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being in the now

“I have realized that the past and the future are real illusions, that they exist only in the present, which is what there is and all there is.” ~ Alan Watts

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Each moment is your point of creativity, this being your point in power. You, at this moment, are the ultimate center of the universe! This moment is the ultimate center, and all that exists. Therefore, do not worry of your experiences that you have accomplished previously. For now, focus within this point, this now. Each moment in the now affords you the opportunity for choices and change. Therefore, when you are in your now, at your home or at your job, do not be thinking of what you will be doing two hours from now, or how you will be acting. Think and act on the present now.” [session 35, September 03, 1995]

ELIAS: “Attempt to be allowing yourselves to enter into areas of experiencing within this shift, and not holding fearfulness, and continuing to be focusing your attention upon the present now; for no other exists. There is no future; there is no past. There is now – continuously. Therefore, allow yourselves the experience within the now, and be trusting of yourselves. As you allow more of your widening and your experiencing, you also allow yourself more of your language to yourself. Therefore, you also offer yourself more information of self, and of your direction, and of your choices. If you are concerning yourself futurely, you are distracting yourself from listening to yourself. Individuals express to this essence, ‘What shall I do? Which direction shall I move into?’ You may answer these questions for yourselves if you are only listening to yourselves. If you are focusing your attention within the now, you may be surprising yourselves that your self shall speak to you within impressions and impulses and that small, quiet voice within you, which shall offer you your own direction and give you your answers.

You need hold no dependence upon other individuals or this essence for your answers, for you magnificently may offer these answers to yourselves. It is merely a question of remembering and listening to self, and you shall know within you when you are speaking to yourself. You shall hold a recognition of impressions that in your terms shall feel right to you, and you shall know which direction you wish to be choosing within your probabilities. This be the point, and why I express so very often to individuals that they focus upon the now, and self; for in this, you need not be inquiring of this essence! I may be offering you explanations of your reality, and I may be offering you helpfulness within your confusion, but this essence does not choose your probabilities for you. No essence chooses probabilities for you. You choose for yourselves. And as you are listening to other individuals or even listening to what you view to be other essences expressing to you a direction that you must move within, hold this as suspect, for no other individual may offer you your direction.” [session 216, September 13, 1997]

ELIAS: “... This, in actuality, is a tremendous challenge in relation to many individuals, and I am recognizing the challenge that you are presenting to yourself, for projecting your attention is quite familiar. I have expressed to you all, this is the reason that I am interactive with you each, for this movement in acceptance and in holding your attention within the now is quite unfamiliar to you all, and therefore it is easily expressed in projecting your attention outside of yourselves and outside of the now.

You have, in actuality, designed your societies in this manner, in which much of your actions are concerning either past or future, and little significance is placed upon holding your attention within the now; and as you are aware, it has become quite automatic to not be paying attention to the now.

But I may also express to you, I have been expressing to individuals from the onset of this forum, the greatest term in your language may be viewed as ‘noticing.’ This is actually your greatest tool, and you are incorporating this tool to be offering yourself more information and opportunities to practice. How shall you practice if you are not noticing? And you ARE noticing, my friend.” [session 947, November 01, 2001]

ELIAS: “The point is appreciation. What you all express ideally that you want within this physical dimension and your physical manifestations, ultimately the one expression that you ALL express commonly is that you want to be expressing love. What is love? Within your physical dimension the translation of the truth of love is knowing and appreciation. Therefore you are continuously seeking, in your terms, this expression of knowing and appreciating, knowing WHAT you are appreciating, and this requires holding your attention in the now.” [session 1114, June 15, 2002]

TRACY: “I wanted to ask you if you had any advice to give me, and everyone else, how to live the best possible life. I don’t even know what that means, but what advice would you give me out of all your experience and wisdom? I heard you say ‘living in the moment’ a lot.”

ELIAS: “Hold your attention upon you and in the now, and in that simplicity you shall create your greatest ease.” [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Do not think I was not listening to your little conversation with Michael [Mary], back and forth!

GUIN: So ... (Elias starts chuckling) Could you elaborate on the ‘now’ experience?

ELIAS: I will express to Sophia [Guin] that I will postpone speaking upon this personally with you, for I am still waiting.

GUIN: For?

ELIAS: When Sophia [Guin] trusts enough to express this conflict, Elias will address to it; but you are still holding your key, and I have expressed I will not be intrusive; but I will also not be your soothsayer!

GUIN: Well then, how about just in general! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are both correct that if you are focusing upon the now, you do eliminate quite a significant amount of your conflict. I have expressed to you that if you are so focused, distract yourself! Ask Michael [Mary] if his distractions this evening were not eliminating, if only momentarily, his conflict; for if he be honestly expressing to you, he will express in the positive. Distractions focus you within the now. If you cannot look to your conflict and move through the conflict, distract yourself; for you accomplish nothing by concentrating upon a static probability!

GUIN: How do you resolve or change the probability, if you’re distracting yourself in the now?

ELIAS: Many times, you will find that within your distraction, a portion of you is ‘letting go’ of the conflict. In this, the more you incorporate letting go, tiny bits at a time, you may find that you may come to your revelation.

GUIN: Why does it feel like it’s getting worse?

ELIAS: For you are concentrating on this, and incorporating temper tantrums, are you not???

GUIN: Not all the time! (We all crack up, including Elias) Well, you don’t concentrate, and then something will happen so you have to, and then you don’t for a while; and every time you do, it gets worse!

ELIAS: Concentrate upon the now! Everything else will be taking care of itself!

GUIN: There’s gotta be that happy medium!

ELIAS: Why? (Grinning widely)

GUIN: Because we’re in physical focus! You still have to ...

ELIAS: And I incorporate your own questions to you. Why?

GUIN: Because everything we do, you still focus on the future; physical things ...

ELIAS: Now!” [session 65, January 07, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. (Then, without incorporating his usual pause) All things exist and do not exist, simultaneously! (Grinning)

CATHY: Oh, great! (Laughing)

ELIAS: All things are created now, and within the past and the future simultaneously. There is no division within events. You view divisions within your time element, as we have spoken previously, for you ‘see’ events within your present now. Therefore, you assess that events exist only within the now, and are created only within the now. In actuality, as we have spoken previously, the time elements are elastic and flexible. They cross over each other continuously. Therefore, past events are created within the present, as are future events. They exist already, so to speak. They also do not exist, for they are created within the moment.

Your city (1) exists, but it also does not exist, for you are creating it now. This may be easier for your understanding if you are viewing yourselves. You each hold what you define as ‘potential’ from birth. This exists, although the actualization of this potential does not exist, for it is created within each moment of your focus. Within probabilities, it already exists.

You have offered yourselves the opportunity to be viewing many probabilities. We shall be entering the area of discussion of probabilities. I shall be presenting limited information to you, for this area has been agreed upon between essences involved with this group of individuals, assessing your readiness for information; although this particular information ... was ... is ... futurely ... to be reserved for a time period which you would view, within your physical focus, to be removed some years into your future. Therefore, I shall allow you to be assessing your understanding yourselves. You may evaluate your own readiness, remembering your intent; holding the least distortion.

Probabilities hold difficulty within the understanding of physical focus, for this is an area which allows for much distortion and misunderstanding. I hold no doubt that within each statement made concerning this subject, you shall each interpret differently, and distort this information equally!” (Laughter) [session 109, August 04, 1996]

VICKI: “I only have one question. I just want to know if the action I engaged today is real, if it’s a real energy exchange, or if it’s not. (2) (Pause) I have to know! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are wishing for an answer to this question within your terms of reality?

VICKI: Not necessarily. I’m wishing to know if the information is correct.

ELIAS: I shall offer your answer; that this is reality. I shall also express to you that I may be quite playful this evening with you in answering this question, (starting to laugh) although I am quite aware of Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] conflict. Therefore, I shall not play with you.

VICKI: Playing is okay. I just need to know if ... There are specific statements. I just want to know if they’re correct. Statements about transition, statements that are general. I need to know if they’re even close to correct before I could ever go further.

ELIAS: Yes. You may incorporate these statements presently, within your limited understanding, as being correct. There is information that far exceeds the information that you receive presently within the areas of the subjects, but presently, within the information offered and your present understanding, the statements are correct. (Chuckling) I shall inquire of Lawrence [Vicki] a questioning of your motivation to be inquiring of Elias, if you are choosing to be discounting of information that you may be receiving regardless of its origin? Your answer lies within you; this being the reason that you discount all other answers that you seek outside. We may call The Creating Universal One And Whole from the heavens to answer Lawrence [Vicki], and the information may not be accepted, for you do not accept the information within yourself! But in response to your questioning, I offer you an answer; yes. (Pause, smiling)

And as I have stated previously, attempt to contain yourself from jumping shells, and you shall create less conflict! Allow yourself to assimilate the information as you are receiving the information.

VICKI: Alright.

ELIAS: Be within the now, for this is reality. (Pause) I have stated to you, these probabilities are your choice. You may choose either to engage, or not. There is no judgment passed, other than the judgment that you inflict upon yourselves!” [session 119, September 09, 1996]

CHRIS: “Elias, when you were describing the transition that we go into, unmanifestation or I’m assuming when we die, it sounded very much like the transition that we have here. I mean, it’s almost exactly the same thing. I mean, you get what you expect, people come into your life to help you ... I mean, I’m kind of blown away by that! That sounds like here!

ELIAS: Ah! One point, Oliver [Christie]!

CHRIS: One point! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite; this being the reason why I express to you the importance of now, the importance of your realization of your creativity and your self within the now; for you shall move into another area of consciousness within transition, but you shall be actualizing the same process, in your terms. Therefore, you have your prototype already!

Very many individuals shall look to physical focus and devalue this physical focus. They shall express to you that you are ‘less than’; to be an element of your species upon this planet, you are less than. You are not! You are your highest expression. There is no greater within consciousness. And how may you be appreciating of self within any area of consciousness if you are not appreciating of self within this area of consciousness?” [session 165, April 19, 1997]

NICKY: “I’ve not been working for the past couple of months now, and what comes to my mind an awful lot, plus previous to quitting this last job, was how can I be out there in the job force and all these things happen at the same time? It’s like, how do I juggle it? It’s more important for me to be experiencing what I’m experiencing and put the job to the side, but you don’t hold very many jobs that way, you know? It doesn’t pay the rent, and so forth and so on. But yet on the other hand I say to myself, ‘Wait a minute. The provisions are there. There’s a meeting of all things as you go along, as you go forward.’ So why am I even concerned about it? Right now I’m experiencing this and I’ve got to let it happen now that I’m becoming more understanding of it. Shall I hold that line of thought in front of me to continue, I call it going forward, opening, expanding? ’Cause this is more important to me.

ELIAS: You will objectively hold your focus if you are requiring objective focus for the accomplishment of your employment, but you shall also draw to yourself activities or employment which shall be allowing you the freedom to be moving within your direction that you have chosen. Continue to be focused within the now.

NICKY: Okay.

ELIAS: If you are focused within the now, and are not concerning yourself with what you view to be past which is not now or future which is not now, you shall be more efficiently accomplishing your choices. Also be remembering that within physical focus, there are individuals to be accomplishing every aspect of every job. Therefore, seek what you enjoy. Seek what is fun! It is unnecessary for you to be laboring within any element of your focus, any element of your focus, which is creating conflict. It is much more efficient to be allowing yourself the freedom to be experiencing fun!” [session 181, June 05, 1997]

LETTY: “Is there a point in time where essence decides not to manifest itself physically?

ELIAS: Yes. Each essence choosing to be entering any area of physical focus, any dimension of physical focus, chooses a cycle of manifestation. Within this, each physical dimension, in your terms, holds a requirement of minimal focuses to be accomplished within the action of experience. Within this dimension you choose within agreement to be manifesting, in the least amount of times, three. You may choose thousands. It is your choice as to the number of focuses that you are wishing to accomplish physically. In this, you choose your focuses and project from essence simultaneously. Therefore, all of your focuses are being accomplished within the now. It is only within your perception that they appear to be past or future. In this action, you also choose when you are wishing to disengage the action of physical manifestation.

Now; you may be choosing to disengage physical manifestation from one dimension and continue within different physical dimensions. You also do accomplish a point, in your terms, that you disengage entirely from the action of physical manifestation. In this, you shall be completely within non-physical focus and completely subjectively aware; holding no objective awareness any longer.

