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time frameworks

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: (Smiling) “You can not separate yourselves from time, for you exist within it. Every element of your existence incorporates time. Your very language incorporates time; origins, beginnings, endings, futures, pasts, presents; they are all words dealing with time. You exist within time. Therefore, you may not divorce yourself from it; but you are approaching your shift. You will experience time differently. You will intersect with other facets. Within this time element, you must understand how to hold your focus of your identity, and interact.

Michael [Mary] is quite right! You are very singularly focused. You do not encounter another focus and simultaneously experience this focus, for your individual neurological pathways may not encompass both, presently. Your identity would be threatened. You are learning how to widen your perception, and in this you learn how to incorporate your other focuses, your wider self. All of your boxes are relative to time, to physical time. I incorporate myself within these examples, for I speak to you now. I am here; although Sophia [Guin] expresses that I am not here! Therefore, I do not exist! Therefore, we are not engaging within this discussion! I shall be popping out now! (Much laughter) I am only playing! (Chuckling)

Also, each frame is individual. They are alternate selves. They are not incorporated in your now, therefore they are alternates. Originally, they were within your now. Notice, even your word originally designates time! I may not speak to you without incorporating time, for you know no other reality.” [session 73, February 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “You are within a time framework. I express to you that within non-physical focus, within many areas of non-physical consciousness, time is irrelevant, but within physical focus it is reality. I have also expressed to you that time itself is a reality within itself. It is a dimension within itself. Therefore, it is real.” [session 163, April 13, 1997]

ELIAS: “Time is an expression of links of consciousness grouped together to be creating of a thickness which facilitates physical creations. Time is the factor that facilitates the creation of your physical dimensions: matter. Without the configuration of time, you also may not be creating of physical expressions, physical matter. But time is merely another expression of consciousness, a configuration of links of consciousness grouped together in a different organization than essence to be creating of an action that shall facilitate physical manifestations. Physical manifestations grouped together with time are the links of consciousness that are creating of certain cooperative organizations with the organizations of time, which create physical manifestations.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Good evening. As we continue our investigation of unofficial information this evening, we shall also incorporate time. This is a great creator of unofficial information. Time, as you know, is a creation of perception, although as with all symbols, it is a thing in itself also. You think of elements as things composed of things. Some things are not composed of tangible things. Time is one of these. It is a dimension within itself. It also creates dimensions. The energy within consciousness that has been designated to create the element of time has become its own thing in itself.

Time factors are relative to physical focuses, as we have expressed previously. We have spoken of many different subject matters which time is influencing of. We have spoken of bleed-throughs within dimensions. Time, in this, is very influential in the creation of these bleed-throughs. Some bleed-throughs are direct results of time interactions. This is also part of unofficial information.

We have spoken of unofficial information that you witness, as in your extraterrestrials and your sightings of these, and your questioning of how this is possible and your questioning of the reality other existences. As I have stated previously, there are many different explanations of circumstances that are related to viewings that you encounter. One explanation also involves your dimension of time.

If you are thinking in terms of things, you may think of time as a thing which disperses itself into many other things, creating many dimensions of itself. Time creates many of the existing dimensions itself. This is different from areas of consciousness, of which we have spoken previously. They are as different rooms within a house; each room symbolizing a different dimension, but the house contains all of the rooms; the house being the element of time.

We have spoken of blinking in and blinking out and intervals of time. We have spoken of the symphony of consciousness, and you as the unexpressed notes. (1) The expressed symphony are the links of consciousness, which are creating of all. They are in all time frames, and everywhere at once. You are singularly focused as the unexpressed notes.

Within the subject of time intervals, we have spoken previously of the rhythm of your particular time creation, your dimension of time; which within your created dimension of reality you also encompass many sub-dimensions, for all of your time periods exist simultaneously, although you view them linearly. So, within one time reality dimension there are many time dimensions that you see as past, future, and present.

All time frameworks are not completely, consistently, immaculately precise within a certain rhythm. As your scientists already are aware, time is flexible. It is elastic. Therefore, the intervals are not spaced evenly. Within all other dimensions, the intervals are not spaced evenly either. Therefore, at ‘times’ (grinning) these intervals intersect. You may have one dimension of time intervals blinking on and off, say as a string of blinking lights which do not blink precisely within an exact rhythm. As you place another string of blinking lights next to this first string, it also blinks not precisely in rhythm. Therefore, eventually some of the lights will blink simultaneously.

