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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “As I expressed previously, you are not ‘used material.’ You are new. Every focus, every manifestation, is new and becoming. It is not previously used. Therefore, you may hold what you term to be past or future lives, which are also counterparts of you, but you are not them and they are not you, for you have not lived, in your terms, before; for the organization of consciousness that is manifest within you is new and individual only to you, and will never be repeated and has been never repeated, although has existed always.” [session 127, October 06, 1996]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “As I have stated, each individual engages this action [of transition] uniquely, in accordance with their individual perceptions and belief systems. Therefore, the action may be what you think of as longer, within your time framework, or shorter.

Some individuals accomplish partial action of transition within physical focus. This has been an occurrence throughout your history. This is not a new concept. This is not a new action. Each individual which experiences senility throughout your history has been engaging the action of transition within physical focus. This is continued within non-physical areas of consciousness after death. In such cases, the action of transition, to your way of thinking within a time framework, shall be accomplished much more quickly.

Be remembering that as you disengage a focus you may choose to be remanifesting; but you also, as the you that you recognize, do not repeat the action of physical manifestation, for you are not used parts! Each manifestation is new. Therefore, within the action of transition a certain element always attends to the complete engagement of belief systems; for as I have stated this evening, they are not applicable within non-physical focus, and as you shall continue within non-physical focus they are of no use to you any longer. At the same ‘time,’ another aspect of you which you have chosen to remanifest may hold to these established belief systems.

We have stated previously that as you remanifest, you hold belief systems; this being a basis for another belief system that you hold, within your ideas of reincarnation and karma. These belief systems are distorted, but they hold your idea of fact in that you do carry established belief systems within remanifestation. Therefore, within what you term to be a ‘final manifestation’ you engage the belief systems within transition of all focuses.

Individuals engaging the action of transition within a final manifestation shall experience much more intensely and differently than individuals choosing to be experiencing transition and also choosing remanifestation, which you may do. Within a final focus, you engage the totality of your focuses. Therefore, if choosing the action of transition within this physical manifestation, you shall also be opening and allowing for bleed-throughs, these being of all of your other focuses. You may not connect with every focus, but you shall connect with many.” [session 158, March 16, 1997]

LISA: “I have a question. Can you explain to me a bit about karma? I was brought up to believe that there is such a thing.

ELIAS: This is a very common belief system within your reality presently. As you have moved into this century and the beginning throes of your shift in consciousness, you have developed new belief systems which suggest to you alternates for those religious belief systems that you have held for many centuries. You view these to be new enlightened belief systems, although you do not believe that they ARE belief systems.

In actuality, there is no karma. There is no moving from one focus to another focus. There is no repaying of debt. There is no consequence for your action within one focus. The only consequence that occurs within any focus for action incurred is that consequence that you draw to yourself for your own information within one particular focus.

All focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, you are not reborn. You are a new creation in yourself, and shall never be recreated into another creation. You may create an aspect of yourself that shall continue within physical focus, but it shall be its own creation and it shall also be a new creation. You are not used parts! (Laughter) You are continuously creating anew.

YOU are YOU. And you, as a focus of essence, experience within a physical focus, and in completing your experience within a physical focus shall move beyond physical focus and continue within your exploration of self within other areas. You may choose to be exploring another physical focus within another dimension, but you shall not repeat this physical focus within this dimension, for this would be pointless. You have already experienced, within your countless amounts of counterparts and focuses within this dimension, all that that you need be experiencing within this dimension. Therefore, you hold wondrous areas to be exploring within consciousness beyond this one particular dimension and focus.

There is no element that you need be repaying or holding an element of cause and effect within this particular dimension. It is merely one focus of your essence, and in this you manifest to experience, to explore. There is no right and wrong within consciousness. All is an experience. Therefore, what need be repaid? It is merely your own belief systems that dictate to you that you hold karmic debt.” [session 238, November 16, 1997]

FEMALE: “Elias, I wanted to ask you about disengagement. When you choose to disengage, do you always have a different physical being afterwards, or could you have none? I don’t understand.

ELIAS: Ah! We move into the belief system of reincarnation! (Grinning, and laughter) There is no reincarnation, for there is no ‘thing’ to be reincarnated! Each focus is a new, unique expression. It is not a used part! (More laughter)

Therefore, I express to you also, all of your focuses occur simultaneously. You merely hold the perception within this dimension that you move in the direction of linear time in sequence. You are born, you live, you die, you move into non-physical focus, you are born, you live, you die, you move into intermission, you are born, you live, you die. Very incorrect!

