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energy fields

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Essence incorporates energy. It incorporates, usually, an energy field; energy fields being different than only energy, for energy fields are directed energy. You, within physical focus, view energy fields as containment; therefore you would equate an essence as being contained by an energy field. Although it is not contained, it does possess energy fields.

Dispersed essences are energy, but do not incorporate energy fields. Therefore, the difference would be likened to a bubble; and the air within the bubble as being one essence, and air with no bubble as being a dispersed essence; both containing the same air, both incorporating the same energy; one incorporating energy fields, one not.” [session 64, January 03, 1996]

ELIAS: “You have created belief systems in the area of what you term to be chakras, which I term to be energy centers, which are actual physical energy centers within your physical forms which project energy around your physical form which you term to be an aura, which is your energy field. These are very real elements, but you have also developed many belief systems in these areas. Each one of these energy centers holds the quality of consciousness of specific colors which function in different manners.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

Elias “gems”

NORM: “Can you see a personality by looking at their chakras then? Their chakras look different?

ELIAS: Your energy centers are not physically, absolutely located within an absolute area of your physical body. They are not an object inside of your physical body. They are energy, which radiates from within outward. Therefore, they also are creating of the energy field which surrounds your physical form. In this, you may visually see actual colors of a physical energy field which surrounds your physical form, this radiating out from these energy centers and manifesting in what you call an aura. At different times and for different reasons, being influenced by different energy centers, your energy field may appear to be different colors, or a mixture of different colors. One may be, at any given time period, more predominant than another, or you may have no predominant color and you may have an intertwining of all of the colors. Color is a truth. It is an absolute.” [session 133, November 17, 1996]

JIM: “Switch to the area of auras or energy fields around a person. I have a good friend close by who can see an aura around people, and he sees it around me, and he has told me that I have had a very ... I don’t know what the word is ... distorted aura for a period of time. I relate that to the stress of cancer and conflict. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Do I still carry some of that in my aura right now?


JIM: Can an aura be physically manipulated, or is it consciousness only that can change it?

ELIAS: Both.

JIM: Both!

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: How does one physically manipulate it?

ELIAS: Through your objective awareness. You may physically, consciously, objectively manipulate your energy centers within you and also be affecting of the energy field which surrounds you, for this is a projection of the energy centers that you hold within you physically. Your aura, so to speak, is an energy field which is projected around your physical form, which is directly related within energy to the energy fields that you hold within your physical form. Each energy center within your physical form radiates, and within this radiation of energy it creates an actual energy field around your physical form. Therefore, you may be objectively affecting of these energy centers, and in this you may also be affecting of the energy field which surrounds you.

As you continue to focus upon this one area and concentrate upon this one area of this disease, you also affect certain energy centers and their functioning, and in this you alter their spin; and as you alter their spin, you also alter the energy field around you. This is not negative. It merely is.

JIM: To create a harmonious or a healthy aura, one has to get one’s thoughts in alignment, in harmony ... no conflict?

ELIAS: Your aura IS healthy! It is merely disrupted by differences within the spin of the different energy centers.

JIM: So I have an energy center that is spinning out of harmony with the other energy centers?

ELIAS: Correct, and you may objectively within your waking consciousness be affecting of this. You may examine these energy centers. You may visualize these energy centers, and you may align them and balance their spin also. You hold the ability, although I express to you also that I am very aware that this is SOUNDING to be quite simple, and within objective awareness within physical focus it is not quite so easily accomplished; for you may view an energy center which is not within balance or harmony to the other energy centers, and you may also hold difficulty in realigning that particular energy center and balancing its spin to be within harmony of your other energy centers. This occurs for you hold belief systems and issues within certain areas, and THAT be what is affecting of the imbalance, and if you are not addressing to the issues and belief systems, the imbalance may continue; although I do express to you, within all reality, that even without addressing to belief systems and issues, you may instantaneously realign an energy center and create a balance and harmony once again.

In this situation, you have already prepared yourself subjectively within the issue and the belief system, and are ready to objectively immediately address to the situation. This be what you may also term as your miracles, for you have already addressed to certain situations subjectively ... and then address to them objectively and create an instantaneous balance.

