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you create your reality, pt. 1

Note: this is the first of two parts on you create your reality. Go to you create your reality, pt. 2.

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “The most difficult sentence I have ever expressed to you is that you create your own reality (1), for this not only incorporates you, but every other individual separate and apart from you, as they do all create their own reality; and in your reality, you have each created belief systems of right and wrong, and within that, you create your reality accordingly.” [session 44, October 11, 1995]

ELIAS: “You create your own reality! You choose your own choices for your own experiences, within each moment of physical existence. Therefore, you are not the victim of your past experiences, so to speak. In this, you engage another belief system; that you have been taught and influenced, throughout your focus, by other individuals who have exercised control over you; for obviously, you incorporate no mind of your own, and absolutely no free will! Therefore, you are reduced to nothing but the product of your experiences! This is incorrect! You have chosen your experiences, just as all other individuals choose their experiences. You do not hold the ‘better way.’ You hold the different way.” [session 102, June 30, 1996]

ELIAS: “You may express to yourselves repeatedly that you accept the concept that you create your reality. You will also accept this limitedly, for you shall find areas and aspects of your reality that you do not accept that you create. Every moment of your existence within physical focus, within any focus, you create. Every experience that you experience, you create.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

ELIAS: “You create your reality, and it is reality. There is no part of your reality that is not real.” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “You seek now, within the action of this shift, a new consciousness; to widen your awareness and to hold an objective understanding of HOW you create your reality. You DO create your reality, but much of that doing is veiled from you. You do not allow yourselves, within your singularity of attention, the viewing of how you are creating your reality within the creation of your line of probabilities in every action that you choose. This is the action of this shift, to be objectively aware of your creation of your reality, and therefore allowing you a fuller expression of your creativity and more of free movement through consciousness.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “I have offered to you within this forum your terminology of justification; your ‘rights.’ An individual may be expressing harshly to you, and you are within your rights to be expressing in retaliation. An individual may ‘hurt your feelings.’ This is a classic expression! I am quite amused with this expression, for this is a tremendous excuse for you each to be offering judgment upon another individual and turning your attention away from yourselves and not looking to your own creation of your own reality.

“No other individual is hurting your feelings. YOU are hurting your feelings, for another individual may be expressing outwardly a statement, but YOU are allowing the penetration, and you are in agreement with this statement, and THIS is producing of your hurt feelings. [I may express to you], ‘You may be inconsiderate at times.’ And you may express to me, ‘This is unacceptable. This is hurting my feelings.’ I am not hurting your feelings. You are in agreement with my statement, and you are expressing within yourself, ‘You are correct. I am unworthy, for I am expressing inconsiderately at times. Therefore, I am bad and unacceptable.’

“And where you are not accepting of yourself, you are responding to other individuals, but you are not accepting the responsibility of your own reality and that you are not accepting of yourself, and are expressing your own duplicity. Therefore, you project outwardly to another individual and express that THEY are creating of your reality and THEY are hurting your feelings.” [session 361, February 12, 1999]

ELIAS: “As you enter physical focus and physically manifest within this dimension, you choose a physical body type and function, a gender. You also choose an orientation. The orientation may fit to either gender. All three of the orientations [common, intermediate, soft] may fit with either gender. Therefore, they cross over each other, and one does not dictate the other. This is another element of your belief system that creates great confusion within you, for as you DO identify so very strongly with genders, you confuse yourselves with orientations, for the orientations do not fit with one particular gender. They are not associated directly with each other.

“Orientation is your perception. It is what is creating your perception. Your beliefs are influencing of your perception and therefore create your perception also, but your orientation is an ingredient of your perception.

“Your perception is how you view yourself, how you view your world, how you interact with your world, how you interact with yourself, with each other, and HOW YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. You create your reality through your perception. Perception is not visual seeing. Perception is not limited to your thought process. It is not limited to emotion. It is all-encompassing, and that element of yourself that you do not identify as a thing, for it is not your body and it is not your brain. It is that element of yourself that creates your reality, that places you in the awareness of reality within this physical dimension. It is your awareness, your objective awareness.” [session 381, April 09, 1999]

ELIAS: “Perception is not the you of you. Your orientation and your emotion, in this physical manifestation – not in all of essence, but in this particular physical dimension – your perception is created by your emotion and your sexuality. Those are the elements that are the you of you, the ingredients that are what comprises you, as you know yourself physically. Your perception is created by these elements, and is that aspect of you that therefore creates your reality.” [session 381, April 09, 1999]

ELIAS: “What I am expressing to you is, you may be noticing initially that you are being affected. This is your first step, noticing WHAT is affecting of you and noticing your responses.

“Subsequently you move into your next step, which is to be identifying what is influencing you in this area, what is influencing your perception to be creating your responses, which are your belief systems. This is what is influencing and therefore creating your responses through your perception. This is the identification step. This is the second step, identifying. This is not addressing to yet. This is merely the second step. You have moved from noticing to identifying, and now you move into your third step. You have already identified the behaviors, the beliefs, the effects, the responses, the reactions, and once you have identified all of these, you move into your third step of addressing to these issues.

“Now; the addressing to is not to be continuing to concentrate upon all of the elements within step two. This is the purpose of step two, to be recognizing, identifying, examining. This area creates – for the most part, with many, many individuals – much conflict. This is your area of conflict, your step two, your identification phase, so to speak, and as you are continuing within all of these conflicts, you may also recognize that you are not addressing to yet. You are continuing to merely be identifying.

“As you move into your third step, you begin to allow yourself to release your hold upon all of this energy, recognizing in step three, so to speak, that have you already identified. You already recognize how very tightly you hold to your energy, how very automatically you respond and you react.” [session 431, July 23, 1999]

ELIAS: “... let me also express to you that one of the reasons that individuals holding different orientations encounter and create much conflict within their relationship is their perception, which is directly influenced by their orientation, for in this, you perceive yourselves and your world differently. Therefore, you also respond to yourselves, to each other, and to your world quite differently. Your expressions are foreign to each other, and it may appear at times as though you occupy entirely different planets, not merely different countries, for your reality IS very different.

“In this, mass belief systems enter also, for the mass belief systems express to you that there ARE absolutes, that you DO hold certain areas of perception within your reality that are the same, and I express to you that this is incorrect. Each of you holds your own unique, individual perception.

“Now; you may hold similarities in holding the same orientations, but your individual expressions of those similarities are different. The point is to be recognizing all of these differences, all of this diversity, and realizing the wondrousness of all of these expressions. You need not be the same. It matters not!

“You have created your reality quite efficiently to be accommodating of all of these unique differences. Therefore, you need not be placing all of the pegs into one shaped hole.” (Chuckling) [session 433, July 28, 1999]

ELIAS: “This word of creativity is not defined merely by the incorporation of artistic expressions, but this is your identification and therefore your incorporation of limitations. If you do not objectively avail yourself of certain talents within your physical reality, you also confuse yourself, for you do not hold a definition for creativity.

“This is why I offer information to you all, to open your awarenesses, that you may view that your definitions within your reality as dictated by your belief systems are very small, and much more of your reality awaits your engagement in incorporating all of your creativities, all of your awarenesses, all of your freedoms.

“But I hold an awareness in our interactions that this also creates a tremendous element of fear, for it is very unfamiliar, and this be the reason that I am encouraging of you all to be acknowledging of self, to be allowing yourselves the incorporation of trust of self. Allow this as your beginning, that you may validate to yourselves initially, and this shall allow you to extend your foot into your pond and incorporate your new movement into more of your freedoms.

“How shall you identify your own individual creativity if you do not identify you? How shall you actualize your own expression of freedom and creativity if you do not recognize and identify your own expressions, your own creations, your own directions, your own desires? This be the reason that I continue to be expressing to you all to be identifying, to be recognizing, to be incorporating information of self, for you shall not allow yourselves to incorporate your own freedoms if you do not know yourselves!” [session 455, August 25, 1999]

ELIAS: “Your reality is not creating you! Therefore, all that occurs within your reality is not creating you. YOU are creating all that is within your reality through choices, but you view in the reverse.

(Humorously) “You view, regardless of what you express – that you BELIEVE you create your reality – in actuality, you believe that your reality creates you! And therefore, you are victim to your reality, for you are without choices. And therefore, you hold no control – another very large bird within these bird cages, the ominous control bird, and its twin of the infamous LACK of control bird! (Laughter) And they move quite efficiently together, and THEY are creating of your reality! You are not creating of your reality, for reality creates you. You do not create reality. (Very tongue in cheek)

“You yourselves have created all of these beliefs! You yourselves have created all of these bird cages and all of the birds within them, and they have served you well throughout all of your reality, through millenniums, and they are not bad now any more than they have been bad previously within your reality.

“You are changing your reality to be expanding your reality, but if you are to be expanding your reality, you also shall be allowing yourself acceptance of what you have created, and in this acceptance, you also recognize your responsibility – that you yourselves are creating your reality IN EVERY ASPECT OF IT, and that it is not creating of you.

“And even now – as I have spoken to you for much time framework – within your humor, you express different words, that the universe is dealing you certain elements of reality that you are subject to. Even within your playfulness, you reflect what you believe, and what you believe is not necessarily that you create your reality, but that some cosmic element, some higher self, some ‘unconscious’ aspect is creating for you, for it is in control, and it is skipping merrily with you in tow OUT of control ... and there we view the twin birds once again!” [session 472, September 19, 1999]

ELIAS: “You, within this physical dimension, mirror many elements of consciousness – not all, but many elements of the natural state of consciousness – and you objectify these elements into physical, solid terms. You create physical movement. You create objects. You create imagery within a thickness that you may move through in a physical manner, which creates a slowing of action and offers you the opportunity to view intensely every aspect of this particular area of consciousness.

“All of what you create within this dimension is a mirror of different aspects of movement of consciousness. It also is all a translation. It is translated into physical solidity.

“Even your thoughts and your communication holds a physical quality to it and a thickness in energy that is translated through a time framework, an element of time, which creates a thickness within the expressions of all that you create within this physical dimension.

“And therefore, what is the point? The point of this physical dimension is merely to be experiencing. You are not conducting a mission. You are not upon a holy quest.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

ELIAS: “Now; I express to you, you create ALL of your reality. You create every moment of your reality – every breath, every thought, every emotion, every feeling, every action, every encounter. Every interaction of your reality – every circumstance and every ‘thing’ within your reality – is created by yourself.

“No other individual, no circumstance, no essence, no element of consciousness may be creating any aspect of your reality for you. This is an intrusive action, and consciousness and essences are not intrusive. This is an intrinsic quality of consciousness, to not be intrusive. Therefore, NO element of your reality may be created by any other expression outside of yourself.

“Now; you create the illusion within your beliefs that outside influences create aspects of your reality, but in actuality, you ALWAYS hold choices.” [session 646, June 17, 2000]

ELIAS: (In a very deliberate and intense manner) “Your identification is that if you are expressing this desire to be fixing the other individual, you are projecting an energy of genuine compassion and love and support, and I express to you presently, this is incorrect. It is your definition, and the definition is incorrect.

“A genuine expression of support and love and compassion is a recognition of acceptance that each individual is purposefully creating every moment of their reality, and there are no accidents, and there is no element of any individual’s reality that needs be fixed, for it is not broken. The genuine expression of support and compassion is to be paying attention to self, and accepting all that your partner creates within her reality as purposeful and all that you create within your reality as purposeful.

“In this, what is significant is your allowance of yourself to be paying attention to self, for you do not hold the ability to fix any other individual or to create their reality or to create their choices.

“Therefore, what you do create within YOUR reality and YOUR perception is an automatic discounting and judgment of self in your own inability to create an expression within another individual. But as you allow yourself the recognition that all within your reality is purposeful and there is no expression within your reality that is broken, you may turn your perception and allow yourself to be paying attention to what YOU are creating, and this shall be much more affecting in the manner in which you want than a continuation of judgment upon self and discounting of self.

“This allows you, in like manner to your partner, to recognize your ability rather than your inability.” [session 768, January 30, 2001]

ELIAS: “I may express to you, forgiveness is yet again an expression that is not what it appears to be. There are many aspects of your reality that are not what they appear to be.

“Forgiveness, in your definition, is an action that you view to be positive and reinforcing and necessary to be moving into acceptance. I may express to you, this is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, for forgiveness, in actuality, is the discounting of another individual, expressing within yourself that another individual has wronged or hurt or been injurious to you. No other individual may be those expressions to you, for essences are not intrusive, and you create all of your reality. Therefore if you are experiencing injury, you have created that within yourself. Another individual does not create that against you. This is a facet of your perception and the power of your perception.

“In this, forgiveness discounts another individual and expresses that there is some element concerning the other individual that needs be fixed, or that they are inadequate in their expression, or that they are wrong – and there is no wrong. It also discounts you, for as you move into an expression of forgiveness with another individual, you are discounting your own choices and your ability to adequately create your reality without incorporating the role as a victim.

“... It is also another expression of reinforcing ‘victim.’ For if you are a victim, you have created an inability for choice, and your perception of this is inadequate or wrong or bad.” [session 848, June 09, 2001]

ELIAS: “There are mass beliefs expressed in relation to your new expression of metaphysics, in your vernacular what you identify as your New Age of thinking, so to speak. These mass beliefs express to you specific methods that you may engage and apply within your movement that shall allow you to create what you want. But in actuality, you are not moving into creating this shift in consciousness within your focus in the future; you are already altering and have altered aspects of your actual physical reality in alignment with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, the methods that may have been incorporated previously in alignment with mass beliefs no longer fit the reality that you are presently creating.

“Now; in explanation of what the methods are and what is NOT fitting in your present reality, you may allow yourself to recognize what you have engaged. You have stepped clearly into the method expressed through mass beliefs: direct your thoughts to the object of what you want, visualize what you want, concentrate your objective thinking attention in this visualization of the object – in this scenario, the [object of your want] – express to yourself that you trust yourself that you shall manifest this, and subsequently create action that shall produce the manifestation of what you want.

“... Let me express to you, my friend, this particular design of perception is a wondrous instrument, for it precisely, immaculately and clearly reflects to you what you are creating in every detail. You present to yourself interaction with other individuals that appears to you to be blocking your ability to manifest what you want, and these individuals are precisely reflecting to you the identification of your own beliefs and doubts, your own alignment with the methods that do not actually create what you want.

“Your thoughts do not create your reality. Your thoughts are designed to interpret and translate communications, information. Visualization moves very closely in alignment with thought, and merely that you visualize a want is not what shall actualize that want; the perception is what shall actualize. You have presented yourself with a tremendous opportunity to view quite clearly your alignment with mass beliefs expressed within your metaphysics, mass beliefs expressed within the conventional societal movements, and your own challenge to be redefining your individual reality.

“Let me express to you, my friend, in turning your attention to self and offering yourself permission to create what you want yourself, without the insertion of any other individual, you may offer yourself the recognition of a tremendous new freedom. In a manner of speaking, what you have been expressing in movement recently, in your terms, is an action of attempting to bulldoze over and through the choices of other individuals, associating within your beliefs that they are co-creating with you.

“I may express to you, in turning your attention to you, you may allow yourself to bulldoze through your hill of doubting of your own ability to be creating every aspect of your reality and to flatten the hill of beliefs that express to you that you may merely create some aspects of your reality but that other aspects of your reality are dictated to you by other individuals or situations or circumstances.

“Literally, it matters not what other individuals choose, for they are not creating your reality, they are not creating your perception, and they do not dictate to you what your choices may or shall be. The key is genuine trust of your abilities.” [session 894, August 31, 2001]

ELIAS: “... Every individual upon your planet is expressing an energy, and each individual expresses an alignment with a good and bad expression, right and wrong behaviors. This is the point of what we have been discussing, in recognizing that you are not eliminating your beliefs.

“I am not expressing to you that you do not express good or bad or right or wrong, but recognize that these are beliefs. They are not absolutes. There is no absolute right, there is no absolute wrong, and no individual is a victim and no individual attacks another individual, for this suggests that another individual may create your reality, and another individual may NOT create your reality. You create all of your reality in every moment, in every expression. Therefore, who is the perpetrator? Who is the expression of evil? Who is the terrorist?

“If you have created imagery of terrorism, YOU have created it and you are it. You are also the victim.” [session 917, October 06, 2001]

ELIAS: “… Thought does not create reality. You may think and think and think and you may concentrate your attention upon your thinking, and you may create painfulness within your brain in thinking, thinking, thinking, and this is not necessarily creating WHAT you think.

“You are preoccupying your attention with your thinking, and you are believing that your thinking is the instrument that generates an energy that shall thusly produce your reality. No, it does not. What you CHOOSE and what you perceive creates your reality. Your thinking is a mechanism to translate information. Thinking is a tool. It is reality, but it does not create reality.” [session 941, October 28, 2001]

ELIAS: “… as you familiarize yourselves with the movement intentionally of your attention through practice, you may allow yourselves to become more familiar with other expressions of yourselves that are not merely mechanisms.

“Thought is a mechanism for translation. It is an objective translating machine. You are all quite correct that it is reality, but it does not create your reality. You may concentrate from this moment objectively until the moment that you choose to be disengaging upon thought and attempting to manifest what you think you want through the concentration of thought, and not generate the manifestation. For thought’s movement and function is not to create, it is to translate, and this is what it generates.

“And it does not always generate accurately. For whether it generates its function accurately or not depends upon the information which is offered to it, and information is offered to it though the direction of your attention. Therefore, if your attention is focused upon thought and not upon communications, you do not offer your thought mechanism sufficient information to translate.

“But let me express to you also – quite happily, in your terms – thought is such a highly efficient mechanism that even within the time frameworks in which it is not accurately translating or is incorporating some aspect of distortion, it is incorporating some aspect of non-distortion. It is allowing you an objective recognition in generality of information that you are presenting to yourself. It is merely not offering you specific information in its translation.” [session 986, January 19, 2002]

ELIAS: “This is another association which is being misinterpreted, misunderstood. I am not expressing to any of you that you do not think. ... for this is a function of your objective physical manifestation. It is no less of a function of your physical consciousness... than your heartbeat or than your breathing. It is quite valuable, and it is being generated continuously. It does not stop any more than your heartbeat stops or your breathing stops. What occurs is that you move your attention. At times you are paying attention intensely to your thoughts, and at times you are not.

“... What I am expressing to you is not a devaluation of the mechanism of thought, but to recognize what it is, to understand that it is not a communication, that it does not precede your creation of reality.

“You may think and think and think and think, and it shall not create your reality. You may wish all that you may, and you may think of what you are wishing and not create it, and the reason that you may not create it is that thought does not generate reality. It does not create reality; it interprets. It translates communications, and you offer yourselves many avenues of communication. It is the function of thought to translate.

“But if you are not offering this mechanism of thought adequate information in association with your communications, it is not translating accurately. It translates generally, and this is the significance of paying attention to what influences your choices and paying attention to your choices.

“What you choose may be associated with your direction. Your choices are what you do, not necessarily what you think. You may think to yourself in one moment, ‘I am going to move across this room and consume appetizers.’ And what you may actually do is turn your attention to the individual that is sitting beside you and engage in conversation. You are not DOING what you thought, but [you] are doing what you desire, in association with your direction.

“This is the significance in paying attention to what you are doing and what influences what you do. For your doing is your choosing, and what influences your choosing is quite significant, for your beliefs influence your choosing continuously.” [session 1252, January 18, 2003]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you, remember thought does not create. It translates. Thought is a mechanism to translate information. It does not create your reality. Therefore you may think, ‘I am choosing not to express this belief any longer. I am choosing to express another belief.’ That is thinking. That is not creating. Your evidence of what your expressed beliefs are is shown in what you do and your responses.

“Now; this is the significance of identifying specifically what beliefs you incorporate and recognizing what their influences are. For if you recognize and identify what a belief is and what its influences are, thusly you may choose how you shall move, how you shall express yourself whether in alignment or not with a particular expressed belief, knowing that you continue to incorporate that belief but in any particular moment allowing yourself choices. In this, there are many beliefs that are in play, so to speak, in any scenario.” [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

ELIAS: “I may express to you, as I have expressed to these other individuals and many, many other individuals, do not confuse yourself. Thought does not create reality. It is not its function. Its function is to translate, to interpret what your communications are. Therefore, it is only as efficient as information that you offer to it. If you are not allowing your attention a flexibility to be listening to all of your communications and to be moving in awareness of what you are actually doing, which is what you are choosing, you do not offer accurate information to the thought mechanism, and therefore it may not offer you accurate translations of what you are communicating or what you are doing. This is the reason that many individuals become quite confused, as thought does not match what they are doing or what their communications are.

“But if you are generating a balance, recognizing that if you move your attention to all three factors or elements of yourself – thought, communication, and choice/doing, for doing and choice are synonymous – if you are allowing yourself a flexibility in attention to these three aspects of yourself, you shall notice when one is not in harmony with the other two, and in that you offer yourself information. That is the manner in which you begin to balance and you begin to recognize the ‘why’ of your creations.

“I encourage individuals to concentrate upon the ‘what’ of their creations, for you concentrate excessively upon the why and you offer yourself no answer, for the question is too familiar. But in paying attention and creating the balance of these three factors of yourself, you automatically offer yourself the why, without asking the question.” [session 1468, November 08, 2003]

BOBBI: “... Is the belief that we create our own reality actually a belief, and would that be a new belief?”

ELIAS: “No”.

BOBBI: “It’s a reality.”

ELIAS: “That is a reality and that is a truth – what you would term to be a real truth.” (Chuckles)

BOBBI: “I was thinking if that was a belief, I could pick up that belief, so to speak, and that might be the one overriding belief that would kind of speed you on your road to acceptance of other beliefs, that one. So it’s not really believing it...”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

BOBBI: “’s simply knowing it.”

ELIAS: “Whether you believe it or not, you do it.”

BOBBI: “It is a reality.”

ELIAS: “Yes, that is a truth, and therefore it matters not whether you believe it or do not believe it; you do it, regardless.” [session 1500, January 19, 2004]

ELIAS: “... you can create and do create all of your reality, and you can be interactive with another individual. What you are interacting with is their energy; you are not actually interacting with the physical individual. That is your own creation. That is your projection. You receive the other individual’s energy, you thusly automatically project it and configure a physical form. YOU do that. You interact with that physical form that you are creating. You are interacting with the individual’s energy, for the most part.

“At times, you may be interacting with an energy deposit of the other individual, which does not necessarily contain the attention of the other individual. In those situations, you may notice that you and the other individual are participating in the same physical location, in the same interaction, and your perception of it is in one direction and the other individual incorporates an entirely different account. This occurs more frequently than you realize.

“You each are individually creating all of your reality. There is no one official reality. The official reality is what each of you create. In that, one individual may be creating one scenario and the other individual is creating a different scenario, which in actuality is quite efficient, for it is very validating and acknowledging of you that you actually can create whatever you want regardless of the other individual.

