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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Think of your fireworks. Visualize your fireworks. Within this action, you shoot into your skies your fireworks, which explode into many, many, many glittering aspects of its one self ...

RETA: All encoded the same?

ELIAS: ... all at the same time. Think of each projection of twinkling light of these fireworks as a focus of an essence, all occurring simultaneously, all twinkling equally as brightly, and all projecting a manifestation.

The essence chooses a cycle to be entering into, providing it is choosing to be entering into physical focus. As it is choosing each physical dimension, it gathers information of each physical dimension and the elements required for physical manifestation within those dimensions. It accumulates the information of each physical dimension, this particular dimension requiring your genetic encoding for your manifestations simultaneously holding information of other focuses within other dimensions which hold different elements for manifestation. As all of this information is gathered, it is incorporated into essence.

Within your terms, underline, at the moment that essence chooses to be entering into physical dimensions, it explodes into countless focuses or facets. These focuses appear simultaneously within each dimension and within each time element of each dimension, according to the desire of the essence. In this, each twinkling of the firework holds its own individuality and choices. Therefore, within all of this simultaneous action occurs another simultaneous action, of each focus accumulating, assimilating and manifesting all of its own information which is pertaining to its own individual manifestation; that which it chooses.

In this, in your thought process and your time framework you may think of the action of the subjective events as preceding the physical manifestation ... although, mark this! It does not precede! But for the purpose of understanding, as you think in linear terms and within moments, you may think to yourself in increments of events. In this, the essence holds all of the information of all of the dimensions initially. It is directing of all of its aspects into all of the areas that it chooses to experience within. As it chooses the cycles that it is desiring to be experiencing, it also chooses a designated amount, so to speak, of aspects that shall be entering a specific dimension for that experience.” [session 182, June 08, 1997]

ELIAS: “Your manifestation in this physical dimension is a game. It is an exploration. It is not one of cosmic seriousness in which you must be viewing your focus as a growth to be attaining particular levels of enlightenment, or in which you must be creating the right choices. Allow yourself the recognition of the game, and that you are creating experiences in this physical dimension as an exploration, an adventure; and be playful. Allow yourself the joyfulness of laughter, the simplicity of what you associate with children. For in your terms, this is the nature of your spirit.

Shall you not allow that expression rather than the analyzation of all that you create or encounter or draw to yourself? It matters not. Allow yourself to merely express the wonder in all of your reality.” [session 819, April 08, 2001]

Elias “gems”

NORM: “This question is kind of off the wall, but I’m interested in evolution and some of the ideas that scientists now feel, that it is not possible for the DNA molecule to express itself in a grown animal, in the behavior of the animal or the shape that the animal takes. A man by the name of Rupert Sheldrake has come up with the idea of morphic resonance. Do you feel that has any validity?

ELIAS: As to your physical sciences and the subject of evolution, this being one area in which your sciences lag. I express to you, within the terms that you think of as evolution, within your Darwinian theory, it will remain theory; for in actuality, there is no evolution. I have stated previously, you did not appear upon the planet eating apples! You also did not appear upon the planet evolving from a fish. You also did not evolve as man through a series of related primates. Each expression of man has been an expression in physical manifestation of consciousness, in regard to the essence families and experimentation of physical manifestation. Each has been unique within itself, and is not preliminary to another. One does not precede another. You do not evolve through your history and your ages. Your Earth does not evolve in the manner that you think of.

You think in linear terms. You think in time frame elements. In this way, you create explanations for yourselves of what you create. You create ongoing, within every moment. It is a continuous process. You do not create an element which exists throughout millenniums. You create anew within every moment. Each expression of creature and man is created independent and in itself, holding its own integrity and its own expression.

You may view, through your archeologists, through your anthropologists, what you view to be early expressions of man which you then attribute to your evolutionary process, but this is incorrect. These expressions are individual to themselves, as experimentations within consciousness within physical manifestations, which you have expressed within certain time periods, within certain time elements; manifesting upon this planet and then discontinuing with that particular manifestation, as viewing a more efficient manifestation and creating an invention of that. Therefore, there is no sequence to be followed. Your physical manifestation, every molecule within your physical manifestation physically, is now as it was; for this prototype, so to speak, was agreed upon as efficient.

You, as you are aware presently, do not hold the same living cells that you held within your physical manifestation within your past seven years. You are entirely new. You are entirely different. Your consciousness is recreating within every moment; as through your history, as through your millenniums of this planet, you are creating every moment anew. You choose, within one focus, to temporarily be creating in like form; but I shall express to you, you physically do not appear the same identically as you did within your past ten years. You shall not appear the same physically within your coming ten years, for you continuously change the appearance of your manifestation. You attribute this to simple explanations of aging process, for this is what you know; but you offer yourselves physical evidence continuously that you are continuing to be creating within the moment; ever changing, never the same.

NORM: So if I wanted to live to be one hundred and fifty or two hundred years or a thousand years, I could do it if I wanted.

ELIAS: This is your choice. What prevents you from extension of your physical manifestation are your belief systems. You look to stories as myths of ancients. You explain to yourselves that individuals within these myths, living to ages of nine hundred years, viewed their calendar differently. You explain to yourselves that individuals did not truly ever live such lifetimes, for this is impossible. Therefore, you offer yourselves explanations with different time sequences; shorter years. I express to you, within the time period of experimentation of manifestations early, as you term this to be, within the essence families and those of the Seers, many, all, chose much greater time elements for manifestation.

This is also purposefully created though. You choose to not manifest at such great lengths within years, for it is unnecessary. You may gain experiences within a smaller time framework. You, within your development of your abilities, offer yourselves more in certain areas of stimulation and experience. Therefore, you view it to be unnecessary to be manifesting for much years.

You also presently manifest more counterparts. Therefore, your experience is also widened. This also you express in reasoning of non-manifestation for hundreds of years; although you may choose to be continuing within your manifestation physically, and you hold the ability to accomplish this.” [session 133, November 17, 1996]

ELIAS: “As you within your present focus within this culture see fit to honor this day for your mothers, we shall be introducing a new subject matter this evening dealing with families, which shall also encompass your subject of genetics and those belief systems which are attached to this subject matter.

... Now; as you are aware, you choose to be entering into physical manifestation, and within this choice you choose parents. These individuals are already physically focused. You choose where you are wishing to be entering physical focus, at which time period, at which season, with which parents, and with the knowledge of the probabilities of other family members; whether you shall be incorporating yourself into a family of only one child, or twelve. The choices that you choose within non-physical focus before entry into physical manifestation are many. They are quite complex and extensive, for there are many elements that you must incorporate and consider as you are entering into physical focus.

The agreement on the part of the parents is merely to be incorporating a child. The essence entering physical focus is the one which is choosing of most of the probabilities and alignments. You may have speculated to yourselves previously that this is equal in choice and agreement upon the part of the entering focus and those of the parents. I shall express to you that the only agreement that the parents hold within physical focus is that they agree to be parents and have a child. The focus entering is the one which makes the choices, of which parents to be choosing and which family to be aligning with. I am not speaking of essence families. I am speaking of physically focused families.

