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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I will express to you that you are stuck within the plastic oubliette of your physical perceptions. I use the term plastic, as this is a description of something synthetic, something that you create, an element that you mold into what you wish it to be. An oubliette is a place. It is a place of forgetting and remembering. It is an isolated place. It is an old term, but it holds to your present reality.” [session 65, January 07, 1996]

ELIAS: “All individuals hold all of this information. What you offer in helpfulness is a movement in triggering a remembrance, for this is what you are all accessing, your own remembrances of essence, for you already hold all of this information, and this be all that I offer to you also, is encouragement to be accessing your own remembrance; not to be imparting your remembrance for you, but to be encouraging you to access your own remembrance – for it is your tone – and to be encouraging you to be trusting and accepting of self, for within your remembrance and the forgetfulness within your own oubliettes, you have also forgotten the trustfulness of self, and look to others for your guidance and your direction. But you hold your own direction, and you hold the ability to be steering your own ship!” [session 355, January 27, 1999]

ELIAS: “Throughout your history within this dimension, you have attached more and more to your reality of your belief systems and you have moved farther and farther away from the remembrance of essence, and in creating this separation, you also are creating of a mistrust, for you are not remembering self and the gloriousness of your abilities within self, and you reinforce all of this – what you term to be negativity – in a lack of acceptance of self, for what shall you trust if you are not understanding and viewing unknown? But it is not unknown. It is merely forgotten, and in this lack of remembrance, as you create more and more of this separation, you create this rift, so to speak, between yourself and yourself, and in this, you create your expression of what I have expressed previously in your oubliette. You isolate yourselves into believing that you are singular and that you are alone, and that you are unworthy and that you do not create well enough, and that all outside of you is better or that you may aspire to be better, and I express to you that all you need be aspiring to, in physical terms, is the remembrance of yourself.” [session 411, June 07, 1999]

ELIAS: “The remembrance is not a memory! It is a state of being. It is a knowing. Therefore, as you engage the remembrance, you are engaging a manner of being, a perception, a knowing, not a memory of an event.

(Intently) As you engage the remembrance in conjunction with dream imagery, you are not necessarily recalling the event of the dream imagery and translating that into an interpretation within thoughts, but you are creating an actual state of being in conjunction with the dream imagery.

(Intently) You are creating a perception which is not necessarily translated into thoughts, but is merely enacted in being, and there is held a knowing within you, regardless that you may not identify in actual words or language, for you have created your own language to yourself, which is the bridge, so to speak, from the oubliette into the actualization in objective awareness of remembrance.

And this is the point – not to be creating a philosophy, not to be drawing comparisons, but to be creating your individual language that is creating the translation into objective awareness. This is your movement from the oubliette into the remembrance.” [session 493, October 26, 1999]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “Well, what about this reference [by another channeler] to schizophrenia being an issue of possession ? (Elias chuckles) This was the most glaring discrepancy [with information that Elias has offered to date]!

ELIAS: You will view, as you are moving through, once again, our previous material, that Elias has incorporated information which you may also view to be discrepancies; although if you are truly looking and listening, you will come to understand that there is no conflict, and that all of this information ‘fits together.’ Words, once again, are offered in a way that individuals will understand.

You will notice that this essence expresses that another essence is not intrusive. This essence’s words may be differently formed, but the idea is the same. There are no intrusive essences! You will notice that the essence has been confronted, not only within this encounter, but at other times also, of ‘May an essence be incorporated into one’s physical expression of body?’ The answer is absolute, just as Elias’ answer has been absolute: No! Therefore, this offers you clues that within this essence’s own words, it is being contradictory; but, it is not! For within this issue of what you term to be a mental dysfunction, these individuals do incorporate other essences; not within their physical body, but are in communication with them. They do speak to them, and these essences do speak to the physical individual.

These essences are not within a focus such as I. These essences would be within a focus of transition, to which many essences may create much mischief, for they know not what they actually affect; just as you may encounter, with your Ouija board, essences who may not in actuality be within a teaching focus, but may be within transition, and mirroring to you your own focus. These essences within transition do incorporate, sometimes, with individuals physically focused. Within the physically focused individual, they are still within their oubliette; therefore they misinterpret, and they do not recognize what they are experiencing. Therefore, you express this as a dysfunction with the mental capabilities of the individual. They have chosen this experience.