ALL of your focuses are occurring simultaneously. This be the reason that you may access all of them, for all time is simultaneous. It is not linear; it is sideways. You may step sideways – not forward, not backward, but sideways – and you may view the other you’s, which are not you, for they are also uniquely individual focuses of essence, but you are also, and each focus contains all of essence. Therefore, you ARE the other focus ... but you are not! (Laughter)

In this, as the individual focus chooses to be disengaging, you do not ‘return,’ so to speak. But I shall express to you that the reason that you have developed this belief system of reincarnation is that as – within linear time – you as you choose to be disengaging from this physical manifestation, you move into a non-physical area of consciousness, and you may project an aspect of you which shall be manifest physically. This is a new creation. It is not you. It is its own new creation, and although within this physical dimension it appears to be appearing within linear time, it is not. All of this action is occurring presently.

Presently, you sit within this room and engage me. Presently, you occupy the area of transition in non-physical focus. Presently, you occupy other areas of non-physical focus. Presently, you occupy many other time frameworks within physical focus. Presently, you occupy other focuses within this particular time frame. And presently, you occupy focuses within many other dimensions! (Grinning)

This is all you, and this is all available to you within the action of this shift. And there be your motivation to engage this shift and its accomplishment, for it is magnificent, for you are magnificent, for you are essence, and essence is magnificent!” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

ANON: “Does this mean since I’m a new essence ...

JEN: You get to stay here longer!

ANON: ... that I have to stay here longer?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Michael [Mary] also is what you would term to be a new soul, focused few in this particular dimension, but also experiences final focus. You are experiencing of final focus and hold the awareness of this. Each individual within physical focus holds an awareness of their position in the focuses of essence within this particular dimension. Therefore, you also hold an awareness of final focus.

Each focus of essence which is manifest within physical focuses, physical dimensions, holds a position which you identify within your belief systems and within the actions of physical focus as a beginning focus, as a final focus, or as what you may term to be an intermediate focus, knowing that you shall be remanifest.

In actuality, there is no remanifestation, so to speak, for you are not used parts! You are all new and unique creations. Each focus is its own creation and does not repeat its action within a particular dimension. This would be quite inefficient! Therefore, it is merely physical terms that we are using in this explanation, for all of your focuses are simultaneous.” [session 288, June 20, 1998]

ELIAS: (Intently) “It is of ultimate importance that you are accepting of self in ALL of your expressions, recognizing that they are not good, they are not bad. They merely are your experiences, and ALL of your experiences are purposeful, for they are all your exploration of yourself physically focused.

Once again, I shall repeat: You are NOT used parts, and you are NOT occupying (humorously) a lowly plane, a learning planet, a learning dimension!

SALLY: One of the facets of Eckankar (1), as taught.

ELIAS: You are a magnificent creation, unique to yourself, that has always been and shall always be. Your attention is merely focused in one singular direction, creating the perception of separation in one physical form, but there is no separation. It is merely a perception, a camouflage.” [session 294, July 01, 1998]

KATIE: “Also in that same area, my being a final focus, that is also within the overall tone of Muriel [Katie]?


KATIE: Okay. I’ve been wondering about this a little bit lately.

ELIAS: Let me express to you a clarification in this area of the final focus. This is a designation within the encompassing tone, but this designation of the position of the final focus is relative to this dimension.

KATIE: Right. Yeah, I understand that part.

ELIAS: Very well; continue.

KATIE: Okay. So when I disengage as a final focus ... I’m curious as to whether this focus of Katie continues to hold the integrity of Katie beyond transition.

ELIAS: Yes, but in a slightly different manner than you hold an awareness of objectively. As to the identification of the focus, you hold your own unique, individual personality quality. This is a specific vibrational quality and a specific tone quality.

Now; as I have expressed previously within this forum, as a focus disengages, it is not absorbed into some larger entity which is essence. You already ARE all of essence, regardless that you are one focus of essence.

These are concepts that do not translate well into your physical language and understanding in thought processes, but there is no loss of energy signature or integrity, in your terms, of the individuality of yourself as you choose to be disengaging.

In this, I have expressed also previously, there is no reincarnation or remanifestation, for you each, as a focus of essence, are not produced, so to speak, from used parts. Each of you is unique and an expression of self and may not be, in physical terms, compromised.

Therefore, as each focus chooses disengagement, that focus – that personality and uniqueness of vibrational quality of consciousness and tone – continues in its creations nonphysically, and it continues to hold its uniqueness in quality and its element of free will and choice. Therefore, it continues to create its reality in the manner that it chooses, in whichever direction it chooses to move into.

This is a difficult concept, for you think in terms of ‘entities.’ You think in terms of corporeal expressions, which limits your understanding of how you may be an individual focus of essence, and also simultaneously, you are all of essence. There is no separation. But as to your question of retaining your individuality and your integrity, yes, you do.” [session 470, September 16, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Eckankar was introduced as a modern-day religion in 1965 by Paul Twitchell.

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