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ELIAS: “I will give you an exercise, as we are incorporating a desire to be ‘fading’ or ‘blinking out,’ and wishing to be viewing other aspects of your focus. You may place yourselves before a mirror. You may do this with your lighting slightly dimmed, as to not glare or distract your concentration; and while you are viewing your image within the mirror, be concentrating on your essence, and watch your features change. This will be maybe helpful for Lawrence [Vicki], and then you may express to me what you have viewed, and I will be interested to be listening to your experiences, instead of talking, talking, talking! You must admit, I do deliver enough information for you to be experiencing quite enough!” (Laughter and agreement) [session 51, November 01, 1995]


CATHY: “I have a question about the mirror meditation, and how I always seem to be able to see two of me in the mirror, but I haven’t been able to see another aspect of myself.

ELIAS: And what are you believing this other you is? (Laughter)

CATHY: Well, it is an aspect, but, I mean, it looks just like me! Nobody else sees anybody else that looks just like them in the mirror next to them. They see different aspects of different faces.

ELIAS: And are you believing that this one physical manifestation has only been created one time?

CATHY: No, but I mean ... it’s just the only thing I see!

ELIAS: I will express to you that if Elias were physically manifest, he would view one face very often within a mirror, for this being the expression that he has chosen very many times to manifest. [snip] You are not failing only because you have not viewed an extraterrestrial! (Laughter) Use your empathic sense while you are viewing. I have expressed to you, within this exercise of your mirror, that you are not only viewing. The purpose is to know. As to this moment, all you know is a visual perception. You know what you look like; you know nothing else. These images are equally as real, within their reality, as you are within this reality. They are not cardboard! They possess thought, emotion, careers, (grinning) families; but you know nothing of them. (Pause) Connect! Ask them!

Remember George (1) projecting out, did not become a flower on the wall, and interacted with others within their reality. You may also accomplish this. Be striving. I will be expecting to be viewing an aspect of your consciousness within our future sessions, be it physically manifest or not!” [session 59, December 03, 1995]

JEFF: “Yes. You’ve mentioned about mirrors, and seeing things in mirrors. I wondered if I had missed it, or you just hadn’t done it yet.

ELIAS: I have incorporated an exercise with these individuals, to be allowing them to widen their perception of reality. I have expressed instructions of viewing within a mirror. This is a quite common practice, and has been incorporated through much time within your focus.

You may, in indirect lighting, not very bright, view within your mirror. As you are gazing at yourself and allowing your consciousness to drift, you will view shifting, within shape, of the form before you. You may view another developmental focus. You may view another dimension. You will view another aspect of your essence. This allows you to connect with another portion, so to speak, of your essence, and also allows you personal validation of things beyond your present perception. Therefore, the more that you practice exercises in altering your perception within consciousness, the more you also validate your own self; this allowing you to, little by little, widen your perception.

We have incorporated other exercises which are quite instrumental also. You may exercise your empathic abilities by viewing a picture of an animal. Do not choose a pet. Choose another animal. Place a picture before you, and view this animal. Then allow yourself to drift, within relaxation, and focus upon being this animal. Do not view experience. You will find yourself experiencing this creature’s existence. It will offer you information of consciousness other than your own; for you, within essence, are connected to all elements of physical focus; a plant, a rock, an ocean, a creature, a cloud, a whirlwind, a sky, a star, your planet, other individuals. You are all connected within consciousness. Therefore, you may experience all of these things within your own consciousness.

You may be asking of individuals within this forum for information of examples of exercises that we have incorporated. We have used many exercises to be expanding of your perception of your reality. This is a difficult process for you as individuals, for you have spent much time within this physical focus learning to discount much of your perception. Therefore, you now strive to be assimilating information that you possess of your own experiences, and your connections, and all that surrounds you, for these are all your creation. You are the center of the universe! Very magnificent creations! If you are wishing of helpfulness, I am quite sure that these individuals will be very willing to be helpful.” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

NORM: “I have been trying to communicate with essence and other focuses by viewing myself in a mirror. I’m sure that if I will trust the movement a little bit more ... because I know that I saw movement. I saw the right side of my lips change, and I could see things in the periphery move, and I was in a fairly not too bright room. I mean, I could see the room nicely. The room changed in brightness, and it wasn’t the light. It was obviously me. But I would catch myself every time, not really trusting what I was really seeing and not allowing it to continue. So I’m going to have to practice on that. But then what happened is that I closed my eyes and I saw a very bright, yellow image, which was not an image that you would see under those light conditions, and that image was a yellow image, and I’m just wondering what that was?

ELIAS: Shift.

NORM: A shift?

ELIAS: It is imagery connected with the movement of the shift, which you have tapped into and allowed yourself imagery of.