In actuality, there is no conflict within the expression of information. It is only expressed within words that you find distasteful. Within our own sessions and group of individuals, we incorporate many distortions of interpretation of individuals with information! I express concepts. You pull these concepts within and change them into unrecognizable concepts, far reaching from my expression! (Laughter) This coming back to our discussion of the channel, this being the reason why essences such as myself or Paul (Patel) (1) search out individuals who will incorporate the least amount of distortion by blocking, therefore allowing the clearest amount of information; for it will be distorted on its own with you!” [session 66, January 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “You intentionally, in entering physical manifestation, have created a reality which limits you. You have created many limitations within physical manifestation; but you have also provided for yourselves, within physical manifestations, your outlets. You do not separate completely. You do not spin off a disk of essence and send it flying independently into physical space! You manifest a portion of your attention physically. This portion of your attention is forgetful of the entirety of essence. It is forgetful intentionally; for as I have stated previously, you may view your physical manifestation as your own individual and mass oubliette. In this, you allow yourself the intensity of experience, but you do not disconnect from essence and the knowing of essence within its entirety.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

LISA: “What do you do after you truly connect with yourself, when you find yourself standing on an amazing threshold? How do we take ourselves further when we have reached a plateau?

ELIAS: (Smiling) Ah, those plateaus! You look to your planks, your bridge extending from your oubliette, and you recognize that there are always more planks before you – there is always more to explore – and you allow yourself to not limit yourself. You allow yourself your own acceptance and trust. You settle into the comfort of your lulling rest period and allow yourself the acceptance of this, and you anticipate your new exploration and adventure knowing that the exploration ALWAYS continues.

Individuals at times also develop belief systems that if they are not continuously objectively in movement, accomplishing within every moment of their cultural time, that they are stagnating or stuck. You move in cycles, just as you move in waves. You allow yourself the rush, and you also allow yourselves the receding. Just as your tides, your waves, crash forward and gently recede, you also within your movements accomplish in this same manner. It is a natural, even flow. It is not to be viewed as a discouragement, or bad, or that you are ‘stuck.’ You are merely flowing within the natural cycle.

You have created your elements within this dimension, such as your tides, to be mirroring yourselves. Look to the elements you have created and their cycles. You have created all of this as a mirror image of yourselves. It offers you much information as to your reality and your existence within this physical dimension. You allow yourselves these times of receding for reflection, for assimilation, and for preparation for movement in what you term to be forward. You all experience this. You all also develop belief systems in this area. You create belief systems upon yourselves and upon each other. You view yourselves to be within this time framework of receding and reflecting and you view yourself to be unproductive or that something is ‘wrong’ with you. You are not accomplishing. You are not moving forward. This be the reason that you are not accepting when I am expressing to you that you ARE accomplishing, and you are viewing yourselves as NOT accomplishing. You are viewing yourselves as being stuck or stagnating or not moving.

In these times, many times I have expressed to many of you that you ARE accomplishing and you ARE moving, and within your little heads – not verbally to me but within your thoughts – you are screaming at me, ‘Oh yes, Elias! I am accomplishing so very well! I think not!’ But you are! This period of receding is no less important, for it is your time for assimilation.” [session 258, January 15, 1998]

ELIAS: “Your objective awareness is that which occupies your attention within your waking state. Your subjective awareness is that awareness which is a part of you, which moves in harmony to your objective awareness and includes your dream state and all other states of consciousness associated with this reality; not your waking state. These two states of consciousness I shall refer to many times. They also, as I have stated, are elements of you. They are inseparable. They are also not at odds with each other. You are not manipulated by some element which you term to be ‘unconscious.’ There is no unconscious. This suggests non-conscious, and there is no non-conscious. There is merely the area of your individual oubliettes, your places of forgetting, which is your objective awareness. Your subjective awareness is that which holds the remembrance, which you are moving into the position of merging into your objective awareness. This also is an element of this shift in consciousness.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: (Intently) “This is what you move into now within the action of this shift. You move away from your judgments of good and bad and you move into the acceptance of belief systems and the recognition that they ARE belief systems, and in this you neutralize their affectingness. IT MATTERS NOT. (Brief pause)

(Very intently) If I shall express to any of you, within all of my engagements with you within physical interaction, any quote that shall be remembered, it shall become ‘It matters not,’ for your expressions are merely those of experience. You are immensely – underline immensely – vaster than your comprehension of yourselves within this one particular physical focus, and this vastness of self is available to you. You are not limited to the understanding of only this one focus. You hold ALL of essence within you. It is NOT a being outside of you. Your relationship with yourself is not a relationship which is engaged with some elusive entity that floats about outside of you. Information that you allow yourselves to connect to is NOT outside of you. ALL of the information is held within you.

I have expressed many times that the only difference between yourselves and myself is that you do not remember and I do. You have chosen to be forgetful, that you may create within physical focus a purity of experience and a fullness of experience in physical aspects. Therefore, you have CHOSEN to be forgetting of all of essence and the vastness of yourselves. I no longer occupy physical focus. Therefore, I hold the remembrance, but you now move into this action of this shift in consciousness and you now offer yourselves the remembrance also. You each are building your bridges from your individual oubliettes across to the recognition and realization of essence.

