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waves in consciousness, pt. 1

Note: this is the first of two parts on waves in consciousness. Go to waves in consciousness, pt. 2.

Paul’s note: to date Elias has offered information about the following waves in consciousness. Note that around the period he delivered the ten core belief systems in session 364, February 24, 1999, the waves have been expressed solely in those terms:

  • fear of change/subjective bleed-through (ca. July 06, 1997)
  • acceptance (accepting self) (ca. August 03, 1997)
  • illness (cold/flu “season”) (annual)
  • duplicity (ca. May 30, 1998)
  • relationships (ca. July 25, 1998)
  • sexuality and orientation (ca. January 17, 1999)
  • duplicity (a reprise, ca. January 27, 1999, whoohoo!)
  • emotion (ca. June 08, 2002)
  • truth (ca. June 07, 2003)
  • perception (ca. October 21, 2006)
  • emotion (ca. April 5, 2008)
  • the senses & physical creation of the universe, including accidents and coincidences (ca. September 21, 2010)
  • religious (ca. March 15, 2013)

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You choose, within your time frameworks, many different collective waves. Many of the waves that you experience are examples to you of the movement of the shift. Not all waves within consciousness are examples of your shift, although in one respect they may be, for they may be offering you this information merely in your noticing of the collective wave, but the expression may not be concerning itself with the movement of the shift per se; as many individuals within your society may be choosing, in one time framework, to be objectifying a wave of illness collectively. This would not be a movement of your shift in its furthering for accomplishment, although within your noticing of the commonality you are also offering yourself information of collective movement, which is a part of your shift.” [session 190, July 06, 1997]

ELIAS: “I address to issues as they move within waves of consciousness, and in this situation I offer information which seemingly is addressing to individuals; but in actuality, within the movements of waves of consciousness upon your planet, you move in harmony to each other, and your thought processes and experience hold many similarities within your time frameworks. This be the reason also that your transcription of these sessions holds importance, for the experiences and the thought processes and the issues being addressed to are not unique to small segments of individuals, nor are they limited to individuals in the each. They are waves of movement that not only do you experience within a given time framework, but individuals upon the other side of your globe are also experiencing and questioning.

I am attentive to the movement in consciousness and the concerns and questioning and conflict of all of these focuses within this dimension. My scope is not limited to this objective interactive forum. Therefore, it may be seeming that this is presented as coincidence, but these subjects are purposefully offered with intention of addressing to movement within specific time frameworks that they shall be the most affecting within.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

ELIAS: “The point of a wave in consciousness that you create collectively is to offer yourselves an objective identification of the belief system which is being addressed to. It is an allowance of yourselves to be identifying the different aspects of any particular belief system.

Once you have offered yourselves an identification of the involvement of a particular belief system, the wave begins to dissipate. This be the reason that some waves in consciousness addressing to some belief systems appear to be moving within less time framework. There is a shorter expression, so to speak, of the wave which is occurring.” [session 502, November 11, 1999]

ELIAS: “THAT [i.e. beliefs expressed as Absolute Universal Truth] is what is being addressed in this wave in association with this belief system of truth. You express it each and every day within your focuses. You associate with it continuously. Many of your automatic responses are associated within yourselves as truth.

Many of your beliefs are not even identified as beliefs, for you identify them as truth. Therefore they are not questioned. You do what you do, for this is true. You do not question many expressions within your environments and within each other, for you assess that they are truths and therefore they are absolutes within YOUR estimations.

This particular belief system may be one of the most insidious and one of the most difficult to identify and to notice, for this particular wave addresses to all of those automatic responses that you do not notice, and you identify them as merely truth. Therefore, they are entirely unquestioned.

You all incorporate many beliefs that you do not notice, that you do not pay attention to, that you do not question, for you assume that it is a truth and there is no other manner in which it may be perceived. This generates tremendous conflict, for it is a tremendous lack of acceptance.

This is what generates the tremendous conflict that you witness now within your planet, within your world: individuals that express their truths and their differences in their truths, and there is no bending. For you do not question your own truths, and therefore they must be absolute and they must be accepted by all other individuals, for your truth is THE truth and another individual’s truth is wrong, and it is questioned.

I expressed previously that there was a possibility that you would be addressing the belief system of emotion, and that altered. That has been altered in association with the mass expression of energy which is occurring throughout your world, not merely in this small area. But the tremendous expression of conflict which is being exhibited throughout your world has moved the collective consciousness in the direction of choosing THIS belief system to be addressing now.

In this, I may express to each of you, I am aware of the challenge that you are incorporating even identifying your own expressed beliefs in this time framework. Now it is more challenging, for you are not merely moving yourselves into an awareness of identifying your own expressed beliefs but becoming aware of what your truths are, and recognizing that they are not truths.” [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “As I have stated, not all mass events manifest. You may be choosing, collectively, to be diverting of any given mass event. It is dependent upon your awareness, and also what you think of as ‘timing’; for your existence within physical focus is very connected with time elements. Therefore, all that you do is related to time. I express to you that in actuality, there is no time; all is simultaneous; to be allowing you a more complete understanding of reality, but reality also, within physical focus, incorporates time. Therefore, you choose time elements to manifest certain probabilities or mass events. Many times, within your collective agreements and ‘waves,’ you may be choosing to be creating of a mass event, but the time may not be quite right. Therefore, you release a pressure valve and divert the event itself, temporarily. This would be directly relating to Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] question, which you may be asking, if you are wishing.

VICKI: Well, the question was about how Michael [Mary] and Aram and Monica had this experience (1), and they did seem to be connected within physical and emotional trauma at the same time, and how that was related to a mass event.

ELIAS: (Smiling) These are examples of very few individuals that you witnessed. Within actuality, many, very many within your description, individuals have experienced very similar situations, either emotionally or physically, this all being related to a mass event; but this expression is a subjective recognition of the mass event probability which has been objectively diverted; this being, as we have discussed previously, an event of what you might view as a natural occurrence. I have expressed to you that you are quite affecting of your natural environment continuously. Your ‘Mother Nature’ is you! (Grinning) Therefore, you are quite affecting of these mass occurrences. You may be choosing to be diverting of some occurrences, some times.

You will notice that as I have expressed previously, you are drawn, for your own individual reasons, to be existing within certain areas which provide you with an alignment in personality type and emotional-focus. You presently have chosen to be existing within this area of your country, of your planet. I have expressed already the reasons why you choose to be existing within this area. In this, you will notice that the whole, the mass of individuals, moves in ‘waves.’ When you are experiencing distress, anxiety, physical ailments, you move, seemingly ‘all at once’; this generating massive energy waves within this area. These energy waves express themselves within your ground shaking! These are your expressions. You, within your perception of time, have created a mass event recently of this probability. Therefore, your timing for a subsequent action is ‘not right.’ You choose to be diverting of a repeat action, for a while. Therefore, you diffuse the situation and divert the probabilities, temporarily.

Within this area, these individuals manifest are quite explosive. Although you may not view yourselves as being very explosive, within consciousness you have chosen to be within this area for this very reason. It allows, within natural occurrences, a sufficient expression of release of energy. You have chosen to be releasing small amounts of energy, to be diverting of this mass event. Therefore, periodically you will view many individuals experiencing very similar actions simultaneously.

When you are viewing what you perceive to be the whole, continually over a period of time, building within anxiety, building within unreleased energy, and you are listening to your fellows expressing of great distress over long periods of time, ‘All seems to be going wrong,’ you will experience your ground shaking once again! You also manifest small elements of this same event for the same reason, to be allowing energy to be released in smaller increments. This, what you are experiencing presently, manifests within each individual differently, but all spontaneously, and as an expression of a diversion of this type of mass event.” [session 93, May 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. (Smiling) It has been asked, ‘What is this shift that we approach?’ It has been requested that an explanation be given. We have offered information of your approaching shift previously. I shall offer you more information, in light of your experiences recently.

Within our most recent session [see session 98, June 05, 1996], I was acknowledging of each of you, and many more also, and congratulating on your new births. We engaged an exercise to be emphasizing the interconnectedness of you all within consciousness, and to illustrate the parallels within all of your expressions. This also parallels the expression of mass events, expressed individually within your own individual realities.

Your shift is an alteration of consciousness which you have chosen. You presently are experiencing alterations in consciousness. You are experiencing an enlargement of the scope of your awareness. In this, you challenge existing belief systems.

I have spoken to you often of the trauma that shall be experienced with regard to this shift in consciousness. I have spoken to you that this shift is global; therefore, it is an immense movement. Just as waves of consciousness create mass events, which we have discussed thus far, your ideas of which are relatively small, this also incorporates a wave. This wave encompasses your entire planet; all of the individuals existing within it. Therefore, this wave is quite powerful. It has a tremendous motion incorporated within it.

The trauma that is experienced, within this alteration of consciousness connected with your shift, is related to a widening of awareness of belief systems. Thus far, within our discussions of widening awareness, these have been words. (Humorously) You widen here, you widen there! You are so wide, you are not very wide! You are too wide! Your awareness is widening, your awareness is not widening! (Grinning ‘widely’) They are words to you. They are ideas. I say to you, within reality, your awareness is widening!

In this, you feel within you the pulls and the pangs of this expansion within your objective consciousness. You become aware of belief systems, and you identify these belief systems. This also creates confusion. Within your individual expression presently, you experience conflict and confusion in widening belief systems. Within your shift, I do not use the term trauma lightly; for within your own experience, you already are becoming aware of the difficulty that is incorporated within widening in your awareness and recognizing belief systems, and also recognizing the reality of no right or wrong. You have existed for very much time within your present reality with these belief systems. Widening an awareness of these belief systems that you hold very tightly to creates conflict, for you do not willingly allow them to fly away!

I have expressed to you many times, I do not speak to you to eliminate your existing belief systems, only to be recognizing of them and widening your awareness to encompass more; for as you allow yourselves a larger scope of awareness, you also let loose your hold upon these existing belief systems. You do not forget them! You do not completely eliminate them; for you exist within physical focus within an area of consciousness that you have agreed upon accepted guidelines for existence. Therefore, to an extent, these belief systems are incorporated with you always; although you do hold the ability, and you have made the choice, to shift your consciousness to allow a wider perception, therefore allowing yourself to be ‘unlocked.’

You have existed for much of your time period ‘locked’ into certain belief systems and accepted guidelines. It is as if you have ‘rutted out’ a pathway within a field. This pathway has been traveled back and forth continuously. Its scenery, its direction, its area has been accepted by you all, and has been used. Now, you choose to plow the entire field. You choose to widen, and allow yourselves the opportunity to experience all that lies beyond your small rutted path. In choosing this, you also incorporate trauma, for you hold very tightly to your accepted rut. You do not incorporate tremendous change very easily! You are beginning to view, individually, the difficulty in incorporating these changes of widening awarenesses. You are beginning to experience the confusion of letting go of accepted belief systems. Think now of the trauma that shall be incorporated, within a much larger scale of your entire globe!

The process has been initiated. Just as you incorporate symbolism within all elements of your existence, you also incorporate symbolism within the manifestation of your shift. It seems, within your perceptions, to be a necessity to allow yourselves physically to view symbols, within your reality, that you may look to and connect with. Therefore you have chosen, within agreement, to manifest symbols.

One of your symbols that has been chosen, through agreement, is the manifestation physically, into physical focus, of Rose. This manifestation now has been completed; this being only one of your symbols that you have offered to yourselves, but this symbol will serve to be instrumental and very instructive to you. Already, this essence has provided much instruction and initiation within your own widening.

Within our exercise at our last meeting, I offered the illustration of the symbolization of Rose’s gestation, that you personally may connect with and understand more of your own creations and your own widening. This has been incorporated already throughout our entire meeting time together. It continues at an accelerated pace. The physical manifestation, in being completed, accelerates the actualization of movement within consciousness. Therefore, if you are viewing that we have been moving quickly previously, we shall be moving more quickly now! (Grinning at Cathy)


ELIAS: For not only do you all move within consciousness as you learn and as you widen, but all other individuals are moving also. Their awareness is different, but their movement accelerates also, within consciousness.

It was inquired, early on within our sessions, ‘Why do you, Elias, engage with us?’ The response was, ‘To avoid trauma within your shift.’ You now begin to experience the reality of the severity of the possibility of trauma connected with widening belief systems, which is the action of your shift. What you experience presently, you may term to be a small taste! (Here, there are moans and groans from the group) Therefore, you may more clearly be understanding why essences incorporate with individuals physically focused to be helpful; although you view, at times, Elias to be not very helpful, and allowing you to experience much trauma! (Laughter)

You are accomplishing well, for you have allowed yourselves a base within understanding of essence, of self, of belief systems, of reality, to allow you no trauma. You experience distress or uncomfortableness or conflict, but you are not experiencing trauma, for you are learning how to avoid experiencing trauma by becoming aware of self.” [session 99, June 09, 1996]

DREW: “… I commented earlier when I asked you my first question that again you brought up a subject that I had been thinking about all week. Is that because of your awareness of what’s been going on with us all week? Or because we, due to simultaneous time or singularity of consciousness among all, are aware of what you’re going to talk about and therefore have those experiences? So are you aware of what we’re experiencing and that’s why we discuss those things, or are we experiencing these things in anticipation of what you’re going to be discussing?

ELIAS: You are experiencing collectively within waves. As you do, I am aware of what you are experiencing. Therefore, I incorporate information to be dealing with your experiences, that you may learn to not be viewing your reality quite so singularly. There are many more aspects to your reality than you allow yourself an awareness of. You allow yourself an awareness of one line. You have available to you myriads of aspects of consciousness and creativity that you do not utilize and you do not view. In this, I offer you information to widen your periphery, that you may allow yourselves to view your reality plural[ly].” [session 163, April 13, 1997]

ELIAS: “… I express to you once again, acceptance of self is of utmost importance. Realize that although you experience presently a void, this is for the reason that you do not apply yourself to the crusade of this shift. You do not quite understand the massive importance of this action. This action is different from historical movements. There is no ...

TOM: Religious salvation at the end of the light?

ELIAS: No. There is no shouting and masses banding together objectively, drawing upon each other’s energy objectively, generating excitement. Within many crusades of your past history, this has been a commonality in motivation. You may view objectively that individuals move together and reinforce each other objectively with energy within a cause. In this, the cause becomes greater than all else. This furthers movement as it generates excitement within all of the individuals. One individual may experience within the midst of a movement much apathy, but as they are exposed objectively to the wave of energy of other individuals, they are swept into this tornado of movement and their apathy dissipates. They lose themselves, so to speak, within the cause. In this, the cause becomes all-important.

This has been your past history. Presently you do not experience this sweep of excitement and emotion, for this shift is dependent upon self. You, as all other individuals globally, are unfamiliar with motivating self. You may believe that you are self-motivating, but within movement and affectingness of other individuals you are familiar with waves of energy that objectively influence you to be moving forward, in your terms.

This shift is motivated within. It is not moved outwardly. The movement continues in like manner in a massive wave of consciousness, gaining energy and support, but it is not expressed objectively in the same manner that you are familiar with historically. Therefore, you experience a void, for you are unfamiliar with this type of movement. Your feelings are different. Within an objective wave of crusade, your feelings are influenced by action of the masses. Your feelings may be swayed, and you may be creating these feelings to be aligning with the masses. In this wave, you do not know what to be feeling!

TOM: You’re right!

ELIAS: Therefore you flounder, for there is no objective expression of wave moving you. You must be dependent upon self. This is unfamiliar. You must be dependent upon trusting self and allowing self to be connecting subjectively with the wave of consciousness. Then you must be trusting of self to initiate your own feeling, which shall be motivating of you. You are unfamiliar with this action. Therefore, you pull back.

TOM: I shun. I keep you away. I keep everybody away!

ELIAS: Quite, this being why I speak with you this day, to offer you information to be listening to self and these experiences. In this, also be remembering objectively of the importance of this shift and the choice that you have accepted.

TOM: But this acceptance was done (inaudible) history to future. This acceptance was done here to this point.

ELIAS: And also now. Not futurely, not past. Now! If this choice was not accepted, you would not be speaking with me. Therefore, you continue within your choice to be accepting of this shift within consciousness and you inquire of how to be efficiently engaging the action of this shift, and I express to you to be taking advantage of your own subjective activity and also to be taking advantage of the practice element that you present yourself with objectively.

TOM: All aspects of it.

ELIAS: Correct. Be remembering, with each objective encounter, that you offer yourself the opportunity to practice objectifying this shift. Each encounter that you engage, with Fromasch [Jeri] as an example, is an opportunity for you to be practicing objectifying this shift, practicing trusting of self, listening to self, and acceptance.

TOM: Acceptance is the hard part. Being of the history, for me, the acceptance now is hard for me to accept because of the history. That’s what I’m having a problem with.

ELIAS: Acceptance is difficult for all individuals. You are privy to other focuses which influence your thought process and therefore influence you in the direction of your belief system, that this creates more difficulty for you. All individuals, in different aspects, experience great difficulty in acceptance.

This shift is unlike any other type of consciousness that you have experienced upon your planet to this present now, since the time of your Dream Walkers. Therefore your focuses, be they simultaneous, throughout your history are unfamiliar also with this action. You hold only one, as do any other individuals, that holds an understanding of this action within consciousness; that being the focus of the Seer.

TOM: Which I can’t grab all the time. I can’t. I don’t know why.

ELIAS: Quite. There are many other focuses simultaneously occurring which hold the same experience within consciousness as do you presently, within this present now attention. They are unfamiliar with the action of this shift also. Therefore, it is very difficult and unfamiliar to be accepting.” [session 164, April 16, 1997]

HOWARD: “Would we be expecting to see our entertainment industry out in front of the shift perhaps? It’s my feeling that entertainment ... music, art, movies ... will be (inaudible) for us in our near future. Perhaps the movies will get less violent, or that which might make us uncomfortable now but is secretly held within ourselves is going to start to show up in the movies. I don’t know what that would be, but it seems to be one way that consciousness would be moving, and everybody participating in it. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Within your societies, throughout your globe and throughout your history, your arts in all forms mirror the movement and activity which is occurring within consciousness. All of your arts are very connected within consciousness to that which you objectively manifest within political alignments and belief systems. As you move through consciousness and adopt new belief systems or are merely within the throes of established belief systems, you reflect this objectively through your arts. All of these arts in all forms reflect or mirror subjective activity.

Therefore, individuals that are expressive through the objective element of creating within any of your art forms within this particular dimension are expressing not only their own subjective movement, but also in alignment with the masses within consciousness. You may view within any of your time periods all of your different art expressions and you shall view the correlation between all of the forms, for they move in waves. They are quite reflective of the collective within consciousness, and express themselves outwardly as a symbol of the collective consciousness.

Therefore you shall view, and are already viewing within many of your arts, expressions that are indicative of this shift. You shall notice that your stories, your motion pictures, move in the direction of futuristic elements, for this is the area that you concentrate your attention in relation to the shift. You shall also view within your art, your literature, your motion pictures, your dance even, expressiveness alluding to subjective consciousness; inner senses, psychic abilities – unofficial information. These are mirror images expressed objectively as the undercurrent of your societies, expressed through your artists.” [session 178, May 31, 1997]

DREW: “So this experience I’ve been having the past couple of weeks is sort of a crack in the door to the inner senses and subjective reality? I seem to be able to have some control over this particular phenomenon. I can kind of turn it on and off, although sometimes I can’t turn it off, which is a little disconcerting! But if I want to explore it more deeply and open that door even wider, should I just continue to be aware of it? Or is there another level I can take it to, the same phenomenon, and somehow use it as a wedge, if you will, into....

ELIAS: You may allow yourself an acceptance. Recognize that these activities hold no hurtfulness to you. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be incorporating fear, which shall be blocking of this activity. (Intently) You shall not be hurtful to yourself.

DREW: At the same time, and I don’t know if it’s related to this phenomenon or not, but the past couple of weeks I’ve been kind of scatterbrained, and.... (Elias begins laughing)

NORM: You’re not alone! (Laughter)

DREW: Well, I’ve been doing things that ... I was doing a wedding yesterday. This never happens to me. I had the wrong kind of film in the camera for a period of time. I’m just kind of being ... I want to use the word dizzy, but not in the sense of being physically dizzy, just being kind of not really very, if you will, focused.

ELIAS: Quite! (Norm’s still laughing)

DREW: Yeah! What’s that all about? Is that all part of the same phenomenon, or is this a different.... Are several things going on at once?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. This presently may be identified as ‘a wave in consciousness.’ This same activity or action has been incorporated within mass. Many individuals are experiencing this same type of action, which seems to them to be inconsistent with their normal behavior. It is an indication of the movement within consciousness, which is unfamiliar to you, which is involving your shift.

I have expressed to you many times that you all shall be experiencing many elements of action of this shift within yourselves individually. You do not understand what you are incorporating. Therefore, you become confused; this being why I have offered you information, to be looking and noticing of these elements and differences in behavior and perception and actions; for they shall be occurring, for you have chosen to be opening to subjective activity. In this, at times you may incorporate bleed-through subjective action which may appear to be exaggerated, as in examples I have offered that an object within your objective viewing may change shape or may become a different object, but there are many elements of movement which are to your perception appearing much more subtly, but are also actions of this shift in preparation for more intensified movement.

You are all allowing yourselves, as I have stated, to be moving in increments slowly initially, that you may acclimate yourselves to unfamiliar behavior and perceptions. This shall continue and increase, within your choice to be continuing within the action of this shift. Therefore, I have also expressed to all our favorite word, of ‘noticing’ these actions and elements of perception. In accepting these elements, you may more easily move with the action of the shift, which you have chosen. If you are continuing to be resisting objectively and reinforcing your fearfulness, you shall also be experiencing more conflict and confusion. As I have stated, this being why I offer you this information, that you may recognize the movements.

It is also, as I have expressed to you many times, important that you exchange with each other. Interaction is to your benefit. In this, as you exchange with each other, you may also reinforce yourselves that you are not experiencing singularly. You offer yourselves information that you may identify the movement of the shift, for you shall recognize many other individuals incorporating similar actions.

DREW: You said this is a wave, which implies.... My understanding of a wave is a swell, and then a crest, and then a dropping. Will this drop off over a period of time, and if so, how long? You said it’s being experienced in mass and I’m wondering, what’s that related to? Is it a time of year? Why, in mass, is this wave happening now?

ELIAS: Within consciousness, within certain time periods by your choosing within mass consciousness, you choose to be experiencing similar elements of action or events within the same time framework, that you may reinforce each other within consciousness subjectively and objectively. The actual choice of time framework is unimportant. It is merely an agreement collectively to be actualizing an action within the same time framework. It may be incorporated within your present now; it may be incorporated within your framework of time in your next year. It matters not. It is merely an agreement collectively to be experiencing similar actions within the context of the movement of your shift, for your own noticing and reinforcement. You lend energy to each other in your experiences. This also lends energy to you objectively, to be helpful to your understanding. Therefore, in these actions you may look to the experiences of many individuals, and you may offer yourself the acceptance of this commonality and recognize the action as a movement of the shift. It is all about you.

You choose, within your time frameworks, many different collective waves. Many of the waves that you experience are examples to you of the movement of the shift. Not all waves within consciousness are examples of your shift, although in one respect they may be, for they may be offering you this information merely in your noticing of the collective wave, but the expression may not be concerning itself with the movement of the shift per se; as many individuals within your society may be choosing, in one time framework, to be objectifying a wave of illness collectively. This would not be a movement of your shift in its furthering for accomplishment, although within your noticing of the commonality you are also offering yourself information of collective movement, which is a part of your shift.

VICKI: Can I stick a question in here? I have interacted with quite a few people regarding this present movement, or whatever it is. I’ve been noticing a lot of affectingness in myself, and receiving a lot of confirmation from other people I’ve interacted with that they’re also experiencing very similar things.

ELIAS: And recognizing of this wave.

VICKI: And verbalizing it. One of the questions I have about it is what we talked about this afternoon. It kind of seems like, for example, that some people choose not to ride this wave, so to speak. Ron and Mary made a comment that maybe they just hadn’t chosen to align with this particular mass movement. Is this just a perception or a difference in the way they interpret their experience, or are they choosing not to align with this particular wave?

ELIAS: This is in actuality an interesting question, Lawrence [Vicki], for as this movement presently within this wave is directly associated with movement of the action of this shift, many individuals experience these same similarities within their objectification of this wave, and these individuals objectively are creating of this for very similar reasoning. Michael [Mary] incorporates a limited amount of this same action, although not to the degree that you have experienced or many other individuals have been experiencing. These individuals of Michael [Mary] and Lawrence [Vicki], and also of Shynla [Cathy] at times, presently, are objectified in what seems to be a contrary movement presently. It is subjectively a recognition that presently, within this wave, it is unnecessary to be participating.

Within this present now, within this particular wave movement, individuals are allowing themselves to be partially connecting with subjective bleed-through, but are also incorporating resistance. There is a reluctance to be moving into the action of this shift objectively. There is an underlying fearfulness which may not necessarily be objectively viewed or felt; but underlying belief systems are being addressed, which is conflicting, therefore also creating an element of fearfulness. Be remembering, this may not necessarily be objectively felt in feelings, but within this incorporation and recognition of fearfulness, there is resistance. In this resistance, you partially allow subjective bleed-through; but as you are resistant, you also become confused.

In an effort to not be quite so confused objectively, you merely alter your action and allow yourself to be expressing differently. You may express in lack of motivation or lack of energy-feeling, or an inability to speak efficiently. These are merely objective symptoms, so to speak, of movement which is occurring. This shift holds many elements that shall be allowing surfacing of fearfulness in the recognition of belief systems. I have stated to you from the onset of these sessions, this shift shall incorporate trauma if you are not allowing yourself information to be helpful. Therefore, do not think to yourselves that you shall not incorporate any element of confusion or conflict merely for the reason that you do offer yourselves information. You merely lessen your conflict, that you may not be experiencing trauma ... which is quite exaggerated from conflict! Trauma, you view as extreme. Conflict, you may be dealing with, so to speak.

Within this present wave in this present now, these three individuals merely do not identify with the same objective which is being addressed within consciousness. This particular element of fearfulness is not incorporated with these individuals and many other individuals presently. This is not to say that these individuals may not be experiencing the same type of wave within a different time framework which addresses to different elements of fearfulness and belief systems. It is merely unnecessary, within consciousness presently, for these individuals to be objectifying this wave.

VICKI: Well, who do you mean when you say ‘these individuals?’ I’m very confused.

ELIAS: Shynla [Cathy], Olivia [Ron] and Michael [Mary], and many other individuals, but these being to your immediate company.

VICKI: So what you’re saying is.... My question originally was, when there is a wave or a movement, are there some individuals then that choose not to ride it? And I’m still not clear on what....

ELIAS: Which I am expressing yes ...

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: ... but not for the reasons which I have offered you previously within these sessions. At times, individuals may be choosing not be incorporating the action of a wave, for they are choosing not to be lending energy to this wave. Or, they may be choosing to be lending energy to the wave, but not incorporating the action. This present wave certain individuals choose not to be engaging, for it is unnecessary.

VICKI: So me and Drew are just kind of like out in left field and clueless in Seattle here!

ELIAS: Not quite.

VICKI: Well, I don’t understand! (Laughing).

ELIAS: You are addressing to belief systems. You are moving and incorporating an allowance of subjective bleed-through.

VICKI: But we are very much unaware that it’s not necessary for us to do this?

ELIAS: For you individually, it is necessary. This is not to say that every individual occupying the space arrangement of your planet incorporates this action as necessary, for you all incorporate different movement within different time frameworks. You are addressing to different elements within you each subjectively, and attempting to be incorporating these also objectively. Therefore, it is dependent upon what you are choosing to be addressing to. You are not ‘in left field.’ You are not ‘behind.’ You are not ‘less than’ or accomplishing any less or worse than other individuals. You are merely choosing, within concert of many other individuals, to be addressing to similar belief systems in an allowance for these to be objectively surfacing, in your terms. Other individuals are not dealing with these particular elements within this present framework of time. Therefore, it is unnecessary for their participation within this wave.

Let me offer you a very small example. You and Matthew [Drew] and Stephen [Norm] and Dehl [Reta] may be choosing to be subjectively focusing upon a common belief system. In this common belief system, you may each be incorporating an aspect of fearfulness very similarly. In an effort within consciousness to be lending energy to each other helpfully, you create a wave which allows you to begin to be addressing to the belief system. You may not necessarily identify the belief system objectively yet, but you have chosen similar actions with similar objectives and similar fear elements.

In this, in the particular given belief system and fear element which it incorporates, other individuals as Shynla [Cathy] and Olivia [Ron] and Michael [Mary] may not hold this element of fearfulness within the particular belief system. This is not to say that they may not hold the same belief system. They may only not hold the same fearfulness within the belief system. Therefore, it is unnecessary for them to be participating within this wave, for the objective is to be addressing to the fearfulness aspect of the belief system, which they do not incorporate. Therefore, their objectification within your waking reality may appear differently. As I have stated, this is not to say that they also may not incorporate alignment with an action of another wave, to be addressing to issues that they hold within their own belief systems which are common to many other individuals. In this, you may not be choosing to be experiencing in like manner.

VICKI: Okay. I don’t want to take up everybody’s time here. But so these waves of movement quite often are indicative of the mass dealing with a specific belief system?


VICKI: What belief system are we dealing with here?

ELIAS: This belief system incorporates your ideas of change, and unfamiliar elements within change.

VICKI: Okay....

ELIAS: The underlying element, within the duplicity of the issue, is your attachment to good and bad within the action of change, and your resistance to accepting of unfamiliar change.

VICKI: ... I’d like to ask another question about this mass movement. The belief system of fear of change, I understand this. This makes sense to me. I’ve been observing Ron for many years and I’m quite aware that we hold very different belief systems in this area. First of all, I’m assuming that a mass movement in consciousness would incorporate the majority. Would this be a correct assumption?

ELIAS: Within your immediate terms you may viewing in this manner, although the term of majority at times is quite relative.

VICKI: So a wave such as this may not necessarily be experienced by the majority of the people on the planet?

ELIAS: Correct; although presently within this particular wave, you may be expressing that a majority of individuals are experiencing this action to some degree.

VICKI: Okay. I’m also interpreting that this fear of change with this particular movement would be connected with the tremendous change involved with the shift.

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: So that would be where that’s coming from.


VICKI: The other day we had some information from Paul (Patel), in which he used an analogy of going up and down hills and the differences in energy that we use in different actions, of going up a hill or being on top of the hill or going down the other side of the hill. (2)

ELIAS: May I interject? (Pause) One clarification, for you have misinterpreted one aspect of this information. There is no difference in the energy. There is only a difference within your perception of the action. The energy is the same within all of the movements.

VICKI: We would just be responding differently?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Alright. So I guess my question is, I’m trying to correlate the analogy to what we’ve been talking about with this particular movement, and I’m not real clear on how it correlates.

ELIAS: As I have stated to you this eve, Lawrence [Vicki], individuals move differently. All of the balls are not rolling upon the hills within the same position at every moment. This is not to express that any position in movement is better or worse or ahead of or behind any other movement or position upon the hills. They are merely different positions offering different perceptions.

VICKI: So the people that are experiencing this particular wave, are they basically in the same position on the hill?


VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: In your perception, you may view the ball to be moving up the hill, for within your belief systems you believe that the incorporation of energy moving up the hill is more difficult. Therefore, it incorporates more friction and may be objectified in your perspective as more confusing or more conflicting. The energy is all the same. The positioning may be different. Presently, the individuals that you view not experiencing this wave, you may place them within the position of the crest, allowing themselves to be incorporating a different perception.

VICKI: And would the movement down the hill, so to speak, be incorporating another type of wave? I mean, it makes sense to me that there’s no difference in difficulty moving up or down the hill. I kind of understand that. I’m just trying to understand these mass movements in general here, and how they work.

ELIAS: You may incorporate the movement down the hill as another wave, although it may also be interpreted in your terms as the diminishing of the wave, allowing for a relaxation for a time period before engaging another wave.

VICKI: Kind of like when you feel like you’re experiencing a lull in activity?

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: This would be a very good analogy; for as the ball may be rolling flatly, also you may be experiencing your lull. You may be experiencing a relief within your rolling down of the hill, and your lull may come as you smoothly continue within flatness. Within the position of the crest, you may be experiencing some exhilaration or acknowledgment of self within accomplishments, and noticing of more elements around you in not feeling as you are struggling, therefore allowing yourself to be viewing elements around you that reinforce your accomplishment as you have moved through your wave.

I shall express to you that the individuals that you view not being engaged within this present wave have previously, quite recently within your time framework, experienced this same wave within a slightly different direction, with the incorporation of our recent engagement of larger forum. These individuals engaged a different action but a movement in a similar type of wave, engaging elements of fearfulness; therefore within this present now rest upon the crest and allow acknowledgment of accomplishment. (Pause) Be remembering, there is no difference in accomplishment. No one lags behind or leaps forward.

VICKI: Yeah, I think I understand that. It’s just to think about this particular.... In my perception this particular wave, being attached to a belief system of fear of change within this action of the shift, which is a really, really big change, it’s kind of scary to think that this wave could last a really long time! (Can you tell it’s been a heck of a week?)

ELIAS: It shall not.

VICKI: Well, then it must be going to recur. I mean, it must!

ELIAS: This, you may be choosing; and within probabilities, I shall express to you that it is most probable that you shall be re-incorporating this type of wave many times, although it may take different forms objectively. But you shall be incorporating this type of wave many times.

VICKI: So we’re not going to be on this one particular wave for the next ten years or anything, right???


VICKI: Good! (Laughing)

ELIAS: In your terms this wave, as most of your waves within consciousness, shall appear within your perception to be relatively short. These waves that you create within consciousness you do not incorporate for long time periods, for it is unnecessary. You shall recreate another wave. You are not wishing to overwhelm yourself and create trauma. Therefore, you allow yourself increments which are relatively small.

NORM: Have waves been created by mass consciousness or gestalts of consciousness for reasons other than the shift?

ELIAS: Quite.

NORM: Then it could have happened at the beginning of the religious era?

ELIAS: You create waves in consciousness for many reasons continuously, as I have been expressing to Matthew [Drew]. You create waves within every year of your focus seasonally. You create your seasons to be objectifying illnesses. Within mass, many, many, many individuals choose to be creating illness within the same time period. You label this as your extra seasons – your flu season, your cold season – which are not incorporated within your nature as you view it, but you have created new seasons to be incorporating these waves.

