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essence families; intents

Paul’s note: the nine essence families, along with their associated colors and original intent names, are:

name            pronunciation intent color

Sumafi Su-ma’-fi (Seers) black
Milumet Mil’-u-met (Watchers) red
Gramada Gra-ma’-da (Formers) orange
Vold Vold (Hearers) yellow
Ilda Il’-da (Tellers) green
Sumari Su-ma’-ri (Speakers) blue
Tumold Tu’-mold (Readers) indigo
Zuli Zu’-li (Imagers) violet
Borledim Bor’-le-dim (Bearers) pink

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You do not choose consciously, as you view your conscious selves, responses to each given situation in alignment with your intent, for you have already chosen your intent. Therefore, you continuously follow your intent. Your desire manifests within your intent, and is directing of your action effortlessly! No thinking, or analyzing, or rationalizing! Automatically! You respond, just as your body responds automatically to growth and regeneration without your instruction.

VICKI: So this would kind of be where the wider definition of healing comes in? (Elias nods) Because when you respond within your intent and within helpfulness, it makes it a lot bigger, that word.

ELIAS: Absolutely! You may exchange these individual words within all of your essence families, and each word will apply equally to each family. I may incorporate the word spiritualist to each essence family, and it will be correct. I may apply healing or communication, and it will be correct in referring to each essence family. As to an understanding within your accepted definitions and belief systems, I have offered definitions to you, and explanations of your essence families, so that you may connect with and understand more easily why your desires manifest within the direction that they do.” [session 91, May 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you that within each particular focus, you hold two intents which move in harmony to each other. You hold the intent of the family that you are belonging to, and you hold an individual intent which is quite influenced by the family that you are aligned with. The alignment intent is that intent which shall be more overtly expressed within your focus. The underlying intent – or the detailed aspects of your intent – shall be the expressions of the family of which you belong.

Therefore, as an example, I shall express that if an individual holds the family of Sumafi and is holding an alignment with Sumari in one particular focus, the underlying intent shall be that of the Sumafi family. The overtly expressed intent shall be the individual’s expression of the Sumari. Therefore, an individual may be an artist creating their own particular expression of this within their focus, and underlyingly they shall hold an attention to detail within that expression. They shall be lending themselves to the expression of offering teaching in this area and they may be concerning themselves in what you term to be a type of perfectionism in their expression, for the Sumafi and the intent of the Sumafi underlies the objective expression of the individual intent within the focus.” [session 383, April 15, 1999]

ELIAS: “The influence of your belonging to and aligning with these families in consciousness (1) is that of intent. This is the element within your reality that designates the direction of your intent within an individual focus, the direction that you choose. Your orientation holds its own qualities that are specific to each of the orientations, and this is how you PERCEIVE.” [session 387, April 24, 1999]

Elias “gems”

Sumafi <---> Seers

ELIAS: “This family incorporates the focus of teaching. It incorporates teachers of every element and every subject of your existence. Many who manifest being a part of this family will be individuals connected with universities. They may be aligned with museums, they may be religious leaders, they may be within government; any area of society that incorporates any element of teaching, you will find these individuals.

In other time periods within your history, they have been ‘keepers of knowledge.’ They have manifest as scribes. Many have chosen religious-focuses. They are quite intent upon keeping truths. Their intent also is in the direction of the least distortion. Therefore, within any element of teaching, they strive to incorporate the least distortion, the most original, the most pure.” [session 67, January, 21, 1996]

Milumet <---> Watchers

ELIAS: “This family incorporates the focus of spiritualists, mystics. They manifest mainly within what you will view as primitives. Your Indians of these Americas would fall into this family; many tribes within your continent of Africa; your aborigines also. This is not to say that all individuals connected with this essence family will manifest within a primitive tribe, for they do not.

Their focus is inward. They do not concern themselves with political involvement, social involvement. They generally do not involve themselves, to any great degree, with many other individuals. Their communal focus is limited and small, for they are mainly interested in seeking; ... of truth. They are concerned with continuing and holding the remembrance.” [session 67, January, 21, 1996]

Gramada <---> Formers

ELIAS: “They are also initiators in the modem of expressing original ideas for efficiency. They may not always be focused upon by other individuals as being responsible for their ideas, for they choose not to be within the spotlight, so to speak. They are comfortable being ‘behind your scenes,’ but they offer the originality of ideas.

