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simultaneous time

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Your time is all simultaneous. It is unimportant to be focusing your questions as to what events occurred previously, or what will be occurring future[ly], for there are neither. All is incorporated now, as there was no beginning, for now is your beginning. You are creating your beginning now, each moment, for it is all occurring simultaneously. Therefore, within remembering, you are incorporating a knowing of a moving to the side. As you are viewing aspects of yourselves, you are connecting in attempting to be remembering. This has been very good attempting and very good connecting!

“As to your creating of your reality, this also ties into this concept, as all things are also being created now. This room did not exist within the past, for it is only created now. Your perceptions are what deceive you. You rely upon your physical focus and your learned perception of viewing physical focus. If an individual had not ‘invented’ momentary time within a linear focus, you would not concern yourselves now with that perception. You do concern yourselves with linear time, and you revolve your existence, quite effectively, according to this time element. As you are approaching your shift, you are learning to unincorporate your perceptions of ‘accepted official reality,’ as you view it presently. In widening your awareness, you are beginning to accept an understanding that reality is not necessarily governed by your physical senses.” [session 53, November 05, 1995]

ELIAS: “As to simultaneous time, the meaning of this is that all things are happening now; within all dimensions, within all focuses, within all consciousness. All occurs now, within the moment. All consciousness is in a state of becoming. There is no past. There is no future. There was no beginning. There will be no end.” [session 88, April 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to all of you the ludicrous term of simultaneous time, but to your understanding, this is sufficient. Nonphysically, there is no recognition of time frameworks. This is not to say that the element of time is not an independent reality of itself, for within consciousness it has been created as a choice within the links of consciousness. In this, there is a reality of time, but not within the confines of a framework. Therefore, there is an allowance of a rearrangement of energy to be accommodating whatever you are choosing to be objectifying into a framework of time.

“In this, you hold the ability within your inner senses to be experiencing many different aspects of time elements. You may find yourself experiencing much activity that objectively and logically you view requires several minutes. Within your experience, you may view the passage of time to be a single second, which shall appear to you to be impossible. This is a recognition, within inner senses being allowed to subjectively bleed through information to your objective awareness, that the time element within consciousness exists as a reality, but it holds a flexibility that may be bended into many different types of manifestations, and they are not limited to each dimension. They may be accessed within each dimension, therefore incorporating different time experiences within your dimension. This does not fit into your officially accepted reality. Therefore, this confuses you; but in actuality, this is no less reality than that which you accept officially as your time framework within this dimension.” [session 186, June 22, 1997]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I will also express to you that you may view yourselves in another way also. We have spoken previously of how you blink on and off. I will express to you that each time you ‘blink off,’ you are ‘blinking on’ within another focus; this being one way that you may better understand the concept of simultaneous time; and within that blinking, which you do continuously throughout your existence, it may be so enormously rapid, within your perception within this physical focus, that you do not notice, but within another focus it may appear to be exceedingly long; this being only a difference in perception of time elements. You incorporate one rule for time. Each focus incorporates its own rules for time.” [session 69, February 04, 1996]

ELIAS: “Now, I will ask you to think of your motion pictures as an illustration of simultaneous time. You are very accustomed to viewing time in blocks. You view your lifetimes in clumps. You have segments of time that you identify yourselves with; your childhood, your adolescence, your young adulthood. You separate in large blocks of time. We have spoken of blinking in and out of this dimension; this being how you also focus within other dimensions, and continue your interaction with all of your other focuses simultaneously to this particular focus. (To Ron) When you are creating your motion pictures, how are they created?

RON: With a camera.

ELIAS: And film, and your film incorporates a series of pictures, which then are put into motion, which creates a moving picture. Each frame is a single picture incorporating one stance, correct? (Ron nods) Each moment of your lifetime is a frame. (Pause) You run these frames consecutively in a linear motion, in that element which you call time. In this way, it appears to you that this lifetime, within your time, is a continuous, flowing movement, all of one element. This is the design of your perception. In actuality, each moment is its own frame.

I have expressed to you that you are much greater than you view yourselves to be; that your essence is inconceivable to you. You think to yourselves in blocks of time periods and lifetimes. Therefore, you may think, ‘I incorporate ten lifetimes. Therefore, my essence is this big, (gesturing with hands) for it contains ten lifetimes; but I also am remembering that Elias has said that I also possess alternate selves. Therefore, I incorporate ten lifetimes, each possessing ten alternate selves.’ Incorrect! This is a very limited view and perception. I now say to you, each moment of your existence, within time, is one frame of your motion picture. Each frame is its own lifetime. Therefore you, Lawrence [Vicki], may sit within your room, and you may speak not only to you, Lawrence [Vicki], within another focus, but also to you, Lawrence [Vicki], at age ten; or you, Ron, may speak to you, Ron, at age twelve and three and twenty, all simultaneously, and also five minutes ago, and also three years from now; for these all occur simultaneously.” [session 71, February 14, 1996]

VICKI: “Sometimes it’s hard to understand how an essence such as yourself could state that you are no longer physically focusing, within the concept of simultaneous time.

ELIAS: You think in segments. I cannot express to you of essence efficiently, for your comprehension does not understand. Within non-physical focus, just as Seven may be removed from all of his characters and interacting with Cyprus, or engaging upon his own adventures independent of his characters, so may I also engage in activity and not be focused within the individuals.” (1) [session 73, February 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “I speak to you within the confines of time elements, for this is what you understand. You do not understand and you do not accept simultaneous time. You may say to yourselves and to each other that you understand and you accept simultaneous time, or ‘no-time,’ but you do not. It is a concept. It is not a reality within your focus, for you incorporate time! Therefore, it continues to be a concept, and not reality. You are beginning, very, very slightly beginning, to incorporate a small movement of widening your awareness, to incorporate the idea of simultaneous time.

... As to simultaneous time, the meaning of this is that all things are happening now; within all dimensions, within all focuses, within all consciousness. All occurs now, within the moment. All consciousness is in a state of becoming. There is no past. There is no future. There was no beginning. There will be no end.” [session 88, April 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “I will offer you a slight physically focused explanation of simultaneous time, which may be slightly easier for you to incorporate within some areas. If you are researching information that you already possess within what you view to be theory of motion of time and light, your own aspect of Mr. Einstein has set forth for you that as you are approaching the speed of light, so to speak, your time slows. If you are exceeding the speed of light, your time begins to reverse.

