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the belief system of religion (spirituality)

Paul’s note: the following are the ten primary belief systems according to Elias. He adds that there are many, many, many aspects to each belief system. However, these are not discrete, separated parts, but primary aspects that all work together seamlessly in the conscious mind of every individual. For example, aspects of the belief system of duplicity are present, in varying degrees, in each of the other nine.

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Here’s the excerpt from the session in which Elias delivered this important information (I have underlined each belief system for clarity, as Elias did not originally instruct for this to be done):

JAMES: “Would you tell me what the belief systems are?” (12-second pause)

ELIAS: “You are inquiring of the belief systems in conjunction with this blocking of action?”

JAMES: “No. I was inquiring in general; the belief systems in total that we hold; the bird cages.”

ELIAS: “Ah! You are inquiring of a listing of all of your belief systems!” (Grinning)

JAMES: “Yes, correct.”

ELIAS: “I shall express to you that you hold fewer belief systems than you think, although within these belief systems, you hold many more aspects than you think.

“In this, (pause) you hold belief systems of relationship. You hold belief system of duplicity. You hold belief system of sexuality. You hold belief system of truth.

“... This being also those in conjunction with emotion, and perception. You also hold the belief system of certain senses. You hold religious belief system, which we shall identify as spirituality, and you hold scientific belief system, which shall be the designation of physical reality and the elements of it.

“These are the basic belief systems that you hold within this particular reality.

“You hold one other belief system also, which may be viewed to be more encompassing, and this would be the belief system of your physical creation of your universe, which is slightly different from your scientific belief system or your religious belief system. In this, that particular belief system involves the aspects of coincidences and accidents.

“As I have stated, these are the basic creations of your belief systems within this dimension, but each of these expressed holds a tremendous amount of aspects within them. Therefore, although the designation of the belief systems – the cages themselves – may be few, the aspects or the birds within them are very many, and many of these birds may appear in manners that you do not even associate with these particular belief systems.” [session 364, February 24, 1999]

Elias “gems”

DALE: “Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of being spiritual, and it’s become apparent to me that we cannot NOT be what we term spiritual, that everything we do is spiritual, and that perhaps our craving for these spiritual experiences is linked to our beliefs in separation and duality, that something outside ourselves must cause it, something beyond our lowly humanness ... and there’s a giggle in there! This has led me to play with the idea of how it feels to know this, that we always are spiritual, and how it would feel to live our physical lives like this. It seems to me that we can think about these types of things, acknowledge our beliefs about them, and affirm our accomplishing, but then something else seems to happen when we really GET IT. Will you explain this to me? I get the feeling that it’s a key on how I might more easily bridge the idea of a concept and the conceptualization of it.”

ELIAS: “Recently, I have offered information in this direction of this very subject matter, of your concept and idea and belief of spirituality and how this differs from the actual action of spirituality, in a manner of speaking; for in actuality, there is no spirituality. You have developed this word and this concept as an explanation to yourselves of the very statement that you have presented. In your separation and your forgetting of essence within your physical experience within this dimension, you have created an idea, a concept of spirituality, which you believe lies outside of yourself and is a THING that you must be pursuing and moving in the direction of grasping and holding. In actuality, there is no element that is outside of you, and if you are translating into your language the concept of spirituality, it would be the wholeness of you, the acceptance of all of the elements of you within your experiences and your being. In this, you would be incorporating the acceptance of all of your expressions.

“Therefore, the experience of spirituality, in your terms, is the acceptance of self, for within the acceptance of self, you hold to all of the aspects, all of the elements of yourself within acceptance, and there is no area within yourself that you are not accepting of or that you are placing judgment upon, and in this you are unifying all of the aspects of yourself and allowing yourself to be experiencing the wholeness of your being within physical focus. This would be incorporating your knowing of essence, the entire acceptance of your physical experience in every aspect, and incorporating the acceptance of your remembrance, and also of your separation in the intentional lack of remembrance. Incorporating these elements together is the makeup of what you may term to be spirituality, which is incorporating ALL of your physical species’ qualities within this dimension.

“You do not move in the direction so very often of denying yourselves the acceptance of other focuses, within this dimension or other dimensions. You do not deny yourselves the acceptance of essence, although you may term this to be different words – your higher self, god – but you DO deny yourself the acceptance of your physical existence within your manifestation, for you place judgments upon your experiences, you place judgments upon your choices, and you are not accepting of your physical manifestation.

“You have chosen this manifestation purposefully for the opportunity of its unique experiences. Therefore, it is an aspect of your very being. It may not be separated from you, or you from all that you have created within it, for there is no separation. But within your belief systems you DO create a separation, and in this you also have developed these judgments upon yourselves and your experiences within physical focus, within this particular dimension, as an aspect of the belief system of duplicity.

“I have expressed previously that you have created these belief systems as explanations to yourselves of elements that you have forgotten, and these belief systems are an intricate part of your reality within this particular dimension and may not be eliminated. But they may be accepted, and in this acceptance you also shall be accepting of self, and in this acceptance of self you merge all of the elements of self within an objective manner to be creating of the perception of wholeness objectively, for your perception also is creating of your reality. It is influenced by your belief systems, and your perception is the aspect of yourself that is creating of your individual reality and your reality en masse, but your perception is altered within your acceptance of self. Therefore, your experience is also altered.

“Many individuals move in the area of expression and inquiry of how to be experiencing spirituality. You are already experiencing spirituality, for you ARE. Therefore, if you be, you are spiritual, and you are experiencing your spirituality! But within your belief systems, you view this to be an action that you need be incorporating into your reality. It is an attainable action. It is not who and what you are, it is what you do. Incorrect! It IS who and what you are, it is not what you do.

“Your belief systems dictate to you that your spirituality hinges upon what you do, and you may attain more and more of your spirituality as you move more and more into spiritual expressions. As you deny yourself more and more, you shall move into higher and higher planes, and I have expressed to you that there are no planes. There are no levels. Therefore, where shall you move within your planes and levels if there are no planes and levels?

“You express certain language within your beliefs of spirituality, that you shall move into other dimensions within these planes of higher and higher spirituality. You ALREADY exist within other dimensions. You ARE. You BE. Therefore, this is quite inconsistent, that you shall attain to some area that you already occupy! There are no areas that you do not already occupy.

“In this, in your terms, true spirituality is merely the acceptance of self, incorporating all of yourself without judgment and recognizing that all of your choices and all of your experiences, regardless of how you are creating them, are purposefully executed, for you have chosen each experience purposefully and you have chosen each line of probabilities to be experiencing what you are creating. You are not creating mistakes. You do not create accidents. Therefore, each experience has been purposefully executed, and all of these experiences are elements of your spirituality, and all of your manifestations are elements of your spirituality. Therefore, it is not an action. It is YOU.” [session 331, October 16, 1998]

ELIAS: “I shall express to you that individuals within the direction of your sciences and your religions have been attempting to be creating of [a] bridge, so to speak, for much of your history, and I express to you that for a time framework, they shall continue to be moving in this direction.

“The individuals within religious expressions shall continue to be proving what they view as spiritual expressions, and objectifying and solidifying elements of consciousness into your physical reality that creates, as I have stated, a proof of the validity of experiences and expressions that are not easily explained objectively and that move into the area identified as mysticism.

“And your sciences continue to be attempting to create a method to be inserting elements of consciousness into physical manifestations and solid expressions that you may view.

“And in this, each shall continue within their explorations, and they shall continue to be creating of frustration to the point in which each recognizes that these elements are not opposite or at odds or separated, but that they are all merely expressions of one creation.” [session 493, October 26, 1999]

ELIAS: “Religion! Ah, and every individual within this room shall flinch and express, ‘I do not believe in religion any longer. Therefore this is not a truth, and I do not incorporate THAT belief.’ (Chuckles slyly, and group laughter) Ah, but you do! You may THINK that you do not, for you do not participate in an establishment, you do not attend a congregation with other individuals and worship. Ah, but do you not worship? Are you so very sure?

“I may express that every individual within this room incorporates some metaphysical beliefs in tremendous strength, and is this not merely your new religion? And it incorporates the same beliefs, the same expressions as every other religion. It is merely expressed in a different manner, in which you view yourselves to be very enlightened and progressive.”

BALBINA: “Aren’t we?” (Laughter)

ELIAS: “Are you?”

BALBINA: “I hope so!” (Laughter)

ELIAS: “And do you think that an individual that worships Allah does not believe that they are very enlightened?”

BALBINA: “Oh yes, they believe like everybody...”

ELIAS: “Correct, and do you say that your enlightenment is not a belief?”

BALBINA: “Yes, probably, but it’s also...”

ELIAS: (Interrupting her and grinning) “Yes! These are not beliefs – this is a truth!”

BALBINA: “Well, yes, it’s a truth, but larger than...”

ELIAS: “AH! Larger! (Laughter) Ah! And I may express to you that any Christian also shall express to you that their belief and their truth is larger than yours!”

BALBINA: “I know. They even told me.” (Laughter)

ELIAS: “Yes, and the Buddhists shall express to you that they have attained true enlightenment, and their truth is larger than yours.

“Now; in this, what do you notice as a commonality? What do truths do?”

HELMUT: “Separate.”

ANNE M.: “Judgments.”

ELIAS: “Correct. They separate and they perpetuate judgments, and they block acceptance. You are no more enlightened than any other individual residing upon your planet. You merely incorporate different information.

“You draw yourselves to this information for it is compatible with your movement; it is your preference. Preferences are merely preferred beliefs. There are no expressions within your physical reality that are not influenced by beliefs. There is no ‘other’ reality. There is not your reality that you create individually and also the other reality that you are striving to attain to, the official reality, the reality beyond your beliefs, the REAL reality. (Laughter)

“The real reality is the reality that you each individually create. That IS real. And it is, in every moment, in every expression – if you choose to participate and to continue participating in this physical dimension – influenced by beliefs. Every moment, every action, every choice is filtered through beliefs.

“Now; beliefs are not your enemy. You have CHOSEN to be manifest in this physical dimension. It has been a choice. No entity, no force, no element of consciousness greater than yourself has thrust you into this physical reality. You have chosen.” [session 1398, July 19, 2003]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “We have not expressed the connection of the mass event of the shift with the mass events of your religious element, simply for the reasons of avoiding distortion. We are not wishing that you equate the shift, within consciousness, as a religious expression, although it is another aspect of the Source Event which was also creating of your religious element. This Source Event has created many expressions, not only what you view to be religions. This Source Event also has manifest within all of your mass events and individual events of spiritual expressions. It moves now away from your definition of spirituality, into a more realistic expression of what you may term spirituality.

This word in itself shall be incorporating a new definition, just as you may view words that you may look to the definitions of, and you may read that these words are presently obsolete, but may also continue to be within use. This word also, within your shift, shall move into this same type of definition, eventually, within your written pages, reading obsolete expression of religious definitions; for your concept of spirituality is changing. Within your widening of awareness, you are learning that spirituality is not an element “without.” It is all within.” [session 109, August 04, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you previously that although you view the action of death as moving into an area of consciousness where you shall be incorporating the position of ‘God’ and ‘knowing all,’ you shall never know all, for you are continuously, as are all essences, as is The Creating Universal One And Whole also, in a continuous state of becoming; ever-changing, ever in motion. There is no ‘destination.’ Therefore, it is not contradictory that one essence may choose to be incorporating physical focus and also hold a wider awareness than an essence, so to speak, which is not incorporating physical focus; but within your belief systems, you believe yourselves to be occupying this planet as a ‘lower plane of evolution’ within your spirituality.

(Humorously) As I have stated many times, there are no planes or levels. There are only differences within choices of probabilities and areas of consciousness, to which you allow yourselves the awareness of more or less of essence; within your thinking element, not your brain! For your physical brain does not ‘follow’ you within non-physical focus! Although within energy, it may!” (Grinning) [session 111, August 11, 1996]

DAVID: “So would sexual experience be a good way of releasing many of these geysers that we hold within ourselves?

ELIAS: This be another belief system that you hold! (Laughter) You hold belief systems in regard to sexual activity as an ‘energy release.’

VICKI: But if we believe it, it’s true, right?

ELIAS: You are not releasing energy.

VICKI: But you could be releasing your own stress or confusion or whatever.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: So it’s healthy, in that area! Better than going to a doctor and getting a pill!

ELIAS: I express to you that in your belief systems of health, your sexual activity within this dimension is quite healthy, and the denial of such is quite limiting!

DAVID: I agree! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You also have created your sexual activity as pleasurable. Therefore, it holds more of an attraction to you!

DAVID: It’s also good for the imagination!

ELIAS: If you are allowing.

DAVID: For expanding the imagination?

ELIAS: If you are allowing. I shall express to you that this activity also may be quite enlightening to you in what you view to be your spirituality, for there are more elements involved with this activity than you allow yourselves to experience. If you are opening within your awareness and consciousness, you may also use this activity to manipulate your awareness and to be a vehicle, so to speak, for experiencing other elements of consciousness.” [session 255, January 04, 1998]

LESLIE: “I’m having some difficulty. I want to just do this all the time. I just want to concentrate on the essence and being able to move forward and stuff. I don’t seem to be able to direct my energy to work as much as I used to, because it doesn’t seem quite as important. However, I need to work! But can you lend me any suggestions about how to ... I just don’t know what direction to go in. I know what direction to go into as far as all THIS goes, but as far as the rest of the physical focus, with work and that, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing in that direction.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that many, many times individuals move into the direction of separation of what they view to be their objective physical life, so to speak, and their spirituality. In this separation you also create many blocks, for you do not incorporate the all or the whole of your unitedness in your focus. This also, once again, relates to all of this of which we have been speaking within this session.

There is no separation of these elements of self, for all of yourself is within the realm of what you term to be your spirituality. There is no element of yourself or your actions or your interactions that is NOT an expression of your term of spirituality, for in actuality there is no spirituality, for all is spirituality! It is merely a term that you have placed upon your philosophies of elements that you view to be ‘higher’ or ‘more connected’ or ‘better’ than your physical ‘earth plane learning school’ self. (Chuckling)

LESLIE: So in other words, it’s not either/or. It’s all.

ELIAS: Correct, and in this you offer yourself the opportunity within every moment to be exercising the whole and the acceptance of self and the acceptance of other individuals and the expression of that which you term to be your spirituality, but in this be remembering of what I have expressed to you also, to be tempering of your drivingness of yourself within your cultural time.” [session 282, May 28, 1998]

ELIAS: “This shift in consciousness began at the turn of this present century and has been building throughout this century. You approach your new century and the beginning of your new millennium, and within this coming century, approximately within its three-quarter mark, this shift in consciousness shall be accomplished in its fullness, and your reality shall be very different than what you view presently. ALL of your reality shall be different.

I have expressed previously, once only, a description of many elements of your reality that shall be quite altered. This is not limited to only your element of consciousness. You also, within your belief systems, have separated. You view your spirituality ... let us all bow to spiritually now, (bowing, and much laughter) for it is very sacred, and is also very removed from you all! (Grinning)

In actuality, your spirituality is all of you. It is not separated. It is not some action or element or ‘part’ of you that is beyond your reach and that you are reaching for or that you are seeking out. It is all of your expression. It is who you are. There is no separation. Therefore also, this shift shall not merely be your vast enlightenment within consciousness! It shall be your new-found remembered awareness of what you are in its fullness, and it shall be expressed in ALL of your reality, within consciousness – that YOU view to be consciousness, as some elusive, floating ‘thing’ – and also within your objective expression; your societies, your way of life, so to speak, your currency, your exchange, which there shall not be exchange any longer, for it shall be unnecessary. Your entire reality, physically, objectively, shall be altered, for this is the direction that you have chosen to move into for a new experience.

And I express to you this night, as I have expressed previously, your science fictions are closer to science fact than you realize, and are not so very far removed from your grasp! And this should be evident to you, for you create more and more and more of your science fictions and occupy your fascinations with your science fictions as you move through your linear time. It becomes more of a fascination to you, and you become more creative with it, for you are accessing information that you KNOW subjectively within you, and you are expressing this outwardly objectively in imagery, preparing yourselves for what is to come.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

MARI: “Alright, the next question: What can I do to most spiritually improve myself, or any other way that you see I need to improve myself, while I’m here on earth?

