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the nine essence families; an overview

Paul’s note: Elias has presented extensive information on the concept of nine essence families. He describes an essence family as a foundational “pool of consciousness” or “psychic races” that provides the “source energy” from which human beings emerge into to the realm of space-time. Elias uses the word “family” because it is familiar and one of our most cherished belief systems. Culturally speaking, the family concept forms the foundation of our social, religious, economic, political, and legal institutions.

This concept is not an absolute offered in some type of mathematical language or philosophical dialectic based upon pure reason. It must be experienced intuitively to be more fully understood. Try to imagine the reality of six billion human beings as individuals that make up the collective human consciousness. If you were to imagine this group, metaphorically speaking, as a Rainbow of Consciousness, then each discrete color would represent a basic “family” nature or intent. When viewing this Rainbow from afar you can’t find the exact place where red ends and orange begins, yet you can clearly distinguish both colors. As your vision zooms in, each color also reveals infinite shades of gradation and the edges that seemed separate from a longer distance literally disappear. So the foundation of nine can easily be extended into an infinite spectrum of consciousness with plenty of room for individual variations. Therefore, we really aren’t limited to nine discrete “colors.”

All this to say that the concept of nine “families” is really, what integral psychologist Ken Wilber calls, an orienting generalization. (1) It is a foundational, orienting concept intended to set the stage from which to explore greater depths of meaning, allowing for interpersonal and subjective differences. As you dig into it you begin to realize that it is just a tool that helps us better understand ourselves and our Source; that vast, archetypal wellspring from which the collective human consciousness emerges.

Another way to understand the nine “families” concept is in terms of mythos and mythology. Every culture holds a set of beliefs that defines the origins of their universe and their species. When this set of beliefs changes, the effects can have significant consequences.

The definition of mythos from Webster’s Dictionary is: 1a. myth, b. mythology, 2. a pattern of beliefs expressing often symbolically the characteristic or prevalent attitudes in a group or culture, 3. theme, plot.

Joseph Campbell, the twentieth century’s foremost mythologist, offers this definition: “Mythology is an organization of images metaphoric of experience, action, and fulfillment of the human spirit in the field of a given culture at a given time.” (2)

Willis Harman – philosopher, scientist, futurist, and former president of The Institute of Noetic Sciences in Sausalito, CA – offers the following version of the Western world’s myth:

“In the beginning was the Big Bang. Following that were something like 15 billion years of evolution of stars and planets; the coming together of certain chemicals to create life on planet Earth; the further evolution of more complex life forms, and their sorting out through natural selection; the resulting formation of increasingly complex neuronal networks culminating in the human brain with its fantastic capabilities. Thus the essential characteristics of human nature are to be understood as the consequence of an evolutionary succession of random events (from the origin of life to later mutations) and natural selections, and hence accidental-without purpose or meaning. The essence of ourselves is to be found in a material substance, the DNA with which we are born. Since our basic drives appear to be survival, pleasure, and procreation, it is only natural that the economy should have become the paramount institution of modern society, around which everything else revolves, and that economic logic and values should be the primary guides to our individual and collective decision making. It is only natural that we should treat the Earth and our fellow creatures as ‘resources,’ to be used in the service of the economy, and that we should view controlling nature through technology as one of modern society’s most impressive achievements.

“This central myth infuses and informs our education, healthcare policy, legal justice system, business, and other social institutions. If it were to be found fundamentally in error, the implications are far-reaching.” (3)

According to Joseph Campbell there is presently a new myth in the process of emerging from the collective consciousness in the Western world. When Bill Moyers asked him, during an interview, what the world needed now (during the mid-1980’s), he replied, “a new myth.” Campbell didn’t pretend to know the specifics of this new myth, but knew it had to be holistic and encompass the entire planet and all people, not just one region or set of “special people.”

Myths are archetypal, symbolic inner expressions meant to help us understand our universe and our place in it. They are not to be taken literally, but metaphorically. And this requires an abstract, intuitive kind of perception that is relatively new to the mainstream Western mind and neurological pathways. I believe that Elias’ nine “families” concept falls into this archetypal area of a newly emerging mythos. Only time will tell whether or not this mythos manifests in a more widespread, objectified manner or remains in the subconscious edges of the collective consciousness.

Another way to use the “families” concept is as a typology of innate intention that unfolds through various stages of human development, for example, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and seniorhood. Elias later acknowledged, in broad terms, that humans develop through preconventional, conventional, and postconventional stages, and there’s room for additional stages thereafter. (4) So the idea of applying the essence “families” typology to developmental stages is perfectly consonant with his ideas to date.

Examples of other typologies include male and female genders, the Enneagram, and Meyers-Briggs. (5) Since typologies add another way to understand human emergence and transformation over an entire lifetime, we could , for example, plug Elias’ essence “families” into an integral matrix like Ken Wilber’s AQAL, which is short for all quadrants, levels, lines, states, and types. (6) Practical applications could include areas like marriage and career counseling. So this isn’t just an airy-fairy New Age idea, but one with potentials for practical use down the road.

Finally, since Elias assigns a color to each of the nine “families,” any time one of the nine names is mentioned in the Digests it appears in that color.

The nine essence families, along with their associated colors and original intents, are:

name            pronunciation intent color

Sumafi Su-ma’-fi (Seers) black
Milumet Mil’-u-met (Watchers) red
Gramada Gra-ma’-da (Formers) orange
Vold Vold (Hearers) yellow
Ilda Il’-da (Tellers) green
Sumari Su-ma’-ri (Speakers) blue
Tumold Tu’-mold (Readers) indigo
Zuli Zu’-li (Imagers) violet
Borledim Bor’-le-dim (Bearers) pink

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “There are nine families of consciousness which are connected with this particular physical dimension, which in conjunction with yourselves are creating of this particular reality and orchestrate the manifestation of this particular dimension. (7) These families of consciousness are relative to this dimension. They are not orchestrating of other physical dimensions and are not particularly relative to all of consciousness, although they are participants in all of consciousness, as consciousness may not be separated in any manner.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “You may exchange these individual words within all of your essence families, and each word will apply equally to each family. I may incorporate the word spiritualist to each essence family, and it will be correct. I may apply healing or communication, and it will be correct in referring to each essence family. As to an understanding within your accepted definitions and belief systems, I have offered definitions to you, and explanations of your essence families, so that you may connect with and understand more easily why your desires manifest within the direction that they do.” [session 91, May 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “Each physical reality holds their own equivalent of essence families. Some realities may have fewer essence families; some may have the same number of essence families. These families, as we have discussed previously, are related directly to the individual physical realities. Just as you together in a group would cooperate and volunteer to exercise your individual talents and your individual contributions if you were to be planning and creating a town or a city, these essence families also cooperate in creating this reality. This is voluntary action. Groups of essences choose individual physical realities to align with and be creating of.” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

JO: “Elias, does it help to know what family that you’re in, and will we be more prone to find out what families we’re in and become more focused on that rather that our birth families, for example? It sounds as though the identification of those families really is important to us.

ELIAS: Within one aspect you may view this holding importance, although the importance should not be exaggerated to be all-consuming; for this creates more belief systems, and you shall create your cults around your belief systems of your families! It is valuable only for your own information, in understanding of self and your intent and your creations. Many, many individuals within this Sumari class are not Sumari! ... (grinning at Frank, and we all crack up) ... but share a recognition of the interaction and harmony of all of these families, for there is no separation.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “There are many, many, many subdivisions of all of these essence families, some being so slight within tone that objectively, you would not notice any difference.” [session 201, July 29, 1997]

RODNEY: “There is a popular notion among certain circles, what they term to be a map of consciousness, so to speak. (Elias grins) One is called The Enneagram, as popularized recently by an author called Helen Palmer. It is supposedly derived from an ancient Sufi tradition. This is the first one, and the second one is a mapping of behavior based on the concepts of Carl Jung, and it’s currently designated under the terms, The Meyers-Briggs System. I was wondering if you would comment as to whether or not there’s any relationship between the division, so to speak, set up in these systems and the families of consciousness, which you’ve described, and the alignments that are possible within those families. Are there any connections here whatsoever?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that individuals do access within physical focus information that is in alignment with these families of consciousness and their intents, although they also attach their own interpretations and influences of their belief systems to these areas. Therefore, they do not necessarily identify them completely with the families of consciousness, but I may express to you that they have tapped into some of the information that is in conjunction with these families of consciousness and their intents and their creations within this particular dimension.