In this same manner, you experience bleed-throughs within time frameworks. You experience bleed-throughs within your own reality of other focuses. You may experience déjà vu, of which we have spoken previously. I offer you more understanding now of this experience of déjà vu. I have expressed previously that this is involved with your time element and your perception of time. You hold your attention singularly; but although you project a focus into one singular time framework, you innately know your own multidimensionality. Therefore, you are receptive to recognizing bleed-throughs of unofficial information. You do not always hold an explanation for this information, for you have forgotten intentionally. Therefore, you create new explanations, such as a feeling of déjà vu.

You also experience bleed-throughs of other dimensions. These bleed-throughs, within time frameworks, are not limited to your own reality. Some of your bleed-throughs may be an intersection of an entirely foreign, to your way of thinking, existence that you may witness realistically within your waking objective experience. Individuals view crafts and hold no explanation for their existence, as they also disappear quite quickly. These, at times, also are intersections of time intervals. This is unofficial information.

BOB: ... Okay. Can I ask a separate question? Would you liken time to thought?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking; for thought also is a reality and a thing in itself, although it also is a perception and a symbol. Therefore, yes; in a manner, it would be likened to thought.

BOB: Is thought a force in much the same way time is a force?

ELIAS: I would be defining thought as a motion. (Equation clue!)

BOB: Why???

ELIAS: It is a movement. Other elements within consciousness join with thought to be creating of reality, or of another reality. Time needs not join to be creating of reality, and it may be creating variations of itself.

BOB: On its own???


BOB: I thought time was a creation of us, of essence, that it did not exist separate from us. (Here, Bob is audibly rubbing his face!)

ELIAS: Which it is, but you continue viewing singularly as things. Essence is consciousness.

BOB: Okay. Then time exists apart from consciousness.

ELIAS: Nothing exists apart from consciousness!

BOB: Okay. (Pause) Am I helping you, or are you helping me??? (Much laughter here, with Elias grinning to beat the band!)

DREW: If there was no physical reality, would there be time?

BOB: Too hypothetical.

DREW: Is that kind of what you’re asking, does it exist apart from physical reality?

BOB: No ...

DREW: Oh, it’s not. I’m sorry. Well, can you answer that question? If there was no physical reality, would there be time?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon the agreement and the desire of consciousness to be creating of this element.

DREW: But it’s possible.


DREW: So it’s not dependent on physical reality.

ELIAS: No, although it is directly related to physical reality, for this is the area of consciousness that it is affecting of. Therefore, it is relative to physical focus.

DREW: I’m sorry Bob. I didn’t mean to ...

BOB: No, that was very helpful because I didn’t know how to ask the question! (Elias chuckles) So does time exist in ... I don’t want to say your reality. How do I phrase this? Well, when you’re not here, wherever you are, is there time?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Within the area of consciousness that I occupy, this time period that I engage you does not exist as time. It is not a sequence of moments.

BOB: Okay, but we’ve already accepted that time is not necessarily sequential and that it can be simultaneous, but that it still exists even though it’s not ...

ELIAS: Ah! We have accepted simultaneous time, have we? (Laughter)

BOB: Well, we have!

ELIAS: Ah! We shall be instructive to be offering a trophy to Simon [Bob] for accepting simultaneous time, as the first human to be accepting of this reality! (We all lose it)

BOB: So I suspect the note of sarcasm that I hear would lead me to believe that acceptance in my terms is not quite the same as acceptance in your terms!

ELIAS: Quite! (Much laughter) You have accepted a concept. You have not accepted a reality! (Grinning)

VICKI: Actually, the term ’simultaneous time’ is rather contradictory in itself.

ELIAS: This is quite true, but you deal with a time framework. Shall I express to you, simultaneous nothing? (Laughter) You would not understand. Therefore, I express to you terms that you do understand. You involve yourselves within a reality that is within a time framework. All of your reality is intimately involved with time. There is no aspect of your reality that is not affected by time. Therefore, we deal with time within our discussions and our explanations; although I play with your terminology, as ‘before the beginning.’” (Grinning) [session 152, February 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “This evening we shall be discussing counterparts once again, and we shall be integrating time.

