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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Many elements have been set forth concerning the issue of your shift. Very many of your concepts concerning your shift are, in one respect, distortions within belief systems. Within another respect, they are symbolic of actualities. If you are viewing information available to you concerning your shift as absolute, you have incorporated a distortion. If you are understanding that these concepts are symbolic of probabilities, you are incorporating an accurate assessment of the probabilities.” [session 97, May 27, 1996]

ELIAS: “Truths are absolutes. Truths are those elements which are not confined to one focus, or to one dimension, or to one reality. Truths are those elements of consciousness that are filtered through all of consciousness. Your belief systems are based upon truths. All belief systems within all physical focuses are based within truths, but they are distorted and they are interpreted. Therefore, they appear removed from the truths. This is the method that you have chosen within physical focus. You translate all subjective knowing and activity. Therefore, in one respect you view the translation as distortion. In another respect, it is not distortion, for it is your creation of your reality. As to the significance of elements as compared to non-physical, we would view your translations as distortions.” [session 137, December 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “You shall become aware that I speak of truths seldom, for truths are constants and absolutes throughout all of consciousness, which within any particular dimension, they are not recognized. They are distorted and not completely understood, and the importance placed on them is little. You search for truths within your beliefs and you look to philosophical areas or religious areas. Truths, within consciousness, are those elements of consciousness that are within ALL dimensions and that hold an element of significance within ALL areas of consciousness, physical and nonphysical. Their translation may be different, but they are constants. Color is one. Tone is another.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “You know already which direction you desire to be moving into, but you are offering yourself ten thousand reasons why you shall not engage this direction, and you are justifying all of those reasons as being influenced by duplicity and your own lack of acceptance and trust of self.

In this, you – in like manner to many, many, many other individuals presently within this time framework – are offering yourself the knowing that you ARE complicating the simplicity of your choice and distorting your perception of this very information, for you are turning this information into areas to be justifying your own shrines and issues – your issue in personal responsibility, your issue in how you may be viewed by other individuals – and you are incorporating this information to be reinforcing of those issues and creating more decorations to these shrines, which is a distortion of this information.

Therefore, I redirect your attention once again into the avenue of looking to self, acknowledging that which you ALREADY KNOW, and allowing yourself to be moving through the window and allowing yourself the trust and acceptance of self AND the trust and knowing that each other individual shall be creating of their reality in the most beneficial manner to THEIR individual value fulfillment.” [session 420, July 09, 1999]

Elias “gems”

VICKI [asking a question on Mary’s behalf]: “‘I would like to know about the level of distortion through a channel, and how much distortion is involved with me.’

ELIAS: Interesting question! I have discussed this issue previously. Many individuals incorporate much distortion. I will also express to you all, that given even what you would view to be a ‘perfect channel,’ as you would express, there will always be an element of distortion, for you incorporate language. Therefore, the concepts must be ‘turned and molded’ to fit to your language, to which you may understand.

Therefore, a partial distortion is always incorporated; but I will also express that there are essences which seek out individuals who possess the ability to incorporate this phenomenon with the least amount of distortion. This is dependent upon the information to which the essence is wishing to express.

Some essences, within the focus of teaching, are not as concerned with the amount of information to which they wish to be expressing. They also are not concerned with the type of information, for their connection is being made through the phenomenon itself. They also are helpful and instructive, within the phenomenon, in vibrational qualities and telepathic information which is expressed during their sessions, so to speak. Others are quite specifically focused, and incorporate more information at a more involved (pause) ‘level’; this being one of your limiting words, for there are no levels!

You must also realize that although there may be distortion through an individual, these individuals are in agreement with an essence, if they are incorporating this phenomenon in actuality. Therefore, the essence is aware of the distortion properties. The agreement may be made regardless, for there may be qualities of energy incorporated, which may be beneficial.

Within this group of individuals, the essences connected have been conscientious and careful in choosing individuals to be incorporating information. In this, individuals have been taught and prepared, for what you would view as a great length of time. This preparation has been focused upon for the reason of the least amount of distortion. The individuals have been chosen, and have agreed. As I have expressed previously, these individuals possess the ability to allow their belief systems personally to move, allowing information to be set forth, even given conflicting belief systems. Also, within these ‘channels,’ so to speak, they are clear enough that where a block may be encountered, it may be expressed openly that the block exists. Therefore, particular subject matter may be diverted temporarily. This is also known, that within a reasonable eventual time period, these subjects also will be allowed to be incorporated and expressed. It is not important, this time element that you incorporate; for all things will be expressed. (Pause)

VICKI: So, I’m still unclear. There are ‘levels,’ so to speak, of distortion between different individuals?

ELIAS: There is your distortion presently! (Grinning) There are elements of distortion with certain individuals, or you may view as levels, which are not levels, but your comprehension is limited. Therefore, we use available language. Also, many individuals do not possess an active working vocabulary. This is limiting, for if the individual does not possess, within their ‘brain,’ not consciousness, the language skills, this will also be hindering.

There are words within your language that Michael [Mary] does not incorporate a working knowledge of, but through years of his studying, his visual perception has incorporated these words. He may not have a working understanding of their definition, and he may not even realize that he has ever encountered a specific word, but the brain has registered this information and it has been stored; for all that you encounter is kept. Every element of information that you encounter within your physical experience is kept. None is lost.

Therefore, you may not incorporate a working definition of certain elements of vocabulary, but I do! Therefore, I may access words not used within your brain, and I may use these for my expression. Some individuals do not encounter a wider range of your language; therefore, their skill is limited. I may speak to you only of what the individual incorporates within this consciousness.

Now you may say to me, ‘But what of individuals who may be speaking within another language through this channel, a language which this individual has no knowledge of?’ Incorrect. When this phenomenon occurs, this will be happening for the reason that the individual acting as the channel incorporates a closer remembrance to past developmental focus which does incorporate this language. Therefore, within their present consciousness, this is available to be drawn upon by the essence channeling through. Michael [Mary] is unaware of French words that I express to you, but you have each shared developmental focuses with this language. Therefore, within your consciousness you possess an awareness; and you within this company have moved your consciousness into an area of remembering, through your meditations and your focus, which allows this information clearer access.

VICKI: So this language issue; would that be an explanation of why this essence, speaking in this book that we just read, incorporates words such as karma? (1)

ELIAS: Partially. As I expressed earlier, this is also in agreement. The essence is aware of the individual to whom it is channeling through, and also is aware of the individuals being affected within the phenomenon, listening. Therefore, in order to be affecting and also answering to these individuals, certain language and concepts are expressed forth, for this will be accepted and understood. These individuals incorporate western focus, but are viewing eastern philosophy as being more truthful. Therefore, speaking with tones of eastern philosophy will be accepted and incorporated. There are always reasons. There are no accidents!

VICKI: Well, what about this reference to schizophrenia being an issue of possession ? (Elias chuckles) This was the most glaring discrepancy!

ELIAS: You will view, as you are moving through, once again, our previous material, that Elias has incorporated information which you may also view to be discrepancies; although if you are truly looking and listening, you will come to understand that there is no conflict, and that all of this information ‘fits together.’ Words, once again, are offered in a way that individuals will understand.

You will notice that this essence expresses that another essence is not intrusive. This essence’s words may be differently formed, but the idea is the same. There are no intrusive essences! You will notice that the essence has been confronted, not only within this encounter, but at other times also, of ‘May an essence be incorporated into one’s physical expression of body?’ The answer is absolute, just as Elias’ answer has been absolute: No! Therefore, this offers you clues that within this essence’s own words, it is being contradictory; but, it is not! For within this issue of what you term to be a mental dysfunction, these individuals do incorporate other essences; not within their physical body, but are in communication with them. They do speak to them, and these essences do speak to the physical individual.

These essences are not within a focus such as I. These essences would be within a focus of transition, to which many essences may create much mischief, for they know not what they actually affect; just as you may encounter, with your Ouija board, essences who may not in actuality be within a teaching focus, but may be within transition, and mirroring to you your own focus. These essences within transition do incorporate, sometimes, with individuals physically focused. Within the physically focused individual, they are still within their oubliette; therefore they misinterpret, and they do not recognize what they are experiencing. Therefore, you express this as a dysfunction with the mental capabilities of the individual. They have chosen this experience.

In actuality, there is no conflict within the expression of information. It is only expressed within words that you find distasteful. Within our own sessions and group of individuals, we incorporate many distortions of interpretation of individuals with information! I express concepts. You pull these concepts within and change them into unrecognizable concepts, far reaching from my expression! (Laughter) This coming back to our discussion of the channel, this being the reason why essences such as myself or Paul (Patel) (2) search out individuals who will incorporate the least amount of distortion by blocking, therefore allowing the clearest amount of information; for it will be distorted on its own with you!” [session 66, January 14, 1996]

VICKI: “Well, I noticed something while I was doing this last week’s transcript, regarding the information on consciousness. I noticed I was very uncomfortable with this transcript. I had a hard time doing it. I had a hard time focusing on the information, and I had a hard time completing it. I think a lot of the uncomfortableness lie within wondering what an individual, without any previous information in this area, would immediately assume reading this introduction to consciousness, because I would immediately assume some sort of a religious connection, which makes me extremely uncomfortable, and because of that I’m even surprised I even finished it, instead of putting it off for another few days, and rereading it again, and maybe trying to convince myself that I was reacting in a ridiculous manner. So I guess my question is, why such a strong reaction to the brief introduction? (Babble, babble, babble!)

(Vic’s note: There seems to be a direct connection here between Mary’s illness, Elias’ energy, and Vicki’s babbling. An interesting viewing of this phenomenon, which seems to change constantly.)

ELIAS: Some of you do respond very strongly to information that you deem to be religiously oriented. Lawrence [Vicki], being very connected with a religious involvement, will be experiencing of this type of response. I will explain to you though, that although your religions have distorted your truths, they each are exceptional creations. Therefore, viewing religious elements as what you term to be negative or unacceptable is humorous, for you have created these belief systems for yourselves, and they have quite served you well. You only involve a distaste for a subject when you have felt affected in what you term to be a negative manner. You are approaching your shift; and in this, you are widening your awareness, which is also widening your belief systems. Therefore, you are not eliminating belief systems. You are recognizing of them, and accepting of them. Acceptance is quite different from eliminating! Your belief systems are not ‘bad.’ They are, in many ways, only ineffective, for they have been distorted and they have created much conflict, which you now are moving away from.

Within the area of religious belief systems, as I have expressed previously, many, many elements are truthful. They have only been distorted within stories of your religions. Being Seer, you hold a great desire for the least distortion. Being physically focused, this becomes confusing, for you are not quite sure what is distortion and what is not! In this, when we touch upon ‘tricky subjects,’ (grinning) there will be a response. Within areas of religious elements or political elements, there will be ‘twinges’ within some of you, for your essence is becoming very close within consciousness. Therefore, you are wishing no distortions. This is not possible within physical focus; but you may incorporate little distortion. You need only reach a point to which you are accepting of your own belief systems. It is not necessary to be pushing them away and eliminating of them; for if you are recognizing of them and understanding that they are belief systems, then you also render their power of conflict null.

