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links of consciousness

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Before the incorporation of essence, so to speak, there were elements of consciousness. You may also term these to be ‘units,’ which others have expressed previously. (1) These elements of consciousness know no limits of time or space. You may think of these as very tiny black holes. You may think of them, if you will, in physical terms as elements smaller than your smallest physical particles; but these elements are that which create all physical expression. Everything within every universe within every dimension is created by these elements of consciousness, and they are everything. They are not only the driving force behind matter and action, but are matter and action also; this being the basis of what you term to be God.” [session 79, March 17, 1996]

ELIAS: “Now! First of all, we will incorporate an adjustment of some terminology, to be more efficient for our purposes.

... We will also adjust the term of ‘units’ of consciousness to ‘links’ of consciousness, for units imply a closed system. Therefore, in speaking to you of consciousness, I shall employ the terminology of links.” [session 92, May 05, 1996]

ELIAS: “Everything, every thing, underline three times, is composed of links of consciousness, for there is no existence that is not consciousness!” [session 152, February 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “You are not a shell! You do not possess a vessel! You are not a boat floating upon a river! You are not a vase containing flowers! You are a magnificent expression of extremely complicated arrangements of links of consciousness which physically manifest into matter of atoms and molecules that you manipulate.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “Let us view the workings of consciousness – what IS consciousness – and the distinctions of essence and consciousness. You may notice throughout this information that I express a distinction between essence and consciousness. Essence is consciousness, but there is consciousness that is not essence. Essence is also unlimited. This be the area that is very difficult for your understanding within physical focus, for you are so very accustomed to thinking in singular terms. All that you create within your physical dimension moves in this direction.

“You create things. You identify things. Even things that you may not see you classify as things, and this creates great difficulty within your thinking and your imagining of how there may be an element that is not a thing and that may be some quality in itself but unbounded simultaneously, that may be thought of in the manner of a distinction but not separate....

“In this, I have spoken previously of links of consciousness. Links of consciousness are not things either. They are elements of consciousness, but they hold no form. They are not within what you term to be a time framework, although they may be inserted into a time framework, but the time framework itself is comprised of links of consciousness, and these links of consciousness have no necessary space arrangement. They exist within all space arrangements simultaneously and within all time frameworks simultaneously.

“Now; links of consciousness may group together, and in specific types of groupings together create a tone, and they may choose collectively to be creating in conjunction with that tone what may be identified as personality. The personality is a specific organization of movement within a vibrational quality of a collective expression of these links of consciousness, which in this type of configuration is creating what we term to be essence.

(Intently) “Essence is not separate and apart from consciousness. There is no separate and apart from consciousness. There is no boundary to consciousness. There is no limit to consciousness. Therefore, there is no thing, no element, no action outside of consciousness, for there is no outside. Within consciousness, the configuration of these links of consciousness creating personality tone is the designation of essence.

“These configurations are not separate and apart from each other, for be remembering that I have expressed to you, each link of consciousness occupies all space arrangements and all time frameworks and all of consciousness. Therefore, one link of consciousness may be an element that is within the configuration or grouping that comprises itself to be creating of your essence, and simultaneously, that same link of consciousness occupies all other essences.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “The links of consciousness are not a thing. They are an existence, but they are not an entity. They are not a thing. You may not touch them, you may not hold them, you may not see them. They merely ARE.

“I have attempted to be discussing in this area previously with individuals, and as this has been presented within this very session..., but THIS subject matter is quite difficult for you to be understanding and you are very resistant to this subject matter, for you think in terms of things and absolutes, and within the very construct of your language, your very words are contrary to the explanations themselves.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

Elias “gems”

RON: “So can animals and people share mass events?

ELIAS: Yes; although I will make a distinction. Animals do create mass events within consciousness; for they, along with all manifestation, are created through links of consciousness. Therefore, they all possess consciousness of The Creating Universal One And Whole. They also do think. They also possess an element for what you would term to be survival, but survival through value fulfillment; meaning they do not exist only to survive, as your Darwinian theory suggests with its ‘survival of the fittest.’ They survive only for value fulfillment; for if any creature is not fulfilling its intent or value within a positive expression, which is the expression of The Creating Universal One And Whole, they will cease to manifest. Therefore, animals may create a mass event through expression, but with the intent of value fulfillment, through thought, as aligned with the links of consciousness.

Man creates mass events imaginatively. The difference between man and animals is imagination. As individuals and cultures historically, you have sought to be understanding and classifying the difference between man and all other life-bearing existence, as you perceive it. The difference is, you possess imagination. Imagination is reality. It is a creative reality. Therefore, if you are manifesting a mass event involving man and animals, man will be the initiator. It will be for man’s expression, imaginatively. Your creatures may align, through consciousness, within agreement of your imaginative expression. Therefore, they may be choosing to be expressing also.” [session 93, May 12, 1996]

JIM: “I have a question for Kacchi [Jill], if I may (reading the question), ‘Is it possible to be an equal blend of all essence families, thus through the lifetime of this particular blend of essences, focusing on a particular individual essence at different times, influenced by factors common to this physical focus and relative, of course, to our time element, and finally transpiring to a coherent balance of harmonic splendor, and lending to the dissolution of the push-pull of our awareness to the polarity in this focus, to move forward to, I’ll use the term ‘trinity’?’ (Whew!)

ELIAS: (Grinning widely) Shall I be expressing, no? (Laughter)

JIM: That’s funny! My first impression was yes and no.

ELIAS: Within physical focus and your manifestation in physical focus, no. Within non-physical focus and your incorporation of energy, yes and no; for you shall always, until such a time as you are all, as we are all, choosing to be manifesting consciousness differently, the possibility or the probability exists of no particular alignment with any particular essence family; but within the reality of consciousness presently of essence, there are alignments engaged with essence families. I have expressed that you do identify and express aspects of all of the essence families.

This is a difficult area, for we are approaching [a] distortion area presently. I have expressed these essence families presented are directly connected with physical focus; your physical focus upon this planet, upon this dimension; but I have also expressed that there are pools of consciousness that align which you may, within your limited terms, also consider similar to essence families, although they are not essence families, so to speak; but within the action of consciousness, each essence, within essence consciousness, does align with either an essence family or a pool area of consciousness. This is not to say that it is not possible to be unaligned with any particular essence pool or consciousness pool or family. It is only to say that within the element of essence, not the all of consciousness, although it is the all of consciousness, (grinning) essences align with families or consciousness pools. Links of consciousness do not. The Creating Universal One And Whole does not. Essence does ... and does not!” [session 111, August 11, 1996]

RETA: “First of all, we’d like to let you know that this time of the year is very special to us because we can go out and buy out all the stores and exchange gifts with each other, and with a good feeling and a good spiritual thing, and we’ve brought you a card and we’d like you to look at that holiday card. It’s just a little love between you and I and him. (Indicating Norm)

ELIAS: (To Vicki) And within this season of this year time period, you may open this one initially, as opposed to fumblingness of Elias of last season at insistence of Lawrence [Vicki] to be opening of a gift, which was quite appreciated, although Michael [Mary] is a proverbial stick-in-the-mud! (Laughter) (2)

VICKI: Okay. I shall this year, but not next year!

NORM: This is from Region 1 to Region 4.

VICKI: Posted with 100 CU’s.

NORM: Consciousness units!

ELIAS: You shall adjust this to LC, for our links of consciousness.