You will notice, within your physical focus within families, that some children bear resemblances to one parent and some children bear resemblances to the other parent. Some bear resemblances to both parents. These are choices that the focus aligns with before entering physical focus.

They choose which parent they shall align with within physical manifestation. They choose which parent they shall align with within behavior, within emotional-focuses, within thought-focuses, within manifestations of personality type. They also align with certain family histories. Within the choice to physically manifest, you also choose alignments that are physical elements. You are not randomly born into physical focus and then hold genetic qualities that are, within your physical family tree, alone.

You also carry genetic qualities which are manifest within other of your own focuses. Some individuals have expressed this as reincarnational genetic qualities. We do not express reincarnational genetic qualities, as all of your focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, they are not past and previous to you, that you are carrying forward these genetic qualities; but as you may view already within this tiny amount of information, there is much to be considered by the focus choosing to manifest within physical reality.

Some essences choose to focus into physical manifestation and not be genetically aligning with physical family orientations. Therefore, you may view certain family histories which exhibit certain qualities that one individual may deviate from. Let us express as an example, you may view a family which holds a history of heart disease for many generations. A child born into this family may grow and may not develop and exhibit these qualities throughout the entirety of their focus. In like manner, you may view families with what you consider to be quite excellent health, and one individual within the family deviates and exhibits many dysfunctions within health areas. These are individuals that choose not to be aligning with the genetic codes of their family members.

Genetics is not an absolute, and it is not an inevitable creation. It is a choice. You choose to align with these genetic codes or not. Most of you within physical focus choose to be aligning within the mass creation of genetic codes. Therefore, you also may learn much of yourselves and your lineage within an individual focus based upon your genetic encryption, but you also carry genetic codes of your other focuses. This also is a choice, but this choice moves beyond the mere alignment that you choose within physical focus of your parents and family; for within your creation of physical manifestations of essence, you choose to be creating all of your focuses within each particular dimension with very similar physical elements. Therefore, your genetic pattern is very similar within all of your focuses. This is not to say that you may not manifest different displays within action within an individual focus. You may hold genetic codes of basic health throughout all of your focuses, and you may also within an individual focus choose to be disregarding this and creating of disease which does not manifest in alignment with genetics.

As we have spoken of focuses of essence holding similar tone, they also hold very similar creations physically. Your choice of circumstances may be quite different within each manifestation, but the elements that make up the physical manifestation are generally quite similar. We have spoken of this previously, but very briefly.

As you enter into any physical manifestation, you acquaint yourself with the physical manifestation of your parents. You choose these individuals quite carefully, in alignment with your individual intent and the direction that you are choosing to follow within probabilities within your individual focus; for these individuals that you shall manifest born to shall be quite instrumental with you, and shall be influencing quite heavily within your experience.

Some individuals choose not to be aligning with family at all. Therefore, at very young ages they are disassociated from those individuals that they choose to become physically manifest through. Some choose the experience of physical manifestation through birth through a certain individual for the experience which is gained within that time period and then disassociate, moving into their intent and direction involving other individuals; such as with Rose. (1)

There are many aspects of consideration, as I have stated, within this action of manifestation. We have expressed that although you create this physical form from its inception, from the moment of its first cell, you within essence do not necessarily enter into the body consciousness at that moment. Each essence chooses at which point they are desiring to be entering into their design of their physical manifestation. Some essences may choose to be creating of a physical body consciousness, and not enter into this consciousness at all. In these cases, the physical manifestation does not continue. These may be looked upon within your view as miscarriages within your gestation, and also as aborted forms. This is not to say that these forms are not actual individuals, for they hold individual body consciousness. They only do not incorporate also the entirety of essence, for they have chosen to experience only partially. This, in differentiation to a focus which is born and continues, is an agreement equally between the entering essence and the parent; being obviously for the experience of both individuals, and often for many other individuals also which these experiences are affecting of.

But as we move to individuals choosing to become manifest within what you view as the normal cycle of lifetime, the entering focus shall gather all of the information which constitutes the physical blueprints for manifestation within alignment of the physical individuals which they shall be interacting with within family. These alignments generally are quite strong. As I have expressed, there are individuals which choose not to be aligning with family, but within your accepted norm generally, most individuals choose to be aligning within the designs of family.

Even those individuals choosing to be manifest into families that you within your belief systems view to be negative and dysfunctional or destructive choose these particular parents and families for reasons of their own experience, which is influencing within their physical growth and the intent that they have chosen within an individual focus. As you ask why you choose such parents, they are quite instrumental in motivating within your own intent, to be manifesting in subsequent years what you manifest.

Therefore, there are benefits to all situations, although it may not appear so; for the relationship of the focus manifesting as the child and the focuses which are manifest as the parents is quite intimate and very influencing, even when they are not continuing physically together; for within consciousness they have chosen specifically to be manifesting through certain individuals within certain time periods, which is all very precise.

Many of you have wondered of relationships between family members; children and parents, siblings, and other relationships. These are all, as I have stated, very precise relationships which you have very intentionally specifically chosen within each focus to be manifesting with, to be furthering the accomplishment of your individual intents. Within each focus you hold an intent, and you shall present yourself with influences that shall suggest your intent to you and help to be guiding you into this manifestation. You only hold belief systems of right and wrong and good and bad, and in this you create judgments upon the behavior and activity that is experienced within the relationships; although you have lost sight of the situation that you have created for your own benefit.

Now also, within this choice and manifestation into physical focus, a consideration is also held quite seriously of the influence and benefit which shall be manifest to those individuals that are to be your parents and your siblings. Therefore, they also are contributed to within value fulfillment, within your choice of manifestation. If the individuals that are the parents or the siblings are not benefiting within value fulfillment in your choice to be manifesting in relationship to them, you shall not manifest with these individuals.

Within your physical focus, it does not always physically appear that you are all benefiting. It does not always appear that you are all receiving, but I do not use the word of benefit within a positive connotation. It is an ‘adding to’ experience. You view the word of benefit to be an element that is good. You are benefiting from this relationship. Therefore, you are receiving a good element from this relationship. You are always benefiting. You may not recognize the benefit, but you are always gaining. You gain information from all of your experiences.

You also may choose, within any given focus, to be experiencing what you think of as difficulty. You do not always manifest within physical focus to be carefree and joyous! At times you choose conflict, for this is another physical experience. Therefore, you may also choose individuals that shall perpetuate this experience with you within your physical manifestation. You may choose to engage this action temporarily. You may choose to engage this action throughout the entirety of your focus.

Let us view also those individuals that are choosing, which there are many of, situations within physical focus that to your way of thinking seem negative, or hurtful, or grotesque ... or even evil! You will notice that many individuals choose this type of manifestation to be experienced within young ages. This, to your belief systems, is quite terrible! Within actuality, this is quite efficient; for as you are very young, you have a much greater ability to be focusing subjectively and continuing subjective action and interaction, which as you grow older you define as imagination or withdrawal or whatever; but this provides you the opportunity to experience certain elements within physical focus which mass belief systems consider negative while simultaneously holding the ability to benefit and also be adjusting of self in whichever way you choose, for you hold more subjective leeway within young ages.

