS: But as you are not focusing upon self, you also create expectations, for in focusing upon the other individual and expressing to yourself and to them, ‘How may I be of helpfulness to you? What may I do for you?’ you are moving your focus of attention to the other individual and you are automatically creating an expectation within yourself, for you are moving in the direction of expressing NOT in acceptance of self but DENYING the acceptance of self, which underlyingly is creating of MANY emotions that you find undesirable, but it is also setting forth an expectation: ‘Express to me what you wish of me.’ And as the other individual is answering you, you attempt to be accomplishing that action, and in that you hold an expectation of yourself and you hold an expectation of the other individual: that it shall be received, that it shall be appreciated, and that it shall ‘fix.’ You are not broken! Therefore, why shall you move in the direction of fixing?

If you are addressing to self and continuing within your expression of acceptance of self, you automatically begin to move in the direction of acceptance of another individual. The reason that you hold conflict with another individual is that you hold – and this applies to you both – is that you hold expectations of each other, and you do not hold the acceptance of self.

When you are accepting of self, the natural byproduct of acceptance of self is the recognition that just as you create your reality and that there is no right and wrong in your expression, so also do other individuals create their reality and they are not right or wrong either. You merely hold differences, and this is accepted and eliminates very much of your conflict with yourselves and with each other IF you are allowing yourself to be accepting of self.

Now; I may also express to you, Stephen [Norm], that you have moved in a direction of accomplishing certain elements of this action, but within your affection and your commitment in objective terms to your partner, you also incorporate areas of confusion. You attempt to be moving in the direction of acceptance of self, and you are partially accomplishing of this, but you also are attentive to your partner’s expressions, and this you allow to create confusion within you. And within your alignment of the SAME belief systems that Dehl [Reta] holds, you move yourself in the direction of your expression of discounting yourself and expressing that the good husband is listening to the wife and attempting to be understanding and nurturing and loving. I am not expressing that these are bad expressions! I am merely addressing to the motivation underlying them and what is directing your attention.

This event that has occurred in the choice of probabilities of these other two individuals, the small one and his mother, has offered you the opportunity, BOTH of you, to be looking to self and to your creations of your reality, to your creation of your partnership, and to be looking to your individual expressions of your acceptance of self – or the LACK of acceptance of self – and how that is affecting of your relationship and of your reality therefore.

This, in regard to both of you within this present time period of your focus together, is an important issue, and if you are not wishing to be creating of new probabilities that you shall be subsequently considering undesirable, I express to you the suggestion that you allow yourselves both the opportunity to view what you are creating, to address to your own individual acceptance of selves, and therefore to open the door for the beginning of the acceptance of each other. I am quite understanding that within your objective thought process, you believe that you ARE accepting of each other, but you are not, for you hold many expectations and this is creating of conflict, and it is ALL an expression of your own individual lack of acceptance of yourselves. IT IS NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

The situation is not that you accept another individual first, and therefore you shall be accepting of yourself. The situation and the creation is that you accept yourself, and the automatic byproduct of this action is that you begin to genuinely be accepting without expectation of the other individual.

I may not express this to you enough and I shall continue to be expressing this to you until the time framework that you are assimilating this, although I hold an awareness within this present now that within this very moment, you each have allowed an opening in your energy that I perceive quite clearly, and there is a beginning of an allowance to be assimilating this information that is offered to you this day.

I view each of you in energy. I view each of you in essence and the entirety of your focus. In this, I am not distracted merely by your objective awareness or expression, but hold an awareness of all the areas of your energy within this present now, that you express not merely objectively but subjectively. In this, it matters not the direction of your objective thought process. There begins a small window of your subjective awareness that is allowing a penetration, an understanding, an assimilation.

I express to you that I hold anticipation for another meeting with you both in discussing other questions, other ideas, other subject matter which you hold a fascination in, but the awareness within this present time period holds an immediacy, and therefore I have chosen to be addressing to this subject matter this day, that it may be helpful to you.

I am encouraging of you also to be engaging objective interaction with other individuals, and if you are so choosing, you may also engage Michael [Mary]. You may engage different individuals, but this may be helpful to you in allowing yourselves the opportunity to more efficiently assimilate what I am expressing to you this day. Also, I am reminding you once again that you may be obtaining the information of the stick and the ball, in that analogy, from Michael [Mary] subsequent to this particular session – for that may also be helpful to you – and other information concerning the belief system of relationships.

