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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Let me explain to you that all probabilities are actualized. Therefore, when we speak of altering or changing a past within your time framework, your choice is to be intersecting, within simultaneous time, a probable self. Therefore, the action that you originally remembered has still occurred. It has not been wiped out. It has not been annihilated, for that energy has been exerted; but just as we have spoken previously of future actions or present actions and intersections of alternate selves, you may accomplish this also within past, to your way of thinking. You recall the event and focus your energy upon this past event. You also are correct that you must be incorporating the other individuals involved with this event, for they are contributing to the creation of the event. In this, you may choose to be slipping into an alternate probability.

“All probabilities are actualized. Therefore you may, at any moment, choose to alter any given probability. It is all choice. Choice is not limited to what you think of as a forward motion. It is unbounded. There is no forward. It is a circle. Within this circle, you may turn to any angle and you may alter any choice or probability, and you may intersect an alternate self and recreate, to your way of thinking, an event that you view to be already created. You may accomplish this action as easily and as efficiently as you create future events, for all events are not fixed. They are not static. They also are simultaneous. There is no before and after. This is a creation only of time framework dimensions.” [session 151, February 02, 1997]

ELIAS: “Your purpose, as we have expressed, is to experience; but you are correct that within each individual focus you also hold individual intents, and as you hold these intents you create desires, and within this you create probabilities to choose from within a pool aligning with your intent.” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “These are, as I have expressed to you previously, very difficult areas. I have offered you very simple explanations to this point, of counterparts and probabilities and unofficial information, but I have also expressed to you that these are very difficult areas to be explaining within the confines of your language and your understanding. More information is offered to you continuously within this forum, for you continue to widen and hold the ability to assimilate the information.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

ELIAS: “As you are aware already, there are no accidents. Each of you orchestrates your probabilities to be actualizing most efficiently within your own value fulfillment and within the value fulfillment of all consciousness. It is viewed by many individuals that there are tremendous coincidences and accidents that may be occurring, but in actuality it is not so strange that all of these actualizations occur objectively, given the absolute preciseness of probabilities.

This dimension that you have created is exquisitely intricate. You have devised a system of probabilities that is immaculately precise. It allows for not even a hair-width of deviation; this being why we express to you that there are no accidents.” [session 177, May 30, 1997]

ELIAS: “As I have expressed previously, as you choose to be manifest within physical reality, you enter that physical reality holding what may be termed as a pool of probabilities that you allow yourself to draw upon, and in this, there are many lines of probabilities that you allow yourself to choose from, in a manner of speaking.

This is quite figurative, for be remembering that all probabilities are created and actualized within the moment. They are not an element or a thing that is set before you or in front of you that you choose from. But in this, as you enter into a physical manifestation in one focus, you hold this pool of probabilities, and in this pool of probabilities, there are, as I have stated, many different lines of probabilities that you choose.

Each line of probabilities that you choose to be actualizing in this particular physical dimension and objective reality creates a specific direction, and as you choose a specific direction, you also are NOT choosing to be inserting into this objective reality many other choices, but all choices are actualized. They are merely not all actualized in this one objective reality, for this is the manner in which you have created this particular physical reality.

Therefore, as you move through your individual focus and you create what you view as large or direction-altering choices within your focus, you also are creating, simultaneously, probable realities.” [session 481, September 30, 1999]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “I have a question. Can you give any further information on probabilities and what they are?

ELIAS: A probability is a possible choice; therefore, there are countless numbers. You incorporate them singularly, one at a time. You choose one action. You choose from myriads of possibilities, which are probable choices. Each of the choices that you do not choose manifests elsewhere. All probabilities are actualized. All are not actualized within your focus. You possess the ability to choose the most efficient probability; efficient being the probability which incorporates no conflict. You do not always find the probability which incorporates no conflict, but it is always available to you. (Pause) But as you are within your oubliette, you do not always view the most efficient probabilities, for many times they are within the ‘pit’ in front of you! (Pause, grinning at Vicki) Do not complicate the issue of probabilities! It is a simple concept. It is only choices and this is what your Regional Area 2 is comprised of – choices.

GUIN: Mostly collective, correct?

ELIAS: Within Regional Area 2, all of your personal choices for your individual focus are manifest. They also connect with all other individuals, but this is not a collective consciousness area. That we will be reserving for Regional Area 3. I choose, within probabilities, (grinning) to be holding on the subject of Regional Area 3, for I wish not to divert your attention to mass events before you have incorporated individual events!” [session 65, January 07, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. (Then, without incorporating his usual pause) All things exist and do not exist, simultaneously! (Grinning)

CATHY: Oh, great! (Laughing)

ELIAS: All things are created now, and within the past and the future simultaneously. There is no division within events. You view divisions within your time element, as we have spoken previously, for you ‘see’ events within your present now. Therefore, you assess that events exist only within the now, and are created only within the now. In actuality, as we have spoken previously, the time elements are elastic and flexible. They cross over each other continuously. Therefore, past events are created within the present, as are future events. They exist already, so to speak. They also do not exist, for they are created within the moment.

Your city exists, but it also does not exist, for you are creating it now. This may be easier for your understanding if you are viewing yourselves. You each hold what you define as ‘potential’ from birth. This exists, although the actualization of this potential does not exist, for it is created within each moment of your focus. Within probabilities, it already exists.

You have offered yourselves the opportunity to be viewing many probabilities. We shall be entering the area of discussion of probabilities. I shall be presenting limited information to you, for this area has been agreed upon between essences involved with this group of individuals, assessing your readiness for information; although this particular information ... was ... is ... futurely ... to be reserved for a time period which you would view, within your physical focus, to be removed some years into your future. Therefore, I shall allow you to be assessing your understanding yourselves. You may evaluate your own readiness, remembering your intent; holding the least distortion.

Probabilities hold difficulty within the understanding of physical focus, for this is an area which allows for much distortion and misunderstanding. I hold no doubt that within each statement made concerning this subject, you shall each interpret differently, and distort this information equally! (Laughter)

We shall begin with symbolism. All things, within all dimensions, within all areas of consciousness, are symbols, yet they are not; for within one dimension and one focus, you may view an element, a visualization, an event, an action, to be a symbol of another thing. Within another dimension, this symbol holds its own reality. Within your own dimension and perception, symbols hold their own integrity. Therefore, they hold their own reality, simultaneous to also holding a representation of another element. Your physical form is a symbol. It also is not a symbol. It symbolizes an expression of essence. It also holds its own reality and integrity. It holds its own vitality within reality. Therefore, it also is not a symbol.

You have allowed yourselves to be viewing, more clearly, your dream state. You continue to view this area of consciousness as symbols. Within your definition of symbols, you view these to be ‘not real.’ They are within your periphery. Therefore, they are not within your official, directed, accepted, ‘real’ reality. They also hold slightly less importance. Although you express the importance of interaction within your dream state, you objectively do not hold the same importance within this state as you do viewing your ‘real’ attention; this being one of your reasons that you incorporate difficulty in remembrance; for as we have expressed, you do not remember what is unimportant to you, for you do not affix your attention to events that you view to be unimportant.