When we speak in terms of god and consciousness, this creates ‘feelings’ within you, for we incorporate words that you identify with within physical focus. For the most part, I attempt to move around terminology that you incorporate strong identification with, therefore not influencing your already existing belief systems. Unfortunately, you do not incorporate sufficient terms to be expressing of the all-encompassing consciousness. It is quite tedious to be expressing The Creating Universal One and Whole continuously! (Grinning) This very small word ‘god’ you understand, and it is efficient. I also express quite strongly that my explanation of this word is nothing of what you conceive it to be. It is quite different; but you have much experience previously with these issues. Therefore, they are affecting now.” [session 81, March 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “If you are needing of a method to be perceiving differently, this too has been offered, within this company and these sessions; interaction with each other; for each of you holds individual perceptions. In this, you offer each other alterations in perception. You may hold a belief system, and your perception will follow this belief system; but as you have agreed to be widening, if you are incorporating helpfulness through interaction, you may also be accepting of another’s perception. In this is your method, to allowing yourselves to widen belief systems.” [session 102, Sunday, June 30, 1996]

ELIAS: “We shall begin this evening in addressing to interaction and connections within consciousness, within other areas of consciousness. I allow, within your movement, your expressions of distortion, temporarily; for this allows you the opportunity to view your own expressions and ideas, thoughts, and connect with more information through your subjective self, offering you an understanding of how and where you incorporate distortions of information which has been offered. Presently, you engage this issue.

You have effectively distorted information offered as to the essence of Rose, information offered of our pyramid, and also information offered with regard to the twins. This information has been offered to you to allow you to be connecting within your objective understanding. It has allowed you the opportunity to view elements of your expressions differently. You have offered yourselves the opportunity to be noticing of connections within consciousness, which you may have incorporated much more of your time element to connect with if you had no focal point to be observing. Therefore, you have been offered information to allow you to connect within objective expressions. In this, as anticipated, you have distorted this information. This is acceptable, for you are learning and widening you awareness, to be understanding that your initial understanding of these concepts is not quite what you move into in understanding now.

It has been quite helpful for your understanding to be viewing expressions of twins, for you view and notice what you think of as opposites or similarities; parallels. I do not wish to be offering much information beyond what you presently hold within these areas; for you are evaluating, and you are intelligent beings, and I accredit you with the ability to be understanding more clearly, within awareness, yourselves.

I shall offer a small amount of information concerning Rose, for this particular essence may be incorporating much confusion to you, and to others to which you interact with. As this essence is intricately focused with the accomplishment of your shift, it is helpful that you understand these manifestations. They are not ‘set apart’ from you. They are your expressions.

Within consciousness, within other Regional Areas, within an understanding of the action of your shift, collectively you have agreed upon the manifestations of Rose. Within consciousness, this action is the same as that of the pyramid or the twins. Collectively, not only you, but entirely within the focus of this particular planet, which encompasses all of its dimensions, all of its time frames, and all of its focuses, an agreement has been made. In this, the expression, through agreement, has manifest through the essence of Rose. This is a cooperative, collective action. Just as I have expressed to you that The Creating Universal One And Whole is an action, so also is this. Within the movement of consciousness, it has collected together with expressed intent to manifest within what you have agreed to be the most efficient manifestation; therefore dividing into nine individual focuses, within the same time period and dimension, to be affecting of your shift.

You are all, within physical focus, individuals. As I have expressed previously, you are each individual and different. No two are the same. No two express the same; but within other areas of consciousness, ‘outside,’ as you would view this, of physical focus, you are one; holding still your individual vibrational quality and personality, but incorporated all as one. Within essence, figuratively speaking now, you may view a focus individually being orbited by other aspects of each individual focus. These aspects are what you would view to be latent elements or qualities of the individual focus; you. As you travel through your sojourn of your focus, you draw from these orbiting elements, which are what you might perceive as alternate selves. These interact with you continuously, within consciousness. Within physical objective expression, they, at times, exchange places with you. They hold your vibrational tone quality. Therefore, there is an inter-exchange that may be accomplished. In this same manner, figuratively speaking, all consciousness orbits a source as elements of the source. In this, accomplishments within mass expression are not only agreed upon, but acted upon through consciousness, within the all of consciousness, which may manifest singularly, to your perception.

There is no ‘one entity’ of Rose. There is no one entity of William [Gail], or Olivia [Ron], or Shynla [Cathy], or Lanyah [Julie], or Yarr [Jim], or Lawrence [Vicki], or any individual focus. There are essences, which are defined by personality and vibrational tone quality. These are not separate orange sections! They are elements, not ‘parts,’ of the whole; to which, in the same manner that your physical body expresses any action, all elements of this body move within a cooperation of action. All cells are affected. Each blink of your eye is a cooperation of every cell within your physical expression, and each cell, each molecule, is aware and incorporated within the action. In this, in the same manner, each expression within your physical focus is a cooperative action of all, or the one, expressed into your physical perception.

I shall allow Michael [Mary] more of his ‘playtime’ interaction, with his fascination of time and his ‘clouds,’ before offering an explanation of this encounter; for I am confident that he shall connect more, and as a result of this connection, I shall offer a clarification for this information within our future time.

The expression of the twins I wish to not discourage; for in this, we are aware that irregardless of distortions in perception, you, and others also, shall come to a more undistorted perception of this reality.

I also shall comment to you, do not be ‘misled’ into viewing this physical focus as non-reality. Although you each have chosen to occupy your objective consciousness with information concerning a greater connection to subjective consciousness and elements beyond, as you term this physical focus, this does not lessen the reality of physical focus. The experiences that you encounter are reality. The experiences are not distorted. They are pure experiences. In one sense, your perception of your experiences is not distorted either, for it creates your reality; and this physical focus that you occupy is reality. There are many elements of reality. Only in offering subjective information to be incorporated within objective expression is there the element of distortion. Therefore, if you were individuals choosing not to be incorporating this information, your perceptions would not be distorted.

(Firmly) Hear what I have said, for others do not seek this information presently. Therefore, their expression, their perception, their information is not distorted for their reality. Their reality, as yours, is reality; this being why my friend has communicated to you the necessity for your understanding; for there are many who shall experience trauma within engaging new information which is not an element of their present reality. Care must be taken in this; respectfulness of each individual’s reality. How you shall accomplish this is by respecting your own reality first; incorporating an understanding, and a trustfulness, and a respectfulness, and a tolerance of self first. In this, you may express also the same to others.

Many individuals may view your expressions objectively in terms that they may express to be ‘psychic.’ Your definition of psychic shall be that objective expression which has been allowed from a subjective expression. As you balance and as you allow the integration of self, the natural expression will be, and already is, to an extent, a subjective expression being expressed objectively; an allowance of the intuitive to be expressed in conjunction with, and through, the intellect. (Long pause)

I shall discontinue, as you may digest this information; and you may engage questions, if you are so disposed. (Another pause)

JIM: So, within what I’ve been feeling lately, as if I myself have been holding back something, or trying to reason things out and see things a little differently, that goes along with what you just spoke of, in seeing things, perceiving things with less distortion than my rational mind has cooked up?

ELIAS: I wish you to be understanding that although we divert your attention many times from your rational thinking, this is an important element of your intellect; here being an example of distortion that you, as these individuals present, may view.

It is expressed to you that your rational thinking distorts information. In one respect, this is accurate and correct. If you are allowing no balance, and you are discounting the interaction of your intuitive self to be harmonizing with the intellect, your rational thinking shall be distorting of information; but your rational thinking is an element that you have created, in conjunction with your intellect, to offer explanation of your perceptions to you. Therefore, if these elements are working within harmony of each other, they may be accepted without distortion. If they are not being allowed to work together, or if you are discounting of one element, you shall not incorporate a harmony, and you shall incorporate distortion. Any one element being distrusted will create conflict. Therefore, as I express to you that you begin by trusting of self, I do not express to you that you begin trusting ‘pieces’ of self! I express to you that you trust the entirety of your expression, realizing the creativity of your entire expression within this focus.” [session 104, July 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within physical focus, within your own communication, you may focus more intently upon a letter, and more carefully upon a letter, than you may within what you would term to be the heat of the moment of conversation. Within a letter, you may choose your words more carefully. You will evaluate your thoughts more carefully.

This is not to be compared with the action that you incorporate in what you view to be automatic writing, or other forms of communication in which you interpret an energy exchange to be occurring; for within these other forms of communication, you are not focused. You are not clear. Therefore, you incorporate distortion. This is not to say that you may not incorporate these actions clearly. You may engage the energy exchange in the form of automatic writing, to an extent, and incorporate little distortion; but this must also be engaged with clarity, in the same manner of action that you view to be a conscious awareness of an energy exchange occurrence. Therefore, if you are engaging these actions in the same manner that you would engage an energy exchange verbally, with an allowance, without objective interaction or interference, but consciously aware of the interaction, then you may be accomplishing the least amount of distortion, for your clarity is there.

VICKI: And this is not what you would term automatic writing?

ELIAS: It may be accomplished in the action of automatic writing.

VICKI: So what Ron does [i.e. automatic writing] would be what you have been describing?

ELIAS: Correct, although this also involves distortion; for as Olivia [Ron] is aware, there are moments of objective interference. There is not a complete allowance of information which you view to be being transmitted. There is a questioning. At these moments that questioning occurs, there is distortion; just as you view your television. You may tune your channel upon your television quite clearly, and each time, objectively, that you question, static will appear upon your screen momentarily. This occurs little within the energy exchange of Olivia [Ron].

VICKI: So then would you term the way Oversoul Seven (3) was written as automatic writing?


VICKI: There was not a conscious awareness.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And this is different.

ELIAS: Correct. As you engage other actions without your own clarity and recognition of the mergence, you involve distortion. Therefore, each time that you engage your [Ouija] board or your writing and you are removing yourself, you are incorporating distortion. (Pause)

VICKI: Got that, Cathy?

CATHY: No, I don’t get it! (We both crack up)

ELIAS: (To Cathy) As you engage your board, are you consciously aware of a mergence?


ELIAS: Precisely. (To Vicki) As you engage automatic writing, are you consciously aware of a mergence?

VICKI: Not really, although there’s been a few times when I kind of felt that way, but it was momentary.

ELIAS: Precisely. This is not to say that you may not accomplish this action. You may. This is not to say also that you may not presently accomplish this action momentarily. You do, momentarily.

VICKI: It’s a matter of tuning in, correct?

ELIAS: Precisely.

VICKI: Tuning in to what? (We’re cracking up again)

ELIAS: To energy exchange; to engaging your periphery and allowing another channel to be viewed simultaneously to your directed attention. (Pause) I also shall express to you that the engagement of these activities is not what you would view to be an expression only of yourself. There is an allowance of energy bleeding through. Therefore, you do receive communication, although the communication that you receive becomes confusing, or seems to deliver no information. (Pause)

VICKI: So how do you merge and exchange at the same time?

