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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “This shall present itself as interest[ing] to other individuals also that hold fascination in the area of what you term to be in this dimension as extraterrestrials. They are merely EXTRAterrestrials, for you view yourselves to be terrestrial! (Grinning) But within your ‘terrestrialness,’ your extraterrestrials appear quite differently from yourselves. Their form is much removed, and as I have stated, they are not ‘little gray squashy guys!’ (Laughter) You merely image them in this manner, that you may present a familiar appearance to yourself. These are aspects of YOU. These are not other beings upon other planets in other universes. They are other you’s!” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “Now; let me express to you that this particular manifestation of what you term to be extraterrestrials is not in actuality an actual dimensional focus. It is a translation.

“In this, you are connecting with another focus interdimensionally, but what is appearing to you is a manifestation that you may identify with, for this particular dimension that many of you connect with in this physical focus does not hold any familiarity to you in form. Therefore, you assign a form commonly to this particular entity, so to speak.” [session 382, April 12, 1999]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Your scientists find little evidence of existence of man, throughout your known world, beyond certain time periods. You have existed upon your planet many times. As we have spoken of blinking in and out of physical focus, as you do continuously within your lifetime, your species has also blinked in and out of existence upon this planet. This planet of yours has been in existence for a much greater time period than your scientists realize, for it does not incorporate time either. It is a manifestation, physically, of consciousness, to accommodate your physical existence.

This will also account for your myths of other life visiting your planet, interacting with human beings. Other life, as you interpret it as aliens, has not visited your planet, and interacted with you as human beings, within entire cultures; although you have had interaction. Your pyramids were not built by aliens. Other wonders of your planet were not accomplished by extraterrestrial life forms. They are incorporated into your existence by you.

VICKI: ... I have a question. I don’t understand about the alien thing. I want to understand what you were explaining earlier.

ELIAS: Are you wishing information of true extraterrestrials, or are you wishing of information of what you believe to be these?

VICKI: I’m wishing of what people believe to be these.

ELIAS: Many time periods within your history have been connected to visitations by other beings, viewing man as not possessing the capability of accomplishing the things that he has accomplished, and within certain elements, physically focused man was not completely capable of accomplishing some of these feats; but, with helpfulness of Seers, there was the accomplishments.

These individuals, these Dream Walkers who overlapped with different cultures, did not always appear physically, but were interacting with the physically focused individuals and providing information and inspiration. There were also times when these Seers were manifest, partially. In this, as I have stated, they would not be viewed in the same manner as you view each other, for they did not actually possess a physical body. Therefore, in appearing to those physically manifest who have forgotten, they would appear to be other beings; sometimes being interpreted as gods or heavenly beings, sometimes being viewed as beings from other planets.

Within this, you also must incorporate a method that they have appeared. This was not a problem if you were viewing them to be gods or heavenly beings, for in these situations it was quite possible, within your perception, that they may just appear; but in those instances where some were questioned as to whether they be gods, they would be expressing negative. Therefore, the individuals physically manifest, as do you now, looked to their stars and developed their myths of other beings coexisting within their universe, more intelligent and more advanced them themselves, who would be visiting them and interacting in a helpful manner. In actuality, no spaceships were ever viewed. These were an invention of imagination of those individuals physically manifest. They were an explanation of transportation, of how these beings appeared to them.

This is not to say that you do not encounter unidentified objects. This is not to say that you do not encounter other beings, for you do periodically; not en masse. You do. Individually and periodically, you do view other crafts. These crafts, as I have stated previously, do not fly here. They do not travel across your universe and appear within your sky. They materialize as a ‘bleed-through’ periodically, within your dimension. Your ability to view them is a direct resulting of your widening in consciousness.

I will also express to you that other dimensions cross into this dimension and do view this planet, but not as you view it. Just as you may send your satellites to other planets and view only barrenness, and then deposit your debris of your satellites upon those planets, so also do other focuses deposit their debris upon your barren planet, which to them is also lifeless; for they perceive not your manifestation, for their focus is within another dimension; this being why you may view actual elements of a craft, which you explain to be crashed. These are not necessarily aliens crashing upon your planet. They are, many times, other dimensional beings exploring their universe and discarding their debris, in the same manner as do you also.

There are instances of some infrequent dimensional focuses that do incorporate travel, through space. These are very infrequently encountered; for this, at this point, is quite difficult, to be moving through many dimensions, and intersecting and making contact, so to speak. You view other beings as more intelligent, or more advanced. What you do not realize is that the universe, or the universes, are all the same age, so to speak, within your terms; and although some incorporate a slight advancement to yourselves, most are quite ‘on a par,’ and have not figured out how to be moving through space any better than have you. They are still traveling around space, as are you.

VICKI: Well, what’s the recurring abduction scenario all about?

ELIAS: I have spoken of this previously. This is directly influenced by your belief systems. I have expressed to you that your consciousness, within this age as you are moving toward your shift, is widening to incorporate other elements of your essence. Therefore, when individuals are experiencing these types of encounters, they are not experiencing an encounter with ‘another being.’ They are experiencing an encounter with an alien, which is another facet of their essence, but it is their own essence speaking to them; this bringing us back to your ‘little gray squashy guys!’” [session 72, February 18, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you that aliens do not occupy the same dimensional space as you do. John was inquiring of this issue. Within his question, he was asking if other beings [from other dimensions or planetary persuasions] existed here upon this planet with you simultaneously, unviewed by you. I expressed that they did not.

I will express to you, other consciousness does exist alongside of you, simultaneous to you, within your same space and dimension. These are not aliens from other planetary systems! They are what you might affectionately term your ‘cousins.’ They exist with you here. You do not understand their function or their consciousness, therefore you attach belief systems to them, for explanation to yourselves.

You may view, within your skies or air, what some individuals term to be crafts. Others term them to be organisms, as ‘immense protozoa’ in the air, strange shapes that you attach an identification to of a cigar flying through your air! You may also encounter physical pictures of these crafts or beings, which you cannot decide which to attach to these things, but these are other forms of consciousness. Now; there are many forms of consciousness that you do not recognize, that you may express to be aliens or unidentified objects. You do not always even know which they are; whether they possess consciousness or whether they are constructed of technology. [Your ideas are incorrect] in thinking that your objects are objects, when in actuality, they are beings, so to speak. They are only very unfamiliar to you, and you cannot ‘catch’ them, and be dissecting and evaluating them. Therefore, you may only speculate as to what they are.

You have encountered beings throughout the entirety of the planet, as also all other planets encounter. (To Vicki, grinning) Many, many, very many of these other form of consciousness are your Seers! They choose, within different ‘time’ periods, to manifest differently; this being in accordance with your belief systems, and also to be invoking of your curiosity, for if you were not curious, you would pay no attention! They are choosing to gain your attention. Therefore, they choose forms that will strike your curiosity. They, at different times, also have offered explanations in encounters, when encounters occur, which is rare, within accordance of the belief systems of the ‘time.’ Therefore, you may find a time period where other beings, or what you view to be other beings, may be viewed and allow themselves to be viewed as heavenly beings, angels; or mythical beings, fairies; or extraterrestrial beings, aliens.

I also will express to you that certain alien encounters are, as I have said many times, directly related to your own essence and your own consciousness, for your own noticing and attention. Now we will direct to, (very sarcastically) ‘But Elias, how may all of these individuals, throughout the world, view the same little gray squashy guys?’ (Grinning at Vicki) We have spoken of levels of your dream state. I have expressed to you that your consciousness encounters many levels of understanding. There are many aspects of your consciousness that are connected with all other physically focused essences.

