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Elias “gems”

TOM: “Can you speak a little bit about – I’m trying to create a business that involves two partners right now – what it takes to essentially make a joint creation? I am the primary driver and leader, but how does that work with more of a joint creation as opposed to creating it yourself?

ELIAS: Correct. In these types of situations, be remembering that you may only be creating your expression and your reality. You may not be creating for other individuals.

Now; in your joint creation together, the most affecting element is your participation in acceptance of the contribution of other individuals and your own recognition within self of your opposition.

In this, many conflicts may be addressed to and also avoided in joint ventures as the individual concentrates their attention and their energy upon their own expression and is not concerning themselves with the expression of the other individuals, for there is much to be learned within your own expression.

Let us look to a situation that you may be suggesting of a certain direction as to any particular course of action that you may wish to be engaging in this joint venture. Another individual that is creating this joint venture with you may be in disagreement and may be expressing a different direction.

Now; you may be responding within yourself in a reaction of disagreement to their expression, and this shall be creating of certain twinges, so to speak, that shall arise within you. It may be triggering of certain emotional expressions; it may be triggering of certain thought processes. In this, you present yourself with the opportunity to examine your own response.

Now; be remembering that what I am expressing to you is unfamiliar. The familiar is to move into the direction of NOT looking to self and examining your own responses and your own beliefs which are triggering these responses, but to be looking to the other individual outside of yourself and automatically placing judgment upon their expression and justifying your own expression, expressing to yourself within yourself – regardless of whether you may be outwardly expressing this, but inwardly expressing to yourself – in your justification that you are right, and therefore it is unnecessary for you to be incorporating the idea of another individual.

Now; I am not suggesting to you that you may be continuously denying self and moving in the direction of being compliant with another individual. What I AM expressing to you is to be evaluating what is triggering and what is creating your responsiveness when you are in disagreement to another individual.

In this expression, as you evaluate what your expression is in your response and where it stems from, you may also be expressive of this to another individual, and in THIS expression, together you may allow yourselves to explore more of your choices than merely the ones that have been expressed between you to that point, for there is always more than two choices to every situation.

But you do not necessarily view all of the choices available to you if you are not allowing yourself to explore beyond your immediate responsiveness to each situation, for it is automatic to you all to be evaluating your situations in either/or terms, black and white terms, and cause and effect terms.

Therefore, for the most part, you move into areas that you allow yourselves to view only two choices in each situation, but there are many more than two choices with each situation. Therefore, as you look to yourself and offer yourself the identification of your own triggers, your own responses, and your own reactions to any given situation, you also open yourself to more of your choices and you allow an opening in your interaction with other individuals to incorporate more choices jointly.” [session 375, March 20, 1999]

ELIAS: “The point is to be paying attention to self and what creates triggers within you. For as you allow yourself to view what triggers automatic responses within yourself, you may also become more familiar with the beliefs that are influencing these automatic responses and thusly allow yourself more choice.” [session 928, October 16, 2001]

Elias “gems”

BOBBI: “About two weeks ago, I went through a very difficult emotional period, and I’ve been having trouble connecting it with anything. I was very tired physically ... very depressed. I felt very constricted, as if I was waiting for something truly dreadful to happen. I was expecting someone to die, to be fired ... for myself to die! It was extremely intense. At the time, I was having a series of dreams with the common thread of separation, of divorce, of graduation, of running away. At the end of all of this, there was a bit of a dream that I remember. I was washing a cloth, and I lifted it, and underneath, it had bleached out. So I’m thinking, does this mean that this was a bleed-through? Like I say, I’m having quite a difficulty connecting to what that was all about.

ELIAS: Partially a bleed-through; but essentially, what you have been experiencing and what you are also offering yourself within your imagery is a recognition of an entering or an allowance of entering into the action of this shift, and a recognition of the separation of essence to focus. This images itself to you within areas of anxiety in a partial – this be your bleed-through aspect – a partial remembrance of the lack of separation of essence to focus.

Each focus holds all of the information of essence, but you also hold a lack of remembrance. You hold no memory of essence. You have separated. You have divorced yourself. I have used this expression many times, that you have divorced yourself from essence for the purity of your experience within this dimension. But now, as you move into the action of this shift in consciousness, you reconnect yourselves with essence; and as you accomplish this, as you widen your awareness and open yourselves to essence, you also at times may hold anxiety or even the emotion of sadness or fearfulness or dread, for you have divorced yourself so very far from essence and its expression that moving closer to this natural expression of essence may be objectively fearful or hold anxiousness to you, or may even cause you sadness in what you have in your objective thought process ‘lost.’ You have not lost! But you think to yourselves within your belief systems of the joy of your creativity that you now open yourselves to, and within your belief systems you think of time frameworks lost, for this be your belief systems. It is not lost!

You have purposefully created what you have created within your separation for the purity of your experience, but you hold belief systems that express to you the negative element of what you wish to be experiencing and what you now open yourselves to, and you view within your experience, ‘Oh, the time lost! Oh, the experience lost!’ But it is not lost. You are merely expressing to yourself the emotion, within the context of your belief systems, that you need freely express to yourself, for you are an emotional creature. In this, you allow yourself the freedom to move into the experience of your new creativity.

BOBBI: Was there any trigger event to make it come on, to make those feelings come on so strongly?

ELIAS: You have been moving in this direction. You have been building, so to speak, to this. You have been offering yourself bleed-throughs and connections. These be your triggers.

BOBBI: I see.

ELIAS: But you ARE moving.

BOBBI: Hopefully, this represents that I was able to move through some of that, then.

ELIAS: Correct, and you may be acknowledging of yourself within this movement.

BOBBI: Thank you. Thank you for clearing that up.

ELIAS: And I also am acknowledging of your movement.