Thought is reality. Thought may travel faster than light. Therefore, within a thought, you may experience what you view to be past. This may be helpful to you as you are engaging this new game (2), and experiencing more of a reality of simultaneous time within experience. You need only be remembering that thought is reality.” [session 90, April 28, 1996]

ELIAS: “Timing is everything! (Laughter) Is this not what ‘they’ say? (Grinning) We shall focus this evening’s discussion around your time element, as promised. To begin with, think to yourselves of your Einstein and his equation involving energy mass and light speed, which his incorporation was directly and also indirectly connected with time. In this, insert the element of time. Think to yourselves, in opposition of energy equals (energy = mass x speed of light squared), think of this concept in reverse; for if you are thinking of your light speed and incorporating your time element in relation to this, if you slow time, it creates mass and matter; this being why you have created a time element for physical focus.

There are many things that seem to be beyond your perception, therefore seem invisible or non-existent for you may not visually perceive them. This is because of their relationship to your time element. Events appear within your focus dependent upon their ‘closeness,’ within time, to you. All physical focus is perceived through the present, the now; therefore all time intersects with the given present moment now, this allowing you your perception of events. If events do not enter your time element, they will not be perceived. There are many events outside, so to speak, of your time element. These, to you, are non-existent; for all that exists is within your time element, within your reality.

The time element, in cooperation with the force of gravity, creates space arrangements.

... What is meant by this statement of space arrangements? These are the elements that allow matter or mass to materialize. Your perception is the adhesive that holds together the elements which create manifestation. Manifestation and materialization are not bound only to physical form; for your thoughts, emotions, concepts, psychological activity, are all within this realm also, intersecting within your present time element, allowing perception. As I have stated, if an event is not perceived, it will not be within your reality.

Time is an interesting creation. It holds vast flexibility. This may be illustrated with a small experiment that I believe each of you has encountered throughout your focus. Holding an object such as a pencil immobile, this object appears rigid and solid. As you involve motion, a slow vibration to this object, it appears elastic and bendable; still holding its solidity within your perception, but incorporating a difference in your reality. In this same manner, events are perceived. The personality focus perceives events. This is translated to the intellect, which interprets certain events based on its direction of attention as base or ‘real.’ Within your perception, you perceive this one direction to be ‘real’; this being your primary perception. All other perceptions then become secondary or periphery. They incorporate an elasticity, and seem to be bendable. You interpret this many times as a distorted perception. It is not distorted. It has only not intersected completely into the present time ‘thickness.’

Within your present now, the time element holds a thickness which allows formation to appear; formation of objects, of thought, of emotion, of physical feeling, of sense data. Outside, in a manner of speaking, of this present now, or your perception of this present now, you may draw other events; but as they are being drawn as periphery, they are not perceived to be quite so ‘real.’ This creates confusion when you begin to encounter simultaneous time. When the intellect begins to attempt to interpret events which are not within its ‘real’ focus, it becomes confused. Therefore, it automatically attaches a secondary perception, which it incorporates a belief of ‘non-real’ to. This you encounter in many areas of your focus.

Presently, within your intent of widening your awareness, this becomes a focal point of importance, for you begin to incorporate other events which lie outside of your baseline or ‘real’ interpretation. Elements of consciousness cross over each other. Events begin to be perceived differently. States of consciousness, such as your dream state or other altered states, begin to filter into your objective awareness, which may be confusing to the intellect which is accustomed to interpreting events in one direction. This you have created purposefully; for holding a base or ‘real,’ as you interpret it, perception allows you less confusion, and an intensity of experience.

This is not to suggest that you will experience no intensity within the periphery; although as you incorporate an acceptance of ‘side perceptions,’ the experience seems not to hold such intensity for you have allowed a wider awareness, incorporating more experiences in a greater variety, accepting more of your own subjective expressions. Therefore, objective incorporation seems less intensified; this being also the effort, so to speak, in avoiding trauma within your shift; for this lessening of intensity is a natural by-produce of widening of awareness. There is more trust and acceptance of what you view to be ‘unusual.’

This also may be distracting! It is difficult to incorporate trauma if you are very distracted! (Grinning) If you are pursuing many avenues of consciousness, you are quite occupied; therefore you allow yourself no ‘time’ to experience fear and trauma.

You incorporate confusion with your past, future, present ideas; viewing the present as now and all others to be almost irrelevant, for they have either not occurred yet or have already occurred, and nothing may be done about these events. As there is no separation of time dimensions, only different areas of time ‘thickness,’ this is a limited perception. Each event that you choose alters the present, the past, the future.

I shall give a small example. You incorporate your new game. You investigate other focuses. You interrupt, so to speak, the natural occurrences or events presently simultaneously occurring, thereby changing them. You do this, at times, without incorporating your new game. You may accomplish this within your dream state. Within the symbolism and the layers of your dream state, in consciousness, you affect other focuses. As they are occurring simultaneously, there is no one event which is ‘permanent.’

I have been involved in many physical focuses in relation to Michael [Mary]. Michael’s [Mary’s] experience may not appear in my memory, for within my memory, it did not occur, for he may change what you view to have already occurred; therefore eliminating my previous experience and subsequent memory of an event. You, within what you term to be future probabilities, which are no different than past probabilities, may likewise alter an action. In this, you affect and change the perception of those also involved with that action. Another may change their action, eliminating your memory of an event, for it no longer exists.

In this, when I speak to you that it no longer exists, understand that the reason you perceive an event to no longer exist is that it has been removed from the time element. Therefore, it loses its thickness and relation to you within physical focus. This is not to say that an event changed ‘poofs away’ and is non-existent within any probability or actuality anywhere. It is to say that you may rearrange events, pulling or pushing into or out of your time element, which changes events.

Even within subjective expression, an intersection must be accomplished for the expression to be manifest; for all areas connected with physical focus incorporate time elements. Where you may view events to be elastic or bendable is within other states of consciousness. You may access other states of consciousness, and what you perceive within them may be confusing or seem not quite real, or it may seem very real, but rearranged.

You may encounter an event within a room and perceive the room almost identical to what you perceive in your real perception, but small elements may appear different. A lamp may look different. A chair may be out of place. An individual may be displaying unusual behavior. These are not distortions of perception. They are encounters with your periphery; just as if you engage visually straight forward and notice, continuing to view straight forward, your peripheral vision, physically the edges shall appear blurred. This does not make the elements any less real or solid within your reality. You only view them to be slightly out of focus.