These individuals, on a grander scale, are the ones responsible for establishment of your societies, your governments, your institutions, your religions. Others ‘take up’ the work and establishment of these elements, but this family projects the original; the idea; the concept; the information.” [session 67, January, 21, 1996]

Vold <---> Hearers

ELIAS: “This family would be focused upon by you as being reformers. They are not interested in the status quo. Their main objective is change. They are not satisfied with elements of existence continuing along the same direction. They change themselves, they change where their location is, they change elements around them, they change societies, they change governments, they change your world! They are a restless group. They also are very, very emotional. They are quite passionate, this being their motivating force behind their changing. They are never satisfied with elements being what they are, for their passion and their emotion runs very deep. They are great connectors with other individuals, for they also incorporate tremendous compassion and understanding.” [session 67, January, 21, 1996]

Ilda <---> Tellers

ELIAS: “These individuals are very likable. They are extremely verbal. They are communicators. Their focus is exchange. They are travelers. They may be manifest as merchants, as gypsies, as seamen; any individuals that travel and exchange ideas of cultures. They are the ‘mixers.’ Without these individuals your civilizations, your cultures, would become stagnant. They also incorporate, within physical manifestation, as slaves, as pirates. They are quite colorful individuals! They exchange ideas from one culture to another. They bring infiltration of religion, of trade, to all areas within your world. Some, in other times periods of your history, were great jesters of courts, having access to diplomats and kings, and exchanging ideas and concepts between these of high rank and peasantry. I personally hold quite affection for this family.” [session 67, January, 21, 1996]

Sumari <---> Speakers

ELIAS: “The Sumari are playful. They are creative. They are spiritual. They are your artists. They are not teachers of art; they are doers. The Sumari are doers of everything! They incorporate action. They materialize what the Sumafi and the Gramada initiate. This essence family incorporates great creativity.

I have spoken to you of the initiators, these being the driving forces behind the actualizers. Therefore, the initiators within the arts would be the manifest individuals who promote the individual artists. These of the Sumari are the artists. They do incorporate the spotlight. They enjoy being within the forefront of all action. They are not introverted or shy individuals! They are quite extroverted. They also are quite independent. They do not align themselves with groups. They do not align themselves with societies or governments or religions. They are your rebellious group. They are the individuals that butt against everything! They are your salmon swimming upstream! They do not conform. You will find, in movements of cultures, individuals who are refusing to conform to the norm. These individuals belong to the Sumari.” [session 67, January, 21, 1996]

Tumold <---> Readers

ELIAS: “These are the healers. These individuals may manifest within medical professions, they may be mystical healers, they may be cultural healers. These healers incorporate a vast territory, so to speak, for healing may be incorporated within any element of focus. It does not only incorporate physical healing of ailments. It may be spiritual healing. It may be psychological healing. It may be physical healing.

These you will find in all walks of life, so to speak. You may find your garbage man to be of the family of Tumold; for ‘it matters not’ what their physical manifestation may be, or their occupation, for they possess the inner ability to be healing. Many times, they incorporate merely vibrational qualities that are expressed by their very being, and need never implement any physical manifestation of what you view to be healing. Their presence itself is healing to all they touch.” [session 67, January, 21, 1996]

Zuli <---> Imagers

ELIAS: “These essences are primarily concerned with physical expression. They are performers. They are athletes. They have a deep appreciation for beauty. They appreciate physical form and the greatness manifest in the creation of your physical expression. There is tremendous appreciation of every element of your physical bodies.

They are very preoccupied with the physical body. They incorporate a tremendous understanding of its workings. They understand the consciousness of the cells and the molecules that are incorporated within physical form. They are excellent manipulators of physical form. They incorporate living art. They do not necessarily express art or artfulness through music, or painting, or sculpting. They manifest this through their own bodies, expressing the capabilities of bodies and their functions, allowing other essences to appreciate the beauty and the magnificence of your physical expression.” [session 67, January, 21, 1996]

Borledim <---> Bearers

ELIAS: “This family is concerned with your Earth stock. Their primary focus is to be creating of new individuals. They are very family-oriented, this being their priority. They are excellent parents. They take great care in nurturing. Their primary function, within physical focus, is to produce. They stop at nothing to be accomplishing this goal, and they are quite accomplished at realizing this. They produce balanced, centered individuals. They produce directed individuals for essence families. When essence families are needing of representatives within physical focus, they align within agreement with this essence family to produce the stock.

