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officially accepted reality

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You hold an officially accepted reality. You are quite singular within your attention to this officially accepted reality, but you challenge this reality within this present century within the action of this shift, exploring beyond your officially accepted reality. In this, you offer yourselves information that challenges this, that you may explore beyond and you may offer yourself new information of the reality of reality beyond what you officially accept.” [session 238, November 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “You view that you must be DOING some ‘thing’ with your energy, with your productivity, with your time, with your creativity. You must be engaging continuously movement and action in productive manners and directing yourselves within this, and you incorporate great confusion for you are unaccustomed to directing yourselves in ANY area of your focus. You allow yourselves to be dictated to, and this offers you guidelines and directions.

“And now you move into the area of freedom and directing yourselves and NOT incorporating being dictated to, and in this is created confusion, for what shall you be incorporating with this freedom? How shall you manipulate it? What shall you do with this freedom? You know not objectively, and therefore you incorporate confusion, and in this confusion you retreat once again to the familiar, for it is comfortable. You understand your limitations. You understand your obstacles. You understand being dictated to. You do not hold an objective understanding of freedom and creativity!

“Within limitations and belief systems and dictations, you understand creativity – creativity is an artistic expression. Quite incorrect, but this is your identification. It is quite limited and very specifically directed, and this is what your officially accepted reality dictates to you within your belief systems, but there are FAR MANY MORE choices of expressions of creativity than merely artistic expressions!” [session 455, August 25, 1999]

Elias “gems”

FORREST: “This question is from Vivien, sent a couple of days ago. She writes to us: ‘This Sunday I may be meeting with a possible future client. He is schizophrenic, hears voices most of the time; Vold, probably, and in transition. I’ve had zero clients with this ‘disorder’ and would appreciate some of Elias’ comments. I don’t even know if I can be of any help to this person. If you engage Elias before Sunday, I would like some input as to how I might help this man. I’ve had some impressions, but really too vague to make much of; problems with abusive father, feeling unsafe in the world, persecuted, etc. Any information as to why the schizophrenia was created and whether he is choosing to uncreate it would be most appreciated.’ (Here, there is a twenty-two second pause)

ELIAS: Within the probabilities which stand presently, there is what you may term to be a likelihood that there shall be an affectingness in engaging this individual. This individual stands within conflict presently, and has been within conflict for much time framework. The individual is not engaging transition within physical focus. The conflict stems from differences between choices and mass belief systems which have also been accepted into individual belief systems.

I shall explain. The individual has chosen for the experience within this particular focus to move outside of the framework of the officially accepted reality which is recognized within your societies. This action is not uncommon. The difficulty occurs within this action when the individual holds a realization that this choice to be moving outside of the officially accepted reality is challenged by the societal belief systems en masse.

Previous to these so-called past two centuries within your history, this choice to be moving outside of the officially accepted reality was viewed differently and much more accepted. Individuals choosing this particular action were not labeled in the manner that they have been labeled presently and within your recent past. They have been viewed previous to this as holding mystical qualities, and therefore partially accepted in their expression.

I have offered information as to what you view as a ‘condition’ in this manner, and explanation as to the action which is being engaged. In this, these individuals choose to be holding less separation from subjective interaction and less separation of essence, and also accessing other focuses in a manner that your officially accepted reality does not allow for.

Within this past two centuries, the mass belief systems have shifted into more of a separation preceding the action of this shift in consciousness, becoming more rigid and strict and static for a time period, preparing for the throes of the onset of this shift in consciousness. I have also explained in this manner that this preceding action may be likened to the throes of the emergence of birth, the chaos that occurs before the calm within the emergence. It stems from a lack of understanding and an increase in separation from essence and subjective activity.

This has not slowed the choice of individuals to be choosing to be experiencing elements outside of your officially accepted reality, but the mass belief systems have moved into an area of less acceptance of this type of action. As opposed to viewing these individuals as holding less separation and [more] mystical qualities, your societies, for the most part – although there continues to remain societies that do not view in this manner – move in the direction of attempting to alter individuals’ behavior and their reality that they are choosing to be experiencing, for it does not fit within their guidelines of what is acceptable within your societies and what is not acceptable. In this situation, it is influencing of the individual, THIS individual in particular also, that there is a recognition objectively that their expression of experience is not accepted.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

MALE: “I’ve read some of your statements about Alzheimer’s disease, and about schizophrenia not being a disease.

