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value fulfillment

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Your value fulfillment within physical focus is expressed through your individual creativity, in whichever area you choose to express it. (1) In this, if you are blocking of your expression, or if you are feeling, without a conscious awareness, that you are being constricted creatively, you also view a pointlessness within physical focus. Therefore, you have no reason to be continuing, and will be discontinuing. (Emphatic pause)

You express to yourselves, when you are viewing of an individual who possesses great ability within different creative expressions, such as a musical talent, that they may be discontinuing of their physical focus at a young age, so to speak, and what a waste of creativity is this! In actuality, it is not a waste. The expression has been manifest to its fullest capability within physical focus, as to what the individual believes; therefore there is no reason for continuing. In this, the manifestation is discontinued, and allowed to continue within another focus.” [session 73, February 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “You ask, ‘How do you experience natural time?’ Allow yourself to be natural. If it is not fun, do not do it! If you are incorporating action that is pleasurable to you, you are incorporating what we would express to you as value fulfillment. Your essence does not manifest for the purpose of experience for some mystical reason! Its fullest value fulfillment is expressed through pleasure. This is what your self strives toward, this being why you also incorporate positive and negative; negative being all elements that do not incorporate pleasure, positive being what you strive for, being pleasurable. This is your choice. (Pause) You may experience effortlessness and a pleasurable existence if you are fulfilling your desire. This is why I say to you, if it is not fun, do not do it! Incorporate fun only, and you will experience natural time.” [session 74, February 25, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within your physical body, you incorporate a collective consciousness; for each cell, each molecule within your physical expression incorporates consciousness. Each element incorporates its own value fulfillment individually. It holds its own purpose, so to speak; its own function. It also cooperates collectively, with all other cells and molecules within your physical expression, to be creating of the whole expression, and efficiently moving.” [session 96, May 26, 1996]

ELIAS: “An intent is the potential that an individual holds to be fulfilling of their individual value fulfillment within their pool of probabilities that they have chosen for the individual focus.” [session 264, February 01, 1998]

LUANA: “When you speak about there’s no absolutes, how about the so-called laws of the inner universe (2), like something like value fulfillment? Is that not an absolute? Or colors?”

ELIAS: “Color is a truth but it also is not an absolute, for it is translatable in many different manners dependent upon the area of consciousness. You translate color within your physical dimension in a particular manner objectively. Color may be translated in quite different manners within other physical dimensions or within nonphysical areas of consciousness.”

LUANA: “I understand. How about value fulfillment? Is that an absolute?”

ELIAS: “No, it is a choice.”

LUANA: “That’s why you say nothing is an absolute, because there is always a choice.”

ELIAS: “Correct. You generate free will and choice, and the nature of consciousness is continuous change, a continuous exploration and becoming. Therefore, there are no absolutes, for all of consciousness is continuously changing. All is generated within the moment.” [session 1101, June 04, 2002]

MIKE: “... what is my value fulfillment in this focus? What is it that is keeping me existing? Because according to what I’ve read, from what you’ve said and from what you’ve told me, when your value fulfillment is fulfilled or is no longer being fulfilled, you disengage and you move on. So obviously there’s something that I’m continuing to fulfill. So what is it, and how do I make it a more pleasant experience?”

ELIAS: “Ah. Now; these are two very different directions, for your automatic association with value and fulfillment is that it should be positive or pleasant, and as I have expressed previously, value is not always expressed in comfort. The automatic association is that it is. But as I have addressed to groups of individuals and inquired, ‘What do you value?’ generally speaking the response from most individuals shall be some expression of comfort or joyfulness or happiness or some positive expression. And I may express to you as I have to other individuals that is not true.

“You value many expressions AND you value uncomfortable expressions. If you did not value them, you would not create them. You do not create what you do not value. Value is not always associated with positive, and this is associated with beliefs, beliefs that what is worth valuing is also worth struggling or sacrifice or discomfort or waiting. There are many expressions within your reality that are valued and are not necessarily comfortable.” [session 1474, November 23, 2003]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “… individuals manifest some elements as an expression of drama. Essence is a lover of drama! It is a creative expression. Imagination is a creative expression. You strive, within your spirituality, to be calm, even balanced! (Very humorously) I shall not say boring; quiet. You incorporate not much drama within this expression! (Grinning) You are naturally imaginative and creative. This is one with drama.

If you are not expressing of creative drama within playfulness and games, (grinning at Jene) you will be expressing of drama in other areas of your existence and interaction. Emotionally-focused individuals will create stressful situations, or emotional expressions, or misinterpretations, or ‘woefulness.’ Thought-focused individuals will create aggressiveness, and irritation, and abundance of energy, and annoyance. You do this purposefully for your own entertainment! Therefore, this is another element that you may now view. You are not always aware, obviously, of this expression, although you may become aware once it has been offered to you, and you may allow yourself to view your objective expressions and be better understanding of these.

This is not to say that Elias has allowed you now another tool for intoleration of other individual’s expressions of these elements! I am not wishing you to be expressing, ‘Oh, you now are expressing drama, and I wish not to be involved within your drama!’ I am only expressing for your noticing, of your own creations within your own objective expression.

There are times when your objective expression of these small elements of drama serve to your value fulfillment. They serve as a release; for if you are choosing to be suppressing of your own energy and reigning this energy tremendously, viewing this to be a more ‘evolved’ expression as an individual within your objective self, you may be creating a slight drama, for a release expression of energy.” [session 95, May 22, 1996]

ELIAS: “All things, within an order of consciousness, manifest purposefully. Therefore, you may not individually always be aware of the action that may be occurring and the process that has been engaged, within consciousness and within the cooperation of the subjective selves collectively. Nonetheless, agreements have been initiated. You, as individuals, have drawn yourselves to each other; this being for your individual and also collective value fulfillment.

I am recalling of questioning presented to me by Dimin [Carole] in another time period: ‘What is my purpose and mission, Elias? Where does my direction lie?’ Within that now, I offered to you information that you were needing to assimilate within that now. Within this now presently, I offer a continuation of information.

It is no accidental occurrence that you have drawn yourselves to each other’s company. All things, within your creative manifestation of reality, very orderly lead you into a direction of your desire and your intent, within a purposeful expression.

I have offered an example of essences, before physically manifesting, creating agreements to be meeting within twenty-two of their physical years. In this time period of the twenty-two years, they experience no interaction. They are unknown to each other. At the precise moment that they have previously agreed upon to interact for the creation of an experience, they meet; subsequently developing an experience that is shared for their individual and collective benefit.

You also have made agreements. You have been touched by information, periodically, to be reminding you of your agreements, and to be rousing remembrances. You approach, presently, for the engagement of our agenda.” [session 97, May 27, 1996]

ELIAS: “Each experience that you involve yourself within, you choose for your benefit, within your own personal value fulfillment. You each may look upon what you view to be far-removed previous experiences, experiences you have incorporated individually within your past, and you may view these and express to yourselves presently, that you understand why you created those situations previously. You may have not, in actuality, created all of the situation, but you engaged the actions, in allowing yourselves to benefit.

Benefit does not always mean what you term to be, in your thinking, ‘good.’ You are quite conditioned to be thinking in terms of good or bad. ‘I attend a party; this is a good experience. I witness a death; this is a bad experience.’ You draw yourselves to all experiences to benefit you, within consciousness. Some, you may consciously, within your thinking, attach reasons for, within your future time. Your physical reasoning explanations to yourselves may be satisfying to you physically, but they may not completely be, in actuality, the beneficial aspect of why you drew these situations to yourself. Some of you view situations more easily, in thinking of more removed elements. It is easier to engage an understanding of a situation if you are looking to this situation in what you term to be your ‘bigger picture.’ Your bigger picture, in reality, is your smaller picture within you! (Grinning)

Within your thought processes, you think to yourselves, the bigger picture involves many individuals, mass events, Source Events, global incorporation, your shift, agreements; bigger and bigger and bigger; for you view a rock as small and a mountain as big! Therefore, you view ‘more,’ as far as physical aspects are concerned, to be bigger. In actuality, I express to you that the more and the bigger picture is what you view to be the small picture; the individual within; for the universe lies within, not outside where you view physically.” [session 101, June 24, 1996]

JENE: “I have [an] issue with this creature being killed, and questions of his intent and his choice. I understand it was his choice, but I don’t understand his choice in departure and his intent or purpose. I had quite a few symbols come up in a movie, different things to be acknowledging, that perhaps the purpose was simply to be accepting of self, no matter what. All that this particular creature wanted was to be loved and accepted, and I think that is probably what we all are looking for. Is that correct? (Very emotional here)

ELIAS: So you have learned a difficult lesson, in your terms. These are complicated issues. I express to you that although creatures, as all other things within your known universe, are made up of consciousness, they do not possess an intent as you think of it. The intent of consciousness is to be. Within manifestations of creatures and plants, formations upon your planet, your planet itself, your universe, the intent is to be. Within this beingness, there is also held an intent for value fulfillment; for all of consciousness exists with value fulfillment. If their value fulfillment is not materializing or accomplishing, they shall discontinue. Bear with me as I explain to you.

Within our early sessions, questions were posed of the reasoning for individuals engaging within the act of suicide. In this, I have expressed to those inquiring that individuals may engage this act for different reasons, but one of the most common reasons that an individual will engage this action is that they are not accomplishing a value fulfillment within the focus, within the manifestation. Therefore, they view no point in its continuation; for if you are, within consciousness, not fulfilling the highest value of your expression, you shall discontinue the expression, for it is unnecessary. All of consciousness, to the extreme of each atom, each link of consciousness, exists within the intent, so to speak, of individual value fulfillment. This is to be the most fulfilled expression of its being. Therefore, its purpose is in its own beingness.

Now; there are different arrangements of consciousness. There are differentiations within manifestations of consciousness, as we have discussed previously. I have also offered information concerning domestic creatures, which differ within their function in consciousness from what you term to be wild creatures, for they are directly involved with your species; human beings. Therefore, their consciousness is more directly influenced by your consciousness. This may be difficult to be understanding, for you are affecting of all consciousness; but within the creation of these creatures, their function is different.

All of consciousness chooses its individual function. It chooses its direction. Therefore, some elements of consciousness have chosen, within agreement, to be manifesting into these domestic creatures, functioning with you, with your species, in cooperation with you. To your way of thinking, they serve many purposes. Some serve purposes of facilitating your workloads. Some fill what you term to be the role of companionship.

You have built up within your societies belief systems concerning your creatures. Each of you holds many belief systems of domestic creatures; what they know, what they do not know, what they understand, what they do not understand, what they feel, what they do not feel, whether they possess a soul or whether they do not. All of you hold many belief systems within this area.

You have offered yourself an opportunity to be opening. You have offered yourself the opportunity to be listening, and to be widening your awareness. You have developed many belief systems. You have developed belief systems surrounding the information that you receive presently. You have also cocooned yourself. This has been offered to you previously, but you have not been willing to listen. In your wishing and desire to be moving, you have chosen to offer yourself, within a cooperative action, circumstances to shake you and therefore allow an opening.

Much has been presented to you that you have allowed to bounce off. You express that you absorb, but in actuality you have been, to this moment, closed, holding your key; as very similarly to another. You now choose to offer yourself an opening. Your questioning previously has run in line with your belief systems. I have answered your questioning, knowing full well that your reception of these answers is different from its delivery. Your comprehension and understanding is different, but subjectively it has been registering, so to speak. Therefore, you bring yourself to your present point. You have chosen this situation. Interestingly enough, you equate this particular creature with an individual that you continue to hold ties to.

JENE: Scott. (Scott is a friend of Jene’s who passed away some years ago)

ELIAS: Therefore, this creature shall hold more impact within your attention than another. This creature is not connected to this individual. I shall offer a small amount of information as to this situation also, later.

