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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Let me express to you: many, many predictions have been offered in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. Many predictions have been offered for much of your history and you view them to be coming to their culmination now, which in one aspect there is truthfulness in this, for you ARE moving into the end throes of this shift in consciousness and its accomplishment, but all of these predictions are probabilities. They are not set in stone, and you have the ability to be diverting of these predictions.

(Intently) This be another reason that I speak with individuals within physical focus, to be reminding them that you hold the ability to alter probabilities. It is your choice which probabilities you insert into your officially accepted reality.

In this, I offer information that masses of individuals may draw themselves to, and in this collectively direct their energy, yourself included, in the area of creating less trauma and diverting the probabilities of destruction and harmfulness that much energy has been lent to throughout your history.

Therefore, these predictions hold much energy and continue to hold much energy, and may materialize into your officially accepted reality IF they are continued to be lent energy. But you also hold the probability of diverting those predictions, those probabilities, and creating different actions.

It is unnecessary to be creating of destruction and doom and trauma. It is more efficient to be creating of ease, and the manner in which you create ease is to be listening to self and not accepting all of what is offered by what you perceive to be outside of self.” [session 293, July 01, 1998]

Elias “gems”

RETA: “Could I compare [the ‘downfall’ of the Aztecs, the Mayans, Lamanites, Nephites] with some of the prophecies of today, that our nations again have a tendency to self-destruct? Some of the prophecies today see us as having caused that ourselves, in the way of either a huge comet coming and hitting us or melting of the poles or something like that. Several people have had a prophecy that has shown that we’re self-destructing again, here.

ELIAS: I express to you that this is your choice, and as you lend energy to these concepts you may create this; although this is the point of the shift and the direction of your energy within consciousness, to be diverting of these belief systems into the awareness of the shift, therefore not creating of this destruction. The religious element within you all creates a leaning in the direction of listening and believing and aligning with belief systems of prophecies. Prophecies are a seeing or viewing of probabilities; but be remembering, each prophecy is only one probability.

Now; many individuals may express the same prophecy, for you are all connected within consciousness. You are all affecting of each other within consciousness. You all hold mass belief systems. Therefore, it is not inconsistent that many shall prophesy of the same events. This is not to say that these are solid and absolute, for they are not. They are one line of probabilities. You may choose another line of probabilities, which you are doing.” [session 150, January 26, 1997]

DREW: “Regarding this encoding that I don’t know much about, from what I understand there is some interpretation of prophecy in it. And I’m wondering how something can prophesy what is not yet, in our terms, an actualized probability ... in our terms.

ELIAS: Quite easily, for all time is simultaneous. Therefore, it occurs now; although as within what you term to be past probabilities, you hold the ability to alter these.

DREW: What I’m wondering is, if probabilities are changeable at any moment, how something that was written in the past can determine what probability we’re going to choose in the future, again speaking in our terms of linear time? Or were these written, with some awareness subjectively, outside of simultaneous time?

ELIAS: This is an encoding, as there are many other encodings upon your planet and within yourself, which holds information of a wide-spectrum viewing of the probabilities actualized within simultaneous time. It is as if you would step yourself outside of this particular dimensional reality for a moment and objectively view the whole of this dimensional reality, which occurs simultaneously. Therefore, as opposed to viewing in segments linearly, you simultaneously view the whole of probabilities at once and then project these into writing form. There are too many probabilities simultaneously occurring to be expressed within the language of your words. Therefore, it has been encoded in a much more efficient method.

You are within a reality that is held within the confines of a time framework. In this, you look forward and backwards. Outside of this particular physical manifestation, this does not hold true. Therefore, you may access information of simultaneous time. You are not expressing predictions of future events. You are viewing what is occurring presently and what probabilities are being chosen presently.

DREW: So encoded within this information, if we could understand it, are all probabilities? Or the ones we’re choosing? I’m a little confused by this because it does beg the question of predictions. If something written–again in our terms, in the past–outlines those probabilities which we are choosing now, it stands to reason ... I mean that’s essentially the same as saying, in the past they knew what we would be doing now, again in our terms. And therefore also in the future. And if it implies in this encoding that an event will take place in the future, isn’t that the same as predicting which probability we’re going to choose and actualize?

ELIAS: This is dangerous territory, for you within physical focus lean in tendency to view predictions as not being probabilities, but absolutes that are unchangeable. Therefore, you also lean in the direction of predestination. These are incorrect. These are viewings encoded of probabilities, but there are no closed systems. Therefore, although a probability may be tapped and viewed, it may also be altered.