VICKI: I thought maybe they were levels of consciousness.

ELIAS: (Humorously) I instruct and teach and toil, and my students continue with levels! (Sighing dramatically) I am quite pleased that I do not experience disappointment within my focus!” [session 141, December 22, 1996]

NORM: “I have some questions in regard to energy. We sometimes refer to awarized energy. I’ve thought that all energy was conscious, meaning awarized should be meaning conscious. Is it true that all energy is conscious?


NORM: So all energy is awarized.


NORM: And there is numberless forms of energy.


NORM: Okay. Let me think about that for a while.

ELIAS: Energy did not precede consciousness. (Egging Norm on)

NORM: Oh, really?

ELIAS: Energy did not create consciousness. Consciousness creates energy.

NORM: So consciousness does not necessarily mean energy.

ELIAS: It is synonymous, but consciousness also is beyond.

NORM: Energy.

ELIAS: Correct. There is no energy without consciousness.

NORM: And consciousness creates the energy with consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: The energy is consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct; which is creating of all things, within all dimensions, within all focuses, within all areas of consciousness. All of your mass, all of your matter, everything that you identify is created within energy by links of consciousness.

NORM: ... The term expression, that’s the thing that I can’t get a hold of, the extent of what that means. Energy wants to express itself. What is the extent and the totality of that expression, and can I deflect it to something else? Can I deflect it to an animal, for example, or to a table?

ELIAS: You may manipulate portions of energy. There is no totality.

NORM: The totality of the types of expression is what I mean. The set.

ELIAS: There is no totality.

NORM: Expression then can mean anything that I choose it to mean.

ELIAS: Yes; and unbounded. You choose, through your belief systems, limitations. This is not to say that within actuality, energy itself is bounded, for it is not. You choose for this table to appear as it appears. You choose, within your perception, to be instructive and communicative with the links of consciousness forming the atoms which form this table, to continue within a cooperation and form. This is not to say that this table, within energy, is bounded to this form. It is not.

NORM: It can decide by itself not to be a table.

ELIAS: It will not, but it may! It will not for you have created the agreement of consciousness, within instruction of links of consciousness, to be forming certain manifestations within what you view to be matter. Therefore, within cooperation, they continue.” [session 143, December 29, 1996]

NORM: “Supposedly, the fundamental unit of All-That-Is (3), including and meaning everything, is the consciousness unit. I’m assuming that consciousness unit has no other parallel, that it is truly the one and only fundamental unit of All-That-Is?

ELIAS: I prefer to express this concept as links of consciousness for units presupposes an enclosed system, and as there are no closed systems within consciousness, I have expressed to these individuals that it is more efficiently stated within links of consciousness; but yes, you are correct in your idea; this being the symphony.

NORM: The symphony? (Elias smiles at Norm) For example, the links of consciousness can be gestalts, or they can link together of course in any set. Some sets, for example, are electrons and atoms, neutrons, protons, electrons forming atoms, which are really tens of millions of these links? Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And they possess the ability to go in many directions at once as a unit?

ELIAS: They are everywhere simultaneously. They are not bound by dimension or space arrangement or perception or time dimensions.

NORM: Okay. You said that time is a thing, and also it is ... I should have perhaps stated that links or CU’s have the ability and the propensity of anything. They can be anything.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Is time then, the thing time, is it really a link or a CU or a gestalt of those?

ELIAS: As I opened this evening’s session, I expressed to you all that you think in terms of things. You think in terms of atoms, molecules, electrons, photons. You think in terms of tangibles. Not all reality is tangible. As I express to you that time is a thing within itself, I do not mean this word thing as a tangible, physical element, although it is a thing in itself. It is a force. Now, Stephen [Norm], concentrate upon your equation; for time is a force pattern. (The equation is, ‘Relay the force pattern as a source of tension’)

NORM: And it can provide a tension, and is the source of tension.

ELIAS: Just as you may look to your physical existence and you may recognize your force of gravity, you recognize this as a thing, but it is not composed of things. It is a force. (Intently) Time is a force pattern. It is a thing in itself holding the ability to be creative, and it may create variations on a theme of itself; but it is not composed of units.

NORM: Or links.

ELIAS: Everything, every thing, underline three times, is composed of links of consciousness, for there is no existence that is not consciousness!” (Vic’s note: my computer won’t underline three times!) [session 152, February 09, 1997]

NORM: “Last week we talked about links and consciousness units, and the primary activity or action, and electromagnetic energy units or EE’s. Does it require, by the links, to have EE’s to perform action? Is that a concept that is correct?


NORM: And it cannot be done without it? Action cannot be done by links without EE’s?

ELIAS: No! (Grinning, and Norm laughs)

NORM: Can you explain?

ELIAS: All of energy is consciousness. Therefore, links of consciousness make up all manifestations, all motion, all elements. You may not create electromagnetic energy without consciousness, but electromagnetic energy is not a building block, so to speak, of consciousness.

NORM: But of action?

ELIAS: It is an action; a force.

NORM: So in the process of action, EE’s are created.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for all of consciousness and all of energy is action. Therefore, all things are created in action.” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

NORM: “Okay. At all levels, for example, of the hundred molecules with the six atoms each in them and each one of the atoms having millions of links in them, the links in each one of those atoms are shaped in the unofficial world differently. They could be. But in the objective world, they are the same.

ELIAS: They do not hold shape.

NORM: They are linked differently unofficially, but objectively linked the same. Can I say that? Therefore, they have different intents, different value fulfillments. That’s what makes them different.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: What does make them different?

ELIAS: They are not necessarily different.

NORM: I thought you said that they could be different.

ELIAS: Their behavior is different.

NORM: Okay. Their behavior unofficially or objectively?

ELIAS: Objectively.

NORM: They move differently, right?

ELIAS: They may.

NORM: They may. What else may they do differently?

ELIAS: The example is presented to illustrate the sameness and the unity of consciousness. Atoms you view as entities. Molecules you view as entities. You view yourselves as entities. You also may express to yourselves that you are all alike, that you are all of one species. You all are human. You all view yourselves of an animal classification. Therefore, you are all alike, just as your one hundred molecules containing the same six atoms; but each of you displays different behavior. Each of these molecules may display different behavior in accordance with the arrangement of the atoms. The atoms may be the same, but the space arrangement may be different. Therefore, the behavior shall be different.

The reasoning of this is that information is processed differently with different space arrangements; just as within your species you each are the same manifestations, but you behave differently for your intake of information is different. This illustration also is to demonstrate the preciseness and exactingness of your creation of your universe, from yourselves in your complexity to one small atom, which all behave the same.

NORM: We as a species are the same, being of that species, but each one of us looks differently so that we can have different names. Could I unofficially look at all of those molecules and give them different names and identify them later?

ELIAS: If you are choosing. And what shall be your point???

NORM: I would like to order them alphabetically! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Therefore, you may classify them as you have classified yourselves, in separating farther each individual entity to its smallest degree. But there is no separateness!

NORM: But it’s fun to do, though! I just have to go to the bloody end, that’s all! (Laughing)

ELIAS: It may be equally enjoyable to you to be altering your perception and your direction, to be accomplishing less separation and more incorporation of all as one. This may be more challenging, for it is more unfamiliar to you.” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “In differentiation to physical matter, each link of consciousness holds all the same qualities. These links of consciousness make up you within a physical focus. They make up essence within non-physical focus. They make up everything that you create within physical or non-physical focus in every dimension. These links of consciousness group together to form patterns or fields electrically, which then translate into physical focus more initially as an idea than as actual matter; and as you who are creating of this physical dimension add energy to the creation of any element physically within matter, these links which have grouped and formed fields move together more concentratedly and begin manifestation of physical matter.