You are correct that you have offered yourself the opportunity to view a situation to be emphasizing certain elements to you; a moving through of belief systems, a noticing. The creature asks nothing. Your responsiveness to the creature, within this present situation, is an identification of another action out of your control, but also bearing those similarities of personal responsibility, in feeling responsible for you have held thoughts and feelings prior to the action, paralleling within both.

Understand that these are also belief systems. There is no guilt. There is no personal responsibility. It is not a question of right or wrong. It is not a question of good or bad. It only is. All consciousness shall rearrange itself and move if it is not accomplishing its own value fulfillment. This is not a ‘bad’ thing. It only is.” [session 144, January 04, 1997]

ELIAS: “You look to probabilities as the end product of actions. You look to one-line scenarios. You do not allow for other information. As you allow yourselves the opportunity to be engaging your periphery, you shall be noticing that there are many lines of probabilities, all of which are not always quite so obvious to your viewpoint.

You also view, as you make decisions, that each decision is final. You have chosen an action. Therefore, this is the direction that you move within. I express to you that your decisions are not final, and they are not the completion of your probabilities. They are influencing of your past, as you view it, and they are also influencing of your future; just as many, many elements within your present are very influenced by your future. What you view or think of as your future self, that self which has already accomplished, is continuously interacting with this now and influencing of your direction.

This is not to say that another individual is dictating your movement. You are choosing your probabilities for your value fulfillment from all of your angles of perception within reality; past, future, and present. They are all simultaneous. They are not in sequence. Therefore, they are all influencing of each other, and they are all you. Within this, you choose the probabilities that shall be benefiting of you in cooperation and conjunction to those that you are interacting with; for you do not create your reality only for your own value fulfillment. You create your reality for your greatest value fulfillment and also for the value fulfillment of all others, for all consciousness is connected. (Very intently)

Therefore, you may think to yourself that you ‘want’ a certain thing, and you may concentrate upon this thing and the creation of it, and you may not manifest this thing; for within cooperation of those involved with you and within consciousness, this thing may not be the greatest value fulfillment for all.

Now; we have expressed that some individuals view their focus as not fulfilling their highest value fulfillment. Therefore, they choose to be disengaging of their focus. Even within these decisions and choices, the value fulfillment is accomplished within consciousness for all involved. Therefore, the discontinuation of one focus, which you view to be terminated as a result of non-accomplishment of value fulfillment individually, shall also simultaneously be fulfilling of the value fulfillment within consciousness of those which are involved with this individual. (Firmly) All things are connected. All action is affecting of all other action.” [session 149, January 19, 1997]

DREW: “I’m wondering at what level these choices are made, and how to access that level?

ELIAS: This is the reason that we discuss unofficial information presently, that you may more understand how you are creating your reality by witnessing and paying attention to all of your reality, not only what you are accustomed to paying attention to. I express to you that in reality, murder victims, murderers, accident victims, or any individual within any situation or circumstance, if you are truly viewing all of the information available to you, you shall see that you do indicate these probabilities. Just as you may, within quite objective obvious circumstances, view a pattern within yourself leading to a certain accomplishment, you also may view objectively, if you are noticing, indications incorporating unofficial information that shall express to you the direction that you have chosen within your attention, and the probabilities that you are leaning to be creating.

You also, as with the dream mission also, must be viewing creatively. Understand that you are creative beings. Therefore, an individual may choose a debilitating automobile accident, in your terms. This may occur quite surprisingly. In actuality, if you are noticing all of the information available within the reality of this individual, you shall see a ‘leading to’ the drastic, dramatic creation for the reasons within the probabilities that this individual has chosen.

Case in point; Jaren [Jason]. Within a study of behavior and probabilities and choices and interaction with other individuals, noticing unofficial information alongside of officially accepted information, you would view an individual creating a counterpart situation to the unexpressed desires of the father. Within this situation, you would also view this individual of Jaren [Jason] creating a choice to engage this counterpart action temporarily, and not to be wishing to continue this throughout the entirety of the focus. Therefore signs, in your terms, are exhibited of not wishing to be continuing within this counterpart action. Also, on the part of the father signs are exhibited that the counterpart action is no longer necessary, for the value fulfillment has been accomplished. Therefore, within the confines of the relationship, the choice is made to turn the focus.

The focus is turned drastically, in a discontinuation of counterpart action and also in a continuation of the individual focus in the direction of probabilities that this individual has chosen for their own focus. In this, the choice is made of a dramatic event; an automobile accident; creating a devastating, in your terms only, action and reaction within those individuals intimately physically surrounding this individual, breaking the tie of counterpart interaction, reestablishing the direction of probabilities which was initially chosen for the individual focus to continue, and allowing for fulfillment of the father in expressed experience. (3)

I understand that this is complicated, but if you are viewing closely you will view certain behaviors, certain choices, certain actions that are indications to you, clues of your own direction. You need engage your periphery and be understanding that all of your reality that you create is not within one narrow line. You pull from many, many angles within your probabilities, and you also interact and intersect with alternate selves. Much more is going on within your reality than you view!

In this, as you look to how you are creating your reality, you must also take into account all of reality and all of its angles, for there are many. Each action that you choose may not in actuality be directly related to the action quite previous to it. It may appear that the action is following within a line of probabilities or within a line of events, but this is not always the case; although simultaneously it shall also fit into the scheme of present motion, but it may hold ramifications beyond the present circumstances.

You do not think to yourselves of the influences that are pressing to you continuously. You hold many focuses within essence. You hold many alternates within one focus. Your future self, as you think of it, is also quite influencing of your present. This is not to say, once again, that you hold no objective control and direction, for you hold all. You only do not look to your own action.

I express to you that the smallest, to your way of thinking, actions that you alter within a daily routine are precisely chosen. You may awaken one morning and you may be choosing to comb your hair differently. You may choose to eat your porridge before your coffee or tea, as opposed to your normal routine of sipping your tea or coffee first. These seem to be insignificant alterations, but these also are conscious choices and affect you; for you have chosen, within this particular day, a different routine. You have chosen to alter your methods, and within this you alter the whole of you. Your perception changes. You may not notice a dramatic alteration of perception, but your perception shall alter. This is a very slight, small example which offers a very slight, small alteration of your reality; but it is an example of how each choice is created, which alters your perception and also creates your existing reality.

(Intently) It is all objective choices. You are not walking through this physical reality asleep! You are not engaging other individuals or your employment within your dream state! You are awake. You are objective. You are thinking. You are choosing. Your choices are made objectively. You are directing.

BOB: Can I ask a question? Would you say that this is a trial and error process?

ELIAS: No. (Firmly)

BOB: Which would imply that you know the results of your choices prior to making them.

ELIAS: In one manner of speaking.

BOB: So if I choose to eat my porridge before I sip my coffee, I have some idea of what the implied change in my life is?

ELIAS: If you are allowing yourself to be noticing your periphery and noticing your reality. In one manner of speaking, yes; within essence you are aware, for all events are simultaneous. There is no future. There is no past. Therefore, you are aware of your action within its entirety. Within another respect you are not aware, for you choose to be singularly focused and you also choose not to listen and notice unofficial information.

BOB: But regardless, you make choices. So those who are more aware of their subjective activity or unofficial information, whatever, make choices in light of that, at least arguably, and those who are not make their choices ...

ELIAS: ... the same. (Grinning)

BOB: Okay. I guess that’s not what I would have said!

ELIAS: You choose differently, for you choose to be engaging the action of widening ... and you have asked!

BOB: So the only difference is awareness. You make the choices with a result clear on some level to you, but your awareness of the results or the choices ... You’re either aware of them or you’re not.

ELIAS: It is not necessary for your awareness. Many, many, many individuals engage physical focus, and do not hold an understanding of probabilities objectively, and move efficiently through their objective focuses. You have asked for this information. You have drawn yourselves to this information. You wish this information for your own widening, for the express reasoning of engaging the shift and engaging transition within physical focus.

... (Vic’s note: There was much discussion during the break of counterpart action and agreements in general, and specifically about the action between Josh and his father. There was also discussion as to the meaning of the word love, and whether or not this is a belief system. Many religious beliefs flying around during this conversation!)

ELIAS: One note to be adding to your present scenario with your discussion of counterpart action; the value fulfillment was fulfilled on the part of the father, not on the part of the son. The counterpart action was to complete a value fulfillment unexpressed within the father, which was accomplished.

NORM: Could you tell us what the value fulfillment was?

ELIAS: The son expressed within personality elements that the father felt unable to express objectively. Therefore, within action and personality the son accomplished, through his objective reality in young ages, accomplishments. This would be creatively and scholastically that the father was unable, or believed himself to be unable, to be expressing objectively. Therefore, the son expressed these qualities as a counterpart action, in accomplishing the value fulfillment for the father.

NORM: Within families, are there usually a lot of counterparts?

ELIAS: Many times there are counterpart actions occurring within family units.

RON: ... Would it be fair to say that all emotions, like hate and joy and sorrow, are just objective interpretations or misinterpretations of the action that you just described as love?

ELIAS: Not misinterpretations; but yes, interpretations relative to your physical focus. I have expressed to you recently that there are existences, dimensions, that do not incorporate emotion as do you. Their existence provides for value fulfillment equal to your own but within a different framework, for they have chosen a different experience. You have chosen a different experience. You have created many different dimensions for different physical expressions and experiences. Therefore, as you interpret emotion, this is relative to certain physical focuses. You are not the only physical focus that experiences and incorporates emotion, but all do not experience this creation. Therefore, when you express, ‘Is hate a truth?’ No. This is an emotion which is relative to physical focus. This is a direct influence of belief systems. There is a difference between creations which have sprung from belief systems and truths which are interpreted through belief systems.

... probable selves. The energy of a probable self is not absorbed by remaining probable selves. You are a probable self, as are all other selves. Each is a probable self to each other. Each is its own manifestation. Each holds its own reality. One is not reality, and all others imaginary. They are all reality. They are all independent, in a fashion. They are all individual creations. They are all energy, as you are energy. If you are a probable self, which you are, when you die, are you absorbed to the other probable selves?

NORM: Well, I think my interpretation was that there was energy available to the other probable self. Not that all of the energy of that focus went over to the other side, but that there was energy available for the other person, or maybe there was experience. I guess there was experience available to the other probable self.

ELIAS: All experience and all energy of all probable selves is available to all, but each is unique to themselves. Therefore, they continue within individual existence within their own value fulfillment; just as you are not absorbed back into the concept of essence as you disengage physical focus, for you are not separate. Therefore, you are not cast out and then absorbed back. You are the entirety. You are also unique and individual and a new creation, and continue.” [session 152, February 09, 1997]

NORM: “There has to be some sort of a connection between the essence Michael (4) and the individual that was doing the channeling. I heard that this essence has done a lot of channeling with a lot of people. Therefore, he can merge, or whatever you do, to have the ability to speak through a focused individual. He has that capability. Do all essences have a capability of doing what you do with Mary or what Michael does with this individual? Is it a common capability?

ELIAS: Every individual holds the ability to be manifesting an energy exchange, although it is not quite as simplified as you view the phenomenon to be. Within this action occurs a cooperation. Therefore, it is not merely the choice of one individual physically focused. There are many elements that contribute to the actualization of an actual energy exchange.

We have begun briefly speaking of your individual and mass value fulfillment. These actions do not occur in actuality without the creation of value fulfillment for all individuals. Therefore, if there is not to be fulfillment within value of the individuals participating and the essences participating and also a benefit within consciousness, the exchange shall not occur. Many individuals express that they engage in the action of an energy exchange, although they term this to be mediumship, or within your new terminology, channeling. Their meaning within these words, in their understanding and definition, is the same as an energy exchange, although the accomplishment of an actual energy exchange is not as common physically as you may suspect.