Symbolism also is not necessarily a distortion in perception. All things, as your Einstein stated, are relative. You view anything which is not within your primary ‘real’ view and perception to be distorted. This is not necessarily the case! You may pull events from other areas of consciousness within the mass, or individually. In this, it is not an element of your personal directed attention. Therefore, it seems distorted to you, for you view the elasticity and the bendable qualities of events that have not quite formed within the thickness of your present moment. You may engage in an action and choices within one moment. You may rearrange this action and these choices within a limited time period, changing the initial action and choices; for they all intersect within the now. (Pause, looking around at everybody. Those of us who are not asleep are really ‘spacing out!’)

Was I not warning you ‘ahead of time’ to be prepared for these concepts? I am losing the focus of the individuals as they drift into other areas of consciousness! (Chuckling) Very well. You may ‘still’ with these perceptions presently within this moment, and allow yourselves a time element to assimilate this information. Make no mistake, these concepts affect you daily; for they are involved with every encounter and choice that you make. We shall briefly break, and we shall return for our game; and I shall then leave you for your interaction.

(Vic’s note: I looked up ‘still’ in the dictionary. An obsolete definition is ‘to distill’; to drip or to trickle.)

BREAK 8:42 PM.
RESUME 9:13 PM. (‘Time’ was five seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing: You are correct in your perception, Yarr [Jim], of the thickness of the time element, this being that which creates the element for your perception; this being also why you may, in actuality, view air. Your perception is the only element that eliminates visual contact with many elements within your reality.

You may in actuality physically view, at any given moment, a thought holding solidity, dropping as a brick before you upon your ground, if you are so choosing; for as I have stated, thoughts hold the same action and manifestation as an object. They do incorporate mass. You may not perceive them within matter, but the energy which has been inserted into your time element, slowing the motion of the event, creates mass; therefore what you may consider to be a ‘weightiness.’ It may not appear as solid as your table, but your arrangement of space, with regard to emotion or thought or psychological activity, is different; for you create it differently.

Thought concepts, even emotions, may hold what you perceive to be solidity, if you are choosing to view these events in this manner; this being why Michael [Mary] incorporates clouds, allowing the events to enter into the solidity of the time element, which may then be perceived with physical form; this being why I have stated that your perceptions are not always distortions. Your understanding of what you perceive may be distorted, (laughter) but what you view is not necessarily a distortion. It only appears outside of your ‘real’ reality, for you are allowing manifestation of events not usually perceived in this manner.

All action within consciousness may be categorized as events. Therefore, your table also is an event, for it is an action within consciousness being perceived, within the element of time thickness, with solidity. Think to your pencil. I shall anticipate each of you shall incorporate a pencil between your fingers, vibrating it slowly to view the alteration of perception. In this same manner, as I have stated, other events, such as other focuses to which you tap, hold their own form of solidity. It does not appear to you to be as solid as your chair or your table, for it is outside of your directed attention; therefore ‘off to the side’ of your ‘realness’ of perception. Therefore, you view another focus, within your new game, as not quite as real as this real!

You may accomplish widening your perception, and allowing yourself the reality of your periphery; and in this, you shall view unblurred, and you may experience within the same element of reality, or perception of reality, that you hold within your present attention.

It is noteworthy to be contemplating and allowing yourself the information of no time element outside of your focus. It is also beneficial to you, within your awareness and your acceptance of trust of self, to be understanding that all choices, all events, within all time dimensions, are elastic. They are not permanent. They are relative to the moment, and may be changed at any other moment. You may experience an event holding trauma, which you do not experience within this present moment. You may change, in actuality, the occurrence of the event, simply with your perception.

You may experience a broken arm, within what you perceive to be your past. Within your present, you may incorporate the reality of no experience of the broken arm. You may visit your physician, who shall x-ray your bones, and they shall show no sign of breakage; for you have altered presently what you view to be past, for they occur simultaneously, intertwined and intersecting. You may express, ‘I lived within a red house as a child.’ Another individual may express to you, ‘Oh, no. As a child, you lived within a blue house.’ You have already changed your reality; for if you incorporate your new game, you shall revisit your childhood house, and it shall bear red paint.

Your perception is the adhesive which binds the time element, the gravitational force, and the space arrangement. Even your scientists presently have begun to view that elements of what you perceive to be your universe are relative to perception. If they are not perceived, they do not exist within physical focus. You may express to me, ‘Ah! Are you expressing that new insect life discovered within our rain forests, never viewed before, did not exist until perceived by an individual?’ You, as persons, are not the only focuses upon this planet, and you do not hold the only perceptions; but nothing shall exist unperceived within physical focus, for you have created this as your method for manifestation.

RON: ... I think we talked about this a long time ago. I might be able to understand it better now. If I was to be able to widen my perception to incorporate simultaneous time, it seems to me that that would become confusing.

ELIAS: This is why you choose to widen your awareness in increments; therefore allowing yourselves adjustments to unfamiliar perceptions. As I have stated previously, you have manifest within physical form with a quite efficient expression physically. You do not incorporate what you view to be the usage, objectively, of your capabilities within this physical expression. Your physical brain is quite equipped to ‘handle’ all of these perceptions and not incorporate confusion; just as you may physically engage in more than one activity within the same time space, to your perception.

You may engage a partial conversation, incorporate your television, your computer, your telephone, your animals, the recognition of day as opposed to night, your heat or cold elements, all of your sense data, and you may also smash your finger and experience painfulness, all simultaneously; and your brain and perceptions may accommodate all of these elements.

You perceive much more than you realize. Your sense data, that your physical expression exposes itself to and interacts with continually, does not confuse you! You allow it, in actuality, no thought. In a similar manner, as I expressed earlier, the intensity of the events becomes less. Therefore, you may encounter many events simultaneously and allow yourself to direct your attention in whichever area you choose, while simultaneously being aware of all other activity.

You will always incorporate a dominant perception, for this is how you have created physical manifestation; interacting and intersecting within a time element. Therefore, even within a wider awareness, you will continue to hold a more dominant perception in one direction, but you will allow for the secondary perceptions to be viewed and accepted as reality; without struggle, without question.

RON: So within your consciousness, are you interacting and communicating equally with others right now, as you are with us?

