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focus of essence; twin focuses

Elias “gems”

MARCOS: “Elias, could you tell us or talk a little bit about the concept of soul mates? Is that something that exists?

ELIAS: Quite. This is your terminology, also within a recognition, of an action which occurs within essence. You term this in physical focus to be soul mates. In this, it is an identification of a relationship that you hold with another essence, in which you remanifest many times with and hold an intimacy within relationship to this other essence. You also may identify soul mates, within your physical focus at times, to be the relationship of ‘essence twins,’ although within your belief systems you magnate more to the romanticizing of this term of soul mates, in difference to the identification of a soul mate which is a twin.

There does exist within your reality, for you choose to create in this manner, an action of relationships that you hold within many focuses, of another individual in which you exchange places often, in your terms, within what you would view as a romantic relationship. Therefore, although essences choose to be focusing within physical focuses together in groups, not all essences choose this action. Your belief systems dictate to you that all who are manifest within physical focus hold a soul mate, and that you may only not find this soul mate within one particular focus! This is a belief system. It is an interpretation of information that you hold within, of the action of essence.

Not all essences choose to be engaging this type of action and experience. They may choose few focuses to be remanifesting with the same individual, so to speak, or the same aspect of focus which shall remanifest into another focus, and they may choose to be accomplishing this within a romantic relationship, and they may consider themselves to be soul mates also; but in actual recognition of the action that Plato has written of, it would be more extensive and ongoing, in your terms. You would be manifesting within this particular type of relationship many times, as opposed to exchanging relationships and manifesting as parent and child or siblings or friendships or any other type of relationship.” [session 187, June 28, 1997]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “I have a question. You were talking about individuals making agreements before manifestation, and you mentioned how Michael [Mary] was born on the other side of the country, and that we all came together with this agreement that we made. I seem to remember, some time ago, you did make a statement also that this probability that has been actualized was not necessarily the most probable probability.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And I’m just kind of curious if you have any more information to offer about how that works. Why wasn’t it the most probable probability?

ELIAS: Within probabilities that were agreed upon before manifestation, this actual phenomenon was agreed upon; although the agreement was made not only with these individuals, but also with other individuals. Within the connections of Lawrence [Vicki] and Michael [Mary], and choices that were agreed upon for this last manifestation, the probability was chosen to be engaging another group of individuals; for Lawrence [Vicki] and Michael [Mary], within their twin connections, were choosing to be not engaging with each other during this last manifestation ... those little chattering twins! ... although probabilities being endless, another choice was made.

I have expressed to you that you may, at any moment, change any probability. Therefore, you may choose to be engaged with another individual for the expression of an experience of music, and you may choose also to disengage this probability and move onward to another; although the one will still be manifest within an alternate self and reality. Together, you have chosen to alter the probabilities, and create this probability within this reality.” [session 93, May 12, 1996]

CATHY: “Is Vicki doing a twin thing? (Referring to the ‘wave of sadness’ that Vicki had been experiencing all afternoon and evening)

ELIAS: I will express briefly in continuation of this twin incorporation, that you may allow yourselves a brief listening to, and a slight understanding of. I have expressed previously, the two engage and respond as one. Therefore, the agreement to draw to an action that another has created is to allow a widening of awareness. This incorporates an interaction and an accounting of belief systems.

(To Vicki) You have moved into an area of engaging base belief systems. As one moves within one direction physically in engagement of belief systems, the other expresses another response; just as you view, within your physical reality, that opposites exist, which they do not, but you believe that you view opposites. Therefore, within each expression, there are opposite sides; one acceptance, one non-acceptance; one allowance, one rebellion. You view this within your own selves. One part of you responds in one manner; another part of you responds in another manner simultaneously, creating confusion.

(To group) These twins presently engage the same belief systems. Therefore, within each encounter, they focus upon their individual experience within their individual focuses. Within consciousness, and also within physical expression and manifestation, they connect as one; engaging the same belief systems, expressing the same manifestations, experiencing the same issues and ‘waves,’ and expressing the same confusion. You shall ask, ‘Why do you express sorrowfulness?’ to Lawrence [Vicki], and the response shall be, ‘I know not.’ You shall express to Michael [Mary], ‘Why do you express sorrowfulness?’ and he shall express, ‘I know not.’ For although each incorporates the same physical action presented before them, the acceptance is resistant. The engagement of emotional response is unfamiliar. Therefore, no reasoning is large enough to be warranting of this expression! Quite incorrect! (Very firmly) You have presented yourselves with very base, deeply held belief systems. Each of these belief systems hold an emotional attachment within physical focus. You may be a thought-focused individual within this focus, but the belief systems themselves hold an emotional element; and as you engage these belief systems, you also release all of their elements.