“And you can participate with another individual. In this example, you may create that your partner is entirely faithful in your terms, and in your partner’s reality, they may be interacting with many other individuals. This is not a situation of denial. This is not a situation of being what you term to be oblivious. This is an actual situation in which you are creating two very different realities, but you are continuing to participate with each other. Therein lies your freedom. You can create whatever you want, regardless of any other individual within your physical reality, for you are already creating all of it.” [session 1861, October 22, 2005]

ELIAS: “... consciousness is not a THING. This is the point that becomes confusing to many individuals, for you think of consciousness as a thing, some type of endless entity, and it is not. Consciousness is an action. It creates things from no-thing. The action creates things, and you as consciousness create things also. You create yourselves, which is a thing.

“In this, if you remove yourself, even momentarily, from what is known, and remove yourself from the experience of what is known in your reality – which is quite attached to emotion, for that is one of the base elements of the blueprint of your reality – when you remove that, yes, you do experience consciousness in a form that is very foreign to what you experience in this reality. It is not necessarily more true, but it is more essential. It is not more real, for that would discount or devalue the reality of what you experience in this reality, and it would also devalue the TRUENESS of the reality that you are creating now. It is different and it is more consistent, for that element of that void, so to speak, is present in every reality, for it is essentially what you are.

“In that, this is the reason that I have offered information in relation to your reality and how it functions, how it operates, how you move and create in it, the significance of energy, how all that you do is interconnected and interrelated, and the significance of recognizing that emotions are communications. Feelings are associated with the objective awareness.

“Within consciousness outside of physical reality, there is no objective awareness. It is not necessary. It is only necessary in relation to physical manifestations, for it is the element of consciousness that allows you to create physical realities, for it is the seat of perception, and perception creates reality, physical reality. Therefore, without the objective awareness, there is no necessity for emotion, for emotion is a communication to the objective awareness. Therefore, without the objective awareness, you are already aware of whatever the communication may be, and it is not necessary to incorporate that form of communication of emotion.” [session 2482, April 04, 2008]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “… you create your reality. You have always created your reality! Therefore, your experiences are yours, for your noticing. Let me explain to you; you view yourselves as one instrument that may play limited notes and chords. View yourself as the symphony. You are all of the instruments, and you are the director. Where your attention projects to, the individual instrument plays, within every element of your focus. Therefore, you create all of your experiences.

If you are focusing upon a composer, do you look to this composer who has composed a symphony, such as your Beethoven number five; we will use this for Michael’s [Mary’s] benefit; very harsh, tempestuous sound, very struggling, tragic. Do you view this as bad? No. You do not ask the composer, Why would you compose such a terrible piece of music? You feast your ears and your senses upon the composition. You revel in its beauty of tone. You view it as only different from this same composer’s symphony of six, which is light, and easy, and airy, and beautiful, and joyous. They are both compositions. They are both beautiful. They are both creations, neither being good or bad, but both being artful, and both offered for their experience.

In this same way, you orchestrate your developmental focus, incorporating the tragic and the joyous, for the experience. There are times when you orchestrate tragedy to experience the vitality of your being. This is not to say that what you view as negative or what you experience as tragic is more vital than joyous, but its intensity may be different; therefore the experience is different. You focus upon these experiences more. You are trying to figure them out’; therefore they attract your attention. In this, view your experiences. Understand that you have created them for your own noticing, and view what you may extract from your experiences to further your development and widening.” [session 68, January 28, 1996]

ELIAS: “I will also express to you that although you create your own reality, as does each individual, you do not create another individual’s reality; but you do interact, and you do influence. This is where your agreements spontaneously lie, as a general understood agreement; that if one chooses to be responding, within consciousness, to your influence or your energy, for you may not always be influencing, in the definition that you hold, but you may be influencing within energy; and if the individual is responding to this, obviously they have agreed to be responding.

These, as I have stated, are not individual agreements. It is an overall agreement, within essence and other areas of consciousness, to be allowing or not allowing, within Regional Area 1, a response. Therefore, if you are viewing an individual seeming to be responding to thoughts that you possess which are unspoken, do not discount; for this is precisely what they are responding to! (Grinning at Vicki) Thoughts are energy. Energy is always in motion. Energy is reality.

VICKI: It’s just amazing to have such a specific physical example. It’s also amazing to me that two different individuals, viewing the same example, can have two completely different perceptions of it.

ELIAS: Each individual creates their reality through their own perception. In your widening, you are beginning to incorporate a greater understanding and acceptance of reality; and of the workings, naturally, of yourself and your consciousness. Allowed its natural expression, and balanced between intellect and intuition, you may be quite specifically affecting! Now you may think on this, and incorporate this thought when I express to you that you are affecting within consciousness already! (Pause, smiling, and tapping his hands on the chair in an exaggerated way)

This is expressly for Shynla’s [Cathy’s] benefit, for she is quite appreciating of finger tapping! (Laughing, and then to Vicki) This has been a very good example of noticing, and meshing of intellect and intuition, and incorporating this information, that you may view how effortlessly you may accomplish through this more natural method. If you are not ‘boxing up’ quite so tremendously, you will experience the natural flow, which is also effortless.” [session 77, March 10, 1996]

VICKI: Regarding ‘you create your own reality,’ and these individual expressions of mass events; you are, in actuality, creating your individual reality in a mass agreement with everybody else?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So how much of your own reality are you actually creating?

ELIAS: All of it. (Smiling)

VICKI: Well, it gets really confusing, you know? Where one starts and another stops?

ELIAS: There is no start and stop! (Grinning) There is no division. There is no separation.

VICKI: Well, it just seems like your own creation of your own reality is very affected by each other individual’s creation.

ELIAS: Absolutely, for you are all connected within consciousness. You may not draw a breath within physical reality without affecting the whole, and being affected by the whole. You may choose, as I have expressed previously, to be isolating of yourself completely, having no interaction with another individual throughout your entire manifestation physically. You may choose to have, physically, no contact or communication with another being. You are never isolated. You are continuously within communication, with all. (Pause)

VICKI: So when there seems to be a complete division between two people, is that just the interpretation being different on each individual’s part?

ELIAS: Correct. Your perception may be quite individual. There is no separation!” (Grinning) [session 93, May 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “At every given moment, you are creating your own reality. Therefore, your expression is real. Many times you express to each other, in an effort to be helpful, your opinion of the other individual’s reality; which is incorporated into your reality, but not necessarily into their reality.

Care must be taken in understanding and, once again, respectfulness of each individual’s differences and their individual creation of their own reality; this being the area to which you, within yourselves, create evaluations within your own perceptions of other individuals, and in this, express what you believe within your own reality; which is not necessarily, in actuality, the reality! Confusion may ensue, within both. (Pause)

These expressions would not be offered to you were you not in agreement to be engaging this action. You have chosen to be moving in this direction, and in this, you have asked for helpfulness; guideposts; which we respond to. (Pause)

This is not to say that each individual shall silence themselves and offer no information; for as I have stated previously to you all, interaction is important, for you share perceptions. In this, you offer alternate perceptions to each other, allowing yourselves and each other the opportunity to change perceptions, and also to widen your awareness. We express only that you exercise care, in understanding, within your own individual expressions, where they are motivated from. (Pause) As with our little tree (2), it is unnecessary for you to evaluate another. It is necessary for you to evaluate you!” [session 104, July 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “I shall also allow you another small example, which each of you have also experienced. You only do not allow yourselves your remembrance, for these are unofficial events. They hold no explanation, within your perception. Therefore, you automatically disregard them. You experienced, as you view to be past, an engagement with Michael [Mary], to which Shynla [Cathy] was also privy to this event; a conversation, which Lawrence [Vicki] was insistent upon its occurrence. Michael [Mary] holds no memory of this event. You have repeated this within your new game (3), for you have actualized what I have expressed to you. You may be affecting of another individual’s perception and memory, or they may be affecting of their own by altering their probabilities, therefore not engaging within the action; although you perceive a remembrance of this action.

You hold no explanations for these events. Therefore, at the time of their occurrences, they seem to you, within your perceptions, to be small. You may incorporate irritation temporarily, or frustration, but you also very quickly will be not remembering of these events, for they do not follow your official reality. Therefore, they hold no importance. You focus upon what you view to be important. You are not attentive to what you view to be unimportant, regardless of what you view to be the size of the event. If you view trusting your house to be important, your attention will be focused in this area. If you view this to not be important, your attention will not be within this area; and you will accomplish or you will not accomplish these acts, dependent upon your perception of their importance.

We have discussed these elements previously. I do not express to you that within consciousness, you are ‘bouncing about the cosmos,’ hopping into focuses here and there, altering realities everywhere, and obliterating memories of individuals throughout the universe, for you are not! (Laughter) I also am not expressing that you accomplish this en masse, or within what you perceive to be, underline ‘perceive’ more distant connections; but within what you perceive to be close connections, you may accomplish this action, dependent upon the probabilities that you choose.

You are continually creating your reality. Your reality is not dependent upon any other individual personality focus or essence. Therefore, each probability that you choose is a creation of your individual reality.

I may choose a different probability, altering the memory, not altering the reality or the action; for within the action, all things are actualized, as we have stated. But, just as you may play your game of ‘bumper cars,’ you may bump an action ‘out of its bounds,’ so to speak. It continues to exist, but within an individual focus, a memory may also be ‘bumped.’

There are difficult concepts, I am aware; but as my dear comrade [Paul (Patel)] has expressed, you are ready to be accepting of these concepts. Therefore, they are offered. They may require a little more effort within accomplishing your effortlessness, (grinning) but you shall attain a wider perception, and you shall understand! Therefore also, I shall direct to Lawrence [Vicki]; before questioning, contemplate; consider first. Allow your awareness the freedom to be viewing your periphery. If you then continue to experience tremendous confusion, I shall offer helpfulness.

VICKI: Okay. It’s really hard, though! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of this! We are understanding of the difficulty within these concepts; for as I have stated, you view within one direction. We offer information within another direction. It is unfamiliar to you. Therefore, it is also unacceptable; but you do hold a willingness to examine and to be allowing your perceptions to widen, even within your confusion. I shall express to you all also, you are accomplishing quite well. (Vicki sighs) Personal invalidation, once again! (Laughter)

VICKI: How about one teensy little question?

ELIAS: Of course, Lawrence [Vicki]! (Grinning) Although I shall make a statement that eventually, you shall be not arguing telepathically, expressing, ‘I am not widening very well!’ Eventually, you shall accept yourself! I shall be anticipating that day! (Grinning) Continue.

VICKI: Could you just briefly explain one more time why Michael [Mary] forgot that conversation?

ELIAS: There are many elements involved within this situation. Michael [Mary] was choosing of probabilities to be viewing ‘blinking out’; engaging what you, within that now, were terming to be ‘fuzzy.’ In actuality, as I was expressing to you, he was allowing himself to be connecting and viewing the ‘blinking out’ time; in this, shifting the perception to not be focused entirely consciously within the ‘blinking on’ of this particular dimension and reality, viewing another aspect of your reality; in this, altering the probabilities of events; therefore in actuality not engaging with the conversation to which Lawrence [Vicki] perceived the engagement.

Within this official ‘real’ reality, you view actualized events. You view unofficial events to be ‘ghost aspects.’ If you are shifting your perception, you may enter areas of your own present consciousness physically to which the ghost aspects, which we have spoken of previously, become the primary; and this aspect, which you view to be real, becomes the ghost aspect. Therefore, the conversation occurred, but not within Michael’s [Mary’s] reality. Therefore, he holds no memory. Lawrence [Vicki] holds memory, for in actuality the conversation occurred, within your reality.

This you may view to be an example of how you each create your own realities independently of each other, and although you may perceive one reality simultaneously within the same dimension and focus, another individual may perceive an entirely different reality within the same event; this being also the reason for the issuance of caution to you each recently; for as you are widening in awareness, you are becoming more aware of the reality of ‘each individual creates their own reality.’ In this, you are beginning, now, to be accepting of your individual responsibility of your own creation of your reality.” [session 107, July 28, 1996]

ELIAS: “The notes not played in the symphony of consciousness:

I have expressed to you previously that you are the unexpressed notes within consciousness. In this concept, I express to you, that which you perceive to be ‘not’ is equally as important to that which you perceive ‘is’; for as I have expressed to you, without all of the notes not played, you would have no symphony. In this, there are what you would view to be many more notes unplayed than there are to be notes played. This serves as an analogy to probabilities and you; all of your channels, all of your alternate selves, all of your counterparts, your pools of consciousness, all of these elements that are not visible to you.

You, you may think of as very similar to your particles. Your scientists do not view particles. They view trace motions of particles. This is not to say that these trace motions are not reality, for they are. They are not merely symbols, although they are symbols, but they also hold their own integrity. You also are trace motions, of the movement of the focus of the self. Each of the focuses of essence are trace motions. Each holds its own identity, its own reality, its own integrity; but it is, in actuality, the same essentially as the trace motion of a particle. Essence is not viewed as a particle is unviewed, but you are aware of the existence of the particle, for you view its trace motion. You are aware of your focuses, for you view the trace motion of essence.

(Firmly) I wish to express to you this evening, make no mistake; you are reality. You create reality. The reality that you create is your focus. This is the reality that holds your attention. Therefore, within this individual focus, it is of supreme importance; for it is what you identify as you. Understand this clearly; for within our discussions of probabilities, probable selves, alternate focuses, and counterparts, you shall lean automatically to discounting the supreme importance of yourself.

You each hold a belief system, aligned with mass belief systems, of the duplicity of self, and also of the lack of importance of an individual focus. You may view, within your thoughts, that you are an important individual. You may express to each other that you believe you are worthy and important. In actuality, you prove out daily that you do not believe what you express. You wish to believe, but you hold belief systems, aligned with mass belief systems, which discount the individual. Therefore, it is quite easy for you, and also quite automatic for you, to be discounting of the importance of yourself when faced with what you view to be your ‘greater’ self. The word greater does not necessarily denote ‘better.’ It is more expansive, for you are more expansive than you realize.

You have been offered an exercise to be focusing upon this attention, to be focusing upon your clarity within this focus, in allowing yourselves the ability to hold greater clarity within your awareness of other focuses. (4) I have expressed to you, many times, that you are affecting of all of your focuses, and also, they are affecting of you; for you are them, although they are themselves, but they are also you.

Consciousness is much greater in the terms of expansiveness than you presently, not ever, but presently, possibly understand. There are infinite aspects of consciousness. There are infinite connections; but as you focus singularly, you do not recognize the expansiveness of consciousness, or your own being. I express to you this evening to be allowing yourselves to widen the belief system that you are ‘less,’ for you are not.

In this, we have spoken of children, and their awareness and their lack of separation. You, within your thought process and belief systems, view this to be ‘better.’ You view yourselves to move through physical focus ‘narrowing’ and becoming less; more separated and less efficient. You have designed physical focus the way it is. You have purposefully and artfully created a magnificent system of development physically. You have chosen a system within physical focus to hone in, more and more precisely, into physical experiences; this being the point!

It is not to be viewed as negative, that you create selectively. We have spoken of the purity of experience. You do not hold the purity of experience within physical focus if you remember what you know!

As you enter physical focus, you are what you would term to be still slightly defocused. You are moving from an area of non-physical consciousness into an area of physical manifestation. This action, within itself, incorporates transition; for each time that you move into another area of consciousness, you must engage a transitional action. All of these elements are familiar to you within non-physical, as you approach entry into physical manifestation.

As a very small one, you are very aware of non-physical elements. You are continuing within a transitional state, acclimating yourself into a new awareness of consciousness. In this, you acclimate yourselves to your environment, and to the motion of consciousness. This includes a time element. It also includes manipulation of energy differently, for you manipulate energy to be creating physically; just as when you view yourselves to engage the action of death, in your terms, you also move into an area of transition, for you are acclimating yourself to a new environment. Therefore, as you enter, you are aware of non-physical elements. Your reality is expressed more closely in terms of what you now view to be your dream state, for this is what is familiar to you. As you disengage physical focus, you bring with you what is familiar to you. You do not die and automatically move into a cloud-like area with no body, floating through nothingness, knowing all things! (Humorously)

CATHY: Why??? (Laughter)

ELIAS: You move with the awareness of the elements of consciousness that are familiar to you. Therefore, you move with the consciousness of physical body, and with the objective focus of consciousness.

As you enter physical focus, the action of creating is unfamiliar to you. Even though you have experienced physical focus within other manifestations, you divorce yourselves from these remembrances in allowing yourselves to focus singularly, from what you would term to be the beginning, upon the creation of this individual focus.

Also realize that the aspect of consciousness that enters any given focus is not ‘used.’ It is not remanifesting as a used product. It is a new creation. It is you; and although you view that you hold past and future focuses, and I express to you that you hold simultaneous focuses, as I have stated, they are you, but they are not you; for you are uniquely you, new and becoming, not already produced, not already used within another focus, not another version of you; for within your uniqueness, there is only one version of you.

Therefore, as you enter newly into your chosen manifestation, you enter bringing with you an awareness of memory. The memory that you hold is, in your terms, immediate. The immediate memory is non-physical; a realization of the extent of your creative abilities. As adults, you view within children this aspect as imagination. In actuality, this is a knowing of reality. Children experiment with consciousness and creativity, for they are learning how to manipulate energy within physical terms. They are learning the boundaries that they will be setting for themselves within physical focus. As they grow, they learn more efficiently how to set these boundaries. These are not negative terms. They are highly specialized movements of consciousness.

View within your exercise the difficulty incorporated of separating your senses, and manipulating individually these senses while holding your focus. This is a highly specialized motion within manipulation of physical energy. In this same respect, you learn to specialize within physical focus. Therefore, you direct your attention more and more increasingly.

... Within your desire to be understanding the motion of transition away from physical focus, as you would term this, you reinforce your belief systems of discounting yourself, for you view your specialization as ‘bad.’ You wish to yourselves, and oft times to each other, that you would hold the awareness of a child. This wishing is discounting of your accomplishment in specialization of your focus.

Individuals within this company have chosen to be widening awareness within physical focus, in anticipation of transition. In this, information shall be offered and has been offered, for helpfulness; but just as the unplayed notes are essential to the melody of the symphony, so are all of the aspects of creation that you create essential to you.

These are important concepts for you to contemplate, for the introduction of counterparts will challenge the importance of your individual selves. There are many aspects to this subject of counterparts. They are not limited to your own essence. Counterparts intertwine throughout consciousness. There are no boundaries or barriers within the creation of counterparts. Therefore, there are many aspects and different actions of these elements of consciousness; this being the reason that I choose presently to preface our movement into this subject matter with information of the importance and validity of yourself. I do not express to you lightly that you are the center of the universe, for you are! Therefore, remember this as we move into areas that may create defocusing, within your awareness of you.

... Upset and ‘upendedness’ shall be the order of the day, with the incorporation of the information that shall be being delivered to you; for even within your new creation of your new religion of ‘metaphysics,’ you are taught or led to believe that this focus, or your lifetime, is a striving for a ‘better reality.’ There is an ultimate discounting of this reality that you create, and of your focus and your creativity.

You are told that you narrow yourselves; that you do not see all that you may see. I express these concepts to you also, but simultaneously I express to you that what you create is not insufficient, and it is no less reality than any other area of consciousness. You are told that this focus that you experience is an illusion. ‘This is your dream state, and your dreaming state is reality.’ This is another discounting of your creation of your self.

I shall not offer you information to be discounting of any of your creations. This is your reality. This is a reality. This is a manifestation of reality, and it is a perfect manifestation of reality. It is not flawed or errored. You are not flawed, and do not create errors. You do not make mistakes, for there are no mistakes. Therefore, many shall experience upendedness with this information. You have asked to challenge your established belief systems, and so you shall.

Your focus involves ultimate precision; an immaculate preciseness; an ultimate creativity. You create a selectivity intentionally. If you were not wishing to be selective, you would not choose to engage physical focus. There are, as has been expressed, essences choosing not to engage physical focus of any type, so to speak. There are essences choosing to be engaging other physical focuses quite foreign to what you view to be your physical focus, but you present have chosen. You have not been ‘thrust into!’ You have chosen, purposefully, this physical focus, this manifestation, and you create it perfectly for your own purposes, which is your experience.

Day one, chapter one, Elias: Your purpose is experience.” [session 126, September 29, 1996]

DREW: “Although I feel a sense of being on the verge of turning things around, I look back and also look presently at what’s manifest in my life, and just feel a sense of frustration and lack. So all of these things are sort of tied together. Let me just put that out before you and see how you respond and what you might have to say.

ELIAS: Many individuals have presented themselves with the concept of ‘you create your reality.’ Many individuals believe that they accept this concept as truth. In theory, you accept this concept. In reality, you accept this concept. In reality, you do not accept this as reality. You accept this as an idea. It is easy and acceptable to accept the idea and the concept as an ideal, something to be striving for, something to be attained, something that you wish to be creating, but in actuality few individuals incorporate this concept as reality completely. You may offer yourself examples all about you, and you may view that although you may think you accept this, in reality you do not. This is the reason that it is expressed over and over to you, that you may eventually, in reality, accept this as a reality.

If you are presented with a scenario of a small one which is being engaged within a situation that you view to be unjust, you shall not consider that this small one is creating its own reality. You place conditions upon the creation of your reality. If you are creating reality that you are satisfied with, then you believe you are creating your own reality. If you are not satisfied, then you do not believe you are creating your own reality, for your belief systems hold to mass belief systems which express that if you view elements of your reality to be negative, you are not responsible for these elements of your reality. In accepting the concept that you create your own reality, you attempt to accept all of your reality but you become confused, for you also hold conflicting belief systems that afford you the idea that some of your reality you do not create.

In actuality, this brings us into complicated areas, for there are elements of reality that you do not create, but you draw yourself to. There are elements of your reality that are influencing of you that you may not individually be actually creating of, but you have chosen to involve yourself with these elements. Other individuals may create certain actions. Other individuals may create certain choices which are affecting of you, but you have chosen to be involved and you have chosen to be affected. Therefore, in one sense you are creating this reality also. You may not be creating the choices, but you have chosen the involvement. Therefore, within agreement you also are creating of the reality.

In behavior, individuals express many different types of behavior. You choose different expressions for your own noticing. Within you, you may choose certain time periods to be noticing of different aspects of self. These may be difficult within your perception, for you do not always understand the reasoning for your manifestations at the time that you are manifesting. This is the reason that you choose to be widening your awareness. This is also the reason that you have all chosen, within the action of your shift, to be creating of your shift, that you will be aware of how you create your reality. You actively objectively seek out this awareness presently, for you hold frustration in knowing that the belief systems that you have held within the past are not instructional to you any longer.