I am not attaching this to Regional Area 2, for within Regional Area 2, just as within your dreams, there are many levels or areas; your language is very limited; in which connections take different paths. It is not quite so ‘cut and dried,’ so to speak, as you view this to be. Just as your dreams may be interpreted in many different ways and all be correct, they may seem to be contradicting. They are not. They are connecting within many areas of consciousness, and directing the information quite efficiently within one symbolization, which may depict all of the interactions. Therefore, you may all view ‘little gray squashy guys’ identically, looking the same, with no interaction with others and all incorporating the same experience.

Now I will express, much to Lawrence [Vicki] and Michael’s [Mary’s] embarrassment, this should not be so difficult for you to be understanding, as you have given yourselves a very physically focused example of how you may be connecting identically, within physical focus, within elements that you may view and experience, within the same time frame and within the same expression, with no knowledge of each other. Correct? (Looking at Vicki)

VICKI: Correct.

ELIAS: But this would not be possible across the world with many individuals! Very incorrect! (Very firmly) Any expression that any two may commonly experience identically within the same time element may be experienced by millions!!! (Emphatic pause, grinning at Vicki) You have answered your own question!

As to fascinations of individuals who do not encounter these extraterrestrials, I will explain that within the focus of the Seers, very much so, there is an identification. You may manifest this in different ways. One may express a fascination with aliens, another may express with leprechauns, another may express with collecting things. All are connecting within the same area of consciousness. Their expression is individual. (Pause, staring at Vicki)

VICKI: Can I ask one question?

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning)

VICKI: So, would it be correct then to say that this particular phenomenon is not associated very frequently at all with other groups of essences, similar to the Seers, within other essence families?

ELIAS: You are wishing to know if other essence families encounter aliens?

VICKI: No. I am wishing to know if other groups, parallel to the Seers, interact within physical focus in the same way, or are viewed in the same way.

ELIAS: (Accessing) It is dependent upon their particular expression, and their time element also. The Seers, being manifest partially for great amounts of time elements, and incorporating the intent of teaching, have chosen to be crossing over time elements. Some essence families do incorporate this type of phenomenon, as an expression of connection. The Sumari also speaks to itself, within guidelines, in this way. As to whether they cross over, yes. The Sumafi is not only speaking to Sumafi. It speaks to all, as do all of these other essence families. Therefore, there is a continual crossing over of experiences and connections. (Pause, staring at Vicki again) You will be clearer later. (Laughing) Or, maybe not, for I may confuse you more! (Laughing again)

There are many aspects of your time elements that are quite confusing to you, but your dream state may be quite instructional to you if you are focusing upon connecting with your dreams. Be remembering also, that there is continuous interaction between your dream state and your waking state, and not only for you individually; for your dream state, at other levels, so to speak, incorporates other individuals also; and although you may not view yourselves to be interacting personally, with certain other individuals or groups of individuals within consciousness, you are, continually. Therefore, this is reflected within your dream state.

Some of your dream elements also are ‘news broadcasts.’ You do not incorporate this quite as often now, within this century of yours, as you have within your past history, for it is not quite as necessary now, for you incorporate a mirror image of your dreams within your communication systems; your satellites, your news programs; but within your dream state, within consciousness, you continue, to an extent, to allow yourself news flashes that would not be incorporated within your broadcasts physically.

Updates on consciousness! Flash! Shift approaching! Film at one AM.! Connecting with other developmental focuses! More on this at three AM.! Connection with other individual on opposite side of planet! News flash at two-thirty AM.! Gang violence erupting! More on this later! (Grinning widely) You are continually updating yourself and connecting within consciousness, not only with yourself and those around you, but with your entire species within this focus.” [session 74, February 25, 1996]

ELIAS: “Some individuals within this dimension hold memory within cells, which also speak to the individual objectively within their consciousness of other dimensions. It is not entirely what you would perceive to be as common, but there are individuals that have chosen to be fragmenting within essence and crossing over dimensional boundaries, so to speak, entering into different cycles of physical manifestation. This is confusing, I am aware, but it shall serve our purposes for explanation. This works in what you may view to be the opposite direction of your common present-day folklore involving your extraterrestrials. They do not carry off your DNA or your genealogy; but you, if fragmented within this focus from another dimension, may introduce new information and memory of other dimensional focuses. This is not an alteration of your genetic encoding. It is cellular memory which is held within physical manifestation. This may at times be misinterpreted by some individuals as being likened to a transplantation. There have also been many new myths created around the information which bleeds through within memory from these individuals.

Once choosing to be entering into this particular physical focus, this dimensional focus, the focus of the essence chooses to be complying with the accepted physical production and manifestation of form and function within this dimension. Therefore, you may not encounter aliens walking about you. You may also, as we have stated previously, not encounter what within your present new folklore is deemed as walk-ins (1), for there are no walk-ins; but you may encounter individuals that hold memory of other dimensional focuses which are also physically manifest. Their DNA, their genetic coding, their physical manifestation is in alignment with this dimension. Their memory within their manifestation is different.

Not all individuals allow a bleed-through into objective awareness of this memory. Individuals may hold cellular memory in this fashion and they may also be choosing upon manifestation to not be acknowledging of this memory, just as you are choosing within each focus physically manifest to be forgetful of essence for the purity of the experience within the physical focus.” [session 176, May 25, 1997]

BOB: “Elias, there are many people today who are claiming to be abducted by entities they believe are aliens or are from other civilizations. Is this an actual activity that occurring, or what’s happening there?

ELIAS: We have been discussing our extraterrestrial little friends! (Laughter) Abduction is an interpretation, within an explanation to self, of that which these individuals do not understand. These extraterrestrials exist, but they are you! They are aspects of your essence focused within other-dimensional realities. Let me be clear that within the interaction of these events, individuals experience a reality of interaction, within a bleed-through action of essence speaking to them within their objective awareness. Therefore, this aspect of consciousness which is physically manifest within other-dimensional areas bleeds through within agreement to these individuals, for this shall speak to them. This shall attain their attention. In this, they do not experience non-reality. It is quite real; although within this action, the reality may also not necessarily be objectively viewed by another objectively focused individual within your dimension. It is dependent upon the energy which is collected and exerted in this action. At times, collectively en masse, you choose to be allowing this bleed-through information. Therefore, many individuals may witness an event, an occurrence, within the confines of their belief systems. Therefore, within mass, individuals may objectify in reality a craft. It shall exist temporarily within your reality. It shall be witnessed, for it shall materialize within your actual matter. It is temporary, for the energy manifest to create this is held in attention only temporarily. Therefore, it also disappears.

Within the mass consciousness of the entirety of your planet, not all individuals hold the same belief systems. Therefore, the energy manifest to create these objects is also confounded and rearranged by the belief systems of the opposing mass. This creates your temporary effect. Within interaction of your extraterrestrials with individuals, this also is reality. It also is temporary. It is an exchange of energy of the individual with another aspect of their essence. Therefore, there is an allowance for temporary bleed-through into your reality. This creates an opportunity for exchange of information, but within the limitations of your understanding presently and your belief systems, this is misinterpreted. Many individuals experience fearfulness, for they do not understand what they have created.

Understand, they have not created a projection of themselves. This is different. Now; if you are discussing imagery of demons, this is a projection of self within this dimension. But within an interaction of what you term to be extraterrestrials, this is an exchange of different dimensional focuses of the same essence, offering information to yourselves.