I shall be moving in the direction of addressing futurely to the belief system of duplicity, which holds many complications and may be difficult for many individuals within their objective understanding. But I also express to you each, as I have expressed to many individuals previously, this is the most influencing belief system that you hold within physical focus – the strongest, the most influencing, and that which holds the most energy unto itself – for it has been fed much energy for centuries and centuries, and that would be the belief system of duplicity. But as we move farther into the action of this shift, this shall be presenting itself more and more within your objective awareness and shall be more and more affecting, for you all individually and en masse shall be addressing to this and offering yourselves more and more objective imagery in the direction of addressing to this belief system of duplicity, for it IS so very powerful and affecting.

Therefore also, I address strongly to it presently, for it begins its own wave. As you begin the decline of the wave of addressing to the belief system of relationships and all of its birds, now you begin to address to the belief system of duplicity and all of its birds, and all of their companions!

(Vic’s note: Oh goody!)

NORM: I certainly want to say that I greatly appreciate this information. I know that it is extremely timely, and your perception and awareness is certainly most accurate. I want to work on this. To me, it’s a difficult subject. I will have to work on it very carefully, and I’m sure that I even may have more questions in regard to this over and above my interest in some of the other things, because it certainly is of great ... or of the MOST importance to me, this affectingness between us, and we want to certainly accept ourselves. I know I certainly want to accept myself entirely, and therefore have the relationship that I desire.

ELIAS: I am understanding of this, and let me also be expressing to you that as there are no secrets within consciousness, I have held an awareness of the conflict and confusion that has been occurring between you both within the area of relationship for much time framework. This in your terms is not a new creation, and I hold an awareness of this. I have merely not addressed to you in this area previously, for you each were not allowing yourselves the openness to be accepting of this type of information, and I shall not presume to be so intrusive as to be entering areas of information that you subjectively are expressly projecting not an acceptance of. Therefore, I have withheld information to this time period, but you also each – you more so, Dehl [Reta], recently, than Stephen [Norm] – but both of you have been projecting this energy recently in the area of requesting an addressment to this situation and also expressing a great desire to be addressing to this situation and to be receiving information, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to move through these issues and to widen your awareness in these areas.

RETA: You’re right. I would like to widen my awareness of this whole ... you’re right, absolutely.

ELIAS: I shall be expressing to you both this day that I shall be disengaging, for I have offered you much information this day and there is much for you to be assimilating objectively. I also wish not to be taxing upon Michael [Mary], as he is creating of his own issues presently! (Chuckling)

In this, I also am expressing to you each, Stephen [Norm] and Dehl [Reta], tremendous affection, great encouragement, and an acknowledgment that I am listening and that I hold an awareness of your desire, and that I shall be lending energy in reinforcement to your desire in encouragement of your movement.

And I shall also be offering you, from time to time, so to speak, objective validation to you each that my energy is present with you, lest you be forgetful and enter a thought process that I have been forgetful, which I am not!

RETA: Okay, good! Every once in a while, I think I feel you in the trees or see you in the light at work.

NORM: I want to say thank you very much, and you certainly changed the subject appropriately, and I just hope that we can – and I want to – assimilate this greatly, and it was very, very appropriate, very, very loving of you, and I greatly appreciate it.

RETA: We don’t feel like it’s an intervention. We feel like it’s helping us to become more aware. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very, very welcome, and you are correct. I am merely offering helpfulness, and I offer also to you a great expression of affection and of acceptance to you.

For this day, I bid you a very fond – VERY fond – au revoir.

NORM: Au revoir.

RETA: Thank you, and good night.” [session 337, November 08, 1998]

ELIAS: “You offer yourselves information and you move in the direction of this information and you face yourselves with opposition, and in this opposition you turn other individuals’ perceptions to your own and you create blame and you create guilt and you create accusations to yourself, all of which is the lack of acceptance of self, and in this expression you perpetuate the lack of acceptance of self and you block the acceptance of self, and then you move into the acceptance of self once again and the whole cycle begins once again, for you face yourself with opposition once again and you repeat the pattern.

And in this immense hamster wheel, you experience frustration and confusion, and you express to yourselves and to other individuals the impossibility of all of your situations, for you may not escape your hamster wheel, for it is continuously presenting itself again and again to you. The SOLUTION – in your terms (grinning) – to this situation is the acceptance of self.

In this, you may view the expression that I offer you initially to be uncaring, to be unfeeling, to be selfish, to be self-centered, to be arrogant ... my, my! We have so very many terms to express all of these very nasty elements of yourselves, (laughter) and every one of these expressions are reinforcements of your own duplicity!

In this, I have offered many times to individuals the expression to be selfish; not in the terminology that you assign to this word within your definition, but within the definition of looking to self first – accepting self first – regardless of other individuals’ expressions.