... The connection and the reality of the connection of these twins is very great. The expression, as you move into wider awareness, becomes greater. The inability to disassociate or separate becomes greater, for you have chosen, each and both, to be widening; paralleling together; merging to one.” [session 101, June 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “We shall be ringing bells and expressing singing quite joyfully, at the moment that Lawrence [Vicki] is accepting of acknowledgments from essence!

VICKI: And very wonderful bells they will be, too!

ELIAS: Very wonderful!

VICKI: Well, I guess I’ll keep coming to sessions, then ...

ELIAS: (Very humorously) Oh, thank you! We are so appreciative, (laughter) for I am supposing that our sessions would be not continuing if Lawrence [Vicki] is choosing to be not engaging; for within Michael’s [Mary’s] belief system, which we allow and indulge, (more laughter) he believes not the engagement of this phenomenon without his twin!

VICKI: Thanks a lot.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Pause) Are you wishing more information this evening? (Here, Cathy and Gail arguing back and forth about who should ask a question, saying ‘You! No, you!’) Ah! This is faintly reminiscent of the twins before manifestation! ‘No, you!’” (Laughter) [session 112, August 14, 1996]

CATHY: “So, what happened with Mary today? (1)

ELIAS: (With a look of bewilderment) I was incorporating conference. Was there an incident incorporated this day? I was unaware. (Chuckling) This would be also an expression in connection with the energy exchange that you incorporate presently. In a willingness subjectively to be open to the incorporation of energy exchange, Michael [Mary] also opens consciousness to various areas of connection. This was explained within our last session.

There are many types of energy exchanges that you presently engage within this pyramid focus, all engaging the energy of this particular essence and allowing an openness to the exchange. In this, you also are open to exchange between yourselves. This was also explained within our last session, in that you incorporate sympathetic energy exchanges between you. At different time periods, you each engage elements of energy. In this action, you also each sympathetically connect with each other, and share the subjective experience. You manifest this differently, and you recognize or do not recognize the exchange differently.

Therefore, the exchange occurring within this day is an incorporation of exchange of energy with this essence and Lawrence [Vicki], which you may term to be a continuation, within a time period, of your yesterday. In this, the choice was incorporated by Lawrence [Vicki] to not be experiencing physical manifestation of energy connection. In this choice of probabilities, the sympathetic action in event occurred within Michael’s [Mary’s] manifestation. This is not a creation, in what you think of as your creation. It is an acceptance of empathic action. It is an allowance, within connections, to be experiencing empathically that event which is incorporated within another’s experience.

I shall acknowledge also to Lawrence [Vicki] of your recognition and acknowledgment of helpfulness of energy of these essences, for this also is a correct interpretation; for just as you mirror, within physical focus and your manifestations, those activities that are incorporated subjectively initially, you may view this in the same manner as with my dear companion’s analogy of the ice pond. (2)

Within physical focus, if you are venturing onto a frozen pond, you may, within your weight of your body and your choice of probabilities, break through your ice and slip beneath your surface, to which you incorporate helpfulness from another physically focused individual to be pulling you out of your icy waters. In this same manner, in your terms, you may engage subjective activity within a desire to be moving and connecting, and also not be allowing yourself the clarity of your channels. Therefore, your picture is blurred. You cannot see clearly what you engage. Therefore, you may slip through a crack, to which we are present, within helpfulness, to be pulling you out.

In this, you may not incorporate within yourselves a worry, for no harmfulness shall come to you. You have experienced no harmfulness thus far, and you shall not be experiencing what you view to be harmfulness within what you see as your future; although you may inflict discomfort upon yourselves within your ignorance of what you engage! But just as within your stories of your religious belief systems, you also incorporate your little guardian angels that are buzzing about you continuously to be helpful, although there are no guardian angels; (smiling) but there are many essences, and all consciousness is connected, and within your understanding of your consciousness and within the understanding of consciousness of others, there are still others, in your terms, wide enough to be aware of more actions than only single actions occurring. Like the chameleon, the eyes move in many directions simultaneously, to be viewing many focuses at once.