Many of you have become confused with our discussions of alternate selves and probable selves and realities and other focuses, and how they are all affecting of you continuously and how you are affecting of all of them continuously. As I have presented to you previously, I anticipated that you would become confused and that this may lead to a devaluation of self, for you feel you are influenced by so many elements that you may not hold complete control of your focus. This is incorrect, as I have stated to you previously. You do make all of your choices and you do create all of your own individual probabilities. You are also influenced by other aspects within consciousness continuously.

Now; another element which is involved within this situation is your time framework. All physical manifestations hold a time framework. Not all time frameworks are the same, but they all hold a time framework. There are also areas of non-physical focus which incorporate time frameworks which are different from your understanding of time as you recognize it, but they incorporate some sort of time element.

In this, I have spent much time with you leading you away from singular thinking. This is my greatest task with you, for this is an automatic creation of yours. It is part of your physical focus to be thinking singularly. Therefore, each subject which is presented to you, you view within the context of singularity. You are presented with the concept of counterparts, and you automatically think that all of the action of counterparts is occurring as you create for yourself.

You are within a time framework. I express to you that within non-physical focus, within many areas of non-physical consciousness, time is irrelevant, but within physical focus it is reality. I have also expressed to you that time itself is a reality within itself. It is a dimension within itself. Therefore, it is real.

You function within the reality of a specific time framework. In this, your counterpart action does not necessarily always occur within what you view to be your present now. You may be creating, and as I express to you that all probabilities are actualized, they may not be actualized within your present now time framework. You look to actions and hold expectations for results within present now time frameworks. This does not always occur. In like manner, counterparts within other time frameworks are influencing of you. Not all that you experience is a result of present now activity, to your way of thinking. This may occur in actuality, for all time is simultaneous. Therefore, any time framework may bleed through into your time reality. You may experience affectingness of other time frames.

Each choice that you actualize within probabilities does not automatically create all other probabilities, within the confines of what you may singularly imagine. The energy expressed may be directed within counterparts within other time frameworks, and in this you may not objectively hold knowledge of the actualization of all of your probabilities which are actualized beyond what you individually have chosen. Also, be remembering once again as this is review also, your probabilities do not lie before you. They are as you create them. There is no vast universe of probabilities waiting for you to pick from! There are countless, infinite probabilities to be actualized as you create them, and as all of your aspects create them.” [session 163, April 13, 1997]

NORM: “... is blinking a necessary attribute in the concept or the reality of simultaneous time?

ELIAS: Blinking in and out is. It is an occurrence. It is a function of consciousness.

NORM: Which everything is consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct. It is a function of consciousness which is not necessarily connected with time frameworks.

NORM: Within one reality time framework. But within all of reality, all of the realities, it is.

ELIAS: Within consciousness, there is no time framework. Within physical manifestations, within the design of physical focuses, there is a creation of time frameworks. Blinking is independent of time frameworks.

NORM: I had the idea that it allowed multiple realities.

ELIAS: It is a viewing of multidimensionality. It is a function of consciousness.

DREW: So if blinking happens outside of time, then consciousness is both blinked on and off at once?

ELIAS: Correct. You shall not be understanding of this concept, for you are within a time framework. Your physical expression is geared to a time framework. You may, as we have discussed this evening, alter your perception of time. You may allow yourself the creation of different perceptions of time and different time experiences, but you shall not experience ‘no-time’ within physical focus.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

ELIAS: “… I have been stating to you all recently, which you have not quite understood yet, you are very locked into your time framework. Therefore, you associate your objective imagery with the assumption that it is mirroring subjective movement within the same time element, which is not necessarily the case. You may be displaying objective imagery of future or past subjective movement. You may intersperse this with mirroring action of both present, but it is not constant; just as your dream imagery moves out of sequence within time frameworks.

You are always mirroring back and forth with objective and subjective activity. You are not always reflecting this mirror image within the same time framework continuously. You express enough interspersed objective imagery of the present now, which is mirroring subjective movement within the present now, to create what I may express as an illusion of a continuous flow of one time framework; but in reality, the time framework is not limited to what you objectively view as this present now, for within subjective movement all is this present now. Therefore, it does not distinguish between past and future and your objective present now. It intermingles as the subject matter dictates.” [session 169, April 28, 1997]

ELIAS: “Within other realms or areas of consciousness, as you are aware, the time framework may be different. Each objective physical reality incorporates its own interpretation and manifestation of time frameworks, this being merely one. Therefore, you may also hold connections with all of these individuals within other-dimensional focuses and other time frameworks. In actuality, there is no time framework; for although it has been stated and it is an inconsistency, I shall repeat for your understanding that all time is simultaneous ... although you may not incorporate time if it is simultaneous! (Grinning) Within this, you offer yourselves much information presently to be connecting with each other and sharing your experiences, of not only this focus and your objectives within this focus, but many others also.