Now; let me also express to you that there are deviations in this, for it is colored by the individual’s own belief systems and interpretations, for at times certain individuals are searching, so to speak, for the ‘blueprints’ of creating of their reality. Let me express to you that this is or may be quite a controversial subject matter, for in one respect it may be said that there are blueprints, so to speak, of each physical reality, but within another respect this is quite limiting and is suggestive that there is a certain method that must be adhered to within the creation of any given physical reality, which is not entirely correct, for physical realities may be altering themselves at any given moment and changing their realities into very different types of realities, and although you may make agreements for the creation of certain realities, the blueprints, so to speak, may be altered, for they are not absolute.

THIS be the area that there is an entering of distortion factors and that you may be recognizing of the alignments with certain belief systems in conjunction to information which is being tapped into. Therefore, what I express to you is that there are certain elements of the information which is presented that IS in conjunction with certain elements that have been created, in like manner to accessing world views or energy deposits within consciousness in non-physical areas of consciousness, but these aspects of information that are accessed are also filtered through perceptions, interpretations, and belief systems, and therefore hold elements of distortion.” [session 309, August 22, 1998]

PAUL: “... my final question in this area for today is; your information certainly places importance and significance on the symbols of these nine essence families and their intents, and I guess I’m just making a statement here that that is what strikes me about it, and that is sort of the frontier, as it were, to explore behind these symbols and what deeper meanings, I guess, are being translated through Source Events, source energy, into our physical objective awareness.

ELIAS: It is the presentment of energy to be actualized in the movement of this shift, the representation of that energy, and its manifestations as offered by each of these nine manifestations [of the essence of Rose] in conjunction with the actions and intents of the nine essence families, which you all are belonging to and which provides a directional point for all of your reality in this particular dimension.

PAUL: So, Elias, is it most probable that as this shift completes its circle, so to speak, in the coming century, that this concept, this archetype, this symbol of nine essence families, so to speak, will hold an objective awareness in everybody alive on the planet?

ELIAS: In the movement of probabilities in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, most probably, presently, yes.

PAUL: Fascinating! Interesting. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 530, December 29, 1999]

ELIAS: “You may present yourself with an object, and through your perception, which creates your reality, you may view that particular object within one moment to be blue. You may alter your perception. You may view the very same object, and within the subsequent moment, you may express that you view that object to be violet.

“You are viewing the same object. You are creating that object through your perception in the same form. Your attention is focused in the same direction, but you have altered your perception in that attention slightly. Therefore, what you create within one moment is blue, and what you create within another moment is violet. In this, you remain the same. The object remains the same, other than its color. Your attention remains the same, in a manner of speaking.

“In like manner, within different moments, dependent upon the movement of the focus and the attention of the focus – as it is affecting of essence, just as your perception, which creates your reality, is affecting of you, but they may not be separated – as the attention of the focus is affecting of essence, the tonal quality within that moment may be altered, or the alignment of family may be altered.

“Or, dependent upon the expression of the focus and the manifestation of the focus, the family which the focus is belonging to may be affected, for the attention may be directed to the expression of one essence within one moment and to another essence within another moment, and if the focus is a projection, a manifestation of combined essences, it may be turning its attention within different moments and it may be expressing different essence families.

“We shall be incorporating more information concerning this subject matter futurely.

“But briefly, I offer this to you, that you may hold an understanding that you have merely incorporated the initial identifications of these concepts of essence names, essence tones, essence families, essence colors, focus colors, other focuses of essences, chapter focuses of essence, or essence as consciousness.

“You have incorporated the beginnings of your objective understanding, which presents you with the viewing of the flatness, so to speak, in like manner to the picture which is painted as the representation of reality, that which you define as two-dimensional, in your very physical terminology.

“The painting incorporates the flatness, for it is merely the initial representation. The creation of your actual reality is what you term to be three- or four-dimensional, which incorporates more depth, and as you have moved into this millennium, now you incorporate more of the depth in objective reality, not merely subjective reality.” [session 571, February 25, 2000]

ELIAS: “... the beneficial aspect of objectively knowing the identifications of essence families in a particular focus is that you may allow yourself a fuller or clearer understanding of the qualities in this particular focus that you incorporate, and it may also be helpful to individuals in recognizing the essence families that are incorporated by other individuals, lending more of an objective understanding of your interactions with other individuals, recognizing the qualities that they may be incorporating in difference to the qualities that YOU express within your focus. This is NOT an identification of what you term to be, in your beliefs, spiritual development or growth or position.

Now; let me also express to you my friend, many, many, many individuals within your physical dimension align with a very strongly expressed belief that you manifest within this physical dimension to be learning, and therefore attaining to higher spiritual levels.

... And I may express to you quite definitely that there are NO LEVELS within consciousness, and this is not the point. You manifest within this particular physical dimension for it offers an extremely diverse expression of physical ability of exploration of consciousness. This is an extremely intricate and complex physical dimension.

As I have stated previously, this particular physical dimension is one of the most complex and diverse physical dimensions that is expressed within consciousness. Therefore, you incorporate manifestation within this physical dimension to offer yourself a tremendous variety of exploration in the physical aspect of consciousness, but you are not aspiring to or attaining levels of consciousness. This belief, in actuality, is inconsistent with consciousness itself, for you ARE consciousness. You are essence; therefore, you occupy all areas of consciousness. Therefore, what shall you attain to that you already do not incorporate?” [session 821, April 21, 2001]

JULIE: “I’m surprised that I belong to the family of Borledim. Well, I guess it’s one of the families I thought I could belong to, but I had used my pendulum and gotten a different response. So I guess I’m wondering if I can trust myself when I really thought I was a part of a different family.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, as I have expressed previously, every individual incorporates qualities of all of these essence families, in actuality.

Now; it is not necessarily that you may not be trusting of yourself, it may be that within a particular moment your attention is focusing on particular qualities that you view as more obviously expressed within your experiences or within certain qualities of yourself. This is not necessarily inaccurate.

In belonging to an essence family, the qualities expressed are not what you may term to be as obviously viewed. These qualities create what may be viewed as an underlying expression in the individual, which, if you are paying attention, you may allow yourself to recognize the expressions of that family within your experience, but they may not necessarily be as overtly expressed as the qualities of the family that you are aligning with.

JULIE: Then the aligning family, you said I was Sumari. I don’t see that at all because I’m such a shy and quiet person.

ELIAS: Ah, but let me express to you, this is the significance of allowing yourself to become familiar with yourself, not merely in association with the qualities expressed in these essence families that you may incorporate but also allowing yourself to familiarize yourself with your perception in relation to your orientation, your personality, and also the influence of your beliefs.

It is not an expression of absolute qualities, my friend, that shall be displayed in definite types of expressions in a narrow field, so to speak. There are many, many, many different expressions of each of the qualities of these families. What I have offered in brief explanation of the qualities and intents of these essence families is a generalization.” [session 925, October 12, 2001]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “We have much to cover this evening, in information. As I have expressed at our last session, I will be speaking to you this evening of essence groups, or families, and the connections with these groups.

... I will explain also that all of the families that I will be expressing to you incorporate all qualities of each other. Overall, the majority of the essences magnate to the qualities of the specific family, but all essence families incorporate individuals who display action, partial desire, and manifestation of other essence families. You within this group are diverse, and exhibit qualities of other essence families, although you are all Sumafi; this being the reason also why you are not all the same, why your interests vary, for you align vibrationally and through desire with other families, but your intent remains that of the Sumafi.

I will also begin by expressing to you that you are not ‘born into’ an essence family. You magnate to a family. You are drawn through intent, as metal is drawn to a magnet; the family being the magnet. You, within your individual intents, are the metals being drawn to the families. This may change, if you are choosing. Generally speaking, it does not. This is not to say that it may not, for you always incorporate choices, as I have expressed. Therefore you may, at any moment, choose to align more with another essence family. Within this group, you do not. You may also choose, for the duration of a specific developmental focus, to align with another essence family for that particular experience and intent. Generally, you have not. Within this group, you have continued to align with the Sumafi.

Milumet (Watchers)

... I shall begin with your first color of red. This is aligned with the essence representing the family of Milumet. This family incorporates the focus of spiritualists, mystics. They manifest mainly within what you will view as primitives. Your Indians of these Americas would fall into this family; many tribes within your continent of Africa; your aborigines also. This is not to say that all individuals connected with this essence family will manifest within a primitive tribe, for they do not.

Their focus is inward. They do not concern themselves with political involvement, social involvement. They generally do not involve themselves, to any great degree, with many other individuals. Their communal focus is limited and small, for they are mainly interested in seeking; ... of truth. They are concerned with continuing and holding the remembrance.