Within this pyramid, there is great desire for movement and knowledge. Within this desire, you propel yourselves into areas of consciousness that are forgotten. Therefore, within your focus, they are unfamiliar; but as you propel yourself, you also allow yourselves a remembrance of familiarity. This is the action that you incorporate presently. Be not fearful that harm shall come to you, for you shall not allow this yourselves within your chosen probabilities, and you also hold helpfulness within consciousness.

VICKI: I have concern about the extremity of the situation today. I can understand presently and look back and say, alright, there was no harmfulness, but in the moment, it didn’t feel that way, especially for Mary.

ELIAS: Quite right. I shall also explain to you that you choose the probabilities. Therefore, within your choices, unless expressed, other essences will not be intrusive; for these are experiences, and you have chosen them. Within essence, I shall not rescue you from your frozen pond without the request, for it is your choice of your experience. Within the incorporation of the fearfulness, the request was made and answered immediately.

VICKI: I got that.

ELIAS: Michael [Mary] projects far. He has been cautioned. I have expressed to you all that he moves swiftly, but he also projects beyond his understanding within his desire. Lawrence [Vicki] would tread more carefully within probabilities. This is your element of trustfulness. It is an exhibition of trustfulness on the part, so to speak, of both of the twins.

VICKI: It makes the trustfulness a little more difficult when viewing extreme situations.

ELIAS: Absolutely, but you do not challenge yourself if you feel no challenge! Therefore, just as Michael [Mary] engages challenges to be projecting, Lawrence [Vicki] also draws these experiences to himself to engage the challenge of trustfulness. The more that you draw experiences to yourself which pose challenges, the more accepting of trustfulness you will become; therefore in this, your reasoning for your drawing to experiences. One who is unimportant to you personally, within your terms, will not invoke the challenge. The challenges are great, for the issues are great.

View these actions positive. Do not, dear friends, view these actions that you draw to yourselves as negative actions, in your terms; for they are opportunities for your movement, and they are examples to you of your movement. Within your own physical expressions, you offer yourselves the opportunities to be viewing, physically, your movement, which is great; for you shall not engage action which incorporates great challenge if you are not moving in like manner.

VICKI: Somehow, it’s hard to fit great physical pain in there.

ELIAS: Only for the reason that you view this to be negative.

VICKI: Well, it hurts! It’s physical sensation.

ELIAS: Which, you incorporate many physical sensations within physical focus, for these attract your attention; although, as has been stated, this particular situation, as that of your yesterday, are not your own individual creations for your own noticing. Their purposefulness is different, for the movement is different. The direction of energy is different.

They serve this purpose also to you within the multidimensionality of all energy, as it incorporates many layers regardless of the action; but within the simplicity of your individual creations, as you view them, these actions are assumed events. They are empathic actions. This is a translation through one essence, holding a memory sympathetically of another essence. Therefore, the physical incorporation that you experience is a translation, as we have stated, of the one passing through the other to the destination.” [session 122b, September 22, 1996]

ELIAS: (To Reta) Notice Michael’s [Mary’s] dream mission! This shall be your key.

RETA: Michael’s [Mary’s] dream?

NORM: Dream mission.

VICKI: Could I ask one quick question about that? So our thoughts would be the same sort of translation process analogous to the dream imagery?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Not the language, the thought.

ELIAS: You also, Lawrence [Vicki], are lending much energy in this mission; for as the twin, you engage the objective aspect of the translation, noticing the physical, objective motion of translation of all of your action and thought and probabilities. Michael [Mary] endeavors to be discovering the subjective action. Together, these twins engage the same mission within different aspects, complementing each other and also lending energy to the accomplishment of this mission, so to speak. You are both accomplishing well.

It will be requiring much of your time element, for you automatically translate your thought processes and your understanding. Your perceptions are clouded. You automatically, without thinking, create these translations. You look automatically to those elements which you are familiar with; those elements that you know. You attempt to define consciousness in terms of mathematics and logic. You may not define illogical, irrational action logically!” [session 135, November 24, 1996]

VICKI: “Well, the only other question we have has to do with why Mary and I keep experiencing these people trying to drive a wedge, so to speak, between us.

