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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Your physical manifestation, not vessel, is much more efficient and amazing than you realize. (Firmly) I have said, many times before: It is a physical manifestation of essence. Therefore, it possesses great ability.” [session 55, November 15, 1995]

ELIAS: “You do not understand how very connected your physical expression is to your consciousness within physical focus. It is necessary. Just as I have expressed it is not a vessel, it is a necessary ‘conscious part element expression’ of your consciousness. It is you. Without proper attention to its needs, it will not function properly, which is quite affecting of your energy.

Think of yourself as a perfect wheel. You spin and turn and roll quite nicely, quite effortlessly, and very smoothly; but if this wheel becomes damaged and one ‘part’ or aspect of it becomes flattened and square or angular, it will not roll effortlessly. It will thud. It will not work. Therefore, in this same manner, if you are not attentive to your physical expression, it will not ‘work’ either; and without the incorporation of this physical expression, you will not be. Your consciousness may fly around, but you will not be. Therefore, it is important.” [session 82, April 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “You are a focus. You hold all qualities of essence. You are physical expression manifest of essence. You are not a vessel! You are a physical expression of essence; a perfect design.

Essence fragments. A focus alone does not fragment. Essence, within its entirety, does. A focus holds many aspects of its own. You hold many alternate selves. We return to our tree! You may view yourself as a branch of the tree. You, being one of the focuses of essence, may be one branch, but upon this one branch you hold many, many, many leaves, and they are your alternates, and they are your creations. They also hold the ability to be fragmenting, as does every focus.” [session 133, November 17, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have begun to express to you elements of body consciousness. I have expressed to you from early on in our session times that your physical expression, your body, is not a vessel! It is a tangible, physical matter expression of essence. It is you. It holds its own consciousness, for each cell holds its own independent consciousness. Each atom holds its own individual consciousness. Within cooperation, it creates a collective consciousness which becomes your body consciousness. You, as a focus of essence, hold consciousness beyond the physical manifestation of body consciousness, but are intimately involved with this consciousness. You direct the consciousness and function of your physical expression; your body.” (1) [session 147, January 12, 1997]

ELIAS: “I express to you that your energy is boundless. You hold infinite creativity and energy. Your belief systems dictate to you, and this applies not only singularly to you but to you all, that you may not move within consciousness too much, for you shall exhaust yourself! Your physical ‘vessel,’ (chuckling) which is not a vessel, may not hold up beneath the strain of your movement within consciousness. You have designed a magnificent creation of physical manifestation. In this, it may accommodate much more than you may ever imagine.” [session 163, April 13, 1997]

CAROLE: “There’s a new method in hypnosis called Part Therapy. In this method they have one self – maybe the hypnotist or they teach people to do this themselves – talk to the other parts of themselves, the selves that are giving them conflict. My understanding in my way of thinking is that they don’t need to find out why these aspects have evolved, because I always think the why is a waste of time. I’m just curious if you concur with that.”

ELIAS: “Yes, and I would also not be encouraging of that type of action. For in that, you are generating an automatic association that your body consciousness is wrong or that it is creating in opposition to you, and it IS you.”

CAROLE: “So that’s ascribing the cause to something or someone other than ourselves, and it’s always ourselves.”

ELIAS: “Correct. It is also discounting of your body consciousness, that YOU did not create this, cells created this. An individual that incorporates asthma did not create that; their body consciousness creates that and attacks them. No. The individual that incorporates asthma restricts themselves in some form and generates a physical expression of that in constricting breath. The body consciousness is not attacking; there is no attack. It is an expression that is created in...”

CAROLE: “It’s an expression of the body consciousness but created by us.”

ELIAS: “Yes, yes. But you ARE your body consciousness. You cannot separate. You are not a vessel. Your body is not a vessel. It is the physical expression projection of YOU. Therefore, what it does, what it manifests is a reflection of what you are doing. It is a communication. It is an expression of you.” [session 1970, April 01, 2006]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You have developed mass belief systems around the situation of genetic coding. Your physical manifestation is not a belief system. Your physical body is not a belief system. It is a creation of essence into a given physical reality within a particular dimension. This is, within each dimension, an agreement of form directed by the particular essence families which are connected to that particular physical dimension. In this, within your choice and agreement of physical manifestation, the manifestation itself is not a belief system. It is a manifestation agreed upon in essence of energy form, within what you term to be matter. Therefore, how you design your lungs or heart or nervous system or brain or genes or chromosomes, or whatever terms you put to these physical elements, are agreed-upon manifestations to be physically produced. They are projections of essence ... quite complex and efficient projections of essence! In this, you have created encoded elements within your physical manifestation which your subjective consciousness directs.

