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essence; an overview

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You are thinking of your essence as a ‘thing’ – an ‘entity.’ As I explained, I am not an entity. You are not, either. An entity denotes a separate thing. You are not a thing.” [session 13, June 11, 1995]

ELIAS: “Your essence is all creating. It is the most wonderful, creative, and beautiful expression possible of the Creating Universal One and Whole, which is also not a ‘thing.’ It is not an ‘entity.’ It is not separate from you. It is you, and you are it, and it is beyond!” [session 13, June 11, 1995]

ELIAS: “All right, we shall incorporate this word oversoul. This would be what I would choose to express as essence, which is the same as your oversoul. The reason this has been presented as an oversoul, not just a soul, is that the concept is that the soul is your consciousness. Within that concept, each focus possesses its own consciousness, although this consciousness is incorporated and inseparable from the greater consciousness, which incorporates all focuses. Therefore the term oversoul, which views all of the focuses, or some of the focuses.” [session 46, October 18, 1995]

ELIAS: “As to aspects, you are essence. I do not appreciate the term of parts. Therefore, I am eliminating parts, for this encourages sections. You do not possess sections. You possess aspects. All of your focuses that you view are aspects of essence, all incorporated within essence, but all separate and individual.” [session 51, November 01, 1995]

ELIAS: “Your physical manifestation – not vessel – is much more efficient and amazing than you realize. I have said many times before, it is a physical manifestation of essence. Therefore, it possesses great ability.” [session 55, November 15, 1995]

ELIAS: “Also, essence did not create consciousness. Consciousness is. Consciousness creates all. I have expressed the usage of a time frame for your perception in expressing consciousness as original, and essence springing from consciousness. In actuality, there is no time frame. All is simultaneous. All is in a state of becoming, as is also The Creating Universal One And Whole, which is not completed, which is ongoing, which is present always, now.” [session 79, March 17, 1996]

ELIAS: “Essence is a term that is used for your benefit; for your understanding of identification of a tone of consciousness which holds a certain direction, a certain intent for its creation of manifestation. All consciousness holds intent within its own value fulfillment. Essence is that tone which chooses manifestation within personality for certain experiences. This is you. All other manifestations hold consciousness and are aware of self and hold the intent of value fulfillment, even to the tiniest link of consciousness; and together, all of this is the action of The Creating Universal One And Whole, which is not an entity or being. It is an action. It is a movement.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “This evening, we shall engage in a discussion of consciousness. This will also involve subject matter with reference to The Creating Universal One And Whole, for this is consciousness. Think of your present belief systems, which greatly incorporate your scientific technology, and ask yourselves with your rational, logical intellect how you may arrive at conclusions of an impersonal universe and elements possessing consciousness extending from non-conscious matter. Within your present belief systems, you accept that a cosmic explosion occurred and created your universe; this being completely random and possessing no consciousness. Your world began as gasses, rock; elements not possessing life, to your estimation; and from this, through your belief systems of evolution, you believe that miraculously, somehow, consciousness was incorporated into matter accidentally. If you inquire to me, I will express to you, this possesses no logic. Matter did not appear ‘cosmically’ within this explosion, and then create consciousness. Consciousness was; is.

I will express to you that in your terms of viewing in time elements – for you are focused within time – we shall use terminology of ‘before,’ which is also now, (smiling) but we shall be indulging of terminology that you may relate to.

Therefore, before the organization and orchestration of your universe as you view it was consciousness. Before essence, as you interpret it, was the whole. You may use any term you are wishing for this action. I do not use the term ‘being’ purposely, for your term of God or All-That-Is (1) or The Creating Universal One And Whole, whatever you choose to call it, is not a being. It is all consciousness. It is an action. It incorporates all.

Within this experience of what you term to be god are many, many elements. Before the incorporation of essence, so to speak, there were elements of consciousness. You may also term these to be ‘units,’ which others have expressed previously. (2) These elements of consciousness know no limits of time or space. You may think of these as very tiny black holes. You may think of them, if you will, in physical terms as elements smaller than your smallest physical particles; but these elements are that which create all physical expression. Everything within every universe within every dimension is created by these elements of consciousness, and they are everything. They are not only the driving force behind matter and action, but are matter and action also; this being the basis of what you term to be god.