ELIAS: (Stares at Cathy)

CATHY: What are you looking at me for??? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: This would be answered with Shynla’s [Cathy’s] favorite word!

CATHY: Oh, boy! Trust! (Quite sarcastically)

ELIAS: Very good! And acceptance.

VICKI: Well, I discussed this with Mary this morning, that in our definitions, those words seem to mean two different things, so there’s a confusion there with the terms.

ELIAS: Just as Michael [Mary] objectively assimilates more information as we continue, so will you also. You do not understand, truly, an action, if you do not engage an action. You do not understand, truly, the experience of an individual physically focused engaging within a violent act, unless you also experience this violent act, and therefore incorporate the thought process and emotional responses connected with the action within the experience. In like manner, you learn, so to speak, in doing; this being also what you would term to be your objective, for you choose to be engaging [the] action of transition. You shall not understand the action of transition if you are not engaging the action. You may not view outside and understand what you view. You will understand as you experience within.

VICKI: So, why isn’t Mary consciously, objectively aware of the information that you deliver?

ELIAS: This is a choice.

VICKI: It has nothing to do with the tuning in, obviously.

ELIAS: No. This is a choice. Within a very strongly held belief system, there is a fear of objective interference. There is also a lack of trustfulness of self, that distortion will not occur. This is acceptable. Within a motion of allowance of trustfulness, there has been, and continues to be, an acceptance of trustfulness of self. If this were not occurring, Michael [Mary] would not allow himself to ‘move close,’ as he expresses. As this progresses, in your terms, for there is no progression, (chuckling) he may also choose, as he chooses presently, to not be engaged objectively. His reasoning will change. It is unnecessary for his objective awareness, for he incorporates complete subjective awareness of the interaction, and also conceptualization within this action. This reflects itself within his awareness objectively within waking consciousness, and also within dream state. These actions would not be bleeding through, so to speak, if the trustfulness was not being engaged.

I have expressed to you, within our personal session, the movement is swift. You may view objectively, consciously, this movement. He is mirroring, outwardly, the movement that is occurring subjectively. It is bleeding through. It shall be more noticeable to you within your time element. There shall be more interaction. Michael [Mary] views himself within comparison to Ruburt [Jane], (4) and does not acknowledge his own movement. He views Ruburt’s [Jane’s] movement, within consciousness, within objective focus physically, as far surpassing his own movement. This in actuality is not truth. The incorporation and manifestations are different. The movement is very swift. You may express to Michael [Mary] that within his brief interaction that he views objectively, he has incorporated the same, essentially, subjective bleed-through actions and awareness of subjective activity objectively, within this small span of your time element, in contrast to Ruburt’s [Jane’s] accomplishment of eleven years, to be parallel in movement. Now you may better understand the expression that I use with you, of swiftness. In this swiftness, you each follow closely. Therefore, recognize your own motion also.

VICKI: Okay. I am aware that I also hold this belief system very strongly, as does Michael [Mary], regarding the objective awareness being incorporating of distortion, if one were to actually engage an energy exchange. So is that a belief system that I just need to attempt to widen?

ELIAS: Yes. It is quite possible to be consciously, objectively aware of the energy exchange and mergence, if you will, and also incorporate the least amount of distortion. You do not acknowledge your own abilities. You are very creative, precise, immaculate beings. You are your highest expression. You are not occupying a lowly plane of existence! Physical focus is not the lowest rung of the ladder! It is a choice of focus for experience. It is not, underline, not your physical classroom, to be learning how to be moving to higher grades! You are your highest grade!” [session 124, September 27, 1996]

VICKI: Granted. But within the forum of these sessions and this information, I’m starting to think that I should just keep my mouth shut when people ask me questions, because I could actually be less helpful than more helpful. They already have their own belief systems. They don’t need to hear mine too!

ELIAS: If you are recognizing that you are offering only your own newfound belief systems, you are correct. If you are offering helpfulness in information, in offering periphery or information not previously incorporated by the individual to which you are speaking, you may be offering helpfulness within exchange. I have encouraged each of you to be interacting and exchanging among yourselves within our group. Do you believe that I view your interaction with an understanding that no belief systems are exchanged???

VICKI: No. (Laughing)

ELIAS: You interact and exchange information, and in this action you allow yourselves an opening. You continue to filter through belief systems, but you also allow yourselves the opportunity to view through your periphery by incorporating more information, offering you another angle to view subject information. Therefore, you allow yourselves the opportunity to widen. In this, you also offer yourselves the opportunity to widen belief systems and be accepting of belief systems.

You shall continue to filter through belief systems. If you are experiencing much conflict in offering information to an individual in regard to our information, you have been offered the opportunity to be calling on assistance. Therefore you may, within any of your time element, ask, and you shall be offered helpfulness if you choose.

... Essences deliver information which is all meaning the same within concept. Terminology may be chosen differently, as per the individuals present and their awareness and acceptance. Some individuals may not understand certain concepts. Therefore, they must be offered to them within terms that they may understand. I offer to you concepts that you may understand. I offer to you information that you may not presently understand, but also with the knowledge that you will understand. I do not offer information to you that you will not understand. (Laughter, as there is much that we do not understand!)

(Grinning) I am aware that you will eventually merge subjective and objective knowing, and bleed through an understanding objectively. I offer information with a knowing of subjective activity; and also, these individuals have drawn themselves to this information for they will understand.

This is not to say that all individuals upon your planet objectively will be understanding of this information. Therefore you, without or with the least amount of distortion, within your knowing of your Seer, must be evaluating of information and incorporate the confidence within yourself to be rearranging the information without distortion, to be accomplishing offering information for understanding with other individuals; this being that of which we have spoken, within your responsibility within this action of this agenda. And you view now, this may not be quite so simple!

VICKI: Not quite so simple at all!

ELIAS: But you are creative beings. You hold much ability. I have expressed this to you many times. The exchange that occurs that allows the information that I offer to you is quite complicated. The exchange that allows information to others in helpfulness of this shift by you also requires effort.

... It matters not what each individual believes within their religious belief systems, or their political belief systems, or their social belief systems. They shall know truth. It matters not the intensity of their belief systems. The truth will ring within them. They may incorporate difficulty in reconciling themselves to a cooperation of some information as opposed to their belief systems, but they shall develop a ‘method’ to incorporate the truth into their accepted belief systems. They may rearrange the concepts, they may change the words; but the truth shall be at its base.” [session 139, December 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “Many concepts were stated within the beginnings of our sessions for the individuals within that forum. Their understanding was slight. Therefore, we have approached information slowly in offering elements that they may understand and connect with. Presently, this is not as necessary as once it was. Therefore, you may view within our earlier sessions simplistic explanations which have been elaborated upon subsequently, and shall continue to be.” [session 143, December 29, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within this dimension, within this particular physical focus, there are nine pools of consciousness that may be designated as essence families. These nine essence families are directing of all of your reality, and each individual essence is belonging to one of these nine essence families. Therefore, you and you and you and you and you all belong to an essence family within consciousness which is directing of this particular dimension. Within other dimensions, other pools of consciousness are directing of their reality, and they are different. In this, one essence family of this nine is that of Sumafi; this being the essence family holding the intent of teaching, and also holding and offering information within the least amount of distortion.” [session 209, August 19, 1997]

DAVID: “Well, one more question away from this, then. A week ago, I was in discussion with Vicki with regards the material and the Sumafi intent of the least distortion. We kind of differed a little bit, although we’re both Sumafi. In regards to the material speaking to individuals, I feel that maybe some type of distortion or whatever is going to be needed. I want to know your views on that discussion or some enlightenment on it.

ELIAS: Why shall you distort the information?

DAVID: Well, I’m not saying to distort it, but for example, I have sent sessions to friends in England and friends out of this forum that don’t have access to it as we do, and five weeks later I’ve gone back and I’ve said, ‘Well, how did you enjoy the transcripts?’ And they go, ‘I don’t understand it. It sounds better when you tell me about it.’ Whereas they have gone and attracted themselves to another source of information that is very similar, that being the book Conversations With God. It seems that they won’t read something that is difficult if it’s not speaking to them based on their belief systems, until they understand it more. Is there a way we can ease it? Like you spoke in the beginning, in the beginning of your coming in ‘95, it seemed that you talked a different language then than you do now.

ELIAS: You are correct; but many others are presenting information in the direction of our initial sessions. Therefore, they are preparing the way, so to speak. It is unnecessary for this information to be distorted.

DAVID: Right. I understand the....

ELIAS: Individuals shall draw themselves to this information as they draw themselves to all other facets of information, and it shall speak to them as it speaks to them.

VICKI: ... The question is about a couple of experiences that Ron and I had this week. We happened to watch two movies together, which is rare in itself, and both movies had the same theme, even though they were set in completely different time frames; completely different stories, etc. The imagery that was the same was of stories of a young girl falsely accusing another person of something that was so against the belief systems of the people during each time frame that the townspeople went nuts, and a lot of destruction was caused and a lot of people died, mostly by hanging. We didn’t really realize the similarity of the imagery until the end of the second movie. We discussed it for quite some time, Ron and I, and we find it quite interesting, but we don’t understand. We can’t interpret it. (5)

ELIAS: The imagery that you have drawn to yourself holds relation to this shift and the elements of distortion and the destructiveness that may come of distortion; the probabilities that may be inserted into your reality if you are lending energy to distortion elements. You asked previously of predictions and prophecies and may they be inserted or may they be a reality within your future, within your materializing of your shift. You ask of trauma within your shift. In this, individuals may be distorting information; offering information to masses and creating of elements that you wish to be avoiding and NOT inserting into this particular reality.

All the realities are actualized. All probabilities are actualized, but not all probabilities are inserted into this particular reality. Therefore, you draw imagery to yourselves presently to be suggesting to you of the situations that may be occurring if you are lending energy to the belief systems and the mass belief systems that are held, and also inserting distortion into the information that you may acquire.

Just as an individual may distort information of extraterrestrials and may express to a mass of individuals that ‘they’ are approaching! They are arriving for your departure, and for this departure you must disengage! You have already viewed this mass event. The information is distorted. An event occurs that may NOT have been inserted into your reality had the information not been distorted. This is not to say that this action has not been beneficial and lent energy to your shift, but it is unnecessary for this type of trauma; for many individuals experienced trauma in relation to the action of the mass event. (Referring to the Heaven’s Gate event)

Many individuals may experience trauma if you are inserting into your reality the probabilities of destruction. It is unnecessary. It shall make no difference, your shift shall continue, but certain elements of this shift are unnecessary and unwanted by you. Therefore, you are offered information that you hold the ability to alter probabilities and insert different probabilities into your reality.

