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engaging periphery

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Time is an interesting creation. It holds vast flexibility. This may be illustrated with a small experiment that I believe each of you has encountered throughout your focus. Holding an object such as a pencil immobile, this object appears rigid and solid. As you involve motion, a slow vibration to this object, it appears elastic and bendable; still holding its solidity within your perception, but incorporating a difference in your reality. In this same manner, events are perceived. The personality focus perceives events. This is translated to the intellect, which interprets certain events based on its direction of attention as base or ‘real.’ Within your perception, you perceive this one direction to be ‘real’; this being your primary perception. All other perceptions then become secondary or periphery. They incorporate an elasticity, and seem to be bendable. You interpret this many times as a distorted perception. It is not distorted. It has only not intersected completely into the present time ‘thickness.’

Within your present now, the time element holds a thickness which allows formation to appear; formation of objects, of thought, of emotion, of physical feeling, of sense data. Outside, in a manner of speaking, of this present now, or your perception of this present now, you may draw other events; but as they are being drawn as periphery, they are not perceived to be quite so ‘real.’ This creates confusion when you begin to encounter simultaneous time. When the intellect begins to attempt to interpret events which are not within its ‘real’ focus, it becomes confused. Therefore, it automatically attaches a secondary perception, which it incorporates a belief of ‘non-real’ to. This you encounter in many areas of your focus.

Presently, within your intent of widening your awareness, this becomes a focal point of importance, for you begin to incorporate other events which lie outside of your baseline or ‘real’ interpretation. Elements of consciousness cross over each other. Events begin to be perceived differently. States of consciousness, such as your dream state or other altered states, begin to filter into your objective awareness, which may be confusing to the intellect which is accustomed to interpreting events in one direction. This you have created purposefully; for holding a base or ‘real,’ as you interpret it, perception allows you less confusion, and an intensity of experience.

This is not to suggest that you will experience no intensity within the periphery; although as you incorporate an acceptance of ‘side perceptions,’ the experience seems not to hold such intensity for you have allowed a wider awareness, incorporating more experiences in a greater variety, accepting more of your own subjective expressions. Therefore, objective incorporation seems less intensified; this being also the effort, so to speak, in avoiding trauma within your shift; for this lessening of intensity is a natural by-produce of widening of awareness. There is more trust and acceptance of what you view to be ‘unusual.’

... You may encounter an event within a room and perceive the room almost identical to what you perceive in your real perception, but small elements may appear different. A lamp may look different. A chair may be out of place. An individual may be displaying unusual behavior. These are not distortions of perception. They are encounters with your periphery; just as if you engage visually straight forward and notice, continuing to view straight forward, your peripheral vision, physically the edges shall appear blurred. This does not make the elements any less real or solid within your reality. You only view them to be slightly out of focus.

... You may accomplish widening your perception, and allowing yourself the reality of your periphery; and in this, you shall view unblurred, and you may experience within the same element of reality, or perception of reality, that you hold within your present attention.” [session 106, July 21, 1996]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You view your reality within one direction, as I stated at our last meeting. This creates what you view and interpret as your ‘real’ reality. All other elements outside of this ‘real’ are unaccepted. They are ignored. But, just as we have spoken to Olivia [Ron] as to your confusion within accepting your periphery, if you are allowing yourself the ‘letting go,’ so to speak, of your insistent control, you shall allow yourself to view unofficial elements of your present reality. These elements occur continuously.

We have stated this to you many, many times; but each time you are presented with information that is ‘outside’ of your official ‘real’ reality, it is unaccepted! This is not only individuals very ‘planted’ which express this same idea! Within different elements of periphery, all individuals hold a non-acceptance of different, unofficial reality. You each incorporate different areas that seem to be more difficult. As you are widening your perceptions, you are presenting yourselves with difficult issues. You challenge your own official reality. You shall attain an understanding, whether you believe this presently or not! You are moving within consciousness into a wider perception, allowing more information and allowing more of your periphery.” [session 107, July 28, 1996]

ELIAS: “You may view your television and your small boxes of different pictures or programs simultaneously, and not interrupt each other. One continues upon your main screen; your main focus; this is your main attention; but small boxes appear clearly within your corners or your periphery that may be viewed simultaneously and not be affecting or interrupting the focus of the main picture. If your picture upon your main screen is blurred, your smaller periphery pictures will be more blurred; and in your strain to view these smaller pictures and decipher the action that is occurring within them, you shall interrupt your attention to your main focus, for you shall divert your attention completely to be straining to understand the other pictures.