Many individuals within this time period feel themselves floundering. You are within the beginning stages of this shift. Therefore, it is a time of uncertainty. Many belief systems are being challenged and questioned. This creates conflict and confusion. There are many movements within consciousness presently which are creating of distraction within your objective focus. Therefore, many individuals feel unmotivated. They experience many emotional effects that they are unaccustomed to. They exhibit behavior that they are unfamiliar with, or they view themselves to be changing in their behavior. This may be disturbing to you, for you do not understand all of the action that is occurring that is facilitating this behavior.

As to whether you are creating your reality or not, you are. There are many elements that are influencing of this creation. You have drawn yourself to this forum to acquire information of self and of reality, of consciousness and its function within this reality. In this you may better understand how you accomplish creating your reality, as is the case with all of these individuals that choose to draw themselves to this audience.

There are many complicated issues that you hold. Presently, you allow yourself a time period of confusion. This allows you a time period to not be addressing certain challenges, and also not be confronting certain belief systems. This also you have chosen to be addressing by drawing yourself to a confrontation. You draw yourself here to allow yourself the opportunity to be confronting of self.

There are other elements in motion within this situation, to which you were listening to explanations of this evening with other individuals. You also engage presently a time period of remembrance. This complicates and confuses other situations for it enhances feelings, but you do not understand what to attach these feelings to. Therefore, you express to yourself that you experience depression. This is a workable excuse.

Do not misunderstand. I am not discounting of the emotions experienced, for they are real and they are also quite affecting. They only do not arise from where you believe they arise from. It is, within this time period now, acceptable to be labeling certain actions as depression attributed to stress or lack of self-confidence or actions and experiences within the past, but these are convenient methods of diverting your attention from self. Psychology offers equal truth as science, which is little; but within your present time period, many individuals accept these sciences as truth. You are inundated with information in these areas from a small child. Therefore, they have moved nicely into working belief systems.

You may be altering of thought processes and moods artificially, but this shall not alleviate the issues. Look to yourself within. Examine the lack of motivation. Then also, examine true desire. True desire is not impossible. (Long pause)

DREW: I had never thought of motivation as part of my dilemma. I was never aware that motivation was part of my ...

ELIAS: There are many elements that all of you are not aware of, for you choose not to be aware.

DREW: Motivation in what sense? About looking inward?

ELIAS: No. You hold a fear of recognizing subjective activity, but the motivation or lack of motivation would be an objective expression. This bleeds through into your everyday experience. This is influencing of your feeling, your feelings of lacking or of feeling ‘blue.’

DREW: I want to understand this. I know you want me to understand this! What’s influencing those feelings is a bleed-through of my ... The word motivation comes up again and I’m confused by that because that’s something that has never been an issue with me, in terms of attaining material things or looking, a spiritual quest. I’ve always thought I was motivated in both of those directions. So now that that word comes up, I’m a little confused by it. It makes me wonder why, if we choose our own reality, why I’ve chosen a reality I’m not happy with.

ELIAS: Many individuals view their reality in this manner. First of all, I express to you that this is directly related to belief systems. You are not happy with your reality for you attach belief systems within negative connotations that suggest to you that you are not happy. You create the reality that you create for the experience that you wish to experience.

Motivation is not only in what you view outwardly. You may be driven to accomplish and to be seeking in accomplishments, and you may not necessarily be motivated. Within belief systems you may convince yourself objectively, as have you all in your convincing of self within many belief systems, that certain actions and certain behaviors are right and good, and you may attach ideas of motivation to these actions. This is not necessarily to say that they are motivated.

I have expressed to all of these individuals that within your core belief systems, you all believe in the duplicity of self. In this, you also hold a basic distrustfulness. This, as has been exhibited recently with these other individuals also, is mirrored also outwardly within your expressions of distrustfulness of other individuals. It holds more profoundly within self, for contrary to what most of you believe, you will be more trustful and kinder to another before you will be trustful and kind to yourself. (Tape change)

Do not misunderstand. I do not approach you and express to you as your psychologists that you have hated yourself for the entirety of your life, and you have hated your parents, and you have created a terrible reality for yourself! I do not express these ideas at all. I do express a basic element that all individuals hold within physical focus, for it is an element of basic belief systems which you all hold, regardless of whether you acknowledge them or not.

In this, you also find yourself at times creating elements within your reality that you are not pleased with and that confuse you, and you do not understand for you think that you do not hold these belief systems, but you do; and as you learn of self, you shall also be accepting of this and therefore move through these elements, allowing yourself the opportunity to change intentionally the reality that you create. This is not to say that you may not change your reality immediately within this present now, for you may; although you may not believe that you may!

DREW: And my confusion has stemmed from my believing I understood, or my believing that I believed that I created my reality, when in fact it was the concept of that belief and not the fundamental core believing of it.

ELIAS: Not the actualization.

DREW: Exactly, and that’s why I’ve been frustrated and confused.

ELIAS: This is common to many individuals. You have been presented with this concept. It rings true for you know that this is a truth, but you have forgotten how to actualize. Therefore, you accept the concept, but you do not actualize. You thwart your own efforts, for you continue within existing belief systems.

DREW: And so other than the effort to growth I’ve made to date, the reading and meditating and coming here tonight, looking to dreams, everything that I’ve done, what else can one do to change their core belief systems and learn more about themselves and trust themselves? It seems like I’ve been trying for so long to do what you’re talking about doing. If I’m not doing it right yet, what should I be doing that I’m not?

ELIAS: Ah! First of all, you are not ‘not doing it right’ for you are not doing it wrong! But I shall say to you, many individuals endeavor to be exploring many areas of consciousness and never engage their own core belief systems. Many individuals that you may physically view and call ‘master’ engage many activities within many areas of consciousness and do not widen belief systems, and do not acknowledge belief systems, and continue within their belief systems.

You may explore many areas and experience these areas. If you are holding a desire to be moving within consciousness to widen your awareness, then you must be looking to self and examining these belief systems, and understanding, recognizing, and accepting of belief systems. In this, you also shall be influencing of how you are creating your reality. Individuals presently, within this time period, have incorporated, as you express this, your ‘new age’ type of thinking. They have created their new religion of ‘metaphysics’ and continue only with new terms, but continue belief systems that have been in existence throughout your history.

The point of this interaction is to be allowing you to recognize the belief systems that you hold within physical focus, and in recognition of these belief systems you may also be accepting of these and therefore diffusing them.

DREW: And I’ll recognize these through my actions, through what I manifest? If I’m not currently aware of them, what’s the best way to become aware of my core belief systems?

ELIAS: You shall, as you ask, present yourself with examples frequently. As has been said in ancient times, ‘Be watchful of what you request, for you shall have it!’ (That’s an understatement!)

As you ask to be widening your awareness, you shall. You shall draw to yourself information to be challenging of yourself. You shall notice your own actions. You shall notice within individuals around you. You shall notice in everyday life, all about you. Those belief systems that need be recognized and accepted shall be presenting themselves to you, for you shall present them to yourself.

You may not initially recognize automatically and identify the belief system. You may view similar actions occurring repeatedly before you, and you may view these actions for a time period before you recognize what you are presenting yourself with. You may engage individuals within this forum and exchange also with them, for they experience this also and may offer helpfulness and instruction, as they have experienced this phenomenon of identifying belief systems. This is not as simple as it sounds!

DREW: It doesn’t sound simple!

ELIAS: As I have stated, you have carried belief systems for centuries and have worked with them. You are not so willing to be accepting of these belief systems and disallowing their power. Many are very, very strong. You do not even recognize that all that you do within physical focus is related to a belief system. Every action that you take within physical focus is related to a belief system. This is not ‘bad.’ It is what you have created. It is now only inefficient. As I have stated this evening, you shall continue with your belief systems even within your shift, but you shall understand and accept these. Therefore, you shall not be influenced or blinded by them as you may be presently.

Within this action of movement of consciousness, moving into the beginnings of this shift, as I have stated, there is also a remembrance occurring. In this, you think of the word remembrance and you imagine that you shall hold a clear memory. Initially, you shall not. You shall experience feelings. This is an element of your experience presently. Within the beginnings of a remembrance, initially you shall be feeling.

Look to your dream activity, for you shall hold clues to the remembrance within this action of your imagery also. Pay attention to the movement of the dream mission, for as it continues it shall be instructional also.

This is a temporary situation. It shall be moved through, as you allow. The length of your time period that it continues is your choice, as you do not allow your own movement and expression. Acceptance of your own self, your own expression, your own feelings, regardless of your understanding, will be helpful.” [session 146, January 05, 1997]

ELIAS: “You are choosing your probabilities for your value fulfillment from all of your angles of perception within reality; past, future, and present. They are all simultaneous. They are not in sequence. Therefore, they are all influencing of each other, and they are all you. Within this, you choose the probabilities that shall be benefiting of you in cooperation and conjunction to those that you are interacting with; for you do not create your reality only for your own value fulfillment. You create your reality for your greatest value fulfillment and also for the value fulfillment of all others, for all consciousness is connected. (Very intently)

Therefore, you may think to yourself that you ‘want’ a certain thing, and you may concentrate upon this thing and the creation of it, and you may not manifest this thing; for within cooperation of those involved with you and within consciousness, this thing may not be the greatest value fulfillment for all.

Now; we have expressed that some individuals view their focus as not fulfilling their highest value fulfillment. Therefore, they choose to be disengaging of their focus. Even within these decisions and choices, the value fulfillment is accomplished within consciousness for all involved. Therefore, the discontinuation of one focus, which you view to be terminated as a result of non-accomplishment of value fulfillment individually, shall also simultaneously be fulfilling of the value fulfillment within consciousness of those which are involved with this individual. (Firmly) All things are connected. All action is affecting of all other action.” [session 149, January 19, 1997]

ELIAS: “Each of you listens to the concept of ‘you create your reality.’ As we have stated previously, this is a concept, within your way of thinking; for each choice that you engage also engages an element of unofficial information. You do not recognize the unofficial information, for you do not allow your attention to perceive this information. Therefore, you are not always satisfied with your choices. I say to you, if you are looking to yourselves you shall view that every breath that you engage, every choice, no matter how small within your perception you may view it to be, is a conscious choice.

We have spoken previously that you are not a victim of a subconscious direction. You are not being led through this focus by spirits and subjective information that you are unaware of. The communication within the whole of your consciousness is precise. It is extremely efficient, creative, and communicative.

You choose objectively. You may express to yourselves a lack of understanding as to your choices, but you choose consciously. What you seek to understand presently is the direction of probabilities which are influencing of your choices. This is the direction of the unofficial information. As you begin to look to all of the aspects of unofficial information that surround you continuously, you shall offer yourselves more information as to your own directions within your choices of probabilities.

DREW: ... Okay. Then the other question I have is ... I’m almost afraid to ask this! At what level are the choices made? Because there are choices I’m sure I’m making that I’m not consciously aware of. And I’m wondering, is there a difference between conscious awareness and what we might call daily awareness? If it’s true that everything happens to us as a result of our choices, I would venture to guess that those who are murder victims and those who are in car accidents and those who have terminal illnesses, in their daily awareness, aren’t making those choices. Just as if I could tomorrow, or right now, in my daily awareness make a choice to change my reality ... The choices I make in my daily awareness are not reflected in my reality quite often.

ELIAS: Or so it appears! (Grinning)

DREW: I’m wondering at what level these choices are made, and how to access that level?

ELIAS: This is the reason that we discuss unofficial information presently, that you may more understand how you are creating your reality by witnessing and paying attention to all of your reality, not only what you are accustomed to paying attention to. I express to you that in reality, murder victims, murderers, accident victims, or any individual within any situation or circumstance, if you are truly viewing all of the information available to you, you shall see that you do indicate these probabilities. Just as you may, within quite objective obvious circumstances, view a pattern within yourself leading to a certain accomplishment, you also may view objectively, if you are noticing, indications incorporating unofficial information that shall express to you the direction that you have chosen within your attention, and the probabilities that you are leaning to be creating.

You also, as with the dream mission also, must be viewing creatively. Understand that you are creative beings. Therefore, an individual may choose a debilitating automobile accident, in your terms. This may occur quite surprisingly. In actuality, if you are noticing all of the information available within the reality of this individual, you shall see a ‘leading to’ the drastic, dramatic creation for the reasons within the probabilities that this individual has chosen.

Case in point; Jaren [Jason]. Within a study of behavior and probabilities and choices and interaction with other individuals, noticing unofficial information alongside of officially accepted information, you would view an individual creating a counterpart situation to the unexpressed desires of the father. Within this situation, you would also view this individual of Jaren [Jason] creating a choice to engage this counterpart action temporarily, and not to be wishing to continue this throughout the entirety of the focus. Therefore signs, in your terms, are exhibited of not wishing to be continuing within this counterpart action. Also, on the part of the father signs are exhibited that the counterpart action is no longer necessary, for the value fulfillment has been accomplished. Therefore, within the confines of the relationship, the choice is made to turn the focus.

The focus is turned drastically, in a discontinuation of counterpart action and also in a continuation of the individual focus in the direction of probabilities that this individual has chosen for their own focus. In this, the choice is made of a dramatic event; an automobile accident; creating a devastating, in your terms only, action and reaction within those individuals intimately physically surrounding this individual, breaking the tie of counterpart interaction, reestablishing the direction of probabilities which was initially chosen for the individual focus to continue, and allowing for fulfillment of the father in expressed experience. (5)

I understand that this is complicated, but if you are viewing closely you will view certain behaviors, certain choices, certain actions that are indications to you, clues of your own direction. You need engage your periphery and be understanding that all of your reality that you create is not within one narrow line. You pull from many, many angles within your probabilities, and you also interact and intersect with alternate selves. Much more is going on within your reality than you view!

In this, as you look to how you are creating your reality, you must also take into account all of reality and all of its angles, for there are many. Each action that you choose may not in actuality be directly related to the action quite previous to it. It may appear that the action is following within a line of probabilities or within a line of events, but this is not always the case; although simultaneously it shall also fit into the scheme of present motion, but it may hold ramifications beyond the present circumstances.

You do not think to yourselves of the influences that are pressing to you continuously. You hold many focuses within essence. You hold many alternates within one focus. Your future self, as you think of it, is also quite influencing of your present. This is not to say, once again, that you hold no objective control and direction, for you hold all. You only do not look to your own action.

I express to you that the smallest, to your way of thinking, actions that you alter within a daily routine are precisely chosen. You may awaken one morning and you may be choosing to comb your hair differently. You may choose to eat your porridge before your coffee or tea, as opposed to your normal routine of sipping your tea or coffee first. These seem to be insignificant alterations, but these also are conscious choices and affect you; for you have chosen, within this particular day, a different routine.

You have chosen to alter your methods, and within this you alter the whole of you. Your perception changes. You may not notice a dramatic alteration of perception, but your perception shall alter. This is a very slight, small example which offers a very slight, small alteration of your reality; but it is an example of how each choice is created, which alters your perception and also creates your existing reality.

(Intently) It is all objective choices. You are not walking through this physical reality asleep! You are not engaging other individuals or your employment within your dream state! You are awake. You are objective. You are thinking. You are choosing. Your choices are made objectively. You are directing.” [session 152, February 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “You speak within physical focus of goals. You set goals for yourselves which you attempt to attain, and you are disappointed many times, for you do not materialize what you focus upon within your goals. You set time frameworks for yourselves to be accomplishing these goals, and you become distressed with yourselves as you do not accomplish successfully. You look to many different teachers which express to you to be affirming to yourselves positive thinking, and that in this, if you are concentrating singularly enough, you shall materialize what you want. I have expressed previously that you manifest what you concentrate upon, although this becomes misinterpreted; for it is unnecessary to be continually concentrating upon one specific area. Many times you defeat yourselves in this very manner.

Let us also look momentarily to your history in regard to your shift; for all of these elements are to be considered within this present now, as you wish to be manifesting your wants. (6)

As you are moving into your shift in consciousness presently, you are also dealing with and moving through many, many established belief systems. Throughout this present century you have, en masse and individually, been attacking these belief systems. You have created world wars to be attacking and breaking down the established, held belief systems. You are moving out of your religious element and time period into a new time of consciousness.

Within many of your mass events, such as your wars and many conflicts, religion plays a very strong role. It is correct that religion has played a strong role throughout history within warring events, but presently within this century you war against the religious-focuses in general; not to be converting other individuals to a religious thought process, but to be eliminating the thought process of religious ideas; for within you intuitively, you recognize the movement in consciousness away from this element into a new birth and a new area of consciousness within your physical focus. This is relevant to you each individually also, for each of you holds many belief systems that you must widen and accept before you may be manifesting many of your wants.

Each of you may sit and may express quite solid physical wants within this particular focus. You may want better health. You may want more finances. You may want another house. You may want a new career. You strive towards these things, and you aim at them as goals. Then you concentrate quite singularly upon these; affirming to yourselves over and over that you shall attain this, thinking quite positively, in your terms; and you view no materialization, and you become frustrated. You individually are also battling many belief systems as you are moving into the action of this shift. Therefore, you do not automatically create differences, for your belief systems block your wants.

You may think within your thought processes that you hold no belief systems. Therefore, what may be blocking of your movement in attaining your goal? I express to you, each of you holds belief systems presently that shall be restraining you. One of the belief systems is that if you are expressing affirmations to yourselves over and over, you shall materialize what you want. You may look to yourselves, and you may see that this does not work. In some cases this may be accomplished, but there are other factors that are accomplishing the materialization of the wants within those individuals; for they set out what they desire, and they let go. They hold no expectation. Therefore, they receive what they have chosen and focused upon to be creating.

You spend much time in one sense affirming to yourselves what you desire, and also simultaneously you are reinforcing your belief systems, expressing that you may not attain this. Within yourselves, you express to your inner self that you are not worthy of what you want. You may become enlightened and you may attribute your lack of movement to belief systems of another focus. An alternate self or another focus of myself holds this belief system. Therefore, it is affecting of me. You are not victims! You create your reality. You create all of your reality. If you are accepting of self and trusting of self, you shall materialize that which you set before you to create.

This is sounding quite simple. This is truly one of your most difficult tasks, for you do not accept and trust yourselves. If you are trusting of self you may say, I choose excellent health, and you may give no more thought to this choice and it shall be, for you believe and trust that it shall. You hold no doubt. I wager to say, no individual within this forum may express that they hold no doubt! This being the area that you may practice your affirmation, but not in the manner that you are accustomed to; as you are reciting to yourself phrases over and over as a machine, hoping that within yourself eventually you shall believe yourself and your affirmation. I express to you, you may affirm anything to yourself; and then, believe this.

You, once again, shall not betray you. You are your highest expression, and you shall always look for your highest value fulfillment, and you shall accomplish this. You may express that you experience conflict; for you are striving and striving, and you are not accomplishing what you choose to be accomplishing, and your existence holds much struggling and conflict; and you may even express that you do not understand your purpose or your point. If you are allowing yourself the freedom to accept self, and to know that you have manifest to experience and that no experience is worse or better and that you are perfectly creating within every moment of your focus, you shall eliminate much of your conflict.

I have expressed this many times, although to this present now within your physical focus, you do not understand. You wish to be seeking out individuals that shall map your road for you, that shall express to you, Move this way. Accomplish this. Occupy yourself with this job. Be creative within this area, and you shall be successful. You shall be successful when you are believing in you. When you are allowing yourself to loosen your hold upon the duplicity of self, then you shall be accomplishing; but as you continue to view better and worse and you are striving and not addressing to the belief systems that you hold, you shall continue within your conflict. Do you not think that if this were not so, that throughout your ages individuals upon your planet would not have already formulated the method for complete, ultimate successfulness in every area?

You are inventive creatures. You are extremely creative. You may build machinery to explore your physical space, but you may not solve these tiny individual problems of successfulness within individuals; for no prophet or psychic may express to you a method for accomplishment, if you are not trusting of you.” [session 165, April 19, 1997]

DAVID: “Well, there’s a lot of things I feel like I want to know. But first of all, this last year, almost two years, I’ve gone through the most weirdest transition in my life, more so internally, and I’m still going through it. And I’m not quite sure where it’s taking me or how I’m going to come out and go, ‘Oh yeah! Now I know why so much pain and so much emotional turmoil!’ And it all sparked off from an emotional incident with one person and I’m still lost. I’m confused. I don’t know. Am I in the right place? Am I chasing rainbows? Do I believe this person loves me and they don’t? I mean, there’s my questions, some of them.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Confusion and conflict! Our favorite subjects! Do not feel isolated in this confusion and conflict, for very many individuals are experiencing these same elements presently. I shall suggest to you that you shall continue within this confusion, although the conflict shall lessen. The confusion continues as you continue to allow yourself to open to more of your own self. As you continue to widen your own awareness and allow subjective bleed-throughs into your objective waking awareness, you shall experience confusion. Do not look to an ending of this state for some time period; for as this shift in consciousness comes into its season more fully, you not only individually shall be experiencing more elements of self bleeding through to your objective awareness which are unfamiliar to you, but this is also reinforced through collective consciousness and the movement that occurs within mass. This lends energy to the action of this shift, which you are a part of.

Individuals presently, yourself also, interpret much of this confusion to many belief systems that they hold to presently. You attribute much of your confusion and conflict with objective elements – aspects of your present focus that you are familiar with and that are within the realm of your established belief systems. At this present time period you are all experiencing a new recognition of belief systems and their reality, and your reality within them. In this process you confuse yourself, for you do not attach to belief systems and understand their influencing upon all of your action and interaction and all of the experiences that you draw to yourself.

No thing occurs within your reality that you do not draw to yourself. You are not being inflicted upon. Another does not confuse you. You confuse you, but this falls within the realm of belief systems and those that allow power and control to be attributed to other individuals. Therefore, you feel subject to other individuals’ choices, which you are not. You create what you choose to create.

In this, your questioning holds two aspects. In one regard you are experiencing more subjective bleed-through, which is an element of widening your awareness and confronting yourself with the reality and acknowledgment of belief systems; but within the second aspect, you do not understand completely what you present yourself with. Therefore, you attach your experiences to elements that are familiar to you within the confines of your belief systems.

You speak of relationship, which we may use this as an example. You experience confusion and conflict, and attribute this to another individual. This is a reinforcement of an underlying belief system which you do not objectively recognize, in that other individuals are manipulating of you or hold control over your responses. Other individuals do not hold control over your responses!

In this, you are presenting yourself objectively with your own belief systems and misinterpreting them, but continuing yourself in allowance to be viewing these belief systems through experiences; and as you become frustrated with no solution to your conflict, you begin to allow yourself to view where this conflict in actuality stems from. You have camouflaged the conflict by attributing this to a relationship or activity in daily life, or not accomplishing as quickly as you are choosing to be, or many other excuses that you choose to present yourself with. In actuality, you are offering yourself the opportunity to view these belief systems that motivate the experiences and the responses that you hold within all of these actions.