I will also express to you, as I have many times previously, you incorporate all the same as this action of god. You are the same; but it is more. It is more than the sum of all of the dimensions, of all of the universes, of all of the parts; but without you, it would not be either. Therefore, no separation; for you also are intimately a part. You incorporate your own individuality, your own intent, your own desires and focus; but you also incorporate all of it, and it possess, so to speak, all of you. No one element, to the most minute unit of consciousness, is any less than another. Therefore, there is no contradiction in expressing to you that you each, within your individuality, are the center of the universe; for this is true.

Essence is what we will term a portion of this encompassing whole, although not a portion! (Smiling) Within your limitations of language, it is impossible to express to you the lack of division and separation; this being why I express to you to conceptualize these concepts that I offer to you, for within your thought patterns within physical focus, it is not possible for you to completely eliminate all separation and be understanding of these concepts. When I express to you that essence incorporates all systems, that all systems are open and available to you, this is what is incorporated by consciousness. You possess this. Every element of consciousness possesses all elements of the whole.

Each element chooses to manifest according to its desire and function. A flower manifests to the fullest of its ability. The units of consciousness that make up this flower are the same as that which you possess also. The flower’s intent and function is to be a flower. Your intent and function is to incorporate intellect and intuition, to be directing of your universe as you have created it. Therefore, make no mistake; you direct all of your physical manifestation in every area. We have discussed this many times within previous sessions. You create your individual reality, and collectively you create the reality en masse. Therefore, you are the creators of all that you perceive ... and far beyond.” [session 79, March 17, 1996]

ELIAS: “Each physical reality holds their own equivalent of essence families. Some realities may have fewer essence families; some may have the same number of essence families. These families, as we have discussed previously, are related directly to the individual physical realities. Just as you together in a group would cooperate and volunteer to exercise your individual talents and your individual contributions if you were to be planning and creating a town or a city, these essence families also cooperate in creating this reality. This is voluntary action. Groups of essences choose individual physical realities to align with and be creating of.” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

ELIAS: “You view yourselves as one entity. You view yourselves as one mind, one body. You are not! You view your consciousness as one thinking mind, one thought process. You are countless thought processes. Each focus is not one entity. The air within this room occupies one space. It is not one entity. In like manner, you focus within one material expression physically, but your consciousness is not singular. Your physical body expression resonates to the tone of you, of one focus; not to the entirety of essence, but to the individual focus; for each focus is a new creation. It has been always, but it is new.

... There was no entity in some ‘beginning’ which has created essence. Essence is not a contained entity. Some ‘thing’ did not create other ‘things’ which creates other ‘things.’ All is consciousness. I may be instructing of Lawrence [Vicki] to be capitalizing of all objects! (3) Therefore, we shall emphasize the divinity and importance of all consciousness and manifestation and creation, for they are inseparable. They also are all the same. They only choose different arrangements. Essence is a term that is used for your benefit; for your understanding of identification of a tone of consciousness which holds a certain direction, a certain intent for its creation of manifestation. All consciousness holds intent within its own value fulfillment. Essence is that tone which chooses manifestation within personality for certain experiences. This is you. All other manifestations hold consciousness and are aware of self and hold the intent of value fulfillment, even to the tiniest link of consciousness; and together, all of this is the action of The Creating Universal One And Whole, which is not an entity or being. It is an action. It is a movement.

RETA: ... I have a question. You were talking about an essence, and they send down all these focuses or whatever. Is there ever a time when this particular essence gathers all this, comes back together, all the focuses are finished with manifestation and have the experiences, bring it all together and combine it again? We’re saying now we’ve done all this, we’ve had this experience. Do we go on to anything further and greater, in a manner of speaking? Get out of transition? Do you ever bring yourself back together as a whole essence?

ELIAS: We have discussed this previously, and I shall explain once again. You are not fragmented, in your terminology, at this point, and you are not absorbing back into the whole, for you are the whole at every moment. Therefore, it is only differentiated by dimension and attention. Yes, you may choose within essence to not be incorporating physical focus within your essence, but you are not calling back all of your children to your house to be collectively reunited! Within essence, you may choose to be entering the cycle of physical manifestation, and you may experience this by designating focuses within dimensions of physical manifestation. You may also choose to disengage the cycle of physical manifestation. In this, you may choose what you think of as completeness of non-physical focus.