I shall offer you an example of your crystals. They are directing elements. They are a physical manifestation holding consciousness that may be directing of energy. In this same manner, you create a physical manifestation. You place within this physical manifestation coded computer chips which hold the information that you have gathered and incorporated and accepted for your physical lineage, which you have chosen, and also hold the encoded information of all of your other focuses, therefore physically incorporating all of the elements of essence; this being why I express to you, this is not a vessel! (Slapping Vic’s leg five times, once with each word) This is an expression of essence and holds, even physically, all encoded elements of all of essence; but just as your computer must be directed and you must feed to this information for its functioning, so also must this physical manifestation be fed direction through subjective consciousness for its function.” [session 173, May 11, 1997]

ELIAS: “There is no death, Oliver [Christie]. Therefore, it matters not that another focus has chosen to disengage physically with the cooperation of a creature, and it matters not if you within this focus choose the same action; for disengagement is merely a moving to a new country within consciousness. Therefore, this is the belief system underlying the fearful issue, and if you may address to this and allow yourself movement into acceptance of this, then you shall hold no fearfulness of the action of death. And therefore, this very small creature (a spider) shall also not appear so fearful.

CHRISTIE: This makes sense to me.

ELIAS: Thank you very much! (Laughter)

VICKI: Would that be the same belief system that causes me to be more afraid of a dead mouse than a live one?

ELIAS: Quite, for if you are presenting yourself with what you term to be death, it reinforces your fearfulness of it. A dead creature does not move objectively. Therefore, it must surely be gone, and it must surely be nothing. This also is your belief system of how you separate and view the physical manifestation form as a vessel, which it is not!” [session 211, August 30, 1997]

ROB: “If I could move now to the subject of my body consciousness – I understand that my body is not a tool to do my bidding, that essentially my essence is well capable and naturally looks after my body’s well-being. But there seems to be, as I experience it, a sort of permanent battle between my intellect and my body. I feel at times great rage against my body, and really treat it quite badly. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Within mass, this may be classified as a deep-rooted belief system. Individuals believe within themselves that they are enlightened, (grinning) that they view their body not to be a vessel, that they view their body to be an expression of essence. Flowery words ... but words! Within your belief systems, this is not necessarily what you believe. Underlyingly, very many individuals believe that the body is merely a shell, a housing for your soul, and in this needs not respectfulness, and also may be used as a whipping post for those elements of self that you disdain, for it is merely a shell. Are you understanding?

ROB: Too well!

ELIAS: I express to you, this is not a shell. It is not a vessel. It is YOU. It is in reality – underline ‘reality’ – an expression within physical form, within physical dimension, of essence. It is, in your own words, the embodiment of you. It IS you. It is a flesh expression of your soul, so to speak. Therefore, as you are unkind to your physical body, you are also unkind to your soul.

Individuals may move into the direction of being destructive to physical form in the manner of disengaging. This may be intentional, and in this, this would be a different action. But far too many of you are misusing of your physical form in alignment with the belief system that this is merely a vessel and may be used as an element to be expressing of your frustrations and your discontentment within your focus.

ROB: This rage that I speak of, you mean?

ELIAS: Correct. And therefore, in the same manner that another individual may be expressing frustration and discontentment upon another creature as geysersing and as an outlet for energy, individuals also create hurtfulness to their physical form in this same manner.” [session 239, November 18, 1997]

NORM: “I had talked to you a few weeks ago in regard to how I think of myself. I don’t know if I ... when I do things ... now, the interaction with thought and belief systems is almost inseparable. It IS inseparable. My concept of myself was that I was a ball about the size of my fist here in the middle of my brain, which was an inefficient way of doing it, and as an introspective idea of who I really was, that’s how I put myself years ago. I think I did that when I was probably sixteen years of age, and I’m trying to broaden that into a more encompassing reality idea. How do you feel about the idea that I think that I am of essence, and the real me is really controlling and creating this thing that I feel and touch? Is that a right way of doing it? The real me is all of me, but something is creating this, and it’s me that’s creating it, so I’m not ‘this.’

ELIAS: Vessel, vessel, vessel! (Laughter)

NORM: So ... which is the outside vessel, yes. The outside vessel is essence of course, right?

ELIAS: It is an expression of essence.

NORM: Is there a good way of doing it, an efficient way of doing it, of thinking of yourself? Because of the physical experience that I have in physics, I always tend to think that way, or maybe it’s not efficient.