You are all, as I have stated many times, multidimensional. You ARE this. Therefore, you are within all areas of consciousness, and may be within all areas of dimensional focuses, although not necessarily. Some essences are ‘choosy,’ (laughter) and may be choosing to be selective of their manifestations within different dimensions, choosing few. Some may be more adventurous, in your terms, and be experiencing many different dimensions. Many of you presently may be fitting yourselves into this category of experiencing many different dimensions within many physical manifestations, many which appear to you as incomprehensible.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

BOB: “Elias, I have a question. Last November, I had an unusual experience involving time. I don’t know if you need more of an explanation from me, or whether you can....

ELIAS: You may be experiencing more of these types of experiences, for within this subjective bleed-through action which is occurring, you also automatically are allowing for the exercising of those inner senses which you are not objectively familiar with. In this, in exercising this inner sense of differential time, you may experience alterations within time frameworks. This shall become more objectively common within your future events within this shift.

As I have expressed, the time framework that you recognize is reality, but it is reality within this particular dimension and physical expression. Therefore, there are many different expressions of time frameworks. In this, you may allow yourself to be experiencing of this reality. You may be tapping into alternate realities within different dimensions which suggest different time frameworks.

I have expressed to all of you the ludicrous term of simultaneous time, but to your understanding, this is sufficient. Non-physically, there is no recognition of time frameworks. This is not to say that the element of time is not an independent reality of itself, for within consciousness it has been created as a choice within the links of consciousness. In this, there is a reality of time, but not within the confines of a framework. Therefore, there is an allowance of a rearrangement of energy to be accommodating whatever you are choosing to be objectifying into a framework of time.

In this, you hold the ability within your inner senses to be experiencing many different aspects of time elements. You may find yourself experiencing much activity that objectively and logically you view requires several minutes. Within your experience, you may view the passage of time to be a single second, which shall appear to you to be impossible. This is a recognition, within inner senses being allowed to subjectively bleed through information to your objective awareness, that the time element within consciousness exists as a reality, but it holds a flexibility that may be bended into many different types of manifestations, and they are not limited to each dimension. They may be accessed within each dimension, therefore incorporating different time experiences within your dimension. This does not fit into your officially accepted reality. Therefore, this confuses you; but in actuality, this is no less reality than that which you accept officially as your time framework within this dimension.

Therefore, I express to you that you have offered yourself the opportunity to be objectively recognizing of this ability to exercise inner senses and be altering of your reality. You may all accomplish this at will. It is only your own belief systems that limit you in your objectification; for within all of reality, not only limited to this particular reality, you hold unlimited abilities. You need only be allowing yourselves the opportunity to actualize this presently; this being also another action connected with the event of your shift within consciousness, as you allow yourself this information to be presented objectively; for within time periods futurely, you shall be objectifying different time frameworks as you wish, for that experience.

BOB: At the time of this event, I experienced some changes in my physical self. Was that related to this experience directly, or was it separate?

ELIAS: No. This also is related, for you objectify your form and your awareness of your attention within your accepted time framework. Therefore, if you are altering of your perception of your time framework, you also are altering your own construction to be in alignment with the alteration of the time framework.

Example: If you are accessing a time framework which holds an accelerated element to your perception, and in this framework to your knowledge you would be accessing the passage of time to be much increased from your own, in compliance with the acceleration of the time framework you also must be objectively adjusting your awareness, your attention, your actual physical structure, to acclimate to this other time framework. If you are accessing a framework which moves tremendously more slowly, your physical form shall not function properly within that framework. Therefore, you instantaneously adjust to be fitting the experience which you have allowed to bleed through objectively.” [session 186, June 22, 1997]

DEBI: “So the fact that you feel just as good with four hours sleep as you do with eight hours sleep happens to have some basis!