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you that there is no need to be ‘improving’ yourself!

But as to your question, I shall re-word this question for you and suggest to you that your inquiry may move into the area of, ‘What direction may I move into that shall be more efficient and shall allow me less limitations and more of my own creative expression?’ This is not a ‘bettering’ or improving of yourself, but a widening of your awareness and an expansion of your creativity.

Now; as I have expressed previously many times, what I shall suggest to you is that you be concentrating upon self and opening to self. I shall suggest that you practice in the direction of listening to your impressions, delving into self and inside, and not concerning yourself so very much with outside of yourself, so to speak ... although there is no outside of yourself!

In this, draw your attention to your own belief systems, your own behaviors, your own action, and be noticing of yourself, allowing yourself to move into different exercises that shall offer you more clarity of self and more awareness of self, and in this you may be more accepting of self, which shall move you into the area of addressing more efficiently to your own belief systems and therefore allowing you to be accepting of your own belief systems, and this shall move you more efficiently into that area which you term to be your spirituality, which I shall term to be merely the accomplishment of your value fulfillment within your particular focus.” [session 299, July 19, 1998]

FEMALE: “I wanted to come out of no longer being silent about unacceptance in myself, and in the last six years I’ve gained eight pounds, and I guess I’m asking, is it something in my belief system that is struggling? Am I blocking something? My energy is very low. It feels like I can’t manifest what I want to manifest in my life, and I’ve just had a slight (inaudible). I’m just wanting to do whatever I need to do, or whatever (inaudible).

ELIAS: This would also be an affectingness of your alignment within this particular focus, which moves in a quite common direction with individuals aligning with this particular family of Milumet in this dimension. Individuals aligning with this particular family within any particular focus hold much of an aspect of their intent which moves in the direction of what you term to be in your belief systems as spirituality. Therefore, there is a creation of much struggle between what they view to be physical aspects, which they also view to be in conflict with that of spiritual; another element of separation within belief systems. ‘If you are truly spiritual, you shall be denying of the flesh!’ Many religions move in this direction. This is not an expression of spirituality! This is an expression of physically-focused held religious belief systems, but these belief systems hold much energy, and although you may not objectively view yourself to align with them, underlyingly there IS an alliance with these belief systems, therefore creating a conflict between the physical form and the expression of the movement into the area of spirituality.

Now; let me express to you that your belief systems of spirituality move in the direction of thought process: how you view your world and how you think in conjunction with it. Spirituality is not your thought processes. It is the recognition and acceptance of no separation of your physical form, your thought process – which you may term to be your mental qualities – your emotional expressions, your creation of sexuality within this particular dimension, and all that is you, from essence. That is the element that you separate most, viewing it as the higher self, which is not you. It is an element outside of you. It is not! It IS you.

Your physical form is not a vessel! Your physical form is a choice of creation, a direct mirror expression of essence. It is not separated as merely a vessel, which is dictated by your religious belief systems; that particular ‘shell’ that is shed at the moment of disengagement. Very, very, VERY incorrect!

THIS IS NOT A VESSEL! (Pounding on the chair with each word) It is an expression of essence within physical form. Your belief systems influence and move you into the direction within your societies that your form and the choice that you have created is unacceptable, and your sciences shall perpetuate this by expressing to you that this shall be affecting of your physical health.

Oh, there are so very many intertwined belief systems within physical focus! And they are so very limiting, and they ALL perpetuate the belief systems of duplicity. ‘I am good, I am bad, I am good, I am bad, I am worthy, I am not.’ You are! And all that you create is a perfect creation, and your form is not inadequate, and your form, in the manner that you choose to express it, is perfectly expressed. It is merely the lack of acceptance of self that dictates to you, in compliance with duplicity, that it is unacceptable, and therefore there is an offering for the rational excuse to be holding energy and to be creating of physical affectingness.

‘My form is unacceptable. Therefore, I shall hold energy and I shall be creating of MORE unacceptableness, and I shall be projecting this to every other individual that I shall encounter in physical focus, that they shall also know and comply with me that this is unacceptable, for I do not accept it, and as I do not accept this form I shall be destructive to it, for I shall be creating of holding energy in different areas of this form that shall be creating of uncomfortableness, that shall be conflicting, that shall be hurtful.’

And the reason that you experience fatigue is that as you hold so very tightly to your energy, this may be creating of much tiredness! It is requiring much energy to be holding energy, but as you are allowing your own energy to be expressive of itself naturally and freely, you also may not fatigue yourself with your very tight grip.

Therefore, my expression to you and my suggestion to you is to be rejoicing in joyfulness of the wondrous creation that you have created, and it matters not that any other little sapling may be very twisted in their expression and allowing themselves to be quite convoluted, for this is not affecting of you, for you have created perfectly in your own expression of essence.

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELISABETH: “I want to ask you, how can I manage to get more alignment with my soul and with my inner self? (Pause)

(Vic’s note: Elias spoke to Elisabeth softly and with great affection.)

ELIAS: Your natural inclination, in alignment with your [essence] family alignment [of Borledim] within this focus, is to be nurturing and helpful. In this, you express this easily outwardly to other individuals. NOW turn your attention to self, and apply this natural ability that you hold to yourself in equal proportion as you do to other individuals.

Be mindful of your own desires. Recognize that ALL within your physical focus is spiritual, not merely that which you think of as elusive and cosmic, not merely essence in the form that is untouchable to you, but recognizing that you yourself ARE essence and hold wondrous abilities!

In this, offer to yourself the acknowledgment and the acceptance of all of yourself, not merely in what you view to be spirituality, for the idea or concept of spirituality within physical focus is merely a belief in some thing outside of yourself. In actuality, spirituality is all that you are and all that you hold in all of your abilities – physical, emotional, mental, and not necessarily the term spiritual, but inner, subjective – ALL of these elements of you combined are that which is spiritual.

Therefore, if you are attending to all of yourself, you shall be moving in the direction of true spirituality: not denying of yourself, but allowing of yourself. As you are moving in the direction of pleasure, you also shall be offering yourself the nurturing which shall be helpful to you, in allowing you to objectively recognize your own interconnectedness with YOU.

ELISABETH: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 319, September 17, 1998]

RETA: “Well, in the last two months, Norm has been partially retired, and in this, his desire to go all these different ways is very predominant, and in this, it weighs heavily on me. I think that I had this particular dream many, many times in several weeks, and I don’t know what it means, really. Most of the dreams were beautiful to start with, but they had elements of warnings and messages from my inner feelings about what we were doing.

I put myself in a small town, and it looked like I was on top of a mountain looking down at a winding road, way down a mountain trail, and the people that we seemed to be interacting with were Asian or Malaysian or Persian, and we were in this great big beautiful house on top of a hill. In some ways, I think of it as that big beautiful building we saw on top of Big Sur. We always wanted to be there with this group of people, but it seemed like it was a precarious trip to get there, and it was very difficult to get up to that last ridge. I could see vegetation and beauty below, but on top it was more like rock.

We were staying at times with them in this particular room that they always put us in, and this room was beautiful, the interior, and of course it had blue because I love blue, and we always heard things in the walls, and I heard things in the floors. And finally, over a period of time, we moved the furniture out, and I just sat there and watched because I was the only one that seemed to be sure there was something happening, and I could see the carpet bubbling underneath and moving, and finally I could see the shape under the carpet, of heads coming up through a tunnel or through the carpet. I pulled back the carpet, and all I could see was a very skinny, tiny little tunnel with cables coming up through it. Can you give me an idea?

ELIAS: This imagery that you have presented yourself presently is an offering to yourself of the movement that you anticipate engaging presently and futurely, but more in the area of future movement. It is expressive of your desire to be moving in the area of what you THINK of, or your translation of, spirituality. Therefore, you image this to yourself as being placed upon this hill within this mansion, and occupied by hospitable but unfamiliar individuals. This would be your imagery to yourself of essences that are welcoming, but unfamiliar.

In this, you hold a desire to be entering into interaction with these individuals, although you view this to be a difficult trip, which is significant within your imagery of the difficulties that you hold in addressing to your own belief systems in conjunction with the movement that you and Stephen [Norm] desire to be entering into. Therefore, you also create imagery of difficulty, and you express that you are confined to one room of this particular location.

This be the reason that you have offered imagery to yourself of your own limitations in this area. It is not that all of the location is not available to you, but that you are being confined in one area of this structure. This is your imagery to yourself of the influence of the belief systems.

Within this location that you are confined to, you also image that you are hearing sounds and that you view movement beneath your floor, so to speak, or within your walls. You are also aware of movement within sound. This imagery is the presentment to you that although you may view yourself to be confined within limitations of your belief systems, you continue to hold the ability to access outside information, in YOUR manner of thinking, for in actuality, it is not outside information. It is held within you. But within your imagery in alignment with your belief systems, you image this to be outside of yourself; the presentment of movement and elements that are attaining your attention outside of yourself.

In this, this particular dream image creates an element in one direction of curiosity, but in another direction it is creating of the feeling of anxiety in certain time periods. The reason that you view this to be a feeling of anxiousness or anxiety is that you hold an awareness of movement that Stephen [Norm] is creating, and within your own discounting of self and lack of acceptance of your own movement and of yourself, and continuing in your own direction of judgment upon yourself, you do not view that you may be moving in the same direction or at the same rate, so to speak, as is Stephen [Norm].

Therefore, there is an element of fearfulness that is created, that you may be limiting of yourself, and this shall be creating of a rift, in a manner of speaking.

Let me express to you that you hold the ability to be creating within harmony of each other. You merely need be addressing to your own acceptance of self and allow yourself your own trustfulness in self, and that shall be quite influencing of you and helpful to you in not discounting of your own movement, and it shall also move you more easily into the area of addressing to your own bird cages and all of the birds that are held within them. (1)

I am expressing acknowledgment to you, Dehl [Reta], and much encouragement, and shall be lending energy to you in this encouragement of your movement and in the area of helpfulness to be accepting of self, and this shall be singularly the most affecting and influencing in your own movement in the area of addressing to your own belief systems.

RETA: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I express great affection to you both this day....” [session 321, September 20, 1998]

DALE: “… realizing that we are all our own channels feels very important to me. Will you give me some insight on Wider Dale, my choice of that name, and how I may allow a clearer connection? (2)

ELIAS: As we have spoken in our last meeting of yesterday, your attention within the action of this shift moves in the direction of focusing upon self, and in this focusing upon self, you are offering yourselves – and yourself – the opportunity to be trusting and accepting of self. In this action, you are creating many actions.

You are automatically lending yourself in the direction of acceptance of belief systems of other individuals and opening your periphery and widening your awareness, and as we spoke of spirituality, this is the point, to be offering yourself the wholeness of self.

This is what is becoming your new expression of spirituality, to be accepting of all of the aspects of you, and in this action, you are also widening your awareness.

Your expression is Wider Dale, which is your imagery that you present to yourself of your movement into this area of engaging this action – widening your awareness and opening to your periphery, allowing yourself objectively to be open to all of the imagery that you present yourself with, and to be noticing – and in this you also offer yourself the opportunity to access your natural abilities, to interpret what you are noticing and what you are creating. The key in all of this action is to be accepting and trusting of self.

I am quite aware that individuals grow weary of my continuous expression in this area, over and over, in this acceptance of self! And I shall continue to be repeating of this concept until the point that each of you converts this concept into an actual reality, that you recognize that you are not creating this acceptance of self, and that within the actual action of widening your awareness and accepting and trusting of yourself, you are automatically creating of new, amazing liberation, that you shall actually experience in what you attain to experience now! But you SHALL experience and amaze yourselves in each movement that you allow yourselves in the area of the acceptance and trust of self.

All that you may imagine within your physical focus, of your spirituality or of your playful creations, may be actualized in reality within your physical dimension, merely in the action of trusting and accepting self. But this continues to be merely a concept within you that you attain to, and you have not realized that there is no attaining to this. You already hold it. You need merely discover what you hold! But you have blanketed this with your different aspects and expressions of your belief systems. Therefore, you are covering your own awareness and your own periphery, but as you peel away all of these blankets, you allow this shining ability, and you amaze yourself with your own creativity.

The word ‘creativity’ means little to you each, for you do not understand the implication of what you may create in allowing your creativity. You do not understand the ability that you hold within your expressions. You fascinate yourselves with the miraculous expressions of certain individuals throughout your history, within this dimension, that possess strange and wondrous abilities to alter physical reality in amazing manners, but you ALL hold this ability.

You ARE your own channel, so to speak, for you may channel your energy in any direction that you are so choosing, and your physical focus is not so very limited as you view it to be!

(Humorously) You BELIEVE that your physical manifestation is quite limited, for you of course are within a working, learning dimension upon a working, learning planet upon a working, learning plane, which shall we not forget is a very lowly plane, that you need be learning your lessons quite well, that you may attain to your higher planes and move into your greater abilities with your ‘higher self.’

You do not hold a higher self! You ARE your higher self! You are your highest expression! You are all that you may be, and your physical dimension holds the ability to accommodate much more of your expressions and your creativity than you allow yourselves to view. You may channel energy through your physical self, through your physical expression, in countless different directions that you do not even allow yourselves to imagine.” [session 332, October 17, 1998]

PAUL: “Another question on my list of many questions is, you mention in – I couldn’t find the session number – but you have mentioned previously that the action of this shift in consciousness moves away from our current ‘definition of spirituality into a more realistic expression of what you may term spirituality.’ Could you elaborate on this more realistic expression of spirituality?

(Paul’s note: this quote is from session 109, August 04, 1996 and is included above.)

ELIAS: A more realistic expression of spirituality is to be incorporating ALL of you, which also would encompass all of your physical expressions and the acceptance of all of your physical expressions, which you – within your belief systems – move in the direction of denying physical expressions as not being an element of spirituality. In this, the acceptance of the entirety of self in all of its expressions and all of its creations would be the definition of spirituality, not merely the expressions of non-physical aspects of essence, or that which you term to be self.

PAUL: So that would reinforce the idea that it’s important to embrace our physical nature in all of its many facets.

ELIAS: Quite!

PAUL: In the context of a more realistic expression of spirituality, that includes all the things that go along with being physically focused in this beautiful area that we call Regional Area 1, I guess.

ELIAS: Yes, and the recognition that there is no separation within your physical expression either, that you are connected and inter-connected with all that you create within your physical dimension. The physical elements of your expressions are equal in the expression of your spirituality, so to speak. It is the expression of the ALL of you, not merely one aspect of you that you view to be removed from yourself or outside of yourself non-physically focused, as what you think of as a higher self, which I have expressed many times previously, you do not hold a higher self! You already ARE your highest expression. You merely do not incorporate all of you into your expression of your spirituality, and as this shift in consciousness is accomplished, you shall be realizing of all that is within the new definition of spirituality, incorporating all of your focuses and ALL of the aspects of your physical manifestations.

PAUL: So this more realistic expression of spirituality includes an equilibrium, perhaps, of the objective and subjective selves. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: And it would seem that a complementary aspect of that would be also an equilibrium between intellect and intuition.

ELIAS: Correct; a balance.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

SUE: “... can you tell me, what is my intent in this life?

ELIAS: Within this particular focus, you hold the intent twofold.

One area of your intent very strongly moves in the direction of lending energy to the expression of this shift in consciousness. This is not necessarily to say that you move in the direction of expressing this particular information to many other individuals and are drawing them to this information, but that within your own addressing to your own expressions and your own noticing and your own movements and allowing yourself to move in the direction of expressing actions of this shift in consciousness to yourself, you are automatically lending energy within consciousness to the action of this shift in its entirety.

Your direction within your particular intent in this focus is to be experiencing elements of this shift, for those elements of consciousness hold a fascination to you, and your fascination moves in the direction of offering yourself an awareness to be recognizing your own abilities and your own movement and your own playfulness within many of the actions of this shift.

Now; let me express to you that I may have chosen very different terminology for you that may have been much easier for your understanding, but I am offering you different terminology intentionally. I am aware that I have expressed that individuals focus within this particular dimension and within all physical dimensions merely for the experience. There is a slight difference in what I am expressing to you.