ELIAS: Quite.

MALE: I’ve had a very close experience with a daughter who was schizophrenic, and it was very difficult. I did not (inaudible), nor did anybody else, out of a sense of knowing what was going on. I can almost understand the Alzheimer’s condition. I do not understand why anyone would create schizophrenia and I was wondering if you could talk about that, specifically with relationship to my daughter.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding that within any individual physical focus ... one moment.

(To another person) You may place yourself physically within this present physical proximity. Come here! (It appears that somebody sits down directly in front of Elias) Now, you may engage physical action! (Grinning, and laughter) (To the man who asked the question) Thank you. Continuing.

Within one individual physical focus, it is quite difficult for the individuals to be holding an objective understanding of this type of creation and choice within physical focus, but let me also move into the direction of reminding you that each individual within physical focus holds many, many physical focuses. Therefore, they also hold many experiences, and each individual within physical focus holds many counterparts, and each counterpart adds to the experience of each other counterpart. In this, there is a multitude of actions that are occurring in the choice to be physically manifesting within this particular dimension.

In one respect, in not holding information as to choices of individuals merely for the reason of experience and in aligning with your officially accepted reality within your societies, it is quite understandable that you shall wonder why another individual would be choosing to be experiencing in this manner, but also be recognizing what you are creating in that thought process.

As we move into the direction of relationships....

(Here, Elias turns to the man directly in front of him) Are we having a relationship presently?

MALE: Yes, we are!

ELIAS: Very good!

In relationships, aspects of the belief systems of relationships are that you shall be creating positively or negatively. And who are the individuals that choose which shall be deemed positive and which shall be deemed negative? Ah, the infamous ‘they!’ And who are the ‘they?’ They are you! YOU are all the ‘they’ that create the officially accepted reality within your societies, and YOU set what is acceptable in behavior and what is not acceptable within behavior, and what is good behavior and what is bad behavior, and what are good experiences and what are bad experiences.

(To the man in front of him) Are you experiencing ‘good?’

MALE: I’m just experiencing.

ELIAS: Very good! (Much laughter) I am quite acknowledging of this response!

There are no good experiences and there are no bad experiences. There are different intensities of experiences. There are likes and dislikes of experiences, as dictated by your belief systems. There ARE good experiences and bad experiences as dictated by your belief systems, but in themselves they are neutral. They are a choice. Therefore, YOU place a judgment upon another individual’s choice of experience, but their choice of experience may not fit your judgment of it.

An individual may be creating of a certain type of experience, and in that experience they may be fulfilling their value fulfillment, and they may be offering themselves much more information in certain directions than they would necessarily be creating in a different choice, depending upon their choice of probabilities within any one particular focus. In this, if they are stepping outside of the officially accepted reality, there are judgments placed upon this.

An individual creating a disease that you view to be painful, why shall they be creating of this type of experience? Why shall they disengage from physical focus in this manner? Why shall they not disengage physical focus by merely engaging their dream state?

MALE: Their what?

ELIAS: Their dream state, and in your view, peacefully slip away – although they are not slipping away – into bliss with no painfulness. Your assessment of their painfulness may be quite different than their actual experience. Their creation of their experience, although they may be choosing to be creating of painfulness, may be quite beneficial to them, and may be beneficial to you also in their offering of energy and information merely within the experience itself.

Let us be recalling of our little sapling story (1). The point is not to be placing judgment upon another for their creation, but to be accepting, and in this acceptance you offer the example of the expression of essence merely through your experience, without the judgment or instruction to another individual. In this, many individuals within physical focus choose different types of expressions, different experiences, and choose to be moving outside of the officially accepted reality within their given societies. They also choose many focuses that comply with the officially accepted reality.

If you are moving in the direction of a thought process of only one focus, only one choice of experience, then you may be baffling yourself in the attempt to be understanding the why for any such experience, but given that you hold so very many focuses and so very many experiences, why would you NOT choose to be exploring all aspects of physical focus within and without officially accepted reality? Why would you NOT choose to be experimenting outside of the officially accepted reality and playing with your consciousness in physical focus? It is merely a matter of perception and the allowance of officially accepted mass belief systems that are affecting and influencing of your thought processes and your emotional responses to another individual’s choice within their creation.