JIM: Will it be easier to do with my friend, for example, who can actually see these auras? With his assistance?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your belief systems. You hold the ability yourself. YOU are affecting of YOU. Another individual may be helpful in expressing to you what they view to be the areas that are not in balance, but ultimately, you are the individual that is affecting of your own creation and your own reality. Another individual may be helpful to you, just as I have expressed within our exercise of the inner landscape. (1) Another individual may merge with you and view your inner landscape. This would be comparable to another individual viewing your energy field around you, and in this they may view aspects of what you are creating and where the disharmony lies, and in this they may be expressing to you of what they view; but they may not be affecting. YOU must be addressing to these situations and YOU shall be affecting of their uncreation or their realignment or their balancing, and reestablishing harmony.

JIM: I almost don’t know where to begin on that. I can’t see it, is the problem. Hmm.

ELIAS: It matters not that you view another individual’s energy field or that you view your own energy field. You may attempt within your own meditative state to be visualizing these energy centers within you.

JIM: Are they like what is pictured in the chakras?

ELIAS: Correct

JIM: The seven chakras?

ELIAS: Correct. They are quite the same, although I do not move in the direction of the ‘chakras,’ for these hold many belief systems attached to them; but the energy centers themselves are reality.

JIM: In those areas?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: That are outlined as chakras?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Good! I know nothing about chakras so I won’t be affected by that belief!” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

NATHAN: “I’d like to ask one more question about the colors of the essence families. Are these actually the colors that we radiate? Are these the colors that would be the color of our aura?

ELIAS: No. Let me clarify.

You hold energy centers within your physical form. These energy centers move in vibrational quality to colors. They are in harmony with the vibrational quality of each of the colors within your color spectrum. In this, what you term to be your aura, your energy field, the colors within that energy field are the radiation of those physical energy centers within your physical body radiating outwardly and surrounding you in what becomes an energy field around you, which is equally physical and part of your physical form as that which you may touch (slapping Mary’s leg) and see.

You may also train yourselves to visually perceive energy fields. In this, you may also offer yourselves and other individuals information as to your conditions, for your energy centers within your physical form respond to you. They respond to your subjective direction. Therefore, as in example, if you are experiencing an intensely emotional moment, your energy field shall be reflecting the energy center which is affected, which will be your yellow, your solar plexus. This energy center is directing of your emotion, and it is very affected and is affecting of your energy field around you. Therefore, if you are viewing an individual within a moment of extreme emotional expression and you are allowing yourself to view their energy field around them, it shall appear to you for the most part to be yellow.

Your energy field changes within the dominant color in alignment with what you are creating. You do not hold the color basically within your energy field of the essence family that you are belonging to or that you are aligning with. These are vibrational tones that you align with and that you magnate to, but this is not your individual expression which shall be projected within your physical energy field.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

LAURA: “Do you know about crystal skulls, or what can you tell me about crystal skulls that are now appearing and being shown around to people?

ELIAS: This element of quartz, of crystals as you term them, has been used as an energy conductor throughout your history. Therefore, they hold significance with respect to the particular individuals and cultures that produce them in certain manners. Throughout your history, you have always moved in the direction of using these particular stones in mystical manners. You attach many mystical significances to them. Therefore, you also attach mystical qualities to these skulls. This is not to say that there is not an energy produced about these particular objects, for much energy has been projected to them and surrounding them, and this particular element or stone is a tremendous conductor of energy.

This particular type of stone may be used quite efficiently and effectively within this dimension as a focal point, to be not only conducting energy but directing energy. It also holds the ability to hold energy. This is not a belief system. These stones, being elements of consciousness, do hold the ability to hold energy, for as you have created these stones within this physical dimension, you have designated this function to these links of consciousness which create the physical matter of these particular stones. Therefore, energy may be projected to these stones and it may be held by these stones, as designated by the individuals projecting the energy.

The stones themselves – do not misunderstand – do not hold the ability to be manipulating energy. They may hold energy as you designate them to, but they do not move energy or manipulate energy. THAT is a belief system, that the stones themselves manipulate energy. They do not. YOU manipulate energy, but they also may be a place-holder, so to speak, for energy, for energy deposits, for specific reasons.

In this, you offer yourselves objective imagery within this present time period of these particular stones ... which have been carved into these shapes, for these stones do not naturally grow in the manner that you have created them to grow into these shapes. But in this, they have been created to be holding certain types of energy that individuals may be accessing, and this shall be mirrored back to them in a manner that shall allow them to be easily connecting to their own energy field.