As I have stated, you all hold the ability to engage an energy exchange. All essences hold the ability for energy exchange. All essences do engage energy exchange. Not all individuals engage this type of phenomenon. Individuals attain information which is beneficial to them in many different areas, this being only one. Many individuals, as has been stated, believe that they are engaging an energy exchange, when in actuality they are engaging their own belief systems. It is quite common for you physically focused to alter your perception in consciousness and not necessarily alter your area of consciousness. You may alter your perception of your waking consciousness and not be engaging another area of consciousness. You may be engaging a quietness of self in which you are allowing your own belief systems to be expressed freely. This is quite common.

There are different types of energy exchanges which occur within physical focuses. One type is what you view within this forum, which is also relatively the same type of phenomenon that you have studied previously of another teacher, that which you call Seth. (5) There are other energy exchanges which are valid and contributing to value fulfillment, which are more aligned with a tapping of a world view. This is a complicated area, for you view the concept of a world view as individual. This is not always the case. Essences may collectively deposit energy information which is available to you. You may tap this information. This may appear to be an exchange similar to this phenomenon that you view within this forum. It is a different type of exchange. A different action occurs. It is no less valid. It is also an energy exchange. It is only not an energy exchange of essence.

This individual of which you witnessed taps this type of energy, which is a collective. It is information available within an energy deposit. Many individuals may allow themselves to be open consciously and receptive to this information. You may allow yourselves an openness within consciousness and you shall be receptive to this information also. This phenomenon of which you witness holds a different quality, for this is a direct energy exchange of essence; a mergence; not of [an] energy deposit.

... Creatures manifest for many different reasons. You, within your singularity of perception, view that creatures do not manifest unless they are within alignment to human individuals and creating in conjunction with your consciousness. Creatures are consciousness. Therefore, they also manifest their own value fulfillment. They also manifest their own experience physically. They do not hold the same thought process as do you, although they do hold thought processes. They do not hold the same emotional process as do you, although they do manifest emotional processes. They also dream, as do plants, as do rocks, as does all of consciousness; cells, molecules, atoms. All consciousness manifests certain behavior.

VICKI: Why is it that so many domestic animals sleep so much?

ELIAS: Their function, within the reality that you have created cooperatively, is different from the function of creatures independent of your human species, so to speak. Therefore, it is unnecessary for waking consciousness to be focused and alert within their own creating of their environment and their situations, for you create this much for them within this cooperation. Therefore, they incorporate more subjective activity. In this manner also, they are more influenced by your consciousness objectively within manifestation, for they are engaged in subjective activity more of your time element; allowing intersection with other consciousness, you, for more of your time period.

Creatures that you view to be wild, in your terminology, occupy more of their time element, which is perceived differently than you perceive the same time element, with the creation of their environment and their circumstances and their situations. You view this to be survival. It is far beyond survival, for they actively participate in the creation of their environment, to which they innately know they are connected with and a part of. They view no separation. Therefore, they also are aware that their attention must be directed in the area of creating their reality, which is the grasses, the plains, the oceans, the land, the trees, and also the cooperation and intermingling in creation of each other. In this, they also hold the innate understanding that there is no separation of consciousness. Therefore, what you view to be the cycle of life or your food chain is merely a reconstruction of energy in exchange by consumption, incorporating the experience of one consciousness into another; which these creatures hold the awareness of, for this is their focus. This is not your focus. This is not to say that these creature’s existences are more valuable or more enlightened than yours. It is different in its direction. Your creations focus within another angle for different experiences.

DREW: ... Is the concept of meaning and importance a belief system that we hold, or a concept that is real in subjective reality?

ELIAS: It is relative within your thought processes to this reality, for within other realities your explanation of meaning means nothing! Value fulfillment is a truth. This is common to all areas of consciousness in all focuses. This may not adequately be expressed within your individual focus and language, for it expands beyond this reality. It is a reality within all realities. As you have created and as should be within your intent of creation within this dimensional physical focus, you view your creations and your belief systems and thought processes as all of reality. It is beyond your thinking to view that your reality is not valid throughout all of consciousness. It is valid in that it is beneficial within experience, and adding to value fulfillment within the whole. It is lacking in meaning within other dimensional focuses for they have been created quite differently; as their meaning is meaningless to you; as my reality, in truths, holds little meaning to you; for they are all different areas of consciousness for different experiences which you incorporate to yourself, all; for you are multidimensional.

You may express that it matters not and that your experiences hold no meaning if you are thinking in the direction of progression, to which, within this dimension, you do. You create this reality on the basis of progression. You progress. You move forward. You attain. In these terms, you are correct. It matters not. It holds no meaning. In terms beyond this individual focus, of which you have asked to be informed, it holds to your way of thinking great meaning, for all of meaning is in becoming. Therefore, all of experience is important.

... Your probabilities are not before you! They are not in front of you. They are created as you create one. As you create each, all of its variations are created, but they are not created ahead of you, that you choose from in behind. They are created as you create them.

DREW: And this relates to our discussion of meaning and importance ... how???

ELIAS: For you view that your choices are meaningless, for all probabilities are actualized. Therefore, what meaning do your choices hold? But your probabilities have not been created and then chosen from.

DREW: The process of choosing creates the probabilities.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Which still brings us back to the question of what difference do our choices make if there is no meaning anyway?

ELIAS: For you create what you choose.

VICKI: So what difference does it make?

DREW: Thank you, Vicki! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) As I have stated, within your thought process of this physical focus, it matters not.

DREW: It’s hard to find joyfulness in that!

ELIAS: For you attach a sensation, a belief system, to joyfulness. This is an interpretation.

VICKI: Well, if it matters not, how can everything be affecting of everything then? How can it matter and not matter at the same time?

ELIAS: In your thought process within your physical focus you may express it matters not, for you do not look to your own value fulfillment. You do not remember. Therefore, you do not understand.

VICKI: But it doesn’t even really matter if you fulfill your value fulfillment. You’ll just disengage and fulfill it somewhere else, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, within your physical focus it matters not; which we have stated from the onset, have we not?

VICKI: Yes, but other statements contradict that in my thinking.

ELIAS: Within your belief systems!

DREW: So are we correct when we say that meaning is a belief system that we hold? But to truly appreciate the value of becoming, it is the collective experience of essence as it is manifest in all dimensions? That is really where the appreciation of being lies? If this objective reality really has no meaning, then is it only on the level of essence that the collective experience of all manifestations can be appreciated, and therefore that’s where the meaning lies?

ELIAS: (Intently) Each cell within your physical manifestation appreciates its existence and incorporates value fulfillment and is not dependent upon each other cell for its existence, although within cooperation is part of the whole, but individual, and continues to be individual. One cell may be instructed, within your physical expression, one cell, to alter its behavior, and it may alter its behavior and it may induce a cancerous situation within the entirety of your physical expression, created by one cell altering its probabilities.

DREW: And if a single cell in my body can appreciate its value fulfillment and its own becoming, and yet I’m sitting here as an entirety not appreciated it, is that simply a reflection of the camouflage that I’m struggling to get through to understand what my tiniest cell understands?

ELIAS: First of all, you are not not appreciating your becoming and your existence. You are discounting of self within the focus, but simultaneously you are not not appreciating of your own value fulfillment. You are moving your attention into the direction of knowing objectively what this tiny cells knows. You know this subjectively already, which is what creates your motivation and drive, which continues your questioning, which moves you within your accomplishing; for you do know innately, subjectively, your value and your worth and your affectingness. Objectively, you forget. Therefore, you have chosen. You have asked for information to be helpful in remembering, and in knowing what this tiny cell knows. (To Vic) Be remembering, your probabilities are not created before you!” [session 154, February 23, 1997]

VICKI: “Okay, I have questions regarding transition, this being another question from Jessele [Margot]. She’s wondering about this belief system that says if you die traumatically or within a sudden accident that you need some help, some sort of rescuing as a result of this traumatic death, and is curious what you have to say.

ELIAS: Shall we move now into our most holy metaphysical religious realm? This being a commandment, I believe! Rescue those within violent death! I perceive no incense or cymbals clicking! (Laughter)

This, once again, is a belief system. Individuals may choose to be disengaging physical focus within what you view to be drastic or traumatic events. This is not indicative of needing helpfulness. Just as you view suicide as crying for helpfulness, within consciousness this is an action which is accomplished as the individual is not fulfilling their value fulfillment within a particular focus.

Each individual chooses the method, if you will, of their departure from physical focus. Some individuals choose to be moving into a departure within this manner for many different reasons. Some choose a drama as their final act within physical focus. Some choose to be disengaging in what they believe within their belief systems as quickly and painlessly. Many individuals do not believe that they may accomplish disengaging physical focus within their sleep state. Although they may choose within wishful thinking to be engaging this action, they do not believe that they may accomplish this, but hold fearfulness of this action or event that you term to be death. Therefore, they choose to be engaging this event quickly. There are other reasons also as to why an individual may choose these types of disengagement, just as there are many reasons why individuals choose to be disengaging within the creation of disease. These are all choices.

As to the issue that these individuals are needing of more helpfulness than any other individual, this is incorrect. There are individuals which engage the action of death quietly, without drama, and do not accept and realize that they have engaged this action for they do not allow themselves objectively to move into the area of transition, of which we have spoken previously. These individuals may be requiring of assistance in information as to their position within consciousness, but this has no bearing upon their choice of method of disengagement.

VICKI: Her feeling is that her grandson has already partially engaged this action of transition. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Slightly.

VICKI: My other question in this area is, I remember quite a while ago you talking about some people choosing to remanifest rather quickly as a result of some sort of trauma.

ELIAS: This would not be necessarily trauma within the action of death; but within the experience of the focus, an individual may choose to be disengaging from one focus and thrusting themselves into another focus intentionally, allowing, to your way of thinking, no transitional time period.

VICKI: And so then they would be entering that focus with most of their belief systems still intact?

ELIAS: Quite correct, and also with much identification of the previous focus. Many of these individuals experience much conflict within this thrusting into another focus. These individuals also, many times in your terms, do not adjust to objective consciousness in the new focus. Therefore, they retreat into more subjectivity, which will appear to you as insanity or being ‘not normal.’

DREW: I’d like to ask about the subject of suicide. Once again, you bring up a subject that I’ve been thinking about all week.

BOB: Oh, Drew! (Bob, you crack me up!)

DREW: I don’t mean personally! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am quite understanding! We shall not be holding funeral services for you!

DREW: I do have a couple of friends for whom that’s an issue. You mentioned that a violent death or suicide can be a way of disengaging as a result of not fulfilling value. Can they also be in alignment with value fulfillment?

ELIAS: Yes. As we have spoken previously, some individuals may also choose this act within helpfulness of other individuals. There are many aspects of why an individual may choose to be engaging this type of event. More of your time, you may say, these individuals hold dissatisfaction with the creation of reality that they manifest, and within objective awareness are not accomplishing their value fulfillment. Be understanding that value fulfillment is not singularly restricted to yourself. As you accomplish value fulfillment, it is for all consciousness. Therefore, if this is not being accomplished, you shall know this within you. You shall feel this. Therefore, you shall feel dissatisfaction and a wishing to disengage from the individual focus.

There are other instances where individuals may be choosing this event of suicide to be offering what I have expressed as a statement objectively for the attention of other individuals, which adds to the value fulfillment of all. You only place negative ideas upon these actions. In actuality, they are merely events within the movement of consciousness. They are not negative or positive. They merely are.