You have chosen, yes, to be manifesting within this dimension for the experience of this dimension, but within this particular focus, you focus your attention upon the experiences of accomplishing playful actions that are in relation to this shift in consciousness. This would be all of the actions that may be performed with ease within your physical focus that many other individuals seek to be experiencing so very intensely! You hold an ability to move easily in this direction if allowing yourself to open to your own awareness, and in this, how you may be also accomplishing within YOUR individual intent is to be offering the information of the ease of this type of movement.

Individuals inquire continuously of how they may be creating out-of-body experiences, remembering their dream imagery, meditations, visualizations, actions that you view to be or term to be psychic ... all of these mystical qualities and experiences that individuals find so very elusive! In this, you hold the ability within this focus to be accomplishing these types of experiences, and your attention moves in this direction for reasons of playfulness. Not that you within your individual intent view these activities or experiences as so very spiritual, but that they are entertaining and playful, and within your particular intent within THIS focus, you seek to be experiencing the playfulness of these types of creations of events.

Subsequently, you also may offer instruction to other individuals in their request for ‘methods’ to be accomplishing of these same types of experiences, but in your expression that you offer to individuals, you shall not be moving in the direction of seriousness and expressing solemn methods for the furthering of their spirituality, but rather that these are playful aspects and elements of this shift in consciousness that are fun, and this shall be your expression to yourself and to other individuals. This would be the direction of your intent within this focus, and in this you address to elements within yourself of fearfulness and belief systems that have served as constraints upon your movements.

Be remembering, your intent is not expressed merely within this particular now. It is not new. It has been in order, so to speak, from the onset of your manifestation within this focus, and although you may not have moved in the direction of objectively identifying entirely in this direction throughout your focus, within this particular focus you HAVE moved within expressions in yourself of looking to many elements and expressions of other individuals’ creations and other organizations of thoughts that you view to be quite unnecessary and quite silly! (Grinning)

In this, you have been expressing elements of your intent throughout your focus, recognizing that many expressions matter not, and in this, although you may not have expressed these thoughts and feelings to many other individuals, it is regardless, for you have held throughout your focus an opinion, so to speak, that many of the creations of other individuals, within their conflicts and their seriousness, are quite unnecessary. This is the expression of your own playfulness.

SUE: Hmm! I see. That makes a lot of sense in a couple of ways. I have been fascinated, I guess, by things related to this stuff since I was a small child, reading anything I could get my hands on about ghosts and clairvoyance and all kinds of things, and even though at times in my life I tried to turn away from that, it’s always interested me, and yet I don’t feel a great need to make progress in some spiritual sense. I do enjoy sort of flirting around with it, and what you said reminds me of how at times, when I’ve done exercises to try to feel my own feeling tones of myself, my essence or whatever, what I came up with was a desire to laugh, just a lot of humor! Does that fit in with what you’re saying?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Yes, quite, for this is the element of your own playfulness. You hold fascinations in these areas of expressions and abilities, but the fascination moves in the direction of playfulness and experimentation, not seriousness in the direction of the mass belief systems surrounding spirituality. Therefore, you also create these types of expressions.

SUE: I see. Yes, and at times I have felt that I should be more serious about it and I should be studying these things and trying very hard, and it sounds like that’s the wrong way to go about it.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Do not delude yourself by aligning with the mass belief systems of spirituality and what you SHOULD be expressing, for you are expressing quite perfectly within your playfulness!” [session 338, November 10, 1998]

CAROLE: “There’s this feeling that I get a lot, as I keep learning more and more about the things that you teach us and understanding and coming to realizations by myself – this is going to be really hard for me to verbalize – and all of a sudden I feel like sometimes I’ve learned so much and I know so much and had it become a part of me that I really know it, that I’m not just trying to decide if I know it, and it almost feels like nothing that I can say is worth saying anymore. It just seems so much bigger than that. I’m not explaining it too well, but it’s like, I just feel like just quietly shutting down and living my life, because it’s way too big to say these things or anything or to try to figure out how to say it, so it seems easier not to say it, and that’s kind of where I’m at lately.

And then sometimes I just feel like, well, if I’m helping the whole of consciousness by all these things that I’ve learned and really understand, and saying it is just going to be more talk, and some people will interpret it just to be more of what they’ve read maybe in the last five books ... and then it just seems like, why am I still here? What am I still doing here?

ELIAS: This is a question that many individuals inquire within themselves. I express to you that in accomplishing within self, you may choose a direction of being the sapling. (3) In this, you continue to lend energy to the movement within this shift in consciousness.

It is not requiring of a crusade! You are not within the middle ages! We are not engaging the Crusades for Christianity! We are engaging a shift in consciousness, which is global and which moves with energy, and not necessarily in the conventional terms, so to speak. But ALL of your movements lend energy to lessening the trauma of OTHER individuals within their movements.

In this, you may choose to be moving in the direction that is offering YOU pleasure, in which YOU find comfort, and in which YOU experience what you term to be happiness – all of which is an element of your value fulfillment – and in THIS expression, you lend energy to the accomplishment of this shift.

CAROLE: So, don’t worry, be happy! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Quite! And I have expressed often, seek pleasure! For this is the natural inclination of essence, and allows you less thickness within energy and more of an ease in your movement within your focus.

Ah, but your belief systems dictate to you that pleasure is taboo, for there are many, many ‘wrongs’ surrounding much of your physical pleasures ... and your physical pleasures are certainly not very spiritual! (Grinning)

All of your focus encompasses spirituality, for spirituality is the whole of you. Denying any element of it is not experiencing all of your spirituality.” [session 347, December 11, 1998]

KRISTIN: “Speaking of intents, I’m starting to understand a little bit more about my intent. Can you help me to understand MORE about it? What is my intent here on this earth in this lifetime, and how can I better fulfill my potential?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you ARE fulfilling your intent and your value fulfillment, and you may continue to move in this direction efficiently by addressing to your own individual belief systems and moving yourself into more of an expression of acceptance of self, for as you are accomplishing of this, you are also increasing the energy that you project outwardly to other individuals and you are offering them the example in the manner of the little sapling, which provides them the opportunity to also be looking to self, and this is influencing within consciousness, in lending energy to their acceptance and trust of their own creations.

This would be the element of your intent within this particular focus, quite aligning with this shift in consciousness.

Also within your intent, you offer the example and the information to other individuals – incorporating the Milumet – that the genuine expression of spirituality is NOT an action which is to be attained and outside of yourself, but that the expression of spirituality is to be incorporating ALL of self, physical and non-physical, together in harmony, not discounting any aspect of self as non-spiritual, and allowing one’s self to be moving into the freedom of spontaneity and trusting of each individual’s own creations, not necessarily aligning with the mass belief systems. Are you understanding?

KRISTIN: Yes, I am! So I’m kind of what I feel like I’ve always been. I’m definitely a learner, but I am partly also a teacher.

ELIAS: Quite.

KRISTIN: Okay, but at the same time, I still am aligning with some mass belief systems that have caused me great pain this last year. I’m speaking now of some of my anxiety attacks, feeling like I have to be responsible ... can you go into this area and help me clear that up? I want to work on the areas in which I still have to improve myself.

ELIAS: In this, as I have stated previously within this particular session, as you allow yourself to be more accepting of self and more trusting of your own expressions and your own creativity, you also shall begin to relax your hold upon these issues and these belief systems.

Be remembering that each belief system holds very many aspects. Therefore, as you allow yourself to view all of the different birds within each of these bird cages of belief systems, you shall also allow yourself to view how much more efficient it may be to be discontinuing feeding these birds and allowing them to fly free out of these bird cages.

In this, each time you are experiencing conflict and confusion, you may turn your attention to your belief systems and view which bird you are presently giving attention to, and in this, you may refrain from continuing to feed that particular bird, allowing yourself more of your own freedom of expression, and this shall be reinforcing of your own trust of self.

I express to you that each time you are allowing yourself to view the accomplishment of your own trustfulness of self, you shall reinforce your own acceptance, and in this, you shall move more and more efficiently into the effortlessness of your own expressions, which shall be enhancing of the expression of your intent within this particular focus, and it shall be influencing in discontinuing your creation of conflict.

In this, CONFLICT IS UNNECESSARY. It is a manifestation of the limitations that you place upon yourself in alignment with your own belief systems.

Now; be remembering – and also ALLOWING – the influence and expression of your Milumet, in the remembrance that belief systems in themselves, as the cage, are neutral. Therefore, do not be placing judgment upon the belief systems, expressing to yourself that they be bad or good and that certain belief systems need be eliminated.

Merely allow yourself your own spirituality to be expressed in the recognition that the conflicts arise in your expression of the aspects of belief systems, in which you place judgments and in which you reinforce the belief system of duplicity.” [session 352, January 13, 1999]

CAROLE: “Is there a way to fine-tune the process – and this is probably going to sound like asking for methods – but a way to fine-tune the process of observing ourselves and our behavior to recognize the belief systems? Maybe the secret sessions (4) that you had were good as far as helping us to fine-tune that understanding of the way our belief systems present themselves.

ELIAS: And you may be presenting this type of action to yourself regardless of our engagement of a secret session. Or, as you allow yourselves to be widening your awareness and becoming more noticing of yourselves, you may be noticing of each of your twinges.

You offer yourselves in EVERY moment opportunities to be fine-tuning to your awareness. Within EVERY interaction that you engage, you are offering yourselves the opportunity to view yourselves more clearly. This be the reason that I am emphasizing to you so very strongly to be within the now continuously, always; to be focusing your attention within the very present now; not within three seconds from now, not within three seconds past, but THIS VERY MOMENT.

CAROLE: We can’t do that though, Elias, because we’re blinking in and out (5), ’cause I try to focus and stay exactly in the now, and you can’t do it for very long!

ELIAS: Ah, but you can....

CAROLE: You’re blinking in and out all the time!

ELIAS: But you are in continuous motion! Therefore, each now is changing. You are in continuous, perpetual motion and movement and becoming, and this is the point. It is not to be holding to any given moment, but to be noticing each moment as it is created within its now.

CAROLE: So, it’s the flow. I’ve had experiences where for brief moments I can experience like incredible ... incredible what feels like movement, but yet there’s no movement. It’s almost like energy, just like raw energy, and it feels like movement, but yet there’s not movement the way I know it here, like moving through space. It’s really powerful when that happens, and I guess that’s a poignant example of being able to be lucid in that present now.

ELIAS: These types of experiences offer you validation, and also offer you a type of excitement, to be motivating you in the area of being present within the now and noticing within each moment. But you also delude yourselves many times, in looking to these types of experiences as your ‘spirituality’ and as your validation of your ‘growth.’ I express to you that within each moment of each now, there is much information that you may be assimilating.

Now; you may begin, if you are so choosing, with your more obvious areas objectively in your fine-tuning, so to speak, and this would move you in the direction of ANY type of conflict or twinge, for you are quite efficient at your dead mouse game! (6) Therefore, conflict gains your attention quite efficiently, but you need not move even into the area of conflict, but merely into your own twinges, which are much less than an expression of conflict, for you may catch yourself before you are creating your expression of conflict.

You may be in interaction with another individual, and the other individual may express any element to you, but may express it to you in the manner of what you would term to be a certain tone of voice, and regardless of the words that the individual is expressing, the tone which accompanies the words shall create a twinge within you, and you shall notice your own automatic response.

Now; within that present now moment, you offer yourself an excellent opportunity to STOP and examine, for no other individual is creating your reality! Therefore, no other individual is doing something TO you. YOU are creating your reality. Therefore, YOU are ‘doing to you.’ I have expressed this to you each previously, but you are not quite understanding yet.

I have offered to you within this forum your terminology of justification; your ‘rights.’ An individual may be expressing harshly to you, and you are within your rights to be expressing in retaliation. An individual may ‘hurt your feelings.’ This is a classic expression! I am quite amused with this expression, for this is a tremendous excuse for you each to be offering judgment upon another individual and turning your attention away from yourselves and not looking to your own creation of your own reality.

No other individual is hurting your feelings. YOU are hurting your feelings, for another individual may be expressing outwardly a statement, but YOU are allowing the penetration, and you are in agreement with this statement, and THIS is producing of your hurt feelings. [I may express to you], ‘You may be inconsiderate at times.’ And you may express to me, ‘This is unacceptable. This is hurting my feelings.’ I am not hurting your feelings. You are in agreement with my statement, and you are expressing within yourself, ‘You are correct. I am unworthy, for I am expressing inconsiderately at times. Therefore, I am bad and unacceptable.’

And where you are not accepting of yourself, you are responding to other individuals, but you are not accepting the responsibility of your own reality and that you are not accepting of yourself, and are expressing your own duplicity. Therefore, you project outwardly to another individual and express that THEY are creating of your reality and THEY are hurting your feelings.

These are the opportunities that you allow yourselves within the moment to be catching yourselves in your automatic movements, your automatic responses. You automatically respond to another individual’s tone. You automatically respond to another individual in harshness. You automatically respond if YOU are feeling defensive, if YOU are feeling hurt, if YOU are feeling unhappy. You shall be automatically projecting to another individual, expressing that they have created this situation. This is your opportunity to view what YOU are creating by stopping within the moment and fine-tuning and questioning yourself, ‘Why am I responding in this manner? What is my payoff? Where am I not accepting of myself, that I am responding to this situation and this expression?’

Practice with your daughter, one time. Practice with your partner, one time. Practice with your children, one time. Practice with your partner, one time ... one time merely. (Looking once at each person)

Offer yourselves the opportunity to STOP, to stop your own outward expression in response, in reaction to another individual.

Not merely, though, your outward expression, for it is quite easy for you all, once, to seal your lips and to not be responding outwardly, but notice inwardly the chatter that you shall create, for this is the point! One time in this situation, as you are expressing, ‘I shall not speak,’ but your thought process runs rampant within you, and you are screaming within your telepathy at this other individual ... for be remembering, it matters not that you do not speak. Energy is projected and individuals receive, and they are aware of what you are projecting regardless of your verbal expression.

Therefore, in this one experiment of one time, notice. Inquire of yourself, ‘Why? Why am I responding in this manner? What is it within me that is suggesting to me that I be defensive, that I am hurting within my feelings? What element of myself am I not worthy within?’ For this is your key. Your own lack of acceptance of self is what is producing of these responses, and subsequently [they] are projected outwardly in the manner that what you are expressing is, ‘I am powerless to be altering of myself in the areas that I am not accepting of myself. Therefore, I shall project outwardly, and I shall alter YOU and I shall alter YOUR behavior, and I shall THEN perceive myself to be adequate and worthy.’

No. Look to self, for all that you create within these outward expressions is a hamster wheel that you both climb upon and run and run and run, and fire at each other your own lack of acceptance of selves, but you do not accomplish acknowledging self and moving in the direction of accepting self. You perpetuate your own lack of acceptance, and you do this in the guise of justification, and justification is always done in the guise of ‘right’ or ‘better.’” [session 361, February 12, 1999]

FRANK: “To get back to the issue with other focuses, is that kind of the same issue in past life focuses also? Is that why I’m so ... like, I was trying to pursue that for a long time, I guess, to identify the focuses and find them in history ...


FRANK: ... just to see what was going on there.

ELIAS: Yes. You hold your attention in this area, for you also hold subjectively a recognition of their affectingness in this focus.

This also enters the situation of your attention to certain elements – as I have expressed in this session – that you view to be lacking in this particular focus. This is the expression that you view to be missing – in your terms – your ‘split-apart.’ (7) This is quite common within physical focus and is creating also of many elements of conflict within individuals, yourself also, for this is another expression of inadequacy that you reinforce to yourself. For if you be adequate, you would be discovering your split-apart, but as you are not adequate, you are not finding this individual and allowing yourself the bliss of shared relationship. (Smiling)

I express to you that first of all, you shall be addressing to self and the acceptance of self, and in this acceptance of self, you shall draw to you other individuals which shall be allowing you the expression of relationship in the manner that you seek.

FRANK: Okay. (Pause) Alright. In going from the split-apart to specifically – and excuse my being transfixed on this one focus from the past – but the one who we identified as Lillian Buseau, (8) is she a split-apart from me?


FRANK: Okay. Now, on two occasions ... on one occasion I was at a plantation in New Orleans and I heard a voice which I believe was hers, and on another occasion I had a dream, which was a very lucid dream, where we actually met very, very lucidly. My question is, did we actually meet, or is that just another one of my creations, trying to get to my beliefs? Am I creating the imagery of us meeting ...