... Remind yourselves, as I speak of these families, you will cross over these imaginary lines of families, within yourselves. You will identify with many elements of all of these families.

... These individuals are very connected with nature. They hold an extraordinary connection with creatures. It is quite easy for these individuals to exchange telepathically, and also empathically, with creatures, and with all elements of nature. They are simple beings. They choose not to be complicating their focus with too much intellectualizing, for their desire is to be continuing with what they view as original. They also incorporate great connection and affinity with elements such as stones, having an inner knowing of the energy that may be transmitted through stones, and radiated out through manipulation. Many individuals manifesting not in primitive tribes may feel an affinity for plants or animals or precious stones, and may surround themselves with these things. They may not understand why they collect these things, other than the idea that they ‘like’ them; but within them there is an inner knowing of identification which aligns them to these families. You will notice, the essences that are connected with each color will bear parallels to the corresponding family.

Gramada (Formers)

We move to your next family, in your color of orange. This will be the family of Gramada. They are organizers. They are initiators. They bear great creativity. They possess an ability to connect with world views of other essences.

I will briefly deviate to explain world views of other essences. This is not how an essence views the world! It is a tremendous energy put forth, by any individual, which stands through time.

These individuals may be what you view to be great artists, or musicians, or architects, or physicists; individuals whose ideas are initiating and original; individuals who express to your world information that they have connected with through essence, and have the ability to translate into your physical languages. Individuals within the family of Gramada possess the ability to connect with this element of consciousness, for these individuals disconnect from their physically focused accomplished consciousness, and allow this to be offered to your world. It may be tapped into at any moment; but few individuals possess the ability, within their physical consciousness, to connect with these world views; this being why certain individuals may feel a great affinity and an underlying understanding of concepts that have been expressed by previous individuals, such as our Einstein. These individuals may not consciously understand the concepts that have been expressed forth, but they identify. There is a connection.

They are also initiators in the modem of expressing original ideas for efficiency. They may not always be focused upon by other individuals as being responsible for their ideas, for they choose not to be within the spotlight, so to speak. They are comfortable being ‘behind your scenes,’ but they offer the originality of ideas.

These individuals, on a grander scale, are the ones responsible for establishment of your societies, your governments, your institutions, your religions. Others ‘take up’ the work and establishment of these elements, but this family projects the original; the idea; the concept; the information.

Vold (Hearers)

Your third color of yellow; this essence represents the family of Vold. (To Vicki: ‘V’) This family would be focused upon by you as being reformers. They are not interested in the status quo. Their main objective is change. They are not satisfied with elements of existence continuing along the same direction. They change themselves, they change where their location is, they change elements around them, they change societies, they change governments, they change your world! They are a restless group. They also are very, very emotional. They are quite passionate, this being their motivating force behind their changing. They are never satisfied with elements being what they are, for their passion and their emotion runs very deep. They are great connectors with other individuals, for they also incorporate tremendous compassion and understanding.

These individuals are very strongly focused within their dream abilities. They also possess very strong precognitive abilities. They may not be aware, or acknowledge these inner senses that they possess, but in connecting with these inner senses, may develop them to great extremes.

They possess inner knowings of probabilities. They possess an understanding of probabilities. They will connect with information concerning the probabilities of all things, and how they work. They do not incorporate this information intellectually. They draw this information through feelings. They may not always possess the capability of expressing to other individuals their inner knowing, for they may not understand how to be translating this into intellectual expression; but they know within their feeling.

They also, within this passion and great emotional-focus, confuse themselves much; for they strive, within physical focus, to be translating elements that they may not translate into thought. They are in many ways, within physical focus, trying to conform to accepted realities, especially within your present times, which allows small amount of room, within your civilizations, for the knowing that they possess within feelings.

Ilda (Tellers)

Your fourth color of green; this will be represented of the family of Ilda. I shall offer spelling later. These individuals are very likable. They are extremely verbal. They are communicators. Their focus is exchange. They are travelers. They may be manifest as merchants, as gypsies, as seamen; any individuals that travel and exchange ideas of cultures. They are the ‘mixers.’ Without these individuals your civilizations, your cultures, would become stagnant. They also incorporate, within physical manifestation, as slaves, as pirates. They are quite colorful individuals! They exchange ideas from one culture to another. They bring infiltration of religion, of trade, to all areas within your world. Some, in other times periods of your history, were great jesters of courts, having access to diplomats and kings, and exchanging ideas and concepts between these of high rank and peasantry. I personally hold quite affection for this family. (Smiling)

Sumafi (Seers)

The one essence family which will not be identified singularly within your game (8), is that of Sumafi, for you all are Sumafi. Therefore, it needs no representative with the game. I will explain to you, this family incorporates the focus of teaching. It incorporates teachers of every element and every subject of your existence. Many who manifest being a part of this family will be individuals connected with universities. They may be aligned with museums, they may be religious leaders, they may be within government; any area of society that incorporates any element of teaching, you will find these individuals.

In other time periods within your history, they have been ‘keepers of knowledge.’ They have manifest as scribes. Many have chosen religious-focuses. They are quite intent upon keeping truths. Their intent also is in the direction of the least distortion. Therefore, within any element of teaching, they strive to incorporate the least distortion, the most original, the most pure.

We will focus upon our other four colors at our next meeting. Therefore, you may incorporate time to connect with these four, and also with your own identity of your family of Sumafi.

These essences also, of Sumafi, I will express, are playful. They do not incorporate the seriousness that you think of, within physical focus, of ‘solemn teachers!’ They are quite flexible and incorporate much humor, for this is an asset to teaching. They are also quite experiential, understanding the value of experience with teaching. You learn through experience; therefore they are quite directing of experiences, and hold much desire to be experiencing.

... [You] will find a great concentration of Sumafi as teachers within the elements of arts, all arts; art being that which they view to be quite important, placing a very high value upon aesthetic beauty. We have begun our sessions originally by speaking to you of living artfully and incorporating beauty; this being aligned with your intent, as you are Sumafi. I continue to incorporate these elements throughout our meetings, and when you are moving away and being forgetful of the beauty and the artfulness of yourselves and your creations, I am immediate to be reminding you.

... I have explained that all essence groups cross. They all incorporate elements of each other. Therefore, you may find individuals manifest within any essence group who possess qualities of another essence group. It may seem to you that they “should” be aligned with a certain group. I will express one brief example. You may think that an individual, who has a great desire within the area of healing, would be aligned with the family of Tumold. The individual may not! The individual may possess these qualities, but the individual’s intent follows Sumafi. Therefore, it is incorporated within the family of Sumafi, and possesses the desires and manifestations of Tumold. Is this clearer? (The group agrees) Very well! I shall return briefly.


Sumari (Speakers)

ELIAS: In continuing, we move to my color of blue. The essence family that I choose to represent is Sumari. The Sumari are playful. They are creative. They are spiritual. They are your artists. They are not teachers of art; they are doers. The Sumari are doers of everything! They incorporate action. They materialize what the Sumafi and the Gramada initiate. This essence family incorporates great creativity.

I have spoken to you of the initiators, these being the driving forces behind the actualizers. Therefore, the initiators within the arts would be the manifest individuals who promote the individual artists. These of the Sumari are the artists. They do incorporate the spotlight. They enjoy being within the forefront of all action. They are not introverted or shy individuals! They are quite extroverted. They also are quite independent. They do not align themselves with groups. They do not align themselves with societies or governments or religions. They are your rebellious group. They are the individuals that butt against everything! They are your salmon swimming upstream! They do not conform. You will find, in movements of cultures, individuals who are refusing to conform to the norm. These individuals belong to the Sumari.

Within your culture, within this country of yours, you have been exposed to a movement of the Sumari before you physically, within your time of great change, within this century; your young individuals, your students who revolted, who refused to conform; your ‘flower children.’ These were Sumari. They are great expressers of love and freedom. They choose not to align themselves within groups, for they feel that this is constricting of their individuality and creativity. They are tremendous expressers of individuality. They are your triumphers for the individual. They are focused upon the development, within all creativity, of each individual. They stress spirituality, but only within the individual, not within a religious-focus.

They are connectors. They connect essence to focus. They are also temporary. They are your physical ‘pop-ins’ of cultures. They do not establish cultures to be lasting. They ‘pop-in’ to established cultures, they encourage individual thought and creativity and spirituality, and they ‘pop-out!’ They initiate thought. They initiate remembering of connections. You will not find Sumari in long-lasting cultural situations. They will appear, temporarily, to be ‘stirring your pot,’ so to speak; and then they will, as suddenly as it may seem that they appeared, they will disappear.