BOBBI: Thank you.” [session 229, October 19, 1997]

JIM: “I’ve been bothered for some time now in an area of personal conflict relating to someone close to me. The experience with this person seems not to be in alignment with my personal inner desires. Am I on the path to resolving this conflict?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Within your present direction, not necessarily. Within your desire, yes, and within the probabilities which you present yourself with, yes; but within your present course of action and interaction, no. Alter your interaction. Be listening. Be accepting and be paying attention, and in this you may offer yourself information to be more efficiently interacting and therefore affecting your future probabilities in this situation.

JIM: I went through an extended period of time in an emotionally painful – or your word, I think, is discomforting – divorce. Was it during this time that the cancer started within me?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: At what moment did I choose cancer? I seem to remember a very unusual episode where I was on a subway station in New York City, and I saw a sign that I was mesmerized with that said – it was a public service sign – it said something like, ‘One in four people will get cancer,’ and I was just astonished by that.

ELIAS: This be your objective awareness of the creation at this moment, but the action of your creation occurred previous to this, while continuing within your relationship. The ‘activization’ (Vic’s note: Elias is making up words again) of this disease occurred before you had actually disengaged this relationship. You were already beginning your creation of this disease, for you were feeling disease within yourself and objectifying this within your physical body.

JIM: I have a thought, or have had a thought, that the stress relating to the conflict in the divorce suppressed my immune system, and as a consequence, what potential cancerous cells were there, or the potential for cancer cells, if that’s the right word, were allowed to spread because of the suppression of ... caused by the stress in me. Is that an accurate description?

ELIAS: Close, within your physical terms. In actuality, you had already activated these cells and their generation, creating this disease, but you had created this in moderate forms, so to speak, not unleashing its power within energy. Within subsequent time periods, as you held to your own energy, which you term to be stressfulness, this merely is a holding to yourself of your own energy in not allowing free expression within your energy. In this, you ‘unleashed the beast,’ so to speak, in your terms. In actuality, what you were accomplishing is merely activating cells that already exist within your physical form, and directing them subjectively to be destructive.

JIM: And I have the ability to reverse that process?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

JIM: I’ve felt for some time that I have been, or that I have reversed that. Is that an accurate statement?

ELIAS: Yes, but you hold fearfulness in this area. You continue to doubt that you have completely eradicated this situation, in your terms. In this, be aware: You HAVE accomplished. Therefore, acknowledge yourself, for in not acknowledging yourself you continue to hold to the potential of recreating the same situation; but as you allow yourself the acknowledgment of your accomplishment, you also free your own energy and allow this element to dissipate and fly away and have no hold upon you.

JIM: Hmm. Is the fearfulness that I hold related to my perception that I still have conflict in a relationship?

ELIAS: Partially. This be, so to speak, your ‘back door.’

JIM: My back door? The thought?

ELIAS: You maintain a new relationship, correct?

JIM: Correct.

ELIAS: Within this underlyingly, you continue to hold some areas of fearfulness. I have expressed previously to other individuals that individuals create patterns within themselves within physical focus, creating shrines, and in this they push these shrines away from themselves into areas that you consider to be unconscious – which are not unconscious, for there is no unconscious, but within your terms you consider them to be unconscious – and in this you place very carefully these shrines of your so-called past experiences and patterns of behavior into this area. In this, you remind yourself of these so-called past events that you have built quite glamorous shrines to, that you hold fearfulness within, and you pull these shrines to yourself every so often and view them. You view a physical situation within your present situations and it triggers an element of this shrine, to which you automatically unlock the safe that contains this shrine and pull your shrine, that you may view once again and reinforce your own fearfulness. In this, within certain situations of relationships, you also reinforce fearfulness within the other individual; your partner.

I have expressed previously to your partner that great supportiveness is held within you to her, and she is untrusting of this, and this is reinforcing of your own shrines; of your own past experiences, in your terms. Therefore, you reinforce each other within your relationship. I express to you that you each may more efficiently serve yourselves and each other by looking to yourselves now, and your accomplishments, and what you may offer to each other NOW.

JIM: And to stop the cycle of fearfulness.

ELIAS: Correct. You each hold much information within yourselves. You hold much subjective awareness of yourselves and of each other. Draw upon this and look to NOW, not to past behavior.” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

SUE: “I wanted to ask about shrines. Do I have one, and if so, what should I do about it?

ELIAS: Shrines are energy that you hold that may be presentments of fearfulness. They are issues that you hold energy to yourself within the expression of. In this, yes, you do hold shrines, as many, many, many, many individuals also hold shrines. The expression objectively of shrines is that of issues that individuals hold in any given area. We have expressed the example many times of individuals holding issues in the area of personal responsibility. This creates quite an ornate shrine for many individuals!

Within your expressions within physical focus, you may be identifying the areas that you hold shrines by identifying certain issues that you hold, and a byproduct of issues that you hold is that you also shall be creating patterns repeatedly, and in the areas that you are repeatedly creating certain patterns in a certain direction, you may assure yourself that this is an area that you hold an issue and you have created a shrine, for the patterns are your objective expression of pulling forward, so to speak, your shrine, that you may place an additional gem or ornament upon it, and as you continue to hold energy in this issue, you also continue to perpetuate adorning your shrines and you perpetuate your patterns.

Individuals think of shrines as being very elusive and underlying, that they may not hold an awareness of, expressing to themselves that these are elements within their subconscious or unconscious self that are affecting of their focus without their permission. I express to you that I have stated previously many times, you do not hold an unconscious, and you also do not hold a subconscious. This implies a consciousness that is inaccessible to you or ‘less than’ any other element of consciousness that you hold, which is quite incorrect!