DREW: ... Can I follow up on some things that Norm reminded me of? I have a feeling I know the answer to this question already, but I’m gonna ask it. When Norm is staring in the mirror and seeing changes to his face or changes to the room, is there no such thing as optical illusion? (Laughter)

ELIAS: There are many ideas that you have been taught that suggest a lack of reality. You label actions that you do not understand in many ways. You express optical illusions. You express imagination. You express that your vision is tricky. You even express hallucinations. I say to you that you may trust what you view. You create the visualizations as reality. You only attach explanations for these occurrences, as you do not understand this unofficial information. You also do not accept much unofficial information. It may not be scientifically proven. Therefore, it is unacceptable. This makes these occurrences no less real.” [session 167, April 27, 1997]

RODNEY: “Is this mergence with another focus of mine possible within this physical focus?

ELIAS: Definitely! You may be interacting and merging temporarily with another focus at any given moment. This is merely an action of allowing yourself the trust in self to be loosing your hold upon your attention within this particular focus and allowing yourself to access other focuses. You hold the ability quite definitely to be interactive and to be merging with any of your other focuses.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I am also quite encouraging of this action, for it offers you more information of self, which also offers you more of an ability to widen your awareness and your understanding, which creates an easement through your focus in the direction of addressing to this shift in consciousness.

RODNEY: Thank you. Is the exercise of viewing oneself in a mirror particularly helpful?

ELIAS: It may be in many situations, for this is the presentment of an exercise which is quite easy for many individuals to be accessing. It presents itself with more easement than some of our other exercises, in the direction of connecting with other focuses or alternate selves. In this, you may be accomplishing, and once you have viewed the visualization of another form, so to speak, which is the presentment of another focus of your own, you may use this visual to ease yourself more efficiently into connecting with some of your other focuses. Many times if an individual is allowing themselves a visualization initially, it offers them a focal point of familiarity, and in this they allow themselves more of a confidence in moving into connecting with any given particular focus.

RODNEY: Thank you. I presume I know the answer to this, but I want to ask it anyway. (Elias grins) Do I have other focuses within essence who are women, who are female?


RODNEY: Alright, thank you.

ELIAS: You also hold several focuses that fall into our category of ‘other.’ (Grinning)

RODNEY: Would you repeat that? I couldn’t hear it. (Elias chuckles) I’m sorry!

ELIAS: I am expressing to you that also hold other focuses that move into the area of our expression of ‘other.’ (Chuckling)

RODNEY: Oh, really! ‘Other’ being other than human?

ELIAS: No. As I express ‘other,’ I am referring to this particular dimension and its sexual orientation and its preferences in any particular focus, and as we designate ‘other,’ I am referring to the choice of manifestation in the sexual orientation of homosexual, as you term this to be. (Chuckling)

RODNEY: (Laughing) Thank you! It just didn’t ring for a moment, but I understand now. (They both laugh) That’s not surprising!” [session 309, August 22, 1998]

JOANNE: “Well, I do have to tell you, Elias, that while I’m sitting here listening to you, it finally ... like the first time I asked you a question a few sessions ago about disengaging, you talked about reincarnation, but you know what? You were telling me that it wasn’t what I thought – you’re born, you live, you die, you’re born, you live, you die – and I sort of understood what you were saying, but I didn’t really. But tonight, when you were just explaining this, all of a sudden it was like I picked up all the pieces and put it together, and I really understand what you’re saying!

So maybe now, because I’m understanding what you’re saying, I have a picture in my mind of how it’s going on simultaneously, and there’s these ... I don’t know. It just clicked in my head just now! So maybe now it will be easier for me because I’m understanding it.

ELIAS: You may also offer yourselves two other exercises that may be helpful to you in initiating your connecting with other focuses, which I have offered previously to other individuals in this forum.

You may be connecting in what we express to be our mirror exercise. In this, you may place yourself before a mirror, and you may gaze within a relaxed state at your image within this mirror, and await the change of your own features. You shall present yourself with the visualization of other physical focuses that shall superimpose themselves upon your own image in this very simple exercise.

You may also engage this similar type of interaction with another individual. In this exercise, you may sit within close proximity to another individual and relax your vision and gaze at the other individual continuous, and in this action – not breaking your gaze – you shall view their form altering and becoming another form superimposed upon them, and they also shall view you. And in this action, you may share within your interaction the descriptions of each other, which shall be helpful to you in offering you a visualization of the physical appearance of another focus that you hold, for in connecting with the physical appearance of another focus, many times this may be helpful to you in allowing you to enter into the action of connecting with another focus, for it lends an element of familiarity.

