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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Together, en masse, subjectively, you have all agreed upon certain organizations of energy which manifest into certain objects that you term to be matter. There are some manifestations that you do not all agree upon. Therefore, you may create the physical object, but this physical object is not permanent.

“Now; I shall also express to you, there is more involved with this subject matter, for I have expressed to you that at times within your focus, there are bleed-throughs that you may physically view. Therefore, it is dependent upon the action. Within agreement, certain individuals may be open to viewing a bleed-through spontaneously together. Within other situations, individuals may create their own imagery and may translate this physically.” [session 139, December 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “If you are thinking in terms of things, you may think of time as a thing which disperses itself into many other things, creating many dimensions of itself. Time creates many of the existing dimensions itself. This is different from areas of consciousness, of which we have spoken previously. They are as different rooms within a house; each room symbolizing a different dimension, but the house contains all of the rooms; the house being the element of time.

“We have spoken of blinking in and blinking out and intervals of time. We have spoken of the symphony of consciousness, and you as the unexpressed notes. (1) The expressed symphony are the links of consciousness, which are creating of all. They are in all time frames, and everywhere at once. You are singularly focused as the unexpressed notes.

“Within the subject of time intervals, we have spoken previously of the rhythm of your particular time creation, your dimension of time; which within your created dimension of reality you also encompass many sub-dimensions, for all of your time periods exist simultaneously, although you view them linearly. So, within one time reality dimension there are many time dimensions that you see as past, future, and present.

“All time frameworks are not completely, consistently, immaculately precise within a certain rhythm. As your scientists already are aware, time is flexible. It is elastic. Therefore, the intervals are not spaced evenly. Within all other dimensions, the intervals are not spaced evenly either. Therefore, at ‘times’ (grinning) these intervals intersect. You may have one dimension of time intervals blinking on and off, say as a string of blinking lights which do not blink precisely within an exact rhythm. As you place another string of blinking lights next to this first string, it also blinks not precisely in rhythm. Therefore, eventually some of the lights will blink simultaneously.

“In this same manner, you experience bleed-throughs within time frameworks. You experience bleed-throughs within your own reality of other focuses. You may experience déjà vu, of which we have spoken previously. I offer you more understanding now of this experience of déjà vu. I have expressed previously that this is involved with your time element and your perception of time. You hold your attention singularly; but although you project a focus into one singular time framework, you innately know your own multidimensionality. Therefore, you are receptive to recognizing bleed-throughs of unofficial information. You do not always hold an explanation for this information, for you have forgotten intentionally. Therefore, you create new explanations, such as a feeling of déjà vu.

“You also experience bleed-throughs of other dimensions. These bleed-throughs, within time frameworks, are not limited to your own reality. Some of your bleed-throughs may be an intersection of an entirely foreign, to your way of thinking, existence that you may witness realistically within your waking objective experience. Individuals view crafts and hold no explanation for their existence, as they also disappear quite quickly. These, at times, also are intersections of time intervals. This is unofficial information.” [session 152, February 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “You have only three [inner senses]. It is unnecessary to boggle yourselves with all of these categorizations. You hold your empathic sense, your conceptualization sense, and your sense of differential time. These be all you need to be connecting with all of your subjective activity and allowing for your understanding of bleed-through information.” [session 205, August 10, 1997]

ELIAS: “There are other elements that appear within your dimension, those which you term to be designs – crop circles – that are not created by you. These are bleed-throughs from other dimensions; signposts, street signs, so to speak, that bleed through from other dimensions and imprint themselves within your dimension. These are not your creations, but they appear within your dimension.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “We shall briefly continue on with our discussion of Source Events this evening. We were previously discussing Source or Master Events, to which some of you incorporated some confusion. We have discussed mass creations and situations in the area of illness and your weather patterns. I will express to you, speaking in the area of Source Events, you may gain a slightly larger perception of these as we move into the area of religious creations, for this spans a greater amount of time, as you view it, in one area; and also involves many individuals throughout your world that you individually may view as connected to certain religious belief systems. Also, you yourselves are very affected by these types of belief systems.