DREW: It’s possible then that within counterpart action or in subjective agreement, the action of suicide is not necessarily the result of any sort of dissatisfaction, but rather an action taken for the learning experience of all who are involved?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Objectively we are taught that when people talk of suicide, even jokingly, it’s something that should be taken seriously. We also lean towards the belief that if we can prevent somebody from committing suicide, which I’m understanding we probably can’t prevent anything that they choose to do, that we should try to prevent it, if possible. So I’m a little torn about getting signals from people that we should take seriously, about the possibility of them committing suicide, and what if anything we should do about that?

ELIAS: I express to you that this is a choice of the individual, although I do not express to you that you not take notice or that you be insensitive to this action; for within objective consciousness, regardless of the subjective reasoning of this action, the individual experiences tremendous dissatisfaction with their manifestation. Much confusion is incorporated within the focus. These individuals objectively are quite tormented, within your terms, experiencing much trauma. Therefore, in recognition of this, your helpfulness or supportiveness within energy may be, in some aspects, helpful to the individual objectively in reconciling their objective to subjective actions. This may not prevent the action which is being chosen, but you may offer conciliation to the individual, which may allow some calmness or reassurance within their choices.

You each look to your actions as needing an immediate observable outcome. You also hold expectations concerning these outcomes. Therefore, you approach an individual experiencing trauma. You offer helpfulness and you expect to objectively view a change, an affectingness. You have affected, but you may not objectively, within your time period, witness what you have affected. Consciousness is much more vast than the limitations of one focus. One focus is much more vast than you may imagine. Therefore, you may be quite affecting within other layers of this particular focus. Each act that you incorporate serves to be helpful to the accomplishment of value fulfillment of all, not only yourself. Therefore, you are being helpful to yourself in being helpful to another.

Many of your leaders within your history that you attach to religious elements have expressed many of these concepts, in that what you manifest to others you manifest to yourself. This is not a new concept. I offer to you that as you widen within your awareness, you shall more and more become aware of the interconnectedness of consciousness, and that what is manifest within another is manifest within you also. You are affecting of all, as all is affecting of you.

If you are wishing to be helpful to another individual, be the individual, and you shall know what is required. You may accomplish this quite efficiently. Allow yourself your empathic sense. Allow yourself the acknowledgment of your inner senses, and in this, be what you seek to help. Therefore, you shall understand and you shall direct yourself in how to be accomplishing. Be remembering that offering is useless with expectation. Offering is meaningful and helpful within the purity of offering with no expectation.

DREW: Why does expectation taint the offering?

ELIAS: For you hold a value judgment.

DREW: It becomes a manipulation?

ELIAS: Quite.

DREW: Is not fulfilling value a choice?


DREW: So if someone is considering disengagement because their value is not being fulfilled, that’s a choice that could be changed.

ELIAS: Yes, but you may not change this.

DREW: I understand. We can only try to understand and help the individual understand, and then let them make their choice.

ELIAS: And you may be influencing. You may not choose and you may not create reality for another individual, but you may be influencing.

DREW: By helping them understand things that they may not have understood before?

ELIAS: Quite; this being the reason that I encourage your interaction continuously. You discount your objectivity as being unimportant imagery. Therefore, you discount yourselves and your understanding. You offer each other much helpfulness within exchange. I have also expressed to you that exchange within physical focus verbally is helpful to actualization, for you produce a thought within energy and manifest physically through verbalization. You create a chemical reaction which is actual. It is another action within physical focus. Your thoughts are one action. They are reality. They are energy. Verbalization of these thoughts is another action which holds a different reality and becomes physical.

NORM: Does writing have a similar action as verbalization?

ELIAS: Similar. It is not the same, but it is similar. It does not produce a chemical actualization, as I have expressed previously, although it is lending energy to actualization, for it serves in communication and objectively allowing connection with other individuals.

DREW: Does this mean that if there is a desired probability we would like to actualize objectively, directing our thoughts, our speech, our writing, all of our energies in that direction will help make that probability more likely to manifest?

ELIAS: Yes, but I shall also suggest to you that the actualization or materialization of a thing or an event is also dependent upon its contribution to value fulfillment.” [session 159, March 23, 1997]

ELIAS: “You, once again, shall not betray you. You are your highest expression, and you shall always look for your highest value fulfillment, and you shall accomplish this. You may express that you experience conflict; for you are striving and striving, and you are not accomplishing what you choose to be accomplishing, and your existence holds much struggling and conflict; and you may even express that you do not understand your purpose or your point. If you are allowing yourself the freedom to accept self, and to know that you have manifest to experience and that no experience is worse or better and that you are perfectly creating within every moment of your focus, you shall eliminate much of your conflict.

I have expressed this many times, although to this present now within your physical focus, you do not understand. You wish to be seeking out individuals that shall map your road for you, that shall express to you, ‘Move this way. Accomplish this. Occupy yourself with this job. Be creative within this area, and you shall be successful.’ You shall be successful when you are believing in you. When you are allowing yourself to loosen your hold upon the duplicity of self, then you shall be accomplishing; but as you continue to view better and worse and you are striving and not addressing to the belief systems that you hold, you shall continue within your conflict. Do you not think that if this were not so, that throughout your ages individuals upon your planet would not have already formulated the method for complete, ultimate successfulness in every area?

You are inventive creatures. You are extremely creative. You may build machinery to explore your physical space, but you may not solve these tiny individual problems of successfulness within individuals; for no prophet or psychic may express to you a method for accomplishment, if you are not trusting of you.” [session 165, April 19, 1997]

NORM: “I would just like to see how complete this is, the relationship between purpose, intent, attainment, value fulfillment, and belief systems. Is it the case that we decide to manifest and to attain, or we’re attempting to attain, value fulfillment within a certain set of belief systems? Is that a succinct way of stating why we are here, or is it inclusive?

ELIAS: You manifest physically to experience.

NORM: Right. And there’s no preconceived value fulfillments and belief systems?

ELIAS: You shall be accomplishing your value fulfillment, or you shall not be within this manifestation. If you are not accomplishing your value fulfillment, you shall disengage. There is no purpose for continuation without value fulfillment. Therefore, if you are not accomplishing value fulfillment, you shall disengage. You shall not continue. All, underline, all of consciousness exists with value fulfillment. Every link of consciousness exists with value fulfillment.

NORM: Is value fulfillment modified during the manifestation? The set of value fulfillments?

ELIAS: No. You are viewing value fulfillment in the terms of moral values and objectives. Value fulfillment is independent of these. A link of consciousness holds no moral value. It also holds no objective. It accomplishes value fulfillment in being its most excellent expression. Value fulfillment is within the being and creativity. It is not an objective. You do not strive for value fulfillment. You accomplish. You do not move towards value fulfillment. You be.

DREW: Then how could you not fulfill value? (Tape change) If value fulfillment is simply being, how could you not fulfill value?

ELIAS: Being within your highest expression and fulfillment, not only to self but to all consciousness. Innately, you know if this is not being accomplished. Objectively, you may not understand that this is what is occurring, but you shall act upon this innate knowledge. As a member of your species, you shall disengage by means of suicide or you shall create disease or you shall merely not awaken, but you shall not continue within your manifestation. This is common within all manifestation physically. If a flower is not creating and accomplishing its value fulfillment, it shall not be.

DREW: Is value fulfillment different from intent?

ELIAS: It is moving with your intent.

DREW: Is intent an objective?

ELIAS: Partially. To your way of thinking, you may express that intent may be described as an objective, for it engages probabilities that succeed each other. It creates a design; a pattern; a mosaic.

DREW: A pattern by which value may be fulfilled?

ELIAS: Correct; but value fulfillment is not dependent upon intent, for not all consciousness must hold intent.

NORM: But we have a set of belief systems. What is the value of the belief systems in the experience? Is it true that we attain value fulfillment within a set of belief systems, and that is part of the experience?

ELIAS: You achieve value fulfillment within all of consciousness, within every experience and within every area of consciousness, regardless of belief systems.

NORM: Do belief systems add to our attainment of value fulfillment?


NORM: But they are valuable.

ELIAS: They are relevant to physical focus, for they are influencing of your creation of your reality.

NORM: They’re necessary.

ELIAS: Within physical focus.

NORM: And that is the experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: We don’t choose this prior to the manifestation of the focus in any way?

ELIAS: Within your belief systems and your creation of time framework, this question may be answered affirmatively; although in actuality, all events are simultaneous. Therefore, how may you choose before? But within your reality, which is reality, of your time framework, yes; you choose before.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

DREW: “The direction of energy by quartz is a natural ability and not a belief system?

ELIAS: All consciousness holds its own natural ability.

DREW: When people wear quartz or wear different types of quartz because they believe that it has certain abilities to direct or attract energy, and different types of quartz attract different types of energy, that is natural within the quartz and not just a belief system?

ELIAS: To an extent. I have discussed this previously, and I have explained that these crystals do hold a conducting ability. You also create belief systems around this conducting ability, and attach more significance to this than is actually held within the element itself. It does not direct energy. It may be a natural conductor of energy, but it does not produce energy for specific purposes other than its own being.

DREW: Or attract certain kinds of energy?

ELIAS: Within electromagnetic fields, certain elements, as these crystals, do attract certain energies; certain waves. They are not creating these waves. They are not creating this energy, but they are conductors. They may attract, and they may project as they attract. They are, in your terms, a tool.

DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: Be remembering also that all elements hold consciousness. Therefore, all elements hold free will and choice. You may stifle creativity, though; but even within a stifling of creativity, some elements of creativity continue to exist within the expressed agreement for manifestation. Otherwise, the element would not exist; for it would not accomplish its value fulfillment.” [session 167, April 27, 1997]

NORM: “Looking back at my childhood and knowing that evidently we have as a focus decided to come here, there must be some agreement between the focus that is arriving and the mother and father. In my case, I’m kind of curious because my childhood was a little bit different than normal, in that I was always totally independent. I guess probably a lot of children are this way today, but I didn’t really relate too much to my parents. I suppose it was part of the situation that I would be totally independent of them. Was that an agreement before I even arrived on the scene?


NORM: It was? Okay. Is there a relationship between my entity and their entity? Is there usually a close relationship between entities? And was there in my case?

ELIAS: Yes. There are belief systems that suggest to you that parents and children must respond to each other within certain guidelines. Parents must be loving and responsible with children. Children must be loving and respectful with parents. There is expected to be a bond, obviously, and a sharing of intimacy within feelings and shared activity within much time element. These are the official accepted belief systems within your societies. Therefore, anything outside of these guidelines is unusual or unacceptable. This also is affecting of individuals to be questioning if there is something wrong with themselves, that they are not experiencing the same aspects of relationship that all others seem to be experiencing.

There are agreements made between essences within the intent of manifesting physically. The manifestation of each essence focus into physical focus requires an understanding of fulfillment of all individuals involved. Objectively, you may not necessarily view the benefit, for you judge within positive and negative terms according to your belief systems and also according to the official guidelines of mass belief systems in regard to family. The value fulfillment may be accomplished outside of the guidelines of officially accepted belief systems of family. Each individual may fulfill their intent without complying with mass belief systems.

Each individual is individual. None is the same as another. Therefore, each manifestation is unique. Within this particular focus, you have chosen not to be aligning with family within the accepted guidelines until you have created your own family.

NORM: Very true.

ELIAS: In this, you have chosen to be experiencing the parent role, and not the role which is officially accepted within your belief systems of the child to the parent. These are simply choices. These are choices for your experience. Within your manifestation within this focus, subjectively you have concentrated upon the accomplishment of the parent role throughout this focus; this being distracting to your interaction as a child. This is responded to within agreement of the individuals serving as your parents. In this, information is offered by these individuals to be accumulated and assessed by you within childhood years, and to be utilized within adult years as a parent. Therefore, the function has been served within all participants.” [session 171, May 04, 1997]

ELIAS: “As you are aware already, there are no accidents. Each of you orchestrates your probabilities to be actualizing most efficiently within your own value fulfillment and within the value fulfillment of all consciousness. It is viewed by many individuals that there are tremendous coincidences and accidents that may be occurring, but in actuality it is not so strange that all of these actualizations occur objectively, given the absolute preciseness of probabilities.