ELIAS: No. (Smiling)

FRANK: ... in the subjective, or hearing a voice?

ELIAS: In one manner of speaking, it is a translation of imagery. In another manner of speaking, it is an actual contact, so to speak, of two aspects of consciousness, yours and the expression of another essence. You may translate this contact, so to speak, into your own creation of imagery, but this is not discounting of the actual interaction which is occurring.

What I am expressing to you in this is that within your own imagery to yourself, you may present yourself with a specific image of a specific type of individual, which is your own imagery, but this is the translation element of the interaction.

This is not to say that the interaction has not occurred or that you have merely created this singularly yourself. You have engaged the interaction, and that is reality. You merely also have created your own imagery in a physical form or type of physical form.

Therefore, I express to you that within your actions in this physical focus, you may be disappointing yourself if you are looking and searching for this particular body form, for the expression of this individual may not necessarily be manifest in that particular creation of physical form.

FRANK: Right.

ELIAS: But this is not to say that that essence is not manifest and that you do not hold the ability to draw yourself to that individual focus within this now.

FRANK: Right. Okay. At first, I didn’t really particularly feel like I was searching for that physical person in this present focus. I think I felt like I wanted to subjectively have interactions with this person on like a meditative level or a dream level, just to prove to myself that I can.

ELIAS: Quite! And this offers you also an expression of safety, does it not? (Grinning)

FRANK: (Laughing) I guess so. Very sneaky of me!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You need not be fearful of your physical expression if you are not engaging an individual physically!

FRANK: Can you express that again?

ELIAS: You need not be fearful of your physical expression or how you may be presenting yourself to another individual if you are not engaging another physical individual. Therefore, you are creating once again a very efficient protection and safety net for yourself!

FRANK: So this is not my pursuit of my spiritual abilities or my ability to transcend myself. I’m just reinforcing my belief systems.

ELIAS: You ARE offering yourself the objective awareness of your abilities within this physical focus. You ARE allowing yourself to view your ability to be accomplishing in certain actions in connecting with other elements of consciousness. But you are also simultaneously allowing yourself a safety net, and not addressing to the physical objective interaction within this focus.

Let me express to you that you yourself, as very many other individuals in like manner, express a false sense of spirituality to yourself, in moving in the direction of concentrating your attention and your energy in the expression of exploration of other aspects of consciousness and ignoring many of your objective physical aspects of your expression.

Actual, genuine spirituality encompasses ALL of your expressions, physical and non-physical, objective and subjective, belief systems and not belief systems.

FRANK: Okay....

ELIAS: Were this not so, I would not be expressing to you or to any individual to be pursuing fun and pleasure! What shall fun and pleasure matter if the expression of spirituality is not encompassing your physical objective expression? Pleasure and fun within physical focus is the experience of physical sensations!

FRANK: Right. Alright, I guess I’ve limited myself for such a long time that that was my only outlet, and I was looking for some sort of encouragement from there, I guess, to get back out.

ELIAS: Let me be encouraging to you! And I express to you, allow yourself to break free and experience pleasure and fun, and you shall also be experiencing a great liberation!” [session 371, March 12, 1999]

DEANE: “After my first session with you, I was quite elated. Then a week or so later, I started getting unpleasant feelings. A few days later – the day after Thanksgiving, to be exact – my wife and I were in a car accident. I lost the sight of my left eye, which they say can be fixed eventually, and there’s also a number of attendant problems, physical and otherwise, associated with this accident/event.

Why didn’t I prevent this? Why did I do this to myself? And particularly, what was the source of the bad feelings that came a few days before the accident?

ELIAS: Let us examine this situation and recognize the underlying belief systems which are affecting in this situation.

Now; although you hold to what you may term to be a new belief in what you identify as metaphysics, you also continue to align with and hold underlying aspects of religious belief systems.

Now; in this, you have jointly created this situation with your partner, in agreement with that individual. You are not solely creating of this situation yourself, but together you have created this particular event, for you share certain belief systems in this area.

Now; your partner holds these belief systems overtly – or what you would term to be objectively – quite expressly, but you have chosen objectively not to be acknowledging of these beliefs and expressing to yourself that you have moved beyond many of these aspects.

Although let me be reminding you that as we initially spoke, you engaged conversation as to your endeavor with your writing of your manuscript, and I expressed to you that the reason that you were not accomplishing what you were attempting to be accomplishing was that you were incorporating these types of beliefs into this work, so to speak, which was also contrary to the design of the work and the intent of the work and what it shall be accomplishing. Are you remembering?

DEANE: Oh yes! I have some questions in that regard later too.

ELIAS: Very well. As to this, subsequent to our engagement, this type of interaction shall bring forth surfacely different elements of those beliefs that are continued to be held, expressly those religious beliefs which conflict with this type of energy exchange. Therefore, following our interaction, you allowed yourself to be surfacing certain aspects of these beliefs which were quite influencing.

Now; let me express to you that within the context of religious belief systems, there is the element of the belief of cause and effect, and that if you are engaging certain actions which are contrary to the religious belief, you shall bring upon yourself certain unpleasantries, and this shall remind you, so to speak, that you are moving contrary to the ideal of the religious belief system.

In this, you also bring forth certain fears and uncertainties, but there is more occurring within this action than merely the surfacing of these types of beliefs. In this, your partner’s beliefs were reinforced and perpetuated with this joint creation that you have expressed, and you have offered yourself the opportunity to view certain aspects of these religious beliefs that you continue to hold, and the fears that are connected with them.

You also have engaged another element of this action in affecting of your physical sight. This is quite symbolic, and also follows quite efficiently in conjunction to the religious beliefs. In this, as you diminish your physical vision, it creates what you may term to be an outward blocking of vision. This temporarily serves its purpose in gaining your attention, that you may be turning your direction from viewing so intently outside of yourself – and looking for your fulfillment, so to speak, from outside of yourself – and becoming more attentive to your inward vision, placing your attention more inside than outside. As....

DEANE: Well, that certainly has happened, hasn’t it?

ELIAS: Quite, and as we have spoken previously, your attention was quite occupied with elements of your reality that lie outside of you.

DEANE: That is so correct!

Two recent EKGs have suggested an arterial blockage as the cause of an elevated systolic blood pressure, yet I have no chest pain, even under great physical stress. Do I have a problem here, or is this part of this new wave affecting so many that Mary was explaining to me?

ELIAS: This is a situation that – within your probabilities – shall pass and is not cause for alarm or what you term to be worry, for you shall be affecting of this physical situation yourself as this wave within consciousness diminishes. But let me also express to you that this particular wave in consciousness shall be continuing for a time framework. Therefore, I express to you, do not be viewing that this manifestation shall alleviate itself soon, although it IS temporary. But as it is a manifestation in conjunction with this wave in consciousness, it shall – within your probabilities – continue to be manifest throughout this wave.” [session 383, April 15, 1999]

JOE: “I have a few questions, if I might. Who was the Avatar Meher Baba, and what credence should be given to his words? (Pause)

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this terminology – of what you express as an ‘avatar’ – is a development of a mass belief system.

Now; let me explain that what has precipitated this belief system is a movement within consciousness in a collective expression for a philosophy and a specific direction of energy which has been accepted partially within physical focus, which offers to you more of an expansive idea, so to speak, of the workings of inserting certain philosophies into this reality.

Now; within these philosophies, there are elements which are based, so to speak, in truth, but these are encompassed by the interpretations which have been created within your physical focus, which are the development of the belief systems.

Therefore, there is a belief created that there are certain actual individuals that have created certain movements and certain philosophies themselves, when in actuality it is the designation through collective consciousness to one particular individual as the expression, so to speak, of the philosophy which is identified with. But I express to you that the individuals that are designated as the symbol for these directions of philosophies and ideas are merely that. They are a symbol that you may easily identify with.

Now; this is not to say that elements of the philosophy presented do not fall into areas of truths, for they do. But they are also surrounded, so to speak, with interpretations and translations, which are the belief system, which has been adopted through mass consciousness in relation to this particular dimension.

Now; this serves quite purposefully within your physical dimension, for it facilitates mass movements into certain directions, which is helpful to you in exploration of your reality through your belief systems.

In this, I express to you that the individual that you designate – that you have expressed as this avatar – is not in actuality what your belief systems have set into what you term to be a reality, just as the individual that you refer to as Jesus is not also responsible for all that is attributed to him, but serves as the symbol that may be identified to be setting forth – in a manner of speaking – the belief system, which has moved the mass consciousness into a certain direction. Are you understanding? (Pause)

JOE: Okay. Many religions teach of a melting into or a giving up of individuality to a God. Now, Seth said that All-That-Is is a giver of individuality, and once given, was inviolable. Do you agree with this?

ELIAS: Partially. I shall express to you that this is a limited explanation, for it continues within the expression of the belief system that there is some element which is beyond you. It designates a separation of essence and All-That-Is.

Now; I express to you that I am in partial agreement, for in physical terms, you may view that there is a type of separation – although there is not a separation – of essence and all of consciousness, but they are intermingled and are in actuality all the same. The only separation that may be identified is the quality within consciousness that identifies essence within a personality tone, but essence is consciousness.

Therefore, in this, I am in disagreement as to any element that is ‘given,’ so to speak, for this implies that there is some being or some entity or some state of being which is beyond yourself, which yourself is essence and is consciousness. Therefore, the designation of the term ‘All-That-Is’ is merely a different designation for the term of ‘God,’ and I express to you that within consciousness, there is no separation.

Therefore, if you are referring to any aspect of consciousness that may be designated as God, you are also simultaneously expressing of yourself, for it is all the same.

In this, NOTHING may be given to you that you do not already possess.

Therefore, consciousness holds the quality of individuality. It is not given to you; it is possessed by you. And in this, there is no element of consciousness that shall separate you from uniqueness or from individuality, for this is a choice of creation within essence. It is a quality that is held by essence, but it is not an element or a thing which is given to you or may be revoked.” [session 408, May 30, 1999]

RODNEY: “I have one other large question. I don’t know how much time you want to spend on it. I’m halfway through a book called Autobiography of a Yogi, which was published in 1920, more or less – I’m not exactly sure when it was published – and it’s been almost on the best-seller list ever since, which is a very long time, and the yogi in question is – I hope I pronounce this correctly – Paramahansa Yogananda.

And in this book, he talks about phenomena which you say is readily possible, and which people like myself in the western world find rather unlikely. Part of their training as a yogi is the ability to withdraw from any of the five senses that we normally use – in other words, seeing or hearing – they completely turn that off and on at will. They also relate in this book that those who have achieved the highest levels of their art can readily manifest material objects from ... I’ll call it the plasma of reality, the nonphysical plasma or pure energy, and they can also do such things as what would be referred to as miraculous healings, and manifest themselves in more than one place at the same time.

These are very remarkable achievements, and I put a great deal of belief in that what he is relating here is really true. The things that he relates, he personally experiences. I don’t think I doubt their validity. What I am asking concerns the training that he and people like him go through in order to develop these abilities. My understanding is that this training consumes a considerable amount of time and energy, and it takes a good number of years.

I’ve also noticed that it’s couched in a very different set of beliefs than we are accustomed to holding in our western culture. For instance, I understand that being a vegetarian is very, very important to the development of these powers, and there are other beliefs – I can’t relate them at the moment – that are somewhat foreign to our way of thinking.

I think basically the question I have for you is, is it possible to develop that level of ability utilizing different training, or is what they’re doing and what they’re saying extremely unique, and that’s the only way that you could develop those abilities, is to go through the training that they suggest is necessary? I guess that’s my question.

ELIAS: I express to you that this training or this process is not the only method or means by which you may be creating the very same actions.

I am also expressing to you presently that you may be creating these same wonders, so to speak, merely by allowing yourself to widen your awareness and in the genuine acceptance and trust of self.

I have been expressing this concept to you all from the onset of this forum, that you need not be engaging the formality and the intensity of these methods or this type of training. You may engage this if you are so choosing, and you may accomplish all that you view as wondrous in the manifestation of that type of method, but it is not necessary. It is not the only means in which you may attain the same actions.

RODNEY: Thank you, sir.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

RODNEY: Because as much as I admire this individual and admire what he’s accomplished, there’s no question. He makes it very clear. For instance, he talks about super-consciousness, and he clearly states that an individual who would experience super-consciousness who has not gone through the training and who has not purified himself by the training would actually kill himself by allowing that much energy into his physical body, and I found that a rather strong statement, and what I hear you saying is that this is not necessarily so.

ELIAS: Let me clarify in this.

I shall express to you that if you are not widening your awareness and if you are not allowing yourself to be opening your awareness within consciousness, within this physical dimension you may be creating of quite uncomfortable responses within your physical focus.

Let me clarify in this area.

The manifestations that these individuals produce within physical focus, all of you hold the ability to be producing, and you need not hold any particular extensive method to be accomplishing those actions.

In the exchange of physical and nonphysical energies, which is incorporated into the philosophy of this particular individual and the followers of this individual, you may be engaging a very different type of action as you limit yourself to physical reality.

You may be creating of any of these manifestations that you now view as wondrous, and you may be accomplishing this without tremendous methodology, so to speak. These are natural abilities that you hold that you have merely forgotten and have blocked from your objective awareness.

Now; in a discussion of interaction of physical and nonphysical energies in relation to consciousness, and the interaction of physical and nonphysical energies of essences and exchanges of energies, this is a very different subject matter, and more of your time framework is required to be offering an adequate explanation as to what may be occurring in that type of an exchange.

In this, you shall not necessarily disengage or disintegrate, so to speak, but you may be encountering what you would term to be severe disruptions within your physical manifestation and a strong creation of discomfort.

RODNEY: In this phenomenon, when you talk about the interchange of physical and nonphysical energies, is this involved when he discusses his experience of a oneness? He uses the term ‘a oneness with God.’

ELIAS: This is the translation. This is....

RODNEY: Because when he uses that term, he actually says that he becomes one with everything in the universe, and he’s talking about consciously being aware that he is one with everything.

ELIAS: Quite.

Now; this also is a slightly different type of actual action than of what I am speaking, but the individual held a physical, objective awareness that within the interaction of nonphysical elements of consciousness, incorporating that into a physical dimension, there may be severe physical affectingnesses that occur.

In this, some of those affectingnesses may be diverted as you allow yourself to open to your individual awareness within the physical dimension, and allow yourself an openness to the movement of energy within consciousness.

There are methods, so to speak, in which you – as an individual within physical focus – may be allowing yourself an indirect experience incorporated into physical focus.

A direct exchange and mergence shall be physically affecting, for your physical body consciousness is not designed within this physical dimension to incorporate that type of action.

RODNEY: Okay, but that is the action that Yogananda....

ELIAS: Not entirely.

The action that he has allowed himself to engage is an INDIRECT interaction with other elements of consciousness and with essence.

We shall discuss this futurely in a time framework that may allow for more of an explanation of this type of action, for this is requiring of much more of an explanation.

RODNEY: I thank you very much, sir.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 491, October 23, 1999]

PAUL: “I think I want to start today with a question about bridging science and religion, bridging physics and mysticism.

There’s this body of information called the perennial philosophy, and there are many thinkers who have contributed to this body of information, and it basically takes a look at subjective experience over recorded history and attempts to look at ways that there are consistent expressions from subjective self into objective awareness and knowing. I’m wondering if you would just comment on that idea.

My question really is, there’s a lot of work happening today, in this country and in the western world for sure, that deals with bridging physics and mysticism, looking for unification, as it were, or unity, a holistic approach. So, the perennial philosophy and the work in this area is being used by physicists and by mystics to attempt to build that bridge, where both things are seen as aspects of a larger whole, and I wonder if you would just comment on that.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Once again, we move in the direction of methods!

I shall express to you that individuals within the direction of your sciences and your religions have been attempting to be creating of this bridge, so to speak, for much of your history, and I express to you that for a time framework, they shall continue to be moving in this direction.

The individuals within religious expressions shall continue to be proving what they view as spiritual expressions, and objectifying and solidifying elements of consciousness into your physical reality that creates, as I have stated, a proof of the validity of experiences and expressions that are not easily explained objectively and that move into the area identified as mysticism.