Individuals choosing to not be remanifesting hold a sense within them that they shall not be continuing after the disengagement of this focus, so to speak. Therefore, you shall hold an inner knowing of your final manifestation physically.” [session 187, June 28, 1997]

LETTY: “We discussed last time a little bit about if you disengage and you choose to have a non-physical focus, is that the essence choosing? Or is it like an evolution time, that it comes to where, ‘That’s it. You have nothing more to learn.’

ELIAS: No. This would be the choice of essence, for the essence has experienced all that it chooses to experience within a particular physical dimension or all physical dimensions. It is not regulated, so to speak, by the amount of experiences that you acquire, or that you must be acquiring certain volumes of experiences before choosing to be discontinuing manifesting physically. You may choose much experience within the individual essence in manifesting physically, or you may choose not to be experiencing in what you may term to be personally and allowing for the experience of all of your counterparts to be adding to your experience within essence. It is entirely the choice of essence.

Be remembering also that all of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all beside each other. They are not ‘in front of’ or before each other. They exist presently within the now, for this is what exists within consciousness is the now. There is no past or future. It is merely a perception within your creation of your time framework, which appears to be moving in a linear motion; but this being also why you may experience ease in viewing other focuses of your essence, for they are occurring simultaneously. As you are, they are also.” [session 202, August 02, 1997]

ELIAS: “You hold many difficulties presently, do you not?

ROB: Yes. Yes, Elias.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you come to this forum seeking a connection and you also come to this forum bearing much fearfulness, as I have expressed to you previously. Your fearfulness is connected to self within this focus. Within essence, you hold no fearfulness, but this particular focus holds much fearfulness. You are afraid of connecting with essence, and you are afraid of connecting with self within this particular focus. Let me express to you for your understanding individually; yourself only. (Long pause)

The space arrangement that you occupy is the space arrangement that you occupy. You are you. It matters not, in your terms, where you are; you are there. Are you understanding of what I am expressing? (No reply)

You may change your location. You may move into different areas of consciousness, but you shall be you, and you shall be within all of these areas. Therefore, if you are not finding your joyfulness within the now where you are, you shall not be finding your joyfulness elsewhere.

ROB: Yes, I understand.

ELIAS: It is all the same. In every area, you shall continue to be you. You view yourself to be a focus, less than essence, less than the whole of essence, merely one focus; and if you are rejoining with essence, the whole, the greater, you shall find new enlightenment and you shall find your joy. You are the whole of essence within the individual focus.” [session 239, November 18, 1997]

JULIE: “I’d like to think that I would do okay if I just did something! Do you know what I mean? But I just can’t seem to do it. And I want to, ’cause I know that once I get past it I’ll be able to do my own stuff, but it’s just like ... I just compare it to work. Do you know what I mean? Rather than just enjoying what I’m doing.

ELIAS: This word within your language – work – holds very much emotion and belief systems! Its very sound creates a negative connotation within your expressions. I suggest it be replaced with fun!

JULIE: Yeah, me too!

ELIAS: ‘I am going to fun today!’ And if you are not going to fun today, do not go. Express from yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to be expressing from yourself. It matters not how others perceive what you are expressing. I express to you, once again, that you worry much too much!

JULIE: Maybe. I don’t know. I just have expectations for myself.

ELIAS: Quite!

JULIE: And I don’t see the point of not achieving what I want to do, you know?

ELIAS: How shall you be better than you are? You exist within this present now, and you shall always exist within this present now. Therefore, accept yourself within this present now, for it IS your own perfect expression NOW. As you are anticipating futurely, you are denying now. (Pause)

JULIE: Well, that helps. I just don’t know what to do, you know?

ELIAS: BE NOW. You express within your language of future. I express to you, there is no future. All is present and shall always be present. When your future comes, it shall be present! Therefore, do not preoccupy yourself with the ‘better’ or the future, but concern yourself with the now, which is All-That-Is.

JULIE: Okay. It gets me in trouble though, because then I just start doing whatever I want to do and I don’t do anything, you know?

ELIAS: Be remembering, be accepting of your own expression and not bowing to the expectations of other individuals.

JULIE: Yeah, but they’re not just other people’s expectations. They’re my expectations too. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have the same sort of goals for myself that they do. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: For you view yourself within the now as inadequate. Therefore, you hold expectations of yourself, for you bow to the belief systems of other individuals.

JULIE: Yeah, but I kind of have to be accepting of that because that’s the environment that I work in. I have to work with other people. I can’t just do whatever the hell I want. I won’t be able to work with others, and that’s kind of like my business.

ELIAS: You may be accepting of other individuals and also be accepting of yourself. You have forgotten the accepting of self element.

JULIE: Well, I do accept ... I know that eventually, I’ll get to do whatever it is that I feel in the way that I want to do it, but right now, I can’t.


JULIE: ’Cause I need help, ’cause I don’t know everything.

ELIAS: You may begin, and be accepting of your beginning. But as you are not accepting of yourself, you limit yourself and you do not begin. (Pause, and then speaking firmly)

You may stand at the base of the mountain, and you may look to the mountain and you may express to yourself, ‘I must climb the mountain. My goal is to reach the peak.’ But as you continue to stand at the base of the mountain, you shall never reach the peak! As you continue to express to yourself, ‘I am doubtful that I may climb,’ you continue to stand. But as you allow yourself to not be limited by your fear, you may step and you may begin the climb. And in climbing, you may be forgetful of the peak, for the climb shall be more important than the accomplishment, for the climb IS the accomplishment. It is the experience. But as you deny yourself the experience, you also block your intent and create your own conflict.” [session 248a, December 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon! (Smiling)

This day we shall center our discussion around issues and challenges, and you may individually look to your own issues and challenges that you may be dealing with within this present now.

Many individuals look to issues that they face or challenges that they are attempting to be dealing with and they suggest to themselves that they may be looking to their past or their future to be dealing with these issues. In this action, you also distract yourselves from dealing with these personal issues, for the issue is within the now; and as you are dealing within the now and creating within the now and connecting to yourselves within the present now, you offer yourself more information as to how to be more efficiently dealing with these issues and challenges than you will offer yourself if you are looking to your past or future.

You merely distract your attention in looking to these outside elements. Outside of the present now is not what is creating the challenge or the issue. Within the now, you are offering yourselves the opportunity to view certain issues that you have chosen to objectify or certain challenges within yourself that you choose to objectify. In this, your information shall be offered to yourself within the now; looking to yourself and your behaviors, your feelings and your thoughts within this present now. In looking to your past, you reinforce the issue or the challenge that you have chosen to objectify, for many times the issue has been long-standing.

Therefore, at times you have objectified this challenge previously but may not have chosen to be moving through these issues, therefore replacing the challenge or the issue into your area of your shrines and not paying much attention to these issues and challenges. But as you are widening your awareness and offering yourselves more information and you are also engaged within this forum and offering yourselves more information, you may look to these challenges and issues that you may hold as an opportunity NOW to be addressing to these challenges; but if you are merely looking to them anticipating futurely what you may be accomplishing in the future to change these issues and challenges, you shall be denying yourselves the opportunity to deal with these issues presently within the now.

You express to yourselves within different challenges as you are moving through them or as you have moved through them: ‘If I had only seen previously what I see now. If I may only be accomplishing within the knowledge that I hold in hindsight, I shall be accomplishing more efficiently within the present.’ You ARE accomplishing within your movement, but you are not NOTICING your accomplishments. You also express to yourselves that if you may predict your future events, you may more efficiently be accomplishing within the present now. Therefore, you may view in both of these aspects how you are distracting yourselves and also reinforcing your duplicity in not acknowledging yourself within the present now by viewing futurely or within past elements in dealing with any specific challenge. Both areas do reinforce your own issues of duplicity, which complicates any challenge that you may be presenting yourselves with.

You view the present challenge that you may be dealing with as very difficult, and you are not offering yourselves answers or solutions or information to be dealing with any particular challenge. The reason you are not offering yourself your answers is that you are not listening. You are not noticing, for you are concentrating upon reinforcing the challenge or the issue with elements connected to it pastly, or anticipating futurely. Therefore, I pose to you: Where are you? Are you futurely? Are you pastly? Are you now? Where do you perceive yourselves to be?

LINDA: Now. I’m in the now, for the most part; partly futurely.

ELIAS: And how do you express to yourself when you are faced with your own challenges?

LINDA: I may be interpreting this wrong, but I am interpreting challenge as a change or an opportunity for change, correct?

ELIAS: It is, but many of these challenges and issues bring conflict.

LINDA: Which is also an opportunity for change.

ELIAS: Correct.

Many individuals may express to themselves within their thought process that this is an opportunity for change and that this may be beneficial to you, but simultaneously you are experiencing discomfort and you are wishing for this to be dissipating or to be removing itself from you and hoping that futurely this will occur, and expressing that you shall not hold to past events connected with this issue but not entirely noticing and addressing to the issue within the now, for you are anticipating futurely and you are distracting yourself, attempting to push away those elements of the past that they may not interrupt you ... but they are appearing!

Therefore, you are occupying your now with pushing away and anticipating futurely and not noticing what you are accomplishing within the now and not allowing yourself completely – at times, yes, but not completely – to be viewing what you are DOING within the now, for what you are doing within the now is pushing and anticipating! Therefore, you also block some of your information to yourselves in these challenges and issues. You also concentrate upon the discomfort of these challenges and issues, which also reinforces their power. You view that you must be concentrating tremendously, attempting in your terms to be ‘figuring out’ what is the problem and what is the solution to the problem, and in this action you are concentrating UPON the problem tremendously and reinforcing its power.

An issue, a challenge, is no different from a little bird. If you are holding the little bird, it may not fly. It is constricted. It is being held. If you are loosening your grasp upon the little bird, it holds the freedom to fly away. Within a challenge or an issue that you hold, you hold very strongly to it. You hold to yourself. You hold to your own energy and you hold yourselves very tightly, and you reinforce your hold upon yourself by not looking and noticing within the present now. Therefore, your clench upon yourself continues, and you do not allow the energy and the issue or the challenge to fly away.

LINDA: So you’re saying it would be more easily resolved if we don’t concentrate so much on completing whatever the challenge is? That we just let it resolve itself?

ELIAS: Loosen your hold upon yourself. Relax your focus upon the issue and be concerning yourself with noticing and assimilating your own information to yourself within this action.

You have had situations previously within your experiences that you feel that you are knocking your heads upon a wall. You are trying and trying and trying to accomplish a certain action and you are not accomplishing the action, and you try all different methods and you are continuing to not accomplish, and as you in your terms give up, you accomplish! Then you look to yourselves and you express, ‘If I had known within hindsight how simple this may have been, I would not have knocked my head so hard.’

LINDA: That’s not to say that we’re not supposed to try, but there’s a limit.

ELIAS: Correct.

LINDA: It’s a very gray dividing line, isn’t it? As to when we stop trying and just say, ‘Okay, let it go.’

ELIAS: These are your two areas, your black and white, that you look to. You either try or you let go, but there is a balance: that you may be motivated within a challenge or an issue, but you are also not concentrating so tremendously upon this issue and you are occupying yourself with your now and noticing what you are offering yourself within the now. Many times you may be concentrating upon an issue or a challenge and you are paying little attention to what you are accomplishing or what information is being presented to you, by you, within the now; for you are very busy concentrating upon how to be accomplishing as opposed to noticing what you ARE accomplishing.

STELLA: Elias, right now, for instance, I don’t necessarily like my now right now. I want to distract myself, and I’ve been trying to do that because I’m not doing well today. (Starting to cry)

ELIAS: This would be an example. You look to yourself and you feel discomfort. You hold belief systems about discomfort. You do not like it. It is not ‘a good thing,’ correct? (Stella acknowledges) Therefore, you wish it to go away.

STELLA: And it’s not going away! So now, I’m going to address it. A year ago when I saw you the second time, I asked you about ... I was getting the message that my husband was going to disengage. I didn’t get anything from you with regard to that, and I have a feeling that that’s what he’s doing now. I seem to go back and forth and I’m getting lots of information, which I have been paying attention to all the information I’ve been getting, and a lot of the topics and a lot of the things that I hear is like, you know, funeral, people talking about people dying ... I’m getting it from everywhere. It’s like it’s written on the wall. I was doing okay with it, and I’m not doing well today, and I feel like it’s getting very close. (Crying)

ELIAS: I was not addressing to you previously in your inquiry in this area, for within that time framework you would not have been listening.