Hanging is powerful imagery within your physical focus. It not only suggests to you an ending, but a stopping; a blocking. Therefore, it is a blocking of movement. You have offered yourselves this imagery in looking to probabilities that you have already within this forum set to motion, and reminding yourselves of the powerfulness in blocking that distorting this information may have.

VICKI: Okay, just one other question about that. Is there some sort of a message in this imagery for Ron and I that there’s something we are unknowingly doing to be blocking or distorting things presently that we’re not aware of?

ELIAS: No. It is imagery that you be aware futurely.” [session 253, December 28, 1997]

ELIAS: “As to the issue of analyzation and the intent of Sumafi and distortion, and the question of blocking information or not allowing the free flow of information within the guise of the intent of the least amount of distortion, yes, you are blocking.

The natural flow of an individual focus which is aligned or belonging to or both of the Sumafi is not to be so very analytical of information, but to be accepting information which is presented, experiences which are presented, and to be evaluating of these, but not to the extent of what you THINK within your belief systems. You hold belief systems already in the area of belonging to or aligning with the family of Sumafi. You listen to concepts of the least amount of distortion and you automatically develop belief systems in this area: ‘Reinforcing yourselves in the area of skepticism is good. Analyzation of all things is good. Be not accepting and this is good.’ You have developed three belief systems presently in this area connecting with the idea of the family of Sumafi. These are belief systems. This is not the point.

You ARE blocking in this area, for as you are not accepting, you are not allowing a free flow of information and experiences under the guise that they may be wrong. You are placing a value judgment upon experiences and information and evaluating that certain experiences are right, certain information is right, certain information is wrong, certain experiences are wrong. The very nature of the question, with the analogy of the angels, suggests a value judgment, and that individuals are deluding themselves in the guise of false belief systems – which there is no such thing as a false belief system – and therefore in their ignorance are allowing themselves experiences. This is incorrect. Within their trustfulness, within their own intents and their own belief systems, they are allowing for a flow of experience. Individuals that do not trust in themselves and are not accepting of such concepts as aliens or angels shall not be viewing these apparitions, so to speak, for they do not accept this. They are placing a value judgment upon these experiences. Therefore, these experiences shall not speak to them, although they may speak to them if the individual is allowing for the interaction.

I have spoken of many concepts that are difficult for individuals to be understanding, assimilating or connecting to, for they are outside of their own individual belief systems. Each individual accepts what is within the confines of their own belief systems; and within the information of the family of Sumafi, those individuals connecting with the Sumafi family also develop new belief systems and new judgments and become less accepting of information and develop (6) ideas, opinions, belief systems that this is ‘better’ and reinforcing their own NEW belief systems, viewing themselves to be less distorted for they are more questioning. This is not necessarily correct.” [session 258, January 15, 1998]

DREW: “Isn’t every interaction with a creature and everything else an agreement?

ELIAS: (With a touch of exasperation) Not in the manner of speaking that your thought process leans in.

DREW: Well, wasn’t there an agreement between her and the cat? (7)

ELIAS: You agree to exist. You agree to interact. But in the same manner, in alignment with your

thought process, that you may interact with another individual, in one layer of consciousness you are in agreement for any interaction to be occurring, but objectively you may not be in agreement for Stephen to rise presently and punch you!

DREW: Well, that’s the same analogy as somebody being murdered by somebody else.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: That only happens by agreement.

ELIAS: But the agreement is not necessarily objectively.

DREW: As I understand it, that’s only because of belief systems.

ELIAS: Here we enter into another area of misinterpretation! You automatically move into the areas of placing judgments and misinterpretations upon this information. I offer you realities, truth within essence, but I have also stated to you many times that your physical reality IS YOUR REALITY. Therefore, within your physical reality you DO hold right and wrong, good and bad, AS REALITY. You DO hold very strong belief systems in what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. When I am expressing to you that there is no right and wrong and that all is an agreement, this is WITHIN ESSENCE. But your physical reality IS reality, and therefore you have created rules that you abide by that make up your officially accepted reality. In this, agreements, which I have stated many times previously, are not the same as what your thought process in physical focus dictates.

DREW: Well, I understand that there’s a difference between what I call theory and practice. Basically, here we’re learning theory, which is a little different from objective practice. But isn’t the whole point of this to try to expand and get beyond the illusion of victim and perpetrator and someone being subjected to someone else’s action and activity?

ELIAS: It is to widen your awareness. The perpetrator and the victim are NOT illusions. They are your reality!

DREW: They’re belief systems.

ELIAS: They are belief systems, but they are reality!

DREW: Well, but they would only be reality to those people who held those belief systems.

ELIAS: And do you not hold these belief systems?

DREW: It depends on the situation. There may be a circumstance where ... there are people who murder. Those people obviously have different belief systems than someone who would consider it wrong to murder, I would venture to say.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

DREW: Not necessarily, but even if there’s ONE person for whom that’s true, then that disproves it as a rule. If we’re creating our own realities and we all have our own belief systems, then everyone’s reality is different based on their belief systems. Would that be correct to say?

ELIAS: In some aspects.

DREW: So if my belief systems differ from someone else’s, then my reality and my vision of what is right and wrong and good and bad will be different from theirs.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So good and bad and right and wrong are not truths.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So, we’re starting to blur the lines. No, we’re actually creating a distinction that I’ve been working for the past year to some extent to eliminate. We’ve talked about this before in terms of car accidents and murder victims and how it was all by agreement and there are no victims and there are no perpetrators, there is no right, there is no wrong, in the big picture of things.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: And I’ve been making an effort to incorporate some of that within my belief systems, to put some of that into practice. So NOW to say, ‘Well, that’s all the big picture of it, but in reality it doesn’t work that way, and....’

ELIAS: It MAY, as you are widening your awareness. I am merely stating to you that you are not discounting of the reality that is officially accepted, for in discounting the reality that is officially accepted, you also automatically move into the area of discounting Acceptance 102.

DREW: If Stephen got up right now and punched me in the nose, I might not like it and I might think it’s wrong, but it could only happen by agreement. Isn’t that true?

ELIAS: In another layer of consciousness, true. But objectively, not necessarily, not in the manner than you think of.

DREW: I understand. I’d probably want to punch him back or defend myself or....

ELIAS: You may not! You may be accepting of this. It is dependent upon the wideness of your awareness ...

DREW: Well, I’m not that wide yet! (Laughter)

ELIAS: ... and your acceptance of self and other individuals’ realities.

DREW: Which gets back to this incorporation of the big picture, the theory within our practical daily life.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 260, January 18, 1998]

ELIAS: “You may be offered much information and you shall selectively view what you choose to view, which shall be supportive of your own thought processes and your own belief systems, and you will deny the information that is not supportive of these belief systems.

You are quite adept at focusing your attention singularly within the areas of your belief systems; and those element that are in agreement with these belief systems and supportive of these belief systems you accept, and those elements that are not, you do not allow yourselves to even view. You ignore. This be the reason also why there may be expressed trauma within this shift in consciousness, for individuals are continuing within the direction of their belief systems, and more elements of consciousness are becoming known to them, but as surprise, unexpectedly. Therefore, it is information outside of their officially accepted reality and belief systems.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

DAVID: “Well, that kind of works neatly with regard to what we’re trying to do presently in getting the information out. We’re working on a series of booklets. I’d like to ask you a question with regard to how you feel about the information you gave to us in 1995. We have used some of that in one of our booklets. Is it okay to go ahead and use that?

ELIAS: I am aware of the dissension that has been building within this area. I shall express to you that all of the information which I have offered may be useful, but I may also express to you that as you each hold an awareness of the information that I have offered to you, and to an extent hold a clarity as to the intent of this information and of myself, then in this I also express to you that as I have stated previously, you hold a responsibility in being the holders of this information.

The intent of this essence is to be delivering information to you within the least amount of distortion. At time periods, I have allowed for factors of distorting elements purposefully, recognizing that the information may be re-addressed as the individuals widened their awareness to be assimilating more information with less distortion. This also has been accomplished in conjunction to the energy waves of this shift. As your time framework moves on, so to speak, in your linear perception, the action of this shift and the action of your opening to your awarenesses accelerates tremendously. Let me express an example which you may be – once again – understanding of with consideration to your physical location.

You hold an understanding that if you are creating of an earthquake and the registration of this earthquake is a four, so to speak, it shall be of a certain magnitude. If that escalates to one point more, it shall be one hundred times the strength in intensity. In like manner, this shift moves in increasing intensity. It has moved slowly throughout your century. It has been building energy, and now you enter the time framework of the energy bursts. Therefore, within one year, so to speak, you may be creating tremendous movement within your awareness and movement into the action of this shift in consciousness, and within the very next year you shall be creating of movement that may be one hundred times as accelerated. Therefore, your capacity for understanding and your lack of blocking of information increases tremendously within small time frameworks. In this, you hold the responsibility to be offering information accurately and within the least amount of distortion.

This is not to say that information offered within the beginning throes of our engagement of these sessions may not be shared and offered to individuals, but also must be shared responsibly and with the knowing of the delivery of the information, that there have been time frameworks throughout these sessions that I have allowed for areas of distortion temporarily, knowing that the individuals receiving the information within that particular time frame did not hold the ability to assimilate more information.

DAVID: So, in regard to a block of information that we’re hoping to use, there are a few words that are in there that Vicki feels do not belong. Is it okay to change them to the present-day wording?

ELIAS: As to this information, I may express to you, as I have expressed previously, you hold many books upon your shelves. Therefore, if you are choosing to move in the direction of creating another book and delivering THIS information, then I am suggesting to you that you not be altering of the information as it is presented. You may be offering additional information in clarification and for understanding, but the information offered has been offered purposefully and with care. Therefore, it shall speak of its own and needs no alteration.

PAUL: Elias, one comment on that. We’ve been discussing/debating about the ‘95 material, and I’m just wondering about what you said. It sounds like as long as the context within which the information was offered is clearly stated, and perhaps in our own words, which of course represent our own belief systems, our own interpretations of that context, as long as that context is presented within our own attempt at least distortion, then that’s acceptable to you?

ELIAS: Correct; and in this, be mindful of your responsibility for the least amount of distortion. You are of the Sumafi, for the most part. Some of the individuals are not, but for the most part many of you are of the Sumafi, and the information is delivered by the Sumafi. Therefore, it holds significance that it also be presented within that intent. If this be not so, then the information shall be delivered by a different family within a different context.

PAUL: Can you give us your definition of the least acceptable distortion, from our point of view of writing additional narrative or written words to support the context within which this information could be delivered?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Can you give us a defi ...

ELIAS: This is what we term to be a cooperative effort. If you are presenting the information in your book form, if you are presenting information that has allowed for distortion purposefully, this needs be stated, for I have offered explanations to you throughout our engagement of these sessions. I have offered the explanation that at times there has been an allowance for certain elements of distortion temporarily – which are re-addressed – merely for the reason that the individuals may not be assimilating that information within that particular time frame.

