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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “There is no ‘method’ to be presented to other individuals. I have expressed many times within this forum, the point of these sessions, this interaction, is not to be creating a new religion, a new discipleship, new methods to be converting individuals to new belief systems. The point of this interaction is to be helpful to you to understand that you hold belief systems, that you may accept these belief systems and widen them, and widen your awareness. Also, that you may know your self, and trust your self, and listen to self; and in this, you shall be very instructional to all of those around you, and you shall be quite influencing within consciousness.” [session 145, January 05, 1997]

Elias “gems”

BOB: “I have a question. I expressed earlier that the more that I come here, the more confused I get! (Laughter) On one level, I can intellectually understand the concepts and am very stimulated by thinking about them and trying to understand them. On other levels, more so when I’m dreaming than awake, I experience a lot of the concepts that we discuss and even when I’m awake I recognize certain unofficial information, although I don’t feel that I do it on any kind of regular or ready basis. And tonight we did, but I feel a certain lack of connection with all of this. Am I not connecting? And if not, not why not, but how?

ELIAS: Each individual who chooses to be engaging this forum and this information shall experience a time period of removal. There is an identification immediately, within the encountering of this energy, of the action which shall occur and the widening which shall occur. In this, each individual evaluates within themselves whether they shall continue. You may not objectively, within your thought process, think of these things. Within you though, you shall feel them. There is an automatic reluctance to be engaging further movement. Therefore, objectively you feel disconnected. Some individuals choose to continue this feeling, which is also an action, for some time, within your terms. This action holds you at bay. It is quite easy to be gathering information intellectually. This information and this energy exchange surpasses intellectual information. Many effects occur as you engage this phenomenon. Within you, you are not quite sure that you are wishing to continue.

Each individual encountering this forum experiences this same element within their own time period. Some experience this in what you term to be early on within their engagement. Some experience this much later; but all individuals experience this same removal, which is interpreted within feeling of disconnection. It is presenting confusion to each individual as they experience this, for within their intellectual thought process they view themselves to be wishing to be continuing and assimilating information. Simultaneously, (grinning) they experience feelings of a lack of connection with individuals within this group, with energy exchange of Elias, with the entirety of the action. This a holding within the individual, which you all experience at one time period or another. You hold yourselves as bay. You are not sure of what you have encountered. You are not sure of what you wish to encounter. You are not sure of where you tread, and what shall be the resultingness of your action within this forum. Therefore, you remove and you allow yourselves a waiting time period, to be observing.

It is also a time period for choice, to be choosing your direction for attention. If you are choosing to be continuing, you shall be experiencing much confusion, but you shall also experience much clarity. It is your choice as to whether you continue or you do not. Each individual approaches this area, without exception.

BOB: So even though I don’t recognize it, you say that at this point I am experiencing doubts as to whether I want to continue.

ELIAS: You have not reached the point of doubt, as of this point! (Grinning) You merely offer yourself a holding at bay, and a recognition of a feeling of disconnectedness.

BOB: It might have been a bad choice of words, but I’m sure you’ll disagree with me! I guess my question is then, am I experiencing movement that I do not recognize, and how can I more effectively connect with that?

ELIAS: Yes, you are experiencing movement, (grinning at Cathy) and you may more effectively recognize by? (Still grinning at Cathy)

CATHY: Trusting.

ELIAS: Very good, Shynla [Cathy]! (Much laughter)

GAIL: You even woke up for that one! (Cathy really likes to sleep!)

BOB: So you can give me some assurance that ... Oh, never mind.


BOB: Thank you! You didn’t even need to say yes, because I trust!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Motion is occurring. I offer this to you, as all individuals experience this also. You experience this within its beginning throes, so to speak. Therefore, you do not identify entirely, within this present now, the effect of what you are creating. You may choose not to continue creating, and you shall not experience the entire effect. Olivia [Ron] chose quite briefly to be experiencing of this crossroad. You may choose also likewise.