STELLA: Yeah, I know.

ELIAS: Therefore, this would have served no purpose to offer you information in this direction, but as you are widening your awareness and allowing yourself to be connecting with more information, you are receiving the information that has not been offered; and as you are paying attention within the now, you shall notice elements that you shall draw to yourself to be offering you this information.

These are CHOICES. These are choices that every individual focus creates. It is merely a movement from one area to another area, an emergence; in a sense, another birth. As I have stated previously, there is no death, but there are many births.

In this, your partner also offers you information as to the choice that is being considered. To this present now, I state to you that the choice is not completed, but there is a leaning within the most probable of probabilities presently. Be remembering that these are all choices and any individual may choose to change their choice within any given time framework or moment, but this individual is choosing that the value fulfillment is nearly completed. Therefore, it is a consideration of the choice to be moving into a new area.

STELLA: I’m well aware of that.

ELIAS: Within the challenge that you face presently of your own issues and feelings, attempt to be relaxing your hold upon yourself, realizing that these are choices and also realizing that your feelings and thought processes are also your reality. Your belief systems are your reality. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be pushing this reality away as you are uncomfortable, but in accepting that this IS your reality and it is not wrong – it is acceptable for you to hold these thoughts and feelings – in this you relax the hold, and in relaxing the hold you also allow the dissipation of the intensity of the experience.

STELLA: Okay. Thank you, Elias. (Very softly and emotionally)

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

(To the group) In concentrating upon a challenge so very intensely, you also intensify your emotion. You are emotional beings. This is an emotional-focus within this particular dimension of reality. Therefore, as you concentrate so intensely upon a challenge, you also intensify the emotional quality that is connected with this challenge. As you continue to intensify the emotional quality, you distract yourself and you confuse yourself, for you are concentrating more upon the emotional quality of the challenge than the challenge itself. This be quite natural to you within this dimension, for this is how you have created this dimension.

I have expressed many times to you that you have created this particular physical dimension for the experience of the sexual and emotional qualities that you have created within it. Both are highly intensive elements and quite connected. The sexual element of this dimension also is very closely related with the emotional qualities of this dimension. Therefore, they are very intertwined. You also hold very, very many belief systems in these areas, which are also affecting of your own issues and challenges. In this, think of this little bird and think of yourself as this little bird; and the challenge may not fly away if you are holding and constricting it.

LINDA: So are you saying we should be somewhat detached instead of getting emotional about it?

ELIAS: I am not expressing detachment. I am expressing that you look to what you are creating, that you look to the balance. You look to the intellect AND the intuition, the experience and what you are creating within the experience. Offer yourself the information of how you are creating your reality within the now. How are YOU creating this experience? If you wish a lessening of intensity, of uncomfortableness, then look to how you are creating your reality within the present now and how you are perpetuating it.

LINDA: Are some of these challenges what we would call in our focus karmic?


LINDA: So is that something different?

ELIAS: I have expressed previously that within your thought processes you have been presented with belief systems in the area of karma, but these are belief systems. Within the reality of essence and consciousness and manifestations into physical focus, there is no karma. There is no repaying of debt. There is no repeating of situations or actions or events to alter events. You do not move from one focus to another focus. All of your focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, how may you repay an action that you have not engaged? For it is not you. It is another focus.

LINDA: But isn’t the other focus of us essentially us too?

ELIAS: It is of your essence, but it also holds its own slightly different tone and its own personality and its own choices.

You do not live and die and return and live and die. All of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all now. Therefore, in reality there is no thing other than the now in every moment of it, for it is all now. Therefore, you may question yourselves and recognize your own belief systems as to why you view futurely or pastly. They are all now.

LINDA: Then what is coded in our DNA? A lot of people say there’s memories coded in our DNA, as well as....

ELIAS: You DO hold memory. You DO hold encoding of other focuses, of essence, of consciousness, and this IS encoded within you, but this is not ‘karmic.’ It is merely information that is available to you, which also may suggest the gloriousness of you and how efficient[ly] you have created this reality to be offering yourself a window into the whole of you beyond one focus.

LINDA: So if people say that they can see your past lives, they’re basically just seeing different focuses at the same time?

ELIAS: Correct. You look to these as past or future, for you move within a reality that suggests linear time. Therefore, you look to your other focuses as having already occurred or about to occur. In actuality, they are all simultaneous NOW.

LINDA: ... So when we find we’re feeling discomfort, is that a signal to us there is a challenge and it’s time to move to something else?

ELIAS: It is an opportunity to pay attention and notice the NOW.

LINDA: So that we will change the now or allow the now to happen in a different manner?

ELIAS: Allow the now to happen naturally. Change shall always be. You shall never be static. Therefore, if you are not holding to the challenge and you are noticing the information that you present yourself within the now in the challenge, you shall also allow yourself the opportunity to widen your awareness, and the challenge shall change itself.

LINDA: So if we don’t pay attention to the challenge at first, then the challenge gets stronger until we do pay attention?

ELIAS: If you are choosing to be addressing to that particular issue or belief system. This is your choice. You offer yourselves these challenges for your attention. You draw to yourselves these challenges, that you SHALL pay attention to yourselves. It is an offering of yourself to notice, but you allow yourselves to distract yourselves within your belief systems and within your time frameworks. You allow your thought processes to magnate to past or future and not be focusing upon the now.

ADRIANNA: ... Elias, I have a question for you. Sometimes I feel terrible anxiety, and sometimes I know that it’s because I’m having some problems and maybe I’m very nervous and that’s the way to express it. Sometimes I feel that my now is fine, is perfect, I don’t have any problem at all, and for some reason I feel this terrible anxiety. Sometimes it just goes. Sometimes after I feel it something happens, something bad. So I don’t know if this is something that I’m creating myself, like an energy that I’m creating myself, or maybe sometimes it’s energy that I’m receiving from the outside. (Pause)

ELIAS: This be an interesting question. You ARE creating the situation, the energy, the affectingness, yourself. It is not that another individual is creating this for you. But also, this you have created for your own imagery to yourself as what you may express to be warnings. Individuals create different actions that speak to them. Some individuals hold little tiny voices within themselves. Some individuals create more dramatically. Each individual shall create within their intuition what shall speak to them. Therefore, the action that you are creating is your own warning system, so to speak. It may be engaged as you allow yourself an interaction with your intuition concerning another individual and their energy, but it is your own creation. It may also be an action that you engage to be offering yourself information in warning to yourself at times, allowing you the opportunity to reflect and notice what is occurring within your present now – within your situation, within your events, and within yourself – that you are creating this response to. Once again we return to the opportunity within the now to be noticing what you ARE creating as opposed to anticipating futurely what may be approaching.

ADRIANNA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

STELLA: This week I’ve had a lot of emotions happening wherein I’m also getting pretty anxious, and somehow it feels like something terrible already happened, and then I just go into my drama within myself. I think it’s my own fear of what futurely might happen.

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: So basically, I’m creating this.

ELIAS: You are projecting futurely. You are anticipating and you are distracting yourself from noticing and viewing NOW.

VICKI: If Stella was living in the now, in these terms, then this wouldn’t be an issue for her at all. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but she would also hold the understanding of WHY this anxiety arises, for this stems from a belief system. But you are not looking to the belief system, for you are not paying attention to the now. You are paying attention to projecting futurely in anticipation. Therefore this is distracting to you. You do not view the belief system within the now that you may address to, for you are too busy looking to the anticipation of the future event and how shall you deal with the future event, but you deal with the future event by dealing with the now.

VICKI: Would you call missing somebody when they die a belief system or an emotion?

ELIAS: An emotion. You are responding to what you have created in separation. Therefore, you create an emotion of sadness, for you hold a belief system that this separation is so very strong that you may not penetrate this. It is influenced by a belief system of the lack of penetration of the veils within consciousness and a very large element of separation, but the emotion is quite the reality.

VICKI: But I get that in this situation with Stella, this isn’t the biggest challenge in the present now.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: The emotion is not the biggest challenge. The belief systems that it’s bringing to the surface are.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: ... Regarding challenges and conflict, the difference between understanding when a conflict that you’re experiencing as a result of a challenge is a result of not accepting belief systems or not being in alignment with intent?

ELIAS: It may be either.

DREW: That would just be a knowingness, or how would you determine which it is?

ELIAS: The belief systems are always influencing. As you allow yourself to acquire your own information within the present now in noticing what you are presenting to yourself and what you are creating, you may also evaluate whether you are presenting this to yourself in a lack of alignment to your intent.

DREW: Is one more likely than the other, generally?

ELIAS: As I have stated, the belief systems are always influencing.

DREW: Well, not being in alignment with intent could involve re-evaluation of everything you’re doing in your life and a redirection of your energy, whereas if it’s just conflict with belief systems ... not JUST conflict, but if it is conflict with belief systems, that’s a different sort of remedy, if you will, in terms of acceptance, I would think. And so knowing the difference between the two could be important in terms of what you do about it.

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a different action. You make an assumption that if you are not moving in the direction of complete alignment with your intent or blocking your intent that you must rearrange all of your focus and you must change large elements, so to speak. In actuality, if you are noticing your action and your creations within the now, you may be offering yourself an example to merely be altering one element to become in complete alignment with your intent.

DREW: You had said at one time that using the method of meditation or visualization can help the actualization of a probability, and yet today you said that we would be better served or it would be more efficient only to concentrate on the now. Is there a discrepancy between those two? How do we reconcile using that as a method to actualize a probability versus being more involved with the now?

ELIAS: You shall also be involved with the now if you are engaging in meditation, if you are noticing the now in the meditation.

DREW: If we go into meditation with the purpose of visualization as a method for actualization and that’s kind of the energy direction behind the meditation going into it, wouldn’t you say that we’d be better off not doing that and just focusing on the now of the meditation? Is it a useful method or is it a distraction?

ELIAS: To an extent it IS a distraction, although this does not discount its usefulness to any specific individual, within their belief systems and within their need to be creating methods.

It is more efficient for you all to be concentrating within the now and noticing all of the elements of which you create within the now, but it is not to be devalued if the individual is choosing to be engaging altered states, in your terms, or meditative states for their own methods. As I have stated, methods are unnecessary, but YOU believe that methods are necessary. Therefore, they may be efficient to an individual within the designs of their own belief systems.

STELLA: ... I have another thing. This is going with acceptance. I had a problem today, just recently – and I’m going to say it – when Linda called me goofy. Now, I have a problem with that. I’m having a problem with it! Why is it that in order for me to accept her idea of me being goofy ... why does it concern me so much? Because I should care less whether she thinks I’m goofy or not! I want to understand something. In getting to the acceptance level of her saying I’m goofy ... which to me is disrespectful. It’s a belief system. I want her to think of me as not goofy, because this stuff that I say or do here with you guys, it’s very real. I’m very real most of the time. That’s definitely not goofy! I think I want to come to the place where I can accept somebody else saying something like that and be accepting of it So how can I do that?

ELIAS: As you are becoming accepting of self, you shall also automatically be accepting of other individuals.

STELLA: So does that mean that I accept her saying that I’m goofy?

ELIAS: If you are accepting of yourself, this shall hold no matter to you.

STELLA: Oh. Could it be that right now I am quite sensitive?

ELIAS: This would be an adequate excuse!

STELLA: I wasn’t looking for an excuse! I want to think of myself as being so accepting of myself!

ELIAS: Ah, this would also be another distraction! (Grinning) Although I may express to you, in what we have discussed this day earlier, that in NOT noticing the now, you also, within your challenges and your issues within yourselves, lend to an intensity of emotion. Therefore, you DO create your adequate excuse, for you do allow yourselves the heightened intensity of your emotional state. Therefore, you are more responsive to yourselves and to other individuals within the emotional state.

STELLA: Being the kind of person of such intensity of feelings, that explains it. Therefore, if I want to accept myself in that area, I would be saying, ‘Okay, this is where I am right now and it’s okay.’

ELIAS: Quite, and accepting of that expression, and also NOTICING what you are creating within those moments. You hold the ability to alter your own creations within every moment. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with what you are creating and you ARE within the now and you ARE noticing of what you are creating, you may objectively choose to NOT be creating this. You may choose to continue, for you may choose to experience this, or you may choose to hold to your held belief systems. Therefore, you also shall continue the experience, but these are all CHOICES. You are not victims of yourself or of any other. You are not victims of your emotion or of any event. You ALWAYS hold the choice within every moment to alter your experience.