These are extremely simplified terms. I shall be reminding you that as your understanding increases, I shall offer information futurely that shall appear, once again, contradictory; for I shall express to you that you shall hold physical manifestations as you are completely, non-physically, subjectively focused. We shall not enter this area presently, for this will serve only for confusion; but within simultaneous time, all things are at once. It is not a created situation of experiencing a cycle of manifestation within given physical dimensions and moving forward linearly, and then, underline, moving out of physical focus and manifesting subjectively entirely. All is simultaneous. Therefore, it is all incorporated always.

You may be, you are not, but you may be an essence choosing not to be engaging any physical manifestation within any dimension, and you shall not experience this type of objective reality. Therefore, you shall be all gathered continuously, with no fingers spreading out into different dimensions which need be pulled back and retracted into essence! You shall move into areas of non-physical and physical manifestation both, simultaneously.

Some essences also are choosing to be continuing within manifestation physically; this being their choice, for this being their desire; wishing to be continually engaging physical manifestation. This is not a lower plane, underline once again, of existence within consciousness. It is different. It is a choice. All avenues within consciousness are a choice of experience in the action of becoming.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

ELIAS: “What you view now as altered states are natural to essence. What you experience is an altered state! It is also part of your confusion; for as you move into more expressed communication with essence, you begin to experience the multidimensionality of essence, which you may feel as an altered state continuously throughout your day. In actuality, this is natural. It has been expressed to you many times that you are much more than you view. You are not one singular entity. There are myriads of aspects of yourself. You are only familiar with one.” [session 150, January 26, 1997]

ELIAS: “Creatures are not essence. Therefore, unlike essence which focuses simultaneously in many different physical dimensions, the creatures are a creation of yours within consciousness. They are a direction of energy of consciousness. Therefore, you direct energy within each physical manifestation aligned with the framework of that particular dimension, such as your genetic encoding within this particular physical dimension which is not incorporated within other physical dimensions. In this, you are within other physical dimensions presently. Your elephant is not. It is unique to this dimension and this physical focus.

The creatures also hold free will and choice, for all consciousness holds free will and choice. You have manifest this, but as it is created it may continue within its own choices. Therefore it may choose, for its own value fulfillment, to be experiencing another dimension within physical manifestation. In this, within agreement to you it shall become extinct, and its energy shall be rearranged and remanifest within another physical dimension, encoded with the specifications which are necessary for that physical dimension.

Your dinosaurs exist within another dimension. They move freely and appear in the same form as you visualize them to be within your dimension, but they do not exist within your time framework within this dimension any longer. Within another dimension they do exist, with different inner encoding. This is not necessarily genetic encoding in the same manner as your encoding, for this is unique to this dimension.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

ELIAS: “You are a focus of essence. You contain all aspects of essence. You focus your attention in one direction, this being a focus, that which you recognize as you; but within an expansion of this recognition and within an allowance to be engaging your periphery and allowing yourself to view more of essence, you shall begin to allow yourself an understanding of consciousness and the lack of separation.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “As you understand more of self and essence and the action of manifestation and all of your focuses, and you also understand more of the reality of belief systems, you shall also become more understanding and tolerant of the relationships that you create, realizing that you create your reality. Every moment of your reality, objective and subjective, you are creating within every moment. Therefore, as you begin to objectively understand these actions and incorporate this as reality, not only as concept, this shall also be influencing to be altering your perception of your experience.” [session 187, June 28, 1997]

ELIAS: “There have been essences in groups, which we identify as families, that are directly connected to the creation of this dimension and physical reality in its entirety–your entire known universe. This is only one universe, which occupies the same space arrangement as all other universes. You are merely aware of this one. There have been, as has been expressed, essences creating this planet and planetary system, which have been identified in relation to the Seers. There have also been essences in the role, ‘before the beginning,’ of the Dream Walkers, but this would not be a seeding or a fragmentation, and is not related to the subject of splintering. This is a function of essence.

Essence is an element of consciousness. It is the personality identification, in individuality, of consciousness. It is not separate. Therefore, there is no ‘thing’ or entity which existed ‘first’ and was creating of all, or seeding of each dimension. There is only consciousness. (Pause)

There are areas of consciousness. There are focuses of consciousness. There are attentions of consciousness. There are identifications of personality; but all is within the whole of consciousness. None is separated. No aspect is greater than any other aspect of consciousness, and no aspect of consciousness existed ‘before’ any other; for there has never been a ‘beginning.’” [session 191a, July 10, 1997]

ELIAS: “If moving instantaneously into non-physical simultaneous time, viewing all focuses and the vastness of essence, the focus would not comprehend. We are speaking of the focuses, not the entirety of essence! Therefore, the focus must be shedding the belief systems of the physical reality and widening its awareness and its attention to encompass all of essence. This may be accomplished partially within a physical focus.” [session 247, December 07, 1997]

DREW: “I have a follow-up question to a discussion that we had last week about body consciousness. Is there consciousness other than essence?


