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cultural/natural time

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “We were speaking of cultural time and natural time. Along with these elements also are involved your perceptions; your physical or intellectual perceptions versus your intuitional perceptions. Just as you pay little attention to natural time, you also pay little attention to your intuition. You focus upon your intellect. You base your entire focus upon the intellectual approach. This is important, for you mirror to yourselves action which supports your intellectual perception of your existence. Things do not happen ‘to you,’ and then you interpret them intellectually. You have allowed the intellect to be in command, so to speak. Therefore, it creates validating experiences. This backs up your perception. Now, your intuitional side of you also offers information continuously, but you discount this and you do not pay attention to it.” [session 75, March 03,1996]

Elias “gems”

(Vic’s note: this transcript [session 74] was extremely difficult to transcribe because the microphone was not plugged in. Therefore, there may be some errors. I will enclose some words in brackets [ ] where I am unsure of them, and I will insert a question mark (?) where I am completely unable to decipher.)

ELIAS: “You view one aspect of time. It is what we will term to be cultural time, this being your perception of physical time; that which you set your clocks to, which you focus upon your calendars with, the element that you gauge the action of your lifetime by. This is only one element of time. This cultural time is observed now by your entire species. Some of your species incorporates this cultural time more than others. Some are not focused so dramatically within minutes and hours, but they are still focused upon time within twenty-four-hour periods, designating certain times of your day for certain activities, and your evening or [night-time hours] for restfulness or sleeping. I continue to inform you of other elements of time, one being what we will call natural time.

Your planet, your Earth, [this planet], (grinning at Vicki) incorporates its own sense of time within its own consciousness. It reflects its time element within your seasons. You are affected by this time, but you do not focus upon it. You push this to a place within your consciousness that you do not pay attention to. Natural time also incorporates your tides; your movement of your planet. Your creatures upon this planet observe natural time. You also did observe natural time, and were not consumed with cultural time, at one time, (jokingly) but now, you do not focus upon natural time, and you do not realize or associate this time element with your creatures, your animals. You do not think about it. It, to your perception, is not an issue, for you are focused within cultural time.

I will say to you that natural time is very affecting of you, even though you do not focus upon it. Many individuals express feeling differently, at different times of your physical year. They attribute this to sunshine or grayness, weather, heat, or coolness. In actuality, your seasons do incorporate their own time, and are quite affecting of you. They are most affecting of you within your creative abilities. Your physical bodies, not incorporating rationale, respond to natural time. They understand their [regular] connection with what you view to be natural. In this, they respond to changing of tides, to changing of seasons. You align yourselves to different seasons within natural time. You do not understand how you are aligned, therefore you discount this alignment, and you push it away and express that it is whimsical.

There are many elements of time. There are many dimensions of time. You are affected and are affecting of all of these dimensions of time. You are connected in areas of consciousness to all of these elements of time continuously. Therefore, they are affecting of you. At certain times, (grinning) you feel as though your cultural time is exaggerated more rapidly or more slowly. These feelings that you incorporate are a direct response to other elements of time which are affecting of you, but you do not think of this. Therefore, you dismiss these encounters and feelings by only noticing and expressing, ‘Oh, my day is moving quite rapidly today,’ or you may express, ‘This year has flown by me,’ or you may say, ‘This year has dragged on so very long.’ These are expressions of knowing and experiencing of other elements of time that you do not recognize and you do not pay attention to, for you are very focused within your cultural time.

Cultural time also affects you in your movement and motivation, which may be directly in conflict with your creativity; for within cultural time, you are taught to be utilizing every moment productively. You define your productivity within certain guidelines, and if you are not expressing within these guidelines, you are not being productive. Therefore, you are not utilizing your time. Your consciousness, your creativity, your intent, follows a different time. Therefore, you create conflict by continuing to insist on ‘jamming’ your creativity into small boxes of cultural time. Michael’s [Mary’s] question is not necessary. I will explain. (1)

Individuals highly concentrated in creativity view themselves to be needing to be expressing their creativity within a productive element of cultural time. In this, if they are not producing creative expressions, they are ‘wasting’ time. Therefore, they create conflict; for they are continually striving to be fitting themselves into this mold of cultural time, and their intent and their creativity is continually battling to be aligning with natural time. This may be expressed, within musicians or artists or writers, as being ‘blocked.’ They seem not to possess the ability to be forcing their creativity to express itself. They are trying and trying, and their creativity is ‘doing nothing.’ Their imagination seems lost. This is because they are striving to be filling each moment within their cultural time with expressions of creativity, and they are forcing a natural process.