You do not occupy a planet of lowly accord. You are not within this physical focus as a learning dimension, so to speak, on your way to higher ground. There is no higher ground! You ARE your highest expression! Even within all of your belief systems and within your physical expressions, you ARE your highest expression. You are one focus of an endless essence, and this one focus holds all of the information of consciousness, of essence, of you, and of all other essences. For although you camouflage within physical focus, and you within your thought processes hold to the belief that you may move in the direction of being secretive, for you are so very separate within physical focus, you are not separate at all. You are all intertwined. Your consciousness is all intermingled, and within essence there are no secrets, for all is known to all others.

You amaze yourselves with your own abilities. You present to yourselves different moments where you shall physically express to each other simultaneously the same thought. You shall verbally express the same words within your language simultaneously with another individual, and you shall call this accident! This is a very simple example of the interconnectedness of you all and that you all are participating within a mergence of consciousness collectively, continuously. Your telepathic abilities would be astounding to you, were you merely to open yourselves SLIGHTLY to your own abilities.

Your inner senses are more fine-tuned, so to speak, than your outer senses. You engage your outer senses continuously. You are quite familiar with touch and the sensation of this. You are quite familiar with your sight and the engagement of your sense of hearing. You do not allow yourselves to recognize your inner senses, which move far beyond these outer senses. Your outer senses are outward mirror images of your inner senses, which hold immense power, and you now offer yourselves the opportunity to not only experiment with these inner senses, but in actuality to open to these inner senses and to be moving into the exploration of consciousness within your physical objective awareness, your waking state within this dimension, offering yourselves much more of your own expressions of creativity.

Let me express to you once again: the one prerequisite, so to speak, for this action is that you are accepting and trusting of yourselves in every area of your expressions, in every area of your creations and experiences. This applies to all of the experiences in their mundane expressions within every moment of your waking day. Each time you move into the direction of chastising yourself, even in the area of humor – of expressing, ‘Oh, I have created a mistake! I am wishing I was creating of this situation differently! I could have been creating this situation more efficiently!’ – you have created each situation in the direction that you have created them as the opportunity for you to view your own interaction with your own belief systems and your own responsiveness to the affectingness of them.

Therefore, each expression that you create is purposeful and beneficial, and my expression to you this day, in helpfulness in moving through your focus more efficiently, so to speak, and more effortlessly and with much less conflict – which would be the point – is that I shall suggest to you that you allow yourselves to move in the area of pleasure, for this is the expression that holds the least amount of thickness in energy within physical focus and offers you the most ease in all of your accomplishments.

FEMALE: ... You said the difference between you and I is that you remember. How can I remember? Is there an exercise I may do to help me remember?

ELIAS: You are all moving into your own remembrances as you move into the area of your own acceptance of self. In this, as you continue to be accepting of self and connecting with yourselves and recognizing of your own abilities, you move more and more into the allowance of your own experiences. As you allow yourselves to be accessing and connecting with your other focuses, this also shall move you into more of the direction of your own remembrance. As you offer yourself information as to all of your other focuses within this particular dimension, this offers you much more information in your own remembrance.

Each of your experiences in this area shall add to, so to speak, your own remembrance. Each of these experiences serves as another plank of your bridge that extends from your individual oubliette to essence and the remembrance, and this also is an action of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, I shall be suggesting to you that an initial area to begin, so to speak, would be to be allowing yourself to be connecting with other focuses that you hold within this dimension.

FEMALE: Could you clarify what you mean by other focuses? I’m not quite sure what you mean.

ELIAS: In YOUR terms, you express within your language a focus to be a lifetime. You move in the direction of your perception of linear time. Therefore, you look to your other focuses and you express them to be past lifetimes or future lifetimes. I express these to be other focuses of your essence, for there is no past or future. They are all occurring simultaneously. Therefore, they are sideways to yourself, not before you or behind you. In this, as you are allowing yourself to be connecting with any of these other focuses, you shall also be beginning to offer yourself more of your own remembrance.” [session 302, July 26, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: Paul (Patel) was introduced by Elias as an essence that had much relevant information to deliver, and would most likely, deliver it through Ron via “automatic writing.” Patel is the essence name and Paul is a focus of Patel’s that Ron connect’s with very strongly. Hence, we often use both names to describe this essence. Elias occasionally uses only the name Paul or Patel but they refer to the same essence. Ron began this energy exchange on June 10, 1996.

For the most part, Paul (Patel) delivers information that is similar to the information that Elias delivers. However, it seems to be of a more personal nature than the information offered by Elias. Most of the exchanges are either in response to specific questions asked, or are a complement to the concepts presented in the information offered by Elias.

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