Your dream state is another state of consciousness equal in importance and reality to your official, directed attention. This state is one of many subjective states of consciousness which, whether you allow an understanding objectively or not, this state of consciousness interacts with your objective state of consciousness continuously. You might better understand your own responses within your objective expressions if you were allowing yourselves to connect more efficiently with your subjective expression of dream states, for this subjective interaction provides you with much information directly connected to your waking, objective expression. You assimilate much information within this state. You also actualize many probabilities within this state. You influence your objective choices of probabilities within your subjective dream state.

(Here, Elias stops and looks at each person, as if assessing their individual understanding of the material. Then he starts laughing, giving the distinct impression that he finds us very amusing!)

Symbols cross dimensions continuously. You project your own symbols, very often within your dream state, into other time dimensions. You receive symbols continuously from other time dimensions through your dream state. You create much within this state of consciousness, but as we have stated, your attention holds to one base direction; your primary focus. You do not allow importance to your secondary or periphery within your focus.

A very good example of this type of expression would be, in actuality, your city. You have agreed to be creating of this action together. Temporarily, your attention held excitement and motivation, (laughter) but as this event is not within your primary attention, you allow this event, and your attention to this event, to drift. You do not visualize, physically, this ‘place.’ Therefore, within your accepted reality, it does not exist. Within your thought process, it exists only within what you term to be imagination, for imagination also is ‘not real,’ within your perception.

The reason we express these concepts, over and over to you, is to be avoiding trauma and shock within your shift; for within the creation of your shift, contrary to what you presently believe, it is entirely probable that you may awaken one day and view physically all of these elements that we have been discussing, and you shall incorporate much confusion! (Chuckling) You shall be viewing partial creations of your city and expressing, ‘Oh, my! What be this I view before me? Ancient ruins within my home!’ (Grinning)

Your vision already has begun to change, within a very, very small span of your time element. You may, in one respect, view that we have engaged discussion for quite some time; but in another respect, you may view that we have engaged discussion and sessions for no time at all! Think of your physical focus. You each incorporate what you term to be a biological age. You would each agree that regardless of the number of years passed within your individual biological ages, it shall be seeming to you each as no time. Therefore view, in this same manner, your approaching shift; for within no time at all, it shall be upon you. (Pause)

You anticipate joyfully the expression of wonder and happiness and lack of conflict that you will experience at the accomplishment of this shift within consciousness. Do not discount the trauma and tribulation that may also accompany this shift. Within your creation of your small creature, you incorporated minor trauma. (1) If your entire world is seeming to you to be upside down, how great shall your trauma be? How are you affecting of this shift presently? Do you view your affectingness at all? Do you discount your affectingness? (Pause, looking at everybody)

You are widening within your awareness. You are already affecting. You view very small areas of your affectingness, but you affect greatly; for there are no divisions within consciousness. Just as you may create a city within your dream state, it matters not who or how many participate. They shall all be affecting. It matters not your location, for physical location is not a hindrance to movement within consciousness. You are beginning to accept small elements of concepts of no separation within consciousness, and even within your physical expression. You are beginning to allow yourself an understanding.

I have prefaced probabilities with this information, for it is important that you be realizing the ‘reason’ this information is offered to you. (Pause grinning) I shall wager you each will be more realistically viewing your own responsibility to self, therefore being not as completely concerned with your responsibility to everything else within physical focus; for now, after much information has been offered to you, you may more realistically view the multitudinous event of your own responsibility, within your own expression of your own small sapling (2). Expressions to the effect of, ‘Why do these individuals not appear at our sessions?’ seem quite inconsequential in this present now, do they not, Lawrence [Vicki]?

VICKI: This is correct.

ELIAS: I have stated previously, probabilities are choices. For Michael’s [Mary’s] benefit, we shall incorporate the example of color, to which you have already very well connected with the concepts. Probabilities are all of the elements, actions, events, hues, shadings, colors between blue and royal blue, to which there are numberless. Also, blue and royal blue are probabilities within themselves. Everything is a probability. Probabilities are very flexible. They also are continuously in motion. They are never static. Therefore, they cross time dimension elements. They also intersect and merge through time elements. As we have spoken previously, you may choose a probability within your past, and you may affect and change this probability within your future, causing a different probability within your present.

Your scientists view tiny particles, figuratively speaking; for in actuality, physically they do not view anything; but within their limited understanding, they view trails or images of particles. In this, they may accelerate these particles and allow for the action of explosion, so to speak, to which they may view ghost images or trails of these particles seeming to fly apart in hundreds of directions, this seeming to create hundreds of particles from one. But then, within their view of these trails or ghost images, the original one reappears. The hundreds have not disappeared, and continue to exist, but the one exists once more. How may this be possible? This being a physical example of the same action of probabilities.

By choosing one probability, you set into motion many other actions and events which, in themselves, are all probabilities, therefore giving birth from one choice to many probabilities; viewing the one choice has been made, therefore exists no longer. It has been the foundation, and you have moved ‘forward’; leaving behind the original choice, creating new choices and events as a result of the original choice. Then, within what you view to be future, another event may occur to which you express, ‘Was I not accomplishing this same event previously?’ And you may scratch your small heads in wonderment, for the event has reappeared!

You do this continuously. You only do not notice, for your attention follows one direction which you label as logic. You offer yourselves continuous information, which you reject and pay little or no attention to. Even when you are viewing elements of probabilities being actualized by you, until this present now, you discard this information. Having no explanation, you attribute these elements to ‘coincidence.’ Then, you allow yourselves to conveniently disregard this information.

You may choose to be incorporating new living space. You may involve yourself within the action of investigating a new home; evaluating all of the important aspects of this movement, incorporating much time and evaluation, seriously considering your action. You may find a new home, and you may feel a strange affection for this new space arrangement. This seems to make no sense objectively, logically. Therefore you accept, partially, this expression, and continue with little thought. The reason you feel this feeling for this space is that it is already within your area of probabilities. You have already been there, but you have not!

As I have stated, all things exist and do not exist simultaneously, for you create them within the moment; but they also exist already. In like manner, you, within your focus, within areas of your focus unrecognized by your official ‘real’ consciousness, have experienced and projected within many other probabilities. You only do not recognize this action, for you hold one official, directed attention. Therefore, you incorporate feelings, at certain times, of affection, or recognition, or closeness, or desire, or déjà vu, or many other expressions that you cannot logically explain to yourselves. These are equal areas of consciousness existing and acting during these physical focuses.

We have spoken previously of your ‘blinking in and out.’ You automatically identify this blinking in and out as crossing far dimensions, so to speak. You blink out, you visit an alien colony on some far planet within a far galaxy, and you blink in instantaneously to this planet, within this consciousness, within this focus. Within the area of imagination, which is reality, you do; but you also blink in and out of all of your probabilities continuously. When you allow yourselves dream interaction, that you may connect with viewing other probabilities, this expression is merely a holding of attention for a longer time period than you hold within your blinking in and out. Your time element ‘out’ is equal to your time element ‘in,’ so to speak; but within the efficiency of your attention, as you have created it, there seems to be no interruption. Therefore, you view a flow, continuous.

The explanations themselves leading to your areas of probabilities may be incorporating much of your time, for we are wishing to be avoiding as much distortion as possible.” [session 109, August 04, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within our discussions of probabilities, initially we will focus upon your closest elements of probabilities to this particular focus, for this will be difficult enough for you to assimilate within your objective understanding presently. You will only confuse yourselves if you are attempting to be ‘springing ahead’ of yourselves, incorporating information of all other dimensions and nonphysical focus when you hold no understanding of your present focus and dimension. Therefore, I shall be limiting to these areas of consciousness, and the direction of probabilities and probable selves directly closely connected with this immediate focus.” [session 111, August 11, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Firmly) Your objective attention directs your action. Your ideas determine the selectivity in your direction. I wish you to concentrate on these statements, for these statements are important. These statements parallel ‘you create your reality.’