ELIAS: Quite. We have discussed this situation also, this being a belief system once again! Your physical form does not require sleep. You require interaction with essence subjectively. Therefore, you create your dream state. You use a time framework to be in communication with essence, but this does not require eight or seven or six hours to be accomplishing! You merely believe that your physical form is requiring of these extended time periods for sleep state, for regeneration. Your physical form needs no sleep state at all for regeneration. You need communication time framework, which you accomplish within your sleep state. It is merely unnecessary to be engaging so very much time framework within this sleep state!” [session 194, July 17, 1997]

BOB#2: “I have a question, Elias. Last September, I was in Denver at the Rocky Mountain Seth Conference. I had a reading from a young lady there that told me, and it was quite surprising actually, that she saw an inordinately high amount of anger in me. That’s the first time that anybody that has done a reading for me had said that, and the reason it was so surprising was because she was pretty adamant about it. As a youngster I certainly did, but I thought I had put that to rest. I’m just wondering if there’s still a lot of unusual anger I haven’t dealt with, or any comments you might want to make.

ELIAS: Let this once again serve as an example to you all; that as you engage activities in this area with physically-focused individuals that connect psychically, misinterpretations may occur, for they are viewing the first layer of consciousness connected with you. They also may be confusing at times of time frameworks; for in connecting to events in probabilities within consciousness, accessing information, it is accessed quite similarly to your dream state, which time frameworks fluctuate within. They are not sequential. Therefore, individuals may misinterpret some information that they connect with objectively and offer this information to you, for their feeling may be quite strong in connecting with the information, but they may also be misinterpreting time frameworks. Therefore, this individual held a recognition of an element of your experience, but misinterpreted the information in time frameworks, viewing also that you are simultaneously all of your aspects and all of your ages presently. Therefore, you may hold an understanding in how an individual may confuse information. They may be tapping into an aspect of you which is present but is also to you past or future, for all of the aspects of your focus are in consciousness simultaneous. Therefore, the recognition is correct, but the objective time framework is not.” [session 196, July 20, 1997]

ELIAS: “Within the expression of a coma, the individual experiences a time framework of sorts, although it is quite different from your objective experience within time; this being an accelerated time framework within their perception. It is a time period of choosing, as I have expressed previously. They choose this action in not quite connecting with which probability they wish to actualize; moving into non-physical areas, or continuing within physical focus.

Within the action of ‘unconscious,’ as you term this to be, it is different, for the individual removes most of their subjective consciousness from the body consciousness temporarily in response to trauma. This is an automatic response for different reasons, depending upon the type of trauma being experienced. It is a removal of the subjective interaction for a temporary time framework.

In this, the individual, the personality, subjectively experiences ‘no-time’; this being different from the state of coma which does incorporate a time element, although it is different from your waking awareness of your time framework. An individual within the state of being unconscious due to trauma experiences no time framework. They are experiencing what we term to be simultaneous time. Therefore, it is unknown to them objectively that any time passes physically. You within your perception may view this individual and they may incorporate one minute or several hours of being within this state. To them, they experience no time framework at all. Therefore, it is the same to them as you blinking your eyes. They are unaware, for they have disconnected with objective awareness. Therefore, they experience no time passing, and the objective awareness is disengaged temporarily.

As I have expressed to you, this would be a temporary situation, in like manner to the energy exchange that you view with this essence and Michael [Mary]; for you may not be removing the subjective aspect of consciousness, within your time framework of your reality, from the body consciousness for extended periods of your physical time, for your physical body and its consciousness works together with subjective direction. Therefore, it holds no direction if the subjective consciousness is removed for too long.

This would be an actual action within your physical time framework; that you may express to yourself that if you are removing the subjective consciousness from the body consciousness uninterrupted for a time period of more than ten of your physical hours, the body shall respond in disengaging. There must be interaction within the body consciousness of the subjective interaction.

Within a coma, the individual holds a continued aspect of subjective consciousness in communication with the body consciousness. Within the action of unconscious, it is the same as this energy exchange, although they are not exchanging with another energy. They are merely removing completely the subjective interaction; this being as if the individual experiencing trauma steps back and allows themselves to take a breath, and then returns to continue.” [session 206, August 14, 1997]

ELIAS: “The subject of dimensions within this dimension is difficult to be presenting objectively within your understanding. I may offer a very simplified example to you.