In this, your shrines are quite obvious to you, for you express your patterns quite objectively. In these expressions of patterns and issues, you also objectively create language to be identifying of these shrines. You create language that identifies your responses to your shrines. You express words as ‘triggers,’ ‘buttons,’ ‘pushing.’ These are your expressions of your own identification of your own issues, and each time you are identifying of these issues, you are also synonymously identifying a shrine.

Addressing to shrines is addressing to the patterns that you have created in relation to them, recognizing the issue that is the shrine itself, which is not so very difficult to be identifying. You need merely be recognizing those very elements that YOU classify as your own buttons and triggers, and once identifying those expressions, you may also identify the patterns that you set within your behavior throughout your focus, and as you address to these patterns, you begin to dismantle the shrines, for you present yourselves with viewings of your individual issues, your individual shrines, repeatedly. You do not build a shrine and place it far away from yourself and never view it. You hold it quite closely, and you are continuously pulling it outward to view and worship it!

SUE: I see. So I should not be looking for some kind of mysterious, underlying causes. (Elias grins and nods) Rather, I should be looking directly at the patterns that I see.

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Okay.

ELIAS: I express to you, as I have expressed previously, all is not hidden from you! These are ideas that are expressions of your belief systems. All is quite available to you, and you may view all of your creations quite easily. They lie before you! Your subjective and objective awarenesses are not in opposition to each other, and one is not creating any element that the other is not aware of and is also expressing in mirror action. Therefore, there is no element of your focus that is hidden from you. You are privy to it all! You merely need be viewing and paying attention and noticing what you are creating yourself.” [session 338, November 10, 1998]

MARCOS: “A different question now, regarding agreements that we make within essence. I’ve been talking about these with Cindel [Stella] and others, and reading about them in transcripts, and is there a way that we can ... when we are here in physical focus and in a conscious sense, is it possible for us to remember or to regain the memory of these agreements and to carry out these agreements? I mean, how does that happen?

ELIAS: Most definitely! You hold the ability to be offering yourselves the remembrance, and also, within the action of this shift, this would be an aspect of this shift in consciousness, to be allowing yourselves the remembrance of essence. In this, you already offer yourselves much of your remembrances, and are beginning to allow yourselves more and more of your remembrances as you move into connecting with other focuses and also other areas of consciousness.

Now; as to agreements that you have moved into within consciousness, you hold the ability to access this information also. At times it may be helpful to you, within objective terms, to be offering yourselves objective triggers, so to speak, to be jogging of your remembrance.

In this, what I am expressing is that you may be accessing certain locations or actions or events or individuals within your physical focus that may be in connection to other focuses which relate to agreements that have been made within consciousness. You may also access the remembrance of agreements through dream interaction and through the accessing of other areas of consciousness in many different manners.

All of this information is available to you, and it is your choice which direction you choose to be moving into to be accessing this information. Different ‘methods,’ so to speak – as you are so fond of methods – are accomplishing in these areas for different individuals. It is merely what you draw yourself to, within your individual methods that allow you to be connecting more efficiently, that shall be providing you with your remembrances. You may be choosing to access agreements through this out-of-body experiencing or through dream imagery, although you may also be connecting objectively with elements of agreements by allowing yourself to be revisiting certain locations in connection with other focuses, and this may offer you helpfulness in this area also.

MARCOS: Okay. Would you say that by following one’s intent, one can experience these remembrances? (Pause)

ELIAS: Your intent enters into all of your accomplishments.

Now; within an individual focus, your intent within that particular focus may be quite linked to a particular agreement which you have created within consciousness, in which it may be helpful to you to be offering yourself the remembrance, but the intent itself may not necessarily be facilitating the remembrance. It may motivate you in the direction of stimulating your remembrance in certain directions, but it is not necessarily creating of your remembrance. It is merely moving alongside of that action, and the remembrance itself may be conversely facilitating of more of an efficiency within the accomplishment of your intent within a particular focus. Are you understanding?

MARCOS: Yes I am, perfectly, and I think that’s what I was trying to say. As we follow or accomplish or carry out our intent in a very natural way, then I believe that would lead us to the locations or the individuals or the events in a very natural way, that would then trigger memory of the agreements.

ELIAS: Correct, for in this action you are following your desire, and this shall motivate you in the directions of your remembrances.” [session 341, November 21, 1998]

BOBBI: “I have another question about some imagery I’ve been getting for quite a while, of three repeating numbers. Usually they’re even numbers, like two, two, two, or four, four, four, or six, six, six, and they seem to happen a lot, all over the place. Lately it’s been a lot of two, two, two. Is there anything to that?

ELIAS: These numberings that you are offering to yourself once again may be attributed to the particular situations that you present to yourself within given time frameworks. Each individual within physical focus moves into directions of offering themselves triggers, so to speak, or gauges, or what you may term to be indicators.

Now; some individuals are not paying attention to their indicators. Other individuals allow themselves to notice and shall become aware of these indicators. In this, they may gain your attention – as with yourself – in appearing in what seems to be random fashion and for no apparent reasoning, but they are quite precise.

Now; as you offer the repeated number of 2, also look to the events and the issues that you are presenting yourself with within the present now. Many of the situations and the issues and the aspects of belief systems that you offer to yourself for viewing presently also involve this mirror action with this individual of your mother.

In this, your indicator is your number 2, for it is expressing to you that indication that you are addressing two elements to yourself; the mirror action; two individuals, yourself and this other individual.

As you allow yourself the presentment of other repeated numbers, you may also look to your immediate events and your immediate attention and the actions that are occurring within your focus within that present, and you shall offer yourself the viewing that the same number of focused attentions are occurring as the number that is presenting itself to you in repetition.

What I am expressing by ‘focused attentions’ is, the area that you place your attention to be addressing to different aspects of belief systems or different issues within that moment.