Now; let us view probabilities as not predestined and absolutes. You may witness a prediction of an event upon your planet that you may view to be catastrophic. In this, it is presented as an absolute. It is a prediction. Within the knowledge of probabilities, it stands here. (Indicating center) It is viewed. It is actualized within simultaneous time, but all probabilities are actualized within simultaneous time. Therefore, if so choosing, the consciousness of those individuals wishing to alter this probability may move this probability to an alternate reality. (Indicating right) It is still actualized. It is not actualized within your reality.

All probabilities are actualized. Therefore, you enter danger zones when you look to prophecies and predictions of any type and hold these as absolutes, for they are not. All probabilities may be altered at any moment. You may remanifest within thirteen twelve and alter two thousand forty-five, for it is all simultaneous. It shall be actualized within probabilities any event which has been chosen, but any other event may be actualized also.

LESLIE: I’m not exactly sure about where this has since originated from the past in terms of what you are talking about, but are you saying, for example, if someone were to ... If each person in this room met with somebody and delivered a probability as to where we would be today, they would all be different from each person’s perspective. But because we have that ability to, like you say, change and choose at the last minute, each person decides to come here instead. So it’s not that the probabilities that were expressed were any less valid. It’s just that at any particular time we chose to be or to act out another probability. Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

DREW: It just makes me wonder what the value of a document like the one we’ve been discussing is then, if encoded in it are specific events that are supposed to happen within our reality, when in fact those events may or may not happen, depending on what we choose to actualize.

ELIAS: This is quite right, although within your belief systems this information lends energy to your belief systems of absolutes. (Spoken deliberately) Also, view how timely this information is expressed to you, in a reinforcement of your religious era which is entering its close. You are moving into the action of your shift in consciousness globally, moving out of your era of religious-focus. I have expressed to you previously, this shall not be let go so easily! These are mass belief systems. They are quite strong. These belief systems have held predictions which, en masse, individuals accept. Therefore, within the action of your shift, your task is to be altering of these probabilities which have been actualized, which need not be actualized.” [session 183, June 15, 1997]

DENNIS: “What is the purpose of the shift?

ELIAS: You have chosen, within this dimension, a new experience in creativity. You have chosen, within what you term to be your history, certain actions and experiences for long time periods, in your terms. These have been purposeful for those experiences. You presently move away from your religious era, which has continued for quite some physical time period, into a new awareness in consciousness, to allow you an expanded creativity and allow you to utilize your abilities of essence within physical focus. You are expanding your reality to encompass more of essence and more of your own creative abilities.

DENNIS: In other words, the more that you have acceptance in what you do ... the more you accept, the more someone around you can accept.

ELIAS: You are affecting within consciousness. You are all connected. Therefore, the movement or the lack of movement that you create, the acceptance or the lack of acceptance, is affecting of the whole, so to speak. Therefore, as you choose to continue within non-acceptance, you also in your physical terms retard the movement within time framework of the wave which spreads globally. Therefore, if you are not accepting and you are holding to your lack of acceptance, you shall not be accomplishing in time, so to speak, and probabilities may be actualized. This be why I speak to you presently seriously, for the probabilities that have been projected within your prophecies may be inserted into this reality if you are not diverting them.

Think to yourselves in physical terms of an asteroid flaming toward your planet. You hold the instruments to deflect this and move its course away from your planet and its striking of your planet. But if you are not paying attention – if you are occupying yourself, not watching and arguing with your neighbor – this asteroid shall strike your planet, for you shall not deflect it. This is a visualization. It is the same. The probabilities exist. They may be inserted into your dimension, and your prophecies may materialize. It is unnecessary, and you may be deflecting of these probabilities and they shall be actualized within another dimension. But as you are choosing to not insert these probabilities into this physical reality, you also must be aware and lend energy to the creation of them not being inserted. All probabilities exist. It is merely a question of what you choose to be actualizing within this physical reality within this dimension.” [session 203, August 03, 1997]

ELIAS: “There are many aspects to Regional Area 3. This one of the collective consciousness holds significance in offering you many answers to questions that you have held for much time period, and also may be helpful in your understanding of certain elements of this shift in consciousness.

You have been offered prophecies previously, and you have also gathered information of all different types which also lend to certain prophecies and create many of your myths. The information that is connected to is that information which is within Regional Area 3. Individuals tap into this information quite often, but in translating the information that they tap into within Regional Area 3, they also create interpretations and speculations as to the meaning of this information. Therefore, they create your myths to be fitting this information into your particular dimension and creating some sort of reasonable explanations for imagery that they do not understand. This may be viewed in many different aspects.