... Therefore, the distinction is merely a difference in the choice of arrangement of links of consciousness to be creating genetic codes, for all elements that you recognize to be living hold genetic codes. Rocks do not. This is not to say that the rock is not alive. It is manifest physically within matter and your time framework differently. You have chosen to be manifesting many elements within this dimension with many variations in creation. These creations that you have manifest which hold genetic coding are truly masterpieces, for they are quite exquisitely engineered; exceptionally precise. Each cell of each living entity holds its own encoding. It holds its own message, but it also holds its own memory. Many individuals speak of cell memory. The idea has been distorted somewhat, but in actuality each cell does hold extensive memory. These are not elements that you may measure, although you may partially measure, for you may measure behavior of cells or of parts. Therefore, you may witness demonstrations of some elements of memory. Each cell not only holds the entirety of your encoding within your DNA, but it also holds the entirety of memory; not only of this physical focus, but of all of your focuses.” [session 176, May 25, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Smiling) We shall continue with our subject of genetics this evening. I pose a question to you for your pondering. How do you suppose that a cell knows to be a human or a creature or a plant, and what is its motivation to be creating of that particular manifestation? How does it create a specific entity and not become confused within its manifestation?

RETA: Elias, didn’t you once say that in the essence family you choose, or right from the beginning of your intelligence you choose? So you’re gathering together those consciousness links that you choose. I don’t know how that comes from no thought process, but it gathers together in the form that you choose.

ELIAS: What if you are a fox?

RETA: Well then, you must have thought of that in the beginning. That’s what you wanted to come along and be.

ELIAS: Or a chicken? Or a flower?

RETA: I’ll take the flower. It’s that big bar coding machine up in the sky!

ELIAS: At our last meeting, we spoke of your DNA and the elements that it contains beyond that which your scientists recognize. Within consciousness, you are partially correct. Essence, in connection with any particular physical focus, directs links of consciousness to be manifesting into physical forms. In this, each creature that is created is also encoded.

Now; within your genetic encoding, you do not possess presently equipment which is sophisticated enough to identify the elements which are physically manifest within your genetic encoding. Just as you may look to your genes and your DNA and you may identify specific elements that identify you individually, separately, and differently from every other creature upon your planet, as I have stated previously, there is more information within this genetic encoding than you yet recognize.

As we spoke of this earlier, you may have been thinking that this information of memory and direction is invisible, or an elusive quality that you may not physically attach to. This is incorrect. The information is encoded physically in same like manner to the information which determines the probability, in your thought process, of your hair color and your eye color and your physical size, or your physical heredity within your manifestation of disease or health. In this same manner, links of consciousness gather together and form codes which imprint upon your physical DNA. This directs your manifestation.

In this, a flower knows to be a flower, and does not grow to be a rhinoceros! You grow to be a human, and do not grow to be a fish! Everything within your physical reality, as I have stated to you many times, is exquisitely precise. There are no errors. Everything is calculated exactingly. You are those that do the calculations. This is not to say that each of you presently occupy all of your non-physical time thinking up new manifestations for your Earth planet and concerning yourselves with the creation of every element upon this globe, for within this present now and for much of your time period to this point, this has been unnecessary. It is automatic, except if you are choosing to be introducing a new species, which you do often.

There are new species appearing upon your planet faster than there are species that become extinct. It is not an equal exchange of replacement. It is an endeavor of creativity. Therefore, within consciousness collectively, groups of essences introduce new species quite often upon your planet. This, as with all other creations, is requiring of much concentration within energy to be creating the physical manifestation encoded with its own genetic line, which shall be new and different from every other species known to your planet.

Species that become extinct, as we have touched upon previously, choose to become extinct. This is accomplished in many different ways with the aid of other species, yours also, which has aided many creatures in becoming extinct. This is not an elimination of the species or the creature. They have chosen to be disengaging from this particular physical dimension and shall manifest within another dimension. They have served for their value fulfillment within this dimension and choose to be experiencing within another dimension; therefore becoming extinct in one and appearing within another. Some species upon your planet have become extinct in another dimension and become manifest within your dimension! (Chuckling, and we all laugh)

NORM: ... And it does it automatically. In other words, it helps decide how I want to look, my intelligence level that I want to be at, the value fulfillment and so on and so forth, and that’s all automatically encoded. I mean, it’s done automatically.

RETA: Yeah, but the choices. How do they make choices?

NORM: But you make the choices, but it is encoded automatically in the DNA.

ELIAS: It is not necessarily automatic.

NORM: I thought that’s what you said.

ELIAS: This in your thought process supposes that there is no thought or consideration to the action, which there is. You choose.

NORM: The links of consciousness that put together this additional information, other than the DNA, RNA, enzyme protein setup ... These links of consciousness, are they at the level of electrons or higher?

ELIAS: Much higher.

NORM: Much higher. Much higher than atoms and molecules?

ELIAS: Much.

NORM: Oh! And we cannot determine them yet?


NORM: Wow!

ELIAS: This would be those elements that are in actuality physically encoded within your DNA molecule, that you do not possess equipment powerful enough to detect.

NORM: That’s a challenge!

RETA: So somehow, all the way back, there’s got to be free will choices. And how, without a thought pattern, would you make those automatic choices to become such a perfect being? It just amazes me!

ELIAS: This question arises only as you are familiar with this manifestation which holds this particular thought process. Not all of consciousness operates within the same type of thought process. This does not mean that there is not preciseness, and what you might consider methods and organization, to manifestation. It is orchestrated differently.

RETA: By whom?


RETA: Orchestrated by my essence or my essence family?


RETA: I have a hard time with that. Okay.

ELIAS: As I have stated, you do not spring from an essence family.

RETA: No, but I was just thinking of them as a guiding mass.

ELIAS: You align yourself as essence with an essence family, for you choose to be within agreement of intent with an essence family.

RETA: So by the time you get down to that family, you’ve already made all those choices for yourself. You’re already there, and just aligning then with that particular intent. It goes way back to the links of consciousness again, and grouping.

ELIAS: This is a distortion in idea, that you have already created all of this, for all is simultaneous. You did not create before and then choose to become an element of an essence family, and there is no essence family which exists first and you are removed and then you later merge to the essence family. They are all simultaneous. In this, there is no organization which exists which you become a member of. The essences hold like intents; therefore magnate to each other. This designates an essence family.

In this, within the creation of this planet in this dimension, these essence families, which you are an element of, have created arrangements of consciousness links and encoded them genetically to be creating of all of your species upon your planet. As this has been accomplished, these species hold their own intent and choices and free will. Therefore, they may choose independently of you or essence to be disengaging from this particular dimension, and they may be choosing to be remanifesting or not manifesting physically, or moving into manifestation within a different dimension. In this situation, you as essence are assisting of this type of remanifestation into another dimension, for you are directing of the energy to be restructuring and rearranging the encoding; decoding your dimensional genetic code and creating of new encoding which is suitable for another dimension.

BOB: You say creatures have free will, but is that in agreement with us?

ELIAS: To an extent.

BOB: In much the Judeo-Christian manner? Ostensibly, god created man and then gave him free will to do whatever he wanted, and I guess hold him accountable later. So we create creatures and give them free will so that they can do whatever they want? And do we hold them accountable later?