These individuals possess great affection, great understanding, and tremendous patience. They may not always appear, as individuals, to be extremely patient within their physical expression, but within their intent, they may be quite patient; for although their intent is to be producing of this stock, they do not always possess physical capability of accomplishing this normally, or within what you term to be reasonable amounts of your time. They incorporate tremendous patience in the pursuit of their accomplishment. They are very singularly focused, and do not deviate. Once accomplishing, they produce tremendous individuals, quite crediting. They also are not self-sacrificing, for they are quite understanding that this is defeating; for in being the good tree and exhibiting the example for their young, they produce individuals who possess an understanding, realistically balanced, of how to incorporate physical life. They also possess, within this balance, a great fairness. [session 67, January, 21, 1996]

CHRIS: “Okay. Now my connection then, I mean my question then, about intent. Intent, is that the word you used to the color, the color that we ... I’m at a loss of the words that you used ...

JIM: Align?

CHRIS: Align. Yeah. Align to? Okay. So, if we’re aligning to a particular color and what is happening with that, such as green you were saying was travelers, and if we align with that color, I mean, we align with all of them, but if we are really, and we do not, and we don’t physically align with that color, in other words, we don’t do what that color represents, then would that not bring conflict in our life? I mean, it’s like, if we’re a magnet going to that color, and doing that sort of thing, and we’re going this way not doing what the intent was, would that not bring conflict in our life, and should we indeed align better, try to align better with what that color represents?

ELIAS: Let me explain to you. You align with Sumafi. Your intent follows Sumafi. Your manifestation draws in the direction of Ilda. Therefore, your desire follows that. It does not conflict with your intent, for your intent correlates with your desire and manifestation.

Now, I will express to you that if you are not following your intent, yes, you will incorporate conflict. When you deviate from your intent, within your pursuits in experience within physical manifestation, you create conflict. You may incorporate manifestation aligned with another family and not create conflict within your focus, for you may incorporate more than one ideal within focus, although you continue with one intent. Therefore, in using our example earlier of healing, you may be aligned with healing and the qualities of that family, and you may express physically those qualities, but your intent being Sumafi, you may be a teacher of healing; but before you may be a teacher of healing, you must understand healing.” [session 67, January, 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “I shall offer you your remaining five ‘titles’ within intents. We shall not discuss, this evening, the action of the other families and their equivalents to the Seers, for we shall reserve this information for another time. You may also attempt to be connecting with these titles and allowing yourselves impressions for your game, if you are wishing, if you are choosing. They are not offered in order, and I shall not be aligning them with corresponding families, for you may attempt to be connecting with this yourselves: Readers; Hearers; Bearers; Imagers; Formers. These are the five remaining that have not been expressed to you previously, aligned with the intents of the families, which have been given to you. Each family incorporated, and also presently incorporates, and futurely, the equivalent in design, so to speak, of the Seers. You have been offered the information of Seers being those of the Sumafi; Speakers being those of the Sumari.

VICKI: ... I’m curious why there’s seven names and nine families.

ELIAS: Express to me your names.

VICKI: The ones that you just gave us? Readers, Hearers, Bearers, Imagers, Formers, Speakers, and Seers.

ELIAS: You have been offered two others previously; your Tellers and Watchers.

VICKI: Oh. I forgot. Thank you. It’s that objective knowing, you know?” (Much laughter) [session 118, September 08, 1996]


JO: “I have another question about the alignment from the other family ... I don’t know how to pronounce it ... Borledim?

ELIAS: Borledim. (Correcting pronunciation)

JO: It seems to be a family of breeders. I seem to be infertile so far, in this reality! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is a very limited explanation!

JO: I understand that, and you warned me about that, and I know that there of course are interpretations. I think that might be a good starting point for understanding the alignments of the families.

ELIAS: We have been offered within this forum an example of another individual which is aligned with this family of Borledim which also physically manifests in this same manner, of inability to produce stock. Therefore, do not confuse yourself that you must be bearing twelve children (laughter) to be aligned with this family! Many, many actions occur between these families and within these families. Within the intent, energy is distributed by individuals that do not bear for the accomplishment of bearing within others.