You exist here within physical focus, within what you recognize objectively. This is your dimension. You manifest within this dimension of physical focus, but within this dimension of physical focus there are many other dimensions of time fragments, for all of the time frameworks are simultaneous in actuality, but you separate them into different dimensions of time. Therefore, in engaging another focus within your new game (2) or within a meditation or within a waking state, in actuality what you are accomplishing is stepping through a dimension of time framework and allowing yourself to move into a different dimension of time framework.

There are many different time framework dimensions within this dimension. The whole of this dimension is the type of physical focus that you have chosen to be creating. The focuses of this dimension occupy countless dimensions, or even within one focus there are countless dimensions to be accessed, for each moment creates its own dimension and continues. Therefore, you may access and meet you, occupying the dimension of age ten. You may intersect with you and interact with you at age eighteen, for these continue simultaneously, but not within your objective awareness, for they move into another dimension within this dimension!” [session 218, September 15, 1997]

MARGOT: “The other night, not very long ago, I had a dream that was very interesting because I felt I was looking at two time frameworks, perhaps. I’m kind of confused about it. I was back in my home before I left church and husband and everything, and the children that I had were about the ages they were when I left, and they were there. I was pregnant and I was very excited about it. I was just so pleased! I was trying to think of a name for this child that would go with the last name – which was not the actual last name – and I kind of decided I wanted to call this boy ... it was going to be a boy ... I was going to call him Ben, and then it occurred to me that somebody else in the family had the name Ben. I looked in the mirror at that point in the dream. I don’t know why, but I was looking in the mirror at myself, and I was not at all myself. I was very, very tall; striking. I had some other kind of a hairstyle, very short. I was very thin. I woke up at that point.

In thinking about that dream, it seemed like it was a situation that I had decided to leave in 1976, and it also seems ... because to me a child in a dream, pregnancy in a dream, a birth, has always meant a new idea, a new concept, a new way of doing things, things like that. And so it seemed to me that at that point in 1976 I was doing that, and that would have been symbology for that. And yet in a way, that’s what I’m doing now, or have been doing now, is finding a new concept that I really like. So I felt there was an overlay there. Can you help me with that one?

ELIAS: You have offered yourself imagery to be allowing yourself a viewing, in helpfulness, of simultaneous time and its reality. You have also offered yourself imagery to be suggesting to you an emergence; an emergence that within simultaneous time occurs within what you view to be past, and also is simultaneously occurring presently ... in slightly different areas objectively, but within the same direction and within the emergence of your realization of your intent within this focus. It is an allowance for yourself to be understanding more of your own reality.

This is also imaged to yourself in consistent manner with transition, allowing yourself to move freely throughout different time frameworks of your focus and preparing you for the objective experience within this same manner, that you may be entering into areas objectively within your waking state of examining and viewing different time elements within this focus as reality; within one moment occupying a different time framework, a past time framework, and viewing this to be present reality temporarily, and knowing that you continue to hold to your present reality and sanity, (grinning, and laughter) but may objectively enter into spontaneous action of being within a different time framework.” [session 241, November 22, 1997]

FORREST: “Do you account for the difference in phase within the time framework between the objective communication here in this forum and its dissimilation itself in waves into this objective reality?

ELIAS: Absolutely. Within the area of consciousness that I am focused, there is no linear time framework. Therefore, all is present. In this, in YOUR objective awareness within a linear time framework, the framework may appear to span what you term as a day, a week, a month, or more. The accessing of my attention to certain waves which occur within your reality is dependent upon the intensity of the wave, not the time framework which correlates to your time framework. As your time framework is involved in the different waves of energy which create thought processes and questionings and investigations within you, that energy is translated into the area of consciousness which I occupy as different intensities in vibration.

Therefore, within what you may consider one moment – although they are all one moment – one spark is brighter than another spark. One intensity of vibration is stronger than another. One rises, one recedes. All of the information is contained in this vibration of energy, which may be easily accessed and then addressed to. The translation occurs through many layers of consciousness and is objectively presented to you within this dimension within the precise time framework of its occurrence in your perceived time element. I address to the intensity.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

ELIAS: “Time is quite flexible. Time within your physical dimension, although being an element within itself, is also an element of perception. Therefore, in its bendability, time may be manipulated objectively and subjectively within your physical dimension, for it is relative to your perception. In this, he may be practicing also with his manipulation of perception in the area of time, and may allow himself to learn to be bending of time more quickly, more slowly. He may even accomplish what you view to be ‘stopping time’ temporarily.