If you are versed within your own abilities and your own awareness and your ability to manipulate within consciousness, you may clearly view more than your main picture, simultaneously, without strain, and with no interruption. You may continue within your normal activities. You may interact in what you view to be your mundane events; your employment, your interaction with other individuals, your activities within your home, and you may also simultaneously allow information and the pictures of subjective activity and alternate focuses, and also manipulate within them. This incorporates practice. You have begun the action. Therefore, we offer exercises to be helpful to you, that you may learn your own abilities, for you do hold these abilities.” [session 122b, September 22, 1996]

ELIAS: “Each of you chooses to objectify your reality differently. You align with the mass belief system that certain actions or elements of your being are wrong, which they are not. Therefore, you may be initiating by attempting to be accepting of this. You may attempt an exercise, if you are so choosing, to be recognizing each moment throughout your day, that you may ‘catch yourself’ within your belief systems and within the action of non-acceptance of your expression and actualizing the lending in energy to the belief system of right and wrong. In this, you may offer yourself information, which you may recognize how very many times within one of your daytime periods you are invalidating of self, you are not accepting of self, you are expressing non-acceptance of self. You are all quite accomplished at these actions, but if you are recognizing of these actions you may allow yourself the ability, in your terms more quickly, to be engaging your periphery and altering your perception, which shall be influencing of creating more effortlessness within your focus.” [session 187, June 28, 1997]

JIM: “Christie expressed in her session a few months back that everything that we go through, everything that is presented to us is ... in accepting everything that comes to us, it is...

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: ... trusting of self, no matter what.

ELIAS: This be your basis. This be the basis of the action of this shift; to be accepting and trusting of self and therefore widening your awareness as a natural byproduct, and offering yourself tremendous new avenues in creativity that you may now explore, and increasing your ability; for you engage your periphery and no longer hold to your blinders. In this, you may not engage your periphery and you may not move in the action of this shift without accepting and trusting self.

You are moving into a new area of consciousness. Other individuals, other essences, shall not be expressing your direction for you any longer. You shall be directing of yourselves, individually and collectively, and this is unfamiliar to you. You are quite familiar with your officially accepted reality of being instructed by a select few in how to create your reality in the direction that they wish you to create your reality. Now you may create your reality in the direction that you choose independently, within your own creativity and for yourself.

You have always created your realities for yourselves. You have NOT always understood HOW you create your reality. You have also aligned within mass belief systems, within your societies throughout your entire globe, in agreement to be following instruction of select few individuals that you designate to be ‘the leaders.’ Now you may each be your own leaders.

... It is all intertwined within an exceedingly intricate web of consciousness, which is all affecting of all else; this being why I express to you over and over again to be accepting of self, and this shall be widening your awareness and engaging your periphery and allowing you more information and awareness of your reality and of consciousness. And this is the action of your shift.” [session 207, August 15, 1997]

ELIAS: “What you view in your physical waking objective reality is one aspect of this dimensional reality. It is one focus of attention objectively, but side-by-side with this one area of attention that you focus upon are many other areas of your reality that you do not allow yourselves to view at all, but they exist. These other areas of consciousness, that are only very slightly removed from your objective attention and are also objective, may offer you more information of the area of consciousness that you focus your attention within, for this is an action of engaging your periphery.

(Vic’s note: The following explanation was delivered intently and accentuated with hand gestures.)

It is no different than looking to your physical area before you and not engaging your visualization of your periphery, but merely looking straight ahead and seeing nothing within your periphery, only looking forward. As you step sideways within these areas of consciousness that you may access objectively, you open your periphery. What is before you within your waking state may be a chair. Within your periphery may be a table. It is not the chair, but it is also an element of the area, the physical location that you occupy; but in not engaging your periphery, you do not view the table. You merely view the chair. In engaging your periphery, you also view the table.

This is a very simplified explanation, but within your sense perception of your outer senses, viewing the table also adds to your experience; offers you more information of your physical location. If you are within a room and you are viewing nothing but one chair which sits directly before you, you offer yourself no information other than this chair of your physical location. You are unaware of all of the other elements within your room that also occupy the space arrangement; but if you are engaging your periphery, you also offer yourself more information of the location that you occupy. In a similar manner, if you are opening your periphery within consciousness, you offer yourself more information of your reality. Therefore, the table does not appear to be a chair, for it is not. It is another element within the room, but it IS within the room and within your reality.

