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duality and change

Elias “gems”

RODNEY: “Would you distinguish again the distinction between duality and duplicity?

(Vic’s note: good question, Rodney!)

ELIAS: I am aware that your new religion of your metaphysics moves in the direction of designating duality as the same as duplicity, but in actuality, I am quite careful in my choice of words that I offer to you in explanation of these belief systems and concepts.

Duality is suggestive of two, or a double of elements. Duplicity, although it incorporates what you term to be opposites, it is not necessarily merely two. It is an incorporation of very different conflicting elements within you simultaneously, in opposition to each other. Duality does not always suggest conflict or opposing elements. You may hold duality in certain areas that may complement each other. Within duplicity, these elements of the belief system that you hold do not complement each other. They are opposing of each other and creating of conflict.

RODNEY: In other words, the north pole and the south pole are complementary ...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ... dualities.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: They are not in conflict.

ELIAS: They are not within conflict. Duplicity IS within conflict. It is a creation of conflict.

RODNEY: What was that? I didn’t hear.

ELIAS: Duplicity is a creation of conflict.


ELIAS: And where you hold duplicity, you also hold conflict.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Elements of your reality that you create which are basic to this dimension and this reality would be that of duality – not duplicity – and that of change. These are merely two elements, but these elements are extremely strong within the design of your reality. From the onset of creating within this dimension you have chosen, as basic elements of your creating, this of duality and also of change. You have been changing continuously throughout the entirety of your existence within this dimension. It is part of your nature in this reality. Interestingly enough, these two elements of change and duality are those elements which you create the most conflict over. You fight against these natural elements of yourselves.

You have created this existence in what you may term to be doubles. You choose sexes. You choose to create your form and all other forms with the element of duality, projecting to all of your creation the mirror image of yourself.

Within this reality, you have chosen to be creating within a double focus. You have chosen to create your awareness within a double action; a subjective element and an objective element. These move in harmony with each other continuously. All of your other creations, and also your own physical form, mirrors this element of creating within this dimension. You have chosen to be separating your objective awareness and your subjective awareness for the purity of your experience, but you are continuing to recognize the existence of your subjective awareness. You may express to yourselves many words for your subjective awareness and activity, but all of these words that you attach to this all signify the same element that you recognize as part of you; that which you cannot see or touch, but know it is in existence; the you of you; this element of you which is not physical. In this, every thing within your reality mirrors this; this being how you attach to opposites.

You believe that opposites exist. You offer yourselves examples of opposites continuously, throughout everything within your reality. In actuality, they are not opposites. They are different elements of the same things, but in explanation to yourselves of those elements that you do not remember, you create belief systems which suggest to you partial recognition of elements of self and reality, but you distort this through belief systems and express to yourselves that there are opposites. There are elements of cause and effect. There are forces of nature which are oppositely pulling. There are opposite axes in your planetary systems. There are opposites in elements of your own self. There are not opposites! You merely hold to different elements in consciousness within this dimension, for this is your choice of your creativity within this one particular dimension.

Change also is a basic element of your reality. You have been changing all aspects of your reality from its beginning, so to speak. You now are not the same in your creation of yourself as you have been at different time frameworks within your history. Your form changes. Within each individual focus, you create linear change within one single body form. You do not appear presently the same as you appeared as an infant. Your thought processes change. Your exchange with subjective information changes. But as you grow, in your terms, you also resist this basic element of yourselves, for you create belief systems that suggest to you that change is not good; this being a basic belief system which has been introduced to you through your religious-focuses.

Change threatens status quo. Therefore, it is unacceptable. This is reinforced throughout your religious elements, throughout your societies, throughout your individual focuses, with your own families. As very small children, change is exciting until you are taught that it is not a good thing, and you accept that it is something to be feared. Each individual holds an element of this fearfulness. Some hold more than others. Some individuals acclimate themselves in spite of mass belief systems to this natural element of self, and allow themselves to move into areas of change more easily. Some individuals experience tremendous conflict and fearfulness within the action of change, for they align with the mass belief systems that this is not a good action.