BOB: Okay. But they can’t all get together ...

ELIAS: You do not give them free will.

BOB: Well, we created them, so the nature of their free will is a creation of us.

ELIAS: Let me explain. As I express to you that you create, I am not expressing to creation in the manner that you think of within your religious context, that god has created you. You, in creating, are in communication with links of consciousness, which are consciousness, which hold free will and identity.

BOB: Okay.

ELIAS: You are directing of these links of consciousness.

BOB: So we assemble some sort of entity that already has free will and all we do is structure it.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Okay.

ELIAS: This is creating.

BOB: But there must be some agreement between us and other dimensions.

ELIAS: You are within other dimensions!

BOB: Okay. So the extinction of a creature through free will in this dimension, and remanifestation in another dimension, has to be on some level done within agreement ...

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: ... in order for it to happen, even though the creature itself has free will.

ELIAS: The agreement only holds to the restructuring.

BOB: Not the event itself.

ELIAS: No. The creature may choose, within its own intent and free will, to be entering into a different dimension. Agreement occurs, within helpfulness, in restructuring of the manifestation.

VICKI: And did you say that some animals are physically focused in more than one dimension?

ELIAS: Simultaneously, no.

VICKI: Okay. So what’s the story on ...

ELIAS: Although, all things are simultaneous! But to your way of thinking, within your time framework within your dimension, no.

VICKI: So what’s the deal with the dragons?

ELIAS: Meaning?

VICKI: Were dragons creatures here in this dimension and then became extinct and are now manifest in another?

ELIAS: Shall we be tweaking of Michael [Mary]? (Humorously, and pronouncing tweaking ‘tveaking’)

VICKI: I think we shall! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Yes! Quite briefly, but your answer is affirmative ... very briefly. Many creatures that you hold as mythology have in actuality been physically manifest upon your planet within this physical dimension and have been witnessed by your species, and you have subsequently created folklore around these creatures.

HOWARD: There’s a story, a Mongolian story, of how horse came to man; how man accepted to work with horse because of the acceleration of the spiritual uplift, or however the Mongolians put it. He came to them in a dream, and the couple were at that time looking at this animal as if it were a dog, a small animal, and the idea came to get on its back. And as horses are instrumental in changing man, at this level together we have moved on into where we’re at today. I think this has a lot of validity with what you have been saying about the interchange between who’s giving and who’s taking and who’s receiving, and all of us working together for the entire world.

ELIAS: All energy is intermingled. It is not separate. Therefore all creations, within what you deem to be nature and your planet, are elements of you; this being how you may be manipulating of these elements, for they are links of consciousness that are elements of you within essence. They are not essence, but they are of essence. They are projections in consciousness. They may be physically manifest links of consciousness that you may form into matter. Therefore, there is no separation, and you are partially correct.

As I began to state, just as I have expressed that you within your species have experimented many times with form within the creation of your species upon this planet, so have you with your creatures also. These are not elements that you think of as merely imagination. They are realities. They may endure very briefly, experimentally, upon your planet within this dimension, and may be choosing to be manifest within another dimension which is more suiting to their intent, but nevertheless they have manifest physically, briefly, within your own dimension. You do not find archeological artifacts of these creatures, for their stay, so to speak, within your dimension, as I have stated, is quite brief.

Also, they have chosen to be manifesting within other dimensions, and in part, within their intent, [have] chosen to be holding an elusive and what you may term as a mystical quality within your dimension. You also do not discover many of your own manifestations within your experimental creations of your species. You do not find much of your artifacts of your species in any form. There are some species that have chosen collectively to be allowing for their continued memory and your attention. Therefore, you may discover your dinosaurs and you may uncover their artifacts, but you do not discover artifacts of your own species within more recent time frameworks.

NORM: ... In regard to simultaneous time, I suspect that a real problem is our lack of ability to have any capability of thinking of the infinity, and perhaps even a double infinity, of every blink that occurs here is a blink that can be changed, and simultaneously there is another blink that’s occurring at every other time in the future and the past here, and you can go back to any of these and arrive at any blink that you want to.


NORM: And these blinks, they are so fast that they ... The links that are associated with this matter that we’re seeing here now, they become links in every other manifestation that the blink moves into.

ELIAS: They already are! (Smiling) I have expressed to you that all links of consciousness are manifest, are in existence, everywhere simultaneously.

NORM: And they remember the manifestation. They have a fabulous memory, don’t they?

ELIAS: Quite! They are understanding of each manifestation, physical and non-physical, that they engage, for they are everywhere simultaneously. They are within all dimensions at the same time, and they are infinitely small in your thought process.

NORM: It’s tough. It’s tough! In Planck’s time, ten to the minus-forty-four seconds, is that a blink? Is that a blink time for going from one manifestation to the next?

ELIAS: (Accessing) It is slightly off.

NORM: By one hundred and thirty-three thousandths? (Laughter)

DREW: Blinks don’t happen within time!

ELIAS: You are within a time framework. It is a reality.

DREW: But you also have said that we are blinked both on and off at the same time. It is a simultaneous action.

HOWARD: There is a pause between a synapsal action/reaction at every nerve ending. That pause is the blink.

ELIAS: Within consciousness, you are correct. Within physical time frameworks, this is a reality also, which may not be discounted! You have created a physical time framework. Although it is elastic and bendable, it is a time framework and it is a reality.

DREW: So within our dimension ...

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: ... we blink on and off sequentially.

ELIAS: Yes. Within essence there is no distinguishment of time, for you may be focused within many different physical dimensions which hold their own time frameworks. Therefore, each link of consciousness is aware of every different time framework, genetic code, physical manifestation, matter incorporation, vibrational speed rate, and memory which is associated with the individual physical dimension, while simultaneously existing, functioning, and holding awareness of non-physical reality, which incorporates no time and no genetic codes and no physical matter.

NORM: He’s smart!

ELIAS: As to your questioning, the equation is slightly off.

NORM: It has to include more terms or something.

ELIAS: Your number element is different. It is not quite accurate within the calculations that you have physically developed.

RETA: You wouldn’t want to tell us what that number is, would you?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This would also be a negative fraction.

NORM: A negative fraction. (Norm’s talking to himself now) Negative fraction ... or natural fraction.

ELIAS: Exchange your number of forty-four for fifty-six (4).

NORM: Oh! That’s a big difference!

ELIAS: This is relative. It is a slight difference.

RETA: A slight difference ...

NORM: Twelve orders of magnitude!

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

NORM: “I have one question that’s been on my mind for a while. You mentioned earlier that an electron has over one million links, and reading more about this, that the links have the ability to move anywhere in the cosmos, so to speak.

ELIAS: They are ...

NORM: ... everywhere.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: They are everywhere, but.... For example, in one blink.... There is a fixed set of links in an electron, and every electron has that same set; not the same links, but the same number of links. Every electron has that. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Within the choice and agreement of physical manifestation and its construct presently, yes.

NORM: That means that these rules can be guiled/extended? (Guiled is the word that Norm used, but he asked me to insert ‘extended’)

ELIAS: Yes. No system is closed! There is no absolute within rules, of your creating within energy.

NORM: And from one blink to the next blink, the links could have exchanged?


NORM: And they do?


NORM: And that’s for their experience.

ELIAS: Partially.

NORM: What else?