We have spoken previously that as you move into physical focus, you incorporate a time period of transition from subjective to objective. You continue to incorporate much of your subjective awareness within young ages, just as you continue within transition to incorporate objective awareness for a time period. As you move into adolescence and adulthood, you also move away from the experiences that you may view within older years as victimization. These are all choices; quite efficient choices, I shall say also! You express to yourselves the resiliency of children. You are quite right, for they hold the ability to drift back and forth between objective and subjective reality. As you move into an acceptance of mainly objective reality, you do not hold the ability to incorporate these actions as well; this being why as adults the same negative occurrences may be involved, and they are much more difficult for the individual to objectively deal with.

DREW: ... Is the relationship between parent and child always one of counterpart action?


DREW: So if the relationship is one that always benefits those involved, then they must as least know each other’s probabilities.

ELIAS: To an extent. It is similar within your thinking to if you would be studying of a subject matter before entering into this subject matter. Therefore, the probabilities which have already been chosen, which include future within simultaneous time, there is a viewing of these and a studying of these probabilities, and therefore a choice to be incorporating an alignment with this manifestation.

DREW: If the parents always have choice over their probabilities as do the children, wouldn’t it be possible at some point in the relationship that the choices of probabilities would diverge and no longer be beneficial to those involved?

ELIAS: Yes. In these cases, you shall disengage the relationship.

DREW: Is it possible to disengage a relationship between parent and child without disengaging? (Meaning without dying)


DREW: Isn’t there always a relationship in consciousness ... Well, we’re all related in consciousness. But just by physically moving away, that’s enough of a disengagement of a relationship to ...

ELIAS: It is not merely a situation of physical proximity and physically changing your location. It is a disentanglement of relationship physically oriented. This would involve a severing of all interaction and emotional connection within the relationship physically.

DREW: It’s hard to imagine a relationship between parent and child wherein even if they have disentangled themselves and haven’t seen each other or communicated in years, that there is still not some emotional connection or affectingness. Particularly in situations where there has been reason to disentangle, it seems like the affectingness continues.

ELIAS: Within consciousness, you are all affecting of all else; but within physical objective reality, there are individuals that may be choosing of this action and may be accomplishing of this action, of complete severing of relationship and dissolving of the entanglement.

VICKI: I have a question. Did you say that sometimes the subjective consciousness doesn’t always enter the body until after birth?

ELIAS: I did not express this, although this may also be a choice, in a manner of speaking. The physical expression may not continue within this element of time period without the subjective interaction. Therefore, the focus may be choosing to be engaging partial interaction with the physical expression and not engage a complete mergence, if they are choosing, until after physical birth. This is not normally the situation. Generally, the individual focus shall be choosing to be entering the consciousness subjectively into the physical body consciousness before the action of physical birth; but it is possible and does occur that the entire mergence is not always accomplished within this time period, and may be postponed until after the physical birth.

VICKI: I have one other question. You said basically the parents agree to have a baby. That’s kind of a new idea for me in my thought process. So it’s kind of like ... a surprise within consciousness?

ELIAS: No, for you have chosen to incorporate a new focus to be interacting with. You are continuing within your probabilities as the parent. You are adding to these probabilities within relationship of the child, as they also are creating of new probabilities with you; for your probabilities of either child or parent are not mapped in front of you. Therefore, you continue together, creating a reality within agreement and choosing your probabilities jointly and individually from the point of manifestation.

VICKI: Okay, thank you. I’ll think about that.

ELIAS: You as the parent choose the experience of incorporating a child. You as a parent also choose the probability of sharing a relationship intimately with another individual as a parent. Therefore, this is your choice within probabilities and directions. The individual choosing to be focused must be aware of much more information, as were you as you entered into physical focus; for the individual focus entering must be choosing many different established alignments. Probabilities within your thought process have already been established.

Therefore, the focus entering into physical manifestation must be aware of these probabilities and realities which have already been established and accepted, and also be choosing if they are desiring to be aligning with those established probabilities within physical reality, and if they are aligning with their individual intent within that focus. You as the parent have already chosen this same action, and have already chosen your direction within probabilities and within your direction and intent. You have already accomplished the same action that the new focus incorporates as the child.

VICKI: In my memory, Bianka was aware within consciousness of Tweety (2), correct? (Elias nods) So that kind of implies to me that there was some sort of a knowing and an agreement with ...

ELIAS: I have stated that there is an agreement. You may be choosing to avail yourself within consciousness to those focuses serving as your parents physically focused. You may also not be choosing to be communicating. This is dependent upon your choice of manifestation. You may not be choosing to be continuing the manifestation. You may only be choosing to be manifesting within a small time period within the gestation process. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be introducing yourself within objective consciousness to your parents. These are all choices. There are many different choices that you may involve within the action of physically manifesting a focus.

BOB: I have a question. I don’t know if I’m talking about the same thing Vicki was or not ’cause I didn’t get all of that. But it strikes me that someone who was widened and aware and whatever else you want to call it could have the ability to somehow connect with an offspring prior to birth, even prior to conception. Is that true?


BOB: Given that ability ... Never mind. I just got my own answer. But that would imply choice of the parent in having the child!

ELIAS: It continues to be a probability. Therefore, the parents within awareness may be connecting with a probable child, but this still is the choice of the essence manifesting a focus, which may change.

BOB: Okay. So the parent could choose at that point not to have children, which would be a breaking of the essential agreement to ...

ELIAS: Correct. Also recognize that there is within consciousness an agreement, that the focus choosing to be manifest will be creating of genetic codes which are aligned with the parents who are already physically established. There are many elements within agreement that are already established within this process of physical manifestation. Therefore, whichever focus of whichever essence is choosing to be manifest into physical focus through physical parents, it has already been agreed upon within certain guidelines.

BOB: Obviously there’s some window of choice, simultaneous time not withstanding, that an unmanifested focus has to choose parents from manifested essences. You said the essence had to already be focused for the non-manifested focus to choose ... Man, that’s hard to talk about! (Much laughter) The one who isn’t born yet has to choose somebody who is born! (Pause) You said that!

ELIAS: They must be manifest to be physically manifesting through. You may choose these essences, within simultaneous time ...

BOB: Prior to their manifestation?

ELIAS: ... within what you would view to be a completely unrelated time period. (Bob groans) But in order to be physically manifest, you must be manifesting through these physically manifest parents.

BOB: Okay. Alright. But when that choice is made is not, in the traditional sense of the word, after two people necessarily get married. It could be made at any time, in time ... even prior to the manifestation of that other focus.


BOB: So you could choose this other essence prior to their manifestation and even meeting of the other parent, and just kind of like reserve them for future reference sort of thing.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, or you may choose futurely! (Staring at Bob) And manifest, in your thought process, backwards!

BOB: Yeah, I know ... (Elias grins)

VICKI: I have another question. The genetic coding ... I would imagine that the manifestation physically of any element that’s in alignment with the genetic coding would also be a choice, but it also seems that this is a very influencing factor within physical focus. So I guess my question is, is this a mass belief system, this alignment with genetic coding, that is stronger than other mass belief systems? Does that make sense?