It may be helpful to you in recognizing that this is a basic element of your creation, of your existence within this dimension. It is natural to you to be changing. Even within remanifestation, you are choosing to be remanifesting within this dimension to change, to alter your experience of sexual orientation and experience a different orientation. Therefore in this, I suggest to you all to be evaluating within you these elements that are natural to you and need not incorporate fearfulness, for they are basic to your nature.

Change is only fearful within the context of your belief systems. You may initially experiment with yourselves and allow yourselves to alter your perception of change, as you have not accepted the belief system as yet; but you may attempt to alter your perception temporarily and view all elements of change as an adventure, a new exploration which is your nature. It is the basis of your entire creation of this existence within this dimension.

I shall allow for questions. (A long pause follows)

RETA: Do you want to talk about physical change again a little bit more? We know that we’re going to grow, we know that we’re going to get more cell divisions and we’re going to get bigger, our memory is going to become better, hopefully, and we should become more aware. So if we know that change is coming, how is it that we’re fighting this change? Of course, I don’t want to get any older! I’d like to fight that change! I’d like to stay around for nine hundred years! But what are some of the particular things that we’re fighting?

ELIAS: You resist change in many, many areas. Dependent upon the individual and their alignment with the mass belief systems concerning change, some individuals are much more resistant to change than other individuals, but all of you hold some element that is resistant to change.

Within your creation of your religious elements, you have distorted the information which has been offered to you by other teachers, but you have also purposefully created this for that experience. Therefore, the distortion is not bad or wrong. It is merely a creation for your experience. Now that you move into the action of your shift in consciousness, you are changing once again. This opposes, so to speak, those belief systems which have been reinforced and taught to you within your religious elements.

In the creation of your religious elements, you developed belief systems of control, not necessarily in the way that you are thinking. You blame your religious establishments for creating control issues. In actuality, these establishments merely mirror objectively your own creations in separation.

As you separated purposefully from subjective knowing objectively, you created a belief system that you need be in control. You need hold control over your existence; for the objective and subjective elements of your consciousness, to your waking knowledge, have divorced themselves. Therefore, this created an uncertainty and unfamiliarity within you. Feeling separated from this basic element of your existence within this dimension–your subjective awareness–you created the belief system that suggested that you must be allowing more power to your objective awareness. In this, you must hold very tightly to what you have invented as an idea of control.

Control is merely an idea within a belief system. It is not. You are not out of control and you are not in control, for you need not control! You are creating efficiently, but you have developed these belief systems that suggest to you that you must be continuously in control of your life; for if you are not, many bad things shall be occurring to you!

RETA: Of course, if you want to take that back into the religions again, the control or the shell of the religion feels comfortable to many people, including me. The control that they have is actually a feeling. And yes, it is a developed control feeling, but in a lot of established religions, it’s not bad!

ELIAS: It is comfortable, for it is familiar.

RETA: As a matter of fact, that familiarity when you go to visit a religion is many times why you join that particular religion, because it feels like you’ve found what you want and it’s comfortable.

ELIAS: Quite, for underlying remains the element of knowing that aspect of subjective awareness within you; and although the identification of this awareness has been distorted, it has been accepted within mass belief systems. Therefore, it is comfortable to you for it is familiar to you, in a knowing that there is another element to you and to consciousness other than only objective awareness. You have accepted the belief systems of control, and you have accepted the belief systems that change threatens control; for within your belief systems, change promotes individuality and independence. Therefore, you hold this duplicity in your belief systems, and accept the belief system that change is not good; and as you hold very tightly to the belief systems of good and bad, you choose to align with the good. In this, as you are moving into your shift, I suggest to you that change is merely a basic element of you and your creation of this dimension and this physical existence. It is not good or bad. It merely is. It is what you have created for your experience.