This dimension that you have created is exquisitely intricate. You have devised a system of probabilities that is immaculately precise. It allows for not even a hair-width of deviation; this being why we express to you that there are no accidents.” [session 177, May 30, 1997]

ELIAS: “… a flower knows to be a flower, and does not grow to be a rhinoceros! You grow to be a human, and do not grow to be a fish! Everything within your physical reality, as I have stated to you many times, is exquisitely precise. There are no errors. Everything is calculated exactingly. You are those that do the calculations. This is not to say that each of you presently occupy all of your non-physical time thinking up new manifestations for your Earth planet and concerning yourselves with the creation of every element upon this globe, for within this present now and for much of your time period to this point, this has been unnecessary. It is automatic, except if you are choosing to be introducing a new species, which you do often.

There are new species appearing upon your planet faster than there are species that become extinct. It is not an equal exchange of replacement. It is an endeavor of creativity. Therefore, within consciousness collectively, groups of essences introduce new species quite often upon your planet. This, as with all other creations, is requiring of much concentration within energy to be creating the physical manifestation encoded with its own genetic line, which shall be new and different from every other species known to your planet.

Species that become extinct, as we have touched upon previously, choose to become extinct. This is accomplished in many different ways with the aid of other species, yours also, which has aided many creatures in becoming extinct. This is not an elimination of the species or the creature. They have chosen to be disengaging from this particular physical dimension and shall manifest within another dimension. They have served for their value fulfillment within this dimension and choose to be experiencing within another dimension; therefore becoming extinct in one and appearing within another. Some species upon your planet have become extinct in another dimension and become manifest within your dimension!

... Creatures are not essence. Therefore, unlike essence which focuses simultaneously in many different physical dimensions, the creatures are a creation of yours within consciousness. They are a direction of energy of consciousness. Therefore, you direct energy within each physical manifestation aligned with the framework of that particular dimension, such as your genetic encoding within this particular physical dimension which is not incorporated within other physical dimensions. In this, you are within other physical dimensions presently. Your elephant is not. It is unique to this dimension and this physical focus.

The creatures also hold free will and choice, for all consciousness holds free will and choice. You have manifest this, but as it is created it may continue within its own choices. Therefore it may choose, for its own value fulfillment, to be experiencing another dimension within physical manifestation. In this, within agreement to you it shall become extinct, and its energy shall be rearranged and remanifest within another physical dimension, encoded with the specifications which are necessary for that physical dimension.

Your dinosaurs exist within another dimension. They move freely and appear in the same form as you visualize them to be within your dimension, but they do not exist within your time framework within this dimension any longer. Within another dimension they do exist, with different inner encoding. This is not necessarily genetic encoding in the same manner as your encoding, for this is unique to this dimension.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

DEBI: “Is there a reason that in my past, my family passed on?

ELIAS: Shall I be offering my ‘Standard Elias Answer?’ I am feeling quite playful today! (Grinning, and laughter) Initially, in playing with you, I shall express, they have chosen!

DEBI: They have chosen.

ELIAS: Each individual chooses to be disengaging from physical focus at the moment that they are wishing, within the action that they are wishing and choosing to be disengaging. If you are choosing to be disengaging and be eaten by a bear, you shall be eaten by a bear and disengage. If you are choosing to be disengaging within your dream state, you shall disengage within your dream state. If you are choosing to cremate yourself before you are disengaging and burning within a fire, you are choosing that experience and you shall disengage. No individual disengages physical focus accidentally or without choice. It is always your choice to be disengaging at the moment that you wish.

DEBI: Is that choice made prior to physical birth?

ELIAS: No. You shall choose to be disengaging physical focus as you are not fulfilling your value fulfillment any longer. As you have accomplished the value fulfillment that you have chosen within a physical focus, you continue to be physically focused. As you seek to fulfill your value fulfillment and do not, you shall disengage.

You are continually creating within each moment. You are choosing probabilities within each moment. Therefore, you are not choosing, in stone, probabilities to be projected before you in time sequence that need be absolutely accomplished within your future. You may be choosing certain probabilities before physical manifestation, but these are probabilities and they may be altered. You may choose to continue within the line, so to speak, of those probabilities which you were choosing before physical manifestation, but you may not. It is continuously your choice.

I shall express to you also that beyond the choice of the individuals to be disengaging, you also have chosen to be within the interaction and experience of this action of disengagement for your own benefiting. You choose the individuals that you shall hold as family. They are not chosen for you, and they have not chosen you. You have chosen them. It is a continuous circle, as the essence manifesting chooses all elements of the focus that they shall be entering into; all family members, all genetic code, all of the lineage that they shall possess. You choose all of this as you enter into a physical focus within this dimension. The individuals bearing you choose merely in agreement to accomplish this task of being the parent and the family. This continues as you also choose within your time period to be the parent, only agreeing to be bearing the child; but the child has chosen all of the elements to which it wishes to be focused among.” [session 194, July 17, 1997]

TIM: “When I’m an adult, when I get older, am I going to be successful? Am I going to have a good job, and have a wife and kids and stuff like that?

ELIAS: This would be your choice! (Grinning at Tim)

TIM: Sure would!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This would be dependent upon your choosing and the direction of your attention, and what you choose to be creating for your attention within your own value fulfillment within this focus. Within probabilities, the most probable probability is that you shall create these things, although you always hold the choice to alter probabilities and change your reality within every moment.

WENDY: ... Purpose ... [what is] human purpose?

ELIAS: To experience.

WENDY: For what purpose?

ELIAS: To experience.

WENDY: For what purpose? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: (Grinning) We may continue on this hamster wheel for much time framework!

WENDY: Merely to experience? To gain knowledge?


WENDY: We’re here to teach? Am I correct? And to give information?

ELIAS: To offer information.

WENDY: To offer information. Our purpose is not to learn?

ELIAS: No. Your purpose is to be experiencing within all elements of consciousness, physical and non-physical, which allows you the accomplishment of your individual value fulfillment and your continuous exploration within the action of becoming. This is your purpose. Within each focus, you may term your purpose to be the following of your individual intent within that particular focus, and the accomplishment of your value fulfillment within your intent.

Each individual within each physical focus holds an intent – this being that which drives you within your desires of your creations and probabilities throughout the entirety of your focus – and if you are not accomplishing your value fulfillment within your intent, you shall merely disengage and experience elsewhere.” [session 209, August 19, 1997]

JIM: “Recently, with regard to the shift – I’m going to shift away from myself now – but in regard to the shift that is taking place, you have mentioned that in the approximate year of 2050, we will have developed the ability to travel at the speed of light, and you made one statement that you suggested that if we so made the choice, we could be around to see this wonder. (Elias nods) The question I have is that this suggests we have control over the aging process. It suggests to me that it is a communication, based on belief, from the subjective mind to the body consciousness, and that we objectively may access the subjective mind and change or slow or even halt the aging process. Is this accurate?


JIM: So maybe Yoda living nine hundred years is a possibility!

ELIAS: Absolutely. Your Methuselah is not merely a myth!

JIM: As you say, we’re so fond of techniques. Is this connection between the objective and the subjective mind ... can this be accomplished similar to the way that I accomplished the communication with regard to the cancer I had? Is this how it’s done?

ELIAS: As I have expressed to you previously within your previous session, this is dependent upon the individual. Each of you chooses your own methods, what you believe within your belief systems works efficiently for you. Some individuals choose no method. They merely accept and allow for their subjective awareness to be flowing within these areas. It is dependent upon your view of your value fulfillment and your belief systems in regard to yourself and your physical form. In actuality, your physical body holds the capacity to be within physical focus for a great time framework. It is merely your choice within your belief systems as to when you shall disengage.

If you are choosing to be engaged within physical focus for two or three hundred of your years, you may accomplish this. Your belief systems are very strong in the areas of your sciences, which suggest to you that you may be within physical focus averaging sixty or seventy of your years, although many individuals continue within physical focus quite actively well into their one hundred’s. But you view these individuals to be exceptions to the rule, for they are! They move outside of officially accepted reality, but you have also in uncreating your dis-ease.

JIM: I truly have. I truly have moved outside of ... well, lots of beliefs!

ELIAS: Therefore, it is merely a choice. This also is significant with value fulfillment, for within an individual focus, for the most part, each focus does not require extended time frameworks to be accomplishing of your value fulfillment; which, within the purpose of your experience within each physical focus, is the reason you have created participating in this physical focus.

JIM: So effectively, the time frame that I may be choosing may or may not relate to years. It may relate purely to value fulfillment.

ELIAS: ALL of you relate to value fulfillment. It matters not how many years you choose to be within physical focus. You shall not miss your shift merely that you are not physically focused within it!

JIM: I think it would be fun to experience it physically focused.

ELIAS: Then you may create this!

JIM: I think it would be fantastic being within it!

ELIAS: It is quite an exciting element to be witnessing within physical focus. Never within your creation of this dimension has this been accomplished.

JIM: I think it would be astonishing to see people travel faster than the speed of light. I think that would be astonishing!

ELIAS: It shall be reality.

JIM: ... Jesus said one time, ‘The kingdom of God is within.’ Was the focus of Jesus somehow more connected with essence than we are?


JIM: No?

ELIAS: The focus allowed more of subjective awareness and therefore held more of an objective awareness than many individuals, but no greater of an ability. It was merely a choice within the value fulfillment of that individual and its intent. You hold the same ability.” [session 254, January 02, 1998]

NORM: “And so it’s a true statement that it’s only my belief systems that really limit my capabilities?

ELIAS: It is your belief systems. Your terminology of placing ‘only’ is another example of duplicity, of devaluing. Your belief systems are influencing in how you are creating your reality, and how you are creating your reality IS REALITY within every moment. It is also an element of your value fulfillment, which you ARE accomplishing. If you are not accomplishing, you shall NOT be focused here. You shall refocus within another area. You devalue yourselves in looking to your belief systems as viewing that they are bad. They are not bad. They ARE your reality.

(Intently) I express to you that the action of the shift is to be ACCEPTING your belief systems. I do not express to you EVER that it is to be eliminating of your belief systems. They ARE your reality. You may not accept a belief system if you are viewing the belief system as bad. You WILL NOT accept a belief system if you are viewing it as bad. THIS is a basic element of duplicity.” [session 257, January 11, 1998]

NORM: “Well then, what would be the general categories of intents? Maybe that’s what I would like to pursue.

ELIAS: There are no general categories of intents. Each individual’s intent is individual to them.

NORM: You mean people don’t have an intent to experience a musical career before they focus here, for example?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. These are choices that the individual creates in alignment with their individual intent, but the intent itself may not be to be creating a musical career. This may be an action that they choose to be fulfilling an element of their intent.

NORM: What element of what intent would a musical career be then?

ELIAS: You are seeking labels for intents!

NORM: I’m seeking ideas!

ELIAS: An intent is the potential that an individual holds to be fulfilling of their individual value fulfillment within their pool of probabilities that they have chosen for the individual focus.

NORM: Alright, then I’m looking for the value fulfillments. What are the categories of value fulfillments?

ELIAS: There is no category for value fulfillment either. Value fulfillment is the natural action of your existence. It is the action of becoming.

NORM: Well, then there’s only one value fulfillment: becoming.

ELIAS: But this becoming is influenced by your choice of your individual intent.

