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noticing self

“My experience is what I agree to attend to. Only those items I notice shape my mind.” ~ William James

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “There is a reason for my expressing this noticing. In shifting in your consciousness and widening your awareness, you must notice. Once you notice, you must acknowledge. It is not enough only to notice, for you notice things around you and within you continuously. What is more important, presently, is for you to be connecting with your essence, and for you to be noticing, and experiencing, and acknowledging of your own voice.” [session 21, July 16, 1995]

ELIAS: “I shall offer to you initially to be NOTICING. This one word is very important. Notice not only what you create yourself, but what you draw yourself to, and notice the qualities of other individuals.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

FRAN: “… You know, the problem is that when I do start noticing things and become a little bit more aware, it’s like just one more example or one more area which I can beat up on myself about, and I’m trying to work on that.

ELIAS: Ah, yes, for this is not the point! And let me express to you, it may be quite easily expressed within this time framework, for in addressing to the belief system of duplicity, there is much energy available to you to be moving in the direction of reinforcing the expressions of duplicity, one of which is to continue to be discounting of yourself or chastising of yourself.

But this is the point of allowing yourself to be noticing – the most powerful term and action – and identifying the beliefs and your behaviors and your associations THROUGH the action of noticing, for as you allow yourself to notice, you may also express to yourself the allowance to merely recognize; no other expression, merely be recognizing.

And I may say to you, in like manner to an expression I have offered recently with another individual, temporarily it may be beneficial to some individuals – that lean in this direction of discounting themselves more often than other individuals – to be incorporating an action at the moment of noticing in which you stop and express to yourself that you are in perfect movement in this now.

Now; understand, I am QUITE aware that you do not believe this, but it matters not. It is unnecessary for you to believe this statement. It is affecting regardless.

For in stopping, as you are noticing of different aspects of your behavior, your movement, your beliefs, rather than automatically incorporating the familiar action of chastising yourself or discounting yourself, as you incorporate the action in thought – and at times even in verbalization – of expressing to yourself that you are perfectly creating in this moment in the now, what you are accomplishing is altering your automatic response.

You are stopping and interrupting the automatic response, and offering yourself an expression of choice to be expressing a different response, regardless that you believe what you are expressing or not, and this interruption serves as a type of distraction of your energy into another avenue, and therefore is helpful and beneficial to you in NOT reinforcing the automatic expression of discounting yourself.” [session 724, November 11, 2000]

ELIAS: “... This, in actuality, is a tremendous challenge in relation to many individuals, and I am recognizing the challenge that you are presenting to yourself, for projecting your attention is quite familiar. I have expressed to you all, this is the reason that I am interactive with you each, for this movement in acceptance and in holding your attention within the now is quite unfamiliar to you all, and therefore it is easily expressed in projecting your attention outside of yourselves and outside of the now.

You have, in actuality, designed your societies in this manner, in which much of your actions are concerning either past or future, and little significance is placed upon holding your attention within the now; and as you are aware, it has become quite automatic to not be paying attention to the now.

But I may also express to you, I have been expressing to individuals from the onset of this forum, the greatest term in your language may be viewed as ‘noticing.’ This is actually your greatest tool, and you are incorporating this tool to be offering yourself more information and opportunities to practice. How shall you practice if you are not noticing? And you ARE noticing, my friend.” [session 947, November 01, 2001]

ELIAS: “I express my encouragement to you all in your discovery of the wondrousness of yourselves and the offering to yourselves, in genuineness, of knowing that wondrousness. Pay attention and notice what you choose, not necessarily what you think.” [session 986, January 19, 2002]

SHAHMA: “... Is there anything else that you want to say to me?”

ELIAS: “Merely to be noticing, my friend, and to be practicing. Practice moving your attention; recognize that your attention is not thought. Your attention may move to thought, but thought is not your attention. Therefore, practice moving your attention and manipulating your attention and noticing automatic responses.” [session 1024, March 04, 2002]

BONNIE: “Do you have any suggestions or advice or comments for me as I work on expanding my consciousness?”

ELIAS: “Be noticing.”

BONNIE: “Be noticing?”

ELIAS: “Hold your attention to yourself and hold your attention in the now, and be noticing the moments that you are NOT generating that action.”

BONNIE: “I will do that!” [session 1228, December 29, 2002]

ELIAS: “I express to you all as always, pay attention! Notice! Be aware! And remember, you already have widened your awarenesses, all of you, and many of your methods that you have incorporated previously are not necessarily, in your common vernacular, working any longer. Express a willingness to be exploring the unfamiliar, for it fits more acceptably in your reality now, and the familiar does not fit as well any longer. You may choose difficulty or you may choose ease. Whichever you choose, I express my supportiveness and encouragement to you, for whatever you choose is to your benefit and is worth.” [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

ELIAS: “What is the definition of patience?”

CATHY: “What I don’t have!”

DALE: “Knowing and understanding?”

ELIAS: “No.”

DALE: “Allowance.”