Recognition of belief systems and the recognition of the concept ... for it is presently still a concept to you all ... that you create your reality is very difficult for you all to be acclimating to and accepting, for this is unfamiliar to you. You may believe that you accept this and that you have actualized this within your lifetime, but this a belief system also; for you are inundated with information and influences and belief systems within mass that are influencing with all belief systems, that you may not hold recognition with.

As I speak to you of lifetime, this refers to the whole of your focuses, not merely this one. They are all influencing of each other. Therefore, you also hold influences, in reinforcement of the belief systems that you hold now, from all of your other focuses.

(Vic’s note: this is Elias’ definition of ‘lifetime,’ in difference to ‘focus’)

This also, be recognizing, is an action which is being confronted within your present shift; this shift being much more affecting and important for recognition than many individuals understand presently, for you have agreed to be accomplishing this action of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, it moves. It accelerates and gains energy in this movement, which actualizes more confusion within each individual–more conflict and less direction–for each individual experiencing does not understand presently what they are experiencing. It matters not that they hold an understanding. They shall experience regardless, for this is the choice that you have created.

Yourself, as do other individuals also, look for your purpose, your end point, your direction. You ask for answers within your personal experiences, that you may offer yourself some sort of direction for your attention; but within the movement presently within consciousness, there are many directions which are being approached.

I offer to you: Within your confusion of individuals, recognize yourself. Recognize the greatness of yourself; and that this essence that you possess, which is all of you, is not subject without agreement to any element or any action. You hold the ability to be creating whatever you are choosing to be creating. Another individual may influence you, but you hold the choice. You draw to you experiences to be speaking to you and offering you information that you are wishing to be addressing to within each present moment. Therefore, look to your experiences and evaluate within yourself the reasoning for your drawing of these experiences. If you are uncomfortable or confused with an experience that you have drawn to yourself, be reminding yourself that you may be choosing to alter this situation within every moment. It is your choice. You are never without choices. You do create your reality!” [session 189, July 03, 1997]

DEBI: “I’ve been very drawn to projects that would empower children. I feel that in English-speaking countries of the world, there is a coldness within the family structure between parents and children. I feel that there is a lot warmer, more hands-on emotional environment in the Latin countries and some of the European countries. And with these observations, with some of the events that are taking place in the world that are chosen by adults that seem to be visited upon children, I’ve had a real inner drive to create some entertaining and educationally different media formats with the intent of empowering children, so they understand that they have more choices. ...

ELIAS: You may focus in whichever direction you are choosing. Understand that small ones may be more efficiently instructed in elements of choice and their action in creating their own reality, more so than empowerment. Each individual holds all empowerment. There is no individual, regardless of how small their physical form may be, that is any less empowered than any other! This shall be one of the most difficult concepts in actuality to be accepted in reality, that you create your reality. This does not mean you create your reality now, but you did not before! You have created your reality always, within every moment, within each focus. You are creating of your reality from the moment of the very first cell which appears. Therefore, small ones are creating their choices and reality also. Individuals are not accepting of this as reality, for you express to yourselves that these small ones are ‘little victims.’ There are no victims!

This is quite difficult, for you hold very, very strong belief systems in these areas. It is acceptable to believe that you create your reality if you are an adult. It is not acceptable within your belief systems that you are creating of your reality if you are a small one. These are belief systems. You do not create your reality sometimes, or at points. You are, within every moment of your existence physical and non-physical, within this dimension or within all dimensions, in a continuous state of becoming and exploring of self; offering yourself, in physical dimensions, experiences.

In this, you may be helpful to small ones in acknowledging of their experiences, in acknowledging of their creations, in not discounting of their subjective interaction, but also in not excusing them within your belief systems temporarily from their responsibility within the creation of their reality, for this is what you have perpetuated for centuries. And then you express as you are an adult, ‘Why am I so very turned round?’ (Laughter) And you have experienced the same elements of creating that you perpetuate with your small ones presently! You also as a small one are not expected to be responsible for your creation of your reality, for you are a small one and you do not create your reality. Very incorrect! And then it is thrust upon you, as you grow within your years, that NOW you are creating your reality and oh my! Why are you creating this type of reality? And you are not very accomplished at creating your reality, for you have not had much practice! (Laughter) But you have had quite enough practice, and you have not NOT created your reality within any moment and within any aspect of essence!

Therefore, if you are not wishing for your small ones to be growing and experiencing what you are experiencing, do not be doing this disservice of allowing no responsibility within the creation of their reality. Allow them the trueness of themselves. Responsibility is not a negative!

DEBI: That’s true, but they have to be made aware of that choice.

ELIAS: You may be helpful, for they shall be forgetful; although very small ones are quite aware that they are creating of their reality! They are continuously experimenting with it.” [session 194, July 17, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon! This day, we shall be examining your perception of your reality, and also discussing how you objectively mirror what you know subjectively in difference to individuals physically focused within your history or what you view to be your past; for as you are aware, you presently are in motion within the action of this shift. Therefore, your reality is different from the reality created previously within different centuries. Presently, you concern yourselves with the idea of being conscious creators or co-creators of your reality. I suggest to you that you look at your own fascination with being conscious creators or co-creators, which is suggesting to you presently that your reality is different. You are looking to subjective activity more than individuals have ever allowed their awareness within your past, so to speak.

I have offered previously an exercise in clarity. In this, the exercise was designed initially to offer you a viewing of how you do not view your reality presently very clearly within the engagement of your outer senses. You do not manipulate your outer senses as efficiently as individuals within your past history. As few as one hundred fifty years ago in your terms of time framework, individuals within this dimension were much more focused and clear within their outer senses, for the action of this shift within a time period had not been engaged yet. Therefore, the action of creating their reality fell within a different framework than your reality presently within this present now. You offer yourselves information and clues and evidence of this shift in consciousness by your very existence, and how you are perceiving your reality and how you are creating it.

Within this present now, individuals focus more upon their inner senses and the inner universe, which is reality. This is not to say that your outer universe, your objective awareness, is not reality, but you are moving your attention from the objective to the subjective areas of consciousness and recognizing much more of the activity within subjective consciousness. In this, you offer yourselves much evidence of the movement, for you mirror subjective knowing into your objective awareness and movements. Within this present now, your sciences are mirroring what you know subjectively.

It has been presented to this essence previously, the questioning of life span within the context of this shift. Individuals inquire, ‘Shall we be creating our reality in longer life spans? Shall we be experiencing differences within physical form?’ In one respect, I have answered this questioning; that your physical form shall remain basically the same, and that it is your choosing if you are creating extended life spans upon this planet within this dimension. This is a large focus of many individuals within this dimension, of wishing to be creating of more time framework within this physical focus. Objectively, you in actuality are mirroring the knowing of your ability to be accomplishing this action if you are so choosing.

Within this century, you have already offered yourselves ‘methods’ (grinning) to be creating life spans which are longer, but these have also been offered artificially. Now you look to yourselves and your own abilities to be creating of your reality, and manipulating your reality and your own physical forms efficiently, naturally. In this, you may be investigating within the action of your sciences presently, which move in the direction of investigating the possibility of extending the individual life span, so to speak – the length of the individual focus – and also altering genetic encoding, NOT artificially, but within objective waking conscious choices.

(Vic’s note: at this point, you could literally feel the energy of several folks wanting to ask questions about the subject of extending our present life span, which seems to be of great interest to many.)

LINDA: Can I ask a question? Is this individually we do this, or collectively as a group?

ELIAS: Both. Collectively you hold the knowing of the abilities that you may be accomplishing within, within this physical dimension. Individually you open to this awareness when you are allowing yourself to open to this awareness, and different individuals choose different time frameworks to be opening to this awareness; but you shall be perceiving many many more individuals opening to the awareness of subjective activity and the awareness of the collective affectingness.

This action of this shift is accelerating tremendously. I have expressed to you that within the end throes of your next century, it shall be completely accomplished, but you may be choosing to accelerate this and be accomplishing the entirety of your shift in consciousness before this. In one respect this is occurring, for individuals continue to hold the belief system that their time framework of their focus may not be expanded, and they wish not to be left out of the accomplishment! Within another respect presently, individuals are recognizing that they do create their reality and that they may be manipulating of their own life span, so to speak, within this focus.

I have expressed previously – much time ago within our physically focused time framework, although this was not much time ago – in regard to your dream state and your sleep state, that your physical form is not requiring of the amount of sleep that you believe within your belief systems it is requiring of. I have also expressed to you that your physical form is not requiring of sleep for restfulness. It is unnecessary for your physical body consciousness to be sleeping at all; but it IS necessary, for interaction of subjective and objective consciousness in communication with essence, for you to be entering into this sleep state, that you may offer yourselves communication with essence, for you do not allow this objectively. Therefore, there is a cooperation with objective and subjective activity within an action of sleep.

I shall also express to you that you do not require physically as much consumption of material to be sustaining you physically – that which you look to as your sustenance, your food. It is unnecessary to be consuming as much volumes of any sustenance as you believe you must be consuming, for you hold belief systems about energy and that you are consuming for this is offering you energy, and this is not only sustaining but it is also creating more energy.

(Firmly) You are, within your reality, never at a loss for energy. It is always available to you. It does not come to you in the forms of what you consume. It is. Therefore, there is an endless font of energy available to you, and this also is available to your body consciousness. Your body consciousness is not separate from you.

Within this present time period, as I have suggested, your sciences also mirror this knowing that you hold within you subjectively, that these actions may be more suspect than they have allowed themselves to be connecting with previously; and in investigation they are, within this mirror-action, recognizing that in actually what I have expressed to you is correct, that you are not requiring physically of these elements as much as you believe that you are requiring of these elements, and in actuality, because of your belief systems of these elements, you create less of your physical life span. In returning to your natural state and recognizing that your physical form is not requiring of as much maintenance as you believe it is requiring of, you allow a freer flow of expression and you create more effortlessly and you do not create as many obstacles, and in this you allow the flow naturally and you create more efficiently within your belief systems. You also allow yourself a new ability – although it is not new – to be extending your individual focus within a time framework.

You hold many belief systems of how you are creating your reality, but I suggest to you that as you are investigating this idea of being a conscious creator or conscious co-creator of your reality, you are offering yourselves each day information of how you are in actuality creating this reality. It is not as hidden as you believe it to be! It is merely a question of opening yourselves to be accepting and viewing what you ARE creating. This is not to say that you have allowed yourselves the ability as yet of completely understanding objectively HOW you are creating your reality, for you continue to hold questions, for you have not accepted many belief systems which are influencing and blocking of your abilities to view; but you are moving.

Within the time framework that I have expressed previously of merely one hundred fifty years ago in your terms, individuals were much more blinded, in your terms once again, to their reality, and even the concept that they are creating their reality. This was not within the direction of their attention. Therefore, it was not viewed. These individuals, as I have stated, were much more concerned within their attention to outer senses; the exploration and the heightening of the experience of outer senses.

Within your present now, as has been demonstrated with your involvement of your exercise in clarity of your outer senses, you have shown yourselves that you are not as attuned to these outer senses as you believe you are, and you hold little ability to be manipulating of these outer senses consciously; but simultaneously, you are manipulating inner senses much more efficiently, whereas individuals within this other time framework that you may look to were not manipulating inner senses to any degree that you engage them presently.

There are of course exceptions within all time frameworks. There are individuals that do not allow themselves presently to be connecting with inner senses and are very objectively focused and are very manipulating of outer senses, and in like manner within other time frameworks there have been individuals that allowed much more of a tuning to inner senses and not that of the outer senses; but within mass and your mass expressions and your movements within consciousness within different time periods, the mass moved in the direction of connecting with outer senses and looking to other individuals for their reality and not looking to self. Now, within this framework of time, your mass moves in the direction of looking to inner senses and connecting with reality in this manner as opposed to being connecting with outer senses, and also recognizing that you ARE creating of your reality and not looking to other individuals or figures to be creating your reality for you or expressing to you HOW to be creating your reality. You now begin to look to self to instruct you in the area of how to be creating of your reality.” [session 220, September 20, 1997]

DREW: “So now let’s take this back to Vicki’s example of the cat. The cat holds no belief systems. Any action that Vicki would have with this cat could only be by agreement.

ELIAS: In one layer of consciousness. The agreement may not be objectively.

DREW: Well, if the cat holds no belief systems, what would cause the cat to see itself as a victim of displeasurable action?

ELIAS: It is not viewing itself as a victim. It is recognizing of its creation of its reality, and it is merely responding to its own desire to be creating its reality.

DREW: Which it is!

ELIAS: But the individual is attempting to alter its creation of its reality. Not all creatures may be responding in this manner. You may be attempting to alter a creature’s reality by offering it medication, as you have stated, and it shall be compliant with this if it is objectively in agreement with your action. If it is choosing to be creating of a specific event or experience and YOU through your belief systems are attempting to alter its creation, it MAY choose to comply with you, but it may choose initially to voice its opinion of its own creation.

DREW: If we all create our own reality – and if this is different for animals, that might be the distinction or why I’m getting confused – how can you alter someone else’s reality??

ELIAS: You may alter a creature’s reality. You may alter a plant’s reality. They are not essence.

DREW: But don’t they only draw to themselves the action by agreement? I don’t understand this. This doesn’t make sense. I’m totally lost here, because if I step on a bug and crush it, isn’t that only by agreement?

ELIAS: Not in the manner that you are thinking.

DREW: Subjectively.

ELIAS: Not entirely subjectively either. In another layer of consciousness, yes, it is an agreement, for every action is an agreement in another layer of consciousness. They agree to exist. Consciousness itself agrees to configure. It agrees to exist within a physical reality. It agrees to interact. But you are creating your reality spontaneously within each moment. Therefore, the idea that you hold of agreement to incidents or events is not the same as your thought process magnates to.

Consciousness agrees to experience. Therefore, in THIS respect, there is no right, there is no wrong, there are no victims, there are no perpetrators, there is no good, there is no bad. But within each individual dimension and reality, YOU choose the types of experiences. (Pause)

DREW: Well, I think that’s exactly my point. Let’s take it out of the realm of animals for a second, because that may be a distinction. That may be the difference. If I create my own reality, nobody in this room and nobody I interact with at any point in my life can alter my reality in any way that I don’t choose for them to do it.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay. Is that true with animals as well?


DREW: Okay. So I just want to make sure I understand this, at least in terms of other individuals. If Stephen [Norm] were to get up and punch me in the nose, he could not do that unless I chose that as part of my reality.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: He could not alter my reality in any way I choose him not to.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Not so with an animal.

ELIAS: Correct.

KAAN: ... So a parent’s natural recognition of his own self-value, his own self-exploration, is the most natural, so to speak, way to allow the child to be, without taking the child into constriction in some objectified unnatural way? Would that be a correct statement?

ELIAS: An efficient method of parenting children within this time framework, within the action of your shift, would be to allow yourself an acceptance of self and an acceptance of the child, an awareness that you create your reality and that the child also creates its reality from the moment of its birth, and also a recognition of impulses; allowance for the child to be expressing and following its own impulses and not blocking these with the small one in response to your own belief systems of acceptable and unacceptable behavior.” [session 260, January 18, 1998]

FORREST: “Elias, moving on to a different topic, would you be willing to speak on the relationship between electricity and deliberate conscious creation?

ELIAS: Within this particular dimension, you have created electricity to be quite beneficial to you. It holds an immense concentration of conscious energy. Therefore, it is quite efficient for you within your creating of all of your reality. Your very beings, your very energy centers and your energy field which surrounds your physical forms, are composed of electrical energy. Therefore, it is intimately involved with all that you create.

Your thought process within this dimension is a combination of electrical impulses within energy. This is your creation within this particular dimension, to be creating of all of your reality involving electricity. This be the reason also that you create your weather elements quite electrically. Your most common creation of projected energy in this particular dimension is to be creating of your storms, and this creates a generation of electrical energy which you may actually physically view. Therefore, in all that you create within this dimension, it is an element. (Pause)

In actuality, you may not be separating yourselves within this dimension from electrical energy, for this is an aspect of your creation within this particular dimension. Be realizing that this is not necessarily the creation of energy configuration within OTHER realities.

Electricity is not necessarily what you term to be universal. It is universal within YOUR particular universe within your own space arrangement of this particular physical dimension and reality, but within other realities, it is not necessarily a creating factor.

FEMALE: Can you talk a little bit about the sun? (Inaudible) I’ve wondered about the sun and energies that are no longer manifest in this dimension, that somehow the sun is holding this energy to manifest in our dimension.

ELIAS: This would be a belief system. You have created all of these so-called celestial bodies for your own manipulation.

Let me express to you that your energy individually and en masse is so very unbounded and so great that even one focused manifestation within one dimension physically emanates so very much energy that it is necessary for you to be creating of all that you view in what you view to be your universe, for it is necessary that you express an outlet for all of this energy, which moves and creates all of the action within your known universe. Therefore, not only do you create bodies such as your sun purposefully for its practical function and what it offers to you physically, but you also create these particular bodies that you may be interactive with within energy and allowing the free expression in different forms with your energy.

As I have stated previously, your belief systems in the area of astrology are reverse. You believe that your planets move within certain orbs and that they in themselves, in their course of direction, are affecting of you within your individual focus. In actuality, you within your focuses collectively are moving these planets to be in alignment with what you are creating. They are a mirror image of what you create within this objective reality.

Your sun holds, as all of your stars, much intensity of energy. This energy is projected collectively by all of the essences participating within this particular dimension and reality, and is exchanged. Just as you collectively create what you view within your weather as your storms, you also much more powerfully project collectively your energy, which feeds the action of this star. You are creating of its burning, for you are projecting of your energy to this object and allowing a free flow expression of undirected energy; energy that is not being moved and manipulated in specific creations, but is what you may term – in your terms figuratively – as a surplus of energy that you hold within any physical dimension, for one manifestation physically is too small to be containing of the intensity of energy that you hold within each focus. Therefore, you create many outlets for the expression of this energy.

But as to the object itself and its creating of realities in itself, no. YOU are creating of IT, and of its motion and its movement.

As to parallel realities and energy movement from this dimension into other dimensions, individually there is no hold. It moves instantaneously from one to another. Collectively there appears to be what you may term to be a lag, for not all of the elements move simultaneously within the time framework of your linear creation of time, just as we have spoken of what you term to be extinction. Not all of the species, regardless of which species it is, moves instantaneously into another dimension. This is the action of individual choice exercised and executed in conjunction with a mass agreement, but each individual holds its own element of free will and choice and may move within its own time framework. But there is no holding area, so to speak.

The only holding area within consciousness is the area of transition, which holds its own very precise action, and in this your species within this particular dimension would be the only participant in the action of transition, for your species is that which holds the belief systems that need be shed. All other species do not hold the belief systems. Therefore, it is unnecessary. As they move into disengagement of this particular physical reality, their energy is instantaneously remanifest and reconfigured into another form and they need hold no lag, so to speak, for there is no shedding of belief systems. There is a slight disengagement of objective awareness, but even their objective awareness is quite different than that of your own.

As I have stated and you may access within the information offered previously, all of your other creations within this dimension engage much more subjective awareness than objective, and although they may be engaging in waking objective state, they also engage in their subjective state much more.

Look to your creatures and view how very much they engage their sleep state as opposed to your sleep state! They do not work in the fashion that you create within your belief systems. This is that they engage subjectively much more. Therefore, although they do not enter into an area of transition, they instantaneously shed the objective awareness, for they do not hold tightly to objective awareness. This would be applicable to your vegetation also.

ROBIN: ... (Changing his voice very humorously) Okay! I was wondering if we could talk about dolphins and their connection with humans? (Everybody loses it)

ELIAS: I shall state to you that you have created this species and one other species, of what you term to be your whales, your water mammals, quite interestingly. Now; I shall also state to you that these particular species have been created in a manner that the energy which is provided has been accepted by the species itself and has also been chosen to be moving into an area of almost paralleling essence. These creatures are not of their own essences, (here, you can hear the door slam – no sense of humor at all!) but they are the closest physical expression in like manner to the expressed focuses of essence. In this, they move within consciousness into an agreement of probabilities to be creating of essence in themselves.

In this, let me express to you: all of these elements, all of these creatures, are manifestations of you, which are manifestations of essence. Any manifestation of essence, any element of essence, may express a desire to be fragmented, and in this action of fragmentation, this is creating of a new essence. To this point within your particular reality, these expressed elements of essence, your creations, do not express the desire to fragment within themselves, and continue within consciousness to be elements of your expressions, your creations. These particular manifestations move closely into the area of expressing this particular desire.

In this action, if they are choosing this futurely, these particular creatures shall become the first within your particular physical dimension to hold essence of themselves, and in this shall be creating entirely of their reality themselves, and you shall not be creating of their reality with them. They have already developed objectively much more than any of your other creations within this particular dimension.

This also is lent energy to by other dimensions which hold creatures that are focuses of your essences that bear resemblances to these creatures within your seas. Therefore, you also within your focuses of essence lend energy to their choice, and encouragement and acknowledgment of their creation of this particular desire.” [session 287, June 18, 1998]

ELIAS: (Humorously) “Justification is quite a friendly bird to duplicity! They have established quite a relationship, and may be seen with each other quite often! Therefore, be aware, where one lurks, the other is not far behind! (Laughter)

Defensiveness is another aspect of justification. You have created so very many birds (7) in this area that you may look to other individuals and their interactions, and you may express to yourselves YOUR worthiness, YOUR goodness, YOUR great acceptance of all other elements and other individuals, and you may be acknowledging greatly of yourselves in your justifications, but these stem from the lack of acceptance of self.


As you hold a lack of acceptance of self, you automatically project this outwardly to other individuals. It is, as I have stated previously, as a ball rolling down a hill, continuing to roll and roll and gain momentum, for all you need be accomplishing is offering this ball one little push, and it shall create its own speed and its own energy and its own momentum, carrying you along with it, but this is not an element outside of yourselves. This is an aspect of you, for it is your belief systems, and your belief systems create your perception, and your perception creates your reality.

Your perception is, there is a cup upon your table. You each view this cup differently. It may be very slight differences within your visuals, but each of you shall perceive the cup slightly different, and in this, the cup is, in reality, how you perceive it. It is not independent of you. It is an element that you have created. Therefore, how you perceive it IS its reality.

Now; in this, each of you holds different perceptions within your reality. They are no less real than any other perception of reality. They are different, but within your belief systems – and the bird of duplicity creeping around the corner once again! – you automatically move in the direction of your own perception, that this is absolute and truth, and all other individuals shall perceive the same as you perceive, for you perceive reality, and if they not perceiving what you are perceiving, they are not perceiving reality! Absolutely!

(Vic’s note: somebody must have been nodding here, as Elias was grinning and nodding at somebody when he said, ‘Absolutely!’)