There are times when these individuals may choose to not be expressing; or they reach a point, so to speak, where their conflict, their battle between these time elements, becomes so great that they surrender. Therefore, they incorporate no creative expression. This eventually may be more damaging, for they allow no expression at all; but they do not understand how to allow a meshing of time elements. An understanding of dream time may be helpful. I will be expressing of this momentarily.

I will express to you that in regards to this unformulated question of Michael’s [Mary’s], this individual of your Jane Roberts interacted with our essence of Seth for much time, within your terms. (2) Much information was delivered. Within some, a few, of these manuscripts that have been offered publicly, you may research and you may find that this was discussed many times. You will not find an account of how often this very subject was addressed, but I will express to you that this subject was addressed very many times. This was a very serious issue; and although there were some other issues also involved with this individual, with personal challenges, the issue of ‘boxing up’ creativity was the main element of, shall we say, in your terms, destructiveness, for you view this to be a self-destructive element; although, in actuality, it is not destructive. As I was expressing earlier, this is a choice. The individual feels no need to be continuing.

Within your belief systems, many of you do not choose to simply retire for the evening, and never return. Therefore, you choose physical ailments to allow your departure with an explanation; this being something other individuals surrounding you may attach to as an explanation, and may be more accepting of. It is not necessary for the individual. Their mind, so to speak, has already been made up. They have already decided that their expression will not be incorporated within the particular developmental focus, for it is too constricting and they do not understand [the method] of how to unconstrict it. Therefore, as I have expressed, they view their focus to be pointless.

The incorporation of the intersection with Seth allowed many of your years of continued creative expression, to a point; but as this creative expression was continually ‘boxed into’ cultural time, it was an insufficient and ineffective expression.

Many individuals may force their creative expression to be ‘coming through’ within the confines of cultural time, viewing that they need to be producing, therefore pushing their productivity. This, though, is not a true creative expression.

Many literary words were produced by this individual during her focus. Her creativity and expression was basically focused within the element of poetry. I will wager you will not encounter many poetry books of this individual!

Many creative individuals will find other methods to be expressing of their creativity, but it is not the ‘main line,’ so to speak. In this, they block their intent, and create tremendous conflict. They may not feel this conflict, but they will also feel a constriction, a squeezing; a knowing of a missing element; something undone. As the element undone continues, the constriction tightens. This eventually seeks expression, as does all energy. Therefore, it expresses in the only way that you understand and know how to express; it creates what you view to be a negative expression, a physical manifestation or a psychological manifestation. The individual will create a situation of physical disability and eventual termination, or mental disability resulting in what you view to be ‘not sane.’ Either way, they are disconnecting with physical focus and discontinuing, for they find no further purposefulness within this particular expression; [and also knowing that they possess the ability to move on, and recreate in elements that they may be expressive within].

I will say that there are other elements beyond cultural and natural time. As I have expressed, these also are quite affecting of you. Within your dream state, you incorporate many layers of dreams. One dream possesses many dimensions and holds many messages. I offer, in interpretation of your dreams, only one; that one which is closest to your waking consciousness. Each one of these dreams that you incorporate holds many levels, many aspects of consciousness, many different connections and messages. You incorporate one dream that may be connected with what you experience at any one time. This same dream also may be connected with precognitive elements. This same dream may also be connected with other focuses or with cultures, even global events. It may connect with other individuals within another area of consciousness.

... (Vic’s note: during the break, Christie was expressing a desire to be living within natural time.)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Christie) Well, I say to you, if you are wishing natural time, (Christie laughs) if you are not experiencing fun, then do not do it!