ELIAS: “Allowance. Allowance is the definition of patience. Understand that all of you incorporate some similarities in some capacity to what you are experiencing. The imagery may be quite different, but it matters not. You generate this thought process in impatience, that you all have offered yourselves considerable information and therefore you SHOULD incorporate the ability to snap your fingers and generate what you want in this moment immediately. Although you actually can, I have repeatedly expressed to all of you that you generally do not.”

CATHY: “Why not? It would be so much easier.”

ELIAS: “For you are moving into unfamiliars. Regardless of your tremendous desire to be expressing in this manner, what you want is freedom. Each of you wants to incorporate your own freedom in some capacity. But you fear that freedom, for it is an unknown. It is not what you have experienced. Therefore, it is entirely unfamiliar to you.

“Generally speaking, for the most part, you generate automatic responses. You are seating yourselves in the position of the co-pilot. You are flying within your vehicle but you are the co-pilot. You are not steering that vehicle, for what IS steering it is your lack of attention and your automatic responses and not paying attention to those automatic responses.

“You can, quite quickly actually, move that information from your brain, which it is not stored there anyway! (group laughter). But you can move that information from your brain into yourself and your actual experience – and that is where you want to move it – in paying attention to what you are doing and interrupting those automatic responses. In genuinely moving your attention to recognize those automatic responses, THAT is the most challenging, for they are precisely that, automatic, and generally speaking you do not incorporate any thought in association with them.

“Where the information that you do have comes into play is that you are aware that you are communicating to yourself. You are aware that you generate emotional communications and signals. Many of those signals may be quite subtle, but they may be easier to pay attention to than the automatic responses.

“In that, once you begin noticing those signals such as hesitation, retreat, twinges of guilt, pacifying, those may be somewhat subtle signals but they are noticeable. In the moments that you notice those signals, they are signaling you as to an automatic response. It matters not that you view it to be hindsight, for each time you notice that you are generating those signals, you are offering yourself an opportunity to choose in another manner and acknowledge yourself.” [session 1742, April 02, 2005]

ELIAS: “Presence is an awareness objectively of you, that you exist. Presence is your awareness that you are a being and that you exist in this moment. It is an awareness of the entirety of you in the now.

“Presence is not necessarily listening to your communications. Presence is not necessarily being aware of your environment. Presence is not necessarily being aware of what you are doing. Presence is not even necessarily being aware of what type of energy you are projecting.

(Speaking very clearly and slowly) “Presence is being aware that you actually exist and experiencing the existence of yourself. This is a very significant subject. It is one that is quite unfamiliar to most individuals throughout your reality. But in shifting and in the movement that is occurring in this time framework and the ease in which opposition is being expressed, it is important to be aware of your own presence.” [session 1799, July 16, 2005]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “In widening and noticing, you begin to realize the affectingness of counterparts of yours, or aspects of yours, and how they are affecting of you. You recognize the affectingness of other aspects upon you before you recognize your affectingness upon all of them, for it is easier for you to be identifying with this information. I will express to you that within physical focus, you also are very focused; this being for a particular reason, that you may not be continuously distracted.

As you are noticing of other aspects, you are also allowing other aspects to be affecting of you; but in this, you only allow aspects to affect you within areas that are issues or challenges to you. If you do not incorporate a challenge or an issue with a particular subject, the experiences of your aspects that are incorporating these subjects will not be affecting of you, for you will not allow them to interfere with your focus. You draw to you experiences for your benefit, just as we spoke, at one time, of our pay-offs. Individuals do not incorporate action which does not allow them a pay-off. You do not engage in allowing yourselves to experience action of energy of aspects if it is not benefiting to you, just as each of you has encountered, within your physical focus, individuals who attempt to invoke a reaction from you using certain methods of emotional incorporation. If you are not responding, you are blocking their attempts. You do not feel that it is necessary for yourself to engage in the action of exchange with this other individual. Therefore, you consider yourself to ignore them. You brush the action aside.

Within your other consciousness, which you designate as subconscious, you do the same. Actions of aspects are continually happening, but you are ignoring them, for they are not what you are focused upon. There are times when you are allowing the action or the experience of another aspect to ‘bleed through’ into your reality, and you may emotionally or physically experience these bleed-throughs. You allow this for a purpose. You may not understand, initially, why you have allowed this to be happening, but if you were not allowing and drawing to you, you would not be experiencing. Therefore, when you are experiencing physical discomfort, you are connecting with an aspect, a counterpart, whatever. You are allowing the experience that this aspect is incorporating to filter into your physical consciousness and expression, for you are offering yourself the opportunity to be learning from this experience. Accepting of these experiences allows them to be experienced, and to move on.