PAUL: Elias, it also stands to reason that within this present now we also have a limited understanding of the information, and sometimes we get caught up in thinking that perhaps six months, six years down the road you will present additional information that will clear up our misunderstanding. That only gets us to the point of powerlessness to act, to get anything done. Can you address that situation?

ELIAS: You hold information in many areas presently which is accurate and holds the least amount of distortion. You hold enough information and enough understanding that if you are so choosing to be presenting information in this form, you may do so accurately and without distortion. You are correct that at any given point there is more information than you may be assimilating, and that as you widen your awareness I shall also continue to be offering additional information for clarification. But within this present time frame, you DO hold MUCH information in MANY areas; many aspects of reality, much information concerning this shift in consciousness and concerning your individual and mass reality. Therefore, you do hold the ability to be compiling the information in an accurate manner.

PAUL: Another question. We’re prototyping a digests, and one of our debates is our ability to write a short descriptive paragraph of the concept and support that with pieces of the information, the material as delivered. Does that concept fit within your definition of acceptable least distortion?

ELIAS: You may be offering my definitions of terminology, which I have offered within this information definitions of all of the terminology that I have introduced to you, and you may, if you are so choosing, be offering your interpretation; but once again, I express to you a cautioning in the area of remembrance of your responsibility, and that in this you may specify that these are your interpretations.

PAUL: So within that context, that’s acceptable least distortion?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Thank you.” [session 281, May 17, 1998]

RODNEY: “There is a popular notion among certain circles, what they term to be a map of consciousness, so to speak. (Elias grins) One is called The Enneagram (8), as popularized recently by an author called Helen Palmer. It is supposedly derived from an ancient Sufi tradition. This is the first one, and the second one is a mapping of behavior based on the concepts of Carl Jung, and it’s currently designated under the terms, The Meyers-Briggs System. (9) I was wondering if you would comment as to whether or not there’s any relationship between the division, so to speak, set up in these systems and the families of consciousness, which you’ve described, and the alignments that are possible within those families. Are there any connections here whatsoever?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that individuals do access within physical focus information that is in alignment with these families of consciousness and their intents, although they also attach their own interpretations and influences of their belief systems to these areas. Therefore, they do not necessarily identify them completely with the families of consciousness, but I may express to you that they have tapped into some of the information that is in conjunction with these families of consciousness and their intents and their creations within this particular dimension.

Now; let me also express to you that there are deviations in this, for it is colored by the individual’s own belief systems and interpretations, for at times certain individuals are searching, so to speak, for the ‘blueprints’ of creating of their reality. Let me express to you that this is or may be quite a controversial subject matter, for in one respect it may be said that there are blueprints, so to speak, of each physical reality, but within another respect this is quite limiting and is suggestive that there is a certain method that must be adhered to within the creation of any given physical reality, which is not entirely correct, for physical realities may be altering themselves at any given moment and changing their realities into very different types of realities, and although you may make agreements for the creation of certain realities, the blueprints, so to speak, may be altered, for they are not absolute.

THIS be the area that there is an entering of distortion factors and that you may be recognizing of the alignments with certain belief systems in conjunction to information which is being tapped into. Therefore, what I express to you is that there are certain elements of the information which is presented that IS in conjunction with certain elements that have been created, in like manner to accessing world views or energy deposits within consciousness in non-physical areas of consciousness, but these aspects of information that are accessed are also filtered through perceptions, interpretations, and belief systems, and therefore hold elements of distortion.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that movement into the area of the dream mission, which your individual of Doctor Jung has accessed much in this area also, is much more efficient and less distorted than movement into areas of accessing information and then creating interpretations for that information. In investigating of the dream mission, you may be offering yourself less of a distortion factor in accessing this type of information.

Be remembering, though, that in any accessing of information in the direction of looking for blueprints, THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES. And therefore, this may be remembered when creating your interpretations for information that you access.” [session 309, August 22, 1998]

VICKI: “I have some questions that I’ve been curious about for a long time, basically based on what I see as some very interesting contradictions in the material, actually blatant contradictions that to me are more black and white than ever existed before, since the sessions started. I’m not sure exactly how to approach this, so I’ll use the last three examples I’ve noticed.

One was regarding essence names and families for a couple of friends of Vivien’s. Forrest asked some questions about them, and then she asked them later in her session, and all the answers were different. One of the other ones was this whole deal with the essence name of Bistell versus Bissell, which was quite clear on the tape but was offered differently at different times. And the third one I thought was actually quite interesting, in one of the most recent transcripts I transcribed, with you seeming to get the Acceptance 101 and 102 backwards, as far as acceptance of self and acceptance of others, and switching them in your definitions in that session.

It seems to me that this is imagery of something. I don’t know if it has to do with the actual phenomenon itself, but that’s my feeling, that there’s information about the phenomenon in this, and so I’m curious what you would have to offer about that.

ELIAS: This would be an element or what you may term to be an aspect of the action of this phenomenon within itself, although within the translation of essence names and essence families, there are alterations in these areas that essences are engaging. Therefore, within different time periods there may be offered difference in information concerning the tone of the essence, and not only the tone but also the families and alignments, depending upon the mergence of that particular essence in an action with other essences.

In this, this may seem to be inconsistent, but be remembering that essences are continuously in motion and continuously altering aspects of their reality, and in this action, as I have presented you with information concerning the essence of Rose as an example, this is not unique to that one essence.

In this, as each essence chooses to be interactive and merging with other essences, this is altering at times of their alignments and of their belonging to any specific essence family. These are not elements that are set definitely or absolutely.

This is a different type of action than that which you would identify as a particular essence creating its own choice to be altering its family alignment or moving into belonging to a different family. It is an automatic action that would be occurring in the mergence of several essences, creating new tones for certain aspects of the essence; not necessarily creating a new essence, which would be in the direction of fragmentation, but temporarily altering the tone and also altering the family involvements with those particular essences.

All of the essences involved in those mergences would be altered temporarily, and would be focusing their attention or their intent in different manners.

This is a temporary action. Therefore, at times you may be receiving different information as to families and essence names.

This be the reason also that you may receive certain information from other essences identifying an essence family and alignment for one certain individual within physical focus, and you may later, so to speak, receive slightly different information or entirely different information from another essence. It is not that they are tapping into different information. They are merely identifying, within the now, the alignment and the belonging to of that particular essence within your present time framework. This is a changeable action.

Now; I have expressed to you previously that individuals and singular essences do not commonly change their essence family, or within a particular focus it is not common for them to be changing their alignment either. It is an occurrence, but it is not a common occurrence.

In this, I am expressing to you that it is not common for an individual essence to be altering of their essence family and altering the alignments of different focuses permanently as they continue to be within a particular physical dimension, but this action of mergence with other essences is a continual action that is altering of intents and of tones temporarily.

This also is the reason that certain individuals at certain time frameworks are designated with more than one essence family alignment in one time period. This also, as you have observed within this forum, appears to you within your physical focus and your understanding to be unusual. This is not an unusual action, that an individual may fluctuate with their alignment within a specific time period.

This is not to say that they continue this action throughout their focus, but within that particular time period that you identify in time within your linear time framework, there is an action of mergence occurring with that essence and other essences which merges in different intents and that shall be expressed through certain focuses. Not all of the focuses of each essence shall be affected, but certain focuses of the essences shall be affected, and certain other aspects of those particular essences shall be affected.

Therefore, this is the explanation for this seeming inconsistency within identification of essence names or families.

As to other actions or information which is offered within this forum, you shall be receiving at different time periods elements of information that you shall perceive to be quite inconsistent or contradictory. These shall be few, but I have stated to you that within any energy exchange, there is an element of distortion.

Each time we enter into a new phase, so to speak, of this energy exchange, there are alterations that are being accommodated, and in this, the energy moves in a different manner. Therefore, the translation is also altered and adjusted to be accommodating the energy, and within certain time periods there shall be certain elements of distortion.

Now; in this element of distortion, as you yourself have stated, you shall hold the ability to identify quite clearly an element of distortion.

Many individuals, within their thought process, look to this energy exchange and many other energy exchanges in the manner of attempting to identify bleed-throughs of belief systems, which I have expressly explained to you, within this particular phenomenon there is very little of. This would not be the concern of the distortion element within this particular energy exchange, for within the agreement of this particular energy exchange, Michael [Mary] has been in agreement to be subjectively removing and therefore not influencing in the area of distorting through belief systems, allowing a clearness within the information. But as different aspects of this essence move in and out of the translation element of this particular energy exchange, at times you may be noticing obvious inconsistencies. This is merely an element of translation.

I have offered you little information in this area, but I have expressed to you that there is a very intricate process, so to speak, that is engaged in filtering the energy into formation through layers of consciousness to be creating of this particular type of energy exchange. The energy exchange is different in this manner than many other energy exchanges that you may experience, as we have discussed within our discussions of different essence families and their expressions in like manner.

In this, there is a function, so to speak, of manipulating energy through different layers of consciousness and constructing that energy into the form of language. Within this particular process, there may be at times elements of distortion in this area.

As I have expressed to individuals previously within this forum, the energy is not constructed in the manner of communicating with you in thought patterns. I do not communicate to you within the construction of thought. Therefore, the energy is not being configured within your physical dimension as thought, as YOU construct energy to be communicating with each other. You initially create a thought process, which is actual constructs of energy, and this is manipulated into your language. There is a different action which is occurring.

This be the reason that I express to you also that I am not engaging in telepathy with you as I engage you within an objective manner, although individuals within physical focus move automatically into those areas that are known to them. Therefore, you think in familiar terms. You think to yourselves that I may be connecting with you and answering you by reading your thoughts, and I express to you that this is not the action that I engage. I engage an action of connection with your energy, which offers me the information in a subjective manner. What appears to you as an objective interaction within language and physical movement, as I have expressed previously, may be considered almost an illusion.

This may be placed in a very similar type of idea for each of you, as what you now know to be as a hologram within your technology. This is a projection of energy. It is a manipulation of your construct of energy that you may understand within familiar terms, for my energy holds a very different type of construct, in very similar manner to the explanation that I have offered you previously of what you view to be your extraterrestrials. Their actual form or communication is very different from your physical dimension. Therefore, within the translation, YOU create a translation that you may identify with in agreement with this other dimension, that you may understand the communication which occurs.

These other focuses that you hold within other dimensions do not communicate with you telepathically, but you interpret the communication that you engage and you receive as being a telepathic communication in your language. They do not speak another language to you. They speak to you in the language that you shall understand. Therefore, individuals that encounter other focuses of their essence within another dimensional focus are quite understanding of the communication that is being engaged. My communication with you filters through a physical form, but I am not engaging the same type of energy manipulation that you engage within physical focus.