Very incorrect, for their perception is reality also! And in this, your duplicity enters once again and offers you an explanation and expresses to you, ‘Very well. I may be accepting of this concept. Their reality is their reality for themselves, but it is not reality! It is merely their reality for themselves. It is their perception, and therefore it is their reality. It is not my reality and is not THE reality, but it is their reality.’

(Humorously) For you all are very aware that there is a ‘THE reality’ which is independent of your reality or your reality or your reality (looking at different people), for all of your realities are merely your realities, and there is an independent reality which is THE official reality. Of course, none of you perceive the official reality, for it escapes you all, for you are very busy perceiving your own reality (laughter) and holding your attention in this area!

But you have quite efficiently moved into the direction of offering yourselves this explanation, which then moves you into the comfortability of expressing to yourselves, ‘It matters not that another individual perceives differently, for their reality is their reality.’ No. There is no official ‘THE reality.’

There is a combined collective of a created concept of reality which you all participate within, and therefore you each view an object that you term to be a cup, although each cup is different. There is not one cup set upon your table. There are many cups set upon your table which occupy the same space arrangement, all of which are equally reality, and each of you creates each cup. I have expressed this example previously, but in conjunction with this subject of duplicity, it serves to be reiterating of this particular example with the cup, for this you may view clearly within your own thought process, how you camouflage your own duplicities.

You place judgments upon other individuals’ perceptions, for they are not the same as yours. You may offer an excuse for other individuals which you term to be an ‘allowance for their perception,’ but in actuality, what you are creating is a judgment, and the judgment is not acceptance, and acceptance is the point.

Each of you within this forum encounters other individuals that you may be experiencing conflict with, within one degree or another. Even within the degrees of conflict, you enter your duplicity by expressing that certain conflicts are more important or bigger or stronger or worse than other conflicts. They are all conflicts. It matters not. You merely choose within responsiveness to your duplicity to be creating of degrees of drama attached to your conflicts. If they are very, very bad conflicts, you shall be creating very strong drama! If they are mild conflicts, you may be creating of mild expressions with regard to them. At certain time periods, you may be engaging intense drama with your conflicts and creating what you term to be your temper tantrums! (Laughter) For this is quite expressive and creative and also quite affecting of the situation, as we are all aware! If you are creating a temper tantrum, it shall immediately alter the reality of the conflict. I think not! (Chuckling, followed by silence)

This has been quite interesting! I truly DO think not! (Laughing) For I hold no thought process! (Laughing harder – Elias is cracking himself up!)

This belief system of duplicity holds great importance within the action of this shift, that you be addressing to this particular belief system and recognizing its affectingness in every aspect of your focus and within all of your actions. Many individuals inquire, ‘How may we move in the direction of peacefulness, of lovingness, of altering our reality?’ Acceptance of self and the acceptance of the belief system of duplicity and rendering this particular belief system neutral shall be affecting of ALL of your other belief systems, and shall be automatically creating of the byproduct of allowing you to more easily move into the area of acceptance of all of your other belief systems.

Each time you are creating of any type of judgment, you are engaging duplicity. I challenge you each to hold an awareness, within merely one day within your focus, of how many times you engage duplicity, and you may be surprising yourselves, for you engage this belief system continuously!” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

ELIAS: “This reality is created highly individually, as I have expressed within the onset of this session.

Each of you creates your reality individually. This individual action creates mass expressions if you are creating individually similarly to other individuals, but you all are creating within your own individual choices, and you ARE creating in the most beneficial manner that shall offer you the most beneficial information.

This also is quite purposeful in my expression to you. I am not expressing that you always create quite efficiently, but you DO create beneficially. You may choose in your widening of your awarenesses to be creating more efficiently, but you are always creating beneficially, for you are always offering yourselves information that you may draw upon to be understanding self more efficiently.

I do not discount your emotional expressions in all of these situations, for your emotional expressions are quite within your reality, and you DO express many emotions. I also express to you that your emotions are another experience. They need not necessarily be incorporating action. They are an action within themselves.

You, within your beliefs, move in the direction of identifying your emotional expressions and attaching an action to them. You are experiencing an emotion, and you should be accomplishing this. Another individual is experiencing an emotion, and you should be offering this. You should be DOING. I express to you that this is not necessarily the situation. Your emotions are an action within themselves, and they merely are. They are not good; they are not bad. They merely are, and it is quite acceptable to be expressing of them.

In this, many times not incorporating another action coupled with your emotion may be more efficient, but merely accepting that element of you that is expressing that emotion and not placing judgment that this is a good or a bad expression. It merely is. It is what you are experiencing within the moment.

I shall offer further also: Individuals express that they hold the belief that emotions are cause and effect. I express to you that I have offered many times, in actuality there is no cause and effect. It is merely a belief that you hold. Therefore, you express that you hold an emotion in response or reaction to a cause. I express to you that within your creation and the influence of your beliefs, you do express this many times, but it is not an absolute. Your emotions need no action to be facilitating them.

Each individual within physical focus experiences moments of emotional expression that you express to yourselves ‘appears from nowhere.’ It has been created with no cause. You merely are feeling what you are feeling, and you know not why.

I express to you that emotion is a base element of your reality in this dimension, and is what you have created in your process of information. This is your method of identifying certain types of information, just as your sight is a method for interpretation of certain types of information. Your outer senses process information, your inner senses process information, and your creation of sexuality and emotion process information and create your reality, for they are your perception and your perception IS your reality.

Therefore, I am quite understanding of your expression of emotion in relation to another individual. I am also offering to you that as you hold an emotion in relation to another individual, you may hold the emotion and not necessarily couple the emotion with another action. The emotion in itself is enough of the action, and in that emotion, you are offering a clear and unclouded expression of yourself to another individual. You cloud this by offering – in conjunction to your emotion – your rationale and your thought process and your logic, but view how much more it is accepted by other individuals that you are merely expressing the emotion.

If you are expressing to another individual, ‘I hold great lovingness for you,’ you need not offer any other expression or action and it shall be accepted, and it shall be clearly identified in being felt also. If you are expressing sorrow or anger and you are not coupling these with another action, the communication is offered efficiently and clearly, and understood. It is unnecessary to be coupling this with other actions.

But you move in the direction of NOT accepting self. Your expression is not enough; it is not good enough. This is the lack of acceptance of self. Therefore, you move in the direction of creating drama and attaching other actions to your expressions of your emotions to emphasize what you are expressing, for your initial expression is not enough ... but it is!

Drama creates conflict. It perpetuates conflict and it is unnecessary, but you are very efficient at creating this, for it is very familiar to you. As you move more fully into the expression of this shift in consciousness, and the waves continue and the momentum increases and you widen your awareness and you expose yourselves to more unfamiliarities, you also retreat into your familiar and your known expressions, and therefore you create in the fashion that you are accustomed to creating within.

Look to your mass expressions. You identify these as negative and violent and quite typical of actions throughout your history, and you express to yourselves, ‘Why shall we be creating of this type of action if we are moving into this shift in consciousness and enlightening ourselves?’

And I express to you that you move in this type of direction for it IS familiar, and within your beliefs there is comfort in familiarity, regardless of its expression. Regardless that it may be expressed within conflict, it is familiar, and familiarity offers you safety, security, and comfort. These are all aspects of your beliefs, for there is no necessity for safety or security, for what shall you be unsafe or insecure within? You have created a safe and secure universe, and it is not hurtful to you. YOU are hurtful to you.

ANON: (Whispering) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Trust self, and move in the direction of no conflict.” [session 387, April 24, 1999]

MICHAEL: “I have a question regarding my own work, actually. I wrote it down. With all the positive change with my work lately, which I take to be my alignment with Gramada, I still have some physical pains that I feel are related to a misalignment with my Sumari or creative self. What kind of probabilities can I tune into or what beliefs can I accept to make the physical symptoms subside, but still maintain my success at work? I know I’ve asked a question real similar to that before. (Pause)

ELIAS: I express to you that you offer yourself these particular types of manifestations, that you may be gaining your own attention, of which we have discussed previously.

In this, let me express to you that you may be addressing to this type of situation more efficiently if you are turning your attention within the now to the specific creations that you are engaging within the moment, for you create these physical responses in conjunction with certain behaviors that you are creating within specific moments: interactions with other individuals, areas of lack of acceptance of self within the moment, and what you term to be in physical focus insecurities that you may be experiencing in particular moments.

As you notice the physical expression, you may also turn your attention within that now to the surrounding exhibitions of behaviors, and you may be noticing your interaction with other individuals AND the areas that you are placing judgments upon yourself within those time frameworks, and as you begin to address to these areas, you shall also be creating a subsiding of the physical affectingness.

MICHAEL: I think that my first impression along those lines, as a specific example, would be to ... at the morning job that I have, I really would like to pull away from that, and I feel that doing that would give me more comfort and confidence in my abilities. A lot of my interaction there feels limited by the types of people that I work with. Is this kind of what you’re meaning?

ELIAS: Look to the limitations that you place upon yourself, but do not delude yourself or confuse yourself in incorporating the direction that the reason that you are limited is as a result of other individuals and how they are creating their reality or their interaction with you, for this places you in the position, so to speak, of assuming that other individuals are creating your reality for you – and they are not – or that you do not hold choices simply for the reason that other individuals are exercising their choices. This also is incorrect.

Therefore, I express to you that in part you are correct that within this situation there are elements within your creativity that are being blocked, but this is not because of other individuals. It is that you are blocking your own creativity in not holding the trust of self that you may be accomplishing regardless of which area you choose to be placing yourself within physically.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you need be continuing in this particular position of employ to be moving through this particular issue that you hold. I also am expressing to you that it is unnecessary for you to move in the direction of assuming that you must be continuing to be interactive and placing yourself in a position of uncomfortableness to facilitate your movement through a particular situation or issue, for this is not the case.

I express to you that many individuals move in this type of direction, creating their behavior of martyrs, that they must be continuing in uncomfortable situations or they shall not be accomplishing in moving through their particular belief systems or issues. I express to you that this is not necessarily the situation. You may be moving through your issues quite efficiently without continuing to be creating uncomfortableness in your process.

Therefore, as you are aware, the choice is yours as to what you shall engage in these types of decisions, so to speak. What I am expressing to you is to be noticing of the behavior that YOU employ in these situations as you engage interaction with these other individuals and how you are responsive to other individuals and how you are automatically placing judgments upon yourself in result of these interactions with other individuals. Are you understanding?

MICHAEL: I believe so. To me it feels that ... I realize that the reason that I feel the way that I do is because of my response to other people’s actions; not necessarily that I don’t have a choice in those actions, but that I am perceiving their choices as my own.

ELIAS: Let me also express to you, you are now offering yourself the opportunity to differentiate, to be noticing and understanding within yourself what other individuals create and what you create.

Other individuals create their reality. They are not creating your reality and you are not creating theirs, and you are not responsible for all of the action which occurs in interaction with other individuals. You are merely responsible for your own expressions and your own actions and behaviors.

In this, what I am expressing to you is to be noticing of those, not to be assuming responsibility for the entirety of situations which are created, for other individuals participate also and they are creating of their reality and you are creating of certain situations jointly, which does not place all of the responsibility of these creations upon you singularly. Therefore, I am directing your attention in the manner that you may be noticing merely YOUR participation, and in that, also noticing your automatic responses within interactions of other individuals. Is this clearer?

MICHAEL: Yes. I will be moving out of these areas of discomfort because those are related to my own stresses of the responsibilities I take on myself and my reactions to other people’s creations.

ELIAS: I express to you that I have spoken previously with other individuals in relation to conflict and removing oneself from the interaction of conflict. Within your present societies, you look to this type of action as a retreat or running away, and you label this action with much judgment – that it is bad, that you must be standing, holding firm, and facing forwardly all situations, and never engaging retreat. I express to you that this is a very strong aspect of belief systems.

I express to you also that within the framework of creating conflict or participating within conflict, if you are choosing to not be participating within the action of conflict any longer, you may engage or employ any action that you choose to be engaging that shall be eliminating of your conflict, and it matters not. There is no judgment to be placed upon your choice of action that you engage to be eliminating of your conflict. This is not the point. The point is to be eliminating the conflict.

MICHAEL: I understand that very well. I believe that removing myself from the situation, even though I feel or have felt that it would be running away, actually would be a much stronger position for me, spiritually and mentally and physically.

ELIAS: I express to you, as I have stated, this is an aspect of belief systems in duplicity, that within physical focus you label this type of action as a lack of strength, or weakness, and you view this type of action as bad or that you are not addressing to a particular situation if you are removing yourself from the situation physically.

I express to you that this is not necessarily the situation which is being created, for you may remove yourself from the participation in conflict and you may also be addressing to those very issues which create that conflict within you and create the responses within you.

Many times, as you continue within the conflict, what you are creating in actuality is merely a distraction to yourself, which creates the situation that you do NOT address to the issues and the belief systems, for you are very busy being distracted within the conflict, which occupies your attention. In this, you do not pay attention to your inner communications and your movement through these situations and issues, whereas many times in removing yourself from the interaction of conflict, you may allow yourself to view more clearly your choices which are available to you, for you are not so very distracted by the actual action of the conflict itself.

MICHAEL: I follow you, and thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are quite welcome.

MICHAEL: I’ve been wanting to get rid of that one for a while! (Elias chuckles)

DAWN: Okay, this is sort of a general and a specific question. Lately I’ve been very sensitive and very disappointed that society has a lot of negative views about health and things in the world that can harm you, and specifically I tend to think about the cluster of cancer my family had in the last couple of years. I have these old thoughts that say I should be worried about it and I should go to the doctor, but I say no, I don’t have to have what they had. Could you explain to me how I should approach this?

ELIAS: Yes. I express to you that you are correct. In this, you are not required to be aligning with the mass belief systems, and you individually are allowing yourself to be moving away, in a manner of speaking, of this type of creation that has been accepted within your family creations.

In this, you have offered yourself information that allows you to be recognizing that there are no absolutes, and that although you have chosen the family that you participate with in relationship, this is not to be say that you are locked, so to speak, into creating the same type of expressions that they have chosen to be creating. As individuals do not necessarily allow themselves information, they also more easily move in the direction of aligning with expressed and mass belief systems, but as you offer yourself more information, you also offer yourself more of a wider awareness, and in this, you recognize that it is unnecessary for you to participate in this type of a creation.

Now; I also express to you a cautioning, for I express not to be moving yourself into the direction of not participating in certain actions simply for the reason that you express that they are not good. If you are placing a judgment upon the creations that other individuals have engaged and if you are placing a judgment upon your medical profession, you may be lending energy to the very expression that you choose not to be lending energy to and its creation.

For the point is not to be expressing, ‘I am not trustful of these physicians,’ and the point is not also to be expressing, ‘I shall not be creating this, for I choose not to be, for it is bad and I wish not to be engaging this type of action.’

If you are continuing to hold a judgment, your concentration upon that very issue lends energy to your creation of it.

Therefore, I express to you that you may be moving in the direction of recognizing that you may acknowledge to yourself that it is unnecessary to be creating of certain expressions merely for the reason that it is assumed that it shall be created in relation to genetic factors, but allow yourself also the acceptance that these are merely expressions that other individuals have chosen for their individual reasons and experience, and you may be choosing not to be creating of these expressions, but it is not an issue. It matters not. It is merely a choice for experience, and as you allow yourself to relax and loose the hold upon fear that this might be created, this is much more efficient in facilitating not lending energy to its creation. Are you understanding?

DAWN: Yes, I think so. So by me holding a fear about whether I do one thing or I do another, then that would be lending energy in a way that I don’t mean to be?

ELIAS: In holding the fear, you move in the direction of expressing, ‘I will not create this. I refuse.’ This is an expression of your fear – and also of your judgment in lack of acceptance of any particular element of reality – and in that type of expression, you are lending energy to the creation of the very expression that you wish to avoid.

DAWN: So then the goal would be to deal with those issues and accept them merely as choices.

ELIAS: Correct, and recognize that you need not hold fearfulness in this area. These are merely choices, and it matters not, and as you move yourself genuinely into that expression, you discontinue lending energy to the creation that you wish not to be creating.

DAWN: Okay, thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 402, May 25, 1999]

JOE: “What dictates the origin of different species and their physical characteristics?

ELIAS: You! (8-second pause, during which Elias is grinning)

JOE: Explain, please.

ELIAS: (Laughing) You, as essence within consciousness, exercise your endless creativity in what you term physically as your imagination. Within consciousness, it may be expressed that you are merely exercising your abilities to be creating, exploring, and inserting into any particular given reality all elements that you chose to be inserting for your enjoyment, for your pleasure, and for your expression of curiosity. Therefore, you create all that you view within this physical reality. Your planet, your vegetation, your atmosphere, your creatures – all that exists, so to speak, physically within this dimension, you have created.

But you have also merely inserted it into this reality, and once inserted into this physical framework, as all elements within the creations are of consciousness, they also are manipulating of their own reality. You are not necessarily directing of their reality. You have merely created the expression of physical insertion into this physical reality.

In this, creatures and all of your reality holds its choices in creating of its reality – as designated through your creativity in your choice of the types of creations that you have inserted – and in their creating of their reality, they satisfy certain elements of curiosity within yourself. You have splintered aspects of your energy – aspects of consciousness – from yourself as essence and have placed them in physical form within your reality, and view how they subsequently create their own choices and their own reality in their exploration within your physical dimension, for all of consciousness is continually in movement in the exploration of its being and of its becoming. Therefore, as you create a creature, it is an element of consciousness, and it shall be creating its reality within its own exploration of its abilities physically and its exploration of its own manifestations and its own probabilities.

Therefore, you may view and observe other elements of consciousness beside your own expression of essence, which is projected into the physical form of the species you have chosen, and you may observe the choices that are created by all other elements of consciousness which also occupies your physical reality. This satisfies your curiosity and also adds an element of exploration to your becoming, for you are viewing physically elements of consciousness which are also represented physically.

JOE: Elias, if all these probabilities exist at once, then what is the true purpose of materializing them into physical reality?

ELIAS: Let us look to the creation of physical reality. It is as a game. Consciousness holds a tremendous attention in the area of exploration. It also holds a tremendous quality of playfulness and curiosity. Consciousness is curious to all that may be continuously explored and created. Therefore, you create physical realities, and in creating physical realities, you offer yourself a different type of exploration, a different type of creation and expression.

Therefore, in this, I express to you that creating within physical terms in physical dimensions is – in a manner of speaking – a playful, artful, creative expression for exploration. You at times within physical focus, as you have disassociated yourselves from your own remembrance, are forgetful of this element of your creation. But presently, as you move into more of the action of this shift, you begin to offer yourself the remembrance of all of these elements.

Now; as to probabilities, they are – in a manner of speaking – an element of exploration and experimentation. You insert into physical realities for you have chosen to be creating physical realities, and in this, you create within physical realities what is natural to you. Within all of consciousness, probabilities are continuously being created, for probabilities may be expressed as merely another term for choice. Therefore, as you are creating continuously within consciousness and within essence, you are also continuously creating choice and probabilities.

In this, you create in like manner within your physical dimensions, but within physical dimensions, you have purposefully created a singularity. You have directed your attention singularly to be experiencing certain types of creations. In this, you choose certain probabilities and you insert them into your reality, individually and collectively.

Be remembering that physical realities, in a manner of speaking, do hold their limitations, for they are physical and you are creating within a specific medium, so to speak, in like manner to different expressions of artists. They create within specific mediums. You may not be creating an element of pottery merely from paint that you shall apply to a canvas, for you are creating within different mediums. Therefore, you have chosen to be creating within the medium of physical matter and physical reality, and in this, you have also chosen to be inserting probabilities in a singular manner physically.

Now; be also understanding that although you choose a probability and you may be inserting one expression of that probability into your physical reality, it extends far beyond this throughout consciousness and is created and expressed all simultaneously.

Therefore, you are merely expressing one element of probabilities into your physical reality in singular manner of attention, which moves quite harmoniously and in like manner to how you are creating of all of your reality within this particular dimension. You do not physically create the expression of all the aspects of yourself visually, and you hold countless aspects of yourself. You create one physical form. In like manner, you choose to be creating the choice of one expression within each moment of a probability, and allow all of the other expressions of that particular probability to be actualized within other areas of consciousness, inserting merely one into this physical reality, but you are continuing to be experiencing all of these aspects of probabilities and all of the realities, physical and nonphysical. This is just merely one area of attention.” [session 408, May 30, 1999]

JOE: “Is there anything that you can see specifically that I can do to make myself more trusting of self, more nonjudgmental? Are there things that I can be doing that I’m not doing in these areas?

ELIAS: I express to you that within this present now, you are moving perfectly in conjunction to your understanding and your awareness objectively. I may express to you that within each of your days, so to speak, within your physical focus, you may be helpful to yourself in NOTICING.

I have been expressing this particular direction to individuals from the onset of this forum and shall continue to do so, for this is of ultimate importance, is to be noticing of all that you create, of all of your reality, for just as you desensitize yourselves within physical focus to your outer senses, in a manner of speaking, you also desensitize yourselves to much of what you create within your reality.

Many individuals, and yourself also at times, move in the direction of expressing quandary and questioning within yourselves as to how you create your reality, and that you are experiencing elements within it that you do not hold answers to.

I continue to direct each individual, and you also, in the area of holding your attention within the now. This be very important, for your information IS within the now, but you are quite accustomed to not being present, so to speak, within the now, and as you are not occupying your attention within the now, you are overlooking, in a manner of speaking, information that you present yourself with in conjunction to your reality continuously.

In this, I express to you that this noticing of each moment of your reality is the most beneficial to you in your movement into widening your awareness, for you offer yourself continuous, constant communications that offer you much information.

Look to the automaticness of your physical expression. Much of the functioning of your physical expression holds no thought process. You do not think to yourself of the motion of walking or breathing or eating or drinking or sleeping or sitting or any other automatic expression. There is no thought process engaged in these actions, and they are quite effortless.

Much of your reality is quite effortless in very like manner. You are continuously creating your reality throughout your day quite effortlessly, but you are expressing in thoughts and in verbalization that you wish to be creating your reality more effortlessly. You are already creating your reality effortlessly! You are merely not creating your reality effortlessly in the areas that you are placing great concentration objectively.

In this, I direct your attention to the effortlessness of all else in your reality and express to you the suggestion that the areas that you wish to be effortless, create in like manner! Create in like manner to your breath. You do not concentrate upon the action of your breathing. You are not expressing direction to your physical lungs to be moving. Why shall you be creating great effort in any other direction of your reality? But merely recognize the trust and acceptance of self, which offers you the KNOWING – key word: knowing – that you may be creating ANY action within your physical reality and you may be unlimited in your physical reality in the same manner.