There are many waves in consciousness that you align with and you objectify, although they may not all be directly related to your shift in consciousness. They are related in your noticing and your understanding of the movement of mass consciousness, but their expression may not be objectified for the reason of the accomplishment of the shift. This is quite familiar to you within objective actions, to be manifesting waves in commonalities of consciousness.

NORM: It’s a method of communication other than telepathic.

ELIAS: It is an agreement for accomplishment within certain areas. As I have expressed to these individuals previously, within your ‘cold season’ you are in alignment with each other, creating a wave in consciousness to be accomplishing certain acts, to be collectively acknowledging of each other of your weariness physically and your reluctance temporarily to be continuing within your mundane expressions, and also to be contributing to different areas of your economy that you may not be contributing to within other time frameworks of your year, which may deplete those particular areas of your society. Therefore, in generating energy to be continuing certain aspects of your society and your chosen occupations and creations of products, you create a reason within mass to be using these products, which lends energy in many other ways than you think of. You are contributing energy to many aspects of your own society.

DREW: One of the reasons that we have this cold and flu season is to objectively share our weariness and our dissatisfaction, if you will, with our mundane experience? Is that pretty much how you expressed it?


DREW: So most of us see our existence as mundane?

ELIAS: Ah, you are misinterpreting! You express this word as boring or negative. I do not incorporate this definition with this word. This word merely is your everyday activities. This is not to say they may not hold excitement or that they are necessarily negative or boring. It is just familiar activity that you incorporate on a daily basis.

DREW: Routine.

ELIAS: Yes. You may choose to be incorporating this season of activity for you may view yourself to be overwhelmed with the amount of activity that you incorporate, and you may be choosing to allow yourself an excuse for restfulness for you believe that you are needing of restfulness. Therefore, you create a reason for this, for you also believe that you must always hold a reason for all action! You may not incorporate an action merely in that you wish to be creating this. You must have a reason to create this! If you are wishing to be restful, for this is within your belief systems that you are needing of restfulness, you shall create a reason, for you shall not allow yourself permission to merely experience restfulness with no reason!” [session 190, July 06, 1997]

ELIAS: “Presently, you all are experiencing affectingness of a massive wave in consciousness, which theme connected to this wave is that of acceptance. I have spoken recently often of this wave in consciousness that is occurring, although I am understanding that many of you are not quite understanding the scope of this wave occurring presently and its affectingness within each of you, and also en masse. This wave of acceptance you are each responding to within your own individual manners, but this wave of acceptance is directly a recognition of the movement and the action of your shift, and the acceptance and the lack of acceptance of this shift. I have been expressing to you for much of your time period that you shall be noticing more and more of the affects of the shift before you, this being another one of these affects.

I have expressed to you recently, seriously, of this wave of acceptance, for the reason that serious action is occurring within this wave. Some individuals respond more strongly than other individuals. Those individuals which are connected to essence families within the capacity of Seers – and the like within other essence families – shall be experiencing affects of this wave more strongly than other individuals, and shall be experiencing more difficulty within the acceptance of the movement. This movement, as I have expressed to you many times, is not within your own small locations, but within the entirety of your globe; this being what you are feeling presently and responding to, although you do not objectively attach to the reasoning. Bleedthroughs are beginning, and you are beginning to attach more objective awareness to the actions that you encounter and the feelings that you experience. Also, your experiences increase. You may be, as I have stated, feeling within you agitated or frustrated or confused or impatient with yourselves or with other individuals, and you may feel confused within your behavior. This you be may expecting.

This wave is beginning within your continents and moving outward. I have expressed to you many times that you do not create accidents and that all time is simultaneous. Therefore, within probabilities and within actions that you choose and elements of your existence that you create, you create everything purposefully, even to the point of the placement of the continents upon your planet. Look to your globe and view that the continents of what you term as your Americas are removed from all the other continents upon your planet. This has been purposefully arranged within the knowingness of your Dream Walkers; for in recognition of the shift and the movement in consciousness, this movement begins within your physical land locations of these continents. Other mass and Source Events have originated in other areas of your planet, other continents which have been purposefully placed in creation within close proximity to each other. One only other continent is removed, which shall be the next continent that carries the movement of this shift in early recognition.

Therefore, here within your location of your countries upon these continents, you begin experiencing and feeling the initial movement of this shift. You look to yourselves and you look to this essence and you express wonderings of what you shall do, of how you shall proceed. I have expressed to you that you shall be engaging your own creativity in these endeavors, but I shall also express to you, as I have previously, you are the forerunners. (Pause) You move presently within consciousness and add to the movement that others shall be engaging subsequently.

You have created this reality within physical linear time. Therefore, within this dimension, time is a reality to you. All things do not move at once within your consciousness, which is registered within Regional Area 1 and 2 within this dimension. Movement occurs in sequences. Therefore, within the action of this shift, your movement also occurs within sequences. If this be not what you were creating, your shift would be accomplished presently within your objective reality. I have expressed to you that within the probabilities, your shift shall be accomplished within your next century – within your lifetimes, so to speak, your focuses, if you are choosing to be creating of what you term to be long focuses; but most probably, it shall be completed within the focuses of your children.

Much of the action of the shift shall be accomplished within your focus, and as you are beginning movement into this shift, it is important that you are aware; for although I express to you that you hold great ability within consciousness to be actualizing probabilities and [to be] helpful within this shift, many other individuals upon your planet are not lending energy yet to the action of this shift. Therefore, I express to you of probabilities which have been accepted within consciousness and within energy, those which have been prophesied, that you need be lending energy to in uncreating. You may not be lending energy to uncreating of probabilities if you hold no awareness, for your subjective and your objective awarenesses work within harmony. Therefore, you need not only be subjectively aware to be affecting, but you need be also objectively aware.

You hold tremendous ability, but you also restrict yourselves and limit yourselves tremendously. You focus very singularly and very small within the actions of your individual selves, and within the interaction of immediate personages surrounding you. You do not recognize that you hold great ability within consciousness and are affecting of more than that which is immediately surrounding you. Therefore, as you continue in your focusing upon your individual conflicts and your holding to your individual issues, you also are affecting of other individuals, other counterparts, and affecting their ability to be accepting also. As you are not accepting, they are not accepting.

I offer this to you, for you have been engaged within these small traumas for what I may term to be enough time! (Confused laughter) You may now realistically look to the action of the shift and the action of acceptance of self and of all others, and you may disengage your fighting and your tantrums within yourselves and be allowing for your own acceptance. This IS important!

CATHY: I have a question. Obviously, this includes acceptance of other people’s non-acceptance.

ELIAS: Quite! I have expressed to you, the point is not to be holding judgment of other individuals’ creation of their reality. The point is to be focusing upon self and accepting of self, and do not concern yourselves with other individuals and their creation of their reality. Be accepting.

CATHY: Within that, if you find yourself concentrating and not being able to accept someone else’s non-acceptance, then would distraction be a good thing to do?

ELIAS: Yes, Shynla [Cathy].

CATHY: Okay! That’s where I’m headed! (Laughing)

ELIAS: As you concentrate upon these elements, you perpetuate them. As you concentrate upon your own conflict continuously, you perpetuate this. As you concentrate upon your non-acceptance of other individuals’ reality, you perpetuate this! Therefore, if you are not allowing yourself to approach a point of acceptance, you may be distracting yourself for a time period and allowing yourself to disengage from the conflict and the confusion, and then you may re-address to the issue and you may have offered yourself more information and a clearer understanding of the issues that you are dealing with.

CATHY: Michael [Mary] has a question. She said she had a reality check about the acceptance wave. She said, ‘It hit me this morning and it was way big. We don’t have much time. How can this group of six to fifteen people prevent or alter these massive predictions/prophecies that are supposed to be happening in the next two to ten years?’

ELIAS: This be also why I stress this wave of acceptance, for as you are not accepting, you are also not moving. I have expressed to you from the onset of these sessions, this be the reason that you have asked. You have asked for helpfulness. You receive this helpfulness presently, and the action of the shift is the focal point of these discussions. It is what you have chosen as your direction for your attention and your movement. Therefore, it is important; but you prevent your own movement within this shift by limiting your own abilities and creativity, and not trusting of yourselves.

I have expressed to you previously that this expansion holds back merely in regard to the individuals which are focused within this group. Michael [Mary] has held reins for much time period. I express to you presently, it is unnecessary any longer. Movement is important. How shall you be affecting of masses of individuals if you are not moving? You hold the ability to move en masse within a very small time framework. It is only dependent upon your acceptance and your willingness to be accomplishing what you have chosen to accomplish. I do not express to you in direction, ‘You must do this!’ You have chosen. This be your choice. You may disengage from this choice at any moment, and you may not engage these discussions any longer. As I have stated, this is your choice. There is no judgment placed upon your choices, for they are your choices. But as you continue within this forum and you continue to be wishing of information, it is pointless to be offering you information if you are not incorporating the information and you are not moving in the direction that you have chosen within your attention.

TOM: So if we asked for guidelines pertaining to the acceptance of the belief systems, we could receive guidelines? I’m not saying me personally because I don’t think I need it. But we could, if we asked, receive a direction to help us accept our belief systems?

ELIAS: You have been offered directions. I do not express to any individual that they should be moving within this direction or that direction, for these are your choices. You may choose to not be moving. You may choose to not be engaging information. You may choose trauma, if you are so wishing. It is your choice.

You hold, once again, tremendous ability. You hold all of your answers within you. Therefore, you need not look to another essence, a god, a master, a guide, anything, for your information, for your direction. You hold this information within you. I have offered you much information to be helpful to you, but I continuously encourage you also to focus upon self. This is unfamiliar to you. You are accustomed to allowing others to give you your direction. You may give yourselves your direction! As you have allowed other individuals within experimentation and experience previously for millennium to be directing of your actions and your thought processes and your feelings and all of your existence, now you move to your shift, that you create consciously your reality, and that you direct yourself in acceptance of the greatness of yourself, and that there is no element greater than what you are.

DAVID: ... So in effect, should we just take the bull by the horns and go for it? Not fear it, just go for it and see what happens?

ELIAS: What do you fear?

DAVID: I don’t know! I fear the flood, the wave being so massive it’ll just drown us, so to speak.

ELIAS: The wave IS massive. This shift is global. You shall choose either to move within it, or you shall experience trauma. It is your choice.” [session 203, August 03, 1997]

CAROLE: “During this visit, there was also a lot of action there of choking, and we all seemed to have that similar experience. I’ve also noticed in the job I have now that I keep hearing people tell me that one of the ailments they have is what they call reflux, and I’ve never heard that in my life until I experienced it in California, and now it seems like every third person that comes in has it! Are people making objective imagery of like getting rid of or choking up old things? Or does this have something to do with the shift, that this is all of a sudden legion that everyone’s experiencing reflux action?

ELIAS: This would be another example of a wave in consciousness, that individuals choose to be creating of similar actions to each other objectively which is expressive of certain movements within consciousness. This creates a wave in consciousness, which is also likened to your experiences with illnesses within your ‘illness seasons’ in which individuals choose to be creating a wave of similar objective action, and this is creating of movement. In this particular action, there is a recognition subjectively that there is much expressed objectively which holds distortion. Therefore, there is a constriction occurring within this particular wave, creating objective imagery to be blocking the expression of these distortions. In this, you may view many different actions in conjunction with this shift in consciousness that shall be expressive of a ‘turning’ of objective expression, which lends energy to the movement of objectively being expressive of this shift in consciousness.” [session 272, April 05, 1998]

ELIAS: “What be this air that hangs so very strangely upon this time period presently that moves you all in a new, strange direction that is unclear? ‘What is my purpose? What is my direction? Where are we moving? What does our future hold?’ These are questions that have been presented to this essence and that all of the individuals presently upon your planet are inquiring of, for these are strange times ... changing times, but interesting times!

You engage presently what I have designated in my terminology as a shift in consciousness, which is occurring presently and escalating and is affecting of all of you individually and also en masse. Odd and peculiar events occur within your present time framework, and this moves more intensely as you move forward within your linear time. In this, waves occur in consciousness.

Let me express to you that there is no separation within consciousness, and although you view yourselves to be separate individuals, and within this reality objectively you are, you are also not. You are all interconnected within consciousness, and you hold no separation. You all hold affectingness to each other en masse and individually, and in this you share many experiences.

Presently, within this now, a wave is occurring within consciousness which is directly involving this shift in consciousness. Many individuals are beginning now to be experiencing elements of trauma and confusion.

Now; let me also express to you that as I have expressed many times previously, the reason that I speak with all of you is to be offering information in regard to this shift in consciousness, and in that to be affecting in lessening the trauma that shall be associated and IS associated with this shift. And now, it begins.

I have been speaking for a time period with many individuals as to this shift in consciousness, but I have also been offering information to all of these individuals of self, that they may better understand their individual selves and interactions and therein hold a greater understanding of the action of this shift in consciousness.

This shift is global. You have agreed within essence to be creating a new type of reality within your particular dimension, which is this, and in this physical manifestation you have exhausted your wonderment with your experiences that you have created previously, and now move into a new area of experience.

What is your purpose within this dimension? Your purpose is to be manifesting for the experience of physical focus within a dimension that is focused upon the sexual and emotional aspects of physical experience. Experience is your purpose.

(Grinning) You have no mission. You have no method. You have no process. You are not in school. You are not upon a lower plane, and there are no masters that are above you that are guiding you along your path, for you have no path! You merely hold experience.

You are essence. You each before me presently are an individual focus of your essence. You are a focus of attention of your essence, and your essence holds countless focuses of attention. This be important for your information, for within the action of this shift these focuses shall bleed through to you, for there is no separation and for you are loosening the veils in consciousness that you have held throughout millennium in this particular physically manifest dimension.

Presently, as I have stated, another wave within consciousness is occurring. Waves in consciousness occur continuously. Some of these waves hold more of an intensity than others. Now; let me explain briefly a wave in consciousness. You create waves in consciousness continuously. You label these waves objectively through your belief systems. Let us use an example that I have presented many times to individuals, for it serves the purpose well:

You create seasons of actions. You create seasons of waves that you respond to. Within your physical seasons of your year, you also create a wave season; a cold season, a flu season. This is a creation of a wave that you participate within en masse. You all individually create this, and in agreement en masse you manifest this. Individually you create your own individual expression or participation within this wave, or you choose not to participate within the wave. You always hold the choice to participate or to not participate, but the wave of energy in consciousness holds such an intensity that many individuals DO participate within these waves.

This is not what you would term to be an objective choice. You do not think, ‘I recognize a wave in consciousness is occurring. We have created this. I shall participate. I shall become ill.’ No. You do not express to yourself, ‘I shall become ill, for this shall be contributing to the commerce of our society.’ Or, ‘I shall be participating in the exchange of consuming pharmaceuticals and engaging truths,’ – which, Aileen [Carole], you may explain at a later time period to these individuals – ‘that our economy shall benefit.’ (3)

No, you do not. You merely participate. Subjectively you DO choose for your own reasons, and those reasons shall be beneficial to you, for you do not choose any experience within your focus that is not beneficial. It may not hold pleasantness; it may not hold joyfulness. It may hold uncomfortableness or distress, but it is beneficial. Beneficial is not positive or negative. In actuality, there is no positive or negative! There merely is choices of experience.

In this, you create presently another wave; not in the area of physical affectingness as your seasons of illness, but you create an intensity of a wave presently within consciousness en masse which is designed by you to be addressing to belief systems. This particular wave you have created within a huge swell which is affecting not only of you individually, but greatly en masse – within your societies, within your governments, within your countries, within your world – but these you may view quite easily. You may look to turmoil within many areas of expression objectively outside of you, so to speak ... although there is no outside of you! (Grinning)

In this, you may look to other individuals experiencing conflict. You may look to societies, you may look to communities, you may look to business, you may look to all elements and view upset. This may be in what you term in your belief systems positive or negative – either. It holds an intensity, and it is obviously viewable all about you. But although you may allow yourselves the enlightenment of expressing to yourselves and other individuals that you understand and see that this is an action of this shift in consciousness moving throughout your communities ... for you are so very enlightened and knowing! But as you experience these elements within your individual experiences, you question and you express, ‘Why am I experiencing this intensity? Why do I experience this conflict? Why do I experience this confusion? Why am I creating what I am creating?’ Or, ‘Why is someone else creating what they are creating for me?’

(Intently) No other individual creates for you. You create your reality individually. Every aspect, every element of it, you create. You draw yourselves to other individuals’ creations, but you are creating of this also, for you are drawing yourselves to their creations. Therefore, you are participating and you are within agreement.

Within this present now, this wave which is occurring, and has not crested presently yet but continues to build and accelerate, is affecting of individuals in different manners. If you are experiencing conflict within relationship, if you are experiencing conflict within business, if you are experiencing conflict or confusion within self, within understanding, within belief systems, this is connected to this wave, and you have created a choice to be participating within this present wave in consciousness, and this also is directly related to this shift in consciousness.

The base element of this shift in consciousness is to be identifying, recognizing, and addressing to the belief systems that you hold and to be accepting of these belief systems – not eliminating, not altering, not changing, but to be accepting of these belief systems, which therefore renders these belief systems neutralized, which shall be creating of this new establishment in consciousness; for if you are not affected by those belief systems that you hold, you allow yourselves the opportunity to open to your awareness and you allow yourselves to view more of your reality.

I have stated many times, this shift in consciousness is limited to this dimension. This is YOUR choice within this dimension upon this planet in this reality, and in this you may be allowing yourselves to drop these veils within your singularly focused attention and allow yourselves to be interactive and viewing of so very much more of your reality that you create within essence. This offers you the opportunity to view and participate within the action of transition, which until recently, so to speak, in relative terms, individuals have chosen merely to engage the action of transition after disengaging physical focus.

Disengagement of physical focus, as you are most probably aware, is that moment that you choose, which you DO choose, to be disengaging of this manifestation, or what you commonly address to be death. I do not choose to engage the word death, for there is no death. There is merely emergence, which is birth. Therefore, at the moment of disengagement, you are birthed, not ‘deathed.’

(Vic’s note: grinning, obviously pleased with the word ‘deathed.’ Elias is full of himself tonight!)

But within this action of being birthed and an emergence, you enter into an action which is termed to be a transition. This transition is to be shedding completely of the objective awareness and the belief systems held within the objective awareness, that you may re-emerge – not newly emerge, but re-emerge – yourselves into non-physical focus and move into whatever direction you choose to move within, for you are within a continual state of becoming, and that is what you are. Therefore, if you inquire, ‘What am I?’ or ‘Who am I?,’ you are essence and you are within a continual state of becoming. This is consciousness. This is essence. This is you.

As to this wave and its affectingness and your participation within it, you may also be choosing to be participating within this wave but not within conflict, and in this you may be creating of tremendous excitement or elation, heightened senses, a time period of heightened awareness, but you also shall be addressing to belief systems, for this is the action of this particular wave. This be the reason that more individuals are presently experiencing confusion and conflict, for they are addressing to their belief systems.

All of the creations that you engage that you view to be negative or confusing are those that are addressing to your belief systems. All of those experiences within this time framework that you choose to engage of heightened senses and elation or excitement are the acknowledgment to yourselves that you have been addressing to belief systems, and this is your validation that you are accomplishing moving through elements of your belief systems. Therefore, there may be different expressions, but the action is the same. It is merely dependent upon your position and how you have addressed to your belief systems ... or not addressed to your belief systems!

In this, let me be clear in expressing to you, these waves have been moving more frequently within what you would term to be a recent short time period. Within your recent few years this action has been accelerating, and now you move into an immense wave addressing to that very core of the action of this shift in consciousness, and that is the addressing of belief systems, and in that, the most affecting belief systems are those of duplicity and acceptance.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

FORREST: “Elias, the last time that I was at a session, you mentioned something about a wave in consciousness. What is the current status of that?

ELIAS: It continues within its intensity, which also now moves into the direction of the involvement of these nine manifestations [of the essence of Rose], and that be the reason that I shall be discussing this situation at our next meeting, for this wave has gained momentum and has not crested yet within this particular time period but moves close to that action, and in this there is also now the participation and involvement of these nine manifestations in directing elements of this energy in a more global manner.” [session 287, June 18, 1998]

ELIAS: “This evening we shall be discussing the present wave in consciousness occurring which is affecting en masse, and in this discussion we shall be focusing upon the belief system which is the most affecting and that which this particular wave in consciousness addresses to presently.

Let me initially express to you that as we move more fully into the expression of this shift in consciousness, these waves shall become more frequent and more intense, therefore pulling to the surface of your objective awareness those belief systems which shall be addressed to en masse and shall be the most beneficial to you within your societies and individually. Within this present now, the belief system which moves the wave in consciousness that you address to is that of relationships.

Now; let me express that you separate your ideas of relationships into many different areas. I shall also express to you a reminder that this is one belief system. Each belief system that you hold, as I have stated previously, holds many, many aspects.

Therefore, I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.

Therefore, as you address to the belief system of relationships, this also holds very many aspects. You separate these aspects into different compartments, so to speak. You create individual ideas in differentiating one type of relationship from another type of relationship. You think very differently as to your relationship with your employer than you do in looking to a relationship with your child. You look at relationships involving other individuals romantically very differently from relationships of friendships or relationships that you look to in your parents. There are many different types of relationships that you identify with.

You also hold relationships with your communities, with your governments, with your world. You hold relationships with what you believe to be your ‘higher self’ or other aspects of consciousness. You hold relationships with that which you may term to be god or other such ‘beings,’ so to speak. This shift in consciousness moves these belief systems into your objective awareness, that you may address to the belief systems and all of the aspects that are connected to these belief systems, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to be accepting of these belief systems.

In this, let us examine these belief systems and this particular belief system of relationship, for you place very many judgments in this particular belief system, which shall serve as an example to all other belief systems, for all belief systems hold judgments. Be they in what you term to be positive or negative, good or bad, they are all judgments. Your positive or ‘good’ assessments of any element within your focus is also a judgment. The accomplishment of acceptance of belief systems is to be accomplishing the lack of judgment in any aspect of the belief system.

There is much affectingness that occurs within the belief system of relationships. This be the reason that it has been chosen by you all, within essence and your subjective awareness within physical focus, to be addressing to and therefore creating a wave in consciousness that may lend energy to the accomplishment of your focusing upon this particular belief system. This is not to say that you shall be focusing upon this belief system in negative areas, for you may be focusing your attention in the area of the belief system of relationship and offering yourself information in what you term to be positive directions. But let me also bring to your attention the limitations of this belief system, for you DO move in the direction of MUCH separation with this particular belief system. You shall not be interactive and engaging of a small one – children – in the same manner that you shall be engaging of individuals that you term to be adults. You shall not engage individuals that you term to be friends in the same manner that you shall engage or interact with an authority. As you look to your societies and your governments, you shall not interact with your police state in the same manner that you engage an individual that you are romantically inclined with. And why be this that you engage these individuals so very differently? These are the aspects of the belief system.

Let me express to you that relationships are relationships. They are interactions with other individuals within physical focus. In acceptance of self – Acceptance 102, remedial – and in acceptance of other individuals – Acceptance 101, of which I am the professor (grinning) – you engage other individuals in an allowance of their expression of themselves and their energy, recognizing that they filter their expression through their own belief systems.

(Vic’s note: Something odd is occurring here with these references to Acceptance 101 and Acceptance 102. When this information was originally delivered, Elias defined Acceptance 101 as acceptance of self, and Acceptance 102 as acceptance of other individuals. Here, he is defining it oppositely. Dyslexia? Dunno! For reference: follow these links to Acceptance 102: session 217, September 14, 1997 | Acceptance 101: session 236, November 08, 1997.)

ELIAS: You are not better than they, and they are not better than you, and you are not worse than they, and they are not worse than you! You are merely different. Your expressions are different. You choose to move in different directions, for your attention moves in different directions for different experiences, but there is no bad or wrong or right or good to any of these expressions.

This particular wave in energy within consciousness presently allows you the opportunity, in addressing to this belief system of relationship and all of its aspects, to drop many of your separations that create limitations within yourselves, within your societies, individually and en masse, for within these separations you also place judgments, not only upon yourselves ... which you do!” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELIAS: “And once again, as I have stated at our recent sessions, you are participating in this wave presently in consciousness, addressing to the belief system of relationship.

As I present information to individuals within groups, I am quite intent in my direction, expressing to you all, this is a reality! This wave in consciousness IS occurring presently. These are the reasons, these are the actions, and these are the expressions of this wave. This is the presentment to you all of information, that you may be identifying what you are participating in, for you have chosen to be participating in these expressions and in this wave of energy and creating your own individual expressions of this wave, but you ARE all participating in this. This be the reason that I have chosen to be addressing to this particular movement and subject matter, for en masse it IS being created, and you are all riding this wave and you are all creating affectingness within this wave, within your own individual expressions of it.

I offered previously the analogy of your seasons and other waves in consciousness that you create seasonally. Each year, within your expressions, you collectively create your illness season, your cold and flu season, which is another season that you may be adding to your calendar, for I hold the awareness that you merely are identifying winter, fall, spring and summer, and you have eliminated or neglected to add to these seasons your cold and flu season also! In this expression of that wave, which you collectively create each year, individuals choose to be participating in that wave in consciousness.

Now; their individual expression is their choice. They may be choosing to be completely aligning with the creation of that wave in consciousness and they may be creating physical illness. They may not choose to be creating physical illness, but they may be choosing to draw themselves to other individuals that ARE creating physical illness or they may be choosing to create an expression in alignment with the production of certain physical aspects, such as your pharmaceuticals or other physical things that also lend energy to that particular wave.

I have been presented previously with an individual – Lawrence [Vicki], who also aligns with the Ilda family – expressing to myself, ‘I do not align with this wave in consciousness for this season. Therefore, why shall I be creating of an expression physically of illness? And I am NOT supportive of this action in physical terms. I do not participate in pharmaceuticals.’ And I have expressed, ‘Ah, but you DO participate, in acquiring boxes and boxes of truths!’

(As an aside) My expression; your physical expression would be tissues. You may be inquiring of Michael [Mary] of this. It is merely a humorous expression of my own which I hold great fondness for!

Therefore, in the acquiring of these tissues, there is an actual physical participation in the perpetuation of that particular wave in consciousness. This is an example that you all may physically, objectively, outwardly, so to speak, view that you participate in. I offer you information of other waves in consciousness that you also participate in that do not appear so obviously objective, for it is much easier for you to not recognize these waves in consciousness and assign them singularly to your own experience, not recognizing that many, many, many other individuals are participating in the same action that you are participating in. It is merely not quite so objectively recognized. But it also offers you information as to your addressing to this wave in consciousness and allows you more of an objective ability to be moving through the wave that is occurring with less conflict and less trauma if you are identifying that you are participating in it and if you are allowing yourself to be identifying certain elements of it.

Therefore, within the movement of this wave, you also become more acutely aware of what you view to be, objectively, differences between yourself and your partner and your expressions. NOW offer yourself the opportunity to view the similarities in your expressions that are merely created in a different manner, but underlyingly they are quite similar.” [session 304, August 01, 1998]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you that as I move more fully into this discussion presently that I engage with individuals within this forum in the subject of relationships, you may view that as I have stated within this particular session, there are very many aspects that occupy this particular cage, this particular belief system of relationships, and it is all intertwining with other belief systems, and all of the aspects of this belief system are very intertwined with each other and spill into many different areas and expressions of your focus that you do not even attribute to the belief system of relationship.

But within this wave in consciousness, you are ALL offering yourselves your own expressions of this particular belief system, that you may be offering yourselves the opportunity to address to this belief system and therefore lend energy to the acceptance of this belief system, individually and en masse.

MARGOT: When did this wave start, Elias? Can you tell us that in earth years or time?

ELIAS: This particular wave in consciousness has begun within this particular physically focused year of your time framework and has been building through the succession of this particular year. It moves into the momentum of almost cresting presently, and therefore I have chosen to be addressing to this particular belief system, for now it moves into an area recently and continues to be expressing itself in this area of much of an intensity and becomes much more objectively obvious, not only individually but also en masse in its expression. Therefore, it also becomes necessary to be addressing to this particular wave and offering explanation as to not only its movement but its affectingness, for in many of its expressions there is being created actions and events of trauma, not only individually but also en masse, and this is an example of the trauma which shall be created in relation to addressing to belief system[s] in regard to this shift in consciousness, and as this shift in consciousness accelerates in its momentum, this action of trauma shall increase and shall also be moving more expressively in its own momentum.

Therefore, this offers you an example of the very elements that I have been offering to you throughout the course, so to speak, of these sessions, of this shift in consciousness and of the trauma that is associated with it, for it shall continue and it shall increase as you move more fully into the action of this shift if you are not offering yourselves information and a widening of awareness, that you may be understanding and addressing to your belief systems more fully and more efficiently.

MARGOT: It seems to me then that from what you’ve been saying about this, and I’ve been really interested in this wave that you’ve been telling folks about, it seems to me that this wave is the crux of the shift. Is that right?

ELIAS: It is a very large element, for you move in the direction within this particular dimension of physical focus of surrounding much of your behavior and activity and creations around the belief of relationship and all of its aspects. Therefore, it holds tremendous energy, and if you are moving into the direction of designating certain belief systems as larger than other belief systems within your physical terms, this particular belief system may be in your terms designated as one of the largest belief systems that you hold within physical focus and one of the very most intensely affecting throughout the entirety of each of your creations of your physical focuses. Therefore, it holds much significance and importance in relation to this shift in consciousness.

MARGOT: In earth years then, wouldn’t you say that this won’t crest, this wave won’t crest until at least a quarter century has passed and we’re that far in the shift.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for it is not the ONLY one of the very largely held belief systems that you hold within physical focus. It is ONE of the large belief systems.

I am not expressing to you that in addressing to this belief system that you shall be accepting of this belief system in its entirety immediately, but that it shall not be requiring of tremendous time framework to be cresting, and subsequent to this crest it shall begin to ease down into its movement of ebb, and that action shall be within probabilities requiring of more of your time framework than its actual peak.” [session 306, August 09, 1998]

ELIAS: “Your definitions of your choice of orientations within this dimension holds much distortion, but within the movement of this shift presently, this is becoming a new wave in consciousness. I have expressed previously that these waves shall be increasing and shall be being created more frequently as the momentum of this shift in consciousness increases in this time framework. In this, I shall be addressing to many of these waves in consciousness, that individuals may hold an objective understanding of their own experiences and movement as they are participating within these waves.

This expression that you are speaking of presently moves in the direction of connecting with this wave in consciousness that is now merely beginning its movement, and in this, you allow yourself the exploration of new experiences to be offering yourself more information, and this shall allow you the opportunity to widen your awareness and address to more of the birds within the cages of belief systems.

This particular issue and wave is being set into motion en masse within your societies, addressing to the issue of sexuality and orientation and defining more clearly the difference between orientation and choice of expression, so to speak, for they are not the same.

In this, you are beginning to move also in this direction, offering yourself new experiences, recognizing that the experiences are merely a choice.” [session 353, January 17, 1999]

RICHARD: “I have a question about a recent discovery. This is something that has been prophesied by Sumerian texts, as well as Egyptian. Recently, around the sun, they’ve spotted objects which they’re terming to be ‘sun cruisers,’ and prophesied by the Sumerians and the Hopi as returning at this time. NASA is claiming it’s the planet Mars, and it doesn’t look like the planet Mars. It’s not in the right place. I was wondering what you could share about these particular sightings of ‘sun cruisers.’ What are they doing?

ELIAS: These are bleed-throughs that you offer yourselves the opportunity to view, for as you move farther into the action of this shift, you also widen your awareness and allow yourself to open your vision, not merely physically, but also intuitively, and in this action, you also open yourselves to more of the reality of consciousness, and in this action, as I have stated previously, the veils become very thin, and you may easily pierce these veils. Therefore, individuals may view many more elements of your reality than you have allowed yourselves to view previously.

I have expressed many times within this forum to be watchful. You shall be viewing more of reality than you have allowed yourselves to view in millenniums, and now you open yourselves in your awareness to wonders of amazement, that is all of your reality and all available to you! You have merely hidden these elements of your reality from yourselves, in your singularity of your vision. You shall view more amazing stories futurely also! (Grinning)

I have expressed recently that you move now into the final year of this century and of this millennium. This holds significance, for you have lent much energy to this event. You have lent much energy to this time framework for much of your history. You look to this time period as a turning point, and so it shall be, for you are creating it!

You have already lent tremendous energy in this area, and I have expressed to you for much time framework now that it is your choice which probabilities you shall insert into your official objective reality. You view yourselves as you are inserting into your reality, and you ARE creating your movements, and you are creating more and more that you view and more and more that becomes accepted, not as unusual, but accepted and welcomed into your reality as ‘normal.’

JEN: It’s exciting!

ELIAS: Quite! You embark on a new adventure which gains in momentum upon a daily basis! This time framework of this particular year shall yield MANY changes.

JEN: This year, or the year 2000?

ELIAS: We concern ourselves with this final year of this century and this millennium, for this is what you occupy!

In this, you may view many alterations and many changes, which you yourselves shall be initiating and executing, for you ARE allowing yourselves wider awarenesses. Therefore, your unusual little sightings may become much more common as you move farther into the momentum of this shift. As you move into your new millennium, which I have expressed to you previously in preparing you, your momentum shall increase tremendously. The wave of this shift shall immensely move as you move into your new millennium.

RICHARD: The wave is still cresting?

ELIAS: Quite!

NATHAN: Is it still in the direction of relationships, or have we moved more out of that direction?

ELIAS: That particular wave continues, but it moves into a calming position. These waves in consciousness addressing to individual belief systems are beginning to overlap, and in this, you shall be addressing to more than one belief system within each time framework.

Therefore, as you continue – as the swell reduces in the area of belief system of relationship – you now move into new areas. What you are moving into presently and gaining momentum within are the belief systems of duplicity and also of sexual orientation.

... I shall be offering information in these areas of these two belief systems, which currently begin to be addressed within consciousness objectively and subjectively, en masse and individually.

The belief system of duplicity shall be moving quite strongly, and this shall be presenting itself over and over. This is a very large belief system. In actuality, this is your greatest belief system, and holds the greatest amount of energy and is the most affecting.

But simultaneous to the addressing to this particular belief system, you also incorporate your distortions and the belief systems that you have created in the area of sexual orientation, and this is based to this particular dimension, as I have expressed to you.” [session 355, January 27, 1999]

VIVIEN: “The other physical thing is, I have a very small raised area, like a bump or a lump, on my lower back. It’s not getting bigger, it’s not getting smaller, it doesn’t hurt, but it’s obviously there for something, and I don’t know what it is! Can you help me with that?