This evening, within our discussion of probabilities, we shall be discussing selectivity, which is, in actuality, a highly refined and developed action that you incorporate within physical focus. You have created, within your objective expression, a highly creative and also motivated selectivity within your probabilities that you allow. This was an action, to your way of thinking presently, that was agreed upon very long ago within your history. You have asked of the Seers. We shall incorporate information of the Seers this evening, in discussion of probabilities and how you have chosen to be incorporating your selectivity in probabilities presently.

We have spoken many times that your religious-focus and your Darwinian theories are, in actuality, incorrect, as to your creations of your reality within this dimension. There is no progression of evolvement within any species, as thought of within these theories. There has been experimentation, within each species which physically manifests. In this, man also has experimented with different types of consciousness, these all also being probabilities. Within your agreements, you have chosen what you now view to be the selectivity of probabilities that you create presently.

I have spoken to you of pools of consciousness, which you may also view as species of consciousness within physical focus and within your experimentation of your species; although all species, of all that you view to be living organisms upon your planet, have experimented within their species, developing what they choose to be their most efficient expression to this moment. This is not to say that you may not progress further within your expression of each individual species, for you shall, for you are continuously within a state of becoming, as we have stated previously. Therefore, there is no stagnation or static non-movement within consciousness. Within the idea of these pools of consciousness and probable selves, you have created a line, so to speak, of selectivity within probabilities. This extends far beyond your individual expressions, for you create this en masse also, and you have created this throughout your history.

The Seers are what you might view as Dream Walkers, as we have expressed previously. If you are thinking within physical terms and within your time element, you may think these essences ‘began’ your physical expression; although be remembering, these are figurative terms, for there is no beginning, but for the purposes of understanding this evening, we shall be incorporating your ideas of your time element, and therefore working within its confines. Therefore, you may view, temporarily, a beginning of your Seers; essences not entirely physically manifest. These essences, within this particular family of Sumafi, were directing experiments within consciousness to be physically manifesting, as were all other families within their respective equivalents to the Seers. We shall not incorporate this evening a discussion of all other essence family representatives within essence. We shall incorporate only the Seers.

In this, you may visualize to yourselves these essences within a state of blinking in and out, as do you, but knowing of their blinking in and out; therefore not directing their attention so singularly and so selectively. In this, their awareness was ... is very wide within their partial physical focus. If you were imagining these Seers physically, you may imagine them to yourselves to be ‘physically formed translucent.’ This may give you a picture to be creating a more realistic idea for yourselves of these essences, to which presently you do not view, in actuality, as real.

In viewing these essences, these translucent beings, their objective – we shall not use the term ‘purpose’ – within their intent of physical manifestation was to experiment with efficiency of physical manifestation. Therefore, your scientists presently may view what they think of as evolution, for they may discover remnants of experimental focuses which were not continued. Having no explanation for these remnants, or what they view to be remnants, they develop theories of progression; evolution. In actuality, there was great experimentation within different actions of physical manifestation.

Now; this subject matter concerning Seers is quite difficult to be expressing to you. This is not because your language does not incorporate enough words to accommodate the ideas, but within your selectivity of thinking presently, the concepts concerning the Seers will appear to you as fantasy. These are difficult concepts to be accepting as reality. I express to you, they are reality!

Within the expression of experimentation of the Seers, as children experiment with different games, also the Seers, within a playful attitude, experimented with different expressions of physical focus, at times incorporating creations that you presently would view to be mergence between animals and human form. These experimentations were not efficient. Therefore, they were not continued. Some experimentations were continued for relatively extensive periods of your time element, for the reason of experience.

Just as I have explained that you direct your attention singularly for the purity of your experience and the intensity of your experience, so also did many of the experimental focuses, which you view to be early man, incorporate time periods of physical manifestation within one selective focus for the purity of the experience. Within the experimentation of what you presently view to be early man, the Seers directed consciousness within physical manifestation in creating expressions of primitive human. These, within your view presently, were more ape-like than you view yourselves to be presently. They were not primates! They were expressions of man, within a selective experience and experimentation in combining animal consciousness and human expression; therefore creating a specific type of focus. Each manifestation of creature, to which you are also within physical focus, holds its own selectivity within consciousness and its direction of probabilities.

You presently, within your directed attention, view yourselves to be people. Therefore, within your selective attention, you also ‘peoplize’ all other expressions. You ‘personize’ creatures and even plants. You attribute ‘person expressions’ to other manifestations. Other physical manifestations of consciousness incorporate their own specific, specialized direction within consciousness, as do you.

Now; within pools of consciousness, these expressions may be shared. Within the initial expressions of the Seers within their experimentations, physical mergences were experimented with. This was not agreed upon for continuation, for experimentation was implemented to be developing of consciousness which allows for exchange within pools of conscious expressions. Therefore, you may exchange, within consciousness, elements of your expressions with other manifestations physically focused. They also may exchange their experiences and information with you; but within each manifestation, the objective expression, what you view outwardly, will appear to you different than its actuality. Therefore, information may be shared between species, and as it manifests objectively within one species, this may be viewed as an expression of instinct. Within another species, this may be viewed as an expression of thought process; or within another expression, it may be viewed as a conditioned response. They are only different expressions, objectively rearranged through consciousness, to be suiting the selectivity of the individual focus. You, within your expressions, select certain types of probabilities.

The reason that we speak with you is to allow you questioning, for if you question, you shall motivate yourselves to investigate more of your self. We speak of your shift, and of the action of transition. These also are incorporated this evening in this information; for you have already asked yourselves, although not entirely seriously, ‘Why incorporate information concerning your shift, or concerning transition, if all time is simultaneous?’ I offer information to you this evening to be furthering your explanation within this direction.

You view in terms of all or nothing. Within your views of this expression, when you are viewing essence, you interpret essence manifesting within focuses, within every moment of every time period within your history and future. Therefore, you view within your ideas that you are presently engaged within your shift. Partially, this is correct. Partially, this is not; for you also, within focusing into physical manifestation, incorporate selectivity; this being where your selectivity in probabilities extends farther beyond only your present focus that you recognize.

Each focus, as I have stated, incorporates its own ‘line,’ so to speak, of probabilities. Your essence engages its own selectivity as to its focuses. Therefore, regardless that all time is simultaneous, you may not choose, within essence, to be incorporating a physical manifestation within every time period of your planet. The probability is open to you. You may not choose to be exercising this probability. Within essence, as we have stated previously, it is not efficient to be manifesting in every moment of time. Therefore, you incorporate aspects and counterparts to be experiencing also; these being not facets. (3)

(Grinning) I am aware of losing my audience! These are difficult concepts. I shall tread more slowly.

You choose, within essence, to focus physically within areas of time elements that you choose to experience. For the purpose, so to speak, of incorporating all experience physically, essence chooses the probabilities of incorporating counterparts; therefore in one sense not manifesting facets into every time element, although within another sense there are manifestations; for these also are elements of essence, for they are all connected.