The Sumafi is greatly involved with Sumari, for Sumafi incorporates before and after. When your Sumaris appear, they are taught by Sumafi. When they disappear, their ideas are continued and held steadfast by Sumafi. Within your present time, the Sumari have initiated, they have manifest, they have ‘stirred your pot’ temporarily, they have altered your focus. Now, the Sumafi incorporates the carrying on of this in teaching; therefore you, now.

Tumold (Readers)

Moving to your color of indigo; this will be represented with the family of Tumold. These are the healers. These individuals may manifest within medical professions, they may be mystical healers, they may be cultural healers. These healers incorporate a vast territory, so to speak, for healing may be incorporated within any element of focus. It does not only incorporate physical healing of ailments. It may be spiritual healing. It may be psychological healing. It may be physical healing.

These you will find in all walks of life, so to speak. You may find your garbage man to be of the family of Tumold; for ‘it matters not’ what their physical manifestation may be, or their occupation, for they possess the inner ability to be healing. Many times, they incorporate merely vibrational qualities that are expressed by their very being, and need never implement any physical manifestation of what you view to be healing. Their presence itself is healing to all they touch.

They also incorporate, within this healing family, alignments with organizations. They do recognize the power of the collective consciousness. They may not always understand this inner knowing, and they may not physically express this, manifest within connections of the collective consciousness, but they possess an alignment vibrationally; which, if allowing themselves to be ‘tapping into,’ they possess great power in these areas.

Zuli (Imagers)

Your purple; this is represented of the family of Zuli. These essences are primarily concerned with physical expression. They are performers. They are athletes. They have a deep appreciation for beauty. They appreciate physical form and the greatness manifest in the creation of your physical expression. There is tremendous appreciation of every element of your physical bodies.

They are very preoccupied with the physical body. They incorporate a tremendous understanding of its workings. They understand the consciousness of the cells and the molecules that are incorporated within physical form. They are excellent manipulators of physical form. They incorporate living art. They do not necessarily express art or artfulness through music, or painting, or sculpting. They manifest this through their own bodies, expressing the capabilities of bodies and their functions, allowing other essences to appreciate the beauty and the magnificence of your physical expression.

As I have said, they are usually or generally adept at athletics. Their bodies are connected with their consciousness, within a deep understanding of each other. They listen to them. They may choose to be performers, manipulating their bodily expression in mime, allowing others to view its beauty. You will notice many of your players, your actors, take great care in adorning the physical body, enhancing their expression by allowing you exaggerated visualization. This is their incorporation of living art.

Borledim (Bearers)

Your color of pink, your new category; this essence represents the family of Borledim. This family is concerned with your Earth stock. Their primary focus is to be creating of new individuals. They are very family-oriented, this being their priority. They are excellent parents. They take great care in nurturing. Their primary function, within physical focus, is to produce. They stop at nothing to be accomplishing this goal, and they are quite accomplished at realizing this. They produce balanced, centered individuals. They produce directed individuals for essence families. When essence families are needing of representatives within physical focus, they align within agreement with this essence family to produce the stock.

These individuals possess great affection, great understanding, and tremendous patience. They may not always appear, as individuals, to be extremely patient within their physical expression, but within their intent, they may be quite patient; for although their intent is to be producing of this stock, they do not always possess physical capability of accomplishing this normally, or within what you term to be reasonable amounts of your time. They incorporate tremendous patience in the pursuit of their accomplishment. They are very singularly focused, and do not deviate. Once accomplishing, they produce tremendous individuals, quite crediting. They also are not self-sacrificing, for they are quite understanding that this is defeating; for in being the good tree and exhibiting the example for their young, they produce individuals who possess an understanding, realistically balanced, of how to incorporate physical life. They also possess, within this balance, a great fairness.

Many do incorporate bearing of these young quite easily, and produce many. You will find many of these individuals possessing, so to speak, eight or twelve or fifteen young ones within one family. They also are great believers in extended families, incorporating all aspects of family living to be allowing the experience, to the small ones, of all others within the family unit that may be contributing. Many of your cultures that you view to be undesirable or backwards incorporate many individuals of this family. You will find, within these cultures, that they do not express irritation with small ones. They do not block impulses. They are not concerned with ‘right’ behavior. They are allowing of experiences. They direct, but they are not intrusive.

... These [nine] essence families are focused within this dimension of this manifestation physically. They interact with this creation. You are within this dimension, upon this planet, within this focus. Therefore, you have directing essence families which manifest within this dimension.

VICKI: ... (Still cracking up, trying to be serious) These nine essence families pertain to this physical creation we’re experiencing now?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And other physical creations have other essence families, so to speak?

ELIAS: Correct; within other dimensions. Within other focuses of other dimensions, other essence families align with other intents. These are not important for your knowledge, for you do not interact with these, and they do not affect your dimension. Therefore, I offer you those which are affecting of your reality. Of these, there are nine.

... Now, as I have expressed: Be remembering that each of you also incorporates the elements of Sumafi, this being your overriding intent. You also incorporate elements of all essence families, therefore you may discover, within you, small elements that you may consider to be latent, but aligning with elements of each other family.

VICKI: ... I can see that probably this information would be very, it would be easy to incorporate a lot of separation when thinking in these terms.

ELIAS: Very much so, this being why I have held off, so to speak, within your terms, of discussing this issue; for you are quite adept at separation! I wish not to encourage more separation of thought; this being why I express strongly that you all possess elements of all essence families. Your intent aligns with one.” [session 67, January 21, 1996]


(Vic’s note: Elias departs at 8:52 PM., and ‘pops back in’ at 9:31 PM. This was initiated by a conversation between Vicki and Jim about healing, during which Vicki obviously was not getting it! Bear in mind that within a pop-in, we always miss the beginning statements.)

ELIAS: ... you align with essence families, which aligns you with individual and collective intent.

VICKI: So then there would really be no difference ...

ELIAS: There is no difference! Lawrence [Vicki] offers helpfulness to other essences, which you may be terming to be healing, within another expression of communication. You may express this to be artistic, if you are wishing. You may express healing intent to be communication or artistic. We have indicated with individual identifying words, as you identify yourselves with names. All is helpful to each other; but within different intents, each alignment with each intent possesses an inner identification with tone and understanding, which is automatically connected with and expressed.

You do not choose consciously, as you view your conscious selves, responses to each given situation in alignment with your intent, for you have already chosen your intent. Therefore, you continuously follow your intent. Your desire manifests within your intent, and is directing of your action effortlessly! No thinking, or analyzing, or rationalizing! Automatically! You respond, just as your body responds automatically to growth and regeneration without your instruction.

VICKI: So this would kind of be where the wider definition of healing comes in? (Elias nods) Because when you respond within your intent and within helpfulness, it makes it a lot bigger, that word.

ELIAS: Absolutely! You may exchange these individual words within all of your essence families, and each word will apply equally to each family. I may incorporate the word spiritualist to each essence family, and it will be correct. I may apply healing or communication, and it will be correct in referring to each essence family. As to an understanding within your accepted definitions and belief systems, I have offered definitions to you, and explanations of your essence families, so that you may connect with and understand more easily why your desires manifest within the direction that they do.” [session 91, May 01, 1996]

JIM: “I have a question for Kacchi [Jill], if I may (reading the question), ‘Is it possible to be an equal blend of all essence families, thus through the lifetime of this particular blend of essences, focusing on a particular individual essence at different times, influenced by factors common to this physical focus and relative, of course, to our time element, and finally transpiring to a coherent balance of harmonic splendor, and lending to the dissolution of the push-pull of our awareness to the polarity in this focus, to move forward to, I’ll use the term “trinity"?’ (Whew!)

ELIAS: (Grinning widely) Shall I be expressing, no? (Laughter)

JIM: That’s funny! My first impression was yes and no.

ELIAS: Within physical focus and your manifestation in physical focus, no. Within non-physical focus and your incorporation of energy, yes and no; for you shall always, until such a time as you are all, as we are all, choosing to be manifesting consciousness differently, the possibility or the probability exists of no particular alignment with any particular essence family; but within the reality of consciousness presently of essence, there are alignments engaged with essence families. I have expressed that you do identify and express aspects of all of the essence families.