You are not always consciously aware of why you draw to yourselves certain experiences, but within other areas of your consciousness, your do possess reasons. I will express to you that you also have access to this information. It is not that you possess another you, in a dark closet, plotting against you and drawing experiences to you that you are physically incorporating, and you may not unlock the closet to be finding out why! You do not possess a locked closet! All of your answers are available to you. Many times, you need only sidestep yourself just a very small bit, for you are focusing upon the aspect that is connecting with you, and your focus is only ‘Why am I experiencing what this individual is experiencing?’ If you are moving slightly to your side, you may instead say to yourself, ‘This is an experience only; acceptable, and that is all,’ and you will find that if you are not concentrating on the shared experience, you will not be perpetuating it, and it will fly. (Pause)

All that you notice is a wonderful awareness that you are noticing. This does not mean that you must be clinging to your noticing, and holding this as jewels that are trying to escape you, when in actuality, you are not wishing them to be so intensely experienced to begin with!” [session 59, December 03, 1995]

ELIAS: “You are barely scratching your surface presently, but you are learning quickly and you are noticing, and as you notice more, you will be connecting more. This is the beginnings of your shift. This shift entails a great widening of consciousness. It would not be quite possible for you, within physical focus, to be ‘snapping this on.’ You will ease into this area of consciousness. Some individuals will not ease as much, (grinning) and will be experiencing a jolt, for they will not be ready, and this will incorporate trauma. You have already begun the process; therefore you have already begun to eliminate this trauma.” [session 69, February 04, 1996]

(Vic’s note: This pop-in was instigated by Jim expressing his confusion regarding a recent career choice. Because of the information delivered in the session, he was wondering if his choice to turn down a job at an equine veterinary clinic was an example of his own disconnection from nature.) (1)

ELIAS: This is your direction of attention. I will clarify for Yarr [Jim], do not be questioning so seriously, within what you view to be negativity, at your choice of probabilities. Listen to the explanation of the entirety of the expression. In this, the point is to be noticing the lack of separation between what you view to be nature, or a natural expression, and yourselves, for you are a part; and although you are attempting to be rationalizing the action of this employment as being connected with natural elements, as you would be engaged with creatures, the action of the engagement is not a natural expression.

JIM: I just got a little confused. The action that was not taken is not necessarily a natural expression?

ELIAS: No. I shall clarify.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: The action of the employer of the employment that you were considering is not a natural expression, and is not allowing for no separation between what you view to be man and nature. Therefore, this expression is contrary to the action, within desire, of the mass event within consciousness being expressed presently; to which you align.

JIM: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, your choice to not be engaging this action of employment.

JIM: As in the incident of our friend that took her horse to him, and the experience that she had?

ELIAS: Which is also only one probability.

JIM: I see. It’s just amazing how we stay connected when we don’t even know it.

ELIAS: This being why you are noticing, and why we engage with you for your noticing. (To Vicki, grinning) Continue, Lawrence!

VICKI: Just one question. So this message of no separation, have a lot of individuals incorporated this message in consciousness presently?

ELIAS: Yes; many more than you realize. Many presently view only one layer of probabilities, in that their attention is very singularly focused within very physical elements of property and finances, issues that individuals magnate to presently within a very initial layer of consciousness; but these individuals, by and large, for each individual holds their own free will in their own probabilities, but as I have said, by and large, many of these individuals shall move beyond this initial noticing of what they view to be loss, and be connecting within another layer of consciousness to be understanding of what is gained, which shall supersede the loss. You view already far-reaching affects beyond your small community, for other individuals within your new friends are affected also.

VICKI: And that’s just what we’re objectively aware of?

ELIAS: Very correct; but as we have stated, it is what you would term to be a starting point; your noticing point. (Pause)

JIM: So the intensity and energy that I’ve been feeling recently, I know I’ve brought that for my noticing, to be more aware of greater connection and less separation. I seem to feel energy when I notice the beauty of certain things ...

ELIAS: Of self!

JIM: Of self, (the rest of this sentence was inaudible)

ELIAS: Be realizing that these expressions are for your noticing, and are not ‘outside’ of you.

JIM: No, they’re very inside.

ELIAS: You are each moving into areas of engagement of merging subjective and objective expressions, engaging belief systems, allowing elimination of blockages, and allowing a free flow. This you shall notice more increasingly, as you allow the movement. This is not an engagement of other essences or energies. This is yourself speaking to, engaging with, and loving yourself.

JIM: I’ve felt that very strongly. Thank you. (Another long pause)

ELIAS: (Smiling) Once again, I shall take my leave. Adieu!” [session 116, August 28, 1996]

ELIAS: “Throughout our discussion of probabilities, I have been instructing you to be noticing, and also to be allowing a widening of your perception. In this, you present a prime example. Notice your own movement within probabilities, moving through belief systems. Notice your own individual actions. As you engage new, or what you perceive to be new perceptions, moving through belief systems, you engage what action? (Pause, staring at Vicki, who is clueless) Battling! I have expressed that your individual expressions and also your mass events mirror each other; therefore the action is the same. Within the initiation of the probabilities and the movement within consciousness into the area desired, you also, en masse, engage belief systems. Therefore, you display what you view initially to be ‘opposite of the end product,’ in your terms. These are areas which are instructional for you to be noticing and widening your understanding of. You view, within your selectivity of attention, a probability being actualized and displaying an ‘instant’ result. You do not allow for the understanding of all of the actions and probabilities that are simultaneously occurring, within a given desire.” [session 117, September 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “You are not always aware of your interaction/ intersection/ exchanges, for you create your reality to flow smoothly. You objectively are not aware of blinking, but you do. You objectively are unaware of your planet blinking, but it does. Objectively, you are unaware of your intersections with alternate selves, but as you allow yourselves to be noticing unofficial information and viewing this action, you shall become more aware of these intersections, for they are part of your reality. You are opening yourselves to the vastness of the reality that you do not see, that you take for granted, for it is so very efficient for you. Do not express to us that you are not perfectly creating beings, for you are ultimately efficient within your creation of physical focus and its motion without a hint of interruption and much unofficial information occurring continuously. It is quite magnificent to behold!” [session 154, February 23, 1997]

