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ELIAS: “All of your expressions are aspects of you; and as you deny some of these aspects of you, you become as a wheel which is flat. It shall turn. It shall move. And it shall also flop, flop, flop, flop, for it is no longer round! Therefore, it may not move easily in the manner that it was designed to move. You are not allowing yourself to move in the manner that you have designed yourself to move. How you begin to allow yourself to move within the creation that you have created is to be acknowledging of all of these aspects of self, and understanding that they are all acceptable and they are all elements of your own expression ... and that which makes you uniquely you!

As you learn each day to be accepting more of self, you automatically shall be accepting of other individuals’ expressions, and much of your conflict shall drop away with no effort. You shall witness your own artistic creativity blossom. You shall witness your own creativity within relationships of other individuals bloom, for you are not judging self. Therefore, you automatically shall not be judging others and holding expectations.

Within this, I shall offer the suggestion to you, do not be viewing this as a statement of, ‘Lanyah [Julie]! You must alter your perception and change your entire focus immediately within this present now!’ No. I suggest, ‘Lanyah [Julie], look each day to yourself temporarily, for you shall not abolish these duplicitous belief systems immediately.’ They are very tightly held. Therefore, as a favor to this essence and also as a favor to yourself, explore an exercise.

View privately alone within your mirror, for few minutes within each of your days, your own image; and without critical eyes, regardless of your conscious objective thought and belief presently, utilize this small time period to focus upon a creative creature. Do not look to the objective expression that you view mirroring you within the glass. Think to yourself of the entirety of the essence of Lanyah [Julie] and the ultimate creativity and beauty of this, and that you possess all of this. Allow yourself to acknowledge self; for although you do not accept this presently, you may be choosing a beginning.

As you continue presently, you choose to be reinforcing of your duplicity and of your lack of acceptance. You multiply this perpetuation by reinforcing to yourself, with activities and events and thoughts within every one of your days to this now, that you are not worthy and that you are not good enough. Therefore, replace this thought temporarily.

You shall continue to hold these thoughts. You shall continue to reinforce what you have begun with this expression of duplicity and devaluation of self, but you shall also begin to be, in very small areas, accepting.

Be understanding that your perception is quite colored and filtered through belief systems which reinforce the devaluation of self, and that other individuals do not always hold the same perception; although you automatically assume that they do! Other individuals do not view you through the same eyeglasses as you view yourself. (Pause) Think also: Within your interactions, allow yourself the opportunity, even momentarily, to hold the thought or the question of what expectation you hold within interaction of another; for as you ask yourself this question, you may offer yourself information that may surprise you. (Pause)

It is quite easy to be focusing upon other individuals and expressing that they hold lack of understanding, that they are impatient, that they move in this direction or that direction which is contrary to your own. It is much more difficult to look to self and to be asking self why this is contrary to yourself, for many times it may not be contrary. Within the time periods that expression of another is contrary, examine also the allowance of this. You create your reality. Another individual does not create your reality. They may not be affecting of you unless you are allowing them to be affecting of you.

This is a very difficult concept. Many individuals may express that they accept that they create their own reality, but they do not; for they also express, ‘Except within this time period when this other individual is creating their reality which is smothering of my reality!’ (Laughter) Other individuals do create their own reality also, and they are influencing of your reality, and not all of your experience is of your own creation, but you have drawn yourself to the creation of another. Therefore, regardless that you may not individually choose to be creating of some element, you participate. There is an agreement. This is not to say that you are locked to all agreements. You are never locked to any agreement! All things are probabilities that may be changed at any moment. Your most efficient movement of alteration is of self, though; for as you alter your own perception, the other conflicts that you viewed to be so extraordinary previously may drift away. (Pause, smiling) You shall accomplish.” [session 172, May 06, 1997]


ELIAS: “Fear: this be a pressing subject matter within this present now that you all hold elements of. Therefore, we shall begin with this subject. Fear is a complicated subject matter. You each hold different elements of fearfulness in different areas and within different degrees, but you each hold fearfulness.