This is a different action than what you have interpreted previously throughout your history, for this is directly related to your shift within consciousness. As you move out of your religious era and move into this new area of consciousness, you allow this bleed-through. At times, infrequently, these essences of Dream Walkers, which were choosing to not become entirely physically manifest, also choose to partially manifest and may be interpreted as extraterrestrials, although this would be a slightly different action. You may witness with some individuals that their encounters with extraterrestrials are seeming to them to be quite enlightening. They hold no fear. They feel within their self exhilarated, and they know they have acquired new information. In this action, they have encountered these essences which partially manifest. Their interpretation of this extraterrestrial shall be slightly altered also from your ‘classic interpretation!’ (Laughter) In this, this would be a very similar action to that which you have experienced throughout your history, of angels and fairies and leprechauns and imps and all other manifestations that you attribute to imagination, which is reality!

ANDY: ... Elias, what is the meaning of the bleed-through of the extra-dimensionals? I call them extra-dimensionals, which is a better word, right? What is their experience of the bleed-through that we experience? Don’t they have the same quality of encountering? Do they know what is happening?

ELIAS: Their experience is similar to your own, for they also incorporate objective reality, which is different from your objective reality; but within the action of this shift, you are choosing to expand your awareness. Therefore, you offer yourselves encounters with other aspects of essence which will not be incorporating this shift. Therefore, essentially they experience more confusion than do you, for they shall not hold an awareness futurely of you, although you shall hold an accessible awareness of them; in which, in your creations of essence, you shall create a religious-focus within another dimension, for you shall be appearing as heavenly beings appearing. You may view in this how you are affecting of all of each other, of all of your focuses and all of consciousness, for it is all interactive.

ANDY: Are these extra-dimensional beings, which are usually encountered and listed and recorded in our reality, always from the same dimension?

ELIAS: No. There are many different dimensions. It is of your choosing which dimension you are wishing to be tapping into.

ANDY: ... Elias, how will the shift affect other groups and belief systems in the human world, like the Christian belief system?

ELIAS: There are many, many cultures within your planet that experience these subjective bleed-throughs and hold less confusion than do you within your western Christian belief systems, although you are all allowing yourselves the opportunity to be understanding; for you all, within the entirety of your globe collectively, experience these same bleed-throughs. Therefore, you may view individuals within your western culture that encounter their extraterrestrials, but you may also view individuals within very small native cultures with no civilization, within your terms, that also encounter your extraterrestrials. It is not limited to those of you which hold western civilization. In actuality, I have expressed that there exists among you one small tribe of individuals which hold an objective understanding much greater than any else upon your planet, and have already incorporated much of the action of this shift. It shall all be accomplished within your objective time framework by a specific time period that you have agreed upon, but you may be accomplishing within this time framework at different rates, so to speak; this being the reason that you hold the ability for helpfulness with many individuals in avoiding trauma and confusion within the action of this shift, for you do hold a beginning of understanding and awareness.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “This afternoon, we shall be discussing extraterrestrials as YOU. (Grinning)

Previously, I have explained certain experiences that you have allowed yourselves visually. I have offered one explanation for this type of occurrence. There are more than just this one explanation, in actuality.

As you are moving into the action of your shift and allowing more subjective bleed-through and allowing yourselves to be connecting with more aspects of yourself, you experience unusual occurrences. Visually, you may be experiencing certain elements which seem to you to be distorted within your vision. You may also at times feel that your hearing may be distorted. At this present now, these may be indications of your allowance of bleed-through information of other aspects of your essence.

In this, you may at times hear or sense or see elements which are bleeding through from another dimension. This is not to say that you are visually viewing another dimension and objects that are belonging to this other dimension, but your vision or your hearing may become distorted, therefore changing your visual within this reality. In this, objects appear wavy, or they may appear glittery or glow, or they may appear to lose their shapes or [to be] not solid. This is an interaction that you are allowing with another aspect of yourself. Within the lack of a complete mergence of another aspect, you still shall view elements of your reality as elements of your reality, but they shall be colored as an extraterrestrial may view them in your reality.

You are all much more than you believe yourselves to be. You are very multidimensional. All of realities do not appear the same as this reality that you view presently within this one focus. Therefore, as you allow this bleed-through action, you also perceive, temporarily, how another aspect of you shall view your reality through your eyes.

Many individuals have allowed themselves to be connecting with other aspects of themselves, of their essence, by viewing other focuses within this dimension; those which you term to be past or future lives. You do not recognize the interaction that you engage within concerning other focuses and aspects of essence which do not belong to this dimension. These are beginning presently to bleed through more often. You shall also be witnessing more attention presently drawn to this subject matter of ‘other beings.’ They are not other beings! They are aspects of your own self focused in different realities, adding to your experience within this dimension.

As I have stated previously, this shift in consciousness which occurs presently upon your planet is a shift which is limited to only this dimension. Therefore, you may offer yourselves the opportunity to be viewing other dimensions, but their viewing of you is not the same. It is not reciprocal. You allow yourselves the experience to be connecting with other dimensional focuses for a better understanding of all of your aspects. They do not see you!

This is not to say that bleed-throughs will not be continuing to occur physically, for this also is an action quite connected to this shift in consciousness. There shall be an escalation of this activity, although you offer yourselves the opportunity to understand this interaction. You are not being invaded by aliens! (Grinning) You are merely creating an allowance to be speaking to other aspects of yourself, for within your essence you are all-encompassing. There is no division or ‘part’ that is not also part of you. Therefore, the term ‘alien’ is incorrect, for these aspects are not alien. They are you! They may be foreign, but certainly not alien.

This day, I shall offer you the opportunity to be inquiring if you are wishing, and if you are choosing to be focusing your attention within the subject of other dimensions. (Pause)

VICKI: I don’t understand the ‘they do not see you’ part. If you’re interacting with an aspect of yourself that appears as an alien, aren’t they having ... isn’t that aspect having an experience also?

ELIAS: This is a different action. Allow me to clarify. As I speak to you that they do not see you, this would be within the action of your own perception, which alters when you view your reality in what you think of as a distorted element. If you are choosing to be allowing the bleed-through within energy in extreme to actually manifest physically, temporarily, an interaction with what you think of as an extraterrestrial, it shall view you, but it does not view you the same way that you view it. Your vision that you view at those moments that suggests a distortion is in actuality their visualization of your reality. They do not ‘fit’ within this particular dimension.

You shall present yourself with the visualization of a form that you may be comfortable with in certain aspects. Its visualization of you is different. The actual physical sense of seeing, within their perception, is quite different. They do not see the clarity with which you see, for they are transposed into a different dimension. Therefore, their visual also is different. They incorporate their own senses, or lack of, from their own dimension, so to speak, and are inserting those into this dimension as you draw this experience to you. If you are projecting into another reality outside of the context of this shift, your visualization shall not “fit” into that reality either. Therefore, your visual shall be different than it appears within this dimension.

You are transporting, so to speak, physical form. You are not creating what you think of as a holographic image into another dimension. You are allowing the physical materialization into a dimension which holds different molecular structures. Your reality is different. Your matter construction is different. For your own identification you view, shall we say ‘on your side,’ what you expect to view in your idea of what an extraterrestrial shall appear to be, and you shall hold clarity in your vision. You shall also hold clarity in your hearing and your sense of touch and your understanding. If you are projecting your physical self into another dimension, be remembering: Outside of the context of this present shift, your perception shall alter and appear foreign, for your physical form is unfamiliar in another dimension. The dynamics or structure of another dimension is different. Their matrix is different. Therefore you, within the creation of your physical form, will not “fit” within that reality. This affects your actual structure. This creates a distortion in your physical structure.