All that I have expressed to you, within all of the sessions that I have offered to you all, move[s] in this one direction. I offer many different analogies, many different stories, many different angles to approach this one subject of acceptance of self and the selfishness of self in the terminology of essence, which is to be viewing self first, for in this you automatically begin to be accepting of other individuals, and you shall find also that within your own acceptance of self, the expression of other individuals matters not, for you begin to offer yourself the understanding of other individuals and their belief systems and their motivation in their behaviors.

This is not to say that I express to you to be uncaring, to hold no compassion, to hold no sensitivity, for these are elements that you have created within your emotions within this physical dimension, but you may be quite expressive of these emotions and these creations, and you may also be offering all of these to yourself.

We have discussed this, that you be offering to yourself all that you offer to other individuals, for in your offering to yourself, the automatic byproduct is the expression to other individuals and the acceptance of other individuals WITHOUT the responsiveness within yourself of hurtfulness, of guilt, of lack of acceptance, of lack of trustfulness.

I offered recently – which you shall be privy to soon – an analogy which illustrates yourself and your perception and your belief systems. In this, I have also offered the example of interaction of more than one individual participating in your games within physical focus, your ‘game of life,’ so to speak, for this is what you are playing.

You ALWAYS hold choices. In this, as the stick is your belief system and the ball is your perception, another individual’s perception may collide with your perception. Their ball may strike your ball, which has been directly directed by their stick, their belief system. In this, you hold choices. Your ball is not pasted to your ground! It is not stuck in one position. It may move. You may move your ball, and your ball is not limited to the ground. It may be moved into your air. It may move in any direction, but as you choose to place your ball within the path of another ball, so to speak, it may be struck.

(Intently) In this game, you do not control the movement of another individual’s ball, and it is not your responsibility to be offering direction for another individual’s ball. Your responsibility lies in directing your own ball, but if you are moving in the direction of concerning yourself and your attention with another individual’s ball, you are neglecting your own ball! How shall you direct your ball if you are so very busy directing some other individual’s ball?

They shall not allow you to direct their ball regardless, for they shall be directing of their ball and they shall be pushing their ball with their stick where they choose, and you may be expressing many, many, many times that they may be pushing their ball in a different direction, and without agreement, their ball shall move in the direction that THEY choose. It is not your choice, it is not your control, it is not your responsibility!

In this, as you turn your attention to your own ball and allow your own stick to be pushing your own ball and directing of that, other individuals also hold the choice to move alongside of your ball or to follow your ball or to not play, and it matters not, for your attention is placed upon your own ball and your own stick.

The point is to be moving in the direction of pushing your ball with your finger and not with your stick any longer. (Staring at everybody very intently)

This requires much of your own attention and your own concentration and your own energy. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to move in the direction of concerning yourself with other individuals. THIS is your aspect of selfishness, which I am quite advocating of, for in this expression there are automatic expressions to other individuals.

Do not concern yourself with the convoluted little sapling. It shall straighten itself if it is so choosing. It is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is with yourself and to be concerning yourself with YOUR expressions.

I am understanding that the expressions of other individuals are viewed as hurtful, and this may be causing you distressfulness. This also plays into your game, for you are holding to your own energy and allowing the penetration.

As I have stated, I have offered many analogies of how you create within your reality and how you allow all of the aspects of your reality that you view to be distasteful, but you are creating them, you are allowing them, and you are experiencing distress in what you are creating! I have also offered you the solutions to these situations, but you are not listening. They are not so very difficult, but you continue to place yourselves and draw yourselves to the situations that shall be reinforcing of your own duplicity.

(Firmly) Look to this belief system and all of its aspects, for it is very affecting and very strong. The belief system itself holds much energy. It has been lent and offered much energy, and as I have stated previously, has become almost an entity within itself, for it holds so very much strength.

In this, each time you view that you are distressed or uncomfortable or hurt or saddened with the expressions of other individuals, you may look to your own aspects of duplicity and express to yourself that the reason that you are experiencing what you view to be as painfulness is that you are expressing to yourself that you are bad, that you are unworthy, that you are inadequate, that you are wrong.

And you counter this by producing within you anger and projecting outward to other individuals what you may express in your terms as retaliation, and what is this expression but the mirror action of what you are expressing to yourself: the lack of acceptance of yourself. And in this lack of acceptance of self, you do not even accept that you do not accept yourself! (Laughter)

And therefore, you project outward to other individuals justification for yourself, that you are right and you are being victimized, and this expression is the lack of acceptance of themselves also. It is your projection of the mirror action of your own lack of acceptance of self. Were you moving in the acceptance of self, there would be no penetration of other individuals’ expressions, for you would not allow the penetration, for you will hold to your own acceptance and recognize that their expression matters not.