ELIAS: You are yourself! How may you differentiate? Who else shall you be?

NORM: An ethereal essence.

ELIAS: Ah! The cosmic essence! (Grinning)

NORM: Cosmic, right! Is that....

ELIAS: That element which has always been floating through the universe!

NORM: Right, through all the universes!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And what may the form be? I am curious!

NORM: Oh! Well, it’s truly ethereal, of course! I can’t really ... I mean, it’s like Shynla [Cathy]. I think of her now as very ethereal as the type of essence that she is, even more so than me being ethereal! (Referring to Cathy’s ‘dispersed’ essence)

ELIAS: Ah! (Very humorously) I shall be accessing the non-existent akashic records to be looking up this ethereal form of essence, for in actuality, I have not seen this as of this present now!

NORM: Okay, you’re really ... you’re really good! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) YOU are YOU, viewing yourself as a small ball within your brain or viewing yourself as the expansiveness of all of the elements within your physical universe that you may possibly view within you. It matters not. YOU are YOU, and there is no separation of your vessel, vessel, vessel! within the focus, as it is an element of YOU. It is no different than a thought, which is also you!.” [session 251, December 18, 1997]

LESLIE: “Okay. Very quickly, I had a dream. It was a strange dream, but I was riding in ... it’s almost embarrassing to mention it. I was riding in the back seat of a car down a road, and there were fields, I believe, on either side. There were two men in the front seat, and I was tied up in the back seat. They hit the brakes and the car spun around at the end of the road, which turned into the ocean. They disappeared, and as I was bobbing around on the ocean, I kept waiting for the car to take on water and sink, but it didn’t. And I kept bobbing along, and pretty soon I’m thinking to myself, negatively of course, but anyway, when the car finally turned around, there was probably ... since I didn’t take on water, there was going to be a ship there waiting for me, to hit me, not to get on board! (Elias chuckles) And then there was like a canal, and I was headed for the canal, and in the little alcove there were houses. I drifted over toward the houses. Everyone was sitting on their porches, and they were just watching me, and nobody helped. That was the end of the dream, that I recall. What did it mean?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in explanation of your imagery to yourself: In this, you have begun by offering yourself imagery that you are bound within a container, a vehicle that other individuals are manipulating or steering or driving. This imagery is that of your objective expression within this focus. In conjunction with other individuals, you create imagery in this dream that you are contained within this vehicle, which is yourself; representative of your focus. The other individuals are individuals – or the representatives of individuals – within your focus that are, in your viewing, quite affecting of you and holding to you, and in this at times manipulating of you. The imagery of being bound is that imagery related to the belief system that you are held within the vessel of your physical form.

Now you move to the area that this vehicle is plunged within your sea but does not sink, and you are safely contained within this vehicle; the vessel. The individuals have disappeared, for you have moved into the creation of imagery that the water is the whole of essence. Now you are not focusing upon your objective interaction with other individuals, but moving into the area of focusing upon self and allowing yourself a realization of the safety within self. Although you anticipate fearfulness and you anticipate harmfulness, you also offer yourself within this imagery none of that like, but you continue to be safely contained within the vessel, moving through the whole and vastness of essence.

Then you move into an allowance of your canal, which is the stream-way of the focusing of essence. Therefore, it is continued to be imaged as water being connected and the same element as the whole of essence, but moving into a streamline; which you view many individuals watching you, but not interacting with you.

These individuals are representative of all of your focuses within the streamline of essence to be focused within this dimension. This be the reason that they do not interact with you, for they are their own focuses of your essence and do not concern themselves with your movement, but you remain safe within your vessel.

LESLIE: Oh, that’s wonderful!

ELIAS: Therefore, you are continued to be contained and separated, so to speak, in imagery from the other focuses, but recognizing that you are also with them, for you may view them as you are traveling through the streamline of essence which is projected into physical focus. Quite interesting imagery that you have offered to yourself! This would be indicative of the movement that you presently are engaging, recognizing the value of self but the vastness of essence and the interconnectedness of essence and the safety within yourself.” [session 282, May 28, 1998]

LYNDA: “... oh, Elias, I’m embarrassed to ask you this question because it’s about body fat. (Elias starts to chuckle) And although I think I have beautiful legs ... I mean beautiful feet and hands, so I do, and I accept certain parts of my body and think they are quite beautiful, so they are, the area between my ankles and my waist, I’m not necessarily ... I’m working with in accepting. I want to have fun with this part of the conversation because I want to address the area of body fat, and I think that is related to bodily fluids. Is that correct?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual and what they are choosing to be creating.