This is a difficult area, for we are approaching [a] distortion area presently. I have expressed these essence families presented are directly connected with physical focus; your physical focus upon this planet, upon this dimension; but I have also expressed that there are pools of consciousness that align which you may, within your limited terms, also consider similar to essence families, although they are not essence families, so to speak; but within the action of consciousness, each essence, within essence consciousness, does align with either an essence family or a pool area of consciousness. This is not to say that it is not possible to be unaligned with any particular essence pool or consciousness pool or family. It is only to say that within the element of essence, not the all of consciousness, although it is the all of consciousness, (grinning) essences align with families or consciousness pools. Links of consciousness do not. The Creating Universal One And Whole does not. Essence does ... and does not!” [session 111, August 11, 1996]

RETA: “So somehow, all the way back, there’s got to be free will choices. And how, without a thought pattern, would you make those automatic choices to become such a perfect being? It just amazes me!

ELIAS: This question arises only as you are familiar with this manifestation which holds this particular thought process. Not all of consciousness operates within the same type of thought process. This does not mean that there is not preciseness, and what you might consider methods and organization, to manifestation. It is orchestrated differently.

RETA: By whom?


RETA: Orchestrated by my essence or my essence family?


RETA: I have a hard time with that. Okay.

ELIAS: As I have stated, you do not spring from an essence family.

RETA: No, but I was just thinking of them as a guiding mass.

ELIAS: You align yourself as essence with an essence family, for you choose to be within agreement of intent with an essence family.

RETA: So by the time you get down to that family, you’ve already made all those choices for yourself. You’re already there, and just aligning then with that particular intent. It goes way back to the links of consciousness again, and grouping.

ELIAS: This is a distortion in idea, that you have already created all of this, for all is simultaneous. You did not create before and then choose to become an element of an essence family, and there is no essence family which exists first and you are removed and then you later merge to the essence family. They are all simultaneous. In this, there is no organization which exists which you become a member of. The essences hold like intents; therefore magnate to each other. This designates an essence family.

In this, within the creation of this planet in this dimension, these essence families, which you are an element of, have created arrangements of consciousness links and encoded them genetically to be creating of all of your species upon your planet. As this has been accomplished, these species hold their own intent and choices and free will. Therefore, they may choose independently of you or essence to be disengaging from this particular dimension, and they may be choosing to be remanifesting or not manifesting physically, or moving into manifestation within a different dimension. In this situation, you as essence are assisting of this type of remanifestation into another dimension, for you are directing of the energy to be restructuring and rearranging the encoding; decoding your dimensional genetic code and creating of new encoding which is suitable for another dimension.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

ELIAS: “There are nine families of consciousness which are connected with this particular physical dimension, which in conjunction with yourselves are creating of this particular reality and orchestrate the manifestation of this particular dimension. These families of consciousness are relative to this dimension. They are not orchestrating of other physical dimensions and are not particularly relative to all of consciousness, although they are participants in all of consciousness, as consciousness may not be separated in any manner.

... Let me present an overview of your physical reality within this dimension. At its inception, nine essence families organized, so to speak, to be creating of this particular dimensional reality. These essence families are comprised of many essences of like intent within each family. These essences initially were known as Dream Walkers; partially physically focused, but not entirely. Now, also in relation to these Dream Walkers, they are interactive with you continually, and presently also. They have not chosen to be entirely physically manifest throughout the entirety of the existence of this particular dimension. Therefore, they may be interactive with you and even appear to you, in relation to the essence family that you are belonging to. In clarification of this, I may also suggest to you that I have offered much information previously in relation to this subject matter, but briefly I shall offer you a slight explanation.

Each essence family holds a different intent, which are all complementary to each other. In this, the Dream Walkers interact in conjunction to the essence families in respective manners. You are belonging the essence family of Sumafi, as are these other individuals present within this forum. Therefore, you draw yourself to the action of the engagement of this energy exchange. The essence family of Sumafi chooses interaction with physical focus in this particular manner of energy exchange, for it affords the least amount of distortion. At times, other essence families may engage this particular type of energy exchange, but it is not their usual, in your terms, expression of communication.

In example, the Milumet family; these are the holders of the remembrance; the spiritualists. The engagement of the Dream Walkers with individuals physically focused belonging to the Milumet family shall be in the vein of dream interaction and visions. They shall interact with elements of your reality and communicate with these elements in a manner that you shall not. They may engage a tree or a creature and communicate with this tree or creature, and receive information in the same manner that you receive information from this essence. Each family holds a different interaction within communication to those belonging to the respective families in physical focus.

As I have stated, you also in entering physical focus align with another essence family. Within essence, you belong to one essence family. Within manifestation of physical focus, you choose to be aligning within that particular focus with any of the other essence families. Example: Michael [Mary] is belonging to the essence family of Sumafi. Within this particular focus, he is aligned with Sumari; the creators, the artists, the pot-stirrers. Therefore, the objective expression within the particular focus is more obviously viewed as that of the Sumari. The underlying intent is that of the Sumafi. In this you may view qualities of both, but the more objective qualities which are evidenced are those which manifest in the alignment.

As to your question of entering focus, you enter a physical focus with a pool of probabilities. These probabilities are those potentialities that define your intent. But make no mistake – your probabilities do not lie before you. They are created within the moment. Therefore, there is merely the potentiality for the probabilities, not the actuality of the probabilities upon entering the focus. In like manner – very figuratively – to yourself holding a thought, you may hold the thought, but the thought is not automatically actualized. You have not implemented the thought, although you hold the potential to implement the thought and be creating an actuality of this thought, but until it is actualized it is a potentiality. In this same manner, you enter a physical focus with a pool of probabilities which are potentialities and not actualities. In this manner, you hold the freedom of choice to be altering of any probabilities within every moment.

You also are not restricted to your individual pool of probabilities in entering a physical focus. You hold the ability to extend outside of your individual pool of probabilities and pull probabilities into your pool, which shall be altering entirely of your focus. This action is not common, but it may be accomplished. Not many individuals within physical focus choose to be pulling outside of their individual pools of probabilities, but it does occur, in which case you shall view within those individuals manifestations, what you may term to be drastic alterations of their particular focus. It shall move in entirely different directions than its original direction.

In regard to the interaction of essence family Dream Walkers with you in physical focus, the answer to your question is yes, they do interact. I am interacting with you. Individuals within the Vold family audibly hear communication from other essences, which allows them information. Individuals within the Ilda family view and interact with aspects of essence which are related to other realities. This be their communication. They image these interactions within the influence of their belief systems, but their interaction is no less reality.

Individuals belonging to the Ilda family may be experiencing interaction with extraterrestrials. Within the confines of their belief systems they image these interactions as being ‘little gray squashy guys,’ although they are not, but this be your explanation to yourselves and the image that you create to offer an objective communication. In actuality, they are not little gray squashy guys! (Humorously, and finally, a whispered chuckle out of the audience) They are an entity entirely foreign to your recognition, but in entering into your physical dimension and interacting with you, you image this particular form, among other forms also. This is your creation of a form that is recognizable and acceptable to you, that you may understand. You interact with elements of essence that are outside of this reality quite often. You merely do not recognize your interaction.

Express to me any experiences that you hold that your vision becomes distorted, that your hearing becomes distorted; ear ringing! Individuals describe an action of lightening bolts or twinkling lights within their vision that block their physical vision temporarily. This is an action of yourselves viewing through your own physical vision or hearing through your own physical auditory systems elements of essence which are not of this dimension. In movement into another dimension, this is the officially accepted reality and the communication or the visual – how they see through your eyes – and you offer this experience to yourselves in conjunction with the action of this shift, as you are opening your consciousness presently and allowing more aspects of essence to bleed through into your objective awareness, for all of these aspects ARE aspects of your essence. In meeting what you view to be an extraterrestrial, you are meeting yourself, which is focused within another physical dimension. It is not foreign from you. It is an element of you.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “You seek now, within the action of this shift, a new consciousness; to widen your awareness and to hold an objective understanding of HOW you create your reality. You DO create your reality, but much of that doing is veiled from you. You do not allow yourselves, within your singularity of attention, the viewing of how you are creating your reality within the creation of your line of probabilities in every action that you choose. This is the action of this shift, to be objectively aware of your creation of your reality, and therefore allowing you a fuller expression of your creativity and more of free movement through consciousness.

It is also important that you understand these essence families, for you are not only aligned with them but are a part, so speak, of them; for you have chosen to manifest within this dimension and therefore you are a part of these particular groupings of essences which we term to be essence families, and this is an element of how you create your reality. These essence families offer you much information; therefore the importance to understanding them and also the importance to understanding yourselves, for they offer you validation and explanation and insight to yourselves and the expansiveness of yourselves.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

TOM: “... we were wondering if Tumold is affecting with its voice ... I don’t know how to put this question. The way it was put to me is, they seem to have a nice voice! (Vic’s note: yes, they do!) Maybe that is lending energy through voice? Tumold is?