DREW: “Can I ask a couple of questions, since we’re talking about belief systems? Imagery seems to be a good way to discover some belief systems, and I’ve had some imagery lately I’d like to ask you about. One has been spiders and spider webs, both in dreams and objectively. I’m wondering if you can clarify that.

ELIAS: An incorporation to be noticed objectively of fear ...

DREW: Really!

ELIAS: ... for within the web of belief systems, you also hold to these which you translate fearfulness within; for although there is a reluctance to be altering or accepting of belief systems, there is the desire to be accomplishing within this action. This presently incorporates fearfulness, for there is a knowing that you must be looking within, which is frightening. There is also a knowing of incorporating actions within expanding awareness that presently hold fearful aspects to you. Therefore, you are experiencing conflict in wishing to be accomplishing within your desire, but also holding fearfulness in moving forward in this action. This is your objective imagery to yourself, in acknowledgment of this.

DREW: I have a general question about imagery, but let me ask you also about the other imagery I’ve also been having, which has been when I’m driving. Big trucks seem to get in front of me, or slow me down, or pull in my way. What’s that all about?

ELIAS: This being also closely related to the other action, in feelings of ‘smallerness.’ (Elias is making up words again!)

DREW: Smallerness???

ELIAS: Feelings inwardly of being surrounded by elements which appear to you to be too large to be taking on.

DREW: So now when confronted with imagery like this, or a couple of weeks ago we talked about imagery of the rubber and bouncing back and that type of thing (2), what do you do with this information? Is it just for our attention, and then for our addressing those issues? Or like with the rubber and the bouncing back, does that represent desire to be bouncing back, or like the probability of bouncing back....


DREW: Okay.

ELIAS: You offer yourselves objective imagery that you may notice, that you may offer yourself the opportunity for understanding, and in this you may be more efficiently addressing those issues which you are presenting to yourself.

DREW: So in the case of the spiders and the trucks, they are ways of my becoming aware of belief systems? And in the case of the rubber, a signpost for action that I am likely to be taking? It seems like imagery can mean many different things.

ELIAS: It does!

DREW: It can represent action, it can represent belief systems, but it’s all about noticing?

ELIAS: Yes; this being a very important word. I have incorporated this word from the onset of these sessions, to be noticing. I have instructed these individuals to be creating a sign to BE NOTICING, for this offers you the opportunity to understand and to recognize. This is objectively your method for communication of subjective activity and information. If you are noticing, you shall be offering yourself the opportunity also to be altering your perception. You may not alter your perception if you do not notice what you are expressing to yourself, but within your desires you do communicate subjectively to your objective awareness and offer yourselves imagery and information that you may move with and manipulate; but if you are not noticing your communication to yourself, you shall not be accomplishing as efficiently.

DREW: If the imagery changes or disappears, does that necessarily mean that the issue has changed or disappeared? Or is it possible, for example, if in a few weeks the spider imagery disappears, that the issues are still there? And I have for some reason decided no longer to notice or to....

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your choices within probabilities. You may discontinue the action of incorporating this imagery in not wishing to be addressing to the belief systems, or you may be addressing the belief systems and you have attained your attention. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to be incorporating your objective imagery. You shall understand and know which direction you have chosen by your behavior and your actions. You shall know within you if you are addressing to belief systems. You shall be creating of more imagery, although it may be different, and you shall be experiencing differently. You shall also know if you have chosen not to be addressing these belief systems, for you shall resign yourself to them and continue within the perpetuation of their energy.” [session 188, June 29, 1997]

MIKE: “… in one of the last sessions, you gave me a way of detecting, I guess, so to speak, expectations and beliefs through looking at the disappointments and certain reactions in situations, and I was curious as to a method of sorts, of uncovering underlying expectations. (Pause)

ELIAS: You may be identifying your expectations by recognizing your own responses to different events within your reality in conjunction with your belief systems.

Now: I have offered the previous method, so to speak, that you may be practicing with, for this offers you the opportunity to view more of your responses within interactions more clearly, and as you become more familiar with your own responses, this lends an ease to identifying your own expectations more clearly in less obvious manners, in objective terms.

In this, it is important that you are familiarizing yourself with all of the aspects of your own belief systems, and also familiarizing yourself with your own responses to each given situation, for within every situation or event, you shall hold a response. If you are paying attention within the now, you may be allowing yourself to notice your own responses.