Interesting that you create terminology within your language, within your nursery rhymes, that you do not comply with and you do not believe. Let us examine ... which we shall also offer to another essence which shall be privy to this session, of Giselle [Margot].

You express your children’s song of, ‘Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words may never harm you.’ Very, very, very incorrect! Your sticks and stones may not harm you as efficiently as your words!

Another individual may physically strike you. That shall not hurt you in the same manner that another individual’s words shall hurt you, and the reason that these words shall hurt you is not that the other individual is hurting you, but that YOU are hurting you.

And I have expressed from the onset of these sessions, no individual may be as hurtful to you as you may be to yourselves. You are quite efficient in this area, and you have learned quite well!

Another individual may express what they may, but you are that which creates the hurtfulness, in the same manner that another individual may breathe upon you and be creating illness within themselves, and you shall not catch the illness as a ball! If you are contracting the illness, in your terms, you have not received this from another individual. They may be expressing energy, but you shall be creating of the illness by your choice. It is not thrust upon you.

Another individual, in like manner, may express ANY type of what you may perceive to be hurtful expression, but you are that which is creating of the hurtfulness, for you are allowing your own duplicity to dictate to you your lack of worth and your lack of acceptance of self.

An individual may express to you, ‘I find your shoes very distasteful.’ You hold the choice, within acceptance of self, to be creating laughter and acceptance of their expression and responding in fashion of, ‘I am accepting of your expression, and I quite fancy my shoes. It matters not that you are not fancying my shoes. You need not wear my shoes!’ But if you are allowing your duplicity to be influencing you, your expression may be, ‘Oh my! There is an element wrong with my shoes, for you find them distasteful. They make my feet look awful! They are too large, they are too small. Do you perceive that they may be causing me discomfort?’ And you shall question your own experience, for you have allowed another individual to dictate to you how you shall push your ball, in which direction. Are you understanding?

BETSY: Hmm. I like the analogies. Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

CAROLE: It seems helpful for physical focuses to get away from other physical focuses and their sticks and balls, to kind of regenerate and connect up with essence. I know that I require and crave that periodically, and then I feel more energized and stronger to go back into the playing field with the other sticks and balls. But the more sticks and balls there are around you, the more difficult it is to keep tuned in to your own perceptions. And it seems as though a lot of people, with the belief system of relationships – we’ll use male and female, a love relationship – decide that it’s not worth what you have to go through to be in that close proximity with someone else’s stick and ball on an ongoing basis, and end up choosing instead not to partake of that. Can you shed any insight on that?

ELIAS: These would be more aspects of the belief systems. Within physical focus, as you are experiencing frustration and not opening yourself to all of your choices and also not being accepting of self, you move in the direction of viewing that if you are creating singularity, you need not be creating in relation to other individuals, and this shall be eliminating of your stressfulness and of your conflict, for you are not creating your conflict. Other individuals are creating your conflict, for other individuals are creating your reality! In actuality, other individuals are influencing of your conflict, for you are not looking to self and you are not paying attention to how YOU are creating, and listening to self and what you are expressing to yourself in what you desire to be creating.

You may be creating quite efficiently in the midst of the playing field with many, many other individuals with all of their sticks and all of their balls, and your ball may be hopping over all of the other balls, being untouched and not removing itself from the playing field, for it shall recognize that it is unnecessary to allow itself to be colliding with any other balls.

This is not to say that it removes itself! This at times is an aspect of individuals not accomplishing their value fulfillment, for they do not allow themselves to view their choices and they continue creating within their conflict, being extremely influenced within the lack of acceptance of self and their own duplicity, and this is creating many times of individuals removing their ball from the playing field and disengaging.

CAROLE: What about the fact that if a person is beginning to have self acceptance and trusting themself, other players seem to be angered by that and aim their perceptions with their belief systems directly at the person who appears to be having self acceptance?

ELIAS: Quite, and as I have expressed in the onset of this session, this is quite common. You are not all moving in the direction of acceptance of belief systems at the same rate, so to speak. You are not all directing your attention in the same manner, and you are not all drawing yourselves to the same information. Although you ARE all drawing yourselves more and more into this shift in consciousness, you may offer yourselves information in different manners.

Now; as you offer yourselves information in different manners, you also automatically create new belief systems: that your method is more efficient than another individual’s method, that your path is straighter than another individual’s path, that you are creating of great acceptance and other individuals are not.

Now; why shall you draw yourself to participate within this situation of the lack of acceptance of another individual and the extreme or intensity of opposition of another individual – which you ARE participating within – if you are not offering yourself information of what YOU are creating? YOU ARE VIEWING A MIRROR ACTION.