Are you understanding?

BOBBI: Yes, I think so. That’s why two is so predominant right now.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Okay....

ELIAS: Many times, although not entirely – therefore, do not be confused – but many times you offer this indicator to yourself in numerical form as you are choosing to be addressing to that number of individuals, which includes yourself.

Therefore, if you are presenting yourself with the number 4, you may look to your interaction and you may view that you are attending to issues or aspects of belief systems that involve yourself and three other individuals.

As I have stated, this is not entirely the situation, for at times you focus this number merely on the issues that you are presenting yourself with. But generally speaking, you have created this numerical system with yourself to be your indicator as to your involvement with a number of other individuals.

Presently you involve yourself with two: yourself and your mother. At other time frameworks, you involve yourself with four: yourself and your children and your partner. At other time frameworks, you may be presenting yourself with dealings with six. This may involve any combination of different individuals, and not necessarily those that you identify as family members, although generally speaking, you do move in this direction more often than not.” [session 358, February 01, 1999]

JIM: “… in understanding that I didn’t get my ringworm from my cat, and that there isn’t bacteria and fungus and viruses out there waiting to get you, and that your subjective awareness, in connection with energy and cellular structure and so forth, is creating of the body’s physiology, how ... within current medical theory, bacteria and fungus and viruses cause illness, and I’m beginning to shift my perception. How is it that the bacteria manifests the fungus or the virus? We do that ourselves within our subjective awareness, and that is also created? It signals to the cell itself, and it’s created within the body? I don’t see it as an organism from outside coming in and invading the body as much as medical science now perceives. Seth (1) had spoken about this too. I wonder if you could help me with some clarification in that area.

ELIAS: Yes. In this, you hold the potential for affectingness of all dis-ease or illnesses within your physical form already.

Now; there ARE certain elements which you have created within your physical environment which may be, in a manner of speaking, transmitted from one creation to another creation. In this, do not be confused within your thought process that you are receiving a type of foreign entity into your physical form, for this is incorrect. What you are creating are certain triggers that appear to be invading you, so to speak, from outside, but in actuality, they are triggering actions that stimulate certain aspects of your physical form into creating certain illnesses.

Now; I shall express to you that in certain situations, you may not necessarily hold within your physical form a particular virus or germ, as you term this to be, but you shall create it and allow for its appearance within your physical form as you create the action of the trigger, for what you shall be accomplishing is a type of mutation of your own cells within your physical form. You are re-creating certain cells within your physical form to match the trigger action, and thereby be creating of the dis-ease. You do this for many different reasons.

But let me express to you that one example of this type of action is the creation of your dis-ease that you label to be malaria. You hold the belief that the creation of an insect and the action of its biting you – as IT is infected – shall be infecting you within your physical form. Therefore, you perceive yourselves to be contracting a dis-ease from outside of yourself.

What I am expressing to you is that you yourselves have created the creature of the insect and have also created the action of the insect biting you, and in this have created your method, so to speak, of trigger action, which your body consciousness shall be responsive to and shall be re-creating or mutating certain cells within your physical form to be accommodating of the trigger action which you have created, and therefore, you shall create the dis-ease.

JIM: Hmm. That’s a little bit, then, a belief, and the energy that’s within that belief as well, in many situations.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 368, March 05, 1999]

GINA: “What issues are my husband and I trying to show ourselves? There’s been a lot of conflict between us lately, and I’m just wondering how I can try to change that and what I can do to not experience conflict on my part between us.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this is directly related to this wave within consciousness which is occurring presently, addressing to the belief system of sexuality.

Now; I have expressed previously, recently, explanations of this creation and belief system of sexuality, and that it is far more expansive than you view it to be. In this, it is also much more camouflaged than many of your belief systems within this physical dimension, for there are many elements of this particularly belief system that you do not identify as an element of a belief system.

In this, as this particular belief system is being addressed, it is creating responsiveness within many individuals – yourselves also – and may be creating of much conflict.

Your creation of sexuality involves your perception: how you view yourselves and how you view your world, how you interact with yourselves and how you interact with your world.

In this, you and your partner share the same orientation within this particular manifestation presently, but you also are influenced by different aspects of belief systems.

Now; in this influencing of different aspects of belief systems, you find yourselves projecting to each other in the expression of conflict, for each of you holds to your own perception of your own aspects of beliefs.

What you are creating is – as I have expressed the analogy of the stick and the ball previously, the stick being the beliefs which are influencing or pushing of the ball which is your perception – you are pushing your ball with your stick and he is pushing his ball with his stick and you are pushing your balls into each other, colliding with each other. In this expression, you may identify to yourself that neither of you is seeming to be choosing to give, in flexibleness. (2)

Now; the reason for this situation is that you are holding very tightly to your own perceptions, and you are not allowing for the reality of each other’s perceptions.

Let me express to you that your perception creates your reality. Therefore, it IS your reality and it is real, but each individual’s perception is reality. They may be different, but they are all reality.

In this, I express to you that as you turn your attention to self – as I have expressed within the response to the previous question involving the situation of conflict – as you are looking to self and examining your own participation and perpetuation of your own beliefs and of your own lack of acceptance of self, this shall be helpful to you within your interaction.

Couple this with the understanding that your partner’s perception is their reality also. Therefore, it matters not that you may be expressing many times of any particular idea or situation. This may not necessarily be influencing in the other individual’s reality, for he also is holding very tightly to his own energy and his own beliefs and the influence of his own beliefs.

Now; I shall express to you in this that you may be moving through these types of expressions and accomplishing what you seek to be accomplishing in eliminating this conflict in relation to the relationship, for you do hold the same orientation.

