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Elias “gems”

JEN: “I’m wondering about studying this material that comes in transcripts, and becoming more aware of belief systems and trying to neutralize those. But are there potential dangers, so to speak, of becoming so immersed in the transcripts, and actually using the transcripts as almost like a filter in your day-to-day experiences, that potentially one might one not experience those events fully because of the filter?

ELIAS: Yes, and this be the reason that I have expressed many times to individuals that I am not advocating of any individuals to be aligning so singularly with this information as to be followers of this essence. I do not seek followers or disciples.

You have created yourselves quite efficiently and quite magnificently with very powerful rationale, very powerful intuition, and you hold the capability to be following yourselves. I offer information to you to be sparking your own memory of what you are and who you are, but YOU hold your own choices and need no other individual or essence to be expressing to you of your own direction.

In this, any information which is offered by any individual or any essence may be distorted by individuals within physical focus, and in that action of distortion, individuals may move into the area of fanaticism. This, I express quite clearly, is NOT the point of this information. I am NOT encouraging of this action, and I express that fanatical movements are defeating of your own purposes and lend energy to the very areas that you disdain within physical focus.

Individuals move in the area of fanaticism and are creating of what you define as cults as an expression of their own fears, as an expression of their own lack of acceptance of themselves and their own lack of trust of selves, and as you express this within yourselves, you also project this outwardly to other individuals.

Some individuals move in the direction of accumulating any different type of information, and they may use that information to be creating of the very expression that you are moving out of within the action of this shift. They are creating judgments.

(Intently) The reason individuals create judgments is that they are already creating judgments upon themselves.

This be the reason that I express to you so very many times and so very often to be looking to self first, and all else that you seek shall automatically be expressed. You shall automatically move in the direction of acceptance of other individuals if you are accepting of self, for what you create within you, you also create outwardly, and as you are placing judgments upon yourself, you create this expression outwardly and create judgments upon other individuals.

When you are expressing that you are right, you are also expressing that other individuals are wrong. When you are expressing to other individuals that they do not see, you are expressing a mirror image that YOU do not see. All of your expressions that you project forth to other individuals are direct mirror images of what you are creating within yourselves.

This be the reason that individuals move in the area of fanaticism, is that they are expressing extreme lack of acceptance of themselves, and therefore they express outwardly the lack of acceptance of any other area except the one chosen by themselves in their direction of attention. They are not feeling accepted within themselves, and therefore they do not accept outside of themselves, and narrow their attention farther and farther into a very narrow stream.

This in your terms may be considered the opposite action of your shift in consciousness, and within this present now, as individuals move in that type of direction and expression, they are also creating trauma. They are creating their own trauma within the action of this shift, and I have expressed many times that this is the point of this information, to be eliminating of this trauma within the action of this shift.

JEN: So that you don’t get sucked into it?

ELIAS: There is an element of confusion, distress, and conflict that shall be experienced in engaging this shift in consciousness by all individuals, for you are moving into the unfamiliar and into an entirely new expression, but not all individuals shall experience trauma. This is a very strong word within your language. This is suggestive of a great intensity of the experience, and also does not hold a pleasant connotation.

In this, as individuals are not allowing themselves to be WIDENING their awareness, and if moving in the direction of NARROWING their awareness, they shall be creating trauma, for this shift in consciousness is already accomplished. You merely view that it is not accomplished yet, for your perception resides within a linear time framework. But in actuality, time is simultaneous. Therefore, it is already accomplished.

You have all collectively, upon this planet within this dimension, agreed and chosen for this shift in consciousness to be accomplished. Therefore, it shall be! It is merely a question of whether you are choosing to be incorporating information and widening your awareness to not experience trauma, or to be experiencing trauma. This also is your choice. Moving into the direction of fanaticism and singularly focusing upon ANY area of information presented is narrowing your attention and your awareness, and this will be incorporating trauma.

Therefore, you are correct. There is a danger in individuals looking too singularly within ANY information. And I have expressed many times, I am offering you information, but this is to be incorporated into all of your focus, all of your experiences, not to be denying of any of your experiences.