In this Source Event, within Regional Area 2, the myth is created collectively within consciousness. The myth is much vaster than the interpretation which physically manifests. It also is affected by other Source Events within other Regional Areas of other dimensional focuses, this being the action that you may view as bleed-throughs into your dimension; aligning with religious belief systems, but not quite focusing within your officially accepted religious belief systems. Therefore, you create new belief systems which also fall into the category of religious belief systems. They stem from other religious belief systems within other dimensional focuses, but as all consciousness is connected and intertwined with all consciousness, (smiling) many areas of consciousness bleed through to others.

Some individuals may be intersecting with these belief systems and misinterpreting their origin, not having the information of the Source Event, and where, so to speak, it is coming from. Therefore, you incorporate many belief systems that all fall into one category, so to speak. These all stem from one myth, that which you would perceive as the original; although this is an inefficient term, for in actuality, there is no original, as you perceive an object or an idea. These things hold solidity; or, to your perception, hold a sort of solidity. A Source or Master Event does not. It is an action within consciousness, a very highly creative and expressive action of collective consciousness interaction between essences and The Creating Universal One And Whole. We shall explore, partially, these bleed-throughs later.” [session 88, April 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have expressed that individuals globally shall experience trauma within the action of this shift. You yourselves experience bleed-throughs of subjective consciousness which may be confusing to you initially. You learn to identify these subjective bleed-throughs and understand that these are elements of self. Individuals who hold no objective knowledge of subjective consciousness merely develop a new belief system that they are experiencing insanity, for they also shall experience the same elements that you experience. They only do not hold explanation for these experiences; this being why there are individuals who have drawn themselves to information, to be helpful to other individuals within consciousness and within furthering this shift.

Q: ... Describe this bleed-through a little more thoroughly. Is it an actual change in our vision?

ELIAS: Bleedthroughs may occur in many different ways. This is subjective consciousness, that which you think of in your terminology as unconscious, which is not unconscious for there is no unconscious! All is conscious! But subjective activity and consciousness is that which you are not objectively or wakingly always aware of.

These are elements of yourself. They are elements of your essence; activity, action, events, movement that occurs continuously within the movement of this shift in consciousness. As you have all agreed upon this shift, you allow yourselves now to experience what we term to be bleed-throughs of subjective activity or consciousness into your objective waking awareness. You do this as you would be traumatizing yourselves if you were to be opening entirely at once objectively to all of your subjective knowledge. Therefore, you have chosen to be bleeding through in increments this information. It may be occurring within visions. It may be occurring within events, identifications of other focuses, increased dream imagery activity. You may visually experience differences within your waking state of physical objects and also individuals; this seeming to you at times, without information, to be a distortion of your vision. In actuality, it is a bleed-through of subjective knowledge.

It is as if your dream state may superimpose itself upon your waking state. Within your dream state, your belief systems are relaxed. Therefore, you allow yourself to experience actions, events, and elements that you do not believe you may accomplish within your waking state. Within your dream state, you may fly. Within your dream state, you may accomplish actions that are contrary to your belief systems within waking state; but as within your dream state your belief systems are relaxed and you experience a different time framework which is not linear, you are accepting of more unusual activity, in your terms.

In this same manner, you are now allowing bleed-throughs of this type of activity, such as dream activity, superimposed upon waking state. You may experience differences or alterations in time frameworks. You may experience time moving very quickly or very slowly, which is demonstrating to you inner senses being activated. You may experience viewing an object within your room that momentarily distorts and becomes another object within your vision, and then becomes its original self once again. You may experience scents, smells that are unfamiliar to you. You may experience hearing different elements. You may experience more projection within consciousness, that which you term to be out-of-body-experiences. You shall also notice more of what you view as coincidence. They shall be appearing everywhere, more so than you may explain to yourself!