This is not to say that you may not move through these types of situations were you to be holding different orientations, but it would be exceedingly more difficult, for in holding different orientations, you also – in a manner of speaking – hold different languages, for you hold very different types of perceptions.

YOUR perceptions are merely different as influenced by your beliefs. This is much easier to be moving through and eliminating conflict with than would it be were you holding different orientations.

In this – viewing yourself singularly and addressing to YOU, not to the situation of your partner – I express to you that if you are allowing yourself to move more deeply into self, you may be quite affecting of this situation of conflict.

Now; I also express to you that I hold an awareness that this is not a task easily undertaken, for in this, it is not merely a question or situation of altering your own behavior, but to be noticing – within each moment of interaction – what your individual personal triggers are, in which you hold many.

First of all, you may be identifying your own triggers. There are certain expressions that may be offered to you by your partner that you shall automatically accept, assimilate inwardly, and it shall be a trigger to be reinforcing duplicity.

In this, the resulting action of that reinforcing of duplicity is to be initially hurt, and subsequently experiencing the emotion of anger and turning the hurtfulness outward towards the other individual.

Now let me explain to you the action which is occurring in this type of situation.

GINA: Okay.

ELIAS: The other individual expresses to you any type of behavior or statement that triggers you, and therefore is creating the feeling or the emotion of hurtfulness within you.

Let us stop momentarily.

This feeling of hurtfulness is the identification of your agreement of your own lack of acceptance, your own unworthiness. This is what creates the feeling of hurtfulness, for as the other individual expresses to you, as an example, ‘Your behavior is unacceptable,’ you are receiving the statement, you are accepting the statement, and within you underlyingly, you are agreeing with the statement.

Therefore, you are offering the hurtfulness to yourself in not acknowledging your own worthiness. This creates frustration within self, for you do not objectively identify what you are participating within and what you are in actuality creating.

GINA: I see.

ELIAS: Therefore, you turn this expression and project outwardly that which you are in actuality expressing to self and you produce retaliation behavior, for you are expressing what you underlyingly are expressing to self, and the battle which is raging is that within self. It is merely being mirrored outwardly between yourself and another individual.

Now; what may be complicating this situation is that you are each participating in the same action, and as you are participating in this action, you are also mirroring to each other those elements that you are not accepting within self. Therefore, when one individual expresses, ‘You are inadequate as a parent; you are not accomplishing in the manner that you should,’ the other individual is receiving this information as a mirror expression of their own perception of self and their own lack of acceptance of self.

Or, the individual may express, ‘You are not listening to me. You do not hear what I say.’ What you are in actuality expressing is merely an outward projection of the statement which you are creating for yourself. You are not listening to self. You are not acknowledging of self. Therefore, you look outside to another individual to be producing that action for you, and as they are not, you move in the direction of projecting all of your frustration outwardly.

Now, in turning your attention to self and expressing the acknowledgment to self that you are not listening and paying attention to self, and offering to self what you are seeking outside from another individual, you may more efficiently address to the issue and be eliminating the conflict.” [session 380, April 02, 1999]

NICKY: “… I just got finished telling Mary what I was experiencing yesterday, which brought back to my memory the times before that this particular thing happened, and I don’t have down pat exactly the circumstances when it transpires. I mean, I have kind of an awareness of what it is. I’d like to know, why do I stop myself from speaking by getting this tickle in my throat, this itch in my throat, and I can’t speak?

ELIAS: You, in like manner to many individuals, allow yourself within your awareness certain triggers and certain objective creations that shall be what you may term to be reminders or alarm systems, so to speak, and as you move into certain directions, you create a trigger that shall draw to your attention what you are engaging within.

In your situation, what you have created is this physical element within your throat, which is affected by your blue energy center, which is directing of communication, and as you – which you are aware of already – begin to engage certain areas of communication, as you have allowed yourself to widen your awareness, you also engage this trigger and you are responsive to this trigger. Therefore, you disengage your communication within those moments, for this action provides you the opportunity to evaluate what you are engaging in that communication and how you are projecting energy to other individuals, and how in your communication you may be reinforcing the very aspects of belief systems that you are attempting to be addressing to and allowing yourself to be accepting of.

But these areas have become so very automatic with you all that at times, individuals such as yourself choose to be offering themselves objective triggers to be reminding them each time they are engaging such an activity that shall be reinforcing of the particular aspects of belief systems that they are addressing to within that time period.

NICKY: Oh. So what am I doing when I’m stopping myself, when I get that cough? I’m ... would you repeat that last part again?

ELIAS: You are disengaging your communication, that you may also disengage lending energy to and perpetuating the aspect of the belief system within that communication that you are addressing to presently.

Example: Within this present time framework, you are addressing to aspects of beliefs that concern judgments. Therefore, at times you may be engaged in communication with another individual and you may not hold an objective awareness of how your communication may be projecting judgment in the very manner that you are attempting to address to and disengage continuing.

Therefore, what you have created is an objective, physical trigger that in certain moments, when you are not entirely objectively aware of how your communication may be lending energy to the very aspect that you wish not to be lending energy to, you engage this trigger through your blue energy center, creating an irritation within your throat which gains your attention, and in responding to this trigger and your attention to this action, you disengage your communication and become quiet. In this quietness, you allow yourself to be listening.

Now; in this action, as you are listening, if you allow yourself even more of an awareness, you may evaluate the position of the other individual, recognizing that they be no different from yourself. You are all projecting energy and creating your reality through your beliefs. The beliefs that you align with and the expressions of them may be different, but you are all projecting through your beliefs.