The individuals which are drawn to this company presently have chosen to be manifesting with the shift, or have chosen to be incorporating the action of transition before disengagement of physical focus. In this, it is quite obvious to be understanding the information, which is what you think of as being ‘needed,’ for those choosing transition. Those choosing remanifestation may incorporate slight confusion, thinking they are already manifest within the shift. Therefore, it is unnecessary to incorporate information to what you view to be before the shift.

In actuality, as all time is simultaneous, you draw, as we have stated, from past and future and present to all time elements within all focuses. Therefore, information that you incorporate is beneficial to what you view to be future focuses. Also, some of these individuals are not presently physically focused within the action of the beginnings of your shift. Therefore, the choice, within probabilities, in what you view to be future, will be made to manifest. (Pause, looking around at everyone) I shall attempt to be more specific.

You presently are manifest now. Your shift presently, within your present now, engages the beginning throes of its action, but as you are aware, you are not within the action of its completion, so to speak. This has been stated as an occurrence within your future time. Some of the individuals within our group and beyond will choose, within their probabilities, to be disengaging physical focus before what you view linearly to be the time of actual actualization of the shift; therefore not incorporating the entirety of the action within what you view to be this present now lifetime or focus. Some of the individuals choose to be remanifesting, experiencing the beginnings of the actualization of the shift; this shift being the shift within consciousness on a global scale. Therefore, the incorporation of information presently shall be helpful to their remanifestation into the action of the actualization physically of the shift.

Then you may ask, ‘If they are remanifesting, why shall they not incorporate this information within their in-between time?’, so to speak; Michael’s [Mary’s] ‘intermission.’ You do not understand the action of transition. There are many different actions of transition. Within the action of choosing the probability of remanifestation, you continue your selectivity within probabilities, limiting your information. Therefore, your action within a temporary period of non-physical would be different than the action chosen within non-physical, if you have chosen the probability of non-remanifestation into physical focus. You have offered yourselves the opportunity to be viewing of this already within your new game (4); individuals experiencing your intermission time, holding what you may view to be little information of their ‘state,’ so to speak; incorporating action, but having not much information, seemingly, of understanding of their area of consciousness, or the actions that they incorporate within this area of consciousness. This also is dependent upon probabilities, and those which you choose. Be remembering, though, your probabilities are chosen selectively. You choose from a selective ‘line,’ so to speak, of probabilities. I shall incorporate a new word for this word of ‘line,’ which I am not pleased with.

You also incorporate selectivity within individual focuses. You choose groups of probabilities. This you may view as a line within your perception. This you may view as progression, although it is not quite progression – these are very difficult concepts – for before manifesting physically into a physical focus, you choose a line of probabilities. You choose an intent connected with a specific focus. Within the desire of that intent of the individual focus, you choose a group of probabilities to be implemented or chosen from as you move through that individual focus. You disregard all other probabilities, turning your attention. This is not to say that all other probabilities do not continue to exist, and that they are not available to you. It is only to say that you direct your attention to a specific pool of probabilities that you allow yourselves to draw from within the individual focus.

Within our interaction with you, we attempt to spur questioning, which motivates you to move beyond the probabilities that you have chosen within the pool that you connect with the individual focus. It is an action of motivating you to incorporate ideas that may widen your perception. This is what is meant by widening your perception; the allowance of viewing, objectively, more of your probabilities that are available to you than only the pool of probabilities that you have selected for the individual focus. The subjective expression is aware of the myriads of probabilities available. Objectively, you consider only within the pool that you have chosen. This is not to say, once again, that you are ‘locked into’ this probability, for you are not. There are no closed systems. Therefore, you do incorporate the ability to tap more of your probabilities than you allow yourselves presently.” [session 115, August 25, 1996]

ELIAS: “Throughout our discussion of probabilities, I have been instructing you to be noticing, and also to be allowing a widening of your perception. In this, you present a prime example. Notice your own movement within probabilities, moving through belief systems. Notice your own individual actions. As you engage new, or what you perceive to be new perceptions, moving through belief systems, you engage what action?

(Pause, staring at Vicki, who is clueless) Battling! I have expressed that your individual expressions and also your mass events mirror each other; therefore the action is the same. Within the initiation of the probabilities and the movement within consciousness into the area desired, you also, en masse, engage belief systems. Therefore, you display what you view initially to be ‘opposite of the end product,’ in your terms. These are areas which are instructional for you to be noticing and widening your understanding of. You view, within your selectivity of attention, a probability being actualized and displaying an ‘instant’ result. You do not allow for the understanding of all of the actions and probabilities that are simultaneously occurring, within a given desire.

VICKI: ... I do have some questions from our new friends, if that’s acceptable to everybody. (Everybody agrees) From Linda, in response to your response to her original question: ‘When I’m working on a problem and trusting my inner voice to guide me through it, how do I know I’m going to reach my goal if I can’t figure out which voice is leading me in the quote ‘right’ unquote direction? Right in the terms of the outcome I expect or want to have.’

ELIAS: As we have been discussing, there are many layers of consciousness and probabilities being engaged simultaneously. Therefore, what you perceive to be the right outcome, or what you wish to be the right outcome, is only one probability within one layer. My expression to this question shall be seeming to be a non-answer, although it is ultimately the answer; to be accepting of all of the probabilities, to be accepting of self within this trusting.

Many individuals express that they are trusting of their inner voice. Simultaneously, they are not accepting themselves, or their probabilities, or the actualization of their probabilities. If you are accepting of self, you shall not be incorporating an expectation of only one line of probabilities.

What you actualize presently is partially an influence of desire, mixed with a few cups of belief systems and three parts expectation, and a dash of wishing, baked for quite a while! (Affectionately, with a pinch of humor!) Then, you are expecting to view a rising of a nice fluffy probability, which looks quite tasty and appealing!

I express to you all that presently, you engage a movement within consciousness that you have chosen. Therefore, what you are ‘used to’ is not always what you will actualize presently, for you are engaging belief systems and familiarity. You are beginning the allowance of subjective expression to bleed through into your objective expression. Therefore, you view a changing. In this, you experience confusion, for you experience yourselves not holding the ability, seemingly, any longer, to be ‘counting on’ your old familiar inner voice; for your old familiar inner voice is not necessarily always your subjective voice. It is a softer, objective voice.

Acceptance is what you would term your starting point, as my dear friend has expressed already. (5) You only do not understand quite how to be accepting, but you are learning. Incorporate your trustfulness that you are learning, which in turn, in your terms, will be reinforcing of your acceptance. Be remembering, acceptance does not incorporate expectation. If you are truly wishing, wishing, to be actualizing certain probabilities, you hold the creativity to actualize these singular probabilities.

You are inventive, creative beings. You will discover a method to actualize what you wish, but if your desire is engaged within a movement to be trusting and accepting of self, you do not always allow for only one line of probabilities. You allow for other probabilities to be actualized. In this, you may view that you surprise yourselves! In reality, you are allowing yourselves the opportunity to view more choices being actualized; but within this process, as you view it to be a process, you become confused, for you do not completely understand the process that you have engaged. Therefore, it is unfamiliar. In this, you ask yourself, ‘What may I expect? What will I create?’ You will create what is the most efficient for your learning process.