VICKI: I have a question. You were talking about duality. I didn’t really catch everything you said, but you were talking about duality and how there are no opposites, but then I think you also said something about why we have ... we’re double? If you could just reiterate? I didn’t really ... I missed it.

ELIAS: You hold belief systems of opposites. Therefore presently, they are reality to you. In actuality, this is merely a perception within a lack of understanding. As you move into your shift you shall be widening your awareness, and therefore understand that the idea of opposites is merely a perception which is created within a lack of understanding objectively.

As to the doubles: The entirety of your physical creation within this dimension is based on duality, objective and subjective. Therefore, all of your creation mirrors this. In this particular dimension and this reality, as I have expressed to you many times, you have chosen to create this reality within a sexual orientation–male and female. You have created genders, this also being an element of duality–the doubles. You hold this within your own self. You have created your own form in this manner.

RON: Speaking of doubles, Mary and Vicki and I watched an interesting show today about an operation that’s been performed that separates the left side of the brain from the right side of the brain. In that, the scientists believe that they’re creating two separate individual personalities within one body. What do you think about that?

ELIAS: (Grinning) They are not creating two separate entities or personalities within one body! But this may be interesting to you in recognition of the functioning of your form, in that you have created, as I have stated, within this physical existence a double existence of awareness–objective and subjective. You allow the communication, although not to your objective awareness, to be acted upon continuously. Within the creation of your physical form, which to this present now you do not objectively understand its workings, you have created a magnificent expression of essence and the intricacies of its actions. I have expressed to you that you are an exceedingly complex reality and expression of essence. In this, the consciousness which is identified by you as you is not, in your terms, physically connected to you, although it is within constant interaction with you. Your physical form has been created to be perfectly functioning and mirroring aspects of consciousness; mirroring physically, in expression, essence.

In this, you allow for the connection physically within your brain of one side and the other side, which work perfectly in harmony with each other. As you choose to be experimenting and separating of this and discontinuing the physical communication, the non-physical communication continues; but as I have stated, your physical body holds consciousness. It holds its own consciousness. Therefore, you allow for an action that you do not expect in separating these two hemispheres, so to speak, for in this separation you allow individually the bleed-through of subjective, which you do not understand. Therefore, you create another objective personality. This is not to say that you create what you view as multiple personalities. This is not to say that you create a disorder. You shall recognize, as you have within your observation of your programming this day, that your form may function equally as efficient regardless of your physical interference with its mechanics. It shall compensate.

The physical expression within the body consciousness may be confused and therefore respond, as it becomes confused each time that you create an unnatural element which is affecting of it. If you are breaking a bone you are confusing the physical body consciousness, for you have disrupted its natural state. Your physical body does not create these actions by itself. It is instructed to be creating of these situations. Your physical body consciousness does not reason. Therefore, temporarily it experiences trauma, which is confusion. In this same manner you shall experience, in separating the hemispheres of your physical brain, an element of trauma or confusion. This shall not prevent the functioning of your physical expression. You may, as I have stated to you, remove an entire hemisphere of your physical brain and you shall continue functioning, and not necessarily as an idiot! Your physical expression shall continue, and your subjective communication which directs your physical manifestation is uninterrupted.

VICKI: It almost sounded like you said that as a result of this operation, of splitting the left and right side of the brain, that this would allow more subjective bleed-through?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. It allows for the discontinuation of flow through the center, which is that energy center which connects subjectively and is allowed information for instruction for the physical form to be performing. In disconnecting this, your subjective awareness communicates to both sides individually. Therefore, if you were so choosing you would be allowing, outside of belief systems, your physical form to be expressing through the communication objective and subjective, creating one side of your physical brain to be expressing objective and one side to be expressing subjective. You hold deep belief systems within the impossibility of this occurring. Therefore, you rearrange the expression of consciousness and create what you think of as a separate personality or identity within the two hemispheres. You allow yourselves to view two aspects of one form.