CHRISTIE: If you’re not experiencing fun, don’t do it? What does that mean?

ELIAS: Your perception is the only element that necessitates your action, in elements that you wish not to incorporate. If you do not wish to be incorporating anything, you do not have to! (Smiling)

CHRISTIE: I have a question about natural time.

ELIAS: (Laughing) Efficiently eliminating this subject! Continue.

CHRISTIE: Okay. You mentioned for a moment about seasonal alignment, that we discount that and that we push it away. We discount this natural time, seasonal alignment. We push it away. How do we push it away, and why do we push it away?

ELIAS: You have created your cultural time; therefore, this supersedes your natural time within your perception. You have created your civilizations and your societies to be revolving around your cultural time, your ‘time slots.’ You have distorted your appreciation of time. Originally; once again, a time-oriented word; you have originally created your dimension of time for specific experiences. In your appreciation of your time element, you have chosen to be focusing upon each moment of time, with a desire to be appreciating of each moment of time. You have distorted this desire into the area of attaching a production level also to these moments of time. Therefore, to be appreciating of time, you must be utilizing time. You must be incorporating action ‘doing something’ with it.

Just as you view [that] you spend ‘quality time’ with your children, you do not view spending ‘quality time’ with your children ignoring them! You are interacting with them. You are ‘doing something’ with them. In this same way, you view that you must be interacting with time itself, placing a value on each moment. Your distortion has come by equating value with action, with productivity. You may be incorporating action, in your appreciation of time and moments, simply by noticing time itself and experiencing your time element, but this is not sufficient within your belief systems now.

Your animals do not incorporate this perception of time. You may view, within your domesticated animals, they do not incorporate time in the same fashion as you. They are not focused upon filling each moment with the production of action. They experience each moment. In this, the moments collide and intermesh with each other, being indistinguishable, one from the other. An animal does not incorporate seconds or minutes or hours, for these are unimportant. They simply experience the element of time within physical focus.

You ask, ‘How do you experience natural time?’ Allow yourself to be natural. If it is not fun, do not do it! If you are incorporating action that is pleasurable to you, you are incorporating what we would express to you as value fulfillment. Your essence does not manifest for the purpose of experience for some mystical reason! Its fullest value fulfillment is expressed through pleasure. This is what your self strives toward, this being why you also incorporate positive and negative; negative being all elements that do not incorporate pleasure, positive being what you strive for, being pleasurable. This is your choice. (Pause) You may experience effortlessness and a pleasurable existence if you are fulfilling your desire. This is why I say to you, if it is not fun, do not do it! Incorporate fun only, and you will experience natural time.” [session 74, February 25, 1996]

ELIAS: (Chuckling, and tapping his hands on the chair) “We have been speaking of your cultural time and your natural time, your intellect and your intuition, to further offer you information to be connecting and understanding of yourselves and your connections. We will also be discussing your relationship with nature. Now I pose to you the question, ‘What is your connection with nature?’ (Pause)

VICKI: Well, we have created it.

ELIAS: How are you connected? (Pause)

RON: Hopefully, I think we would be part of it.

ELIAS: How are you part of it? (Pause)

JIM: Everything that nature is we are, and vice versa. (Pause)

ELIAS: Think to yourselves how you view your species in relation to nature. How do you view a plant in relation to nature? How do you view an antelope or a caribou in relation to nature? (Pause) Now express to me, how does man fit into nature?

JIM: Not very well! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This is precisely the answer I was expecting! You separate yourselves automatically. You view an animal, and although you may not have the ability to express, in words, how you believe it to be connected with nature, you automatically connect it. You view a tree or a flower, and there is no separation from nature. You view an ocean, and it is natural. It is part of nature. You cannot separate out these elements from nature, but you do separate out your species, therefore creating a barrier. You do this, for you do not see your own connections. You do not view your own affectingness. You do not see your interaction with nature. Therefore, how may you apply natural elements to yourselves, if you are not a part of nature itself? How may you incorporate natural time, if you are not natural? (Pause)

I will say to you, now view man and his connection to nature, for without your species, nature would not be what it is. As all other elements contribute to nature, so also do you. We have discussed previously these elements, but you do not make the connections. We have discussed your weather, your planetary conditions; earthquakes, floods, tornadoes; which you create, which are part of nature. We have also discussed your archaeology; your artifacts, your ancient remains; which remain only through holding of your remembrance. These are the contributions that you add to nature.