VICKI: Are you sure? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Quite! This is not to say that you always choose the most comfortable probability. This is also not to say that you always choose the most ‘wished for’ probability. It is to say that you will actualize the probability that will be expressing your most efficiency, within the moment, for your learning and attention. Then, you move to your ‘next step,’ so to speak, of interpreting what you have created, and in your method of thinking, why you have created; although this ‘why’ is not completely of consequence, for you have already offered yourself the answer to the all-encompassing ‘Why?’ You actualize all of your probabilities for your noticing, for your learning, for your connecting, and for your experience.” [session 117, September 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “These are, as I have expressed to you previously, very difficult areas. I have offered you very simple explanations to this point, of counterparts and probabilities and unofficial information, but I have also expressed to you that these are very difficult areas to be explaining within the confines of your language and your understanding. More information is offered to you continuously within this forum, for you continue to widen and hold the ability to assimilate the information.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

DREW: “What I’m wondering is, if probabilities are changeable at any moment, how something that was written in the past can determine what probability we’re going to choose in the future, again speaking in our terms of linear time? Or were these written, with some awareness subjectively, outside of simultaneous time?

ELIAS: This is an encoding, as there are many other encodings upon your planet and within yourself, which holds information of a wide-spectrum viewing of the probabilities actualized within simultaneous time. It is as if you would step yourself outside of this particular dimensional reality for a moment and objectively view the whole of this dimensional reality, which occurs simultaneously. Therefore, as opposed to viewing in segments linearly, you simultaneously view the whole of probabilities at once and then project these into writing form. There are too many probabilities simultaneously occurring to be expressed within the language of your words. Therefore, it has been encoded in a much more efficient method.

You are within a reality that is held within the confines of a time framework. In this, you look forward and backwards. Outside of this particular physical manifestation, this does not hold true. Therefore, you may access information of simultaneous time. You are not expressing predictions of future events. You are viewing what is occurring presently and what probabilities are being chosen presently.

DREW: So encoded within this information, if we could understand it, are all probabilities? Or the ones we’re choosing? I’m a little confused by this because it does beg the question of predictions. If something written–again in our terms, in the past–outlines those probabilities which we are choosing now, it stands to reason ... I mean that’s essentially the same as saying, in the past they knew what we would be doing now, again in our terms. And therefore also in the future. And if it implies in this encoding that an event will take place in the future, isn’t that the same as predicting which probability we’re going to choose and actualize?

ELIAS: This is dangerous territory, for you within physical focus lean in tendency to view predictions as not being probabilities, but absolutes that are unchangeable. Therefore, you also lean in the direction of predestination. These are incorrect. These are viewings encoded of probabilities, but there are no closed systems. Therefore, although a probability may be tapped and viewed, it may also be altered.

Now; let us view probabilities as not predestined and absolutes. You may witness a prediction of an event upon your planet that you may view to be catastrophic. In this, it is presented as an absolute. It is a prediction. Within the knowledge of probabilities, it stands here. (Indicating center) It is viewed. It is actualized within simultaneous time, but all probabilities are actualized within simultaneous time. Therefore, if so choosing, the consciousness of those individuals wishing to alter this probability may move this probability to an alternate reality. (Indicating right) It is still actualized. It is not actualized within your reality.

All probabilities are actualized. Therefore, you enter danger zones when you look to prophecies and predictions of any type and hold these as absolutes, for they are not. All probabilities may be altered at any moment. You may remanifest within thirteen twelve and alter two thousand forty-five, for it is all simultaneous. It shall be actualized within probabilities any event which has been chosen, but any other event may be actualized also.” [session 183, June 15, 1997]

ELIAS: “You are continuously within a state of becoming. Therefore, within every moment of consciousness, you create the probabilities. You do not choose from those elements which you believe to exist already. They are not displayed before you. You create them each moment, and as you create each probability as a new event, you also simultaneously create all other probabilities which are within an aspect of the choice that you have created. This is not to say that you choose to cross a street, therefore within another probability, another you only does not cross the street. Within the energy and freedom of the energy within consciousness, this may be translated in planting a flower within another reality, for the energy has rearranged to actualize aspects of probabilities in every possible area. It may bear no resemblance to your thought process of probabilities, but energy is unlimited and is continuously reconstructing itself and manifesting continuously in every area. (Humorously) Therefore, as you choose to actualize a probability, you may discard your idea that you have pulled this from your cosmos and chosen this event from the vast library of events! (Laughter) For you have created a new event within energy which has never before been conceived.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “Attempt to be allowing yourselves to enter into areas of experiencing within this shift, and not holding fearfulness, and continuing to be focusing your attention upon the present now; for no other exists. There is no future; there is no past. There is now – continuously. Therefore, allow yourselves the experience within the now, and be trusting of yourselves. As you allow more of your widening and your experiencing, you also allow yourself more of your language to yourself. Therefore, you also offer yourself more information of self, and of your direction, and of your choices. If you are concerning yourself futurely, you are distracting yourself from listening to yourself. Individuals express to this essence, ‘What shall I do? Which direction shall I move into?’ You may answer these questions for yourselves if you are only listening to yourselves. If you are focusing your attention within the now, you may be surprising yourselves that your self shall speak to you within impressions and impulses and that small, quiet voice within you, which shall offer you your own direction and give you your answers.

You need hold no dependence upon other individuals or this essence for your answers, for you magnificently may offer these answers to yourselves. It is merely a question of remembering and listening to self, and you shall know within you when you are speaking to yourself. You shall hold a recognition of impressions that in your terms shall feel right to you, and you shall know which direction you wish to be choosing within your probabilities. This be the point, and why I express so very often to individuals that they focus upon the now, and self; for in this, you need not be inquiring of this essence! I may be offering you explanations of your reality, and I may be offering you helpfulness within your confusion, but this essence does not choose your probabilities for you. No essence chooses probabilities for you. You choose for yourselves. And as you are listening to other individuals or even listening to what you view to be other essences expressing to you a direction that you must move within, hold this as suspect, for no other individual may offer you your direction.” [session 216, September 13, 1997]

ELIAS: “An intent is the potential that an individual holds to be fulfilling of their individual value fulfillment within their pool of probabilities that they have chosen for the individual focus.” [session 264, February 01, 1998]

ELIAS: “You also are not restricted to your individual pool of probabilities in entering a physical focus. You hold the ability to extend outside of your individual pool of probabilities and pull probabilities into your pool, which shall be altering entirely of your focus. This action is not common, but it may be accomplished. Not many individuals within physical focus choose to be pulling outside of their individual pools of probabilities, but it does occur, in which case you shall view within those individuals manifestations, what you may term to be drastic alterations of their particular focus. It shall move in entirely different directions than its original direction.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you that within your creations of probabilities within physical focus, you do not view before you a multitude of probabilities hanging upon a probability tree, that you may pick whichever probability that appears to you to be the ripe, succulent one. What you create within probabilities is a line. You purposefully create this line of probabilities in the same manner that you may engage your writing implement, your pencil, and as you draw a line upon your paper, the lead is creating of the line as you move the pencil. The line does not extend beyond before the pencil is moved to draw it. In this same manner you create probabilities, and in your creation of probabilities within each moment, you create those probabilities which are the most efficient for your attention. You do not create mistakes. You BELIEVE you create mistakes, but you do not create mistakes within your creations of your lines of probabilities. You create each choice, each probability, in the manner that it shall gain your attention most efficiently.

Now; in this creation of these probabilities, not all of your probabilities that you create appear to you to be comfortable or appear to you to be good in your belief systems, but they are beneficial, for they attain your attention and they offer you information in the direction of your intent.