ELIAS: You merely are presenting yourself with this imagery to be allowing yourself to draw your attention to this wave in consciousness and to be alert, so to speak, to all of the action which is and may be occurring in conjunction to this present wave in consciousness.

Now; as we have been addressing to this particular wave in what you term to be recent past, I express to you that a large area of our discussion is and shall be encompassing perception, for this is a very large element of this particular belief of sexuality. There are many, many areas that are affected in conjunction with this particular belief. Appearance is also one of these areas.

Now; individuals within this time framework of this wave in consciousness shall be creating many different types of expressions to be drawing their attention to this particular belief system. In this, you have offered yourself a small manifestation, an expression that may not be painful and it also may not be hurtful or disturbing to you, but it gains your attention, for it is presenting a marking upon physical form. It is a malformation, in your estimation, and therefore it gains your attention quite efficiently, for one of the elements of this particular belief system is appearance. This is a very strong aspect.

Although many, many, many of you express to yourselves and to each other that it matters not and that you concern yourselves not with appearance, I express to you that you concern yourselves very much with appearance!

VIVIEN: We do, don’t we?

ELIAS: And you place great value in this area.” [session 382, April 12, 1999]

KATIE: “Also, my daughter has a question that she wanted to ask you.

First of all, there’s just been a whole lot of imagery – not just outward, world-scale imagery, but individual imagery – around disengagement and also around transition. I’m wondering if this is what the current wave is within the shift.

ELIAS: The present wave in consciousness within this shift addresses to the belief system involving sexuality, which is a very large belief system, a very powerful belief system, and involves much more than merely your identification of physical sexuality, but involves all of your perception. Therefore, it is affecting of every area of your focus.

This belief system intertwines itself with all other belief systems. It is quite entangled with all of your belief systems, and it addresses to how you view yourself, how you view other individuals, and how you view your world ... and how you interact with all of these elements of your reality. The belief system of sexuality involves all of your reality, not merely that one very small aspect of physical, sexual interactions.” [session 395, May 16, 1999]

HAL: “Recently, within the last few months, everything has basically changed for me, feeling-wise. So, I’m wondering what’s behind or perhaps reflective of the following: my general tiredness, lack of enthusiasm and well-being, discouragement, minor depression, and my complete lack of appetite for days at a time – it used to be one of my most favorite things! And most importantly, my conscious disinterest in children, grandchildren, and family in general.

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that one element of the affectingness that you are experiencing presently and have been experiencing for a time framework is related to this present wave in consciousness which addresses to the belief system of sexuality.

This particular belief system, as I have stated previously within this forum, is quite strong, and therefore is also very affecting. It is affecting of individuals in many, many different manners. First of all, it is affecting of a great many individuals physically, for this particular aspect of this belief system involving physical elements is also quite strong.

This belief system is very encompassing and addresses to aspects of all areas of your physical expression. It also addresses to many other areas within your focus, for it encompasses all of your perception, but in this, individuals, yourself also, are turning their attention away from outside influences. Although these outside influences may seem temporarily to be increasing in their expression to be gaining attention, there is also felt within the individuals a turning inward and what you may identify within yourselves as a type of isolating effect. In this, individuals are, in their turning of their attention to self, becoming more occupied with viewing self and being with self within your time framework.

What I am expressing to you is that you, as with other individuals, view yourself as turning your attention into a different type of expression than that which has been familiar to you previously. Individuals that have been quite interactive and expressive, in the manner of engaging other individuals quite easily and frequently, may view themselves to be attending to self more and holding less and less desire to be interactive with other individuals, seeking out their own quietness, but this also is an unfamiliar action. Therefore, this triggers other actions and responses within you, for you are addressing to very many aspects all simultaneously.

Therefore, in this turn that you experience in looking more to self and not participating to the extent that you are familiar with, with other individuals, you also experience a type of lack of motivation in viewing and participating in interactions. There also is experienced a lack of enthusiasm, in your terms, as to any engagements that may be occurring that are not directly affecting of you. Those participations that may have been engaged to be creating certain elements of joyfulness are underlyingly being recognized as camouflages and also as aspects of belief systems, and in this, you turn your attention more fully to self.

Now; as to the fatigue which is experienced presently, this also is quite common in relation to this particular wave within consciousness, for within this wave, simultaneous to its action, the action of this shift in consciousness increases and intensifies. This creates more of an intensified emotional response within certain individuals holding the orientation of soft, which is also affecting within consciousness of ALL of you within physical focus.

You are all very affecting of each other. What you are recognizing presently – although not entirely objectively, but moving in that direction of recognition objectively – is that in actuality, there is no separation. I have been expressing this concept from the onset of these sessions, but now it begins to become a reality within your understandings. In this, you are all interconnected. Therefore, you are all very affecting of each other.

This is quite purposeful within this present time framework, that you are noticing all of these different types of affectingnesses that are occurring that you are responding to within your interconnectedness of each other, for although you may express to yourselves that you are all interconnected and therefore you are all affecting of each other within consciousness, underlyingly you also do not entirely believe this. This be the reason that you may be expressing to yourselves the questioning of how each individual may be affecting of all of consciousness alone, individually, for you view yourselves to be quite separated.

Now you move into a wave in consciousness that encompasses all of your perception, which is the element that creates your reality in its entirety. Therefore, as all of your perception is being affected, you also begin to notice that you may be being affected in manners that are quite unfamiliar to you and do not feel entirely as though they are your own individual expressions. This is the action which occurs in responsiveness to the engagements of actions and responses that other individuals are engaging. Each individual is experiencing heightened elements of their realities. Each of your actions, each of your creations, may seem more extreme than they have previously been created.

Now; this is not merely the effect of this wave which is occurring presently, as I have stated, but also an affectingness which is occurring in response to the acceleration and intensification of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, you may experience within yourself a fatigue in responding to the intensified energy, which you are not accustomed to incorporating within your focus, but you are allowing. You may experience differences within your behaviors and within your habits, so to speak.

As to appetite, you may be experiencing less of an urge or an interest in relation to appetite or even in relation to your appreciation of different types of food substances, for your physical body consciousness is also responding to this shift in its intensification, recognizing that it does not require all that you consume.

Many individuals previously have inquired as to different types of consumptions and what may be more efficient in their consuming of different types of foodstuffs, as you term them to be. I have expressed that your physical body is not requiring of all that you consume, that much of what you consume you intake as influenced by your beliefs. Therefore, in partial recognition and a beginning of noticing that you are not requiring of this type of intake, you are subjectively instructing your physical body consciousness, and it is responsive.

I may also express to you that conversely, some individuals may be not experiencing fatigue, but may be experiencing difficulty in engaging and continuing the engagement of sleep state. Your sleep patterns may be quite interrupted. This also is for very similar reason. You are instructing of your physical body consciousness that it also is not requiring the amount of sleep state that you have offered it previously in response to your belief systems.

Your sleep state may also be interrupted, regardless of the feeling of fatigue OR the feeling of experiencing more energeticness, in the manner that it may be altered in the hours or the time frameworks that you allow yourselves to be engaging this sleep state. You may at times find yourselves holding difficulty in engaging sleep within your night hours, but feeling quite fatigued and wishing to be engaging sleep state within your daylight hours. This is another responsiveness to this shift in consciousness, recognizing that you sleep within your darkness hours in conjunction with your beliefs; not for the reason that this is the most efficient time framework for you to be engaging this action of sleep state, but that you have incorporated very strong beliefs in this area that you must be engaging sleep state within your darkness hours, for you view daylight hours as facilitating your movement and action much more efficiently.

There are many, many aspects being addressed presently, and therefore, there are many effects which are occurring presently.

I may express to you that your physical energy centers are also becoming quite responsive to this particular wave which is occurring presently, for each of them is expressive within your physical form and its functioning, which is also involved within aspects of this particular belief system. Is this helpful?

HAL: Very! Are the energy centers balanced?

ELIAS: Within yourself presently?

HAL: Right. (Pause)

ELIAS: No. You may engage the exercise which has been offered, and if you are so choosing, you may be inquiring of Michael [Mary] to be offering this information to you as to balancing these energy centers. (4) I express to you, in viewing your energy expression presently, that you may be addressing to and focusing upon your orange energy center, and also blue.

HAL: They’re not functioning too well, huh?

ELIAS: I am not expressing to you that they are not functioning well, but that they are rotating out of alignment. Therefore, you may be exercising your attention in addressing to these two particular energy centers, in pulling them each back into alignment with your other energy centers.

I express to you that the blue energy center rotates slowly and is not radiating quite to the capacity that it may be within its balanced state. The orange energy center radiates slightly extended, more than needs be, and is rotating more rapidly than other energy centers. Therefore, within your physical terms, I may express to you, you may speed up your blue, you may slow down your orange ... you may pull in the orange and push out the blue! This may be quite simple for you!” (Chuckling, and the group laughs) [session 400, May 20, 1999]

DEANE: “If I remember correctly, you have also said that a wave that is presently manifesting itself within this present shift in consciousness is creating blood pressure problems like mine for many people. You told me I should not be concerned about this. Is this ‘pressure manifestation’ associated with the opening up of new areas in the brain as you have mentioned before, and would the taking of blood pressure medicine hinder that?

ELIAS: This is not the same type of expression as the opening of neurological pathways within your physical brain, but this IS associated with this present wave in consciousness and is what you may express to be an objective, physical, outward expression in mirroring inward attention.

As your attention moves subjectively to the addressment of this belief system within this wave in consciousness, you manifest outwardly many paralleling expressions. One of these expressions is the identification, in objective terms, of what you view as your life force. This would be involving your physical organ of your heart, and it would also be involving your circulatory system and all that is related to that system of functioning within your physical body.

The reason that you direct attention in conjunction with this particular system physically is that you DO identify this as your life force, and this mirrors the movement subjectively – and also partially objectively – which is being created in conjunction with this wave in consciousness, for it addresses to a base element of your reality which you have created a belief system around, in a manner of speaking.

But the element of sexuality, as in like manner to the element of emotion within this physical dimension ... [these] are the base elements of your reality. They are the ingredients that form your reality, and in this, they may also be considered – in figurative terms – your life force, for all of your reality within this dimension is created in conjunction with these two base elements. Therefore, you mirror outwardly in these types of physical expressions.

Now; I express to you that there are also many other physical expressions that are being created within individuals presently in conjunction with this wave in consciousness. This is merely one type of expression which is being engaged, but individuals that engage this action engage it quite easily in their creation, for much energy is being lent to the accomplishment of these types of expressions.” [session 410, June 04, 1999]

ELIAS: “And you have inquiries?

NATHAN: I do, but I was wondering if you could maybe give me a little brief update on what’s going on.

ELIAS: In which direction?

NATHAN: Well, I guess basically around the Grand Cross. I felt like there was a definite shift at that time, about a week ago.

(Vic’s note: I haven’t researched this extensively, but from talking to other folks, it seems that this has to do with planetary movement.)

ELIAS: Let me explain to you, what you are allowing yourself to be connecting to is, in a manner of speaking, a shift.

Now; the energy that you are experiencing is an alteration in the concentration of energy which has been occurring throughout this particular time framework of this year. As I have expressed to many of you at the onset of this year, you moved into a motion of energy within a wave of consciousness addressing to the belief system of sexuality, which has been continuing throughout this particular year and holds tremendous energy and is quite affecting of all individuals in different manners.

But also, this particular year, being the final year of your century and your millennium, has been lent a tremendous amount of energy, which as I have expressed previously, individuals are tapping into that energy and it lends an ease to all of your expressions, be they in the form of conflict or within the form of ease or pleasure – it matters not. Whichever direction any individual is choosing to be moving into, they are lent an ease in that particular direction, which also creates more of an extreme of all of these expressions. This be the reason that you view many individuals to be experiencing much conflict within this particular year or much ease in their focus.

Many mass expressions are occurring within this particular year, as I have expressed previously. Individuals create mass expressions of conflicts, but they also express mass choices for acceptance and interconnectedness. Many individuals gather within this particular year together to be accepting of each other and sharing their experiences within consciousness and celebrating consciousness in pleasure, but many other individuals experience a tremendous surge in conflict and a lack of tolerance and acceptance.

Therefore, to you all there appears to be an extreme in opposites which is occurring presently. This all moves in conjunction with this shift in consciousness which is occurring, and the wave in consciousness addressing to this particular belief system lends MORE energy to the extremes.

NATHAN: So it’s only going to become more extreme – the cut and dried, the dark and light. It’s only going to become more evident. We're going to see it even more.

ELIAS: Partially. What you have experienced and what you are inquiring in reference to is a type of breakpoint. In this particular time framework, these two expressions of energy – as they have been in opposition to each other but both lending energy in different manners to the movement of this shift in consciousness – have created a type of collision, in like manner to your thunder.

NATHAN: Yes, to our storms, etc.

ELIAS: Quite. In this, it has created a type of breakpoint within the energy, and in that breakpoint, individuals that previously were experiencing – this is in general, but not entirely – an ease find themselves momentarily experiencing different elements of intolerance within them. These are not expressed in the momentum of extreme that other individuals have expressed, but they have exchanged partially. Those individuals that previously were experiencing great conflict and confusion are now experiencing more of an ease and a lessening of that extreme in conflict. (5)

Therefore, as the breakpoint has occurred, there is a bleed-through of energy which moves between these opposing energy movements, and in this, you feel a change. You do not necessarily objectively identify what this change is expressing, but you feel the energy movement and you hold an awareness that some element within your reality has altered. In some individuals, this is creating a response of an anticipation, of what they do not hold certainty, but they feel the knowing objectively of some element of their reality which has altered. Therefore, there becomes a feeling objectively within you of anticipation and restlessness. At times this may be translated objectively within you as a motivation to be moving and doing, but you are not quite sure what to be doing! (Grinning)

NATHAN: (Laughing) My next question!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) What you are experiencing in conjunction with this breakpoint – which also, I shall express to you, moves very closely in time framework to your solar movements, as you are aware – what you are allowing yourselves to experience is a new opening to freedoms, a breakpoint in your belief systems. A window has presented itself to you all, in an allowance of acceptance and an allowance to be assimilating the energy which is flowing quite intensely presently.

Now; as to shall this continue in more of an extreme, in part, yes, and in part, no. What you have created also is a type of pressure valve within this energy, creating your window to be allowing you new freedoms. The difficulty in this area is that these new freedoms are very unfamiliar to you, and therefore, you objectively are not quite certain how you shall be approaching this freedom in energy and what you shall be incorporating with it. Individuals may translate this in many different manners objectively.

Some individuals are experiencing new freedoms within their focus in the area of their employment and their choices to be disengaging their objective work, and choosing to not be incorporating work any longer but ease and more of their own freedoms in their creativity. But they also hold confusion, for they must be directing themselves now, and they do not hold the familiarity of self to recognize what their creativity is and how they shall be expressing it. Therefore, there is also great confusion occurring presently.

But many different occurrences have been created in what you term to be recently, which are the exhibitions of this expression of this pressure valve. Great shaking in your earth, tremendous movement in your atmosphere, your planets aligning – these are all creations that you collectively are expressing. Your planets are not moving and you responding to them – YOU are moving them as an expression of your new discoveries of these freedoms!

Your planet shakes and creates what you term to be great devastation in certain areas. I express to you, this is another expression of this pressure valve that you have created collectively en masse. Many individuals have chosen to be disengaging in that type of expression. Many individuals in this particular time framework of this final year are choosing to be disengaging.

NATHAN: Yes. I feel as though ... is it because they are choosing not to walk into the light, or is it more a matter of that it’s part of the bigger plan? I’m wondering, are these people who are being affected – Hungary, this earthquake, and the innocent women and children and people who are just coming into this life, particularly young ones – is it more a part of the bigger plan, or is it because there’s actually something in this life and they're not choosing to walk into the light, and therefore, nature’s way is going to move energy in a different direction? Do you understand what I’m saying?

ELIAS: Now; let me explain to you in clarity.

You look to your earth and you separate. You express the terms, ‘This is nature’s way. Nature is compensating.’ Or, ‘Nature is creating something independent of you. Your planets are moving into expressions of alignments. This is your universe. This is outside of you.’ These are belief systems!

I express to you, your planet and your universe is responding to your energy that you are projecting collectively.

Therefore, as you all are moving into more of an objective awareness and you are lending energy to this shift in consciousness and it is gaining momentum – and within this particular time framework of this year, as I have expressed, the energy is expressed very intensely – this is energy that you all collectively are projecting, and elements within your universe and within your planet are responding to your directions.

Therefore, this earthquake has occurred as a direction that is projected by the energy of all of the individuals within that location that participate in a collective expression. THEY have created this, not vice versa.

In this, it is a choice individually of many, many individuals to be disengaging. Many other individuals choose to be disengaging in other manners which you term to be, within the identifications of your belief systems, violence. What I am expressing to you is that these are responses that individuals are choosing in conjunction with the movement of this shift in consciousness. It is VERY INTENSE in its expression of energy.

Some individuals choose to be disengaging, and in your terms, in the ‘big picture,’ in the expression of this shift in consciousness, they lend energy to the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness, for they are dispersing energy and they are also creating an expression which brings to all of your attention movement that is occurring.

You shall be noticing that this sparks great debates within individuals! Some individuals view these [events] as signs of the end of your times. Some individuals view these events as signs of great beginnings. It is all movement that you have all created collectively in response to this energy of this shift in consciousness and to the belief systems that are being addressed.

As your time framework progresses, more and more energy is projected into these waves in consciousness and addressing to all of these belief systems, for this is the point, to be accepting these belief systems, recognizing that they hold limitations with you and also recognizing that as you are opening your awarenesses – as you objectively are allowing yourselves wider awareness of all of your reality and eliminating your obstacles and your limitations and actualizing all of your abilities – you also are, individually and en masse, reacting.

You are being offered within yourselves great freedoms, but these freedoms are confusing and they are very unfamiliar, and therefore, individuals create a natural movement in retreat into the familiar, and they hold very tightly to their familiar expressions and behaviors and they express in extreme lack of tolerance – lack of acceptance within self and within each other.

Now; in this, as I have expressed, some individuals are not experiencing conflict. Now; within your societies and within your exchange of communications, those individuals, even collectively, that are not experiencing conflict and are channeling this tremendous expression of energy into an ease and calm and acceptance are not afforded within your society the recognition objectively that is afforded to the expressions of devastation and violence, for this is the familiar. The ease is unfamiliar.

NATHAN: Because we're so used to having conflict happen.

ELIAS: Correct, and this attains your attention. You pay attention to conflict, but you do not pay as much attention to pleasure!

But in this expression, regardless that your societies are [not] objectively affording recognition to these expressions of ease and acceptance, it IS occurring en masse and many individuals ARE experiencing that avenue of channeling energy, and in that, you all afford yourselves the opportunity to exchange.

In this, those individuals that are channeling this energy into an ease and a lack of conflict are encountering many individuals that are experiencing conflict.

But through our observance, what do we view but the expression of these individuals that are experiencing the ease in confusion, and expressing objectively to each other amazement and elements of confusion that they themselves may not necessarily be experiencing this conflict, but it appears to them that many individuals that surround them ARE experiencing conflict.

And you each sit quietly, within your lack of conflict and your expressions of acceptance, and watch the rage of conflict that occurs about you. (Smiling)

Now; in this is your opportunity, for why shall it be that you draw to yourselves and you present yourselves with all of this rage and conflict that surrounds you? Why shall you not necessarily be drawing to yourself masses of individuals that are also experiencing this ease and not be encountering those individuals that are experiencing....

NATHAN: Like attracts like, that sort of belief? Like attracts like, and those are the people that you would find yourself being around, but what you're saying is....

ELIAS: Within your belief systems, this would be the natural course of action, would it not?


ELIAS: But you are not drawing this to yourselves, are you? You are drawing to yourselves some individuals that are ‘like attracts like,’ but you are also drawing to yourselves many individuals that are experiencing an extreme difference, and do you question to yourself why you shall draw to yourself all of these expressions about you that are so very different?

I shall express to you that the reason that you draw this to yourselves is [to be] offering you the opportunity to be the little sapling (6) and to be lending energy to all of these individuals that are experiencing conflict, to be easing this conflict.

Individuals throughout the engagement of these sessions, from the onset of this forum, have been inquiring to myself, ‘What shall I do to be helpful in the action of this shift?’ I have offered for much time framework, ‘Turn your attention to self and be accepting of self first, before you are moving into expressions of helpfulness to other individuals.’

Within this now, you HAVE turned your attention to self. You HAVE afforded yourselves much assimilation of much information.

You have allowed yourselves, individually and collectively, much expression of acceptance, much movement within the addressing to your individual belief systems, and NOW you may begin to project your helpfulness outwardly to other individuals, not necessarily in the manner of offering a ‘thing’ to another individual, or a solution, but in your recognition of self and your acceptance of self.

You may BE the example now of the straight little sapling, and offer that energy of helpfulness to all of these individuals that ARE experiencing tremendous conflict and trauma.” [session 454, August 24, 1999]

PAUL: “I guess I have a question about these waves in consciousness that you refer to, and I have an impression. My sense of it is that this energy does bubble from within subjectively, from other Regional Areas, and we each are free to shape it and play with it as we will.

These waves are very powerful this year, as you’ve stated many times during 1999. I guess what I’m wondering is, what’s next in terms of waves? It seems that there’s several interleaved and interweaved together. It’s not just a single wave and it ends on Wednesday, and on Thursday the next wave starts. There’s overlapping, kind of like staring at an ocean and the waves on the water.

ELIAS: You are correct; they do incorporate this overlapping. Within this particular time framework, you are very much engaging this particular wave in energy addressing to this belief system of sexuality, and as I have expressed previously, there are many, many, many birds within this cage. There are many aspects of this belief system, and in this, you are experiencing many different types of affectingnesses within this wave. This is a very large belief system and incorporates elements of your reality that are base to your creation of your reality.

What I am expressing in this [is]: There are some belief systems that do not necessarily incorporate base elements of your reality. Therefore, as they may be engaged, you may not be incorporating as great of a time element as you may with some other belief systems. Some belief systems also may not necessarily appear to be affecting as intensely as other belief systems.

This particular belief system holds TREMENDOUS energy and is affecting of very base elements of your reality; your very perception is affected with this belief system and all of the aspects of it.

This particular belief system enters into ALL of your creations. Not all belief systems are affecting of ALL of your reality; this belief system IS. Therefore, there is much to be addressed to. There are many different aspects, and there are many different expressions of each of these aspects.

Be remembering – as we have addressed to the birds within the bird cage (7) – you may be viewing one bird, and you may view this one bird from many different angles. What I am expressing in this is that you may be viewing one aspect of a belief system, and it may manifest itself in many different types of expressions. Therefore, these belief systems are much larger than you perceive, and this be the reason that they incorporate such a tremendous expression of energy and move a volume of energy in their expressions and why they are so very affecting.

As to your questioning of what may be next, I shall express to you, within this present now, you hold enough to be incorporating this one belief system! (Paul laughs)

I shall also express to you, as always within future probabilities, it is your choice collectively which belief system you choose to be incorporating within your next wave, but I shall express to you that you have not incorporated the overlap yet.” [session 455, August 25, 1999]

ELIAS: “This evening, I shall offer a brief introduction, so to speak, into actions that are occurring within this present wave in consciousness, and subsequently I shall allow for all of your questions.

I wish to express to you information this evening concerning a wave in consciousness which has been occurring throughout this final year of your century and your millennium.

In this, the wave concerns the belief system of sexuality and addresses to the belief system of sexuality.

Now; I shall also explain to you that these waves in consciousness occur as an action within this shift in consciousness. One of the elements of this shift in consciousness – of which you all hold an awareness in its movement and that it is occurring – is to be accepting belief systems.

In this, as you all allow yourselves, individually and collectively, to be accepting the belief systems that you hold within this physical dimension, you allow yourselves new freedoms and you allow yourselves to discontinue the limitations that you place upon yourselves in conjunction to the belief systems that you hold.

Now; as this is a base element of this shift in consciousness, to be accepting of the belief systems that you hold, you have also created a method, so to speak, for you are all very fond of methods in this physical dimension! (Grinning)

This method of addressing to belief systems that you have chosen is to be creating waves in consciousness collectively that singularly focus upon individual belief systems, and as you singularly focus on an individual belief system, you allow yourselves a time framework to be noticing and viewing and moving through different aspects of the particular belief system.

As I have expressed many times previously, each of the belief systems that you hold we may view as a bird cage, and each of these bird cages hold many, many, many birds. Each of the belief systems hold many aspects.

Therefore, within these waves of consciousness that you create collectively, you choose to participate in these waves and allow yourselves the opportunity to view many different aspects of the individual belief system.

Now; you provide yourselves with this information through what you create. You offer to yourselves objective imagery. Objective imagery may be exhibited through elements of your reality that you notice. It may be exhibited in behaviors of yourselves, of other individuals, of any element within your physical dimension.

This is not limited to merely individuals. You receive objective imagery and information through creatures, through your vegetation, through your atmosphere, through movements of your weather, your planets ... any element within your physical dimension may serve to offer you objective imagery and information.

You also offer yourselves objective information through your thought processes and through your emotional expressions.

In this, as you view all of these different areas that you may receive information through within objective imagery, you also allow yourselves to view how very many aspects of each belief system you hold, for you respond to the aspects of your belief systems, and this is the point of this shift in consciousness.

In accepting these belief systems and all of their aspects, you shall not necessarily be reacting to these aspects of belief systems. You shall allow yourselves to hold an objective choice in which aspects you shall respond to and how you shall respond to them.

Be aware – I am not, I have not, and I shall not express to you in any direction of eliminating your belief systems, for this is not the point. This is not what you are accomplishing within this shift in consciousness, and I shall continue to be repeating of this to the point that all individuals that are interactive with this information understand. (Grinning)

In this, the point is to be continuing with your belief systems but to be accepting of your belief systems, and in the acceptance of your belief systems, you neutralize their power and you offer yourselves the objective ability of choice, and as you offer yourselves the objective ability of choice, you also open your reality to tremendous freedom and much less limitations.

Now; presently, you all collectively are creating a wave in consciousness. This present wave in consciousness addresses to the belief system of sexuality.

The belief system of sexuality is not sex! (Grinning) This is merely one aspect, one bird within this very large bird cage.

Therefore, in this, you provide yourselves with opportunities to view and to be noticing all of the aspects that are contained within this particular belief system, and in your participation in this wave in consciousness, you all are experiencing many different elements within your realities that create confusion or conflict and lack of understanding.

This particular belief system involves many aspects that turn your attention to self and your individual worth, value, and abilities.

I have offered information previously in introduction to this belief system, addressing to and identifying orientations. I have offered this information of orientations, that each of you may allow yourselves a clearer understanding of yourselves and of your directions, and why you are responsive to certain elements within your physical reality and why you may not be responsive to certain elements within your reality.

Your orientation is an ingredient of your perception. Your perception is that tool, so to speak, which you have created within this physical dimension to be creating your reality. Therefore, what you hold within your perception IS your reality. It may not be another individual’s reality, but it is your reality and it is very real, for your perception is very real.

Now; as this wave in consciousness increases, it also draws tremendous attention to each of your perceptions. Your perceptions become an element that you have begun to notice, and you have begun to notice the differences of other individuals’ perceptions.

In this, throughout your globe, you are exhibiting much chaos, much confusion, and much extremes, for you are moving in the direction of holding very tightly to what you perceive as familiar to each of you individually, and you are pushing very strongly upon any element of your reality that appears unfamiliar.

You also allow many expressions of this particular belief system to move in what we term to be a surface motion.

Many of the aspects of belief systems are not hidden from you, but you choose not to view them. You choose to blind yourselves objectively to many aspects of each belief system.

One of your methods of blinding yourselves to certain aspects of belief systems is to be expressing that they are not an aspect of a belief system; they are not a belief system at all! They are merely elements of your reality, and they are absolute.

‘Yes is yes, no is no. This is not a belief system; this is not an aspect of a belief system. It merely is an element of our reality, and it is absolute.’ (Grinning) I express to you that there is no element within your reality that is absolute!

Every element of your reality is a creation through your individual perception, but as other individuals’ perceptions do not correlate with your individual perception, you create conflict and confusion, for you express to yourselves, ‘This is an absolute. How may another individual not hold the same perception? How may another individual not understand my expression? It is an absolute. It is reality.’

Presently, these aspects are being allowed collectively to be moving surfacely, addressing to your perceptions and the differences within your perceptions, and that although you create a collective reality, it is created extremely individually.

I have expressed previously within this forum an analogy of a cup, and many individuals viewing the same cup, and each individual shall view a different cup. (8) You all THINK that you view the same cup, and you express to yourselves, ‘But this IS an absolute, for we may engage our equipment and we may create a picture, a photograph of this cup.’ And each of you shall view the photograph individually also, in the same manner that you view the cup.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that you all notice, within your reality presently, difficulties. Some of you experience these difficulties individually; quite personally, so to speak. Some of you view difficulties within your world, and you hold a lack of understanding in why these elements of your reality shall be being created now.

I express to you that you are offering yourselves the opportunity to view your perceptions and how very highly individualized they are. You are allowing yourselves to view yourselves through your perception, and offering yourselves an opportunity to view your individual behaviors.

All that you view as conflicting and confusing and unacceptable within your reality is created through your individual behaviors, and although each of you present within this room, within this forum this evening may express to yourselves or to other individuals that you are ‘good’ and ‘nice’ individuals, each of you also participates in behaviors that lend energy to the very elements of your reality that you view to be unacceptable.

Each of you creates perceptions of yourselves that are ‘not good enough’ or that may be ‘better’ or that may be ‘improved,’ and each of these expressions is an invalidation and a discounting of self, and each of these invalidations and discountings of self creates behaviors, and these behaviors are affecting not merely of yourselves, but of other individuals.

Therefore, you may express to yourselves and to each other and to myself, ‘Elias, I do not engage a gun and murder individuals! I am not participating in this chaos that is being created within our world.’

And I shall express to you, each time you are invalidating and discounting of yourself, you are creating behaviors that affect objectively you and other individuals, and this creates waves in energy, and just as a pebble in a pool creates ripples from itself, so also does your energy move outward from yourselves and affect ALL of your reality.

And as you turn your attention to self and allow yourselves the opportunities that you have provided yourselves with in engaging these waves in consciousness, not concerning yourselves with the behaviors and the beliefs of all other individuals, but with self, and providing yourselves the movement into acceptance of self, you also radiate energy which is affecting in the movement in which you objectively wish to be creating, in harmony and in peacefulness and all of these lovely, wondrous, loving elements of your beliefs that you hold as positive ... which are also aspects of belief systems! (Grinning) But as I have stated, we are not eliminating belief systems. We are merely offering ourselves the opportunity to be accepting of belief systems.

Now; I also, before closing, shall offer an element of information that you may be allowing yourselves a thought process within which I have offered to a few individuals recently within this forum.

In the area of acceptance and belief systems, I express to you, turn your attention first to self and be accepting of self first, for if you are not offering yourself this attention first, you shall engage tremendous difficulty in attempting objectively to be accepting of belief systems, for they are very intertwined.

In this, be reminding yourselves, you may be accepting of yourselves, each of you individually, without eliminating yourselves! Therefore, you may also be accepting of belief systems without eliminating belief systems.” [session 475, September 22, 1999]

SUE: “I have a question – maybe a silly one – but I was talking to someone yesterday about procrastination and how we both do a lot of procrastinating, and I was talking to someone else about being flaky, and I just wondered if there was some sort of flaky thing going on right now, or is it just around me? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Humorously) Ah! The flaky wave! (Much laughter) We shall address this evening to the wave in consciousness which is occurring in flakiness! (More laughter, and Elias chuckles)

This would merely be an expression of energy that many individuals choose to be allowing themselves to be expressing presently in the midst of these extremes which are occurring in consciousness, objectively and subjectively, individually and collectively.

As this present time framework moves on to the initiation of your new millennium, it intensifies in the energy, and individuals offer themselves expressions temporarily in which they allow themselves to be neutral, and this many times translates in your objective actions and creations into a type of lack of organization, a lack of concentration. Some individuals express this not to be flaky, but fuzzy. You have interesting language! (Much laughter) Blurry!

Many individuals are allowing themselves these types of experiences presently. This would be an objective break.

JEREMY: Would that be like affecting people’s memories, like blurring past events and stuff like that?

ELIAS: At times, individuals are experiencing this type of expression also. This would be the ‘fuzzy.’ (Chuckling)

SUE: Thank you.

JENE: ... Also. Well, that confused me!

I have a question about the millennium. As we approach, the objective and subjective energy is picking up speed, as we all know. So, at the strike of twelve, are we all gonna pass out from an energy crash? (Everybody cracks up) Or is that energy wave then gonna change frequencies into another frequency, that we will then be riding yet another frequency of energy that will be manifesting yet another aspect of this same belief system that mass consciousness holds? Not necessarily that we are working on it, but that mass consciousness holds. Is that energy gonna build even faster? When will it break? Or shall it break before we grow? (Elias chuckles)

NICKY: This be your choice! (Elias grins, and everybody cracks up)

ELIAS: You are correct! You may all pass out, in your terms, at the strike of midnight if you are so choosing, or you may not!

I express to you that this wave shall continue to the point at which you collectively have addressed to it and have allowed yourselves to examine all of the aspects of it and identify the aspects of this belief system, that you may continue in that direction and move into acceptance.

Now; I am not expressing to you that this wave shall continue to the point that you have created acceptance of it. It shall discontinue before that point, in your physical terms, for it is unnecessary to be continuing these waves to the point of acceptance.

The point of a wave in consciousness that you create collectively is to offer yourselves an objective identification of the belief system which is being addressed to. It is an allowance of yourselves to be identifying the different aspects of any particular belief system.

Once you have offered yourselves an identification of the involvement of a particular belief system, the wave begins to dissipate. This be the reason that some waves in consciousness addressing to some belief systems appear to be moving within less time framework. There is a shorter expression, so to speak, of the wave which is occurring.

That wave which you engaged addressing to relationships was not expressed in the length of time framework that this wave is being expressed. That wave held less intensity, for you allowed yourselves to be identifying many of the aspects of that belief system and understanding what you were creating objectively in conjunction with that belief system.

There are still many areas within this particular belief system that you have not allowed yourselves to identify and that you are continuing to be misunderstanding, as is the situation with the belief system of duplicity, in which you frequently generalize many of the birds in each of these cages and view them as all being the expression of one bird, and they are not. There are many different birds that you are viewing within these particular cages.

This particular belief system, as also being a base element of your reality within this dimension, is extremely strong, and it is also extremely involved, so to speak.

I have offered information in explanations of expressions of orientations, and to this present now, many individuals, yourselves also, continue to not entirely identify the understanding of your individual orientations, and this is merely one aspect of this particular belief system.