DREW: ... When you talk about the now, you ARE talking about this moment?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: And even conflict or issues or challenges that we may not be focused on at this moment will have light shed on them by focusing on this moment?

ELIAS: Many times, yes.

DREW: So when you refer to the present now and focusing on this moment, it’s not a general now in terms of kind of our situation, but you’re talking about THIS moment?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Because there is an opportunity for widening our awareness at every moment?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Which is information we can use always.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: I’m always puzzled that this mechanism for choice, which is ours, is so difficult to ... it seems, in my belief system, to be so difficult to access.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Not merely within YOUR belief systems, but within the mass belief system! But this also is partially an action that is created by NOT focusing upon the now. I have offered exercises previously to help you to focus within the now, to be noticing each moment within the now, to be practicing, and this may offer you more of an easement into the accomplishment of this. I have also offered exercises in clarity. (3) Within this exercise, you MUST be focusing within the now! But I offer the exercises for your benefit, and you do not exercise them – which is your choice – and then you inquire of me, ‘How may I be accomplishing?’ I have given you the tools. It is your choice as to whether you are using them.

DREW: Hey, that’s not what you’re supposed to say! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! You have been offered many methods! I have offered you many methods, for you hunger for methods! Therefore, in your desire for methods, I have given you many methods to be widening your awareness, opening to your periphery, learning to know yourselves, giving you the opportunity to experience in an expanded creativity. But you hold to your belief systems and you hold to your own established methods, which you yourselves view to be inefficient but you hold to them regardless, and you inquire of me: ‘Why is this not accomplishing in the manner that I WISH this to be accomplishing?’ You have the information before you! You need merely pay attention.

LINDA: ... Elias, as I’m working on leaving my relationship with my husband, do I have some challenges that I still have to personally complete, that I need to finish completing? Or am I creating new challenges, or what am I doing here?

ELIAS: You shall ALWAYS be creating new challenges!

LINDA: Well, I mean in regards to this relationship.

ELIAS: This once again is an example of which we have been speaking this day; an opportunity for you to view within the now what you are creating and offer YOURSELF information and direction.

I may sit before you all for the next twenty years and expound upon the subjects of how you create your reality and offer you exercises and offer you information, and you shall NOT be accomplishing objectively until YOU are noticing and YOU are offering yourself objectively your own information; for although you believe yourselves to pay close attention to these words, you pay closer attention to your own selves. You pay closer attention to your own experiences and the information that you offer yourself, for this within yourselves is MORE REAL than my offering to you.

LINDA: That’s not to say that you can’t assist a little bit, though!

ELIAS: This is correct.

VICKI: Isn’t that the point, to be paying attention to yourself?

ELIAS: Absolutely! This be the reason that I am so encouraging of you each to be paying attention to yourselves and to be offering yourselves your own information. I am assisting with you, but I wish not to be discouraging you from attempting yourselves to be connecting with this information. It is available to you. You hold all of this information within your genetic encoding. You need merely tap your own information and notice your own creations.

Within the cosmos, the voices echo: ‘How do I create my reality? How do I attempt to learn how I create my reality?’ You ARE creating your reality! You merely do not notice, for you do not pay attention to the NOW.

LINDA: Well, I know how I got into the situation. It’s just getting out of the situation!

ELIAS: Ah! A pastly perception, a futurely perception!

LINDA: Yeah....

ELIAS: And where is the NOW perception?

LINDA: The now is working on taking care of myself as I get out of the position so I can get into the futurely!

ELIAS: Ah, continuing to anticipate! (Laughter)

LINDA: Yeah!

ELIAS: As you are looking to the PRESENT now – the moment within EACH moment, within EACH situation – you may lessen your distraction and you may offer yourself new information that objectively you have skipped over.” [session 259, January 17, 1998]

DREW: “Can I follow up on something we talked about yesterday regarding conflict and issues and challenges? It has to do with a question I asked you yesterday about being able to identify whether a conflict is coming as a result of a belief system and not accepting your situation and ultimately accepting it and kind of getting over it, if you will, or a recognition that you are not in alignment with intent and the conflict is a result of inefficiency in terms of actualizing your intent. I know personally it would be helpful for me to have any information along those lines in terms of recognition of what’s causing the conflict, and how to recognize whether it’s a matter of changing course or a matter of accepting belief systems.

ELIAS: And my response has been to you to examine what you are creating within the NOW.

DREW: Well, I’ve been thinking about that since yesterday, and actually been practicing it a little bit. Within the MOMENT ... I kind of discovered today that when I focus on the MOMENT, within the moment itself there is no conflict.

ELIAS: Quite.

DREW: However, within my current situation, there’s lots of it.

ELIAS: This be what I have identified to you in our session yesterday. The reason many times you create conflict and you are experiencing conflict, for many individuals, is that you are NOT focusing within the now. You are projecting to the future.

DREW: Well, what about a situation where your imagery that you’ve surrounded yourself with, your current lifestyle or situation, causes you conflict or a degree of unhappiness? I’m trying to determine whether that’s a matter of my belief systems in terms of what’s good or bad or how things should or should not be and learning to accept the way things are, or is the imagery I’ve created for my noticing and understanding that I should be doing something different?

ELIAS: The conflict that YOU are experiencing stems from your belief systems and your rigidity within your belief systems, and your inability presently to focus upon the now.

DREW: At the moment.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So when you say that the conflict is a result of my belief systems to some extent, does that mean I need to just accept my situation, or that my belief systems are CAUSING a situation which I’m finding uncomfortable?

ELIAS: YOU create the situation filtered through your belief systems. Your belief systems are not an entity that creates your reality FOR you. YOU are creating your situation and your reality within the influence of your belief systems.

DREW: In alignment with my belief systems.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So changing my belief systems will change my reality. (Here, Elias sports a crooked smile, and we all laugh)

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking.

DREW: Well, this is a bit of a hamster wheel too, because it’s hard to know ... boy! Do I just accept it and get over it? This is the way is it and it’s perfectly fine?

ELIAS: And are you believing of this? (Grinning)

DREW: No, but is that just a belief system or is it some subjective information to myself that I need to change course? We’ve discussed before that a life of poverty and illness and devastation could be perfectly in alignment with your intent for your particular reality.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So it’s hard, when one is experiencing difficulty, to know whether or not that’s the choice I made for this reality and therefore I should be accepting of it because it’s not bad. Or, I’m going around the country to cross the river! (4)

ELIAS: You ARE creating your reality within your intent, but you also are widening your awareness and allowing yourself the information that if you are not pleased with the reality that you are creating, that you hold the ability to alter this. The most efficient method for altering your reality in areas that are creating conflict is to be addressing to those belief systems that are influencing of your creation. The most efficient method for this action is to be looking to what you are creating within the NOW.

DREW: The moment, the instant, this moment in time. I don’t know. It’s somehow elusive to me how the moment, this instant, what I’m creating in this, will ... well, maybe I just have to do it.

ELIAS: Quite! When you are finding yourself experiencing conflict, within that moment identify to yourself what you are creating, why you are experiencing this conflict.

DREW: ... And if I look to the now, as I’ve been trying to do since yesterday, which has been an exercise in itself, just trying to be in the moment, is there anything ... you’re suggesting that specifically when I’m experiencing conflict in particular, get in touch with the now? Is that right?

ELIAS: I am expressing to you to be experiencing the now ALWAYS.

DREW: What came to me today is that within the now, there is no conflict. It’s only within my evaluation of my overall situation, my belief systems, my interpretation, that the conflict arises. And yet on the one hand I say it’s ONLY when I do that, but that in fact is the reality! And so, if in this exercise of concentrating on the now there is no conflict....

ELIAS: Is this not what you strive for, is to hold no conflict? I offer you the method for no conflict, and you dispute this!

DREW: No, I’m trying to understand it!

ELIAS: When you are experiencing conflict within the now, then you shall present yourself with the opportunity to examine what is creating the conflict. But if you are not experiencing conflict within the now, then what be the problem? Is this not what you wish, is no conflict?

DREW: Yeah, but I’d like to change my imagery too! You would say the same thing to me if I was crippled and dying of cancer: ‘Accept it. This is the reality you’ve chosen. Everything is perfect.’

ELIAS: Not necessarily. If you are not wishing to be continuing in your creation I may be expressing to you, ‘Then you may alter this experience.’

DREW: But would your advice to me in the now be in eliminating the conflict or to change ... you know, it’s kind of like saying to someone, ‘Get over it! This is the way it is!’ or ‘If you don’t like it, change it!’ I’m not sure which of those ... if they go hand-in-hand. It seems to me that you can’t do both, can you?

ELIAS: You are not in a position within your belief systems presently to be accepting of the belief systems. I continue to express to you that ultimately this is the action that is the most efficient and that ultimately you shall be accepting of your belief systems, for you have chosen to be engaged within this shift and they are the same. But in recognition of your present creation and belief systems and that you shall not allow yourself within this present now to be accepting of your belief systems, I am not expressing the ‘get over it.’ I am expressing, if you are not pleased with your choice of your creation of your reality, then you may alter this. You hold the ability.” [session 260, January 18, 1998]

JENE: “Back when I first came, you imparted information that I have lots of battles. ‘Rudy [Jene] has lots of battles.’ Are those battles – I can pretty much answer that – belief systems? And within those belief systems – this is a long question – within these belief systems, say as they’re recognized in simultaneous time, the action of changing the probability within that, is that more efficient now than it was then? Or is that still a pretty strongly closed system?

ELIAS: Your battles stem from belief systems, a lack of acceptance of self, and a refusal to be holding your attention within the now. You are projecting futurely and pastly VERY much!

JENE: Futurely I knew I was doing, but pastly I wasn’t aware of.

ELIAS: You create this situation for yourself much of your time, where you are occupying your attention within past areas or future areas and therefore NOT allowing your attention within the now, and this is creating of battles also. It also blocks information that you may offer to yourself.” [session 261, January 22, 1998]

DAVID: “So why then do we work objectively, and yet nine times out of ten, the result is something completely different than what we objectively thought or planned to do?

ELIAS: (Intently) For you do not allow yourself the awareness of your own actions and choices. You are not paying attention! This be the reason that I express to you so very often to be NOTICING all of your reality within the NOW.

DAVID: Well, obviously it’s not as easy as it sounds either!

ELIAS: Quite, for you have taught yourselves NOT to be focusing within the now.

DAVID: How can you teach us to do that then?

ELIAS: I have expressed this many times! Concentrate your attention upon the moment, the now; not pastly, not futurely, not even five of your minutes futurely, but within the present now.

DAVID: And trusting that it will be okay then?

ELIAS: Quite! Trusting yourself and accepting of yourself.

DAVID: And accepting of yourself means accepting the results, whether you like them or not!

ELIAS: (Intently) You purposefully choose all that you create.

DAVID: Thank you. I’ll work on the now. (Elias grins)

NORM: I’m not sure I’m really doing that, but if I look back, it seems like Christmas was just a moment ago. Time is collapsing. I could expect that May 1st is going to be ten minutes from now. Time is changing for me. I guess that’s part of experiencing the now.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: The difficult thing with conflict is that when you’re in the middle of a conflicting situation, you’re looking to see the results. You’re saying, ‘Oh, this is going to happen or that’s going to happen.’ So you’re saying in the moment of conflict, you should concentrate on the now ... and then what??

ELIAS: If you ARE truly focusing your attention within the now, you shall be offering yourself information in regard to your conflict, and you shall also be allowing yourself to dissipate the conflict itself by focusing upon the moment.

CATHY: ... So, are your energy centers not in alignment when you have conflict? (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: So if you were in the now and you were noticing your thoughts and your feelings in the now, and you were aware of the belief system or the issue that was causing you conflict ... if you were to do an exercise of spinning your chakras and attempting to align them again ... I guess you would have to do that as well as either relax your hold on a certain belief system or something like that to get them back in alignment, because subjective and objective works in harmony?