DREW: Okay. And the purpose of consciousness is to become and experience. Is that correct?


DREW: So if there is consciousness that is not essence, what is it that is doing the experiencing and the becoming? Is it just purely consciousness?


DREW: Okay. So the difference between consciousness and essence is that essence involves tone?

ELIAS: Personality tone.

DREW: And consciousness does not?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: And there are dimensions that are purely consciousness with no essence? Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Created by essence?

ELIAS: No; created by consciousness.

VICKI: So there are dimensions that are comprised of what we call consciousness with no interaction or ... they have nothing to do with essence?

ELIAS: Correct. This be the expression that I have offered to you within the onset of our sessions, offering you a term that may be understood in your language by you, in creating a distinction between essence and what I offered to you as The Creating Universal One And Whole.


ELIAS: Which is not god, which is more than the sum of the parts; the whole of consciousness; although this is difficult to be expressed within your language and your understanding within physical focus, for essence is intermingled with all of consciousness and there is no separation. Within physical focus, it is not possible to express to you the reality of this concept, for it is as we have expressed within the analogy of the air: You may capture a glass of air, but it is indistinguishable once released.

VICKI: Well, that being the case, why am I capitalizing those words?

ELIAS: This is for emphasis and distinctions. You function within your belief systems and you function within language. Language within physical focus is important to your communication. Therefore, within your language, I make distinctions for your understanding. You are not the only individual that acquires this information or reads your transcribing.

VICKI: Well, I’m aware of that. It’s just that if The Creating Universal One And Whole is comprised of consciousness ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... I don’t get it.

ELIAS: It is ALL of consciousness; the totality.

VICKI: So there’s a totality of consciousness??

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking ... which is boundless!

VICKI: Right, so it ain’t making sense to me. It doesn’t make sense.

ELIAS: It is my choice.

VICKI: I understand that, and I do it, but I don’t get it.

DREW: Within the limitations of our language and our ability to understand, I’ll ask you a question again using terms that will help make it easier for us to understand. I understand there are no divisions. That notwithstanding, there is essence, and there is consciousness separate from essence. Are there other categories of consciousness, if you will, other than essence that are separate from consciousness?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

DREW: Any that we would be even close to understanding?


DREW: It’s just enough to know that there are. (Elias nods) Okay. Limitless numbers?

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 252, December 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “Within essence, there is no gender. Within essence, there are no taboos. Within essence, there is no right or wrong. Within your belief systems that you have created within this dimension, you separate. Therefore, you separate into creations of genders. Within your manifestations, in agreeing to participate within this dimension for the sexual experience, you choose to be creating within three manifestations at the least for those experiences: one being male, one being female, one being homosexual. Within these experiences you have created many belief systems, but these belief systems serve to separate you from the remembrance of essence, therefore allowing you the purity of the experience. If you are not holding the belief systems of the taboos of homosexuality, for example, you shall not allow yourself the purity of the experience.

Also, you hold belief systems that serve as motivation for you. If you are being instructed that any element is taboo, it creates an automatic fascination within you. Therefore, you are motivated to explore. You move beyond your confines and limitations of duplicity and you allow yourself permission to explore these areas that are taboo. Although you may be exploring privately and to your thinking secretly, you continue to be motivated to explore.

In an instance that any individual expresses to you, ‘You may not do this,’ you shall automatically naturally within you respond with, ‘I SHALL do this,’ for within essence you hold a knowing that there is no element that may be denied to you. You also hold the knowing that there is no right or wrong. This provides you, in spite of your belief systems, a very strong motivation to move into areas that are denied to you as resulting of your belief systems.

This is not to say that your belief systems have not limited you within many areas and also within your sexual orientations, for you also hold fearfulness of damnation of your immortal souls, that you may enter areas that cross the line of taboo and this may not be acceptable. But you enter now into information and a knowledge that there is no limitation for yourselves, and there is no area that is unacceptable for your experience.