Also, it is not limited to the bearing of young. There is much more involved within this intent of this family. It does not only center upon breeding. It centers quite heavily upon the quality of the stock – the education and the nurturing, the acknowledgment of the magnificence of each individual within their creation and their being. This is more to do with the focus of these individuals aligning with this family, whom hold great affection and connection to small ones regardless of their ability to produce them physically.

I shall explain to you also: Within the action of manifestation, you do not choose your child. The entering focus chooses all. The entering focus chooses its parentage, its family, its genetics, its heritage, its alignment. It manipulates all energy to be creating of the physical focus – every molecule, every atom, even each egg and sperm that shall meet. This is the choice of the entering focus. As you have allowed yourself also this experience in allowing yourself birth, you also allow for different experience in accepting this manifestation and the choices of another focus. Your only agreement within this is to be bearing of this child.

Therefore, some of your stories within your history that you read biblically are not fantasy or mythology but reality, that individuals may produce at ages far beyond those that you believe are physically possible. This is not to say that you have chosen this probability. I am only suggesting elements that you may not hold awareness of presently which are also reality. Be remembering the tremendous influence within energy and consciousness that these individuals aligning with this family of Borledim contribute to the manifestations of all of your Earth stock, not only those that they individually bear. You may be contributing to all these small ones about you, regardless of your physical production of them. (Smiling)

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 186, June 22, 1997]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you at our last meeting, are all belonging to – not aligning with but belonging to – the family of Sumafi. The color for Sumafi is black. This is inclusive of all color tones. This is necessary for the intent of the Sumafi; the holders of the knowledge, the teachers. Therefore, within this intent, the color vibrational quality is in alignment with this intent, for it is encompassing of all of the other colors, all of the other vibrational qualities throughout the color spectrum. This enables within consciousness the free-flowing movement in interconnection with all other essence families. Therefore, you hold the ability to be intermingling and interconnecting with any other individual within consciousness, objectively AND subjectively, to be accomplishing the intent of teaching. This allows you this ability.

Within your belief systems you view the color red to be your lowest vibration. Therefore, you place ‘lowly beliefs’ (grinning) upon this color quality. Incorrect! You shall find within our game that the color red is associated/aligned with the essence family of Milumet. The essence family of Milumet are the spiritualists; those which you would view to be of the ‘higher’ vibrational quality, in physical terms, of purple. Let me express to you that the vibrational quality of purple aligns with the essence family of Zuli, which is the physical family; that which is creating of physical form and beauty. Quite the opposite of your belief systems! But these are the tones that allow the most efficient movement within tone, within intent, and within vibrational quality for the accomplishment of the specific intents of each of these essence families. (Pause)

You shall be offered more information also in regard to these essence families, for this holds importance, that you allow yourself an understanding of these essence families.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

DAWN: “… do I hold an aspect of Speaker, and if so, can you elaborate? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you that in the same manner that individuals hold the aspect of Seer in the Sumafi, there are individuals within physical focus that also, belonging to other families, hold the aspect of the Dream Walkers that are associated with their particular essence family. In this, let us be remembering that not all individuals hold the aspect within them of these Dream Walkers, but certain individuals do hold these aspects.

In this, I shall express to you that this may not be viewed as unusual that you may hold the impression that you participate with the aspect of Speaker or that this shall seem strange to you in difference of other individuals merely for the reason that you draw yourself to this information. This is common. Individuals that hold an aspect of Dream Walkers within physical focus within all of the essence families shall be drawn to this information in a recognition of essence families and the purity of the intent of each of those essence families. Therefore, it is natural that they shall draw themselves to the information being presented by Sumafi, understanding that this shall provide them with the least amount of distortion and shall be presented within the intent of the Sumafi.

As with all other essence families, the Sumari holds the Dream Walkers which have been identified as the Speakers, and in this, as with all other essence families, these particular essences have projected aspects of their essence in mergence with other essences and through fragmentation, and in this action have created the aspect of Dream Walker within other essences which are not Dream Walkers.

Any essence that is physically focused is not classified as a Dream Walker, with the exception temporarily of the essence of Rose, which has chosen to be physically manifest within this present now.

But in this, as you begin to investigate the Dream Walkers and the action and intent of all of the Dream Walkers, you may also offer yourselves information as to their presentment of an aspect of consciousness which is merged with other essences which are not Dream Walkers, but offers them the knowledge and partial remembrance of the initial intent of the particular family, which also offers them an ability with more ease – not necessarily more of an ability but the ability with more ease – to be moving though consciousness subjectively and lending energy to other individuals, other essences which are participating within this shift in consciousness. Are you understanding?