It is merely a question of trusting in self and your abilities, acknowledging your abilities, recognizing the reality beyond the belief systems that the element of time is greatly influenced by your individual perceptions, and that in trusting of self and allowing a playfulness and a relaxation of perception, the individual may be manipulating the element of actual time within this physical dimension in the same manner that you may manipulate dream imagery.

He may also be connecting with dream imagery and viewing the flexibility of time within the dream state, and allow himself to be translating this into waking state. It is equally accomplishable within waking state to be manipulating of time frameworks as it is within dream state. You merely allow yourself a relaxation of perception and do not hold so very strongly to your belief systems which are officially accepted.

You officially accept the belief system that time is stable and unchangeable. It moves in linear fashion. This is a perception influenced by a belief system, which is the reason that you allow yourself much more freedom within dream state, for your belief systems are relaxed. In this, you allow yourself less of linear movement within time frameworks in dream state. You may move forward, you may move backward, you may move sideways in time within your dream state. You do not allow yourself that flexibility within your waking objective state, for you adhere very strongly to your officially accepted belief systems.” [session 271, April 02, 1998]

ELIAS: “In engaging out-of-body experiences, you also may manipulate THROUGH space and THROUGH the thickness of your time framework. You allow yourselves a window to move through time frameworks. You are not bound to this one particular time element. Therefore, you loose the hold of your belief systems and your perception of linear time. This allows you more of a mobility within consciousness, and it allows you an objective awareness of your mobility and your creativity. Therefore, it is not merely a fun activity – although it may be considered fun – but it is also useful to you within your movement in this dimension in accessing information more efficiently and allowing yourselves more of a mobility.

Therefore, I offer to you this exercise.” (3) [session 291, June 26, 1998]

TOM: “I had another question about the energy we use automatically, electromagnetic energy. And Sena [Melinda] added, ‘What factors create critical mass so that something manifests through this electromagnetic energy?’ This is perhaps a Tumold question, feeling the energy but wondering about the factors.

ELIAS: Ah! These are interesting areas! What is the element or the factor that is creating of that which you term to be critical mass, or what I may term to be objective manifestation in mass, within physical focus? This is more complicated than your sciences understand, for the main factor which is creating of your physical mass within physical focus is time.

TOM: Time?

ELIAS: Yes. Time is a thing within itself; a priori. Time, although relative to physical focuses, is an element within itself. It holds its own reality. It holds its own qualities. And although there are different expressions of perceptions of time within different physical dimensions, this is merely a manipulation of your creations within any specific given physical dimension.

(Intently) Time is the deciding factor which is instrumental in the creation of ANY physical object or mass into physical manifestation. The electromagnetic forces, fields, and energy, as you classify them to be, are your creations of the expression of energy, which is links of consciousness that you insert into your physical dimension, and combining this energy, these links of consciousness, with the element of time, you create physical mass.

Time provides a thickness. Let me express an analogy to you. This shall be a hypothetical visualization that may be explaining this situation to you more easily.

View to yourself a type of mold. This mold, let us express, holds the shape of a bowl. You, in like manner to a potter, create a cast of this mold. You pour upon this a substance that shall harden and shall reproduce another form in like manner to the mold. You have cast the form and created a duplicate within physical focus. The material that you use to cast this form is liquid, therefore holds less density than that of the mold itself, but as it is exposed to certain elements, it becomes hardened and therefore is cast into the shape of the mold.

Now; view that you hold a thought. This is an invisible mold. The thought is inserted into a physical dimension. The thought is energy. This energy does not hold a specific physical form, but you may view hypothetically that it holds an invisible form, for it holds the invisible form of that which you choose or desire to be creating within physical mass. In this, you insert this invisible form – this thought, this energy – into the element of time. The element of time serves the same type of purpose as the liquid which is poured upon the physical mold, and is then cast into the form to reproduce the mold.

In this like manner, figuratively speaking, you may view time as a thick substance that surrounds the energy of the thought, and as this thickness is cast around the energy of the thought, it moves through its time element – different aspects of the time element – and this casts the form into a physical manifestation. This is the manner in which you produce all physical manifestations within matter.