Some individuals tap into this area of consciousness and receive information not pertaining to this particular dimension. Therefore, you have created situations of individuals espousing upon the connections between yourselves and beings within other dimensions. You have also created myths in the areas of your mythology partially, and in areas of Atlantis, which also do not belong in this particular dimension, but parallel enough that the information is formed to fit into this dimension, and therefore creating of myths.

This information which is tapped through Regional Area 3 also creates a situation for prophecies. There are many prophecies that are being espoused on presently in conjunction with your new millennium.

As your century turns, so to speak, you look to all types of signs of a new age. You look to prophecies of elements which have been stated, that there is the possibility or the probability for many actions to be occurring. These may be destructive actions or they may be what you term to be positive actions. Either direction matters not, in one respect. In the respect that it is all information that is being gathered from Regional Area 3 and is not necessarily information that may be connected to your particular dimension, this would be the information in itself mattering not, but in gathering such information and sharing objectively this information and the interpretations of the information which then become distortions, there is much energy lent to these myths, which become prophecies. In this, the energy lent to them creates the possibility for probabilities. In this, the information which is tapped and inserted into your dimension begins to matter, for it may be altering of your reality in directions that you may not necessarily choose to have be accomplished.

In this, you may look to many different types of information which has been tapped through Regional Area 3. Presently, individuals occupy themselves with much attention in the areas of all of your pyramids upon your planet and all of the cultures that have surrounded those structures, these being in your Egyptian cultures and also in your Central and South American cultures, for they bear similarities to each other. The reason that they bear similarities to each other is that they have been created through tapping information within Regional Area 3.

You are all connected through this tissue of consciousness, which you may all tap into and you all share. I have stated many times to you that one individual in one location of your planet may be experiencing one action, and another individual halfway round your globe may be experiencing the identical same action in connection with the first individual. Your sciences demonstrate this also with the behavior of your atoms and your electrons. Your photons behave in similar manners. It matters not their physical location, for their communication is instantaneous. It is not a communication in the manner that one is expressed and another received. It is an instantaneous knowing of the same information.

In like manner, you all as individuals within this dimension create the same action, and then you marvel at yourselves that you may be creating of quite similar expressions and expressing to yourselves that you hold no objective knowledge of other cultures which create the same expressions, and this becomes a wonderment to you! As I have stated, the reason that these elements are created so very similarly is that you are all tapping into the same storehouse, so to speak, of information and sharing this information. Not only do you create physically similar structures, but your cultures develop in similar manners.

Now; the reason this information holds importance is that I wish you to be recognizing that information tapped through Regional Area 3 is not always in conjunction with your particular dimension. Therefore, there is a vast area that may be distorted in this. In this situation, you shall be viewing futurely many areas of distortion. As individuals move more actively into the action of this shift in consciousness and begin to open to their awareness, they shall also allow more of a flow of information, which flows through Regional Area 3. In this, there shall also be many interpretations of the information which is tapped. This has already begun.

You may look about you and be listening to other individuals and they shall be expressing of great movements which shall be occurring, in their interpretation, in connection with ancient civilizations. You may observe situations that shall be expressed, such as prophecies of Mayan civilizations that shall be occurring futurely, alignments with certain cultures, new powerful energy sources that may be being produced within the area of your Arabic countries holding the great pyramids. What is occurring in these actions is that individuals are opening their awareness, and in this they are also connecting with information which is held within Regional Area 3. But, not holding the information of WHAT they are tapping, they view themselves to be receiving revelations, and in these revelations they are expounding on these and offering their own interpretations, which many other individuals subsequently collectively join in agreement to these speculations and interpretations. This creates a situation not only of distortion, but of lending energy to those distortions.

(Intently) The more energy which is lent in the direction of these distortions, the more those distortions move into the area of potentiality for actualization of probabilities. Therefore, it is important that individuals be offered information and allow themselves the opportunity to recognize their interpretations through their belief systems of what they speculate to be true, for not all of the information that they may be receiving in their revelations is relative to this particular dimension.

You may offer yourselves many examples of this throughout your history and upon your bookshelves presently. You may account for many such instances in which individuals have tapped information which is not relative to your particular dimension, but has been made to fit in a manner which is being accepted. This becomes dangerous in that your objective is to be creating the least amount of trauma in this shift in consciousness, and with the influx of information there may be much confusion within the distortion, and therefore there may be trauma as individuals are swayed into distraction and not necessarily paying attention to the actual shift in consciousness itself, but awaiting strange developments which may not be occurring, for they are not relative to this dimension. (All very deliberately) Or, you may be creating of certain actions which are less desirable, as you have lent them much energy in creating new belief systems based upon the speculations and interpretations of information from Regional Area 3 that does not belong in your particular dimension.