Within physical focus, your greatest fear is that of physical focus. It is unfamiliar to you. It is an experimentation in experience. Therefore, you enter into a state of attention that is unfamiliar to you. You are entering into an area of exploration. This be the nature of essence, of all consciousness – another subject matter that may be added to our list that may hold interest, that of consciousness. You enter into any physical dimension with the intent of exploration, another aspect of becoming within essence, within consciousness, exploring that which is unknown to you, allowing yourself new experiences; but as they are unfamiliar to you, you also hold fearfulness.

Now; let me explain that within all different dimensions you do not hold fearfulness, for some dimensions do not hold belief systems that shall be creating of fearfulness. Therefore, you explore your new dimension and physical focus in other dimensions without the element of fearfulness.

Within this dimension, you have created this particular physical focus holding many belief systems and emotion. Fearfulness is also directly connected with emotion. Therefore, in this particular dimension it is a pronounced element in your reality, for it is connected with your emotion. Within your belief systems, you hold a fearfulness of unknown. All elements of this dimension are unknowns to you. Therefore the fearfulness also is an intricate element of your reality.

In one respect, this is a part of your reality which is intricate and serves a purposeful placement in your reality. It may be motivating to you, and it also may be cautioning to you. Therefore, it serves a benefit in helpfulness to you within this particular reality. In other respects, it may be limiting to you. It is dependent upon your use of this emotion and your manipulation of it, which stems from your understanding of it.

Within an understanding of this emotion, it may be manipulated to be beneficial to you. There are elements beyond your comprehension within this particular dimension that, holding fearfulness of these elements, you shall prevent yourself from entering into areas that may be confusing or conflicting to you. It is limiting to you in that you hold a basic fearfulness of this physical reality in itself. The exploration of this dimension and physical reality is an unknown. It is unfamiliar to you. Therefore, you hold fearfulness within it all.

Just as were you to journey into your far reaches of your space, so to speak, you would hold fearfulness of what you may encounter, that that which you may encounter may not be friendly and is an unknown. In the same manner, as you move day by day within your focus, what you may encounter may also not be friendly. This is including yourself, for you are exploring yourself equal to your environment. Therefore, what you are exploring is as unknown to you objectively, within your attention in this focus, as the far reaches of space. This be the reason that I express to you so very many times that you are worthy, that you are safe within yourselves, and that you need not be frightened of yourselves.

Your greatest limitation is your fearfulness of self; not of your environment, not of other individuals, but of your own selves and what you may be creating for you and what you may discover about you. Therefore, you hold a fearfulness of this ‘black hole’ that is the deep inner you, which possesses all of your dark secrets that you do not allow even your objective self to view. But within your black hole of yourself is merely the belief systems that you have acquired that suggest to you that you are not worthy, or that you may not accomplish, or that another is BETTER than you. In actuality, as I have stated many many times, you are perfect within yourselves within each moment. You are accomplishing within each moment what you choose to be accomplishing in perfect alignment with your intent, and at the moment that you are not accomplishing perfectly within alignment of your intent, you shall disengage, for you shall not hold the value fulfillment within yourself within this particular dimension any longer.

I am quite understanding that many individuals hold discontentment within physical focus, creating within their individual focuses unhappiness. This also stems from your fearfulness. This is not to say that you are not continuing to be moving within your value fulfillment, but I am acknowledging that within physical focus, your experience may suggest uncomfortableness and discontentment. You may strive to be ‘looking for a better way,’ more comfort within your focus, an easement, less difficulty, less conflict, less distress. This be the reason that I speak to you so very often of no right and wrong and good and bad. These are products of your belief systems, and they are quite influencing of you.

I am not discounting of the reality of these belief systems and how they are influencing and creating of your reality, for what you feel and what you experience IS REALITY. If you are unhappy, you are unhappy. It IS your reality. It is not an illusion. It is created by your belief systems, but it is also your reality.