There are many, many expressions of this one bird of orientation, but many of you – most of you – have not yet even allowed yourselves to be identifying your own natural movements within your orientations.

Therefore, as I have stated, a very large expression of this particular wave involves addressing to self and the acceptance of self, and this is a very difficult movement for many of you within physical focus, for it is quite unfamiliar, and therefore you do not move into the expression of acceptance of self easily.

As to the explosion of the millennium, (grinning, and laughter) you shall be noticing of alterations in energy, and the reason that this shall be noticeable to you objectively moves quite in conjunction with your expressed beliefs that you hold presently and quite in alignment with the configuration of energy that has been expressed for much time framework – that you have collectively set into motion a line of probabilities which is already actualized but not entirely inserted in your reality, for you move within linear time framework.

But this line of probabilities IS already actualized, and is visible to you presently in the expression of intensity and extremes. Your expectation is that as the new millennium begins, this shall dissipate, and therefore it shall, for this is the direction that you have created in the movement of energy.

I shall express to you that within your beginning throes – hours and days and weeks – of your new millennium, you most probably shall not be noticing objectively tremendous alterations in the energy expression. It is not a movement that is created in an explosion. But you shall begin gradually noticing a dissipating of intensity, which is the expression of the allowance of less extremes, moving more into a balance and not creating the outward objective expressions of extremes. You are quite purposefully creating these extremes!” [session 502, November 11, 1999]

PAUL: “I have just a quick question in this area, Elias, about what you’re discussing in terms of redefinition of terminology. Do you consider that a wave in consciousness?

ELIAS: Not in the terms that we have been discussing in conjunction with waves of consciousness that address to specific belief systems.

This is the reason that I have not incorporated that particular word as to be confusing individuals in their association with waves of consciousness, for I have offered much information in conjunction with waves of consciousness which move in association with your belief systems and the addressment to aspects of belief systems, or merely the expression of belief systems in objective terms.

Therefore, it is not an expression of that type of wave, so to speak.

It is a movement of consciousness collectively which is occurring, and this is a movement not necessarily associated with any one particular belief system, but with respect to ALL of your belief systems, and a direct movement of the shift itself.

In this, it may be recognized as an individual and collective demonstration in objective action and recognition of the presentment in its beginning forms, so to speak, of the actualization of this shift in consciousness.

This is not to say that the movement of the shift in consciousness previously has not been actualizing within your physical dimension, for it has, but it has been manifesting or inserting into your physical reality in abstract types of expressions and actualizations.

Now you begin movement into the construction, so to speak, in objective manner, of the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your actual physical reality, not merely individually, but collectively also.

There is a movement objectively occurring which is a redefining of terms, which is also translated as a redefining of your reality in itself. For as you redefine your terms, you redefine your meaning, and as you redefine your meaning, your definition, you also redefine how you actualize your reality, and therefore your reality is altered and redefined.

In this, you are allowing yourself to view the actual construction or beginnings of construction of this shift in consciousness in physical terms, in like manner, figuratively speaking, to the construction of a building. You may be creating of the blueprints, the ideas, the mathematical equations and geometric forms in your equations prior to the actual physical construction of the building, but as you begin the actual construction of the building in physical matter, you begin to view the structure.

In this, you have been creating and inserting into your physical reality your equations and your blueprints, in physical terms, of this shift in consciousness, and moving yourself into the readiness for the actual construction, in physical terms, of the structure, so to speak, of this shift in consciousness.

You may view this redefining of terms as likened to the actual placement of the foundational bricks to be constructing your building or your structure, so to speak.” [session 530, December 29, 1999]

ELIAS: “Good morning!

JOE: Good morning, old friend! (Elias chuckles)

Elias, I’ve gotten myself into a quagmire of confusion here, and I’m hoping maybe you can help me with this.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOE: Okay. Let’s see, how do I start this? I’ve been noticing or attempting to notice everything that’s happening in the now with what has been going on with my day-to-day activities, and it has brought to light some very, very strong belief systems that I am starting to recognize. But I really just don’t know quite how to deal with this, and so I’m turning to you in this respect.

We had a lightning storm here, and we got hit by lightening, and some funny things happened. But anyway, we had an air compressor that might or might not be compromised by the lightening storm, so the insurance company agreed to pay for a new air compressor, so I went to the store and I looked at air compressors.

Now, there’s a much larger air compressor there than the one that I have, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Guilt doesn’t exist; there is no good and bad. Maybe I should just get this larger air compressor, which would be awfully nice to have.’ But it’s not the same type of air compressor that’s being replaced. It’s much larger. It’s not of equal value, in monetary terms. Then I get into a fight with myself because of my belief systems in right and wrong, and the fact that I’m noticing these belief systems and how they affect me.

I look at the larger air compressor, which I’d love to have, knowing about right and wrong and that the insurance company probably without question would pay for it. But by the same token, I have this belief system that says, ‘The right thing to do is to get one of comparable value because that would be fair.’ I’m battling with myself back and forth and I’m observing these belief systems and I’m remembering what you’ve said about guilt, but knowing damn well that if I go ahead and get this larger air compressor, I’m going to feel guilty about it.

Then I get to thinking about no conflict and I think, ‘If I get this larger air compressor, I’m going to be in conflict with myself, and if I’m in conflict with myself and I have a bout of conscience about this whole thing, am I somehow subjectively, in my reality creations, going to punish myself for getting this larger air compressor?’

In the end, I end up – realizing that I have strong belief systems and making the choice that I really don’t want any conflict and I’m really not sure as to how my guilt is going to affect my reality creations, which up to now have been very good and I’m doing very well in that respect – I choose the no-conflict scenario (9) and get the smaller air compressor that was much closer in equal value to the one that may have been compromised.

That creates tremendous variations in everything, in the way that I start to feel about things, and I just wonder if you might comment on that and tell me in actuality what’s happening versus what I believe, and my alignment with the belief systems of right and wrong, guilt/no guilt, the whole nine yards.

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you that what you feel and what you are experiencing and what you are creating in actuality is what is occurring, for this is what you are creating within your reality within the moment, and this is not to be discounted.

But I am understanding of the direction of your question and of your confusion.

Now; let me express to you, one very strong influencing factor in this particular situation and scenario that you have created is that you are responding to energy in the wave in consciousness which is occurring presently addressing to duplicity.

You, being a manifestation of essence which is belonging to the family of Sumafi, are beginning within this wave in consciousness to be noticing more intensely, and – in a figurative manner of speaking, but also quite realistically in your reality – you are battling with this particular belief system, in your interaction with it and your noticing and identification of it.

You have presented yourself with a scenario. You incorporate a physical object that you perceive needs be replaced. You have created a situation in which the financial aspect of the replacement of this object shall be accomplished, and you present before yourself the choice of acquiring one type of this object or another type.

Now; the object itself matters not. The physical creation itself matters not, which you are aware of.

You are already recognizing that what holds significance in this situation is your noticing of your responses and your actions and your motivation for creating your individual choices in relation to other individuals and what you believe.

In this, you present yourself with a scenario that offers you the opportunity to view how influenced you are individually by different aspects of duplicity, and how intensely strong these aspects of duplicity are in their influence of your perception.

Now; in this, you choose to be engaging the no-conflict exercise. You present yourself with the objective recognition of this exercise, you offer the scenarios to yourself, and in that exercise, you create a choice.

Subsequent to the choice that you have created in choosing to be offering yourself the least conflict in alignment with the recognized beliefs which are influencing of you, you move yourself into another conflict concerning your no-conflict scenario.

For once you have chosen your no-conflict scenario, you are questioning and doubting of yourself in your choice of no conflict, for you assess that by choosing your no-conflict scenario, you are allowing yourself to be aligning with the existing belief systems, and therefore, in your perception, reinforcing those existing belief systems and not trusting yourself in your ability to be moving through those existing belief systems.

Therefore, you create another conflict, which you also incorporate the guilt that you were attempting to avoid in relation to the no-conflict choice!

You were attempting to avoid the guilt in relation to other individuals or the company, so to speak, which is providing you with the funds to be acquiring the object. You wish not to be incorporating guilt concerning their participation, and you choose your no-conflict scenario.

But subsequently, you DO incorporate guilt in relation to yourself, that you are not accomplishing well enough within your reality, for you are not trusting yourself and you are not moving through your existing belief systems, and therefore you place judgment upon yourself, and this creates confusion.

Now; as I have stated, there is a large element of this scenario which is influenced by this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently. Within a different time framework, you may have chosen your no-conflict scenario, and not followed that scenario with the incorporation of conflict concerning your choice.

But within this time framework, there is a tremendous movement of energy which you are participating within, and belonging to the Sumafi family, you are more intensely responding to this particular movement of energy than would you be were you belonging to a different essence family. But this particular wave in consciousness addressing to this particular belief system of duplicity creates more of an element of friction within individuals that are belonging to and also aligning with the essence family of Sumafi, for this belief system creates friction in the intent with the Sumafi family and their natural expression.

Now; as to the conflict that you have created in this situation, you offer yourself the opportunity to view that these aspects of duplicity are in actuality quite strong and quite affecting.

But let me also express to you, where you have incorporated confusion – as you allow the influence of the duplicity to cloud your viewing of your creations – is that in actuality, the choice to be creating your no-conflict scenario is NOT in actuality reinforcing of the existing belief.

It appears surfacely to you that this is what you are creating, but in actuality, by choosing the no-conflict scenario in this physical situation, you are recognizing – or you have recognized individually in this situation – that you do hold strongly-influencing beliefs in this situation.

You are acknowledging those beliefs in the recognition of them. You are recognizing that if you are forcing your energy in the direction of attempting to forcibly override the existing belief system that you hold, you shall be incorporating guilt, and that guilt IS influencing of your energy and your interactions, for you shall project outwardly the energy that you are creating inwardly.

Therefore, if you are creating the energy associated with guilt, you shall project that outwardly and be affecting of your reality in your interactions in every other area – with other individuals, with other situations – for you are responding to what you are viewing within yourself. Guilt is a tremendous judgment upon self, and as you create a tremendous judgment upon self, you project that energy outward and you affect your interaction with all of your reality.

Now; by choosing your no-conflict scenario, you neutralize the situation. You neutralize the energy of the belief in that moment. You acknowledge that you hold this belief and you lend no energy to its perpetuation, for you are not creating a judgment upon it. You are merely recognizing it and acknowledging it and allowing yourself to create a choice, knowing that you shall be creating certain responses if you are engaging a different choice.

Now; I have expressed to individuals previously with respect to their movement concerning [the] medical profession, and in this, I have spoken with you concerning your partner with respect to these types of beliefs.

They are the same. The scenario underlyingly is the same. The action which occurs is the same. The belief may construct itself differently, but the action is the same.

And in this, an individual may create, as we have spoken previously, a dis-ease or an illness or a malfunction, and they may choose not to be interactive with individuals within the medical profession, for they view that to be a perpetuation of their beliefs that they hold concerning the medical profession, and they also view it to be a reinforcement of their own lack of trust of their ability to be healing themselves or to be creating their reality.

And in actuality, as they fight against those types of interactions and they create those types of judgments concerning those choices, they are in actuality reinforcing the very action that they wish not to be reinforcing.

Whereas were that same individual to choose interaction with their physicians, recognizing that they do align with certain beliefs concerning the abilities of their physicians, the acknowledgment of that belief and the lack of judgment of it and the movement into compliance with it temporarily in actuality neutralizes elements of that aspect of the belief itself, and in actuality reinforces the individual’s trust of self.

In the same manner, your choice for your least-conflict scenario in this situation with your machine reinforces your trust of yourself that you may choose this direction, and it is not wrong. It is not right. It is not better or worse. It is merely a choice, and it is, in your terms, an informed choice, for you have created the choice intentionally objectively to be avoiding an anticipated more intense conflict, and one that you recognize shall be reinforcing of your expression of duplicity in guilt. (10)

Therefore, you choose in an objective informed manner, in trust of yourself that you ARE addressing to and noticing your beliefs and the influence of them, that you ARE addressing to these beliefs, and you are allowing yourself an ease in your movement.

Therefore, I express to you, in creating the no-conflict or the least-conflict scenario, you are in actuality accomplishing the very actions that you wish to be accomplishing, and reinforcing the very elements of yourself in acceptance and trust that you wish to be reinforcing.

Now; the other aspect of this scenario is your subsequent incorporation of self-guilt for the assessment that you perceive you have not been trusting of yourself and the doubt of self, and this is the element that is directly influenced by the wave in consciousness.

This wave in consciousness addressing to duplicity creates a tremendous movement in vicissitude, and in this, individuals as yourself that are belonging to this family of Sumafi shall be noticing and recognizing of the intensity of the influence of this particular belief system.

But I shall also express to you, take heart my friend, (chuckling) for this is an opportunity! Each time that you allow yourself to be noticing of these types of situations and scenarios, you also allow yourself to objectively view these influences and you allow yourself objective choice, and this is the point.

This is the action of this shift, to be moving your awareness of what you create within your reality into an objective intentional direction, that you shall be aware objectively, within each moment, of the choices that you are creating, and allow yourself more choices as you recognize what influences the choices that you automatically move into.

JOE: Well, let me ask you this. It would seem to me, after my own mental evaluation, for whatever it’s worth, that I recognized it, but I did not have the trust in myself to just make either choice without ... just trusting in myself that whatever choice I made was okay, and I realized – it hit me like a brick – that I had not anywhere come close to reaching that point yet.

ELIAS: Quite, and therefore you employ your no-conflict scenario ...

JOE: Right, exactly.

ELIAS: ... and move yourself into a reinforcement of your trust and acceptance.

I have expressed to all of you many times, you do hold the ability to instantaneously, spontaneously move into an expression of complete trust and acceptance of self.

I have also expressed to you that within the design of your reality physically and the strength of the belief systems that have been incorporated, which IS very much your reality, you all ARE – not merely shall be or have been, but ARE – creating a process, which is quite acceptable – it is not wrong or bad – and in this process of moving yourselves into acceptance and trust, you offer yourselves scenarios, such as the example that you have offered today.

And in this, you allow yourselves to physically view, to assess, to evaluate, to notice, to recognize, and to create choices, and ALL of this – within your process – allows you more of an objective understanding of yourself and of your reality.

In this, it is quite beneficial that you ARE creating a process, for in this process of moving yourselves into acceptance and trust in increments, you avoid many situations and circumstances and creations of trauma. You avoid overwhelming yourselves. You allow yourselves to view, in harmony with the movement of linear time – in a slow fashion, so to speak – how you have designed all of your reality and how you interact with it, and how YOU create all of your reality.

I have expressed to you previously, you have created a design in your physical reality, in relation to many of these beliefs, in an intensity that has become so very automatic within your reality that you are moving about within your reality upon what you term to be automatic pilot. You are not even paying attention to what you are creating.

Therefore, you have created a process in which, in increments, you begin noticing. You begin paying attention. You begin recognizing all that you are creating and all of the choices that you are creating within your reality, which in actuality offers you more choices.

JOE: So in this particular instance I recognized the strength of the belief systems, and in part the cause and effect. In this particular instance I chose not ... because of the least conflict, I chose not to go against those belief systems, which I knew were influencing of me. But as I do this more and more and more, I suspect there will come a time when I won’t be affected much by the alignment of the belief systems, and will be able to have enough trust in myself to do whatever it is I want to do at that particular time without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

ELIAS: You are correct.

JOE: Good! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOE: Good! (Elias chuckles)

Elias, is there anything else you’d like to say on this subject? When I first was talking to Mary about this, I had half a notion to put this into the x-files and not let it be transcribed, but I think what’s said here today is pretty darn important. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I shall express to you, as I have expressed many times previously, allow yourself to be continuing to hold your attention within the now, noticing what you are creating.

But incorporate a small affirmation temporarily, in which within these time frameworks that you begin to doubt and question yourself and the choices that you are engaging, affirm to yourself that the choices matter not. They are merely choices. They are not right or wrong. One choice is not better than another choice, and force in energy is, figuratively speaking, self-defeating. It moves contrary to your objective. Therefore, the less force that you employ in your choices, the more ease you ALLOW in your choices, the more you are in actuality reinforcing your own acceptance and trust of self.

Each time you begin doubt within yourself, attempt briefly to acknowledge yourself and to express to yourself that there is no better. You are acceptable and your choice is acceptable in its creation now, in whatever creation you have chosen. Are you understanding?

JOE: Well, let me ask you this. This is my interpretation of what you’re saying, and you can tell me if it’s right or wrong, as far as understanding and interpretation. Had I merely gone up there and not really thought about it, not really objectified the belief systems of right or wrong, but intuitively made the choice that I thought was best for me at the time, there would have been no force in energy. It would have just been an automatic response based on a trust in self rather than any other objective parameter.

ELIAS: I shall respond to you in the affirmative, but I shall also express to you in addition that affirming your assessment of this scenario – in had you created this or that – is irrelevant, for you created what you created and this is what we are addressing to, and what you may have created or what you might have created matters not, for it is not what you created.

Therefore, all that holds significance is what you HAVE created or what you ARE creating, not what may be created.

The ‘ifs’ or the ‘shoulds’ within your reality are illusions, and they hold no significance and no importance. What you DO create holds significance and importance. What your perception is holds significance and importance, for this is what you shall create – what your perception expresses.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is not to be looking to what you may have or could have created in your choice, but what you HAVE created, and to be acknowledging of that; not to be acknowledging of what might be, but to be acknowledging of what IS.

JOE: But in that respect, Elias, I created ‘what is’ based on a very strong belief system.

ELIAS: It matters not. You also acknowledged your recognition of that belief system, and in that recognition and that acknowledgment, you lent no energy in judgment of it.

You merely created a choice that offered you less conflict, and this is a choice that acknowledges your trust within yourself, that regardless that you align with beliefs, you are acceptable and your choices are acceptable. Are you understanding?

JOE: Yes I am, I think. But in choosing the choice of less conflict, I may have also admitted that in aligning with that belief system, I was giving myself or allowing myself less freedom than what I possibly should have or could have, and in taking the less-conflict scenario and allowing myself less freedom, I was also admitting to myself and acknowledging less of a trust in self than what I would like to have.

ELIAS: Ah, and this offers you the opportunity to view within yourself how you perceive some expressions within your reality or some movements within your reality to be better than other movements, and this is quite the point – allowing yourself to recognize the strength of the influence of the belief of duplicity. This is what expresses to you and dictates to you this perception that there are better methods, or that you yourself may be better if you are striving more and if you are creating in a better manner.

(Vic’s note: The following was all delivered very intently.)

And what I am expressing to you now is that there is no better. This is entirely a design and an illusion which is set forth through the influence of an aspect of the belief system of duplicity.

You are already best. You are already creating perfectly. Your beliefs are influencing your perception of yourself that you are not creating perfectly, and therefore you create judgments, and this sets in motion a very large wheel which moves quite rapidly, and it continues to turn and turn and turn, for as you create the judgment, you also reinforce the duplicity, which expresses once again to you that you are not adequate enough yet, that you could be creating better, that you will be experiencing no conflict at all IF you are creating better.

ALL of these expressions are influences of duplicity. ALL of these expressions camouflage the now and camouflage your perception, dictating to it that you are presently not adequate enough, not good enough, and not perfect.

And therefore, in the influence of that belief, as it dictates to your perception, you create an actual reality in which you view yourself to not be accomplishing perfectly yet, and you reinforce this and reinforce this and reinforce this with judgment and the continual perpetuation of viewing that you need be creating better.

I shall express to you what shall be better – what shall be better would be for you to be eliminating the word ‘better’ from your language! HA HA HA! For....

JOE: What do I replace it with, Elias? Effortless?

ELIAS: You shall replace it with nothing! For you already are!

Better implies future. Better implies anticipation of elements that are to come, and there are no elements that are to come! There is merely the now, and therefore, the importance of acceptance in the now.

And THIS is the process and the method that you are all offering to yourselves now, the opportunity to view in each moment all of the influences of these beliefs, and in that opportunity, you may allow yourself to acknowledge, ‘It matters not that I am aligning with this belief system. This belief system is an aspect of my reality. It holds no significance. I need not be creating a judgment, good or bad, better or worse, upon my choices that I create in relation to this belief system. I have created a choice. It is acceptable. I am acceptable. It matters not.’

JOE: Well, before I got to thinking about this and before I started noticing – and there’s been other examples besides this one – but this one I just ... you know, I thought I understood duplicity, but I really did not understand duplicity, and in examples like this and conversations like this with you, I believe that I am really starting to understand what duplicity means, and the impact and the force that duplicity has in the way we believe and in what we create around those beliefs.

ELIAS: Quite! I am expressing to you not figuratively but quite literally and in intensity, these belief systems that you hold within this reality physically are very strong!

They are immensely powerful, and this particular belief system of duplicity is not merely powerful, and not merely is it expressed within itself, but as I have offered many times in [this] information, it – in a manner of speaking – attaches itself to every other belief system and intertwines itself in EVERY expression of your physical reality.

You create an assessment upon every movement, every moment, every choice that you engage within your physical reality in relation to duplicity. You either assess that your action is good or it is bad. It is acceptable or it is unacceptable. It is better or it is worse.

This is the tremendous camouflage of duplicity, and it is intensely strong.

JOE: Well not only that, but it seems to me like it creates a tunnel, and those belief systems of right and wrong are the walls of the tunnel, and we just kind of walk down this tunnel, and we create our realities within this little macrocosm that is based around our ideas of what is good and bad.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOE: It would also seem to me that this causes a lot of conflict, when one tunnel intersects another tunnel and there’s friction between the two, which causes wars and everything else, on a larger scale.

ELIAS: Quite! You are correct in this also, and another camouflage of duplicity is that it defines itself in very different manners.

What is right and wrong in the perception of one individual may not be defined in the same manner with another individual. It is HIGHLY individualized in relation to EACH perception. Therefore, there are many of your tunnels, so to speak, that intersect with each other, but their definition of this same belief system and its terminology may be quite different.

JOE: Not only that, but at times it seems, in light of the way we’ve been talking about things, so totally ludicrous that one should think they’re right and the other one should think they’re right, and that it should cause friction to begin with.

ELIAS: Quite. This is another aspect of the belief system of duplicity, the belief in absolutes; that your direction, your definitions, your thoughts, your assessments are absolute in their expression – they are absolute right, they are absolute wrong – that as you create a choice and you assess that it is right, if another individual creates a different choice, you shall absolutely assess that their choice is wrong.

JOE: And that’s a judgment.

ELIAS: Quite! The judgment is also placed in the expression of the right. It is not merely the expression of the wrong. Either expression is a judgment.

JOE: Well, I think I can start to see duplicity. I think I can start to see that in a movement towards effortlessness in reality creation, there has to be a movement towards non-judgment and a movement towards trust in self, which starts to come about with this recognition of the belief systems.

ELIAS: You are correct, yes, and this is the process, and....

JOE: This is the movement, then, towards which this wave in consciousness is directed?

ELIAS: Yes, and in this, you present yourselves with scenarios, as you have in your example this day, that you may allow yourselves to view the influence and that you may move yourselves in this process of which you have just expressed.

JOE: You mean to lose myself in confusion sometimes?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOE: I’m pretty good at that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And you may also recognize the judgment that you place upon that! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

JOE: You’re absolutely right! I do!

ELIAS: I express to you my friend, you are presenting yourself with wondrous examples, many, many aspects of this belief system and many opportunities to be creating more choices concerning your movement in relation to duplicity. How very exciting! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

JOE: Yes, as a matter of fact it is, and enlightening also.

ELIAS: Quite, (chuckling) and all of this offers you freedom, and this is the wondrous element of this shift!

JOE: Well, I can see the movement now, and I can also start to understand duplicity. So, it’s a time thing, but eventually I’ll get there.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And I shall continue to be encouraging with you.

JOE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

JOE: I had one more question, but I think what I’ll do, because of time constraints with Mary, I’ll let that go till our next session.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOE: And I want to thank you, as always, for the information you’ve given me today.

ELIAS: And I express to you my friend, you are very welcome, as always, and we shall continue our sojourn together in our investigation of this reality.

JOE: Very good.

ELIAS: To you in tremendous affection, my friend, au revoir.

JOE: Take care, Elias.” [session 619, May 25, 2000]

BOBBI: “Things have been moving very quickly this year. It’s been very interesting, and in a way, that’s another question. Things have been going very smoothly and very well. I know a lot of people are having a very difficult time now with the wave in duplicity, so am I kind of having the upside? If this is duplicity, I’m judging this as all being very good! I really like it! (Elias laughs) But in a way, I’m thinking maybe it’ll be my turn soon. Am I supposed to have a turn at the more difficult conflicting stuff?

ELIAS: Ah, I may express to you, you may be choosing not to be engaging that belief! (Bobbi laughs) Ha ha ha!

BOBBI: I’m very glad to hear that! (They both laugh)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in this, you also participate in this wave in consciousness addressing to the belief system of duplicity, but you are engaging a different aspect of it.

Let me express to you, my friend, for the most part individuals allow themselves to address to duplicity merely in the experiences and identifications of aspects of their reality that they view to be negative. The term ‘judgment’ is automatically associated with a negative expression, and I may say to you even the identification of ‘good’ is a judgment.

BOBBI: Oh, I understand that! (Laughing) That’s why I see this as maybe part of my participation in this, because I do judge this to be good. This is quite in difference to a large part of my life when things were not going very smoothly at all, and this right now I judge to be very good! I recognized that as duplicity.

ELIAS: Quite. In this, I am not discouraging of any individual in their experience, regardless that they define it as good or bad, but merely expressing to you each that the expression is the same. It incorporates judgment in either direction, which is not to say that your experiences shall cease to incorporate preference or a lack of preference as you eliminate the judgments, but that you allow yourselves to recognize in relation to yourselves and to other individuals that the judgment of ‘good’ is equally as affecting as the judgment of ‘bad.’

BOBBI: Okay, I understand that, I think.

ELIAS: This is not to be discounting of your movement and your experiences and your allowance of yourself to be widening your awareness, but you may be creating that action and be experiencing pleasure and be allowing yourself the engagement of preference but not creating the judgment, for there are many underlying snares which are also created in association with each of these judgments, be they good or bad. For you also create automatic associations in relation to your judgments of good, which you place strategically within your movement as a type of snare that lies in wait for your own movement in new directions to be once again creating the familiarity of the discounting of yourself.

Let me express to you, my friend, individuals are quite creative and inventive within physical focus in time frameworks in which they are creating an ease in their movement but are associating that ease and the experience of their preferences and pleasure as good, for you hold very strong beliefs and associations with the temporariness of those types of movement and the lack of lastingness or the lack of strength of durability in this type of expression.

Time frameworks and experiences that you label or define as ‘good’ also become automatically associated with fragile, and therefore there is created an underlying suspicion, just as you have expressed in this conversation of your own wondering whether you shall be futurely moving into ‘your turn’ of experiencing the difficulties. That is an automatic expression which is created within you ALL in strength, which is the snare which lies in wait for your own movement to turn, and in this, your movement as it turns may be a new expression of exploration and may be offering you new expressions of freedom and pleasure and preference; but merely in the turn of movement, you may spring the snare that you have already created in automatic association of the fragileness of the good experience and time framework. Are you understanding?

BOBBI: Oh yes.

ELIAS: This be the reason that I draw attention to the expression of duplicity in judgments created in the identification of good in equal measure to those of bad or those of right in equal measure to those of wrong, for they hold equal strength.

BOBBI: I understand how that works, how the two go together. I think I’ll keep my eye out for that trauma, you know? (Laughing, and Elias laughs)

ELIAS: I may be suggesting to you, my friend, you need not be inviting it! Ha ha ha! (Bobbi laughs)

BOBBI: Well, I’d better be aware of that, too, of looking too hard! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Be remembering, you shall create what you concentrate upon! Ha ha ha!

BOBBI: … Let’s see. I have a question about lightness of energy, and I’m not even sure how to phrase it. What exactly is a lightness in energy? You had commented to one participant that she had a wonderful lightness in energy, and that sounded so lovely. (11) I wondered what that was, what that entailed?

ELIAS: I may express to you, I have offered this expression to this individual in identification of this individual’s allowance of a freeness within her expression of energy, in which this individual allows a free expression of herself objectively and subjectively in a free-flow and creates very few what we may term figuratively as dams in the stream of her energy.

There is a genuine expression of recognition of her own energy and an appreciation of that energy within self which creates a lightness, so to speak, in difference to the thickness of energy that many individuals create within this physical dimension that you participate within.

This individual expresses a freeness in appreciation of her own expression of energy. This is not to say that this individual expresses more of a familiarity with self than many individuals within your physical dimension, but there is expressed – which has been recognized by this essence – a genuine appreciation objectively in the recognition of her own energy, which creates much of a free-flow of her energy, and this, in this time framework, in the expression of this wave in duplicity and the automatic expression of complication of your realities in this particular expression of movement of this shift, is an expression of energy greatly worthy of acknowledgment. For this type of expression of energy, this type of appreciation, shall be expressed by you all, but in this particular time framework it is not expressed often, yet.

BOBBI: So this is something that we’re all moving towards, hopefully?

ELIAS: Yes, a genuine appreciation in the recognition of your own beingness, your own energy. My expression of ‘appreciation’ is much more expansive than your definition of appreciation, but you are all moving into a recognition of redefining appreciation in like manner to your redefining of many other terms within your physical reality. This individual experiences that expanded identification of appreciation, which is worthy of notation.

BOBBI: I guess my question would be, how could I cultivate that?

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, you are already moving into this type of expression and this movement in your opening to yourself, and your movement in becoming more familiar with yourself as essence and the recognition of the tone that interplays throughout all of your focuses, that similarity which is expressed; and as you continue this movement that you are creating, you shall also create that recognition of genuine appreciation of self for it allows you to view the genuine wondrousness of your being as essence and the tremendous expression of diversity and creativity that you incorporate.

Therefore, be encouraged, my friend, for you are already allowing yourself movement in this direction.

BOBBI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome!” (Chuckling) [session 808, March 29, 2001]

ELIAS: “This day we shall discuss waves in consciousness, and the opportunity that they have presented to you and the information that they have offered to you – that you have offered to yourselves – in your participation in these waves of consciousness. In this, you may allow yourselves to view your own widening, and therefore validate yourselves by viewing your own movement and how you present imagery to yourselves to be validating of yourselves and to be offering yourselves new opportunities for choice.

You have engaged a previous wave in consciousness addressing to the belief system of relationships. In that time framework, you offered yourselves viewings of different interactions with relationships concerning other individuals in all capacities. You challenged yourselves to be focusing your attention and noticing your own beliefs and your own automatic responses with regard to other individuals and your interaction with them in relationships.

Subsequently, you have moved into two other waves in consciousness that you have chosen to further your movement in acceptance and understanding. You now continue in overlapping waves, addressing to the belief systems of duplicity and sexuality.

Now; these two waves in consciousness addressing to these two belief systems also allow you to draw upon the experiences and information that you offer to yourselves in addressing to relationships, for now you engage relationships with yourselves. You begin your creation of your exploration of self as the primary relationship rather than the secondary relationship, and incorporating the primary focusing upon other individuals.

You have presented yourselves with tremendous imagery. You create tremendous opportunities for yourselves to be examining your own creations, your own movements, and therefore allowing yourselves to become genuinely familiar with yourselves.

I have expressed previously that you have moved into the time framework of your new millennium, your new century, and this marks the point within this shift in consciousness to be inserting this shift into your objective reality, creating an actual alteration of your reality in all aspects, shifting the focus of attention from authorities and groups to the individual. You are turning your attention.

You are individual captains of your individual ships; your attention is your steerage. It is the wheel that steers the movement of your individual ship, and your ship is your perception which delivers you to your reality.

Your perception creates all of your reality, and you are beginning a new realization that every aspect of your individual reality is created by you. Each of you present are creating this energy exchange. Each of you present are creating every other individual that is present also. You interact with energy. You create the physical manifestation of all that you view and all that you interact with in your reality through your perception, your ship that delivers you to your reality; and what directs your perception is your attention. You shall create what you focus your attention upon – not your thoughts, your attention.

In this, your attention is moving to self, and you are offering yourselves genuine realization and validation of what you create and your own glorious abilities. They are far more extensive than you recognize yet, but you are beginning a realization of the wondrousness of your abilities, that you hold the power and the capability to create any expression within your reality. There is no impossibility.

Now; in creating this opening to your relationships with yourselves, you are also becoming more acutely aware of your interactions with other individuals and your responses with other individuals. Coupled with these two waves of sexuality and duplicity, this creates a genuine challenge to be focusing your attention on self continuously and to hold your attention in the now. I have expressed recently to other individuals that you have become quite familiar with the expression of holding your attention within the now, and at times, you have allowed yourself to be quite accomplished with holding your attention in the now, for you have practiced.

The challenge that you present to yourselves now is to continue this movement of holding your attention within the now and also simultaneously incorporate holding your attention upon YOU. For, it is easily expressed and familiar to be directing your attention within the now but in the direction of another individual or a scenario or a situation. It is also quite easily expressed [to be] holding your attention upon self but within the past or the future, and not within the now.

And this is the challenge within these two waves, to become familiar with your physical reality which is expressed in addressing to the belief system of sexuality, which incorporates all of your physical reality, and that of duplicity, the sly serpent (laughter) that weaves its way throughout your reality and attaches itself, weaving itself into your perception to be discounting of all of your abilities, and to be questioning of yourself, and to be judging of yourselves and of your world.

The key in this movement of these two waves – which are not accidentally overlapping each other (laughter) – is to be holding your attention in the balance upon self and within the now, noticing your behaviors, noticing your automatic responses. You offer yourselves AMPLE opportunities in EVERY one of your days as you interact with any other individual, at times even without interaction with other individuals. You interact with your vehicles, you interact with your equipment and your mass communications, your electronics, your creatures.

What I express to you, my friends, is [that] the opportunity lies in the recognition of conflict. That expression that you so desperately seek to push away, that you so intensely wish to eliminate, offers you your greatest opportunity to become familiar with yourselves intimately, for it automatically holds your attention, and it does not merely gain your attention, but it heightens your sensitivity to yourselves. It heightens your awareness. In the moments that you offer yourselves conflict, you offer yourselves more clarity, you offer yourselves greater awareness in intensity of yourselves, of your situation, of your environment, of your world, of all that you have created, for all of your senses are engaged simultaneously and your communication is clearly expressing itself.