Now; the area that this becomes quite confusing is that Regional Area 3 also provides much information which IS pertaining to your particular dimension. There are many aspects of information which to this present now have been ignored, so to speak, which are validating of the information which I offer to you and other teachers have offered to you previously.

We speak of nine essence families. Within your ancient cultures that you look to for prophecies presently, there are also mentionings of nine ‘masters’ or nine ‘guides,’ nine ‘spirits of night.’ These are the hidden elements, so to speak, within the information which is contained within Regional Area 3 which also has been tapped, but does not provide the sensationalism or the drama that may be provided to you in ideas of famine and earthquakes. Therefore, you pay little attention to these aspects of connective tissue, but you magnate to the elements of distortion and lend energy to these distorting factors, which then, as I have stated, creates the potentiality for creating probabilities in these areas.

JO: ... I have a question about what you were just talking about. There was some imagery that came up that had to do with biblical imagery that had to do with Rose imagery, and I’m wondering if this is another example of what you described earlier about ...

ELIAS: Many individuals within this time period are connecting with imagery of Rose. Some individuals are connecting with this imagery in physical aspects with the plant or the flower that you term to be rose, and they may be interpreting this as objective imagery in awareness of the movement of this shift.

At times, when there are ‘surge movements,’ so to speak, individuals shall be presenting themselves with more objective imagery of Rose, for this is the reminder objectively to you of this action of the shift. Therefore, at times you may view yourselves to be paying little attention to any imagery in connection with Rose, and then you may view that you involve yourself within a time framework of presenting yourselves with imagery continuously of Rose, and this would be an indication to you that there is an energy surge occurring in conjunction with this shift.

JO: Thank you. With regard to biblical prophecy and Rose imagery, is this an example of a myth that is formed that is of the more accurate variety, as information from Regional Area 3?

ELIAS: This also be my meaning, that many prophecies shall be surfacing, so to speak, presently and within your near future time frameworks from all different areas. Different mythologies, different philosophies, and also your religions shall all be surfacing within their prophecies, and this may be confusing to you if you are allowing yourselves to move into the direction of correlating all of these prophecies too closely with your shift in consciousness. There are some aspects of these prophecies or myths that are in correlation with this shift in consciousness, but the most overt prophecies are not. These have been selected, so to speak – tapped into by individuals within many different time frameworks within this particular dimension – and interpreted in conjunction with the mythology or the religion or the philosophy and made to fit. Therefore, they appear to you as plausible and you may be accepting of these, therefore lending energy to these, and in that lending energy to the potentiality of creating the probability of their actualization.

This is the manner that your fulfilled prophecies occur. There is enough energy lent to that which has been projected, and in that the energy has created the potentiality for creating a probability, and as more energy is lent in that direction, it becomes no longer a potentiality but an actual probability, and as more energy is lent, it then becomes an actualization within your dimension.

As I have stated, you create the probabilities within the moment, not before you. Therefore, the prophecies merely create the potentiality for the probability and its creation, but I wish you to understand that looking to other time frameworks and elements which have been set forth within the dawn of your Christianity, these may be quite distorting and confusing to you. Therefore, I express to you to be watchful as to HOW you are lending your energy.

PAUL: Does this work for all prophecy then? Are you saying that all prophecy, as it manifests in our probable realities here, that it contains the potential first, or primarily?

ELIAS: Correct. Precognition also filters through Regional Area 3, although this is an action of tapping into one very precise event, and for the most part, tapping this type of information, in your terms, holds a very limited time framework. You do not tap into precognitive information or what you think of as precognitive information in extended time frameworks, but short or limited time frameworks, which is different from prophesying.

PAUL: So someone like Nostradamus ... I’m just trying to think of his work that he did and seeing things. I’m not an expert on gauging the accuracy, but my question is about accuracy and what would be helpful for individuals who are tapping into this information to think of in terms of accuracy. That may not be the right question, but how is someone like Nostradamus seemingly so accurate, or was he not? Did he have great distortion also, in your terms?

