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MARGOT: “A few weeks ago, I began to have some things really spin around in my head and be on my mind a lot because I couldn’t resolve them. There were actually four things that I was going around and around with, and somehow, when I finally began working things out, which had gotten to be quite emotional by that point, I realized that these four things were all aspects of the same problem. So, I would like to get into that, and I’d like to tell you what we or I decided about some of these things, and see if I can get a little more clarity on it.

The first one was that a few weeks ago, I had to get a new doctor, and so I did, but it didn’t work out well when I met this man. There was such a clash of his belief systems and my belief systems. We didn’t speak them necessarily, but the room was just full of this, and I went away very dissatisfied, and then decided I didn’t want this doctor. That left me with no medical options at all, or I felt it left me with no medical options at all.

Then that made me start going back over in my mind what you had told me about why I have asthma and why I got asthma at age thirty-three to begin with, and of course, all of that got me back into going back over family issues and things like that. Right along at this same time, when I was really spinning around with this, we decided to get a third cat. This met with a great deal of resistance at our house from these two old girls that we have here. One is eleven and one is fourteen, and they decided they were not going to have a third cat!

Now, when I couldn’t figure out what to do about any of this, I went back to the session – it was a couple of years ago – when I had Vic ask you about the asthma, why I got it to start with, and you said, ‘The individuals develop this expression and this experience in imagery within their dissatisfaction of conditions that they have chosen to place themselves within.’ I couldn’t agree with that more. I knew at the time that that was exactly what I was having to face, but I didn’t see any way out of it.

When I finally left the situation – the marriage, the home, the church – twelve years after that, I knew that I did that to save my own life, or at least that was my perception, that I was saving my own life. I knew that the pain I felt from taking that gigantic step was going to be with me for a long time. I couldn’t put it out of my mind, of course, but I decided, okay, I’m going to feel this for the rest of my life, so I won’t dwell on it. It’s just something that is and had to be and etcetera.

Now that I have gone back and looked at all of this, I have seen that this is matter of self acceptance much more than – or alongside of – a personal responsibility issue. Would you agree that it’s more of a thing of self acceptance?

ELIAS: You are correct.

MARGOT: Okay. I haven’t even worked on this aspect of it. I guess I went into this tailspin because I needed to begin to look at that.

Now, back when Vic first asked this, she went ahead and asked you if there was any particular belief system that I NOW hold that would be the reason that I still have asthma. And you said, ‘In moving into areas of examining belief systems and also expanding awareness, which is not in your terms a new development with this individual, there is a conflict which manifests objectively.’

So that kind of made everything just a little ... it made me feel really uneasy about my desire to UN-create asthma, because I’m going to be expanding my awareness – I’ll get as big as a house (laughing), I’ll get so wide! – or that’s my intent, and I’m doing all of these things and working with my belief systems. So, if this is creating my present asthma ... I’m not feeling helpless about it, or hopeless, but I’d like to hear what you would say about the possibility of me ever uncreating asthma.

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you, Giselle [Margot], that as I have stated previously, this situation of your examination of what you create and of aspects of your belief system is not what you in physical focus would term to be a new creation, for you have been evaluating elements of your belief systems for much of a time framework within your focus, regardless that you may have been identifying the action in those terms. It matters not. The action has been the same.

In this, I shall offer to you an expansion of information as to what I have offered previously.

Let me first express to you that in relation to yourself, as in like manner to interaction that I hold with other individuals, I offer information to you within a given time framework that you shall allow yourself to hear and that you shall allow yourself to assimilate.

Now; we have begun this particular session in addressing to the inquiry as to why I have offered information in the manner that I have offered it, in relation to the subject matter of the belief system of sexuality and incorporating elements of gender.

This moves quite in alignment with what I shall express to you now with this subject, for in my offering of information – in any time framework, in any forum with any individual – I shall offer to you the amount of information that YOU shall allow to be received.

MARGOT: I understand, yes.

ELIAS: Quite. Therefore, in this, as you widen your awareness and as you open yourself to more of the assimilation of this information, I also am responsive and offer you more information.

In this situation – to the question of shall I be continuing to be creating of this situation of asthma throughout my focus or shall I discontinue this action – my response to you is that within the line of probabilities that you have created presently, you lean in the direction of continuing to be creating this type of physical expression as objective imagery to yourself.