You may not hold an entire awareness objectively in understanding of what you are creating and how your probabilities fit together immaculately – you may underline this word – but they do fit together immaculately, and they are not mistakes. They are the most efficient choices and actions for each of your creations in each of your individual attentions. Therefore, you may place belief systems upon these actions. You may question. But this also is the point of this shift in consciousness, that you may view objectively and understand and KNOW of your creations within your probabilities, within your line of probabilities, what you are creating and how you are creating of all of these choices, which also offers you more efficient choices within your belief systems.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “Be remembering that although you enter a physical focus with what we may term to be a pool of probabilities, this is not set. You are not destined to be moving in a certain direction, and in this, although you hold the potential for this particular pool of probabilities, this may be altered at any moment within your physical focus. Therefore, you may easily confuse yourselves in some areas, in looking to certain concepts and placing too much importance in these particular areas.

I may express to you that you hold the ability to offer yourself the remembrance of essence before manifesting into the physical form, which offers you the viewing of the potential of the direction of the pool of probabilities that you may choose for that particular focus.

Let me qualify. An essence may choose to be focusing the personality energy into an individual focus at the moment of conception or at any moment until a small one is of a year old. Therefore, this vision of which you speak may be tapped within any of that time framework, recognizing that each essence chooses its own entry time into the physical form. It has created the physical form from conception. It has developed the growth of that physical form, but the personality energy of essence may not be merged with that particular physical form that it has created immediately. Therefore, you may view that you may tap into a remembrance of what you may term to be before your mergence with the body form, and this shall offer you that original choice of direction within your pool of probabilities.

I caution you, though, not to be viewing this as absolute and too rigidly, for many of the pools of probabilities which are adopted initially are also changed or altered within early years of the individual, and they may be adding to their pool of probabilities to be allowing for a greater expression of their own creativity and experiences. Within this particular time period, this action has become much more common, for individuals are becoming more aware of this shift and therefore allowing more of an expansiveness of their own consciousness and openness to their awareness, therefore adding to their pool of probabilities, expanding their creativity. All of you present have altered your pools of probabilities within this particular focus to be encompassing more of your own creativity and expansiveness within consciousness.

But if you are so choosing, you may allow yourself the opportunity to be engaging this viewing, and I shall be suggesting to you that within this particular culture that you hold presently, your most efficient manner of movement initially into these areas would be to allow yourself to enter an altered state. This may be facilitated with another individual in that which you term to be hypnosis, which may offer you initially more of an ease into an altered state. You may also acquire an objective realization that you hold the ability to place yourself in this type of altered state at will yourself, and thereby offer yourself much information in many areas that you seek.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

MIKE: “Okay. That would lead me to my next thing. That financial action that we talked about last time, the last session I had with you (6), am I correct in stating that the probabilities have changed?

ELIAS: I expressed to you at our last meeting that in the direction that you were creating – for you hold doubtfulness and you do not hold the LACK of doubtfulness in the acceptance of your own creating in this situation – that you were moving into a less probable area. Therefore, you have not altered your probabilities. You are merely continuing your line of probabilities.

MIKE: Well then, may I ask that you help? Because I thought I was going along the lines that would be altering of the probabilities.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall also express to you that although within physical focus you hold the belief system that you may be offered a magic potion that shall be creating instantaneously of altered probabilities, YOU yourselves hold the ability and the choices in the area of your own probability, for you are creating entirely of your own probabilities. No other essence may be intrusive to you and be creating of any of your probabilities or choices. You are the only individual that may be creating of this.

And I may express to you also that in many areas of objective desires or wants, you do not automatically alter the choices or the probabilities that you are creating merely for the reason that you WANT this. You are altering of your probabilities in the area of addressing to your own belief systems and your own lack of acceptance of self, and in altering THESE elements of your focus, you begin to be creating objectively in the areas of your ‘wants.’

MIKE: Well, this is a tough one, because I know a lot of people who are either reading this or listening to this are going to think I’m like a spoiled brat! (Elias chuckles) But it seems as though throughout this whole time, that I’ve been in this focus anyway, that anything that I’ve wanted I’ve gotten, and this seems to be like THE only thing that has not manifested yet.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you are offering yourself your own imagery to be noticing that there are areas within you that you draw a line, so to speak, and that you may be holding the knowingness in many of your creations, but this is not to say that you automatically may be creating of every element of your wanting so very effortlessly! For you, as all other individuals within physical focus, DO hold doubtfulness in the areas of your abilities and what you may in actuality be creating within physical focus intentionally, and what you may not. Therefore, as you move into what you consider to be larger areas of creation objectively, physically, you also move yourself into the recognition that you do not entirely believe that you hold the ability to be accomplishing this, which we have spoken of at our last meeting, and I have offered to you within that meeting that this is a contributing factor or element in the lack of creating in the area of your want.

MIKE: Hmm. Is that like one of the only things that is limiting, is my belief in myself to be creating?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Only! Such a small word for such a large situation! (They both laugh) This would be the most affecting element, yes.

MIKE: Okay, so if I work on that basically, then I will dramatically change the probability then?

ELIAS: You hold the ability. I shall not express to you a confirmation of what you will or will not be accomplishing! But you hold the ability, and therefore the probability is in existence that you may be dramatically altering of your situation.

MIKE: (Sighing) Okay. Then that brings me to, why are things appearing so stagnant for my mother and I even though we’re making like a conscious effort to manifest certain elements? In other words, why aren’t things manifesting in this officially accepted reality instead of somewhere else?

ELIAS: For the same reason that I have just offered to you.

MIKE: Okay, and that goes for both of us then?

ELIAS: Correct. You are offering yourselves presently the opportunity to view this and to address to your own issues in acceptance of self.” [session 290, June 25, 1998]

JOE: “What dictates the origin of different species and their physical characteristics?

ELIAS: You! (8-second pause, during which Elias is grinning)

JOE: Explain, please.

ELIAS: (Laughing) You, as essence within consciousness, exercise your endless creativity in what you term physically as your imagination. Within consciousness, it may be expressed that you are merely exercising your abilities to be creating, exploring, and inserting into any particular given reality all elements that you chose to be inserting for your enjoyment, for your pleasure, and for your expression of curiosity. Therefore, you create all that you view within this physical reality. Your planet, your vegetation, your atmosphere, your creatures – all that exists, so to speak, physically within this dimension, you have created.

But you have also merely inserted it into this reality, and once inserted into this physical framework, as all elements within the creations are of consciousness, they also are manipulating of their own reality. You are not necessarily directing of their reality. You have merely created the expression of physical insertion into this physical reality.

In this, creatures and all of your reality holds its choices in creating of its reality – as designated through your creativity in your choice of the types of creations that you have inserted – and in their creating of their reality, they satisfy certain elements of curiosity within yourself. You have splintered aspects of your energy – aspects of consciousness – from yourself as essence and have placed them in physical form within your reality, and view how they subsequently create their own choices and their own reality in their exploration within your physical dimension, for all of consciousness is continually in movement in the exploration of its being and of its becoming. Therefore, as you create a creature, it is an element of consciousness, and it shall be creating its reality within its own exploration of its abilities physically and its exploration of its own manifestations and its own probabilities.