Therefore, the question moves not in the area of, ‘Why shall this individual choose this type of creation?’, but more in the direction of, ‘Why shall you be placing judgment upon their choice?’

MALE: These choices are associated with much conflict for people who hold a loving relationship with a parent coming down with Alzheimer’s or a child coming down with schizophrenia.

ELIAS: And why do these individuals experience conflict?

MALE: Because they do not know how to hold this, what to do.

ELIAS: No. For the reason that they do not accept this.

MALE: That’s true.

ELIAS: It does not fit within your officially accepted reality. Therefore, it is influenced by belief systems, it is not accepted, and a judgment is placed upon this. And then you may move into the direction of the expression that I have expressed within the very beginning throes of our session this very evening: ‘I am hurt. YOU are causing ME anxiety, anguish, hurtfulness, conflict.’

MALE: All of the above!

ELIAS: Very incorrect! No other individual within physical focus causes you ANY THING. You create that within yourself as a response to your own lack of acceptance and your own belief systems in any given area. No other individual may be affecting of you without your participation and allowance for them to be so, in agreement with your own belief systems, and if you do not hold these belief systems, you shall not be affected. If you do not hold the belief system or the aspect of the belief system of relationship that you may be hurt, this be one of the birds within that cage; one of the birds, a bright yellow bird which is named ‘hurt,’ and it is contained within the cage of relationship, which enters into ANY separated type of relationship that you may conceive of within physical focus. It matters not. This is an example of one of the elements that crosses over ALL relationships, be they parent, child, friendships, romantic relationships, employers and employees. ANY type of relationship that you may be creating of holds this aspect that you may be hurt, and this yellow bird flies quite strongly within this cage! This is an aspect of the belief system.

And what is hurtfulness? It is your own lack of acceptance of yourself and of another individual. And how is hurtfulness a lack of acceptance of yourself? Ah, but it is! For if you are accepting of yourself, how may another individual be hurtful to you? For they may not be penetrating your energy field if you are not allowing this to be occurring.

Hurtfulness is your own lack of acceptance of self and your own duplicity within self that you are not worthy. It is the very expression of your own sense of unworthiness being mirrored to you.

The conflict stems from confusion in a lack of understanding. The lack of understanding stems from the influence of the belief systems, which is creating of the judgment, which is also creating of the lack of acceptance. And in this swirling cyclone of hundreds of birds within this contained cage, there becomes much distress, much conflict, and I have stated from the onset of this forum, from the onset of these sessions, that the one element that your belief systems are quite efficient at creating is conflict!” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

JOE: “Let me ask you this. Let’s suppose you take a young apprentice, and he’s going to be, in my example to you, an electrical apprentice. Now, he doesn’t trust his abilities. Now, everything I’m speaking of here is objectively, nothing subjectively, just from an objective viewpoint.

He doesn’t trust his abilities, so he goes through the apprenticeship program and he starts to trust his abilities more and more and more.

Now, the objective of entering the apprenticeship program is to become a tradesman, and therefore be able to make a good living for you and your family once you get the journeyman or master’s grade.

As the young man progresses through the apprenticeship program, naturally he starts to objectively trust in his own ability and the knowledge that he’s gained to the point where he can really make a good living, and from that point on, create a reality that was what he wanted to start with when he entered the apprenticeship program.

Now, does that kind of building of trust with self fall into line with the type of trust of self that you’re expressing?


Within physical focus, you have created a reality of separation, in a manner of speaking. You have created a reality – which is officially accepted to this point – which allows for a tremendous expression of duplicity, and within this physical dimension, to this point within your time framework, you have also created and allowed a tremendous expression of influence of your belief systems.

Therefore, in this creation, you have separated your knowing of self, and in that separation, there has been an allowance for a tremendous expression of lack of acceptance and trust of self, and this has been reinforced for centuries and centuries within your linear time framework.

Even outside of your linear time framework, as you think within terms of simultaneous time, all of your focuses are occurring now, and all of them, within all of the time frameworks that you view as past, which are many, all align with the same belief systems.