You have also been told that pleasure is good. It provides you with an ease within your value fulfillment. You may be accomplishing your value fulfillment without pleasure, but in moving in the direction of pleasure you accomplish your value fulfillment with less thickness.” [session 255, January 04, 1997]

MARI: “I have what I call my own source, for no better terminology. I channel, and the source, my own source, gives lots of information, helps me on a day-to-day basis, and seems to be there at all times whenever I ask. Could you please describe my source of information, who speaks so often to me through my mind?

ELIAS: This is your essence speaking to you.

Now; individuals create many different terminologies for this same action. You may express to yourself that this is your higher self, your higher power. It may be termed to be god. It may be termed to be your guide. It may be termed to be many different expressions. But in actuality, what is occurring is that you have allowed yourself to open to essence and allow information to flow through to be helpful to you within this particular focus, accessing your own language to yourself and listening to your own essence.

Now; this is NOT an entity outside of you. It IS you. It is merely the larger aspect of you, which within your understanding, you view this to be some element which is outside or beyond or above you. In reality, it is part of you and IS you. It is merely that aspect of you that is separated within physical focus, for within physical focus you automatically move in the direction of holding your attention singularly and therefore separate yourself from the vastness of essence. This aspect of you, of essence, offers you not only information, but the remembrance of self; the remembrance of essence and the vastness that it is.

MARI: Does this same higher self also communicate with other aspects of itself or myself at the same time or at different times?

ELIAS: Absolutely. It is in continuous communication subjectively. This is not to say that any other focus which is focused physically in any physical dimension, that they may be objectively aware of the communication as are you, for not all focuses allow themselves the openness to be accessing objectively the information which is offered. But essence is continuously in communication with all of its focuses. Therefore, yes, it is communicating to other aspects of you, which are other aspects of it, for it IS you.

MARI: Sometimes I send love to my other aspects of self, and also to my own higher self. Do the other aspects of self receive it or realize that it’s another piece of themselves sending this love to them?

ELIAS: At times this is acknowledged and there is an awareness of this action. At other times there is no objective understanding or awareness of what is being projected to them, but it is always received. It is never NOT received. At times it may be not understood or there may not be an objective awareness, and in those situations the energy is automatically received and constructed into whatever manner shall be the most beneficial to that particular aspect or focus. At other times, as I have expressed, there is an awareness of the energy projected and it may be received in the manner that it has been sent, or it may be objectively manipulated into reconstructing it in the most efficient manner for that particular focus. But regardless of how it is received by another focus or aspect of yourself, it is always received, and it is always received in the most beneficial manner.” [session 299, July 19, 1998]

BOBBI: “I have a question about an experience I had last spring. Vivien hypnotized me and told me to go to a place ... I believe she said that I needed to go, and I was expecting an other-focus experience. As it turned out, I wound up in a place that was like viewing huge petals of flowers, or a cloud. It was various shades of blue; very beautiful, very huge. I was kind of floating in towards it, and as I got more towards the center, little gold squiggly things were coming out of the middle. At the time, it was difficult for me to convey. She was asking what was I experiencing, what was I visualizing, and I’ve had a lot of confusion about exactly where I was in that experience.

ELIAS: In this state of relaxed focus, you are offered directions by the individual that is facilitating, which you shall be complying with as you choose to be relaxing your focus of attention. But in certain situations, the direction that you are being offered may be left to your interpretation, as it is not specifically designated. Within the action of allowing you to choose your own direction, at times there is also a confusion of the language while you are relaxing the attention of the particular focus.

As you enter into this area of relaxing your attention, the individual may express to you that you may be moving into an area that you ‘need’ to be focusing upon, but within your interpretation of this, you may move in the direction of an area that you WANT to focus upon, for the word ‘need’ does not translate well within subjective areas of consciousness, for in actuality, there is no element of need. This is an aspect of belief systems which is recognized by your subjective awareness, that even within your physical manifestation, there is in actuality no actual need of any element, action, or direction.

In this, you automatically translate into a more subjective language and reconstruct this particular instruction into more of an area of a want – what you choose to be focusing upon. Therefore, this opens your window of movement into many different directions, for it is merely dependent upon that moment and what that particular aspect of yourself chooses to be viewing, at their choice within that moment.

In this, your choice within the moment was to be merely viewing to yourself the lack of separation between yourself as you view yourself objectively and that which you create objectively, knowing that in actuality there is no separation, but also continuing to focus your attention within physical elements.