This also be the reason that there is an affectingness of physical form in conjunction with Michael’s [Mary’s] removal of his own subjective interaction with the physical body consciousness. The energy which is exchanged with this physical body consciousness is entirely different. It is not as you may think of, as myself being a ghostly image (grinning) that ‘pops into’ Michael’s [Mary’s] body and ‘fills’ Michael’s [Mary’s] body in a similar form, and manipulates the energy of the body consciousness in the same manner as you manipulate your body consciousness. This is an entirely different type or expression of energy which filters through the physical form, facilitating language and a type of communication that you shall identify with. In this, the body consciousness IS responsive and rejecting of this type of energy, for it is entirely unfamiliar to the physical form within a physical dimension.

In conjunction with this, I have expressed to all of you many times that you are not singularly you. There are countless you’s that exist simultaneously with you. These are the aspects of you that are continuously interactive and exchanging with you. This is a very difficult subject for you to assimilate within physical focus, for you view yourselves to be one physical form. You view your one physical form to be the same throughout the entirety of your focus, and in this you watch your one physical form grow and develop, within your terms – alter its shape and its appearance – but continuing to be you singularly. I have expressed to you many times, this is NOT the situation!

This is what you objectively view, but in reality, this is not the occurrence. There are COUNTLESS you’s that are continuously exchanging. You merely notice infrequently, at brief time periods, that you may be expressing yourselves in manners that appear to you to be unusual, and in these expressions you express to each other, ‘I do not feel myself today. I have moved in unusual manners today. I have been creating unusual behavior today.’

FRANK: And sometimes not being accepting of yourself, more so than other days? Like sometimes you’re fine, but you say, ‘This is not right.’ You just feel like a non-acceptance of yourself?

ELIAS: Yes. These are all expressions in objective, more extreme, obvious terms of this interaction of the exchange of the countless you’s. There are also other obvious expressions of these exchanges, for at times ... and I AM moving to a point! (Grinning at Vic)

At times you may also experience unexplained memory lapses within your physical focus. You may, in different expressions, hold memory lapse in some areas. Let us provide the example of, you enter into your physical focus.

You are born, so to speak, into your physical focus. You hold a memory for a time period, to the age of 5 years, and between 5 years and 9 years, you hold a complete memory block and you do not hold a memory of that time period, and your memory returns at 9 years and continues, and within the years of 20 and 22, you hold another memory block. Within your psychology, you shall attribute this to trauma that has occurred within certain time frameworks of your focus, that you have created a block within your memory. Very incorrect! It is not necessarily an expression of trauma, for you may be experiencing no trauma and this shall occur.

You may also experience within certain individuals an entire lack of memory within a block of time framework. Some individuals experience this within their entire childhood, so to speak, from birth to a certain age. Other individuals incorporate different segments of their childhood – or adolescence or adulthood – that they hold these memory lapses, so to speak.

In actuality, what is occurring is an exchange of position of different aspects of you, where you have designated one aspect of you to be the main framework of attention, that which you identify as you; that element, that elusive, nondescript part of you that you may not identify to yourselves as being the you of you; that which you know is yourself. It is not your thought process; it is not your emotion. It is an elusive element that you may not necessarily define yet. This is your consciousness, your awareness, and your FOCUS OF ATTENTION.

In this, the focus of attention exchanges with different aspects, and as it allows a focus of attention to exchange entirely and move into different positions, this would be figuratively what I have expressed to you of the many you’s of you; that if you are figuratively viewing this action, you may view countless physical forms of you simultaneously existing within this space arrangement.

One is designated as the focused attention. All of the others are continuously moving in and out and influencing, but one continues to hold the focus of attention. As you exchange and move into positions, another may move into the position of the focus of attention.

Now; each focus of attention holds its own memory. This is not to say that that memory is not accessible to all of the focuses of attention. All of the aspects are of the same focus. Therefore, they are all simultaneously one. They are aspects of the same focus. Therefore, they all share the memory and the experience, but their attention is focused differently.

In this, your psychology also moves in the direction of expressing its success in moving in directions of incorporating your exercise that you term to be hypnosis, and then the individual may access the memory that is supposedly hidden from them, for they hold the memory, but they objectively are focusing their attention differently. A different aspect is engaging objectively. The memory exists and is available, and it is not necessary to be engaging hypnosis, for the action of hypnosis is merely the action of relaxing your focus.

FRANK: Relaxing?

ELIAS: As you relax your focus, and you – in figurative, objective, physical terms – allow your vision to blur and are not holding so very intently to one particular focus of attention, you allow your awareness objectively to float and to drift from one aspect of self to another, and in this, as an individual directs and facilitates your attention, you allow your attention to drift into other aspects of yourself and access the information of the memory.

It is not hidden from you, but it is not perceived objectively by all of the aspects simultaneously, for you have created this dimension to be viewing singularly, slowly and singularly, that you may be experiencing the fullness of each experience.

In this, I offer the analogy, as I have offered previously – which you are not understanding of – of the comparison of your emotions, for you understand your emotions and may objectively identify these elements of yourself. They are not elements that you see. You may not touch them; you may not hold them. This presents a very good correlation in the area of comparison of aspects of self.

You may hold an emotion of anger. At the moment that you engage the emotion of anger, you are not engaging the emotion of happiness. You are not experiencing an emotion of giddiness. You are experiencing an emotion of anger, and that shall be the focus of attention, and within that time framework you may engage the emotion of anger for ... let us express three hours. Within that three hours, you shall not express giddiness. It shall not be within your attention.

This is not to say that you do not hold this emotion and that you may not express this emotion, and as you move out of your expression of your emotion of anger and you experience the emotion of giddiness, the emotion of giddiness holds no memory of anger. They are different. One does not hold the memory of the other, but they are both held by you, and you identify them all and you are familiar with them all and you may access them all. Therefore, you may also access the memory of them all, but you shall not be experiencing the memory of one within the action of another.

In like manner, you may be moving into different positions with different aspects of self, and within the experience of each aspect, within that focused addressing to attention, you shall not be engaging the memory of another aspect. It is available to you, but it shall not be objectively experienced within the time framework of the exchange of position of different aspects.

Now; in addressing to your question [about the acceptance 101/102 “mistake"], this may offer you more of an understanding and a base to build your objective understanding upon, in the direction of conceptualizing the exchange of energy within this particular energy exchange. There are countless aspects of this essence that is exchanging with Michael [Mary]. The presentment of the configuration of energy, which is filtered through layers of consciousness and expressed in an objective manner through the physical form of Michael [Mary], is manipulated in a manner that it may be presented to you in a consistent form. Therefore, you allow yourselves a trust and an allowance and an acceptance of the projection. If it be continuously altering, this would be unfamiliar to you, and in this you would not be as accepting of the expression, for you magnate to what is familiar.

Also, as I have expressed to you many times, you create fearfulness in elements of unfamiliarity. Therefore, if the expression is presented with MUCH fluctuation, this would be influencing in the area of your own fearfulness, for you do not remember the energy of essence. You are within an unfamiliar area of physical focus. This lends itself to your creation of fear, for you are moving within an unfamiliar area of consciousness, but within this unfamiliar area, that which is known is also unfamiliar, for you have created a veil to forget, but you allow yourselves the ringing true, and this is your knowing.

In this expression, there is a constant exchange of aspects of this essence, for this essence occupies non-physical areas of consciousness and has removed the manifestation within physical dimensions. Therefore, it also is not confined, so to speak, in the expression of energy of singularity, and in this lack of confinement and lack of time element, which is also very influencing in the manipulation of energy, there is a free-flowing, constant exchange of countless aspects of essence moving through very different types of expressions.

At times within this energy exchange, this becomes quite obvious objectively to you, and you objectively may even experience physically a difference within the energy itself, which has been identified to you previously as an action of a different aspect of this essence manipulating energy through the energy exchange. There is an attempt by this essence to incorporate few of those expressions, but they shall appear, for there is a continuous exchange.

Michael [Mary] and yourselves are choosing your time frameworks to be engaging this energy exchange. Therefore, dependent upon the time framework – within YOUR linear time – that you are choosing to be engaging this energy exchange, you may be tapping a different aspect of this essence.

In this, let me also express to you, this is not to say that you are generally, continuously engaging the same aspect for the most part, for you are not. You are engaging the similar tone of the aspects. There are many aspects that hold similar tone.

VICKI: In difference to a more unfamiliar tone.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, in this – for the most part, in your terminology – you access the area of consciousness of this essence that holds similar tone; many, many different aspects of it.

This be the reason also, I shall share with you within this present now, that you may experience less obvious expressions of differences within this energy exchange. At certain time frameworks, you may experience an energy exchange that I – that you identify as Elias – may be translating and speaking to you much more rapidly, and other time frameworks, the expression within language, within words, may appear to be more labored or slow.

This is a translation of the energy vibration of those particular aspects. They hold very similar tone, and therefore your objective identifications shall seem the same. It shall be familiar to you. This shall be the presentment of your friend Elias, the personality that you are familiar with.

In actuality, it is an exchange of many, many different aspects of this same essence, and therefore you engage many different expressions in slightly altered areas.

The vibrational quality of one aspect may be more rapid than another. Therefore, the translation in energy which filters through these layers of consciousness may appear, in physical terms in your language, as speaking more quickly. Some aspects of the essence may hold more difficulty in manipulating the energy through these layers of consciousness to be creating of the translation into objective physical words in language. In this, there may be what you term to be stumblings.

I have expressed previously, there is energy interference. This is not necessarily to express to you that another essence is interfering, so to speak, with the energy exchange. There may be an interference with this energy exchange, but it is not necessarily another essence. It is the exchange of energy, within a translation, of different aspects of this one essence, and certain aspects may not be focusing their attention so very directly.

Michael [Mary] expresses a knowing of a difference within the energy of this exchange, within his experience of this energy exchange, and expresses to you in physical terms of, ‘This time framework is more directed. This time framework is more scattered. This time framework is more intense.’ These are different expressions of different aspects, and he is experiencing the difference in the directedness of the energy exchange, and there ARE different expressions of this energy exchange.

In this, as you infrequently identify certain obvious contradictions within the information, at times this may be attributed to the translation by another aspect.

The information is constant. The information is the same. The manipulation of energy into actual language and words may become distorted, for the energy, as I have stated, is not being filtered through thought processes. Therefore, it is not that the essence is ‘channeling,’ so to speak, energy through layers of consciousness, accessing Michael’s [Mary’s] physical brain, creating of physical thought processes and physical impulses within brain patterns, and then translating into words. This particular element is bypassed, for it is inefficient and also quite slow. It is merely another area of consciousness that would be engaged to be filtering through another aspect of translation, which would be incorporating of more distortion. Therefore, there are certain elements of the translation that are eliminated or bypassed to be filtering out elements of distortion, for within the intent of this essence, it is to be presenting within the least amount of distortion.

This be also why I have expressed to you that there is no energy exchange that incorporates NO distortion. This would not be an action that you may be incorporating in this type of situation of energy exchange. Just as within your physical languages, which is a mirror image of consciousness, you may not entirely, literally, without any element of distortion translate one language into another language, I may not translate energy into your language without any element of distortion.