Therefore, there is much energy in movement in conjunction with this discounting of self, lack of trust of self, and lack of acceptance of self, and within the movement of this shift in consciousness, as you HAVE created your officially accepted reality in this design throughout its history, the movement into trust and acceptance of self is unfamiliar.

Therefore, [in] the process of movement into this genuine expression, [there] is almost a requirement of reinforcement, in objective terms, so to speak, of your abilities, to be offering you the recognition that you DO hold certain abilities, and that allows you to be trusting and accepting of self, for within your physical dimension, you reinforce yourselves through experiences.

Therefore, if you draw to yourself or create or offer yourselves experiences that shall reinforce your lack of ability, your lack of trust, your lack of acceptance, this is what you shall continue to move within and what you shall create, for your experiences and your beliefs are very influencing of your perception, and your perception is that which creates your actual reality.

Therefore, if you are offering yourself through your experiences a reinforcement of your ability and of trust and acceptance of self, you shall also move in that direction, and as you continue to offer yourself examples of your accomplishments – or what you recognize as accomplishments through your perception – you shall continue to move in that direction.

If your accomplishment is to be discounting of self and reinforcing that direction, that is the direction that you shall create within. If your accomplishment moves in the direction of reinforcing that you do hold the ability to be creating your reality, that you ARE creating your reality, and that you hold the ability objectively to be manipulating energy quite creatively and actualizing what you want, you shall move in that direction and actualize that.

This is the element that I have spoken to you of in the area of offering to certain individuals the recommendation or the suggestion that they be moving in the direction temporarily of offering themselves a type of affirmation in objective terms, to be counterbalancing the message that they are offering to themselves continually, in a manner of speaking, of discounting of self.

But this is quite in alignment with what you are presenting in the scenario of the apprentice and his movement through his apprenticeship.

JOE: So basically, we’ve set up a system where we believe – and we have created these belief systems over the centuries – that we have to go to college and we have to graduate, and we have to concentrate in order to be able to hold a good job, to be able to make money to acquire those physical things that we hold dear, and those belief systems ... and also for an apprenticeship program, for a trades program, for any type of learning process, whether it be a physical learning process or a mental learning process.

So we basically set up and boxed ourselves into a hallway, that unless you progress down this hallway in a certain direction and achieve a certain amount of learning that’s already a pre-established requisite, then basically, without that you cannot do what it is that you want to do. When in fact, had we set up another belief system that we could do it without that, we would be able to actualize much more easily than we do now.

ELIAS: You would be actualizing differently.

Let me express to you, you are correct that you have established this process within your officially accepted reality. You also do allow for the engagement of spontaneity and you do allow for the expression of moving outside of that officially accepted process, but there is a very limited allowance for the expressions outside of your officially accepted process.

The qualifications for acceptability in actualization of accomplishment outside of your officially accepted method moves in the direction of what you term to be, or create an allowance for, as genius or exceptionally gifted individuals or miraculous expressions.

In these rare expressions within your physical dimension, you do create an allowance for some individuals to be creating their reality outside of your official design, but as I state to you, this is a rare expression. It is not a common occurrence.

In the scenario that you present, you may encounter an individual that you view as holding exceptional abilities or genius quality, in which the individual may hold no schooling in the area of expertise that you hold, and the individual may display an ability to be creating quite efficiently and effectively the same design of reality that you create with tremendous schooling, but you shall agree that this, within your officially accepted reality, is quite unusual and not the officially accepted norm.

This is a very small window that you provide yourselves with within this physical dimension to allow for some expressions outside of your officially accepted reality, but you label these as unusual and exceptional and that they may be expressed quite rarely.

What I am expressing to you is that within the design of this shift in consciousness, you are all moving into a widening of awareness in which you are allowing yourselves to recognize that that which you designate as exceptional presently, and which you have designated as exceptional pastly, are in actuality merely expressions of your natural abilities, and that all of you that occupy your planet within physical focus hold these same abilities.