Now; I make a distinction in expressing to you ‘outside of the context of this shift’; for as you are choosing upon this planet within this dimension to be creating of this shift, you also allow and provide for, with yourselves, the ability to transcend other dimensions and not be distorted. It does not occur in reverse, for other dimensions are not offering themselves this particular type of experience and awareness of essence.

NORM: Can you clarify the differentiation between what you are now saying and what we have experienced in our dream state with other dimensions? We don’t project in our dream state. Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS: No. You do project within your dream state, although your imagery that you recall is an interpretation of the action that occurs during this time framework. It is all imagery and symbols, for you do not hold an understanding objectively of the interaction that you engage during your dream state. Therefore, you create imagery that you may understand, or that is at least familiar to you. You would find this very difficult, to be interpreting any of your dream activity within elements of projection, if you are offering images to yourself that are completely unfamiliar to you. You would not hold an understanding, and therefore would not offer yourself an interpretation.

NORM: So the primary difference is that we really are going to experience this objectively, not only subconsciously or in dream states, and the objectivity is going to ... we’ll really see the other realities as they really are.

ELIAS: Yes. They shall not view you as you view yourself within your reality, but you shall view them within the purity and lack of distortion in their reality.

NORM: You qualified a statement ‘on this Earth in this dimension,’ and that qualification was because of the fact there are more than this dimension in respect to this Earth.

ELIAS: Quite correct.

NORM: And how many are there?

ELIAS: Numberless! There are countless other realities of this planet and this universe within different dimensions. Their reality is not always the same as yours, even visually. Many of them may appear in form to be seeming to be identical to your own, but their reality is quite different. As you may imagine any possible variation of your reality within the confines of your creation of this planet and your species and yourselves and your activities, these are.

NORM: And this particular dimension on this planet is very unique in the fact that we are the only one that is going through the shift. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: Yes. This dimension has chosen this shift in consciousness.

NORM: We are the experimental guinea pigs, huh?

ELIAS: You are creative and imaginative, and natural explorers!

NORM: Very good! (Laughing) New Columbuses!

ELIAS: Quite!

NORM: But we will never be able to ... will we be able to transpose matter in some manner and occupy other dimensions as the Europeans occupied the Americas?

ELIAS: Temporarily.

NORM: Really?


NORM: Temporarily? Why only temporarily?

ELIAS: For these are not natural states to your creation within this dimension. Therefore, you may insert yourself, so to speak, into another dimensional focus temporarily for the interaction and experience, but you shall not be transplanting yourself into another dimension. This is unnecessary, for you already occupy all other dimensions! (Smiling)

VICKI: And if we chose that temporary experience, they won’t see us?

ELIAS: They shall see you, but their visualization of you shall not be the same as you view yourself within your mirror.

VICKI: Kind of like our typical picture of an alien is probably not how that particular dimensional being views itself?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And when you have this unusual visual experience, you are ... there’s an aspect that is ... I still don’t understand your point!

ELIAS: You are allowing a temporary mergence with another dimensional aspect of yourself, and allowing yourself the experience of that aspect’s visual perception. Therefore, as you are viewing outwardly you may express to yourself, ‘This is what this extraterrestrial sees if he is viewing physically within this dimension.’

NORM: So we would have to really perhaps protect ourselves from the other environment, like in a protective bubble of some type, when we go to these other dimensions? Is that what we would have to do?

ELIAS: No. This would be unnecessary. You are allowing yourselves to widen your awareness and connect with many more aspects of your essence, within the experience of this physical focus within this physical dimension. In this, your ability to be mobile shall be expanded. It shall be unnecessary for you to physically travel, in your terms, into another dimension. You shall not require a craft to pierce dimensions. You require a craft within your own dimension, to be exploring your own dimension and space arrangement. You may step through the dimensional veil physically, and insert yourself into another dimension sideways from your own.

NORM: But we essentially, through Framework 2 (2), continually insert ourselves into this dimension using ... can I say wave mechanics to do that? We continually form ourselves and our reality?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And we do it in a fashion of wave mechanics through Framework 2, or similarly?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes; for this is what you have created in this particular dimension and reality.

NORM: And when I want to project myself into another dimension, I use a similar means? I use a different framework?

ELIAS: Yes. This shall be automatic, just as you do not think and explain to your physical form how to function continuously within every moment of your physical existence. You merely hold a desire for movement and you shall move. In this same manner, you shall not be needing of objective communication with your form to be inserting yourself into another dimensional reality. You need only hold the desire. It shall be as easy to you as you now view in moving from one room to another. You merely hold a desire to move from one room into another room, and you execute this action. You do not express to yourselves all of the millions of actions of mechanics which are necessary to physically move you into another room. It is automatically accomplished. In this same manner, you shall hold the ability with ease to move into another dimensional reality temporarily. Your form shall automatically alter its structure to be accommodating another dimension. Outwardly, you shall appear the same as you appear presently, but your structure shall be automatically altered to fit into another dimensional reality.

NORM: What do those consciousnesses and those dimensions consider us to be when this occurs?

ELIAS: The same as you consider your extraterrestrials to be now ... alien! (Grinning)

NORM: For their experience!

ELIAS: And yours!

VICKI: So if you’re experiencing this temporary mergence, let’s say you’re having a visual distortion, what is the experience of the aspect?

ELIAS: Very similar. It may be experiencing an unusual feeling. It may not be altering its visual, for you are altering the visual. Therefore, this aspect’s visual may remain the same. It may experience strangeness in physical feelings; not necessarily emotional feelings, for not all other dimensional realities incorporate your reality of emotion.

NORM: So if we wanted to, all the other aspects and focuses in other dimensions of each of our entities ... we could, without thinking, see them in their particular dimensions? We can hop from dimension to dimension?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: And have a survey!

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. Except for Shynla [Cathy]! (Laughter)

NORM: Why is that?

ELIAS: For she does not incorporate dimensional hopping! (Grinning)

CATHY: Yet! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well! The challenge stands!

NORM: Tell me, will Liza be able to do this?

ELIAS: Absolutely. All individuals upon your planet shall hold this ability. This is a global shift in consciousness within this dimension. Therefore, each individual physically focused shall hold these abilities.

NORM: Will there have to be any training or changes? There will be changes necessary in your belief system.

ELIAS: This being why you speak with me! (Grinning broadly)

NORM: Right! I agree! I need quite a few, I’m sure! (Elias chuckles) Could I do it now?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing!

RON: Go ahead, Norm!

DREW: We’ll wait for ya! (We’re all cracking up)

ELIAS: Individuals do presently offer themselves this experience quite limitedly, but nonetheless are accomplishing this action presently, as you are already within the action of your shift. They do not always understand what they are experiencing, for they do not hold information to be explaining their experience; but this is not to say that these experiences do not occur!

VICKI: So with people that have had this experience with viewing what we call aliens, they view several different types, shall we say; one in particular that people call the grays. My question is, when people view that particular shape, is that indicative of an interaction with a specific dimension, or do they sometimes create that imagery within an interaction of a lot of dimensions?

ELIAS: This would be an identification of a specific dimensional reality.

DREW: That would imply that this interaction with other dimensions, if people are seeing the same shape and describing it the same way, that there tends to be interaction with a particular dimension more than others, at least one that people recall and place imagery with.