This is not the allowance of viewing an alternate self being allowed to materialize objectively and physically within the same form. It is merely an interpretation of subjective and objective awarenesses which coexist with each other continuously within your focus. One is allowed objective expression, one is not; this being the duality that you have created within this particular existence; the double; the two facets of consciousness within one expression physically.

As individuals physically and objectively focused do not understand this expression, they immediately create an objective explanation. Therefore, the allowance is not made for the entire subjective expression, although this does bleed through. Within belief systems, the individuals and the scientists view the bleed-through to be negative and opposing, for it is unfamiliar; for you hold belief systems of control and that you must be objectively controlling every element and aspect of your existence. Therefore, individuals experience confusion and conflict for they hold these belief systems also, but the experience is merely a bleed-through of subjective being allowed to be expressing objectively, for the communication has been separated into two directions.

VICKI: In the experiment, after the surgery was completed, the people ... the objective imagery was such that the people were ... this is so hard ... one hand was fighting the other hand.

ELIAS: Or so it appears.

VICKI: Or so it appeared to them. That was the imagery within a simple action of eating. I don’t understand that part of it.

ELIAS: The belief system is that they hold no control of this element of their physical form. Therefore, they are fighting objectively and not accepting of the expression; viewing good and bad, right and wrong, control versus no control.

VICKI: So within the imagery of the two hands, the hand that they could control is the objective?

ELIAS: Correct. You do not believe that you control what you think of as your subconscious. You also hold belief systems that your subconscious holds evilness and destructiveness and is thwarting you, and is creating of elements within your existence which are conflicting and bad and wrong, and this belief system is directly related to this action which manifests. You shall not manifest the subjective expression within positive terms, for you believe that this unknown consciousness is not good and holds the potential for hurtfulness. It does not, but this is the imagery that you shall be creating, for you are fighting that which is unfamiliar to you. This is reinforced within mass belief systems also.

VICKI: It appeared that some of these people ... after a period of time, this particular imagery dissipated. It went away. Would that be within them an acceptance of this duplicity or duality that you’re talking about?

ELIAS: Not necessarily duplicity, this being only within the belief systems. But within the duality of their existence within consciousness within this dimension, yes; this would be an example of an acceptance.” [session 193, July 13, 1997]

MICHAEL: “For the past nine or so months, I have created intense changes in my life. I got married. I semi-renewed a faith in Judaism, then realized I did not need it. I shifted into a self-employed mode, then back to full-time for someone else, and numerous other things all at the same time. Since close to the time of my wedding in April, I have been experiencing a lot of stress and a resulting distrust in my body. This manifests as pains in my stomach and muscular pains across my chest. Also, an old back injury has flared up again recently. I know these things are not life-threatening, but when my mind grabs hold of them, these small pains become mental heart attacks, gaping holes in my stomach, and fear and panic in general. I have always had a great immune system and a solid trust in my body. Now it seems that this trust is diminished. I have worked for months – almost daily – trying to figure out the beliefs behind this. My question is this: Would you help me locate the source or core beliefs that are causing all this mental anguish so I can change it? I really miss my old, secure self. (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well.

The base belief systems influencing of this situation are belief systems concerning change. You are being presented with many changes within the focus which also are mirroring changes within the action of this shift. Much change is occurring within the action of this shift, and many individuals mirror this within their individual personal focus within their choices of probabilities.

As I have expressed previously, change holds much fearfulness for many individuals, for it is unfamiliar. Within your focus within this dimension, you magnate objectively to a lack of change, viewing this within your belief systems as being stability. Therefore, change represents unstableness. In this, it also holds fearfulness for you. The base belief system is this, but is being challenged by the creation objectively of the mirror image of the shift, creating many changes within a small time framework. This is a preparatory action, that the focus is choosing to be in line with the action of the shift and preparing for greater changes futurely.