ELIAS: Correct. Within your perception presently, our engagement through this phenomenon seems singular. Elias arrives, Elias interacts, Elias departs. In actuality, Elias does not arrive, for Elias is already present! Elias is also present within many other areas of consciousness simultaneously to what you would view to be equal, within perception.” [session 106, July 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “As we speak of simultaneous time, there is no time that has gone before. Therefore, the time that you view as your ‘entry’ into physical focus exists also now, and you may choose to manifest counterparts within the same year, so to speak, of your entry or birth into physical focus, within a continuing now. What is meant by this is that you view you may enter into physical focus within a year. Choose a year. (Pause; where was everybody?) I shall choose a year! I shall choose nineteen hundred and fifty. You choose to enter, or be born, in your terms, in this year of nineteen hundred and fifty. You move through your focus, and you view that nineteen hundred and fifty has passed. You view yourself singularly. Within this present now, nineteen hundred and fifty exists within another time dimension, and you may be manifesting another you, a counterpart you, within that nineteen hundred and fifty. This is not quite the same action as an alternate self, for its desire and its direction are different. It is you, although it is itself.

You have experienced your new game, and within this new game, you view other focuses that seem to be overlapping within your time element. Some of these, as has been expressed, are alternate selves. Some are you within another dimension, in a counterpart situation. In this, within your new game, you may feel ‘more you’ within certain engagements of certain focuses simultaneous to this focus. These would be your counterparts, those that you feel more yourself; for you shall experience viewing other focuses of alternate selves that may feel ‘less you,’ although you identify these as you. These would be alternate selves. Their direction is different. Within your limited terms, their connections are different. They are the same in intensity, but they are different within their direction.

Counterparts always add to your experience. Counterparts always complement your experience, for this is the direction. Alternate selves add to your experience within intersection. They may be inspiring and quite affecting, but their direction is different. Counterparts are intimately focused with you, although simultaneously being independent, so to speak, of you, for they hold their own individuality. As I have expressed, some may be focuses of your essence. Therefore, in your terms, they may hold your essence name, and they may be another individual that you may meet, that may hold qualities unexpressed within you. They may be aspects of your focus, not created by the entirety of essence as independent focuses, but intimately connected with you as your individual focus creations of yourself.” [session 127, October 06, 1996]

BOB: “So does time exist in ... I don’t want to say your reality. How do I phrase this? Well, when you’re not here, wherever you are, is there time?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Within the area of consciousness that I occupy, this time period that I engage you does not exist as time. It is not a sequence of moments.

BOB: Okay, but we’ve already accepted that time is not necessarily sequential and that it can be simultaneous, but that it still exists even though it’s not ...

ELIAS: Ah! We have accepted simultaneous time, have we? (Laughter)

BOB: Well, we have!

ELIAS: Ah! We shall be instructive to be offering a trophy to Simon [Bob] for accepting simultaneous time, as the first human to be accepting of this reality! (We all lose it)

BOB: So I suspect the note of sarcasm that I hear would lead me to believe that acceptance in my terms is not quite the same as acceptance in your terms!

ELIAS: Quite! (Much laughter) You have accepted a concept. You have not accepted a reality! (Grinning)

VICKI: Actually, the term ’simultaneous time’ is rather contradictory in itself.

ELIAS: This is quite true, but you deal with a time framework. Shall I express to you, simultaneous nothing? (Laughter) You would not understand. Therefore, I express to you terms that you do understand. You involve yourselves within a reality that is within a time framework. All of your reality is intimately involved with time. There is no aspect of your reality that is not affected by time. Therefore, we deal with time within our discussions and our explanations; although I play with your terminology, as ‘before the beginning.’” (Grinning) [session 152, February 09. 1997]

BOB: “I have a question on simultaneous time.

ELIAS: Ah! (Much laughter) Our simultaneous time man!

BOB: Yeah, okay! Would it be correct to say that my supposed understanding of simultaneous time as a concept (laughter) is somewhat clouded by the term simultaneous, that simultaneous itself is a linear term denoting a series of events happening at one point on a timeline? Is there another term, a more creative term, that you could use in lieu of the word simultaneous? Please??? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Spontaneous, for spontaneity involves no pre-organization.

BOB: So randomness even, maybe?


BOB: You don’t like random, huh? I like random.

ELIAS: If you are choosing to be offering yourself this word for your own understanding and clarification, you may be using of this word if this is helpful, although there is not randomness.

BOB: But spontaneity ... Maybe you got a little too creative for me! (Much laughter) I need something in the middle!

ELIAS: I am quite creative! (Grinning)

BOB: It just seems to me that our thinking of spontaneous time is done in the context of linear time.

ELIAS: Correct. Within this physical focus, you have created a framework of time element. It is a dimension of this focus, of this creation. Therefore, your language also reflects, within its entirety, time elements. You do not hold words that are lacking of time framework, for this is not a part of your reality. Your reality encompasses a time framework. You have no necessity for language that is descriptive of ‘no-time’ or simultaneous time.

I may offer you another word which does not belong within your dimensional language, but it shall mean nothing to you!

BOB: Okay! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Washa! Therefore, we shall express washa time, (grinning) which is meaningless to you, although holds meaning within another dimension, within another physical focus ...

BOB: But only within that focus?

ELIAS: Correct. This holds a different connotation of time, for their time framework is different from your own creation.

BOB: So in light of everything we’ve said, simultaneous is just as good a word as spontaneous, or spontaneity. (Elias nods) I shouldn’t waste any time thinking about it!” (We all crack up, including Elias) [session 157, March 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “I shall not enter at this present now the area of inner senses connected with your time framework, for you would find this impossible at this present now to be disengaging within your objective consciousness. I shall express to you that you may accomplish this, and as we progress and you are accomplishing within your practicing of inner senses, we shall move into areas of exercising disengaging your time framework temporarily. This shall offer you experiential validation of simultaneous time. Then you shall hold a more adequate understanding of that which we speak of.

I have expressed to you previously that you understand and incorporate and assimilate information by experience. I may talk and talk and talk to you, and it shall mean little if you are not incorporating the experience. This shall create the reality to you, as you allow yourselves to experience all of these elements of which we speak. Therefore, this being why these exercises hold importance. They allow you the experience, and therefore allow you to realize the reality.

Yes, Lawrence [Vicki]?

VICKI: Well, I was going to ask about the time thing, that using the conceptualization sense would be one way to experience the concept of simultaneous time.

ELIAS: This is correct. As I have stated, which Stephen [Norm] was not present to be listening to, these inner senses which I have offered you already encompass almost all of these nine which have been presented previously (3). I have incorporated these senses into less categories, for it is unnecessary to be separating so extensively.