And your sciences continue to be attempting to create a method to be inserting elements of consciousness into physical manifestations and solid expressions that you may view.

And in this, each shall continue within their explorations, and they shall continue to be creating of frustration to the point in which each recognizes that these elements are not opposite or at odds or separated, but that they are all merely expressions of one creation.

In this, as all of you continue to be moving in the direction of creating a search in the area of separation, you shall continue to frustrate yourselves and not in actuality offer yourselves the answers which you seek, for the answers which you seek, although they be quite obvious, are not obvious in the direction that you are seeking them. They are obvious in your expressions of self.

And in this, as each of you move in the direction of exploration of self and allow yourselves to be moving in the direction of genuine acceptance of self, you shall also discover that the directions you pursue in attempting to be building these bridges, so to speak, are just an expression of continuing to be running upon your hamster wheels, and it matters not! (Chuckling)

PAUL: Thank you. That’s interesting, and I understand that.

I guess I’m also curious though, this expression that they call the perennial philosophy does ... well, let’s not use the word bridge, but it expresses something that has been present throughout human history, certainly the last eight thousand years; let’s say recorded history, which I know is just a drop in the bucket, but it’s a lot of time for us. It seems that our subjective selves, the collective consciousness, constantly expresses itself individually certainly, and in certain individuals with a greater clarity perhaps, and this is just a condition that continues for our experience, does it not?

ELIAS: This is a choice. This is the choice of the individual to be allowing themselves to be open to their natural abilities.

And in this, your sciences and your religions continue to view the expressions of individuals – as they choose to be opening to elements of their awareness and their natural abilities – as a phenomenon and as miraculous and as unusual expressions.

I express to you that any manifestation which is created within your reality is an expression of yourselves.

In this, all of the amazing stories that you present to yourselves are merely the expression of your natural abilities, and as you allow yourselves to be trusting and accepting of self, you create these types of expressions quite easily and quite naturally.

I shall express to you, small children express wonders continuously, and in these expressions, your sciences AND your religions pay little attention, for it is much more amazing to all of you that adults shall be creating of the same expressions that small children create with ease.

Let me express to you once again:

In this, you create many different types of philosophies, you create many different avenues of exploration, and you create many expressions of investigations to be offering yourselves proofs.

This is the direction that creates frustration and creates an automatic discounting of the individual manifestation within your physical dimension.

For although you may objectively create a thought process that you are creating a validation to yourselves of your abilities, I express to you that in actuality, you are merely creating another avenue to be discounting of your natural abilities.

For if you are moving in the direction of acceptance and trust of self, you shall also offer yourself the knowing – the KNOWING – that these are natural abilities; the knowing of the interconnectedness of all of the individuals that physically occupy your planet, the consciousness which is not separated from one individual to another individual, and that you as physical individuals are not separated regardless of what you view physically in the manifestation of individual forms.

This be the reason that you may very efficiently be creating of collective movements in which you are all experiencing different aspects of the same waves that you create within consciousness.

Individuals do not necessarily discuss objectively and concentrate upon and create a philosophy and a plan in conjunction with each other to be creating of a collective experience in which many, many, many individuals shall participate and conjointly create an illness simultaneously, but you DO move in the direction of expressing to yourselves and to each other the belief that you may be affecting or INFECTING each other with an illness that you TRANSMIT to each other.

This offers you an objective explanation within the context of your beliefs that you share some movement together collectively in mass creation, but you wish not to be threatening the individuality and the unique expression and choice of each individual. Therefore, you express that you transmit to each other a contagion, so to speak.

In actuality, in noticing and ACCEPTING self and trusting of self, you also open your awareness to all that you are creating and participating within, and therefore offer yourself the objective realization of KNOWING that there is no separation and that you jointly create these mass expressions, and that you are not transmitting, so to speak, any particular creation to each other and infecting each other or responding necessarily to each other, but that you are simultaneously, jointly creating one action.

The transmission or the idea of transmission from one individual to another individual – this concept of transmitting certain creations – is another expression of your creation of linear time framework, and this moves quite in conjunction with your belief of reincarnation. (9)

You believe that you move linearly. You believe that you transmit one element from another element. You do not recognize objectively that it is not a situation of transmission. It is an expression of a simultaneous creation without separation.

Therefore, as you look to these expressions of philosophies, these explorations of consciousness, initially you may offer yourselves a type of objective validation that you are interconnected and that you are creating simultaneously.

But I also express to you, allow yourself to be aware that these movements continue to perpetuate also your discounting of your natural abilities, and continue to hold an element of expression of amazement.

Look to your individual expression. As you engage certain information, your initial response is amazement. Your initial response is, ‘Oh! This is so very amazing to me! Other individuals are connecting and understanding the same or similar elements to what I am offering to myself!’

Of course they are connecting and they are offering themselves philosophies and information in similar manner, for you are all interconnected, and what you offer to yourself you also offer to the whole of consciousness, and this moves with every individual upon your planet.

PAUL: Thank you. That’s very interesting.

I question ... about the collective consciousness and the lack of separation therein that you were just expounding on, from my perspective anyway, this last six thousand, eight thousand year period of time is certainly a time of what you have described as ... maybe ‘severe’ is the wrong word, but strong separation from essence. The oubliette, the forgetting that we experience, is very strong.

And I’m curious what your thoughts would be on the collective consciousness. Even though it engages this area of time, a time framework of severe separation, it always seems to – and I’m bringing it back to this perennial notion – it seems to express so-called amazing stories that seem to be amazing in the context of beliefs in separation, but as those beliefs in separation neutralize or melt and the reconnection or remembrance occurs, they’re no longer considered amazing stories.

So, it is in fact a quality of mass collective consciousness to provide reminders through what we call amazing stories, reminders of our remembrance, I guess.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and this is displayed objectively throughout your history and continues to be expressed objectively presently, although presently within this now, you may view many more expressions of this type as you ARE engaging this shift in consciousness.

Be aware that I am not expressing to any of you that the manner in which you have created your reality to this point is wrong or bad. You have quite efficiently created your reality to this point, and quite purposefully. You are merely choosing a different direction within the action of this shift, which is not to be expressed in the manner of a judgment upon the choice that you have created previously, for this also has been quite purposeful.

You are merely choosing a different expression presently within the action of this shift in offering yourselves more of an expression of creativity with less limitations throughout the expression of this physical dimension; in which, as you have stated, the amazing stories become recognized as natural abilities and are no longer the amazing stories, and this provides you the opportunity to be creating NEW amazing stories!

PAUL: Right. I was just going to mention that, that as we engage the remembrance, as it were, and things like crop circles, gray squishy guys, telepathy and so forth become understood and no longer considered amazing, I immediately turn my attention to, ‘Then what shall we create to be amazing ourselves?’ And that seems to be our nature, to amaze ourselves in our own becoming. So that’s what this shift is all about.

ELIAS: Quite! You are continuously exploring, for all of consciousness is continuously exploring and creating and becoming, and in this, you are continuously exerting your creativity to be creating new elements of reality.

And therefore, as you have already created a certain type of amazing stories throughout your history, you seek now to be creating a NEW type of amazing stories, and accepting that those creations that you have engaged previously are natural abilities that you have explored repeatedly.

Now you offer yourselves the opportunity to explore new areas of your reality, inserting new and exciting elements into your physical reality, in which I have stated previously, your science fiction becomes more as science fact, and your science fact becomes recognized as natural.” [session 493, October 26, 1999]

GARY: “... wasn’t civilization built on people learning to not do certain things and to treat others in certain ways so that we didn’t kill each other off?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you have developed belief systems throughout your millenniums, and in these belief systems, you have incorporated very strong alignments and creations of behaviors and limitations and guidelines, and MANY of the actions that you incorporate are influenced through many, many, many different types of religious beliefs.

I am not expressing religious beliefs in the manner of institutions, but underlying religious beliefs as to the identification of what you are, who you are, where you exist, and how you exist.

And what you are in conjunction with religious belief systems is a manifestation of ‘less than,’ and what you create as a manifestation of ‘less than’ are natural inclinations in the direction of hurtfulness and untrustworthiness, and this is quite incorrect.

These are aspects of beliefs that you have incorporated and that you have created a reality in conjunction with, but they are not truths.

There is no supreme being which has created you in its image. YOU have created a supreme being in YOUR image.

GARY: Then where do you get your power?

ELIAS: And which power would you be identifying of?

GARY: The energy to be.

ELIAS: You always have been. You have not received from any thing. You ARE, and you are all of consciousness. There is no thing, so to speak, outside of you.

GARY: You draw energy to be here. Where does that energy come from?

ELIAS: It IS. Energy is all-encompassing. It is, and – in your terms – has always been, and shall always be. These are your terms, for you incorporate a thought process and a reality physically which incorporates time in a linear fashion.

There is no past. There is no future. All which is, is now, and all that is in consciousness is YOU. (Pause)

You have created intricate belief systems to be offering yourselves explanations that you understand within physical terms, for you have created a manifestation of a physical form. Therefore, there is an appearance that you are singular. You incorporate one body, one persona, one manifestation, one identification, one mode, so to speak, of movement. You create one manifestation of probabilities at a time, in your terms.

You create singularly, and you have created this quite purposefully to be experiencing this type of manifestation, this type of exploration. You also are manifest within every other area of consciousness, for you ARE every other area of consciousness.

This which you identify as yourself is one focus of attention. You even mirror consciousness within this one focus of attention, in your ability to focus your attention in many different directions simultaneously in this physical dimension. You direct your attention within your physical manifestation in many areas simultaneously, and this also is a mirror of all of consciousness.

Your very physical manifestation is a mirror of essence. You may incorporate several actions simultaneously. Essence focuses attention in countless directions simultaneously, but they are all elements of the essence, and essence is merely a designation or an identification of a personality signature, so to speak, of consciousness, a unique element of consciousness, but is not separated.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

CHRIS: “... I read a book which was brought to me by a very dear friend of mine, Lonnie, from America. He brought me a book called ‘The Autobiography of a Yogi,’ which is about Paramahansa Yogananda from India, who came over to the West, to America, to bring some of the Eastern ideals. Do you have any recollection or any connection or any interpretation of exchange of energies with this essence?

ELIAS: I am aware.

CHRIS: Would you include him within the framework or within the same kind of – what’s the word? – reason for being placed on this earth as the prophets, such as Jesus and Buddha? Because I’m listening to his ideas now and interpreting them now, 50 or 60 years on, and sometimes getting what I think ... I’m starting to try to get the answers, and interpret them within my objective reality. Therefore, I’m trying to bypass some of the confusing, conflicting remarks that have obviously been processed through the publisher’s belief systems, and I’m trying to overcome those, but it’s still helping me.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Very well. There are many questions in what you have expressed now. Let me be addressing to some of these questions, and offering you some clarity in your interaction with this movement.


ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you, all of these individuals that have been physically manifest within this physical dimension that you identify as prophets or holy or spiritual, they have not been ‘placed’ in this reality. They have chosen.

CHRIS: Well, they have been placed by their own essence, in a kind of way....

ELIAS: They have CHOSEN to be manifest. They have chosen, in agreement, to be creating a direction of movement in their particular focus associated with a mass movement, so to speak, in energy, in consciousness, associated with this physical dimension.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is, the action that they have chosen to be incorporating within their individual focuses is a movement within themselves in alignment with a mass movement, not unlike the choice and the agreement that Michael has engaged in this focus, in the allowance with this phenomenon and energy exchange with myself.

It is a choice of the individual, and they individually choose their direction and their incorporation of movement freely, but also in relation to mass movements of energy within consciousness that are expressed quite strongly within your objective, physical reality.

Each of these individuals, therefore, in participating in that movement – but allowing themselves to be viewed within a position as a focal point, so to speak – they themselves are not initiating the movement. They themselves are not directing the movement. They have merely created an agreement to allow themselves to be viewed as the focal point – or one of the focal points – of the mass movement, so to speak.

Now; as to this particular individual that you are inquiring of, and your interaction with that information.


ELIAS: Let me express to you, the information that this particular individual offers is quite similar to the information that I offer, which is quite similar to the information offered through many religious focal points – or spiritual focal points, in your identification – or your identification of individuals that you deem to be wise. The identification of these individuals and the information that they allow is not necessarily wisdom, but an openness to essence and to consciousness and to reality.

Now... let me express to you, you need not be, in this moment or what you may term to be at this point within your awareness, concerning yourself with the incorporation of the belief systems of a publisher, so to speak, of this book, or even the belief systems of....

CHRIS: Yogananda.

ELIAS: Yes, for you have already offered yourself the beginnings of awareness of belief systems. Therefore, you may easily identify the incorporations of belief systems. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be occupying your attention with the identifications of these incidentals.

CHRIS: I understand.

ELIAS: In this, you may recognize, you already hold an awareness of the belief systems of this individual. They are incorporated in the expression of what you term to be his teachings. There is an attraction to these teachings, so to speak, for there is a recognition of an expression within them that holds a similarity to information that I also offer to you.

Many teachers have offered this information. I do not offer you information that is different or new. I offer you information in a different manner, for you occupy a different time framework. You occupy a unique time framework within your history, in the engagement of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, the design of the expression of information is configured slightly differently, in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

CHRIS: I understand. May I ask you a question about Paramahansa Yogananda? Could you give me an essence name and an essence family and alignment? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence of Tashkai; T-A-S-H-K-A-I. (tosh-kay) Essence family, Milumet; alignment of that individual, Gramada.

Now; be aware that this individual has created a movement, in that focus, of the development of a method, a process.

CHRIS: Would this include the meditation method, the kriya-yoga?


CHRIS: Which is something I’m thinking about being initiated within.

ELIAS: In this, you may allow yourself to identify the similarities in a familiar movement of creation within this physical dimension, which this individual is not exempt from.

All of you complicate your reality. All of you create methods and processes within your movement. All of you look to your movement in terms of ‘growth’ and aspiring to be creating ‘better,’ or in the expression of what you define as spiritual.

CHRIS: Yes. I know where you’re going, and maybe you can carry on with that after I’ve expressed my own personal thought manifestations along the integration of this information, ‘cause I do understand the belief systems incorporated in the kriya-yoga techniques, and also the terms he uses, and the movement in terms of ‘maya,’ which is the physical side of our beings, the distractions that we’ve spoken about before within my focus as being a distraction of sex, a sexual thing.

And even though I’m aware ... and a little bit confused, I’ve got to admit, with the term maya and the integration of reality within that, I’m also understanding that these techniques help me bypass – it’s a belief system, I know – but help me bypass or may help me bypass some of these feelings, which again, you have told me in the past and I do understand are a distraction, and are still even now distracting me.

And even though I know, within the interpretation of maya and his movement ... they’re kind of saying it’s wrong, and I know within reality it is not wrong. But it still may help, this technique of kriya-yoga, in connecting with essences such as yourself, in being freer, whether we call it maya or whether we call it distractions, that in some way would be assisting.

ELIAS: And I am not discounting of this. Whichever method you choose to be incorporating, whichever direction you choose to be engaging in the expression of beneficiality to yourself, is quite acceptable. I am not expressing to you that there is any right or wrong to this action. It is merely a choice.

CHRIS: I understand, but you’re saying that if I choose ... that I don’t need any of that, and that I will be able to drop everything. I will be able to drop all of these distractions if I am so choosing objectively right now, and move into the experience of integration, of letting go, of incorporating more of a subconscious manifestation of exchanges. This is where I want to be. I know you understand.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

CHRIS: I understand, and I know that within me saying you are understanding, really I’m saying, I think I am understanding.

ELIAS: Quite.

In this, your identification is to be moving into an expression of what you deem to be spirituality, and creating more of an efficiency within your focus.

Now; let me express to you, as I have stated, I am not discounting of this method. It matters not. It is merely a choice.

What I AM expressing to you is that you also allow yourself the recognition that this is merely a choice, and that it is not necessarily the incorporation of some higher expression of spirituality.

For in the actual definition of spirituality, you are already accomplishing this, for all of your experience, all of your focus, all of your attention, all of your BEING ...

CHRIS: Me personally?

ELIAS: Yes! ... is spiritual, for all of consciousness is spiritual, and none may be separated, in terms of physical or emotional or psychological, as not an element of that expression of spiritual. It is all-encompassing of all experiences and all of your BEING.