Therefore, if you are experiencing opposition in intensity, this is your opportunity to view this and to recognize that you are presenting yourself with the opportunity to view yourself and your own lack of acceptance of yourself and your own creations, and therefore your own lack of acceptance of the other individual, for they are not solely participating in this situation.

Another individual may be expressing to you, ‘You are unacceptable! I am experiencing unhappiness with you!’ And what be the thought process that you are creating within you?

CAROLE: Well, I would be hurt, probably.

ELIAS: And what shall you create? You shall be creating of your hurt feelings, and you shall create your retaliation and your justification: ‘I do not like you either!’ (Laughter)

CAROLE: I’m leaving the field with my stick and ball! I’m going!

ELIAS: ‘I am creating of great acceptance, and you are not!’ My, THERE is an accepting statement, which appears to us quite blatantly as a judgment!

‘I am expressing to you that I am trying, trying, trying, and you are not!’ Another expression of judgment.

‘I am expressing caring and compassion to you, and you are not reciprocating!’ Another judgment.

‘I am very good and you are very bad, and I may justify this statement, for YOU have begun this cycle and this agitation by expressing to me your lack of acceptance of myself!’ Now you have created a judgment and a justification, and another judgment and another justification, and you have very successfully climbed upon your hamster wheel!

CAROLE: Again!

ELIAS: And your solution is to remove your stick and your ball and depart from the interaction and the playing field!

Now; if you are accepting of yourself genuinely, another individual may be expressing in what may be perceived to be a hurtful or non-acceptance expression, but it shall not be received in this manner.

As I have offered the analogy of the allowance and the penetration and the buffer, (10) what have I offered to you in this expression? That as another individual expresses outwardly, there is an allowance of the expression, but as the expression, visualized as a ball, projects in your direction and approaches your energy field, if you are accepting of self and not holding to your energy, the ball becomes a bubble, and as it strikes your energy field, it pops, and the particles of the bubble may reconfigure themselves into whatever you choose. You may be creating of water, you may be creating of colors, you may be creating a flower from the expression of anger, for it matters not the projection, but what you allow in its configuration and how you receive this and what you construct it into. You may construct it into biting jaws that shall be hurtful within you, or you may construct it into a lovely flower that you may engage to your benefit.

You may be choosing at times to be moving into a different direction. I am not expressing that you continue to be, within your playing field, paralleling another individual’s ball if you wish not to play with that particular individual. There is a difference between removing your ball and pushing it into a different direction, and in pushing your ball within a different direction, if you are engaged in a partnership relationship, the other individual also holds choices and may follow your ball or may not, but your choices are not dependent upon their choices, and their choices do not dictate your choices. Therefore, you create your choices within yourself, and you allow other individuals to move within harmony with you, and if they are not choosing to be within harmony with you, you may choose to move your ball in a different direction.

You are not bound to any element within physical focus. These are ALL aspects of your belief systems, and they are your limitations, and they are your blocks of your freedoms.

CAROLE: What will we use to make choices when we recognize belief systems as belief systems?

ELIAS: As I have expressed previously, you are not eliminating your belief systems. You are merely disengaging the aspects. You retain the cage, but the birds have flown free. Therefore, you may continue to play with your cage, but the influences – within their strengths and their blocking abilities to you in your expressions and your freedoms and your creativity – are eliminated.

You shall not be eliminating your belief systems. They are a base element of your creation within this dimension and are elements of your experience within this dimension. This is the misunderstanding that individuals hold in drawing to this information.

I do not express to you instruction to change your belief systems or to substitute your belief systems or to create new belief systems, but to be accepting of the belief systems that you hold, for you shall not be eliminating of your belief systems! I have expressed this many times. They are an element of your physical reality within this dimension. Without your belief systems, you shall not be creating this particular reality, for they are a base element of it.

CAROLE: When you recognize something as a belief system and continue within that action, it seems just like a game and like you’re play-acting. That’s what it feels like.

ELIAS: You ARE engaging a game! You are creating to be experiencing physical reality, with the desire to be experiencing certain specific aspects of created physical reality. It is playfulness! You are all much too serious!

BETSY: Elias, to draw an analogy ... I mean, it feels like right now, with the conflict, and with conflict comes change, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s bad, but I feel like a bird in a cage, batting on the sides. Now, I could choose to fly out of that cage and view the cage, but the belief system is still there.

ELIAS: Correct.

BETSY: So, how do I choose? How can I get to the point where I’m not in conflict about the belief system? I know it in my head, but how can I change that to not be in conflict and to come to a point of self acceptance, so that I can just view the game and enjoy it?