Therefore, you may choose within those moments to be listening to the other individual and their expression, and accepting that their expression is that of their own reality. Be it different from your own or not, it is their reality, and in this, you may also offer yourself the opportunity to be more accepting and to realize those areas of yourself that you are not accepting of, which creates your reaction.” [session 392, May 07, 1999]

LETTY: “I had another temporary pain manifestation that I created – by me, of course – that when I had an asthma episode and I coughed, I got this sharp pain under my left arm. It hasn’t come recently, and my asthma episodes are also kind of like on hold, or they have diminished. I still have a little bit of tightness in breathing every once in a while, but I know that I’ve felt your energy, and I’m trying to pay more attention to what’s happening right in the now. So, I’m wanting to ask you about this temporary pain.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Castille [Letty], that you are creating, once again, physical manifestations, but in this, you are choosing to be creating certain expressions temporarily that may gain your attention but shall also not be ongoing in their affectingness of you.

In this, what you are accomplishing is addressing to certain expressions that are creating of your restriction of breath, therefore alleviating that affectingness in part, but continuing in your creation of physical affectingness in temporary expressions, that you may continue to gain your attention in certain areas.

Therefore, you are no longer moving in the direction of automatically creating the continued restriction in your breathing, but moving more fully into discontinuing of that particular action, but at times are creating of certain quick movements that shall gain your attention efficiently but not be creating of what you term to be a lasting effect. Are you understanding?

LETTY: Yes, yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, in this, you may be noticing temporary effects that are being created physically that may hold more of an intensity within the moment, but they are not continued.

Therefore, they are merely small triggers to gain your attention within that moment, and a recognition that it is unnecessary for you to be continuing with that expression, as you HAVE gained your attention.

LETTY: Oh, wonderful! That makes a lot of sense, because I have been feeling that my episodes are much shorter, and I have been trying to work on the now. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I am acknowledging of your movement in this area, holding an awareness that you have been attending to this situation of your creations physically for a continued time framework, and you now begin moving into the direction of discontinuing this particular action.

LETTY: Wonderful. Thank you. That’s something to really look forward to!” (Elias chuckles) [session 396, May 16, 1999]

JIM: “In our last session [#368, March 05, 1999], you spoke of the trigger action associated with the creation of a disease. What action can we take when this action begins to take place, and recognize the action, and perhaps alter the creation of that particular situation or disease, as in the case of malaria, which you gave as an example, or other diseases and so forth that offer these triggers?

ELIAS: Let me express to you once again that this would be the situation in which you need be viewing the individual action and the reason that the individual is choosing to be participating in accessing these triggers, for individuals purposefully draw to them these types of experiences that may be beneficial to them within their individual value fulfillment.

In this, they may be subsequently engaging another individual’s helpfulness to be disengaging the action that they have initially created, but it is not necessarily a situation to be expressed of PREVENTION of these types of creations, although this is the direction that your mass beliefs move into.

This is another area that you have developed within your belief systems: that you may be creating more efficiently if you are creating uniformly of what you term to be ‘good health,’ and you may be facilitating this state of good health if you are moving in the direction of prevention of dis-ease.

I express to you that you may be moving in the direction of creating actions to be preventing of certain types of dis-ease, but you shall also create different dis-ease[s] that are not preventable, for you shall continue to be creating other expressions, other types of affectingnesses to be expressing your individual energies – individually AND en masse – in these types of manners, for this is familiar to you. You choose to be manipulating energy in this manner to be gaining your attention and to be beneficial to you in many different manners, in which it DOES gain your attention if you are creating uncomfortable situations within your physical form.

I express to you that this is another direction in which individuals within the intent of the Tumold in physical focus – in conjunction with your belief systems – may become confused, for you view yourselves to be engaging the action of healing in the terms that have been expressed within your officially accepted reality, and that is to be fixing and preventing, and I express to you that this is not necessarily the point, but to be responsive to other individuals or creatures or any element of consciousness that may be REQUESTING your interaction for helpfulness, in offering it the remembrance of its natural state.” [session 412, June 08, 1999]

GAIL: “I have another question. When Danny and I get together and connect within our energy centers, first we were experiencing the feeling of sexual pleasure, and now it seems to be going off into another space that seems familiar to me. It seems like I used to go there as a child, into that space. Could you give me any information on what this is about?

ELIAS: I express to you that what you are allowing yourself is also an element which is involved in this issue that you hold. In this, you allow yourself to be experiencing in conjunction with another individual in relationship, but you also move in certain directions.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that you will allow yourself, as you are moving within this issue, to move in certain directions merely to a point, and once you have approached this point, so to speak, you have created a barrier in this area and refuse to allow yourself to be moving beyond this barrier. THIS is the element of openness and vulnerability.

In this, there is an element of fearfulness in which you hold, for you hold an expectation of other individuals in the manner that they may be moving into connection with your energy field, and if you are allowing them to be penetrating your energy field, you may be experiencing hurtfulness. Therefore, you hold to your energy within your energy field, and shall allow an openness with other individuals but not a penetration of your energy field, for there is a lack of trust of what may be created in that action by another individual.

Now; hear this!

I express to you in this situation that it is not in actuality what another individual may be creating or projecting to you. But in actuality, the fear is projected from within yourself in the area of a lack of acceptability with concern to yourself, that were you to be offering the expression of vulnerability and openness entirely to another individual, you shall also expose to another individual that area of yourself which you guard very carefully, for this is the area of yourself that you view to be unacceptable, and as you view this to be unacceptable, you hold an expectation that other individuals shall view you as unacceptable also. Therefore, you hold tightly to this area of your energy.

What you are creating in this action is, you shall allow yourself a time framework and certain situations and circumstances in which you will allow an openness, in part, and a vulnerability, in part, which draws to you the expressions of other individuals in intimate manner, but once the approach has been accomplished, there is a trigger which occurs within you ...

GAIL: Um-hmm.

ELIAS: ... sounding....