These are subjective bleed-throughs. These are knowings that you carry with you always but you do not recognize always, for you have created this physical reality to be viewed objectively. Therefore, within your objective reality you are not recognizing of many elements of subjective reality, which parallels and performs in harmony to your objective reality. Within your history, it has been witnessed that only those special few individuals gifted with psychic senses or witchery or sorcery would be privy to these types of awarenesses. Within this present now, as you are moving into the action of your shift, you all begin to experience these elements of subjective awareness and allow a bleed-through into your waking, objective, knowing consciousness, that you may recognize unofficial information; for unofficial information is just as much reality as your accepted official reality. There is only more to it!

... This being another element of which we have been speaking, with the allowance of subjective bleed-through. This is not what you believe to be a cosmic entity coming to you! This is essence. This is your communication to you. You experience doubtfulness and fearfulness. Therefore, you have engaged essence to be speaking with you and offering you helpfulness and information. In this, do not be shuddering under your covers! Be welcoming, knowing that this is you within your larger, so to speak, element, which shall not betray you and shall be offering helpfulness within an understanding and identification of the belief systems that you hold presently, and the fears which arise as resulting from these belief systems.

In this, if you are allowing this essence interaction, you may also find that you shall be experiencing more of a calmness and a feeling of security within self; for individuals cling to outside, as with other individuals, when they are not quite accepting yet of self. Essence speaks to you to be helpful in accomplishing this acceptance, but your fearfulness holds this at bay and you shiver instead. Experiment with your next encounter and allow your intuitive sense to be listening, for the intuitive sense that you hold is quite tuned. Therefore, listen to your own tone.” [session 178, May 31, 1997]

LESLIE: “As we are going through this shift, what are we expected to experience in terms of our emotions, our psychological experiences, and things like that? Maybe that might explain what I may have been going through for the last two years. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Quite. You shall be experiencing much subjective bleed-through information into objective reality. In this, let me express that the definition I offer for subjective activity would be all of that type of consciousness which is not waking consciousness. This would be including all altered states, in your terminology, all other focuses, all dream imagery, all of which you consider to be removed or subconscious. Many individuals within their belief systems also attribute this to being super-consciousness or cosmic consciousness. They are all the same. They are subjective awareness, which is the larger aspect of you as essence. This holds tremendous information and also imagery.

In this, within this particular dimension you have been extremely selective in your manifestation, limiting your awareness to only objective awareness, allowing for slight amounts of subjective bleed-through. Within the action of this shift, you have opened the floodgates and allowed the subjective awareness to rush into objective awareness. Therefore, within your waking state, within your consciousness that you recognize as you and that you are aware of, you may experience many different types of occurrences.

Some individuals within your present now encounter what they term to be aliens. These are focuses of their essence. Some individuals experience what they term to be walk-ins. (2) These are exchanges of focuses of other dimensions. They are reality. Some individuals experience bleed-throughs of information and imagery of focuses within this dimension, that which you classify as past lives. Individuals may be experiencing alterations in imagery within their waking, everyday experience. Objects within their experience may alter. You may view a chair, and it may be become another object, and it may return to a chair. You may experience many altered states of consciousness spontaneously, without effort, not intentionally. You may experience increase in projection or out-of-body experiences. These are all natural, normal elements of essence which you are allowing yourself to objectively become aware of.

Within this action you also encounter many of your held belief systems, for these are blocking elements. Therefore, they surface to be addressed, that they may be accepted and your awareness may be widened in these areas; for within the accomplishment of your shift globally, there is no place for the non-acceptance of these belief systems. This is not an elimination of belief systems! It is an acceptance in awareness of their existence and a neutralization of their power.” [session 183, June 15, 1997]

ELIAS: “Outside significances: I express to you that your pyramids hold whatever energy and power, so to speak, that you assign to them, that you project to them. They do hold energy and they do hold powerfulness, for you all collectively throughout generations have placed this energy in these physical forms.