Now; this is not to say that you do not hold the ability to alter these probabilities, as you are aware. I am merely stating the identification of what you have created NOW, and in this now, the probabilities and the direction that you hold your attention in is that this efficiently gains your attention, and therefore, you have not moved into the area of discontinuation yet.

Now; let me explain this type of creation to you, for many individuals create very similarly in the area of physical affectingness, and they express very similarly objectively in relation to what they are creating.

You are creating a certain physical expression of affectingness that you view as uncomfortable and that you view creates an element of distress within you. I express to you that this gains your attention quite efficiently and that you have created this quite purposefully. You subsequently express, ‘I wish to be discontinuing of this action. I wish to be creating some other element of expression that shall gain my attention. I am fatigued with this creation and I dislike this creation. Therefore, I wish to discontinue this action.’ But you do NOT discontinue the action.

Now; this provides you with an excellent example of acceptance, which addresses to the first element of your questioning – how all of this may be related to the area of acceptance of self, and also acceptance of belief systems.

Now; in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view an actual physical creation that you incorporate in your focus. It is an obvious creation, and it is a creation that you view to be incorporating conflict. In this, you turn your attention to the area of your dislike and your discontent and you concentrate upon this creation, all the while expressing that you are experiencing dissatisfaction with this creation and wish to be discontinuing this action – or in other terminology, UN-creating this action – but it persists, and in this, you become confused.

Now we move into the area of discussion of acceptance.

You and all other individuals look to issues that you hold, creations that you incorporate, experiences that you create, belief systems that you hold, and express the very same terms: ‘I am dissatisfied with these expressions and this behavior. I dislike these belief systems. I wish to discontinue.’

This is not the point, and I have been expressing to you all from the onset of this forum, throughout all of this time framework, that this is not the point. The point is to be accepting – accepting of belief systems, accepting of SELF.

(Firmly) In this, as you move into the area of acceptance, you do not eliminate any element of your reality! You merely neutralize these elements of your reality that are very affecting and that YOU view to be affecting WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.

Quite realistically speaking, in your terms and within physical reality, you BELIEVE – regardless of what you express objectively – you BELIEVE that there are elements of your reality that are created without your permission. Therefore, let us address realistically to your reality and how it is expressed realistically.

Within this situation of this asthma, you express to yourself that you do not intentionally create this. You are not within your focus concentrating intensely and expressing to yourself, ‘I shall be creating shortness of breath now!’ No, you do not create this thought process and you do not concentrate objectively upon this action.

Therefore, within your belief systems and also in part within your thought process, you move this action into an area in which you express to yourself that there is some element of you that creates aspects of your reality objectively, physically that are beyond your control and that you do not objectively express permission for their creation. Therefore, there is an element of you that is creating your reality by itself, independent of your direction.

This moves us once again into the discussion of acceptance – the recognition that there is no element of your reality that is created in ANY – underline any – manner that you are not offering your permission for. There is NO element of your reality that you are not creating, and there is no element of your reality that you are not creating and holding an awareness of!

What you are confusing yourselves with is the now. I have expressed this many, many times – the acceptance of self and holding your attention within the now, for in the moment of the now, you DO hold the awareness of all that you are creating, and how, and why! It does not elude you as to the point that you BELIEVE it eludes you!

The reason that you believe that it eludes you is that you have allowed yourselves to move into automatic actions, automatic creations. They are no different than the incorporation of the functioning of your outer senses or your inner organs. All of these elements of your physical form create and function automatically.

You need not objectively concentrate your thought process in the area of your outer senses. You shall incorporate your outer senses automatically. Those to which you hold attention to, you shall incorporate the functioning of.

As to the functioning of your physical form, you shall automatically allow its expression without concentration, without a thought process, and in many areas of your belief systems and what you create and in your lack of acceptance of self, you are also automatically expressing yourselves and creating your functioning. But even within the automatic movements, you continue to hold an awareness if you are turning your attention to the now.