ELIAS: There are many actions occurring within all constructs of energy and its exchanging. As I have stated also, each link of consciousness simultaneously occupies every area of consciousness; each link. It does not move from one to another. It is within all.

NORM: Tremendous! Seth indicated that if you could see him, he was like a brown nut. (5)

BOB: What??? A brown nut???

NORM: A brown nut. But that is a set that could be changing also, of links.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: And those links could be ... The reason why they’re doing that is to gain.... One gains the experience of everything that Seth is by becoming part of it? By becoming part of the brown nut, and then going on to the next brown nut, and so on? Is that ...

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. It is the action of becoming; the continuous exploration of consciousness.

NORM: Wow! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I shall re-express to Stephen [Norm], (blows air at Norm)! (When Elias blows air at us, he is ‘blowing us away’) [session 188, June 29, 1997]

ELIAS: “Within the area of consciousness that I occupy, there are not thoughts as impulses in the manner than you translate them. There are impulses within electrical activity of consciousness which may be translated through Regional Area 2 and inserted into Regional Area 1, but it is not a thought process as you view and as you are familiar with; just as I do not focus my attention within elements of consciousness such as emotion, although these may also be accessed and translated through regional areas, and they may translate to you in what is familiar to you.

Within links of consciousness from the area of Regional Area 4, it is an organization within electrical impulses of consciousness structured together within certain patterns that are then projected through different layers of consciousness and translated into language. As I translate energy into language, Michael [Mary] does not hold thought processes connected with the verbalization of language which ensues. Therefore, even within this Regional Area 1 and moving through physical body consciousness, electrical impulses are accessed through the physical form and brain; but no thought process is created, for it is unnecessary. It is merely another step through the process which is eliminated, for it is time-consuming.

NORM: And Regional Area 4 ... there evidently is an attraction of similar ideas that can form an organization or a gestalt of ideas?

ELIAS: The ideas are formed within Regional Area 3, for this would be the organizational point to be translated into what you view to be ideas.

NORM: Are you saying that I ... how do I think? (Laughter)

ELIAS: You connect with subjective activity in consciousness, which translates within Regional Area 2, which is organized within Regional Area 2 and then inserted into Regional Area 1 of consciousness, forming physical thought processes in consciousness, which then connects to physical impulses within your physical brain, which creates the physical manifestations. The thoughts are non-physical. The thoughts are within consciousness. The acting-upon any thought is a translation through your physical brain synapses, which translates chemically into your physical world.

NORM: And the feelings, the emotions, they can actually create a form, can they not?


NORM: And can you view that form?

ELIAS: Yes, and so may you.

NORM: Oh, I can? In that form?

ELIAS: (To Drew) As you have, Matthew [Drew] .

NORM: Matthew [Drew] has seen his form emotionally?

ELIAS: A form; a projection of emotional energy.

NORM: They are in Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: What you view as a projection is here within what you recognize as Regional Area 1.

NORM: But not normally viewable?

ELIAS: Correct. It is dependent upon the energy that you expel. Within intensity of energy, you may project and be creating an actual physical form. This shall not continue. It shall be temporary, but you may be projecting an actual physical form.

NORM: That is a pattern that is different than the pattern that physical matter, the links associated with physical matter, manifest?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is dependent upon the directedness and the amount of energy that you are projecting, and the intensity; for you may project energy intensely enough that you may in actuality form physical matter identical to what you view within any other form, and insert this into your reality within Regional Area 1. Your design of your energy intensity shall be formed within Regional Area 2, but it may translate into Regional Area 1 equally, dependent only upon the intensity of the energy projected.

NORM: Every link of consciousness is moving around, evidently, all the time.

ELIAS: Continuously.

NORM: It loves to experience new associations, so it is acquiring an infinite number of associations and that’s its value fulfillment?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And as they get together in an instant, a very small portion of time as we see it here in Regional Area 1, they as a gestalt can form a pattern which we as a consciousness can view, and that pattern then can become physical reality. Am I saying a truth there?

ELIAS: You are correct.

NORM: And when Cecelia is looking at the same subject that I am, she sees a different set of molecules and links than I see?

ELIAS: No. Sari [Cecelia] may view a different organization or cooperation, but you view the same physical molecules.

NORM: Oh, you do? Okay. That’s good. The pattern ... have the physicists in quantum mechanics, in the wave functions ... does that wave function in any way have any truth in regard to the pattern?

ELIAS: (Sighing) You have barely scratched your surface with your understanding of your waves and your particles and their functions.

NORM: Even with super-string theory?

ELIAS: There is much beyond what you physically view, and as I have expressed to you previously, your scientists shall not find what they seek until they are willing to go beyond what they physically view presently and acknowledge the consciousness of what they view, for they shall not understand what they view.

NORM: Methods!

ELIAS: Quite, although they are not wrong. They are merely limited.” [session 205, August 10, 1997]

ELIAS: “’Before the beginning,’ pools of consciousness arranged within cooperation and intent in choosing to be creating yet another physical focus within another dimension – that being this dimension. In this, nine pools of consciousness, that you designate now as the nine essence families, formed together in conjunction with this physical reality, to be directing of it and creating it. A physical, linear, sequential time framework was chosen to be inserted into this reality. The essences within these nine pools of consciousness chose, for what you may view to be a time period, to be functioning outside of the physical time framework, but inserting objects that you view as physical matter into the time framework. In this, it was organized and chosen that there be designations of intent within these nine pools, to be carrying out specialized actions sequentially and psychically. Also it was chosen that these nine pools of consciousness, within their sequences, would also cycle in these sequences, therefore rotating within their functions.

Initially, the pool of consciousness designated within the intent of the Formers, which has been designated as the Gramada family, initiated; inserting into your physical reality the ideas which gathered energy and formed matter.

This shall not proceed along the lines of your religious belief systems or your scientific knowledge to this moment in your present time framework, for each holds belief systems of how your focus has been formed, and each are misinformed.

The Gramada family initiates the formation of the focus, the dimension, the direction of the time framework, and the instruction to the links of consciousness to be forming physical matter. In response to this action, the Hearers (Vold) respond, this being the second pool of consciousness that inserts into your physical reality, this being a response in creating elements not necessarily having to do with your physical matter; inserting into this dimensional reality the emotional-focus which is directing of your planetary conditions.

As you move into the creation of creatures, or what you view to be life-bearing elements, you move into the action of the Bearers, (Borledim) which insert the energy into your dimension which shall be creating of all of what you view to be life. This is not limited to you and your species, but to all elements of what you view as holding life – vegetation and creatures also. They are responsible for organizing the links of consciousness which shall form into this element of living things, within the construct of matter in conjunction with your Formers, and also in conjunction with the emotional aspect which is inserted.

Each family, each pool of consciousness is in complete harmony with the other pools of consciousness in forming the whole; but in designing a time framework which operates sequentially within the workings of moments, it has been chosen to also sequentially be creating of each element that is inserted into your physical reality.

NORM: ... May I clarify one thing? ‘Before the beginning’ is before the creation of this physical dimension. That’s how you’re terming it. That’s what you mean by that term?

ELIAS: Correct; for you view a beginning with your physical elements and your physical planet and your physical selves, although there is no beginning, for all is simultaneous.

RETA: What would you call it, going back to before the formation of the pools of essence, back to intents that were gathering, or ...