ELIAS: In certain aspects, you are correct. In certain other aspects, the Tumold family moves in the direction of manipulating energy subjectively and allowing for the receiving of energy by all other individuals within physical focus, and in this receiving there is an allowance for individuals en masse and singularly to be constructing and manipulating this offering of energy subjectively in the most beneficial manner for themselves.

There is little direction by the family of Tumold as to the application of energy, but more of a lending of energy and an offering, in like manner to a suggestion of direction and an acceptance of the application of that energy which is offered.

In this, the reason that you move into the direction of the interpretation of voice is that the Tumold may be viewed in like manner to a melody, a song, a serenade, and in this the energy of the serenade is offered. The reception and the application of this song is left to the individuals or to the masses to be interpreting or using, so to speak, that expression of energy in whatever manner they so choose which shall be the most beneficial to themselves.

Just as no individual or essence may possess a melody – it may merely direct the tune. But also in this, the receiving of the tune is left to the individuals that are connecting with it.” [session 297, July 14, 1998]

ELIAS: “As I have expressed to you previously, truths are those elements within consciousness that are consistent and unchanging within all dimensions. As to these essence families, I express to you that these essence families are groupings of essences within like tone to each other which magnate to this particular dimension and the creation of it, the continual creation of it. Therefore, they are not necessarily relative to all other areas of consciousness.

Now; within tone, these groupings or families of essences align with certain vibrational qualities within consciousness. Therefore, they are, in this dimension, assigned certain colors. Those colors are representative of the vibrational quality that that particular grouping or family is the most aligned with within consciousness, but it is also relative to this dimension, therefore would not be qualified as a truth. Although essence is a truth, the families would not be qualified as a truth, for they are merely grouped for this dimension. Within other dimensions there are other groupings, other numbers, other essences that group together within tone to be creating of those particular dimensions. These nine are interconnected with this particular dimension.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

FEMALE: “I have another essence family question. I’d like to know mine, and I’d like to know, what exactly does it mean? What role does an essence family play in the scheme of things?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Gramada. Essence name, Listell; L-I-S-T-E-L-L. You may be inquiring of Michael [Mary] as to the information of the essence families and their roles and intents within this dimension. I shall express to you, once again as I have expressed previously to other individuals, these nine essence families are unique to this particular physical dimension. Other physical dimensions hold other essence families which are creating in conjunction with their purposefulness in those particular physical dimensions. These nine essence families are the groupings of essences, yourselves also, for you are a part of these essence families. Therefore, you are not separate from this action.

No essences within the cosmos are creating your reality and your dimension for you! You are active participants in this action, and are also part of these essence families. They are, YOU are the essences that are creating of this dimension and directing of it. Therefore, they are entirely focused in their attention in the direction of this dimension, not necessarily any other physical dimension. This is not to say that you do not participate in other physical dimensions and that within those physical dimensions you may be belonging to a different essence family in that particular dimension, but within this particular dimension, this would be the creation, within these particular nine essence families.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELLEN: “First, I want to know what my essence name and family is.

ELIAS: (Pause) Essence name, Allissa; A-L-L-I-S-S-A. essence family, Sumafi; alignment in this focus, Ilda.

ELLEN: I thought that might be it. I thought Sumari, and then I thought, ‘No, I spend a lot of time traveling around meeting people; Ilda.’

One of the things that’s plagued me my entire life is that I’m overweight. What are the factors involved in that?

ELIAS: Ah! Another individual with the presentment of this situation!

Let me express to you that there are mass belief systems in this area, but although individuals create many of their expressions in conjunction with mass belief systems, they also create their individual expressions that are unique to themselves. Therefore, in this there may be an overlying mass affectingness, and there is also simultaneously an individual creation in alignment with the mass.

In this situation that you have created, your expression differs slightly from many other individuals that are creating of similar physical expression. This would also partially be in alignment with your essence family alignment in this focus. Let me explain.

Many times individuals are experiencing this type of situation if they are aligning with the family of Milumet. Some individuals experience this same type of creation aligned with the family of Zuli. But in this particular situation with your family alignment of Ilda, there is a recognition in consciousness of not holding to any specific alignment of social belief systems.

In this situation, as you are aligned with this family of Ilda, these individuals are exchangers. They hold the ability to be adaptable to many different cultures, many different experiences, and to be interactive with many different types of persons, societies, and beliefs. This allows them their ability to be the exchangers, the communicators, and in this they also hold the ability to not be aligning with any one particular creation of officially accepted reality within particular societies. Therefore, many individuals that are aligning with this family of Ilda find themselves outside of many of the officially accepted belief systems which are created en masse in any particular society. This particular society that you place yourself within in this particular country focuses very intently within belief systems concerning physical form.

Now; let me also offer you a small amount of information in this area also. This particular society holds an underlying alignment with the Zuli family. This is not to say that all of the individuals that have created manifestation in alignment with this particular society are of the Zuli family or are aligned with the Zuli family, but that each essence family centralizes an amount, so to speak, of that collective energy in certain locations upon your planet. This creates an undercurrent of an expression of that particular family.

The Zuli family focuses upon aesthetic beauty. Their focus in regard to the physical manifestation of all creations is to be creating in a manner of beauty and what you term to be physically appealing. In this, there is an undercurrent of energy within this particular society that expresses that particular intent.

Now; you, being aligned with the Ilda family, do not adhere to all of the mass-held belief systems and expressions of any particular society. Therefore, you also do not necessarily align with the creations of this particular society. And in your own expression, moving outside of the mass creation of the officially accepted reality, your choice within consciousness is to be expressing of your own physical form in the manner that you are choosing, not being confined to the creation of the officially accepted realities.

Many times individuals create certain expressions of physical form in alignment with issues that they hold or in alignment with blocked energy or in an expression of elements that they need be addressing to within their own belief systems and their own holding to their own energy, which is limiting to them. Therefore, they are creating of outward expressions, so to speak, that shall mirror to them their inner expressions and offer them information as to what they are creating within, and offering them the opportunity to address to these certain belief systems or issues that they hold in these areas. This would not be the situation that you have created.

Subjectively, which is also almost bleeding through to your individual objective awareness, there is held a subjective awareness realistically, a knowing that this physical form that you have created within this focus is not a vessel. It is a physical expression, a projection of essence. It holds consciousness which is in alignment with your subjective consciousness. And in this knowing that this is not a vessel, that this is an inseparable element, an expression of your very being that is presented in the camouflage of physical focus to be your physical presentment to the world, so to speak, of self, you have chosen quite creatively to be manifesting and creating a form which does not align with societal belief systems and is a free expression of yourself.

Therefore, it is not an issue being expressed, nor is it an alignment with mass belief systems being expressed. It is a recognition that this is your own creative expression projected within the physical manifestation of camouflage outwardly, to be a statement to all other individuals that you encounter within physical focus that this is you in all of your glory, and that this is the you that does not align with the officially accepted belief systems and their creations within any particular given society.

ELLEN: Huh! I am such a rebel in many ways! (Vic’s note: me too, Ellen!)

ELIAS: Quite!

ELLEN: (Laughing) Yes, yes! Okay, the second question is, what is involved with my marriage? What is my husband’s family alignment, and what’s going on there? Sometimes I love him, sometimes I hate him. Sometimes I think I should be single, sometimes I think I should be married. I’d like to get a little bit of input on that.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) essence family of this individual: belonging to Sumari, aligning with Vold. Now; this shall also offer you information as to your responsiveness to this individual. You have quite creatively engaged in a relationship that shall be challenging to you, and therefore you shall not be engaging boredom ...

ELLEN: (Laughing) True, true!

ELIAS: ... which is an element that plagues the Sumari and the Ilda families and is quite distasteful to both of these families and their physical manifestations. Therefore, you create much stirring within this relationship. This individual, belonging to the family of Sumari, holds the underlying intent of Sumari. In that intent, these are individuals that are pot-stirrers; agitators. They also do not align with officially accepted groups, societies, and belief systems, and move quite objectively in areas that shall be expressive of their LACK of alignment with these elements.

Another aspect of this family is that they are very consistent in being inconsistent! They are also very consistent in being non-finishers. They are tremendous in the area of creating beginnings and initiating certain actions, but they are also quite consistent in not finishing these projects or involvements, for the expression of the Sumari is the middle. They are the bridge. This affords them the ability to not be aligning with any given presentment of group beliefs or societies, for their intent is merely to be stirring the energy, but not necessarily to be creating of any particular expression, merely to be a catalyst for other individuals’ awarenesses.