Magnate yourself to pleasure. Continue creating your reality – as you do – in fun, and I hold an awareness of your expression of fun and your movement in this area, and I am acknowledging and continuing to be encouraging of you in this area, for this shall be your greatest facilitation in your movement into widening your awareness. You already move in the direction of magnating yourself to pleasure. As you continue in this manner and do not block your energy, you shall also be allowing yourself more of an ease within your focus, and all that you desire shall create itself, for you shall create it!

JOE: Thanks, Elias. That answers a lot of questions and makes a heck of a lot of sense on both an objective and subjective level with some things that have been happening. I appreciate your help.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.” [session 423, July 14, 1999]

ELIAS: “Good morning!

ANONY: Hi, Elias. I am not in a good place. I created a situation for myself – I started creating it three years ago – and I don’t know how I’m going to get through it emotionally.

ELIAS: And what shall be your direction in your inquiry this morning in relation to this situation?

ANONY: Well, I have felt so sad lately. I get these periods of feeling just really, really sad. It’s like, I’m fifty years old, I’m not married, I’ve been divorced twice, I’ve had hundreds of ... well, not hundreds, probably a hundred lovers, and it just seems like everything is over. It feels like ... I don’t know. It just feels like it’s over, and it feels like it’s not worth struggling any more.

ELIAS: Ah, and you view physical focus to be a tremendous burden and struggle.

ANONY: At this point.

ELIAS: And therefore, your direction of concentration moves into the area of discontinuing.


ELIAS: And what shall your questioning be in this area?

ANONY: That’s a good question!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

ANONY: I’m a total chicken when it comes to any kind of physical pain, so I’m not going to do something to myself physically. I don’t know. I’d just like to find a way to get through the situation and not struggle.

Basically, three years ago I had a relationship that broke up, and I went into this depression for about six months. I thought I was depressed because of the relationship, but I realized that the depression was much greater than the relationship, because as I was sitting on my couch crying five days a week, other things came up, you know, like everything in my life that hadn’t gone the way I wanted it to go all came up for review. I was just so depressed.

It wasn’t the man; it was what the man stood for. He was handsome, charming, everything. He was the Prince Charming that when I was eighteen years old I knew I would marry, and so it was like the end of a fantasy or something.

I had some money that wasn’t mine, quite a bit of money, and I wasn’t working. I’d go into work like two days a week or something and stay home the rest of the time, and I started spending that money for living expenses because I wasn’t making any money because I wasn’t working. And basically, what’s happened now is, it’s time to give the money back, and I don’t have all of it. I mean, I am going to end up getting involved with the criminal justice system, and it’s humiliating. I’m going to lose my job, but I hate my job anyway, so I can see why I created the situation. But having created it, the thought of having to walk into court with a lawyer, having to plead guilty to a criminal offense ... I’m just really, really depressed. I mean, my father was a policeman for twenty years! What I’ve created puts me in an area that I can barely comprehend being in.

ELIAS: And in this situation, you find yourself balancing upon the fence, contemplating continuing within physical focus and not continuing within physical focus, and not moving into directions of certain choices, for certain choices involve fearfulness, but other choices of continuation involve fearfulness also.

And you express the desire to be interactive with myself, that I may be expressing to you to be continuing within physical focus and to be encouraging of you in this area and to be offering you the solution to this situation, in which you have created – quite efficiently! – your reality.

Let me express to you that other individuals also create these types of situations within their focus, and – being influenced by mass belief systems and their alignment to these mass belief systems and the overwhelming belief system of duplicity, which at times may be quite gripping – look to their focus and view it as within a state of hopelessness, and in this hopelessness, they seek out another individual or another expression that may offer them some sort of reinforcement and validation that shall offer them a valid reason, so to speak, to be continuing, for this also is in compliance with your mass belief systems.

Now; in this, recognize within yourself that I hold an awareness of the discomfort and the distress that you are experiencing, and in this, I may express to you that we may be engaging discussion in this area from different types of angles, dependent upon which direction you are choosing to be moving into. Let me express to you one direction initially.

Within this situation, you view that you are caught, and in this element of being caught, you view the situation, you view the circumstances, you view the consequences of certain actions, which are ALL expressions of belief systems, for in actuality there is no cause and effect, but you do create this throughout much of your expressions within physical focus, for it is a very strong belief system.

Now; in this, in the expression of hopelessness and distress and anguish, your attention moves into areas that are also influenced by physically focused belief systems, in movement into the thought process of disengagement, allowing yourself to move outside of troublesome areas, uncomfortableness, and anguish, and moving into a drifting motion, into an abyss that holds no emotion and is not involved with physical belief systems and situations, and therefore appears within your thought process to be calmer and better. Regardless of what you view to be as an action once you have disengaged, you ALL view a time framework of stopping, resting, not engaging physically focused problems, so to speak.

Now; I express to you that within this direction of thought process, this is merely a choice. What you believe to be the action which occurs subsequent to disengagement may materialize, but merely temporarily, for it IS a projection of your belief systems. Therefore, you may offer yourself a temporary respite in disengagement, but it shall be temporary, for there is an entirely different action which occurs as you choose to be disengaging physical focus.

In this, you shall be encountering different situations, but they shall not necessarily be any less distressing or disturbing to you than what you are experiencing presently, for you shall continue to hold, temporarily, an aspect of objective awareness – you shall continue to hold your belief systems temporarily – and although you do not ‘face your maker,’ so to speak, and although you are not held accountable for all that you have created within your physical focuses and there is no judgment and there is no karma, this is not to say that you shall not create imagery and very real experiences in this direction regardless, for your belief systems move in this type of direction, and until you have shed the belief systems associated with any physical focuses, the manifestation of the imagery, which is quite real, continues to be created, for you shall create it!

As to the choices themselves, of continuing within physical focus or discontinuing physical focus, it matters not. These are merely choices. You may discontinue and disengage if you are so choosing, and this is not a right/wrong good/bad choice. It merely is a choice of probabilities. You may continue in physical focus, and this also is merely a choice.

The point is that you are you, and your belief systems are your belief systems, and your creations as influenced by your belief systems are what they are, and they are the same regardless of your continuation within physical focus or your disengagement into nonphysical areas of transition. It matters not. You are creating what you are creating within this present now, and that creation may alter slightly as you alter your situation or location, but what you are creating within you shall remain regardless of what you are creating outside of yourself.

Disengagement, as I have spoken of with other individuals, holds no difference from movement into another country. Within your situation that you have created in your focus, this analogy shall apply quite well, for you have created a situation in which your physical circumstances may be relative to the location in which you place yourself physically. Were you to be engaging movement to a different country, your situation would alter.

ANONY: That’s right!

ELIAS: But YOU would not alter.

ANONY: I can’t run away from me.

ELIAS: Quite.

In this, you would accompany yourself to another country. You may change your physical situation and the circumstances in which you involve yourself, but yourself shall accompany you in whichever direction you choose to move. In like manner, if you are choosing disengagement, you are merely choosing to be moving to a different country, and you shall be with you within that different country also. Therefore, the experience that you are creating presently shall not automatically and magically disappear.

Therefore, we view the choice of non-disengagement, and in this, we may look to that situation and view the choices which are available to you, and also view the situation that you are creating.

Now; let me express to you, previously within the forum of these sessions, I have engaged interaction with groups of individuals that I have designated as what we term to be ’secret sessions.’ (8)

ELIAS: I have engaged this activity with individuals quite purposefully, for this allows individuals to be viewing objectively many areas of their creations that they view very intensely through the lens of duplicity, which is extremely coloring.

In this particular session and discussion that you and I engage presently, you may view this to be quite similar as a secret session, for you move into the area of allowing yourself a trustfulness, to a point, to be offering information that you view to be very bad, which invokes tremendous guilt, shame, disappointment, and judgment within yourself.

Now; in addressing to these core issues, we may more efficiently move into areas of altering the creations that you have already set into motion. But be remembering, no probability is absolute. No choice, no action, is set in stone. Therefore, although within objective terms it may APPEAR that choices and probabilities are absolute, they are not, and you may be altering of ANY choices and ANY probabilities within ANY moment.

Now your question to myself is, ‘Ah, I am understanding of this, but HOW shall I alter my creation?’

ANONY: Exactly!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! In this, how you are altering of your creation is to be altering of your perception!

ANONY: I knew you were going to say that!

ELIAS: This may seem elusive to you, and it may seem within your rational thought process to be quite inefficient, but I express to you that within terms of actual reality, the most efficient and the most affecting direction of movement IS to be altering of your perception, for your perception IN ACTUALITY creates your reality! Therefore, what you perceive is what you shall create, and it shall be quite real!

You have already demonstrated to yourself your own power of creation. You have already demonstrated to yourself that through your perception, which is influenced by your beliefs, you have quite efficiently created an actual reality. Within the situation, let us examine.

Through your perception, which creates your reality, influenced by your beliefs, you engage a relationship that you view to be hurtful, and therefore you create a direction of probabilities that allows you to move into certain types of expressions of non-movement, immobilizing yourself.

Now; as I am speaking to you, I hold the awareness of your energy, that you are ALREADY moving into areas of judgments. STOP. Merely listen to what I am expressing to you.

I express no judgments of any of your actions or choices. They are merely choices, and within my expression, they are not attached to belief systems. It matters not, in my expression, what you have chosen or what your motivation is. You have merely created certain directions and the implementation of certain probabilities which have actualized and created a reality, and this is what I address to you, not to be influencing you in the area of continuing to be creating judgments upon yourself. Therefore, I express to you once again, merely listen without moving yourself into the area of judgments.

In this, as you created a situation of immobilization in being consumed, so to speak, in emotional expressions, you also created choices to be involving yourself in actions, which within that time framework, you offered yourself justification in expressing to yourself that although you recognized that you should not be engaging this type of activity and creating the consumption, in a manner of speaking, of another individual’s funds, you also within your thought process created a justification for this action, for as influenced by your belief system, you needed, so to speak, a justification. You also created another type of justification, expressing to yourself, ‘It matters not, for I shall replace what I take.’

ANONY: That’s what I thought, but I didn’t do it.

ELIAS: And this is a genuine thought process also. In this, the intention is to be moving into that particular type of direction and expression, but the action continues to the point that you view that you hold an inability to be creating that very action. Now, in very physical terminology, you have created ‘digging yourself into your very large hole,’ and you have forgotten your ladder to be climbing out of your hole, and express the helplessness of the ability to be moving outside.

Now; in this, as you begin to examine how you have created this situation and the perception which is held in creating these types of probabilities and actualities in your focus, you may also turn your attention. If you do not view what you are creating and how you are creating your reality, how may you turn your attention into a different direction? What shall you turn it to?

This be the reason that we examine the actions that you have already created and examine the situation in which you are creating now, for if you are not altering your perception, you shall continue to be creating in the same line of probabilities, which is quite influenced by the belief systems of cause and effect, and that if you are creating of a certain type of action which moves within mass belief systems as wrong, you also incur certain consequences and must be expressing restitution. These are cause and effect issues.

Now; you may also turn your attention within the now, recognizing that the influence of those belief systems has created quite an efficient expression of reality within your focus, but this does not diminish the reality that you may be creating in other directions.

In looking to this present situation, you project much energy into future probabilities, future possibilities, in anticipation – the anticipation of humiliation, the anticipation of anguish, of restitution, of how other individuals shall view you, how you shall view yourself – and how may you continue within the shadow of this enormous cloud? And all the while you are expressing to yourself, ‘Bad, bad, bad. Very, very bad. I am bad. The situation is bad. The consequences are bad. I am creating bad. All is lost, for I am hopelessly efficient at creating garbage!’ (Chuckling)

Now; I express to you that you have efficiently allowed this belief system of duplicity to be quite gripping, but all hope is not lost!

In this, recognize that the concept of ‘there are no absolutes’ is not in actuality merely a concept. It IS reality.

In this, also look to your concentration. You are projecting pastly, you are projecting futurely, and in these projections outside of the now, you are quite intensely chastising yourself, creating judgments upon yourself, and what you have created is a very large hamster wheel in which you continue to run and run and run and run, and you are running yourself so very intensely that you have run to exhaustion.

ANONY: That’s right!

ELIAS: Therefore, you may choose to discontinue running.

In this, you may allow yourself to step away from your hamster wheel, recognizing that it merely perpetuates all that you wish not to be perpetuating, and we begin in the area of the expression that YOU ARE WORTHY. You – intrinsically you – as the individual that you are is not bad, has not created badly. You are not unworthy. You are not expressing your reality in bad or evil or wrong manners, regardless of your laws, regardless of the expression of mass belief systems.

Now; I am not expressing to you an excuse to be moving into areas of hurtfulness to other individuals, but this is not the direction that you have expressed. You have not created a situation of hurtfulness to other individuals.

ANONY: I bet the guy whose money I spent thinks I did!

ELIAS: Ah! Now, this may be this individual’s perception, but in actuality, how have you been hurtful to this individual? Now, within his perception, which is his reality, he may be expressing this very direction, and that may be reality with himself, but this is not your concern, for this is not your responsibility.

ANONY: I actually gave him something. I allowed him a situation in which he can express all of his anger and hate. (Elias chuckles) I mean, he didn’t have to report me to the police department. It would have been much easier to pay him back sooner if he hadn’t done that. He decided that he wanted revenge more than he wanted his money back.

ELIAS: And this be his choice.

ANONY: That WAS his choice.

ELIAS: But this is not your responsibility. It also is not your concern. Your concern is your creation and your participation in the creation conjointly with him. Your attention needs be focused in the area of YOUR creations, for he may create any action that he chooses to be creating, and this does not necessarily express that within physical terms, the movement shall appear in the manner that you objectively expect, but you shall create in the manner that you hold expectations. If you expect to be humiliated, you shall be. If you expect to be ‘degradated,’ you shall be. If you expect to be hurt, you shall be, for YOU shall create this!

Another individual does not create your reality! They may create any expression that they are so choosing, but they are not creating your reality! Therefore, they may only be affecting of you to the extent that you are allowing their expression to BE affecting, and if your attention is not focused so intensely upon THEIR creation, they shall not hold the intensity of power in affecting of your reality.

In this, as you begin to move into expressions of acceptance and trust of self, recognizing genuinely that you are not a bad individual, that you are a worthy individual and that you are a joyful individual, the entirety of your reality alters, in like manner to a picture. You may color your picture in all hues of browns and grays and it shall hold a tone about it, or you may color a picture in many different hues of reds and yellows and blues, and it shall hold a very different tone.

How you view yourself – and what you expect and what you concentrate upon – is very influencing of how you create your reality. If you are continuing to be viewing yourself and perceiving yourself as bad, you shall also draw to yourself these types of continuing situations.

Now; let me also express to you that beyond this – which we are not quite beyond this yet, but you shall be moving in this direction as viewed by the probabilities that you are creating now and the direction that you are turning into now – there are situations and expressions that may occur within physical focus in dynamics between individuals, that other individuals may be creating expressions that you view to be quite distasteful and offensive, so to speak.

But in this, we return to self, and in this, as you are examining your expressions of acceptance and trust of self, you may also examine to yourself how other individuals’ expressions are affecting of you, for if you are truly moving into expressions of acceptance and trust of your creations, and that you ARE a worthy individual and that you are not bad and that you are not good either, you are merely an individual – you are you and this is entirely acceptable and it matters not – once you have genuinely moved into the expression within yourself that it matters not, it SHALL matter not, the expression of other individuals.

In this, you may not always, so to speak, diffuse a situation that another individual is creating, but this is not the point. The point is not to be moving yourself into the thought process or the delusion that you may be conversely creating another individual’s reality and changing their expression! No! This is not the point. The point is to be focusing upon your creations and upon self, and it shall matter not – in that expression genuinely – whether the other individual’s expression is altered or not, for you then empower yourself in the recognition of your own abilities.

Another individual may express and express and express in certain directions, and shall be quite confounded within themselves as to why they are not creating what they wish to be creating within their physical focus, and the reason that they may not be creating what they wish to be creating is that they may not be altering of YOUR reality! Regardless that they view it may be beneficial to themself, they do not create your reality! Therefore, if you are not compliant or in agreement with their choice of your reality, you are not compelled to be creating it!

Another individual may wish quite intensely for you to be occupying the physical location of jail, and this matters not, for this is YOUR choice!

ANONY: I know, and that’s not gonna happen!

ELIAS: What you concern yourself with is the opinion and the assessment of other individuals upon you, for within you, you continue to view that other individuals’ assessments of you dictates your worth.

ANONY: I think that’s a problem I’ve always had, and this is the big lesson here!

ELIAS: Quite!

In this, you create a very intense situation that shall present this to you. What you have efficiently created is backing yourself into your corner, in which you view no other alternative but to be examining this belief and this issue, and now moving yourself into position of dismantling this shrine, and this shrine within your focus is quite large and you have decorated it quite efficiently!

ANONY: I know when I walk out the other side of this one, I will not care what anybody thinks about me, other than what I think of me.

ELIAS: And you shall experience tremendous freedom and a tremendous elimination of weight, for in actuality, it matters not!

Your worth is not dictated by the expression or opinion or perception of any other individual. Your worth is not dictated by your actions or your experiences. Therefore, your worth is not dictated by what you create. Your worth is YOU, and this is not reflected by what you create or your experiences or the opinions or the perceptions of any other individual. It is not even dictated by your own perception!

ANONY: I was just thinking that same thing! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Your perception is filtered. It is influenced by your belief systems, and your worth is NOT influenced by your belief systems. It is entirely different.

ANONY: I feel like I just lost about a hundred pounds that was sitting on top of my head!

ELIAS: I express to you that you are a wondrous individual!

You hold great abilities, as I spoke to you at our last meeting and have been in that session quite encouraging to you, expressing to you that you hold great abilities of creativity. You also hold great abilities in interactiveness with other individuals to be helpful. You have much to be expressive of, and also in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, but more so presently with yourself individually, which shall automatically be influencing throughout consciousness.

In this, I express to you great knowing of your individual worthiness. This individual focus of Mous, this focus of Anony, individually you, holds unique and wondrous qualities within this physical dimension and are quite worthy. You hold great worth, for each individual, each focus of essence, each essence, each element of consciousness holds precious worth, and you are no less than any other expression within consciousness, and I am quite acknowledging of that. Do not forget that even your own experiences and perception do not diminish the greatness of your worth.

In this, remind yourself of what a glorious, wondrous individual you are! And also remind yourself that regardless of which direction you choose or which country you choose to be lending your feet, so to speak, you shall accompany yourself there, and you shall bring with you all of the situations and issues that you create presently.

Therefore, once again, it matters not. Recognize that these are merely expressions of belief systems – not that they do not hold reality, for they do, quite solidly within your physical dimension!

But this matters not either, for YOU in your wondrousness hold the CONTINUOUS ability to be altering of ANY of these elements of reality! What a glorious creation you have exhibited within this physical dimension – the ability to be changing and altering ANY ELEMENT of your reality that you are so choosing!

ANONY: Thank you. I do feel a lot better.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

ANONY: I had to create something to get me out of my job ’cause I hate it so much. You know, in my job, people actually expect me to change their reality for them!

ELIAS: Quite!

ANONY: They pay me to change their reality, and it’s so frustrating because I can’t! I can’t do it. I’ve seen that!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you may be expressing this conversation with Michael, for he also objectively views this situation many times! Ha ha ha ha!

And I express to you that you are correct. You may not be altering of another individual’s reality, and another individual may not be altering of your reality. No other essence may be creating of your reality! You individually, uniquely hold this ability, and this also is one of the wondrous attributes and qualities that you hold – your individual uniqueness and free will.

ANONY: I just got done reading the latest transcript on orientation. I would guess, and this is a guess ... well, it’s an educated guess, I think. I would guess that my orientation is common.

ELIAS: You are correct. (Chuckling)

ANONY: That logical, rational, male-type thinking that I have!

ELIAS: And this at times is an expression that it manifests itself within, within your identifications in physical reality. I express to you that this also affords you the ability to be moving into your creations with less of a confusion, in interruptions of emotional terms, than you may be experiencing holding a different orientation. Therefore, be encouraged! (Chuckling)

ANONY: Yes. I do have the ability to focus on a project or something that I’m doing, and my emotions just sort of drift away when I do that.

ELIAS: But do not be discounting of that aspect of your physical reality, for within this time framework of your physical reality, there is much influence in the area of your sciences of psychology, and in that, I express to you that you may be allowing yourself to be led into certain discounts of elements of your reality as influenced by psychological belief systems.

I express to you that emotional aspects of your focus are quite real, and you may be acknowledging of the influence and the strength of this aspect of your reality, for it IS one of the base elements of this reality within this particular dimension. Therefore, do not discount your expression in this area.

There are many belief systems that you hold within physical focus that move in the direction of discounting the reality of emotional creations, and I express to you that this merely creates blocks within yourselves and creates more confusion and conflict than is necessary. Therefore, merely be examining what is motivating your expression in emotional areas.

Recognize that emotional expressions as motivated by the energy of guilt is essentially a waste of energy. It offers you no movement in efficiency or productivity, so to speak. Therefore, its ONLY purposefulness is to be reinforcing duplicity.

Therefore, each time you are experiencing emotional expressions in conjunction with this element of guilt, you may be addressing directly to that motivational factor and therefore discontinuing the expression emotionally, which merely allows you to be climbing upon your hamster wheel once again, perpetuating the circle.

You shall be emotional, and this shall reinforce the guilt, and the guilt shall reinforce the duplicity, and the duplicity shall reinforce the emotional expression, and on and on and on.

ANONY: Around and around I go!

ELIAS: And this continues to hold you in the same position, and you immobilize yourself.

ANONY: I feel a lot better after talking to you. I feel a sense of lightness and more hope, and I feel much more confident in myself.

ELIAS: Very good! I shall continue to be acknowledging of you and offering energy to you. As you aware, I have offered an expression already!

ANONY: Yes, you did! Last night, before I went to sleep, I saw a bunch of blue lights!

ELIAS: Which was to be encouraging to you in reinforcement; an acknowledgment of my recognition of what you are experiencing.

ANONY: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: And I shall continue to be reinforcing of you in the reminder that you are worthy.

ANONY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. To you this day, I offer great affection, and you may be anticipating our continued interaction.

ANONY: Thanks.

ELIAS: I bid you a very loving au revoir.

ANONY: Good-bye.” [session 427, July 19, 1999]

ELIAS: “And which direction shall you be choosing this day to be moving into?

FRANK: There are many directions, I guess, but I guess we should start with where we left off last time. How about my progress, first of all? I’ve been working a lot with the four main belief systems that you alerted me to, in reference to relationships, the way I feel about myself, etc. I feel like I’ve been putting in a decent amount of effort in identifying them and bringing them to the forefront, and dealing with when I have conflict and putting that in front of me and realizing what’s causing it. How am I doing on that?

I’m sure there’s more that I have to do ’cause obviously my conflict hasn’t disappeared totally, and then I’ve had bouts where I’ve gone backwards in the way I feel, and then, like right now, I feel really good and things are going in a no-conflict direction. So, I’d just like to get some insight to start, and then we’ll take it from there.