ELIAS: Let us view a very small belief system. Let us return to your shoes! (Laughter)

You all engage the practice of wearing shoes. This, within your belief system, is acceptable. You hold no conflict with engaging this belief system that you wear shoes. You may wear shoes, you may not wear shoes. It is acceptable to you for your feet to be covered, for your feet to be bare. You may all choose to be wearing many different types of shoes or you may choose to wear not any, and this offers you no conflict.

The practice of placing the shoes upon your feet is a belief. It is unnecessary, but you hold no conflict in placing shoes upon your feet. The belief continues, but there is acceptance of this, even to the point of how you shall be wearing your shoes and how you shall place them upon your feet.

Now; if you are placing your shoes upon your feet, your right upon your left and your left upon your right, you shall be creating conflict, for this is not in agreement with the belief. The right belongs to the right; the left belongs to the left. You may continue with the belief and acknowledge its existence. If your shoes are wide enough, it shall matter not that you place them upon the left or upon the right. As your shoes are too narrow, they shall constrict you if you are placing them upon the opposite feet, and they shall hurt and they shall be creating of discomfort. But as you create shoes that are wide enough, they shall not be creating of discomfort, and it shall matter not which foot you are placing them upon.

The belief continues, but how you are constructing the belief matters not and is creating of no conflict, and as you widen your awareness, the belief continues, but it matters not, for it does not hold its power and it is not affecting.

Is this more helpful?

BETSY: Much! Thank you.

CAROLE: That was a brilliant analogy!

ELIAS: Of course! And you are anticipating LESS?? For I am quite brilliant!” (Chuckling, and everybody cracks up) [session 339, November 13, 1998]

LEELA: “My next question will be about W. and his wife. Can you tell me more about my relationship with him? I’ve been through some conflicts with him, after which I moved away from him (emotionally). I’m not in contact with him right now, because I think I should be more trusting of myself instead of trusting him.

ELIAS: And I am acknowledging of this expression. Let me express to you that within certain choices of certain relationships, you may be offering yourself certain experiences to offer yourself certain information with regard to some relationships. In this, once you have offered yourself that information and those experiences, you may also offer yourself the knowledge within you that it is unnecessary to continue the same expression of that particular relationship.

Now; in this you offer yourself the opportunity to be accepting of this individual’s expression and creation of their reality without judgment, but the opportunity to recognize that although you are accepting of this individual’s expression and choices and creation of their reality, this is not to say that you need be participating in creating your reality in conjunction with that individual, or to be allowing the expression of that particular individual to be penetrating your energy field.

This allows you another opportunity also to be moving into more of an expression of trust and acceptance of self, recognizing that the trusting of self and the acceptance of self is not the rejection of another individual, but does not necessarily denote that you must be allowing the penetration within your energy field, within your physical focus, of another individual. Is this clear?

LEELA: Yes it is. Is it his intention to be penetrating my energy field? Because that is exactly what I feel is happening. I’m not necessarily saying it is his intention to do that, but is it?

ELIAS: At times, yes, but not entirely. Let me clarify for you in this area.

Infrequently, there are time periods that this individual moves in the direction of choosing intentionally to be attempting to penetrate your energy field, and this is a direct expression of his own lack of acceptance of self, and this mirrors outward and is projected as an energy projection to you with the intention of penetration, but this is not a consistent and continuous expression.

Many times the expression is projected for the same reason, but not with the intention – or the AWARENESS of the intention – of the penetration to you.

Be understanding that as individuals project their energy in this manner, as any individual projects energy in this manner, what they are projecting is the mirror expression of their own issues in their own lack of acceptance of self, and as they are not allowing themselves the acceptance of self, they automatically express a mirror action, and this is projected outwardly to other individuals.

At times – many times – this expression may be projected outwardly to individuals that you objectively view to be closer to you, in respect to relationships. This be the reason that you have created your sayings of, ‘You are hurtful to those that you love.’ Many of your metaphors hold much truthfulness. You merely do not understand what you are expressing or what you are saying in these metaphors.

In this, there is an element that you perceive – which is also an aspect of belief systems – of safety in projecting energy to an individual that you view that you hold a closeness to, for they shall likely be allowing the expression, and also allow the penetration.

These are all very intertwined and complicated expressions of aspects of belief systems, which I shall not extensively move into within this present now, but I shall express to you that within these expressions, many times individuals are not intentionally, within their thought process, creating the idea of being hurtful, but this is the expression that they project, for they are not accepting of self, and therefore they are projecting outwardly in that expression.