In the moments that you are experiencing conflict, you may be heightenedly aware of yourself, of your thoughts, of other individuals, of objects. All of your senses are acutely engaged – inner and outer senses – and you are furiously communicating to yourselves (laughter and Elias grins), and your subjective awareness is LOUDLY communicating through emotion, and you have gained your attention in every aspect.

(Humorously) And your choice and your movement in the moment is to express to yourself, ‘Damn! (Laughter) Shall this not retreat from me? How may I quickly eliminate this situation? I DESPISE this heightened awareness! This is entirely too uncomfortable! I wish to be not aware!’ And in those placid, calm wondrous moments that you all appreciate SO intensely (laughter), you whine and you express to each other and to me and to yourselves, ‘I desire to be highly aware! (Laughter) How may I attain enlightenment through this widening of my awareness and create this presence about myself? I desire this so greatly. Offer to me, Elias, the method that I may create this widening of my awareness, and that I may be ever-present and accepting!’

My exercise for you all is to engage conflict. (Laughter, and murmurings from the group) Create an enormous brawl with each other. (Loud laughter, and Elias sits back in his chair and grins) Argue and cackle, insult one another, and allow yourselves to be disappointed! Allow yourselves to be hurt. And allow yourselves to recognize what you have created in that experience, and how acute your awareness is, and how intensely it is focused within yourself and outside of yourself.

The question that you engage within yourselves is, ‘How may I hold my attention upon myself and also pay attention to other individuals or to my reality? How may I continue to hold my attention upon myself and concentrate upon any interaction? How may I concentrate upon what another individual is communicating to me?’

You are not interacting with the conversation of another individual – you are interacting with an energy of the other individual. You are interacting with your own projection of the other individual; therefore, you are interacting with you! If you are shrieking at another individual, for you perceive that another individual has wronged you or is not paying attention to you or is not listening to you, you are shrieking at yourself, attempting to gain your own attention, and the other individual may shriek to you also, and you have created that.

This is the importance of becoming familiar with you. As I have stated, regardless of the influence of your religious beliefs – which also incorporate your metaphysical beliefs (smiling), for they are merely another expression of religion – you are not subject to your beliefs. They are an intimate aspect of the design of this dimension. They are not your enemy, they merely are, and they are neutral. And regardless of the influences of your beliefs, [in] allowing yourselves to become familiar with yourselves you offer yourselves the opportunity for acceptance of yourselves, and the automatic by-product, as I have stated many times, of acceptance of yourself is acceptance of all of your reality. You shall automatically be accepting of other individuals, of your world, of all of your reality, once you are accepting of yourselves.

And the manner or the METHOD – are we incorporating notes of the ‘method’? – is to pay attention to what YOU are creating within each moment, allowing yourself to bypass the automatic responses and to hold your attention in the moment upon self regardless of the situation, and recognize your communication in the moment. (12) For I shall state once again, your emotions are NEVER a reaction. Your emotions are the avenue of communication that your subjective awareness offers to your objective awareness. An emotion is a precise identification of what you are creating within the moment, but you pay attention to merely the signal.

The signal is a mechanism; your thoughts are a mechanism. They are translations; they are not the message, they are not the communication. You do not communicate to yourself through thought, and you do not offer yourself communication in merely identifying the signal of an emotion. The signal is the feeling which gains your attention. The emotion offers you a communication which is a message, a precise message that your subjective awareness offers to your objective awareness, identifying precisely what you are creating within any particular moment. This is the significance and importance of paying attention to you.

For if you are not paying attention to the messages that you are offering yourself, you are not paying attention to the communications that you are offering to yourself. You shall move your attention quite easily and automatically outside of yourself once again, and concern yourself with what you perceive to be occurring outside of yourself; and this also is another expression of the duplicitous serpent, which is quite sly and quite flexible, and may slither in and out of all of your expressions with complete ease. That of sexuality calls into question not merely all that you assess in other individuals but within yourselves also, and this is influenced with duplicity, and it moves back and forth.

At times you are quite pleased with yourselves that you are identifying so well other individuals’ beliefs (laughter), and you are engaging your journey of teaching so well and offering information to other individuals, for they need this information and you are the teacher that shall offer it to them. In other moments, you are viewing yourselves as the students and examining your selves, and you express so well to yourselves how inadequate you are, and how you are incapable of learning the great life cosmic lessons that this plane has to offer you that you may move into enlightenment and bliss. I shall offer to you all a secret – which is not a secret, for there are no secrets – within all of consciousness, there is no absolute bliss! (Pause)

FEMALE: Oh, damn! (Laughter)

ELIAS: But there also is no karma!” (Elias chuckles, and laughter) [session 848, June 09, 2001]

ELIAS: “This day, I have chosen as our subject matter to be discussing choice.

I hold an awareness that within your physical dimension presently, there is a wave in consciousness occurring, in which individuals are responding to in tremendous confusion. You have offered yourselves information as to what you create within your reality, and enough information in relation to choice, but there is being generated tremendous confusion in assessing how to be focusing your attention upon self and generating what you want within your reality.

The point of this shift in consciousness is that you widen your awareness objectively and allow yourself a recognition of your abilities in your individual focuses, and in that action, offer yourself the freedom to intentionally, objectively generate what you want through choice, and create an actualization of your direction.

This may be accomplished in ANY subject. It matters not what you present to yourself in your individual directions, in your individual objective imageries to yourselves. This is the direction in which you are moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness: directing of yourselves.

Individuals presently are incorporating tremendous confusion and questioning in relation to ‘how.’ How do you pay attention to yourself? What is it to pay attention to yourself? Where is the direction of your attention? How do you direct your attention in creating what you want in relation to the beliefs that you hold?

First of all, I shall reiterate: you are not eliminating beliefs; you are not eliminating belief systems. They are intrinsic to the design of your physical dimension. Duplicity is also a belief system; therefore, you are not eliminating the belief system of duplicity, either.

I am aware that in offering yourselves information in relation to the material that I have presented, you generate this association that perhaps you shall accept all of the belief systems except duplicity, and this one you shall eliminate.

... And this is not the point. Duplicity is a belief system also, and it shall continue, as well as all of the other belief systems.

Within this time framework, you continue to be generating the waves in consciousness addressing to the belief systems of duplicity, and you continue in addressing to the belief system of sexuality. You have not discontinued either of these waves. I may express to you, sexuality is an IMMENSE belief system, incorporating many, many aspects, beliefs within the belief system.

Duplicity, as you are all aware, intertwines itself with all belief systems; therefore, it also is immense. I may offer a preparation, that as you futurely move into addressing the belief system of emotion, you may be addressing to this in a lengthy time framework also. As you are aware, emotion and sexuality are the base elements of your physical dimension. Therefore, you are incorporating much time framework addressing to sexuality. Sexuality is not sexual activity, although this also is a belief within the belief system.” [session 1105, June 08, 2002]

ELIAS: “This day we shall be identifying your next wave in consciousness, which is the most affecting of those individuals belonging to the family of Sumari. This would be the belief system of truth.

RODNEY: When you said ‘belonging to the family of Sumari,’ how about those aligned with Sumari?

ELIAS: This shall also be quite affecting of those individuals, more so than individuals belonging to or aligning with other families; although, as you are aware, you all participate in these waves in consciousness.

Now; shall you identify any element of this belief system of truth, any aspect of it?

TED: It is, throughout all of consciousness, unchangeable. That’s the definition I believe I have.

ELIAS: Of truth?

TED: Of truth.

RODNEY: But as a practical down-to-earth matter, it should represent accurately my awareness of something. If I were to repeat what someone said, or if I were to explain what I did, then my common definition of it would be that I presented that information as accurately as possible to the person.

ELIAS: And therefore expressing truth.

RODNEY: That’s the definition I grew up with.

JON: Truths are absolutes. (Elias nods)

RODNEY: Then of course there’s my mathematics, which I’m starting to get it’s not so absolute. (Elias chuckles)

SANDY: And one person’s absolute is not necessarily my perception.

BARRY: But it comes from somewhere else; it doesn’t come from you.

RODNEY: Also, an aspect of the belief system of truth is that it’s good to be truthful and bad to be a liar.

ELIAS: What do you identify in yourselves as truth?

DIANNE: That we exist is a truth.

BARRY: Anything that comes from the universe through us.

JIM: Our strongest belief systems we identify to ourselves as truths.

ELIAS: Correct!

RODNEY: What was that?

JIM: The belief systems that are strongest to us individually, we would call that a truth...


JIM: ...because if somebody says something to contradict that...

RODNEY: For the tape, what is your name? (Transcriber’s note: Thanks, Rodney!)

JIM: I’m James, Jim/Andrel.

ELIAS: THAT is correct, and THAT is what is being addressed in this wave in association with this belief system of truth. You express it each and every day within your focuses. You associate with it continuously. Many of your automatic responses are associated within yourselves as truth.

Many of your beliefs are not even identified as beliefs, for you identify them as truth. Therefore they are not questioned. You do what you do, for this is true. You do not question many expressions within your environments and within each other, for you assess that they are truths and therefore they are absolutes within YOUR estimations.

This particular belief system may be one of the most insidious and one of the most difficult to identify and to notice, for this particular wave addresses to all of those automatic responses that you do not notice, and you identify them as merely truth. Therefore, they are entirely unquestioned.

You all incorporate many beliefs that you do not notice, that you do not pay attention to, that you do not question, for you assume that it is a truth and there is no other manner in which it may be perceived. This generates tremendous conflict, for it is a tremendous lack of acceptance.

This is what generates the tremendous conflict that you witness now within your planet, within your world: individuals that express their truths and their differences in their truths, and there is no bending. For you do not question your own truths, and therefore they must be absolute and they must be accepted by all other individuals, for your truth is THE truth and another individual’s truth is wrong, and it is questioned.

I expressed previously that there was a possibility that you would be addressing the belief system of emotion, and that altered. That has been altered in association with the mass expression of energy which is occurring throughout your world, not merely in this small area. But the tremendous expression of conflict which is being exhibited throughout your world has moved the collective consciousness in the direction of choosing THIS belief system to be addressing now.

In this, I may express to each of you, I am aware of the challenge that you are incorporating even identifying your own expressed beliefs in this time framework. Now it is more challenging, for you are not merely moving yourselves into an awareness of identifying your own expressed beliefs but becoming aware of what your truths are, and recognizing that they are not truths.

CAROLE: But Elias, isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along? I don’t hear anything that seems different here, or am I missing something?

ELIAS: In theory. This is what you think you have been moving into.

CAROLE: Many times I feel like none of this is truth; it’s all beliefs. So sometimes that leaves me in a really strange place, just feeling like I understand that it’s just all beliefs. Even if I take two aspirins, I say to myself, ‘This is just a belief, and I’m going to choose to believe it,’ or inside me I do, I know that, because I take it. So I always just watch whatever it is I do, and that’s how I know what my beliefs are and how I create my reality. But I don’t think any of them are truths.

ELIAS: But most individuals within your world do. I may be acknowledging of you, that you pay attention to what you do and you pay attention to your emotional communications and to your translations of thoughts, but within your world most individuals do not.

Now; what is your participation in this action? If you are aware of you, if you are familiar with yourself and you are recognizing and identifying your expressed beliefs, now move your attention to how you project energy outwardly and how that offers a contribution within your world in what manner you choose to be generating that energy and how it is affecting of other individuals.

CAROLE: I used to do a lot in that direction, as we’ve talked about before, do talks, do a TV show, do seminars. Then I decided not to do any of it anymore, because it felt like I was putting myself in a position above, and I no longer have that understanding or belief that there’s above or below, so I totally withdrew from any of that, and I don’t do it at all now unless somebody specifically wants to talk to me. If somebody says something to me and I understand that it’s a belief, I don’t say to them – well, sometimes I may say to them ‘in my understanding,’ I use that term ... I’ve drawn back from pretty much all of that.

ELIAS: I am not merely expressing being aware of the energy that you are projecting outwardly in interaction with other individuals, but all of the energy that you project in any action.

CAROLE: Even in an interaction where you just feel like an adjunct, because lately I’ve been trying something new. Because of my doing what I was just describing, I felt in some ways I had really isolated myself, so lately I have been doing random acts of kindness, if you want to use that term, and I am enjoying the energy that I get back from that. I used to do it all the time when I was a Catholic, a Christian. I had to be a good girl and all that. But then I did away with all that, and now I feel like I’m in a different understanding but enjoying doing that. It’s like I’m a whole different energy ball here.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I shall also address to a statement that you incorporated which many, many of you express quite similarly, that you do not incorporate a particular belief any longer for you have altered your behavior or you have chosen to move into different directions or expressions. Let me be clear: none of you do not incorporate a belief any longer. You do not eliminate beliefs. You may change which beliefs are expressed; you do not change the belief. You do not eliminate the beliefs, but as you change your preferences you also change expressed beliefs. But you incorporate ALL of the beliefs within ALL of the belief systems, and they are not eliminated if you continue to participate in this particular physical reality. Therefore, you do continue to incorporate that belief, you merely choose not to express it, which there is a difference.

Now; you may also incorporate an expressed belief and not allow that expressed belief to dictate your choices. You may incorporate choices that appear to you to be contrary to an expressed belief, but in actuality this is the point, to identify your beliefs, to recognize what their influences are and to allow yourself choice. For in not recognizing your beliefs and in not recognizing the influences of the beliefs, you continue to express automatic responses without thinking and many, many times without offering yourselves any emotional communication, for it is so very automatic. Automatic responses are as easily expressed as breathing, which does not require your attention.

LUANNE: Elias, is that saying if people don’t recognize their beliefs then they can’t really speak the truth, because they don’t know what their truth is?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Regardless of whether you identify your beliefs or not, you each express your own truth. You shall identify certain expressions within yourselves that you define as truth.

This is what may be somewhat tricky. For as we have stated, many of your truths – all of your truths – are beliefs, but as you identify them as truths, you do not see them as beliefs.

DIANNE: Nor express them?

ELIAS: You do express them, but you do not identify them as beliefs.

Your sun rises every day. You view this as a truth. Your night follows your day. You view this as a truth. There are many, many, many expressions within your perception that you do not question for you view them as truths. They are absolutes; there is no question.

RODNEY: And that is not an absolute, the sun rising every day?

ELIAS: Correct.

TED: If you’re an astronaut, it rises many times a day.

LUANNE: Are there any absolutes?


JIM: So the problem is when trying to communicate your truth to somebody who is different, it almost ... there becomes a question of honesty, rather than truth. You’re not being dishonest if you’re communicating your truth to another individual whose truth is different than yours, but they may perceive it that way. Is that where the conflict that you’re talking about is coming to Sumari, the wave that we’re going to be addressing?

ELIAS: The conflict is expressed in identifying truths as absolutes, and in that rigidness of the absoluteness there is no expression of acceptance, and as you recognize that truths within your physical reality are not actually truths, they are beliefs. This is not to say that they are not real – they are quite real – but they are not absolutes. They are not truths. You associate them as truths and therefore you generate a perception of absolutes, and in that perception of absolutes there is no allowance for difference.

JUNE: So if we speak for our truth, the conflict is when other people speak of their truth, that we want their truth to be our truth? Or vice versa?

ELIAS: Both.

JUNE: So if there is no absolute, then everyone speaks from their own truth?

ELIAS: You speak from your own beliefs, your own expressed beliefs. This is the point.

There are truths, and what is the definition of a truth? A truth is some expression which is translatable in every area of consciousness in some manner. What is translatable in every area of consciousness, in some manner? Reality, tone, color – not YOUR associations.

JUNE: What about the idea that we exist? Does that translate into every...

ELIAS: Awareness, yes.

JUNE: So awareness is what we are.


CURTIS: Elias – this is Curtis – do we need truths to propel us forward? Some of the most vital, engaged people I know are the people who have some of the deepest belief systems. Why be a surgeon and save people’s lives if you understand that everyone’s creating their own reality and they’ll either live through the operation or not according to their own belief system and what they need in their life?

ELIAS: But you all create in cooperation.

CURTIS: I’ve been incorporating the ‘it matters not’ energy and trying to see things from a larger perspective, and it’s made me kind of wishy-washy and ambiguous about things, and not really...

ELIAS: (Strongly) I am understanding, and let me clarify. This is a misunderstanding and a distortion of what I have expressed throughout the entire time framework of this forum. I express to you, in the acceptance of a belief your expression shall be that it matters not, for you have removed the judgment. I have NOT expressed to you that nothing matters, which is quite different. There is purpose. There is experience. There is exploration. There is interaction and cooperation. The expression that it matters not is merely the identification of the removal of judgment, not that there is no matter.

CURTIS: But to undertake the operation in the first place, you have to have a judgment that it’s the proper thing to do, that it will be beneficial to the patient, right?

ELIAS: You all incorporate expressed beliefs. All that you do, all that you generate, all that you express is filtered through beliefs. They are not your enemy. They are not bad. They merely are. They are an aspect of the blueprint of this reality. Therefore, you express through these beliefs as they influence your perception and you allow yourself to recognize your preferences which motivate you in certain directions. Preferences are merely preferred beliefs.

As you allow yourself to express those preferred beliefs, you motivate yourself in movements in different directions and in cooperation – NOT CO-CREATION – but in cooperation with other individuals that incorporate similar expressed beliefs.

The individual that incorporates the action of seeking out a physician to be healed of an illness is expressing their beliefs in association with their confidence in another individual to perform that action. The physician is expressing their beliefs in allowing their abilities to be in cooperation with the individual that incorporates the illness, and in the cooperation of the action, yes, the individual that is incorporating the illness is actually healing themself – for no individual may create another individual’s reality – but in that cooperation of actions, in the expressed beliefs of both individuals, they generate certain outcomes.

The expressed beliefs of the physician are not bad. They fit within your societies, within your construct of your reality. The individual that incorporates the illness is also generating expressed beliefs that also fit within the construct of your reality in the official accepted reality. It is a cooperation.

This is another misunderstanding in association with this shift in consciousness. This shift in consciousness is a design that allows you to widen your awareness, identify your beliefs, therefore allowing you to incorporate moving your attention to all of the beliefs that are available to you, and therefore allowing you to expand your abilities and recognize what you do incorporate in your abilities and therefore expand your exploration.

It is NOT being generated to create Utopia. It is NOT an ending of conflict. But if you generate conflict, you shall incorporate that action intentionally and KNOW that you are generating the conflict and why, and that it is a choice.

Therefore, what becomes eliminated in this widening of awareness is what you may term to be your own involuntary victims – which are not precisely involuntary, but in your truths you assess that there are involuntary victims. If you choose to be a victim, you shall know that you are choosing to be a victim, and you shall know that you have chosen that action quite intentionally to experience.

CURTIS: Doesn’t that take the edge off of victimhood, though?

ELIAS: Not necessarily! (Laughter) That you know that you are being a victim and that you know that you are creating that intentionally does not detract from the element of surprise in how you choose to be incorporating that role.

CURTIS: I thought that’s why we incarnated like this to begin with, to pare down our consciousness so that we can concentrate on smaller portions of experience, rather than be big and all encompassing in our consciousness. Is that a misunderstanding?

ELIAS: This would also be associated with the identifications of truths: how you view yourselves, and how black and white you view your reality or your movement. Either you are very small and you are learning and you are moving to higher and greater enlightenment states, or you are vast and all-knowing, or that if you are widening your awareness you shall be incorporating all of the knowledge of the universe within your physical reality. This is not the point.

You have chosen to be manifest here in this physical reality. You have chosen to be participating in its blueprint. You are expanding your awareness in association with this reality, and becoming familiar and aware of yourselves and your abilities to allow you freedom within your choices. But you are not becoming your idea of gods. You already are! (Chuckles, and group laughter)

SANDY: What is the purpose of exploring being a victim?

ELIAS: It is merely a choice, to explore the experience.

BARB: Elias, may I just say something about the choice of being a victim or whatever role we choose to play? I think what I see you doing for us, and also Seth did this, is revealing to us that our beliefs sometimes limit our choices, and that we may choose to look at ourselves differently, even though we don’t realize sometimes we may have other choices available in our perspective.

ELIAS: Correct.

BARB: Thank you for doing all this. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Thank yourself! Ha ha ha!

RODNEY: I’d like to make a point for the tape that if people don’t identify who they are, you’re going to get a transcript where you don’t know where the questions are coming from, and it’s going to be very difficult to read.

BARB: My name’s Barb.

RODNEY: Thank you.

CHRISTINE: Sumafi police! (Elias laughs loudly with the group)

RODNEY: The Sumafi police are here! (Laughter) The essence of Vicki speaks through me! (Much laughter)

CHRISTINE: This is Christine, and I’m asking why in particular are the Sumari to be more affected or are being affected by this particular wave?

ELIAS: Each belief system is associated with a particular essence family. Each essence family resonates in association with the qualities of that family with a particular belief system. The Sumari family is associated with this particular belief system of truth.

Now; in each wave that occurs in consciousness, each belief system that is being addressed, the family that is associated with that belief system is more affected, more strongly affected and more obviously affected.

Now; this also is not bad. It is dependent upon your choices and how you choose to incorporate the energy. There is a tremendous surge of energy associated with each one of these waves on consciousness, and you may choose to incorporate that energy in any manner, in what you view to be beneficial or in what you view to be challenging. But if you are not aware of the beliefs and if you are not aware of the energy, you may be expressing automatic beliefs more strongly, which many times becomes quite confusing to individuals and even conflicting.

CAROLE: Elias – this is Carole – Sumari being pot-stirrers and creative and quite adept at making their beliefs sound like truths, and being very talented at having other people believe that their beliefs are truths, would this be part of why they’re being singled out? I know as a Sumari-aligned and knowing other Sumari-aligned, we are like that. We’re very persuasive, and we find ourselves using our creativity and our pot-stirring abilities to haul people over into what we’re expressing.

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: But if you’re noticing, Elias kind of taps you on the knuckles when he catches you doing that.

TED: ... Elias – this is Ted – in my Sumari-ness, I’m very confused. I’ve been stirring the pot, telling all my constituents that we’re going to collapse the financial system and eliminate our government to an insignificant role, and our religions are going to go away. (Elias raises his eyebrows and smirks, and laughter) Is this truth not true?


TED: Then why have we been espousing this in our togetherness in this past five years?

ELIAS: You are not eliminating the beliefs; therefore, how shall religion be eliminated?

TED: That is my question.

ELIAS: It is not.

TED: It’s just going to become a choice?

ELIAS: Yes, and the recognition and appreciation of difference.

TED: So we’ll no longer have Christian/non-Christian conflicts?

ELIAS: Correct – unless you choose. But if you choose, you shall know that you are choosing, and the conflict shall be different. It shall not be a conflict to be expressing conversion or expressing the absoluteness of one or the other. The conflict may be more likened to debate than struggle.

TED: Okay, I understand that difference. The same with our monetary systems and our government systems?

ELIAS: As I have stated, eventually at the completion of this shift in consciousness your monetary system shall be quite different, for the need for exchange in the manner that you express it now shall be unnecessary. If each of you are genuinely familiar with yourselves and are genuinely directing yourselves, it becomes unnecessary to express the type of systems that you incorporate within your societies now. For the system that you incorporate now expresses hierarchies and leaders, authorities, individuals that you look to to steer you, that you follow; but in the expression of this shift in consciousness, its direction moves to the individual and your incorporation of directing and steering yourselves rather than allowing other individuals to dictate to you your choices.

TED: To put it simply, I no longer have to wear my seatbelt, right?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. (Chuckles)

TED: Correct. Thank you, Elias.

RODNEY: I don’t wear mine, by choice.

CAROLE: I don’t go for pap smears by choice. (Laughter) Or the other thing...

FEMALE: So Elias, are you saying that all human beings will come to understand the choice?

ELIAS: Yes. At the completion of this shift in consciousness, this shall be throughout your world.

BARRY: Does that mean there won’t be new young souls?

ELIAS: Clarify.

BARRY: What we’ve gone through, we’ll have reached a certain point when we understand about these choices, but there will be others that won’t have had as many lives. How will they...

ELIAS: It is not dependent upon how many focuses you incorporate. It is the design of your world, so to speak, the structure of it, which is changing. In that change, any essence that chooses to be manifesting within this physical reality, within this physical dimension, shall know of the design or the structure of your reality, just as you in entering this focus know the structure and the design of the reality. No individual explained to you as an infant that you are an infant now and you shall breathe air and you shall grow physically. You merely do, for you know this intrinsically.

It is already being evidenced within your world now. Look to your small ones. They are directing of themselves. Individuals that incorporate families with small children recognize that these small ones are directing of themselves, which is also generating an affect in association with your family structures already for they do not incorporate the same types of relationships that they have previously throughout your history, for they adapt to the alteration of the awareness of the small ones. They are not willing to be directed, for they know. Their awareness is in a position of this shift in consciousness, and they intrinsically know that they are directing of themselves, for this is the new structure.

CURTIS: Elias – this is Curtis again – could you relate some of the mass events on the world stage to this new exploration of truth, like the search for weapons of mass destruction and maybe the justifications for the Iraqi war? Does that have to do with this new exploration?


CURTIS: Could you talk a little bit about that, what we might expect in the future?

ELIAS: This is your choice. This is the reason that I express the significance of paying attention to yourselves and to the energy that you are projecting. This is each of your responsibility, not to any other individual but to yourselves and how that affects the energy of the whole of the collective.

Within your focus within each day, what energy do you project? Are you projecting an energy of protection? Are you contributing to the expression of protection within your world, in expressing that within your day? Are you projecting an energy of acceptance in difference, or are you aligning with your truth in absoluteness and NOT projecting an acceptance and contributing to the energy of the collective to be aggressive?

CURTIS: So my distain for the neo-conservatives is helping to cement their power?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. How is it different?

CURTIS: Different from what?

ELIAS: From what you perceive to be the opposite. Are you matching energy? Yes. This is the point of being aware, to recognize if you are matching energy in association with your truth, with what you view to be right.

JEANNE: ... I have found myself dealing with religious beliefs such as ‘am I supposed to be doing any particular thing to be helping,’ as if there’s some sort of problem that we’re addressing. I guess I believe that there are problems in this world that we need to be helping out, so there is a concern energy, very much. I’m finding that when I just let myself enjoy the waves of energy that are coming through, that somehow then it’s not really a concern.

ELIAS: There are many individuals presently that are noticing many beliefs associated with religious beliefs. In actuality, many individuals within this forum speculated that that would be the wave, addressing to the belief system of religious.

But the reason that these types of beliefs are surfacing, so to speak, or you are noticing is that they are associated with truth and how you view your truth, one of which is that there are ills within the world that need be fixed and that should be addressed to. This is one of your truths – not that individuals are creating their reality, not that individuals choose to be in situations or environments that you view to be depressed, for no individual would choose those types of experiences for these are not experiences that move in conjunction with your truths. Individuals do not create willingly suffering – yes, they do.

You do not suffer if you do not choose to suffer. You may not necessarily be objectively aware of your beliefs that are influencing those choices but they are choices, and each individual does create their reality. This is not to say that it is wrong or bad for you to incorporate other expressed beliefs or that you need not incorporate caring. Caring is different from concern. Concern moves you into an expression of wanting to or attempting to alter another individual’s reality, which you cannot.

Within your world, how many times have many, many, many collectives of individuals come together with a common cause to eliminate hunger, to eliminate dis-ease, to eliminate homelessness? Have they been eliminated? No. For you do not create other individual’s reality, and your truth is that if you are helpful, this is good. I am not expressing that it is good or bad, it merely is. But this is an example of what you view to be true. Some individuals incorporate an intent within their focus to be generating dis-ease or conflict or struggle, for this is their choice of experience.

If you are familiarizing yourselves with you as essence, each of you incorporate many more than merely one focus within this physical dimension. Do you assume that all of your focuses are blissfully tripping through this reality, and not experiencing any conflict or dis-ease or what you view within your beliefs, within your truths, as negative or bad? (Laughter) They are experiences.

You are essences. You incorporate many, many attentions which are all manifestations in this reality, and your purpose in choosing to participate in this particular reality is to experience, to generate a physical experience in association with your beliefs in the blueprint of this physical dimension, to be exploring emotion and sexuality – the physical manifestations and physical communication. Therefore, why shall you not incorporate an exploration of EVERY type of experience?

I may identify another common truth that you ALL express in some capacity. One of your largest concerns, associations, and what occupies your attention is money, and you incorporate your own truths concerning money and the acquisition of it and the position of the individual with it or without it, that if you incorporate money this is good, but only to a point. (Laughter) If you incorporate too much money, this is bad. If you incorporate too little money, this is bad. But if you incorporate enough money to be comfortable and to not infringe upon your freedom – which freedom is another term that you do not even incorporate an accurate definition for or understanding of – but in your definition, if you incorporate enough money to allow you freedom, this is good. This be one of your truths which motivates you to continue to strive to attain money. You do not attain money; you create it.

RODNEY: ... If I look about me and I see all of these things that I refer to as truths, like my ... well, the list is endless, but I could start with paying my rent and the fact that I need a retirement plan. I could say that these are all just beliefs, I choose not to align with them, so I’m just going to call up my boss and say I won’t be in there any more. What comes up for me is I’m going to play a little game until the checkbook runs dry, and then I’m confronted with the significance of my choices. So I could probably look at most of what I consider to be truths and say, ‘This is a belief. I can either align with that belief or not align. I’m not going to change it, but I can either express it or not express it. Well, I choose not to express it.’

ELIAS: Do you?

RODNEY: Well, no, because I’m afraid I won’t have any money at the end of the month. (Laughter) I hear what you’re saying, but I’m kind of lost for a working model as to how to approach this.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, remember thought does not create. It translates. Thought is a mechanism to translate information. It does not create your reality. Therefore you may think, ‘I am choosing not to express this belief any longer. I am choosing to express another belief.’ That is thinking. That is not creating. Your evidence of what your expressed beliefs are is shown in what you do and your responses.

Now; this is the significance of identifying specifically what beliefs you incorporate and recognizing what their influences are. For if you recognize and identify what a belief is and what its influences are, thusly you may choose how you shall move, how you shall express yourself whether in alignment or not with a particular expressed belief, knowing that you continue to incorporate that belief but in any particular moment allowing yourself choices. In this, there are many beliefs that are in play, so to speak, in any scenario.

RODNEY: I’m overwhelmed by the number.

ELIAS: But may you identify one?

RODNEY: That there are authority figures in my life that have the power to ... I’m a victim to their choices.

ELIAS: And may you identify all of the influences of this one belief that there are authorities within your focus?

RODNEY: The organization that owns my apartment building would be one. The man who directs my company would be another.

ELIAS: How is this influencing of you? Not an identification of who the authorities are, but what is that influence of this belief that there are authorities in your reality?

RODNEY: The one controls the amount of money that is paid for rent, and the other one controls the amount of money that I receive in my check every other week. Am I understanding you correctly?

ELIAS: No! (Laughter)

RODNEY: That’s par for the course! (More laughter)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I am inquiring of you to identify the influence of the belief. You are continuing to project your attention outside of yourself and identifying other individuals and what they do.

RODNEY: I would say one influence would be that they handle aspects of my reality that I do not have to pay too much attention to.

ELIAS: (Loudly and enunciating crisply) What is the influence of the belief of authority within you? How does this influence your choices, your responses, what you create, what you do, what your choices are?

RODNEY: One aspect of that would be I do not question.

ELIAS: You do not question what?

RODNEY: I do not question when the rent goes up.

I know I’m banging my head against the wall here – I don’t know where to go with this.

ELIAS: This is the point. This is the illustration. You have identified one belief, but you do not view the influences of that belief. You do not objectively incorporate an understanding or an awareness of how that belief is affecting of your perception and therefore affecting of your reality, for your perception creates your reality. Other individuals may not even identify the belief.

This is what is significant. How does this belief in authority affect your choices? It affects your choices in how you move throughout your day, the choices that you incorporate to not be opposing laws, to be generating certain behaviors. It influences you in your choice of employment. It influences you in what is acceptable and what is not acceptable within your reality. It influences you to project your attention outside of yourself and to not pay attention to you. For in the expressed belief of authority, some other individual other than yourself is being allowed to dictate your choices and your reality for you, and steer your ship.

RODNEY: I know this is what this belief is doing, and I want to work with it...

ELIAS: You may continue to express the belief of authority, and also incorporate your choices in association with your preferences. They are not at odds. They are at odds if you continue to move in automatic responses and not pay attention to what the influences are of the belief, for this does not afford you choice.

RODNEY: You’re saying that a detailed examination of those influences would reveal where I do not see choices now, and I would begin to see choices.


RODNEY: Thank you for spelling that out more clearly. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: You are welcome!” [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

BEN: “One of the things that I’ve been thinking about, along with this idea of a truth wave, is... Well, I’m going to use not necessarily your terms for beliefs and truths. I’ll use the traditional ones and then we can go from there.

ELIAS: Very well.

BEN: One of the things I’ve been thinking of is this idea of a religious belief and the concept that you create your own reality. This is being presented as if this is true, but I don’t see how that’s any different than saying something like there is a heaven or a hell, which we consider to be a belief. The flip side is sort of the idea that you create your own reality. But in what sense is this not just another belief, and how can we presume that this carries over everybody? Am I getting my question out right?

ELIAS: I am understanding.

BEN: In what sense is “you create your own reality” a truth and not just a belief?

ELIAS: For it is applicable to all of consciousness, in every area of consciousness, in every reality. It translates in every area of consciousness, not merely your physical reality.

BEN: I guess my question is it doesn’t seem to be any different than a religious belief in this physical reality, where you say, for example, if you don’t confess your sins you’re going to go to hell, and it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re Jewish or Muslim or whatever else, that this is the way things are. You know what I mean? Why is this an absolute almost, if there are no absolutes?

ELIAS: I am understanding, and you are correct. It is not an absolute, for believing is not the same as beliefs. You may believe or not believe many concepts, but that does not necessarily have a bearing upon beliefs or what you assess to be real or not real. But in association with your question, as reality is created by perception in association with objective physical reality, that is not an absolute either, for it is a matter of your perception.

BEN: I guess to me, it’s like where do I get off thinking I have the answer over anyone else?

ELIAS: You do not. You...

BEN: But it’s like you can say, “You create your reality, and you can believe it or not believe it, it’s still true,” and to me that almost seems like a religious belief.

ELIAS: I am understanding your confusion – or rather perhaps not confusion, but your challenge in this presentment.

BEN: I guess it has to do with me. It’s going back to emotional communications, which I’m sure I’m going to be touching on today. I guess it’s this idea of developing a self-righteous attitude. In some sense, I can say it bothers me when you come across as a know-it-all, for example. But I guess the emotional communication is this is something that I’m afraid that I’m coming off as or this is a reflection of myself, rather than being about you.