NORM: Which satisfies the value fulfillment.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: ... So, when an individual commits suicide because they feel like they haven’t fulfilled their value fulfillment, is that just because they’ve given up or they haven’t given things a chance? What brings them to that point?

ELIAS: Their value fulfillment is NOT being fulfilled. Therefore, they choose to be creating of a different reality.

DAVID: But why wouldn’t it be fulfilled? Because they just haven’t given it a chance?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Many individuals entering into physical focus within this dimension find difficulty at times in reconciling to very conflicting belief systems, or they may be creating of issues throughout their focus which they hold to very strongly, and in this they block their own movement, and in this blocking of their own movement they also are blocking of their own intent which is affecting of their individual value fulfillment, and as they may not allow themselves the ability to reconcile to this, they choose to alter their reality.

PAUL: But it’s not the action of suicide; it’s the intent going into that suicide. David’s example is of someone who is blocking or whatever and is reaching a dead end. I’m thinking of an example of the kamikaze pilots in our World War II. That was tremendous value fulfillment for those warriors, going into battle and making the ultimate sacrifice, in our terms. The action of suicide had great value fulfillment for them and their families. I’m just trying to distinguish between the action of suicide and different people’s choices. (A side note: Kamikaze means ‘divine wind’ in Japanese)

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: Could it also be a response from somebody who’s just getting frustrated with a lot of elements in this physical focus, and then decides that they’ve had enough and then commits suicide? That’s the same kind of action then?

ELIAS: At times.

DAVID: Is this similar to what Helen’s going through right now?

ELIAS: There is a tremendous holding of energy, and blocking.

DAVID: Okay, thanks.

KAAN: Can we actually use intent and tone interchangeably within certain contexts? (Pause)

ELIAS: In a certain manner of speaking, yes.

KAAN: Can we say that some of the non-fulfillment of the individual value fulfillment may be due to tone not resonating well in that particular physical focus? Can we have a case where certain essences chronically may not be fulfilling their intent in physicality?

ELIAS: Not chronically.

KAAN: Something about their tone or something about their intent that does not align too well with the general mass intent of the physicality?

ELIAS: No. Each focus enters physical focus with their own individual intent and desire to be fulfilling of this intent. At times a focus may choose a certain intent, and as they acquire certain belief systems they confuse themselves and conflict with these belief systems. In these situations, this creates a blocking of the intent and an affectingness of the value fulfillment. Each focus is an experimentation within a particular dimension.

NORM: ... Could I ask for one example of an intent other than the general focusing here for the experience of this creating that we’re doing? Could I have just one? It doesn’t have to be for any one of us here, but just one intent. (Pause)

ELIAS: What do you imagine is YOUR intent within this particular focus?

NORM: I’ve thought about it. It may be what you had Vicki give me a poem about; having heart, experiencing love. I’m not sure of that.

(Vic’s note: I must say, I don’t think Elias ‘had me give’ the Christmas candles to ya’ll, or if he did, I wasn’t aware of it.)

ELIAS: Do you view in this present now that you have been following and accomplishing your intent throughout the entirety of your focus?

NORM: I view that within my Gramada alignment, I have been an initiator. So, with a Sumafi essence with a Gramada alignment in this focus, I think I have been doing that and I continue to do that. So I guess my intent was to be an initiator, and I think I feel happy about it. I feel good about it.

ELIAS: Therefore, you view that the intent is not an element that you strive for, but that you ACCOMPLISH.

NORM: Yes.

ELIAS: There you have offered yourself your example!

NORM: Okay. That’s nice. Thank you, BUT.... (Laughter) Are you saying that Reta’s alignment with Borledim and her love of family and the experience that she had with the family and all the grandchildren is accomplishing her value fulfillment and intent as a Borledim focus of a Sumafi essence? And Jim with Tumold, he is....

ELIAS: Be remembering that you are focusing upon family intents. THERE you may categorize. But within each individual focus, these intents of the families are influencing, but it is YOUR choice in each moment to be accomplishing your individual intent within those alignments.

NORM: Right. For example, with my intent as an initiator, it doesn’t make a difference what I’m trying to initiate. It can be on an extremely wide variety of subjects and ideas, and as long as I get new initiation of ideas, I’m perfectly happy.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 264, February 01, 1998]

MARI: “What can I do to most spiritually improve myself, or any other way that you see I need to improve myself, while I’m here on Earth?

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you that there is no need to be ‘improving’ yourself!

But as to your question, I shall re-word this question for you and suggest to you that your inquiry may move into the area of, ‘What direction may I move into that shall be more efficient and shall allow me less limitations and more of my own creative expression?’ This is not a ‘bettering’ or improving of yourself, but a widening of your awareness and an expansion of your creativity.

Now; as I have expressed previously many times, what I shall suggest to you is that you be concentrating upon self and opening to self. I shall suggest that you practice in the direction of listening to your impressions, delving into self and inside, and not concerning yourself so very much with outside of yourself, so to speak ... although there is no outside of yourself!

In this, draw your attention to your own belief systems, your own behaviors, your own action, and be noticing of yourself, allowing yourself to move into different exercises that shall offer you more clarity of self and more awareness of self, and in this you may be more accepting of self, which shall move you into the area of addressing more efficiently to your own belief systems and therefore allowing you to be accepting of your own belief systems, and this shall move you more efficiently into that area which you term to be your spirituality, which I shall term to be merely the accomplishment of your value fulfillment within your particular focus.” [session 299, July 19, 1998]

MALE: “I’m kind of a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist is the same thing as being judgmental!

ELIAS: What shall you be a perfectionist in, as you are already perfect? (Laughter)

MALE: Well, I’m a very detail-oriented person, and little things that are not said or done the way they should be done bother me.


MALE: Like, you know, a picture on the wall that’s not straight enough, or parking the car between the lines exactly parallel to the lines ... this kind of a person! (More laughter)

ELIAS: I shall be suggesting to you to be examining of these very strong belief systems, not of perfection, but of the lack of acceptance of free expression!

MALE: Yeah, I thought about that! (Everybody cracks up)

ELIAS: And that all expressions – crooked pictures, lines not aligning – or any different expression – untied shoes – are all examples of perfect enactments of each individual expression, and that it is merely your own belief systems that places judgments upon this and expresses that they are unacceptable or SHOULD be different.

We shall strike this word ‘should’ from your very language, for it in itself is quite judgmental and not accepting! (Chuckling)

FEMALE: May I just ask a brief question?

ELIAS: You may.

FEMALE: What happens when there is, for want of a better word, and I know this is not going to be the right one, a real....

ELIAS: Ah, ah, ah! Personal invalidation! (Laughter)

FEMALE: Okay, I’ll just say it! We just had an incident where two officers were shot, and we have to look at that incident, and it’s very hard to look at something like that non-judgmentally and to say, ‘Well, he was expressing himself.’ How do you deal with looking at somebody blowing up a building and killing a whole slew of people and know that that person was entitled to his expression? How do you deal with that on an individual basis in a non-judgmental way?

ELIAS: Within the direction of individuality, this be the point of accepting belief systems, for these belief systems also perpetuate actions that you are not accepting of. As you continue to create judgments, you perpetuate the actions that you judge. You create by lending energy to the very actions that you disdain.

FEMALE: In the mass consciousness?

ELIAS: Correct, but the mass is affected by each individual, for there is no mass without individuals! And in this, the very elements that you disdain within physical focus, that you deem to be negative, you lend energy to each time you move into the direction of judgment. Therefore, the point is to be accepting, and in this you may offer yourself more of an ability to move into this direction by recognizing that no action occurs between individuals within physical focus that is not agreed upon. You may not be affecting in any manner – underline entire sentence! – without being in agreement with another individual, for if another individual is not in agreement with your expression, it shall not be accomplished.

Essences are NOT intrusive. Therefore, it is required, so to speak, that there be agreement for ANY action to be accomplished, and in this, even that which you deem to be the most violent or distasteful, they are all beneficial in some manner, for you draw yourselves to the experience to be offering yourselves information in some manner, and they engage the action to be fulfilling their value fulfillment in some manner, and at times also to be lending energy to you for the accomplishment of your value fulfillment in areas that you have drawn information to yourselves. It may not always be very objectively clear to you why you are drawing yourselves to certain situations, but as you allow yourselves to be more aware of self and listening to your own language – your own impulses, your own impressions, your language of essence to self – and as you are moving in the direction of acceptance of self and addressing to your own belief systems, you also offer yourself more of an understanding of these aspects of which I speak.” [session 302, July 26, 1998]

JIM: “In the beginning of our sessions a long time ago, you had mentioned a payoff, and I’ve been curious about this for some time. I’ve been meaning to ask you. Could you expand on that maybe a little bit, as to what a widening of my awareness and acceptance and trust in self would be in terms of a payoff?

ELIAS: I express to you, Yarr [Jim], within physical focus, no individual shall engage any activity that shall not produce a payoff with them.

In this, all that you create within your physical reality also offers you a payoff in some manner, which this is a very intense area that you may be viewing, for it is quite affecting of all of your reality and quite motivating of all of your reality, for it shall be directing of your attention. If you are not receiving a payoff in a certain expression, you shall discontinue that expression and you shall move your attention elsewhere. Therefore, it may be quite beneficial to you each to be noticing what your payoff is and where you are receiving it in all of your expressions, for this is greatly a motivating force within your focus.

You continue within all of your experiences for the reason that it IS offering you a payoff, and in this, you may express that your payoff is the expression of your value fulfillment.

As you are continuing within your value fulfillment, you are receiving your payoff. As you are not continuing within your value fulfillment, you are not receiving your payoff, and you shall move your attention into a different direction to be continuing to be creating your value fulfillment.

In this, you in physical form may look to this action either positively or negatively. In terms of widening your awareness, you and other individuals may look to this type of information that I offer to you, and you may continue in assimilating it and you may continue in your process of creating its application within your focus, for this offers you a widening of your awareness, more of an understanding, more of an expression of freedom within your particular focus, and this is your payoff. You may equate your widening of awareness with your payoff, and it is also an element of your value fulfillment. Other individuals may choose different expressions that may offer them a payoff, but you all are motivated to be creating all of your expressions for this reason.

JIM: Okay. Well, I definitely have numerous payoffs! Thank you.” (Elias chuckles) [session 412, June 08, 1999]

LISA: “... when I kind of look lately on my life and my purpose here and that type of thing, I always kind of feel like when I die if I were to look back on my life, for me to have great fulfillment, to do what I was here to do, I would have to accomplish something great, and that to me would be something like volunteering to help orphan children to make a difference in their life, or doing something that contributes to society in some way. If I can do this, I will fulfill what I’m here to do.

But does it really matter what you accomplish in your life in reference to those things versus the knowledge or lessons that you learn through everyday experiences? Meaning, if I just stayed married, had kids, worked my regular job and I really didn’t do anything more than that to contribute to society, would I still be able to fulfill what I need to fulfill by the lessons that I learn on a daily basis, or is there something else out there that one needs to do to get greater accomplishment at the end of their particular focus?

ELIAS: This is an interesting question, for this also is dependent upon the individual and the individual’s choices and their desire.

Now; I may express to you, generally it is not necessary to express what you term to be tremendous outward offerings or involvements to be generating your value fulfillment or to be offering a contribution, so to speak, to your world, for your mere manifestation is what you would term to be a contribution. For you are not attempting to be creating alterations of your world, so to speak; but you manifest within this physical dimension merely to explore and to experience the exploration of self in a physical manifestation. But I may also say to you that each individual chooses their unique manner in which they shall explore their travels, so to speak, within this physical dimension.

Now; some individuals do generate tremendous desire to be outwardly expressing their travel and their direction in interaction with other individuals, and in this, there is a strong movement of energy in these individuals that expresses that desire objectively.