LYNDA: I want to eliminate body fat and build lean muscle mass in my legs, and I wasn’t sure which colors I could apply to be affecting in this area.

ELIAS: And I shall express an inquiry to you!

LYNDA: Oooh ... go ahead. (Laughing nervously)


LYNDA: I wanted to firm up my legs and eliminate body fat so they would look prettier…

ELIAS: Ah! (Smiling)

LYNDA: Oooh ... I’m confessing to Uncle Elias the truth!

ELIAS: For they are unacceptable in the manner that you have created them presently!

LYNDA: Well, they’re getting pretty good ... actually, they’re not perfect, but they’re better than they’ve ever been. (Elias chuckles, and Lynda cracks up) (Lynda’s note: I was in Lynda hell here!)

Can’t we just have this conversation like two friends talking about ... that’s how I want to approach this, because there’s so many damn beliefs about it! I mean, one of my businesses is vitamins to lose weight, and I’m conflicted over that because I just healed my own damn tooth with the color orange! So what the fuck am I ... excuse me. What the hell am I selling vitamins for? (Elias chuckles) You wanna address that little spurt? (Laughing)

ELIAS: I express to you that you are expressing to me that you are accepting of your expression and your creation, but I express to you, you are NOT accepting of your creation! You are expressing that you are viewing your creation and your physical form as unacceptable, as NEEDING alteration, and as less than perfect.

LYNDA: Yeah, that would be about it!

ELIAS: Quite, and this equates to the expression of acceptance.

LYNDA: Right. (Elias cracks up) Oh, stop it! Okay, I got one for ya. Here! Let’s see how I do with this! How about not aligning with, but accepting? (Cracking up)


LYNDA: Oh, come on! How about if I don’t align with it? Isn’t that manipulating? Well, you know, Elias, in all ‘seriosity’ here, (Elias chuckles) I put myself down for this, and the woman of the world for eons of time have wanted their bodies to be either fat or skinny or whatever to please a man, to be acceptable in the eyes of a man.

ELIAS: You are drawing your attention in this area as you also are addressing to the present belief system – which is within this wave of consciousness in the area of sexuality – and the presentment of your physical form in conjunction with this belief system, addressing to the acceptable element of physical form in what you term within this belief system as a pleasing manner to another individual.

And I redirect your attention – ONCE AGAIN – in the area of turning your attention to self, for you shall not draw another individual in relationship to you in an acceptable manner merely by the presentment of your physical form, for you shall find fault with your physical form in one area or another area in a continual manner UNTIL you move into the area of acceptance of self. You shall merely redirect.

Presently, you may view your physical legs and buttocks (Lynda laughs) as unacceptable in form and shape, and as you redirect that energy and create a more acceptable expression within your belief system, you shall redirect the energy to a different area of your physical form, and you shall express to yourself that your breasts are not adequate or that your physical arms do not hold firmness enough or that your face is not adequate or your neck is not adequate or your feet are beginning to be different and are unacceptable ... it matters not. You shall move your attention to any different area of your physical form to be continuing the expression of the lack of acceptance of self, (intently) in that you have created this physical form expressly as the physical expression mirrored outwardly, within this focus, of the tone and qualities of essence. (2)

What shall you present yourself within essence which is unacceptable? No thing. Therefore, how shall your physical form be unacceptable if it is the physical presentment in mirror image of essence? It is not a vessel!

LYNDA: (Quietly) Wow.

ELIAS: In this, I express to you that you draw to yourself other individuals of what you term to be like spirit, and in this, if you are projecting unacceptable elements of yourself, you shall draw to yourself the mirror image of this.

If you are unaccepting of your physical projection of yourself, you shall also draw to yourself individuals that are also unaccepting of your presentment of self. If you are projecting energy in acceptance of self, you shall also draw to you the presentment of individuals that shall be accepting of you. (3)

LYNDA: Oh, somewhere deep down inside, I knew you were going to say that, and I’m so happy you did, and I’m so happy I finally said those very words to you, so you could say these very words back to me.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you hold the ability to alter your physical form ... and you do! This is a reality! And I may be expressing to you that you may alter or change your beliefs and this shall be altering of your reality, but this is not the point. The point is to be accepting your beliefs and to be accepting of self.