DAWN: I think so.

MICHAEL: Yes, and actually you’ve elaborated more than I expected. It’s good information. My question in similar line with that was, we haven’t been up-to-date on a lot of the Elias sessions, reading them all, so I know you’ve probably talked a lot about the aspects of Seer and Speaker and Dream Walker, and we wanted to know if you would elaborate specifically on our particular roles as Dream Walkers individually. I’m not sure how quickly or simply that can be done, but I wanted to see if you would comment on our specific purpose along those lines.

ELIAS: In this direction, let me express to you that in further explanation of these Dream Walkers, the action has been purposefully created of merging an aspect of those particular essences, a specific aspect which contains the information of intent and creation and remembrance, and this has been offered in mergence to certain essences which choose to be physically focused.

Now; in this action, the purpose, so to speak, of this mergence of the aspect of any of the Dream Walkers belonging to any of these essence families is that there shall be certain essences that in figurative terms shall be lending energy in a guiding manner. These particular essences move in the direction of manifesting physically into this particular physical focus and they move in the direction of assuming the forefront, so to speak.

This does not necessarily mean that the forefront is an expression of being physically in forefront-view of other individuals. It is not an expression necessarily of actual physical projection of self before masses of individuals, but it is an expression that these certain essences shall manifest physically and those physical focuses shall be very influencing in a guiding manner to masses of individuals within consciousness, for they hold the remembrance subjectively, and as you move more fully into the action of this shift, this remembrance becomes more and more objectively realized. Therefore, the expression not only moves in the direction of subjective helpfulness and guiding, but also in the direction of objective helpfulness and guiding. You shall notice more and more that certain individuals become more objectively helpful to other individuals and generate more of a guiding influence. This action is natural.

Now; let me also express to you that this same action has been presented within your past history, but within a different expression. Previously you have moved in the direction of looking to other individuals as authorities or as examples to you as to how you shall be creating your beliefs and your behaviors. Now you move into the direction within the action of this shift of following yourselves and not necessarily following authorities, but you continue to move in the direction of designating certain individuals, yourselves also, as individuals that may be guiding in helpfulness of others.

Look to the action of behavior within your communities, your societies, and even within your friendships, within a more immediate personal aspect of your creations. Certain individuals move in the direction of what you in physical form term to be followers. Certain individuals move in the direction of what you term to be more of leaders. This does not suggest that one individual holds more ability or power than the other individual, but that they choose different behaviors and different roles, and in this, those individuals that move in the direction of leading in ANY expression, even quietly, these individuals for the most part hold an aspect of these Dream Walkers with respect to whichever essence family they are belonging to. Other individuals that occupy the behavior and expressions of the followers, in your terms, are the individual focuses of essences that do not hold the aspect of Dream Walkers.

Therefore, in answering of your question – what is your role or your purpose in this action of holding aspects of Dream Walkers in alignment with the individual families that you are belonging to – the response that I offer you is that you are in the position of guiding other individuals within your own chosen expressions. What I may express to you also is that you automatically move into the position of the sapling analogy (2), being the straight saplings in example.

(Strongly) Now; do NOT be misunderstanding this expression that I have offered presently, for I am NOT expressing or suggesting that all of the essences that are manifest that do not hold an aspect of Dream Walker are the convoluted little saplings! This is not the case. I do not separate or identify in labeling that the essences that hold the aspect of Dream Walker are the straight saplings, and that the essences that do not hold the aspect of Dream Walker are convoluted saplings. This is incorrect! What I am expressing is that within intent and what you term to be purpose within physical focus, in conjunction with the aspect of Dream Walker, there is an element of your individual intents within physical focus that moves in the direction of motivating you to be aware of your intent and expressions, that you may be guiding of other individuals.

Now; let me also be very clear in this area. This is NOT to be expressing to ANY individual that you hold more of an ability or more of an awareness than any other individual! It is also not an offering of permission that you may be moving into the direction of expressing a certain method or direction to be taken by any other individual. You are not in the position of guiding by expressing a method to any other individual of how they shall be moving through their focus or how they shall be creating their reality! You are merely lending energy in a guiding manner to be helpful in WHATEVER expression is chosen by any other individual.