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you that what I have offered you previously moves in what you may term to be steps.

Each time framework that we speak objectively with each other, I have offered you information in a sequence, for in the manner that you approach your direction of attention and your affinity for methods, this has shown to being more efficient – to not be overwhelming you with information, but be offering information within that time framework that you may assimilate, and direct your attention specifically to certain areas and certain movements. This eliminates much distraction that you may create yourself in your attempts to be addressing to these belief systems and issues that you hold.

Therefore, initially we began merely in looking to self and examining behaviors, and subsequent to that, you approached myself and inquired for more specifics in the areas of the aspects of beliefs that you individually are addressing to, that are affecting you within your focus physically and emotionally.

FRANK: Right.

ELIAS: In this, I have offered to you specific directions that you may turn your attention to, be noticing, and also be addressing to. Now we move into what you may term to be the next step.

FRANK: I had a feeling there was a next step! (Laughing)

ELIAS: For in this, you notice the aspects of beliefs that are affecting you. You turn your attention to be recognizing all of the different expressions of those aspects of beliefs and all of the areas that they may be affecting of you and influencing of your behaviors. This is what you have been addressing to, to this point.

Now; in the next step, so to speak, you may move your attention from the area of concentrating upon these aspects of beliefs, for presently and within this time framework, you have been paying close attention, and in that, you have also been concentrating tremendously in this area.

FRANK: Too much?

ELIAS: Temporarily, this may be beneficial. The area that this moves into being non-beneficial and creating obstacles or blockages is that you may lean in the direction of extensive concentration, and in that type of expression, you also stop your movement.

Now; in this, let me express to you, I have offered an analogy recently as to a window with many panes. View your issues and your beliefs as this window.

Now; in this, there are many, many, many sections of this window, many panes within it, but there is merely one window, and the purpose of this window is to offer you an opening to move through. But if you are concentrating upon this window very intensely, you are not moving through it. You are holding your attention in the examination of the window....

FRANK: On the panes?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: On one pane, or several panes at a time?

ELIAS: You look to one at a time, but you are examining many different panes, each individually.

FRANK: So I don’t see the whole window!

ELIAS: And as you are viewing each of these panes, you are examining all of the aspects of it, all of the angles of it, how the light is reflected through it, and every element of this particular window pane, and you continue this process with each pane of the window.

Temporarily, within the previous step, this may be beneficial, for you to be noticing and examining each of these elements that contribute to the entirety of the window, but you may distract yourself if not moving to the next step and continu[ing] to be holding your attention in the area of the window panes, and as you hold your attention in this area, you discontinue your movement, for you do not allow yourself to move through the window into new areas.

FRANK: Does that mean I’m not neutralizing my beliefs, the effect of my beliefs?

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; this be the movement into the next step. You have already allowed yourself a time framework to be examining, to be noticing, to be identifying.

FRANK: So I’m done, right? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Therefore, do not concern your attention in tremendous concentration.

Look to your focus and look to elements that you create within your focus that you view to be an annoyance, a frustration, a backwards motion, an irritation – any element that you look to within your focus that holds a negative connotation.

Now, let us view this carefully. Each time you are creating of any element within your focus that holds this quality, how intensely are you concentrating upon this?

FRANK: Usually, very!

ELIAS: Incorrect! You are NOT concentrating. You merely create!

FRANK: Oh, because it’s affecting me so much?

ELIAS: You are concentrating upon the effect, but you are not concentrating upon the creation before you are creating it!

Let me express to you, within your physical expression, you view this as an annoyance, an irritation. You wish to be discontinuing in this manifestation.

Now; in your creation of this physical affectingness, within your actual heart and its beating or your breath or the affectingness of your physical muscles in fatigue, look to this creation. How intensely are you concentrating upon the creation of these actions before their manifestation? You are not....

FRANK: Probably not at all!

ELIAS: Quite, and this is the point. It requires no concentration objectively for you to be creating this, and look to the efficiency of your creation!

FRANK: And how well it works, right?

ELIAS: Quite!

FRANK: Okay, there’s the point. Okay.

ELIAS: You are creating this quite easily, quite efficiently, with NO thought process and with NO effort.

FRANK: A very good point! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You TRUST your creation. You trust your ability to be creating physical affectingness in this manner. You trust your physical body expression, but recognize also that one of the reasons that you trust this expression is that you divorce your physical body from your spiritual body, so to speak.

FRANK: Still? I still do that? That’s always been the issue! I thought I got through that one! (Laughing)

ELIAS: In this, as you continue to separate, you continue to express that your physical body is creating elements out of your control, without your permission. This creates the irritation, the frustration, and the lack of acceptance. In this, were you within control of your physical form, within your beliefs it would not be creating of this action, for you choose it not to be objectively.

FRANK: Right.

ELIAS: Incorrect. This is the exhibition of the lack of trust and of the separation of you and your physical form, which you are not separated from. It IS you.

In this also, returning to our discussion of the ease of your creation, you are not meditating upon creating a lack of breath.

FRANK: Right.

ELIAS: You are not concentrating objectively within your thought process for many of your hours upon fluctuation of your heart rate. You require no effort to fatigue your muscles, but you express to yourself that you require great concentration, meditation, and effort to be discontinuing this action!

FRANK: Right, like it’s a big thing! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And I express to you that the more you concentrate upon the action of disengaging this activity, the more you are NOT disengaging it. As you allow yourself – in whichever method you choose – to be accepting, you also diffuse the energy.

Now; in some areas, you have already begun this type of action. Now; let me express to you that within one direction, you align with Eastern remedies and beliefs, and you accept this.

FRANK: Right. I have more trust in that.

ELIAS: Therefore, it requires no concentration, no thought process, no meditation, and it shall accomplish in part what you seek for it to be accomplishing, for you trust that it shall accomplish, and therefore, you merely lend the energy in that direction and you recognize that you need not concentrate upon this. Therefore, there is movement.

In other areas, you concentrate upon what you have created and you place much of your energy into the creation, holding the thought process that you are in actuality concentrating upon uncreating, but you are not. You are concentrating upon the creation. Therefore, it perpetuates.

It matters not that you are screaming, ‘Stop, stop, stop!’ It matters not that you are yelling to the cosmos, ‘Discontinue! Stop conflict!’ for you are concentrating upon the action. View your physical response! (Frank has been having some difficulty breathing) Now; let us view genuinely your individual, physical response.

Within the moments that you are experiencing what you have created – in your shortness of breath, your irritation to this situation, your removal of yourself into an area that you view to be isolating, for you do, of what we have discussed previously – you also within your physical form are tensing your physical muscles, and as your time framework progresses, you tense more. You become more irritated; you become more frustrated. Your breath becomes shorter and shorter, and the shorter your breath becomes, the more you become irritated and agitated, and this tenses your physical muscles more and more, and what are you accomplishing? Perpetuating the very element that you wish to be discontinuing!

(Vic’s note: Here, the audio starts to fade in and out....)

ELIAS: And all the while, you are lending more and more energy in agitation, to the point that you physically, verbally, outwardly express raised volume of voice and are yelling to the heavens ...

FRANK: Which I was doing too!

ELIAS: ... ‘Stop, stop, stop!’ This is even more of an outward expression of perpetuation, for you are reinforcing your tension. You are reinforcing your irritation and your aggravation, now not merely through physical muscles, but within thought process, within emotional expression, and within verbalization.

(Vic’s note: And here, the audio becomes normal again – interesting!)

FRANK: So that’s as total as you get, or could get, I guess.

ELIAS: Now; in this, recognize the circle that is created.

Individuals express to myself, ‘I am concentrating upon creating my reality in this manner. Therefore, why am I creating my reality within a different manner?’ And I express to them and to you, ‘No, you are concentrating upon the manner that you are already creating. You trust this, you accept this, and you are concentrating upon this.’

Individuals express argument to me: ‘But you express, Elias, that I shall create what I am concentrating upon, and I am concentrating upon a different direction.’ And I express to you, ‘No, you are not. You are merely choosing another expression of the same issue.’

Let me express to you, I have offered an example in response to a questioning of Michael [Mary] recently, and this is the same type of situation. It matters not which label you attach to any outward, objective creation. Your movement and your acceptance or lack of acceptance – your lending energy to the situation and the creation of the situation or your lack of lending energy – is the same.

The energy movement is the same regardless of the subject matter, be it creating a physical element within your physical body or Michael [Mary] and his involvement with other individuals in the expression of what he terms to be prejudices (9), and what is his direction of concentration but the mirror action of the very expression that he is wishing to be discontinued.

He is not accepting of the other individual’s expression. He is merely expressing differently. Therefore, he is lending energy to the very expression that he wishes to be discontinued and he is concentrating upon the action which is being created. He is concentrating upon the expression of other individuals and upon his opinion. He is concentrating upon his DISLIKE of the expression. You are concentrating upon your DISLIKE of the expression.

FRANK: Okay. So, using Michael’s [Mary’s] example, for Michael [Mary] to have no conflict in that situation, he would concentrate on his beliefs or expression of that situation, on his prejudices or his idea of other peoples’ prejudices as they apply to him?

ELIAS: In this, as I have expressed, this is the area of the genuine expression of it matters not....

FRANK: So whatever this person says ...

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: ... technically, it should not affect you in the least.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: In true integrity, you can just laugh at that.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: And not even laugh; just do nothing.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: And that’s how you know you’ve done it.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: Alright, that’s the sign, but how do you get to that then? If it bothers you a little or even somewhat, then you know you’re mirroring out a conflict that’s within you?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: And so you identify that, and by identifying it, it’s neutralized then? The effect is neutralized?


FRANK: How do you move through that? That’s where I’m at.

ELIAS: This is....

FRANK: It’s the pains again, right there (indicating his chest).

ELIAS: Correct; quite correct.

This is the next step. What I am expressing to you is, you may be noticing initially that you are being affected. This is your first step, noticing WHAT is affecting of you and noticing your responses.

Subsequently you move into your next step, which is to be identifying what is influencing you in this area, what is influencing your perception to be creating your responses, which are your belief systems. This is what is influencing and therefore creating your responses through your perception. This is the identification step. This is the second step, identifying. This is not addressing to yet. This is merely the second step. You have moved from noticing to identifying, and now you move into your third step. You have already identified the behaviors, the beliefs, the effects, the responses, the reactions, and once you have identified all of these, you move into your third step of addressing to these issues.

Now; the addressing to is not to be continuing to concentrate upon all of the elements within step two. This is the purpose of step two, to be recognizing, identifying, examining. This area creates – for the most part, with many, many individuals – much conflict. This is your area of conflict, your step two, your identification phase, so to speak, and as you are continuing within all of these conflicts, you may also recognize that you are not addressing to yet. You are continuing to merely be identifying.

As you move into your third step, you begin to allow yourself to release your hold upon all of this energy, recognizing in step three, so to speak, that have you already identified. You already recognize how very tightly you hold to your energy, how very automatically you respond and you react.

In this, as you present yourself with the situations once again, for you shall, now you may move into the area of addressing to this – not responding, not concentrating. You need not be moving in the direction of expressing to yourself, ‘I shall lend energy to my physical form and I shall concentrate upon its functioning perfectly.’ Michael [Mary] may not concern himself with, ‘I shall lend energy to these other individuals, that they may express more positively.’ It matters not! The point is the recognition that your expression is inefficient and is not the expression that you wish to be creating. Therefore, why shall you continue to be creating in that expression? In this, as you present the situation to yourself once again, you may also recognize that it is unnecessary to be responding.

And the expressions are the same once again, within yourself?

FRANK: Um-hmm. (Frank is still having some difficulty breathing)

ELIAS: Conversely to tenseness and automatic responses, recognize the beginning throes of these automatic responses, and stop.

FRANK: So in other words, relax and let it go.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: One of my common symptoms is, I wake up in the morning just gasping for air, just as I wake up, just to start the day off right. I would just almost ignore it, is what you’re saying, or maybe just realize that it’s happening....


FRANK: And then relax; not get irritated, frustrated, or say ‘here we go again’ and all that stuff I would say to myself; just continue on with my normal....

ELIAS: Quite. Allow yourself your moments of actual physical relaxation, for realize that you are moving into unfamiliar area of expressions of acceptance. Therefore, you automatically create certain actions. In that automaticness, there is effortlessness, but what you are beginning to create now is unfamiliar. Therefore, it is not automatic yet. Therefore, it shall initially incorporate effort, reminding yourself objectively that you are moving into an automatic expression, recognizing that you are moving into an automatic expression, stopping your automatic expression, and allowing yourself the moments within your physical time framework to relax, to validate yourself, to be realizing that within the now, there is no reason for your tension, there is no purposefulness to your holding to energy, and that you are merely creating a block or an obstacle.

Now; mind you, you also, as you continue in this area, need not be concentrating in this manner either, stepping yourself through the movements, but you may find initially that this method may be helpful to you temporarily, to be directly addressing to the situation that is presenting itself to you, that you are presenting to YOURSELF.

In this, stop. This is NOT as difficult as you perceive it to be! Merely stop.

FRANK: Probably because I perpetuated it for so long, it seems big.

ELIAS: You already have immobilized your movement. You are already preoccupied with the window and all of its panes. You already are not moving. Therefore, merely draw your attention to what you are creating, and stop. You need not even move through the window yet, but merely stop.

Look to your window panes and close your eyes (Elias closes his eyes) and express to yourself, ‘No, I am not viewing any longer.’

FRANK: ‘I’m done.’

ELIAS: Correct. ‘I stop.’

FRANK: Stop concentrating on every little thing.

ELIAS: Correct. Allow yourself the moment of relaxation, and in this, all of your attention focuses within. Without thought, without emotional expression, it naturally focuses within.

FRANK: Is that the goal of Eastern meditation? Is that the intention of that?

ELIAS: In part.

FRANK: Not to be full of thoughts, just to let go and be trusting?

ELIAS; Quite.

Now, there have been belief systems developed in these areas surrounding these actions, but the idea, the concept, springs from the recognition that you may be distracting yourself immensely and confusing yourself with all of these automatic expressions, all of these other elements, be they another individual’s creation or your own creation. It matters not! They are all elements of distraction and they are all elements that shall be offering you more confusion, for they are all expressions that may incorporate belief systems, but if you are not concentrating upon any of these areas, you are also not allowing the affectingness of the belief systems.

Now, I am not expressing to you that you walk about your focus throughout your manifestation and never be incorporating any thought process or emotional expressions! I am merely expressing to you, momentarily, within those creations that you are automatically responding to, stop your response. Alter your response.

For as you practice – be remembering, this is our third step, not necessarily our final step but our third step – and as you are practicing within this third step, you replace one automatic response with another automatic response. You create an automatic response in place of the familiar automatic response, which moves you closer to the acceptance, which shall neutralize the effects altogether.

FRANK: Okay. So we’ve added, in essence, one more belief system that deals with my physicality – that I have a belief system that my physicalness is separated from my spirituality. That’s something that I really haven’t addressed, almost indirectly, as being aware of the effect of that. So now I have that too, which is, I think, major to my physical situation overall.

ELIAS: Correct, which has always been present, but within your addressment to these issues, you have not held readiness to be addressing to this, to this point, for this becomes more abstract.

You have been moving in the direction with myself of absolute physical expressions: ‘Speak to me, Elias, in absolute terms, in concepts that I may understand objectively,’ and I have offered you information in this manner. Now you move into areas that you may view to be slightly more abstract, in the area of the lack of separation of your physical form and that element which you perceive to be the consciousness of you. There is no separation.

I express to you that you may remove any element of your physical form, and it shall contain the encoding of all of the rest of your physical form. It shall not contain any other energy signature but yours. In like manner, your consciousness IS your physical form. It may not be separated from that elusive element that you identify as the you of you. An element of the you of you IS your physical expression! They are not two entities. It is one creation, and in this, as you begin to recognize this, you also may address to the movement and the functioning of your physical form.

Simultaneously, you shall also be engaging step three, and this shall be affecting of you physically also. But in recognition of the lack of separation ... for what shall you separate if it is all one and not two entities? In this recognition of no separation, you also shall begin to address to the concept that your physical body is not creating elements outside of your permission or outside of your control. It is not sabotaging you!

FRANK: Well, I’ve felt like that a few times ... several times!

ELIAS: Individuals express many, many times, ‘I am realizing that I am creating of this.’ No, they do not, for they are continuing to view that their physical body is creating an element of distress beyond their control, and I express to you that there is no control! You are merely creating, and you are not unconsciously creating any element of your reality, for there is no unconscious either!

You are purposefully creating, and you may express to me, ‘Why shall I uncreate if I am purposefully creating?’

FRANK: (Laughing) I’ve thought about that! What’s going on there?

ELIAS: And I express to you that you each within physical focus choose certain expressions to gain your attention, but this is not to say that you necessarily enjoy or find pleasure in what you are creating. Therefore, it holds purposefulness temporarily, but it also may be discontinued, and if you are wishing to be discontinuing an expression, you shall be expressing of this also.

I express to you, there are many individuals within your physical focus that are creating of physical ailments, so to speak, that hold no conflict in their creation and are not attempting to be altering their creation and are quite accepting of what they are creating. This appears foreign to you, for your beliefs move in different areas, but this also is the reason that you each have engaged myself. You have asked for information to be creating your reality more efficiently and with less conflicts and with less trauma. Therefore, I am responsive to you in offering you information to be creating of what you wish ... although I am not your fairy godmother! (Chuckling)

FRANK: (Laughing) That’s quite a sight! That’s good imagery!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You shall create and uncreate all of these elements yourselves!

FRANK: Right. We have to. We have no choice, I guess.

ELIAS: Ah! Incorrect! You ALWAYS hold choice!

FRANK: (Laughing) Have fun with that one! I was relaxing too much!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

FRANK: Okay. Let’s say, in dealing with when there’s another person involved, an external situation ... I find myself, just as Michael [Mary] does now, I find myself in a lot of those situations still too, and I realize the effect.

If somebody says something about me that I’m intimate with or I work with or something like that, I find that it affects me, and sometimes I get very angry or frustrated or feeling betrayed or something like that, and then I realize that it’s a mirroring out of something and I shouldn’t be affected at all.

ELIAS: (Softly) Ah ah ah ah....

FRANK: Well, if I’m accepting, if I’m truly accepting of myself, I wouldn’t be affected, right? It shouldn’t bother me.

ELIAS: It is not a situation of should or should not, but I shall express to you that in the situation of genuine acceptance, it WILL not affect you in the manner that it is affecting of you now, for it shall matter not! (Pause, staring at Frank)

If you hold no interest in a certain subject matter, if you hold no investment within yourself in a certain subject matter, already you may view your own genuine expressions of it matters not! Another individual may approach you, may hold an opinion, may express their thoughts, their emotions, their ideas, concepts, and you shall be responsive in genuineness of it matters not.

In this, you may allow your attention temporarily to be engaged with the other individual, but you also shall allow yourself to release this energy and let go, and you may be disengaging interaction with that individual and you shall not concentrate upon their expression, for it genuinely matters not within you, for you hold no investment in this area.

You hold investment, in your terms, in any area that YOU have already placed energy into. Think of your terms of investment. You invest your energy into many different areas, and many times, a very large area that you invest much of your energy into is the area of issues of your worth of self, and how this may be measured and how this may be gauged by the expressions not merely of yourself, but by other individuals.

FRANK: And it shouldn’t ... and it matters not! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And it matters not, for your worth is independent of even your own expressions!

FRANK: Even my own expressions?

ELIAS: Quite, for your expressions are filtered through your belief systems. Your worth is independent of your experiences, of what you create, of your perception, for all of this is colored by your belief systems. Therefore, it matters not!

If you are expressing that the element of gold intrinsically holds a worth, it matters not how you perceive that gold, for it intrinsically holds a worth. Therefore, how you view this gold, where you place this gold, how you interact with this gold, who you exchange this gold with may not diminish its intrinsic worth, for it holds its intrinsic worth. It is what it is regardless of which experiences it is placed into, which exchanges it engages, which country it is placed within. It matters not. It is what it is.

In like manner, regardless of your experiences, of your perception, of other individuals’ perceptions, of other individuals’ opinions, your worth is intrinsic to you.

FRANK: Always. Now, how does my response to somebody else ... I mean, in Regional Area 1, we’re responding to each other.

ELIAS: Quite!

FRANK: If somebody remarks to you, you want to remark back or you want to give your opinion to them. What’s the best way to handle that? I mean, if I wanted to express emotion, if I was angry, am I justified in expressing that to that person if I’m frustrated, even though I know it’s my mirror of what’s bothering me? Or do I handle it by just not dealing with it? If I know it matters not, then I don’t even have to deal with the person or with the comment or with the situation. Is that healthy?

ELIAS: The situation may be quite diffused within your experience if you ARE genuinely expressing it matters not. Why shall you be engaging anger in response to another individual if their expression matters not? It shall not invoke anger within you.

Now; this is the area that many individuals misunderstand and misinterpret in relation to this information.

I am NOT expressing to you in any manner that the action of this shift and the neutralization of belief systems – NOT the elimination but the neutralization of belief systems – shall be also neutralizing of your emotional expressions. I am not expressing this to you, for it shall not!

You shall continue to be holding your emotional expressions, but they shall be motivated differently, for they shall not be motivated by the influence in energy of your belief systems.

You shall continue to create, but you shall know within you that you are creating and expressing yourself for yourself, for your experience, intentionally, expressly; NOT in automatic response to outside elements that are entirely influenced by belief systems.

Within your orientations, you shall continue to be responding in the manner that is natural for your responses, emotionally or non-emotionally, but not being influenced by the power of the belief systems, and allowing a natural expression.” [session 431, July 23, 1999]

JOE: “The other day, we had a call come into the office, and there was this lady. She lived in a trailer park and she had no hot water, had not had hot water for several days, and I felt, just from the phone conversation, that the girl did not have any money. So, we went out and put in a new hot water heater for her. I had asked her about payment arrangements, and the girl came out and she had ... the total bill was like about six hundred dollars. I’m not sure anymore, but it doesn’t really matter. She had like fifty dollars that she wanted to put down, and maybe pay ten or twenty dollars a month.

Now, it may have been obvious ... and maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe I was using my empathic sense, or not. Maybe you can tell me here. But I felt that she was really sincere, that she really had no money and she was making a sincere effort to pay, and I also kind of felt her anguish at being in the situation that she was in. So, we didn’t charge her anything. We just told her, ‘It’s free. We’re not gonna charge you anything for this.’ We do that on occasion, and I’m not saying this to try to make myself look charitable or anything, but it’s just the way we work sometimes.

Now, my question to you along these lines that you’ve been speaking is, was it my empathic sense telling me ... and I also felt her – how do I put it? – her relief, and also the fact that she really was thankful for what we had done.