Let me express an example. This is the action that these stones have been designated for, the energy that has been projected into them for this reason, in like manner to a mirror. If you are standing before a mirror, you view before you a reflection of your physical form. It reflects back to you the image of your physical form.

These skulls, the energy that has been designated to them which they hold within them, its function is to be mirroring to you the mirror image of your energy field ... not within a visual. You do not visualize your energy field before you as you visualize your physical form within a mirror, but the action is to allow you the mirroring of your energy field that you may feel.

Therefore, within their presence, if you are allowing yourself an openness to this energy, you shall feel physical sensations. This is the energy that is mirroring to you your own energy field. Therefore, there is a sensation of penetration, for that energy which is held extends outwardly and penetrates your energy field which surrounds your physical form. Are you understanding?

LAURA: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 320, September 18, 1998]

MICHAEL: “I have been reading Carlos Castaneda’s Magical Passages, and in it he speaks of an assemblage point that is, he says, on our energy field, where we assemble our world view. I’m wondering, is this feature really a part of our energy field, or is he just using a different language to explain similar things?

ELIAS: Let me explain to you that your energy field may be incorporating of much more than you allow yourself an awareness of. You look to your energy centers and attach great importance to them and the manipulation of them and the workings of them, so to speak, but you look to your energy field and you create a thought process of little importance, and create an assumption that this is merely radiated energy that surrounds you and holds little functioning.

I express to you that this is a manifestation of your energy, and you may be quite directing of this energy. It is an element of you that radiates beyond your physical form and may be expressive of much more than you realize.

You already hold your world view. It is held within energy and is an element of you, but it is not a thing, in a manner of speaking, but a movement of energy which may be translated into an identification of thought process and philosophy. But within its natural state – not translation – it is merely a movement of energy which is incorporated within your energy, therefore is also an element of your energy field. Are you understanding?

MICHAEL: Yes. I’m asking so I can expand my awareness of it more.

ELIAS: You may, if you are so choosing. Your energy field is, in a manner of speaking, a portal facilitating your movement through consciousness.” [session 404, May 26, 1999]

JOE: “Seth said we all have built-in natural protection against our own and other’s negative thoughts. How strong is this, and to what depth does it go?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, this is correct, although I express to you that I do not align with the terminology of ‘protection,’ for this merely is a reinforcement of your belief systems that there is any element within you or outside of you that needs be protected, and there is not. But I shall express to you that you do hold a very efficient and strong energy field which may allow or disallow what you term to be negativity or negative energy, and it may be enacted within self, regarding self, or regarding other individuals and situations. It is quite efficient. Within physical focus, you would term this to be your energy field, which is an element of your energy, your essence. Therefore, it may be directed inwardly or directed outwardly, and is quite efficient.

I express to you in clarification that within this shift in consciousness, as you move in the direction of widening your awareness and opening yourselves, moving into new areas of expression within physical focus, allowing yourselves vulnerability – which is also another term which is synonymous with openness – it is unnecessary for you to be directing your attention in the area of protectiveness to self, but merely to be recognizing that you choose to be participating in these types of expressions of what you term to be negativity, and you may also choose not to be expressive in this manner or participating with other individuals in this manner. But it is not necessarily a question of protecting yourself from elements of negativity. It is merely a choice to be engaging less thickness or more thickness within your focus.” [session 408, May 30, 1999]

LETTY: “Elias, I was told via messenger [my friend Stella] that my color is ochre red. Could you tell me a little bit more about what this color ochre red signifies for me?

ELIAS: This is a vibrational quality. Therefore, what I am expressing in this is that you resonate in your vibrational quality to the vibrational quality of specific colors.

Be remembering that as I have expressed previously, color is a truth. Therefore, color is incorporated into every area of consciousness, every dimension. Every expression of consciousness, the vibrational quality of color may be incorporated into. It is not merely relative to one particular dimension within consciousness or one area of consciousness. Therefore, in this, your essence and this particular focus of essence resonates with this particular vibrational quality.

Now; this in some manners may be difficult to offer an explanation [of] within your translation of physical language, for this does not necessarily translate entirely into physical areas that you may objectively identify.

I may express to you that the underlying constant, so to speak, of energy which is projected to your energy field within your physical focus is this color.

Now; do not misunderstand. If you are viewing an individual’s energy field, it may appear to be many colors. Or, it may appear to be one color generally, with elements of other colors dispersed throughout it. Or, it may be created with the configuration of a solidness of one color which appears to be surrounding the physical body form, and a ring of color which surrounds that color. There are many different configurations of color that may be incorporated into the expression of an energy field, NONE of which may necessarily be this particular color that I am expressing to you that you resonate with.