In the now, as you create this type of expression of constriction of breath in this creation of asthma, you may also view, if you allow yourself to be within the now, the areas in which you are not accepting of self ... OR the areas in which you are turning your attention to be addressing to the acceptance of self, providing yourself with imagery that shall pique your curiosity in certain areas and shall gain your attention in conjunction with this issue of acceptance of self, and as you turn your attention and you bring surfacely to your objective awareness areas that you choose to be examining and addressing to in the acceptance of self, you also automatically tense, for you automatically create a resistance to your own expression of examining these areas of self acceptance.

Now; you may express to myself, ‘Why I shall I be resistant to this? I incorporate a willingness to be looking to self. I WISH to be accepting of self. I WANT to be expanding my awareness.’ And I shall express in response to you, yes, yes, yes. Objectively you express this to yourself in one area, but let us not be forgetful of one of these very strong belief systems – of duplicity – which is quite expressive objectively. And I shall express to you also, yes, yes, yes. In certain areas, you are correct. You DO wish to be expanding your awareness. You DO want to be accepting of self and incorporating information and addressing to self and belief systems and moving into the action of this shift more fully, but you also create the battling with self, for you also hold the element of self that is resistant to this action, for examining self is quite scary business! And widening awareness creates vulnerability! Oooo, this is VERY scary! And addressing to belief systems and incorporating the mere idea of acceptance of belief systems is ludicrous, for it is extremely unfamiliar!

Therefore, this element of self is expressing, ‘No, no, no, no, no! I shall not be entering into this area of change! This expression is QUITE unnerving, and I wish not to be incorporating these types of change into the unfamiliar!’ But the rebel within you continues and expresses, ‘Oh yes! We SHALL continue and I SHALL be accomplishing, and we shall climb the mountain and we shall crest the summit!’

And so, the battle continues, with the one viewing the mountain and expressing, ‘Oh no! My my, this is a very large mountain, and I am fatigued merely in viewing it.’ And the other expression of self is exclaiming excitedly, ‘Let us climb and be exhilarated!’ Therefore, as this battle continues, you also continue to be expressing your imagery to yourself in these physical aspects of your creation.

As you move into areas of examining self, as you move into areas of bringing surfacely, objectively aspects of your belief system, as you move into a position of incorporating actions that turn your attention to acceptance of self, you also create an automatic resistance, and this creates tension. And quite objectively, realistically, and physically, within the moment, you may hold the awareness of the actual action of physical tension, which objectifies itself within your physical form and creates this action of restriction of breath.

Now; in addressing to this action, as I have stated, although you continue to be creating a line of probabilities that continues to move in this direction of creating this action physically, you also may offer yourself the opportunity to be practicing in the discontinuation of this particular action IF you genuinely become fatigued with the action.

But let me first express to you that the genuine expression of your movement into the acceptance of what you create shall objectify itself in the expression of it matters not, and you most certainly are not within the expression of it matters not in relation to this asthma! You continue to be quite disliking of this situation and of this creation, and you are NOT in acceptance of this and you continue to express concentration in the area of how you are not accepting of this, therefore perpetuating the energy which is lent to it.

But as you fatigue of this creation and you genuinely move into the acceptance of self and all that you create without judgment, it neutralizes the power of those elements that you view objectively within your physical reality as being beyond your control and expressing of themselves, and this creation of asthma is one of those elements, and as you move into the genuine expression of it matters not, there shall be no need for you to continue to be creating in this manner, for it shall not gain your attention any longer.

Presently, it continues to gain your attention, but as you move yourself into the area of it matters not, you discontinue lending energy to the perpetuation of its creation, and therefore, it does not gain your attention any longer.

Let me express to you quite realistically. It is not merely the situation involving other individuals that creates payoffs. It is not merely interaction with other individuals that may be neutralized as you are discontinuing creating payoffs, but also within your individual selves, for you shall also continue to create elements within your reality that offer you a payoff. The payoff in your belief system may not be good, but it is a payoff!

For also realistically speaking, within your physical reality, it matters not how very often I may express to you, there is no right or wrong or good or bad. You continue to hold the belief system and continue to lend energy to the expression of the belief that there IS good and bad and right and wrong.

Therefore, you may be creating elements within your focus that you identify as bad or unacceptable, but they ARE providing you with a payoff. This be the reason that I express to you all that regardless of your assessment of good, bad, right, or wrong, all that you create is quite purposeful, for it is beneficial regardless, for it shall gain your attention and it shall offer you experiences.