Now, my own belief system, the belief system that I hold to, is that if you give something in a charitable way, it’s without expectation; that when you give something, there’s absolutely nothing to be received in return. There’s no debt or anything like that involved.

So, in that very specific incident, is this the empathic sense, and the other aspects of what you’re telling me happens in a charitable situation, as far as her reality and my reality merging?


Now; let me also pose to you: Shall you have responded in the same manner if you had engaged your empathic sense in this direction and you had been connecting and sensing or experiencing these same feelings, but include also the connection with another sensing, so to speak, that perhaps the individual did have the ability to be offering you more of a financial expression, but was withholding of that. This throws into the pot, so to speak, a slight twist.

You are continuing to be assessing through your empathic sense that the individual holds what you perceive as a physical need. You continue to assess through your inner senses that the individual is expressing genuinely to you. But there is a slight conflicting element, for you also simultaneously are connecting with some element that appears to you to not be genuine in your beliefs, and what shall you be offering in that scenario?

JOE: That’s a good question. I think in my own individual case, I would simply evaluate all of the information that I received, either empathically or objectively. Or more objectively, I would make my decision and go with it. I really don’t know what else I could do. If I was being deceived objectively in that sense, well, then so be it. At least my intent at the time, based on all the information that I had acquired either subjectively or objectively, was valid, and I’d base my decision on that. I don’t really know what else I could do.

ELIAS: Very good. The reason that I express this to you in comparison, so to speak, is that many times, this may occur within individuals.

The example that you offer to me in this particular scenario appears to be quite obvious to yourself and to many other individuals, and other individuals may be responsive to you in expressing in a positive and reinforcing direction as to your choice of action, and shall recognize also, within the context of their belief systems, that what you have offered shall be affecting in what you deem to be a positive manner. But this is not necessarily the point, and this is what I am addressing to in answering your question.

You have expressed the questioning to me as to the subject matter of charity and as to whether it be valid or not, whether it be helpful or whether it be intrusive. I have expressed to you that if you are offering an expression of essence, that this may be deemed as what you term to be a charitable act. But I may also express to you that you are always affecting within consciousness. It is merely your perception of HOW you shall be affecting.

In this, your belief systems drive you in the direction of attempting to be affecting in what you term to be a positive manner, and the reason that you move in this direction is that it offers you a gauge, so to speak, of your own value, for if you may view yourself and express to yourself that you have offered to another individual a charitable act, you may also look to self and measure your value.

In this, many times individuals move in the direction of objective expressions that they deem to be good simply for the reason that they ARE deemed to be good, and this is not necessarily an expression of essence, and this is to be considered in interaction with other individuals, for in your questioning, you have also inquired as to what may be intrusive.

In this, you may be offering what YOU perceive to be helpful with another individual and you may offer an expression that you deem to be charitable, for it offers you the measurement of your value and it creates a pleasurable feeling within you, but it may not necessarily be as helpful to another individual as YOU perceive it to be.

This is not to say that it shall not be affecting, for all that you create is affecting, but it may not be expressed in the reception of the other individual as helpful in the manner that you wish it to be received.

Therefore, this be the reason that I express to you, as you are engaging these types of interactions with other individuals, you may be looking to self and examining your interaction with the other individual and examining your motivation within your action and your behavior, and this shall express to you the genuine direction that you are moving into.

This expression objectively that you have engaged with this particular individual in this scenario IS an expression of what you term to be charitable, and is received by the individual in the manner that you are expressing it. But I express to you also, this at times may be a tricky business, so to speak, (grinning) for you may hold a genuine want to be helpful to another individual, but it may not necessarily be received by the individual in the manner that you want it to be received, and THIS is the expectation.

JOE: I’m a little confused here as to your terminology, as to ‘an expression of essence.’ Wouldn’t everything, in some way or another, be an expression of essence?

And on the second part ... yeah, part of my question has to do with and goes to a misdirection, say, in charitable acts, where my intent and the other person’s intent may not be the same, and our outlook about the actions or our viewpoint on the actions may be a little bit different. This is what part of my questioning is, to be able to try to avoid that type of thing.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding what you are expressing, and we may engage your same scenario as an example.

First of all, in addressing to the expression of essence, yes, you are correct. In one manner of speaking, all that you create, all that you engage is an expression of essence, for you ARE essence.

What I am expressing in this particular type of terminology is a distinction of a creation of an action which moves outside of your belief systems within its motivation.

Now; I am quite understanding that this may be a difficult concept, for all that you create within this dimension is filtered through your belief systems. But I shall also express to you, as I have expressed previously, that there are directions that you offer to yourself – information, directions, and expressions, so to speak – communications that you offer to yourself through impressions, through impulses, and through your inner senses that initiate the communication outside of the context of your belief systems.

Now; you do filter your translation through your belief systems, but the initial motivation and desire may be offered to you by yourself outside of the influence of belief systems.

This is what I am expressing as a distinguishing element of an expression of essence, for outside of this particular physical dimension, your belief systems hold no relevance. They are merely relevant to this particular physical dimension.

JOE: Then let me ask you something. In that context, let me see if I’m understanding this.

The girl calls me, calls our office. Now, that’s an objective action. But subjectively, whether the individual focus or whatever subjectively knew that my belief systems would – how in the heck do I put this? – that she subjectively knew that by calling me, that with the belief systems that I hold, the physical action that was needed at the time would be invoked. Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. What you have expressed is a translation in objective terms, but in a manner of speaking, you are correct, for you all draw to yourselves experiences that shall be beneficial to you and shall offer you the information and the types of experiences that shall fit into the lines of probabilities that you each individually are creating within that moment.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, yes. Subjectively, the individual magnates to you particularly in the knowing that drawing herself to you within an expression of energy and an exchange, that the interaction shall be beneficial.

Now, the individual is not objectively creating a thought process in this manner, but energy is in motion in conjunction with the line of probabilities that each of you are creating, and you each draw yourselves to each other to be creating beneficial experiences for yourselves, both. It is not merely one individual, but both individuals.

Now; you may also look to this same scenario, and you may hypothetically express a different outcome, so to speak.

You may have been drawn to this individual and she may have drawn herself to you, and you may have engaged the same interaction. You may have engaged the same empathic sense, in part, and have offered the same solution, so to speak, but it may have been received quite differently.

In this, as you approached the individual and offered objectively to be giving, in a manner of speaking, this object and this work to her at no expense, she may have responded quite differently and may have expressed to you insult.

JOE: But wouldn’t that go back to what we had talked about, about the overall objective impression that I got from the whole scenario, and then multiplexing everything that I received, both subjectively and empathically, into an action, in this particular case, saying, ‘You really don’t have to pay anything.’?

Probably, would I have not felt that, then I could have engaged in an action of giving her an invoice or whatever. But it was actually the empathic sense being used here, maybe both on my part and her part, to bring this to the conclusion that it was brought to.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and I have expressed this to you, that you ARE correct and you HAVE engaged your empathic sense, and this be the reason that you have created the outcome, so to speak, in this engagement.

I am merely offering you an example of a different outcome which provides you with an example in which you may not have been engaging your empathic sense. Were the individual to be expressing insult, you may subsequently look to self and recognize that you were NOT engaging the entirety of your empathic sense and that you were allowing the influence of your belief systems to override your empathic sense. Are you understanding?

JOE: Yeah, I think so. I really think I am, and this is absolutely fascinating! Now I want to take it a step further, okay?

Now, since we create our own reality through our belief systems, and in doing this, naturally my business sustained a substantial loss ... not a substantial loss. My business sustained a loss of X amount of dollars. But with the reality that’s created through the business, that money is always made up in one way or another.

Is this an example of the way the belief systems, or my interaction within the belief systems, create reality? Because whenever I do anything like this, the money is ALWAYS made up, almost sometimes magically, like in a job or in an extra or in any of a hundred other ways that it can be done when you’re in a mechanical contracting business. But is this an example of the way we create our reality basically based on our belief systems?


In this, the manner that you have chosen to be creating your reality is to be offering yourself freedoms in certain areas, in allowing yourself to be trusting of what you have created and that it shall continue to perpetuate itself through your energy effortlessly.

What you create within your reality IS effortless. Be it what you deem to be good or bad, it is ALL effortless.

Individuals confuse and misunderstand my expression that I offer to you all in explanations of creating your reality in an effortless manner, for there are certain elements of your reality that you wish to be creating that you block yourselves from creating, and in this, I express information in the manner of instruction to be effortlessly creating what you want, so to speak, that you may not necessarily be creating.

But this is key in what you are expressing presently, what you are discussing presently, for you offer an example in this creation of this type of probabilities, that you have created a trust in self that you shall be creating your reality in a certain manner, and you do not question that reality. You merely accept that it is, and therefore it is!

JOE: So this is a good example of working within the belief systems and how the belief systems ... in this case, the belief system of charity and that whatever is given in a charitable manner will be replaced physically, objectively, and it always is, sometimes ten times over. That’s an example of creating reality within a belief system, a concrete example that can be looked at and examined in a very objective way.

ELIAS: Yes. Many times individuals are moving in the direction of thought processes that they must be eliminating their belief systems to be accomplishing creating their reality efficiently, effortlessly, and without conflict, and this is not the point.

I have been expressing this from the onset of these sessions, that you are not moving outside of belief systems. You are not creating this shift in consciousness to be eliminating belief systems, but to be offering yourselves the opportunity to be creating your reality WITHIN the context of your belief systems WITHOUT conflict, neutralizing aspects of the belief systems – not the belief systems themselves, but neutralizing aspects of the belief systems – which shall provide you with the opportunity to move much more expansively [and] much less limitedly through your belief systems effortlessly and without conflict, allowing you to be creating without limits, in your physical dimension, all that you desire to be creating. (10)

JOE: Okay, Elias, let me take this another step further. Now, in this particular instance that we’re talking about here today, if another contractor in this particular instance was not charitable ... which would be perfectly fine. In this exchange here, I’m not trying to say good or bad. It’s just kind of hard verbally to get the point across without saying good or bad. But if another contractor in this particular instance had not responded or didn’t respond if she had called him or whatever, and still worked within his belief system, then this whole thing wouldn’t have happened.

But here again, nothing bad would have come out of it, you see, and in that particular instance, that contractor was working within his belief system. But the fact that I don’t believe in that type of belief system, then in effect, I have neutralized that belief system, which I don’t agree with, in my own rendition of reality-making here.

ELIAS: You have neutralized an ASPECT of a belief system.

Now; in this, you are correct. There is no right or wrong in the actions, and the individual may have drawn herself to another individual, and the other individual may have created quite a different type of expression in exchange with her. But she shall have drawn herself to that situation to be beneficial to herself in the line of probabilities that she was creating in the moment.

This may have involved conflicts, and this may be to be addressing to certain issues that are held within herself and her belief systems. The other individual engaged may also have drawn themselves into the scenario to be presenting a situation to themself, that they may view their own limitations in certain areas.

Now; in this, what I am expressing is, the individual that may not have expressed in the same manner that you chose to be expressing may have been choosing a different outcome as a response to a lack of trust that they hold the ability to be creating WITHOUT CONTROL.

In this, it is not a situation, as you have stated, of good or bad or right or wrong, but merely a situation of limitations or less limitations, obstacles or less obstacles, conflict or no conflict.

In this, as each of you turns your attention to self and allows yourselves to view that you may be trusting of self and you shall create effortlessly, without conflict, all that you view that you need and beyond, in this, you eliminate the fear, which is VERY influencing in directing you through your belief systems and reinforcing the power of these belief systems.

In this, you do not hold this element of fearfulness and you are allowing yourself to trust in what you have already set into motion. You have already created a line of probabilities, you continue to be creating within the moment, and you allow yourself the acceptance and trust of self that what you have created is efficient and beneficial and that you need not question all that you have created. Therefore, you do not question your ability.

In this, it magically seems to appear to you and is continuously reinforcing in you that you may continue to be trusting of self, and as you continue to reinforce this trust and acceptance of self, it becomes stronger, and it is very influencing in eliminating these conflicts and neutralizing the aspects of the belief systems that create barriers and obstacles within your focus.

JOE: I think that’s great! I’m starting to get a handle on this!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOE: I’m STARTING to get a handle! But man, I know there’s a long, long, long way to go here. But anyway....

Now let me ask you another question here. Before, in a previous session, you and I had talked about or you had told me about just believing that I could manifest an apple, and I’ve been thinking about that since we had that session.

See, in this scenario that we just talked about, I know about the water heater. I know how it works. I know about the solder joints, the ball valves, the mechanics of it. I know that part in and out. So in going down and getting a hot water put in and the whole nine yards, it’s easy. It’s been done before; it’s completely understood.

But in this issue of manifesting an apple, I don’t know the chemical properties of an apple, you know? I know an apple is a term for something that, at least within my belief systems, it’s something that falls from a tree. So how exactly does that work? If I see an apple objectively, I know it’s an apple, but I have no idea of the chemical composition of this thing, like how it’s put together, it’s molecular structure, anything like that. Whereas with the equipment that I work with every day, I really do kind of have a handle on that sort of thing. So, how is it possible without that understanding to just be able to manifest an apple? Or do we have that understanding subjectively, and it’s just that we’re not aware of it objectively?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! (Joe laughs) I shall express to you, yes, you hold this information subjectively. You hold this ability. You block your awareness objectively, but it is not removed from you in inaccessibility. You may access this information, and this all is involved in the area of trust and acceptance also.

You express to me that you understand all of the properties of this object that you term to be a water heater. Now; shall you produce, shall you manifest in this moment a water heater standing before you?

JOE: Well, in a manner of speaking, I could, by going down to the supply house and grabbing one!

ELIAS: No, no, no! Shall you manifest one of these objects, within this very now presently, before you without any objective movement?

JOE: Well, to tell you the truth, the answer to that would be a resounding no!

ELIAS: HA HA HA! Quite, and this is the point! It matters not that you hold the objective knowledge of all of the properties that comprise a particular object of matter. IT MATTERS NOT.

What is of importance in these types of situations is that you move your attention in a different direction, and that direction is inward to self and the KNOWING that you hold this ability in the same manner that you KNOW – for you trust and you accept that you may offer the type of expression that you have explained in your scenario in your engagement with this other individual – you KNOW within you that you hold the ability to be offering this type of expression and that you shall manifest compensation.

You do not doubt this action, and therefore you create it, for you KNOW within you.

In like manner, as you turn your attention to self and you trust within self and you KNOW what your abilities are and you are not questioning of those abilities – for it is unnecessary for you to question, for you KNOW – you shall allow yourself to remove the obstacles that are before you presently and you shall allow yourself the expression of manifesting ANY object in physical matter before you WITHOUT engaging physical action.

JOE: That’s a plateful, Elias, I’ll tell you that!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JOE: (Laughing) So basically, what you’re saying is.... There is this gentleman in the far east someplace named Sai Baba who literally can, from what I understand, manifest anything – a chair, whatever – and it just seems to appear out of the air, that the molecules are drawn. The thing forms itself directly into what we would expect it to be, say, as a chair. So all of us, every one of us – if we can eliminate this doubting of ourself or step outside of the belief system that we cannot do this – have that ability?


JOE: Okay! That answers that question pretty straightforward!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! This individual holds no special powers. This individual holds no difference in physical reality from yourself. This individual is not touched by God and possessing some element of ability that you do not possess. This individual merely recognizes that they hold the ability if they are choosing to manifest it. (Pause)

This individual recognizes that the God is self, and that this provides each of you with the ability to be manifesting ANY element that you choose within your physical reality that you desire.

You hold no limits except the limitations that you place upon yourselves through the confines of your belief systems, but without the confines of your belief systems, there is no element that you may not be accomplishing within your reality. You merely BELIEVE that you may not be accomplishing, and this is the point.

This be the reason that I am speaking with you, for you ARE creating this shift in consciousness and you ARE moving in the direction of actualizing all of these wonders that you NOW look to and express that they be ‘miracles’ or ‘special gifts.’

They are not gifts, for no element in consciousness has given them to you. You possess them already! They are yours. They are what YOU are in your abilities, and you hold no limitations!

There are no absolutes! All that you view as physical matter is consciousness. Do you KNOW this objectively? No. You accept this as a concept objectively. You express to yourselves that you THINK this conceptually, but it is not a reality. You do not speak to your wall and KNOW that it possesses consciousness. You do not view your wall as energy in motion.

Theoretically, you express this to yourselves within thought process and within concept, but as your hand meets your wall and presses against it, you are not allowing yourself the physical experience and knowing that your wall is not solid. It appears to be solid and therefore you believe it to be solid, and your belief is stronger than your concept of your thoughts. Your sciences may express to you that your wall is comprised of particles that are continuously in motion, but you do not view your wall in motion. You view it to be solid and you view it to be static, and therefore it is!

JOE: So basically, in a manner of speaking, in order to be able to go through walls, we have to take walls down, and what I mean by that is that basically, we’ve been taught from birth. We’ve accepted the belief systems that we’ve been taught all through school that dense, massive material that’s more dense is basically that, when in fact, it’s not. So all of these things that we have learned from childhood to the present point and that we’ve accepted as belief systems basically make up the walls that we’ve surrounded ourselves with.

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking. You have created your reality in this manner. It IS real. I am not expressing to you that your wall is an illusion. It is quite real!

JOE: Well, I know that if I walk into it, I’m gonna bloody my nose on it, at this point in time anyway!

ELIAS: Quite! Ha ha ha ha! But I am expressing to you that there are more possibilities than you allow yourselves to view!

Therefore, you may not merely create an object of physical matter before you or within your hand, but you also may place your hand through the denseness of a physical object!

It is merely a question of opening your awareness and turning your perception, for your perception, once again, is the element that creates your reality, and through your perception, if you are viewing a wall to be solid that your hand may not penetrate, this is what you shall create in reality, and it shall be real!

But if you are allowing yourself to relax your focus and [to be] turning your perception and viewing through your perception that this wall is a cooperation of energy in movement and that it also holds consciousness, which is the same element, in a manner of speaking, as yourself manifest into physical matter, you may quite easily merge with that consciousness physically, and your hand may penetrate the wall.

JOE: Now, would this be an agreement in consciousness, say, between my hand or myself and the consciousness of the wall? Or is it something even more than just an agreement, just some indefinable ... I don’t even know how to put it ... something that’s just natural within consciousness? Or would it be like an agreement between consciousness?

ELIAS: I shall express to you in amusement! The statement of ‘agreement within consciousness’ is your translation of people-izing consciousness! Ha ha ha!

It is not the situation that you have created an agreement within consciousness between yourself and the consciousness of the wall. This is entirely unnecessary. It is a natural action. You are continuously moving in and out and through all other aspects of consciousness within energy. You merely allow yourselves limitations within the objective expression of this movement.

Therefore, in this type of creation, what you are expressing is a dropping of the veils and the allowance of your natural abilities and your natural movement without obstacles, without limitations. This requires no agreement. It is a natural movement of energy.

JOE: Would that be like consciousness manipulating matter? So, since I am consciousness, the manipulation of matter really is of secondary importance? It’s a natural byproduct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for the matter is consciousness also. It is energy moving through energy.

JOE: Okay, I’m not even gonna ... I’m not even gonna say that I even begin to understand that concept, but ...


JOE: ... I’m working on it!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!” [session 450, August 19, 1999]

Note: this is the first of two parts on you create your reality. Go to you create your reality, pt. 2.

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Seth/Jane Roberts introduced and discussed the concept of “you create your reality” at length The Nature of Personal Reality, (1974.)

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(3) Vic’s note: the new game is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

Digests: find out more about the new game (TFEs).

(4) Paul’s note: the clarity exercise is a tool that sharpens the physical senses by enhancing our ability to concentrate, observe, and focus in the present moment. While fine-tuning the five physical senses, its purpose is also to maintain the clarity of focus in altered states and projections of consciousness.

ELIAS: “The point of the exercise in clarity is to be allowing you the opportunity to be manipulating outer senses, which may also offer you more of an understanding of how to be manipulating inner senses more efficiently and to be using your inner senses in conjunction with each other as you use your outer senses in conjunction with each other, but you do not allow yourselves to be efficiently manipulating your OUTER senses, which you are quite familiar with!

Therefore, I have offered that particular exercise that you may become more familiar with manipulating these senses that you hold familiarity with, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to more efficiently manipulate your inner senses, which shall be offering you more information within consciousness, and also, it shall be helpful to you in manipulating energy within the action of this shift.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

(5) Vic’s note: follow these links for more information about Jaren.

Transcripts: session 86, April 14, 1996 and session 87, April 17, 1996.

(6) Vic’s note: the following is Elias’ first explanation of the shift, taken from session 11 dated May 31, 1995:

ELIAS: “You all notice a change in consciousness of your world. Even those who are unaware notice a changing shift in consciousness. This is a new emergence into a wonderful awareness that you have all agreed and decided to accomplish. You are moving in an age not unlike that of your beginnings of your Christian church; a tremendous conscious effort in creativity and motion which changed the focus of your world for a great duration of time, in your terms, of this planet. Another great shift is happening. This is because you are ready and anxious. Some are more ready than others. This focus is not one that you are familiar with. This is why we choose to help in avoiding trauma. This is not a religious-focus, as you may be used to. This is a new emergence of your consciousness, in union with its own essence; a widening of your awareness and vision.”

Digests: find out more about the shift in consciousness.

(7) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of birds in a cage to represent the relationship between individual beliefs and belief systems.

ELIAS: “... I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELIAS: “The bird cage is neutral. It is merely a cage. It CONTAINS something; it contains the birds. The birds are that which flutter and fly and peck at each other and at you, and hold much energy and are very affecting and are at times quite fascinating also, and quite colorful! But once the cage is empty, the cage remains; but it holds no affectingness, for it is empty. It then becomes ornamental. You may place the cage wherever you choose. You may look within your home and you may express, ‘I am pleased with this cage upon my mantel. I view that I shall move the cage to a table.’ It matters not. The cage remains the same. It is merely a cage. The birds may be quite messy, and you may be quite careful where you shall place the cage with all the birds contained inside!” [session 307, August 14, 1998]

Digests: find out more about belief systems; an overview.

(8) Vic’s note: I would like to dispel any possible misunderstanding here, as there has been some in the past. The ’secrets sessions’ that Elias initiated were not kept secret from other folks. They were sessions in which we were encouraged to discuss our deepest, darkest secrets, which was helpful, albeit difficult!

Transcripts: find out more about a secrets session 171, May 04, 1997.

(9) Paul’s note: this is in reference to some difficulties Mary had with her neighbors who live across the street in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Transcripts: follow this link for more information from session 429, July 21, 1999.

(10) Vic’s note: In the following phrase – “... which shall provide you with the opportunity ...” – the word “which” was originally stated as “that.”

Note: this is the first of two parts on you create your reality. Go to you create your reality, pt. 2.

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