ELIAS: I have expressed to you Lawrence [Vicki], to you both, that this situation and action of these twins is uncommon. Within physical focus, the probability of connecting objectively, physically with a twin is rare. In this, individuals hold a recognition that this action is unfamiliar. Objectively, they do not hold an understanding of what they view, but they feel the unfamiliarity. In this, the automatic response to unfamiliarity is to be pushing away and altering into an area of familiar.

Individuals encounter yourself and Michael [Mary] and do not understand what they feel within themselves within an energy expression that they view. They do not hold thought processes to be evaluating what they are viewing. Therefore, it is very unfamiliar. It is uncommon and it does not ‘fit’ into your officially accepted reality en masse. Therefore, when encountering individuals physically focused such as yourself and Michael [Mary], the only recognition that they hold is that it does not fit within their officially accepted reality. In this, they create underlying belief systems – not objectively connected with, but underlying belief systems – that this relationship is unnatural and wrong. Therefore, they respond objectively to the belief system they have created, and they attempt to be discontinuing or changing what they view to be unnatural.

You may express a relationship with each other in many different acceptable areas of your officially accepted reality. You may engage a relationship as within homosexuality, and this shall be accepted. You may express a relationship of close friendship, and this shall be accepted. You engage a relationship of knowing that you spring from one essence, and you actively exchange in this manner continuously. Although you may not always hold an objective awareness, you exchange within consciousness of each other quite often!

You may objectively view within an analogy that you physically become each other quite often, for there is no differentiation. Although you hold slightly different tones within essence, it then appears to you that you are different essences, and within personality tone you are, but you are not; for the mergence never discontinues. It is the same as the interaction and mergence of this essence and Patel; that which you view as Paul. There is never a disconnection. There is always an intermingling and exchanging. Therefore, although each is itself, both are one.

VICKI: There are people though, that seem to be quite accepting – Ron, Cathy, and a few other people – that don’t respond to this unfamiliarity. Why is that?

ELIAS: For within consciousness and within an allowance objectively to be connecting with known elements, it becomes effortless for these individuals to be accepting and stepping outside of officially accepted belief systems within your reality. This occurs only if the individual is allowing an objective connection with subjective information. Many individuals within your physical focus allow this interaction only to a point. Thus, we speak with you.” [session 206, August 14, 1997]

MARGOT: “It seems obvious that identical twins would be of the same essence, in some arrangement of fragmenting, etc. But how about fraternal twins? And are triplets, quads, quints, and sextuplets also of the same essence? I was told several years ago that in multiple births there is always one who is the leader, inviting the others to come along. Is there any truth in this?

ELIAS: Once again, this would be the choice of those manifesting.

As to the fragmentation within multiples: Within those choosing to be manifesting identically physically, this is an objective expression in imagery mirroring the action of what you now term to be ‘cosmic twins.’ It is a mirror action into physical focus.

VICKI: So there is a similarity there?

ELIAS: It is not always the case of the manifestations being all, in actuality, fragmented of the same essence. There are different actions here. At times, it may be one essence choosing to be focused in multiples in one focus. In symbolism, it is a mirror image of the action within essence of the cosmic twins. In objective physical reality, it may be chosen as experience for different reasons. At times, it is a direct mirroring of the action of cosmic twins.

VICKI: Well, am I understanding correctly here then, that identical twins are not always of the same essence?

ELIAS: Correct, although they may be. They may be two focuses within the same time period, within the same manifestation, at one time.

VICKI: And so the explanation would apply to both identical and fraternal twins?

ELIAS: Partially; for those which are fraternal twins are not necessarily mirroring the other. They may be in agreement, of two essences choosing to share a common experience.

MARGOT: ... When we talked last and I mentioned my terminology of twin souls, you said that my term was part of a belief system, but ‘that there is in actuality what you may term as twin souls or essence, but the identification is different.’ What would that identification be?

ELIAS: This would be your identification of your cosmic twins; those essences fragmented jointly and choosing to fragment from each other into individual essences from one.” [session 191a, July 10, 1997]

(Vic’s note: because we were having a session on Halloween, we decided we had do something FUN! So, we cut eye holes and a nose hole in an old sheet and put it on Mary. We also draped chains on her wrists. After all, Elias IS a dead guy – a REAL ghost! This turned out to be a classic moment with Elias. I have to give Jim a lot of credit for putting up with our antics. Not only was this his first session, but he also had never met any of us. Thanks for being such a good sport, Jim!)