Now; it IS clarifying for you to be inquiring in these areas, for not all of these appearances of what you think of as distortions ARE in actuality distortions. Some of these are purposefully stated. There are time frameworks – that I have noticed (grinning) – with yourself, Lawrence [Vicki], that you may be engaging your transcribing, and you are holding questionings as to my choice of words in certain areas, and in certain areas those particular words have been chosen purposefully and are not what you may term to be a mistake, and are also not a distortion. But there are other time frameworks that you may notice certain aspects are less adept, so to speak, at manipulating words, and may be stumbling quite often, within one engagement of one session repeatedly, of physical words. At other time frameworks, there may be no mistakes, so to speak, incorporated at all.

The overall expression is consistently the same, with the exception of very infrequent exchanges of certain other aspects holding an obvious difference in tone, and this shall be quite obvious to you all.

VICKI: Which I have experienced.

ELIAS: Yes, and in this, you each shall quite obviously hold an awareness that there is a very different aspect in tone expressing through this energy exchange. For the most part, there is a purposeful expression in offering a consistency in tone that you may identify with, for this, as I have stated, offers you a familiarity, which creates a trust and an acceptance of what is being offered to you. And in this area – within the objective, within the agenda, and within the offering of this information – it is of importance that you ARE accepting of the information, for you have asked for this information. It would be defeating of the purpose, so to speak, to be offering this information in a manner that would be presenting fearfulness to you.

VICKI: So this Acceptance 101/102 thing falls into this category?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: One question I have about this is, the people that are objectively engaging you, do they have a part in this at times?

For example, I’ve noticed a consistency in a certain type of interaction with you and certain individuals. I’ll use Forrest for an example. It was real obvious, to me in my perception, that there was ... well, I’ll term it an aspect now, that was not real familiar to me, but there was a consistency in your interaction with him; very unanimated, far less vocal inflections. Is there a part that the individual plays in which aspect interacts?

ELIAS: Let me express to you once again, for clarity purposes: there is not one aspect that consistently interacts with you that you recognize as Elias, and another aspect here and there that moves into position. It is a CONTINUOUS altering. It is a continuous movement of continuously exchanging different aspects. Therefore, it is not the situation, as you are speaking in this particular circumstance, that one particular aspect shall be drawn or summoned to this one individual and exchanging with this one individual, as opposed, so to speak, of another aspect being summoned to be engaging with another individual. There is a CONTINUOUS, CONSTANT exchanging of aspects.

Therefore, you may or may not be engaging the same aspect within any of your objective engagements. You may engage this action of energy exchange for 20 of your physical years, and you may be exchanging frequently upon what you term to be a regular basis interval, and you may never access the same aspect ... but you may.

In this, the expression that is created with certain individuals is influenced by the energy of those individuals, but the aspect – whichever aspect is exchanging through and translating – shall recognize that energy and shall be responsive in a very similar manner. Therefore, it matters not which aspect you are engaging, unless it may be an aspect – as you have held experiences with previously – of a more different tone, and in this, the entirety of the expression would be altered and would be appearing quite differently. But as I have expressed, for the most part, generally speaking, each aspect that holds similar tone that engages this energy exchange, in the familiarity to you all, shall be responsive in a very similar expression and manner to each individual’s energy.

Therefore, as what you perceive to be myself, as I engage you or you or you (looking at each one of us) or Ellius [Forrest] or any other individual, I shall appear consistently to engage each of you individually in a very similar manner, and this is a responsiveness to your energy. How you interact and project energy to me and how I am subjectively interactive with your energy within a physical focus is very influencing of the objective expression, and shall be quite consistent in that area.

VICKI: This continuous exchange of aspects, does it happen within the context of even one session ?

ELIAS: At times, yes. Within the energy exchange, within one time framework of what you view to be one session, you may also be noticing an exchange, a difference. This held an occurrence quite often in what you view to be the early throes of our engagement within this forum. You may be noticing, if you are choosing to be re-accessing those particular sessions, within the initial time framework of each session, a much slower and even pace, so to speak, was expressed, and within the second portion of each of those sessions, there appeared to be more of a rapid motion and engagement, in your objective translation of language. This would be the continuous action of the exchanging of aspects.

As your time framework moves forward, in your terms, this action appears to be less frequent, for within the beginning throes of this energy exchange, as I have expressed to you previously, the energy has been expressed in a more scattered manner. Therefore, the allowance of the continual expression of movement has been incorporated into the energy exchange.

As the energy of the essence acclimates to the functioning and the manner of exchange – the filtering through – there becomes more and more of a directedness in the energy exchange. This be what Michael [Mary] identifies as becoming stronger and stronger. In his perception, it IS becoming stronger and stronger, for just as I have expressed to you our analogy of our x-rays, the focus of the energy becomes more and more narrowed and directed to be focusing into a beam, and as it focuses more and more into this beam it becomes more and more dense, and in that denseness it creates more of an intensity, which you interpret as strength.

In this, as the energy creates more of a directedness, it also filters out more of the expression of exchanges within one session. One aspect may hold more efficiently for more of a time framework. This is not to say that you continue now to not experience an exchange of aspects within one session time framework, for this is occurring still, but it is not occurring as frequently, and as the energy becomes more directed, this action is filtered out more. But you also may notice obvious small distortions as one moves into position, exchanging from another.

This would be your situation of what you view as an incorrect identification of our Acceptance 101 and 102. An action of exchange has occurred and the same subject matter is continued, but the acclimation to the physical language within that moment may be interrupted, and therefore there may be a distortion element. These may be addressed to and they may be corrected, and for the most part you shall notice that in any area of these distortions, they are not large distortions. They are obvious and they shall be easily corrected, and they are not influencing of the information itself.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

ANJULI: “... we talked last time about this ‘time-squeeze’ session, which then got ‘unsqueezed,’ and my creations around that. (Elias laughs) I had more creations around that, because I had a group session with you, through my other focus of Leslie/Myranda.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: So ‘I’ was there, physically.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

ANJULI: In a manner of speaking, through Leslie. She was there.


ANJULI: One of our essence was there.


ANJULI: What does it mean for both of us that we now connected like this?

ELIAS: And what is your response to this question?

ANJULI: I learn more about myself.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: I feel how playful I am, and I have the feeling that this was like perfectly designed. At the beginning I was a little bit afraid what to say, or thought that I don’t want to influence something, and then these fears were disappearing quickly because I felt how we have been preparing ourselves for that, I mean before it happened. So I just knew that we are ready for this. This is why we created it.

ELIAS: Correct, and in this offering yourself an opportunity to experience your individuality in personality of one focus of attention, but also allowing yourselves to experience a fuller recognition of essence and the lack of separation, which does not diminish the expression of the uniqueness of the individuality.

ANJULI: Yes, I think that’s exactly what we experience, and I also think, at least for me, but I think we are quite easy in this.


ANJULI: In the last mail she wrote she somehow feels me all the time, and I could say for me it is a different awareness, like I know that all of my focuses, the present ones and the other ones, are somewhere present in me, and I kind of feel connected with them because I as essence am all of them, but this focus of Leslie/Myranda feels a little bit closer because of this objective connection.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: We had a question. I asked her about her alignment, and then she said she is essence family Tumold and alignment Milumet. She wanted to know why I am Milumet as essence family and Borledim alignment. I asked Michael [Mary] what she was told, but he did not remember. In her first mail she asked about that, so do we have two essence families or...?

ELIAS: No. In actuality, I may express to you that this is actually an example of an action of distortion of the information.

Now; let me express to you that this is not what you may term to be a negative thing. It is merely an expression that is worthy of noticing, for in the time framework in which the information was requested and offered, an expression of distortion was occurring in relation to the energy which was being projected in that time framework.

Now; in actuality, you may express to this other focus – ha ha ha! – that the family and alignment are correct, but reverse.

ANJULI: Yes, I thought that too.

ELIAS: In this, it may be recognized [that] the intensity of energy that may be projected by individuals within any particular time framework may be actually physically altering of the information that may be transmitted, for it interferes with the translation of information. (10) In that time framework there was an extreme generation of energy, partially in excitement and partially in an expression of a lack of trust of [the] individual’s understanding of what may be presented in information. Therefore, in that projection of energy there was created a slight distortion.

Now; let me also express to you, this in actuality does not occur often, but at times there may be an expression of energy; and as each individual creates their actual expression of reality in relation to their interaction with my energy objectively, as you are aware, you all do hold the ability to be altering the actual expression and creating a distortion. But for the most part, I may express that this is not a common action which occurs, and even within this particular expression and experience it is merely a demonstration of slight confusion which may be easily expressed in clarification. Are you understanding?

ANJULI: Yes, I am understanding. (Chuckles) So she was excited. That feels quite like me!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Quite!” [session 958, November 13, 2001]

DON: “There was something in the transcripts a while ago where — I don’t have the details down — but there was a slight distortion introduced. I think it was another focus of Myranda, other than Anji. Family alignment and belonging were given reversed from what they actually are. You said in explanation that it was due to the excitement on the part of the person that was having the session. [see excerpt from session 958 above.]

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: Her energy... I didn’t quite understand. Did it interfere somehow?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, which may occur, although quite infrequently. But at times an individual may interfere with the exchange that is occurring with the energy as it is being projected through Michael [Mary].

Now; do not misunderstand. This is not an interference of Michael [Mary], and there is no energy that Michael [Mary] is introducing in relation to the energy exchange that is interfering. But in filtering energy through layers of consciousness and into the physical expression through Michael [Mary], the energy may be interrupted at times. This occurs in several different manners.

At times it may be interrupting with the electrical energy in the physical proximity, and in that, it may be affecting of the functioning of electrical equipment, or an individual’s energy may be being expressed strongly and it may affect the recording of the actual conversation, or it may affect whether the individual allows a reception or not. At times, dependent upon the strength of the energy that the individual is expressing and projecting, it may interfere with what you would term to be my transmission.

This has occurred in very few situations, but I may express that it has occurred on occasion. In this, I offer correction to qualify and to ensure that the information has been offered correctly and to eliminate the distortion.

DON: I had a figure in my head of the number of times that this has occurred in my sessions with you. But from what you’re saying, you would say it has not occurred at all in my sessions?

ELIAS: No. I shall correct if a distortion of that type occurs. I may offer an example that you may be aware of. In one conversation with Giselle [Margot], a question was offered as to an identification of a focus of another individual, which I responded to in relation to the energy that was being projected. In this, I offered a response concerning a different individual than what she was asking for, which I subsequently corrected and offered a similar explanation as to that of the other focus of Myranda.

And in that particular interaction that we engaged, in that particular time framework, her energy was quite strongly being expressed for other reasons, not in association with excitement. But I do express explanation in moments in which there may be a distortion of the information.” [session 1437, September 17, 2003]

ELIAS: “Welcome!

Now; this day we shall be engaging a conversation, a discussion, concerning, initially, distortion.