Now; I am quite aware that this may be expressed quite easily, and I may be expressing to you that you may be noticing automatic responses that you hold, but the actualization of noticing these automatic responses may not be quite as easy, for in this, you have created certain expressions within your reality that have become, in a manner of speaking, natural to you.

Therefore, they are accepted within your focus and you do NOT pay attention, for you do not even recognize that you ARE creating an automatic response.

In this, as you move more fully into your exploration of your own responses, behavior, and belief systems, and all of the aspects of your belief systems, you shall also begin to notice that you shall require of yourself more and more discipline within your attention, noticing more and more of your own behaviors and creations. This action moves you more and more fully into the now.

I have been expressing for much time framework that this is your most efficient direction, is to be noticing and interactive with yourself and with all of your reality within the now, within every moment.

This is quite difficult for individuals within physical focus, for it is unfamiliar, but this action of noticing your own behaviors and your own aspects of belief systems automatically moves you more and more in the direction and into the action of allowing yourself presence within the now.

In this, as you are attentive to each moment within the now, you also offer yourself the opportunity and ability to be altering your own responses, recognizing that you hold choices within the now.

Many difficulties arise with individuals, for they do not recognize that they hold choices, for they are NOT present within the now. Their attention is not focused within the now.

But as you continue in this action, I shall express to you that you may anticipate your own movement into [the] realization that you require of yourself much more discipline within your attention than you automatically allow yourself presently. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: These concepts, although in one respect are quite simple, in their actualization within physical focus in relation to all of your belief systems are quite difficult to be enacting. I am quite understanding of this element of your reality.

It may seem at times that these concepts may be quite simplistic and that they may be holding simplicity in their enactment, but in actuality, with the consideration of the strength of energy of all of your belief systems and all of the aspects of your belief systems, there becomes much difficulty in your movement into these areas, for you are quite undisciplined in your physical focuses.

Look to the exercise in clarity (3), in focusing your attention merely upon your outer senses and the manipulation of these outer senses, and how very difficult you experience the attempts in manipulating these outer senses, for you allow them automatic expression.

I express to you that you also allow yourself, within your thought process and your emotional expressions, much automatic responsiveness, and in this, it is requiring of a great deal of discipline to be noticing and to not be moving into the area of automatic responses.

MIKE: ... … I’m gonna return to my [attempts to connect with my focus as a] German writer. (Elias grins) First of all, I want to ask you, why am I creating so much conflict with finding this individual if he is so famous?

ELIAS: You have moved yourself into an area, that you may offer yourself the opportunity of noticing.

NOW; this is precisely the type of action that I have been expressing to you. Look to what you are creating. You move more and more into a narrowing of your attention. The more you move in this direction, the more you narrow your perception, the more rigid you become, and the more you block your own efforts.

As you create more and more of a singularity of thought and more concentration in this area, you create a larger expression of blocking your own efforts, which we have discussed previously.

But once again, you offer yourself your own imagery to be presenting this type of action to yourself, for this is an automatic area that you move in. You automatically focus your attention in an area, and you do not notice how you allow yourself to be consumed with the singularity of your own movement.

Therefore, you continue to present yourself with examples in imagery of this type of action, that you may be noticing what you are creating and allow yourself the relaxation of your focus, and in that relaxation, you shall be finding that which you seek.

MIKE: Is this person ... because I know Nietzsche is referred to as a writer, but if you go to a bookstore, he’s under philosophers. Is my focus ... what would he be considered? A writer/philosopher or a writer/writer?

ELIAS: A writer/philosopher.

MIKE: Okay, I’ve put down three more names, but they’re not him, are they?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, before you are even engaging in this action, that you may continue your search! (Grinning)

MIKE: (Laughing) Continue my search! So I haven’t uncovered him, right?

ELIAS: And you continue to KNOW that you have not offered the connection with the identification of this focus.

NOW; I shall express to you that you have, in your terminology, exposed yourself to the naming of this individual, but you have also passed over this identification, for you are narrowing your focus and your energy, and in that action, you are blinding yourself to the information and connection that may otherwise present itself to you.

MIKE: It’s not Marx, is it?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, no.

But I shall express to you, in quite colorful terms, you have engaged upon your Easter egg hunt, and you have passed the egg several times, not even noticing that it lies before your foot, looking beyond to the hidden eggs, for they are more intriguing and offer you the hunt! Whereas the egg that you seek is brightly colored before you, and you are merely not noticing. (4)

MIKE: Okay. Are you still gonna withhold your answer as to whether or not he’s in that book or not?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I am challenging you! This is an excellent exercise for you, and this be the reason that I continue to play the game with you, for you offer yourself many areas in this challenge, that you may be noticing of many different elements with yourself.

Therefore, in this, I continue to play the game, but as your teacher. As the student, I am continuing to encourage you to be challenging yourself to be acquiring your answer, for as I continue to step back, figuratively speaking, this allows you to challenge yourself and to be accomplishing within yourself, and this shall be much more affecting than for me to be offering you your answer. You shall gain much information, in this particular investigation, of yourself.” [session 363, February 21, 1999]

ELIAS: “Think to yourselves how often you may be offering helpfulness to another individual in any given situation of conflict, and if you are creating a very similar conflict, you may not be as accepting of your own creation as you shall be of another individual’s creation.