ELIAS: You have developed mass belief systems around the situation of genetic coding. Your physical manifestation is not a belief system. Your physical body is not a belief system. It is a creation of essence into a given physical reality within a particular dimension. This is, within each dimension, an agreement of form directed by the particular essence families which are connected to that particular physical dimension. In this, within your choice and agreement of physical manifestation, the manifestation itself is not a belief system. It is a manifestation agreed upon in essence of energy form, within what you term to be matter. Therefore, how you design your lungs or heart or nervous system or brain or genes or chromosomes, or whatever terms you put to these physical elements, are agreed-upon manifestations to be physically produced. They are projections of essence ... quite complex and efficient projections of essence! In this, you have created encoded elements within your physical manifestation which your subjective consciousness directs.

I shall offer you an example of your crystals. They are directing elements. They are a physical manifestation holding consciousness that may be directing of energy. In this same manner, you create a physical manifestation. You place within this physical manifestation coded computer chips which hold the information that you have gathered and incorporated and accepted for your physical lineage, which you have chosen, and also hold the encoded information of all of your other focuses, therefore physically incorporating all of the elements of essence; this being why I express to you, this is not a vessel! (Slapping Vic’s leg five times, once with each word) This is an expression of essence and holds, even physically, all encoded elements of all of essence; but just as your computer must be directed and you must feed to this information for its functioning, so also must this physical manifestation be fed direction through subjective consciousness for its function. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay, just briefly. The alignment with genetic encoding ... Normally in our society, if two Oriental parents have a child, it manifests as an Oriental. Would that be within the choice of the essence manifesting? In other words, could two Oriental parents bear a Hispanic child conceivably?

ELIAS: If the focus manifesting is choosing.

VICKI: So the genetic encoding is something we choose to align with, but it is not governing, so to speak.

ELIAS: Within physical manifestation, it may also be; although you are not locked to this, for there are no closed systems! Underline this! Therefore, your genetic encoding is directing of your manifestation as you are instructing of this subjectively, for you align with the chosen genetic manifestation. You may also choose differently. You may choose to disengage the alignment, and you may manifest in what you may term as outside of your heredity.

VICKI: So basically, our ideas of genetics are scientific belief systems.

ELIAS: You are continuing with the same question! (Grinning)

VICKI: I know. It’s because I don’t get it!

ELIAS: I am expressing to you, not entirely. This is not entirely a belief system. It is an accepted manifestation that you may choose to be changing of, but it is not entirely a belief system. It is an element of your manifestation encoded not only with the information of this particular focus alignments, but also with all of your other focuses; just as this physical expression that you incorporate, this body, is not a belief system. It is a manifestation of essence.

VICKI: So basically what I’m trying to do is to say, for example, that my foot is a belief system, and this is incorrect.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Okay, I think I’m starting to understand.

ELIAS: Although you have developed belief systems around your genetics, but they are not belief systems within themselves.

VICKI: Okay. Interesting subject matter!

JIM: I have a question. So at any time during physical focus you can disengage a genetic code ... like something you can see in your parents. You can say, ‘I don’t want that’ or ‘I disengage from that’ and choose something else?

ELIAS: Yes, you may; although I shall express to you that within your reality these are simple words for you to be expressing, but the accomplishment of what you may think of as overcoming these strong belief systems and alignments is quite another case!

JIM: So with the eye disorder that seems to run in my family, I can choose to disengage and not accept that?

ELIAS: You may. You may also find that you may accomplish this more efficiently with the knowledge that you must align with this genetic encoding as being a belief system. It is not necessary for you to continue, unless you are choosing, with genetic alignments.

VICKI: Do you also have genetic alignments and just not choose to actualize the actual probability physically?

ELIAS: As I have stated, many individuals may choose to be aligning with genetic heritage of an individual family within an individual focus, and they may deviate within manifestation and not create the affectingness that has been accepted and manifest throughout previous generations.

VICKI: This would be a probability, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. This may also move in what you term to be the opposite direction. You may be choosing to be aligning with genetic codes of family and heritage, and you may develop a new manifestation which is not incorporated within your genetic alignment.

JIM: So within ‘Your subjective attention creates your desire,’ if the desire subjectively is to manifest, as in my case the eye disorder, would I have to subjectively desire to not?

ELIAS: Be remembering that you are not at odds with yourself subjectively and objectively. They move within harmony. Therefore, as you incorporate the information that you are not locked into these belief systems of ‘you must,’ you may allow yourself objectively to align with your subjective knowing; therefore allowing yourself to disengage a manifestation. As you objectively hold a belief system, you shall not entirely move against this subjectively, for your consciousness works together.

CAROL: How do the actual dynamics work when an unmanifested focus decides to physically manifest and chooses parents? What actually transpires?

ELIAS: Essence designates a focus which holds a personality tone, which within non-physical focus seeks out other focuses which shall be in agreement to be bearing another physical manifestation. This may be accomplished in many different actions.

You may be a focus within transition, moving through the area of transition and choosing to be, in your terms, remanifesting. In this, you shall be incorporating an aspect of yourself to be remanifesting, which shall continue within a new focus. This aspect shall seek out all information of a particular manifestation and environment which shall be beneficial to its intent. It shall then enter into agreement with those focuses which shall be designated as the physically focused parents. It may then choose to be within agreement within time framework of the physically focused parents, choosing to manifest physically within gestation period of the mother. During this time period, the focus shall be creating of its expression of itself physically. It shall be projecting a physical image of itself, creating this within what you view to be matter. It then shall choose a moment to be merging itself subjectively to the physical manifestation; therefore incorporating the completion, in your terms, of the physical objective. This may be accomplished within gestation period or after physical birth.

CAROL: Now, essence may decide that it has a particular penchant for certain experiences, and would then manifest aspects in many time frames, historically speaking in our terms, and be able to experience more of that intent?

ELIAS: Yes, if it is so choosing. It may create many focuses with the same or similar intents. It may also be creating of many focuses within a diversity of intents.

CAROL: ... On a personal note, in my family it has been said many times and in many ways that I’m extremely different from the rest of my family, and I have always felt that way; almost as if I was dropped out of nowhere. I’m so different from my whole family, and that’s something I’ve always wondered about and people have always commented on. So I never could figure out whether I ... this is without a lot of this type of information ... whether I just decided early on that I was just going to forage my own way, or whether I had information of what the intent was and then changed direction. This has really been a big issue, a big part of this physical focus, being so different from my entire family.

ELIAS: These are situations that objectively offer you evidence that the focus choosing to be physically manifest is that which chooses the elements involved. It is not the physically focused parents that are choosing of the child. It is the focus choosing to become physically manifest which is choosing to be the child. In this, you may offer yourselves evidence of these choices all around you; some with yourselves, as you have expressed, and others with your own children or your own siblings, that you may view as quite different.

Each individual chooses their own alignments and manifestations, or lack of alignments. You may choose to be manifesting within a family that holds very strong alignments to each other for this experience, and you may be choosing not to be aligned with them within personality type or within your manifestations of genetic codes. You shall manifest physical genetic codes in alignment with family, such as you shall align with certain physical creations. Your blood type shall be within alignment to your family choice. Your marrow type shall be within your family type. Your genetic heritage of disease, or what you may think of as malfunctions, which are not malfunctions, shall be encoded. This is not to say that you may always activate all of this information, but it shall be encoded and available.