Therefore, I express to you to allow yourself the recognition that your movement into this type of action and this type of choice is merely to be incorporating a type of method that facilitates a clarity within you, but not to confuse that clarity with the insertion of the belief that this method is the actual incorporation of attainment of higher spirituality, for it is not, for your highest spirituality is already expressed. (Emphatically)

CHRIS: So the initiation process in itself, even though it may be helpful, is still a belief system?

ELIAS: The process is influenced by a belief system, yes.

CHRIS: But I’m sure it has been assisting, hasn’t it?

ELIAS: Yes. I am merely expressing to you not to be confusing the process – which is the enactment of the belief system – with the reality that you are already your highest expression.

CHRIS: I understand – I do understand. And if you remember, a few minutes ago I used the word confusion, and that is the part, which I realize is the part – if I do move down there, I have to eliminate that confusion.

ELIAS: Correct, and recognize that if you are moving in an association with this process in the identification of attainment of a higher expression, in actuality, what you are creating is merely a reinforcement of the separation that you wish not to be reinforcing.

CHRIS: Yes, I do understand, and I do realize that is a danger, and that’s why I say, maybe I don’t need to do this. It’s just a thought process, and we’re here, and I’ve very nearly finished the book. I was hoping to finish it before I spoke to you, because it’s another stage, it’s another step, but I forgot it. There are no mistakes.

But let me just turn at the moment to the friend that actually brought me the book, who has become almost ... and again, let’s not go down the path of belief systems where I say the word guru. But this guy seems to hold within him, even without saying things, a helpfulness to me, and his name is Lonnie. Could you give me his essence name and family, please, and comment? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Schri; S-C-H-R-I. (shree) Essence family, Tumold; alignment in this focus, Ilda. You have participated in other focuses with this individual. You hold an affinity for this essence and the manifestations of that essence that you participate with.

In this, you allow yourself a recognition of a flow of energy which is allowed to be exhibited by this individual in the expression of the essence family to which he is belonging to. This expresses itself in an ease of movement in relation to other individuals in being assisting, so to speak, to them – without thought, without concentration, but merely in a natural flow of energy – in helping to direct them naturally into their natural expression of themselves and their expression of trust of selves.

You attain trust of self, in a manner of speaking, by allowing yourself movement in familiarizing yourself with self, and allowing yourself to be recognizing your own abilities and validating those abilities to yourself and not discounting them, and in that reinforcement, you allow yourself the expression of trust of self.

Now; I may also express to you, Nania, you may be incorporating this new-found method, and it may be quite beneficial to you and helpful to you in allowing you to focus your attention upon self rather than focusing your attention intensely upon outside elements, or even actions that you yourself create, for those also are projections outside of yourself. In this, you may allow yourself to be engaging a type of method that may in actuality facilitate more of an ease in your ability to be centering yourself, in a manner of speaking.

I merely express to you the importance of recognizing and remembering that each time you move your thoughts and your assessment – or your definition of your movement – in the direction of acquiring or ‘attaining to’ some position, what you are creating in that moment, in that expression, is a discounting of what you are.

CHRIS: Right, I understand.

ELIAS: Do not lose sight of what you ARE.

CHRIS: I’ll be careful not to do that.

ELIAS: But as you recognize what you are, and you continue to acknowledge and validate that within yourself, you may incorporate this method or this process as a tool.

CHRIS: A toy?

ELIAS: A tool ...

CHRIS: A tool. Right, I understand.

ELIAS: ... that shall facilitate your movement.

CHRIS: Yes. That’s very helpful.

ELIAS: For although you are correct [that] you may be incorporating spontaneously all that you wish to be incorporating in your objective widening of awareness, it is quite unlikely that you shall incorporate that, for you DO involve yourself in the perception of processes.

CHRIS: I just sometimes forget where the ‘bypass the shit’ button is, you know? Sometimes we’re looking for a ‘bypass the bullshit’ button! (Elias chuckles) Which we sometimes want to have, don’t we? Isn’t there any way we can incorporate that into our own bodies now? It’s like, let’s just bypass the crap for a few minutes, you know?

ELIAS: Ah, and you may! You may create your own bypass button, so to speak, and you may express to yourself the identification of any area of your physical body, and focus your attention upon that. What say you with your navel? HA HA! And express to yourself, each time you are experiencing those moments, the bypass is the recognition of the complication!

CHRIS: Okay, right.

ELIAS: ‘I am complicating, and I may bypass the complication (indicating the navel area) with the simplicity!’ (Grinning)

CHRIS: I’ll remember that! Great, excellent.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!” [session 645, June 17, 2000]

RODNEY: “We’re coming on that time of year where the celebration of the ... one of the aspects of Halloween is the thinning of the veil between the living and the dead, so to speak.

ELIAS: (Dryly) Ah. Myself as case in point. (Much laughter)

RODNEY: And this celebration is actually, I think, pretty uniform throughout many parts of the world at this time of year, and I was wondering if there are any aspects of our weather or of our culture or of our whatever that gives some substance to this idea at this time of year, and perhaps why did it come about, because it reminds me of the aspect of the shift in consciousness where we will be experiencing a greater view of other focuses and the like.

ELIAS: And dancing with ghosts! (Grinning)

RODNEY: And dancing with spooks, yes! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I shall express to you, Zacharie [Rodney], in actuality, the celebration of this day, so to speak, in the configuration of your culture, is for the most part unique to your culture.

RODNEY: Oh, I thought it was also true that like the Irish have a celebration like this, and the Germans have a celebration.

ELIAS: There is an observance, within other cultural groups in some areas of your globe, of a recognition of the individuals that you define as passing into death, and this is associated quite strongly with religious belief systems.

But as to your celebration of this particular holiday, although it is incorporated in part, to lesser degree, in some other cultures within your world, it is in actuality an establishment of this particular culture and this particular country, so to speak, which is born of the religious belief systems that have been incorporated in this particular culture differently than they have been incorporated, for the most part, throughout your globe.

This particular holiday is associated with what you may term to be the establishment of your Christian belief systems. There is a recognition in similarity within other establishments of religious organizations, in a manner of speaking, but it is not expressed to the degree that you afford in attention in this culture to this particular holiday, and in association with the type of Christianity which is expressed within this particular culture.

This particular belief system of Christianity may be exhibited in many, many cultures throughout your globe, and it may be incorporated into the belief systems of most of the countries and groups of individuals throughout your globe in many different types of expressions and interpretations.

This particular expression that you are referring to in actuality has been established in conjunction with the religious beliefs expressed through the Christianity that is exhibited through what you identify as the Roman Church of Catholicism, but has been incorporated in a different manner within your culture.

It has been expanded upon, in a manner of speaking, within the beliefs in association with the deviation of that expression of Christianity, in that which you now identify as the Lutheran or Protestant aspect of Christianity.

In this, within the early establishment of your culture that you recognize presently, the belief systems of the individuals in the time framework were expressed quite strongly, not in association with the Roman Catholicism, but within your unique cultural expression that you identify as Puritanism.

In this, as you have incorporated many aspects of fear and superstition in association with these beliefs, you have developed, in a manner of speaking, your own new unique brand of Christianity, which is more unique to this particular culture than any other culture throughout your globe, and the expressions of that religious establishment incorporate different colors, in a manner of speaking, different hues, and are more expressive and more dramatic than some other cultures which incorporate similar belief systems.

(Vic’s note: Boy, is Elias long-winded in this session or what!)

ELIAS: As to the identification of this holiday without its dramatic incorporation, and the observance, so to speak, of this holiday, it has been established not as a link between yourselves and those individuals that you view as dead, but as a reinforcement of the separation and as a reinforcement of the division that you create within your beliefs, as setting apart any individual that has engaged this action of death as moving into a position of ‘greater than.’

Therefore, the holiday is established not in the expression of this shift in consciousness, but in the expression to be acknowledging to yourselves the powerfulness of energy and movement and abilities of those individuals that engage death as defined as more powerful than yourselves, and the establishment of a belief which is rooted in duplicity and discounting of the individual which participates within physical focus.

For it is a discounting of yourselves that you offer attention, remembering, and homage to those individuals that have engaged this action of death, in the recognition that they are greater than yourselves and hold abilities that you do not, and may be helpful to you if you are subject to them and to their dictates, for you are ‘less than.’

This is in actuality the establishment of the belief which is associated with this particular holiday.

It is not a recalling of the dead in celebration. It is not the recognition that this is merely a movement from one area of consciousness to another. It is NOT the expression in recognition that there be a thin veil between yourselves and any individual that may be deemed as dead. It is in actuality MORE of an expression of separation.

RODNEY: Okay. Was it at one time, in other cultures? Was it more of a reverence or a memory of death in the thinness of the veil that exists? I understand what you’re saying about our culture. I’m asking, was it different in other cultures originally?

ELIAS: As to the identification of thinness of veil, no. As to a reverence to the identification and the memory of that which you deem to be the dead, yes. And what is the expression of reverence?

RODNEY: Well, I’m thinking of cultures where they go and dig up the bones of the dead people....

ELIAS: What is the definition of reverence generally?

RODNEY: Holding them as sacred.

ELIAS: Quite, and what is this expression within you? What does it deem you to be?

GROUP: Less than.

ELIAS: Quite, and therefore, it is a very strong expression of duplicity and discounting of the individual that participates in physical focus.

Any expression of reverence to individuals that have created the choice for death, for essences such as myself, for ANY individual – other than yourself – is an expression of discounting of yourself automatically, for it is an automatic setting of another expression of consciousness, be it physical or nonphysical, in raised position to yourself. It is unnecessary to be expressing reverence to ANY expression of consciousness.

RODNEY: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend! (Laughter)

JOHN: Elias, it’s John. On a lighter note....” [session 704, October 07, 2000]

PAUL T: “Ah, hark back to my very first session – let’s talk about motivations and that meeting of essence that I had in Regional Area 3 or wherever it was. (10) We talked about motivation and how that sort of meeting of essence lends so much energy to this focus and that sort of thing.

In the past couple, three months and especially in the last couple of weeks, I have felt the absence of that motivation. As a matter of fact, I have been chalking it up to transition, but a couple of weeks ago it was like ... I felt like I was seriously considering the option of disengagement of physical focus. It was like, ‘Oh, this is becoming so tedious.’

I have a few thoughts on that that I would like your comments on. It has to do with I have somehow lost that connection or that knowing of essence, and how that translates into sort of a meandering or wandering of energy that I can’t seem to direct in the manner in which I am so choosing. (Sighs)

I sure wish I could say, ‘Give me a method on how to do this,’ but I know you won’t do that (Elias chuckles), so just some thoughts. I’m kind of at a loss for what direction I’m headed here in terms of this lack of motivation.

ELIAS: And your assessment and your impression?

PAUL T: Is ... I’m sorry, go ahead. (Elias nods for Paul to continue) Ah, okay. It is a disassociation with that conscious awareness of the fact that I am essence and it is more focusing outward as opposed to focusing inward on that connection.

ELIAS: And your impression concerning what this is an indication of? (Pause)

PAUL T: Well, the thing which occurred to me within the last week was paying attention more to the now and that perhaps my attention was being placed futurely and pastly, and not staying in the now and noticing what’s going on around me. The information that you were talking about with Zacharie [Rodney] on Saturday (11) also helped me to make some connections between that inner connection and the knowing of my worth, independent of anything that I do, say, or anything else, and how that is connected to the concept of service, that service has been presented to me as a way out of this feeling of lack of motivation, of non-worth. I recognize that the capacity to be of service to others is derived from that sense of self-worth, knowing that my worth is not derived from anything else other than the fact that I merely am.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you that your assessment of the situation is accurate and your impression concerning what you are presenting to yourself is also accurate. For in this lack of motivation you are expressing to yourself a type of floundering, for you have presented to yourself a particular direction that you associate with spirituality.


ELIAS: In actuality, the expression of spirituality is all of you and all that you manifest. That which you direct your attention within in this physical dimension and physical manifestation is no less of an expression of spirituality. But within the expressed beliefs, the direction is to be seeking out beyond this physical expression to gain the true nature of spirituality, which is quite incorrect. This is seeking out a greater expression of yourself and expressing to yourself that you are seeking it out inwardly when in actuality you are seeking it out outwardly, for it is deemed to be an entity that is greater than yourself and outside of yourself, not incorporated within this physical manifestation but beyond this physical manifestation.

Now as you turn your attention and you move to not be generating that association with that experience, moving your attention more to the now, you present to yourself this experience of floundering, so to speak, for there is confusion in what you shall place your attention upon.

PAUL T: Aye, there be the rub!

ELIAS: And this is the subject matter that we spoke of in that group forum, moving into a direction of genuinely focusing your attention upon self in the now, in the moment, and not projecting your attention futurely or pastly in relation to experiences and associations with those experiences, and directing of yourself rather than moving your attention outside of yourself and looking to another force of energy to be directing of you...

PAUL T: Yes.

ELIAS: ...even though you view that other force of energy intellectually to be you, but not.

PAUL T: Indeed, and that has been the crux of my floundering, because my memory of that experience is something outside of myself. Intellectually I can say, ‘This IS me,’ but it’s the difference of how to take that experience and to know that that is me.

ELIAS: And the manner in which you accomplish this is to genuinely focus your attention upon you.

PAUL T: In the now.

ELIAS: In the now, in the moment. And the manner in which you accomplish that is to be moving your attention to your choices, to what you actually choose, what you do.

PAUL T: Paying attention to where my attention is.

ELIAS: Yes, and what you are generating in the moment.

PAUL T: And how I am generating it.

ELIAS: Correct. And this is the nature of the exploration.

PAUL T: Oh, I do believe that is about as close to a method, I think, as I will ever get out of you! (Elias chuckles) All right.

ELIAS: As I have stated, my friend, this is an unfamiliar action. Therefore, the expression of a lack of motivation is quite commonly expressed, and the interpretation in singularity and absolutes and black and white, which is quite familiar to you all, of expressing to yourself the questioning whether this is a signal that you are choosing to be disengaging, is also quite commonly expressed.

But your expressions within objective reality, as I continue to reiterate, are quite abstract and not black and white. This is merely your automatic association: ‘I am unmotivated; therefore I must be choosing to be disengaging.’

PAUL T: Ah! (Elias chuckles) Quite incorrect.

PAUL H: Can I just offer a comment on what you two have been discussing? Yesterday Mary talked to the group about her own choices and thinking and feeling, and you mentioned choice again in the context of what you were just talking about. Paul used the word ‘method’ and it dawned on me, in information you’ve offered before you’ve talked a lot about belief systems, accepting self, accepting others, accepting self. You talked about noticing, identifying, recognizing, addressing to, and acceptance, and this is really a continuation and expansion of the same process.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL H: Directing attention to self is also part of this process, moving into addressing to and accepting. You have offered methods and other things too, exercises and things that draw the attention to self...

ELIAS: You are correct.

PAUL H: ...that are available. So I just wanted to throw that out. (12)

ELIAS: There are many methods; there are many processes. It matters not what you choose as a process or a method to be directing your attention. What holds significance is that you recognize your attention and that you recognize that you do hold the ability to manipulate it and move it, that it is not anchored in one direction.

PAUL T: Quite unfamiliar.

PAUL H: So by looking at choices, in another way we’re looking at the beliefs that are there, because they are behind, they’re filtering. Every choice has a belief behind it...

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL H: ...just about. There must be an exception to that, but in general.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. You choose to be in alignment with a belief or not.

PAUL H: Right, which is separate yet linked, but separate from the thought process that you’ve been talking about.

ELIAS: Correct. And in this, the point, as you are aware, is not to be changing beliefs, although this is an automatic response in association. But how may you change beliefs if you incorporate them all? What shall you change them to? And you may not eliminate them, for they are intrinsic to the design of this physical dimension. Therefore if you are choosing to continue to be physically manifest, you are also choosing to be creating within the physical design of this dimension, which incorporates beliefs.

Therefore, your direction is the acceptance of them, and what is the acceptance or what is the method of acceptance of the beliefs but to recognize their existence, not generate judgment concerning their existence, and offer yourselves choice, knowing that the belief is expressed but that you are not subject to it. You may align with it, and this is neither good or bad. Or you may choose not to align with it.