Therefore, you may view and observe other elements of consciousness beside your own expression of essence, which is projected into the physical form of the species you have chosen, and you may observe the choices that are created by all other elements of consciousness which also occupies your physical reality. This satisfies your curiosity and also adds an element of exploration to your becoming, for you are viewing physically elements of consciousness which are also represented physically.

JOE: Elias, if all these probabilities exist at once, then what is the true purpose of materializing them into physical reality?

ELIAS: Let us look to the creation of physical reality. It is as a game. Consciousness holds a tremendous attention in the area of exploration. It also holds a tremendous quality of playfulness and curiosity. Consciousness is curious to all that may be continuously explored and created. Therefore, you create physical realities, and in creating physical realities, you offer yourself a different type of exploration, a different type of creation and expression.

Therefore, in this, I express to you that creating within physical terms in physical dimensions is – in a manner of speaking – a playful, artful, creative expression for exploration. You at times within physical focus, as you have disassociated yourselves from your own remembrance, are forgetful of this element of your creation. But presently, as you move into more of the action of this shift, you begin to offer yourself the remembrance of all of these elements.

Now; as to probabilities, they are – in a manner of speaking – an element of exploration and experimentation. You insert into physical realities for you have chosen to be creating physical realities, and in this, you create within physical realities what is natural to you. Within all of consciousness, probabilities are continuously being created, for probabilities may be expressed as merely another term for choice. Therefore, as you are creating continuously within consciousness and within essence, you are also continuously creating choice and probabilities.

In this, you create in like manner within your physical dimensions, but within physical dimensions, you have purposefully created a singularity. You have directed your attention singularly to be experiencing certain types of creations. In this, you choose certain probabilities and you insert them into your reality, individually and collectively.

Be remembering that physical realities, in a manner of speaking, do hold their limitations, for they are physical and you are creating within a specific medium, so to speak, in like manner to different expressions of artists. They create within specific mediums. You may not be creating an element of pottery merely from paint that you shall apply to a canvas, for you are creating within different mediums. Therefore, you have chosen to be creating within the medium of physical matter and physical reality, and in this, you have also chosen to be inserting probabilities in a singular manner physically.

Now; be also understanding that although you choose a probability and you may be inserting one expression of that probability into your physical reality, it extends far beyond this throughout consciousness and is created and expressed all simultaneously.

Therefore, you are merely expressing one element of probabilities into your physical reality in singular manner of attention, which moves quite harmoniously and in like manner to how you are creating of all of your reality within this particular dimension. You do not physically create the expression of all the aspects of yourself visually, and you hold countless aspects of yourself. You create one physical form. In like manner, you choose to be creating the choice of one expression within each moment of a probability, and allow all of the other expressions of that particular probability to be actualized within other areas of consciousness, inserting merely one into this physical reality, but you are continuing to be experiencing all of these aspects of probabilities and all of the realities, physical and nonphysical. This is just merely one area of attention.” [session 408, May 30, 1999]

JOE: “... I’m trying to get a full understanding of the mechanics of physical reality creation, as probably most of us are. But what I’d like to ask you is ... and this has to do with my own business. I’m a mechanical contractor, and we do quite well in the mechanical contracting business. So evidently, even though I’m not aware of all of the intricacies involved in this, I think that I’m creating this reality the way I want it to be, or at least going in the direction that I want it to be at the present time. But in doing this ... okay, I know we create our reality based on intent and based on what we concentrate on, but how much freedom can we give ourselves in imagery and in visualizing other probabilities without affecting that track that’s already been established, as far as the reality creation goes? Did that make any sense to you?

ELIAS: Yes. The direction that you are engaging is the recognition that you have established a line of probabilities and a particular direction of creations within this focus that you are comfortable with, and wish to be expanding in that direction but not altering the entirety of the creation that you have established, correct?

JOE: Correct. But by the same token, I don’t know whether ... anyway, I think my awareness has been widening to the point where I’ll look at something that might be, and I might give myself mental imagery as to other probabilities, not probabilities that I want to actualize, but just that I’d like to explore with my imagination. But I just would like to know how far I can go with this without affecting the track that I’ve already started, or if it has any effect at all.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! In this, I shall say to you that you may explore and play with the investigation of probabilities to great extent.

In actuality, you may be exploring continuously in these areas of other probabilities that you have not inserted into this officially accepted reality, and you shall not alter what you have created in this reality. You hold....

JOE: So I should have no fearfulness whatsoever of just letting my imagination roam, and explore things that I want to explore without actually affecting this physical reality that I’ve already created?

ELIAS: Quite.

You hold the ability to be investigating and exploring any other area of consciousness – of which probable realities are – and not be altering what you have inserted into this reality. You yourself as essence know which direction you have chosen to be actualizing in this particular reality, and there is a differentiation within you.

You already hold the knowing of these actions and of your intent and of the direction that you have chosen within this particular reality. Therefore, there is no threaten that happens, so to speak, in your movement into other areas of consciousness and your investigation in other probable realities.

You in actuality may turn your attention to actual participation temporarily in a probable reality, and not be altering the insertion of actualizations in your officially accepted reality.

Now; as to whether you shall be affecting in energy of this reality, all expressions of energy are all affecting of all other expressions of energy, regardless of their direction.

But in this type of action, it may in actuality be quite beneficial to you, for if you are allowing yourself exploration of probable realities or different aspects of yourself, you may offer yourself more information and you may widen your awareness to be incorporating more of your choices and more of your own understanding of what you are creating within your officially accepted reality, which may open your awareness to more of your creativity that you may choose to be inserting into the line of probabilities that you have created within this officially accepted reality in your focus.

Therefore, be realizing that you do not create a threat to your established reality, but you may create a situation in which you offer yourself more information and more of your creativity to be expressed within your official reality.

JOE: Okay, let me give you a specific example, and I think this fits right in with your explanation, but it will just be like the icing on the cake, as far as my understanding here.

But suppose I have a job that I’m bidding on ... and I know that you get what you concentrate on, but by the same token, I’d like to have this job. I’d like for my company to receive the contract, but by the same token, I’m not concentrating on that when I also visualize what will happen if I don’t get the job, or if the job is altered or if it’s split up or if it’s put off or any of a million other things. I’m not particularly concentrating at that point in time on the job. I’m not concentrating on it to the point where I’m trying to bring it into reality. I would like to have the job, I expect to get it, but by the same token, I would also mentally like to explore all of those aspects of things that perhaps would happen if I didn’t get the job, or like those other things that I’ve said.

ELIAS: I am understanding of your confusion and the direction that you are proceeding within in this inquiry.

Let me express to you that you are not confusing your messages of yourself or your direction in the action of your exploration of other probable creations.

In this, you are confusing your thought process slightly in your direction of identification that you create what you concentrate upon, and expressing that in very literal objective terms.

Now; I express to you quite clearly, you do create what you concentrate upon, but this is not to say that you necessarily create what you are thinking about. There is a difference.

Your thoughts may concentrate upon a certain action and may concentrate upon a certain direction, a certain want. This is not to say that you may necessarily actualize that want merely for the reason that you are concentrating upon it objectively within your thought process.

This is a confusing area and concept for many individuals, for you create a thought process in very absolute terms and you listen to the information that I offer to you in very absolute terms. Therefore, it is quite easy for this information to be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

As I express to you that you shall create what you concentrate upon, this is also directly influenced, as you are aware, by your beliefs, and in this movement, I have expressed previously to other individuals: In the area of your wants, if you are creating a line of probabilities and setting those probabilities into motion, it is unnecessary for you as an individual to be concentrating upon those probabilities in a thought process or a thought pattern. It is unnecessary for the individual to continue to concentrate in thoughts upon what you are creating.