THIS would be the expression of essence: an acceptance of all choices of all individuals and a movement into the direction of helpfulness to all individuals regardless of which direction they are choosing to move into, and holding the aspect of Dream Walker in conjunction with each particular essence family affords you within physical focus more of an ease – NOT more of an ability but more of an ease – in this direction and also creates more of a desire in this direction to be accomplishing of this action. Are you understanding?

MICHAEL: Yes. Very good answer, actually very illuminating for me as well. It seems like instead of being directors, you’re kind of like cheerleaders in a way. You make sure the energy moves through the way it needs to go, and it doesn’t matter the specific direction. That’s up to the other individual. But it’s just sort of a guiding light in a sense or a guiding energy in a sense, to help them realize that they can further what they’re doing even we if don’t agree with what they’re doing.

ELIAS: Correct. This would be the direction that is the expression of essence. Therefore, you are understanding that which has been offered to you.” [session 305, August 02, 1998]

DEANE: “Regarding my intent, can you briefly shed some light on my intent in my present focus? Can you have more than one intent, or are they all offshoots of the basic intent?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within each particular focus, you hold two intents which move in harmony to each other. You hold the intent of the family that you are belonging to, and you hold an individual intent which is quite influenced by the family that you are aligned with. The alignment intent is that intent which shall be more overtly expressed within your focus. The underlying intent – or the detailed aspects of your intent – shall be the expressions of the family of which you belong.

Therefore, as an example, I shall express that if an individual holds the family of Sumafi and is holding an alignment with Sumari in one particular focus, the underlying intent shall be that of the Sumafi family. The overtly expressed intent shall be the individual’s expression of the Sumari. Therefore, an individual may be an artist creating their own particular expression of this within their focus, and underlyingly they shall hold an attention to detail within that expression. They shall be lending themselves to the expression of offering teaching in this area and they may be concerning themselves in what you term to be a type of perfectionism in their expression, for the Sumafi and the intent of the Sumafi underlies the objective expression of the individual intent within the focus.

Now; within your focus, you may view qualities of your family and alignment as being expressed throughout your focus. As to your individual intent within this focus – as I have offered partially to you previously in relation to this expression that you complete now – your intent in this focus moves in the direction of offering your creativity as an expression to be bringing to the mass more of an understanding of this shift in consciousness.

Let me also express to you that in your particular intent individually, as you express objectively through your creativity, you also lend much energy to the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness, as it ripples, so to speak, within consciousness from your expression. Therefore, you are affecting objectively and subjectively in harmony to each other in not perpetuating the existing belief systems in the hold of their energy, and also in lending to the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness.” [session 383, April 15, 1999]

JIM: “So within the emotion, as we spoke of last time as well, our energy center of yellow is very influencing of all of this as well?

ELIAS: Correct. Also, as you are looking to physical manifestations, look to the interaction of your physical expression of your color indigo, as it is interactive with the physical functioning and manipulation of energy within your physical brain.

JIM: Speaking of indigo and Tumold, can you define ‘returning to a natural state’ within a disease? I imagine this would be the choice of the individual, as to what a natural state would be. We talked last time about ‘fixing’ and returning to a natural state, and I think there’s a difference that I’m not quite seeing. Can you help me with some clarification?

ELIAS: Within your natural state, your body consciousness functions perfectly within the expression of manifestation that the individual has chosen for a particular focus. Now; let me clarify to you.

One individual may be choosing to manifest within physical focus, in terms of their physical form, in what you term to be normal state. They have created an upright position. They hold one head, two legs, two arms, one body, two feet, two hands, and in this, they appear to be the same, in a manner of speaking, as all other individuals that create what you term to be, in your officially accepted reality, a normal body projection. This may be their choice of their natural state for that particular focus of manifestation.

Another individual may choose to be manifest within a particular focus in the manner that YOU express as de-formed. They are mis-formed, in your perception. Their physical expression may not appear to be in alignment with your officially accepted norm. They may not hold two feet, two legs, two arms, one head, one body. They may manifest differently, or they may choose to be manifesting within a twisting of that same form. Therefore, it may not hold itself upright in the same manner as do you, but they have entered their physical manifestation in this manner and have chosen this particular expression, and it is their natural state. Therefore, they have purposefully created that type of manifestation.