Let us offer a very general expression of example. You may be interactive with another individual that may engage an action of theft. The individual may subsequently be creating a feeling of what you term to be remorse that they have engaged this action of theft.

This is a subject or an action within your officially accepted reality that is unacceptable. You each place a judgment upon this action, but if approached by an individual that has engaged this action and is expressing to you sorrow and is expressing to you a tremendous lack of acceptance of self in relation to their behavior, you may quite likely move into the expression of acceptance of this individual and be expressing to them, ‘Be not so very unaccepting of yourself. You are not a bad individual. You have merely created a behavior which is unacceptable within our beliefs, but you as an individual are not bad.’

You shall extend this expression to another individual, but if you in turn are creating the same action, you shall not extend this expression to self. You shall be not accepting of self and you shall be placing judgment upon yourself and you shall be also expressing to yourself the same expression of the other individual: ‘I am bad; I am unworthy; I am unacceptable.’

You each create these types of expressions, and as you draw yourself to the conflict of another individual, they express very similarly to yourselves. You may choose different types of objective expressions, but underlyingly, you are expressing the same.

One individual may choose to be engaging conflict in raised volume of voice. Another individual may express conflict in physical actions. But underlyingly, the issues of the expressions are the same. Outwardly they may appear differently, but what you are viewing in the expression – and the reason of the expression – is the same.

As you draw yourselves to other individuals that are experiencing conflict, you are doing this very action. You are drawing yourself to participate with that individual within their creation of their conflict, that you may mirror to yourself your own similarities and you may notice and identify your own aspects of belief systems that you participate in also and that are creating conflict within you.

Now; in this expression, I may express to you that you may be helpful to yourself in noticing YOUR mirror action and noticing your own issues in similarity to another individual and noticing your differences in expression, and as you allow yourself to be connecting with self and recognizing your own beliefs, your own behaviors, your own creation of conflict and identifying this to yourself and choosing different actions, you may also be helpful to the other individual.

Think to yourselves how within your focuses, you engage activity oft in expressing to another individual your opinion and your ideas in the direction of, ‘What shall be more efficient to be creating within another individual’s focus?’ Now think to yourselves how oft this is NOT accepted by the other individual, and they shall create what they are choosing to create regardless!

But also think to yourselves within your thought processes of the situations in which you are not expressing your advice to another individual, but you are accepting of their expression and you are merely lending supportiveness by merely being you – not placing judgment and not expressing a direction for the other individual – and in this expression, you may notice more of a responsiveness within your interaction of that other individual.

Therefore, in your questioning of how you may be helpful to another individual, I express once again that your most efficient direction is to be noticing self and attending to self, and in this you shall automatically be helpful to another individual, for they also shall turn their attention to self and be addressing to self, and each individual is what shall be creating different choices.

(Intently) No individual within your physical focus may choose for any other individual. These are individually your choices.

You may not be creating another individual’s reality. You may only create your own reality. Regardless of your great wish – that you lean in the direction of – that you WANT to be creating all other individuals’ reality, (grinning) for you may be so very much more efficient at this expression, this is not what you have created.” [session 387, April 24, 1999]

KEN: “Is there anything that you would like to say that’s not within my list of questions?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Connor [Ken], that I am acknowledging of your noticing and am encouraging you to be continuing within your action of noticing. In this, as you turn your attention to yourself and you are engaging more of your trust of self, let me also express to you not to be discounting of yourself in areas that you may not necessarily be accomplishing as well as you wish to be, for in this, you lean in the direction of discounting your accomplishments, as they may not be of the measure that you wish them to be. I express to you that all accomplishments are the same. They are all accomplishments. None are greater or smaller than any other.

In this, I encourage you to be continuing in your playfulness and in your attention within the now, for you are accomplishing quite well in this area, and I express to you to be continuing to express to yourself the acknowledgment of your own wondrousness. You may be trusting that you shall be accomplishing in the areas in which you hold your attention.

We shall speak again as to the subject matter of your financial beliefs, for this is a very large area of issue within yourself, and within this present time framework you hold resistance to information in this area, which I am quite understanding, for it brings to surface issues in the area of duplicity. But we shall be engaging movement in this area, and I shall be encouraging and acknowledging of you in your movement, and I shall be interactive with you as you continue within your noticing.

Now be noticing my energy in interaction with you, as you move from this now into subsequent nows. (Chuckling) And I shall be playful with you also!

KEN: Wonderful, wonderful! In surprising ways, I’m sure! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite ... quite! I offer to you much affection and much encouragement.

KEN: Thank you, Elias. I’m very appreciative of that. Enjoy yourself!