Therefore, what I am expressing essentially is, you may be engaging a situation as you have presented; a particular job, so to speak, that you want to be engaging.

Now; initially, your thought process and the movement of your energy is directed into, ‘I wish to be engaging this job.’

At that point, that moment, you may move in the direction of expressing to yourself for a time framework, ‘I shall create this job. I shall create this job. I shall engage this job. I shall be interactive with this job. It shall be my creation. It shall actualize.’ And it may not actualize, regardless that you are objectively reinforcing continuously in your thoughts to yourself a concentration upon that creation.

But you may approach the very same scenario, and you may express – WITHOUT thoughts – to yourself the trust and acceptance within yourself of the knowing that the probability has already been set in motion, and therefore it requires no more objective concentration or thought process concerning it, and in that scenario, very often you shall objectify what you want to be creating, for the key element is the trust and the acceptance of self, which allows you the objective knowing that you have already chosen a probability, and the objective thought concentration is not the energy that shall actualize or create that probability.

Therefore, this offers you an element of freedom to be moving your attention in other directions, no longer holding your attention objectively in the area of the probability that you have already set into motion and created. The knowing is set. You already hold the knowing that you shall accomplish. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be objectively concentrating.

(Intently) The objective concentration upon any particular direction is a direct expression of lack of trust, which is the reinforcement of what you are genuinely concentrating upon, and that is the doubt and the lack of knowing and the lack of trust in your abilities.

Therefore, what I express to you is correct. You shall create what you are concentrating upon, but your concentration is not necessarily a thought process. It is what you believe, where your energy is directed.

If your energy is directed in the concentration upon trust and acceptance of self and the knowing that you shall accomplish within your abilities what you set into motion within probabilities, this is what shall be actualized. If your concentration moves in the direction of discounting of self, of a lack of trust within your abilities, this is what you shall actualize.

It matters not how very intensely you are objectively THINKING with respect to any direction, for your thought process is not influencing to the point of altering your concentration.

Now; do not be confused, for I shall express to you, you shall notice that I do move in a direction at times – infrequently but at times – of engaging conversation with certain individuals, and I shall express to them to be objectively concentrating and creating a thought process of reinforcement in the direction of affirmations.

But this is slightly different, for the direction that I offer to individuals in that expression is to be concentrating within their thought process in the direction of reinforcing their own acceptance of self; not in the creation of an objective manifestation of an action or a thing, but merely to be expressing a continuous reinforcement to themselves of acceptance of self or trust of self, to be moving into an area of dissipating the energy that they hold strongly in discounting of themselves.

But I also express to individuals many times, in their inquiries of why they shall not be creating what they objectively want – and they view themselves to be concentrating quite intensely upon the creation of this objective want – that the reason they are not objectively creating or actualizing that objective want is that their objective thought process does not match the underlying concentration in belief of discounting what they want or their ability to be creating what they want.

Therefore, in the scenario that you have presented, you have already moved your energy and your attention into an acceptance that you do hold the ability to be creating and to be manipulating energy into the objectification or manifestation of your wants. You do not question or doubt your ability in this direction. Therefore, you set probabilities into motion, and you do not concern yourself with the objective thought process of concentration in that motion.

This allows you the freedom, in the knowing that the probability has already been chosen and that it shall objectify in the most beneficial manner to you, and this allows you to direct your attention in other areas in which you may quite easily explore all of the other probabilities that are actualized in other probable realities, and this shall not be affecting of what you have chosen within this reality.” [session 499, November 04, 1999 ]

ELIAS: “All that you create within your reality are choices of probabilities. Probabilities are all created within the moment. Therefore, any element that you manifest within your physical reality is a choice of a probability inserted into your physical reality in the moment.

Probabilities are momentary manifestations. They are not solid. They are not permanent, in a manner of speaking. They are momentary actualizations. Therefore, it matters not what you are physically actualizing. This applies to a physical action, to thoughts, to words, to solid objects – it matters not.

You may be choosing a probability of creating a dis-ease within one moment. You may be creating a probability of actualizing a physical manifestation of a broken bone. You may be creating an object of a cup that you have formed in pottery. You may be expressing words to another individual. You may be creating an emotion. You may be creating a thought. You may be engaging driving your vehicle.

The action, the expression, the physical manifestation in matter – a table, a wall, a cup, walking, speaking, thinking – these are all expressions of energy which are created within the moment as an actualization of a choice of a probability, and probabilities are momentary.

What holds importance is the motivation for those creations, and that is the perception. Perception is the element of your reality which actualizes all of your reality. It is the catalyst.

FRANK: It’s what chooses the probabilities, or causes them to be chosen?

ELIAS: Partially. It is the actualization. It also partially chooses the probabilities. There is an influence of the perception, which are the beliefs, which also choose the probabilities. They are influencing, many times in great strength, of the perception.

Now; the reason the perception holds such tremendous importance is that perception holds the ability to alter choice and alter actual creations instantaneously from moment to moment. Even physical matter may be instantaneously altered and reconfigured within one moment, from one moment to the next moment within your linear time framework, but that action is created by your perception.

Therefore, the actual creation holds much less importance, for this actual creation may be altered within any moment.

As I have stated previously, you may create the probability of breaking an actual bone within your physical body. Within the very next moment – in your linear time framework, within one second – you may choose a different probability, and your bone shall not be broken any longer. This is not a miracle. This is the power of choice, which is exerted through your perception.

Therefore, the physical actions, the physical manifestations, hold little importance, for they may be altered instantaneously and moment to moment.” [session 587, March 26, 2000]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: this is in reference to the “alien creature” that Mary and I created one day for a short time. In that moment, this creature was real. We can both vouch for that. However, in our officially accepted reality, it was a large plastic spoon!

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(3) Paul’s note: the term “facets” relates to qualities of our own essence or soul (including other focuses, alternate selves, and probable selves.) The terms “counterparts” and “aspects" relate to qualities of essences other than our own that are still intimately connected to the experiences of our own essence for purposes of our own value fulfillment.

To make things clear as mud, we can also hold counterpart relationships with our own focuses, alternates, probables too. In other words, these terms/qualities are not mutually exclusive qualities of essence, but intermingled.

Digests: find out more about facets of essence.

(4) Vic’s note: the new game is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

Digests: find out more about the new game (TFEs).

(5) Vic’s note: Elias often refers to the essence of Paul (Patel) as “my dear friend.” Paul (Patel) was introduced by Elias as an essence that had much relevant information to deliver, and would most likely, deliver it through Ron via “automatic writing.” Patel is the essence name and Paul is a focus of Patel’s that Ron connect’s with very strongly. Hence, we often use both names to describe this essence. Elias occasionally uses only the name Paul or Patel but they refer to the same essence. Ron began this energy exchange on June 10, 1996.

For the most part, Paul (Patel) delivers information that is similar to the information that Elias delivers. However, it seems to be of a more personal nature than the information offered by Elias. Most of the exchanges are either in response to specific questions asked, or are a complement to the concepts presented in the information offered by Elias.

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

(6) Paul’s note: Michael is referring to his question in session 279.

Transcripts: find out more about this excerpt from session 279, May 12, 1998.

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