ELIAS: Presently, it appears in this way; for individuals, within a lack of understanding, perceive what they think of as all the same forms. In actuality, what they visualize may be slightly different, but those differences may not appear great enough for their noticing.

DREW: And even slight differences can indicate huge differences in dimensionality?


DREW: There isn’t a–what’s the word–proclivity for us connecting with a particular dimension more than another? And therefore these sightings, if you will, all seem to be similar? They can be very different dimensions that we’re connecting with, but we just don’t notice the subtle differences enough to describe them in our imagery?

ELIAS: At times. Overall or in general, you are offering yourselves an interaction with one dimension more than others. This also is for a reason. You are entering into this activity of your shift. It is unfamiliar to you. Therefore, in reinforcement of each other and an allowance in acceptance of experiences, you choose collectively to be interacting mainly, within the beginnings of this shift, with one other dimensional focus; although many individuals experience interaction with other dimensional focuses, this one being only the most common presently.

DREW: And we choose that one because ...

ELIAS: To be reinforcing to yourselves and each other that you are not experiencing what you believe to be insanity!

DREW: Well, I understand that for commonality of experience and to give us some way to relate to each other about the experience, we’re choosing this one particular dimension, but I’m wondering why it’s this particular dimension. Is there some ...

ELIAS: This particular dimension, within space arrangement layers of consciousness, you may view as ‘closer’ to you. This is difficult to be expressing to you, for I do not wish you to be imagining that there are many universes physically next to each other, for they all occupy the same space arrangement within consciousness; but some areas of consciousness may be viewed, in your terms quite liberally, to be closer to your consciousness area.

VICKI: Would that be because that particular dimension is very similar to this one, or what?

ELIAS: It is not very similar to this reality. It is very dissimilar to this reality, although this other reality which you identify with holds one similarity to you ... in curiosity.

DREW: And that acts as a doorway, if you will, to allow ...

ELIAS: A catalyst.

VICKI: So what do the gray guys really look like??? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Their form being not as solid as you perceive. Therefore, you may also hold a better understanding of the visualization that you may experience in seeing physically elements of your reality being wavy or sparking or jagged, for this being their perception, as they do not view solidity in the same manner as do you. As they do not view the solidness of objects, they also do not perceive themselves to hold solidity.

DREW: Is it a physical dimension?


NORM: But they are presently now quite transparent, as we were in, quote, ‘the beginning?’

ELIAS: Not necessarily transparent; merely not incorporating solidness of form. The form mirrors the perception. Therefore, the form may flow less solidly than does yours. You create the imagery of physical matter (banging on the chair) that you may perceive as solid. These other focuses do not create quite so solidly. They do not manifest in what you think of as matter. The energy arrangement within that dimension is different. Therefore, their form is continuously altering, appearing to you to be wavy or jagged or blinking, and not being solid within matter. This is not to suggest that they are transparent; merely more fluid and less solid.

VICKI: They have form, though.


VICKI: They’ve got like a head and two arms and two legs?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: Do they have to eat?

RETA: What is their stress level?

ELIAS: There is a consumption, but it is quite different than your reality of consumption.

RETA: But then you would be able to identify the different objects or the different personages in terms of personality or character?

ELIAS: You also hold the ability quite easily to differentiate between the ‘beings,’ so to speak, which are you, (grinning) and objects of their reality which they create; for the objects of their reality hold different form from themselves, just as your creatures hold different form from you, and you may distinguish between the two. You also may distinguish between objects and aspects of essence physically manifest ...

RETA: (Interrupting) Wouldn’t you think that they would be of the same intelligence level and have the same sort of intents that we do in our families?

ELIAS: These families of consciousness that you identify with are directly relating to and interactive with this dimension. There are other families, so to speak, of consciousness which are connected with other physical focuses. Therefore, the intents shall be different. They shall not hold similarity to you, within intent or families of consciousness.

RETA: So you’re saying to me that they have their own individual families of consciousness, not my essence family, but that dimension has their own essence families and their own intents? In my estimation, our intent generally en masse is to seek knowledge and personal attainment. What would their intents be?

ELIAS: You would not understand, for this being outside of your reality and understanding presently, although futurely you shall allow yourself this experience as a great exploration within your curiosity; these being aspects of actions that you inquire of in regard to your shift. ‘What shall we find to do? We shall not be occupying ourselves with murderous intents and violent actions, and we shall be bored for being so wonderfully content!’ I have expressed to you that you offer yourselves new avenues for exploration. In this, you shall have MUCH to occupy your creativity and your curiosity!

NORM: If one of us were to go to some particular dimension, call it X, how would we communicate to our fellow humans? Can we communicate some kind of a map as to how to get there? (Much laughter) Would I be able to somehow take pictures and project images to others here, such as a camera? (Laughter and chatter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are continuing within your idea that you shall cross dimensional veils through a craft and be needing of a map to be arriving at your destination!

NORM: No, I only need an analogy. How would I communicate to Ron that I’ve been to X, and hey, it’s really great there! You ought to see those people!

ELIAS: In the same manner that you are speaking presently! You shall be expressing, ‘Hey Ron! (Laughter) I have been to this dimension! I have seen wondrous elements! Shall we move to this area together?’ Communication shall remain the same.

VICKI: So if you realize that you’re experiencing this temporary mergence, that would probably be a pretty good opportunity to take that experience into some other areas. For example, within that mergence, would that be a good opportunity to project and to view?

ELIAS: Yes, it would be an excellent opportunity for Lawrence [Vicki] to be connecting with other aspects which are viewed to be extraterrestrials!

VICKI: Well, I’m just curious. Is it easier within that mergence to accomplish that action or that connection or whatever?

ELIAS: Only within the terms of your allowance. I may express yes, if you are allowing yourself. If you are resistant, it shall hold no more ease than any other ‘method’ that you are choosing to be connecting with; but within this mergence, if you are allowing yourself the opportunity within the experience, you may experience an ease in connecting with another dimension within the recognition of the action occurring.

RETA: ... But what of the stories that we hear about, that if you do happen to meet the creatures, that they are only interested in ... or not only, but mostly interested in the concept of your body and your phenomenon of flesh and blood? Is that just another tale, or is that actual?

ELIAS: Partially. There is a misinterpretation of the action which occurs within interaction of these extraterrestrials and yourselves. They display, as has been stated this day, a curiosity also. Therefore, just as you are curious as to their form and their existence, they also hold curiosity of your form and your existence, within the opportunity of meeting within the moment. This, subjectively and partially objectively, is recognized by the individual experiencing the interaction. The identification of similar curiosity is recognized. The interpretation within belief systems of the occurrence, subsequent to the recognition of the curiosity, may be remembered quite distortedly. The action that they believe they have engaged within is not necessarily the action that they have actually engaged in.

RETA: So say that I get to the vehicle and I meet these people and I have a neat experience. You’re telling me it’s because I’m more aware and I have a bleed-through? Is this the same thing that’s happening to them? Are they having a bleed-through of my focus?

ELIAS: Of their own? (Reta nods) In a manner of speaking, although you are not bleeding through into their dimension. They are bleeding through into your dimension.

RETA: But they may not be perceiving this as a bleed-through?

ELIAS: Only within this dimension and their experience. What I am expressing to you is that as you are viewing them here within your dimension, they are not viewing you within their dimension. They are viewing you within your dimension.

RETA: Okay, they’re viewing me within my dimension and I’m having a chat with them.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: And they are not going to be remembering this?

ELIAS: Oh, they shall be remembering! It shall merely be occurring within this dimension, not within their dimension.