I express to you, there is a difference between elements that you yourselves wondrously create within this dimension and elements that appear within your physical dimension that you have not created, in a manner of speaking, for another aspect of you HAS created, but the aspect that you are aware of within THIS dimension has not created. In this, I may express to you that physical forms such as your pyramids, YOU have created wondrously. You have created a dynamic within the creation of these forms to be holders and manipulators of your energy in the direction that you choose to be directing it.

There are other elements that appear within your dimension, those which you term to be designs – crop circles – that are not created by you. These are bleed-throughs from other dimensions; signposts, street signs, so to speak, that bleed through from other dimensions and imprint themselves within your dimension. These are not your creations, but they appear within your dimension.” [Session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “You look to many elements in this particular dimension as being constants and as being truths, for you define this reality as “universal,” meaning that this universe encompasses all of reality, which it does not. There are many universes within universes within many different dimensions which are all occurring simultaneously, and as I have expressed at our last meeting, all of your space arrangements, all of your dimensions are within each other. All dimensions, all universes occupy the same space arrangements. They are configured differently, but they are all superimposed upon each other. They are merely veiled from each other ...

JEN: So there’s bleed-throughs?

ELIAS: There are bleed-throughs, but for the most part they are veiled from each other to allow each dimension, each reality the purity of its particular experiences.

JEN: So bleed-throughs might compromise a dimension because it’s not going to be as pure?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It would not move in the direction of compromising, for they are all experiences, and all focuses are influencing of all other focuses and you hold some affectingness with all of each other, for there is no separation within consciousness. Therefore, all action, all movement is affecting of all other movement. All is merged with all, but there may be alterations in different areas of consciousness as certain elements bleed through, for as you access another reality, you are influencing of that reality in a more objective sense.

This be the reason that although I am encouraging of individuals to be investigating of their other focuses, I am also cautioning of individuals not to become interactive continuously with these other focuses and concentrating upon other focuses too intensely, for in that action you are also altering the reality of another focus, for your influence is becoming much stronger objectively. You are influencing regardless subjectively, but this is the action of the interconnectedness of all of your focuses and is agreed upon within essence. But in this also, each focus holds its own integrity and independence, so to speak, and therefore is creating of its reality entirely, and creating its own choices within its own free will.” [session 288, June 20, 1998]

TIM: “I was wondering what Elias’ comments or thoughts were relating to the term ‘déjà vu’ and how it relates to simultaneous time, time lines, physical focus, and things like that?

ELIAS: In actuality, there IS an explanation for this phenomenon that you express as déjà vu. In this, what you are experiencing is, quite simply, bleed-throughs.

Within each focus – a focus being designated as you – is held all of the information and memory of all of the other focuses of your essence within this particular dimension; within other dimensions also, but the attention is focused more upon this dimension, for this is where you are placing your attention. In this, subjectively you hold all of the information and all of the experiences of all of your focuses. At times this information bleeds through to your objective awareness. Now, this is one explanation, which I shall also offer you another explanation.

In this, you may be experiencing this feeling of déjà vu as you allow a bleed-through of another focus of yours within your objective awareness. Therefore, it seems to you that you have been within a certain space or situation before. This is that another focus of your essence within this dimension is experiencing the same situation or action at the same time. This is one action of this. In this particular action, this would be a similarity of the identification of tone.

Think to yourselves within your experiences in this physical focus of any time within your experience that you playfully have been humming or singing in conjunction with a recording, and if you are connecting with a certain pitch, with a certain note simultaneously with your recording, you shall physically feel a vibration within you. The sound will resonate. You shall feel a physical resonating. (3) In like manner, as you allow a bleed-through of the same action of another focus at the same time, it resonates, and you experience a knowing of these two actions occurring simultaneously.” [session 335, October 24, 1998]

PAT: “I have probably a funny question. There’s this man named Whitley Strieber who wrote many books on communication with outer space, UFOs, called ‘Communion’ and ‘Transformation,’ and according to him throughout his entire lifetime he has been visited by these beings which are, you know... Is he Ilda? (Laughs) I’m just curious if he comes from the family of Ilda (4), and if that’s why he is having these experiences.