Therefore, I may offer you an exercise which may be helpful temporarily in what you may term to be the interim time framework – as you are addressing to the acceptance of self and while you are moving in the direction of it matters not – but this shall not eliminate your creation. It may, if you are incorporating it, incorporate elements of alleviation, to an extent, of your creation of restriction of breath. But be remembering, in your terms, this is not a cure – ha ha! – for YOU hold that ability!

Now; in this, I may express to you that as you experience this restriction within your breath, turn your attention to the now and turn your attention to what you are physically creating – the tension, the incorporation of restriction, and how you perpetuate that – for as you continue to be experiencing shortness of breath, you also continue to be creating tension within your physical form. You tense your physical muscles, you tense your physical organs, and you perpetuate this situation.

In this, as you turn your attention to what you are physically and emotionally expressing within the moment of your creation – not looking back to past even within one hour, not looking forward to future, but holding your attention within the now – you may express a direction intentionally to yourself to be relaxing.

In this, as you allow yourself to be intentionally directing your expression in the now, clearing your thought process of any other element, not placing judgment upon what you have created in the shortness of breath, but merely acknowledging it and merely expressing intentionally to yourself to be relaxing and accepting, this may be quite helpful to you within the moment. (1)

Now; be remembering, I hold an awareness that at times you may be within a position physically in which you believe you may not necessarily hold the ability to be creating of this action. If you are incorporating interaction with another individual that you identify as a customer (2) – ha ha ha ha! – and you begin to experience this action of restriction, you may not necessarily incorporate what I have just offered to you as an exercise.

But I am expressing to you, it matters not what you are objectively creating or what you are involving yourself in or what interaction you may be incorporating. STOP within that moment and attempt this exercise.

For although this may appear to you initially to be unrealistic and that Elias may not incorporate the awareness of how the workings of physical focus are incorporated and what you must and should be incorporating in actions and productivity, I express to you that I hold a great awareness of your physical focus, and it matters not. What I am expressing to you is information that you are ASKING for, but if you are not incorporating it, why shall you ask for it?

MARGOT: Exactly! Elias, that was so clear and I understand it, I really do! I really thank you for that!

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Now; as to the continuation of your question and your scenario, you are correct that this imagery that you have provided yourself with is all connected to each other in one expression, and that be the expression of the acceptance of self.

The element that you place yourself in – the situation of discontinuing your interaction with your physician, expressing that you hold conflict in this interaction, and therefore, in your perception, leaving yourself, in your words, without your medical assistance, and also the incorporation of your small creature recently (3) – these all move in conjunction as imagery in addressing to the acceptance of self, allowing you to identify the trust that you place in your medical profession and your responsiveness to this in holding opposing thought processes.

One element of you – once again – battles that you accept the incorporation of your medical profession and the helpfulness that they may be offering to you and that this is acceptable.

Another element of you expresses a disappointment in self that you view you hold a dependency – oh no! another very negative word – in this area, and that you are disappointed with self that you may not be creating or uncreating any element within your focus that you objectively choose to be moving into without the assistance of other individuals or of individuals within the medical profession. Therefore, once again, you offer yourself imagery, that you may hold the opportunity to view your battle in addressing to this acceptance of self.

You also incorporate imagery in another area with your little creature, and what have you offered yourself in the acquisition of this small creature but the introduction of the small creature into an environment which has been established, and the responsiveness is the quite obvious and emphatic lack of acceptance of incorporating new elements into the establishment of what is comfortable.

MARGOT: That’s exactly right! That’s pretty much what we came up with, and I think that goes along with the imagery at Ron and Vic’s house along the same lines, and I agree wholeheartedly. Now, you touched on a subject there with the kitties. My eleven-year-old cat, Sushi, has for the last few months acted rather strangely, in that much of the time she just kind of sits around with the tip of her tongue hanging out of her mouth. She doesn’t look very smart, but she’s still smart, she’s still alert, she eats well, and she doesn’t have any problems. I have tried and tried to figure out what that is mirroring in me. Is that also a lack of acceptance of self?