ELIAS: As always! And I shall express, [in] like manner to yourself also! (Chuckling)

KEN: Thank you.” [session 389, April 29, 1999]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you, Mikah [Michael], that noticing is very intricately involved in this process that you have designed for your widening, for even within the action of addressing to situations, belief systems, experiences – all of your creations and issues – you continue to be noticing all of your own created behaviors, all of your responses to not merely your behaviors and creations but to other individuals’ behaviors and creations, for this offers you information also, and to be noticing all of the imagery that is presented to you daily, which also offers you more information as to your own movement.

I may not be repeating of this to you enough, and I continue to repeat this to you and shall continue to repeat this to you, to the point that you genuinely understand and begin implementing this type of action. Within this present now, you continue to not entirely objectively understand what I am expressing to you.

Your thought process moves in the direction of expressing to you, oh yes, you do understand! (Mike cracks up) I express to you that I may access your energy and subjective movement, and I may express to you that objectively, oh no, you do not entirely understand what I am expressing to you, which I understand that you do not understand, and therefore I continue to offer to you repeated statements, for as you continue to objectively receive this information, you shall allow yourself to assimilate this information.

One of your most important actions is to be noticing, noticing all that is within your reality – your behavior, other individuals’ behavior, your creations, your lack of creations, your imagery that is presented to you through yourself, through other individuals, through your world. All about you continuously, you are presenting yourself and drawing yourself to imagery that speaks to you in a constant manner. You are merely accustomed to ignoring this information and not noticing. You have placed yourselves upon automatic response, and in this automatic response, you do not notice all of the information that you offer to yourselves.

You do not even notice your OWN creations, your own behaviors. You automatically create behaviors; you automatically excuse behaviors; you automatically justify behaviors. THIS is the area that I direct your attention to, to be noticing and to be identifying WHAT you are noticing.

Once you have noticed and identified, you continue to be noticing, and in your noticing, you also begin addressing to what you are noticing while you continue to be noticing in an ongoing manner within the time framework that you are also addressing to the situation.

Let us look once again upon our shoes. I have offered the analogy of the shoes and widening your awareness.

Now; let us look to the shoes. As you place the shoes upon your feet, you are noticing that they are holding tightly to your feet. They are creating uncomfortableness upon your feet.

You are noticing. You notice that you are uncomfortable. You are identifying that your feet are uncomfortable. You are identifying the reason that your feet are uncomfortable – the shoes press upon them tightly.

Now; in this, you implement action. You do not merely concentrate upon the shoes and poof them away! You implement action, and you engage acquiring another pair of shoes.

In this, you experiment with the new shoes, and you place them upon your feet. You are continuing to notice whether these new shoes shall be creating comfort or discomfort, and if they are not entirely comfortable, you shall discard them and you shall engage another pair of shoes, and you shall continue to be engaging more pairs of shoes until you acquire the pair of shoes that affords you the freedom of movement with no restriction.

In this – the acquiring of the new shoes and the exchange of shoes and the action that accompanies putting the new shoes upon your feet, experimenting with the new shoes – all of the actions that you engage in conjunction with each pair of new shoes is addressing to the situation. But throughout the action of addressing to the situation with the shoes, you are also continuously noticing and identifying.

It is not a situation of one follows the other, and once one has been accomplished, it is disengaged. You are continuing with all three throughout your process. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yeah, I’m trying to assimilate it. It sounds logical.

ELIAS: Once you have acquired the pair of shoes that you may place on either foot, regardless of left or right, and it shall be worn comfortably with no restriction – you may wear them backwards and forwards, you may wear them sideways, you may wear them on your right foot or your left foot and vice versa – once you have acquired THAT pair of shoes, then you have accomplished the widening.

MIKE: Okay. (Sighing) Notice, notice, notice. Okay.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And we return to the onset of these sessions within physical focus, in which I expressed that very statement to our initial group of individuals – notice, notice, notice! And I continue to be expressing of this same word now – notice, notice, notice!” (Chuckling) [session 398, May 18, 1999]

ALMA: “... Is there any additional information you might want to give me?

ELIAS: Continue to pay attention to yourself, my friend. You are generating significant movement in allowing yourself to be noticing, and this holds importance. As you continue to be noticing, allow yourself to not discount yourself, but paying attention, acknowledge yourself, my friend.

(Gently) I may express to you a recognition that you do not generate much acknowledgment of yourself. You incorporate much more of a discounting of yourself and doubting of yourself. There are many moments which are deserving of your acknowledgment, that you ARE accomplishing, that you are noticing, that you are paying attention to your communications to yourself. Rather than doubting of that, perhaps allow yourself permission more frequently to be acknowledging yourself in your accomplishments and not expressing as much judgment.

As you notice your communications to yourself, remember that you do incorporate choice. Regardless of your communications or your impressions, no expression is set in stone. You always incorporate choice. As you remember that you incorporate choice, it matters not that you necessarily objectively recognize or know what choices to incorporate or to express. Merely allow yourself the knowing that you are not locked to merely one choice, that you do incorporate other choices, and thusly allow yourself to relax. As you incorporate this method, your choices shall become much more clear.

ALMA: Well, it was great talking to you, Elias. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I am acknowledging of you and shall continue to be so, to the point that you allow yourself to be acknowledging. Ha ha!