ELIAS: No, and this is not the reason that the individual is choosing to incorporate these experiences.

Some individuals in conjunction with this shift in consciousness choose to be allowing what may be termed as other dimensional bleed-through action to occur. In this, what they are interacting with is quite real but it is another focus of themselves, and what they interact with and how they interact is a translation into this physical dimension, and that translation is expressed in a manner which draws upon what is known in this dimension.

Therefore, the translation of what the individual is interactive with is not entirely accurate. What the individual views, what they interact with, what they may even physically touch is a translation which is translated through their perception. But they are allowing an actual bleed-through to view another aspect of themselves as essence, another focus of attention which occupies another physical dimension.

Some individuals allow themselves to objectively engage this action; some individuals allow themselves to engage this action with focuses that they incorporate in THIS dimension, but this is infrequently expressed for that action generates more of a threat to the individual’s unique identity within this physical dimension than shall engaging another dimensional focus. For within your beliefs, you associate a degree of separation between yourselves within your manifestation and another manifestation of you as essence which occupies another physical dimension.

Now; I may express to you, this individual, in like manner to many individuals, allows that type of experience in conjunction with the movement of this shift which thins the veils of separation within consciousness. This is not to say that the individual objectively recognizes what they are interactive with as another focus of themself as essence, but the mere action of thinning the veils of separation in allowance of these types of interactions is movement which is quite in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. Therefore it matters not whether the individual recognizes objectively or identifies objectively that this is actually another focus of their essence.

PAT: My question would be then, I see a focus of myself being a soldier, but I only see this when I’m dreaming. I don’t have a soldier come to me and I physically see him and talk to him and write a book about meeting him. So how is it that this man’s doing the same thing as that would be? I’m trying to understand. Is it easier to do it if you think they’re little green men?

ELIAS: For many individuals, yes.

PAT: Well, he did get a lot of books written about it, so it’s done well for him. So that’s not his family, though. I got the idea that could have been his family because he was having communications.

ELIAS: This is merely a different expression and choice of how an individual may be incorporating movement in relation to this shift in consciousness. You each direct your attention in different manners and allow different expressions and different experiences in your movement and in the action of widening your awareness, and this is the choice of some individuals.” [session 994, January 22, 2002]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias discusses the metaphor of the notes not played symphony of consciousness in session 126, September 29, 1996.

Transcripts: find out more about the “notes not played” metaphor.

(2) Paul’s note: the concept of “walk-ins” is found in various New Age belief systems. The basic belief is that one personality is born – beginning a lifetime – and at some point a “new” personality takes possession and assumes the primary ego role. The result seems to explain the strong change of personality and loss of memory that some people experience.

Elias attempts to clarify this belief system within the context of human personality as a multidimensional process consisting of a variety of related aspect selves that he terms probable and alternate selves.

Just because people experience significant personality changes and/or inexplicable memory loss doesn't mean that there are intrusive actions of possession or the like foisted upon an individual by a malevolent OR benevolent ''external'' force. This is simply not the case and only serves to perpetuate the beliefs that some external ''thing'' or someone ''else'' creates our reality for us.

ELIAS: “I have begun to express to you elements of body consciousness. I have expressed to you from early on in our session times that your physical expression, your body, is not a vessel! It is a tangible, physical matter expression of essence. It is you. It holds its own consciousness, for each cell holds its own independent consciousness. Each atom holds its own individual consciousness. Within cooperation, it creates a collective consciousness which becomes your body consciousness. You, as a focus of essence, hold consciousness beyond the physical manifestation of body consciousness, but are intimately involved with this consciousness. You direct the consciousness and function of your physical expression; your body.

You are not another focus, but you may experience another focus. Another focus holds a body consciousness of its own, but you may experience an exchange and you may experience another focus in its totality. You may merge totally to another focus and experience another focus, as it may do likewise also.

I have also expressed that you intersect alternate selves. I have expressed that you may exchange with alternate selves. You may accomplish a certain time period within a focus and you may exchange with an alternate self, which shall continue the focus as you continue otherwise. How is this possible if your body consciousness is only your body consciousness? Here we come to unofficial information.