ELIAS: This be the area that you hold such confusion. You look to an individual which has tapped information within Regional Area 3. Now; to your thinking, you THINK that this individual holds this information, and therefore this also is truth. He is creating of predictions, and in this, as you view that these predictions materialize, you credit the individual with having held the information and therefore having been the catalyst for the creation of these probabilities. In actuality, the individual merely taps information and then interprets the information into your objective reality, which may be extreme distortions, but they provide you with an objective explanation of the vision in terms that you may be accepting, and in this the collective lends energy to the actualization of that very speculation which has been set forth.

This be the reason that I offer you this information and caution you to be aware of what information you are lending energy to, for you have many examples of prophecies that you collectively HAVE actualized. Those prophecies were not set forth as a probability before you, and that you merely awaited its occurrence as an inevitable action. Those prophecies are set forth as an interpretation by an individual of information that has been tapped within Regional Area 3 which may not necessarily be relative to your particular dimension, but within the interpretation and within the lending of energy – the acceptance of the interpretation and the lending of energy to this interpretation – you then create the actualization.

You collectively are creating the actualization. The element was not existing previously and you were merely awaiting its materialization. You are creating of it as you are lending energy in the acceptance of what is set forth.

PAUL: So just to use a Nostradamus example, there was a famous prediction he made in his time about King Henry II, who would have a jousting accident and would pass away that way, and that came to manifest. So in the way that you’re explaining it to us, is that an example of him tuning into a potential, putting it out there, and Henry, in his probable present moment, choosing to manifest that in the collective for all the political and mass event ramifications that the death of a king would have? Is that an example of the collective manifesting a prophecy? The follow-up question is, was that a distortion of an other-dimensional thing, or is that an example of where Nostradamus did tune into something that he didn’t distort as much, in terms of it relating to this dimension?

ELIAS: You may use this as a very good example. The information – the impression and the visualization – which was tapped by Regional Area 3 was not of the king, but of certain objects which were unfamiliar within the visualization, and the translation of the objects and the action of these objects was set forth in an interpretation of the closest possible physical manifestation of similar objects. In this, the individual of Nostradamus creates an interpretation; views that this must be what this vision is expressing. This interpretation is directly influenced by the known elements of the individual’s reality and their held belief systems. Now in this, as this is set forth to the masses, the energy is lent in the direction that the individuals lean towards; what they are choosing for the creation. Therefore, it is influencing in energy of the probabilities, which then become actualized. Now in this also, the individual acting out the probability is also a participant, for the individual themself also is influenced by the belief system and the strength of the energy.

You may express this also in other terms. You all presently occupy a location which has developed a reputation for shaking earth. You have been offered information and explanation as to the creation of this and how you are creating of this. An individual may be projecting and prophesying that you may be creating of one of your earthquakes, and if lent enough energy by the collective which occupies this area, you may manifest and actualize this probability, which was a prophecy with merely the potential to be a probability but not actualized, and an individual may express that certain individuals may be disengaging in the action of this earthquake. The individual may prophesy that a specific location may be more involved with this earthquake than another location and that this shall cause great damage and loss of life, so to speak. In lending energy to this prophecy, you collectively may create this, and those individuals which shall be affected in loss of life, so to speak, are also participants in accepting the belief of the prophecy, and also themselves lending energy to its creation. Therefore, they are not victims and the collective has not created their reality for them, but they are active participants in creating the whole of the reality, even to the point of their disengagement.

VICKI: So basically, are you saying that a fascination with a prophecy, whether it’s a biblical prophecy or an other-dimensional reality like Atlantis or the myth of the destruction of Atlantis, a fascination with those things can be affecting of actualizing those types of probabilities here?

ELIAS: Correct. In focusing much attention in these areas, you are distracting yourselves from the action of your shift and the lessening of trauma in this shift, and focusing upon elements which you have created within your mythologies and your prophecies, and in that you are lending energy to the potentiality of the creation of the probabilities.

BOBBI: Considering that these prophecies are so talked about and widely known, is just being what you term ‘a good little sapling’ (1) enough? Is the interconnectedness of all consciousness just doing that, is that enough to deflect or sort of neutralize those probabilities?

ELIAS: Your objective and your subjective work within harmony. If it be merely enough to be subjectively lending energy and offering information, I would not be speaking with you. But it is also important that you hold an objective awareness of the actions of this shift, that there may be individuals that may be offering information to other individuals, as a tree branching out continuously.

I offer the information to you in continuation of information that has already been offered to you, that you may also be offering information to other individuals, and in this you may be helpful in the lessening of trauma within this shift, and also, in a manner of speaking, deflecting that energy which is lent in the direction of the potentiality of the probabilities for trauma.” [session 281, May 17, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

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