I do not express to you that there is no right, wrong, good, bad that you may eliminate these from your focus and your reality, but to expand your awareness that there is more beyond your belief systems. It is these belief systems that limit you and create these situations of fearfulness and unhappiness. I may also express to you that in many cases, your experiences of distress or unhappiness are also contributing to your value fulfillment, for they attain your attention. I have expressed many times: you pay very much more attention to what you view to be negative experiences than you do to what you view to be positive experiences.

Within our early sessions, I expressed examples of individuals and experiences. If you are experiencing joyfulness, happiness, a gift, you are receiving of this, you are experiencing this, and you allow this to fly away. You do not hold to it. Therefore, you view happiness or joyfulness as fleeting, for you merely view it for what it is – an experience – and you allow this experience to fly away. You do not hold to this experience. But if you are creating of what you believe to be a negative experience – a painful, a fearful, a hurtful experience – you hold to this. You play your game of your cat and mouse; and even as the mouse is dead, you continue to bat with the mouse and play and examine and toss about this dead mouse, for it fascinates you!

Within essence non-physically, you do not hold negative. There is no positive/negative, right/wrong, good/evil. You merely are. You merely experience these elements for you hold belief systems that suggest these elements to you and influence your emotional state FOR the experience. Within your logic, express to me: is it not logical that you would CHOOSE to be exploring elements that ARE unfamiliar to you, that you would choose to bat the dead mouse for it is unfamiliar? This be why you hold a fascination with these elements, and they attain your attention, and you pay much more attention to them than you do to joyfulness. Although joyfulness is not an element of non-physical focus either, within your belief systems it is closer to familiarity than fearfulness. (Pause)

How may you eliminate fearfulness? (To Helen) This be part two of your question! The elimination of fearfulness is trustfulness and acceptance. (The group sighs in unison) Which, you all settle into your seats presently and express within yourselves, ‘Ah, yes. This once again! I am quite aware that acceptance and trustfulness of self shall be eliminating of fearfulness. Let us be on with this!’ (Laughter) What you do NOT acknowledge is that you may speak this to yourselves, but you do not understand yet the reality of these words. They are merely words.

In acceptance of self in truth, in trustfulness of self, there is no room for fearfulness. It is automatically eradicated; for the reason that you do not eliminate fear is that you continue to hold belief systems, you continue to reinforce your base belief system of duplicity, and you do not accept self.

(Intently) I have expressed this recently – once previously – and I shall express once again: I make the suggestion that you all for a time period create within you the exercise which has been offered within our early sessions, to be noticing of each time that you are discounting of self within each day. I suggest to you that you may hold amazement at how very many times, within one day of time framework, you discount yourselves and reinforce your own belief systems within duplicity, and reinforce in this your own fearfulness. Each time you are excusing yourself, each time you are apologizing for your actions or your thoughts, each time you are discounting of yourself, each time you are expressing that you may have accomplished more efficiently within that moment, or better, you are reinforcing your own belief systems of duplicity.

This is not to express to you that you strive for nothing or that you may not create movement into a wider awareness, but a wider awareness is not ‘better!’ It is more of a remembrance and a knowing of self, more of an acceptance of self. It is NOT bettering of self. This is the belief system which is misinterpreted of widening awareness. You are not becoming better individuals. You are becoming more AWARE individuals. You are remembering self and accepting self, therefore lessening the hold of your belief systems and your fearfulness upon yourself within your physical focus.

Therefore, I express to you: also do not reinforce your belief system that your widening of awareness creates a better person, for you are not creating a better person or individual. You are creating more of an awareness and more of an acceptance within the whole of you, recognizing that all of your belief systems ARE your reality, and acceptable. How may you accept belief systems if you view certain belief systems as unacceptable? It is quite easy to be accepting belief systems that are working belief systems, but if you hold another belief system that certain belief systems are unacceptable and bad, you may never accept these belief systems, but they ARE an element of your reality and what creates your reality; therefore, what is you.

Therefore, the key to acceptance is to be accepting of ALL of your reality, be it in your belief systems, good or bad, ALL of which is your creation, which is YOU; and as you are not accepting of certain elements of your creations, your belief systems, YOU, you reinforce your element of fearfulness.” [session 253, December 28, 1997]

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