You view yourselves as one entity. You view yourselves as one mind, one body. You are not! You view your consciousness as one thinking mind, one thought process. You are countless thought processes. Each focus is not one entity. The air within this room occupies one space. It is not one entity. In like manner, you focus within one material expression physically, but your consciousness is not singular. Your physical body expression resonates to the tone of you, of one focus; not to the entirety of essence, but to the individual focus; for each focus is a new creation. It has been always, but it is new. We do not deal with used material!

Your body consciousness recognizes your beingness. Your body consciousness also recognizes that your focus beingness is an aspect of your essence and will also identify with all other aspects of essence. Therefore, within essence you may exchange temporarily between focuses.

Each focus is as the air within this room; myriads of aspects, countless elements of personality cooperating to create one focus. This allows for all of your alternate selves. These may exchange with an individual focus. However, another focus may not exchange with you. You may temporarily intersect and experience, but you may not ‘take over.’

You have asked much time ago of your concept of walk-ins; another entity which ‘walks into you,’ therefore assuming your physical expression and continuing for you as you dissipate into the cosmos! Which, we do not know of where you shall be dissipating to, but the new entity shall be ‘taking over’ your physical form. This does not happen! Underline! You may not assume another focus, for it is not you, although it is you! (Confused laughter) You may temporarily intersect, merge, experience another focus, just as they may temporarily merge with you and experience. In this mergence, you are unaware of this presence. You do not lose you, as they do not lose themselves.

If you are exchanging with another focus, you may merge into the experience of another focus. You may empathically be another focus. Aspects of your focus shall merge. This in reality you may consider, in your terms, a physical act. Your consciousness shall merge into this other individual. They may feel odd or strangely, but they also will continue to feel themselves. You shall hold an awareness, as if you are this focus. This may occur temporarily. You may not assume another focus. As you are all focuses of one essence, mergences may occur. The tone is close enough, in your terms, that each individual body consciousness shall temporarily be accepting of this mergence; temporarily.

Alternate selves hold almost entirely the same tone as what you understand of yourself. That self which you identify as you has countless alternate selves which are also you. You only identify one you, but just as you identify one air within one space, there are myriads of particles that are making up of this space. These alternates may exchange places with you, in your terms, for their tone will not be interrupting of your body consciousness. Another essence merging with you will be recognized by your body consciousness; and has been stated previously, your physical response within your body, to placing what you term to be foreign objects within it, shall be rejection. Your body and its consciousness holds its own awareness and responds to you.

This is not to say that an exchange with another essence may not occur ... obviously! [Paul’s note: refering to his interaction with Mary Ennis] (Laughter) Within agreement, an exchange may occur with another essence, but the body consciousness recognizes this exchange and is partially rejecting of this exchange. Physical elements occur, for the body consciousness realizes the essence occupying and directing ... We shall more express directing, for the essence does not float in and float out! But the body is recognizing of the direction and tone, which is different. Therefore, its response is to be rejecting of this. It will not reject alternates. It will not reject temporary exchange of other focuses of essence. It will be rejecting of another essence exchange. (Vic’s note: this must be why Mary experiences unexplainable physical symptoms and affectingness.) This is part of unofficial information. In all of its aspects, you may experience exchange or intersection with alternates or with another focus, and you may experience emotional changes, thought changes, action changes, that you do not understand. They shall be temporary, in your view, but you shall notice.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

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(3) Vic’s note: something interesting occurred when Elias said this sentence: “You shall feel a physical resonating.” What happened was, a dog barked as he was saying it, and the words “shall feel” were erased from the tape. I’m pretty clear these are the correct words, based on the visual. What’s interesting is that the dog barks other times, but no other words are erased. It’s also interesting that this hasn’t happened before, at least not that I know of, and many different types of noises have occurred throughout these sessions.

(4) Paul’s note: Ilda is one of the nine basic essence family intents.

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