Therefore, I may express to an individual that their color that they resonate with may be a specific hue of blue, and you may allow yourself the opportunity to visually view their energy field and you may not necessarily physically view blue. You may view yellow or you may view pink. The reason that you view these colors is that they are the colors that the individual is projecting in conjunction with their energy centers. This is also quite influenced by what the particular individual is creating and experiencing in that moment.

Therefore, the colors that are translated in an individual’s energy field may be quite changeable from moment to moment, but the underlying color which is constant is the color that I have offered to you as the vibrational quality.

This particular vibrational quality is expressed in a particular color which is holding a resonating quality with your energy signature. Therefore, this particular color will be in your energy field and it will be constant in its expression, regardless that you may physically view this as you are looking to an individual’s energy field.

Now; I shall also express to you that you may allow yourself to view any individual’s resonating color and your own resonating color if you are allowing yourself to be looking past or through the colors that are expressed from your energy centers.

If you look beyond or through, as I have stated, these colors which create your energy field, in a manner of speaking, you shall allow yourself to view this constant vibrational quality, which translates in your physical dimension as that particular color that you resonate with. Are you understanding?

LETTY: Yes. It makes a little more sense, especially because we’re always going to different issues and stuff, and that’s where I got confused.

ELIAS: Quite. This is not necessarily translated in conjunction with your physical expressions. This is similar to an energy tone. It is a vibrational quality that you resonate with and therefore creates an underlying constant within your energy field, but is not necessarily influenced by your experiences or your choices or your actions within physical focus. It remains a constant.

The colors which are expressed within the overall, so to speak, of your energy field are projections emanating from your energy centers and therefore creating this energy field, in a manner of speaking, which surrounds your physical body, and that is very influenced by your creations, by your experiences, by your emotional expressions, by your thought processes.

All that you create within your expression is influencing of the color configuration of your energy field within each moment.” [session 451, August 21, 1999]

JOANNE: “[My sister] Laura has a question here. Well, we both do; we talked about it all week. We had some really interesting problems at work with our computers and stuff like that and we were wondering if you had anything to do with that.


JOANNE: No? So we were just doing it ourselves?

ELIAS: Now express to me what you have generated in relation to your equipment.

JOANNE: Our computers were freezing up. They just all of a sudden wouldn’t work.

ELIAS: And what is your impression concerning this imagery that you have presented to yourself?

JOANNE: We didn’t want to work! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Quite accurate, my friend! Ha ha ha ha! And in this, what is the message that you are expressing to yourself?

JOANNE: Well, I think we’re both kind of forcing ourselves to go in to work every day and work, and we don’t really want to, so things are breaking down and not working so that we don’t have to work. We can just get there and complain about what’s broken.

ELIAS: And how do you view that you may move your perception to generate a different type of reality?

JOANNE: Well, I think it comes down to just realizing that you don’t have to go to work if you don’t want to.

ELIAS: Or that you may offer yourself permission to generate your own choices and to direct yourself – in a manner of speaking, generate your own rules in association with your employment. You may allow yourself permission to create this in a playful manner, which in generating THAT perception, you do not view your employment as work but as an action that you incorporate in fun.

JOANNE: Yes, you’re right. Because I know when I first started the job, I knew why I had taken it and when I went in there I did enjoy it and I had fun. Then for a while we stopped laughing and it got really serious in there, and I didn’t want to be there anymore. A little bit at a time now we’re back to laughing at work, and I don’t mind going there when it’s like that. In fact, I would rather do that than what I perceive as the alternative, which is staying home.

ELIAS: But do you allow yourself to recognize that you generate this reality? Therefore, it is your choice. You may create whatever type of environment and expression that YOU choose, and you may manipulate the energy to be generating a type of environment within your employment which IS playful. It is not dependent upon the expressions of other individuals.

JOANNE: Yes. No, I know exactly what you’re talking about, because I remember having those thoughts about how I need to make this fun.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: It was up to me to laugh...

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: ...and have a good time. And we’re starting to do that. (Elias chuckles) It’s gotten a little bit better in the last couple of weeks, with laughing about different things that were going on.

The other thing that was still happening at work is every time I touch something I get such an electrical shock. I’ve been paying attention to the various shoes I’m wearing and things like that, and I don’t get it.