ELIAS: You may be objectively affecting and realigning these energy centers, which I have expressed to Yarr [Jim] that this may be temporarily affecting. But also, IF you are aware of the issues and belief systems that are affecting this situation and IF you are moving through these issues and accepting the belief systems that are influencing of these issues, it is unnecessary for you to objectively realign these energy centers, for they shall automatically realign themselves. In noticing their LACK of alignment, you may offer yourselves information to be addressing to the issues that may be causing of this situation. It is another avenue for you to be offering yourself more information about yourself. Any time you are experiencing conflict, you are also experiencing elements of emotion. Therefore, you may be assured that your yellow energy center is being affected.” [session 264, February 01, 1998]

ANON: “Elias, you spoke a lot tonight about that we could perhaps choose what we wanted, and that if we believe or we know that we’re gonna get something, we will get it. I hear what you’re saying, but I guess what I’m wondering is, if you intrinsically don’t feel like you’re gonna get something but you want to get it, how do you create a belief that you will get it?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily creating the belief that you shall receive, but allowing yourself to recognize and genuinely hold the trust in self, which allows you the knowing that you shall be creating. You do not trust yourselves and therefore you doubt what you may be creating, and as you doubt, you block your own creations and you block your own ability.

Therefore, ALL stems from the basic building block, so to speak, of the trust within self, the trust that you truly may create ANY element within your physical focus, KNOWING that you ARE magnificent creatures and that you need no other individual to dictate any element to you. You are quite efficient and hold the ability to be creating in ANY direction that you choose. It is merely a question of your own trust of self, and as you are trusting, you shall not doubt.

You trust that you hold the ability to walk, do you not?

ANON: Yes.

ELIAS: And therefore, you walk, and you do not allow yourself a thought process concerning your walking. You merely create it. You merely implement it effortlessly, thoughtlessly. You do not concern yourself with its mechanics. You do not concern yourself with the dissection of the probabilities that enable you to enact walking. You merely trust that you hold this ability, and therefore you do.

In this manner, as you trust within all of your creations that you hold the ability to be accomplishing, it is unnecessary to be lending any energy in obstacles, and your obstacles are created by doubt.

As you allow yourselves to be genuinely trusting yourselves, you also shall be much more attuned to your own voice, which quite clearly offers you directions each moment. Each day – each MOMENT of each day – you are offering yourselves communication, but you are not listening and you are not paying attention. You are not noticing.

(Leaning forward and staring at Rodney) YOU ARE NOT NOTICING!

RODNEY: I know, I know, I know!

ELIAS: This is not to say that you are not creating or speaking to yourself or offering yourself information! You are merely not noticing, for where are you? You are not within the present! You are noticing myself, for you are present now. And within your moments, your days within physical focus, are you so very present? You are projecting pastly, futurely; five minutes from now, five minutes ago; two weeks ahead....

RODNEY: A whole lifetime!

ELIAS: Next year, last year! And you are not noticing now, and your communication is now, for your reality is now! Your reality is not next year. It is now! ALL of reality is now! There is no past, there is no future. There is merely now!

ANON: How do we live more in the now?

ELIAS: Remind yourselves. Practice, and as you practice with your attention, you allow yourself more acceptance of self. You allow yourselves to trust yourselves within the now. You do not create massive conflict in projections, and you eliminate much of your confusion, and you allow yourselves the ability to LISTEN to self and to HEAR self. How shall you be hearing self if you are listening to all other elements? Think to yourself of your mirror images that you create within physical focus. Every behavior that you create within physical focus is some type of mirror action of subjective movement.

If you are choosing to be concentrating upon a communication with one other individual, how shall you be attentive to this communication if you are also listening to twenty other individuals speaking to you simultaneously and thinking about what you shall be creating tomorrow and what you are not very efficient at creating yesterday? This one conversation with this one individual shall become dimmer and dimmer and dimmer and quieter and quieter, and you shall be expressing, ‘What? What have you expressed? I was not hearing what you have expressed. Speak up!’

The voice is quite loud enough, but you are not listening. You are not noticing, for you are allowing your attention to move in many other directions, and you are not holding to the now.

All of these expressions that I offer you are so very simple. They are so very easy, but you complicate them so immensely, and you allow your belief systems to manipulate you in this direction and in that direction, and you become a bouncing ball all around your field, and you know not where to move. (Smiling)

Begin in the now. Begin to be trusting YOU – not what other individuals view, not what other individuals express, not the expectation of other individuals, not YOUR expectation of THEIR expectation, but your own trust of you, NOW – and this be the manner in which you shall begin to be accomplishing all that you desire effortlessly, not questioning.

RODNEY: Trusting self in the now. I’ve heard the term ‘centering,’ and I don’t know if it was you or not who said, ‘One way to center is to be with animals.’ I spent this morning with some horses. I’m fascinated by them. It was a great morning. I spent two hours pulling burrs out of horse’s tails and brushing them.

I’d like you to comment on the relationship between what people term centering – and I don’t know if you’ve used that term or not – and being in the now.

ELIAS: Many individuals express this terminology of centering. There are many different definitions within physical focus of this terminology of centering, but....

RODNEY: Have you ever used it?

ELIAS: I do not express the expression of centering, so to speak.


ELIAS: Although it is merely another term for balance, which I have expressed previously, and acceptance; focusing upon self, not upon all that you view to be outside of self, but upon self. In focusing upon self, you allow yourself an acceptance of self, and in this you practice your trusting of self. This may be accomplished in many different manners.

You are quite efficient at developing methods. Therefore, you may choose any of your methods that you find acceptable to yourself to be engaging this action of looking to self, may it be brushing burrs within a creature’s fur, may it be sitting and participating in what you term to be meditation, may it be exercising and involving yourself in much physical activity. It matters not. Each of you shall find your own manner in which you allow yourselves to be connecting with self, and this is your quietness, and in this quietness you shall allow yourself the acceptance, and this shall provide you with your trust.

You do not create outside of yourself. You BELIEVE that you create outside of yourself, but you do not. You create within, for each creation that you engage begins with the creation of a probability, and that probability comes from within.” [session 345, December 05, 1998]

MIKE: “… in one of the last sessions, you gave me a way of detecting, I guess, so to speak, expectations and beliefs through looking at the disappointments and certain reactions in situations, and I was curious as to a method of sorts, of uncovering underlying expectations. (Pause)

ELIAS: You may be identifying your expectations by recognizing your own responses to different events within your reality in conjunction with your belief systems.

Now: I have offered the previous method, so to speak, that you may be practicing with, for this offers you the opportunity to view more of your responses within interactions more clearly, and as you become more familiar with your own responses, this lends an ease to identifying your own expectations more clearly in less obvious manners, in objective terms.

In this, it is important that you are familiarizing yourself with all of the aspects of your own belief systems, and also familiarizing yourself with your own responses to each given situation, for within every situation or event, you shall hold a response. If you are paying attention within the now, you may be allowing yourself to notice your own responses.

Now; I am quite aware that this may be expressed quite easily, and I may be expressing to you that you may be noticing automatic responses that you hold, but the actualization of noticing these automatic responses may not be quite as easy, for in this, you have created certain expressions within your reality that have become, in a manner of speaking, natural to you.

Therefore, they are accepted within your focus and you do NOT pay attention, for you do not even recognize that you ARE creating an automatic response.

In this, as you move more fully into your exploration of your own responses, behavior, and belief systems, and all of the aspects of your belief systems, you shall also begin to notice that you shall require of yourself more and more discipline within your attention, noticing more and more of your own behaviors and creations. This action moves you more and more fully into the now.

I have been expressing for much time framework that this is your most efficient direction, is to be noticing and interactive with yourself and with all of your reality within the now, within every moment.

This is quite difficult for individuals within physical focus, for it is unfamiliar, but this action of noticing your own behaviors and your own aspects of belief systems automatically moves you more and more in the direction and into the action of allowing yourself presence within the now.

In this, as you are attentive to each moment within the now, you also offer yourself the opportunity and ability to be altering your own responses, recognizing that you hold choices within the now.

Many difficulties arise with individuals, for they do not recognize that they hold choices, for they are NOT present within the now. Their attention is not focused within the now.

But as you continue in this action, I shall express to you that you may anticipate your own movement into [the] realization that you require of yourself much more discipline within your attention than you automatically allow yourself presently. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: These concepts, although in one respect are quite simple, in their actualization within physical focus in relation to all of your belief systems are quite difficult to be enacting. I am quite understanding of this element of your reality.

It may seem at times that these concepts may be quite simplistic and that they may be holding simplicity in their enactment, but in actuality, with the consideration of the strength of energy of all of your belief systems and all of the aspects of your belief systems, there becomes much difficulty in your movement into these areas, for you are quite undisciplined in your physical focuses.

Look to the exercise in clarity, in focusing your attention merely upon your outer senses and the manipulation of these outer senses, and how very difficult you experience the attempts in manipulating these outer senses, for you allow them automatic expression.

I express to you that you also allow yourself, within your thought process and your emotional expressions, much automatic responsiveness, and in this, it is requiring of a great deal of discipline to be noticing and to not be moving into the area of automatic responses.” [session 363, February 21, 1999]

ELIAS: “I express to you that this may be quite affecting of many individuals presently, for many individuals presently are experiencing much conflict, much emotional affectingness, much confusion, a lack of direction, so to speak, an uncertainty. This is the air, in a manner of speaking, that you have created, for you may express to yourselves that you are upon your brink. You are within your middle. You are moving away from the familiar but you are frightened of the unfamiliar, and we have expressed within this session this evening that you move in the direction quite efficiently of ‘I should, I shouldn’t, and what if?’

FRANK: How do you move into the direction of the unfamiliar? Is there a....

ELIAS: A method! (Grinning, and everybody cracks up)

FRANK: What are the signs, or ...?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, Christian [Frank], that your most efficient method or process in this area is to be concerning yourself in your attention within the now, for if you are holding your attention within the now, what shall you express to yourself in ‘what if?’

There is no ‘what if’ within the now. There is merely ‘what if’ within the future or the past!

ERIC: So I guess I should forget about worrying about my retirement or anything like that!

ELIAS: Concern your attention with now, for this is your reality! Your future is not your reality, for it does not exist! It is merely an illusion that you create within your thought process in your identification of linear time, but you do not occupy your future. You occupy now, and all of your action occurs now, and as your future materializes, it is NOW!

Your past is now. All that you are, all that you create, all that you experience is NOW. But you occupy your attention, much of your time, projecting into your past or into your future and occupying your thought processes and your emotions in the ‘what ifs’ of the past or the future, and if you are occupying your attention within the now, there are no ‘what ifs.’ There also are no ‘shoulds.’

‘I should have; I should be.’ These are past and future. You merely ARE within the now, and if within the now you experience any element that you find discomfort within, you hold the ability within that now to alter the experience. But you shall not alter the experience if you are not paying attention to the experience and you are projecting pastly or futurely, for your attention is occupied elsewhere and you are busying yourselves within distraction. THIS be the area that you immobilize yourselves, for you are not attending to the present, to the now, and within the now – if you ARE looking to the now – there is much less conflict within the present now than it appears to be.

This is not to say that you may not be experiencing conflict within the moment, within the now, for you do. But if you are attending your attention within that now, you also offer yourself more of an opportunity to alter that conflict and step out of that conflict, for you are attending to what you are experiencing presently.

If you are engaging conflict with another individual, as example, you are experiencing what you may term to be, in your vernacular, fighting with another individual; disagreement. You are projecting your perception; they are projecting their perception. You are not meeting within your perceptions. You are throwing judgments to each other, and you are creating tremendous conflict between you within your expressions.

Now; if you are focusing upon the other individual and what they are creating, you shall not be focusing on altering your expression, for you shall be in the direction of blame and expressing that the other individual shall be changing their reality to suit your reality.

If you are within this conflict, not attending to the now within your own experience and directing your attention to self, you shall not alter the experience and you shall perpetuate the experience, but if you are attending to the now, holding your attention within the now, you may be noticing that you are within the moment creating conflict.

The other individual is not creating your conflict! YOU are creating your conflict, in reaction and responsiveness to those areas of lack of acceptance within yourself.

IN THIS MOMENT, as you are recognizing of that emotion and the action of conflict that you are experiencing, you may also, within the moment, STOP. Identify within the moment, what are you creating? Why are you creating? Why are you reacting? And as you ask yourself ‘Why am I reacting?’ you shall offer yourself an answer, and you shall notice within that answer that you HAVE placed a judgment – upon yourself, upon another individual, but you have created a lack of acceptance – and you may offer yourself within the now the opportunity to alter your expression. But if you are not paying attention to the now, how shall you alter your expression?