Therefore, you have chosen to focus your attention in the area of presenting yourself with imagery that is of physical creations, but slightly different, for within the lack of separation, the appearance of these links of consciousness that pull together to form your physical creations are not as tightly bound. Therefore, they appear differently within your visualization. You offer yourself a truer visualization than what you physically view with your vision.

Within your physical vision you view objects, and these objects appear very sharp and clear to you, holding very distinct colors and shapes. In your allowance of viewing within this type of relaxed focus, you allow more of your subjective awareness to be entering into your objective viewing. You continue to hold certain elements of form in what is familiar to you, therefore you identify certain shapes, but you also hold a knowing within you that your identification of these shapes seems inadequate.

You view an object, and you express to the other individual in response that this object is a cloud or this object is a flower, but as you are viewing within the experience, the term flower or cloud does not seem quite adequate to be describing what you are actually viewing, for they do not entirely fit what you view within physical focus. In this, what you ARE viewing is more of the lack of separation of yourself and these elements. They are not what they appear, just as you are not what you appear, as we have stated previously within the context of this session. They are elements that are projections from you. Therefore, they are essentially what you may term part of you.

They are not separate entities. This be the reason that they seem clear, but slightly unfocused. They seem within your visualization to hold a crispness and a vividness, but they also simultaneously seem unfocused. They do not hold the solidity that actual objects hold, but they also hold more brilliance. This be the quality of vividness that you offer yourself in these types of visualization. In this, this is allowing yourself to view other elements of yourself, knowing that these elements are parts of yourself or aspects of yourself that you may also choose to be exploring.

Now; this shall lead us once again into the area of viewing the aspects of you. We have discussed all of the you’s of you, which are aspects of you, but there are more aspects of you than merely the you’s of you, for as I have stated previously, all that you view within this physical dimension is a projection of you. There is no separation. It merely appears in your perception, within each moment of linear time, that you are separated and that you hold distinction as entities, separate and apart from any other type of entity.

The vastness of what you are, in many respects within physical focus, is incomprehensible to you. This is also the reason that within the early throes of these sessions I have been encouraging of individuals to be engaging their conceptual sense, for this shall lend more of an ease in understanding to you of many of the concepts that I present to you, remembering that all that you designate as concepts are in actuality reality. They are merely not a reality to you within your perception.

Let us view the workings of consciousness – what IS consciousness – and the distinctions of essence and consciousness. You may notice throughout this information that I express a distinction between essence and consciousness. Essence is consciousness, but there is consciousness that is not essence. Essence is also unlimited. This be the area that is very difficult for your understanding within physical focus, for you are so very accustomed to thinking in singular terms. All that you create within your physical dimension moves in this direction.

You create things. You identify things. Even things that you may not see you classify as things, and this creates great difficulty within your thinking and your imagining of how there may be an element that is not a thing and that may be some quality in itself but unbounded simultaneously, that may be thought of in the manner of a distinction but not separate, (to Bobbi) which this is directly correlating to your experience.

In this, I have spoken previously of links of consciousness. Links of consciousness are not things either. They are elements of consciousness, but they hold no form. They are not within what you term to be a time framework, although they may be inserted into a time framework, but the time framework itself is comprised of links of consciousness, and these links of consciousness have no necessary space arrangement. They exist within all space arrangements simultaneously and within all time frameworks simultaneously.

Now; links of consciousness may group together, and in specific types of groupings together create a tone, and they may choose collectively to be creating in conjunction with that tone what may be identified as personality. The personality is a specific organization of movement within a vibrational quality of a collective expression of these links of consciousness, which in this type of configuration is creating what we term to be essence.

(Intently) Essence is not separate and apart from consciousness. There is no separate and apart from consciousness. There is no boundary to consciousness. There is no limit to consciousness. Therefore, there is no thing, no element, no action outside of consciousness, for there is no outside. Within consciousness, the configuration of these links of consciousness creating personality tone is the designation of essence.

These configurations are not separate and apart from each other, for be remembering that I have expressed to you, each link of consciousness occupies all space arrangements and all time frameworks and all of consciousness. Therefore, one link of consciousness may be an element that is within the configuration or grouping that comprises itself to be creating of your essence, and simultaneously, that same link of consciousness occupies all other essences. (Pause)

Let me express to you, you hold many different qualities. Each of your qualities are your qualities. You hold preferences. You express a perception. Your perception is unique to you. Where is your perception? What is your perception? Think of any quality of yourself. You are an individual that expresses gentleness. This would be a designation of a quality that you exhibit. Where is this quality? Present to me your gentleness! (Holding one hand out, palm facing upward, staring at everybody) What is your gentleness?