Elias arrives at 5:13 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

(As soon as the exchange was completed, Elias froze in a slightly tilted position for about ten seconds. Then, he began swaying from side to side, stopped, looked at me, and said):

ELIAS: “BOO! (I lost it) Good evening. You may remove this frock! Quite humorous of yourself and Michael [Mary]!

VICKI: It was pretty good, you must admit! (I removed the sheet)

ELIAS: (To Jim) Excuse! These twins are quite mischievous! (Here, he holds up his left hand and looks at the chains) Very effective!” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

ELIAS: (Chuckling) “And are you receiving communication, Lawrence [Vicki]?

VICKI: Oh, sure I am! And no, I don’t have any questions about it!

ELIAS: Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn! (Laughter) These twins may be very stubborn at times – BOTH – and quite pleased with yourself in this, too!

VICKI: Yep!” (We all crack up) (3) [session 235, November 06, 1997]

NORM: “I had a business encounter yesterday afternoon with an individual that almost seemed my twin, and I had a feeling afterwards that he must have been aligned and of the same family. Ed was his name, and I thought that he probably would be Sumafi and Gramada. Is that true?

ELIAS: You are correct.

NORM: There’s something else. Is he another focus or something?

ELIAS: A counterpart.

NORM: A counterpart! That explains it.

VICKI: Would that be like a mirror counterpart?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: We have done similar but different things for fifty years, and we have been counterparts for all that time?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: I can believe that! We must have said good-bye six or eight times. We had so much to talk about. It was incredible!” [session 242, November 23, 1997]

FORREST: [asking a question on behalf of Vivien] “Okay. Third part: ‘I’m wondering whether we have known each other in different focuses too, Mary. Ever since I met you, I’ve this sort of maternal or sisterly feeling towards you. I don’t think it’s our connection as counterparts, though. A couple of dreams have been with me sort of carrying you in some way.’

ELIAS: There is strong connection held between Miriam [Vivien] and Michael [Mary], and also there are many focuses shared. This be the reason that Miriam [Vivien] may access energy of Michael [Mary] so easily, and also empathically share experiences of Michael [Mary]. I shall also offer that this be the reason that Miriam [Vivien] experiences such ease in receiving empathically elements of Michael’s [Mary’s] experience within this energy exchange, and may offer helpfulness to Michael [Mary] in the facilitation of this energy exchange in prevention of Michael’s [Mary’s] body consciousness response, by acquisitioning this and experiencing this element in Michael’s [Mary’s] stead.

The communication is held within body consciousness. This is made available by an accessing subjectively of another focus in which these individuals have manifest as physical twins; one beginning, splitting into two. Therefore, the body consciousness is recognized by both. It does not appear as a foreign element. It is accepted. This allows for the interaction and the acquisition of the body consciousness experience by Miriam [Vivien], to be eliminating of this within Michael [Mary].

FORREST: So, let me see if I got you here. You’re saying that between Michael [Mary] and Miriam [Vivien], there are certain portions of their overall energetic signature which align with the body consciousness in such a way that the process of communication can be partially mediated at the body consciousness level by Miriam [Vivien].

ELIAS: It is not overall. It is an accessing of another focus – which all of your focuses are occurring simultaneously – and within this other focus, these two individuals within essence are physical, identical, in your terms, twins; two focuses merging from one center. Therefore, the body consciousness is shared initially. (Demonstrating with hand gestures) As it splits, each consciousness of body consciousness continues to hold the information and memory of the merged. Therefore, there is an ability to access each other within body consciousness.

Miriam [Vivien] holds a focus, in THIS particular focus, in the ability of healing. Therefore, she also holds the ability to access this other focus and draw on its remembrance, and in that remembrance transfer that knowing into this focus, which allows for the re-mergence of the body consciousness in remembrance. In this action, Michael’s [Mary’s] body consciousness does not view Miriam’s [Vivien’s] body consciousness or energy as foreign. Therefore, it is not rejected, in dissimilar manner to this energy exchange. In this action, Miriam [Vivien] holds the ability to pull the experience of the body consciousness empathically, assimilate this action and experience this action herself, eliminating the action within Michael [Mary].