Through your emotions, you are influencing of your planetary conditions; your weather, your tides, your elements of natural occurrences upon your planet. Through your thought process, you hold the clarity of the focus. Your animals, your flowers, your clouds, your oceans, appear as they appear, for you are part of them. You hold the clarity. You hold the vision. What you see, what you visualize, is what is created. Therefore, you are a very intricate part of nature. You also feel the natural movement continuously, this being your natural time; which is natural to you equally as it is to your creatures.

And are we incorporating a slightly clearer picture of our balancing of intellect and intuition? (Grinning at Vicki) Still discounting!

VICKI: I don’t think I’m discounting it! (Elias starts cracking up) I am very surprised, and I don’t really understand how the affectingness works, but I’m viewing it, so I don’t discount it!

ELIAS: We will also explain that within other areas of consciousness and essence, all things may be categorized as agreements. All action that transpires between any individuals are agreements; not in what you view to be agreements, for your definition of this word is quite limited to your physical understanding. These agreements are not expressed in the manner that you think of. Each element of your existence is not discussed with each other essence, and it is not debated back and forth. (Extends each hand out as if they were two people talking to each other) ‘I will do this.’ ‘Alright, this is acceptable.’ ‘No, I feel I should do this.’ ‘I disagree.’ ‘Well, acceptable.’ ‘We will compromise.’ ‘This is an agreement.’ Incorrect! No discussion is transpiring! Actions in this element are instantaneous. There is no ‘time element’ involved. They are spontaneous.

I will also express to you that although you create your own reality, as does each individual, you do not create another individual’s reality; but you do interact, and you do influence. This is where your agreements spontaneously lie, as a general understood agreement; that if one chooses to be responding, within consciousness, to your influence or your energy, for you may not always be influencing, in the definition that you hold, but you may be influencing within energy; and if the individual is responding to this, obviously they have agreed to be responding.

These, as I have stated, are not individual agreements. It is an overall agreement, within essence and other areas of consciousness, to be allowing or not allowing, within Regional Area 1, a response. Therefore, if you are viewing an individual seeming to be responding to thoughts that you possess which are unspoken, do not discount; for this is precisely what they are responding to! (Grinning at Vicki) Thoughts are energy. Energy is always in motion. Energy is reality.

VICKI: It’s just amazing to have such a specific physical example. It’s also amazing to me that two different individuals, viewing the same example, can have two completely different perceptions of it.

ELIAS: Each individual creates their reality through their own perception. In your widening, you are beginning to incorporate a greater understanding and acceptance of reality; and of the workings, naturally, of yourself and your consciousness. Allowed its natural expression, and balanced between intellect and intuition, you may be quite specifically affecting! Now you may think on this, and incorporate this thought when I express to you that you are affecting within consciousness already! (Pause, smiling, and tapping his hands on the chair in an exaggerated way)

This is expressly for Shynla’s [Cathy’s] benefit, for she is quite appreciating of finger tapping! (Laughing, and then to Vicki) This has been a very good example of noticing, and meshing of intellect and intuition, and incorporating this information, that you may view how effortlessly you may accomplish through this more natural method. If you are not ‘boxing up’ quite so tremendously, you will experience the natural flow, which is also effortless.” [session 77, March 10, 1996]

VICKI: “Regarding Michael’s [Mary’s] and my conversation last night, regarding the conflict, were we like way out in left field, or were we more like towards center field?