CAROL: I have one more aspect of this. This probably may be truer here in this country that we’re in now of the United States, but it seems as though most children have more interaction and entanglement with their mothers than with their fathers. I know that there are exceptions to this; but generally speaking, very often the fathers are either not there physically or they’re not there emotionally. Most of the entanglements are with the mothers. Years later, the relationships are still continued with the mothers, and a lot of the fathers are not incorporated in that. Is there any information that you can give concerning that?

ELIAS: Generally within physical manifestation, this is an element of the experience. This is an aspect of your creation within physical experience, of a recognition of connection with another individual intimately; more intimately than may be viewed with any other relationship. This is generally speaking, for this does not hold consistency with all situations, but you have chosen also within agreement to be experiencing this type of relationship, to an extent; this being also why you have chosen one sexual orientation to be bearing of the new focus. This also is a choice; for within other physical manifestations, one may not bear alone the offspring.

You have chosen to be manifesting this type of reality. You have chosen one sexual orientation to bear offspring. Therefore, you have also chosen a specific relationship to be accomplished between these two focuses; although as there are no closed systems, there are also differences within choices to this accepted and agreed upon manifestation. Therefore, you may also view the entirety of the spectrum of manifestations within these relationships, or lack of relationships.

CAROL: Thank you.

JIM: Do our creatures all have the same choices and alignments with their parents, as to how they would choose to manifest?

ELIAS: No. Within this, they choose physical genetic encoding to parents in alignment with this, but they do not incorporate as much information as do you. It is not quite the complex situation. Creatures also manifest within different creatures from focus to focus. They may not continue within the same species, excepting for your aquatic mammals. These exchange within each other, but not within other creatures within manifestations.

VICKI: Why is that?

ELIAS: It is the choice of this manifestation of consciousness. It is also the choice in agreement of yourselves, as creating of these constructs of energy consciousness within this dimension and physical focus.

JIM: Could a giraffe choose to manifest as a dolphin?

ELIAS: No. They may choose to be manifesting as another creature, but these aquatic mammals may only be exchanging within remanifestation to each other.

JIM: So it’s a higher consciousness, so to speak, within creatures ... I don’t mean to use those terms.

ELIAS: I am disliking of this higher consciousness! It is different.

JIM: Okay, a different consciousness. I understand that.

CAROL: So the consciousness would pre-exist, such as the way wolves mate for life and geese mate for life? That consciousness would pre-exist, and then that would be a choice to manifest within that physical manifestation because of those predispositions or those intents or choices? Well, they don’t have intents.

ELIAS: Yes, they do! There is no predisposition.

CAROL: Well, speaking of it in the way we were talking before, about someone deciding to physically manifest as a physical focus and choosing the parents, that type of a situation, would that exist in a consciousness that chose to become a wolf because it wanted the experience of mating for life, as opposed to some other creatures that don’t incorporate that action?

ELIAS: A focus of essence does not manifest as a creature. A creature does not manifest as an individual of your species.

CAROL: I didn’t mean that. Maybe I said it wrong ...

ELIAS: A creature may manifest as any chosen expression within creaturehood for the experience, except aquatic mammals or humans. They are not predisposed ...

CAROL: Let me clarify that because I really want to understand this. Do they sort of know ahead of time that wolves mate for life and want that experience?

ELIAS: This is what I am expressing to you. They are not predisposed. They manifest within a direction of consciousness for that experience, yes; but they are not predisposed to this. In this, I express to you also that there is not a closed system; for if you are singularly directing your attention to a wolf ... Consciousness that has chosen to engage manifestation as a creature within this dimension physically may choose to be a bear. It may choose subsequently to be a wolf, and as it is not predisposed it may, if it is choosing, for it holds free will, choose to not mate for life. It may choose, within alignment of the mass consciousness ... which is not a belief system! But within the mass consciousness and agreement of behavior within physical focus, it may choose to align and mate for life.

CAROL: Okay. What I’m trying to understand is what reasons would they have for choosing specifically different ... Is it because they have free will, and it’s just a choice?

ELIAS: It is merely a choice of experience.

CAROL: Okay. Thank you.

HAYLEY: I guess I have a question kind of connecting with what you’ve both asked. If you choose to align with certain genetic encoding that there’s a familial, a family disease, and you make that choice to encode and you inherit that possibility, why then would you choose not to activate that if there are no negative or positive experiences? Why would you then choose to not experience what we perceive as negative, if beforehand you’ve chosen to experience this anyhow?

ELIAS: You may choose at a point, knowing that there is no positive or negative involved within the experience, to be merely manifesting differently from that which has already been exhibited within your hereditary encoding. This does not suggest that you are viewing any manifestation as negative. You may be choosing within this particular family situation only to be demonstrating differently. In this, you may also be offering information to other individuals within your family structure that they are also not locked to a belief system of genetic encoding, that it must always be followed and manifest.

... Continuing. Let us address also to this subject matter of an individual focus choosing to be manifesting physically, and the agreement of the manifesting focus and those focuses which are already manifest as the parents. We have only barely begun to be exploring this subject. Therefore, do not be assuming that all of your ideas have been incorrect within your assessments of relationships, for there are many elements to this action of physically manifesting within your dimension and physical focus.

There are, as I have stated this evening, many, many elements which the manifesting focus must be incorporating and aligning with as they are choosing to be manifest within any particular family. There are many situations in which the manifesting essence is quite connected within consciousness to those individuals which it is choosing to manifest physically with. This is not always the situation, but many times it is chosen in this manner.

There may also be situations where the manifesting focus may choose to be born into physical manifestation to parents which are also focuses of the same essence. Therefore, there are many different actions that may be accomplished within this expression of manifestation. It is not limited to one method.

You may be choosing to be manifesting to parents that may be focuses of the essence to which you have been fragmented of. You may be choosing for reasons of counterpart action. You may choose to not hold alignments and strong connections within focuses and within consciousness, as you view it; but many individuals choosing to be incorporating a relationship of parent and child which continues throughout the focus are choosing to be manifest with individuals that they have shared many experiences with, within focuses and within consciousness. Therefore, their connections are strong.

We have stated previously that essences manifest in groups. You remanifest with other essences which you have been in connection with in manifestations in other focuses. Therefore, your relationships may change for different experiences, but you are manifesting with very many of the same essences that you have experienced other focuses with. In this, as I express to you that the essence choosing to focus into a manifestation is the primary choosing focus, this does not discount the connections of those individuals which shall serve as the parents. These elements are taken into consideration by the manifesting focus.

As I have stated this evening, that focus which is manifesting through physically manifests not only for its own value fulfillment, but also for the value fulfillment of those it involves. Therefore, it is a joint event, although it is unnecessary for the manifest parents to be choosing of many elements and probabilities. This is the choice of what you view to be the child. You all engage this action also. Therefore, you are not denied any experience that any other individual may be choosing, for you also choose the same action. You choose, as you move into your focus and you become an adult, to experience another action, which is that of the parent. You have already chosen the action of manifestation, and choosing all of the actions and probabilities that are incorporated within this. The action of the parent is a different experience. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be incorporating all of the choices in agreement with the child. They are their own individual manifestation. They choose and create their own reality, and they choose to be manifesting, within alignment or not, with those that they choose to be family.