RETA: So if it’s occurring within this dimension, are they going to be remembering it through their dream state?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Within their dimension, they do not necessary dream! But they shall recall the experience and hold much confusion of the experience.” [session 192, July 12, 1997]

NORM: “I have been reading the book The Day After Roswell, and the description by Colonel Corso in regard to his involvement in the forties and fifties and sixties, in regard to hiding the information of the Roswell event and the extraterrestrials that they found there. This appears to me to be true, what was written in this book. Is that a one point? (Laughter) Substantially true.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I have expressed previously that these actions and materializations within your physical matter are reality.

NORM: These entities, or these focuses, or whatever you want to ... other-dimensional focuses, okay? Would that be a good term for them?

ELIAS: Quite. (Grinning)

NORM: Alright. They had unusual features and characteristics, such as Walter Reed Army Hospital could not determine how they received any energy because they didn’t have digestive capability, other than their skin was quite unusual.

ELIAS: You believe that all existences must be bearing some resemblance to your identification of life and its functioning!

NORM: Well, I’m trying to change that!

ELIAS: This is incorrect! Other dimensions function differently, this being what I was expressing to you in yesterday; in that the insertion of another dimensional focus into your dimension shall alter its structure somewhat to fit into your physical matter, but it may bear no resemblance to your functioning.

NORM: Right. And it does not necessarily bear any resemblance to their functioning in their dimension?

ELIAS: Partially.

NORM: They seem to have the ability to control this craft mentally. That is the conclusion of the people that were involved in the analysis of that, through ...

ELIAS: This is an interpretation.

NORM: ... and they actually accomplished this through a headband that had unusual characteristics. But if a human put it on, he could actually get shocked.

ELIAS: This also is an interpretation. It is a manipulation of energy which is different from your own and not understood by your species.

NORM: Yet.

ELIAS: It does not involve what you identify as telepathy.

NORM: Their control panels had nothing except indentations for their four fingers. They only had four fingers. Was that the way that they were actually controlling the craft?

ELIAS: As I have stated, it is an entirely different manipulation of energy than you are familiar with. At this present moment, you would not understand the manipulation of energy that these focuses choose within their reality, for you may only understand your own identification with energy, which is not entirely encompassing of the identity of energy. Therefore, you do not understand all of its functioning and aspects. In this, a manipulation of energy is so foreign to your thinking that you would not hold an understanding. You would automatically translate into ideas that you may understand, as you are already translating into ideas that you may understand! This merely creates another belief system.

NORM: Does Stephen [Norm] have a focus there?

ELIAS: Within this particular one dimension? Yes.

NORM: So I could use some of my inner senses then to explore that dimension?


NORM: That would be the most efficacious way to do that?

ELIAS: And allow yourself a greater understanding of differences within manifestations.

NORM: One last question in regard to this. The military assumed that they were belligerent. That is not a true statement, is it?

ELIAS: It is a misinterpretation, which continues with our subject matter of this eve and your belief systems of control!” [session 193, July 13, 1997]

ELIAS: “In our continuing discussion of your essence families and your Dream Walkers and their interaction with you within your present time framework and also throughout your history, we shall move to the Ilda family. Within this family, what be your guess of interaction of the Dream Walkers of this family within your present now? (Long pause) Much disappointment! And we have just played our game! (Grinning)

VICKI: Well, I have a guess.

MARGOT: Guess, then!

VICKI: Interacting interdimensionally ... via the alien phenomenon.

ELIAS: Ah, our extraterrestrial subject once again! (Grinning) For the benefit of Lawrence [Vicki], you are correct, which you should be quite familiar with this interaction and aspect!

Throughout your history, the Ilda family has presented itself to individuals within physical focus in many different, unusual manners; this being for the reason that it is obtaining of attention, and also of notoriety.

In conjunction with the intent of the Ilda family, there is a great exchange in relation to the manner of the communication. As you are aware within your present now, your extraterrestrial phenomenon, so to speak, gains great attention and is communicated throughout your planet, not merely within this particular country. Many individuals express experiences and also exchange these experiences with many other individuals throughout your planet.

In previous history, the Ilda family has been responsible for areas such as dragon-slaying; this being another aspect of communication which was offered throughout many different countries, and stories of these encounters were shared throughout your world.

In all of the areas that you hold legends of encounters of unusual origin or unusual factors, these would be interactions of the Ilda family expressing information to be communicated throughout your world. It is expressed to those individuals of the Ilda family. Therefore, for the most part, the individuals that hold these encounters presently – with what they think to be extraterrestrials presently – are of the Ilda family, although some individuals also hold these experiences being aligned with the Ilda family.

Some individuals hold experiences that are not what they perceive them to be, as I have expressed previously, and they are not encountering what they think of as extraterrestrials. Even the encounters that ARE extraterrestrials are not extraterrestrials! They are other focuses interdimensionally, presenting themselves to individuals that are belonging to this family and drawing this experience to themselves to offer information to themselves and also to you, in altering your perceptions and how you view your reality; entering into your reality more than what you view within your officially accepted reality, offering you more information and more of an allowance for your own periphery; therefore also being helpful in communication, in offering you the opportunity to widen your awareness of the reality that you hold.

We have spoken many times of extraterrestrials and of their interaction and of their origins and of what they are. Therefore, you are aware that they are not little men inhabiting little planets within your solar system or your galaxy that you may travel to encounter! (Grinning) They occupy other dimensions and are elements of your own essences. This is not to say that you may not encounter another dimensional focus and not be Ilda or aligned with Ilda, for you may if you are so choosing; but within what you term to be objectively unsolicited visitations, these – once again, for the most part – are encountered by individuals of the Ilda family, within their intent and within the intent of the family itself.

At times, what you may term to be imaginary creatures or beings may also be visitations within the Ilda family; not all, for as I have expressed with the Milumet, angels are known to be manifest to be presented with the Milumet family; but there have been other visualizations of unusual creatures or forms which may be attributed to the Ilda family.

In this, I express to you, as I have previously: That which you view to be imagination is reality, and merely that you do not view yourselves certain elements, such as dragons or extraterrestrials or leprechauns, this is not to say that these elements do not exist. They are your images to yourself; for within their own dimensions they may appear quite differently, but as they approach you within this dimension they appear to be something that you may identify with, something that is a little more familiar and fitting into your reality more closely, even a dragon – another session Michael [Mary] shall not be pleased with – which appears to be a creature with four limbs and appearing not quite very far outside of your idea of what may be acceptable to you as a creature within this dimension. You have created creatures similar to this creature that have and do presently exist and existed upon your planet. Therefore, the form is not so very unfamiliar to you. Therefore, it is acceptable.

Your extraterrestrials that you envision are not so very removed from your own form; appearing to you in a slightly altered form, but not so very removed from your own form that it is completely unfamiliar to you. Therefore, this is acceptable to you.