Your fear stems from the unfamiliar. Therefore, if you offer yourselves elements of familiarity in any direction, this dissipates certain elements of your fearfulness and allows you to move in these directions slightly more easily.” [session 313, September 11, 1998]

JOANNE: “I also wanted to ask you ... after the last session at Aileen’s [Carole’s] house, that evening I was thinking a lot about what we had discussed in the session about transitioning and viewing your other focuses, and you talked about an exercise where you could look in the mirror. Well, that evening, I had a very intense dream state. When I woke up, I remembered in my dream state that I had very clearly seen this woman. She was living in a castle, she had a big dress on, more like medieval times or something, and I remember her face. I could see it so clearly ... and Aileen [Carole] was there!

Part of the dream was that I had asked ... well, I HAD asked Aileen [Carole] if she would help me with the game and the mirror and the whole thing, ’cause when I’m with her I’m less fearful, or when I’m with you I’m less fearful. When I’m alone at home, I’m more fearful! (Elias chuckles) So I had asked Aileen [Carole] if she would sort of play with me, and she said, ‘Yes, I will play with you.’

So when I went home that evening and went into dream state, I was dreaming that I was already playing the game with Aileen [Carole], and I was viewing my other focuses, and I was expressing them to her, and we were laughing! I was going, ‘Look! I’m this, and I had this focus and this focus!’ We were laughing, and we were having so much fun! I couldn’t remember any of the focuses that I had seen in the dream state except for this girl and this face. I can see it right now in my mind. So I want to ask you, is that girl in that big dress one of my focuses, or is this something that I just dreamed? Is it reality?


JOANNE: It is? That’s so cool!

ELIAS: Let me also express to you that although your dream state is a translation into objective imagery, what you have experienced in this is not dream imagery. This is what you term to be an out-of-body experience, allowing yourself to move through consciousness and to view different focuses and offer yourself an objective remembrance for a beginning of movement into connecting with other focuses that you hold.

JOANNE: It definitely helps with the fear to know that I’ve already objectively begun the process. It’s like, ‘Okay, I did that,’ so it lessens the fear, which obviously is going to make it easier.

ELIAS: Quite.

JOANNE: And I remember also waking up that night, Elias, to use the rest room, and when I walked into the bathroom, there was the mirror, and I can’t express how strong it was! I knew at that moment that the way I was feeling and how open my energy was, that I could have looked right in that mirror at that moment and done that exercise with no problem. I knew it! And I looked at the mirror and I thought, and the fear ... I just bolted right back to my little bed and pulled the covers up! (Elias chuckles) But I knew it was real. It was validation that it was real, because I felt at that moment that I could’ve, and I knew I could’ve!

ELIAS: And what great monster shall devour you from inside of your mirror as you gaze into it? (Grinning)

JOANNE: There was a movie called ‘Defending Your Life.’ It was with Meryl Streep, and in this movie, it’s like you die and you go to heaven, and you went to this place called Judgment City, and you went to court. You would have found it very amusing! (Elias chuckles) You went to court to defend what you had done in your life, and then God would decide if he was sending you back or if you had learned enough to go on, like to be essence, I guess, would be the thing. (Elias chuckles again) But there was this place called The Past Lives Pavilion, and you would go in the pavilion, and you could put your hand on this glass and look in the mirror. But it’s interesting where you said, science fiction is not so science fiction! In the movie, you put your hand on this box and looked at the screen, and it showed you all these other focuses, which is reality!

ELIAS: Quite!

JOANNE: But the way it was presented in the movie ... and I thought about that movie after the session, and I thought, ‘Oh, I want to go to The Past Lives Pavilion!’ You know, like I want to do this!

ELIAS: And you may be creating of your own Past Life Pavilion if you are so choosing, and you may expand this and you may be creating of your Future Life Pavilion also! (Chuckling)

JOANNE: Okay! Now let me inquire of this. In the last session, you had talked about that quite often in this objective physical focus, we’re interested in things that have to do with other focuses that we have. Like you were talking about collecting things and so forth, which brought me to my often wondering fascination of the ocean and my collection of fish and shells, and my house is decorated like a beach, which is not common! Most people’s homes, when you walk in, it’s not decorated in shells and palm trees! So I was wondering if that’s where this was coming from?

ELIAS: Quite.

JOANNE: The only time I feel calm and peaceful is when I’m sitting on the beach and I’m watching the waves. There seems to be some connectedness, unexplained objectively now.

(Vic’s note: Me too, Joanne! The beach and the ocean elicit a response in me that I don’t feel in any other situation.)

ELIAS: Investigate a Polynesian focus.

JOANNE: What do you mean?

ELIAS: You may be allowing yourself to be connecting with yourself and investigating another focus that you hold which occupies the Polynesian Islands within a different time framework.

JOANNE: Okay, okay.

ELIAS: Clue!” (Grinning) [session 322, September 22, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the character George Brainbridge in the Jane Roberts’ book Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time (1984). He experiments with out-of-body projections.

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