BOB: I don’t type! Just teasing you, Elias. You said you wanted to have some fun tonight! Or you want me to anyway! (Elias is cracking up) I just, no offense to anybody in the group, don’t see anybody here that’s like totally like dialed in! (Laughter) So that gives me some feeling of, well at least I’m not alone! It’d be different if I was looking and everybody else was just like totally like buzz, spot on, knowing! And I was sitting here going ‘What?’ (Much laughter) So I don’t feel like the lone ranger here, if that’s what you mean! (Bob, do you know how hard it is to type and laugh simultaneously?)

ELIAS: Very good! (Humorously) I shall express to you that you are not alone within this action, and these other individuals are also not ‘dialed in!’ (And we all lose it!)

BOB: So I got to be the guinea pig for this discussion? Okay then, you’re welcome! Thank you.

ELIAS: Thank you!” [session 157, March 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “I have been speaking to you all for much time of this shift. This is the objective. If you wish to be placing the terminology upon this as your purpose, this is it. Individuals that have been drawn to this forum have drawn themselves here for this purpose, to be allowing yourselves the opportunity to gain subjective information in that you may not experience as much confusion as individuals who may not be offering themselves this same type of subjective information. I have expressed to you that there shall be many individuals that will be experiencing much confusion within this shift. You offer yourself the opportunity to view aspects of yourself that other individuals do not necessarily objectively choose to view. Therefore, they experience much confusion, for they shall also experience these subjective bleed-throughs but be unable to interpret what they draw to themselves. Therefore, they experience much confusion and conflict.

As to this present moment, all of you have been centered individually upon yourselves, drawing information to yourselves that you may understand yourselves and subjective activity. In this, as you learn to understand and accept these aspects of self, you shall better be equipped to be helpful to other individuals who do not understand this subjective activity.” [session 164, April 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “Presently, within this present forum, all of the individuals here belong to the essence family of Sumafi. Not all individuals belong to the essence family of Sumafi. Many individuals belong to all of the other essence families and engage this forum within audience also at times, although individuals focused presently of essences belonging to the family of Sumafi draw themselves to this forum more readily presently, in recognition in consciousness of what you in physical focus term to be ‘like-spirit’ ... although there are no spirits!

WENDY: No?? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Such disappointment, once again! I am so pleased with popping bubbles! (We’re all cracking up) Fun is very good! Be remembering of this! And if you are not accomplishing fun, disengage your actions!” [session 209, August 19, 1997]

ELIAS: “I address to issues as they move within waves of consciousness, and in this situation I offer information which seemingly is addressing to individuals; but in actuality, within the movements of waves of consciousness upon your planet, you move in harmony to each other, and your thought processes and experience hold many similarities within your time frameworks. This be the reason also that your transcription of these sessions holds importance, for the experiences and the thought processes and the issues being addressed to are not unique to small segments of individuals, nor are they limited to individuals in the each. They are waves of movement that not only do you experience within a given time framework, but individuals upon the other side of your globe are also experiencing and questioning.

I am attentive to the movement in consciousness and the concerns and questioning and conflict of all of these focuses within this dimension. My scope is not limited to this objective interactive forum. Therefore, it may be seeming that this is presented as coincidence, but these subjects are purposefully offered with intention of addressing to movement within specific time frameworks that they shall be the most affecting within.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

FORREST: (reading an email question) He asks, ‘What is my connection to the core group?’ (Pause)

ELIAS: In responding to this question, I address personally to this individual and also to ALL individuals that draw themselves to this forum. There is no separation within essence, and in this action of drawing to this forum and this information, all are interconnected in the manner of shared alignment within their focuses and within their intents in this particular focus to be acquiring information and to be offering this information in conjunction with the action of helpfulness in consciousness within this shift. Each individual that draws to this forum also lends energy to the accomplishment of this shift within the least amount of trauma, and may be recognizing of the interconnectedness of consciousness in the area of intent of you all which are drawn in this area.