FORREST: In other words, distributing the effect across two people instead of across one.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

VIVIEN: “Okay, I guess that makes sense. I think that’s all I have on Miriam for the moment. I’d like to go on to the focus that you told me about that I held with Mary as twins. I’ve investigated quite a lot more of that, and I think about a day after I received that information, I had quite an amazing dream.

I was visiting Mary in Vermont. Lawrence [Vicki] was there, and at one point I was sitting in front of a mirror. Mary came over and joined me and we kind of blacked out, but when we came back, we remembered what had happened because people sort of showed us what had happened. As we were sitting looking into the mirror, our faces morphed into the faces that we had as those twins, and what I saw were two sort of ash-blonde females, not very pretty, long noses, deep-set black eyes, and I got a lot more information on that too. But I was just wondering, did I get the correct impression of what we were doing? (Here, somebody knocks on the door, causing Mary’s dogs to start barking frantically, but Elias doesn’t miss a beat)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

VIVIEN: Oh, how interesting! Now, there was a lot more to that dream. I even got two names. One was Fridja, which I think was my name, and the other was Mareka, which I think was Michael’s [Mary’s] name. Are they close?

ELIAS: Rebecca.

VIVIEN: Oh, Rebecca. Was Fridja right?


VIVIEN: Oh, wonderful! And were we German or Dutch?

ELIAS: Dutch.” [session 277, April 28, 1998]

VICKI: “Another question about imagery: A while back I had some imagery regarding a book, and you were inside of my head pretty strong for a couple of days, I must say! (Elias grins) I’m wondering now if most of that imagery had to do with the events surrounding the disengagement of James [Tom] (4) (Pause)

ELIAS: Partially, but this is not the main focus of this energy direction, so to speak, for I choose at times to be engaging yourself in a knowing that within physical focus, there are many times that your particular focus of these twins may objectively be a little more receptive to the engagement of my energy.

Michael [Mary] moves in the direction of allowing himself to be quite receptive to myself in conjunction with other individuals, but as you hold an awareness, he is not always so very receptive to my interaction with himself as pertaining to himself, or as pertaining to this agenda. Therefore, I choose at times to be engaging you, with the understanding that you shall move into more of a receptiveness in this area and hold much influence objectively within physical focus in the area of engaging Michael [Mary].

Although these actions of books are your choice and they are being accomplished within your own time frameworks and as you see fit to be accomplishing of these actions, I shall express to you that as you move more intensely into this action of this shift, this energy exchange creation and agreement within physical focus shall become more common and more frequent, offering more information to many more individuals in conjunction with this shift. But as you each are Sumafi and hold an understanding of the least amount of distortion, it may be quite helpful in the area of lessening the action of trauma in this shift if you are offering information in the direction of this energy exchange.

Also, let me offer to you that once again, although this be your choice, I am encouraging of your encouragement in the area of helpfulness in facilitating a connection between Tyl [Joanne] and Cindel [Stella] in conjunction with another creative expression. (5)

VICKI: Okay. So partially what you’re saying is, the imagery of the book had to do with this ongoing project that Mary and I have not worked on for quite some time? (This is in reference to a book about the energy exchange that Mary and I began a few years ago)

ELIAS: Correct, and also the engagement of a connection with Cindel [Stella] and Tyl [Joanne].” [session 300, July 21, 1998]

JIM: “First I’ll start off with a question for Lawrence [Vicki], if I may. I’ll read what she has here:

‘Recently I had an experience that was unusual and confusing. I was in a restaurant, and when I returned to my table, there were two men sitting there. They were dressed the same, and looked like identical twins. I became very confused and didn’t know what to do, so I sat down and said ‘Hello.’ They both nodded, but didn’t say anything, so I proceeded to eat my meal and read a book, keeping an eye on them all the while. After about ten minutes, they faded away. In my perception, it took about sixty seconds for them to fully disappear.

‘I thought this was really weird, but I didn’t freak out or anything. I stayed in the restaurant for about another hour, reading. I may not have given it much more thought, except for the fact that their faces are clearly etched in my memory. So, they’ve managed to keep my attention, which is unusual for me in this type of experience.

‘I’ve had unusual experiences before, but this one was different, in that these men were right in my face. This wasn’t a matter of seeing something momentarily, and then when you look again, it’s gone. I’ve wondered if this was similar to the ‘alien creature’ experience (6) – a temporary creation – but somehow, I think there’s more to it. So my question is, what the heck is up with that?’