ALMA: Okay. Thank you!” [session 1023, March 04, 2002]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: pop-ins, as we term them, used to be quite frequent occurrences, although their frequency has diminished. They are an interesting element of this phenomenon, an element that seems to be related to several different actions; misinterpretations expressed during conversation, fear or lack of fear within those present, an offering up of information for clarification, a response to connecting within consciousness. The most important element, though, seems to be Mary’s willingness to incorporate them. Bear in mind that we don’t really understand what initiates a pop-in. We just suddenly find ourselves talking to Elias instead of to Mary, which can be a little unnerving at times! As a result, the transcribed part of the pop-in begins whenever somebody remembers to turn on the tape recorder! Many pop-ins are never transcribed, as quite often they occur in places where there is no tape recorder.

(2) Paul’s note: Drew refers to an exchange that occurred six weeks earlier. It’s also a good example of how it takes people time to digest the information offerred by Elias and put it to practical use:

DREW: “I, in the past couple of weeks, everywhere I’ve been driving I’ve been seeing rubber in the road. I’m wondering if you can tell me what if any significance there may be to that. Judging from your smile, I would say there’s something.

ELIAS: Creative objective imagery! What is the quality of rubber?

DREW: This particular rubber was like from blown-out tires. Rubber bounces?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay ... the first thing that came to me would be something like bouncing back?

ELIAS: Correct. Use this as an example, each of you. Look to your imagery and ask yourselves questions of your imagery. What are the qualities of your imagery; for you may allow yourselves definitions that you shall immediately understand. You only do not follow your own imagery to its objective conclusions; although there are times when you are attempting to be interpreting your imagery and you are unsuccessful, in your terms, and you are creating conflict within yourselves within frustration, at which point I am quite pleased to be helpful in offering information.” [session 175, May 18, 1997]

(3) Paul’s note: the clarity exercise is a tool that sharpens the physical senses by enhancing our ability to concentrate, observe, and focus in the present moment. While fine-tuning the five physical senses, its purpose is also to maintain the clarity of focus in altered states and projections of consciousness.

ELIAS: “The point of the exercise in clarity is to be allowing you the opportunity to be manipulating outer senses, which may also offer you more of an understanding of how to be manipulating inner senses more efficiently and to be using your inner senses in conjunction with each other as you use your outer senses in conjunction with each other, but you do not allow yourselves to be efficiently manipulating your OUTER senses, which you are quite familiar with!

Therefore, I have offered that particular exercise that you may become more familiar with manipulating these senses that you hold familiarity with, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to more efficiently manipulate your inner senses, which shall be offering you more information within consciousness, and also, it shall be helpful to you in manipulating energy within the action of this shift.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

(4) Vic’s note: following are Mike’s notes regarding his efforts to identify his focus as a German writer – his Easter egg hunt!

“I know that I ask about my German writer in my next session briefly, but I never get a validated answer from Elias until my mother, Nicky, asked in a session later in the year. In any case, I am writing this as an example to others of how an individual may be creating imagery to offer a sought out answer to their question(s).

The ‘book’ I kept asking Elias about was a book from Barnes and Noble called The Most influential Writers in History. In it was some 300-plus writers, with a picture and description of the writers. Upon my searching through this book, I only looked for keywords, such as ‘German,’ and for an individual who looked like me. This was the basis of my search, as I objectively recognized no other info to search with. However, the information was in my face from the first time I flipped through the book. I had indeed run across the entry for my focus in the book on my first search through it; I passed him up (as Elias stated) for the mere reason that I thought he had a funny name. I stopped on the entry, looked at myself on the page, and dismissed it (me) with the mere fact that his name was ‘funny’ to me. His name is Stefan George. Upon other searches, I stopped on Stefan with curiosity of his name, because ‘George’ I found to be a weird last name. However, I still dismissed him.

Before this session, I had also began an intriguement to a certain comic series (I’m not a comic reader, so this was significant, although I didn’t connect it until AFTER I found out the identity of my focus) titled Kingdom Come. I had to find a T-shirt with the emblem of the main character (Superman) ... I was determined. This is why I find it funny, Elias’ usage of ‘colorful Easter egg,’ as that’s exactly what it was, because I have a 5’ standup of Superman in my room right in front of where I hold my sessions. In any case, after I finally had a dream about the ‘picture’ I had seen, I had my mom validate the identity in her session.

NOW, in retrospect, Stefan George’s last ‘story/book’ was titled Kingdom Come. Within that time framework, Nietzsche (a philosopher friend) had begun a philosophy based upon the rise of a ‘Superman,’ which Stefan had written supplemented information about. To top it all off, my middle name is George, and I share the same nationality (a quarter of it anyways) as Stefan – Prussian. Needless to say, I had surrounded myself with imagery ... but continuously dismissed it as accidental, or not relating to, or not even noticing at all!

I hope that this gives some insight to people, as the investigation was very frustrating for the mere reason that I was too busy focusing on a small portion of information I had availed myself of.”

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