If you are throwing a rock in a pond in this area (gesturing to the right), your attention is in the pond and the rock in this direction. How may you, in that now, scoop a cup of water from this pond? (gesturing to the left)

Your attention shall dictate to you what you shall be creating, and if your attention is outside of yourself and if your attention is outside of the now, this is what you shall be creating, and this many, many times is perpetuating of conflicts.

Conflict assumes many forms. It may be in the area of agitation; it may be in the area of worry; it may be in the area of concern. It may be expressed in many different manners, but it is a thickness and it is a conflict, and in addressing to self and to your attention within the now, you also offer yourself the opportunity to alter the behavior that is creating the conflict. That be your method!

FRANK: Is there a back door method?

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughter)

FRANK: In other words, to eliminate the effect of the conflict of the belief system, just to say ‘enough?’

ELIAS: And you may be creating of this expression! I have expressed to you that you hold the ability to instantaneously eliminate these elements of conflict, but you do not believe this!

FRANK: Right! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Therefore, you do not implement this! But you may view infrequently, within certain expressions that you hold, that you DO create that very action, and you express to yourselves, ‘Enough. No. Stop.’ And you stop!

ANON: Would removing yourself from the situation be a way of stopping, then? Saying, ‘In the now, I am feeling conflict and discomfort. I choose to remove myself from the situation.’ Is that a way to stop the conflict?

ELIAS: This is a choice, and this is an expression that may be affecting of the situation that you are engaging. This be the reason that I express to you to be engaging the no conflict exercise (5).

Within the now, express to yourself, what is offering you conflict and what shall eliminate that conflict? And do not place a judgment upon the choice! If the choice is to be removing yourself from the situation to be eliminating of the conflict, then I express to you, why shall you not remove yourself? The point is to be eliminating the conflict and the thickness. Therefore, it matters not what your choice is. It matters that you are accomplishing the no conflict.

In this expression of no conflict, you are creating several actions within this one expression. You are allowing acceptance of self. You are NOT placing judgment upon self or the situation or another individual. You are merely choosing what offers you no conflict.

This is not an expression of judgment upon another individual or upon a situation. It is merely an assessment, a choice of what offers you conflict and what does not offer you conflict.

Therefore, there is an acceptance of the other individual, that they may continue in their expression regardless of what they are choosing. It matters not. You are not expressing to them that they must be discontinuing in their expression. You are merely expressing that YOU are choosing differently. Therefore, there is an acceptance of the other individual’s choice of their expression, be it to be discontinuing their own conflict or to be continuing their conflict. It matters not. This is their choice. Your choice is to be moving into no conflict, and this places no judgment upon yourself also, for you are automatically accepting of yourself in accepting your choice and your expression within no conflict.

ANON: That’s very clear, Elias. Thanks.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 387, April 24, 1999]

MARJ: (Laughing) “I don’t know if you have your crystal ball, Elias, but....

ELIAS: Ah! The crystal ball! (Chuckling, and laughter)

MARJ: But I was wondering if you could tell me about my mom. I’m in the stage of my life where I’m going to have to make some decisions. I chose before I lost Hal (6) to care for my mom. I wanted her last days to be wonderful. I also have a reality of making a choice where my job is concerned and what I’m going to do with the rest of my life now. Everything is so different than what I thought it was going to be. Is there any advice you can give me?

ELIAS: Ah, expectations! Are they not so very limiting and surprising to you?! You hold expectations of your reality and you limit yourselves to the experience of that reality, and as you open to new elements of your reality, you find that your objective expectations are not necessarily accurate!

I express to you once again that this also is an area in which you may be turning your attention to the acceptance of self, recognizing that you are requiring of your OWN nurturing presently.

In this, as you allow yourself to be more accepting of self and your own expressions, you may also lessen certain elements of your own creation of conflict and confusion.

I shall be reminding you to be concentrating within the now. You lean in the direction many times of projecting futurely. I express to you that this merely adds to your confusion and to your creation of conflict. Therefore, concern yourself within the now, attending your attention to self – not outwardly, but to self – and allowing that nurturing quality that you hold to be expressed within yourself.

There is an aspect of your thought process and emotional expression presently that is wishing that this nurturing expression be offered to you by other individuals. I express to you that you may be much more efficient in offering this to yourself than other individuals may be in offering it to you, for you are knowing of yourself much more intimately than are they in objective terms. Therefore, you may be providing precisely the expression that you are desiring of if you are turning your attention to self and not preoccupying your attention with the expressions of other individuals.” [session 394, May 11, 1999]

ELIAS: (Chuckling) “And you have inquiries this day?

KATIE: Yes, I do. It’s something that seems to be very pertinent right now – again, my situation with my roommate. It isn’t so much her but her boyfriend that there seems to be a lot of conflict around, and his presence here is producing a lot of conflict, even so far as violence in the household, and I’m pretty concerned about that, especially right this minute. I’m wondering if you can offer any insight on them, or anything I could do.

ELIAS: I am aware of your energy projection presently. This provides a good example for yourself and also for other individuals in the area of addressing to conflict and addressing to self within the situations of conflict within the now, for as I have stated previously, although you may eliminate much of your conflict by attending to the now, you do not eliminate ALL of your conflict as you hold your attention within the now, for at certain time periods, you are experiencing conflict within the now, as in this situation.

Now; in this, let me express to you, quite commonly what individuals within physical focus experience within this type of conflict is a restriction within themselves. There is a frustration which is created, and this frustration is born out of not recognizing your choices, and this lack of recognition of your own choices is born from a lack of acceptance of self, which is projected into a fearfulness in the area of how other individuals may perceive you and subsequently may respond or react to you.

In this, I shall be reminding you that the key to these situations that involve conflict between one individual and another individual is to be turning your attention away from the other individual and their behavior and moving your attention to self and what offers you no conflict regardless of the reaction or response of the other individual, for in not trusting and accepting of yourself and playing the game with another individual, you offer them their payoff, and in that payoff, they continue to display the same behavior.

Therefore, in this situation, you may clearly view the actions and the behaviors that are being exhibited by the other individuals – both – and by yourself. You may also clearly view your direction of no conflict in this situation, may you not?


ELIAS: And in this situation, your scenario of no conflict is to not be interactive with this individual, is it not?

KATIE: (Hesitantly) Yes....

ELIAS: But! You find difficulty in that expression, for you view that there are also consequences, in your terms, that accompany that type of expression, correct?

KATIE: Um-hmm.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this is the element of projection.

In this, what I have been expressing to you and to many, many other individuals is not to be concerning yourself with other individuals’ choices. It is the choice of the other individual to be reacting or responding to your choices, but this is not your responsibility. Your responsibility lies with self, and in this, you may turn your attention to self and be identifying within self what shall be creating of your no conflict or least conflict scenario.

Now; let me also express to you that in these types of situations, there is an element which involves the communication with the other individual, and you, in widening your awareness, move into the position of learning objectively, in a manner of speaking, to be expressing from essence.

In this, I am not expressing to you that it is inconsequential, the response of another individual, or that their reality does not matter. I express to you many times the statement that ‘it matters not,’ but this is offered purposefully, that you may allow yourself permission to turn your attention to self and not be assuming personal responsibility for another individual.

Beyond this is the recognition that you may be expressing from essence in this type of interaction.

Therefore, recognizing that the other individual is expressing their reality from their perception, which is real, you may be accepting of their reality as being real, but this is not to say that you must be participating in their creation of their reality, and if the participation in their reality is creating conflict within you, you may be choosing to be eliminating that conflict in the direction that is the most efficient for you.

In this, you may be expressing that you wish not to be participating in interaction and relationship with this particular individual. It is the choice of the other individual – which holds relationship with that individual – to be continuing or not continuing within that particular relationship. This is the element that matters not with concern to yourself. Your concern is to be attending to self and to be offering yourself the no conflict scenario.

Therefore, your choice, as you have already designated to yourself, is to not be participating in the creations and behaviors of this other individual. This is not to say that your response may only be to remove yourself. You may express that your choice is that the other individual remove themself!

KATIE: Oh, I think I’ve tried that one already!

ELIAS: In this, I am understanding of your sense of helplessness in this situation, but I express to you that you are not helpless in this situation! Many times individuals within their reality and their creations may not be quite so accepting of your expression and may not be agreeable to your expression and may be seemingly forcing their expression upon you, but be remembering, no individual may be projecting any element to you that you do not accept.

Therefore, if the situation is presented in which another individual is exerting behavior which appears forceful, I express to you to be examining your participation in that behavior in allowing the forcefulness, for you hold equal strength in energy as any other individual within physical focus. It is not the situation that some individuals hold great strength and others do not. You all hold the same energy. You merely project your energy differently. At times, individuals may be projecting their energy quite strongly. In this, you may match their energy in many different types of expressions.

Now; I am not necessarily expressing to you that if an individual is projecting energy strongly in the manner of conflict ... and let us express that they may be shouting at you. This is not to say that you may match the energy that they project by shouting in like manner in response to them, but you may project a matched energy merely in being and within your energy field, which the other individual shall hold an immediate awareness of.

Energy is transmitted quite efficiently. It needs no communication in verbal terms; it needs no action in motions physically. It shall be expressed and it shall be noted. Merely your presence, holding in your knowing and trust of self that you are not participating with this individual and you also are not accepting of their energy projection, shall be transmitted to the individual immediately, instantaneously.

Be remembering of the example that I have offered previously of the energy projection and the allowance and the buffer (7).

In this, as you in actuality implement this type of action, it may be much more efficient than the methods that you automatically employ within physical focus. You are very accustomed to automatic responses. As another individual approaches and projects to you, you automatically, without thought, retreat within your energy field and hold very tightly to your energy, and you view this as protection.

In this, I may not emphasize enough that that action of retreat and holding tightly to your energy, which also creates reaction, is creating of what you term to be the opposite effect of that which you desire to be creating.

KATIE: Okay, let me ask you this. So if I am not participating in all of this stuff that’s going on around me and I am not holding to fear of what may happen or caught up in fear of what may happen, it will just stop happening around me? Or, they might move? (Hopefully)

ELIAS: Correct.

If the other individual is not receiving the payoff that they seek, they shall discontinue the action that they are creating. They shall discontinue the behavior, for it is not receiving the payoff.

You ALL create behaviors with each other to be receiving a payoff. You all create behaviors within YOURSELVES to be receiving a payoff, and if you are not receiving the payoff, you shall discontinue the behavior and the expression that you are creating.

ALL individuals within physical focus create in this manner. Your most enlightened individuals that you view upon your planet are motivated to move in the directions that they choose, for they perceive that they receive a payoff.

KATIE: Okay, so what is my payoff in this?

ELIAS: There are more than one reason in this situation that you participate. One of your reasons is that you offer yourself the opportunity to be viewing these types of situations, participating in them and noticing your own participation, which allows you to address to your own fears and your own restrictions within your expression. This draws your attention, and as you continue in these types of situations, you become fatigued with the repetitiveness of this situation, which within the process that you have chosen to this point within your focus, as you continue within any given action that becomes tedious to you, you choose eventually to be discontinuing within those types of actions. This is one aspect of how you benefit within your participation.

Another payoff that you receive in your participation in this type of conflict is that subsequent to the conflict, you may be interactive with the other individual; not the perpetrator of the behavior that you are unaccepting of, but the partner of that individual. You may be interactive with that individual subsequently and you may be offering your perception of helpfulness, and in this action, you receive your expression to yourself of acceptance, that you are offering an acceptable expression.

Let me explain this to you clearly, for this is a very common expression that individuals create within physical focus. This is also a very delicate area within physical focus, for individuals are not quite accepting of drawing their attention to this type of situation and expression.

Your belief systems are so very strong that you delude yourselves in the expression of helpfulness, that you may then view yourselves as acceptable and as good. This is a camouflage. This also is a payoff. If you may be receiving your expression of acceptance by another individual as you offer them helpfulness, this creates a feeling of goodness within you. It also creates a feeling and a sense of nobleness within you. THIS is how you divert yourself from addressing to the underlying elements, which are to be looking to self and accepting of self, providing self with those expressions.

This, once again, is moving within your trip around your country to be crossing your street. (8) You shall project outwardly to another individual in helpfulness, which in turn shall be creating of an acceptable expression from another individual, which in turn you shall then accept your own expression and be partially accepting of self. I express to you that it is much more efficient to be merely accepting of self, and not projecting outwardly to be receiving inwardly.