VICKI: It’s just expressed in action.

ELIAS: Form this to an object. It is not. It is a quality. It is a thing, in a manner of speaking, for it is a projection. What it is, is energy. What is energy? Energy is not a thing. Energy is movement. It is a motion, an action.

FRANK: Of what? Of consciousness?

ELIAS: It is an action of links of consciousness. Energy itself, as you identify as a thing, is an action. It is not a thing, although you identify energy as a thing.

The links of consciousness are not a thing. They are an existence, but they are not an entity. They are not a thing. You may not touch them, you may not hold them, you may not see them. They merely ARE.

I have attempted to be discussing in this area previously with individuals, and as this has been presented within this very session, Ellius [Forrest] has attempted to be moving in the direction of this subject matter (4), but THIS subject matter is quite difficult for you to be understanding and you are very resistant to this subject matter, for you think in terms of things and absolutes, and within the very construct of your language, your very words are contrary to the explanations themselves.

I have expressed previously that within consciousness, which is ALL, there are no absolutes, and I have been presented with the statement, ‘But this statement is an absolute!’ Your language does not facilitate any type of conceptual words that may adequately offer you these ideas. Within my very statements to you, they shall appear inconsistent, for your language is based upon what you know within physical focus, what you create within physical focus, what your perception creates within physical focus.

Therefore, I may express to you in truth, ‘There are no absolutes within consciousness.’ No is an absolute. Absolute is an absolute. Yes is an absolute! I may present to you that energy is an action, and you may express to me, ‘An action of what?’ The what is a thing. You may assimilate that energy is a motion, but it is quite difficult for you to assimilate that it is a motion of nothing! There is no thing that it is a motion of.

In this, as you move through the creations of consciousness, consciousness is directing of itself, but essence is directing of itself, but consciousness is directing of it, and it is directing of consciousness, for they are the same, but they hold configurations of distinctive groupings that appear different. There is complete mergence, complete harmony. There is no separation.

The closest expression that I may offer you within the confines of your language is to be incorporating the word of mergence, for within this word of mergence, you develop an idea within you of more than one thing absorbing into each other, and this presents you with a very small concept of a lack of separation. But even within the mergence you hold separation, for you hold that there are several things that are coming together and absorbing together, and there are qualities of these individual things that shall be distinct as they are merged.

In this, if you are moving to the direction of one singular link of consciousness – which is not a thing – one expression of energy, how may that one expression of energy occupy all space arrangements, occupy all time frameworks, and be all of consciousness and all of all essences simultaneously if it is a thing?

You express to me, this is very big. These concepts presented to you are presented in very small manners, in very small measure, but these concepts are far vaster than you comprehend, and you move not even close to actualizing their reality in your reality.

This be the reason that I express to you of skipping shells, for I hold the awareness that you may not understand information that I may offer you, but of what use shall this information be to you within your reality? For you may not be applying this information to be beneficial to you within your physical reality, for you may not even conceive of its reality!

FRANK: Do we need to?

ELIAS: No. This be the reason that I focus my attention with you upon your physical reality and what you create within your physical reality, and how to be manipulating energy within your physical reality more efficiently and moving into areas that you have chosen to be creating within this physical dimension with more effortlessness and less trauma. I am quite understanding with no doubtfulness that this type of information may be fascinating and quite interesting to be listening to within physical focus, but it is not useful to you in many areas within your everyday movement.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

NATTY: (5) Well, in my room, there’s like, when I walk through this door, you know, so I’m looking at the bathroom door, and outside I look at the window, it’s real dark out there in the kitchen, and I usually like think something’s going to come in and like peek out.

ELIAS: And this frightens you. (Natty nods, and Elias nods back)

Very well. We shall talk about you and your feeling that you are afraid in looking out the window within the dark. What do you see in the dark?

NATTY: I just see some like colors. I always see these, like when I’m looking at the little lights.

ELIAS: Quite. Now, do you know, what are these little colors and these little lights? (Natty shakes his head)

This is the reason that you are afraid, that you do not know what are these little lights and these colors, and you are afraid that they may be hurtful to you, but they shall not be hurtful to you.

You may be playful with these little lights, for you have heard stories of fairies, correct? (Natty nods) But fairies are not necessarily really fairies. These are stories.