ELIAS: HA HA HA! You may deliver this information to Lawrence [Vicki], in that what he has viewed is a manifestation, in actual physical form, of an aspect of each of the twins. This be the reason that although he experienced a type of confusion, he also did not experience a tremendous uncomfortableness within the presence of these two individuals, nor did he feel any necessity to be moving away or not engaging the individuals.

The reason that there has been no verbal exchange is that as any of you may be presenting yourselves with the opportunity to actually physically view another aspect of yourselves, this is a very similar action to engaging another aspect of self or alternate self within your dream state. There may be barriers, in a manner of speaking, that shall be in place, in a manner of speaking, temporarily, for this prevents any threatening element to the individual’s identity. It may be viewed as a separate entity, another individual, which within your thought process you may objectively assimilate and accept, and this shall not be threatening to your individual identity.

This was a presentment that Lawrence [Vicki] has offered to himself in objective, physical terms, viewing the interconnectedness and CONSTANT interaction and lack of separation regardless of objective situations, so to speak, of these twins.

Now; this may be manifest in physical terms in any type of physical imagery, as to different form or body type. Therefore, it matters not that he has not offered himself the same viewing that Michael has offered to himself previously, in viewing a similar action of encountering other aspects of these twins.

In this, Lawrence [Vicki] has merely chosen to be presenting himself with this type of viewing in physical, objective terms, which is quite natural, for this is the agreement that these twins have engaged within this particular manifestation of physical focus.

Lawrence [Vicki] concentrates much more fully upon objective imagery and movement, which is also quite consistent with his choice in orientation. Michael [Mary] concentrates his attention much more fully upon subjective creations, movement, and interaction, which is also more in alignment with his orientation within this focus. Therefore, it is quite natural that Michael would be encountering aspects of these twins within out-of-body experiences or within dream state. Lawrence [Vicki] may present himself with the same type of interaction, but within objective terms within his physical reality.

This offers them both the same experiences, but in different angles of the same experiences, which lends energy to each of them within their widening of awareness, for in the counterpart action that they hold with each other also, they offer each other the continuation of experiences to be more fully accessing and assimilating the experiences that they share in different approaches of different angles, viewing their reality from these different perspectives, so to speak.

Therefore, you may express from myself to Lawrence [Vicki] that I am acknowledging of his accomplishment in this area.

You may also express to Lawrence [Vicki] that I shall be anticipating less of a discounting of self in his ability to be creating of this type of experience and movement.” [session 412, June 08, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Mary experienced terrible chest pains and thought she was having a heart attack. Though it wasn’t a heart attack, the experience scared the crap out of her!

(2) Paul’s note: Elias is referring to Paul (Patel) session 17, September 15, and September 22, 1996.

Vic’s note: Paul (Patel) was introduced by Elias as an essence that had much relevant information to deliver, and would most likely, deliver it through Ron via “automatic writing.” Patel is the essence name and Paul is a focus of Patel’s that Ron connect’s with very strongly. Hence, we often use both names to describe this essence. Elias occasionally uses only the name Paul or Patel but they refer to the same essence. Ron began this energy exchange on June 10, 1996.

For the most part, Paul (Patel) delivers information that is similar to the information that Elias delivers. However, it seems to be of a more personal nature than the information offered by Elias. Most of the exchanges are either in response to specific questions asked, or are a complement to the concepts presented in the information offered by Elias.

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

(3) Vic’s note: this is in reference to session 209, August 19, 1997, which I was transcribing at the time this session was held. I was receiving “communication" regarding the changing of two words in the transcript, and was having great difficulty trusting the interaction.

(4) Vic’s note: On July 01, 1998, Tom (James) shot himself in the head. He died the next morning. Needless to say, this was quite a shock to those of us who knew Tom, both inside and outside of these sessions.

Tom attended his first session on August 02, 1995, and continued to attend sessions on and off until his death.

(5) Paul’s note: Joanne [Tyl] and Stella [Cindel] are both working on book projects based upon their own personal experiences within the information offered in this forum.

(6) Vic’s note: this is in reference to the “alien creature” that Mary and I created one day for a short time. In that moment, this creature was real. We can both vouch for that. However, in our officially accepted reality, it was a large plastic spoon!

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