GAIL: I was trying to go back within myself to a point when I didn’t feel that way, and I couldn’t find that point. I mean, usually I can go back to an issue and look at it, and know before that point that I felt okay. But I tried to go back, and I can’t find a point where I feel open.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, William [Gail], this is the point.

You have moved in the direction for much time framework to this point in similar manner, in which your individual method to be allowing yourself information with self has been to turn your attention pastly. I express to you that in this, you may be moving much more efficiently to not be turning your attention pastly, but to hold your attention within the now – present – and view your expression NOW and address to your expression and your issue within the now.

It matters not what you have created pastly, for each creation is the experience within the moment. It is merely aspects of your belief systems that lead you into a direction of a thought process in which you THINK that each action that you create is dependent upon another action, or that one action stems from another action. I express to you that this is an element of your officially accepted reality within your linear time framework. Therefore, it is quite familiar to you.

But in this, I am expressing to you that you may be offering yourself a much more efficient manner of addressing to this issue if you are holding within the now, examining and noticing what you are creating within the moment; not necessarily moving your attention into evaluating all that surrounds the action within the moment, but to merely notice and inquire of yourself why you are feeling what you are feeling. OR, be noticing your behavior, and in that, notice the moments in which you have ‘put out’ your feeling, in which you are ‘switching off’ your feeling, and you are not allowing the expression of emotional feeling at all.

In this, you have created quite an efficient protection system, so to speak. But I express to you that any system of protection is merely a limitation and a barrier that individuals create, and a method to be preventing themselves from their own expression of openness and vulnerability, and as you do not allow in any moment that movement of openness and vulnerability, you also constrict your movement in your widening of awareness. Are you understanding?

GAIL: Yes ... yes. So basically, no cause and effect, and stay in the moment, and pay attention to how I’m feeling, right?

ELIAS: Correct. I express to you quite literally: although your belief systems move in the direction of expressing to you that all within your reality is an element of cause and effect, I express to you once again, this is an aspect of belief systems and is not in actuality an absolute, for there is no cause and effect.” [session 414, June 11, 1999]

GUIN: “Elias, I have a question regarding our little creatures, regarding my little creature [dog] that has seizures, and if you can offer me helpfulness on the relationship between the coinkidinks of the seizures and the death of other animals of people that are close to me, and if you could be offering of any information that would be helpful in my conflict with this! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: First of all, as you are aware, the physical manifestation within the choice of this creature moves in conjunction with your energy also. You hold an awareness of this already.

(Firmly) This is not bad!

CATHY: No, it’s good! (Laughter)

ELIAS: First of all, you are not inflicting energy upon this creature, and therefore it is subsequently creating these seizures, so to speak. There is no fault, there is no blame, and this is not a bad creation. It is merely an agreement and a responsiveness.

I shall also express to you that the action of a seizure, so to speak, incorporated within a creature is different than the action which is created in an individual of your species, and the physical elements associated with this creation are different.

Some individuals – not all, but some individuals – manifesting this type of creation in seizures experience painfulness physically, which also is in alignment with their individual belief systems that this type of action shall be creating of painfulness physically. Not all individuals that choose to be creating these seizures do experience painfulness in conjunction with the action of these seizures, which also would be influenced by their belief systems.

The creatures do not hold belief systems. Therefore, they also do not incorporate pain in these actions, for they do not associate negative, so to speak, in conjunction with this type of action, and recognize that this is merely a choice that they are creating in conjunction with energy which is expressed by the individuals that they are associating with.

As you are responsive to certain elements within your reality and as you create certain triggers within yourself in conjunction with your experiences, the creature also identifies those triggers that you are experiencing, and the creature creates a triggering mirror action in conjunction with you, and creates an objective expression of the seizures.

(With emphasis) I express to you strongly, this is not bad. I express to you strongly, you are not creating this in the creature. The creature holds a choice, and is creating this action in response – as a choice – to trigger actions.

You allow a triggering action within yourself in emotional situations. You create a triggering action within yourself as you present yourself with emotional situations in conjunction with yourself and with other individuals. You automatically respond. This is the trigger action, and as you automatically respond, hypothetically speaking, there is an action that is created in energy. Hypothetically, the action may be likened to a spark.

You create or draw yourself to situations and experiences which trigger an emotional automatic response within yourself. At times, you are pushing this emotional response and not allowing your expression of it objectively.

In that action, you are diverting your attention. This creates a spark, and the spark – this is a hypothetical example – creates a trigger, or the recognition of a trigger, within the creature, and the creature responds to its trigger and creates the seizure.

Now; you may not objectively be creating a tremendous emotional responsiveness outwardly or objectively each time the creature is creating a seizure, but underlyingly, the trigger within you has been engaged regardless of your choice of how you express this objectively or outwardly. Underlyingly, there is a recognition that you are responding in an automatic type of response. The creature identifies this action, notices the spark, and chooses to be responsive to that in conjunction with you.

Now; understand that previously I have engaged the language or the words of expressing to individuals that the creature that interacts with them may be creating a physical responsiveness or action for them, so to speak. Figuratively speaking, this is correct, and I may express that also to you, but I am altering of the terminology for the reason that those particular words also trigger an automatic response within you in assuming personal responsibility and guilt, (stopping and grinning at Guin, and everybody laughs) in which you express that you hold fault for the choice of the creature; that if the creature is creating an action for you, expressing the turmoil or the writhing that you do not allow yourself to be expressing, your immediate automatic interpretation of that explanation is to be expressing guilt and that you are inflicting an expression upon a creature which is helpless, and this is NOT the situation.

The creature holds an awareness of what it is creating, and has chosen to be engaging this action as a mirror expression. This in actuality, in like manner to many expressions of creatures that participate in relationship with you as individuals, is an expression of helpfulness, in a similar manner to those actions which are expressed through counterpart action.