Now; as I have expressed previously, this is only the manner that YOU visualize these elements. In connecting in actuality with another dimensional focus, it shall not appear with ANY similarity to what you view to be extraterrestrials presently. These are only your own images of elements that you do not understand and that are so very foreign to you that you intentionally image them in some sort of familiar form, but if choosing to be moving interdimensionally and in actuality connecting with another focus within another dimension that you have crossed into, those same extraterrestrials that you may have encountered previously shall appear quite differently; just as your leprechauns or your dragons may appear quite differently within their own dimensions also, but they take on a familiar form for you, for this is acceptable to you ... but not quite familiar, enough so not as to be gaining your attention and to be creating of your communication of this. If you are viewing an alien creature, you shall immediately be expressing to other individuals of your experience, and communicating. If you are encountering of any very unusual element which does not fit into your officially accepted reality, you shall be communicating this and sharing your experience. In this, this being the manner of the exchange within the intent of this particular family. Quite effective!” [session 242, November 23, 1997]

VIVIEN: “Alright, now for the alien focuses I believe I’ve contacted. There was one, very, very clear, almost reptilian in appearance; male, I would say, and humanoid, but the facial features reminded me of a reptile of sorts, wide-apart eyes and a hard sort of skinned body. One that I saw looking at me in the eyes, it was like a greeting, a smile of greeting, but an affected smile, although it wasn’t really a smile. Another male with that one was also greeting me, or that was my interpretation of it anyway.

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of your accomplishment in this area!

VIVIEN: So it was real? Whoa! Very unusual! (Elias chuckles) Would it make any sense to me if you told me more?

ELIAS: No, it would not. Other dimensions holding other physical focuses are not easily translated into this dimension, and this holds in like manner in the reverse.

VIVIEN: Yes. It was a very unusual experience! It didn’t last very long, but it was quite clear.

ELIAS: You shall notice that in your encounters with other-dimensional focuses, they shall appear to you to be brief initially, for much of what you are viewing is a translation, that you may understand your connection and that you also may not be experiencing fearfulness.

VIVIEN: Yeah, like terror! If I came across a reptilian humanoid like that in this focus, I’d have quite a start! (Elias chuckles)

The other alien encounter was more of a dream or an out-of-body, quite a little while ago, but I’ve been trying to figure it out myself. The creature that I saw was standing like a human, but the head was enormous, and shaped like a mushroom or a jellyfish, with sort of tendrils hanging down from it. The forearms seemed to be either long sticks or holding onto long sticks, and there was some connection with you, and a cave of some kind. (Pause)

ELIAS: You have accomplished your connection in this area also. This would be what you term to be an out-of-body experience in which you have penetrated a veil dimensionally and have intersected another focus of your essence within another dimension.

In this, I hold interactiveness within other dimensions, but they would be different aspects of this essence than the aspects of which you are familiar with in interaction in this energy exchange. Therefore, you may identify a type of familiarity that you shall translate into an identification of myself, but you also shall not necessarily entirely connect with the aspect which is interactive within that dimension, for it also holds much unfamiliarity to you.

VIVIEN: Yes. It was very unfamiliar surroundings. The whole place was very strange, although I felt quite comfortable.

ELIAS: There is no need for distress or fearfulness as you are engaging this type of activity, and if you are allowing yourself to be projecting through these veils and exploring other-dimensional focuses, you may be quite fascinated with what you are encountering, and you shall also validate to yourself that you need not be experiencing fearfulness, for no harmfulness shall befall you.

VIVIEN: Yes, I understand that, but it’s a little bit different when you’re actually in the experience! I’ll have to work on holding on to that safety, that feeling of safety. (Elias chuckles)

Another alien focus, what is commonly called the grays, I think I have focus there as well; female, or what would be the equivalent of what a female would be.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you that this particular manifestation of what you term to be extraterrestrials is not in actuality an actual dimensional focus. It is a translation.

In this, you are connecting with another focus interdimensionally, but what is appearing to you is a manifestation that you may identify with, for this particular dimension that many of you connect with in this physical focus does not hold any familiarity to you in form. Therefore, you assign a form commonly to this particular entity, so to speak.

VIVIEN: Okay, I understand. We translate in ways that we can relate to in our own objective knowledge.

ELIAS: Quite.” [session 382, April 12, 1999]

PAT: “I have probably a funny question. There’s this man named Whitley Strieber who wrote many books on communication with outer space, UFOs, called ‘Communion’ and ‘Transformation,’ and according to him throughout his entire lifetime he has been visited by these beings which are, you know... Is he Ilda? (Laughs) I’m just curious if he comes from the family of Ilda (3), and if that’s why he is having these experiences.

ELIAS: No, and this is not the reason that the individual is choosing to incorporate these experiences.

Some individuals in conjunction with this shift in consciousness choose to be allowing what may be termed as other dimensional bleed-through action to occur. In this, what they are interacting with is quite real but it is another focus of themselves, and what they interact with and how they interact is a translation into this physical dimension, and that translation is expressed in a manner which draws upon what is known in this dimension.

Therefore, the translation of what the individual is interactive with is not entirely accurate. What the individual views, what they interact with, what they may even physically touch is a translation which is translated through their perception. But they are allowing an actual bleed-through to view another aspect of themselves as essence, another focus of attention which occupies another physical dimension.

Some individuals allow themselves to objectively engage this action; some individuals allow themselves to engage this action with focuses that they incorporate in THIS dimension, but this is infrequently expressed for that action generates more of a threat to the individual’s unique identity within this physical dimension than shall engaging another dimensional focus. For within your beliefs, you associate a degree of separation between yourselves within your manifestation and another manifestation of you as essence which occupies another physical dimension.

Now; I may express to you, this individual, in like manner to many individuals, allows that type of experience in conjunction with the movement of this shift which thins the veils of separation within consciousness. This is not to say that the individual objectively recognizes what they are interactive with as another focus of themself as essence, but the mere action of thinning the veils of separation in allowance of these types of interactions is movement which is quite in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. Therefore it matters not whether the individual recognizes objectively or identifies objectively that this is actually another focus of their essence.

PAT: My question would be then, I see a focus of myself being a soldier, but I only see this when I’m dreaming. I don’t have a soldier come to me and I physically see him and talk to him and write a book about meeting him. So how is it that this man’s doing the same thing as that would be? I’m trying to understand. Is it easier to do it if you think they’re little green men?

ELIAS: For many individuals, yes.

PAT: Well, he did get a lot of books written about it, so it’s done well for him. So that’s not his family, though. I got the idea that could have been his family because he was having communications.

ELIAS: This is merely a different expression and choice of how an individual may be incorporating movement in relation to this shift in consciousness. You each direct your attention in different manners and allow different expressions and different experiences in your movement and in the action of widening your awareness, and this is the choice of some individuals.” [session 994, January 22, 2002]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: the concept of “walk-ins” is found in various New Age belief systems. The basic belief is that one personality is born – beginning a lifetime – and at some point a “new” personality takes possession and assumes the primary ego role. The result seems to explain the strong change of personality and loss of memory that some people experience.

Elias attempts to clarify this belief system within the context of human personality as a multidimensional process consisting of a variety of related aspect selves that he terms probable and alternate selves.

Just because people experience significant personality changes and/or inexplicable memory loss doesn't mean that there are intrusive actions of possession or the like foisted upon an individual by a malevolent OR benevolent ''external'' force. This is simply not the case and only serves to perpetuate the beliefs that some external ''thing'' or someone ''else'' creates our reality for us.

ELIAS: “I have begun to express to you elements of body consciousness. I have expressed to you from early on in our session times that your physical expression, your body, is not a vessel! It is a tangible, physical matter expression of essence. It is you. It holds its own consciousness, for each cell holds its own independent consciousness. Each atom holds its own individual consciousness. Within cooperation, it creates a collective consciousness which becomes your body consciousness. You, as a focus of essence, hold consciousness beyond the physical manifestation of body consciousness, but are intimately involved with this consciousness. You direct the consciousness and function of your physical expression; your body.