You, within your officially accepted reality, identify singularly and express that all individuals, as an absolute, should be creating in a specific manner of projecting their physical body form and function. In this, if an individual is not in compliance with those guidelines of your officially accepted reality, it is viewed as dis-form, dys-function, and dis-ease.

Now; in certain situations, individuals – as you are aware – are creating of all three of these expressions, which may not necessarily be natural to their state of their creation within their particular focus. This is the area that I have expressed to you many, many times, to be engaging your inner senses to be assessing the actual situation, recognizing that each individual’s reality is their own and is different, unique and individual.

In this, what may be natural state for one individual is not natural state for another individual, and within the expression of the intent of Tumold, your intent is not to be creating clones! Your intent is not to be fitting all of your species’ and all of any species’ expressions into one mold. It is to be allowing the natural expression of each unique individual in the manner that is natural to their expression.

This holds more difficulty than initially may be viewed, for you may not necessarily assess these types of situations immediately as you encounter another individual or a creature, for you hold mass belief systems which are quite strong in the area of absolutes. These absolutes express to you that the natural state of an individual is to be free of dis-ease, dys-function, and of de-formation. You express to yourselves the absolutes that creatures and individuals of your species shall be formed in a certain manner, and if they are not, they are experiencing an unnatural state, and therefore, it is your job to be altering of their state to be creating the conformity to what you accept as natural state.

In actuality, your definition of natural state is normal state, and your definition of normal is that which is officially accepted en masse commonly. I express to you, each individual within their own unique expression may be expressing their natural state quite differently.

Now; as you allow yourself an exercising of your inner senses, you may allow yourself to be enacting your natural abilities in these areas of your inner senses and you may quite easily assess each situation with each individual and each creature in conjunction with their natural state, evaluating that certain creations may not necessarily be natural to their particular focus and that they have created a situation of manipulating energy in a manner to be creating a dysfunction.

In this, you may be moving in the direction of your intent and be expressing helpfulness in offering energy to be directing in a manner that allows the individual to be moving their energy into their own natural state once again, but you must also be recognizing of those individuals that may be creating of certain elements within their reality that you do not necessarily view as natural, but may be natural to them.

JIM: Thus being mindful and respectful of another individual’s creation, of how they choose to create their reality.

ELIAS: Quite.

JIM: Okay. In our last session [see session 368, March 05, 1999], you spoke of the trigger action associated with the creation of a disease. What action can we take when this action begins to take place, and recognize the action, and perhaps alter the creation of that particular situation or disease, as in the case of malaria, which you gave as an example, or other diseases and so forth that offer these triggers?

ELIAS: Let me express to you once again that this would be the situation in which you need be viewing the individual action and the reason that the individual is choosing to be participating in accessing these triggers, for individuals purposefully draw to them these types of experiences that may be beneficial to them within their individual value fulfillment.

In this, they may be subsequently engaging another individual’s helpfulness to be disengaging the action that they have initially created, but it is not necessarily a situation to be expressed of PREVENTION of these types of creations, although this is the direction that your mass beliefs move into.

This is another area that you have developed within your belief systems: that you may be creating more efficiently if you are creating uniformly of what you term to be ‘good health,’ and you may be facilitating this state of good health if you are moving in the direction of prevention of dis-ease.

I express to you that you may be moving in the direction of creating actions to be preventing of certain types of dis-ease, but you shall also create different dis-ease[s] that are not preventable, for you shall continue to be creating other expressions, other types of affectingnesses to be expressing your individual energies – individually AND en masse – in these types of manners, for this is familiar to you. You choose to be manipulating energy in this manner to be gaining your attention and to be beneficial to you in many different manners, in which it DOES gain your attention if you are creating uncomfortable situations within your physical form.

I express to you that this is another direction in which individuals within the intent of the Tumold in physical focus – in conjunction with your belief systems – may become confused, for you view yourselves to be engaging the action of healing in the terms that have been expressed within your officially accepted reality, and that is to be fixing and preventing, and I express to you that this is not necessarily the point, but to be responsive to other individuals or creatures or any element of consciousness that may be REQUESTING your interaction for helpfulness, in offering it the remembrance of its natural state. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes. That ties a lot in. That makes a lot of sense. I think this occurred recently with the pony, which I just experienced, with the colic, and in remembering my tile, which I offered, and offering energy to this pony, and her almost immediate response, returning to a natural state within the intestines and feeling better and having a bowel movement (laughing) and moving into its natural state. It was a different experience for me. Also, using the seeing-by-feeling and touching-by-thought, I felt a real difference there. It seemed to be a connectedness with those tiles. Is that a correct interpretation of that?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 412, June 08, 1999]

PATRICIA: “Can I ask you what my essence name and family is – this is a two-edged question – and also if we’re here for a reason, if we each have something to follow? I feel like I have something to do in life – but I’m not quite sure what it is – in helping people.