Therefore, you may all express to each other, as you may listen to individuals within your physical manifestation as they express that they may choose their friendships but they do not choose their family, that this is quite incorrect. You also choose your family. You choose the parents that you wish to be manifest through, and with the knowledge of the probabilities of the siblings that you shall be sharing a manifestation with. Therefore, you do choose your family. You may not like them (grinning) as you move through your physical focus, but you have chosen them, and they are beneficial to you within your intent. (To Bob) Yes?

BOB: Do I remember you saying that you enter this life with, or you bring with you into a given physical focus, belief systems?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your movement within transition and your choices.

BOB: But you can.

ELIAS: Yes. Very many times, you do.

BOB: Okay, and do you hold these belief systems within essence?


BOB: So you hold them ... where?

ELIAS: Within physical focuses. Just as you hold many physical focuses within many other physical dimensions, the belief systems that you hold within this physical dimension are not relevant to another physical dimension. Therefore, within this physical dimension you may choose many manifestations and you may also choose to carry these belief systems through many of these manifestations, many of your focuses within this dimension and reality, although they do not enter into another physical manifestation, generally speaking, although they may bleed through at times. Within this situation you may witness individuals experiencing confusion, for they incorporate those belief systems as relevant to this physical dimension ...

BOB: How are they carried from there to here? What’s the vehicle for the belief systems to enter this physical focus? If they’re not carried in essence and you disengage one given physical focus, where are the belief systems from that physical focus retained until they remanifest themselves in this physical focus?

ELIAS: Within the aspect of consciousness that you choose to be remanifesting.

BOB: So they’re in the DNA code, or the genetic code?

ELIAS: No. They are not encoded physically. They are not part of your physical expression. They are not part of your physical brain. They are part of your consciousness. They are part of your objective consciousness which is retained. If you are choosing to be remanifesting, and you are choosing to be remanifesting within a similar intent, within a similar time period, within a similar culture, within the same dimension, you may engage transition temporarily and not move entirely into an area of complete subjectivity; therefore retaining an element of objective awareness, which shall be the aspect which shall continue and be remanifest.

BOB: So objective consciousness is not a function of physical manifestation at all. Objective and subjective consciousness are always one, or different aspects of one consciousness, which stays with essence. So even though we think, at least in our terms, of subjective consciousness being somehow more ethereal and objective consciousness as somehow connected to the brain, neither is the case. Consciousness is not a function of thinking.

ELIAS: Consciousness is not a product of thinking, but objective consciousness is relative to physical focus.

BOB: I thought I heard you say you retain objective consciousness as you go into transition, after you leave your body, where you would have no physical focus.

ELIAS: Correct; but you hold an awareness of physical focus continued within the area of transition, and you retain your objective awareness. If you are choosing non-remanifestation, you shall move into areas within transition that you shall disassociate all objective awareness. If you are choosing remanifestation you shall, within the tone of you that you presently recognize ... continue with me ... this element shall move into areas that shall disassociate from objective awareness and continue within non-physical subjective movement; but that aspect of objective awareness which has been an element of you shall deviate in tone ever so slightly and shall remanifest into physical focus, becoming a new creation. Therefore, it shall be its own personality and tone, but it shall be you.

BOB: Okay. It would probably be good if I just thought about this for a while. (Elias chuckles) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I quite enjoy our engagements! (Grinning)

BOB: Me too!” [session 173, May 11, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good evening. (Smiling) This evening we shall review your subject of genetics as it has been presented thus far, for it appears that there may be misunderstandings or lack of understanding within many of the elements of this information. I shall be allowing your questioning in areas of confusion.

We have discussed information of genealogy and your physical heritage. We have discussed the genetics in conjunction with your other focuses and also with this particular physical focus, or any physical focus in which you are manifesting. We have spoken of dimensional aspects in regard to memory, but not in genetic encoding within your particular dimension. We have discussed your RNA and your DNA and your manifestations physically, and the encoding which goes beyond that which you recognize physically within your DNA.

As to the subject of DNA, let me qualify that the information that has been offered to you is encoded within your DNA molecule. This encompasses far more than your mere physical attributes or elements of manifestation. The encoding also includes your mental and emotional states, and also holds the information of your other focuses. It is not limited to this particular focus.

Your scientists recognize only that encoding which may be identified within one particular manifestation, for this is what they look for and the limitation of their belief systems. They believe in one manifestation. Therefore, they may identify genetic encoding which applies to one lineage. They do not understand the concept or the reality of simultaneous time, and all of the other focuses of essence which are manifest at the same time as you. They also do not recognize the multidimensionality of the individual. Therefore, they do not seek information beyond the limitations of one particular focus, but I express to you that this information is physically encoded equally as much as any other information that you may attribute to your DNA as holding.

We have covered much material recently of your genetics, and I am recognizing that not all of this information has been assimilated and understood. Therefore, I offer you the opportunity to clarify to yourselves information of this subject this evening, that you may hold a better understanding. I am aware that each of you has held questioning within this time period of this subject that you do not feel as yet has been satisfied within answers. You may have your opportunity for questioning this evening, for clarification.

RETA: ... Well, I’ll be glad to start. Let’s just simplify this, okay? Let me draw a scenario. In my mind I’ve got this intelligence which is certain links of consciousness that have gravitated together, magnated together. Now we’re starting some sort of DNA stream right there. Then as we magnate or bring other parts of this together, our other decisions on our being, on our time, and everything like that, are we gathering then more attributes of our DNA as we progress through this building of us? I’m trying to see this as a growing thing, until we finally have developed a being that we want to project into this dimension, and we do that. Is it a slow process, or do you have this whole pattern to begin with?

ELIAS: From the moment of the mergence of the very first elements of physical life, as you view it within the manifestation of a human, all of the encoding is present.

RETA: That’s at that time, but how do you bring it forth? Are you bringing it forth a little at a time as you pick up your essence family, as you pick up the fact that you’ll be male or female or that your intent is going to be artistic or music or science and the other attributes of your personality? Or is it formed way back when you first start the intellect or the intelligence?

ELIAS: First of all, although I am aware that this is quite difficult, I must be instructing you once again that there was no ‘before.’

RETA: That’s difficult.

ELIAS: I am aware. Simultaneously, essence explodes, figuratively, into many focuses. (Pause) Think of your fireworks. Visualize your fireworks. Within this action, you shoot into your skies your fireworks, which explode into many, many, many glittering aspects of its one self ...

RETA: All encoded the same?

ELIAS: ... all at the same time. Think of each projection of twinkling light of these fireworks as a focus of an essence, all occurring simultaneously, all twinkling equally as brightly, and all projecting a manifestation. (Vic’s note: nice visual!)