In expressing questioning of, ‘What is my connection to this particular group of individuals?’, this be a specific question. There are many connections, but within this particular specific question, the answer is the interconnectedness of the focuses and the essences which are being facilitating of the movement of this shift in consciousness, in respect to diverting probabilities which are viewed to be undesirable and unnecessary for insertion into this particular officially accepted reality.” [session 269, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “As to your action within this shift in consciousness, you draw yourselves to this forum to acquire information. In this I shall be offering of information as we continue, and I shall be allowing of your questioning. Your intent within this focus includes an aspect of lending energy to the action of this shift and the accomplishment of the insertion of probabilities into this particular reality outside of the probabilities of trauma. Therefore, your lending action is to be offering energy to be lessening the trauma in the action of this shift. Many individuals shall be experiencing trauma in relation to this shift in consciousness. They shall experience much less trauma as they are holding information to be explaining to them what they are experiencing.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

FEMALE: “What can you tell us about this group, Elias, that we don’t know, that is obvious to you but not to us?

ELIAS: What is obvious to me is that you are all drawing yourselves together to be accessing this information and allowing yourselves a new opportunity to view the interconnectedness of all and that you are not separated, and this also offers you the opportunity to draw upon this. You have now drawn yourselves together in this forum. You have allowed yourselves the opportunity to objectively meet and interact with each other. You have allowed yourselves the opportunity to view many other individuals that hold the same direction as you hold. Therefore, you have also offered yourselves the opportunity to view that there is no necessity for fearfulness of speaking of such things and engaging in such things, for there shall be no hurtfulness, and you offer yourselves validation to each other and the engagement of each other to share, and in this you offer yourselves not only the validation but the comfort that you may also share this information without fearfulness, that there are more individuals that hunger for this information than you realize.

Those individuals that you may not suspect are merely waiting for the opportunity to be sharing, but are fearful, just as all of you hold elements of fearfulness. ‘I shall not be expressing this to my employer! They shall be carting me away! I shall not be expressing this to my children! They shall think I have entered senility! I shall not be expressing this to my friendships, for they shall be convinced that I am within lunacy!’ Incorrect.

There are more of them that are holding the same thought process, and therefore all remain silent, but you are all realizing that you are all experiencing the same actions. You merely hold to yourselves in your secrecy ... and I shall express a secret to you! There are no secrets within essence. There are no secrets among you. You may delude yourselves and you may think to yourselves that you may be hiding of aspects of yourselves, but other individuals connect with your energy, and they may not hold an objective awareness of specific events, but they hold an awareness of you within energy.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

DANIIL: “... I read materials of other people, such as Rajneesh or Castaneda, and I got somewhat familiar with their terminology and their thinking. Would it be beneficial to me to try to concentrate on your terminology? And also, is there a place for me in the forum? Should I even be concerned with any kind of interaction with other people in the forum?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. It may be beneficial to be interacting with other individuals in this forum, for exchange with other individuals that in your terms are of like mind offers an energy expression and offers a supportiveness, and also many times offers the individuals a greater understanding objectively of this information.

Exchange is beneficial. It also is helpful in lessening your associations with separation, and this may be quite beneficial also. You already are what you term to be within this forum, for you are engaging interaction with myself and therefore you are participating.

In this, you may also offer yourself an avenue for more of an expression of playfulness, in allowing yourself to exchange with other individuals within this forum. This may be beneficial also in offering yourself an avenue in which you may practice allowing more of a freedom of your natural expression in playfulness in an avenue which you may view as safe, so to speak. For these individuals incorporate like information, and therefore are moving in similar directions and are objectively aware of beliefs and expressions of duplicity and trust and acceptance. This may be an avenue which you shall perceive as less threatening initially than interaction with other individuals, temporarily.

DANIIL: Thank you very much.” [session 1130, July 12, 2002]

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