ELIAS: And you incorporate a judgment in association with that, for you believe that you should be expressing in particular manners. But you also incorporate judgments concerning different behaviors and what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. You automatically associate that if you are expressing a trust in yourself and an acknowledgment of yourself in your power, that that automatically elevates you above other individuals, which it does not, for every other individual incorporates the same abilities and the same qualities of essence and consciousness as do you. They may express in different manners, but that is not to say that one manner is better and one is worse, or one is right and one is wrong.

This is the point of this particular wave, which is generating a significant affectingness in individuals, addressing to this whole concept of truths, and somewhat struggling with this concept that their truths are not actually true and that other truths are not actually true. This challenges how you view yourselves and how you view your reality, and it challenges your ideas of absolutes.

BEN: I think part of it, for me, is quite individual, because I think that this is a very sort of Ilda idea, a sort of exchanging idea. I sometimes want to be in the position of being able to be, in a sense, open-minded. I have issues with myself when I find myself going too far to one side or to the other. I really do feel in some sense a middle ground for the exchange of ideas. So for me personally, if what I’m hearing is correct, the whole truth idea has to do with finding myself too much on one side of the pendulum or the other.

ELIAS: In what sense?

BEN: In the sense that it’s sort of like going you create your own reality – I’ll just say that that’s so – and that’s like going okay, this is fine for me. But there are other people who I could say this to who are possibly going to say no, that’s not true, and to me that’s perfectly acceptable. I don’t need for people to agree with me. So to me, the idea that I’m saying to myself whether you agree with me or not, this is really true, that’s the challenge to me.

ELIAS: Ah! And this is how you generate the absolute. What you are expressing is precisely the point, to be recognizing what is your truth but also recognizing that that may not be another individual’s truth. This is how you define the lack of absolutes, for it is a matter of perception.

In this, you may express to yourself that you create all of your reality. I may express that in conversation with you. That does not generate that statement into an absolute, for what you create in your reality and how you create your reality is a matter of choice and perception. And you are quite correct, you may express with yourself and other individuals that incorporate similar beliefs that you create all of your reality, and you may present that to another individual and they may disagree. They may incorporate different expressions and they may express to you, no, I do not create my reality, God creates.

It matters not. What is significant is that you recognize what your truths are, what your beliefs are, and that you recognize what beliefs and truths are associated with your preferences, realizing that they are not absolutes and that they are associated with objective perception, and in this, other individuals may be creating quite differently. That is not to say that they are wrong, and it is not to say that you are right and that you incorporate all of the absolute answers of consciousness.

For, there are no right answers. There are merely choices and experiences, none of which are right or wrong. It is merely a matter of which beliefs you align with and how you intertwine your own expressions of duplicity, which is also not right or wrong. It merely is your opinion and how YOU view and how YOU align with, in association with your perception.” [session 1443, September 24, 2003]

ELIAS: (Chuckles) “This day I shall be engaging all of you with your questions. For I am aware that many of you are experiencing challenges with this new wave in consciousness, and therefore I have chosen to allow you to present your questions rather than engaging a dissertation within this session. Therefore, YOU may conduct the forum.

SUE: Which wave in consciousness are we in?

ELIAS: Addressing to the belief system of truth.

NAOMI: Elias, this is Naomi. Elena asked me to ask you a question. She perceives that there is a lot of vindictiveness within the current situation in the world and in our country. Can you comment on that? Is that what is really happening, and if it is, why?

ELIAS: This is QUITE associated with this wave. Individuals throughout your world are engaging the action of addressing to truths, individual truths.

Now; addressing to a truth begins in expressing them. Expressing these truths generates conflict, for there is little or no acceptance of differences in association with truths. Truths are truths, they may not be compromised, and in this they are not questioned. They ARE and therefore they are absolute, and if there is a difference it must be wrong.

This is what is being expressed throughout your world, individuals expressing their truths and generating tremendous conflict in the differences of these truths. But this is an initial step. You cannot address to a truth if you do not recognize it, if you do not identify it; and how you identify it is to present yourself with a difference, another truth – another individual’s truth, another culture’s truth. That emphasizes your own truth, for it sparks your lack of tolerance or acceptance in association with difference. This is the reason that it is significant and important to be paying attention.

Now; let me also express to you all, within this wave in consciousness addressing to this belief system of truth, it is significant that each of you recognize and pay attention to the type of energy that you each are expressing outwardly in association with your own truths, for that either contributes to the perpetuation of the conflict or it contributes to the dissipation of the conflict. Regardless of whether you view yourselves to be individually involved directly with any expression of conflict within your world or not, your energy is affecting.

Many individuals express opinions of negativity in association with mass decisions that are being expressed presently with governments, but what they are not paying attention to is that they themselves may be expressing a contribution to the very expressions that they dislike in their own energy, regardless of their opinions. You may disagree with many of the choices that governments are engaging presently, but look to yourselves also and pay attention to what type of energy you are expressing in each of your days, and whether you are expressing a lack of acceptance in differences and whether you are expressing protection in your own energies, whether you are generating comparisons, what your perception is of equality – and that is tricky.

Equality is a dangerous area, for you view yourselves to be quite noble and good if your opinion is that every individual should be equal. But if you encounter another individual that is expressing differently, you immediately move into judgment that any expression outside of equality is bad. Therefore the subject of equality is equally as narrow as any other expression, for it only allows for one expression of sameness and no difference. Difference is what is generating the conflict now and the lack of acceptance of differences, for the differences are the truths and the absolutes.

(To the group) What absolutes do you incorporate? You are exempt, Zacharie [Rodney]. We have already discussed your truths! (Laughing)

RODNEY: Thank you! (Group laughter)

ELIAS: What do you identify as your own truths?

KC: Elias, this is KC. Could we just take a small local truth of mine?

ELIAS: Very well.

KC: Expressway noise – the expressway is very close to my house, and when I moved into the house I don’t remember hearing the expressway noise. Then a few years ago, I’m getting tenser and more tense and more tense, and finally ... I wasn’t really noticing what it was, and then I noticed this whine. You probably heard it at this hotel. The expressway is right here, and I live right around the corner.

So I go over what I know about creating my reality. Therefore, I am creating the entire expressway, the cement, the tires, the cars, the people driving the cars, the location of my house, the distance, the wind, the median strip that’s cement – which, of course, is what I blame on the sound. (Laughs) So I’ve been trying to think, okay, my attention lies in the trust of this truth that when the cars go by they are going to generate this noise and the wind’s going to carry it to my house and I’m going to hear it; but now I don’t know how to move my attention if I want to create that differently. Is that an example of a truth?


KC: Because that’s an absolute to me.

ELIAS: Yes, and this is not what you qualify as small.

KC: No, it’s not to me!

ELIAS: For none of your truths are small. (Laughter) They are absolutes and they are challenging.

Now; remember, you are not eliminating beliefs, and this is also one of your snares, for you automatically move into an association of eliminating. You do not allow yourselves the objective understanding that you may continue to express a belief and not be affected, or that you may continue to express a belief but choose how you manipulate your energy and how you create what you want, continuing to express the belief.

Now; this is an example, for this is an absolute with you, that the sound is generated by the vehicles and it is close to your dwelling and therefore you hear it. You may continue to incorporate that information and that belief as an expressed belief that the vehicles generate sound and the vehicles in relation to pavement generate sound and the larger the vehicle the larger the sound; you may continue to hold that belief and move your attention.

Practice distraction. I have expressed this many times and I shall reiterate once again, distraction is one of your greatest tools and it is efficient. You continue to be expressing the tension, for where is your attention? Upon the sound.

KC: Upon the vibrations of the sound, yes.

ELIAS: Correct! And as you continue to concentrate upon that vibration, you continue to perpetuate it.

Now; in distraction, you automatically interrupt your attention and you automatically move your attention. This is the reason that this is one of your greatest tools, for it is easy and it requires little effort and no thought. You need no method and you need no plan to distract yourself. You may incorporate a myriad of actions to be distracting of yourself.

Now; in the distraction, notice how your attention moves and the sound disappears.

KC: All I have to do is be talking to somebody else and paying attention to the conversation and it always goes right away, and I notice that. But when I notice that, I move my attention right back to the noise and I say, ‘Oh, yes, it’s still there.’ (Laughter, and Elias grins) I haven’t done anything, because it’s still there.

ELIAS: Ah! Now; this is significant also, for this is an expression that you all incorporate, of generating an actual change in your perception and changing your reality, [then] reincorporating the previous annoyance and discounting yourselves and expressing to yourselves that you have not accomplished anything – but you have. You have moved your attention, you have created differently, but you do not allow yourselves to acknowledge that, and therefore you return to the familiar.

KC: Can I ask another question? (Elias nods) I was wondering the other day about this. I can distract myself in speaking with a friend in the backyard and we’re not hearing the noise, and I’ll look at her and grin and she’ll grin, because she knows it’s about the noise, then I move my attention to the expressway and I hear it again. So I was wondering, can I move my attention to the expressway and not hear it?


KC: Okay, you want to talk about that? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Practice the exercise of outer senses. (13)

KC: The clarity exercise, where you go through your outer senses and place yourself right here in the now...

ELIAS: Yes, and concentrate your attention on ONE sense and tune out the other senses.

KC: And that does work! Because what I did was I concentrated on my sense of touch and there was a cricket over there, and then where did it go? My sense of hearing completely left and I forgot what the other senses even were! Because I could feel everything, and that was it. Oh my god! It works! (Laughter) Elias, you certainly know all the tricks!

CATHY: I’m Cathy F., this really is hitting home for me today, because I’ve been through a situation with a friend who’s ... we basically split the friendship. The truth I found, going through all this, is that I seem to need reassurance that I’m on the right track, and then I don’t like myself for needing the reassurance. I feel like I should be able to get this without help. I should be able to do this myself. I call it being an ‘F’ student in a class of ‘A-plusses.’ You want to get it right, you want to feel like you’re doing it right, and then you just end up thinking well, I screwed up there! How do you get to where you can feel secure when you’re feeling so insecure? Does that make any sense to anybody in here? (Laughter, and many agreements)

ELIAS: First of all, one of the expressions that generates considerable conflict and discounting is comparing. This action is damaging. It automatically discounts you. In this, you are not comparable to any other individual, for you are you, and you are unique, and your movement and your methods and your choices are yours, and they are not worse than any other individual’s. They are different. Ah, this word of ‘difference’ again! In this, it is not a race. There is no finish line.

What you occupy yourselves with so very often are outcomes. You judge your value upon outcomes, and you measure yourselves with outcomes, and you compare yourselves with outcomes. But what you are engaging in this reality are processes. It is the generation of the creating, not the created. What is significant is what you are DOING, not what you have done, what you are creating, what your process is. For this is the expression of you, and this is what offers you all of your information.

Individuals, as an example, at times express the question to myself, ‘I have generated this experience, Elias, and I am not understanding what I have created in this experience. If I had not spoken with you, would I have generated an understanding of what I have created?’ And my response is it matters not, for I am an element of your process. You have spoken with myself, and this is the manner in which you offered yourself an explanation or an answer. I am another element of your process, which is being created and chosen by you.

Therefore, it is not that you are not ‘getting it.’ Every individual wants to be getting it, and every individual in this forum wants to be getting it themselves and are discounting of themselves if they are getting information from other individuals or from myself. But you are creating that! Therefore, you are getting it yourself! (Laughter and applause)

Another pitfall is that you are not getting it if you generate an experience that you deem to be negative. That is a trip, you have stumbled, for you have generated some experience that is uncomfortable or that you deem to be negative. Relatively recently I engaged another group of individuals and inquired of them ‘what do you value?’ (14) Generally speaking, each of you shall automatically express an identification of some positive expression. Any expression that you view or deem to be positive, you value – not necessarily. There are many positive expressions that you do not value, and there are many uncomfortable and negative expressions that you do value.

PAT BET: Can you give an example? This is Pat Bet.

ELIAS: An example – you may be generating an uncomfortable interaction with another individual, perhaps in a relationship with another individual. You may generate a tremendous conflict and express an extreme uncomfortableness in encountering the other individual’s energy or their interaction, and in that interaction you may be discounting of yourself or you may be elevating of yourself...

PAT BET: Oh, don’t look at me like that! (Laughter) You hit it on the head there!

ELIAS: (Grins) And in this, you value the elevation of yourself and you value even the conflict, for it reinforces your expression and it offers you a payoff.

Individuals at times even value pain. They may not be comfortable in the moment, they may not be expressing what you identify as happiness in the movement, but this is not to say that they do not value what they have created, for subsequently they may be offering themselves valuable information concerning their experience.

Even in uncomfortable situations and circumstances and encounters, you are offering yourselves reflections, and you are offering yourselves information, and you are offering yourselves an opportunity to examine what energy you are creating, what you are expressing outwardly and how that is creating a situation that you are experiencing in uncomfortableness. Discomfort is not synonymous with a lack of value. Were it not valuable to you, you would not create it.

You merely generate this idea of a utopia that incorporates no discomfort ever, which – you may believe it or you may not believe it – but I may express to you quite definitely, were you to be creating that utopia, in actuality you would also be quite bored, for you incorporate no spice. I am aware that all of you want to be creating a focus in which you generate happiness and comfort and ease, but you also enjoy surprise and spice. Some individuals generate the spice intentionally! (Chuckles)

PAT BER: I like it, I like the spice! This is Pat. But my question is, I’m aware that I do that, and it’s like sometimes things will be going really great and life is so wonderful and happy and joyful, and then I’ll create a certain situation of the opposite, of real intensity. I’ve identified that part of it is I just dig that intensity of experience! I like it like that! Because otherwise I’m bored, I get bored with joyfulness, so I create something that’s a really big drama.

So my confusion is, how much of that is because I create it because I dig it, or is that an automatic response to a situation? Sometimes I’m like, ‘Did I do it just because I was bored and I wanted to shake it up a bit to make it spicy, or did I do it out of an automatic response again?’ It can be both, right?

ELIAS: Yes, and this is the reason it is significant to familiarize yourself with automatic responses. This is not as difficult as you perceive it to be. As you recall any situation, you may identify whether you have been generating an automatic response or not. But at times you may be choosing to generate an automatic response to be creating that...

PAT BER: That intensity.


PAT BER: Right! That was kind of a real light bulb thing for me. I don’t have to judge that I’m doing that, because...

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT BER: ...I wanted to do that, because I wanted to shake it up a little bit.

ELIAS: Now; what is significant is that most individuals do NOT want to be generating that type of action, and it is not amusing to them and they are not entertained! (Laughing, and group laughter)

PAT BER: I may not be entertained in the moment, but I’m processing it a lot quicker. ‘Oh yeah, there it was again; I’m shaking myself up. Oh, cool!’ (Elias chuckles) I do it about every six months; I’ve even identified that.

ELIAS: Ah! Very well!

PAT BER: I can go about six months before I have to shake it up because I’m bored. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: What is significant in what we are discussing is that for the most part in time frameworks in which individuals generate experiences that are uncomfortable, you automatically move into an association of yourself as a failure, that you should know better, that you should be beyond this, that you incorporate enough information that you should not be creating these experiences any longer. For you incorporate this belief – as a truth – of enlightenment, that once you offer yourselves information it is a one time experience and you shall never encounter that experience again, for you are done with it and it shall never darken your door again! For this is not a belief, it is an entity that you are ridding yourself of through knowledge.

You incorporate the intellectual understanding of information, but you do not incorporate the experiential application of it. You incorporate the intellectual understanding of being in the now and paying attention to yourselves – and they are words, words, words, words, words. Where is your actual attention, and are you in the now? You have even become very proficient at convincing yourselves that you are in the now and you are paying attention to yourselves when you are not. (Laughter)

‘I am present in this moment, I am paying attention to myself – except for my chili in the kitchen!’ (Laughter) ‘Except for that meeting I must engage next week, I am present in the moment.’ ‘I am aware of myself, I am here, I am aware of the now – except did I remember to disengage the light before I came to this meeting?’ Except for, ‘I hope that the break is incorporated soon, for I must engage the bathroom.’ (Laughter) And therefore it is literally words, words, words, for the actual application of holding your attention in the now and upon yourself is a concept and not necessarily what you actually generate.

You generate it in moments, and in those moments you may be experiencing and expressing similar to Ling-Tu [Pat Ber.], ‘HOORAY, I have accomplished in this moment!’ and in the next moment you shall be expressing to yourself, ‘I am SUCH a failure! I could not continue that moment, therefore I have failed.’ (Much laughter) And you continue the circle and you discount yourself and you reinforce your discounting of yourselves by expressing to yourselves, ‘You see, what have I done? Once again I have ruined the experience; I have failed in my attempts. I shall never be successful, I shall never win the race, I shall never generate the right outcome.’ For there is absolutely a right outcome for all of you, not merely for you individually, for there is one enormous general right outcome for every situation which encompasses every individual on your planet.

LORRAINE: Elias, this is Lorraine. I have a question about being in the now, in the moment. Where is thought in that? Do you have to try to stop thinking?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. The role of thought is significant, but what is important to be generating is a balance, a balance between allowing your attention the flexibility to move to communications, action, and thought. The pitfall with thought is that your attention moves to thought to the exclusion of other information, to the exclusion of what you are actually doing and to the exclusion of your communications, and you rely upon thought in manners it is not designed for.

You rely upon thought to create your reality, and this is not its function and therefore you disappoint yourselves for it does not create your reality. You rely upon thought to be offering you accurate information, and your association is that it is a communication, which it is not. It is a translating mechanism. It translates what you do and what you believe and what your communications are.

But if your attention is not moving to the actual avenues of communication, thought does not accurately translate, and this becomes confusing for you think one expression and you are doing another, or you are thinking in one direction and you are feeling another, for you are not offering the thought process accurate information. You are concentrating your attention upon that as the main operator of your being, as the control point, as the steering wheel, and it is not.

Your choices, what you actually do, are your indicators of what you are expressing. This is the reason that is it very important to pay attention to what you are actually DOING, paying attention to yourself, and this is challenging for it is unfamiliar. You are familiar with projecting your attention outside of yourself and holding it upon any and every expression that you encounter outside of yourself, and you are quite familiar with placing your attention upon each other rather than yourselves. This is not to say that you place your attention upon self to the exclusion of other individuals, but that you are aware of what you are expressing in association with your interactions with other individuals.

PAUL: ... How does the belief system of control fit in with the truth wave, or belief systems surrounding control?

ELIAS: Many individuals incorporate that in their truths. Control is a strongly expressed belief and many individuals incorporate that as a truth, as an absolute that they must be expressing control to be successfully executing what they want, and many individuals express this truth of control in association with acceptable and unacceptable behaviors – many, many, many individuals – for themselves and for other individuals. This is a significant truth to be examining.

SUE: This is Susan. What about people who are, for example, currently in prison for one reason or another? In what way are their beliefs about control feeding into that situation?

ELIAS: They may be expressing beliefs concerning control or they may not.

SUE: So that would vary with the individual?

ELIAS: Yes. Merely that they may be incarcerated is not necessarily an indication that they are expressing beliefs or absolute beliefs of control as their truths.

JOANNE: Elias, Joanne. Question – in the last couple months, and sitting here listening, I’ve just associated with the wave in truth. I find myself being a lot more vocal about my opinions and the things that I want, and in thinking about that, it started with the feeling that I’m very tired of not feeling I had a space to be me, so I’m being more vocal in my wants, in my opinions, in my thoughts. I was wondering, is that really associated with the wave of truth, that I’m finding my truth and maybe giving myself permission to have that truth?

ELIAS: Partially.

JOANNE: What’s the other part? (Laughter) Well, I know I’m lending energy to all that’s going on, ‘cause I like that, but aside from that, for me personally, what’s the other part?

ELIAS: You are also presenting to yourself these expressions to discover what some of your truths are, and in that, what some of your truths are in association with what you do not want, and how you associate in some of your truths with judgments in relation to other individual’s behaviors, as we have expressed. For you view other individual’s behaviors to be affecting of you and limiting you and in a manner of speaking, controlling you.

JOANNE: And I feel myself getting very tired of that and being more aggressive, more assertive, and stepping into things where before I just would have been quiet and gotten through it, dealt with it.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this is an example of the swinging pendulum from one extreme to the other, and this is significant. Do not discount yourself in this, for many, many, many individuals are engaging this type of action and these types of behaviors in association with this wave.

JOANNE: I sort of like it.

ELIAS: For it allows you to experience and explore and experiment with unfamiliar and different actions and expressions and behaviors, which thusly shall allow you to move into a balance in which you are not expressing a harshness in energy and demanding but generating an allowance within yourself to accomplish. For the reason you are demanding is that you have generated an association that if you are not demanding, you shall not be expressing the strength to override the control.

JOANNE: Right, I have noticed that, and I noticed that that doesn’t work. There’s other times when I express myself and it just flows and everything’s fine. But there’s other times when I can feel myself push really hard, and it just comes right back at me.

ELIAS: Correct. And in this also, in the force of the energy, it is quite easily expressed to move your attention to the other individuals and generate the expectation of their allowance or their permission, rather than generating your OWN allowance and doing.

JOANNE: But it is partially...

ELIAS: Yes, it is a movement into recognizing your truths and moving into a direction in which you may generate that balance.

JOANNE: Because there are times when I feel very comfortable with myself, which I haven’t felt in a long time. I’ve kind of gotten to where that’s my goal in life, I just want to feel really comfortable with myself. At times now I’m actually doing that, and I’m finding myself not so much worried about the rules and what I thought was appropriate, but actually allowing myself to be me, and I just was wondering if that...


JOANNE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” (Chuckles) [session 1447, September 27, 2003]

ELIAS: (Chuckles) “Now; this day YOU shall be interactive with myself, rather than vice versa, and you shall be offering myself information concerning YOUR movements. As you are aware, you are all participating in the wave addressing to truths; and I am aware that you are ALL engaging your own individual truths and to some extent each of you are presenting to yourselves your challenges in association with your individual truths.

Therefore we shall be discussing your truths, and perhaps we shall be discussing how to be reconfiguring energy and how to direct your attention that you may accomplish redirecting and reconfiguring energy that you project, and therefore affect your reality in whatever you may be engaging in any particular situation. But first we shall engage identifying your movements and your truths.

Now; which individual shall volunteer first? (Nervous laughter and a slight pause) Ha ha ha!

LETTY: ... My movement right now is being part of the drama and the trauma at our work place. Cindel’s here – she’s a witness! (Elias chuckles) We continue to have problems or create problems of finding people to work with. We have a lot of conflict with people, starting with Bruce [Adriana]. I know she mirrors a lot of what we feel, the truth of the righteousness of work and human resources and trying to find people but they don’t pass background checks, and it’s gotten to be big. I do recognize how we see it in our truths and the matter of accepting people or the differences. It’s hard to accept.

ELIAS: Difference is a very STRONG challenge, which within this particular wave is being addressed quite strongly, and individuals are experiencing considerable frustration and conflict and confusion in association with attempting to be accepting of difference.

But before you may be accepting of difference, it is important to identify within yourself what your difference is and identify what your truth is in association with your difference, and therefore allow yourself to recognize that your truth is YOUR truth, but it is not true.

It is quite easily recognized what the difference is of other individuals. You automatically immediately recognize other individuals’ difference; but that is the point that you stop and you do not turn your attention to yourself to identify what your difference is and how that associates to your truth.

Now; you present the scenario of recognizing Bruce’s [Adriana’s] difference. What is your difference to Bruce [Adriana]? How is your perception different?

LETTY: Well, in the sense that I try to be more open to accepting people to work in our institution that’s very strict to get into, without having to have that very exaggerated background check, where if they have one bad credit or one ticket they’re scratched off. I know that she looks at paper and I look at a person, and that’s a big difference.


Now; in this scenario, identify what you are recognizing specifically is the difference.

LETTY: I’m not sure. You mean, the difference that I see of myself?


LETTY: Well, that I’m right and she’s wrong. (Laughter)

ELIAS: Partially, which is significant, and this is a significant example. For this is a situation that you all engage in some manner or another, and this is the reason that it is important to evaluate.

You view the behavior and the perception of the other individual to be rigid and too meticulous and impersonal.

Now; as you view those behaviors and perception of the other individual, you automatically generate a comparison with yourself that you are more flexible, that you are more allowing, that you are more personable; and in that, you automatically deem your perception and your expression to be better and therefore justify, and in the justification is the judgment, and this is the obstacle that prevents the acceptance of the difference, for there is no question of YOUR perception and of YOUR beliefs and your expressions. This is a truth; it is unquestioned. It is better to be more allowing; it is better to be more flexible; it is better to be more personable. And as you justify without questioning your own truths, you automatically express the judgment of the other individual in their difference.

But as you turn your attention to yourself and you question your truth and you acknowledge it, that this is your truth and therefore this is also associated with your preference, you begin to recognize that the other individual in their difference is not wrong, they are not bad. They are different, and their perception of difference is mirroring the same.

Bruce’s [Adriana’s] perception of rigidity and of preciseness and of paperwork is...

LETTY: Hers.

ELIAS: Yes. And in that you are viewed as wrong, as being too lax and not conscientious enough.

Now you view both perceptions, and you do not necessarily incorporate agreement, for you continue with your perception and your preferences and she continues with her preferences; but in recognizing that your truth is not an absolute, you may allow yourself to move into cooperation. For you no longer incorporate the need to justify and therefore you also do not judge, and that opens an avenue for cooperation. Without noticing and evaluating your own perception, your own truths, that door remains closed and there is no acceptance and there is conflict.

Who may offer another scenario of a truth that generates conflict in interaction with other individuals, or what you are moving in presently and what you are directing presently?

KRIS: I have one. I’m new to this; I’ve never been here before.

ELIAS: Welcome.

KRIS: Thank you. I’m practicing creating my own reality and going along with what you just talked about, and being able to go back into myself and figure out where my judgments are. I can kind of catch myself doing that more and more, but what I can’t do is my body consciousness. I keep seeming to bring up different illness and different little things, and I don’t know what that’s about or what that has to do ... I guess it has to do with the overall picture of creating your reality not only outwardly but inwardly? Do you know what I mean?


KRIS: So that’s my struggle.

ELIAS: Therefore one of your truths is that you may create outwardly but you do not necessarily control or create what occurs inwardly. This is another very strongly expressed truth with many, many, many individuals: what is generated inwardly is created by some other source, the subjective awareness, which is obviously the enemy for it creates havoc in many different directions that you do not expect and you do not understand and you quite do not want!

This is not true. But it is a truth, for you have generated it into an absolute that may be associated with your body consciousness and what is generated in physical manifestations. It may be associated with anxieties; it may be associated with different actions that you engage that you surprise yourself and you question yourself, ‘WHY have I engaged THAT action? Ah yes, that subjective force is driving me once again, that unconscious element that I have no control over and is quite hidden from me.’ An absolute, but not true. This is a matter of attention and being aware.

Many individuals struggle, for what they generate physically they also associate automatically as an attack. In a manner of speaking, it is, in your perceptions, the reverse of what you project outwardly.

You project outwardly into your world, so to speak, and you view yourselves creating physically outside of yourself, but there are elements of your world that are unseen and penetrate inwardly to you and attack you and therefore generate physical manifestations. This is not true, but it is quite strongly held as an absolute. No element outside of yourself attacks you, and no element outside of yourself penetrates you, unless you allow it. But what is it that may penetrate you that you allow? A thing? No. A germ? No. A virus? No.

What may penetrate through your energy field is energy of another individual, but that is not an actual manifestation. It is energy, it is a movement, and that is automatically immediately configured into a manifestation. Any physical element that you perceive to be outside of your physical body, outside of yourself, is in actuality part of you. Therefore it cannot penetrate, for it already is.

In the moments in which you generate physical manifestations, you are generating a communication from your subjective awareness in an action, for this is how the subjective awareness communicates to the objective awareness. I shall repeat, the subjective awareness and the objective awareness are in harmony, with very RARE exceptions. As there are no absolutes there are some very rare exceptions, but I may emphasize this is very rare. Generally speaking, the objective awareness and the subjective awareness are continuously in harmony. Therefore, what one is generating in action the other is also. They merely generate them in different manners.

Objective generates in imagery, which is abstract; subjective generates in action, which associates with one subject. The objective mirrors that one subject in many, many, many different manners, for it is abstract. Therefore, one action of the subjective may be mirrored in hundreds of actions in the objective.

But the point is that if you are generating a physical manifestation within your body consciousness, as the subjective awareness directs the body consciousness it is a communication to the objective awareness offering you information, in similar manner to emotions which are also a communication. Your signal is the feeling.

Your signal with the physical manifestation is the feeling also. You generate pain or uncomfortableness or an annoyance, and this is your signal that you are offering yourself a message, and this is all being generated within you.

Now; the manner in which you interpret what the communication is is to pay attention to what you are doing, which is challenging for you are not accustomed to actually paying attention to what you are doing. You are very accustomed to paying attention to what you are thinking, but you are not accustomed to paying attention to what you are DOING, and what you are doing may be quite different from what you are thinking.

As you begin to pay attention to what you are actually doing and what energy you are actually expressing, this offers you information as to what you are creating in your physical manifestation, and in actuality they are less complicated and difficult to identify than you think. It is merely a matter of genuinely paying attention.

As an example in this group, if you are an individual that generates a physical manifestation of asthma, what are you doing? You are generating a constriction of your breath. What is that signal? What are you also constricting in what you are doing, in your energy, in that time framework or surrounding time frameworks? How are you blocking and not allowing a free flow of energy?

As you begin to listen to your communications and evaluate what you are doing in the abstract – which is the objective, which is your waking actions – you begin to recognize and notice what actions you are actually incorporating in association with that signal.

But the key is remembering and knowing that you are creating that, that you have CHOSEN that action for it is an efficient signal and you are paying attention to it.

SHARON: “... So I have a question, Elias. Back when we weren’t so well informed and knowledgeable, why did it seem to be so much easier?

FRAN: Why has everything gone to hell in a hand-basket? (Laughter)

ELIAS: For you have not quite generated an understanding of how incorporating your own responsibility offers you freedom. That is the key. You are correct, your perceptions – many of you – you view your reality now to be much more difficult, for you incorporate no other individual to blame. (Laughter)

But the key is not concerning blame, but that is the familiar and automatic response. Therefore now you blame yourself rather than other individuals; although at times you continue to blame other individuals also, but less so. You have merely turned the action from blaming other individuals to blaming yourself, which is not the point. This is not an offering of freedom. It is an offering of more struggle.

Now; as you continue and you move these concepts from intellectual understandings into experiential knowing and reality by allowing yourself to EXPERIENCE the actions of these concepts, you move into a genuine expression of recognizing your responsibility to yourself and how, in that responsibility to yourself, this is not bad. It is not blame-worthy, it is an acknowledgment and it allows you freedom. For if you are genuinely expressing that responsibility to yourself, you shall never be a victim and there is no need for blame, for you are choosing and you know genuinely that you are choosing.

Presently you incorporate enough information to be moving in that direction, but you have not quite accomplished yet. You are moving more, all of you, into acceptance in different expressions and you do express acceptance at times of different beliefs, and in some situations you are moving into expressions of genuine acceptance on-going, continuing to be accepting of different beliefs, and therefore altering your perceptions and altering your reality and genuinely generating more of an ease in some directions.

But I may express to you repeatedly over and over how tremendously challenging it is to move into the unfamiliar, and this is received intellectually. You view yourselves differently, for you incorporate the knowledge intellectually and therefore you also automatically express that you know. But knowing and intellectually understanding are different. You express to yourselves and to each other, ‘I KNOW this,’ but you generate actions that contradict that, and in generating the actions you also generate the automatic response of blame.

But now you incorporate information KNOWING, not merely intellectually understanding, but knowing that other individuals are not to blame but not knowing how to turn that blame and generate it into a different expression and reconfigure your own energy and generate a different perception in which you accept what you have created. And even if it is uncomfortable, or even if it is unsettling, or even if it is some action that you deem to be distasteful or that you do not like, you may recognize that this has been your choice and that you are not to blame, either; that in the moment this was your choice and it was purposeful, regardless of whether it was comfortable. But what is familiar is to continuously strive for utopia. And you do not genuinely recognize in a knowing yet, although perhaps at times.

SHARON: I get a little lost. (Laughs)

ELIAS: But not continuously, and in that you do not continuously recognize that beneficial is not always comfortable and that value is not always expressed in comfort or in what you deem to be positive.

As we have discussed previously in questioning what you value, your automatic responses, all of you, initially express all positive associations. No individual automatically expresses, ‘I value pain. I value heartache. I value uncomfortableness.’ No. These are expressions that you automatically attempt to eliminate, and you do not recognize that you do incorporate value in them also, and if you did not, you would not create them, and you do.

This is another truth that is being strongly addressed to, and many, many, many individuals are incorporating frustration and difficulty and challenge and conflict with it, that of eliminating. You all express to yourselves intellectually that you understand that you are not eliminating. But in paying attention to what you do, you shall recognize that you are continuing to attempt to eliminate in some area, and this presents conflict for you cannot. You can if you choose to disengage, which is also a choice. But if you choose to continue in participation in this physical reality, it is the blueprint and you cannot eliminate.

Therefore this presents a conflict for it is an automatic response, and I shall express once again in reiteration, automatic responses are precisely that, automatic. You do not notice them for they require no thought. You are becoming much more accomplished at recognizing some of your automatic responses, which is to be acknowledged; but this is not to say that you do not continue to express them, for you do. And this is not bad, but it is limiting.

You may continue to express automatic responses once you identify what they are, for they may be your choice. You may prefer some of your automatic responses, and that is your choice also.

But the point in our discussions is that you request information to allow yourselves more freedom and less conflict and more of an ease in your movements and in your manifestations, and therefore we discuss and we identify.

And I shall express to you all one very important point before we break. In all of this identifying and discussing, the one expression that I may offer to you each now, as I have previously but in more strength now, is to genuinely allow yourselves not to discount yourselves if you fall short of what you perceive to be the best. Every action you incorporate is purposeful, and there is no necessity to discount yourself or to devalue yourselves merely that you have not attained the measure that you expect of yourselves.

FRAN: ... Elias, can I ask a question that is off the subject that we were on? It has to do with the fact that this whole session was sort of in a state of flux. A lot of people dropped out of it, and at the last minute the dog was not allowed in the hotel and we all ended up in this wonderful comfortable place. (15) What was that all about?

ELIAS: Precisely what we have been discussing.

FRAN: It was an example?

ELIAS: Of individual’s truths and how they limit, but also how they may not be limiting.

All of you incorporate your truths, but as you encounter other individuals’ truths you incorporate choices. You may reconfigure and create your scenario regardless of other individuals’ truths, and regardless of other individuals’ rules you may create your own, and it does not prevent you from accomplishing.