As we move futurely into the discussion of the inner sense which involves your time framework, this shall also encompass the existing idea of what you now think of as psychological time. I do not incorporate this terminology, for as you are aware, I do not incorporate psychology. Therefore, we shall not be addressing this sense within the terminology of psychological time, although the concept is the same and encompassed within the entirety of the inner sense which deals with your interaction with time. This is a very difficult inner sense to be objectively manipulating, for you are very accustomed to moving through physical focus within a time framework.

All of your objective consciousness is involved and centered around a time framework. Therefore, it is more difficult for you to be disassociating with this element. It shall be easier if you are learning to be engaging these other inner senses prior to attempting to disassociate with your camouflage of time. It is difficult enough to be disassociating yourselves with any element of your camouflage.” [session 162, April 06, 1997]

NORM: “Our discussion tonight in regard to our understanding of essence, is there actually going to be a time on this Earth when more than fifty percent are actually going to believe what we are talking about tonight?

ELIAS: There shall come a time upon your planet, within the accomplishment of this shift, in which your entire globe shall hold an awareness of which we speak. Be assured of this, for it is already done within simultaneous time.

NORM: It must be beautiful!

ELIAS: It is, I shall express, an incredible accomplishment within your dimension.” [session 171, May 04, 1997]

RETA: “In attempting to access simultaneous time and to view a little in the future, we’ve been trying to do that and I think we aren’t achieving it in a great way. Is it better just to do a TFE, or is it better to think of an out-of-body? What would be the line of thinking, to just sidestep into simultaneous time and view that particular time in the future? A specific time, for instance.

ELIAS: This would be your choice, but you may be considering engaging your new game to be accessing future information, or you may be allowing yourself meditation time within concentration of your inner senses and engage this differential [time], which shall allow you the opportunity to alter your time framework.

RETA: That was one of the questions. If I could see a little bit better some of events, then maybe I could alter my choices today. I’d like to be able to do that.

ELIAS: This being the objective of your dream mission also.

BOB: However, Reta is implying that if she knew certain things in the future, then she might make her choices differently. But you’ve implied that we can make our choices intuitively. Is that based very much on the same type of information, only on maybe a subjective level, that you sense what you ought to do based on information without actually having to evaluate it in the traditional sense of the word?


BOB: So then she doesn’t need to go into a future focus and find out stuff and then come back and make decisions based on information she’d get. She can skip all those steps?

ELIAS: This is quite right, for in actuality you already accomplish this; for your future focuses and past focuses influence this focus which affects alterations, as we have demonstrated example with Matthew [Drew] .

DREW: Refresh my memory.

GAIL: You as a child, seeing yourself ...

DREW: Oh! Yes, yes, yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Humorously) Wake up! (Laughter)

NORM: In regard to simultaneous time, I suspect that a real problem is our lack of ability to have any capability of thinking of the infinity, and perhaps even a double infinity, of every blink that occurs here is a blink that can be changed, and simultaneously there is another blink that’s occurring at every other time in the future and the past here, and you can go back to any of these and arrive at any blink that you want to.


NORM: And these blinks, they are so fast that they ... The links that are associated with this matter that we’re seeing here now, they become links in every other manifestation that the blink moves into.

ELIAS: They already are! (Smiling) I have expressed to you that all links of consciousness are manifest, are in existence, everywhere simultaneously.

NORM: And they remember the manifestation. They have a fabulous memory, don’t they?

ELIAS: Quite! They are understanding of each manifestation, physical and non-physical, that they engage, for they are everywhere simultaneously. They are within all dimensions at the same time, and they are infinitely small in your thought process.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

DREW: “What I’m wondering is, if probabilities are changeable at any moment, how something that was written in the past can determine what probability we’re going to choose in the future, again speaking in our terms of linear time? Or were these written, with some awareness subjectively, outside of simultaneous time?

ELIAS: This is an encoding, as there are many other encodings upon your planet and within yourself, which holds information of a wide-spectrum viewing of the probabilities actualized within simultaneous time. It is as if you would step yourself outside of this particular dimensional reality for a moment and objectively view the whole of this dimensional reality, which occurs simultaneously. Therefore, as opposed to viewing in segments linearly, you simultaneously view the whole of probabilities at once and then project these into writing form. There are too many probabilities simultaneously occurring to be expressed within the language of your words. Therefore, it has been encoded in a much more efficient method.

You are within a reality that is held within the confines of a time framework. In this, you look forward and backwards. Outside of this particular physical manifestation, this does not hold true. Therefore, you may access information of simultaneous time. You are not expressing predictions of future events. You are viewing what is occurring presently and what probabilities are being chosen presently.” [session 183, June 15, 1997]

CATHY: “Can you change a belief system and still be widening?


BOB: Which one?

CATHY: Any one.

ELIAS: Quite; for you may be changing or altering belief systems within your process, which you believe to be necessary of attempting to accept belief systems. This may also be an explanation to you of what I express, that you move in increments. Therefore, you may opt to be exchanging one belief system which seems to you to be very strong, and you may within yourself view yourself to be moving into an area of compromising temporarily with another belief system that you view to be less affecting. This will be lending energy to you to be accepting. You shall not be awakening one morning and experience this revelation that you have accepted all of these base belief systems, for you hold another belief system that this is not possible. You must be engaging a process. Therefore, you limit yourself within time frameworks of your movement. This also is not ‘bad.’

It matters not, for all is simultaneous and is accomplished. Therefore, it matters not what you view to be slower movement or faster movement within accomplishment. You shall accomplish! It matters not the time framework in which you are accomplishing. It is not ‘better’ to be moving ‘faster.’ The objective is to be. It matters not your incorporation of time framework. As I have stated, it is accomplished already, for all is within simultaneous time.

I shall be attempting to create a new word within your language for simultaneous time, which is so very inconsistent! It shall be more efficient to be introducing a new ‘hau fau’.’ (Chuckling) (4)

VICKI: ... I just have a couple of questions for both of us. The first one is, could you explain the difference between a state of unconsciousness and what we call a coma?

ELIAS: Very well. These are areas that your sciences continue to be confused within, for they do not understand the workings of your physical brain and they do not incorporate the interaction of consciousness in relation to your physical expression. In this, in actuality, within the action, there is a difference within what you term to be an unconscious state physically and a state of coma.

Within the expression of a coma, the individual experiences a time framework of sorts, although it is quite different from your objective experience within time; this being an accelerated time framework within their perception. It is a time period of choosing, as I have expressed previously. They choose this action in not quite connecting with which probability they wish to actualize; moving into non-physical areas, or continuing within physical focus.