This individual also holds an alignment within this particular focus of Vold, which is an interesting creation, for the underlying expression is that of the Sumari. But the overt expression – the objective physical focus most affecting expression – is that of the Vold family. These individuals hold much emotionalness, excitableness. They are quite changeable!

ELLEN: He has a hard time making up his mind! (Elias grins and nods)

ELIAS: Individuals that align with the Vold family, as with many expressions of alignments, their expression in alignment differs slightly from the expression of the intent of the belonging to the Vold family. The Vold family are those revolutionaries! They are quite passionate, but in similar manner to the Sumari they are lacking in stick-to-it-iveness, for they are engaged in a continual process, so to speak, of revolutionizing themselves and all about them! Changers! They are GREAT lovers of change and shall move EVERYTHING in their reality into many different expressions of change. They shall set one probability into motion and they shall alter this probability, and given the leeway with other individuals, they shall be quite willing to be jumping into co-creation with you in changing YOUR probabilities! For change is their excitement. This is their intent and therefore this motivates all of their expressions, even to the point of experimentation in the smallest mundane activities merely for the experience of changing this mundane experience.

An individual aligning with this Vold family may awake within their morning and may be dressing themselves within their garments and attend to their shoes, and as they have continuously for a period throughout their focus been placing their left shoe upon their left foot first, one morning they may choose merely for the experience to be noticing and placing the right shoe upon the right foot, merely for a difference in experience and a change. And they may continue subsequently to return to their initial expression, although they may inventively attempt to be creating NEW methods of placing shoes upon feet simply for the reason of changing an experience!

This be a very small, mundane example, but it is quite typical of the behavior of individuals aligning with this family. They are great lovers of change. This also may be quite confusing to other individuals!

Now; within your alignment, you do not necessarily seek to change other individuals or their reality or even your own reality, for you move into the direction in alignment with your intent to be accepting of other realities and of your own reality, and allowing yourself a comfortableness in all that you express and create. In this, you may move into areas of change, but that these areas of change shall be orchestrated by yourself and shall be directed by yourself, not by another individual or a society or any mass group of individuals.

The Vold individuals move in the direction of changing not only their own reality, but ALL realities. They wish to be expressing changing YOUR reality, for their objective expression is a figurative knowing – not an actual knowing but a figurative knowing – within their belief systems that their method is better! Therefore, they shall be offering this to you for your accomplishment. You create friction in this, for you hold the knowing – figuratively, objectively – that your own method is better! Therefore, you place yourself in the situation that your method is better, and your partner is expressing, ‘My method is better!’ And then you create (rubs his hands together).

In this, you now draw yourself to this information to allow yourself the opportunity to move into the direction of acceptance and the recognition that no method is better. They are merely different. Each expression is its own highest expression and each creation is merely a different expression than another expression, but no one is better or worse than any other, and in this you offer yourself the opportunity to view these differences and to view the similarities in these differences also.” [session 304, August 01, 1998]

BEN: “I have a question in line with the essence families. I know from reading the Seth material that the Sumari had their own language, like a musical language. It was translated to us. Do all the families have languages or different kinds of expressions in that way?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. They may not necessarily translate into what you identify as a language as with the Sumari, who choose to be creating a particular type of language that is translatable into what you term to be words and may be sung in musical notes, but each family holds an individual expression which holds in conjunction with that family’s intent and its general expression, so to speak, in energy.

Each family, as it chooses to be expressing differently in conjunction with you within physical focus ... those essences of Dream Walkers which choose to express themselves differently within the intent of each family ... they also express to all of you within physical focus, if you are allowing an openness to the exchange, an expression of the individual language, so to speak.

The language, as I have stated, may not be translated necessarily into words as with the Sumari family, but there is a translatable expression for each family.

Now; in this, (grinning) Albert [Ben] ... HA HA! (Laughter) Ha ha ha ha! I express to you that you may be viewing our game, and you may be offering to myself your perception and your impression of what type of expression would be offered by which intent of which family!

BEN: Big assignment! (The group cracks up)

ELIAS: You stand challenged!

BEN: I do! (Much laughter)

LIDIA: So you did get homework!

BEN: Yes ... from both of them!

RODNEY: Elias, could you give us one example of a translatable expression in Sumafi?

ELIAS: (Laughing) You hold a translatable expression within the language of Sumafi!

RODNEY: Is that my essence name?

ELIAS: No, I have offered an actual word previously, and in this, I express this word as ‘hua fua,’ and this word is a greeting which is a translatable expression of Sumafi. (9)

The Sumafi, in similar manner to the Sumari, offer an expression that may be translatable into a language. This would be in conjunction with the intent of Sumafi, which translates within your physical dimension as recording and non-distorting and categories and cataloging and holding to the information! (Humorously) And therefore, in the true tradition of scribes, (laughter) it may be translatable into an actual language, which you ALL may engage homework, so to speak, and may be investigating through your meditations and your dream work, so to speak – although it is not work! (chuckling) – and you may be offering yourselves more of the expressions of this particular language.

Other essence families do not necessarily translate into words, so to speak. I may also offer to you that the translation of Sumafi language does not translate well without distortion in the form of song as may the expression of the Sumari, who express themselves quite colorfully and changeably! (Chuckling) You may investigate also the expressions of tones and colors, which are a translatable element within your physical focus to other essence families.” [session 486, October 16, 1999]

GEORGE: “The next one has to do with the use of the words “essence” and “family alignment.” My belief or understanding is, are essence and family and alignment names equivalent indicators of one’s level of conscious spiritual development, and maybe also a way of identifying soul mates, groups, and guides?

ELIAS: I shall offer to you, the identification of essence name, family and alignment is NOT an indication of your movement in what you term to be development, so to speak. It is an identification of the tone of your essence in its entirety in the name, which is a translation into your physical language.

The identification of the essence families are the association that your essence has created in relation to this one particular physical dimension. Therefore, in relation to this physical dimension and your essence’s participation in creating manifestations in this physical dimension, your essence groups itself together with other essences in belonging to a particular group, which is identified as an essence family.

The individual focus thusly also chooses an alignment with an essence family, in conjunction with their choice of direction within their particular individual manifestation. Therefore, each focus of one essence is belonging to one essence family, for that essence in its entirety of manifestations in this particular dimension chooses to be participating in relation with one particular essence family; but the focuses of attention of that essence also hold the choice to be incorporating an alignment, or an association, with ANY of the other essence families, and therefore displaying qualities in that particular focus which shall be in alignment with the intent and the qualities of that particular essence family that is chosen.

Now; the beneficial aspect of objectively knowing the identifications of essence families in a particular focus is that you may allow yourself a fuller or clearer understanding of the qualities in this particular focus that you incorporate, and it may also be helpful to individuals in recognizing the essence families that are incorporated by other individuals, lending more of an objective understanding of your interactions with other individuals, recognizing the qualities that they may be incorporating in difference to the qualities that YOU express within your focus. This is NOT an identification of what you term to be, in your beliefs, spiritual development or growth or position.

Now; let me also express to you my friend, many, many, many individuals within your physical dimension align with a very strongly expressed belief that you manifest within this physical dimension to be learning, and therefore attaining to higher spiritual levels.

GEORGE: Oh, I think I hear you!

ELIAS: And I may express to you quite definitely that there are NO LEVELS within consciousness, and this is not the point. You manifest within this particular physical dimension for it offers an extremely diverse expression of physical ability of exploration of consciousness. This is an extremely intricate and complex physical dimension.

As I have stated previously, this particular physical dimension is one of the most complex and diverse physical dimensions that is expressed within consciousness. Therefore, you incorporate manifestation within this physical dimension to offer yourself a tremendous variety of exploration in the physical aspect of consciousness, but you are not aspiring to or attaining levels of consciousness. This belief, in actuality, is inconsistent with consciousness itself, for you ARE consciousness. You are essence; therefore, you occupy all areas of consciousness. Therefore, what shall you attain to that you already do not incorporate?” [session 821, April 21, 2001]

End Notes:

(1) Ken Wilber, A Brief History of Everything, Shambala Publications, Inc., Boston, MA, 1996.

(2) Joseph Campbell, Diane Osbon, Reflections on the Art of Living, HarperCollins, New York, NY, 1991.

(3) Willis Harman, Global Mind Change: The Promise of the 21st Century, Berrett-Koehler, San Francisco, CA, 1998.

(4) Paul’s note: developmental psychologists (e.g., Piaget, Kohlberg, Loevinger, Graves, Gilligan, Cook-Greuter, Beck, Kegan, etc.) have mapped various stages of human growth (or evolution) for over fifty years. In terms of overall development, there is rough consensus that humans develop from what can be generally called preconventional to conventional to postconventional stages in first, second, and third world cultures and are thus universal to homo sapiens on this planet.