KATIE: Yep! I imagine it is!

ELIAS: And in this, we move full circle back to the initial statement that I have offered you, in creating your no conflict scenario.

KATIE: Yes, and you explained that very well to me. I really appreciate it.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 395, May 16, 1999]

GAIL: “I have another question. When Danny (9) and I get together and connect within our energy centers, first we were experiencing the feeling of sexual pleasure, and now it seems to be going off into another space that seems familiar to me. It seems like I used to go there as a child, into that space. Could you give me any information on what this is about?

ELIAS: I express to you that what you are allowing yourself is also an element which is involved in this issue that you hold. In this, you allow yourself to be experiencing in conjunction with another individual in relationship, but you also move in certain directions.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that you will allow yourself, as you are moving within this issue, to move in certain directions merely to a point, and once you have approached this point, so to speak, you have created a barrier in this area and refuse to allow yourself to be moving beyond this barrier. THIS is the element of openness and vulnerability.

In this, there is an element of fearfulness in which you hold, for you hold an expectation of other individuals in the manner that they may be moving into connection with your energy field, and if you are allowing them to be penetrating your energy field, you may be experiencing hurtfulness. Therefore, you hold to your energy within your energy field, and shall allow an openness with other individuals but not a penetration of your energy field, for there is a lack of trust of what may be created in that action by another individual.

Now; hear this!

I express to you in this situation that it is not in actuality what another individual may be creating or projecting to you. But in actuality, the fear is projected from within yourself in the area of a lack of acceptability with concern to yourself, that were you to be offering the expression of vulnerability and openness entirely to another individual, you shall also expose to another individual that area of yourself which you guard very carefully, for this is the area of yourself that you view to be unacceptable, and as you view this to be unacceptable, you hold an expectation that other individuals shall view you as unacceptable also. Therefore, you hold tightly to this area of your energy.

What you are creating in this action is, you shall allow yourself a time framework and certain situations and circumstances in which you will allow an openness, in part, and a vulnerability, in part, which draws to you the expressions of other individuals in intimate manner, but once the approach has been accomplished, there is a trigger which occurs within you ...

GAIL: Um-hmm.

ELIAS: ... sounding....

GAIL: I was trying to go back within myself to a point when I didn’t feel that way, and I couldn’t find that point. I mean, usually I can go back to an issue and look at it, and know before that point that I felt okay. But I tried to go back, and I can’t find a point where I feel open.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, William [Gail], this is the point.

You have moved in the direction for much time framework to this point in similar manner, in which your individual method to be allowing yourself information with self has been to turn your attention pastly. I express to you that in this, you may be moving much more efficiently to not be turning your attention pastly, but to hold your attention within the now – present – and view your expression NOW and address to your expression and your issue within the now.

It matters not what you have created pastly, for each creation is the experience within the moment. It is merely aspects of your belief systems that lead you into a direction of a thought process in which you THINK that each action that you create is dependent upon another action, or that one action stems from another action. I express to you that this is an element of your officially accepted reality within your linear time framework. Therefore, it is quite familiar to you.

But in this, I am expressing to you that you may be offering yourself a much more efficient manner of addressing to this issue if you are holding within the now, examining and noticing what you are creating within the moment; not necessarily moving your attention into evaluating all that surrounds the action within the moment, but to merely notice and inquire of yourself why you are feeling what you are feeling. OR, be noticing your behavior, and in that, notice the moments in which you have ‘put out’ your feeling, in which you are ‘switching off’ your feeling, and you are not allowing the expression of emotional feeling at all.

In this, you have created quite an efficient protection system, so to speak. But I express to you that any system of protection is merely a limitation and a barrier that individuals create, and a method to be preventing themselves from their own expression of openness and vulnerability, and as you do not allow in any moment that movement of openness and vulnerability, you also constrict your movement in your widening of awareness. Are you understanding?

GAIL: Yes ... yes. So basically, no cause and effect, and stay in the moment, and pay attention to how I’m feeling, right?

ELIAS: Correct. I express to you quite literally: although your belief systems move in the direction of expressing to you that all within your reality is an element of cause and effect, I express to you once again, this is an aspect of belief systems and is not in actuality an absolute, for there is no cause and effect.” [session 414, June 11, 1999]

RODNEY: “You lead me into another area that has interested me, and that other area is this term ‘Zacharie,’ which is the name that you have said holds the energy of essence for me ... I think that’s how you put it. When I use that word ... well, let me skip for a moment.

When I attempt to hold an image of what essence is, I’m pretty well blown away. One thousand focuses existing all at once – it’s almost too much for me to grasp. I’ve wondered if focusing on myself more, something closer to home, like my soul ... I’m playing with words now. But in essence – there’s that word again! In essence, if what I’m focusing on tends to be too far away, or at least my perception is that it’s too far away or too large for me to grasp, then I feel it doesn’t serve me. It’s kind of like wondering what God is like. (Elias grins)

But if I stay closer to home, like what I am and what my soul is, and having some comprehension of my awareness of my inner soul, it seems to me that I’m engaging in an activity that’s more productive, more worthwhile.

And the term ‘Zacharie,’ would you talk a little bit about what this means for me? You know, when I use that term, when I hear you say that term, I feel something inside. Would you speak to that, to what I’ve just said? I’m looking for a little direction here in how to begin to view who I am in a more creative way, I think.

ELIAS: (Chomping at the bit) You may incorporate this tone as the recognition and knowing that you ARE vastly larger than you may allow yourself a comprehension of within your physical focus. Therefore, you may incorporate this word of Zacharie as the knowing of the totality of essence and consciousness, which shall facilitate your movement into an awareness of interconnectedness of yourself and all other individuals throughout your physical dimension.

And I shall express to you also that you are quite correct in your movement of attention to self in this focus. You may be noticing that I am REPEATEDLY expressing to individuals within this forum to be directing their attention to the now, to themselves and to THIS focus, to THIS reality in which they are participating within. I am encouraging of individuals to be investigating of other focuses and other areas of consciousness merely to be offering them information that they ARE more than they view themselves to be objectively, but I am also quite directing of all of you to be noticing and interactive with THIS focus of attention.

This now, this aspect of you, this aspect of essence in which you hold your attention presently – that element that you identify as Rodney within this particular attention – holds ultimate importance, for it is the direction of your attention presently, and therefore, as it IS the focus of your attention, it holds importance that you be noticing and addressing to this attention.

Therefore, as you allow yourself the recognition that you are intensely more vast than one area of attention – you hold this in knowing, but it is unnecessary that you dwell upon that vastness. You shall offer yourself objective recognition of that vastness periodically. But in that expression, the focus of attention IS all of essence also, and this is the element of information that is misunderstood and also not heard by many, many individuals.

You look to an individual focus as merely a piece, a part of essence, and therefore you discount this and you create an assessment that it is insignificant or is not as important as the entirety of essence, and I express to you, it IS the entirety of essence.

This is difficult for your objective assimilation and comprehension, (Rodney sighs) and this be the reason that I continue to be directing your attention to the individual focus.

How may you be empowering and acknowledging of the individual focus as all of essence if you are discounting continuously the individual focus, and expressing the identification and definition of the focus as merely a piece or a part which holds little significance in the grand scale or large picture? You ARE the large picture! You ARE the grand scale! (Emphatic pause)

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

Therefore, I express to you genuinely an encouragement to BE focusing your attention upon the now – this present attention – and all that you create within this reality, and to allow yourself to be noticing of ALL of your reality within THIS now, allowing yourself the recognition of the tone that you are in this expression of Zacharie, which allows you – in THIS now, in THIS focus – the recognition that there IS no separation, and that you ARE interconnected, and that all of consciousness IS YOU. Therefore, this one focus holds ultimate importance, for it is all of reality!

RODNEY: Wow. I’m awestruck, Elias, and I thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

RODNEY: (Emotionally) I think some of that struck home. I think maybe I want to stop with that.

ELIAS: Very well. I offer to you great encouragement in the sojourn that you are participating within. I am greatly acknowledging of your movement, for you ARE allowing yourself a widening of awareness and a movement into the being of remembrance, which is YOU.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 507, November 26, 1999]

FEMALE: “Can I ask for a tip, possibly? You had mentioned before about being stuck at times, and I think we all probably feel or at least have the opinion that we’re actually stuck in an issue.

ELIAS: Quite.

FEMALE: I was just wondering if you could give any suggestions for when we create that reality of being stuck, and not being able to get to the bottom of an issue or not make progress.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, many, many, many individuals experience this same type of expression. In this, we have spoken of holding your attention within the now.

Many of the aspects of the expression of being stuck, so to speak, are influenced by your projections of your attention – your anticipation of future, your assessment that you are not moving in the manner that you wish to be moving, for you wish to be attaining, and this is a projection of future, or that you are repeating behaviors, and in your assessment of that, you are projecting past.

In allowing yourself to be holding your attention within the now and expressing to yourself that what you are creating within the now is not right or wrong – it merely is what you are creating in the now – and not anticipating what you may be creating within the future – not assessing your status within the now, but merely allowing yourself to be present within the now – you eliminate many of the aspects of your conflict and your expression of being stuck, so to speak.

At times you assess yourself to be stuck, for you view that you hold no choices or that you do not see your choices. You may express the thought process to yourself that you are quite sure that you hold choices, but you do not identify what they are!

You are holding tightly to your energy – which is an expression of projecting a tremendous volume of energy, to hold very tightly to your energy – and as you create that tension of energy, you pay so very much attention to the tension that you do not allow yourself to view your choices.

You are correct – you have limitless choices. But you do not view them, for you are not allowing your attention to be exploring your choices or what you may be creating within your expression of movement and creativity, for your attention is held so very strongly upon the tension.

Let me offer you a very small example in very physical terms.

If you are experiencing painfulness within your finger, your attention shall move to the expression of pain. The creation of pain is a choice, and within any moment, you may move your attention and not be experiencing that exhibition of pain. This is quite literal.

But as your attention continues to focus upon the pain within your finger, you may increase the pain and you may create a throbbing, and it shall continue, for you are paying attention and you are focusing your energy upon that action.

Now; you may create a thought simultaneous to the creation of the pain, and your thought may express to you, ‘I wish not to be experiencing this pain; this is quite uncomfortable,’ and the pain shall continue, and you shall create a whirlwind of confusion within you in your attempt to be finding your answer, so to speak, in how you may discontinue the pain, and all the while, you are concentrating upon the pain!

In this, this is the expression of complication, and the simplicity is to merely move your attention. All you need be incorporating is to turn your attention ever so slightly, and the pain shall cease to continue, and you shall not be concentrating upon the pain once it has ceased, and you shall allow yourself other avenues of movement.

But as you continue to hold your attention in one direction, you block the other choices that are available to you. This is the action of not engaging your periphery, and this also is quite familiar within your expressions in physical focus.

The engagement of periphery and moving your attention is unfamiliar. The mere expression of ease and simplicity is unfamiliar and suspect!

You may express within yourselves, ‘How may this be? There must be a trick. There must be another expression to be incorporated, for this expression is much too simple.’ It IS quite simple!

You actually incorporate this action quite frequently, but you do not pay attention to THAT action that you are creating! You distract yourselves continuously! You move your attention from one area to another, and once you have moved your attention, what occupied your attention within the moment previous is no longer within your reality, and this is your validation that you actually DO create every expression within the moment.” [session 646, June 17, 2000]

CAT: “About staying in the moment, if I’m doing the dishes or doing whatever, playing around, is it okay to fantasize about anything else? Is that still being in the moment?


CAT: So, like a child playing with blocks, I can have a whole castle there and I’m still in the moment?


CAT: I was having conflicts with that.

ELIAS: Yes. Many individuals are quite misunderstanding of this concept.

The reason that I emphasize to many individuals to be holding their attention in the now is not to be expressing an absolute to them or that they must only be paying attention to no other moment but the now. The most familiar action for most individuals is not to be paying attention in the now at all and to be projecting their attention either futurely or pastly and incorporating judgments and anxieties in conjunction with both, reproaching themselves for experiences and choices that they have generated pastly, experiencing anxiety in anticipation of what they may be creating in the future, and thusly experiencing what they term to be not merely frustration but a lack of control and a lack of an ability to be directing themselves at all.