It is merely your beliefs that limit your recognition in objective awareness of these abilities.” [session 499, November 04, 1999]

MARY: “Elias, I guess I want to ask you, I feel like I’m engaging a sort of buffer lately when it comes to interaction with others. I think I realize that I have a choice as to whether I allow the sometimes extremely intense affectingness of others or not, and tied into that, possibly, at times I feel really distant and removed from others. I feel distant from my environment even, and myself. I feel like literally I’m in a fog once in a while. I guess other people have felt this way too. It’s like watching a movie and not participating at all, which is quite tricky while you’re driving down the road! I think that these are the times when I really go into my hiding mode once in a while. Could you comment on that?


Now; I may express to you that first of all, you have created this type of action initially in what you may term to be a specific reason, but I may also offer to you information concerning this action recently, for the action is similar but has been created not merely recently. You have engaged in this practice for much time framework within your focus, at different points within your focus.

Therefore, this is not a new design or creation that you are engaging, although what you are engaging recently is altered from what you have engaged previously. You are merely creating a similar type of action, for it is familiar to you.

In this, initially you have created this type of action as an expression of energy in time frameworks in which you have experienced an uncomfortableness in interaction within the officially accepted reality and how that reality is created.

Now; let me express to you, the design of much – not all, but much – of your officially accepted reality in this physical dimension is offered, so to speak, through the perception and created by the perception of the common orientation, for the majority of individuals manifest within your physical dimension within any one particular time framework is expressed in the orientation of common.

Now; some elements of the officially accepted reality are contributions, so to speak, of the soft and the intermediate orientations, and these are also officially accepted in behaviors.

But there are many expressions of energy that are natural flows of energy within the orientations of intermediate and soft which do not entirely fit into the officially accepted reality as it is dictated by the perception of the common.

Now; I shall deviate momentarily to be interjecting a comment concerning this subject matter. I am not expressing this direction of information to be offering any type of reinforcements of judgments or creations of prejudices, so to speak, for I am not expressing that the natural flow of energy and expressions and behaviors of those individuals holding the orientations of soft or intermediate may NOT be expressed within the officially accepted reality of your dimension or that they WILL not fit, but that the individuals holding the orientations of soft and intermediate have, in a manner of speaking, abdicated to those individuals holding the orientation of common. (2)

Therefore, individuals not holding the orientation of common attempt to be fitting their natural flow of energy and their natural expressions into the design of the perception of that of the common, and THIS is the action that does not fit.

MARY: I understand.

ELIAS: Now; in this, many individuals, yourself also, create designs, in a manner of speaking, of outlets of their natural flow of energy, which shall afford them an element of comfort in the expression of their orientations which are not common, but as they are influenced by the officially accepted reality, their choice of outlet appears to themselves as strange.

MARY: Yeah!

ELIAS: Therefore, even your own design of an outlet of energy shall appear to you as odd, for it appears different than that which is expressed by the majority, and you draw comparisons and continue to attempt to be modeling your expressions and your energy flow in the manner of the majority.

In this, specifically to you in this focus, you have created time frameworks in which you allow an expression of energy in what you term to be retreat and in which you view yourself to be isolating.

Now; let me offer to you information concerning the orientation of soft. I have expressed that this orientation of soft is very interactive with other individuals.

In the explanations that I have offered previously, many individuals, those of the orientation of soft also, have already created misinterpretations of what I have expressed, for you identify with the officially accepted reality automatically. This is the automatic movement of your thought process. Therefore, even recognizing that you hold an orientation of soft or intermediate, you automatically continue to be comparing your behavior and your expressions with the behavior and the expressions of individuals of common.

MARY: I think that is so true, Elias.

ELIAS: In this, you confuse yourselves and you continue to discount yourselves, expressing that you are creating some movement within your behavior and your expressions that is wrong or dysfunctional or inadequate.

MARY: Yeah!

ELIAS: It does not fit into what you identify as normal, for what you are identifying as normal is narrowly identified in only the orientation of the expression of common, and there is not an allowance for the deviations of behaviors which are expressed by those individuals holding the orientations of soft and intermediate.” [session 584, March 21, 2000]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(2) Vic’s note: I have changed one word in the following phrase: “...for I am not expressing that the natural flow of energy and expressions and behaviors of those individuals holding the orientations of soft or intermediate...” Elias said, “common or intermediate.”

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