HOWARD: Would that apply also to the recent recall election followed by the massive fires? (16) Are they related also? Margot and I had decided there was a connection. One was a tremendous release of energy, followed by an imagery in Mother Earth itself releasing that additional energy, pent up rage, if you will, or emotion.

ELIAS: That was not your earth releasing energy, that is all of you releasing energy which, you are correct, is also associated with this wave. You have been generating quite extremes in this wave in many different manners, all involving power.

STELLA: Are the fires also related to value? Because it seems like people are losing their valuables and stuff, but it’s also looking at the value that we feel within ourselves, what we value.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, but more to the point it is associated with power and the powerfulness of energy and how it may be directed in any manner. It may be consuming and it may be quite powerful, and it is your choice how to be directing it, whether to be destructive or whether to be productive.

DEBI: Is it as easy to make that determination by acknowledging that there’s a choice to be made there, or does it just depend on ... you know what I mean? Personally, sometimes I see that I’m doing something along those lines, it can be productive or destructive, or it can be trauma or something else. Sometimes it seems incredibly impossible to grasp what is it I do that makes that choice, makes it go one way or the other. But it seems like sometimes it’s just a matter of realizing there’s a choice, then the choice actualizes.

ELIAS: It is much more simple than you believe it to be.

FRAN: Another truth is that nothing is worth getting unless you have to suffer to get it. It has no value unless you have to suffer for it.

ELIAS: This is quite a strong truth that many, many individuals hold.

But the point of any truth is to recognize that it is not true (laughter), and to recognize that although it may be one of your truths, that there are choices regardless and that you do incorporate the ability to reconfigure energy and to choose what you want rather than being stuck, as you term it to be, in what you do not necessarily want.” [session 1468, November 08, 2003]

ELIAS: “Welcome!

Now; this day we shall be engaging a conversation, a discussion, concerning, initially, distortion.

What is your definition of distortion, and what is the meaning of distortion in your assessment? (Pause)

MARGOT: A representation of an idea that is not representing the material that is trying to be presented, a change in the way the material is presented from even just a slight angle – the meaning of the material, I should say.

ELIAS: And what defines the ‘meaning of the material’?

MARGOT: Well, that goes back to absolutes. Was that the right answer? (Group laughter)

ELIAS: If there is a right answer! (Laughs) This is what is significant.

Each of you incorporates an assessment of what constitutes distortion; but each of you assess that through your own perception, and each of you generates your meaning of distortion in association with your truths.

Now; as we continue to be engaging this wave in consciousness addressing to truths, this is a significant factor to be considering, for this generates many differences, many conflicts, and it is, generally speaking, a common ground for absolutes and truths.

How do you assess the information that I offer to you? For I have expressed to you that I offer this information to you in association with my direction and what you may term to be my agenda in the least amount of distortion, and I have expressed that to you from the onset of this forum. But what does that mean to you, to each of you, and how do you process that information? What is your association with that statement, and what does that influence in association with your beliefs and how you allow your beliefs to influence your actions, your interactions, and your assessments of other information? (Slight pause) This is a question. (Laughter)

PAUL H: Less distortion – this is Paul H, for the record – less distortion is better, so anything that is more distorted, any other information that holds greater distortion is badder or worse.

ELIAS: This is quite accurate.

PAUL H: And if that information is offered by one of the other essence family intents, since you’ve associated that concept with Sumafi intent, then it is badder or worse.

ELIAS: But what is the guideline? The essence family?

WENDY: This is Wendy. When I receive information with less distortion, I sometimes experience it as unfamiliar and a little bit difficult to integrate with my everyday life. I am not Sumafi – but that’s okay – and I have been aware that there is sort of a belief system of Elias that we kind of built up. I don’t think I understand or that I’m familiar enough with information that is not distorted to really make judgments. So I use that, I keep that in mind when I am trying to integrate the information. I’m always wary when I’m judging something as better or worse. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten with it.

ELIAS: Very well.

STEVE: I just had the thought that you used to say that Seth’s material was more distorted than yours. (17) He would say things like you can just affirm to yourself with your thoughts that you want something and create it that way, and you absolutely say that is not correct. Therefore, it must be that distortion means more not true than undistorted material.

ELIAS: Ah! This is the point. This is a general association that all of you in some capacity generate, that if there is distortion in information, it is not true, and undistorted information is more true – which is not true. (Laughter)

For, what is significant that you understand is that regardless of what information is offered to you, regardless of whether I or any other essence may express any information to any of you – and per se perhaps it may be entirely undistorted, which would be another absolute; which there is no entirely undistorted information, for it is all filtered through layers of consciousness and languages and energies and perceptions – and this is the key, that regardless of what information you draw to yourselves – for this is the action that you are engaging; it is not that I am offering information to you – it is that you are drawing this information to yourselves. You each individually engage a choice to interact with myself, and that is an element of your method or your process of offering yourself information. I am merely an avenue of that.

Now; in that offering of information, you each incorporate that information through your own perceptions. Therefore, what is true and what is not true? I am aware that many individuals within this time framework, in association with this wave addressing to truths, are incorporating confusion and difficulty – perhaps not quite conflict with many individuals, although that is being expressed also presently and even trauma. But for many individuals there is an expression of frustration that is occurring, for their truths may conflict with other individuals’ truths, and therefore the right and wrong, the true and untrue, the distorted and undistorted are being much more emphasized, and the questioning of what is right or who is right and what is wrong or who is wrong becomes also much more emphasized.

In this time framework, there is much comparison that is being expressed, and I have expressed to all of you many times, comparison is dangerous for it is an automatic discounting of yourselves and of other individuals. There is no absolute right; there is no absolute wrong. There are many different perceptions of individuals’ preferences and their opinions.

And I may express to you and allow me to emphasize, duplicity is a belief system. It is an element of the design of your reality. It is a belief system. It is not being eliminated in any manner, as none of the belief systems are being eliminated. This is the reason that I have expressed to you all from the onset of this forum that regardless that you are moving in this shift in consciousness and regardless that you are moving into acceptance, you shall continue to incorporate your opinions and your preferences; but you may hold your opinions and your preferences knowing that they are not wrong but also moving into a knowing that they are not absolutely right, either. They are your opinions and your preferences, and in your terms, they are right with you but that does not invalidate the rightness of another individual’s expressions – or not even another individual’s expression but the possibility of an expression.

Individuals generally speaking incorporate their own perception of right behavior. One expression of right behavior is honesty. Each of you incorporates your own definition of honesty and how it should be expressed.

Now; as a truth, you set this into an absolute within your perception, your definition of honesty, and that is the only definition of honesty. Therefore it is not what you merely shall express, although you automatically hold to your own definition of honesty, but more importantly it is your expectation of how other individuals should be behaving and expressing in association with your definition of honesty. In this, you set into motion this cycle of judgment.

Now; you may incorporate your definition of honesty and (Polly, Mary’s little dog, suddenly jumps up and begins growling and racing back and forth across the front of the room between Elias and the participants, which generates some muted comments and amusement from the group) you may incorporate your opinion concerning behavior, concerning right behavior, concerning what is acceptable behavior, and you may express that yourself. (Polly continues to race back and forth, growling) What generates conflict is that you set that for guidelines for other individuals or other expressions of consciousness. (Chuckles, and group laughter) Once again, there are no accidents! Ha ha ha! An example of unacceptable, not right behavior in a particular setting or scenario! (Laughter)

CATHY: Oh, you got that right!

ELIAS: (Humorously) We have once again provided not merely entertainment but an example of what we are speaking of: right behavior and what is expected in that, and how you automatically respond and the automatic judgment that is expressed. Even if you are not translating in thought that you are generating a judgment, if you are experiencing a feeling, a twinge, within you at the display of not right behavior, I may assure you that you are expressing a judgment. You merely have not identified it.

CATHY: I didn’t identify that?!

ELIAS: Yes, you did, Shynla [Cathy]. But how many other individuals presently did not necessarily incorporate a thought of judgment or of identifying uncomfortableness but did experience some twinge? Regardless of whether your twinge was humorous or whether it was uncomfortable, it matters not; for if you experienced a twinge at all, it was a signal.

STELLA: Even if it was amusement?


STELLA: Is that a twinge?


DON: Amusement’s a judgment?

ELIAS: In itself, no. But in reaction to certain behaviors and to certain actions or scenarios, it may be, for many times individuals express in an automatic manner that they assess is more acceptable.

STELLA: So is that what I’m doing?

ELIAS: You already have generated associations in conjunction with this information of what is right and wrong for you to be expressing yourselves. You already express within yourselves your own guidelines that set a tone for what you define as accepting or not accepting. I may express to you that many of you have not quite understood fully what acceptance is; but you generate a concept of acceptance, and you express that within yourself you must be responding in a certain manner or you are not being accepting.

Therefore, you may not necessarily be accepting and you may not necessarily be comfortable with a particular situation or behavior, and in conjunction with how you are interpreting and how you are perceiving this concept of acceptance, you may turn your response automatically from an uncomfortable twinge to a humorous twinge or an amusing twinge, for that is more acceptable. But the reaction occurred.

If the behavior was actually accepted, even incorporating your own opinion and your own preference, if your own truths were addressed to genuinely, the twinge would not occur. It would matter not, for you would understand that your truths are yours and they are applicable to you, and that it matters not that they may not be expressed in others, regardless of what the others are. (Chuckles)

I may assess that it is quite amusing in your physical time framework that each year in this particular forum we seem to incorporate some form of entertainment that is associated with the topic at hand! Ha ha ha ha! Which is not necessarily associated with myself! (18)

KEITH: Elias, can you make the distinction between judgment and a belief system? I’m kind of picking up that judgments are bad, whereas you can’t get away from belief systems but judgments... You’re saying if we’re aware of a belief system then we wouldn’t be judging?

ELIAS: Not necessarily! You may be quite aware of beliefs that you express, beliefs that other individuals express. You may incorporate the ability objectively to be identifying many different beliefs and what belief systems they are associated with, and understand conceptually what is being expressed and that they are beliefs; but beliefs are quite real.

In this, what I am expressing to you is not an eradication of judgment entirely, for that would be an elimination of the belief system of duplicity. The belief system of duplicity intertwines itself with every other belief, and it is an assessment of good and bad, of right and wrong.

Now; what you are moving into in acceptance is not that you shall discontinue to incorporate your individual opinions concerning right and wrong or good and bad, but that they are relative to you and the recognition that they are not absolutes, and this is the key. For what you generate in the judgment that I am speaking of is an expression of absolutes in accordance with these rights and wrongs and goods and bads, that it is not merely applicable to you but that it is an absolute that is expected of what you term to be everyone and everything, that your reality moves in a particular manner and that it must move in a particular manner, that the manifestations in it, the movements in it are absolute and unchangeable, and that it is expressed throughout your universe in a particular manner that is what it is which is outside of you – that there is some reality outside of your reality, an official reality that is not your individual reality but a bigger reality, that is the guiding reality and that is the absolute reality. That is what you are striving to attain, this absolute real reality in which the truth resides, and there is no other reality.

There is the reality that each of you generates, and that is the official reality. That IS the real reality, and no other power is setting its rules or guiding it greater than you. There is no outside manipulation.

Therefore in the appreciation and the value of every individual – for every individual is an expression of essence, of consciousness; every individual is equally as valuable as every other individual; none are more valuable and none are less valuable – and in that, if every individual is unique and valuable and an expression of consciousness, and if every expression of consciousness in that value is worth in equal measure, how may you determine what is absolutely right and what is absolutely wrong, or what is absolutely good and what is absolutely bad?

Not one individual within this forum presently this day incorporates all of their focuses as what you now in this present moment would consider to be moral, good, ethical individuals. Regardless of how right you view yourselves to be now, you all incorporate some scoundrel within your focuses. And why? For you choose to be engaging this physical reality to explore and to experience, and if your purpose is to experience, why shall you not choose a tremendous variety of experiences?

Let me express to each of you – for I remember and am quite pleased with the remembrance! – I may express to each of you that those scoundrels, those knaves, those individuals that you view to be dark and evil are quite colorful, and they perceive themselves to be quite right also and would view you to be quite wrong; for this is what motivates all of you, your rightness in whatever you do. And the scurvy knaves believe themselves to be quite right also and within their rights to be generating whatever choices and actions that they incorporate. They do not view themselves to be scoundrels; they do not view themselves to be wrong. They view all other individuals to be wrong, as many of you do now. ‘It is not I that am wrong – it is the rest of the world!’

The rest of the world is not wrong, either. You merely incorporate differences in your perceptions, and this motivates you in different actions. The significance is to recognize that your rightness in whatever you generate is associated with your truths, and your truths are not wrong but they are YOUR truths, and they are not absolute to your world.

Individuals recently have incorporated discussion with myself concerning the reality of the roundness of your earth or the flatness of your earth and whether your earth actually incorporated this flatness within the time framework in which it was believed to be flat. And I may express to you, in the reality of the mass expression, your world was flat for that is what was generated.

What is real is what you perceive. If you perceive yourself to be sitting within a chair, that is where you are and that is what you are doing and that is real. I may express to you that you are sitting within the air, but your reality is that you are sitting within a chair and it is quite real and it is quite solid and it is supporting you.

And I may express once again, there are tricky areas in this wave in truth, for it is not even necessary for you to believe some expression to incorporate a belief and to express it. You may believe one expression, but what is it that you believe? What you believe is a translation of what you think, and what is it that you think?

Your thinking is an interpretation. Therefore, you may think, which may be at times an expression of what you say you believe, but that may be quite different from what you actually incorporate as a belief that is actually expressed, and this generates tremendous confusion also. For what you view is that you believe one expression – what you think – and you do another. This is the reason that this wave is so very powerful.

It is also significant that we speak of distortions, for regardless of what I express to you, every individual within this room incorporates their own unique perception; therefore, every individual within this room is incorporating their own action of distortion of what I am expressing. Regardless that you incorporate your tape recording, regardless that you incorporate the action of your transcriptions and that you are meticulous in recording each word in what you assess to be perfectness, it matters not. For every individual shall hear differently, for every individual incorporates their own unique perception. Therefore, through that filter you shall each incorporate the information somewhat differently. Now which of you is right? (Paul H raises his hand.) Ah, are you? (Laughter)

PAUL H: (Laughing) I was just being a shill! (Laughter)

LETTY: Elias, I have a question. When you say – oh sorry, Letty/Castille – when you say that we think we understand a belief system and we do something else, like when we’ve talked in the past about things that happened to me or illnesses or whatever, you have mentioned that I aligned with a mass belief and it’s usually a belief that I didn’t know I had. So is that what you mean? Is that what you explained about the thinking process versus the doing, that we think we have one belief system but in action we are doing another belief?

ELIAS: At times, yes. You think as a mechanism of translation.

Now; as I have explained previously, you are translating in association with how you are directing your attention.

Now; many times your thinking is a translation of your ideals: your ideals of yourself, your ideals in association with your beliefs – which they may not necessarily be identifying beliefs, but it is associated with your beliefs – the elements of yourself or your world that are comfortable for you, that you prefer, that you appreciate. You automatically gravitate in thought translations to these ideals. You automatically gravitate to what you assess as good or better or comfortable or pleasurable, and the reason that you generate that automatic action is that you automatically generate an assessment in conjunction with your beliefs moving into the expression of utopia, that the right is good, that the comfortable, that the joyful, is associated with value.

In a physical example, if you hold in one hand a diamond or a ruby and you hold within another hand a mere pebble, which do you assess that you value? If you are inquired of, which of these stones incorporates value? You automatically move to what you term to be the precious stone, the valuable, the shiny, the bright, the reflective. You do not move to the rock for this is common, for there are many, many, many stones that you may discover in any location; they are very common. Therefore, what is less common is more valued. This is an interesting point. The reason that you value the joyfulness is for it is less common.

If you genuinely evaluate your focuses, your hours and days and minutes and months and years, how much of your actual time is experienced in actual joy and excitement, and how much of your actual time is experienced in neutrality or confusion or conflict or uncomfortableness or drama in an association with bad – for many, many, many individuals associate any expression of drama as bad. You generate much more of those expressions, and therefore you create an assessment that what is less commonly expressed is more valuable.

This is again not true, for if you did not value these other expressions of uncomfortableness or of conflict or of frustration, you would not generate them. Many times they are quite motivating. Many times excitement is not necessarily motivating. For uncomfortableness presents a challenge; it is a puzzle and puzzles are a fascination, for you are fascinated with discovering solutions, problems and solutions, and problems and solutions are also good.

PAT: Elias, I have a question – this is Pat B – with a truth, when one is born, when you are a fresh baby and you’re born, are you born with your truths right there? For instance, obviously if you’re hungry or you’re wet or you’re crying, you already have your feeling of what’s good: good to be fed, bad to be starving. If when you’re born, you choose your parents and they agree to that, do you already have your truth out there before you ever actually emerge into this world, or is the truth coming to you from cultural mass beliefs, all those other areas?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you develop your truths.

PAT: So when you’re born, fresh, you don’t have a truth?

ELIAS: Yes, you do. You do immediately begin to incorporate truths, absolutes, as you have expressed.

PAT: There’s no way out of it! (Laughter)

ELIAS: It is not a question of a way out, my friend. It is a question of recognizing what is and what you have chosen. You are in this reality for you chose to be in this reality. You chose this as an exploration. You chose to be experiencing in a physical manifestation in conjunction with the blueprint of this particular physical reality. There are many, many, many physical realities, and you participate in many of them. This is merely one, and in this one you choose to be participating in conjunction with its blueprint.

PAT: So are you saying that when you’re born you have a little bit of truths, but as you grow you take on more truths?

ELIAS: You develop different truths, and truths change. (19) They are influenced by your preferences, and your preferences are preferred beliefs. In this, as you associate stronger and stronger with particular beliefs and begin to express them in absolutes, they become your truths.

But in response to your statement of ‘there is no way out,’ in a manner of speaking there is. For although you continue to express your truths and you continue to express your beliefs for you continue to be manifest within this reality, you also incorporate the ability and the energy of this shift in consciousness to assist you in a manner of speaking, for collective energy does generate more of an ease in change. You incorporate the ability to widen your awareness to a capacity in which you understand your own truths and you understand that they are not absolutes.

PAT: Does essence have its truth, or only as focuses do we have truths?

ELIAS: Essence is consciousness, and there are some expressions of consciousness that would be considered truths; but those are truths that are not associated with beliefs. A truth that is not associated with beliefs may be translatable in some manner in every area of consciousness, regardless of whether it is physical or non-physical, but they are not associated with what you term to be concepts or ideas.

JON: So let’s say I believe that my thoughts create my reality and Erin doesn’t believe that, she believes she creates her reality by directing her attention and that type of thing. Would you say that either of us is more correct than the other? (Pause)

ELIAS: In your identification, yes; in your action, no. In your accuracy of how you assess how you are creating, your assessment is less accurate; in what you do – for thought does not create your reality – therefore in what you do, automatically, regardless of what you think, you are generating the same action as the other individual. How you view what you are doing, how you understand objectively what you are doing, is less accurate.

PAUL H: Does that also apply to the flat earth versus the spherical earth assessment, so those individuals who think they live on a flat planet do and those individuals who think they live on a spherical planet do? But you said a yes/no to Jon’s question, so would that apply...

ELIAS: Not necessarily. There is a distinction, for this is an assessment of how you are creating your reality, an objective understanding of how you are creating your reality and a questioning of how you are creating your reality. This is not an assessment of how the reality is being created; it is merely being generated and not questioned. Therefore, as I have expressed with you (looking at Jon), yes and no, for you are generating your reality in similar manner, but your assessment of it, your understanding of it, is less accurate.

The actions are the same in your scenario (looking at Paul H). The individuals that are creating the flatness of your planet are generating that reality of the flatness of it. The individuals that are generating the spherical aspect of your planet are creating that.

(Turning back to Jon) You are both creating your reality similarly, but your understanding of how you are creating it may be more or less accurate in how it is actually being created.

(To Paul H) Their realities are being created similarly, and their ideas or their understanding of how they are creating it is also similar.

STEVE: Elias, may I follow up on this question? You’re using the words ‘less accurate’ now. When we started this conversation, I said that Seth says we can successfully create what we want by our thoughts, by just expressing over and over again we want this or that. You have said to us many times that that won’t work, that’s not how it’s done.

Your whole theme here now is there are no absolute truths. Therefore would you say that Seth’s methods may indeed work with a certain individual and that your method may not, and vice versa?


STEVE: So when you say that he’s less accurate in how it actually works, that’s your opinion, that’s your preference, and that is not necessarily going to be some other essence’s opinion or preference.

ELIAS: It is not an opinion and it is not a preference, for I do not incorporate your beliefs and those are associated with beliefs. It is an assessment.

In this, in recognizing that an individual may successfully incorporate an action of suggestibility with themselves – which you all incorporate an element of yourselves of suggestibility – and in the incorporation of that suggestibility, you may engage an action of engaging your own suggestibility, concentrating your attention upon thought. What you may actually be doing is moving your attention to different beliefs, which allows you to generate what you assess as thinking and thusly creating from thought. This shall be your reality. Your understanding objectively of what you are actually doing may be less accurate, but that is not to say that it will not occur.

STEVE: Are you therefore saying that it is an absolute truth that thoughts do not create reality?

ELIAS: It is not an absolute truth, no. But...

STEVE: So in fact they might?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, but not in the manner that you are associating with.

Thought is not a thing. Thought is a mechanism. It is an objective mechanism that is incorporated within your physical reality to translate to you in an objective manner communications and choices or actions that you are incorporating in association with your beliefs.

STEVE: In what sense is that not an absolute truth? You seem to be describing it as an absolute truth. ‘That’s the way it works; that’s what the deal is.’

ELIAS: It is a mechanism. But depending on how you manipulate that mechanism and what beliefs you incorporate to work in conjunction with that mechanism, you may be generating evidence that your thoughts precede what you create. What I am expressing to you is...

STEVE: As an absolute truth?


STEVE: Why not?

ELIAS: There are no absolutes.

STEVE: Then there’s a possibility that you’re wrong; is that what you mean by there’s not an absolute truth to that?

ELIAS: It is not a question of right or wrong. This is the point of this discussion. There are no absolute rights or wrongs; it is what YOU create and what you perceive.

STEVE: So I could create a reality for me that my thoughts, not just as a misinterpretation but as in fact, that my thoughts are creating my reality?

ELIAS: You may.

DON: I think I sort of see his point. I wonder also how can you speak of the accuracy of an assessment as being greater or less than?

ELIAS: I am understanding.

What I am expressing to you is in conjunction with what you have chosen. I am not the designer of your reality; you are. In this, I am also not participating physically in manifestation within your reality; you are. You ARE incorporating your beliefs. You ARE incorporating the design. Regardless of whether you MAY change that reality and that you MAY incorporate a different reality and transform the mechanism of thought into a creating mechanism – which you may – it is not an absolute.

You can; will you? That is less likely. Do you presently? No.

STEVE: Nobody? Not even people that are telepathic like Uri Geller or somebody?


STEVE: He bends those spoons!

ELIAS: That is not an action that is incorporated through thought.

Regardless of whether you CAN incorporate an action – you CAN presently in this moment stand and walk and move physically through that wall; it is possible. Will you? In most likelihood, no, for your beliefs are strong and they influence what you create. Can you create through thought if you are reconfiguring the design of thought and its function? Yes.

Therefore, I may not express to you that this is an absolute and that I am expressing to you an absolute truth that you cannot generate reality through thought. But will you, in this time framework in this present manifestation in this now? No. Are you? No.

STEVE: Then how does Uri Gellar bend the spoon? He’s thinking about the spoon being bent. That’s how he would claim he’s doing it.

ELIAS: That is his assessment.

STEVE: Then how does he in fact do it?

ELIAS: In energy, in a concentration in mergence with the object and allowing the energy of himself and the energy of the object to move together and to bend.

STEVE: But the thoughts do instigate it, right?

ELIAS: The thought is a translation simultaneous to the action of what is occurring. That is your confusion.

STEVE: But if he didn’t think about it, the energy wouldn’t be released like that.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

STEVE: It only happens when he thinks about it; it doesn’t happen when he’s driving down the street!

ELIAS: That is his translation. He is generating the thought within the time framework simultaneously to the action.

Now; if you sit and you think, presently in this moment with a spoon before you, shall you bend it?



STEVE: Negative.

ELIAS: What is the difference? If thought is what is generating the bending of the spoon...

STEVE: Well, he might have a different set of wiring in his brain that allows that to be effective.

ELIAS: But if you are all equal in power and in value and in measure, any ability that any one of you incorporates, you all incorporate.

STEVE: But for the fact that we’re wired differently and maybe have a block on our telepathic ability therefore, or we have belief systems that do the same thing. He seems to have gotten rid of his, if he ever had them in the first place.

ELIAS: Ah, I may assure you that he has not ‘gotten rid of’ his beliefs. Were that to be the scenario, he would not be incorporating manifestation within this physical reality for he would not be choosing to participate, for that is the design of this reality.

What I may express to you in emphasis is that your manifestation within this reality is a choice. You chose to be manifest in this reality, and I am understanding that for many individuals this is a difficult concept to be accepting, that you chose to be manifest and you chose to participate in this particular reality to explore the elements of this particular reality in conjunction with the beliefs that are its blueprint. But you also are not confined to this reality; you are also not singularly choosing merely to be manifest within this reality. You are choosing also simultaneously many realities.

This is the significance of this wave: your individual truths and how you view them and the strength of them. They may be incorporated in power to be empowering of yourselves, or they may be incorporated in power to be limiting you and to be generating you as a victim of yourself with them, and that may be very powerful also. This is the point of recognizing them and identifying them and understanding them.

This expression of absolutes in distortion is another truth that you incorporate, that there are some absolutes and there are some not, that there are some expressions that are distorted and there are some that are absolutely not. This is NOT true.

DON: This is where my confusion came in, but I didn’t quite express it. If you can have a concept of something being less accurate and then another assessment being more accurate, that implies an assessment that is most accurate that would be an absolute...

ELIAS: No, it is not an absolute. I am speaking to you in conjunction with what you are expressing and in conjunction with your beliefs in this present time framework. It is pointless to be offering information to you that you cannot assess and that you cannot incorporate within your actual experience and your actual objective understanding.

You and I have incorporated discussion concerning the lack of absolutes in conjunction with the lack of separation, and the expression of individuals generating singularities in conjunction with focuses and the inaccuracy of that. In this, to be offering the information that each of you individually is drawing to yourself, as I began, I am an avenue of your own questioning, of your own process. You are drawing this information to yourselves. Were you not to be drawing this information to yourselves, I would not be speaking to you.

Each of you within your own individual process is inquiring of information that YOU want, and your method – or one of your methods – of offering yourselves that information is to incorporate a discussion with myself, individually or collectively. This also is a point that is significant for you to understand, for it is a very common occurrence with many, many, many of you that you become frustrated within yourselves and you discount yourselves: why have you not offered this information to yourself, why did you need to be incorporating a discussion or a conversation with myself to be offering yourself that information? That IS you offering yourself that information! For that is an avenue of one of your methods.

I shall not offer information that you are not drawing to yourself, that you are not seeking. I am merely another one of your avenues.

ERIN: I have a question. I find it really difficult to identify my truths and my beliefs. I’m wondering if it has to do with a block that I have, that maybe I don’t want to identify them for some reason, like I think they’re bad or I don’t want to deal with them or something. I guess my question is, why is it so difficult for me to identify my beliefs and truths?

ELIAS: I may express to you that especially within this time framework of this wave, it is difficult for many individuals, for you are all collectively cooperatively expressing the movement of this wave differently from other waves. You have incorporated an action which you are familiar with, of identifying intellectually. You identify through thought. You think, and that is your identification of your beliefs or your truths.

This wave is designed differently, and you all have designed it. The expression of your truths is not being presented through the translation of thought but through action. Therefore it is significant that you pay attention to what you are actually doing and engaging, which it is also not an accident that prior to the beginning of this wave I incorporated many discussions with all of you concerning paying attention to what you are actually doing, in preparation for this wave for this is how it is being expressed. If you are not paying attention to what you are actually doing, you shall also incorporate difficulty in identifying what your truths are. (20)

ERIN: I had an experience where I was talking to my sister on the phone about my brother. I realize now in talking to you that I was expressing my belief as an absolute during the conversation, but when I was having it, it was a truth and it felt like... During that moment I couldn’t identify it; I couldn’t identify it until looking backwards at it. So I’m generating experiences that seem almost somehow dangerous; I don’t know if that’s the right word...

ELIAS: But even in the incorporation of recognition subsequent to the event, you do offer yourself objective identification and understanding of the action that you have incorporated, which allows you more of an awareness in different situations and different actions in which you may be paying attention and trigger associations with the same truth.

It is significant to be aware of what you are doing, and how you are expressing in the moment, and how you are projecting energy, and what absolutes you are expressing. I am aware that this is challenging, for it is an unfamiliar action to be paying attention to how you are expressing an absolute, for it is an absolute and it is familiar and it is not questioned. If it is an absolute, it IS. And therefore, what else may be expressed?

ERIN: That’s what I remember; that’s what it felt like, that it had to be the way I was expressing it. I also remember in that moment feeling that I disliked my expression in that conversation.

ELIAS: Which offers you the opportunity to evaluate what you are expressing.

PAT: ... This is Pat B, for the record. I’m not the only who has this question, but I’m voicing it for a number of us. How long is this wave of truth going to be here and affect us? Because some of us are having a heck of a time, to put it lightly.

ELIAS: I cannot say (laughter), for this is your choice.

PAT: What are the probabilities that it’s going to be shorter than longer?

ELIAS: In this present moment?

PAT: Yes.

ELIAS: The probabilities are that it is on-going.

PAT: Well, shit! (Much group laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you that it may be dissipating, and you may notice it dissipating, in the time framework in which you have addressed to your truths and it is not a challenge any longer.

PAT: So we take responsibility for our own...? Okay.

DON: Does that mean it has an individual time course, like if we’re having an easy time of it it may already be waning?


PAT: And if some of our truths were stronger than others, we’d have a longer period of time being confronted?

ELIAS: Not necessarily; it is your direction, it is your choice. You may be addressing to truths that are stronger than other truths and incorporate a relatively short time in addressing to them or a longer time. It is dependent upon how you are paying attention and whether you are recognizing them or not, and once recognizing them whether you are allowing yourself to accept them as your truths and evaluate that and move into a genuine expression of acceptance and understanding.

PAT: So when you use the term ‘the wave of truth,’ it’s not like one wave that’s out there for everybody. It could be a little bit for one person and a big bit for another person.

ELIAS: Correct. It is a general wave in energy.

Now; in that general wave in energy, ALL of the individuals are participating in some capacity. Some individuals may be evaluating and addressing to their truths in what you term to be a short time framework and continue to participate in energy in the wave in an offering of energy to other individuals in cooperation with them, in a supportiveness to the individuals that may be incorporating more time framework.

STEVE: Elias, I’ve been trying to adopt a mind-set of chronic acceptance of everything that comes down the pike: other individuals, conditions in my life, what I think are my beliefs. But you say we all create perfectly and for our best value fulfillment, and then I think to myself, does Elias mean I create perfectly including the influence of my belief systems or not including them? Because you don’t speak that well of our belief systems, and if we’re creating perfectly with them, that seems to contradict how you feel about our belief systems.

You’re going to say, ‘I don’t feel negatively about it; I don’t pass judgment on them, but they are less efficient than other methods of creation.’ So if it’s perfect, how can it be less efficient? Or are you not speaking of creating perfectly including our belief systems being part of the influence?

ELIAS: Including, with your beliefs being an aspect of influencing.

What do you define as a more efficient method of creating within your reality, considering that your belief systems are an aspect of the blueprint of this particular physical reality?

STEVE: They’re your words, when you speak of ‘try to accept your belief systems, but at the same time if you wish to alter them because they are not serving you as efficiently as you’d like...’ You speak of that, that if they’re not serving you efficiently then you can change them. Would you agree as you sit here that our belief systems are holding us back from the shift? I’d like to get into the shift...

ELIAS: (Patiently) No, your belief systems...

STEVE: ...and my belief systems are holding me back; therefore I don’t think that well of my belief systems. I get a negative feeling about them when I think they’re holding me back from the thrill of the shift. So how can that be said to be perfectly created?

ELIAS: They are not, in your terms, holding you back from participating within this shift, and you are not eliminating them. They are not negative, but some influences of some beliefs may be limiting or may be hindering; but those are also choices.

They are moving perfectly in conjunction with what you are creating in the moment in conjunction with your intent in the moment; but in conjunction with your awareness and widening your awareness, they may be somewhat hindering in some of their influences – not the belief itself, but the influences that occur in relation to the belief.

There are many influences associated with every belief. There are many beliefs associated with every belief system, and in this some influences are what you may term to be good, for they are expressed in conjunction with your preferences, and some you may consider to not be good, for they are not in conjunction with your preferences.

Now; if your direction in the movement of this shift and in widening your awareness is to be objectively directing yourself in what you want, in creating what you want, it is significant to recognize what the influences of your beliefs are, for some influences may be expressed in influencing your perception and your choices to be generated in opposition to what you want. But what is significant first of all is to be aware and to be clear as to what you want.

STEVE: Elias, since you’ve now said they are a hindrance to us achieving certain things that we may want or they are a hindrance to us passing into this shift in consciousness, how am I ever going to get myself to the point where I can accept these belief systems, meaning passing no judgment on something that is a hindrance?

ELIAS: For once you are recognizing that one belief incorporates many different influences, you may also recognize that you possess the quality of choice and you may objectively, knowingly, choose.

You are objectively choosing, but this is not to say that you are objectively aware of what you are choosing in any particular moment for you may not be paying attention to what you are actually doing, and therefore you are not necessarily aware of what you are choosing.

Every action that you incorporate is a choice, but you may not perceive it as a choice. You may perceive it as merely an occurrence or you may perceive an action that you incorporate as being dictated by some outside influence and that it is not being generated by yourself. You may also not recognize how all of your actions are interrelated and interconnected, for it is the projection of the type of energy that you are expressing outwardly that generates the different choices that you create and that you implement.

Many, many, many choices may be generated in a relatively short time framework and they may appear surfacely to you to be quite unrelated and that they do not generate any association with each other; but in actuality, it is the type of energy that you project outwardly through your perception that generates a general expression of energy which is affecting of every direction that you engage within your day.