Now; hear what I am expressing to you! For if you are allowing yourself to view counterpart action, you do not feel guilty for the counterpart action that another individual engages in conjunction to you. They are merely experiencing another action, and in that action, you – in a manner of speaking – reap the benefit of their experience without the actual physical manifestation or creation of those particular experiences within your focus, and you create this same action in like manner in conjunction with other individuals. You create experiences that they choose not to be creating, and they reap the benefit of those experiences through the counterpart action. There is no hurtfulness or harmfulness in this counterpart action, and you do not incorporate guilt or blame in viewing that type of action, but conversely view this action as a beneficial action.

In conjunction with the creature, you may view this also as a type of beneficial action. The creature, in agreement with you, has chosen to mirror what you shall not express, and creates an objective physical expression in extreme of what you choose not to allow to be expressed within yourself.

This also offers you an opportunity to turn your attention and allow yourself to move your perception slightly, recognizing that you are not creating the reality of the creature. It is creating its own reality through its own choices. It is not a victim, and in this, you are not responsible for the choices. You are participating in conjunction with each other. You are participating in your choices together, but you are not creating choices for each other.

I am understanding that within the beliefs of individuals in this physical dimension, as you do hold an underlying knowing that your creatures are a creation of you all and that they are not an element of essence, you translate that knowing objectively into an expression of responsibility, and you also translate that into an expression of objectifying that your creatures are “less than" you are.

You as essence, you as human species, are “more than" your creatures, and many individuals may argue very much with this statement, but this IS what you believe. And as they are “less than,” you need be creating an expression of responsibility that you must be care-taking for them, for they do not hold choices and they do not create their reality. You create it for them.

They DO create their reality. They ARE consciousness. Consciousness is not less than essence. It is all consciousness. They are merely different expressions. They do create their individual choices.

They may not express their manifestation in the same manner that you express your manifestation; they do not hold the same type of thought process that you hold. They do not create their reality quite the same as you create your reality, and they do not hold belief systems as you hold belief systems.

But they DO hold free will and they DO create their choices quite purposefully and quite intentionally, not accidentally and not coincidentally! (Grinning at Guin)

Therefore, as you are triggered by different experiences – disengagements of other individuals, different expressions within yourself and your responses to yourself and to other individuals – the creature chooses to be manifesting a responsiveness, mirroring the trigger action and creating an expression that you do not allow yourself to create.

This creates a difficulty in your interaction with the creature, for as you all hold this belief that creatures are less than and that you need be responsible for and care-taking of, as a creature creates a choice in this type of manner, you translate this into responsibility of your own, and you create guilt.

Therefore, if you are allowing yourself to turn slightly ... and recognize that the reason you incorporate distress or anxiety as the creature creates the seizure is that you feel responsible. You believe that you are creating or inflicting a reality upon the creature. You experience a lack of acceptance within yourself, and in this also, you present yourself your expression of helplessness, and in this helplessness, there is a recognition of the underlying knowing that the creature in actuality does create its own choices, and that you may not create its choices for it.

Even within those choices that you view you are creating a choice for a creature – and there are choices that you incorporate within physical focus of altering certain elements of creatures’ realities, that you are not inquiring of permission from the creature to be altering their reality, and you engage that action – were the creature not in agreement with you, IT WOULD NOT OCCUR. The creature would create a choice to facilitate the action differently, and it would not occur, for they do hold participation and choice in agreement or lack of agreement with you.

(To Vic) And you may express to Michael [Mary] – and we shall not continue, in compliance with his wishes, so to speak (3) – that he is correct in his assessment of his creature’s choice to be creating a choice to not be altering its reality in a manner that it was not in compliance with, and the choice that it engaged was to be disengaging. This is merely a choice, and the creature, without belief systems, views it in no other manner but that it is a choice. It chooses not to participate in certain actions. Therefore, it shall choose to be creating of a different action.

(To Guin) And your creature is creating its actions and manifestations in like manner. It is its choice.

As you allow yourself to identify your own beliefs, as you allow yourself to recognize that your difficulty or your anxiety in viewing the choice of the creature is in actuality a responsiveness to your own beliefs, you may also offer yourself the opportunity to translate this in conjunction with other individuals, for other individuals create choices that you may not like either, and that you may hold an anxiety for in conjunction with their choices, but these are your beliefs, that you shall not engage what they are engaging.

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Smiling)

SUE: Elias, could I ask a quick question about my cat? You know she had asthma for several years, and a couple months ago, it went away. I can see a physical reason for it, a change in the environment that would explain it (4), but I’m wondering if it’s also a reflection of a change in my attitude.

ELIAS: You are correct.

SUE: Okay, thank you. I just wanted to confirm that.” [session 502, November 11, 1999]

Exercises: find out more about the no conflict game.

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Jane Roberts engaged an energy exchange with an “energy personality essence” named Seth from December 1963 until her passing in September 1984. Seth/Jane produced over 40 books of material during that time that now forms a body of the perennial philosophy called the Seth Material. (The Early Sessions, Books 1-9 are now available, [sessions 1-510].)

Digests: find out more about Seth/Jane Roberts.

(2) Paul’s note: Elias presented a stick and ball analogy in session 331, October 16, 1998 to help describe the relationship between belief systems – the stick – and our perception – the ball. The point is that the stick is neutral, but the action of our perception in relation to our beliefs is a whole other story.

Transcripts: find out more about the stick and ball analogy.

(3) Paul’s note: Mary specifically stated before this session to the entire group that she didn’t wish anyone to ask any questions regarding her dog, Chelsea, who had just passed away several days earlier after a sudden illness.

(4) Paul’s note: Sue recently moved to Berkeley, California to pursue a Masters degree program in Library Science.

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