I may express to you an example of this method, which I have expressed to other individuals also. Choose any belief.

PAUL T: Religious.

ELIAS: This is a belief system. Choose one expression of any belief.

PAUL T: That I must be incorporating physical motion to move a physical object.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; visualize the belief as an object, as an entity in itself, and this object, this belief, is set directly before you. This is the belief which concerns your ability to be creating an action or not.

Now; you also may incorporate the visualization that beside this belief is another physical object, which is the object that you wish to move without physical contact.

Now; you view this belief. As you acknowledge its existence, you are not attempting to eliminate it, you are not attempting to reconfigure it into some other shape, but merely noticing and recognizing that it exists.

Now; if you choose to pick up this object, this belief, you choose to comply with it. Therefore, as you direct your attention to the physical-matter object that you wish to move without physical contact, you shall not accomplish, for you have chosen to pick up and align with the expression of this belief that you may not move an object without physical contact.

If you choose NOT to pick up this object of this belief, you may offer yourself the choice to move the physical object without contact, for you are not choosing to align with the expression of that belief. In that action, you acknowledge the existence of the belief but you recognize that it does not control or dictate to you your movement or your choices. It does not incorporate that power. This is the neutralization of the power of the belief and returning the power of action to you, returning the power of choice to yourself rather than projecting the power to the belief.

Automatic responses are the action of transferring that power to the object of the belief rather than allowing yourself the power of choice. The belief continues to exist, but in itself it does not create your choices or your reality.

PAUL T: So therefore one of my major tasks is being able to identify all of the objects that are in front of me, all the beliefs that are in front of me.

ELIAS: Correct, and once recognizing...

PAUL T: Then I have the choice to either leave it on the table or pick it up.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL T: Wow.

PAUL H: So the neutralization is like the latency, then. It is the potential for the belief to create action. It becomes latent in this neutralization of it. It still exists...

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

PAUL H: it’s a state shift, as best as I can conceptualize it.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

PAUL H: It becomes latent. It’s not ... are you bypassing it?

ELIAS: No. You are offering yourself choice. You are recognizing that you incorporate choice, and therefore whether you choose to pick up the belief or not, matters not. It is your choice in the moment. One is not better or worse than the other. The power lies in the choice.

PAUL H: And this action of choice can occur with thought process, but also without thought process.

ELIAS: Correct, for the thought process, as I have stated, continues regardless, in like manner to your heartbeat. It is merely a matter of whether you are directing your attention to it or not. It does not create your reality; it does not set your direction. It interprets and translates, in objective manner, what you are generating, for this is its function.

If you are paying attention to you in your entirety, you may allow yourself to incorporate all of these aspects of yourself simultaneously, harmoniously.

PAUL H: Is one way of saying that ‘becoming aware of the thinker of the thought, of the dreamer of the dream’?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

PAUL H: In a manner of speaking, source identity.

ELIAS: Yes, incorporating allowance of your attention and to be aware of your communications, of your choice and of your thoughts simultaneously, which you quite efficiently hold the ability to be incorporating. You are merely familiar with moving your attention in certain expressions singularly. But you are also familiar with incorporating many actions in your attention simultaneously. You merely do not associate this with self, inwardly.

You are quite efficient at projecting your attention outwardly and occupying your attention with many expressions and directions simultaneously outside of yourself. You are unfamiliar with the action of incorporating your attention in many expressions simultaneously within yourself.

PAUL H: And this would lead us to the inner senses and engaging them more fully while in waking state?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, yes, allowing yourself to be aware objectively of what you are generating and what you want, and in what you want, incorporating your abilities to generate that want. Be it through expressions of inner senses, outer senses, physical actions – it matters not, but offering yourself the genuine knowing of your abilities and permission to express them. For I may express to you all, my friends, even within the moment that you may offer yourself a genuine knowing of your abilities, you may not necessarily offer yourself permission to express them.

PAUL T: So I can turn that permission to myself into another object to lay on the table.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL T: Ah! This could be very interesting.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you fascinate yourselves with the expression of your abilities in outward experiences and manifestations, but you also generate fear in relation to these types of actions. For the mere action that many individuals seek so intensely, of moving a physical object without contact, may generate quite an expression of fear merely in the recognition of your own power and how powerful you actually are.

PAUL H: I totally understand that, because in some of my own experiences ... you freak yourself out and you pull back. Giving permission allows that opening and...

ELIAS: Quite.

PAUL H: ...becoming familiar with the action.

ELIAS: Quite.

PAUL H: That’s a big step.

ELIAS: And if you are so very powerful you also present to yourself the fear that you shall frighten other individuals with this great expression of power.

PAUL H: Right, that’s very much a part of my perception with other events that have happened to me, becoming a freak. ‘What will others think of me?’ (13)

ELIAS: Generally speaking, individuals within your dimension do align with this belief concerning themselves with the perceptions of other individuals, and the reason that this is expressed so generally is that you incorporate this judgment within self and you reflect it outwardly in association with other individuals. Genuinely you do not fear the perception of other individuals; you fear your own perceptions of yourselves and your own judgments of yourselves, and this is what you reflect.” [session 991, January 21, 2002]

FRANK: “... One of my business associates has started to talk to me about his religion and not to say to convert me but almost to try to convert me. I don’t have an affinity for organized religion or really any religion, to be truthful. So I sat there and said, ‘All right, this is some message to myself, obviously, and I’ve somehow created this but I can’t for the life of me figure out why I have.’

ELIAS: You have drawn this to yourself to offer yourself an opportunity, and the opportunity is to allow yourself to view the similarities rather than the differences in expressions, and to allow yourself to be accepting – accepting of yourself and your preferences – and therefore to generate the by-product of acceptance of other individuals and their expressions and their preferences, recognizing that it matters not.

All of you as individuals within this time framework and throughout your physical dimension are moving in an expression of this shift in consciousness, regardless of which avenue you choose to offer yourself information. Even individuals that continue to be aligning with established expressions of religious institutions are participating in this shift and are offering themselves information in association with it and with their movement. They are merely imaging their expressions differently than you or other individuals. But in actuality, it matters not. Whatever their choice is to be offering them a method to avoid trauma is acceptable.

FRANK: Let me pursue that a little bit. You say it’s an opportunity to view similarities and expressions, and I think I understand what you mean by that – the chance to accept self and my preferences. I think I accept his choice and preference, and I think that I accept where I’m at. But I guess the question I have for you is that I find that I don’t like to speak to people, particularly people like him –who’s a good friend and who I trust and like and all that sort of thing – but I don’t like to discuss with people what my preferences are because I don’t feel that they would accept them. Are you saying that by not doing that that I’m really not accepting them myself?

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

This is an opportunity, my friend. For first of all, let me say to you quite clearly and quite definitely, every individual within your physical dimension incorporates every belief system. None of you eliminate any belief systems. Therefore, you or other individuals may not choose to be affiliating yourselves with an establishment that expresses religious concepts or principles or philosophies, but this is not to say that you do not incorporate religious beliefs. You merely image them in different manners. Therefore, the opportunity is presented that you allow yourself to recognize that you also incorporate religious beliefs and offer yourself choice.

You choose to be expressing your movement in association with YOUR preferences, which may not be to align with certain establishments of churches, so to speak, or religious denominations, but you choose to be continuing in this physical dimension and therefore you are incorporating the beliefs. You are merely offering yourself choice.

Other individuals are offering themselves choices also. They may be different objective expressions of choice than you incorporate, but the beliefs are the same. If you are cautious or hesitant in the expression of YOUR choices, this is worthy of your examination.

FRANK: Can you go into more detail on that?

ELIAS: You, in like manner to many, many individuals, generate hesitancy at times in expressing outwardly to other individuals, for you incorporate a fear that your expression shall not be accepted, and you express a cautiousness in relation to the perceptions of other individuals. (14)

Now; if your fear is expressing that the other individual may incorporate judgment associated with your choice, what you are actually expressing to yourself is that YOU continue to express some judgments or doubt or hesitancy in association with your OWN trust of yourself and your own acceptance of yourself. For what you do not accept within yourself you generate outwardly and reflect through other individuals.

Now; this is not to say that you must be engaging conversation and exchange with other individuals concerning all of your expressions and your philosophy and your movement and your choices. But the hesitancy is worthy of your examination.

FRANK: So that would be my homework for next time, huh?

ELIAS: Quite.

Now; let me also express to you to be aware, for many individuals may incorporate this information that I have offered now to you and move in another extreme, in which they may express outwardly in similar manner to what you view your friend is incorporating.

Now; your friend may not be attempting to convince you of their philosophy and beliefs, but it appears to you at times that this is what may be occurring. For this also is an opportunity for you, to examine and caution yourself not to be moving into an acceptance of yourself [and] thusly turning that expression once again into a lack of acceptance in attempting to convince another individual that your direction is right and that their direction is not right. This is expressed quite frequently by many individuals, and this is not the point, my friend.

Once you allow yourself a genuine acceptance of your choices and your expressions, you may recognize objectively quite clearly that you shall experience no motivation or necessity to be comparing or to be convincing any other individual of your choice of direction or your expressions of philosophy, so to speak; for you shall allow yourself to rest within a comfort of knowing that the direction that you have chosen is satisfactory in your focus and in your movement, and facilitates an ease and offers you information that you incorporate to facilitate your movement and be affecting of your perception.

But this is not an absolute. This is not to say that the movement that you generate is the right or the only direction that may be efficiently incorporated to facilitate movement.

Therefore, the point is to be moving yourself into a genuine expression of acceptance and trust of yourself, and therefore recognizing that your choice is acceptable and other individuals’ choices are acceptable, and there are similarities within your choices regardless that you image them differently. Be remembering, my friend, objective imagery is quite abstract. Therefore, what holds significance is the movement that you generate inwardly and the associations that you generate in relation to beliefs.

FRANK: Well, there’s a lot there. Two things I guess I want to express here. Number one, it seems that as I grow older and mature I find myself less interested in trying to convince anybody of anything. I’m not sure if that’s because of more acceptance of self or more fear of how others will perceive me. I’d like to think it’s more the first than the second.

ELIAS: And you are correct. You are moving into more of an expression of acceptance.

FRANK: I guess the other thing that occurs to me that maybe is a part of this is something you said to me maybe about a year ago, about – how can I express this? – that one of my beliefs is a belief in an inability to communicate or maybe being not as good at communication as I would like to be.


FRANK: Is that a part of it also?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, as I have stated, noticing this situation that you have generated is offering you an opportunity to examine many different expressions and beliefs, and therefore is worthy of your attention.

In this, my friend, you shall also begin noticing, as you generate more of an acceptance within self and allow yourself the recognition of similarities and express less of a guardedness in association with yourself and your expressions, other individuals shall begin to reflect this also, and you shall not perceive them to be attempting to convince you.

You shall recognize within your perception that the other individual is merely sharing information with you rather than viewing the interaction as competitive and compelling.

FRANK: Right, that they’re not trying to convert me.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: Okay. Well, that’ll be my homework for next time.” (Elias laughs) [session 1032, March 12, 2002]

KATE: ... “I have been told by a lot of people that in previous incarnations on this planet that I have worked in the spiritual arena, if you will, assisting people. I’d like to know if in fact that’s true, and also to what extent that work is assisting me now and to what extent it may be holding me back.

ELIAS: I shall validate, yes, you do incorporate other focuses in which you generate experiences in association with your beliefs concerning spirituality.

As to your question of whether that is offering you assistance or hindrance, let me say to you, other focuses are you. They are other aspects of you. They are all present, and they are all being expressed simultaneously. Therefore in a manner of speaking, they are all affecting of you, for they ARE you.

But as to direct affectingness of influence of your experience in this focus, I may express to you, the affecting influence may be merely a reinforcement of spiritual beliefs. Not that this necessarily is a hindrance or helpful, but there is an influence associated with similar beliefs in this focus concerning spirituality, which may be viewed as slightly more narrow than the actual expression of spirituality. But you also are offering yourself information, which offers you the opportunity to widen your awareness and therefore incorporate greater understanding of these influences of these beliefs.

For, spirituality in actuality encompasses ALL of your experiences. Every aspect of your reality is an expression of spirituality, for it is the incorporation of the whole of you, not merely those aspects of you that may be nonphysical or more idealistic, but EVERY aspect of your reality and of yourself. You as a focus, as essence, as consciousness are all expressed in what may be deemed as spirituality. Many individuals, and to an extent yourself also, discount the physical manifestations as less than spiritual expressions, and all of your physical manifestations are also quite associated with spirituality.

KATE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

KATE: I am wondering if there are options in front of me that I should choose to incorporate in this life, that I have yet to do, to better assist in the shift in consciousness on the planet. I have always felt ever since I was a very, very small child that there was something that I was supposed to do that was important and that was of a spiritual nature. I feel like I have arrived at that point in this lifetime to be doing that but I do not feel that I am doing what that thing is. So, I’m I guess asking for clarification or more direction that can be provided to me so that I can fulfill whatever this thing is.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you may begin your adventure or your quest, so to speak, in the subject matter that we have discussed in this conversation concerning thinning these veils of separation and generating this manifestation of interaction and relationship and intimacy with yourself and with other individuals in simulation of what has previously been defined as family.

This is significant. For in allowing yourself to generate this type of movement, you offer yourself a tremendous expression of information and you shall allow yourself to accomplish a genuine understanding of inter-connectedness – which is quite real – and the experience of that inter-connectedness. As you generate that action, you also project outwardly an energy that is influencing in relation to other individuals in encouragement of them to be generating similar types of experiences, which ripples outwardly and is quite affecting in association with this shift.

KATE: I truly have kind of run out of questions at this point, so I guess I would say to you just teach me. For the rest of the time that we have left, tell me whatever you are guided, or however that works, that I need to know to be better at what I came here to do, so that I can be effective.

I do have a global perspective on spirituality, to the best of my finite mind, and I’m continuing to build that. I do believe everything you say. I have to some extent experienced spiritually in physical manifestation – everything that you have said – but on a very small level, and I will continue to build that. So beyond that, I would say whatever you have to share with me that will assist me in my knowledge, please do so.

ELIAS: What is your association presently with this subject of spirituality?

KATE: When you say ‘association’ I’m not sure what you mean by that.

ELIAS: How do you view this subject?

KATE: I view it as being reality, that knowing that we all come from Father/Mother/God/Source and that everything that we see in front of us in physicality is generated from that Source and...

ELIAS: And what is that source?

KATE: All I know to call it is Father/Mother/God/Creator/Source.

ELIAS: Do you view this to be you?

KATE: I view it to be me in that, yes, I am a copy, if you will a clone or something of that. I do view that that essence is part of my essence, that I co-create with that essence, and that we all do co-create with that essence when we connect with that essence.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you information that may widen your awareness or be helpful in your widening of your own awareness.

You do not co-create with ANY essence. You do not co-create with ANY aspect of consciousness. I shall express to you, if you define co-creation, it implies that you create in part and that some other expression outside of yourself also creates in part. In this, you generate a belief of tremendous limitation and you block your own freedom. For if you create in part, you do not create ALL of your reality, and therefore you do not express entire freedom – and this is incorrect. There is no co-creation within consciousness.

There are many aspects of consciousness, there are many areas of consciousness, but consciousness is not a thing. It is not an entity. Entities may be manifest from consciousness, but consciousness itself is an action. It is not an entity. Therefore in a manner of speaking – which I am aware is quite abstract within your physical reality – things are generated from no thing. Physical manifestations are generated from no entity.

Essences are not entities, either. Essences are merely the designation of a type of expression of energy, a personality energy, which defines them as unique, but they are not entities either. They are designations in the action of consciousness, and consciousness IS all. But as being all, there is no separation between the action of consciousness and the action of essence.

KATE: Could you repeat that, please?

ELIAS: There is no separation between the action of consciousness and the action of essence.

Therefore, the reason that I have asked you to define your idea or your belief concerning spirituality is that you may offer yourself information through your interaction with myself to re-define your recognition of spirituality and what is meant in that.

There is no higher or greater expression or power than yourself, for there is in actuality no separation. Separation is a construct, an illusion, a belief that is associated with physical manifestations, and it is quite purposeful to offer the purity of the experience of exploration of physical realities. But it is an illusion. There is no separation. Therefore if there is no separation, you and consciousness are one in the same. Therefore, there is no Mother/Father/God.