ELIAS: Essence has always been, for consciousness has always been, for there is no element other than the continual now. Therefore, I express to you ‘before the beginning’ only for your own understanding within your terminology and your language. There is no ‘before the beginning.’

RETA: I know you’ve said that, but I’m trying to see. So there’s a gestalt that gets together for this dimension and another dimension and another dimension. I know it’s not sequential, but I’m trying to figure out how that gestalt gets together and forms the nine essence families ... or whatever dimension they’re in. That’s links of consciousness. They would magnate together. I understand that too, but ... (sighing) Oh dear! There’s not a ‘before the beginning,’ yes! But I’m trying to put it in my head in sequence, of course, so that I can say, ‘Well, I could have been one of those links of consciousness up there who decided to go with this dimension or that dimension.’ Or did I decide to do them all?

ELIAS: You are not a link of consciousness ‘up there,’ for there is no ‘up there!’” [session 208, August 17, 1997]

VICKI: “I’d like to ask a question here for Kip [an email friend] because it kind of fits in with what we were just talking about, I think, as far as cause and effect and stuff. I’m going to read his question. It’s a little lengthy. ‘If Elias can actually deliver new physics info, I have a long-standing puzzle that I wonder if he can shed some light on. During the early development of quantum mechanics, physicists were working with an atomic model that pictured the subatomic world as composed of little solar systems. During that time, they recognized that subatomic particles had a characteristic they called spin, conceiving it as an analog of the rotation of planets. It turned out that spin is not only measurable and conserved, but that it’s a necessary component of many quantum mechanical calculations. In other words, spin refers to something real. Now, our current understanding of the subatomic world is that it’s nothing at all like a little solar system. In fact, it’s not clear that there’s anything solid down there to spin. What can spin mean in terms of a probability cloud? So my question would be, what the heck is spin in the multidimensional world?’ His question has been sparked by Norm’s experiment.

ELIAS: You view these particles as holding a ‘thing’ around them. I have expressed to you previously that your view of these particles, these atoms or subatomic particles, are not as little solar systems at all. They are contained within themselves. They are not unlike units of consciousness, links of consciousness, merely appearing within matter. They are made up of many links of consciousness to be forming of your matter within a time framework. Outside of a time framework, they hold no meaning as an object. They are merely a configuration of links of consciousness in cooperation with each other. Your sciences assign a word of an action of ‘spin’ to these particles. This is a very misleading word within your language, for this presupposes a direction or a specific action within physical terms.

In actuality, within the insertion of these links of consciousness into a physical thickness, the configuration of the links create what is viewed as physical matter; a physical element that you may not physically view, but you are aware that exists. These physical elements are those that make up all of your physical matter as they come together within cooperation within consciousness to be creating of certain elements; but singularly within themselves, they do not hold what your sciences term to be a spin. They hold more accurately what you may term to be a force. It is not a field; it is not a thing. It is a force. Within the thickness of your time framework, the configuration of these links of consciousness coming together create a force within them; not around them, but within them. In this, they are enabled physically, within your time dimension, with a communication. Therefore, you may extract one particle and you may divide one particle ... or so you BELIEVE you are dividing one particle, for in actuality, you are not.

VICKI: What are you doing?

ELIAS: You are merely dispersing the same particle throughout your physical time framework of your dimension. You are not separating it. In this, the communication within the force of the particle continues in the same manner that you continue within your dream state as you, but not within a recognizable state of your waking state.

LINDA: So then you’re saying that when they say they are splitting the atom, they are actually just pushing it into another dimension?



ELIAS: You are merely expanding it.

LINDA: So then it covers more dimensions than it initially did?

ELIAS: It continues within this dimension, although aspects of it may move into other dimensions if so choosing; but if not so choosing ... for these particles themselves hold consciousness and choice. Therefore, if not so choosing to be entering into other areas of consciousness and other dimensions, you are merely expanding it.

LINDA: So then how do you explain the energy that’s created when we supposedly split the atom, the atomic energy?

ELIAS: Think of a bubble. As you blow more air into the bubble, it expands. As you continue to blow more air into the bubble, you are expanding its perimeters. It is not a contained element. Therefore, it may burst, but it continues to exist within its particles. It merely changes form. In this same manner, you are merely expanding these particles, and you may expand these particles throughout your physical space to very far locations, may you not? You may place what you view to be the split of these particles, one being within one physical location of your planet in another country, one being within this country. You have not split them. You have merely expanded the energy. Then you view that these amazing split particles hold faster-than-light-speed communication to each other. One shall alter its course if you are altering of the course of the other. It is merely responding to itself, for it has not been separated.

... You hold an officially accepted reality. You are quite singular within your attention to this officially accepted reality, but you challenge this reality within this present century within the action of this shift, exploring beyond your officially accepted reality. In this, you offer yourselves information that challenges this, that you may explore beyond and you may offer yourself new information of the reality of reality beyond what you officially accept.

VICKI: One more question: Will Norm’s experiment have the results that he creates it to have, and could another individual in the next room create the same experiment with completely different results?


VICKI: So the results will be as Norm creates them to be?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Just like I create imagery for myself ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... and each individual does.

ELIAS: Although this is not to say that if succeeding in the area of anticipation, that this experiment may not be recreated once again with the same result.

VICKI: Yeah, he asked that question. I remember. Okay.

ELIAS: This is not to say that this may be accepted initially. Initially, you may face opposition. Initially, your sciences are not so easily swayed, but you may be accomplishing and it may be recreated with the same result.

VICKI: But it’s not a rule, because that in itself would imply a closed system.

ELIAS: The experiment as it exists is not a rule! I have expressed to you, futurely you may conduct the same experiment and the results may not be so very consistent, for your awareness shall be different. (Long pause, Elias chuckles, and we all start laughing)

LAJOY: Is it also in the same thought that I can think about being in Italy and instantly be there, but because of mass consciousness we were told we have to get on a plane and we have to go through those steps?

ELIAS: You may occupy whatever space arrangement that you choose instantaneously. It is unnecessary for you to be engaging physical travel. You hold the ability to be accomplishing in all of these areas. I have expressed previously, all of these elements that you invent are mirror images of what you already know that you accomplish within consciousness. All of the elements about you are merely mirror images of those abilities that you hold within consciousness yourselves already.

DREW: ... If contrary to our expectations, the photons in that experiment can choose to do something other than what we believe they will, then why doesn’t the consciousness in the pen that she may throw choose not to land for our awareness?

ELIAS: Consciousness seeks your benefit. What benefit be there in the pen not reaching its trajectory?

DREW: I would imagine it’s the same benefit that we get from the photons not reaching their trajectory, and that is awareness, and ...

ELIAS: No. You would merely view this as astounding momentarily, and it would hold your attention no longer. Many elements occur within your physical reality that are astounding in your view, and they are momentarily viewed and then they are forgotten and you pay little attention to them. You hold miracles within your reality – or so you express them to be miracles – everyday. They hold little attention with you. They are momentary; but within certain elements of your reality, you DO pay attention.

Within this present century, you look to your sciences as your new religion. You hold much attention within their movement. You trust your sciences, for you view them to be ‘provable.’ Therefore, you pay attention, and what they express to you, you believe and you incorporate into your belief systems.