Now; if you are allowing a belief that is expressed that concerns not being in control of your reality or not creating all of your reality and co-creating your reality, you shall be projecting a type of energy that allows for your choice of many actions that appear to you to not be your choice. If you are generating and allowing yourself through automatic responses and not genuinely paying attention to what you are expressing, if you are allowing yourself to be expressing a belief that there is some other outside influence or even inside influence that is directing you without your permission, you shall be generating a perception that moves with that belief and projects an energy that shall validate that belief and shall generate that reality.

Beliefs are real, and they influence what you create, and they influence your perception. Your perception creates your actual reality. It creates you, your physical manifestation; it creates your building; it creates your chair; it creates the other individuals in the room. It creates every aspect of your reality that you experience, and it is influenced by your expressed beliefs.

You incorporate all beliefs within all of the belief systems. You choose to express some, not all.

Now; in your terms of ‘changing a belief,’ you are not actually changing a belief. You are not transfiguring it into another belief or a different belief. You are not eliminating one and creating a new one. What you are doing is redirecting your energy through your awareness and allowing your attention to move to the expression of DIFFERENT beliefs. They are all already incorporated...

STEVE: Through acceptance of the belief system, right?

ELIAS: Yes. In acceptance of the belief, you recognize that you continue to hold that belief. It has not been eliminated.

STEVE: And am I recognizing that it is a hindrance?

ELIAS: You recognize that there are influences of that belief in some directions that may be what you view as a hindrance, but you also recognize...

STEVE: I don’t accept hindrances!

ELIAS: (Patiently and slower) You also recognize that there are some influences that you prefer. Therefore, in association with that recognition, you choose what influences you shall express and that you shall allow.

STEVE: So give us a sentence to use...

WILL: Excuse me, Steve; I have an example related to what you’re talking about. I’m trying to understand what both of you are talking about and just to see if I understand this. My name is Will.

I have three teenagers at home. Earlier you were talking about the twinge, when the dog was running around. (21) When I come home I experience twinges as I see clothes draped around the couch, and I see food out. I have all these twinges and frustration about why this house isn’t more clean. What I began to reflect on a few weeks ago is that I have this belief that a clean house is a better house, and if my house was clean my life would be better. So that became conscious for me, which it wasn’t before. That was step one.

The second step was I began to have this idea that the house was perfect the way it was. That just came to me; I’d never thought that before. So I came to the house, it was the same way, and all of a sudden it seemed that sock is supposed to be there, that glass is supposed to be there, and the twinges went away for me.

Now from what both of you are saying, what I’m hearing is that’s an experience for me of this isn’t right or wrong, but of acceptance.

ELIAS: Yes. For this is what I have expressed to many individuals, that many times you may be generating an acceptance and you shall experience that, but it is not necessarily an action that necessitates an analyzation through thought. You merely do, and it automatically occurs. This is an interesting and a valuable example that you have offered, for it is a simple example of an action that did not necessarily incorporate tremendous thought but did incorporate a recognition of a truth.

Now; the recognition of the truth may not have necessarily been generated entirely clearly in thought. You may not have expressed in thought to yourself, ‘Ah, I have recognized a truth, that regardless of your status or your position or your wealth or your poverty within your society, the measure of your worth in your expression of acceptability is in cleanliness.’ You did not even generate that much of an identification, but you did offer yourself somewhat of an identification, a translation in thought, that a clean house is a good house. This also is a religious belief.

Now; in this, you have not evaluated or analyzed in conjunction with thought all of these elements of this belief, nor have you identified it as a truth per se, but you identified it clearly enough and recognized the strength of it enough that you have identified this as one of your truths.

Now; in recognizing that, without analyzation, without incorporating all of these steps in thought that many of you incorporate, for it is familiar to you for this is the manner in which you have addressed to other waves, you merely allowed yourself to recognize your responses, your action, and what you were generating within yourself, your automatic response. That was an identification of automatic responses.

In that recognition of the automatic response, you allowed yourself to relax and move your attention in a different manner, not to hold to the original perception as an absolute with no other choice, but recognizing you prefer the house to be clean, but it is not and that is not necessarily bad. It is an identification of your preference and your opinion, but not an absolute. Therefore, you allowed yourself to perceive the house differently, moving your attention.

This is not an elimination of the belief; you continue to incorporate the preference that the clean house is better, which is not wrong and is not bad and need not be eliminated. It is your preference, but you recognize that it is not an absolute and that other individuals may not express the same preference or the same attention in that manner, and that other individuals may express that whether the house is clean or not matters not, and their preference may be not to pay attention to whether the house is messy. But as you accept that this is your preference and you recognize that it is not an absolute, the perception changes.

Now; the belief, as I have stated, remains. It is not eliminated. It continues to be expressed but it is NEUTRALIZED, for the judgment concerning differences no longer remains.

Now; this is generated in the moment. You may return to your home another day and you may express that same twinge, for acceptance is not an action that is generated once and forever; for that negates choice and it also negates change. Therefore as choice and change are innate qualities of consciousness, which is what you are, that is your free will, and in that you present yourself with the opportunity to be accepting of any belief in any moment.

At times you may be accepting of a belief and the experience within your perception may be powerful enough that you easily generate that acceptance repeatedly, and it does not become a challenge any longer. It becomes familiar to repeatedly be generating that acceptance.

At times it may be more challenging. You may be accepting of a belief in some scenarios, and in other scenarios that same belief may be expressed and you may experience more challenge in generating that acceptance. That also is a matter of energy and whether the energy that you are expressing is familiar with energy that other individuals are expressing, and whether you are genuinely allowing yourselves the ease in the acceptance of differences, which is a tremendous challenge in this wave, for you are presenting yourselves with many examples of differences and this is what generates absolutes. You recognize or you notice YOUR preferences, and this is what you expect in the expressions and behaviors of other individuals.

Now; in this also, a recognition of your own energy expression is quite significant. For if you are not recognizing that you are generating these expressions, that you are generating the twinge, that it is your truth that is creating this scenario, that it is your perception that is generating these feelings, these communications, these responses, you do not allow yourself choice and you express a type of energy that does not incorporate responsibility for your own choices.

Responsibility is not a bad term. It is a very liberating action. For if you are responsible, you are directing and you cannot be a victim.

STEVE: Elias, if I could ask one last question on that theme I was asking you about? Could you finish this sentence so I could maybe understand what kind of mind-set I’m supposed to attack this with, if you’ll pardon my expression. ‘Although my beliefs are a hindrance to me entering the shift in consciousness in the immediate future, I accept them anyway because...’ If you could finish that sentence for me, how you would want our mind-sets to be. (Pause)

ELIAS: ‘Because I offer myself choice.’

Now; I have completed your sentence and I shall clarify the beginning of your sentence: you already ARE participating in this shift in consciousness.

STEVE: Okay, but I want to complete it; I want to get to the end. That’s the goal!

ELIAS: There is no end to the shift in consciousness.

STEVE: ‘Because I have choices,’ is your answer. I wonder if any of us could get into a true acceptance of things that are causing us hindrances by a mind-set of ‘okay, I may have hindrances but I have choices.’ I’m trying to understand what that means, exactly. I’m trying to wrap myself around what that means exactly. I have choices, therefore I make no judgment about the hindrance because I have choices not to be hindered by it, is that the idea?

ELIAS: Offer an example of a belief that you identify.

STEVE: I’ll tell you what. It would be helpful to us if you would tell us what is the reason, what is the payoff, for us to be in this area of consciousness which does not include the shift. What is the payoff for us in being stuck in a non-psychic, non-clairvoyant, non-telepathic, non-aware world?

ELIAS: (Quietly) But you are not.

STEVE: That’s the belief that’s hindering us.

ELIAS: You ARE participating in this shift in consciousness.

STEVE: Well, before that happened, before 1900. What was hanging us up? What’s hanging us up now from getting as far as we can with the shift?

ELIAS: It is not...

STEVE: We’re still being hindered by whatever the beliefs are. Why did we create these beliefs in the first place? What was the payoff for us to have created these beliefs that keep us in this narrow focus?

ELIAS: (Gently) To experience, to explore.

STEVE: So that’s my example, that’s my belief. My belief apparently is I want to be exploring a narrow limited world.

ELIAS: Is it?

STEVE: Well, you said it was.

ELIAS: I did not.

STEVE: That’s why we created it, you said.

ELIAS: To explore, not in limitation.

STEVE: That’s what it is, you think. You think that.

ELIAS: I do not. (Scattered laughter)

STEVE: You find it limited. You use the word all the time, ‘limited.’

ELIAS: I am reflecting you.

STEVE: You only use that word because we think it’s limited?

ELIAS: You do. And this is your collective choice, to be moving into this shift and offering yourself information concerning WHAT you are actually doing. Therefore I am responding and expressing to you an identification of what you are actually doing. You are not asking me how to do it; you are doing it. You are choosing what you are choosing. You are asking me what you are doing.

YOU generate the judgments concerning what you are doing. YOU express the evaluation concerning what you are doing, whether it is good or bad or acceptable or unacceptable. I do not express to any of you any valuation if whether what you are doing is good or bad or better or worse. It matters not; it is what you are doing.

STEVE: I’ll leave you out of it, and I’ll just say that that’s the belief system I’d like to get rid of. That’s the reason you’re saying we created this, to explore – and I won’t use a charged word like ‘limited’ any more – to explore an awareness that apparently is not the widest that we can achieve. That’s what’s hindering me, that mood, that’s...

ELIAS: That you are not participating in this shift?

STEVE: I suppose everybody you say is to some degree, but we haven’t gotten very far so far, right?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual and how each individual widens their awareness and their willingness to be incorporating an openness to unfamiliar.

Now; what is familiar to you? All that you have expressed. You express to me that your identification of this shift in consciousness is to become more telepathic, more psychic.

STEVE: That’d be good! (Laughter)

ELIAS: That is what your identification of what this shift in consciousness is, and that you are not participating in this shift in consciousness for you don’t offer yourself evidence of those expressions.

STEVE: I think that that part of me is being blocked by my beliefs.

ELIAS: And what influences that association that you are being blocked?

STEVE: It’s obvious I can’t do it; at least I don’t know of any method of doing it, and I would like to do it.

ELIAS: But what is your belief?

STEVE: A wider awareness would create that ability more easily; it would facilitate it.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

STEVE: To be clairvoyant equals a wider awareness – it’s the same words, really.

ELIAS: Ah, are they? Individuals have incorporated clairvoyance, as you term it, for centuries and have not incorporated the wideness of awareness associated with this shift in consciousness.

(Calling on Elena, who has been waving her hand) Yes?

ELENA: Earlier did you say that there are truths unconnected to belief systems?


ELENA: Can you tell us about that?

ELIAS: These are truths that are qualities of consciousness. They are not expressions of beliefs and they are translatable within every area of consciousness in some manner. They are not associated with concept. They are associated with action.

ELENA: Like what kind of action?

ELIAS: Choice.

ELENA: Are there any others?

ELIAS: There are many different expressions of truths. I have offered some listing of truths previously...

ELENA: Color?

ELIAS: Yes. Tone, consciousness, reality. There are many, but they are actions. They are not concepts, for consciousness is an action. It is not a thing. Therefore the truths are not things.

Truths that we are speaking of in this conversation are YOUR truths in association with your beliefs. They are beliefs that you have generated into absolutes, and therefore they become your truths. But your truths are not true.

PAT: Are our truths equal to our judgments? Because if we don’t make a judgment on something, how do we decide what a truth is? Are you saying that our truth is also our judgments?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

PAT: Can you explain that? Because my truth comes ‘I believe this is correct,’ and that would come from my judgment that something’s not correct or something is correct or good or bad or blah, blah, blah.


PAT: Could truth equal judgment?

ELIAS: In association with your individual preferences, yes. It is an evaluation of what you prefer and what you do not prefer.

PAT: And what I prefer is according to my truths.

ELIAS: Yes, but your truths also are associated with what you do not prefer. Murder is wrong – absolute. That is not what you prefer; it is what you do not prefer.

PAT: But that’s also my judgment that it is wrong, therefore...


PAT: So would every truth that anyone would ever have be based on their judgment?


NANCY: Elias, how does that relate to feeling tones, when you identify or assess knowledge through a feeling tone? How does that fit in with what you’re talking about?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

NANCY: In an identification of information that you would hold as a truth of your own.

ELIAS: Quite similarly. You may offer yourself information through this method and in conjunction with your beliefs and what you are presenting to yourself and your preferences. That also may be generated into a truth in creating an absolute.

NANCY: So the apprehension of a feeling tone...

ELIAS: They are not absolutes, either. But you draw that to yourself or you generate that to offer yourself information. That is not to say that the information that you offer to yourself is absolute, although it may be in conjunction with your preferences, and it may be an offering to you to generate a greater understanding of certain movements that you create.

NANCY: Because that is how I would assess the truth. The value of the truth for me comes through what I used to call my truth meter. By using that feeling tone I’m recognizing ‘this is what’s bothering me.’

ELIAS: But this is what I have expressed from the onset of this forum. The point is generating your own remembrance, which is not memory. It is an intimacy with yourself, a knowing of yourself. You offer yourself information in many different manners; I am merely one. You offer yourselves information to generate that remembrance, that knowing of yourself, and you know for it rings true to you. That is not to say that it is an absolute, for differences may ring true to other individuals. But what you shall evaluate in your gauge of what measures with your preferences and your movement and your exploration is whether is rings true to you.

NANCY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

ERIN: My question is, I’ve been paying attention to the energy that I’m projecting, and I know this is probably going to get real personal about what my beliefs are, but sometimes I’m projecting a certain energy and I feel like I can’t change it. Whatever energy I’m projecting is where I am at that moment. Whether it’s a feeling or a feeling of energy, I don’t actually feel like I could change it. What is my personal belief that makes me feel like I don’t have a choice over the energy I’m projecting or even an emotion, either way, that I’m experiencing in the moment?

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you in identification, many individuals generate quite similarly in different capacities, for it is quite commonly expressed the belief that the subjective aspect of yourself is more powerful and more directing than the objective aspect of yourself. The objective aspect of yourself you view to be less controlling, less directing, less powerful, and subject to the subjective.

Therefore any element that you assess as a subjective action – a communication, a projection of energy – you do not necessarily associate those with objective. For you continue to separate the objective and the subjective as two entities, and not necessarily as entities that move in harmony with each other but entities that follow each other, and that the subjective is the more powerful, the directing awareness, and that the objective follows the subjective. Therefore, being the weaker of the two, it does not always incorporate the ability to change or to choose an action that is being expressed in the moment. This once again is not true, but it is a strong influence of a belief.

DON: Is that a belief more commonly expressed by intermediates? (22)

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no. This is not necessarily associated with an orientation. This is an expression, a belief, that is expressed by many, many, many individuals, and it is also associated with the religious belief system, for there are many beliefs that reinforce this expression of not directing yourselves, that there are aspects of yourselves that you do not control and that are directing of you without your will. You merely exchanged names.

You incorporated the identity of ‘god’ previously, and you moved from the identification of god to ‘a higher power,’ and you moved from the identification of a higher power to an ‘essence,’ and you moved from the identification of an essence to ‘subjective awareness.’ But in actuality they are all the same, they merely incorporate different names, and subjective awareness continues to be associated as the god.

PAM: What about the choosing aspect, because to me it kind of relates to what you were talking about in a recent transcript. It was so fascinating to me. As I understood what you said, it was separate from our influencing beliefs, this choosing aspect. I think it’s this choosing aspect that does the creation, but I don’t feel this choosing aspect. I don’t grasp it, I don’t understand it, I don’t have an objective view of this part of me because to me, I choose based on a belief. Either something happened that I didn’t want and here’s my limitation belief, or I choose a preference which is based on a belief, so my choices are based on beliefs...

ELIAS: Yes, they are.

PAM: ...but the transcript says that this choosing aspect is really quite separate, can be totally separate from this belief.

ELIAS: This is a misunderstanding. This is associated with attention.

PAM: And what is attention but thought?

ELIAS: It is not thought.

PAM: That’s something else I need help with! I keep thinking how else do we concentrate but thinking on something. So how else do we concentrate?

ELIAS: You may concentrate in many different manners, and attention is not thought. It may be directed to thought, but it is not thought in itself.

PAM: And it’s also not emotion, correct?

ELIAS: No, that is a communication.

Now; the information that was presented was in association with attention and your awareness of what is occurring.

Now; in association with attention, your choosing action may not necessarily be concerned with any particular belief. That is not to say that specific beliefs are not influencing your choosing, but your attention may not be directed to the belief, and therefore you may be choosing in conjunction with a belief but BELIEVING something different; for believing is not necessarily associated with your expressed beliefs.

NAOMI: Elias, if I may ask – this is Naomi – this is where I get a little confused as far as understanding. If I look at where I am and I don’t feel I like where I am, but at some point I chose this. Now I realize that maybe wants are not beliefs. Is that what you’re saying, a belief is not necessarily a want? Sometimes we do things not in conjunction with what we really believe.

ELIAS: Correct.

NAOMI: That helps me with that. If we could go back to acceptance, at what point do we accept where we are and at what point do we choose to go on? Is it when we become too uncomfortable to accept where we are?

ELIAS: That is dependent upon the individual.

NAOMI: I thought you’d say that! (Laughs)

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your individual expression and what motivates you and what you listen to. Each individual is different, for you each incorporate a different perception. It also is associated with what you value.

NAOMI: Sometimes I feel that if our energy is going somewhere else – and I understand that that’s okay because that’s consciousness, it’s movement, it’s a natural thing to do – but if our energy’s going somewhere else, sometimes it can be a real struggle to make that happen because of the situation a person is in at the moment.

If I could use the example of the clean house – what if you don’t want a messy house? And your energy is so strong and not accepting of a dirty house that you insist that it’s clean. You really have to work hard to make that happen. Or is that a belief that I have?

ELIAS: That is also a belief. It is dependent upon the energy that you are projecting. If you are projecting an energy of difficulty and of work, this is what you shall create. If you are projecting an energy of ease and knowing that this is what you want and therefore this is what you shall create, you may not necessarily be incorporating difficulty or strenuousness.

This is the significance of being aware of what type of energy you are expressing and whether you are expressing a forcing of energy and a fighting of energy, or whether you are expressing an ease, whether you are expressing an energy in fear or doubt, or whether you are expressing an energy of confidence and acknowledgment of yourself, whether you are expressing an energy of expectation of other individuals and waiting for other individuals to express first and therefore allow yourself to respond for you cannot initiate. There are many different types of expression and energy, and it is significant to be aware of what type of energy you are projecting.

The manner in which you allow yourself to be aware of what type of energy you are projecting is to be aware of those three elements of yourself, not merely what you are thinking but what you are communicating to yourself and what you are actually doing, and whether you are actually projecting energy in anticipation or whether you are present with yourself in the moment.

NAOMI: I had an emotional experience last week – I was very proud of myself that I recognized it, to start with – but at work, I realized I didn’t want to be in that situation; at least that’s what my emotions were communicating to me. This is where patience comes in, because I think I want to make a change, but it’s not happening right now and I have to wait for me to insert it into my objective reality.

ELIAS: That is not patience; that is waiting. Patience is an action of allowance, and waiting is not an action of allowance. It is waiting and anticipating, and it is expecting that some occurrence or action shall be inserted into your reality, not by you but by some miraculous cosmic action (laughter), and that shall be your sign and thusly you shall act. Which is a method and it is not wrong, but I am merely clarifying that patience is not waiting.

WENDY: Could you just review patience again?

ELIAS: Patience is an action of allowance. It is an action of relaxing and allowing the flow of energy within yourself and allowing yourself to participate with other energies around you in allowance in whatever direction it shall naturally flow, without an expectation.

WENDY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

Note: this is the first of two parts on waves in consciousness. Go to waves in consciousness, pt. 2.

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Aram is Vicki’s son. Monica is a woman that worked with Vicki.

(2) Vic’s note: for those of you who don’t know, Paul (essence name Patel) delivers information through interaction with Ron via writing. This began in June, 1996. Here’s the analogy:

PATEL: “Concerning this shift of energy that is being felt, so to speak, by you all, this is within alignment with a mass movement occurring within this present now. You may look at this movement as you would a large ball on a range of hills. As you roll the ball it initially begins, so to speak, with a great amount of velocity, as you have given it this. Within your rolling, this ball shall roll smoothly for some distance, only slowing to a small extent as long as it rolls upon flat ground. When the ball reaches a hill, it may need to use a bit more energy to thrust itself up and over this hill. As it reaches the top of this hill, the ball upon reaching this top shall relax, so to speak, within its energy instantaneously, until the ball begins its descent down the other side of this hill. Upon reaching the other side of this hill, this ball may now be redirecting this energy which it has used in one way to reach the hill, in another way to climb the hill, in yet another way to rest upon the crest of this hill, and still another within its descent. Within this descent it shall be storing, so to speak, this energy for the ascent up the next hill.

In this expression of storing, definition must be offered, for this expression is not the most explanatory term. This action of storing this energy would seem to be, within your objective image of gravity, a task that would be considered quite effortless, for your gravity shall be helping it along. Subjectively this would not be the case, for going up the hill is no different than going down, for there is no up or down!

I only use this analogy for clarification, in your terms. This ball, as it descends the other side of this hill, shall be using the same energy within the same amount as did it climbing this hill, only it shall be using it within a different manner, as it did approaching the hill and also cresting this hill. This expression of descending the other side of this hill is what is being experienced en masse at this present time, so to speak. Within agreement it has been decided to descend this hill, and within the storing of this energy upon this descent for the journey to the next hill as well as the ascent up the next, you shall be expressing differently, so to speak, than you may be accustomed to, in your terms.

Be noticing of these expressions for they are all about you presently, and are also being noticed by individuals who up to this present now were unaware of any movement within consciousness, within objective knowing. This shall be sufficient information for the present. However, there shall be more to come.” [session 33, July 04, 1997]

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

(3) Vic’s note: Elias has been referring to tissues as truths for a while now. Following is an edited excerpt from session 45, October 15, 1995:

RON: “I have a question. I’m awake! (Laughter) I know that through all of the sessions you have mentioned certain truths, and I would just like to hear sort of a run-down of the truths that have come up in our sessions, as opposed to belief systems. I’m aware of some, but I know I’ve missed some as well. You could give me some that you haven’t talked about too, if you want!

ELIAS: Some truths. (Pause) Truths are constants that may not be eliminated or annihilated. Energy is a truth. Color is a truth. Vibration is a truth. Reality is a truth. You creating your reality is a truth. Consciousness and its different areas of awareness are truths. You are a truth. Belief systems incorporate a much wider area, for they incorporate much imagination, but even within this you incorporate truth, for all thought becomes imagination and all thought is energy, which is truth, which is also reality. Therefore, all imagination is a reality, which is also a truth! (Smiling)

RON: I guess I didn’t want to be that confused! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are wishing me to give you a small box that is saying, ‘This is Ron’s box of truths.’

RON: Well, yeah!

ELIAS: I will put this box.... (Here, Elias picks up a box of tissues and holds the box up in front of him, looking at Cathy) Did you notice? (He then places the box in front of Ron, who is sitting to his right) To Ron: This is Ron’s truths box! (Amidst much laughter, he proceeds to pluck tissues out, labeling them one by one and giving them to Ron) This is reality truth! This is essence truth! This is (this tissue gets tossed over his left knee) belief systems! This is color! This is music! This is ... (here, he pulls out quite a few, placing the entire pile in front of Ron) essence! (We are all cracking up) This is a very big pile of truths!”

Digests: find out more about the belief system of truth.

(4) Paul’s note: Elias refers to the clarity exercise; energy centers.

Exercises: see also balancing energy centers.

(5) Vic’s note: I have removed three words from the following phrase: “In this, it has created a type of breakpoint within the energy, and in that breakpoint, individuals that previously were experiencing – this is in general, but not entirely – [that were experiencing] an ease find themselves momentarily experiencing different elements of intolerance within them.” The words removed are those in brackets.

(6) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(7) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of birds in a cage to represent the relationship between individual beliefs and belief systems.

ELIAS: “... I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELIAS: “The bird cage is neutral. It is merely a cage. It CONTAINS something; it contains the birds. The birds are that which flutter and fly and peck at each other and at you, and hold much energy and are very affecting and are at times quite fascinating also, and quite colorful! But once the cage is empty, the cage remains; but it holds no affectingness, for it is empty. It then becomes ornamental. You may place the cage wherever you choose. You may look within your home and you may express, ‘I am pleased with this cage upon my mantel. I view that I shall move the cage to a table.’ It matters not. The cage remains the same. It is merely a cage. The birds may be quite messy, and you may be quite careful where you shall place the cage with all the birds contained inside!” [session 307, August 14, 1998]

Digests: find out more about belief systems; an overview.

(8) Paul’s note: Elias refers here to an analogy that shows how unique and individual our perception really is. For example, in a room with six people present, there isn’t one absolute cup, but a unique version being created by each individual. People are just used to agreeing that they are perceiving/creating a cup of the same size, color, etc.

ELIAS: “Your perception is, there is a cup upon your table. You each view this cup differently. It may be very slight differences within your visuals, but each of you shall perceive the cup slightly different, and in this, the cup is, in reality, how you perceive it. It is not independent of you. It is an element that you have created. Therefore, how you perceive it IS its reality.

Now; in this, each of you holds different perceptions within your reality. They are no less real than any other perception of reality. They are different, but within your belief systems – and the bird of duplicity creeping around the corner once again! – you automatically move in the direction of your own perception, that this is absolute and truth, and all other individuals shall perceive the same as you perceive, for you perceive reality, and if they not perceiving what you are perceiving, they are not perceiving reality! Absolutely!

(Vic’s note: somebody must have been nodding here, as Elias was grinning and nodding at somebody when he said, ‘Absolutely!’)

Very incorrect, for their perception is reality also! And in this, your duplicity enters once again and offers you an explanation and expresses to you, ‘Very well. I may be accepting of this concept. Their reality is their reality for themselves, but it is not reality! It is merely their reality for themselves. It is their perception, and therefore it is their reality. It is not my reality and is not THE reality, but it is their reality.’

(Humorously) For you all are very aware that there is a ‘THE reality’ which is independent of your reality or your reality or your reality (looking at different people), for all of your realities are merely your realities, and there is an independent reality which is THE official reality. Of course, none of you perceive the official reality, for it escapes you all, for you are very busy perceiving your own reality (laughter) and holding your attention in this area!

But you have quite efficiently moved into the direction of offering yourselves this explanation, which then moves you into the comfortability of expressing to yourselves, ‘It matters not that another individual perceives differently, for their reality is their reality.’ No. There is no official ‘THE reality.’

There is a combined collective of a created concept of reality which you all participate within, and therefore you each view an object that you term to be a cup, although each cup is different. There is not one cup set upon your table. There are many cups set upon your table which occupy the same space arrangement, all of which are equally reality, and each of you creates each cup. I have expressed this example previously, but in conjunction with this subject of duplicity, it serves to be reiterating of this particular example with the cup, for this you may view clearly within your own thought process, how you camouflage your own duplicities.

You place judgments upon other individuals’ perceptions, for they are not the same as yours. You may offer an excuse for other individuals which you term to be an ‘allowance for their perception,’ but in actuality, what you are creating is a judgment, and the judgment is not acceptance, and acceptance is the point.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

(9) Paul’s note: the no conflict exercise is Elias’ version of the path of least resistance. In other words, if what you are doing is creating conflict, then stop doing it. Seems simple enough.

Exercises: find out more about the no conflict game.

(10) Vic’s note: for readability, I have removed the word “that.” in the following phrase: “In the same manner, your choice...” Originally it was, “In the same manner that your choice...”

(11) Bobbi’s note: See session 635, June 09, 2000.

(12) Bobbi’s note: Originally stated as “...and to hold your attention in the moment, regardless of the situation, upon self and recognize your communication in the moment.”

(13) Paul’s note: the clarity exercise is a tool that sharpens the physical senses by enhancing our ability to concentrate, observe, and focus in the present moment. While fine-tuning the five physical senses, its purpose is also to maintain the clarity of focus in altered states and projections of consciousness.

ELIAS: “The point of the exercise in clarity is to be allowing you the opportunity to be manipulating outer senses, which may also offer you more of an understanding of how to be manipulating inner senses more efficiently and to be using your inner senses in conjunction with each other as you use your outer senses in conjunction with each other, but you do not allow yourselves to be efficiently manipulating your OUTER senses, which you are quite familiar with!

Therefore, I have offered that particular exercise that you may become more familiar with manipulating these senses that you hold familiarity with, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to more efficiently manipulate your inner senses, which shall be offering you more information within consciousness, and also, it shall be helpful to you in manipulating energy within the action of this shift.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

(14) Bobbi’s note: Refer to session 1290, March 15, 2003, the Vermont group session.

(15) Bobbi’s note: The hotel where the conference room was reserved would not allow Mary’s dog into the facility; therefore about an hour before the session the location was changed to Sabrina’s house a few miles away.

(16) Bobbi’s note: Howard is referring to the gubernatorial recall election in California (October 2003) and a week of extremely damaging firestorms throughout southern California soon after.

(17) Paul’s note: it was interesting that Elias chose not to challenge or clarify Steve’s claim, as I was present and found myself quietly disagreeing with his perception, but felt no need to debate either. Still, here’s what Elias has said about Seth/Jane Roberts, Sumari intent, and distortion. Recall that Seth holds Sumari intent and Elias holds Sumafi intent. My point is that we need to focus on the deeper complementary nature of these intents, and not get lost in surface level differences.

ELIAS:“The Sumafi is greatly involved with Sumari, for Sumafi incorporates before and after. When your Sumaris appear, they are taught by Sumafi. When they disappear, their ideas are continued and held steadfast by Sumafi. Within your present time, the Sumari have initiated, they have manifest, they have ‘stirred your pot’ temporarily, they have altered your focus. Now, the Sumafi incorporates the carrying on of this in teaching.” [session 67, January 21, 1997]

ELIAS: [to Jene] “The idea has been put forth; the initiation, the fire, sprung from Seth. Within that element, although the essence incorporated great care to hold very little distortion, your time element within your physical focus was allowing of great movement within energy, which was also allowing of distortion. The continuation is the fine tuning, so to speak; the commitment to widening awareness, within truth, with as little distortion as physical focus affords. This also demands great acceptance.” [session 91, May 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “Truths are absolutes. Truths are those elements which are not confined to one focus, or to one dimension, or to one reality. Truths are those elements of consciousness that are filtered through all of consciousness. Your belief systems are based upon truths. All belief systems within all physical focuses are based within truths, but they are distorted and they are interpreted. Therefore, they appear removed from the truths. This is the method that you have chosen within physical focus. You translate all subjective knowing and activity. Therefore, in one respect you view the translation as distortion. In another respect, it is not distortion, for it is your creation of your reality. As to the significance of elements as compared to non-physical, we would view your translations as distortions.” [session 137, December 01, 1996]

So we could even claim that Elias’ information is distorted by the fact that it’s a translation from a nonphysical area of consciousness into our physical belief systems. Jane Roberts called the impact of our belief systems “prejudiced perception.” Seth used the term “divine camouflage.” The Buddhist term “samsara,” and Hindu “maya” all mean something similar. Namely, we need to discern and “see” truth, distortion, and falsehoods with more than our physical eyes and rational minds.

To explore these subtleties further, see A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview: What are some Differences between Seth and Elias?.

(18) Paul’s note: Elias refers to the fact that someone or something has served as an example of the main themes presented in recent January group sessions in Castaic, CA. For example:

In 2002 – Mary’s granddaughter Jewel was innocently playing while Mary/Elias engaged the session. The session began with Jewel in his lap, and later, Jewel returned to Elias’ lap and hung out, much to the amusement of the group. Of course, Elias included Jewel’s focus on self in his talk.

In 2003 – “someone” forgot to turn on the sound on Mary’s camcorder, and no sound was recorded. However, other folks did record the session and Bobbi Houle used those tapes to transcribe the session. Elias later referred to this as intentional and imagery to “pay attention to self”, which was the main theme.

In 2004 – Mary’s dog Polly, named after American painter Jackson Pollack, began to run back and forth and growl and play during Elias’ talk. Again, much to the amusement and chagrin of various folks. Again, Elias tied in the imagery to his talk.

(19) Paul’s note: developmental psychologists like Piaget, Kohlberg, Loevinger, Kegan, Graves, Beck, and Wilber have studied the ways humans change over time. They have discerned three very general stages that are universal to first-, second-, and third-world populations: preconventional, conventional, and postconventional. The majority, for a variety of reasons, never make it to postconventional stages, which means that the majority of focuses in this Now are in the pre- and conventional areas. The implication is that our belief systems, or what scientists call schemas, memes, values, and worldviews also roughly follow these stages.

Since Elias’ focus is upon the changing nature of truth (i.e. belief systems, not Absolute Universals), we can also better understand the way truths or beliefs develop from infancy to childhood to adolescence to adulthood to seniors. They, too, in very general terms, follow preconventional, conventional, and postconventional patterns. That is, they evolve from egocentric (me only) toward ethnocentric (family, tribal groups) toward sociocentric (my country or nation or religion) toward worldcentric (global concerns). Thus, our truths or belief systems also follow this pattern of development.

(20) Paul’s note: Elias preceded his teaching on doing and choosing with the basics or four steps of accepting self that I call NIRAA: Noticing, Identifying, Recognizing, Addressing to, and Acceptance. So these waves in consciousness, including this truth wave, provide opportunities to use the NIRAA technique to notice what we do and choose, to pay attention to self in the Now, with the goal of accepting self and others. According to Elias, the action of accepting self and others are central to the shift in consciousness.

Digests: find out more about accepting self and NIRAA.

(21) Paul’s note: earlier in the session, Mary’s dog Polly, began running around playfully, and Elias incorporated the group’s reaction into his talk. (See also endnote 18.)

(22) Paul’s note: the concept of the three orientations (common, intermediate, soft) was introduced originally in the context of the ten fundamental belief systems in 1999. The orientations are thus a subset of the belief system of sexuality: gender, orientation, and preference. The orientations are a distinct “language of perception” that affects how we literally perceive our version of the world. They form a typology unique to the blueprints of our dimension in that each essence must experience at least all three orientations when engaging the cycle of manifestations. Thus, the minimum number of lifetimes equals three and has nothing to do with the conventional mythic belief systems of linear cause and effect reincarnation. According to Elias, the average cycle of manifestations engages roughly 300-600 focuses of attention.

Digests: find out more about the orientations (common, intermediate, and soft).

Digests: find out more about focuses of essence.

Digests: find out more about the cycle of manifestation.

Note: this is the first of two parts on waves in consciousness. Go to waves in consciousness, pt. 2.

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