These stages include various intelligences or abilities that have been further broken down into subsets, for example, morals, cognition, emotions, sexual, self-needs, self-identity, logical-mathematic, linguistic, musical, etc. Each provides a snapshot of overall personal development that is “necessary but not sufficient.” That is, no single intelligence is the main one, even though many researchers still make the mistake of believing their research shows the most important one, as Piaget did with cognition. It is the view of Wilber’s Integral Psychology, and I agree, that there are many ways of looking at personal development, but each provides a “necessary but not sufficient” snapshot of the total focus personality.

Returning to the stages, then, let’s take a brief look at cognition as it develops through preconventional, conventional, and postconventional stages. Preconventional cognition believes that the moon is literally made out of cheese, or that if I cover my own eyes, then you can’t see me. In other words, it’s impossible for me to take the role of other or walk a mile in someone’s shoes.

Conventional cognition can take the role of other. It also uses early forms of reason and intellect but often reaches conclusions like the Renaissance Archbishop who stated that since the human body has seven orifices, that is why God created seven planets to revolve around the Earth. That is, the human body and outer ego are still the central filters. Perception is still driven by egocentric (self) or ethnocentric (family, tribe, country, etc.) filters.

Post-conventional cognition realizes that space-time, and energy-matter aren’t solid or permanent constructs. It also becomes aware that there is an underlying nonphysical domain from which physical manifestation emerges and returns to. That is, I as an individual belong to something far greater than my outer egoic sense of self. Perception thus begins to become worldcentric and universal.

Also, since Elias claims that all species of whale, dolphin, (and porpoise) are now “focuses of essence,” then these basic developmental stages would apply to them as well, acknowledging that their physiological, cultural, social, and geopolitical aqua-differences may include some interesting variations that we aren’t yet aware of. Put another way, since expressions of essence on this planet now include homo sapiens and cetaceans, they will use similar patterns of development laid down by previous generations that rely on the same “blueprints for reality.” But there is no dream-art science research being done yet in this area, because that would include some kind of dream archeology and dream anthropology, for example, that further explores the blueprints in Framework 2 in conjunction with the Framework 1 constructions.

All this to say that it makes sense when Elias suggests that a key outcome the “shift in consciousness” is to move or transform large quantities of the human (and by implication whale, dolphin, and porpoise) populations into postconventional stages of development and beyond. In this context, then, we can develop new scientific research methods to track emergent probable futures and see just how this will be accomplished (given the fact that something like 80% of the focuses in this Now are at preconventional or conventional and the fact that every focus begins at stage 1 – preconventional – and develops from there).

So the above is the background I had in mind when I broached the subject of developmental stages in the context of what Elias calls the shift in consciousness during a private in-person session in January 2003:

PAUL: “... One more general question in this area about the shift. If we can loosely say that this acorn-sapling-tree change-in-time structure in focuses of essence – human beings, whales, dolphins – goes through what we could just generally call a (Elias nods) preconventional stage, a conventional stage, and a postconventional stage. It’s very general….”

ELIAS: “I am understanding.”

PAUL: “Okay, it works for you. And it seems as populations tend to get to the postconventional stages, there’s more potential for a harmony and choices of least conflict or whatever. That make sense? That’s consonant…?”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

PAUL: “So, is part of this shift – and this is coming from this inner ego, Dream Walker, causal source dimension – part of this shift, the nature of this shift, is to somehow get – because the population’s growing – to – accelerate isn’t the right word – but to get people from this conventional to postconventional stage at a younger age? Or to do the opposite and prolong it and to somehow…. What I’m sensing in this shift – and you just brought it up with the fact that there’s no accident with the whales and dolphins in this emergent quality – there’s something emergent in this shift, that’s what I’m trying to get at.”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

PAUL: “And does this little three-part thing – preconventional, conventional, postconventional…? How does this shift affect the population moving through that developmental stage? Does it accelerate it to get them… yeah, to the postconventional?”

ELIAS: “Yes.”

PAUL: “So postconventional development will happen sooner in large percentages of the population?”

ELIAS: “Yes.”

PAUL: “So we could say in this now, in this moment point, if we take a snapshot of all the focuses and where they’re at in that spectrum and just make a map of that, shall we say – which I won’t even pretend to try – it would tend to be very conventional with smaller percentages of the population at postconventional.”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

PAUL: “But with this shift something is changing.”

ELIAS: “It is accelerating.”

PAUL: “To accelerate the developmental stages to postconventional, and post-post-, (Elias nods throughout) and there’s others up the stream that await us.”

ELIAS: “Correct.” [session 1246, January 16, 2003]

(5) Paul’s note: the enneagram is an ancient, nine-sided diagram which was first introduced into the West by George I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949). Gurdjieff was a man of Armenian and Greek ancestry who studied the mystic, Sufi teachings throughout the Mid-East in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He brought a version of these teachings back to Tiflis, Russia with the blessing of his teachers, just before the First World War broke out. His intent was to share this flavor of Eastern thinking and perception with the West. He went on to create various learning “centres” throughout Europe and had many influential students.

In recent times, the enneagram has come to be known as a diagram representing nine basics personality types. Hence the word, enneagram, derived from “ennea” meaning “nine” and “grammos” meaning “diagram.” The enneagram is also used as a tool for noticing self – self-awareness, self-remembering, and cultivation of spiritual knowledge.

The Myers-Briggs System is a personality typing tool based upon well-known research by psychologists Carl Jung, Katharine C. Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers.

Carl Jung first developed the theory that individuals each had a psychological type. He believed that there were two basic kinds of “functions” which humans used in their lives: how we take in information (“perceive” things), and how we make decisions. He believed that within these two categories there were two opposite ways of functioning – our senses or our intuition. We make decisions based on objective logic or subjective feelings. Jung believed that we all use these four functions in our lives, but that we each use the different functions with varying degrees of success and frequency. He believed that it is possible to identify an order of preference for these functions within any individual.

Today, personality typing is a tool with many uses. It’s used in the areas of personal growth and self-development; for example, career guidance, managing employees, inter-personal relationships, education, and counselling.

(6) Paul’s note: Ken Wilber’s integral system is beyond the scope of an endnote, but by way of introduction, was outlined in Sex, Ecology, Spirituality (1995). The system generates a matrix that is “inclusive, comprehensive, and balanced” that is meant to bridge science and spirituality. The idea is generate a “roadmap of the psyche” that accounts for as many factors as possible without getting too granular. In my opinion, it is the most comprehensive map of its kind created to date and holds tremendous potential to heal the fragmented approaches that still dominate conventional worldviews.

AQAL is short for all quadrants, levels, lines, states, and types.

  • Quadrants are the basic perspectives of sentient beings: I, We, It, and Its.
  • Levels are the basic stages of development that any human individual, institution, or society goes through over time.
  • Lines are developmental intelligences like mathematical, linguistic, emotional, etc. skills that develop through time.
  • States are the basic states we experience every 24 cycle, that includes waking, dreaming, and deep dreamless sleep. Meditative, trance, and drug-induced altered states are also included.
  • Types are the basic typologies that move through the levels and lines. (Elias’ essence “families” fits into this part of the integral matrix, but could also been seen in the I and We quadrants, in terms of emerging cultural mythos.)

(7) Paul’s note: the concept of nine families of consciousness was introduced by Seth/Jane Roberts in The “Unknown” Reality, (1977), Vol. 2, sessions 732 – 740, January 22, 1975 – February 26, 1975 (interestingly Seth had also just finished an introduction to the concept of counterparts in the previous sessions.)

Coincidentally, Seth described the exact same nine as Elias does, all with similar definitions of intent and purpose.

Introduction: follow this link for a Seth, Elias Comparative Overview.

(8) Paul’s note: Elias plays a game with forum participants, in which they try and connect their impressions of various categories of objects, people, even concepts to the nine essence families. The goal is to learn how to recognize the working together of our intuitions and our intellect through our impressions.

In each public session, participants can offer their impressions and Elias usually responds with an answer of one point, acceptable, or less probable.

Digests: find out more about the game.

(9) Vic’s note: “Hua fua” is a term we discovered while transcribing a session sometime [in 1996]. Interestingly enough, nobody “heard” it during the actual session. When we asked about it, Elias said it was a Sumafi word. He refused to give spelling, saying that it was not translatable into our language. Basically, this “word” seems to be a greeting of sorts.

Digests: find out more about Hua fuas.

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