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Essence name, Jarion, J-A-R-I-O-N (JEHR ee on). And do you incorporate an impression as to your essence families? (Pause)

PATRICIA: Was that a question? I’m not quite sure, because this is my first time and I don’t know much about it.

ELIAS: Very well; essence family, Milumet; alignment, Tumold; orientation, common.

As to your second question, ‘what is your purpose or do you incorporate a purpose,’ yes, you incorporate a purpose but it is not a mission. You incorporate a purpose as a choice to be manifest in this physical dimension, and the purpose in that choice is to experience, to explore this physical dimension. But I may also express to you that each individual that manifests in this physical dimension incorporates an intent that is a general theme that is expressed throughout the entirety of their focus, and all of your experiences are generated in some association with that theme.

Now; in relation to that theme you choose many different more specific directions to be incorporating as explorations, but they are all associated with that general theme. Although at times it may objectively appear to you that there are some experiences or directions that deviate from your theme, they do not. And all of these experiences and explorations in relation to your intent generate your value fulfillment, and as you continue to generate your value fulfillment within this physical dimension, you continue to explore. Once you have accomplished your value fulfillment or once you choose that you are not expressing value fulfillment any longer within this physical dimension, you choose to disengage.

In this, as I have expressed to many, many other individuals, you may discover the theme or your intent for yourself individually in this manifestation in evaluating the entirety of your focus and examining all of your experiences from the onset of your focus, not merely now but through out the entirety of your focus.

I am quite encouraging of individuals to be investigating and evaluating and offering themselves the identification of their individual intent, for it is, in your terms, much more meaningful and impactful if you are discovering what your intent is rather than merely accepting my identification of your intent. For this is an exercise in becoming more familiar intimately with yourself, which is extremely important in association with this shift in consciousness and your movement with it. Being familiar and aware of yourself is quite helpful in allowing yourself to generate much more of an ease in your movement and less trauma in association with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, I am continuously encouraging individuals to be generating this action of genuinely being familiar and intimate with themselves. You easily express that with other individuals, but it is much more challenging to be expressing that with yourself.

Therefore, this is your challenge, to discover your intent, knowing that it is not a mission and that you naturally express that, and that shall offer you more information concerning your direction in this focus.

PATRICIA: When you say ‘this focus,’ are you saying this life?


PATRICIA: I’ve always had the feeling of wanting to help people.

ELIAS: Which is also a quality associated with the essence family that you are aligning with. [i.e., Tumold]

PATRICIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

DANIIL: ... I’ve got a question, going back to finding out a general theme or direction or intent. Once you find it, so to speak, it may be a process, but once you find something and when you try to put it in words, is it like one image, one symbol, or is it a set of combinations or a set of qualities? Because every time I think I get an impression of what connects periods of my life, later I may read about that being a property of the Sumafi family or a property of something else. So is the final result a unique image or how does that work?

ELIAS: It is a generality, and remember that your families are not accidental in any particular focus. They do incorporate a factor in your intent, for they influence the manner in which you generate your exploration. Therefore, you may be offering yourself an impression of your intent in your examination of your focus and you may subsequently read that this may be a quality of the family that you are belonging to or the family that you are aligning with; but you may have chosen that particular quality to be exploring in many different manners throughout your focus and that quality of the family merely enhances your exploration of that subject matter.

I encourage you to trust your impressions. Ha ha ha ha!” [session 1468, November 08, 2003]

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End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: the concept of nine families of consciousness was introduced by Seth/Jane Roberts in The “Unknown” Reality, (1977), Vol. 2, sessions 732-740, January 22, 1975 – February 26, 1975 (interestingly Seth had also just finished an introduction to the concept of counterparts in the previous sessions.)

Coincidentally, Seth described the exact same nine as Elias does, all with similar definitions of intent and purpose.

Introduction: follow this link for a Seth, Elias Comparative Overview.

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

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