Previous to this century, you held little information of your physics. You held little information, other than speculatory, of your time element. But you have been offered information within your sciences, your new religion, of these elements. And express to me that you do not believe this! You do! Your Einstein expresses to you that your time framework is flexible, and NOW you believe this. Your sciences express to you elements of your particles, and you believe this; and for a time framework, they express to you that your atoms and your particles are little solar systems, and you believe this until they are expressing to you of NEW information, and you believe new information. I have expressed to you that your particles resemble nothing to little solar systems. Your particles incorporate color vibration within themselves. You do not believe this, for it has not been proven to you yet.

DREW: So if this choice is being made by consciousness, the consciousness within whatever element is doing the proving at the time, it applies on some level that a decision is being made as to what is or is not beneficial for us at this time. Is that just ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) What YOU deem to be beneficial. You express in a manner that some cosmic force is orchestrating beyond you!

DREW: Well, I was just wondering, is this through agreement within consciousness ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) YOU are all creating this yourselves! It is your own creation for your own information. There is no cosmic force inserting itself into your reality. YOU are exploring your own physical reality yourselves.

DREW: But when you say the consciousness of the photon chooses ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) It is an element of your physical reality which YOU have created! Therefore, it is in agreement with you.

DREW: Okay. (Giving up)

LISA: Are you saying that we create ... you said there were color vibrations within the particles?

ELIAS: Correct.

LISA: So does that mean we created that?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for you have created the design; and the links of consciousness, within agreement, for ALL of consciousness IS within agreement, agree to be forming themselves in the design that you have designated – you as essence, not as an individual focus.

(Intently) You speak as though there is separation, and there is NO separation. There is no universe or cosmos beyond you that is inserting into your universe and reality. There is merely essence and consciousness, and in this there is no separation. Therefore, all that you create is for your benefit within your individual reality, and all of consciousness within the physical reality is in agreement to be creating and exploring of your reality.” [session 238, November 16, 1997]

NORM: “Good evening, Elias. There are several subjects I’d like to talk about. First I would like to talk about the experiment and some of my ideas and some of my dreams. I had a dream last night about it. I suppose what I’d like to talk about is the philosophy of how to carry on the experiment.

My idea had been that the concept of consciousness with everything ... that the photons or the bosons or the fermions always have a choice in doing things, and that if the experimental setup is correct, then the probability of those things leaving this particular dimension is high enough that it can be monitored with experimental equipment, and I wanted to do that in a fashion that kind of goes along with your statement that there are no closed systems. That statement, if I interpret it according to physics, means that some of the conservation laws of physics are not strictly true: the conservation of mass, the conservation of energy, the conservation of charge, and so on and so forth. That would be a wonderful thing for an experiment to show, that indeed there are time segments where those conservation laws are not strictly valid. Is that a legitimate thing to experimentally work on?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Okay. It’s really fascinating to think about the gestalt of links in a particle or an atom and how they work together and form that particle or atom, and also have perhaps a group consciousness, I would imagine. Am I on the right track there?

ELIAS: It is a cooperation.

NORM: A cooperation. That’s a general statement, a general law, right? There’s no separateness, so to speak, but yet there IS some separateness.

ELIAS: Correct, although this would not be a LAW, but you are correct in your assumption.

NORM: Okay. The gestalt has the ability to do certain things, evidently; and I and others, as essence consciousness, we’re in a sense creating ... I am creating the experiment.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And my expectations, are they the thing that is going to be proven? But if the expectations are not according to the physics of reality, that won’t be shown then, will it?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within your creation of reality and of the elements within physical reality, essence creates this physical reality. In this there exists a cooperation of consciousness to be performing within guidelines that you have created for mass, for matter, for your time continuum. Although consciousness – the links of consciousness – hold free will and may respond at times in what you consider to be irrational, they also respond in manners that you have created within your time element. Therefore, they are not as unpredictable as you may think.

NORM: So they respect the elements of our time and our mass and our general physical laws.

ELIAS: Correct; although they also move beyond these, for you have not discovered all of the elements of your sciences yet and all of the elements of your reality, for you do not take into consideration within your sciences the reality of consciousness and its free will.

NORM: Right. That is precisely the thing, precisely the idea or the concept that I want to explore in experiments. It’s frustrating to me. From the experiments that have been done, it appears that if in a previous increment of time ... time moves on. However, in a previous increment of time, after a period of time, after a time has been passed, then if something has changed that would have made their position not the correct position, then they have the opportunity to do things that they normally don’t do. For example, in the photon experiment of John Wheeler’s idea, where the photon went through the slits and one of the slits was closed – after the photon went through the slit but before it got to the photographic plate it was closed – and the photon says, ‘I’m going to leave this particular dimension and perhaps go into a very close parallel dimension through a minor veil,’ so to speak. Am I correct in talking about minor veils? Close, probable realities?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: It was like when I was ... you indicated earlier when I asked the question of when I was sixteen and I felt that there could have been a split, and indeed, there was another Norm Farb in a parallel dimension that became a vase artist. And of course, this goes on and on and on and on, and there’s an immense number of these close, probable realities.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And these particular free-will experiences that every link wants to do ... it sure has a hell of a lot of them to go through all the time! Can it see the other close, probable dimensions?


NORM: So it can look over there and say, ‘Well, I’m tired of this. It’s more fun to be over here.’ Right? Almost that way, right?

ELIAS: The links of consciousness exist simultaneously within ALL realities. (Pause)

NORM: I don’t know if I understand that, or if I did understand it I don’t know if I would believe it! But you say that one link goes through all realities?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Incredible!

ELIAS: They exist not merely within knowledge, but they exist within all realities simultaneously.

NORM: The original creation!

ELIAS: Therefore, it is merely the direction of its attention that creates it within matter or mass or speed within any one particular physical dimension.

NORM: Huh! It exists simultaneously in all.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Because there’s only now.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Huh! And it goes where its attention goes. Now, that’s for each link. But for example, an electron, you said, has over a million links in it. Those links are linked together consciously. Is that true?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, in a cooperation.

NORM: In a cooperation to form an electron.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And to keep that electron going during this blink period for this particular dimension?

ELIAS: It is the focus of the attention, which is a cooperation in cooperation with you as essence to be materializing, that you may view within your time element.

NORM: Um-hmm. One of the questions that I wanted to ask ... it evidently is quite often true that we as focuses here, in our developments, we have an analog to true reality. How close is the analog of the wave function? The quantum mechanical wave function, being obviously steered by essence consciousness and the probability of that wave function ... and the wave function was declared to exist everywhere. Of course, that was assumed to be in this dimension, but if you integrated it over all space you would come out to a peak in a local area, and that would be where, for example, the wave function for an electron would be. So the wave function, being that it was over all space, which now should include all dimensions, that would then mean that the links are of course over all dimensions too, over all reality, and that if you square and integrate the wave function over all space, you come up with the location where it is mostly probable. Do we steer something like this as essences, as focuses, as consciousnesses of our level of consciousness? Do we steer all of that? Is that a good analogy, this wave function idea?

ELIAS: Within THIS dimension.

NORM: Within THIS dimension it is, but there would be different wave functions or different concepts in other realities.

ELIAS: Correct; and there is no point.

NORM: There is no point. Yeah, there’s a fuzzy ...

ELIAS: There is no CENTRAL point ...

NORM: There is no central point?

ELIAS: ... of your wave function.

NORM: ... The physics of all of these closely-veiled dimensions, would that be considered closed?


NORM: THAT is not even closed because the links span every and all dimensions.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: It’s interesting that even the smallest is allowed the greatest, isn’t it?

ELIAS: Absolutely. There is no element within consciousness that is greater than any other element.