Now; in recognition of these types of desires, in denying that type of expression, the individual shall continue to express their value fulfillment but may also generate a knowing within themselves of a type of incompleteness. In actuality, it matters not, but what holds significance is that the individual does not allow themselves a fullness of their expression within their exploration.

Therefore, it is not necessarily what you are destined to be accomplishing or that this may be your mission, so to speak, or your purpose within a particular focus, but it is significant that you listen to your communications to yourself and allow yourself to be expressing your desire, that you generate a balance within your focus, and you allow yourself the fullness of your exploration.

This is not to say that an individual that chooses to be expressing their travel and their exploration without generating what you recognize as a tremendous contribution, so to speak, that their expression is any less than an individual that participates within their societies in a more expressive manner, for no individual’s expression and exploration is any less than any other’s. It is merely a difference in choices which is generated by each individual’s desire.

LISA: Say before I entered this particular focus, I kind of had an agreement with the things that I wanted to learn or fulfill, and say one of those things was to have this big contribution to society, and say I don’t actualize it in this focus. When I complete this focus, is it something that I will just go on to maybe actualize in another focus or...? I mean, I assume you’re saying it’s not really a bad thing, but you probably would have a more full experience if you do fully experience those desires that are pushing you into that arena.

ELIAS: Correct. But I shall also express to you, all of your focuses are occurring simultaneously, therefore once you disengage from this physical manifestation, you do not generate re-manifesting to be fulfilling what you have not expressed in this focus.

What I am expressing to you is that within this focus if you choose not to be realizing your desires, you continue to generate your value fulfillment but you may not be expressing that value fulfillment to its fullest extent, and you shall incorporate an awareness of this for the desire shall continue to be expressed throughout your focus. This is your communication to yourself, that this is what you want to be generating and you are not allowing yourself to generate that.

This is not to say that you shall move into another expression of consciousness and express a need to fulfill what you have not allowed yourself to fulfill in this particular focus. Once you choose to be disengaging from this particular focus, what you have not allowed yourself to express shall matter not, for you are moving into another direction of exploration and there is no expression of this focus that needs be repeated or continued or fulfilled in any other manner.” [session 1031, March 10, 2002]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon!

GROUP: Good afternoon, Elias.

ELIAS: What is the purpose of our interactions?

GROUP: (various individuals): To get ready for the shift; to reduce trauma; awareness of self; self-discovery; remembering; no separation.

ELIAS: And how is this accomplished?

RODNEY: I haven’t figured that out yet! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

GROUP: I think it depends on yourself; mirroring; staying in the now and paying attention to self.

ELIAS: And in paying attention to yourselves, how do you accomplish eliminating the trauma associated with this shift?

GROUP: Accepting; trust self.

ELIAS: And how do you accomplish that?

GROUP: Staying in the now; listening; relax; allowing; being with it; loving self; not lending energy to it; having fun; playfulness; knowing it matters not.

ELIAS: And how do you accomplish knowing that it matters not?

FEMALE: Very difficult! Stop thinking. (Elias chuckles) You know it for a short while, but then you forget it again as soon as you get pulled back into the drama.

ELIAS: What would be the one action that allows you to accomplish all of these statements that you have offered?

GROUP: Pay attention to self; being in the now; self-acceptance; noticing; not judging; not thinking; letting go of the guilt; paying attention to every moment.

ELIAS: What does THAT accomplish?

GROUP: Being aware of your belief systems; not judging others; knowing who you are.

ELIAS: Becoming familiar with you.

Now; what is the significance of becoming familiar with you?

TED: When you know who you are and you know who everybody else is, you know essence and consciousness.

ELIAS: What do you KNOW if you know you?

GROUP: Everything; acceptance; you know what you can do; preferences; how you create your reality; you know who you are.

ELIAS: What do you value?

GROUP: Fun; freedom; sharing; creativity; emotions; compassion; feeling connected to myself; whatever you want and don’t have (laughter); being able to be who I am; security.

ELIAS: What do you GENUINELY value? (Laughter)

GROUP: Self. (Offered by several individuals)

ELIAS: What do you realistically value?

RODNEY: My paycheck! (Much laughter)

GROUP: Relationships; people around me.

FEMALE: I realistically value and I feel really, really good when I know I’m being authentic. It makes a really big difference to me, because there’s lots of times when I’m doing things and I’m doing them because I think I should be doing them, but I’m really not being authentic. When am I really, really enjoying myself? The answers are surprisingly different from what I thought they were.

ELIAS: Very well. What is your definition of value fulfillment?

FEMALE: How do I fulfill it?

ELIAS: No, what is your definition of value fulfillment?

RODNEY: My life being worthwhile, meaningful, the desire, the joy to keep on living, keep on exploring, and to be deeply connected with that.

GROUP: Satisfaction in the now; continuing to benefit; doing what I want; to experience; if you break it up, it’s value is what it’s worth, and fulfillment is the ability to give yourself what it’s worth, fulfillment; fulfillment is the enactment of this belief system, this value system; value fulfillment would be anything that’s happening in your life – if you ever stopped doing value fulfillment, you’d disengage, right?

ELIAS: Quite, and what is the definition of that? What is the meaning of that?

GROUP: Everything’s going just fine (laughter); trust; following your intent.

ELIAS: What is the meaning of the value?

Let me express to you all, you have all encountered these terms for an extended time framework. You are familiar with the terms ‘value fulfillment.’ But you are not familiar with their definition. You all recognize the term ‘value’ and you all understand the term of fulfillment, independent of each other.

Now; if your value fulfillment is being expressed throughout the entirety of your focus from the moment you emerge to the moment you disengage, what do you value that you are fulfilling?

FEMALE: Experience? Physicality?

ELIAS: The significance of this question is to illustrate to you. Listen to all of your responses to my question. Each of you offered what you view to be the correct answer or the positive answer. Do you continuously throughout your focus generate positive actions?

GROUP: No; absolutely not.

ELIAS: But you are continuing to express value fulfillment regardless of whether you view your actions to be positive or negative, whether you assess your experiences to be positive or negative or neutral. Therefore, what do you value?

MARJ: Just experience, period.

ELIAS: But each individual values different experiences.

FEMALE: Because we have a viewpoint of that experience. We may think it’s a terrible experience, but if we chose it we’re getting a benefit from it, so it’s still a value fulfilled.

ELIAS: Correct, but this is the point in becoming familiar with yourselves and in a genuine manner, not in a manner of seeking utopia.

FEMALE: Enjoying the misery, too.

ELIAS: Not necessarily enjoying.

FEMALE: I’m being euphemistic, but just accepting that we created this misery and within that there’s a way you can enjoy it. I’ve watched other people in horrible situations who tell me about their illnesses or whatever, because I interview people for a living, and all I’m thinking to myself is ‘they’re enjoying that illness and I can see that in them.’ They might not be aware of that, but I can see it. They tell me almost with a pride, ‘I had this quadruple by-pass,’ and I’m thinking, wow, they created that but they may not be consciously aware of that. So they’re getting their value fulfillment but to the rest of the world it looks like they’re having misery, and even to them, they tell themselves it’s miserable, and I can see that. They created it and they’re liking it, or whatever term you want to put on it.

ELIAS: Perhaps not enjoying and perhaps not liking, but appreciating.

FEMALE: Appreciating, perfect! They’re appreciating it, perfect.

ELIAS: Now; in this, one of your most common expressions in association with experiences that you view to be uncomfortable or negative is to deny it and to attempt to force energy to push away, to eliminate. This is significant for this is familiar, and this is also what you generate in association with your beliefs.

You automatically continue to attempt to eliminate, and (humorously) you express great pride with yourselves and to other individuals in any moment that you may assess that you have accepted a belief and therefore are done with it! (Laughter) And it shall never return, for you have accomplished this action of acceptance, which is everlasting. Not! (Much laughter)

Understanding what you value is another element of becoming familiar with yourself and with your preferences and with your beliefs. Every action that you incorporate within your reality is influenced by a belief. There is NO movement that you engage within this particular physical reality that is not influenced by a belief. You express beliefs continuously throughout every moment of every day of your existence physically within this physical dimension, and ALL of those expressions are of your value fulfillment: actions that you may incorporate expressing a physical affectingness within your body consciousness, or it may be an action associated with relationships; it may be associated with interactions with other individuals. It may merely be in association with yourselves that you deem to be uncomfortable or even painful [that] are also expressions of your value fulfillment, or you would not be creating them. They are choices.

As an example, an individual may create some type of dis-ease within their physical body consciousness and may objectively in speech and communication with other individuals express their discomfort and their dislike of their manifestation and may be expressing their wish to discontinue this manifestation and their wish to be experiencing what you term to be fine health, but they continue to create the dis-ease. That you experience discomfort does not deny your choice and does not deny your value fulfillment.

Let me also express to you that for the most part, and I may be accurate in this assessment of each individual’s energy within this forum presently (Elias takes a moment to scan the room, looking at person), if you are generating bliss for an extended time framework, you surely shall create some conflict.

MALE: It’s called a hangover. (Much laughter, and Elias grins)

ELIAS: Of many types! (Laughter) For you become bored with bliss continuously. Therefore, what do you value? Drama, excitement, surprise, differences, change, exploration. These are expressions and movements that you value, and they may be accomplished in many different manners, not necessarily pleasant. But they are accomplished!

But in your quest for a reality that is not associated with this particular physical dimension, you seek to generate an experience of utopia and bliss, a world in which every expression is perfect and wondrous. But it is already perfect and wondrous in whatever expression it is. It is merely the individual’s beliefs that express differently.

Within your society, you may view another culture that incorporates an action of physical body mutilation, in your terms. In the other culture it may be viewed as an action of pride or beauty.

It is merely a difference in perceptions, a difference in beliefs which are expressed. Not a difference in beliefs which are held or incorporated, for every belief that the individuals [incorporate] in other physical locations within your world that you perhaps view to be your enemy presently, you incorporate those beliefs also. You may not express them, but you do hold them. For there is not one individual upon your planet within your physical dimension that does not incorporate every belief system and every belief within every belief system.

But you express a few. Each individual expresses a few beliefs within each belief system. These are the beliefs that you align with. Many times you are unaware of the beliefs that you do align with, but you express them and you express them often.

Now; in my previous encounter recently with a group of individuals, my topic of discussion was paying attention to self in the now genuinely. (6) We discussed what you actually do pay attention to and how much of your time and how much of your actions you do not pay attention to for you view them to be insignificant, the mundane actions that you incorporate each day. And you do not recognize the beliefs that influence the actions that you incorporate, but those same beliefs that are incorporated and influencing all of these different actions that you incorporate in one day are the very same that influence experiences that you view to be significant and large.

As I have stated in that interaction, you may not view the action of brushing your teeth to be a significant action, and you may not engage your attention with thought in relation to it. You may merely incorporate the motion, and you do not identify what belief influences that action or what beliefs influence that action. But if you are creating not locking your door of your dwelling and creating thieves entering your home and ransacking your home, you shall be aware of the beliefs that are associated with the action of locking your door. They are the same belief, but they influence different actions. What you pay attention to are those actions and those experiences that you deem to be significant, to be large.

You may not pay attention to the belief that influences how you interact with an individual within a shop or an individual that may be a co-worker that you are merely acquaintances with, but how you interact with that individual in certain situations may be influenced by the same beliefs that may be quite interruptive of a relationship that you value.

Beliefs are powerful, and the significance of paying attention to yourselves in the now is to allow yourselves to recognize these beliefs and how they influence you.

Now; I shall not be interruptive of your transmissions of your recordings in this particular interaction, but I shall express to you that was quite purposefully expressed in the previous group, and the reason was precisely associated with the subject matter itself. (7))

Now; I ask each of you, are you listening? And what are you paying attention to in this now?