Now; let us move one step further in this discussion, and let me also express to you that as each individual allows the penetration and experiences the feeling of hurtfulness ... now we have moved from the other individual or the focus being placed upon the other individual to the focus being placed upon self – YOU. And in this, as the individual allows the penetration and subsequently is experiencing the feeling of hurt, this also is an expression of an element of lack of acceptance of self. Therefore, you are both participating in a very similar action.

This offers you, in what you are moving into presently, the opportunity to view this and to be moving more into the acceptance of self, for as you move more into the acceptance of self, initially you offer yourself the awareness that you need not be allowing the penetration.

This would be your first step, so to speak, which reinforces you and your acceptance and trust of self, and as you move more and more into that expression, you also move into your next step of recognizing that each time you are experiencing the feeling of hurt, you may be examining that area within yourself that YOU are discounting YOURSELF in and not accepting of yourself and viewing yourself as being unworthy.

And THIS, in actuality, is what is creating of the expression of hurtfulness; not that another individual is hurting you, but that YOU are creating of the hurtful expression to yourself, for you are allowing yourself the duplicity and the feeling of inadequacy or unworthiness within yourself.

In this, you have created the beginning movement to be moving out of those expressions and recognizing, and this moves quite efficiently and much in alignment with the line of probabilities that you have begun creating in alignment with your essence family intents, for you shall address to you and your expressions and behaviors first, and therefore offer yourself more of an ability to be helpful to other individuals in like manner and in like expression.

As you offer yourself more of an understanding of your own creations and your own acceptance of self, you may be more beneficial and helpful and healing to other individuals in understanding their creation and their acceptance of themselves.

LEELA: Yes, okay. One last question, I think, because the time is almost up. I still have difficulties with the parents of my friend. I feel obliged to visit them more than I would like. I know they are very happy when we are there, but I do not feel comfortable with that. Although my friend wants us to go there a lot, I don’t feel like doing this. Can you tell me something about that?

ELIAS: Yes. This is also your presentment to yourself – very much in alignment with all that we have been discussing this day – in offering yourself the opportunity to be accepting and trusting of self and recognizing that your expression of self is acceptable and that you need not be allowing other individuals to be dictating your behavior, and this is NOT creating an expression of not caring or of negativity, so to speak.

This offers you the opportunity to offer the example and the expression to other individuals that you may be quite caring and hold affection for another individual and be participating in relationship with this other individual, and this is not to say that you need be moving in the same expressions as that individual.

There may be an allowance within yourself and an acceptance within yourself of the other individual’s expression and wants and desires, but this is not to say that you may hold the same wants and desires and expressions, and this is acceptable, for this is the element of acceptance. In moving in the direction of acceptance of self, this is the opportunity for you to offer to yourself that it is acceptable for you to be expressing yourself in whichever manner you choose.

You may be expressing your own behavior and there is no wrong in that behavior, and if you are not choosing to be engaging of certain situations and if you are experiencing uncomfortableness, this is your communication to yourself that you are pushing yourself in areas of non-acceptance of yourself and compliance with another individual, and this also is a dictate of an aspect of the belief system of relationship.

One of the aspects of the belief system of relationship is that you shall be compromising and compliant with your partner or your friend, and this is a selfless action and is the expression of acceptance of the other individual. It also is viewed as being good and noble, and it is viewed as a very worthy quality. This is most definitely an aspect of the belief system of relationship coupled with duplicity, for if you are moving in the direction of expression of self, you shall identify this as selfish. If you are moving in the direction of placing self first and looking to your own wants and desires, this shall be viewed as a lack of acceptance of another individual, for we are quite aware that you shall ALWAYS place another individual before yourself, (grinning) for this would be the acceptable expression within the aspects of the belief systems.

But in actuality, as I continue to express to you all, as you allow yourselves to move more fully into your own expressions and acceptance of yourselves, you automatically also project more of an acceptance of other individuals, which shall be noticed, and in this it shall lend energy to the perpetuation of acceptance itself in general. Therefore, I am quite encouraging of you to be following your own intuition, your own wants, and your own desires, and not to be moving in the direction of succumbing to the dictates of other individuals and THEIR wants and desires.

And in this, you shall be more helpful to yourself and to other individuals than to be creating of what you view to be negative elements, which shall grow in the areas of moving yourself into behaviors that you are not pleased with, and subsequently creating different feelings and behaviors in the areas of not only uncomfortable, but more of a lack of acceptance, and resentment.” [session 340, November 15, 1998]

Note: this is the first of two parts on accepting self. Go to accepting self (belief systems), pt. 2.