Within the action of ‘unconscious,’ as you term this to be, it is different, for the individual removes most of their subjective consciousness from the body consciousness temporarily in response to trauma. This is an automatic response for different reasons, depending upon the type of trauma being experienced. It is a removal of the subjective interaction for a temporary time framework.

In this, the individual, the personality, subjectively experiences ‘no-time’; this being different from the state of coma which does incorporate a time element, although it is different from your waking awareness of your time framework. An individual within the state of being unconscious due to trauma experiences no time framework. They are experiencing what we term to be simultaneous time. Therefore, it is unknown to them objectively that any time passes physically. You within your perception may view this individual and they may incorporate one minute or several hours of being within this state. To them, they experience no time framework at all. Therefore, it is the same to them as you blinking your eyes. They are unaware, for they have disconnected with objective awareness. Therefore, they experience no time passing, and the objective awareness is disengaged temporarily.” [session 188, June 29, 1997]

JIM: “Stephen Hawking is a brilliant and focused mind. He’s written a book called A Brief History Of Time. He seems to be headed in the direction of parallel time or simultaneous time. Does it look like he is going to come to this conclusion, that time is simultaneous?

ELIAS: Many scientists hold a realization presently that time is but a perception, and is in actuality simultaneous. What they do not realize is that time is within itself a dimension. They shall be realizing this, and this shall offer them information futurely of the reality of simultaneous time outside of the confines of physical focuses, but initially they must be realizing that time is a dimension within itself. It is what you may term to be an entity within itself, within energy. You have created this within essence. All essences have created this dimension of time and have affixed it to each different physical dimension. Therefore, it differs within different physical dimensions.

I have expressed to individuals within this forum of the elasticity of time, and how it may be manipulated and bended and created or inserted into different physical dimensions in different increments. Some dimensions move much more swiftly than this particular dimension, some move much more slowly than this particular dimension; but these are all manipulations of the dimension of time. What your scientists have not quite evaluated yet and understood yet is that time is an element. It is almost a thing that may be manipulated, as you now within this dimension manipulate electricity. You may also manipulate time in this same manner, for it is an element just as electricity is an element.” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

MARGOT: “The other night, not very long ago, I had a dream that was very interesting because I felt I was looking at two time frameworks, perhaps. I’m kind of confused about it. I was back in my home before I left church and husband and everything, and the children that I had were about the ages they were when I left, and they were there. I was pregnant and I was very excited about it. I was just so pleased! I was trying to think of a name for this child that would go with the last name – which was not the actual last name – and I kind of decided I wanted to call this boy ... it was going to be a boy ... I was going to call him Ben, and then it occurred to me that somebody else in the family had the name Ben. I looked in the mirror at that point in the dream. I don’t know why, but I was looking in the mirror at myself, and I was not at all myself. I was very, very tall; striking. I had some other kind of a hairstyle, very short. I was very thin. I woke up at that point.

In thinking about that dream, it seemed like it was a situation that I had decided to leave in 1976, and it also seems ... because to me a child in a dream, pregnancy in a dream, a birth, has always meant a new idea, a new concept, a new way of doing things, things like that. And so it seemed to me that at that point in 1976 I was doing that, and that would have been symbology for that. And yet in a way, that’s what I’m doing now, or have been doing now, is finding a new concept that I really like. So I felt there was an overlay there. Can you help me with that one?

ELIAS: You have offered yourself imagery to be allowing yourself a viewing, in helpfulness, of simultaneous time and its reality. You have also offered yourself imagery to be suggesting to you an emergence; an emergence that within simultaneous time occurs within what you view to be past, and also is simultaneously occurring presently ... in slightly different areas objectively, but within the same direction and within the emergence of your realization of your intent within this focus. It is an allowance for yourself to be understanding more of your own reality.

This is also imaged to yourself in consistent manner with transition, allowing yourself to move freely throughout different time frameworks of your focus and preparing you for the objective experience within this same manner, that you may be entering into areas objectively within your waking state of examining and viewing different time elements within this focus as reality; within one moment occupying a different time framework, a past time framework, and viewing this to be present reality temporarily, and knowing that you continue to hold to your present reality and sanity, (grinning, and laughter) but may objectively enter into spontaneous action of being within a different time framework.” [session 241, November 22, 1997]

ELIAS: “If moving instantaneously into nonphysical simultaneous time, viewing all focuses and the vastness of essence, the focus would not comprehend. We are speaking of the focuses, not the entirety of essence! Therefore, the focus must be shedding the belief systems of the physical reality and widening its awareness and its attention to encompass all of essence. This may be accomplished partially within a physical focus.” [session 247, December 07, 1997]

MICHAEL: “Okay, that makes sense. Oh yeah, here’s one. I don’t know how old I was, I was 4 or 5 years old, but this dog bit me for no reason. I was not even playing with it. I was doing something under the table, according to other people, and the dog bit me. I had to get stitches and all kinds of stuff. Now, I read in one of the transcripts that sometimes animals react to other focuses that they held.

ELIAS: Correct.

MICHAEL: Was this a case of that? For him attacking me?

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you that the consciousness of creatures is quite baffling to most individuals within physical focus, for you lean in the direction of ‘people-izing’ all of your creatures. You assign traits to them that are alike to yourselves, but creatures do not hold the same thought process or emotional involvement that you as individuals hold within your experiences.

Creatures may respond in action to remembrances and hold no emotion in conjunction with this action. They are merely responding to the remembrance, which is held differently from you. As you experience a remembrance, you would term this to be a memory. You are quite aware that you remain within your present now, but you pull to your present now the memory; which you may visualize and hold the remembrance of an event while continuing to hold the awareness of the present now in distinguishing between the two. A creature does not engage in remembrance in this manner. Creatures engage remembrance in the action of simultaneous time. Therefore, in allowing a remembrance, they are in effect within the moment of a different situation. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, as the creature is viewing you within your present moment at a very small age and you are not provoking of this creature, it is sparked into a remembrance of another interaction, and it then engages responsiveness to the interaction that it is perceiving within simultaneous time, for its awareness of your perception of linear time has dissipated and it is now occupying its attention with the moment of the remembrance, which is its reality. In this, it is not responding emotionally, but merely in action of what it knows objectively in its own form of communication.” [session 279, May 12, 1998]

ELIAS: “Rose has chosen to be incorporating these actions, also purposefully, to be introducing to you the reality of simultaneous time, not merely the concept. Each of you may grasp what you THINK of as the concept of simultaneous time, but these manifestations, these nine small ones, shall be offering helpfulness within consciousness to be creating the understanding of simultaneous time IN REALITY with you.