The essence chooses a cycle to be entering into, providing it is choosing to be entering into physical focus. As it is choosing each physical dimension, it gathers information of each physical dimension and the elements required for physical manifestation within those dimensions. It accumulates the information of each physical dimension, this particular dimension requiring your genetic encoding for your manifestations simultaneously holding information of other focuses within other dimensions which hold different elements for manifestation. As all of this information is gathered, it is incorporated into essence.

Within your terms, underline, at the moment that essence chooses to be entering into physical dimensions, it explodes into countless focuses or facets. These focuses appear simultaneously within each dimension and within each time element of each dimension, according to the desire of the essence. In this, each twinkling of the firework holds its own individuality and choices. Therefore, within all of this simultaneous action occurs another simultaneous action, of each focus accumulating, assimilating and manifesting all of its own information which is pertaining to its own individual manifestation; that which it chooses.

In this, in your thought process and your time framework you may think of the action of the subjective events as preceding the physical manifestation ... although, mark this! It does not precede! But for the purpose of understanding, as you think in linear terms and within moments, you may think to yourself in increments of events. In this, the essence holds all of the information of all of the dimensions initially. It is directing of all of its aspects into all of the areas that it chooses to experience within. As it chooses the cycles that it is desiring to be experiencing, it also chooses a designated amount, so to speak, of aspects that shall be entering a specific dimension for that experience.

One moment. (To Vicki) You have the specific numbers with you for certain individuals.

VICKI: (Thinking really fast here, trying to remember) Oh, really?

ELIAS: You have connected with the specific numbers for certain individuals subjectively, which you have allowed to bleed through objectively, accounting for the individual manifestations to this present now, future and past, within this dimension only. You may be sharing of this information with these individuals later. (3)

In continuing, as the essence chooses the different cycles that it is desiring to be entering and it is designating the number of aspects which shall be experiencing within the individual dimensions, it then, in your terms, delegates to each sparkle its own freedom of choices to be manifesting within its own physical focus. This you may look at as a process or within steps, although it is all accomplished at once; this explanation to be specified as figurative. This would be the closest explanation that I may offer you at this time presently, in allowing an understanding of the action of manifestation. Therefore, the information of the DNA is held before the actualization.

RETA: So the genetic coding is all through the sparkles, and all through everything before it happens.

ELIAS: Not physically.

RETA: Well, okay ...

ELIAS: The information is known.

RETA: And of course when you’re looking at the DNA of the cell, you can’t see all those choices in all those sparkles. They’re just another genetic code, DNA, whatever you want to call it.

ELIAS: Now; be remembering that all of these sparkles of your firework are not focused within one dimension. Therefore, some are focused within your dimension, which shall hold genetic encoding as you understand it. Many others are focused within other dimensions, which do not manifest with this same genetic coding.

RETA: I understand that part.

NORM: So dynamically, our DNA is that updated during our lifetime by our experiences?

ELIAS: Not by your experiences.

NORM: By other focuses?

ELIAS: It may be altered as per your choice, but it is not a cause and effect. Your experiences do not alter your DNA.

NORM: Yet our DNA encodes everything about us in the essence.


NORM: But I have a problem with simultaneous time now, in that if there was a focus as my New Guinea focus (4) that is encoded now in my DNA?

ELIAS: Yes, this is correct; although this is the aspect of the DNA molecule that you have not discovered presently, for as I have stated, it is not looked for. Within your investigation of your DNA molecule, you find what you expect to find. You find what you look for dependent upon the questions that you ask, for if your scientists are asking questions they shall research and investigate until they are acquiring their answers, or adequate answers for them within their present now; this being why your sciences launch a great investigation within the field of genetics presently, for they hold questions that they may not answer presently and they are curious.

As their curiosity enlarges, for they answer certain questions and must move on to new questioning they shall eventually be questioning beyond this one physical manifestation; for just as you view within many of your sciences accidental discoveries which create questioning which creates investigation, there shall be individuals which shall accidentally but not accidentally discover new elements that are inconsistent with established findings; just as your psychologists now experience elements within exchange of their clients which are inconsistent with their learning to this present now, suggesting that you are more than only this particular manifestation or focus. This creates questioning.

Within one area of your sciences questioning has begun, which has infected many other areas of your sciences; which the epidemic may be spreading also to your religious elements, for they may not deny the evidence that you present yourselves with.

RETA: Would you care to say what that development is? Name it? We see some of that happening, but do you have a qualified name for what’s happening? That’s not a parlor game, that’s an answer!

ELIAS: But shall you rob the individual of their discovery?

RETA: How could I do that? (Elias is chuckling throughout this)

ELIAS: For you all within your species value your discoveries so very highly, in acknowledging yourselves that you have acquired information that no other individual has known before!

RETA: All right, could we qualify it in the United States?


RETA: No? (Laughter) I mean, we want to watch for it!

ELIAS: You may watch! Your communication systems are quite extensive, creating your global atmosphere to be quite small ...

RETA: True.

ELIAS: ... within this present now. Therefore, it shall be quite easy for you to be watching for your discoveries.

NORM: Primarily psychological, though.

ELIAS: Not only psychological.

NORM: In reference to the DNA, but closely coupled to the DNA information?

ELIAS: Psychology has, in your terms, led your way into questioning areas. But in relation to your DNA, your physical sciences shall be investigating and researching, eventually to be discovering that element of unofficial information which is encoded physically, just as all of the other information that they presently are aware of. They need only expand their quest and engage their periphery.

BOB: Question. Are these discoveries important to the shift or just a by-product of it?

ELIAS: Both. They are a by-product of your widening awareness. As your physicists begin to encounter their block walls, for they may move forward no more without engaging periphery they shall be discovering of more information which is relevant to your understanding of yourselves. In this, the physical action is a by-product of the widening of awareness, but it also holds significance in the action of the shift; for as you learn more of yourselves, you also learn more of reality and how you create it.

This also shall be helpful in lessening your belief system of duplicity; for within your present now, as you move forward in your terms, you reinforce your issues of duplicity by looking to your planet and other species upon your planet and chastising your species for being destructive of other species and your planet itself! These are belief systems! You are creating precisely how you have chosen to be creating, within cooperation of all elements of this physical dimension. There are no accidents, and there are no ... ‘bad guys!’ (Grinning at everybody)

NORM: There are no bad guys?

BOB: No, just bad girls! (Vic’s note: and plenty of wise guys!)

ELIAS: Therefore, as you widen your awareness and you learn more of self, and you hold more accurate information of self and your manifestations within this dimension, you shall also begin to understand that within cooperation of all other elements, you have orchestrated this physical dimension exactly in the manner that you have chosen it to be manifest. It shall allow you to be loosening your hold upon many very strong belief systems that you hold presently.” [session 182, June 08, 1997]

MARGOT: “In chatting with Mary just now, she tells me that there’s a little lady that comes up her street every day, and every time she looks at her, she thinks it’s me. The first look she gets, she always thinks it’s me. So, can you enlighten her a little bit on that, or me?

ELIAS: This individual would be another focus of your essence ...