Therefore, I express to you that it is unnecessary for me to be offering you methods as to how you may be altering your physical form. This is not the point. You hold the ability to be accomplishing this if you are so choosing, but this shall not move you, in conjunction with this shift, in the manner that you are creating individually. It shall merely divert your attention temporarily, but it is not accomplishing in actuality a validation of your ability. You already hold the knowing that you may be affecting of your physical form. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be validating of this ability to yourself. You KNOW this ability. This is merely a distraction.” [session 397, May 18, 1999]

MICHAEL: “I have a question about my grandfather. When I was in the hospital with him ... he had a heart attack, and Dawn and I both went to visit him. When I was there, I gave him quite a bit of energy, but later I felt very, very drained, and it kind of wore me out for several days, and I just want to verify ... I was feeling that the energy was not actually necessary for him because he made his choice, and my energy was just giving away free energy for no reason, and I didn’t need to do that, and I should have just accepted what was going on. I’d also like to know if ... I know he had some memory problems objectively. I feel that he knows that I really care for him and love him in a deeper sense, in his essence, and I guess I’d like to release some worry about that.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that this individual holds an awareness of your interaction and of your concern and of your lovingness and is accepting of this, and is also accepting of your expressions within energy but chooses to be reconfiguring that energy in the manner that shall be the most beneficial to himself, and not necessarily in the manner that you are expressing it. I express to you also, it is not a waste of energy to be offering this type of expression to another individual, for if it is accepted, it may be applied to the individual within their focus in whichever manner they so choose.

As to the subsequent experience that you have created, this is directly associated with very strong beliefs in the area that you hold a limited supply of energy within any particular given moment. Therefore, if you are expelling tremendous amounts of energy, you also must be recouping, so to speak.

Now; I express to you that you may encounter physical affectingness and responses if you are removing entirely your subjective awareness from your body consciousness. You may be experiencing physical effects in response to this disengagement dependent upon the time framework that you are disengaging your subjective communication with your physical body consciousness. You may also experience certain affectingnesses physically if you are engaging energy exchanges.

Now; as to offering energy to another individual, I am not expressing that you have not created a reality of a feeling of fatigue and affectedness, for you have. But this reality that you have created is directly associated with the belief that you hold a limited supply or amount of energy within any particular time framework, and that you must be regenerating from that type of action.

Let me express to you, you are not a vehicle or a vessel. Once again, you are not the mirror image of your automobile. You are a physically focused expression of essence with an endless supply of energy, and in this, unlike your physically focused vehicles, you need not fill up, so to speak, with your fuel and run out, so to speak, of your fuel, for you have an endless supply of your fuel, which is energy, for you ARE energy.

In this, there are certain situations that you may be creating within physical focus that may be affecting of you, but it is not for the reason that you are depleting your amount or your supply of energy, but that you may be directing your energy in other areas which no longer focuses on directing your physical body consciousness, and in this, your physical body consciousness becomes confused and may be responsive in that confusion and may be responding in different types of expressions of affectingness, but this is not related to a limited supply of energy. It is merely a lack of direction subjectively as to the functioning of your physical form. This is quite a different situation and expression.

Now; be remembering, I am not discounting of your experience, for you are creating this type of experience in reality. Therefore, the affectingness of it is quite real. It is merely unnecessary; not that the expression of lent energy is unnecessary or pointless, but that the affectingness that you place upon yourself is unnecessary. Are you understanding?

MICHAEL: Very much so. That was very helpful. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 404, May 26, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: at this point, the recorded sound started to fade in and out. I wondered if we might lose the rest of the session. Ron listened to it, and couldn’t figure out what was going on. This never occurred again throughout the rest of the tape. Any impressions?

(2) Lynda’s note: as Elias was about to say “arms,” I was flashing on a dream I had the night before about my elbow falling to the floor because the fat on my arms was so droopy that my elbow would not stay up, and I guess Elias was observing my energy patterns (or whatever he does) and he emphasized the word “arms" rather loudly at that exact moment, and just proved to me quite strongly that there really are no secrets in consciousness!

(3) Lynda’s note: I would just like to take this opportunity to personally thank Mary’s barking bird for providing the background music throughout much of my session. I wanted to strangle the thing as I tried to type while it squawked at the most important-to-me parts. Then it dawned on me that the sound of barking birdcalls was confirmation of my opportunity to address to the beliefs that Elias and I discussed, and I had a good laugh with myself, which is a lucky break for that damn buzzard!!

Vic’s note: at this point in the session, the bird was squawking so loud that some words were almost obliterated. Also, the television began fluttering so much that it was difficult to even read lips. I think it’s high time to allow this bird to fly away!

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