ELIAS: Yes! Now; let us examine this very small expression. In this, listen to YOUR words.

You express a defense of this creature in expressing that it holds intelligence or that it is smart, but you also express a judgment that it does not physically APPEAR as very smart, for it is creating an action that creates a physical appearance that you assess to be NOT very smart ... or in your very objective physical terms and your common vernacular, DUMB! Ha ha ha ha! In this, the creature mirrors to you, within this wave of consciousness which addresses to this belief system of sexuality presently, the aspect of appearance: how you appear to other individuals.

MARGOT: I see! Isn’t that clever!

ELIAS: And shall this matter? Of course not. It matters not! The creature may be expressing itself in this manner, and it matters not to the creature. It matters not in the assessment of the other creature. They continue to interact the same and they do not place judgments upon themselves or each other regarding their choice of physical expression ... but YOU do!

MARGOT: Oh yes! Thank you, Elias. That was right on target!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!” [session 442, August 08, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Margot’s note: at about this point in this session, as I was listening to Elias, I looked out of a window in my home and noticed that a red sedan, sitting in the driveway of a neighbor’s home, began slowly rising straight up! Not wanting to interrupt Elias by calling to my husband, I continued to listen quietly while the car continued levitating to a point about fifteen or twenty feet above the ground, and then “backing up" across the street as if being pulled by an invisible magnet! The mystery of the levitating red car would not be solved until early in my next session (#461) when I told Elias what I had seen:

MARGOT: (Laughing) Last time, while you were telling me such important things about asthma and I was very intently listening to you, at the same time, I was just kind of idly ... I gazed out of the window, and from where I’m sitting – I’m sitting here again right now – I could see down the street.

All of a sudden, a red car that was in a driveway down next to the street began to levitate! (Elias grins) And as I watched, it slowly went about fifteen or twenty feet up in the air, and then it began to be like pulled backwards, still up in the air! And of course, there wasn’t anything doing this!

I didn’t want to interrupt you because that’s rude, (laughing, and Elias grins) so I didn’t, but I was blown away by the whole thing, and I would like you to tell me, please, what I saw!

ELIAS: You saw what you saw! (Starting to laugh)

MARGOT: What did it mean?

ELIAS: “HA HA HA HA HA! What you have presented yourself with is actual physical imagery that directly is in correlation to what we were discussing within that time framework, for although your attention was held in listening, so to speak, to my interaction with you, I may also express to you that within your desire to be opening your awareness and actualizing into your reality many of these elements that are held within concept within you, you have presented yourself the imagery of the impossible!

Now; we engage discussion of physical affectingnesses that you have created within your focus, and in this, you also hold an underlying aspect of beliefs that suggests to you that although you may be listening to this information and although you may be attempting to be incorporating this information into your reality, the reality of the situation remains that there are certain elements of your physical reality that are impossible to be accomplishing.

Therefore, in this, in a combined cooperative exchange of energy between yourself and myself, what you have allowed yourself to view is the actualization of a physical element within your reality – be remembering that we were discussing physical elements – you have allowed yourself to view a physical element in your reality shift and accomplish an action that YOU believe to be impossible. Therefore, you ARE experiencing astonishment and amazement, for although you believe this occurrence to be impossible, it is actualizing before your very eyes!

This you have offered to yourself, with also an influx of my energy in cooperation with this particular creation, that you may view, regardless of how very impossible any element within your physical reality seems or appears, as I have stated to you, there are no absolutes. Therefore, you may be altering your reality in any direction and you continue to hold choices in every situation, in every creation, in every event that you present yourself with within your physical focus.

In this, you have chosen this type of imagery in its astonishment, that you may offer to yourself the thought process and the realization that if you may view a vehicle levitating at this height away from your physical ground and defying all logic and all of your laws of physical reality, if THIS may be accomplished, the action of affecting your physical creations that you have created within your physical body may also be affected, and you hold the ability to be manipulating your energy to be affecting of these elements. This is the reason that you have presented this imagery to yourself.” [session 461, August 29, 1999]

(2) Paul’s note: Margot owns a small business with her partner-in-time Howard, so Elias refers to her interaction with a customer in that context.

(3) Paul’s note: at the time of this session Margot had recently adopted a new kitten.

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