What is your definition of distortion, and what is the meaning of distortion in your assessment? (Pause)

MARGOT: A representation of an idea that is not representing the material that is trying to be presented, a change in the way the material is presented from even just a slight angle – the meaning of the material, I should say.

ELIAS: And what defines the ‘meaning of the material’?

MARGOT: Well, that goes back to absolutes. Was that the right answer? (Group laughter)

ELIAS: If there is a right answer! (Laughs) This is what is significant.

Each of you incorporates an assessment of what constitutes distortion; but each of you assess that through your own perception, and each of you generates your meaning of distortion in association with your truths.

Now; as we continue to be engaging this wave in consciousness addressing to truths, this is a significant factor to be considering, for this generates many differences, many conflicts, and it is, generally speaking, a common ground for absolutes and truths.

How do you assess the information that I offer to you? For I have expressed to you that I offer this information to you in association with my direction and what you may term to be my agenda in the least amount of distortion, and I have expressed that to you from the onset of this forum. But what does that mean to you, to each of you, and how do you process that information? What is your association with that statement, and what does that influence in association with your beliefs and how you allow your beliefs to influence your actions, your interactions, and your assessments of other information? (Slight pause) This is a question. (Laughter)

PAUL H: Less distortion – this is Paul H, for the record – less distortion is better, so anything that is more distorted, any other information that holds greater distortion is badder or worse.

ELIAS: This is quite accurate.

PAUL H: And if that information is offered by one of the other essence family intents, since you’ve associated that concept with Sumafi intent, then it is badder or worse.

ELIAS: But what is the guideline? The essence family?

WENDY: This is Wendy. When I receive information with less distortion, I sometimes experience it as unfamiliar and a little bit difficult to integrate with my everyday life. I am not Sumafi – but that’s okay – and I have been aware that there is sort of a belief system of Elias that we kind of built up. I don’t think I understand or that I’m familiar enough with information that is not distorted to really make judgments. So I use that, I keep that in mind when I am trying to integrate the information. I’m always wary when I’m judging something as better or worse. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten with it.

ELIAS: Very well.

STEVE: I just had the thought that you used to say that Seth’s material was more distorted than yours. (11) He would say things like you can just affirm to yourself with your thoughts that you want something and create it that way, and you absolutely say that is not correct. Therefore, it must be that distortion means more not true than undistorted material.

ELIAS: Ah! This is the point. This is a general association that all of you in some capacity generate, that if there is distortion in information, it is not true, and undistorted information is more true – which is not true. (Laughter)

For, what is significant that you understand is that regardless of what information is offered to you, regardless of whether I or any other essence may express any information to any of you – and per se perhaps it may be entirely undistorted, which would be another absolute; which there is no entirely undistorted information, for it is all filtered through layers of consciousness and languages and energies and perceptions – and this is the key, that regardless of what information you draw to yourselves – for this is the action that you are engaging; it is not that I am offering information to you – it is that you are drawing this information to yourselves. You each individually engage a choice to interact with myself, and that is an element of your method or your process of offering yourself information. I am merely an avenue of that.

Now; in that offering of information, you each incorporate that information through your own perceptions. Therefore, what is true and what is not true? I am aware that many individuals within this time framework, in association with this wave addressing to truths, are incorporating confusion and difficulty – perhaps not quite conflict with many individuals, although that is being expressed also presently and even trauma. But for many individuals there is an expression of frustration that is occurring, for their truths may conflict with other individuals’ truths, and therefore the right and wrong, the true and untrue, the distorted and undistorted are being much more emphasized, and the questioning of what is right or who is right and what is wrong or who is wrong becomes also much more emphasized.

In this time framework, there is much comparison that is being expressed, and I have expressed to all of you many times, comparison is dangerous for it is an automatic discounting of yourselves and of other individuals. There is no absolute right; there is no absolute wrong. There are many different perceptions of individuals’ preferences and their opinions.

And I may express to you and allow me to emphasize, duplicity is a belief system. It is an element of the design of your reality. It is a belief system. It is not being eliminated in any manner, as none of the belief systems are being eliminated. This is the reason that I have expressed to you all from the onset of this forum that regardless that you are moving in this shift in consciousness and regardless that you are moving into acceptance, you shall continue to incorporate your opinions and your preferences; but you may hold your opinions and your preferences knowing that they are not wrong but also moving into a knowing that they are not absolutely right, either. They are your opinions and your preferences, and in your terms, they are right with you but that does not invalidate the rightness of another individual’s expressions – or not even another individual’s expression but the possibility of an expression.

... It is also significant that we speak of distortions, for regardless of what I express to you, every individual within this room incorporates their own unique perception; therefore, every individual within this room is incorporating their own action of distortion of what I am expressing. Regardless that you incorporate your tape recording, regardless that you incorporate the action of your transcriptions and that you are meticulous in recording each word in what you assess to be perfectness, it matters not. For every individual shall hear differently, for every individual incorporates their own unique perception. Therefore, through that filter you shall each incorporate the information somewhat differently.” [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: the book referred to is titled Reaching For The Oversoul by Eugene G. Jussek, M.D.

(2) Vic’s note: Paul (Patel) was introduced by Elias as an essence that had much relevant information to deliver, and would most likely, deliver it through Ron via “automatic writing.” Patel is the essence name and Paul is a focus of Patel’s that Ron connect’s with very strongly. Hence, we often use both names to describe this essence. Elias occasionally uses only the name Paul or Patel but they refer to the same essence. Ron began this energy exchange on June 10, 1996.

For the most part, Paul (Patel) delivers information that is similar to the information that Elias delivers. However, it seems to be of a more personal nature than the information offered by Elias. Most of the exchanges are either in response to specific questions asked, or are a complement to the concepts presented in the information offered by Elias.

(3) Paul’s note: Oversoul Seven is the lead character in a series of fictional books written by Jane Roberts, The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973), The Further Education of Oversoul Seven (1979), and Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time (1984.) Jane states in her introductions to these books that she did not write them in conventional terms, but they were “delivered” in complete form via automatic writing.

(4) Paul’s note: Ruburt is the essence named used by Seth and Elias to refer to Jane Roberts, the woman who engaged a similar energy exchange with an energy personality essence named Seth.

Digests: find out more about essence names.

Digests: find out more about Seth/Jane Roberts.

(5) Vic’s note: the two movies were Rosewood and The Crucible. Interestingly enough, we watched a third movie after this question was asked that had the same theme – The Children’s Hour.

(6) Vic’s note: Elias used the word “developing” here, which I changed for clarity.

(7) Paul’s note: Drew’s question is in reference to an earlier question that Vicki had posed:

VICKI: “I have a question about how animals think. I had an experience where I was medicating one of my cats, which the cat didn’t like. What I found interesting was that the cat started to bite me, and I know that it was an automatic response on the cat’s part. It stopped itself as it got to my finger. It was very clear that there was an automatic response that was stopped on the part of the animal. I’m curious what that indicates about how they think?”

(8) Paul’s note: the enneagram is an ancient, nine-sided diagram which was first introduced into the West by George I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949). Gurdjieff was a man of Armenian and Greek ancestry who studied the mystic, Sufi teachings throughout the Mid-East in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He brought a version of these teachings back to Tiflis, Russia with the blessing of his teachers, just before the First World War broke out. His intent was to share this flavor of Eastern thinking and perception with the West. He went on to create various learning “centres” throughout Europe and had many influential students.

In recent times, the enneagram has come to be known as a diagram representing nine basics personality types. Hence the word, enneagram, derived from ‘ennea’ meaning “nine” and ‘grammos’ meaning diagram. The enneagram is also used as a tool for noticing self – self-awareness, self-remembering, and cultivation of spiritual knowledge.

(9) Paul’s note: The Myers-Briggs system is a personality typing tool based upon well-known research by psychologists Carl Jung, Katharine C. Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers.

Carl Jung first developed the theory that individuals each had a psychological type. He believed that there were two basic kinds of “functions” which humans used in their lives: how we take in information (“perceive” things), and how we make decisions. He believed that within these two categories there were two opposite ways of functioning – our senses or our intuition. We make decisions based on objective logic or subjective feelings. Jung believed that we all use these four functions in our lives, but that we each use the different functions with varying degrees of success and frequency. He believed that it is possible to identify an order of preference for these functions within any individual.

Today, personality typing is a tool with many uses. It’s used in the areas of personal growth and self-development; for example, career guidance, managing employees, inter-personal relationships, education, and counselling.

(10) Bobbi’s note: originally stated as: “In this, it may be recognized the intensity of energy that may be projected by individuals within any particular time framework which may be actually physically altering of the information that may be transmitted for it interferes with the translation of information.”

(11) Paul’s note: it was interesting that Elias chose not to challenge or clarify Steve’s claim, as I was present and found myself quietly disagreeing with his perception, but felt no need to debate either. Still, here’s what Elias has said about Seth/Jane Roberts, Sumari intent, and distortion. Recall that Seth holds Sumari intent and Elias holds Sumafi intent. My point is that we need to focus on the deeper complementary nature of these intents, and not get lost in surface level differences.

ELIAS:“The Sumafi is greatly involved with Sumari, for Sumafi incorporates before and after. When your Sumaris appear, they are taught by Sumafi. When they disappear, their ideas are continued and held steadfast by Sumafi. Within your present time, the Sumari have initiated, they have manifest, they have ‘stirred your pot’ temporarily, they have altered your focus. Now, the Sumafi incorporates the carrying on of this in teaching.” [session 67, January 21, 1997]

ELIAS: [to Jene] “The idea has been put forth; the initiation, the fire, sprung from Seth. Within that element, although the essence incorporated great care to hold very little distortion, your time element within your physical focus was allowing of great movement within energy, which was also allowing of distortion. The continuation is the fine tuning, so to speak; the commitment to widening awareness, within truth, with as little distortion as physical focus affords. This also demands great acceptance.” [session 91, May 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “Truths are absolutes. Truths are those elements which are not confined to one focus, or to one dimension, or to one reality. Truths are those elements of consciousness that are filtered through all of consciousness. Your belief systems are based upon truths. All belief systems within all physical focuses are based within truths, but they are distorted and they are interpreted. Therefore, they appear removed from the truths. This is the method that you have chosen within physical focus. You translate all subjective knowing and activity. Therefore, in one respect you view the translation as distortion. In another respect, it is not distortion, for it is your creation of your reality. As to the significance of elements as compared to non-physical, we would view your translations as distortions.” [session 137, December 01, 1996]

So we could even claim that Elias’ information is distorted by the fact that it’s a translation from a nonphysical area of consciousness into our physical belief systems. Jane Roberts called the impact of our belief systems “prejudiced perception.” Seth used the term “divine camouflage.” The Buddhist term “samsara,” and Hindu “maya” all mean something similar. Namely, we need to discern and “see” truth, distortion, and falsehoods with more than our physical eyes and rational minds.

To explore these subtleties further, see A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview: What are some Differences between Seth and Elias?

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