These are changes presently that may be rationalized and objectively accepted. Therefore, they are familiar and acceptable, although within a mirror action they are not quite entirely acceptable, and there is a recognition of the fearfulness which causes the body consciousness to be responding to the subjective movement in holding energy within itself that may be effecting discomfort. Therefore, addressing to the belief system of change and its unfamiliarity and its fearfulness may be quite affecting.

Also, you may be addressing to the belief system underlying, of independence versus confinement within a committed relationship. This IS a belief system. There is in actuality no necessity for confinement within a committed relationship objectively, but you hold belief systems that suggest to you that you give up your independent freedom when entering into this type of relationship. This be another core belief system.” [session 243, November 25, 1997]

FEMALE: “Just quickly, you speak of duplicity a lot. I know words often fail us, but by duplicity, do you mean the world of duality?

ELIAS: I express this word purposefully. You hold many more belief systems in the area of the belief system of duality. You attach more belief systems to the terminology of duality. Therefore, in using this term I may be moving into areas of perpetuating your belief systems in this area. I expressly am using of the word duplicity, for it is expressive of these – what you term to be – opposite views that you hold simultaneously of yourselves.

You view yourselves to be good and you view yourselves to be bad. You view yourselves to be worthy and you view yourselves to be unworthy. These are directly influenced by religious and scientific belief systems, not only religious belief systems, for your psychology enters the area of your sciences, and this also shall express to you that you are good and you are bad simultaneously. ‘You are inherently good, but you also hold animal instincts and impulses, and impulses are very bad!’ Impulses are your natural language from essence to yourselves, and you are taught within the belief systems of your sciences that they are bad and that they are not natural and that they ‘reduce’ you – which is quite amusing – to the level, so to speak – which there are no levels – of your ‘animalistic instincts.’ Instincts are merely repeated behaviors. You all display instincts. Each time you repeat a behavior, you are displaying an instinct. Therefore, instincts are not what your belief systems suggest, for you are creating of instincts continuously, for you are continuously creating of repeated behaviors!

But I shall also express to you that you may not be ‘reduced’ to a non-existent level of a creature, for the creature is an aspect of you! So, what shall you reduce yourself to? Another aspect of yourself, for you have created them! They are expressions of you. All of what you term to be outside of you, as nature, is you. You are not separated from these elements. They are physical manifestations, projections of you. All of your atmosphere are physical manifestations of your emotional projections. All of your visible universe are physical mirror images, projections of you.

Now view the wondrousness and vastness of your tiny little selves! (Chuckling) Are you not wondrously amazing? And much greater than you realize!” [session 291, June 26, 1998]

ELIAS: “None of you within physical focus initially readily accepts unfamiliarity.

ANNE: Physical focus being this life?


ANNE: That we are consciously aware of?


You ALL initially resist change. You resist change within yourselves, you resist change within each other, you resist change within your societies, and within this present now, there is much to resist, for there is much changing! This is creating of trauma and confusion and great conflict with very many individuals, and you may view this all about you in expressions of intolerance, of what you term to be violence, of tremendous confusion and tremendous upheaval. Energy is INTENSELY moving presently, and in this, it is VERY affecting, and it also is moving into changes.

ANNE: Are the people that are aware of this shift ... do we have a responsibility to do anything for anybody else other than ourselves?

ELIAS: I express to you, you hold a responsibility within self, and in meeting that responsibility of self, you are automatically lending energy to the action of this shift. You are automatically affecting.

I shall express to you a promise – a promise that if you are genuinely in reality turning your attention to self and addressing to the acceptance and the actualization of the acceptance of self, this shall be automatically affecting of your individual behaviors and it shall also automatically be affecting of the individuals that you interact with. It shall be affecting far beyond this, but you may view objectively that it shall be affecting of individuals surrounding you, so to speak.