TOM: Okay. So if I take this a step further, to such as projection of a physical body into a solid form, would that be moving into simultaneous time to manifest that? Another body in another location?

ELIAS: All is created within simultaneous time, so to speak. But within physical dimensions, they are projected into a time element, a time thickness, a time framework; for your physical dimension moves within the creation of linear time.

Therefore, you may instantaneously be creating a projection of another physical form within your physical dimension, but it is in actuality moving through the layers of thickness within time to be creating of the physical form. It merely occurs so very quickly that you do not objectively perceive the action which is occurring within your linear time framework.” [session 297, July 14, 1998]

TOM: “In connecting – this is a question for my mom – with our larger or complete self, the avenues being raised create a reality that more constitutes less mass belief system involvement?

ELIAS: Let me remind you that you shall always be creating with the element of belief systems, but you may be creating in what we term to be movement outside of mass belief systems as you address to the aspects of these belief systems that you individually hold and neutralize those particular aspects. Therefore, they subsequently shall not be influencing of you any longer. In this, I express yes, it shall be efficient in your addressment to your own belief systems to be moving outside of the direction of mass belief systems and not allowing yourself the influence and affectingness of mass belief systems.

TOM: Then one of the elements that you change by doing that is time?

ELIAS: In widening your awareness and in recognizing that time is a relative creation and expression and is not absolute and is bendable and flexible, yes, you may be creating a wider perception in your understanding of the element of time and how it interplays, so to speak, with your creations within your belief systems, remembering that time, although being a mass expression, is also highly individualized in the same manner as perception. Therefore, in this you have presented a very good question, for in looking to the element of your creation of time within this dimension, you may equate it very similarly to perception.

Now; en masse you hold perceptions that you also hold individually, but you may alter your individual perception, and this may be influencing in the mass perception also. En masse you may create through the thickness of time certain elements of matter. You have created an accepted perception of time collectively, and in that, you also create a collective perception of certain elements within your reality. But you may also recognize that although you create a mass perception, you also create individual perception, and the individual perception may be different from the mass perception, and as you alter your individual perception, it shall also move you outside of the participation within the mass perception.” [session 375, March 20, 1999]

TOM: “I have some [questions] I was going to ask you too. I guess more always come up as I’m speaking to you. One was about Regional Areas 3 and 4. Within these areas, my impression is that you can manifest physical type projections, but they don’t seem as solid, so to speak. Is this because of multiple attention areas, or is this a different action?

ELIAS: Within Regional Area 3, you are correct; you may be creating of a type of physical projection. You are also correct that it shall not appear quite as solid. It may at times hold a quality that appears solid, much in the manner that you may be creating within your technology presently and futurely of your holograms. These are also projections, and not necessarily an actual solid form.

You may be creating of these similar types of projections within Regional Area 3. The reason that they are not solid in the manner that you perceive solidity within Regional Area 1 – in your physical focus – is that you are not incorporating physical time.

The solidity of what you term to be matter within your physical dimension is a quality that is incorporated directly being influenced and affected by your creation of physical time. This creates a thickness, so to speak, within your physical dimension, which allows you to manipulate energy in a certain manner, which shall create physical solid objects.

Within Regional Area 3, you may be creating a type of time element, but it is different from the creation of time within this physical dimension. In a manner of speaking, the insertion of time into Regional Area 3 may be likened to an illusion. It is also merely a projection in like manner to a hologram, but is not in actuality a creation of a time framework.

Regional Area 3 does not incorporate a time framework. Therefore, you experience within simultaneous time. In this, you may choose temporarily to be projecting a creation of time, but this is merely a temporary situation. It is an insertion into the natural state of Regional Area 3, very similar to what you view within your physical focus as a motion picture. The motion picture is not your actual interaction within your focus. It is a simulation of your physical focus. In like manner, the insertion of a time framework into Regional Area 3 – to be providing an element of solidity or creating scenery or objects – is a type of simulation of objective imagery.” [session 379, March 28, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias discusses the metaphor of the notes not played symphony of consciousness in session 126, September 29, 1996.

Transcripts: find out more about the “notes not played” metaphor.

(2) Vic’s note: the new game is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

Digests: find out more about the new game (TFEs).

(3) Paul’s note: rather than include the entire exercise I’ve included a link to it below.

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