But there are beings that you may pretend are fairies, and they are very playful, and they enjoy peeking into places in which small ones like yourself are living, for they like to be playing, and they know that you like to be playing also.

Therefore, they twinkle, and you see them twinkling. But other individuals – grown-ups – do not see them twinkling, and you think within yourself that they are not real, for the grown-ups do not see them twinkling. But they are real, and they are there, and they are....

NATTY: I know they’re real, because I saw their skating thing. That’s how I know they’re alive. Even because they have a house at my school, and my two friends, they really like fairies, and they know they’re alive.

ELIAS: Oh, they are quite alive, and they are quite real!

NATTY: Yeah!

ELIAS: But they are playful, and in this, you need not be afraid, for they shall not be hurtful to you. They are merely looking at you as they are curious, in the same way that you are curious about them.

In this, I shall tell you that you may be inviting these little beings into your home, and you may be playing with them. And these little beings are very creative, for they may play with you while you are sleeping. For while you are sleeping, you create dreams, and these little beings may play with you in your dreams. And you may tell these little beings your name, and they shall tell you their names, and you may play together, and you need not be afraid.

These little beings are known as essences, and they are all about you. They are everywhere, and you may see them, and they shall be quite happy to be playing with you. (Chuckling) And if you are so choosing, I shall be quite privileged to be playing with you also!

Shall you invite me to play with you also? (Natty nods) Very well! Then I shall accept your invitation, and I shall come to you also, and I shall play with you too. (Chuckling)

NATTY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome!

MARISA: (Whispering) Okay, say it really quickly.

HANNAH: Thank you for coming over here. (Elias grins)

MARISA: (Whispering) Okay, say goodnight.

HANNAH: Good night!” [session 488, October 20, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Seth/Jane Roberts’ term for expressing the concept of God as an action of eternal becoming, inseparable from and contained within Everything, incomprehensible in Its Totality.

This information was first introduced in The Seth Material, Chapter 18, The God Concept – The Creation – The Three Christs, (1970), sessions #426-428, (no date given.)

Elias initially used the term “Creating Universal One And Whole” to describe the same Reality. This was subsequently replaced by “all of consciousness.”

Digests: find out more about Creating Universal One And Whole/all of consciousness.

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the concept introduced by Seth/Jane Roberts in The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 1, (1977), session 682, February 13, 1974. These “units” are the underpinnings of all consciousness and form the foundation for all phsycial and non-physical manifestations.

Elias also modified his use of the term from “units” to “links” to reflect that these links exist as part of an open system. According to classical Newtonian physics, the universe is perceived as a closed, finite, machine that can be broken down into parts like molecules and atoms. Quantum mechanics, in the 20th century, has essentially thrown out this model discovering that there is a hidden domain from which all physical things spring. Thus our physical universe is no longer understood to be a closed system, but intersecting and exchanging energy with countless probable/alternate universes.

ELIAS: “Now! First of all, we will incorporate an adjustment of some terminology, to be more efficient for our purposes.

... We will also adjust the term of ‘units’ of consciousness to ‘links’ of consciousness, for units imply a closed system. Therefore, in speaking to you of consciousness, I shall employ the terminology of links.” [session 92, May 05, 1996]

(3) Vic’s note: this is in reference to my continuing objections to capitalizing The Creating Universal One And Whole. This has been a continuing area of disagreement between myself and Elias. In my opinion, capitalization of these words implies a separate being or entity, which is distorting. Why do I do it? Respect for the deceased!

(4) Paul’s note: referring to an interaction in which Forrest Landry explored his own metaphysical theories with Elias. I should note that there are still two recorded sessions, #266 and #267 from February 1998, that have yet to be transcribed and made part of the public record. So the closest exchange I can find reference to is the following:

Transcripts: find out more about an exchange in session 269, March 19, 1998.

(5) Vic’s note: Hannah is three years old. Natty is six years old.

Digests – see also: | absolutes | aspects of essence; an overview | altered states/projections of consciousness | becoming | belief systems; an overview | counterparts; indivudual | Creating Universal One And Whole/all of consciousness | creature consciousness | cycle of manifestation | dimension | disengage (“death”) | effortlessness | essence families; an overview | essence names | essence tones | facets of essence | focus of essence; an overview | imagination | impulses | information | intents | links of consciousness | manifestation | mergence | noticing self | perception | separation | simultaneous time | time frameworks | trusting self | truth | value fulfillment | vessel |

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