ELIAS: And it matters not what garments you incorporate. Ha ha ha! For you may choose to be covering yourself in rubber and continue to generate this type of expression! (Laughs)

JOANNE: I mean, I laugh a little bit, but it’s starting to be painful! (Laughs) And I can see the arc of electricity between my finger and whatever it is I’m touching. I haven’t been able to figure that out, unless it’s just me showing me my power and the energy that I do have in little ways.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, at times – and I may also express, with some individuals for extensive time frameworks – individuals allow themselves a tremendous openness in association with their energy field.

Now; as you allow a greater expression of openness with your energy field, you generate a considerable expression of what you recognize as electrical energy, and you do offer yourself evidence of this in this manifestation of sparks or what you view as this snapping of electrical energy.

In association with your physical dimension, electrical energy is one of the most powerful and fluid expressions of energy. As you relax your energy field surrounding your physical body expression, you allow a free-flow in generating your energy outwardly, as radiating from your energy centers outwardly to create this energy field, and generating also an intensity in that expression of energy which manifests in electrical energy. I may express to you, although you may allow yourself to not generate the physical manifestation of a painfulness in relation to this electrical energy expression, the reason that you generate that snapping or sparking is a physical objective evidence to yourself of the openness of your energy field.

In a manner of speaking, what you generate as you allow for an openness of your energy field is an extension of it physically. It radiates from your physical body form in a larger expression of extension. I may express to you, in general terms, averagely speaking, individuals in relaxing their energy field may generate an outward radiation of it which may extend in your physical associations between one to three feet, so to speak, outwardly from your physical body form.

Now; as you allow yourself a greater openness and you project this energy field wider, you also begin to generate an expression of tremendous electrical qualities of energy. Generally speaking, you do not express this type of electrical qualities in this manner within that range of one to three feet extension. Beyond that extension, incorporating a greater openness, generally speaking the individual shall manifest physical evidence of this electrical energy, and this is what you are generating.

MARJ: Right out of a science-fiction movie! (Laughs and Elias laughs)

JOANNE: It’s gotten to the point where a lot of things, handing someone something – a file which doesn’t really involve any metal and I have thick rubber-soled shoes on or sneakers – I’m shocking them. The file cabinets are horrendous. I mean, that arc is either blue or white and sometimes it’s a quarter of an inch between my finger and the cabinet, and I kind of just look at it, amazed. I broke the fax machine one day! (Elias laughs) I mean, I was just reaching out to push the buttons to dial the phone number and the shock that went from me to that machine, it just made the machine die. They had to get a new motherboard for it! (Laughs)

ELIAS: I may express to you that this, in actuality, is not an unusual expression in this type of extension of your energy field. In a manner of speaking, in the extension of one to three feet in your terms, the intensity of the electrical expression is not tremendously great. But as I have stated, in the extension beyond that physical measurement, so to speak, you generate a tremendous allowance of electrical energy expression, and you may be creating quite obvious evidence in physical manifestation.

Now; you may also choose to continue to allow yourself an openness with the extension of your energy field and direct that energy in a manner in which you are not necessarily manifesting sparks but allow yourself to flow with that electrical energy which may, in a manner of speaking, curb the actual electrical expression or manifestation.

Now; I shall also offer to you information that even in manipulating that energy in other manners, you shall continue to generate evidence to yourself of the extension of your energy field. Some individuals do allow themselves to move with the electrical quality of energy and in generating that action they may not be creating physical sparks, but other individuals become quite objectively aware of the individual’s energy expression and many times physically feel as though they are colliding with or bumping into the individual’s energy field.

JOANNE: Why I am doing that? Why am I expanding my energy field like that? Just because I can?

ELIAS: In actuality, my friend, this is not surprising in relation to your individual focus. You are continuously generating movement to be widening your awareness and to be generating more of an openness. This is a curiosity that you incorporate and a natural movement that you incorporate within this particular focus. In actuality, these types of actions move quite in conjunction with your individual intent, for you are continuously generating movement of expansion, and therefore this type of expression may be viewed as quite natural for you.” [session 1030, March 09, 2002]

Exercises: find out more about the energy fields; allowance, penetration, buffer exercise.

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the inner landscape exercise, whose goal is to create a visualization that presents imagery related to whatever challenge, problem, or illness you wish to explore.

Exercises: find out more about the create an inner landscape exercise.

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