ELIAS: ... which is manifest within this same time framework in this same general location of country as yourself, and also is an example to you and to other individuals of the manifestation within physical form of essences and their preference as to particular forms or appearances. As I have stated previously, essences choose a particular form that they are fond of, so to speak, and create many of their manifestations in like manner to this particular physical expression. In this situation, your essence chooses to be manifesting very similarly to your body type and physical appearance that you have manifest within this particular focus. This be the reason that this individual physically appears to hold a very strong resemblance to you.

Now; let me express to you that not every individual that bears a striking physical resemblance to another individual will necessarily be another manifest focus of the same essence, but many, many times this shall be the situation.

MARGOT: That’s exciting, that she has somebody on her street that I never knew was there!

(Vic’s note: I spoke to this woman briefly when I was Vermont. She does bear a striking resemblance to Margot!)

ELIAS: It is an interesting phenomenon to be physically witnessing other manifestations of one essence that you may physically view that are resembling of each other, and in this, the reason that an individual is struck by the remembrance of another individual is that the individual that they are viewing not only physically resembles another individual, but carries a very similar energy signature. Therefore, there is also an immediate draw to the new individual, or there is an immediate repelling if the situation has presented itself within one focus that these individuals are repelled by each other. Even in your not holding an objective relationship with this individual or viewing them to be what you would term to be a stranger, your response within physical focus merely to their appearance and their energy shall be quite similar to the response that you hold with the other individual that you have established an objective relationship with.” [session 306, August 09, 1998]

LESLIE: “Okay, I thought that I read somewhere that you were no longer in physical focus. Is this true?

ELIAS: Correct.

LESLIE: Okay. Now, you said that you were in three of my focuses. How can you not be in physical focus and be in my focuses?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

LESLIE: Does this mean that in the physical focuses that you’re in with me, you’ve disengaged?



ELIAS: Now; this is a very difficult concept for you within physical focus to be understanding, for I do participate within those physical focuses that you are participating in also, for time is simultaneous, and therefore all of these focuses are occurring now.

But the direction of attention of my essence is not to be manifesting within physical focus.

Now; I am understanding that this may be quite confusing. Therefore, I shall express this in quite simplistic terminology, that you may be assimilating within your understanding in this physical dimension, within the limitations of your language.

Manifestation and non-manifestation in physical dimensions is a creation of attention.

As an essence chooses to be exploring and experiencing physical dimensions, their attention moves into the direction of these types of experiences within physical manifestations.

(Carefully) As an essence designates a final focus, that focus creates a function to be disengaging the attention of the essence from physical dimensions. Each physical dimension holds its individual final focus.

Therefore, as I may express to you or any individual within this particular physical dimension that the individual may be designated as the final focus, they are designated as the final focus in this particular dimension. This is not to say that at the point of disengagement of that final focus that the essence may be disengaging ALL physical dimensions, but that it shall move its attention away from the physical manifestations in that particular dimension and shall discontinue its participation in attention.

Now; you – within your beliefs and within your perception of time and the linear movement of time – view this statement as the action of creating a choice in which the final focus shall disengage, and all focuses of that particular essence shall physically be removed from the physical dimension.

This is not necessarily the actual situation, for this may be accomplished if all areas of consciousness experienced linear time, but all areas of consciousness do not experience linear time, and all of the focuses are simultaneous.

Therefore, the action which is occurring, in a manner of speaking ... for it is limiting within your language to be explaining this action.

The action which is occurring is that the essence is turning its attention and not focusing its attention in the manifestations which are participating within the physical dimension.

Now; this is a similar action to what I have expressed previously within this forum, in which an essence may project an aspect of its consciousness into a creature within a physical dimension to be experiencing the physical quality and experience of the manifestation of that configuration of consciousness which manifests in a creature physically.

This is not to say that an essence creates a focus as a creature. You do not incarnate, so to speak, as a creature.

Within the belief system of reincarnation, you shall not be reincarnated as a creature. Outside of the belief system of reincarnation, you do not as essence manifest in the form and the experience of a creature, but you may be projecting an aspect of your consciousness into the reality and the creation of a creature to be offering yourself the physical experience of that creature. Your attention is not focused in that aspect.

(Speaking slowly) You yourself, in this particular manifestation, are a focus of attention. The essence of you has focused an element of attention in a precise and specific direction, which creates a manifestation of you.

Now; as an essence chooses to be disengaging from a physical dimension, disengaging its participation in that physical dimension, it turns its attention and no longer focuses its attention in that physical dimension, in that physical experience.

This is not to say that the physical experience is not continuing, for it is all within the now and it IS continuing, but the attention is not held any longer within that physical experience.” [session 494, October 27, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the essence of Rose who plays a significant role in the shift in consciousness.

Digests: find out more about the essence of Rose.

(2) Paul’s note: Vicki refers to two characters from a “fictional” book written by Jane Roberts called The Further Education of Oversoul Seven (1979.) Bianka is a mother-to-be, pregnant with a new baby nick-named Tweety.

(3) Vic’s note: This is so odd to me, that these numbers supposedly mean something. I just woke up with them. Normally I wouldn’t have paid attention, but they were in my head so I wrote them down and promptly forgot them. These are the numbers in the order that I wrote them down. All of these people are folks that I interact with on the computer, except Ron. The next day, I got 3:3 for myself.

Mary Jane 13:31
Ron 11:11
Melinda 12:24
Cath 46:12
Bruce 11:12
Kip 153:2
Margot 36:12
Howard 127:3
Pam 24:12

Paul’s note: Vicki later asked Elias about the significance of the above numbers. Here is the exchange:

VICKI: “Okay, I have a question about the numbers. They’re done with a colon in between them. There’s two numbers, a colon, and two more numbers. I don’t quite understand how to interpret.

ELIAS: The first number is that which has been, in your manner of thinking, manifest. The second number is the probable number if choosing, within this present now, to be remanifesting.

VICKI: So with Ron, with an 11:11, do I understand it correctly then that he presently has eleven focuses of essence?

ELIAS: Correct, within this dimension.

VICKI: Okay ...

ELIAS: And if choosing to remanifest, shall remanifest eleven more.

VICKI: That doesn’t seem like very many.

ELIAS: It need not be very many. You need only three.

BOB: So when Ron pointed at the clock the other day and it said 11:11, is that some sort of unofficial verification of his manifestations? (Bob’s having a hard time asking this seriously.)

ELIAS: In actuality, this has been a source of amusement for these individuals! Although it has struck a chord, so to speak, within Olivia [Ron], even though it is changed into a factor of comedy! (Folks are giggling here.)

VICKI: I have one more question about it. Greg, who is a splintered counterpart of Ron’s, if I’m remembering correctly, would not be one of these eleven focuses. This would not include splinters, etcetera?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 182, June 08, 1997]

Digests: find out more about splinters.

(4) Paul’s note: Norm refers to one of his focus personalities that Elias had presented him with three weeks earlier:

ELIAS: “[You have a focus that is a] native of what you now term to be New Guinea. This individual holds explorations within physical aspects of existence quite primitively, but this also bleeds through into this present existence that you recognize. Within this other individual, there is little concern for elements of non-physical existence. The quest, so to speak, is to be identifying of all elements of physical existence, and therefore allowing an understanding of mechanics.” [session 174, May 17, 1997]

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