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BOBBI: “I have a question about an experience I had a couple of weeks ago. I was sort of waking up and still sort of in a sleep state, and noticed I was having this mergence with my mother. Well, I have been looking at my relationship with her and wanting to understand more of my feelings in that relationship, so I was really glad that this was occurring, but it seems like as I drew close, I was like bounced off. Instead of some kind of a mergence occurring, I was repelled, almost like a magnet, bouncing off like that. And so I was very surprised because I was looking forward to this action, and tried it again in that same time frame, and the same thing occurred.

Now at the time, I thought that maybe she was blocking that action, but I’ve had some other dream imagery that tells me we’re probably engaging a mirroring action, and so that makes me think that maybe it was me that backed away in that imagery.

So anyway, I would like your input on that situation, and I was also ... I do think I have some kind of a mirroring action going on with my mother, but I’m having a hard time identifying what is being mirrored back to me that is making me so uncomfortable.

ELIAS: This also moves in the same direction of the subject matter that we are addressing within this session.

In this, it is a cooperation and a joint action of repelling. You are correct in both areas. There is an aspect of yourself that pulls away in not entirely wishing to be viewing the mirroring that occurs between yourself and this individual, and also, there is a repelling from this individual in not entirely being responsive to accepting your energy, for in the acceptance of your energy, this creates the mirror action in reverse.

BOBBI: Hmm. That was my other question, if a mirror action works both ways. It can be just one way, then?

ELIAS: It may be noticed and an awareness may be held by one individual, and not necessarily by the other individual. It is quite dependent upon what each individual is allowing themselves to be presenting themselves with.

In this situation, there is a recognition that in acceptance of this energy mergence, the mirror action would be manifesting itself to both individuals, and in this situation, there is a repelling action, for there is an unwillingness upon each individual’s part, so to speak, to be engaging the depth of that particular type of mirror action.

You are expressing specific action of mergence. In this, the action of mirroring shall occur within awareness to both individuals.

Now; if you are not necessarily engaging mergence, this may be a different situation, and one individual may offer themselves information concerning mirror actions, and the other individual may not necessarily allow themselves an objective awareness of this same action.

But within a mergence, there is an agreement between both individuals to be interactive, and also to be complying with each other and to be creating of this viewing together. Therefore, the action of moving away from this creation is expressed by both individuals.

In this, let me express to you that there are certain expressions that that individual may be offering that you hold responses to within you.

Now, be understanding: you may not necessarily objectively respond in words or your language to this individual as they may be expressing of certain directions that you are not within agreement of, but regardless of your outward expression, your response within you is that which offers you the information of the mirror action. In those areas that you hold a difference of opinion that may stir irritated or agitated responses and feelings within you, those are your gauges that you are presenting yourself, within those moments, the very mirroring that you are seeking.

In this, if you are addressing to self and questioning how you are receiving this mirror, your own expression may be quite different, but the underlying base expression shall be the same. It may be expressed outwardly quite differently and this may create the confusion, for you camouflage expressions in different disguises, but essentially, they are the same. As I have stated, the gauge in this action is your own response as the other individual is expressing of themselves in certain directions. Are you understanding?

BOBBI: Yes. I think I’ll have to investigate that a bit more before I can come up with what exactly the issue is that specifically is so irritating. It seems like I’ve found this person to be irritating generally for quite a while, and I’m having trouble finding specifically what the issue is.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you may be offering yourself an exercise presently, temporarily, in a very simple expression. Each time that you are engaged with this individual, be noticing each time you twinge at any of her expressions.

Now; as you are noticing your response of your twinges at any of her expressions, note to yourself what is being expressed; not necessarily noticing or noting concentratedly the questioning to yourself of how or why you are responding, but be noticing of the expression itself that is being offered, and noting your twinging in response. As you allow yourself to view these expressions, you begin your identification of this mirror action.

You have created a situation that you have generalized, so to speak. ‘This individual is irritating to me in general, overall manners.’ This is quite vague, so to speak, and this offers you the opportunity and the excuse to not be addressing to self, for you may express to self, ‘I am aware that there is a mirror action occurring, but it is quite so broad that it is impossible for me to be identifying what this mirror action entails.’

Therefore, in this, if you are allowing yourself the expression of noticing your own response – and the subject matter or the tone or what you term to be the attitude of the other individual – you may create your own individual file, so to speak, within you of these expressions, and as you allow yourself to view each of these expressions, you also shall begin to specifically identify those areas which you are allowing to be affecting of you in this mirror action.

What you are in actuality expressing to yourself are the very areas that you are not accepting within yourself, for each time that you are not accepting of another individual’s expression, what you are expressing in actuality is a lack of acceptance and trust in self, which you are viewing in mirror action within another individual.

BOBBI: I see. When you engage in mirror action, is that usually with a counterpart, or is that something separate?

ELIAS: You may be engaging mirror action with counterparts quite often, but it is not necessary. You may engage mirror action with any individual, and with ALL individuals. It is merely the choice that you present to yourself in the area of addressing to your own belief systems, and your own openness to be viewing the aspects of these belief systems.

As you allow yourself to become more and more open in this area and to widen your awareness, you shall also allow yourself to view this mirror action within many more individuals, for you allow yourself the feeling of safety within this expression as you become more accepting of self. You do not automatically move so quickly into your own expressions of duplicity, and as you do not move so quickly into your own duplicity, you also present yourself with more mirror actions that shall allow you to objectively view the aspects of your belief systems that you choose to be addressing to.

BOBBI: I understand. Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 358, February 01, 1999]

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