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: Elias often refers to the essence of Paul (Patel) as “my dear friend.” Paul (Patel) was introduced by Elias as an essence that had much relevant information to deliver, and would most likely, deliver it through Ron via “automatic writing.” Patel is the essence name and Paul is a focus of Patel’s that Ron connect’s with very strongly. Hence, we often use both names to describe this essence. Elias occasionally uses only the name Paul or Patel but they refer to the same essence. Ron began this energy exchange on June 10, 1996.

For the most part, Paul (Patel) delivers information that is similar to the information that Elias delivers. However, it seems to be of a more personal nature than the information offered by Elias. Most of the exchanges are either in response to specific questions asked, or are a complement to the concepts presented in the information offered by Elias.

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(3) Paul’s note: Elias has stated that, what he terms, the shift in consciousness began at the turn of the twentieth century (1900) and will be completed by approximately three quarters of the way through the twenty-first century (2075).

Transcripts: find out more about about this time frame of the shift in consciousness.

(4) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of birds in a cage to represent the relationship between individual beliefs and belief systems.

ELIAS: “... I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELIAS: “The bird cage is neutral. It is merely a cage. It CONTAINS something; it contains the birds. The birds are that which flutter and fly and peck at each other and at you, and hold much energy and are very affecting and are at times quite fascinating also, and quite colorful! But once the cage is empty, the cage remains; but it holds no affectingness, for it is empty. It then becomes ornamental. You may place the cage wherever you choose. You may look within your home and you may express, ‘I am pleased with this cage upon my mantel. I view that I shall move the cage to a table.’ It matters not. The cage remains the same. It is merely a cage. The birds may be quite messy, and you may be quite careful where you shall place the cage with all the birds contained inside!” [session 307, August 14, 1998]

Digests: find out more about belief systems; an overview.

(5) Paul’s note: Elias uses the metaphor of a cat playing with a dead mouse to represent our endless fascination with creating and experiencing conflict, fear, and trauma.

ELIAS: “Within our early sessions, I expressed examples of individuals and experiences. If you are experiencing joyfulness, happiness, a gift, you are receiving of this, you are experiencing this, and you allow this to fly away. You do not hold to it. Therefore, you view happiness or joyfulness as fleeting, for you merely view it for what it is – an experience – and you allow this experience to fly away. You do not hold to this experience. But if you are creating of what you believe to be a negative experience – a painful, a fearful, a hurtful experience – you hold to this. You play your game of your cat and mouse; and even as the mouse is dead, you continue to bat with the mouse and play and examine and toss about this dead mouse, for it fascinates you!

Within essence non-physically, you do not hold negative. There is no positive/negative, right/wrong, good/evil. You merely are. You merely experience these elements for you hold belief systems that suggest these elements to you and influence your emotional state FOR the experience. Within your logic, express to me: Is it not logical that you would CHOOSE to be exploring elements that ARE unfamiliar to you, that you would choose to bat the dead mouse for it is unfamiliar? This be why you hold a fascination with these elements, and they attain your attention, and you pay much more attention to them than you do to joyfulness. Although joyfulness is not an element of non-physical focus either, within your belief systems it is closer to familiarity than fearfulness.” [session 253, December 28, 1997]

(6) Paul’s note: Dale uses the term – Wider Dale – to describe those aspects of self that she “channels.” Elias uses the term “energy exchange” to describe the action of “channeling” an essence holding different tone from our individual essence tone.

Digests: find out more about energy exchanges.

(7) Vic’s note: this sentence was originally stated as such: “In part, there is validity to this action, and I myself have offered this suggestion to certain individuals in certain situations, knowing those particular INDIVIDUALLY, and in this, knowing their acclimation to this type of action.” I have changed the word “individually” to “individuals.”

(8) Paul’s note: Reta is a long time reader of the Seth books by Jane Roberts. Framework 2 is a non-physical area of collective consciousness that is the source of all potential or probable events. Elias discusses the same concept, terming it Regional Area 2.

Digests: find out more about Regional Area 2.

(9) Paul’s note: Elias presented a stick and ball analogy in session 331, October 16, 1998 to help describe the relationship between belief systems – the stick – and our perception – the ball. The point is that the stick is neutral, but the action of our perception in relation to our beliefs is a whole other story.

Transcripts: find out more about the stick and ball analogy.

(10) Paul’s note: Elias refers to an exercise he presented that deals with more efficient ways to use our energy fields – allowing energy to penetrate or be buffered according to our choices (after all, we do create our own realities!)

Exercises: find out more about the energy fields; allowance, penetration, buffer exercise.

Note: this is the first of two parts on accepting self. Go to accepting self (belief systems), pt. 2.

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