KATE: I am.

ELIAS: You are. For there is no limitation of consciousness, and freedom is intrinsic to it. But if there is co-creation, there is limit to freedom.

Now; this may be incorporated into your actual physical reality, in this choice to participate in this physical reality, which offers you tremendous power, for you actually generate every aspect of your reality. You do not co-create it with any other individual, any other essence. You create ALL of it. It is all a reflection of you, and therefore you may manipulate it in any manner you choose without limitation.

KATE: Are we limited in that manipulation by our knowledge of how, as opposed to our beliefs of ability?

ELIAS: Both. But...

KATE: If we have a full belief, then how do we increase our knowledge?

ELIAS: You are continuously increasing your knowledge, for you are continuously offering yourself information, and you offer yourself information through all of the different avenues of communication that you incorporate.

Each individual in their manifestation incorporates many, many avenues of communication. The mere design of your physical reality offers you continuous information, for this particular physical reality has been designed to be continuously reflective. Therefore, all that you create within your reality reflects to you aspects of yourself. It also reflects to you influences of your beliefs, for they shall be manifest physically in your reality. Every other individual that you encounter reflects some aspect of yourself to you. Therefore, there is continuous opportunity for assimilating information.

It is a continuous exploration. This is the nature of consciousness, to continuously be exploring its beingness and expanding the action through the generation of experience. This is expressed in no less manner in any physical area of consciousness than it is in any nonphysical area of consciousness. The action is the same, to playfully be exploring and expanding.

KATE: Here’s a question that may not seem to relate, but to me it does. Why have I created nature, plants and animals in my reality?

ELIAS: To assist you objectively in recognizing your inter-connectedness.

KATE: So is it possible for me to choose to create something in my physical reality that would overlap in someone else’s physical reality? Let’s say, for instance, I wanted a tree to manifest in a different form and it agreed that it would do that for me. Another individual is standing next to me, another essence. Would they continue to see the tree as a tree, whereas I would see the tree as the rock that it agreed to manifest as?

ELIAS: It is possible, yes. It is dependent upon how the other individual is manipulating their perception and whether that individual may be interactive with your energy and how the individual allows that energy that you project to be configured in what they project in their perception.

But I may express to you, it is quite possible, and actually does occur, that individuals may be occupying the same space arrangement in the same time framework and generate very different perceptions, which generate very different realities, and each is quite real and quite solid.

KATE: So in regard to what you just said, let’s talk about, for instance, in the reality that I am sharing with many other people on this planet at the moment, we have a lot of conflict between essences, specifically let’s say in the Middle East. There is concern of the country that I live in, the United States, being a physical aggressor towards other people in the Middle East. If I choose not to be in that reality, or anyone else for that matter makes that decision, can we then have the ability to diffuse those energies within our own lives as well as around the planet?

ELIAS: The response to this is not singular, for you are offering more than one inquiry. Can you alter your reality and can you generate a reality in which there is no conflict? Yes. Can you alter the reality of other individuals? No, for this denies their choice and their free will.

But you do incorporate the ability to generate the reality that you want – and it shall be quite real – in which the other individuals within your world are harmonious and are not expressing conflict, for you create them. It is a matter of reconfiguring the energy that you allow yourself to receive from other individuals, filtering this through your beliefs and your associations, and projecting through your perception an actual physical manifestation of what you want. You DO incorporate this ability to generate that.

It matters not what other individuals choose, for they are merely choices. They are, in themselves, neutral. They are not right; they are not wrong; they are not good; they are not bad. They are merely choices. It is the influence of your individual beliefs, associated with the belief system of duplicity, that dictates to you what you perceive to be good and bad and right and wrong. And you all incorporate all of these beliefs. It is a matter of how you choose to manipulate them and therefore what you generate in your actual reality.

You have incorporated this example of many individuals within other countries that are experiencing much conflict. Their beliefs are expressed differently than yours. This is not to say that they do not also incorporate all of the same beliefs that you do or that you do not incorporate all of the same beliefs that they do. For you all throughout your planet incorporate ALL of the beliefs and all of the belief systems, but you choose to express certain beliefs. You choose to align with certain beliefs.

The FREEDOM that is expressed in accomplishment is allowing yourself to widen your awareness, recognize your beliefs, and intentionally objectively choose which beliefs you shall express, which beliefs are in alignment with your preferences, and therefore express those which shall influence your perception and therefore create an actual physical reality.

KATE: So in one sense you could say that YOU are a manifestation, this entire conversation and what you have told me is a manifestation of me.

ELIAS: Correct! It is a reflection. You are directly interacting with my energy, but whatever you are generating in an actual physical manifestation of that interaction is being created by you.

KATE: ... My last question, and then I will let you go – although I feel like I see you around me – is will I be choosing to come back in this physical form after this expression passes over?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Once again, another religious belief associated with spirituality. You are already expressing all of your focuses presently; therefore, there is no re-manifestation. Are you a designated final focus? No, but it matters not. For if the designated final focus chooses to be disengaging within your lifetime, so to speak, you shall either choose to continue and fragment, or you shall disengage also in agreement, for you ARE essence. Therefore, it is your choice.

KATE: Thank you so much!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

KATE: It has been a great pleasure and honor to meet you and interact with you, and I thank you for your love and your patience with my questions. You’ve given me enough to think about for the rest of my life. (Elias laughs) At the same time, it all rings true and I know it. It’s just a matter of me choosing to believe in it and letting go of the duality thinking. So, I thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall express to you, do not confuse yourself in letting go of duplicity; rather remind yourself that the action is to be accepting of it.” [session 1152, October 10, 2002]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of birds in a cage to represent the relationship between individual beliefs and belief systems.

ELIAS: “... I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELIAS: “The bird cage is neutral. It is merely a cage. It CONTAINS something; it contains the birds. The birds are that which flutter and fly and peck at each other and at you, and hold much energy and are very affecting and are at times quite fascinating also, and quite colorful! But once the cage is empty, the cage remains; but it holds no affectingness, for it is empty. It then becomes ornamental. You may place the cage wherever you choose. You may look within your home and you may express, ‘I am pleased with this cage upon my mantel. I view that I shall move the cage to a table.’ It matters not. The cage remains the same. It is merely a cage. The birds may be quite messy, and you may be quite careful where you shall place the cage with all the birds contained inside!” [session 307, August 14, 1998]

Digests: find out more about belief systems; an overview.

(2) Paul’s note: Dale uses the term “Wider Dale” to describe the aspect personality that she channels.

This is different, not better or worse, that the “energy exchange” Elias engages with Mary Ennis. This exchange is similar to what many call “channeling,” but Elias says that these two actions are somewhat different. Channeling involves an interaction with aspects of one’s own essence, and an energy exchange involves a mergence and an exchange with aspects of another essence.

Digests: find out more about energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel).

(3) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(4) Vic’s note: there have been several “secrets sessions,” all of which inspired a certain amount of nervousness and/or fear within the participants. The point of the “secrets sessions” is to reveal something about yourself that you consider a deep, dark secret, thus diffusing the energy that is attached to the secret. During these sessions, some of us discovered secrets that were even secret to ourselves! These were very helpful sessions.

Transcripts: find out more about a secrets session .

(5) Paul’s note: Elias describes our physical dimension, as one of many existing within the context of a vast multiverse. He describes that process in terms of infinitesimal black and white holes, that “blink” or vibrate at an incredibly fast speed. Elias states that the rate is more in the range of ten to the minus 56 – that’s a decimal point with 55 zeroes and a number after it – blinking once every
.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000053 seconds!

This blinking occurs so rapidly, that our neural synapses, the portions of our brain cells that connect and transmit information throughout our brains, aren’t even affected.

Another way to imagine this, is to think of a film projector that runs at 30 frames per second. If the rate slows down we no longer perceive a moving image, but a series of blurs. So as the proper speed is achieved, an illusion of a moving picture is perceived by our brains. This blinking occurs so much faster than our brains can follow that we don’t physically perceive it.

Physicists, using quantum mechanics, describe this same phenomena calling it the Planck speed.

Digests: find out more about blinking in and out.

(6) Paul’s note: Elias uses the metaphor of a cat playing with a dead mouse to represent our endless fascination with creating and experiencing conflict, fear, and trauma.

ELIAS: “Within our early sessions, I expressed examples of individuals and experiences. If you are experiencing joyfulness, happiness, a gift, you are receiving of this, you are experiencing this, and you allow this to fly away. You do not hold to it. Therefore, you view happiness or joyfulness as fleeting, for you merely view it for what it is – an experience – and you allow this experience to fly away. You do not hold to this experience. But if you are creating of what you believe to be a negative experience – a painful, a fearful, a hurtful experience – you hold to this. You play your game of your cat and mouse; and even as the mouse is dead, you continue to bat with the mouse and play and examine and toss about this dead mouse, for it fascinates you!

Within essence non-physically, you do not hold negative. There is no positive/negative, right/wrong, good/evil. You merely are. You merely experience these elements for you hold belief systems that suggest these elements to you and influence your emotional state FOR the experience. Within your logic, express to me: Is it not logical that you would CHOOSE to be exploring elements that ARE unfamiliar to you, that you would choose to bat the dead mouse for it is unfamiliar? This be why you hold a fascination with these elements, and they attain your attention, and you pay much more attention to them than you do to joyfulness. Although joyfulness is not an element of non-physical focus either, within your belief systems it is closer to familiarity than fearfulness.” [session 253, December 28, 1997]

(7) Paul’s note: the concept of “split-aparts” is credited to the Greek Philosopher, Plato, who lived from 427 – 347 B.C. According to Plato’s creation story in the Symposium, the original human was a singular being – a perfect being that had the gender characteristics of both male and female. This perfect being was “split apart” into separate genders, and these split-aparts have been seeking each other out in order to regain their sense of perfect union ever since.

“Each of us when separated, having one side only ... is but the indenture of a man, and he is always looking for his other half.”
Symposium – Plato, 360 B.C.

The idea of “split-aparts” forms the basis for the New Age concept of soul mates, or two people perfectly suited to create a fulfilling relationship.

Digests: find out more about Elias’ ideas on soul mates.

(8) Lillian Buseau

(9) Vic’s note: I have changed one word in the following phrase: “The transmission or the idea of transmission from one individual to another individual – this concept of transmitting certain creations – is another expression of your creation of linear time framework ...”

When Elias said this sentence, he said, “The transmission or the idea of transition ...” When he said “transition,” he paused briefly and almost corrected himself, but then went on. My impression is that he meant to say “transmission,” so I have changed it.

(10) Paul H’s note: Paul T. refers to a spiritual experience he had that led to his “joyful sobriety” that he discussed earlier with Elias. See session 637, June 11, 2000.

(11) Bobbi’s note: See session 986, January 19, 2002.

(12) Paul H’s note: Elias has offered at least forty-nine exercises (as of November 2003). They are now available on this website. However, at the time of this session, January 2002, this website was not yet published.

Digests: find out more about Elias exercises.

Early in the 1995 sessions Elias introduced an underlying concept that informs every one of his exercises: ‘noticing self.’ If the perennial concept of ‘yoga’ means union of inner Self and outer self, then ‘noticing self’ is just another method in which to remember who and what we really are: essence/consciousness.

‘... I have been expressing to individuals from the onset of this forum, the greatest term in your language may be viewed as ‘noticing.’ This is actually your greatest tool, and you are incorporating this tool to be offering yourself more information and opportunities to practice. How shall you practice if you are not noticing? And you ARE noticing, my friend.’ [session 947, November 01, 2001]

Digests: find out more about noticing self.

In 1999, Elias introduced a method that I call NIRAA (Noticing, Identifying, Recognizing, Addressing to, Accepting beliefs/self), pronounced ‘nigh-rah.’ There are four basic steps, and you guessed it, the first one is:

  • Noticing beliefs (easy, if you believe in the concept of ‘Know Thyself.’)
  • Identifying and Recognizing specific beliefs (a process of making the subconscious conscious, in other words, making invisible beliefs visible. This action is marked by varying degrees of conflict and anxiety or joy and happiness.
  • Addressing to the beliefs (lessening conflict, anxiety, depression; increasing happiness, joy, relaxation, allowing more for diverse perceptions, and moving closer to accepting self. Can occur with or without a thought process.)
  • Acceptance, neutrality, complete lack of judgment of any kind; there is no absolute good, bad, right, or wrong = ‘it matters not!’

The process of accepting self is not strictly linear. Since we each hold many hundreds, even thousands of related beliefs, we actually engage all four actions simultaneously in varying degrees. So the process is more like a four-way, multidimensional (holonic) feedback loop:

Noticing beliefs <==> Identifying, Recognizing, examining beliefs <==> Addressing to beliefs <==> Acceptance, neutral state

Elias has stated that no one to date has accepted a belief system, though we all have learned to accept individual beliefs. Even people we consider saints, sages, and religious leaders have not accepted a belief system, according to Elias. So we’re all in very good company!

Digests: find out more about these four actions.

Finally, Elias acknowledges here that he uses complementary strategies to work with belief systems. So the concepts of noticing self, NIRAA, and accepting self all work together. He introduced another complementary idea – attention (doing and choosing) – that provides yet another angle in which to explore belief systems.

Digests: find out more about attention (doing and choosing).

(13) Paul H’s note: I had in mind a lucid dream from September 18, 2000 that was the direct result of practicing Tibetan Dzogchen dream yoga. The dream was long and involved. One vivid scenario involved a visit to the Water Street apartments of Jane Roberts and Rob Butts in Elmira New York. At one point I was healing Jane of her ‘symptoms’ of joint stiffness with Rob looking on very supportively. I felt as though we all literally changed probabilities. And as proof, I was certain I’d find different Seth/Jane books on my physical bookshelf when I awoke because Jane had not yet written all of her books during the ‘time’ of the dream.

I checked the bookcase in the morning, and sheepishly saw that nothing had changed, at least in my objective memory of the books. Yet, I wondered how would I be able to verify changing probable realities from the dream state anyway? There must be some kind of metrics, but what are they? Furthermore, who was I to think that my lucid dream would literally change entire probabilities for others including myself? Isn’t that just my ego-self, or objective awareness, being delusional in thinking its thoughts alone, even lucid dream thoughts, would create someone else’s reality? Anyway, this experience made me realize how much more I had to learn about the complex relationships between subjective and objective awareness.

More importantly, I directly confronted the fear of change or widening awareness that would radically change my sense of ego-self. And ego-self didn’t want to change! I had a powerful and direct glimpse that my identity would be something quite different from officially accepted norms if I continued with my dream yoga, and I knew I wasn’t ready at that time. So I backed off from that practice for a while.

Still, Elias sometimes talks about trauma of the shift, and this was a personal glimpse of what may occur when objective awareness is directly confronted with increasing subjective bleed through. I was also reminded of the aphorism, “careful what you wish for, you just may get it.”

Digests: find out more about trauma of the shift in consciousness.

(14) Bobbi’s note: originally expressed as ‘Yourself, in like manner to many, many individuals, generates hesitancy at times in expressing outwardly to other individuals, for you incorporate a fear that your expression shall not be accepted, and you express a cautiousness in relation to the perceptions of other individuals.’

Digests – see also: | accepting self | aspects of essence; an overview | attention (doing and choosing) | avenues of communication | becoming | being in the now | belief systems; an overview | blinking in and out | choices/agreements | Creating Universal One And Whole/all of consciousness | cultural/natural time | dimension | disengage (“death”) | duplicity | energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel) | essence; an overview | essence families; an overview (Borledim, Milumet) | fear | focus of essence; an overview | fun & pleasure! | geysers | hamster wheel | imagery | imagination | impressions | information | intents | manifestation | mass events | mergence | noticing self | objective/subjective awareness | out-of-body experiences | oubliette | perception | engaging periphery | probabilities | Regional Area 1 | Regional Area 3 | “reincarnation” | relationships | religious era | remembrance of essence | science | separation | sexuality and emotion | shift in consciousness | Source Events | time frameworks | trauma of the shift in consciousness | trusting self | truth | value fulfillment | vessel | waves in consciousness | widening awareness | you create your reality |

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