You are not another focus, but you may experience another focus. Another focus holds a body consciousness of its own, but you may experience an exchange and you may experience another focus in its totality. You may merge totally to another focus and experience another focus, as it may do likewise also.

I have also expressed that you intersect alternate selves. I have expressed that you may exchange with alternate selves. You may accomplish a certain time period within a focus and you may exchange with an alternate self, which shall continue the focus as you continue otherwise. How is this possible if your body consciousness is only your body consciousness? Here we come to unofficial information.

You view yourselves as one entity. You view yourselves as one mind, one body. You are not! You view your consciousness as one thinking mind, one thought process. You are countless thought processes. Each focus is not one entity. The air within this room occupies one space. It is not one entity. In like manner, you focus within one material expression physically, but your consciousness is not singular. Your physical body expression resonates to the tone of you, of one focus; not to the entirety of essence, but to the individual focus; for each focus is a new creation. It has been always, but it is new. We do not deal with used material!

Your body consciousness recognizes your beingness. Your body consciousness also recognizes that your focus beingness is an aspect of your essence and will also identify with all other aspects of essence. Therefore, within essence you may exchange temporarily between focuses.

Each focus is as the air within this room; myriads of aspects, countless elements of personality cooperating to create one focus. This allows for all of your alternate selves. These may exchange with an individual focus. However, another focus may not exchange with you. You may temporarily intersect and experience, but you may not ‘take over.’

You have asked much time ago of your concept of walk-ins; another entity which ‘walks into you,’ therefore assuming your physical expression and continuing for you as you dissipate into the cosmos! Which, we do not know of where you shall be dissipating to, but the new entity shall be ‘taking over’ your physical form. This does not happen! Underline! You may not assume another focus, for it is not you, although it is you! (Confused laughter) You may temporarily intersect, merge, experience another focus, just as they may temporarily merge with you and experience. In this mergence, you are unaware of this presence. You do not lose you, as they do not lose themselves.

If you are exchanging with another focus, you may merge into the experience of another focus. You may empathically be another focus. Aspects of your focus shall merge. This in reality you may consider, in your terms, a physical act. Your consciousness shall merge into this other individual. They may feel odd or strangely, but they also will continue to feel themselves. You shall hold an awareness, as if you are this focus. This may occur temporarily. You may not assume another focus. As you are all focuses of one essence, mergences may occur. The tone is close enough, in your terms, that each individual body consciousness shall temporarily be accepting of this mergence; temporarily.

Alternate selves hold almost entirely the same tone as what you understand of yourself. That self which you identify as you has countless alternate selves which are also you. You only identify one you, but just as you identify one air within one space, there are myriads of particles that are making up of this space. These alternates may exchange places with you, in your terms, for their tone will not be interrupting of your body consciousness. Another essence merging with you will be recognized by your body consciousness; and has been stated previously, your physical response within your body, to placing what you term to be foreign objects within it, shall be rejection. Your body and its consciousness holds its own awareness and responds to you.

This is not to say that an exchange with another essence may not occur ... obviously! [Paul’s note: refering to his interaction with Mary Ennis] (Laughter) Within agreement, an exchange may occur with another essence, but the body consciousness recognizes this exchange and is partially rejecting of this exchange. Physical elements occur, for the body consciousness realizes the essence occupying and directing ... We shall more express directing, for the essence does not float in and float out! But the body is recognizing of the direction and tone, which is different. Therefore, its response is to be rejecting of this. It will not reject alternates. It will not reject temporary exchange of other focuses of essence. It will be rejecting of another essence exchange. (Vic’s note: this must be why Mary experiences unexplainable physical symptoms and affectingness.) This is part of unofficial information. In all of its aspects, you may experience exchange or intersection with alternates or with another focus, and you may experience emotional changes, thought changes, action changes, that you do not understand. They shall be temporary, in your view, but you shall notice.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

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(2) Paul’s note: Seth formally introduced the concept of Frameworks 1 and 2 in one of his dictated books in The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, (1981), session 815, December 17, 1977, Amber-Allen, San Rafael, California, 1995. The concept had originally been introduced during a private session on September 17, 1977, according to Rob Butts’ note on pg. 63.

The concept of Frameworks of Consciousness describes closely related regions of consciousness that work together to make the physical universe, as we know it, possible. They are not stepping stones or layers of so-called higher consciousness either, but are interpenetrated within each other. Obviously, Frameworks 2, 3, 4 and beyond exist “underneath” the range of our physical senses. Elias uses the term Regional Area 1, 2, 3, 4 to describe the exact same phenomena. Specifically, Regional Area 2 describes a non-physical or nonlocal region of collective consciousness that contains all potential states or probabilities that are possible in our physical dimension, which Elias terms Regional Area 1.

Other thinkers have used different methods to describe the same thing as Seth and Elias. Physicist David Bohm uses the terms Explicate Order and Implicate Order; the Explicate Order describes physical reality and the Implicate Order describes nonphysical reality as a region that contains the “source energy” all of the potential states and probabilities possible in physical reality. Bohm even postulates Super Explicate and Super Implicate Orders that are analogous to Seth’s Frameworks 3 and 4!

This concept of source and manifest realities is not new either. There are accounts that date back to Plato that describe the same phenomena. Plato’s famous cave allegory compares physical reality to two people chained to a wall beyond the sight lines of the cave’s entrance. Thus all they ever see are the shadows projected through the mouth of the cave from a fire burning “outside.” Their chains (i.e. physical senses) limit their perceptions to the shadows on the cave’s wall, so they are unable to see the fire (i.e. source reality) “outside” of the cave.

Here’s more from the Seth material on Frameworks 3 and 4 from The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events:

“There is, incidentally, a Framework 3 and a Framework 4, in the terms of our discussion – but all such labels are, again, only for the sake of explanation. The realities are merged.” [pg. 71]

Later on, Seth describes the relationship between Jane Roberts and himself when he ‘comes through’ during a session :

“While our meetings take place in your time, and in the physical space of your house, say, the primary encounter must be a subjective inner one, an intersection of consciousnesses that is then physically experienced.”

“The encounters themselves occur in a Framework 3 environment. That framework of course, again in terms of an analogy, exists another step away from your own Framework 2. I do not want to get into a higher-or-lower hierarchy here, but the frameworks represent spheres of action. Our encounters initially take place, then, beyond the sphere that deals exclusively with either your physical world or the inner mental and psychic realm from which our present experience springs.” [pg 88]

“These frameworks, while I speak of them separately, exist one within the other, and each one impinges upon the other. To some extent you are immersed in all realities.” [pg. 89]

Finally, from The God of Jane: A Psychic Manifesto, Chapter 13, Seth on the Big Flats Affair, Moment Point Press, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 2000:

“I told you that there was a Framework 3 and mentioned a Framework 4 some time ago. You must understand that I am making distinctions for your benefit.”

“Framework 2 is connected with the creativity and vitality of your world. In your terms, the dead waken in Framework 2 and move through it to Framework 3, where they can be aware of their reincarnational identities and connection with time, while being apart from a concentration upon earth realities. In those terms, the so-called dead dip in and out of earth probabilities by traveling through Framework 2, and into those probabilities connected with earth realities.”

“Some others may wind up in Framework 4, which is somewhat like Framework 2, except that it is a creative source for other kinds of realities not physically oriented at all and outside of, say, time concepts as you are used to thinking of them. In a way impossible to describe verbally, some portion of each identity also resides in Framework 4, and in all other Frameworks.” [pg. 129.]

(3) Paul’s note: Ilda is one of the nine basic essence family intents.

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