This holds significance, for as you move into the action of this shift in consciousness, you shall be manipulating within time. Therefore, it is important that you hold an understanding of what you are manipulating within, and you shall not entirely be manipulating within your linear time framework. As you move more fully into the action of this shift in consciousness, you shall also allow yourselves the ability to be creating within your objective waking awareness very similar actions to your dream interactions.

Within your dream state, you move more closely into the reality of simultaneous time. Although you continue to hold a time framework within your dream state or an identification of time within your dream state, you do not hold so tightly to its linear aspect. You allow yourself the manipulation of forward or backward within your dream state. You may experience present, you may experience past or future within this state, or you may be experiencing all three simultaneously. You may also be experiencing these elements within your objective waking state, and as you become more accomplished, so to speak, at your movement in your widening of your awareness, you shall be moving in this direction more frequently and with much more ease.

Already individuals engage the action of out-of-body experiences more and more frequently, and allow themselves the trust within themselves to be accomplishing this action. Within this type of movement, you also move more fully into the experience of simultaneous time; not entirely, but you do allow yourselves a partial accessing of understanding in the area of simultaneous time. This also is quite helpful and purposeful for those individuals within final focuses within this dimension that are engaging the action of transition while continuing to be physically manifest.

As I have stated previously, not much of your time framework shall continue before you are accessing what you term to be your cure for senility, or that dis-ease that you term to be Alzheimer’s. This is not a dis-ease. It is a choice to be engaging transition within physical focus, and the choice is created in the manner that is acceptable to your officially accepted reality; your officially accepted guidelines within your societies. It is acceptable to be appearing senile. Therefore, individuals create this action to be engaging in transition within physical focus, but as you widen your awareness and you move more fully into your own opening to consciousness, you also offer yourselves information that this action is no longer necessary. It is unnecessary to be appearing to be displaying lunacy merely to be excusing yourselves within your action of transition within physical focus. Therefore, you shall offer yourselves your so-called cure for this dis-ease, and you shall allow yourselves the ability to engage this action of transition without its camouflage.” [session 298, July 16, 1998]

PAUL: “Just a couple things here. The chart that I showed to Mary, I just wanted to get your feedback that it was not a distortion in terms of the multiple focuses. (5) I attempted to show a beginning, continuing – or initiating, continuing, final focus, even observing focuses, where the initiating focus is in terms of linear time, it’s like number seven, and the final focus is like number five, so it shows that they’re non-linear.

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct.

PAUL: And it also shows then the nine – from my focus of attention, physically manifest focus of attention – there are nine forms of time, in a general way, in a very general way, and how they relate then to each of the other focuses. Is that, was that somewhat accurate how I mapped that?

ELIAS: (Takes another deep breath) Identify nine forms of time.

PAUL: Okay. We take past, present, future (Elias nods throughout), and just matrix it into past-past, past-present, past-future; present-past, present-present, present-future; future-past, future-present, future-future. Each one being a valid perspective from my now.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. (6)

PAUL: So each focus personality….

ELIAS: In your now. Yes.

PAUL: This now can access those nine perspectives.


PAUL: Or does access those nine perspectives in different ways, even though there’s a tendency to stay in the present-present and present-past and present-future.

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct.

PAUL: So there’s six past ones and future ones. (Elias nods throughout) Are there, and perhaps in altered focus or other ways, they are clearly accessible to us.


PAUL: Okay. Hmm. Wow. That does it on that chart.” [session 1357, May 29, 2003]

BARB: “... Also I have a question on past, present and future. In terms of past lives, which I understand – not completely, but I’m getting there – I’m trying to understand them as being simultaneous, and I’m doing the best that I can. I’m trying to understand in terms of actual history, say for instance President Lincoln being shot or whatever. How can that be changed? How can you change the past in terms of that kind of scenario?

ELIAS: You may. This may be altered collectively or individually. Were it to be altered collectively, your history books would also change.

BARB: How would you ever know? How would you ever know if we all recreate the past...

FEMALE: Maybe we already did. Maybe he wasn’t... (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is what has been asked: may you change the past and incorporate memory, or may you change the past and also change the memory, and I have answered ‘both.’ You may incorporate either action. You may change the past and also continue to incorporate your original memory and the new incorporation of the new memory, or you may change the past and also change your memory. You may incorporate either action or both.

FEMALE: People do this?


SANDY: The holocaust, there are people who believe that it never happened.

BARB: So it’s revolving around your beliefs again, and your perception?

ELIAS: All of your expressions, all of your reality is filtered through your beliefs, and your perception is what creates all of your reality, which is quite flexible. In one moment you may be creating a reality in which no other expression exists outside of this room, and within another moment you may be incorporating a perception in which you incorporate an awareness of billions and billions of other individuals within your world. Perception is highly individual, and thusly there are no absolutes.” [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

LINDA: “I’ve been playing with this thing about memory and time. I’ve had two experiences with this, where I go back into a memory and I’ll go back to what I remember and explore what’s there. I’ve been getting more and more detail, like for example being a child and being in a store, and starting to uncover more than what I initially remember and to zero in on more and more detail of it.

I go into playing with it, but I get to a point where I start to freak out with it, and my body reacts and I start to hyperventilate. I guess that’s just fear, and I’m just wondering what the heck I’m doing and if there’s a way to relax with that. I’m not really looking for a method, I guess, but I really don’t know what I’m doing with it.

ELIAS: And what is your motivation?

LINDA: Well, I don’t know. I guess I’m just playing with it, and I guess the whole thing has to do with time and memory, and the idea of linear time and trying to see how simultaneous time fits in with linear time, and how everything that was is now memory and everything in future is probability. For a long time I lived with memories very prevalent in my life, and now I’m moving away from that and I guess I’m just playing with it, if that makes any sense. I guess I’m trying to figure out what it is I’m doing.

ELIAS: Exploring. Remember, in your playing in this experimentation, each time you move yourself, your attention, into memory, you change the past, and that is how the simultaneousness fits within your linear experience. For each recall of the past is somewhat different, and in the now it changes the past and what it was. Now perhaps allow yourself in this experimentation to view it as a game and playful, and therefore not frighten yourself, for you can manipulate the energy in any manner that you choose; and in that, knowing that you change the past in the present merely in your investigation of recall or memory, you may incorporate that playfulness and choose how you wish to be generating the memory.