The inner landscape may not appear to be the same as your normal waking awareness of objects and actions around you, but it is another aspect of your reality. In viewing only the chair and not the table within your periphery, you may also not be viewing an object upon the table; a clock. In viewing only the chair, you offer yourself no information of your time frame, for the clock rests upon the table. In engaging your periphery, you may view the table and you may also view the clock, offering yourself a time framework; which is not related to the chair, but it is another element of your reality and offers you more information of your reality.” [session 231, October 23, 1997]

SUE: “I want to ask about other focuses or what I think are other focuses that I’ve been aware of. One, Bobbi and I both have some memories or have picked up on something. She got an image of the two of us in England as young men in a cafe together, and I separately got an image, not of us necessarily, but of being ... what I got was a fishing village in Cornwall. And I wondered, were we picking up on valid information, and if so, were we picking up on the same focuses or separate ones or....

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Interesting. Is there anything you can tell us about that, or should we investigate on our own more?

ELIAS: I shall encourage you to continue your investigations!

SUE: Okay.

BOBBI: Were the names Charles and Edward?

ELIAS: Correct. Your information becomes much more valid to you if you are connecting to it yourselves.

SUE: That makes sense.

ELIAS: It also serves as a validation to yourselves that you hold the ability to be accomplishing.

SUE: Yes, because when she first told me she’d remembered something and asked if I wanted to know about it or did I want to try on my own, my first thought was one of great fear. ‘Oh, I can’t do this. I won’t be able to think of anything.’ The fact that we separately both came up with England ... it really has been very encouraging. And then also, I came across a book that mentioned Cornwall right after that, so that seemed like an interesting....

ELIAS: This is an example of your noticing and your offering validation to yourself as opposed to being offered information from outside of yourself, which also reinforces your view of yourself as inadequate and not holding the ability to accomplish within yourself. Listen to your own words and your own responses! Shall you engage? ‘Oh, no! I may not be able to be accomplishing!’ You automatically move in the direction of invalidating self. This offers you the opportunity to be rearranging this belief system and offering yourselves validation of what you may be accomplishing.

SUE: Okay. I find that I seem to get information ... I don’t know how to put this. I find it hard to allow myself to get information through sitting down and meditating or something, like what seems to work for Bobbi. But what does work for me sometimes is just noticing coincidences in my life. Is that....

ELIAS: Each individual shall draw information to themselves in what speaks to you. Some individuals may acquire their information through visualizations or meditations. Some may acquire much information through dream state and its imagery. Some individuals are more focused within objective imagery, and this is what shall be speaking to them. There is no rule that expresses that one method is better than another method. It is merely an action of noticing and opening to your periphery, not ignoring the information that you draw yourselves to or that is presented before you. It is all valid.

SUE: Thank you. I think I felt that I was supposed to get it just inwardly and that the way I was doing it was like cheating or sort of not the right way of doing it. And yet looking back, I think getting information from coincidences and things around me is something I’ve been doing for a long time, and it’s worked well for me.

ELIAS: And this attains your attention!

SUE: Yes.

ELIAS: The only action that I may express to you as ‘cheating’ is to be receiving information from those that have gone before and are DEAD now! (Grinning, and we all laugh) We engage in the action of cheating in offering you information that you may access yourselves, but all of your noticings within yourself are all valid expressions of your opening to your periphery.” [session 256, January 10, 1998]

CATHY: “I’m a little frustrated with my non-acceptance of my physical form thing! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Vessel, vessel, vessel!

CATHY: It’s like, I get what you say. When you look in the mirror you might say yeah, you like what you see, but then you’re thinking no, you don’t, and it’s like ... so what do you do?! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Practice acceptance of self!

CATHY: Oh ... just the way it is.

ELIAS: Quite ... without judgment!

CATHY: Without judgment.

VICKI: It’s frustrating because like I said before, nobody really knows how to do that. I mean, we can sit and talk about it forever!

ELIAS: And we shall! And eventually you shall assimilate and you shall realize how to be creating of this! You ARE learning. You ARE assimilating and you ARE accomplishing. You merely experience frustration, for you view yourselves to not be accomplishing ENOUGH or quickly enough or your periphery is not wide enough, which is all a reinforcement of, ‘YOU are not good enough and YOU are not acceptable.’ As you relax your hold upon your duplicity of self, you also shall discover the ease of your periphery opening automatically.

Once again, within little heads: ‘Oh sure, Elias! We’ll see if this EVER materializes!’ (Laughter) Personal invalidation to you both!” [session 258, January 15, 1998]

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