ELIAS: I have expressed previously that you are concentrating much energy in one direction, to which you will be creating conflict if you are continuing. Allow natural time, natural expression. Your desire has been stated. The probabilities have been initiated. Therefore, it is unnecessary for this concentration. You create what you concentrate upon. If you are concentrating upon personal responsibility, you will create it, not uncreate it! More clearly now, heed the warning I expressed previously. (Pause)

Incorporate effortlessness. Also, be remembering: Energy is reality. Thought is energy. Therefore, thought manifests; and although I have discussed thought being expressed audibly manifesting quickly, all thought is manifest. Even if you are manifesting not in this dimension, you are affecting of an alternate self, which is directly affecting of you. Therefore, thought is energy. Energy is reality.” [session 79, March 17, 1996]

VIVIEN: “My question #10 here; this is what I was going to ask you. True or false – new game! True or false: ‘My main purpose in this focus is to help others with this shift.’

ELIAS: Correct, within the guidelines of your intent and probabilities.

VIVIEN: The other extension of that: 'And to express myself creatively with art.’

ELIAS: Correct.

VIVIEN: Now, another question: Why don’t I do it?? I’m on a hamster wheel, one of your hamster wheels! I want to paint, I love to paint! I don’t do it.

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are not incorporating natural time.

VIVIEN: Yeah, I think that’s what it is. I’m using the time for all the things I SHOULD be doing, right?

ELIAS: (Humorously) Ah! ‘Shoulding on oneself,’ once again! Incorporating cultural time, within the guidelines of your belief systems, that you must be being productive....

VIVIEN: I’ve got to do my chores first.

ELIAS: Correct.

VIVIEN: Okay. I’ve been doing a lot of work this week trying to figure out my belief systems, so we’ll see....

ELIAS: Natural time is not bad!

VIVIEN: I believe it! But why don’t I do it? I just have to cross that little bridge and get myself out of it, I think. Put on some blinkers and some things in my ears and not listen to anybody asking me to do something!

ELIAS: It may be quite beneficial to you also, for in incorporating natural time and allowing your own creativity to be expressed, you also enhance other elements of your focus.

VIVIEN: Yeah, it makes me more spontaneous with other things. If I’m more relaxed and more happy with what I have expressed naturally, then other things will be easier, correct?

ELIAS: More efficient.” [session 225, October 04, 1997]

JIM: “Borloh [Cindy] has expressed for quite some time a tiredness in the afternoon that seems to come on. I don’t feel anything physically, but I know something physiologically is going on. Is that an energy pattern?

ELIAS: It is the subjective awareness expressing to the body consciousness, which in turn is attempting to express to the individual objectively to be paying attention. There is a tendency to be incorporating cultural time to excess, and in this the body consciousness, as instructed by subjective awareness, is expressing to the objective awareness to be incorporating more natural time. It is unnecessary for individuals to be viewing their time framework as needing to be completely productive, in their terms, at every moment, within certain structured time frameworks. This allows for a lack of creativity, a lack of spontaneity, and boxing yourself into time frameworks. This shall be expressed within energy. Within the confines of your belief systems you recognize an energy drain, for this shall gain your attention and shall be speaking to you, expressing that you need be incorporating natural time and creativity; a flow, as opposed to a pushing. (Pause)

VICKI: Can I ask a question here?

ELIAS: You may.

VICKI: I’ve had this experience also recently, of becoming tired in the daytime to the point where I really want to go to sleep, and so normally I go to sleep for a little while, and that seems to work just fine for me. My question is, based on what you just said, am I creating that feeling of tiredness because I’m following this cultural time too much?

ELIAS: Correct. This you shall be noticing of. Many individuals presently are experiencing this same action, not merely yourselves. Many individuals are creating this same action and holding this feeling of fatigue within the midpoints of your accepted day, midpoint not necessarily meaning noon; but within your accepted time frame of your day, you shall be experiencing this element of fatigue, as are very many other individuals also, for you are all creating this wave to offer yourselves an awareness of natural and cultural time. As you are responding, this be one element in acknowledgment; but the action continues, for you are not altering your time framework.

You believe within your belief systems that you must follow cultural time. You hold great belief systems in this area. You must arise at dawn. You must be accomplishing your work for your day within a certain time framework and you must diligently be continuing in this until you have accomplished, and THEN you may allow yourself your natural time AFTER you have accomplished your productivity within your cultural time.