NORM: Not even essence?


NORM: It’s because of the fact that there’s different properties? Why would you say that?

ELIAS: There are differentiations within consciousness as to function, as to tone; but there is no element within consciousness that is greater than any other element.

NORM: The immenseness of properties or capabilities is huge with any of them.

ELIAS: Correct; boundless.

NORM: Even ten to the ten to the two hundred – the immense number – even that is trivial.

ELIAS: Quite! It is as one.

... (Chuckling) YOU are YOU, viewing yourself as a small ball within your brain or viewing yourself as the expansiveness of all of the elements within your physical universe that you may possibly view within you. It matters not. YOU are YOU, and there is no separation of your vessel, vessel, vessel! within the focus, as it is an element of YOU. It is no different than a thought, which is also you!

NORM: The energy of a thought of course carries information, but it is not composed of links.

ELIAS: It is!

NORM: It IS composed of links. Ah! I was misinforming myself. So energy IS formed from links?

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 251, December 18, 1998]

ELIAS: “I shall deviate briefly and express to you that as I have stated previously, within the relative midpoint of your approaching century, your sciences shall be moving into areas of discovery to be projecting you into much more efficient modes of travel, and within the action of this shift you shall also allow yourselves much more of a realistic understanding of interdimensional travel, but you shall also understand the mistakes, so to speak – although there are no mistakes – of those individuals that have preceded and have attempted to be crossing a dimension, which was successful, but upon return, the sacrifice was the physical distortion which entered back into this particular dimension. (6)

There is a reconstruction of form that occurs in moving from one dimension to another dimension. You may physically appear the same, but structurally, the cooperation of the links of consciousness that make up your form must reconfigure themselves to be adapting to the quality of another physical dimension, and in re-entering into this dimension must reconstruct again to be conforming with the design of this particular dimension. This is the element that was not accounted for, for it was not calculated, the element of consciousness, but the element of physical matter. (Vic’s note: In other words, the element of physical matter was calculated, but the element of consciousness was not taken into account. Poor sentence, Elias!)

Each cell, each molecule, each atom is made up of links of consciousness. Those links are that which reconfigure themselves to allow you the adaptation from one dimension to another dimension, which is entirely possible and you may be accomplishing within the action of this shift, but this shall not be accomplished without the recognition that these links of consciousness exist and THEY are the elements that need be reconfigured to be adapting to the environment, so to speak, of another dimension, and then reconfigure themselves to be re-entering into this dimension.

These are not merely mathematical equations, and in limiting yourselves to your sciences and your mathematical equations, you also create your scientific ‘blunders.’ (Smiling) But as I expressed, this is not a mistake, for is has been purposefully executed for your information, that you may view.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the concept of consciousness units (CUs) introduced by Seth/Jane Roberts in The “Unknown” Reality, (1977), Vol. 1, session 682, February 13, 1974. According to Seth, the essential inner vitality of all conscousness – All-That-Is – is formed from these inner “units.” They form the foundation for all physical and non-physical domains.

According to classical Newtonian physics, the universe is perceived as a closed, finite, machine that can be broken down into parts like molecules and atoms. Quantum mechanics, a 20th century branch of physics, has essentially thrown out this model discovering that there is a “hidden” or nonlocal domain from which all matter and energy spring. Thus our physical universe is no longer understood to be a closed system, but intersecting and exchanging energy with countless probable/alternate dimensions.

Elias modified his use of the term from “units” to “links” to reflect the open system nature of our physical dimension. He also uses this concept of links in a complementary fashion in his explanation of the God concept, which he terms The Creating Universal One And Whole. In other words, Everything is a part of God, which is an Eternal Action Of Conscious Energy (my term). And all of this Conscious Energy consists of these links of consciousness. So these two concepts have a complementary relationship.

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(2) Vic’s note: last year [1995] we presented Elias with a Christmas present, which he actually did quite a good job of opening. It was a pipe, which he has smoked several times, but discontinued because Mary hates it.

(3) Paul’s note: Seth/Jane Roberts’ term for expressing the concept of God as an action of eternal becoming, inseparable from and contained within Everything, incomprehensible in Its Totality.

This information was first introduced in The Seth Material, Chapter 18, The God Concept – The Creation – The Three Christs, (1970), sessions #426-428, (no date given.)

Elias initially used the term “Creating Universal One And Whole” to describe the same Reality. This was subsequently replaced by “all of consciousness.”

Digests: find out more about Creating Universal One And Whole/all of consciousness.

(4) Paul’s note: the Planck length (or theoretical smallest unit of matter or quanta) is an infinitesimally small “unit” calculated to be 6.6 x 10 minus34 centimeters, the time or rate of its “blinking” is 5.3 x 10 minus44 seconds, and its mass is 2.2 x 10 minus5 grams. All this means is that, according to the belief systems of contemporary quantum physics, these are the presently understood theoretical physical limits for our dimension.

Elias describes our physical dimension, as one of many existing within the context of a vast multiverse. He describes that process in terms of infinitesimal black and white holes, that “blink” or oscillate at an incredibly fast speed. Elias states here that the Planck rate is more in the range of ten to the minus 56 – that’s a decimal point with 55 zeroes and a number after it – blinking once every
.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000053 seconds!

(5) Paul’s note: this is actually a reference to a description of the Seth Two aspect of Seth, in which Seth Two says, “Physically you would find me a mass smaller than a brown nut, for my energy is so highly concentrated. It exists in intensified mass … perhaps like one infinite cell existing in endless dimensions at once and reaching out from its own reality to all others." From The Seth Material, (1970), Chapter 17 – A “Future” Seth – Origin of the Sessions, session 419, June 08, 1968.

(6) Paul’s note: a reference to the “Philadelphia Experiment” in which the U.S. Navy supposedly experimented with powerful electromagnetic fields to make the Destroyer Escort – USS Eldridge – optically invisible in October of 1943. This is a classic X-file-type story as the U.S. Navy has categorically denied this event ever took place.

According to what is now really a legend, as the ship became “invisible” and then “returned,” there were disastrous consequences on the crew – including insanity, burns, and becoming fused with objects on the ship. The ship may indeed have “traveled interdimensionally” to Norfolk, Virginia and back to its Philadelphia Navy shipyard dock, all without moving “around” space in conventional terms but “through” it.

Vic’s note: regarding the Philadelphia Experiment, here’s an excerpt from session 06 dated May 14, 1995:

VICKI: “Concerning the concept of time, in OUR terms ... (laughter)

ELIAS: Thank you! (Grinning)

VICKI: ... would you please comment on the Philadelphia Experiment?

ELIAS: You wish to know if it is possible?

VICKI: I wish to know if it happened!

ELIAS: There are many more facts involved, but it IS possible for you all to supersede time and space. These are relative terms and concepts. They in actuality do not exist. This is why it can be accomplished. You do not need fancy experiments to do this! There are many scientific people who do not believe they can accomplish this without much measuring of everything! They ‘accidentally happen upon’ very natural states, and then they feel they have discovered something wonderful! They try to keep this information to themselves, not because it would be harmful but because they wish to hoard it and they do not wish to share, and they also do not understand. You in your focus have the ability to accomplish the same things as they do. They only BELIEVE that these things must be accomplished in specific environments. Their problem is that they do not understand what they have done. If they were to shift their focus, they would not know what to do! Their measuring instruments would not be necessary. This unnerves the scientific community.” [session 06, May 14, 1995]

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