I am also quite encouraging, as you are aware, of fun and pleasure! Your focus is not so very serious, and as individuals move into their association with this information, they are missing the point if they are incorporating this information so very seriously, for I am not advocating of this! I am expressing to you that pleasure and fun is incorporating less thickness in your focus, within your energy, and lends an easement to your movement through your focus. You merely are not incorporating this, as you are incorporating judgments and creating thickness and conflict within your focus, and this would be the point, to be eliminating of your conflict.” [session 335, October 24, 1998]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Good day!

PAUL: Good day, old friend! How are you?

ELIAS: As always!

PAUL: It’s good to hear your voice again!

ELIAS: And you are engaged in much activity, I am aware of.

PAUL: We have been very busy, yes. (Elias chuckles) So I do have a question for you this morning. Mary and Joanne and I were just talking about the website that we’ve been working on, and regarding the cautioning that you expressed back in May – it was session 281 (1) – your cautioning was in the area of remembrance of our responsibility. I’m wondering, in the effort that we have done to date, if we have accomplished what we talked about in terms of acceptable least distortion. If you would comment on that, it would be very helpful.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you that within your expression and your efforts in your endeavors, I am quite encouraging of your actions, and I may be expressing to you that I am quite understanding of situations that hold within physical focus.

Now; let me also express to you that there are held concerns within physical focus that do not concern this essence, for the point is to be offering the information within the direction of this agenda, and I do not hold to all of the physical concerns that individuals within physical focus occupy themselves with. Within my own direction and expression, you may be offering this information, and as you are continuing in the direction of recognizing your responsibilities within the forum of this information, this is acceptable to this essence.

It matters not which direction you choose to be moving into. My information, which I have offered to many individuals, shall be helpful regardless, and I am quite encouraging of each individual’s creative expression in this area, for as you each move in this direction, you are also lending energy to the action of this shift and its accomplishment.

PAUL: Thank you. I guess I have a follow-up question then. Specifically, Mary, Vicki and I have been working closely on this website, and I’m wondering if, from your point of view, are we moving in the most efficient direction in terms of getting this information actually published? And if we’re not moving in the most efficient direction, what advice would you offer to help our interaction become more efficient?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that my suggestion to each of you is to be evaluating your motivation in these areas concerning this information. I shall also be futurely expressing information to Lawrence [Vicki] in this area, for I am quite understanding of the underlying intent of the Sumafi family in holding to the least amount of distortion, and this is quite acceptable. But I also am cautioning of individuals not to be moving in the direction of fanaticism in this area, for I have spoken of this previously and that it may be slipped into quite easily at times.

Therefore, I express to each of you to be examining your movements in your desires and each of your intents individually, and also to be looking to your own motivations, that they may be in alignment with your individual intents, and as you are moving in that direction, you shall be accomplishing in what you seek to be moving into. You merely block yourselves in the area of moving outside of your individual intents, but this also is creating of conflict. Therefore, you offer yourselves indicators when you are moving outside of your intent. This, once again, be another area that I shall futurely be addressing to with Lawrence [Vicki] in this area.

As for yourselves, you may be continuing in your movement and I am not expressing any discouragement to you, for I perceive of no area that is presently to be causing of tremendous distortion elements. You merely need be addressing with each other and moving in the direction that you may each find your least conflict scenario, as you ARE continuing to filter through your own belief systems and these are quite influencing in many of these endeavors that you engage with each other.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

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End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: this question was prompted by an earlier interaction with Elias. At the time – May 1998 – David, Joanne, Vicki, and I were working on booklets of Elias’ information. We were including a glossary of basic terms that Elias uses. This early effort was also instrumental in my own creation of these Digests, as my Glossary work quickly expanded into this present web format:

PAUL: “Another question. We’re prototyping a glossary, and one of our debates is our ability to write a short descriptive paragraph of the concept and support that with pieces of the information, the material as delivered. Does that concept fit within your definition of acceptable least distortion?

ELIAS: You may be offering my definitions of terminology, which I have offered within this information definitions of all of the terminology that I have introduced to you, and you may, if you are so choosing, be offering your interpretations, but once again I express to you a cautioning in the area of remembrance of your responsibility, and that in this you may specify that these are your interpretations.

PAUL: So within that context, that’s acceptable least distortion?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 281, May 17, 1998]

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