I have expressed to you previously, many issues, many belief systems shall be brought to the forefront to be addressed within the action of this shift. You hold belief systems that within certain hours of your day, you hold a greater ability for productivity. Therefore, you respond to this cultural time and do not allow spontaneity, for you believe that within other time periods of your day you may not function quite as well. You believe you sleep at night and you work within the day. You believe that you rise and you work within the initial portion of the day, and you allow for spontaneity within your evening. These are all belief systems, as much so as your belief systems concerning how many hours you must be sleeping.

VICKI: Is it reinforcing the belief system to go ahead and go to sleep during those times?

ELIAS: No. This, as I have stated, is a partial acknowledgment. It is not altering of your response to cultural time, therefore it continues and nags at you; but it is not lending energy to the belief system, for you are responding.

VICKI: So the thing to do is to be recognizing the imagery and what it stands for, as far as the belief system is involved?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 234, November 05, 1997]

HELEN: “I also have suffered from depression most of my life, and I don’t seem to be ... I feel like there’s something between me and being able to feel the joys and the experiences of life, and I don’t know what that is or if I can alleviate that, or get rid of it perhaps. I don’t know what the barrier is.

ELIAS: You are blocking of your intent.

HELEN: Yes. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why I would do that to myself.

ELIAS: There has been offered many examples within this forum of individuals aligned with this family of Zuli. These individuals aligned with this family exhibit similar behavior; not to the extent of which you manifest, but to a partial degree. Being part of this family, there is a striving for perfection within this area which conflicts with many of your societal belief systems.

Your belief systems are very influencing of your creations. In this, if you are addressing to your belief systems which conflict with your intent as designated by your family that you belong to, and being recognizing of the reality of the family that you belong to and its intent and the gloriousness of it, this may be alleviating of your depression.

Look about you. Allow yourself natural time. Allow yourself to be connecting with yourself and the wondrousness of the natural elements that are true to yourself, the wondrousness of all that is about you within what you have created, all that you view to be creation within this dimension. Every element of creation is connected to you, for every form within this creation is of your creating; not only yourself, as you as your species, but all other species, all other creations, all other vegetation, all other elements of this planet that you inhabit. These are all creations in form of the family that you belong to. They are wondrous, amazing creations. They all hold tremendous beauty in themselves, and they all hold consciousness, and you are not separated from them. And in this, within your form, within your being, you know this; but you deny yourself this and strive to be better, but you are perfect in what you are already!” [session 240, November 20, 1997]

MARCOS: “Elias, I created an illness about two weeks ago that I believe – and I would just ask you to tell me if I’m right or wrong – I believe that I created this to call attention to myself in a major way because I had been running too much and I needed to slow down. And so I did, but in a major way! I mean, I was in bed! But I think it was the only way that I could really call attention to myself to stop and slow down a little bit. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct. This is unnecessary. Allow yourself the incorporation of natural time, and then you may not be creating of situations that shall obtain your attention in the area of illness. Many individuals allow themselves certain time frameworks within your year that they may excuse themselves and become ill, and therefore allow themselves a rest period. There are more enjoyable methods to be taking holiday!” [session 245, November 29, 1997]

NICKY: “Okay, then what we call conflict, within that idea alone, is because of our belief systems of, ‘We have to finish things. We have to be doing this. We shouldn’t be doing that. I shouldn’t have my head in five million places.’

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: And that’s where the conflict is.

ELIAS: Absolutely. You hold belief systems quite aligned with cultural time, and you do not allow your own free flow of your own free expression.” [session 261, January 22, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: Mary’s question was in regards to whether or not Jane Roberts ended physical focus as a result of a lack of creative expression.

(2) Paul’s note: Jane Roberts engaged an energy exchange with an “energy personality essence” named Seth from December 1963 until her passing in September 1984. Seth/Jane produced over 40 books of material during that time that now forms a body of the perennial philosophy called the Seth Material. (The Early Sessions, Books 1-9 are now available, [sessions 1-510].)

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