In responsiveness to this, as I instruct them and suggest to them that they be paying more attention to what they are generating in the now, they may recognize the direction that they are generating and allow themselves to actually see what they are doing now that is creating that future or that past; for your past is continuously being altered by the present, for your perception is continuously changing. What actually occurred in one moment is changed multiple times as you recall it. Every time that you recall an action or an experience that you have incorporated, you shall recall it differently, and that recall of the event actually changes the event which occurred within the past.

CAT: It creates the event in the moment.

ELIAS: Correct. As to the future, that is being created now. If an individual is expressing an energy of anxiety now concerning what may be within the future, they are projecting that energy to create that very expression of their anxiety in the future, for the now shapes that. In this, it is significant that individuals pay attention to what they are actually generating now in conjunction with what they want.

Now; to be exclusively holding your attention in the now to the exclusion of all else is quite unrealistic, for this is not what you do. But to be projecting past or future to the exclusion of the now is also not efficient, and it hinders you for you do not allow yourself the power that you actually incorporate. You do not allow yourself the freedom that you actually deserve and that you want. Therefore, in moments in which I am discussing with other individuals concerning paying attention to the now, this is a suggestion to encourage them to not be so concentratedly focused in projecting, and to be remembering and aware of what they are doing now.

But none of you shall exclusively pay attention to the now and not incorporate any other projection of attention to other elements of your reality. You all incorporate some action of projection of future and past – or perhaps not even future or past, perhaps sideways into what you term to be fantasy, which is not necessarily fantasy but is listening to your communication of imagination, which steps you sideways into other areas of consciousness which you are communicating to yourself from.

In that action, it is inspiring, for that is the action of the communication of imagination, to be motivating and to be inspiring of you to be exploring more freely in other areas. If you are fantasizing, in actuality many times what you are actually doing in that communication is allowing yourself to tap into other areas of consciousness in which other manifestations are quite real, which is significant and important, for how that generates inspiration is you thusly translate into your reality in different manners and that inspires you to manifest different expressions within your reality.

CAT: So go ahead and encourage that in myself rather than attempt to repress it?

ELIAS: Quite! That is an avenue of communication, and I may express to you, why should you repress any of your communications?” [session 1499, January 19, 2004]

ELIAS: “Good day and welcome, all of my dear friends. This day I shall pose two questions to each of you. One is what is your greatest concern or fear; the other is what is your greatest comfort. Consider these questions for a moment, and we will begin. (15-second pause) We will begin.

BILL: This is Bill. I think my greatest concern has to do with disengaging and leaving my family unfinancially secure. I can’t really think of anything else that concerns me more than that. My greatest comfort, I don’t know. I’m pretty comfortable most of the time, except for that concern. Comfort seems to be related to the greatest concern. I’m most comfortable when I’m not thinking about the concern. That’s it for me.

ELIAS: Very well. And you?

FRAN: My greatest concern would be that you were going to ask me that question! (Laughter) This is Fran. I think probably my greatest concern would be security, in that whether or not I can support myself. My greatest comfort is probably food.

ELIAS: Very well.

AMY: I think my greatest concern is that I’ll get to the end of my life and I won’t have allowed myself to flow (inaudible), holding myself back. I think my greatest comfort is that I am a part of All That Is (inaudible).

JUDY: Hello, Elias. I’m Judy. What popped into my head when you asked that has to do with relationships with people and others here on earth. My greatest concern is that they allow me to be who I am, and my greatest comfort is their support.

ELIAS: And you?

JON: I’m Jon. My greatest concern is my to continue my living situation the way it is, and my greatest comfort is that things have been working out really well for me in the last few years, so it tempers my concern.


KATHY: Hi, I’m Kathy. Like Amy, my greatest concern is that I hold myself back, and my greatest comfort is that (inaudible).

ELIAS: Very well.

NANCY: My greatest concern is the well-being of my children, and the greatest comfort that I have is nature.

JENE: My greatest fear at this moment would be the manifestation of my retirement continuing in a comfortable manner, and my greatest comfort in this moment is chocolate ice cream.


MAGDALENA: (Inaudible)

LYNDA: That’s a really good question. At times my greatest concern or threat is that I will have to give up my cats for some bizarre reason. Because I’m going in the direction of exploring, and what if I have to move or I create a situation where I need to be someplace else? I spin out with the cats. One of my greatest passions is staying home with the cats, and letting myself to stay home with the cats. That’s it!


HERNAN: My greatest concern is what I am going to do the day I die. I don’t want to be a burden at home. My greatest comfort is the way I’m working now, the way I earn money. It’s so easy. That’s it.

ELIAS: And you?

JIM: Good question. My greatest concern is (inaudible). My greatest comfort is spending time with her.

ELIAS: And you?

LINDA: My greatest fear right now is the aging of my mother, and my comfort (inaudible).

ELIAS: And you?

RODNEY: My greatest fear, the prevailing concern, has to do with the end of life, my relationship to it, and I feel I should be creating something that I’m not creating. I guess my biggest fear is that at the end of my life, I’m gonna say that I blew the whole thing; I wasted it. That underlies a lot of my thinking, working with that. My greatest comfort, I think, is the acceptance I feel from other people, friendship I receive from other people. It’s always a surprise to me, because I don’t feel as good about myself as they seem to show. It’s like wow, what do they think? It’s a comfort.

ELIAS: And you?

GAIL: I think my fear – I don’t know if it’s my greatest fear – is about being (inaudible) my awareness of my (inaudible). My greatest comfort is to be alone in nature and to feel harmonious with nature. (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Very well. And you?

SANDRA: My name is Sandra. (Inaudible)

ELIAS: And you?

JOSHA: (Inaudible)

VERONICA: Hi, Elias, this is Veronica. My greatest fear is that I will not allow myself to manifest all the creations (inaudible), that I will not allow the creative juices and energy to flow through me, that I will not be the wonderful person that I want to be and manifest things of beauty and utility. My greatest comforts are my emotions and exploring my sexuality.

ELIAS: And you?

ELLA: This is Ella. I think my greatest concern is nonacceptance of myself from others (inaudible).

BEN: This is Ben. I am concerned that I could be creating better, and I am comforted by a company of friends.

CURTIS: Hello, I’m Curt. My greatest concern is to continue to create my health, and my greatest comfort is self-acceptance.

ELIAS: And you?

JOHN: When I think in terms of my greatest fear, (inaudible).

ELIAS: It can be either.

JOHN: Then I guess my greatest fear would be disengaging and finding myself (inaudible). My greatest comfort would be (inaudible).

ELIAS: And you?

NATASHA: My greatest concern, I have so many of them I don’t know which one to pick! (Laughter) (Inaudible) My comfort would be (inaudible).

ELIAS: And you?

INNA: This is Inna. My biggest concern is not to be loved, not being accepted, feeling alone. My comfort is when I do feel loved.

DANIEL: This is Daniel. My biggest concern would be missed opportunities that my life presents, and my comfort is whatever happens, I would (inaudible).

ELIAS: Now; do any of you notice or recognize the theme of all of the concerns or fears, and the theme of all of the comforts?

FRAN: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Not quite. For talk of it would not fit into that scenario. (Laughter)

RODNEY: I sense that the theme that I heard going around was a lack of trust in what we’re creating in the future, a lack of trust of what we’re up to, and that we fear that we can’t do it. Although a lot of them were different, that was an element that was present in all of them.

HERNAN: The concerns were related to the future, and the comforts are related to something that is here now, in the present.

ELIAS: Your comfort is now. Your comfort is in what you are doing, what you allow yourself to do. Your concerns or your fears are involving future anticipated actions, whether it be that you fear what may be, or you fear what you may do, or what you may not accomplish, or where you will be. They are all concerns that are not associated with now, and they are speculations. They are not real, and they interrupt your now. Your concerns, at times, rob you of your comfort, for you replace your comfort with the concern, and the concern occupies your time and distracts you from accomplishing precisely what the concern is.

I have been expressing for many years, the most important action that you all can engage is to be present. It is the most challenging action, for it is unfamiliar and difficult for most individuals to constantly be present. But in the present, your concerns disappear, for there is no concern in the present. You are not dead, you are not dying, you are accomplishing, you are not destitute, and even if you were destitute, you may actually find comfort in that in your present.

Being present is not a matter of merely being in the now. You can be aware of the now and not be present. You can be aware of what is occurring now, what is surrounding you now, and what environment you are in now. You can even be aware of what you are doing now and not be present. You are not present with yourself, acknowledging your existence. But you ARE present when you are in your comfort.

I expressed previously, one of the greatest moments that individuals generally are present with themselves is if they are experiencing pain. For if they are experiencing pain, they focus quite strongly upon the discomfort, and they will be quite present with themselves. They are quite aware of their existence, for it hurts. But when you are expressing genuine comfort, you are also present. It is a matter of allowing yourselves to recognize your comfort and hold to that present, not allowing future anticipations to interrupt it, to allow yourself to appreciate each moment regardless of what you are doing. Whether you are brushing your teeth, whether you are driving in your vehicle, whether you are sitting in a chair – it matters not. It is a matter of moving your perception to what actually is.

Your perception is very influenced by associations that you generate. Many of those associations are not connected to now. They may be past associations, they may be future associations, but many of them are not connected to now. You do not always think of associations. Therefore, they are not as prominent. Although they are expressed prominently, they may not be recognized as prominently. But they are very influencing of your perception, and that is what creates your reality.

In this, if you allow yourself to be present with yourself, you can begin to notice in any situation what your associations are, for they also prompt your responses, your actions, and how you interact or do not interact. Many times individuals will express in certain manners that they incorporate strong associations with, but they may not be aware of why. Those associations that they generate may not actually be valid, but they are automatic. They may incorporate no actual connection to you, yourself, and what you are doing or not doing, but they influence you in how you view other individuals.” [session 2377, October 20, 2007]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias presented an exercise in which he challenges anyone interested to construct their own portion of an inner city. The goal is to insert a “ready for prime time” version into a future probability.

Exercises: find out more about the city exercise.

Digests: find out more about the city.

(2) Paul’s note: Vic “channeled” some information via automatic writing and was curious about the validity of the experience.

(3) Paul’s note: the clarity exercise is a tool that sharpens the physical senses by enhancing our ability to concentrate, observe, and focus in the present moment. While fine-tuning the five physical senses, its purpose is also to maintain the clarity of focus in altered states and projections of consciousness.

ELIAS: “The point of the exercise in clarity is to be allowing you the opportunity to be manipulating outer senses, which may also offer you more of an understanding of how to be manipulating inner senses more efficiently and to be using your inner senses in conjunction with each other as you use your outer senses in conjunction with each other, but you do not allow yourselves to be efficiently manipulating your OUTER senses, which you are quite familiar with!

Therefore, I have offered that particular exercise that you may become more familiar with manipulating these senses that you hold familiarity with, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to more efficiently manipulate your inner senses, which shall be offering you more information within consciousness, and also, it shall be helpful to you in manipulating energy within the action of this shift.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

(4) Paul’s note: Elias uses this metaphor to describe how we sometimes make our lives more complicated and difficult than they need to be; by taking a trip around the country to cross a local street, when all we needed to do was cross the street in the first place:

JENE: “I have a question. Rahsha would like a process of physical change in her physical body. How effective or efficient can I be in the suggestion to return to the consciousness prior to this dimension and alter a cellular structure; through her choice, I would just be the guide; to manifest her desire in a different physical construction within this dimension?

ELIAS: You may pursue this avenue if you are choosing, but I shall also express to you that this is unnecessary, for all time is simultaneous. Therefore, you may equally affect, within this present now, past and future, and be affecting of this focus. It is, in actuality, unnecessary for you to incorporate the idea of traveling through time dimensions to be affecting of this particular focus. This would be the same, in illustration, of physically walking across your street; as opposed to incorporating an airplane to travel around your entire country, landing near your street to walk across your street!” [session 105, July 17, 1996]

(5) Paul’s note: the no conflict exercise is Elias’ version of the path of least resistance. In other words, if what you are doing is creating conflict, then stop doing it. Seems simple enough.

Exercises: find out more about the no conflict game.

(6) Paul’s note: Marj refers to “losing” her boyfriend Hal, who passed away earlier in 1999.

(7) Paul’s note: Elias has offered an exercise in which to explore the way we interact with our own and other peoples’ energy.

Exercises: find out more about the energy fields; allowance, penetration, buffer exercise.

(8) Paul’s note: see endnote 4.

(9) Paul’s note: Gail refers to her boyfriend Danny.

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