You may manipulate memory and the past in very similar manners to manipulating dreams. If you are aware, if you are paying attention, you may direct dreams in whatever manner you choose, which in actuality is significant information. For if you can manipulate dreams to move in whatever manner you choose, if you are generating an uncomfortable dream you may choose to change it and move it in a different expression and create different energy. You may generate a similar action in relation to memory, and if you may create those, as the subjective and objective parallel and are in harmony with each other, you also may direct your waking state in objective reality in the same manner. If you are uncomfortable with what you are presenting yourself with in imagery objectively, you may alter that as easily as you alter a dream.” [session 1447, September 27, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Oversoul Seven and “his” teacher Cyprus are lead characters in a series of fictional books written by Jane Roberts: The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973), The Further Education of Oversoul Seven (1979), and Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time (1984.) Jane states in her introductions to these books that she did not write them in conventional terms, but they were “delivered” in complete form via automatic writing.

In The Education of Oversoul Seven, The Final Chapter (chapter 26), Seven reviews all that he has learned during the course of his adventures in a “final exam" with Cyprus. Seven explains his understanding of the concept of simultaneous time in terms of nine concurrent, spontaneous time frameworks:

PAST/past PAST/present PAST/future
PRESENT/past PRESENT/present PRESENT/future
FUTURE/past FUTURE/present FUTURE/future

These books are primers for many of the concepts being discussed in the Seth and Elias materials including probabilities, our essence, and all of our focuses in the context of simultaneous time.

One way to understand this seemingly contradictory concept is to imagine each of the nine aspects of linear time as “dimensions.” Each dimension has its own integrity and some sort of “boundary.” The boundaries are formed both physically by our five senses and non-physically by our inner senses. These boundaries break down and are easier to “cross” when we consciously employ our inner senses.

(2) Vic’s note: the new game is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

Digests: find out more about the new game (TFEs).

(3) Paul’s note: Seth/Jane Roberts originally presented the concept of (nine) inner senses in The Seth Material, (1970), Chapter 19, The Inner Senses.

  1. Inner Vibrational Touch
  2. Psychological Time
  3. Perception of Past, Present, and Future
  4. Conceptual Sense
  5. Cognition of Knowledgeable Essence
  6. Innate Knowledge of Basic Reality
  7. Expansion or Contraction of the Tissue Capsule
  8. Disentanglement from Camouflage
  9. Diffusion by the Energy Personality

(4) Vic’s note: “Hua fua” is a term we discovered while transcribing a session sometime last year. Interestingly enough, nobody “heard” it during the actual session. When we asked about it, Elias said it was a Sumafi word. He refused to give spelling, saying that it was not translatable into our language. Basically, this “word” seems to be a greeting of sorts.

Digests: find out more about hua fuas.

(5) Paul’s note: I created a 2’ x 3’ “map” that visualized a group of Elias’ concepts including primary and observing essences, and beginning-continuing-final focuses. It also included several concepts from Seth/Jane Roberts such as the nine forms of time from The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973,1995), counterparts, probable selves, and Frameworks of Consciousness. I brought this with me to the session, and briefly reviewed it with Mary so that Elias would have a physical frame of reference for our discussion.

These are photos of the actual map, taken with our cat, Rumi.

Integral Conscious Creation Maps

For an updated version see Integral Conscious Creation Maps (Holonic Personality).

(I use the term holonic personality to describe these multidimensional structures within the psyche [essence] discussed by Seth, Elias, Ken Wilber, and other perennial wisdom traditions. For more info on holons and holarchy see session 1357, May 29, 2003, endnote 4.)

(6) Paul’s note: see endnote 1 for a summary of the nine forms of time from The Education of Oversoul Seven by Jane Roberts (1973,1995).

These nine primary time dimensions are available to every aspect of holonic personality, with the PRESENT/present forming a main focal point. For example, if we imagine a hundred focuses, there are actually nine hundred nested time dimensions within that holonic cluster that are relative to each other. For example, my PRESENT/present is the PAST/present of what I would consider a future focus. To that focus, I am considered a past focus. All are happening within the Now.

In practical terms, this means that we – our brain/minds – are actually “time machines” and hold the ability to “travel” into different time dimensions. In fact we do it every day – every time we daydream, sleep dream, or engage altered states. So the above is only a snapshot meant to ballpark us to the fact that there is much more available to our perception than the PRESENT/present.

“Oh great!” you say? “I’m just getting used to Seth, Elias, and others who talk about the importance of ‘being in the Now’.” “Does this mean that they’re wrong?”

No. When do you think we access these other time dimensions? From within the Now. The PRESENT/present is simply the nexus point in relation to all the others in Framework 1 terms. This is why it’s so important to learn to hold our attention “in the Now” because with practice we open to more and more holonic aspects of the Now.

Also, these time dimensions form fundamental holonic boundaries, veils of separation, and focuses of attention created/co-created by the psyche (essence). This relates to what Elias means when he talks about “no separation” within consciousness. For even though we wake up each day in our PRESENT/present Framework 1, we also hold the ability to access, merge, and communicate with every aspect self within these nested simultaneous time dimensions of Framework 1.

The nine forms of time may help better explain paranormal phenomenon like reincarnational memories (which may be more aptly called “other focus bleedthrough”), déjà vu, inspiration, invention, channeling, lucid dreaming, alien encounters, etc.

For an updated version see Integral Conscious Creation Maps (Holonic Personality).

Digests – see also: | absolutes | accepting self | altered states/projections of consciousness | alternate selves | aspects of essence; an overview | aspects of essence; primary (directing)/secondary (observing) | attention (doing and choosing) | becoming | being in the now | “before the beginning” | belief systems; an overview | bleed-through | blinking in and out | choices/agreements | cultural time/natural time | dimension | dis-ease and healing | distortion | dream mission | dream time | effortlessness | essence; an overview | essence names | fear | focus of essence; an overview | forum | inner senses; an overview | inner senses; differential time | links of consciousness | manifestation | objective/subjective awareness | officially accepted reality | out-of-body experiences | Oversoul Seven | oversoul | perception | engaging periphery | probabilities | remembrance of essence | Rose; an overview | Rose; children of | shift in consciousness | time frameworks | transition | trauma of the shift in consciousness | trusting self | truth | waking state/dream state | widening awareness |

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