RODNEY: I’m trying to pay attention to me and you at the same time.

FEMALE: How you affect me.

ELIAS: Very well.

VERONICA:: I was noticing Mary’s aura or perhaps it’s your aura, I’m not sure, but I can see it.

ELIAS: It is significant to pay attention to your experiences and what you are generating now. You are interactive with myself in this now and I am speaking with you, but also you each are generating an individual perception, and what I am expressing to you is being processed by each of you in a unique manner. Therefore, it is significant to be aware of what YOU are generating in this interaction, what YOU are experiencing, what communications YOU are offering to yourselves, where your attention is, what you are responding to within yourselves, and noticing.

Each of you may be sitting within this room and not expressing verbally, but you are expressing an energy and you are engaging thought processes and you are engaging communications. You may be listening, but you are also generating your own actions, your own communications. And what are you communicating to yourselves, and are you listening? And what is influencing your responses to any term that I express to you?

This is significant, for this is the manner in which you begin to become familiar with this term of ‘value’ and what you value. For you value many, many expressions, many things, many expressions, many ideas, but you are not necessarily aware of what you value. And this is your snare, for this allows you to misinterpret and offer incomplete information to your thought process, which offers you incomplete translations and generates confusion and frustration.

For you rely upon this translating mechanism of thought to interpret what you want, what you value, who you are, what your direction is, what your choices shall be; but thought does not generate any of these expressions. It merely translates. And if it is not being offered complete information, it offers you incomplete translations, and the circle continues of frustration, of confusion, of misunderstanding, of attempting to acquire, of a lack of satisfaction, a lack of appreciation, and continuing to seek. But you already possess!

FEMALE: Elias, are you saying the terms ‘value’ and ‘appreciate’ are synonymous?


FEMALE: Can you differentiate or clarify?

ELIAS: Appreciation is one of the components of love, that and knowing. Value is associated with your exploration. It is the quest of your exploration, not to acquire but to discover what is already, and this is accomplished in this physical dimension through experience. It is accomplished through experience within all of consciousness, but within quite a different manner.

But value is associated with the actual discovery through exploration.

FEMALE: So to be consciously aware we’re having an experience and we’re valuing it, we would be excited about it in a way of understanding that we’re creating it, and tangibly be able to gain that value feeling or that benefit?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. This is not to say that your excitement may necessarily be expressed in elation. It may be expressed in many different manners.

FEMALE: In psychology, they have a term called ‘inappropriate affect.’ It’s when a person has what psychiatrists or psychologists would call a pathology, and they would ... in talking about something that in mass beliefs you’re supposed to have one response to, they have a very different response. For instance, if somebody dies or disengages they say that but they’re laughing about it. So are they tapping into that excitement of the experience, but it’s termed as inappropriate in this reality?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual; at times, yes. But it is not a rule. It is associated with the individual and what is influencing their expression in the moment, but you are correct. At times this is what is being expressed. But do not be confused, for this is an example of what you have expressed and what I responded to in saying to you that the excitement may not necessarily wear the mask of what you associate with the term of excitement, such as laughter.

RODNEY: I’m thinking of the time recently when I wound up upside down in the river, caught between the rocks. What comes to mind is there was excitement, but it wasn’t joy or laughter or anything that I could really describe. But one thing that I noticed was that it focused my attention in a profound way. It was like, WOW! And I sensed it, I hear you saying that about value being a component of discovery...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...and it may be really bizarre, painful – physically painful – or threatening, but it is part of discovery. (Elias nods) Am I getting a sense, is this what you’re saying about value?


FEMALE: Is value also associated with intensity of experience, of change – not so much good or bad, but intensity of an experience creates a value?

ELIAS: The awareness of it creates the intensity, not necessarily the experience itself. But as in these examples offered, you may or may not create an intensity of the experience itself; but the intensity is generated in association with the recognition and the awareness of what you have created, which may not diminish what you generate in an actual physical manner (looking at Rodney) as in your example of a physical pain of dashing upon the rocks. The pain is not diminished, but it is also not the focal point. It is not the center.

FEMALE: That’s a by-product in a sense, the pain.

ELIAS: It becomes a side expression, for your attention is moved to you and the recognition of your value, of what you value, and of your experience and of what you are generating in the moment. As your attention moves to the awareness of you and what you are creating in association with your value, you do experience an intensity, but not necessarily of elation or joy or sadness or discomfort.

FEMALE: That’s a judgment, right?

ELIAS: It is neutral but intense.

FEMALE: Very eastern! A very eastern idea. (Elias laughs) Am I getting too directional?

ELIAS: Actually perhaps very northern (much laughter, and Elias looks very amused), cosmically speaking! (Chuckles, and continued laughter)

FEMALE: So if we’re aware of what we create ... for example, you had asked us what our values are, and by stating my values I thought I’d figured out what they are. Right now I’m realizing I don’t...

ELIAS: Quite! And this is the point!

FEMALE: ...and adventure is one of the values, but still it’s like ... and by doing that I’m becoming stagnant and not moving forward. It’s incomplete thoughts and incomplete values.

ELIAS: Do not confuse preferences with value. You each incorporate preferences, many preferences, in association with your wants and also in association with your beliefs. But preferences are not the only expression of value. Value is not limited to your preferences. (Pause)

FEMALE: Could that be because sometimes we don’t know what our preferences are?

ELIAS: Quite correct. You are unaware of the identification of what you value. You are unaware of the identification of your preferences, and in this time framework this subject matter of preferences is significant, for this is what you may term to be a furthering of your awareness of yourselves.

You have been moving in increments, in steps, so to speak. You have identified that beliefs exist. You have identified that you incorporate beliefs. You have identified many of the beliefs that you do incorporate or that you express. You have identified the action of your communications. You have explored different expressions that you incorporate. You have allowed yourselves to move into more of an expression of freedom in creating and generating what you want within your individual realities.

But now you move more into self more clearly, to identify what are your preferences. What are the beliefs that you express in association with automatic responses, which are very automatic and do not incorporate thought? And you do not offer yourselves much communication in association with automatic responses, either.

FEMALE: So is an automatic response in a sense an unspoken preference or an unconscious preference?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It may not be associated with a preference at all.

FEMALE: Preferences can change. It’s not a stationary thing.

ELIAS: This is correct, but automatic responses are not necessarily associated with preferences. They are automatic responses. They are the action of incorporating automatic pilot.

And in this, you express to yourselves that you lose time or that you do not incorporate enough time or enough energy to accomplish all that you want. You incorporate quite enough time and energy to accomplish any action that you want or any manifestation, but you do not pay attention. You do not pay attention to your time or to your actions – what you DO – and how much of your time you are incorporating in the action of automatic pilot and incorporating motions in mundane activities that are quite repetitive, and you merely respond automatically.

FEMALE: Well, maybe we need to not pay as much attention to automatic responses so that we can be open to these other discovery, value things. We’ve already got those other ones down. It’s become a customary thing, so we can do it without thinking about it much or without responding to it, and we can focus on new ways or the other values, the discovery process.

ELIAS: Or so you think. (Smiling)

MALE: If the autopilot is based on beliefs and we have the ability to be more aware of ourselves, we can see the emotion that is connected to the belief and then the belief starts to change and the autopilot changes as well, correct? Because the autopilot is based on the ... I’m not familiar with what you would refer to it as, but Seth would refer to it as the hidden beliefs or the beliefs that we’re not really properly aware of.

ELIAS: Paying attention to.

MALE: Paying attention to, correct.

ELIAS: Let me offer you a scenario. You engage a vehicle. You are within the vehicle. You have pressed an invented button in this vehicle which drives this vehicle and steers it automatically. You no longer are steering this vehicle. It is moving in its direction itself.

Now; if you do not disengage that button for automatic movement, what shall the vehicle continue to do?

GROUP: Go automatically; drive; go in a straight line.

ELIAS: Correct, it shall continue to generate the same action that it has been programmed to continue.

Therefore, if I place you within this vehicle and I have blindfolded you and you do not incorporate an awareness objectively that the vehicle has been set in this automatic pilot, how shall you change the direction of the vehicle? For you are not disengaging the automatic direction, therefore how shall you change the direction of the vehicle? You shall not, for you are unaware that it is moving in an automatic direction.

And what does this express? It limits your choices. It does not eliminate your choices; you continue to incorporate some choices, but it does limit your choices.

In very similar manner you all express automatic responses, and in those automatic responses they are precisely that, automatic, and you are wearing a blindfold and you are not viewing them, and this is the reason that it is so very significant and powerful to be noticing.

VERONICA:: Do you ever get done noticing and become totally aware of yourself, and is that when you move out of this dimension? Are we constantly looking at ourselves, studying ourselves? Are we ever going to get down to that bottom layer in this dimension?

ELIAS: There is no bottom layer. There is no finish line. The action of consciousness is continuous becoming, which is continuous self-discovery, never ending, never beginning. This is the action of all of consciousness. You are merely choosing to participate in this one physical dimension in this attention. You incorporate many other attentions which are focused in many other dimensions simultaneously and many other areas of consciousness simultaneous to this attention, and they are all incorporating the same action in different manners.

VERONICA:: The action of knowing self?

ELIAS: And becoming and exploring. This is consciousness, and it is its action to explore, for this is the manner in which it expands. And it is not an ‘it.’ (Elias grins, and group laughter) And neither are you!” (Chuckles) [session 1290, March 15, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: the concept of value fulfillment was first introduced by Seth/Jane Roberts in The Early Sessions, (1997), Vol. 2, session 44, April 15, 1964 and further developed in Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, (1986), Vol. 2, Chapter 7, session 910, April 23, 1980.)

(2) Paul’s note: Luana refers to the laws of the inner universe presented by Seth/Jane Roberts in The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material (1996). According to Seth,

“Beneath [the subconscious], pure and simple, undistorted, there for the searching, absolutely free for the asking, is the knowledge inherent in the inner self pertaining to the inner universe as a whole, its laws and principles, its composition. Here you will find, undistorted, uncamouflaged, the innate knowledge of the creation of the camouflage universe, the mechanics involved, much of the material that I have given you, the method and ways by which the inner self as a basic inhabitant of the inner universe, existing in the climate of psychological reality [Frameworks 1, 2, 3, 4, ...], helps create the various planes of existence, constructs outer senses to project and perceive the various apparent realities or camouflages, how the inner self reincarnates on the various planes. Here you will find your answers as to how the inner self transforms energy for [its] own purposes, changes [its] form, adopts other apparent realities, and all this free for the investigation.” [session 45]

According to Seth, the laws of the inner universe are:

Value Fulfillment
Energy Transformation
Capacity For Infinite Mobility
Changeability & Transmutation
Quality Depth

Find out more about Seth's laws of the inner universe.

(3) Vic’s note: follow these links for more information about Jaren.

Transcripts: session 86, April 14, 1996 and session 87, April 17, 1996.

(4) Paul’s note: a reference to the Michael phenomenon, originally channeled by a woman named Holly Coleman.

(5) Paul’s note: Jane Roberts engaged an energy exchange with an “energy personality essence” named Seth from December 1963 until her passing in September 1984. Seth/Jane produced over 40 books of material during that time that now forms a body of the perennial philosophy called the Seth Material. (The Early Sessions, Vol. I – IX [sessions 1-510] are now available.)

(6) Paul’s note: Elias refers to the previous group session in Castaic, CA, session 1252, January 18, 2003.

(7) Paul’s note: Elias refers again to the previous group session in Castaic, CA. See Bobbi Houle’s opening note and endnote 1 for an explanation about Elias’ claim of being “interruptive of your transmissions of your recordings.”

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