You need not engage any action of attempting to be altering of any element of any other individual’s reality. Merely engaging yourself and altering YOUR expression in acceptance of self, which shall also alter certain behaviors, this alone you may view shall be affecting of other individuals, and they shall be responsive.

Be remembering, you may merely be influencing of another individual’s reality if they are in agreement and if they are allowing you to be influencing – INFLUENCING. You may not be creating another individual’s choices. You do not hold this power. But you DO hold the ability to be creating YOUR reality, and in this, you shall automatically be affecting.

I also express to you quite realistically that it matters not what another individual is creating within their reality. It matters not what they choose to be expressing. You hold the ability to automatically be reconfiguring that energy that they project merely by the acceptance of self.

I am very aware that within physical focus, you do not quite understand this yet, but you shall, and I shall continue to be interactive and I shall continue to be offering information and exchanging with you each until you do, at which point you shall hold no necessity for my direction any longer, for you shall hold not merely the ability, which you already hold, but the awareness of your abilities and the acceptance to implement your own abilities.” [session 445, August 13, 1999]

ROBERT: “I have a question. Could you explain to me the phenomenon of what I call my inner self and my physical consciousness merging as one, which was interpreted by a medium through her religious beliefs as me being an angel, which is what she saw, and why I haven’t been aware of doing it again, and how I can use it?

ELIAS: Define your direction in ‘using.’

ROBERT: How I could use it ... it just felt good. When it happened, it just felt good. How may I use it, perhaps, should have been the question.

ELIAS: For what purpose?

ROBERT: Peace of mind, awareness, direction.

ELIAS: You have already generated the action of the mergence, so to speak, which is merely symbolic. What you have actually generated is an objective awareness of both awarenesses, subjective and objective, inner and outer. They are already merged, but you have offered yourself an experience of awareness of these two aspects of your awareness.

As I have expressed previously, this physical dimension incorporates duality in its blueprint – not duplicity, duality – for you generate the objective and the subjective awarenesses, male and female gender, emotion and sexuality as base elements of your reality.

You have allowed yourself to experience the awareness of both aspects of yourself. You may generate that experience, that feeling, so to speak, again if you are so choosing, as it generates pleasure. And that shall be its purpose, to generate pleasure.

ROBERT: Thank you.

ELIAS: But you may generate this again in allowing yourself to relax and open, but also to focus your energy within you inwardly. In this, you shall allow yourself that awareness again of the objective and the subjective in harmony.

ROBERT: Harmony – very familiar to me. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

RODNEY: “What’s the relationship between our objective awareness and attention? They’re not the same are they? Or are they?

ELIAS: No. They are not.

RODNEY: They are not the same.

ELIAS: No. Attention is you.

Now; you choose to participate in this physical manifestation in this physical reality. Therefore, you also choose to participate in association with the design and the blueprint of this physical dimension. In this design, it incorporates duality, not to be confused with duplicity. Every manifestation within your reality incorporates an aspect of duality or an association with duality.

Now; in generating a physical manifestation of yourself as an attention, you also generate a duality of awarenesses. One subjective, one objective, which are natural complements to each other. They move together simultaneously. One does not follow the other.

In this, your attention moves. You move your attention, as yourself, in association with the objective or the subjective expressions. They also generate different functions in association with the duality of your reality, your physical dimension.

What are the base elements of your reality?

RODNEY: The base elements?


RODNEY: Emotion...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...sexuality.

ELIAS: What are the base elements of your awareness? Subjective, objective. What are they? The reflection of these two base elements of your reality.

RODNEY: How so?

ELIAS: Subjective: emotion, communication. Objective: sexuality, physical manifestation. Therefore the function of the subjective is communication in many different forms. The function of the objective is to create physical manifestations, objective imagery.

The subjective is attentive to one subject within any time framework or any moment. The objective is the manifestation of abstract imagery. This provides the creativity. For the subjective expresses one subject matter, the object generates thousands of expressions of that subject matter, both in association with exploration.” [session 1290, March 15, 2003]

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